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My son Daniel and I stood side by side, naked and stroking our hard throbbing cocks as we watched the hot scene taking place in front of us. On the bed, my mother Helen was on her back with her legs in the air, spread as wide as was humanly possible, with my father Robert on his knees tonguing his wife’s pussy for all he was worth. It was Friday evening and, as always, my parents were staying for the weekend, having arrived less than an hour ago and wasting no time in getting down to business. Mind you, since my wife, son and I were already stark bollock naked when they arrived – we never wear clothes in the privacy of our home unless the bank manager is calling – it would have been difficult for them not to.

“Bloody hell,” said my wife Sandra, swanning into the room with a plate of sandwiches and wearing only her beautiful smile, “didn’t take long for those two to get started.”

“You know what gran and gramps are like,” Daniel said, smiling at his mother and giving his cock another tug, “they’re … what’s the word?”

“Insatiable,” I said, pumping my own aroused prick in my hands as I watched the beautiful spectacle of my own parents enjoying some really hot sex. Mum’s whimperings kept rising and falling with each flick of dad’s tongue and as he found her clit and began nibbling away at it, the whimperings turned to long grunts of pleasure, loud enough to wake the dead.

“Well,” my wife said, resting the plate of sandwiches, cheese and pickle if I wasn’t mistaken, on the table and moving over towards us, treating Daniel and I to a mouth-watering full frontal view of her succulent tits and juicy pussy, “looks like these need some attention,” she continued, indicating mine and our son’s cocks with a nod of her head. It wouldn’t be the first time that day, Sandra, Daniel and I had enjoyed another of our mind-blowing threesomes in the morning before my son and I left for work, but the pair of us loved sex so much we were not about to say no as Sandra dropped to her knees in front of us.

“Sure fucking do, mum,” Daniel replied, his cock like mine as solid as the rock of ages, “I’m dying for a blowjob.”

“Anyone would think you hadn’t had one for months,” Sandra giggled, taking a cock in each hand and enjoying the spectacle of having our two fat rods on display to her, each just an inch or so away from her admiring eyes, “it was only this morning I woke you up with one.”

“That was hours ago, mum,” Daniel said, as he and I peeled back our foreskins to show Sandra the glans of our cocks, both smeared with a liberal helping of pre-cum, “before gran and gramps got here. Now that we are all here at last, my cock needs another good seeing to. Now!”

Daniel was nineteen years old and had only been allowed to join in with us for just over a year since his eighteenth birthday as Sandra and I had strict views about incest and would not permit him any sexual behaviour with us until he was a consenting adult, just as my parents had with me. In the short space of time since his initiation party, Daniel had proved himself a very quick learner, both Sandra and I were inordinately proud of him and his big dick, and he was now a very experienced sexualist, adept at licking pussy and sucking cock as well as both giving and receiving cock, making the long wait for him to join us all worthwhile.

I stood back and resumed masturbating as Sandra, without another word, quickly took our son’s stupendous prick into her mouth, gagging on the stiff pole as it hit the back of her throat. Daniel sighed happily as his mother’s very experienced mouth enclosed around his sensational young manhood, the shaft disappearing completely inside until Daniel’s equally impressive balls slapped against her chin. It was an incredible sight, my wife sucking our son while my parents went about their business on the bed. I moved into a position where I could watch all the action from a single vantage point, never letting go of my cock for an instant, knowing that my turn would come before long. There is no jealousy at all in our gangbangs, we are a loving family who care fervently for each other and cater for everyone’s needs and I was content to be a voyeur for the next few moments while the atmosphere in the bedroom became pungent with the heady aroma of hot taboo sex.

“That’s it honey,” I said to Sandra, “suck our boy’s cock.” Sandra didn’t really need any encouragement, she was without doubt one of the world’s greatest cocksuckers, a fact that was proved beyond doubt as Daniel rocked back and forth on his sturdy athletic legs, his cute sexy bare arse cheeks quivering and his head thrown back in ecstacy. Sandra loved sucking cock and she was going to town with all the powers that she had in her possession – and enormous powers they were and are, too – and it was great to see Daniel so enjoying himself, relaxed and happy to now be a part of our family gangbangs.

Over on the bed, mum gently pushed dad’s head away and manoeuvred herself until she was on her hands and knees, her elbows resting on the duvet and her head on the pillows. Dad stood up and smiled across at me, his eyes going straight to my cock before transferring his gaze to Sandra and Daniel who were lost in a world of their own on the other side of room.

“Come and show your mum how much you love her, Peter,” my father said, “while I go and have some fun with that sexy wife of yours.”

Dad moved across the room, giving my cock and balls a quick feel as he did, his own cock fully on the horn, then I moved over to mum, my mouth watering at the sight of her pink arsehole openly displayed without a hint of shame nor embarrassment whatsoever. “You gonna fuck me, son?” my mother asked, breathing huskily and smiling at me over her shoulder, licking her lips at the sight of my pulsating prick. She grinned lasciviously at me, knowing full well the answer.

“In a minute, mum,” I said, “I want to taste that hot juicy pussy first.”

“Get on with it then, sweetheart,” mum replied, “my cunt really needs a good licking and fucking.”

I climbed onto the bed and buried my head in mum’s arse, working my tongue up and down her crack and then rolled over and positioned myself until I was on my back with my face between her spread legs. Looking up, I had the most glorious view of her maternal pussy and I had to let go of my cock for fear the excitement would make me cum my load too quickly. I gently took hold of mum’s hips and lowered her towards me, then I stuck out my tongue and began to taste yet again my birth place, her pussy dripping with dad’s saliva, determined to prove yet again to mum that I was just as good a pussy licker as my father. I have lost count of the number of times I have performed cunnilingus on my own mother but I never tire of it, I love licking her cunt and tasting her pussy juice.

Across the room, I heard low groans come from Sandra as she let Daniel’s cock fall from her mouth, immediately replacing it with her father-in-law’s. Daniel, happy with the blowjob he had had, walked over to the bed to get a closer look at his father licking his grandmother’s pussy. My father groaned as his daughter-in-law bestowed on him her wily charms, giving the same attention of detail to his prick as she had Daniel’s.

“Don’t stand there on your own, Daniel,” my mother breathed as my tongue found her aroused clit and I began to encircle it, “let your old granny suck your dick.”

“Gee, gran,” replied Daniel, “you ain’t old, you’re beautiful.”

“That she is,” my father said, his hands on his hips, smiling with paternal pride while watching the action on the bed as Sandra continued to pleasure him. Daniel didn’t waste a second as he moved round and stood in front of his grandmother to have his cock sucked for a second time that evening and I heard him groan happily as my mother wrapped her lips around his pride and joy. An immense feeling of pride in my family ran through me, especially for my mother. I am not going to give away her age, let’s just say she’s not in the first bloom of youth, but she has really looked after herself, as indeed has my father, and neither of them look anywhere near their true ages and mum, especially, is still as beautiful and sexy as she was when I was first allowed to join in with her and dad all those years ago – and boy did we have some truly sensational threesomes!

After ten minutes, I decided enough was enough where the pussy licking was concerned, what mum needed now was a good fucking. She was still sucking Daniel with gusto as I slid out from beneath her legs and got in a standing position, noticing that dad and Sandra had changed positions too and were lying on the carpet, having mounted each other sixty-nine style. Dad was making a real meal of my wife’s cunt and Sandra in turn was once again exhibiting her sucking and licking skills, now with her father-in-law’s balls buried deep in her mouth.

“Come on, darling,” my mother said, “don’t keep me waiting a moment longer.”

“Your wish is my command, mum,” I replied, as I lubed up my cock and then greased mum’s cunt with some baby oil. Daniel moved round to watch me fuck his gran and he didn’t have to wait long, I moved in and deftly inserted my incestuous prick into mum’s pussy, a place it has had the great privelege of being acquainted with many times before now though every time feels like the first. Daniel was watching the scene closely, his own cock so hard it pointed directly to the ceiling, if it was a compass I could have found my way north by it. He had his foreskin peeled back and the pink shiny head of his knob glistened in the lamplight, my mouth watering as I eyed up my son’s cock while simultaneously fucking my mother, and making a mental note at the back of my mind to give Daniel a nice long paternal blowjob and more besides before our latest family gangbang came to an end.

Outside, a sudden rumble of thunder added to the noise of our sex party, followed by a flash of lightning which lit up the bedroom like a firework display. Then down came the rain, hammering on the roof in stair-rods to cool the air of its intense summer heat and making the room a cosy haven with a sensuous atmospheric glow, ideal for a party of hot family sex. As the rain continued to fall, I pumped my cock in and out of mum’s pussy, her grunts of pleasure growing louder as she pushed back to meet every thrust, lifting one leg up on the bed to give Daniel a better view as he dropped to his knees, wanking his cock with one hand and fondling my balls with the other.

“That’s it dad,” my son said, “fuck gran hard, she loves it.”

“I sure fucking do,” my mother managed to say inbetween grunting and groaning, “don’t stop darling, you’re doing an excellent job.”

“Go on, son,” I heard my father say, momentarily relinquishing his tongue from Sandra’s pussy to speak, “you know what an old slut that mother of yours is.”

“Oh I love being called a slut,” mum giggled as dad returned his attention to his daughter-in-law’s dripping cunt.

“We’re all sluts here, mum,” I managed to say inbetween my intense concentration on giving her as much pleasure as I could muster.

“Sure fucking are,” giggled Daniel, leaning in between my legs and sticking out his tongue, licking my balls while my cock continued to pleasure my mother. My son’s tongue felt so good on my nutsac that I knew it wouldn’t be long before I flooded mum’s pussy and, sure enough, a few seconds later, I groaned as I blew my load deep inside her. Mum wriggled as she felt my spunk explode in her innards and Daniel stood up, whooping with delight and touching up his cock while across the room, my father let out a groan as he came in my wife’s mouth.

My father rolled back on the carpet, gasping for breath as he tried to regain his composure while mum’s pussy was dripping my cum over the bedsheets. Sandra still had a mouthful of my father’s spunk and was savouring every drop and swallowing as much of it as she could. Daniel moved over and gently clasped Sandra by the shoulders and turned her over until she was on her back, then he knelt before her and gently and swiftly began to run his tongue along the groove between his mother’s silky soft cunt lips.

“That’s the wway, son,” I said, pumping on my stiff pole, “use that tongue of yours the way your gramps and I showed you. Lick that pussy hard.”

Daniel was in paradise as he showed his love for his mother with a good long lick of his own birthplace. As my son continued to lick with an expertise that belied his tender years, he reached up with one hand to grope Sandra’s luscious tits while simultaneously wanking his hard cock with the other, his body working like clockwork as mother and son rose to an even higher level of horniness.

“Fuck, that looks real good,” my father said whose cock was now rock hard again after its recent ejaculation in Sandra’s mouth.

Dad saying the F word must have registered in Daniel’s brain for he suddenly stopped licking Sandra’s cunt and smiled at his mother as he took her by the shoulders and turned her over, placing her on her hands and knees.

“Here, son,” I said, handing Daniel the lube, “use this.”

Notwithstanding that Sandra’s pussy was now thoroughly lubricated with Daniel’s saliva, his cock still needed to be greased and he lubed himself quickly and smeared some into his mother to help his cock on its way. Then he leaned in across her and inserted his impressive manhood into Sandra’s cunt while dad moved over and climbed onto the bed with mum, the two of them relaxing in each other’s arms as they watched their grandson fuck their daughter-in-law.

“That lad of yours is a right chip off the old block, son,” my father said, a remark which had mum nodding her head in agreement. With my back to them, my parents had an unobstructed view of my bare arse and I could feel their eyes digging into it, knowing that both of them would want to fuck my hole when they were sufficiently recovered from the evening’s first round of sex, mum with her plastic prick and dad with his natural one.

“You must be very proud of him,” my mother said as I watched my son’s beautiful bare bottom rising and falling as he thrust in and out of my wife. Daniel’s arse cheeks were silky smooth and firm and round as a male arse should be, complemented by the sexy long slit of his crack.

Daniel went to the gym regularly to keep himself in shape and all the hard work had paid off handsomely and his tight sexy buttocks were and are a visual delight. As if aware that I was ogling his bum, Daniel reached round with his hands and clasped his buns, pulling them apart and spreading them wide to expose his ruby red rosebud which twitched with excitement and I licked my lips at the sight of the long thin erotic lines that formed on the walls of his arse as he worked his anal muscles in and out, winking his hole at me.

“I’m proud of all of you, mum and dad,” I said, in answer to mum’s comment, not that it really needed saying, we were all too aware of how much we loved each other and how proud we were of belonging to such a free-spirited and liberated family.

Then I turned my head back to watch the scene in front of me; I couldn’t control my desire any longer and I knelt down behind Daniel and began to cover his arse cheeks with lots of loving little kisses as he continued to pound in and out of Sandra, giving her her first fuck of the evening and one that she would remember for a very long time.

Daniel’s bum was so inviting that I stopped kissing his cheeks and began licking away at his tight sexy arsehole to my heart’s content, even though his cheeks were bobbing about making rimming a tad difficult as he fucked my wife, the three of us, mum, dad and son joined together as one. Mum and dad were shouting and cheering encouragemtnt from the sidelines as they watched and it turned us all on even more to know that we had such an enthusiastic audience.

Eventually I had to come up for air and Sandra and Daniel seized the opportunity to change position with Daniel parking his arse on the floor and Sandra lowering herself onto him, gasping as she impaled her talented pussy onto our son’s equally talented fuck pole. Sandra’s eyes were shut tight as her pussy slowly gobbled up each and every inch of Daniel’s prick – and he had about seven inches in all – while Daniel, ever considerate to his mother’s needs, waited patiently until she was as comfortable as possible and ready for him to begin the fucking in earnest.

Sandra’s grunts of pleasure were even louder than mum’s had been as Daniel poked and prodded her with all the zeal and enthusiasm he had gained from our sex sessions in just a few short months, proving yet again that he was no longer the gangly youth of yesteryear but a man who had blossomed into adulthood spectacularly. Any parent would be proud to have a son like Daniel.

“Fuck me, sweetheart,” Sandra gasped, “give it to me hard.”

Having shot my load once this evening, I was as horny as hell again as I watched my son fucking my wife. Sandra’s eyes had remained rigidly closed throughout the proceedings so far but now she opened them and smiled, delighted to have such an enthusiastic audience, and she spread her legs as wide as possible to give me and her parents-in-law the best possible view of the forbidden penetration. There was a twinkle in Sandra’s eyes and I knew what she wanted; as Daniel continued to pound his mother’s tight greasy quim with his all-conquering powertool, I moved forward as Sandra opened her mouth and gasped as I slid my cock into her mouth.

This is one of Sandra’s favourite positions, sucking and being fucked simultaneously, when she, Daniel and I enjoy our regular daily threesomes but the fact that my parents were with us for the weekend and joining in and watching made it all the more enjoyable. The cheese and pickle sandwiches which Sandra had so carefully prepared earlier lay where she had left them on the table, quietly forgotten. as indeed was the rain which was still falling outside.

And mum and dad were no longer prepared to just sit there and watch. A sudden movement behind me and a creaking of the bed springs and my parents moved over to join us, our naked bodies pressed together in one hot bunch of family fuckers. Mum dropped to her knees behind me and began to tongue my arse crack while dad leaned in and kissed me hard on the lips, both of us snaking our tongues into each other’s mouths; seconds later, Daniel let out a long groan as he rose up to plant his sperm deep in his mother’s cunt.

“Oh yeah, baby!” Sandra screamed, relinquishing my cock from her mouth as her son flooded her pussy with his rich incestuous spunk, “you did me proud again.”

“The pleasure’s mine, mum,” Daniel replied as Sandra hauled herself off his prick and began to finger her pussy, capturing some of Daniel’s spunk on her fingertips, then putting them in her mouth to lick them clean while Daniel rolled over onto the carpet, panting for breath and with a very proud smile on his face. Sandra folded herself into his arms and they kissed passionately on the lips as dad and I broke the kiss and he dropped to his knees and quickly took my cock into his mouth, sucking long and hard on the rigid pole.

Mum was still licking my arse and I leaned forward slightly, reached round with my hands and spread my buns to give her tongue better access; now mum was no longer merely running her hot wet tongue up and down my crack but was giving me the full rimjob, her tongue exploring my anus as if doing so for the first time and still feeling just as exciting as it did the first time she gave my arsehole the works on my eighteenth birthday, more than twenty years ago.

“Look at gran and gramps having fun with dad,” Daniel said, sitting up with his arms still around Sandra, his hands touching up her tits, and my wife smiled knowingly at us. Mum was making a real meal of my arsehole with her talented tongue and dad was sucking hungrily on my cock as if it was a brand new experience for him.

“I think,” said Sandra, “it’s my turn to return the compliment. Helen, where did you put that dildo of yours?”

“In my bag over there,” replied my mother, quickly returning her interest to my bum after having spoken.

Sandra reached inside the bag and took out the strap-on and fixed it round her middle. “Come here, my darling,” she said to Daniel, “get on the bed and stick your arse in the air.”

Daniel did as he was bid; his fantastic arse looked even more beautiful sticking up into the atmosphere. He didn’t need to be told what to do, he gripped his cheeks and spread them wide, his gaping arsehole on show to every single member of his family. Sandra lubed her prick with the oil and smeared some into Daniel’s hole, then she moved in and slid herself into Daniel’s bum, nice and gentle at first, giving our son time to acclimatise himself to the feeling, then as he relaxed Sandra upped the tempo, her strap-on preparing the way for Daniel to take a couple of real live cocks before we went to sleep, namely mine and my father’s.

“I think that’s enough rimming for now, gorgeous,” my father said to my mother, letting my cock fall from his mouth, “its about time I thanked our son for his efforts with you earlier.”

Mum removed her tongue from my arsehole and patted my cheeks. “I think its pretty well lubricated by now,” she said. “Why don’t you get on the bed next to Daniel, darling,” mum said to me, “while I get my camera, I’ve just got to get some snaps of this for our pornography collection.”

Daniel’s grunts and groans were growing louder by the minute with every inch of Sandra’s strap-on that he took. I climbed onto the bed alongside him and got into the same position, sticking my bum out to my parents as mum fumbled in the bag for her camera. Dad lubed me up and then himself and, as always in the past, his cock slid in like a dream. How the bed didn’t sag under the combined weight of Daniel and myself getting fucked, he by his mother and me by my father, I will never know.

“That looks fantastic,” mum said, rubbing her pussy before taking aim with the camera, “now,” she went on, in the strident tones which meant that she was not to be messed with as her family fucked around her, “how about some nice new snaps for the family album? Smile, please!”

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