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It was Steffie’s last year of college(grad school) and her last sorority banquet that she would be attending and she wanted Brad of all people to escort her to the ball. It’s not like he minded, hell Brad jumped at the opportunity to go.

Brad and Steffie had always been close, extremely close in fact so it was only natural that Steffie would ask him. Brad would have thought she had a boy friend she would have invited but when she said she wanted him he was all for it and honored.

Brad and Steffie were very close. Even though they were seven years apart, Brad was much closer to Steffie than he was to his older sister Miranda which was twelve years his senior

She was ultra high maintenance, very prim and proper and married a nationally known, well respected and very wealthy heart doctor and had no trouble at all of stepping in to the role of a doctor’s wife with all the perks that came with high society.

Brad was the middle child and instead of college he went into the military(army) and officer’s training school to fly helicopters, mainly Blackhawks and Apaches and also crossed trained to be a medic.

During the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, he flew high risk troop support(mainly tank), recon, and med-evac missions for 28 months in both theaters of operation,13 months in Afghanistan and 15 months in Iraq.

As a result, at age 26 he was the youngest person to make captain since he earned extra points towards promotion for hazardous duty. When this story takes place Brad is now 30 and had just been promoted to Major .

Brad had some leave coming so he took two weeks and instead of going home, he asked Steffie if he could crash at her apartment. She was hoping he would have asked and said “by all means, yes!!!”

Brad arrived a day before the banquet, a warm Thursday afternoon in April. He was dressed in a mint green short sleeve pull over knit golf style shirt, dark blue jeans, boots and a cowboy hat. Brad always fancied him self a cowboy.

Brad knocked on the door of Steffie’s one bedroom apartment that was only a five minute walk from campus. As Steffie opened the door she beamed and threw her arms around him and gave him a great big hug.

“Brad,” Steffie exclaimed in almost a squeal “Oh god it is so good to see you. ”

Steffie gave Brad a big kiss but it wasn’t a “sisterly” kiss he would have expected on the cheek, but it was a long wet deep tongue probing tonsil swabbing French kiss that would curl his toes.

Brad would let his hands wander over Steffie’s sweet hot body and she did not object. Brad found his hands running up the sides of her sunshine yellow sundress and Steffie’s hands found their way to Brad’s crotch and she began to rub it.

They broke the kiss and Steffie helped Brad in with his luggage and she set it in her room. She then told brad to have a seat on the couch and make him self comfortable while she got a couple of beers(Heineken-bottles) out of the fridge and handed him one.

Steffie lit up a cigarette, took a puff and offered one to Brad who took one out and she lit it for him.

“So brother dear what’s ya been up to,” Steffie said as she blew out the smoke from the next puff and propped her cigarette hand on the back of her head.

“Well I have been mostly flying choppers” Brad replied and he proceeded to tell her all about his time in the middle East.

“Wow, sounds dangerous hun”, Steffie said as her eyes got big. “Weren’t you scared”

“There were some days I was downright terrified,” Brad replied, “and I don’t know if you have ever heard the old saying ‘There are no atheist in foxholes,’ well let’s just say that sometimes me and my buddies were doing some mighty tall praying when it got rough. ‘Lord get me out of this mess and get me home!!!’”

“Well I am glad you are home safe hun,” Steffie said smiling as she put her hand on his I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my best brother and BFF.”

“So you hungry,” Steffie said rubbing her tummy. “it’s almost 5:30 and I am famished. Why don’t we go get a pizza then you can take me shopping for my formal gown after we eat.”

“Sounds good,” Brad replied and with that they got in Steffie’s red convertible mustang and drove to the pizza place.

Steffie and Brad shared a large pizza with all the meats and a pitcher of beer. They ate laughed and talked for about 75 minutes then Steffie drove to the boutique to find her dress

After about 10 minutes of looking Steffie found the perfect one. “I gotta have it,” she said smiling.

“Good choice ma-am” Angela the shop keeper said. “This dress is actually two dresses in one. As it is now, it is a perfect black sequin formal gown. The coat covers the low cut spaghetti strap top and buttons up and it is still light weight. The long flowing gown part on the bottom is dressy but the slit up the side still shows enough leg without being trashy”

“So what is the other dress,” Steffi started to ask but before she could finish her question, Angela answered it by demonstrating how the long formal gown part unbuttoned at the waist revealing a cocktail dress.

Let’s say after a formal party you want to go out on the town and have fun, then remove the coat and unbutton this button in the back at the waist and presto, a little black dress perfect for a night of clubbing. Try it on!!”

Steffie took the dress and put it on first with the formal part and she came out and showed Brad.

“Nice,,” Brad said. “Looks very good on you and shows your figure wonderfully”

“Thanks hun,” Steffie said as she blew him a kiss.

“Now remove the jacket and unbutton the gown part in the back and you will see the second dress,” Angel said as she helped Steffie unbutton it.

Brad’s eyes lit up as he saw Steffie standing there in that hot tight flimsy little black dress that definitely was “little” and short and showed off every luscious curve of Steffie’s taut sexy 34C-24-34 body.

The dress looked more like a something you would wear to bed rather than a dress. The neck line was plunging u-shaped that gave an ample view of her nice cleavage. The dress part was short, barely coming three inches below her butt.

Brad got a woody just looking at Steffie and she noticed it but instead of being turned off, she kissed him softly on the lips and said with smile in a half joking, half serious tone, “Well I know I got one vote for it and that’s the vote that counts”

They purchased the dress and some accessories to go with it such as black fish net thigh high stockings a black garter belt set, black heels and black bra and panties. She also got a black set of pumps to top it off.

Steffie also bought a red lingerie set with matching garter and stockings, a white set and a light purple(lavender) set. She also bought waist length see through matching robes to go with the sets including the black set.

“What are those for,” Brad asked smiling.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Steffie replied coyly, grinning like a chesser cat.

After they left the shop, Brad and Steffie went home and decided ordered a movie from pay-per-view, but first they decided to get into something more comfortable.

Brad was the first one who got changed, wearing a pair of lounge pants an old grey t-shirt that simply had the word “ARMY” in all caps written across the front and some white socks.

“Get us a couple of wine coolers fix us some pop corn and I’ll be right out and then we’ll start the movie,” Steffie said as she called from the bathroom.

Brad got everything ready and as he was sitting on the couch, Steffie came out wearing her lavender colored outfit. She had on the waist length robe which was open in front, her thigh high stockings and garters and her panties. She was not wearing the bra and her succulent breasts were glistening in the soft light.

Steffie smiled as she sat down by Brad and cuddled up next to him. Brad started the movie which was a “chick flick” and even though he made a joke about having to watch it, he really liked it, even though he would never admit it.

As they watched the movie, Brad and Steffie sat, cuddled together sharing the pop corn, drinking their wine coolers and smoking a few cigarettes.

Brad sat with his back against the pillow of the couch and the arm of the couch. He had his legs slightly parted and Steffie was laying against him and Brad his has arm around Steffie’s waist.

Occasionally Steffie would turn her head back towards Brad’s and they would lovingly kiss and after the movie was over they walked hand in hand to Steffie’s room where they both got into bed.

Steffie took off her robe and her panties and only left on her stockings and garters. Brad took off all his clothes and they both got into bed and laid next to each other facing each other.

They lovingly embraced and softly kissed as their bodies rubbed together and their limbs became intertwined. The kisses were soft gentle loving light “butterfly kisses.”

It was a soft tender intimate romantic moment, with gentle loving caresses, soft petting, and light exploration. Their hands would explore each other’s bodies and they would just kiss and caress. No actual intercourse took place that night, just soft, gentle, loving, romantic, intimate foreplay.

It would be about a quarter past midnight when they finally drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms and since Steffie had no Friday classes, they both slept into until almost 10:00 the next morning.

Steffie and Brad would enjoy another 30-45 minutes of soft foreplay then they got up and got lunch and Brad would take Steffie to get her hair and nails done then they would come back and get ready for the party.

It would be almost 3:00 in the afternoon when they got back and Steffie and Brad would get dressed. Steffie put on the black dress and the lingerie underneath.

“Damn this fucking bra,” Steffie exclaimed as she gave up trying to fool with it. “Can you put it on me hun,” she asked Brad.

“Sure thing” Brad replied and he put it on her.

Steffie turned around and she kissed him as they embraced. The kisses got deeper and they were about to throw caution to the wind go into the bed room and have hot passionate sex when Steffie said “If we do it now we will miss the party and I can’t do that. Anyway we have all night after the party to have fun.”

“Yeah I guess your right,” Brad replied and they continued to get dressed.

Brad had surprised Steffie by renting a limo to carry them to the banquet and Steffie was thrilled.

Brad was dressed in his class A uniform and all the girls at the party were chomping at the bit to talk to him and were extremely jealous of Steffie. The frat boys were all gathered around Brad begging him to tell “war stories” and intently listening, hanging on every word.

Brad and Steffie had a great time at the banquet and around 10:30 they decided to go to a club called “The Brass Monkey” an alternative club and let Steffie try out the other part of the dress.

They partied and danced at the club and Steffie’s hot little body on the dance floor made brad want her even more and they were practically dirty dancing right their on the floor

The DJ finally slowed the music down and Brad and Steffie slowed dance and kissed as their bodies pressed together and they swayed to the music Brad’s cock grew rigid and pressed up against Steffie and she felt it.

“Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me,” Steffie whispers softly in Brad’s ear with a naughty grin.

“Well” Brad replied, ” you know that I am always glad to see you, and yes the gun in my pocket is full loaded, cocked, and ready to fire.”

“Mmmmm,” Steffie replied with a purr, “well I guess we need to go so you can unload a few rounds at it’s intended target,” and with that they walked out of the club hand in hand.

Once inside the limo, Brad handed the driver a hundred dollar bill and told him to drive around for about an hour then he put up the privacy screen and he and Steffie went at it.

Steffie unzipped Brad’s pants pulled out his monster cock and gave him the blowjob of his life. She would then pull of her panties put her pussy on Brad’s hard cock and ride him until they both came.

Eventually the limo reached Steffie’s apartment, they both got out, Brad paid the driver and they went in side where for the rest of the evening they made hot sweet monkey love. Let us peek in on them at the heights of their passions.

“Oh god yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s Brad baby,” Steffie moaned as she rode him sitting in his lap facing him. “Make me cum baby, I give my self to you. I am your hot little slut to do with as you please.”

Steffie continued to ride Brad slowly and methodically. Deep inside Steffie could feel her orgasm building strength and she knew she was on the verge of cumming. Brad could tell too because he felt Steffie’s sweet pussy juices begin to trickle over his cock.

Brad could feel his cock begin to swell with cum and he knew it wasn’t long until he would cum.

“Oh god Steffie I’m gonna cum,” Brad moaned

“Oh yes baby,” Steffie crooned as she purred like a contented kitten. “Gimme all of you baby. I wanna feel your hot manhood deep inside of me as our love juices mix.”

“Oh god yes,” Steffie panted as she gave into her orgasm and flooded Brads cock with her sweet creamy honey dew nectar. Her body shuddered and then she continued to ride Brad until he spunked his load.

Tried as hard as he did, Brad could not control the feeling and gave into the pleasure and spunked his load deep inside of Steffie’s eagerly awaiting pussy.

“OH god yes, Brad baby,” Steffie purred with delight as Brads hot cum shot into her pussy.

Brad continued to buck up and down thrusting his cock in and out of Steffie’s tight pink pussy and she continued to pump up and down on his cock as every last drop of his manhood went deep into her love box.

Brad picked Steffie up off the couch with his cock still buried inside of her and her slender luscious well toned stocking clad legs wrapped around his back and laid her out on the rug in front of the coffee table.

Brad and Steffie lay together as their bodies turn side by side. Their warm naked bodies melted into each other and they move together as one as they lovingly embraced and their limbs become intertwined with each other’s.

They passionately French kissed as they gave each other long deep intense tongue probing tonsil swabbing kisses. Steffie’s long luscious nylon clad legs rub up against Brad’s. After a few minutes of kissing facing each other Steffie turned so that her back was facing Brad and she nestled her body up against Brad’s

Brad cupped Steffie’s sweet 34C breasts in his hand and began to massage them He took his other hand and placed it on her sweet newly shaven pussy and softly began to stroke it and gently inserted his index finger and slowly fingered her.

Steffie cooed with pleasure as Brad continued to finger her using one finger at first then adding another. Steffie turned her head towards Brads and their lips met and they began to kiss.

Brad’s cock became hard and rigid again and was pressing against the small of Steffie’s back. He repositioned his cock with his hand so it is pressing against Steffie’s cunt lips and Brad thrusted his cock back into Steffie’s nicely shaven sweet oh so perfectly pink pussy and slowly pumped her.

Steffie moaned with pleasure as Brad slowly pumped her. Their kisses broke and Brad proceeded to kiss Steffie softly on the sides of the neck and under her chin. Steffie moaned in passion as Brad softly nibbled her flesh and she purred like a contented kitten.

Brad continued to fuck Steffie as he softly nibbled the flesh of her neck and then he began to softly bite her. This sent Steffie into erotic orbit and she begged for him to bite her harder and to even drink her blood so that they could become one on a mystical level.

Brad continued to bite and then in one fail swoop he bite down on Steffie’s neck like he was a vampire and drew blood as he broke the skin. Steffie’s blood became to freely flow and Brad began to drink in every drop.

Steffie moaned in pain and pleasure as Brad took in her salty sweet life force. Brad bit down and again and more blood came out and he took it all in as he sucked on her for a good two-three minutes.

“Let me taste,” Steffie softly moaned and Brad put his mouth to hers and she licked of the remaining blood that was on his lips.

“Mmmmmm that is so good,” Steffie said as she smiled and she took her finger and wiped off the blood that was trickling down her neck.

Steffie then rolled Brad over so that he was on his back. She lowered her pussy on to Brad’s pulsating 9 inch cock and took it al the way down and began to ride him slowly cowgirl style.

Steffi gradually built up speed until she was riding Brad hard and fast. Brad laid back and let Steffie work her magic as he put his hands on her hips and used them to guide her motions.

Deep inside Steffie could feel her orgasm building and at the same time Brad could feel his cock swell with cum and knew it wasn’t long until he would give up his load.

Steffie took Brad’s hands and lifting him up right so that they were both sitting up. The lovingly embraced and rocked back and forth as they continued to fuck.

It wouldn’t be long until Steffie would climax and she let Brad fall back down on the rug and within seconds she shuddered and came, flooding Brad’s cock with her sweet sticky cream. That sent a signal to Brad’s cock to let go of his load and he spunked his hot manhood deep into Steffie’s womb.

“Take me from behind baby,” Steffie begged and so Brad put her on her hands and knees in the doggie style position and thrusted his cock inside her pussy and began to fuck her from behind.

Brad moved slowly at first then gradually built up speed. Steffie gasped for breath as the pleasure overtook her. Brad took his arm rose Steffie up so that she was upright on her knees and her soft body was pressed into his.

Brad began whispering erotic sayings in French to her and that sent Steffie into orbit. Steffie turned her head back to Brads and they lovingly kiss.

They fucked in this position for a few minute then Steffie’s orgasm is too great and she falls back to her hands and knees.

Steffie dropped to her elbows grabbed the carpet bit the pillow and muffled the scream as she wailed like the banshee. As she did, she flooded Brad’s cock with her sweet sticky cream.

“Take me missionary style baby,” Steffie softly moaned as the “fuck me” look was still in her eyes. “I want to feel your hard body next to mine as we cum together and make holy sexual worship together.”

Brad entered Steffie’s sopping wet eagerly hungry pussy and slowly began to fuck her. Steffie wrapped her luscious stocking clad legs around Brad and locked her ankles around the small of his back and pulled him in.

Soon Brad and Steffie were moving in unison as their bodies moved together Their flesh melted together like fine butter on newly baked pastry and they became as one.

The earth around them slowly slipped away and soon the only thing they could hear was the beating of their own hearts as they beat as one. Time and space became suspended and lost all meaning and Brad and Steffie were in their own universe. They were truly one with each other physically mentally and spiritually.

Their passions rose and feel in unison. They could feel the other’s passion and knew how to move without saying a word. Spoken words between them would become meaningless. They knew each other’s thoughts and felt the lust that they had for each other.

Suddenly as if by some mystical power they felt a third presence in the room yet they were not afraid. The presence was highly erotic and very powerful.

“Oh yes Brad do you feel her,” Steffie asked. “The Blessed Mother Eden is with us. She longs to join us and become a part of us”

“Oh yes mother Eden we honor you with our sexual worship to you,” Steffie moaned softly yet where Brad could hear her. “Bless our union with each other and you. May we always be one with you and each other never to part. Come join us now and become one with us and seal our blessed union forever in you.”

“Yes mother Eden,” Brad answered in agreement.

The presence entered Steffie’s and Brads bodies and they felt an exhilaration and unlimited power coursing through their veins that they had never felt before. They could feel the erotic energy of all the souls who had ever made love and who were making love at this moment.”

They continued to make love like this for another ten minutes as their passions slowly rose until they reached a crescendo. They both came in unison and Steffie flooded Brad’s cock with her sweet sticky cream and Brad shot his hot manhood deep inside of Steffie and they soon collapsed together and laid side by side embraced as they slowly came down from their orgasmic high.

Mother Eden’s presence lingered in the room for another 15 minutes as Brad and Steffie engaged in soft romantic “after-play,” gentle loving caresses soft gentle “butterfly” kisses and touching each other’s bodies as their bodies were pressed together and their limbs intertwined.

Mother Eden would slowly leave the room and soon the world around Brad and Steffie would come back into view and time and space would return to normal

By now it was almost a quarter after four in the morning and Brad and Steffie smiled at each other and lovingly embraced and kissed.

“Oh Brad, this is was the best Sorority party I have ever been to. Thank you for taking me. You’re the best brother any girl could have.”

“It was my pleasure,” Brad said smiling. “Nothing is too good for my little sis”

Brad and Steffie kissed and slowly drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms as they lay on the blankets in front of the fire place, with Steffie’s head on Brad’s shoulder and her arm lovingly placed on his chest.

They would sleep to noon get up and eat then come back and spend the rest of Brad’s week long leave making love, stopping long enough to eat and for Steffie to attend class, once in a while. :)

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