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Smiling as I walk down the hall to my locker, Jenny on one side and Macy on the other. Shared whispers and gossip drift over and around us as we make our way past the throngs of other rushing classmates. Jenny’s elbow pokes my side and her eyes meet mine before leaving quickly and looking in the direction of Greg standing near my locker.

“What do you think he wants?” Jenny whispers in one ear.

“He’s probably going to ask you out again,” says Macy from my other side.

“Think your Dad will let you go this time?” questions Jenny.

Shrugging my shoulders and lifting my chin, my eyes meet Greg’s. He really is one of the most handsome boys in school but I could never go out with him again. Sure I let him take me to prom and we had been to a few movies but there wasn’t any question as to who consumed my heart. My sweet Daddy’s face drifts into my mind, his strong smile always ready on the corner of his lips. Of course my friends did not know about my love for Daddy or his love for me. Understanding the reasons why I cannot tell anyone but hating it with each passing day. Wishing at times I could share with my friends my secret passions and desires. Wondering if they too felt the same strong obsession for their own fathers.

Sighing, “I can’t go out with Greg, I don’t even like him anymore,” I say quickly as justification.

Jenny and Macy both looking at me as if I’d lost my mind. It seemed I was the only girl in school who had ever turned Greg down. Sure he was handsome and popular and captain of the football team. Yes, it was true that he always treated me well and was respectful of my boundaries. For the last few months my friends questioned me constantly as to why I would not go out with him again. So many rumors had spread around our small school as to the possibilities that maybe something had happened on our last date. I answered them all as honestly as I could and simply told everyone that my Daddy had forbidden me to date anyone. It seemed the simplest answer that I could give and yet it still held so much suspicion for everyone.

“Hi,” Greg says as he steps away from my locker.


“Can we talk?” He asks.

“Um, sure. Here?” I ask as I look to Jenny and Macy for help.

“We have to go, see you after class Angel,” says Jenny as her and Macy giggle to themselves and drift off down the hall.

Suddenly the bell rings alerting us to the beginning of the next class, which at this time of day is also the last class. Looking down the hallway both to my right and left I watch all of the late kids scurry to their classrooms. My heart beating slightly in my chest as I think of Mr. Raines and how angry he gets when people are late for class.

“Greg, what do you want?” I ask impatiently.

“Angel, I uh, God this is hard,” he says as he shifts uncomfortably from one foot to the other.

“Greg, I’m late for class,” I say as I begin to walk down the hall.

Grabbing my wrist and stopping me he looks pleadingly into my eyes, “Angel please, can we go somewhere and talk?”

“Where Greg? I have class and so do you,” I remind him.

“Angel please it’s important.”

His eyes pleading with me, my heart flutters in pity for him and I cannot resist as I shake my head in assent. Taking my hand he leads me down the hall and through the cafeteria, over to the Shop Hall wing. My heart pounding more quickly in my chest as I realize that I am cutting class. Greg’s fingers tighten on my own as he opens the door leading outside to the student parking lot. Squinting my eyes to shield them from the bright glare of the sun shining down on us I follow him quickly to his car. Unlocking the door and opening it for me I duck inside, hoping against all hope that no teacher looking out the window has spotted us. Leaning over and unlocking Greg’s door as he comes around and climbs inside the car. The smell of freshly treated leather fills my senses as I sit back and he starts the car.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“Why don’t we go to the Park, its probably quiet there right now?”

“The Park? Um, couldn’t we go somewhere else?” I ask nervously.

Thoughts of my last visit to the Park with Daddy filling my mind and I look around nervously. My mind floods with memories of our conversation about Greg just a few weeks ago. God what am I doing? Frantically my heart searches for an answer as I hear Daddy’s strong voice telling me that I was his now. My heart filling with love as I drift back over my own words as I told Daddy that I wanted to be his and his only. Why then am I in this car now with Greg? As much as my mind and heart question I do not ask him to stop the car. As hard as my heart pounds in my chest and with a glance in every direction I wonder if Daddy is somehow watching me and yet I still do not tell Greg to stop the car.

“Where would you like to go Angel?” Greg asks pulling me out of my dream like state.

“I don’t know, anywhere, just not the Park,” I answer quickly.

“We can go to my house, my parents are at work,” he suggests.

“Fine,” I reply much to quickly.

Not thinking about the implications of going to Greg’s house, only wanting to stay clear of the Park. Never wanting to damage the images in my mind of the night I spent there with Daddy. Turning the corner, the quiet in the car almost deafening as my mind spins with more thoughts of The Park. Remembering the cold steel digging into my fingers with each thrust of Daddy’s cock. The slight sting of my muscles as my pussy stretched and opened around his ever-thickening manhood. Blushing as I squirm on the seat and feel my swollen pussy lips press against my wet panties. Glancing over at Greg, wondering if he can notice just from the look on my face that I am wet with desire at this very moment for my Daddy. Noticing me look at him he smiles before turning his eyes back to the road and taking another turn.

“Greg I think we should go back to school,” I say as unconvincingly.

“Angel please, I just want to talk,” he says with pleading in his eyes.

My heart filling with pity for him once again I silently agree. Turning another corner his house comes into view and I smile slightly when I see that his parents cars are gone. Pulling into the driveway and opening my door as the engine shuts down and I get out of the car. The sun once again streaming down on my long brown hair and I walk quickly up the path to his front door. Unlocking and opening the door he holds it open for me and I step into the cool marble foyer. Having been so long since I’ve been here I take a moment and look around again, taking in the beauty of his home. My slight heels clicking softly on the hard gray and white marble as I walk under the chandelier and towards the foot of the stairs.

“Would you like something to drink?” he asks.

Shaking my head, not wanting any other distractions except to begin this talk he has requested so that I can leave as soon as possible. Lifting my wrist and looking down on my watch I count the time and see I have about an hour before school lets out and I need to head home. Being late for Daddy’s call when I get home from school is unacceptable to him and thus far I have never missed the call.

“Well come on then,” Greg says as he takes my hand and leads me up the staircase and down the hall to his bedroom.

Opening the door and stepping inside I blush again at all the posters of scantily clad women in bikinis and others wearing even less. Covering my mouth to stifle the giggle as I remember his mother telling me once that she just couldn’t understand her son’s obsession with naked women. Pulling the chair away from the desk and sitting down quietly I watch Greg as he takes a seat on his bed. His arms resting over his thighs as he looks up at me.

“Angel why won’t you go out with me anymore?”

“Greg you brought me here to ask me that?” I ask surprised.

“Well I couldn’t get you to talk to me any other way,” he responds quickly almost desperately.

“I can’t go out with you Greg, I can’t go out with anyone.”

Looking into his eyes, my hands in my lap as I twist my fingers together and cross and uncross my ankles. My nervousness becoming more apparent to us both as he sits back further on his bed. Understanding spreads over me as I see what it was that Daddy was talking about when he said I shouldn’t give boys hope by accepting their invitations to the movies and other activities.

“Angel why? You went out with me before, did I do something wrong?”

“No. No you didn’t do anything wrong but my Daddy won’t let me date anyone right now,” I respond again trying to justify my answer.

“But he liked me, I thought your Dad liked me.”

“He did and he still does Greg. I swear it is not you but my Daddy. I’m just not allowed to date anymore.”

Watching him as he stands up from the bed and begins to pace back and forth across his bedroom. My eyes watching his feet and seeing the invisible line of the path he is wearing into the carpet.

“What if I go and talk to your Dad?” He questions.

“No! You can’t do that,” I reply frantically.

“Why? You said he liked me right?”

“Greg you don’t understand. Yes, he likes you but you see, I um, well, I got into trouble and so I’m not allowed to date anyone right now,” I stutter through my reply looking for an answer he will accept.

His pacing stops and he looks at me more intently. The questions light in his eyes and I wonder how I am going to get myself out of this mess now.

“What did you do?” He questions.

“Nothing,” I say quickly not knowing how I will answer him.

“Angel you just said you got into trouble, so what did you do?”

“I don’t know, I um, I broke curfew one night,” saying the first thing that comes to mind.

“Not when you were with me, I always had you home on time.”

“No I wasn’t with you, I um, I was with some of my friends one night and I got home late so he told me I wasn’t allowed to go out anymore for a while.”

“For how long?” He asks.

Shaking my head, “I don’t know he didn’t say.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this? Why didn’t you just say it was because of your Dad and breaking curfew? I thought you didn’t like me anymore,” he says as he kneels down by my chair and takes my hands into his own.

Closing my eyes, not wanting to hurt Greg and yet knowing my love for Daddy will always keep me from loving him or anyone else. Slowly I withdraw my hands from Greg’s and stand up.

“Greg, I have to go home now, I can’t be late.”

“Angel, you do still like me don’t you?” he asks as he comes to his feet and looks down into my eyes.

“Greg please, I can’t do this right now.”

“It’s a simple question Angel, do you like me?” He demands.

“You’re my friend and that’s all I want right now,” I respond.

“That’s it? Just friends?”

“That’s all I can do Greg, I’m sorry,” I say as I turn my back and walk out of his bedroom door.

Walking down the stairs with Greg following silently I hear the sound of a car door shutting in the driveway. My heart races as I look back over my shoulder at him, my eyes questioning. Shaking his head he runs down the stairs ahead of me and glances out the window in the foyer.

“It’s my mom,” he says. “Don’t worry I’ll tell her you were sick and I’m taking you home.”

The front door opens and Greg’s mom steps inside the foyer, her eyes looking first at Greg and then at me. Dread fills me as I wonder what she thinks we are doing here in the middle of the day.

“Greg, what are you doing home from school?” she asks as she looks at us both again.

“Sorry mom, Angel wasn’t feeling well and I told her I’d take her home,” he replies as he kisses her cheek lightly.

“Well if you’re taking her home what are you doing here?” She asks suspiciously.

“I just had to stop and get something, we were just on our way out,” he says as he looks at me and we both head out the front door.

“Greg, I want you to come home right after you drop Angel off. Oh and Angel, I do hope you feel better dear,” she calls through the door with icy drips in her tone.

Sliding quickly into the passenger seat and shutting the car door behind me I drop my head. The engine starting and we drive through the circular drive directly in front of the house and I keep my eyes from the windows, not wanting to see if Greg’s mom is watching us.

“Now she thinks we were doing something in there,” I say angrily.

“You know she doesn’t care, she just hates when I miss school,” he replies with the sound of annoyance in his voice.

“Greg, I care. What if she says something to the school? What if she calls them to see if I was really sick?” I ask as paranoia fills me.

“Angel she isn’t going to call anyone. Stop acting stupid.”

“I’m not acting stupid, I just can’t get in anymore trouble,” I say quickly. “Just take me home.”

“We still have time, we can still go to the Park and talk,” he suggests.

“No! No, please just take me home, I want to go home,” I whine.

“Fine, calm down, I’ll take you home.”

My eyes closed and my chin drops tightly against my chest as I endure the silence and we drift quickly over the sunny residential streets to my home. Silently praying and begging to God to endure anything other than my Daddy finding out that I have skipped class. My house coming into view, my heart beats with relief as I see that Daddy’s car is not there. Opening my car door and ignoring his words as he calls out to me, I run to the front door, reaching in my pocket book for my keys and opening the door quickly. Slipping around the door and slamming it behind me as I lean back against it and breathe deeply through my nose. My chest rising and falling quickly with each breath as I listen for Greg’s car as he pulls out of my driveway and drives down the street. My hand still on the knob, my knuckles turning white as I hold it tightly and I lift my chin and call out into the house.

“Daddy, are you home?”

Silence. Sweet relief fills me and I release my tight fingers from the doorknob. Shaking my head as I smile to myself. Knowing how stupid it was for me to call out for Daddy since I did not see his car in the driveway. Taking one small step from the door and looking around the darkened entrance. Glancing at the flowers on the table next to the front door and then turning my head to allow my eyes to take in every part of our home. Nothing has changed since I left the house this morning. Walking quickly away from the door and running up the stairs and to my bedroom where I feel safety awaits me. Closing my bedroom door behind me and kicking off my shoes, the phone startles me. Glancing at the clock and back to the phone I reach it before the third ring.

“Hello?” I say, my voice shaking slightly.

“Angel, how was school?” Asks Daddy. I search his words, his tone, everything for some clue that he knows what I’ve done.

“School? Um, it was fine Daddy,” I say quickly.

“Do you have much homework tonight?”

“No, Daddy not too much,” I reply still searching for some sign from him.

“Good to hear Love, finish it up before I get home and we’ll spend some time together.”

“Yes Daddy,” I say as I hear the phone click in my ear.

Sighing softly I look around my room, my eyes drifting over my bed, my desk, the dresser, the closet, and back to my bed again. The feeling settles over me that I am missing something. Again I look around the room, searching, but for what? Replaying the telephone conversation with Daddy in my mind my eyes light up and I quickly look again. Homework. My books. Dread filling me again as I realize that I left my books in Greg’s car. What am I going to do? How can I possibly finish my homework without my books? Oh why did I go to Greg’s house? Why did I let him take me away from school when I knew that I shouldn’t?

Plopping down onto my bed my hands in my lap, all the possibilities flooding my mind. I could call Greg and have him bring my books by, but what if Daddy comes home early and sees Greg’s car? Oh he would be so angry. I could call Macy or Jenny and have them pick up my books from Greg but what if they are here when Daddy gets home? He’ll ask me questions, he’ll want to know why they are here after school when he is not home. Huffing, I drop my head in worry. What am I going to do? Nothing I can do but keep quiet and hope that Daddy doesn’t realize that I do not have my books with me and ask me any questions.

Getting up from my bed as my heart slowly returns to normal. Removing my skirt and blouse, stockings, panties and bra, I decide to settle myself in a hot bath. Grabbing my robe from the back of my bedroom door and taking my headphones off my dresser as I head out and down the hall. Turning on the hot water and dripping vanilla bubble bath into the tub I take a deep breath and fill my senses with the mild vanilla scent. Slipping my robe from my shoulders and hanging it up on the back of the bathroom door, my headphones still in my hand I step into the hot running water. Slipping into the warmth and lowering myself until my bottom rests against the white porcelain, I lean back deeply.

Calming myself with deep breaths that bring the hot water up over the tips of my nipples and into the valley at the base of my neck. Stretching my right calf and reaching the water knobs with my toes I turn the water off and settle back more comfortably. The bubbles soft and smooth on my skin I press play on the cassette player of my headphones and my favorite group sings in my ears. Closing my eyes and feeling my muscles relax more deeply. Forgetting my frantic thoughts of earlier and skipping school and Daddy finding out, I quietly accept my position.

Sighing softly as I open my thighs and feel the still hot water against my pussy lips. Smiling I let my fingers drift down and spread my puffy lips open to feel the water against my tender insides. Squirming slightly the water laps at my pussy and I delight in the sensations that run through me. Contentment settles through me as I think of my Daddy. Not hearing the knock on the bathroom door, not seeing the bathroom door open and Daddy coming to stand next to the tub. His eyes looking down on me as he watches me push myself in the tub with my toes on the bottom to force the water to lap more quickly at my open pussy. His hand startles me as he reaches down and caresses my face softly with the backs of his knuckles. Letting out a slight gasp and sitting up quickly in the tub, pulling the headphones from my ears I look up at him.

“Hi Daddy,” I say startled.

“Hello Angel, hhmmm what were you doing Love?” He asks as he takes a small step back.

“Nothing Daddy,” I reply looking up into his piercing dark eyes.

“Did you finish your homework?” He asks as he reaches for the soft green towel.

Holding it he motions with his eyes to get out of the tub. Dropping my headphones to the ground as I stand up and the bubbles slide slickly down my naked body.

“Um, yes Daddy. There wasn’t much to do,” I answer.

“Good Love.”

Wrapping the towel around me he eyes my face intently. Taking the towel from him with my own fingers and slowly drying myself. His hands coming up to cup my face and tilt my chin to look up at him.

“Are you feeling alright Angel?” He asks with concern.

“Yes, Daddy I feel fine,” I reply quickly.

“Are you sure Love?” He asks again.

“Daddy I feel fine,” I reply.

“Good. Finish drying off and come to my room,” he says as he walks out of the bathroom door.

Excitement fills me quickly as I hurriedly finish drying myself and slip into my robe. Daddy’s words from our telephone conversation fill me as I remember he said he wanted to spend time with me tonight. A little surprised that he didn’t want dinner first but wanted me quickly in his bedroom. Smiling I hang the wet towel up and walk quickly down the hall to his bedroom, reaching up with my small hand and tapping lightly on the door.

“Come in Angel,” he calls out to me.

Stepping inside and looking around, I do not see him right away. Shutting the door behind me as I always do and standing in the middle between the sitting room and his bedroom. Stepping around from the bathroom and through the opening to the sitting room he stops a few feet from me and looks at me as intently as he did in the bathroom. My heart flutters quickly beneath my breast and I smile under his watchful stare.

“Angel, I ask you one more time, are you feeling well?”

Nodding quickly, ” Yes, Daddy I am fine.”

“I see the bath must have done you well then,” he says as he walks past me to his closet.

Watching him I feel as if my feet have cemented themselves to the soft carpet in his bedroom. Opening the closet door he reaches inside and lets his fingers drift over the soft silk of his ties. Watching him curiously as he chooses four of his best ties before closing the closet door and striding back to me.

“Remove your robe Angel,” he commands softly.

Looking up into his eyes a sense of fear spreads through me. How did I not realize earlier that he was upset with me for something? Slowly reaching up and releasing the tie in my robe I open it and let it slip from my shoulders to pool at my feet. My nipples stand proud and erect for him but he does not smile. Taking my hand he leads me over to his large four-poster King size bed. His hand at the small of my back he pushes me closer to the foot of the bed until my knees and thighs push against the cool wood footboard. Turning my head to the side to look at my Daddy as he steps closer to me.

“Daddy, am I in trouble?” I ask nervously.

Reaching up with the index finger of his right hand he places it over my lips and quiets me. His large hand on the small of my back pushing to bend me deeply over the edge. Resisting slightly until I feel the strength of his hand push me further as I rest my cheek against the plush comforter. My eyes light over the color of the ties as he places them next to me and his other hand joins the first one on the small of my back. Their warmth and strength travel through me as I feel them slide down over my rounded bottom. His fingers squeezing me softly and gently before traveling further down the backs of my thighs and calves and then resting on my ankles. His long thick fingers circle my slender ankles and he slowly begins to pull them apart.

My mind races, my heart pounds, what is he doing to me? Wanting to speak, wanting to question him but knowing I cannot. Moving my feet further apart as his hands pull them, wanting to obey, wanting to understand, wishing he would speak to me. Bending my knees slightly as a way to keep from opening my feet further Daddy stops pulling for a moment.

“Angel straighten your knees,” he says patiently.

Bending my knees back and straightening them he releases my left ankle and reaches up to pull one tie down from the bed. Unable to see behind me to the floor instead I feel the silk of his tie wrap once, twice, three times around my ankle tightly. Daddy’s soft breaths fill my ears and I wonder what he is doing. His hands leaving my right ankle as he reaches up and pulls down another tie and my eyes watch it slip over the side. His hands coming to rest on my left ankle and he pulls it even further apart. My muscles slowly begin to stretch as I feel my pussy lips open. Again the soft silk wraps around me once, twice, three times and then more shuffled movements fill my ear. His hands again sliding up my calves and thighs and resting on my bottom I try to pull my ankles.

“You can’t move can you Love?” Daddy asks through his soft laugh.

Shaking my head as I pull my arms in close to my chest and try to relax as my leg muscles strain to keep my weight in this position. Sighing softly as the fingers of Daddy’s hands dig into my cheeks and he massages me. Feeling his lips against my right cheek I moan softly once and then again in disappointment as I feel his hands and mouth leave me. Taking the two remaining ties in his hand I watch as he comes around the side of the bed and then climbs atop, kneeling before me. Pulling my elbows further together and resting my chin in my open palms I look up at him.

Quickly he pulls my right wrist out from underneath me I drop gracelessly to the bed again. Lifting my head I watch as he wraps the soft tie once around my wrist and ties it securely. Turning away from me he pulls the tie and my arm high above my head and ties it to the right bedpost. In my heart I wish again that he would talk to me, share with me, tell me what is happening. My heart pounds harder in my chest and a thought drifts into my mind. How many times had he asked me tonight if I was feeling all right? Did he think I was sick? Wasn’t that what Greg told his mother, that I was sick? Closing my eyes I drop my head and rest my cheek against the soft comforter again. Daddy taking my left wrist in his hand and securing the last of the ties around it before tying it to the left bed post. Tugging on the ties himself to test their resilience he smiles and kneels back in front of me.

Opening my eyes and lifting my chin my back arches deeply and my ass is pushed higher. I cannot move save for small squirms to this side or the other. Helplessness and shame flood me and I look up at him with pleading eyes.

“Now Angel, I ask you one last time, are you feeling all right?”

“Yes Daddy, I feel okay.” I reply wondering if I should spill my guts now.

“I see. I should tell you that just after I got off the phone with you this afternoon I received a call from Greg’s mother. She wanted to let me know that Greg had brought you home early from school because you were not feeling well. It seems she ran across the two of you in her home, is that correct so far?”

“Yes Daddy,” I say as I drop my head back to the bed in defeat and close my eyes.

“Look at me,” he commands.

Lifting my head once again and looking up into his face I can see the deep red flush begin on his neck and drift up to his ears. The first signs of his anger and yet he controls it so well. Oh God what have I done? How can I possibly explain everything? Should I lie or should I tell the truth? Deciding quickly that no matter the consequences I will tell the truth. Hadn’t he always told me that as long as I tell the truth things will come easier to me?

“Were you really feeling that ill today Angel that you had to leave school with Greg?” he asks.

“No Daddy, I wasn’t feeling sick. I, uh, Daddy, I skipped my last class because Greg asked me if we could go talk,” I add almost desperate to spill myself of this terrible secret.

“Angel you are treading on very thin ice with me so before we continue remember to tread carefully,” he says as his index finger comes up and traces the line of my full bottom lip.

I want to kiss his finger, lick it, suck it, and beg him through that form of attention to his finger for understanding or even mercy. Even I am still unsure at this moment what to expect, or what I should be begging for.

“Did you have sex with Greg?” Daddy asks as he lips tighten into a thin white line.

“No Daddy, I swear it,” I say.

He releases the breath that I didn’t even realize he was holding. His eyes soften slightly and slight tingles of relief spread through me.

“The last thing I want to know is why you left school with him after I specifically forbid you to go out with this boy or any other?”

“Daddy, I felt bad for him because he was upset that I wouldn’t go out with him. I wanted to explain and so I left school,” I rush through my explanation as my heart swells with hope.

Nodding I watch as he climbs off the bed and disappears behind me. Bending my elbows and my knees I squirm slightly in my soft bonds and test their slack. Knowing that even if I find an escape I will not take it. I can hear him behind me, pacing, his feet padding on the carpet. My breath catches as I hear his zipper slide down and the ruffling of his clothing as he removes it. Wishing I could watch him, see his strong bronze body and delight in his charms. My desire for him rises even as my fear spreads because I have disobeyed him. All these months, years even, striving to be good, to make good grades, to show him that I am trustworthy and loving. Shame fills me and I feel as if all is lost now and I have hurt the man I love more than anything in the world.

“Turn your head Angel,” his voice bringing me back from my thoughts.

Turning my head to the left his naked body fills my sight. Taking in the curves of his muscles, his hair tousled, the setting sun shining off his body as he stands before the window. My eyes sliding down over his navel and his coarse curly pubic hair before resting on his limp cock. Licking my lips, unable to help myself, my pussy throbs for him and I watch him walk to the bureau in the corner.

“Do you remember I told you once that you had no idea of my relationship with women including your mother?”

“Yes Daddy I remember,” I say as I arch my back deeper to keep my head up.

“I believe I even told you once that I demand obedience from the women in my life. Since the day you were born Angel I have worked hard to teach you obedience and discipline and I see now that I have failed.”

Turning away from me slowly a silver key catches the light in his hand. Lifting it to the lock on the bureau doors my heart beats in excitement. I have always wondered what was behind these two dark cherry wood doors. As far back as I could remember I was never allowed to touch the bureau or see what was inside. But now as the key turns in the lock I twist and squirm against the ties to see around Daddy’s broad shoulders and into the opening doors. His voice drifts over his shoulder to me as he continues.

“You have disappointed me Angel. Today, in a few short hours you have lied to me, deceived me, and taken away something that you had given to me so freely and willingly.”

“Daddy, please, you don’t understand. I know that I lied to you but I never meant to deceive you,” I reply quickly.

“Oh Angel not only did you mean to deceive me with your lies but you were hoping to get away with it.”

The two doors open wider and I can just see the red velvet insides of the doors on either side of Daddy’s body. My muscles aching as I continue my twists and turns for a better view but his body still blocks my sight.

“Daddy I didn’t want you to be angry with me and I know that was wrong. I should have never left school with Greg. I should have told you the truth Daddy, I know it.”

Turning around quickly he looks at me with angry eyes and I shrink back with fear.

“Should have told me the truth? And yet I gave you so many opportunities when I came home and you still tried to deceive me.”

“But Daddy,” I say before his snapping fingers cut me off.

“I told you Angel that I would not hesitate to punish you if I felt you deserved it and I do feel you deserve it now.”

Turning back from me again my eyes slowly fill with tears and I drop my head once more to the bed. I can see him just slightly out of the corner as he turns around and the slap of something fills the room. Lifting my head quickly I tremble as my eyes settle on the wooden paddle in Daddy’s right hand as he slaps it again against his left palm. His long strides taking him from my eyesight as the tears spill silently down my cheeks and I try to listen for him.

“I am what many people call a Master Angel. I am Master of my domain, of my body and soul, and of the women in my life. I was Master of your mother, I was Master of the few women I dated after her death, and I am now Master of you.”

My heart pounds with each word from his mouth and I feel the smooth wood against my right cheek as Daddy swirls it around and around slowly.

“It is my duty Angel, my responsibility, as your Master and your father to see that you grow and mature into a respectful, obedient, and loving woman,” he continues.

“Please Daddy, I’m so sorry I lied to you,” I say through my tears. Tasting the salt of them in my mouth as they slip down my cheeks.

Pulling his hand back high the paddle lands quickly and forcefully on my right cheek. The slap sounding through the bedroom as the sting spreads down my legs and up my back to my nipples.

“Ooooowwwww, Daddy pleasee,” I beg through my tears running more quickly. A sob sticking my throat as I whimper and squirm harder against his ties.

“Yes Angel, I know you are sorry but you see being sorry is simply not enough,” he says soothingly as the paddle comes down again on my right cheek.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Daddy please please, I’m sorry Daddy, I’m sorry,” I sob loudly.

Pushing, turning, twisting, desperate to get away from the burn of the paddle as he begins to spank me in a slow steady rhythm. Taking turns between my right and left cheek as they burn and turn red with my shame. Humiliation fills me as each slap of the paddle presses me harder and harder against the comforter and my pussy grinds against the edge of the bed.

“Count Angel, count the slaps you get for your punishment,” he commands through deep even breaths.


“One!” I scream.



How unfair this all is. Beginning to count now after I have received at least 10 blows from Daddy’s dreadful wooden paddle so far.



“That’s it Angel, obey Daddy now.”


“Four!” My desperate sobs growing louder and louder as the comforter beneath me soaks with my dripping tears.


“FIVE!” I scream louder then before.

Whimpering softly as I feel his hand rest over my burning flesh and smooth over my skin softly. Sliding down over my hot cheek his fingers slip between my swollen and wet pussy lips he pushes inside of me. Arching my back deeply and moaning through my tears as two thick fingers pump slowly in and out of me.

“You are wet Angel, does that surprise you?” He asks softly before his lips kiss the cheek of my stinging ass.

Pushing back as much as I can while being tied to the bed, wanting to feel more of his fingers.

“Yes Daddy,” I reply softly through my soft sobs.

“It surprises me too Angel but it is wonderful,” he says as he slips his fingers from my wet pussy.

Slowly he drifts back into my view once again as he stands before his bureau. All that time he was away from it I could have looked inside at length to see what was there and not once did I do it. Watching the muscles in his back work as he reaches inside and grabs something else. Closing my eyes for a moment, not wanting to see but curiosity getting the best of me I open them again quickly. In his hands he holds a round carved wooden handle with long thin black leather straps that his fingers from his other hand run through as if caressing them. Smiling at me he walks behind me and again I wonder what he is going to do. I feel the cool leather of the straps lightly brush my reddened cheeks softly.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I moan as I arch my back for more.

Laughing softly Daddy brushes the leather again slowly over my skin before pulling back and slapping my tender flesh.

“Oooohhhhhhhhh Daddy please no more,” I beg.

“But surely there must be more Angel, you have only begun to feel my disappointment in you,” he says slowly as he brings the leather down against my ass again.

Whimpering again as the thin straps land on the growing welts from the paddle before sweet relief floods quickly. Thankful that this instrument doesn’t cause my flesh to sting as long as the paddle does. Lifting my head for a moment, desperate anticipation filling me as I wait for the next slap of the leather. Nothing. Counting the seconds in my mind slowly but still nothing. The only sound is my heart pounding in my ears and our heavy breaths mixing in the air. Quickly and without warning the straps land soundly on my open pussy.

“Uuhhhhhhhhhmmmmm,” I moan.

“Yes Angel that’s it,” Daddy encourages me as he slaps my pussy again.

Panting, squirming, arching my back and pushing my ass higher. My pussy throbbing frantically as I grind it against the bed. My shame and humiliation quickly leaving me as only thoughts of my pleasure flood me. Gasping through each moan as the leather lands directly on my swelling clit again and again.

“Oh God Daddy, please Daddy pleaseee,” I beg. Unsure if I’m begging for more or less as I continue to work my body against the bed.

At once the slapping stops and I sigh softly before my head snaps up quickly from the bed with Daddy’s strong fingers tighten in my loose hair.

“Do not cum Angel,” he commands as he looks into my eyes.

“Yes Daddy,” I whisper.

Dropping my head roughly to the bed the straps land again on my swollen ass cheeks and I cry out. My cries and moans mixing quickly as Daddy takes turns with slaps to my ass, then pussy, then inner thighs and again to my pussy. I can’t take it, my mind spins quickly over one thought after another. Desperation pushes me onto the tips of my toes as I pray silently for mercy. Another slap landing on my clit sends waves through my calves and up to my nipples and I know that I am going to disappoint Daddy again. I cannot stop myself, I have to cum.

“Daddyyyyyyy!” I scream.

“No Angel.”

“Oh God I have to cum Daddy, I have to cum,” I beg.

Leaning in against me I can feel his hard cock slip between my thighs and rub up against my dripping pussy. The leather straps land soundly on my back between my shoulders as he rocks himself back and forth. Pleasure seeps through me as I grind and push and twist to feel more of his throbbing hardness. The stings of the straps only making me want him more now as I tug my wrists against the ties.

“What do you want Angel?” he asks calmly as his head slips between my pussy lips and rubs over my needy clit.

“Pleaseeeee, Daddy,” I beg.

“What do you want Angel?” he repeats.

“Fuck me Daddy!” I cry out.

Pulling back and slamming hard into my pussy my walls stretch around him and I explode tightly over him.


Gasping as he pulls back slowly and slides in deeply once again. His head pushing up against my cervix as he strokes the walls of my insides expertly. My pussy clenching and releasing him as my climax slowly subsides. Desperate to beg him for forgiveness once again for cumming without permission I whimper.

“Daddy, I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop myself.”

Leaning over deeply he places the instrument that was the cause of my destruction on the bed next to me. I see the tips of the leather straps wet from my juice where he smacked my pussy with it just before.

“I know Angel, you just can’t seem to help yourself. But you see Love, that was the point, now you are all wet and ready for Daddy,” he says through tightly clenched teeth.

Reaching down he slips a finger in beside his throbbing cock and stretches the walls of my pussy more. A part of me wishing my ankles were not tied so that I could pull my knees up on to the bed and spread myself more for him. My aching muscles mixing with the pleasure of the waves from my previous orgasm I am in disbelief. Pumping his finger slowly in and out of me before bringing it up to my ass and circling my tiny puckered hole and making me wet with my own juice. Slowly he strokes me again with his thick cock before sliding his finger back inside of me.

“God Angel you’re so wet Love,” he groans. ” I think you like Daddy’s punishments.”

Not knowing what to say or how to respond all I can do is push myself back against him as much as the ties will allow me. Slowly his cock pulls from me and as sense of loss immediately fills me. Feeling Daddy’s large hands on my cheeks as he spreads them open and brings the head of his wet cock up to my ass.

“Breath,” he cries out as he slams his cock deep in my ass.


The burning of my cheeks from the paddle and leather before are nothing compared to the burning of my inner muscles as he stretches my ass open quickly. Gasping, the air forced quickly from my lungs, I cannot catch my breath. Not stopping for a moment he strokes me wildly as each thrust forces me further onto the bed and pulls the ties on my ankles.

“Never disobey me again Angel,” Daddy cries roughly through his groans.

“Noooo, Daddy, never,” I whimper.

Faster he fucks my ass as his hands pull and stretch my cheeks further apart to give him entrance into the most inner parts of me. His balls slapping the bottom of my pussy as his animalistic groans fill my ears.

“Say it Angel, tell Daddy you’re mine and you’ll be a good girl!”

“Yesssssss, Daddy yessssss. I’m yours Daddy, only yours. I’ll be good, OH GOD I’LL BE GOOD DADDY!”

“That’s it Angel, Daddy is going to cum, tell me again,” he commands.

Biting my lower lip hard to keep from screaming as his thrusts impale me harder on his engorged head and thick shaft. Desperately wanting Daddy to cum so this part of our night will end and yet my own pleasure still building as each thrust forces my pussy to grind harder against the bed. Torn between wanting to cum and wanting to stop I’m lost.


Daddy’s growl like a lion deep in the forest as he erupts deep inside of me and fills my ass with his hot cum.


Pumping with short quick thrusts to give me the full effect of his flowing seed in my ass. His cock throbbing wildly as his balls empty and his thighs tremble behind mine.

“AAAAAHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Angel,” he moans loudly.

Slowly he softens inside of me and I clench my cheeks to keep him within my depths. The desire and need to cum taking over me now as I feel that our night is drawing to and end. My lashes flutter softly with exhaustion as he pulls back from me and removes his softening cock from my ass. His hand coming up between my thighs and cupping my pussy he strokes me with his palm.

“Angel, you were a bad girl today but I think and I hope that you have learned your lesson,” he says through quick pants of his own.

“Yes, Daddy I have. I’ll never lie to you again. I won’t go with any of the boys anywhere Daddy and no matter what I’ll always ask you for permission first.”

“Very good Angel.”

Hearing his knees crack as he bends down behind me I feel his breath on my open pussy just before his tongue strokes the length of my slit.

“Mmmmmmmmm, you taste sweeter now than you ever did Love,” he comments.

Wiggling my hips slightly, wanting more of his tongue on me and yet wanting to be released from my bonds I face my inner turmoil

“Please Daddy,” I whisper just as I feel his tongue lick me flatly once again.

“Please what Angel?” he asks as he flicks the tip of his tongue tightly over my clit.

Oh god I have to answer him. I have to decide what I want. My mind screaming for release from the ties as my body begs for more of his tongue. I cannot decide. Whimpering through my desperation as I feel his fingers on my ankles and slowly releasing the ties. His hands slide up the back of my thighs as his fingers rest behind my knee caps and he pushes my knees forward to bend them and then lifts them onto the bed. Sighing softly as the aching muscles of my legs are finally given respite I feel Daddy’s mouth again on my pussy. His lips capturing my clit and sucking it into his mouth as I grind myself against his face. Arching my back and rocking my hips I take my pleasure from his tight lips and flicking tongue.

“Yessssssssssss, Daddy yessssssssss,” I pant.

Slowly he slips his two fingers back into my pussy and I push back against them. The ties no longer keeping me captive I fuck myself against his fingers harder just as his teeth capture my clit.

“Oh God, don’t stop Daddy don’t stop,” I beg.

Using my knees to thrust myself back my chin high and my back arched I feel his knuckles slapping my tender pussy as I fuck myself. Gasping, my climax so close, I fuck myself with wild abandon.

“Dadddyyyy, yesssssssss, make me cum Daddy, uuuuuummmmmmm.”

His lips replace his teeth on my clit and he sucks me hard. My knees quiver as release floods me.


Bucking my hips frantically as my knees tremble beneath me and I push myself hard against his face.

“UUUUUUUMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm,” I pant dropping my head to the bed again.

Releasing my tender and sensitive clit from his lips and sliding his fingers from my pussy I sigh deeply. My eyes closed I am lost to the world around me as I hear him walking about the room. A part of me wanting to sit up and talk to him, to beg him again for his forgiveness for my earlier transgressions but weakness settles over me and I cannot move. Slowly I drift into a light slumber but am awakened again only moments later when I feel the silk ties being pulled from one wrist and then the other. Total freedom. I can move, I can turn over, I can get up and walk out of the room and yet I cannot move a muscle. The light slumber settles over me once again and again I am awoken only moments later by the feeling of a soft wet and warm cloth running lightly over my pussy and up over my tender puckered ass. Still I cannot move nor do I want to. My eyes flutter closed again as I feel his weight shifting on the bed and his hand hooking under my armpits to pull me up the bed and to him. Only now do I find the strength to curl against Daddy and rest my head on his chest.

“Never forget tonight Angel,” he whispers as he kisses my forehead.

Shaking my head, unable to find my voice.

“And never underestimate your Daddy,” he says softly as his strong arms curl around me and he pulls me tightly against him.

“Never,” I sigh as I drift.

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