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My older sister had moved back into our parents house while her husband was overseas working with an oil company, I was a senior in high school at the time and still living at home. Carrie was about six months pregnant and had quit her job when she got pregnant at her husbands request. He had asked if she could move back home while he was away just in case something happened to her. So she was around all the time. She slept on the couch more often than not because she said it was more comfortable. Every morning when I came in to get a shower and get ready for school there she was. Mom and dad were already gone to work by the time I got up, and since I lived above the garage I had to come inside to shower and such.

I noticed a few things about my sister in the first week of her staying, things that led to a big change in our relationship. First was the fact that she was no longer wearing underwear of any kind. She was to the point where all she wore was really loose shorts or those maternity skirts, and since she wasn’t going anywhere she didn’t wear a bra either. Laying there on the couch every morning I never knew if her pussy and ass were going to be exposed or not. I got to a point that I would peek every morning. I was fascinated by her body. I had a girlfriend but didn’t have a super-sex-life, and the close proximity to a mostly naked woman aroused me- even if it was my sister. I grew bolder and began to feel of her a little before going to the shower. She had a nice round ass, big tits with nipples that seemed hard 75% of the time, and a semi furry dark haired snatch. Her legs were half shaved, as it seemed her pussy was, I found that odd, and interesting at the same time. It wasn’t long until I understood why. That was also when I found out that big sis had a slight obsession about body hair.

It was a Monday and I decided I wanted to ditch school so I didn’t bother to get up until almost ten that morning. When I shuffled into the house Carrie had already got up so I didn’t get the peek I had come to expect each morning. At least not from her laying on the couch. I walked into the bathroom without thinking and there was my sister in my robe trying to shave her legs. She was having a hard time of it and I could see that she had gotten so frustrated that she had cried already. When she looked up at me my heart melted with sympathy. I said, “Why don’t you let me do that?” She smiled weakly and nodded, “I guess I’d better, I’m not able to do it like I used to and the hair is just driving me insane.”

So I motioned her to sit on the stool we had in there and I knelt beside her and lathered her legs up again with shaving cream. I began shaving her legs while she watched. I did the outsides of both legs and then positioned myself in between her legs to do the insides. She slowly opened up for me and before long I had one leg propped up across my knee as I knelt, making her legs spread open for me. I shaved up both of her inner thighs until I began encountering wild grown pubic hair on both sides. She was sitting there, leaned back and her legs spread wide open for me. I was hard as a rock. I had knelt so close that I could smell her pussy. I was breathing in her scent. I had walked in just after her shower so her scent was nothing but arousal now. It was enough to almost make me feel drunk.

It was probably because all the blood in my body had gone to the wrong head. I tried to think of her as my sister and all that, but it didn’t matter to my cock. We looked at each other several times while I shaved her, but said nothing. We smiled a lot and that was about it.

When I had finished her legs and rinsed them off with a wash cloth she was smooth from ankle to crotch. She cooed appreciatively as I ran my hands up and down her legs, ‘checking to make sure I hadn’t missed anything’. But then it left us with the question of her pubic hair. I looked down at her pussy, which was right in front of me, and then up at her, “Do you want me to take care of this too?” She blushed slightly and nodded slowly.

I moved her to the bedroom and lay some dry towels out for her to lay on while I gathered everything I would need. I began by using scissors to cut away the long stuff and then my electric trimmer set to take it down to nothing but stubble. I trimmed a neat and even ‘V’ in the hair on her mound, clearing it away from the top of her slit altogether. She half moaned as I did the trimming, and said, ‘oh, yes, that’s just how I like it’ when I cleared a gap in between her trimmed mound and the beginning of her slit. I was so horny that it hurt.

I wasn’t the only one that was being affected, Carrie was getting really wet with all of my touching of her pussy and moving of the lips and such as I shaved her clean. By the time I was finished she was perfectly clean, and obviously as horny as I was. I took a warm wash cloth and gently cleaned her pussy up, causing her to squirm and suppress a moan. I don’t know what caused me to do it but after that I said, “There. That’s a beautiful pussy.” Without thinking I leaned down and placed a kiss on her slit. I couldn’t have tried to seduce my sister with better results. Her reaction was instantly and it took me by surprise.

I felt her hand grab the back of my head and her hips tilt up putting my mouth down on her wet opening. She began to grind my face into her pussy before I even had a chance to put my tongue out. I began to lap her and she let out a loud moan. Urging me on vocally she let go of my head, I kept tonguing her hole and slit for all I was worth while she bucked against my face awkwardly. I kept it up until she orgasmed and her hands pulled me up by the sides of my head to rest in between her big titties. She panted in my ear her thanks and she kissed my neck and cheek a dozen times. I stood up, not sure what was going to happen now that I had crossed the line with my sister. How would she react after she came down off of her ‘cum high’?

Seeing the outline of my cock in my jeans she lifted up the front of my shirt and let out a gasp. I was so aroused that I had grown to a point where the tip of my cock was sticking out the top of my jeans. She hooked her fingers inside my jeans and jerked the button and zipper open. I groaned at the extra freedom she had just given my hardon. I closed my eyes and felt her hands free my cock and felt me jeans worked off of my hips to slide down my legs. She moaned, ‘ohhhh, baby’ with fresh longing in her voice and I felt her tongue go across the tip of my cock.

She moaned and began to lick and suck on the tip of my cock. I was in ecstasy. She took every bit of precum that showed up at the tip and was begging for more. I had never encountered any woman that was so cum hungry in my life. She told me to get out of my jeans, and the way that she said it shocked me so I almost thought I hadn’t heard her right.

My eyes flew open and I looked down at her, she repeated her statement laying back on the bed, “I said, get out of those jeans and fuck me little brother.” In a flash I was naked and so was she. She spread her legs wide and scooted her ass to the edge of the bed, “Be careful but sink your dick all the way deep inside me.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, my sister was inviting me to fuck her. I was about to really cross the line forever. I was so hard I could barely bend my cock down to aim at her pussy. It wasn’t a minute or two later that I had indeed pushed the entire length of my cock into her pussy and was slowly pumping my lusty sister. She cried out about how good it felt, and how long it had been since she had felt a cock up her pussy, and she urged me on to keep fucking her deep. Fuck her deep until I was about to come.

‘About to come’? I thought. I didn’t see any reason why I couldn’t come inside her, in fact, I was looking forward to it. I had never felt my girlfriends pussy this hot, nor had I ever been this hard for her either. I was rapidly approaching my orgasm when Carrie moaned, “i want you to come in my mouth.” I looked at her with obvious lusting for filling her insides with my cum. She added, “just this first time.” As the implications of what she had said hit me fully I began to jerk and throb inside her, I pulled out hopped up on the bed beside her face. She took the first shot across her cheek before she could swallow the tip and began to suck down the rest of my cock. I came for what seemed like twenty minutes with her nursing on my cum the whole time. She sucked on half of my cock until I was no longer throbbing so strong and then went down the rest of the way to lock hard suction on the base and draw back up the entire length. This drew another large shot of cum, a shot I didn’t know I still had, and caused my knees to quiver. She did this two more times, getting lesser results and then I collapsed on the bed beside her completely spent. We fell asleep that way and were later rudely awoken to the sound of my mother calling Carrie from the kitchen. Mom was home on a late lunch and had brought my sister some food. I bolted for the closet and Carrie kicked my clothes underneath the bed just in time as our mother knocked on the door. Carrie slipped my robe back on and said ‘come in’.

An hour later the two of us were showered and dressed and sitting in the living room watching TV together. Our eyes met and she said, “I know what we did was wrong, but it’s not going to hurt anyone if we do it just while I’m pregnant. Do you want to keep trimming me and fucking me?” That was a stupid question.

I walked over to her, still slightly embarrassed at the dirty way my sister was talking to me. I bent over her and kissed her cheek, “Yes, it’s wrong. But I think I could live with it.” We were sharing a secret that most brothers and sisters never experienced, and even though it’s not something to really brag about, it was the start of something special for the few months after that first encounter.

After her husband came home two months later she moved back in with him and I didn’t see her again until when the baby was born. It was a year later when I saw her after that, and the two of us talked about what had happened. We didn’t fool around anymore after the birth of her child. That was four years ago, and I have my own place, job, and frequent dates- but no solid girlfriend. I’m happy and so is Carrie.

My sister called me last week and asked if she could stay with me for awhile in a few months. I was confused but said, “Sure, but why in a few months?” She replied “I’m pregnant.”

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