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My name is Jim. I am 26, 6’0″ 225 lb solid with an 8″ cock if the ladies are curious. I work with an excavation company. My wife, Tisha, is 28 5’6″ 145 lbs with a nice, slightly large but not oversized ass and a set of 38dd tits that are my favorite playthings. We had what I would consider a normal sex life, until that one night…

My wife and I enjoy smoking a little pot and doing some tequila shots while watching our porn on the weekends. We find it tends to loosen us up quite a bit. It also loosens our tongues (in more ways than one). On this particular evening we were watching a porn of a set of twins giving this fella a night to remember. Tish reaches over and rubs my cock as I watch my deepest fantasy unfold on the screen of having a threesome with 2 women at once.

We had discussed having a threesome before and while I had no problem with bringing another man in, and would in fact love to see another man cum all over her face while I fucked her pussy. Tish is a bit insecure and insanely jealous of any woman, and would not be able to handle a 2 woman threesome with me. So I resigned myself to my fantasies on screen while she crawled over and started giving me one of her fantastic blowjobs while the guy onscreen was getting head from both girls at once.

After I came she sits in my lap with her back to me as I rub one breast with my left hand, pinching and pulling on the nipple the way I know she likes, and rubbing her clit with my right index finger. She lets out a moan as I kiss her on the back of her neck. On screen the guy is laying down while one of the twins is straddling his cock and the other his head. As he is eating one girl out and fucking the other they are facing each other kissing and rubbing each others tits. My cock is getting hard again watching this and Tish must feel it.

As I am rubbing her clit she moans again and says, “You would really enjoy that wouldn’t you?” and nods towards the screen.

I reply that it is my greatest fantasy but I know it will never happen and I respect her feelings on the matter. After that she gets kinda quiet, except for the moans and the scream of pleasure as her orgasm rips through her.

One week later…

It is a saturday evening and we just finished smoking some reefer, and did 2 body shots each…so needless to say we are both flying high. My wife puts the tape in the vcr and once the action starts I see this 20 something guy fucking this mature woman in her 40s or early 50s.

My wife cringes and jumps to eject the tape, swearing…”That fucking video store gave us the wrong tape.”

By now we are both in no condition to drive and still horny as hell. Looking at the case we realize someone put the wrong tape in the case.

I look at trish holding the tape and say, “if it doesn’t bother you go ahead and play the tape, I’ll watch anything once.”

She raises one eyebrow at me and places the tape back in the player. We sit back down and watch as the young man removed the older womans bra and her ample tits flop out. They sag a little but suprisingly to me they were not unattractive, just the opposite in fact as my cock started to rise. Tish must have felt it getting hard against her back as she started giggling.

I asked her what was funny and she half turned and looked at me and said, “you are not turned off by this at all?”

I tell her no, and that actually it is kind of kinky and is actually turning me on. By this time the woman is fully undressed and the younger man is licking her shaved pussy.

My wife turns around and pulls my cock out of my shorts and starts licking it and asks me, “would you have sex with me if I was that old?”

I replied, “In a heartbeat.”

She grinned and took my cock into her throat working her muscles until she felt me start to cum, then she pulled out my cock and jacked it off as I came all over her face…god I love when she does that.

Another week later…

Another Saturday evening and here we are again, high as kites and ready to fuck like bunnies and burn off the weeks stress. I am shirtless wearing only my boxers, Tish comes out of the bedroom wearing a black almost transparent robe over a pair of black crotchless panties and a support bra that rides under her breasts creating the most fantastic cleavage I’ve ever seen and leaving her nipples exposed. I got hard instantly and my cock poked up through the hole in my boxers. Tish grinned and leaned over taking the head in her mouth and sucking on it for a few seconds before lotting it pop out of her mouth. Then she pulls something out of her robe, a black silk blindfold. She then winks and tells me she has a new game for us to play and that I was to put on the blindfold.

I do as I’m told and don the blindfold, I then hear her put in a tape. The next thing I hear is the moans of 2 women, I ask her what the point in the tape is if I have to be blindfolded. She tells me it is part of the suprise, that since I have always wanted a threesome with 2 women I was going to get one. The tape was to give the sound of 2 women while she staged having a friend come over and help her give me head. Yes I though it was kind of corny at first too but I played along as she seemed to be very serious about the idea.

Next thing I hear is a knock at our door, I panic a second then hear Tish open the door.

I hear her say, “shhh, don’t say anything. Just come in.”

Then the door closes. I smile thinking to myself she is pulling out all the stops to make this seem real, how sweet. Next she tells me to lean forward and put my hands behind my back, and as soon as I do so she handcuffs me.

She giggles and says, “there, now he is our sex toy.”

Next I feel her hands grab my boxers and pull, I lift my ass and she takes them all the way off. Then she spreads my legs and starts sucking my cock. I feel her tongue swirling around the head like she always does, then she licks down the underside of my shaft and sucks first 1 nut, then the other. Then she tells me her “friend” is gonna finish my blowjob while she watches and I am to blow my load in her mouth. Then she gets up and walks off…then walks back over and I feel her kneeling between my legs again.

She takes my cock in her hand and rubs it on her face a few times, then takes it in her mouth lightly raking her teeth along the shaft. That was different. She continues sucking my cock, obviously trying to alter her technique to keep up the illusion that someone else is giving me head. It was kinda funny because she has had such a set way of sucking my cock for so many years that in trying to do it differently she didn’t know what to do. Finally she takes my cock in her mouth and starts moaning, and THAT was feeling very good.

I started moaning myself and groaned out, “Oh Tish that feels so good.”

Then she stops moaning and starts giggling and I hear her say, “that isn’t Tish..”.except her voice was coming from behind the chair I was sitting on!

What the fuck I think. Then the Tish from behind me, my Tish, says, “Are you ready for your suprise?”

I say hell yes as I realized that there really was another woman in the room and I would have my own night to remember. Tish says to let her know as I’m going to cum and she’ll remove the blindfold. Well the thought of that got me pumping my hips and the new mystery woman sucking my cock started moaning again. As I could feel my orgasm building I started thinking of who it could be. There was only 1 woman I knew of that my wife would possibly trust to fuck me, her bi friend jane, who was quite a nice looking piece of ass and had a rep for being willing to do anything in bed.

As this thought goes through my head I feel the point of no return and say “Oh god I’m gonna cum.”

I feel the blindfold slip from my eyes and just as I shoot my first blast I got a look at not the wavy blond hair of Jane, but the short curly black and grey hair of…..Anne, Tish’s 54 year old mother! And a second jet of cum rockets out of my cock and Anne struggles to swallow it down, then a third blast which she cannot take and leaks out the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Then the fourth and final blast as she pulls my cock out of her mouth goes across her cheek. She looks up at me and smiles, sticking out her tongue and licking the cum still leaking out of my cock, which was probably the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my life up to that point.

She asks me, “Did you like your blowjob? It was my first.”

My mouth is hanging open and I look over at Tish. She is apprensively looking at me, waiting to see what I thought about her little trick.

As I open my mouth to say something she interrupts me and says, “I wanted to give you what you want, but was afraid if you had sex with another woman you would leave me for her. That is why I’m so jealous it is my fear of you leaving me for someone else. When we watched that movie last week and you got horny watching the older women I figured it out, the 1 woman I would have no fear of you leaving me for, that I trust totally, and that I know would turn you on since you are such a boob man. Please don’t be mad.”

And she was right, I am a boob man, and have been wanting to suck on Anne’s 38DDD tits since I first met Trish when we were in high school.

I decided to play my own trick and sternly said, “uncuff me.”

She did and I reached back and put my hand behind Trishes head, grabbed a handful of hair (she likes this rough play) and pulled her face down to mine.

I said, “This is the best gift you could ever give me.”

Then I looked at Anne on her knees between my legs with my cum all over her face.

I told her, “Anne, for your first time that was one of the sexiest blowjobs I have ever gotten. I loved it.”

Then I pulled Tish’s face into mine and gave her a hot wet kiss.

After the kiss Tish looks over at Anne and says, “Why mum, you have cum all over your face. We need to clean you up.”

Then my wife gets on her knees beside me, leans over, and starts licking my cum from her mothers face. I was floored and what happened next left me speechless.

After all the cum was licked up by Tish Anne says, “I saved some for you just as you asked.” and stuck out her tongue.

She cupped her tongue at the end and there was a little puddle of my cum in it. Tish promptly leaned over and sucked her mothers tongue into her mouth, and they started kissing. I had a feeling my suprise just got a whole lot more interesting. That’s when I look up at the tv screen and see my wifes face buried in Anne’s pussy. Then the tape stops and I look over to see Anne fondling Trish’s tits and pinching her nipples.

Trish is holding the VCR remote in her hand and says “We can watch more of that later, right now I want you to eat moms pussy since she gave you such a good blowjob.”

I smile and look over at Anne and she is licking her lips.

I ask her, “What made you decide to go through with this?”

She smiles at me and says, “I have wanted to fuck you since the day Tish brought you home.”

I told her, “But we didn’t fuck. I want to know why after 54 years of never giving head you decide to suck your daughters husbands cock and swallow his cum?”

She grins and says, “I love it when you talk dirty. Actually, I always thought it would be nasty and had this fear a man would urinate in my mouth. But Tish convinced me if I watched her do it first I’d be ok, and I was.”

I looked at her and said, “Are you ready to have your pussy eaten by me? I see my wife has already eaten her mothers pussy before, now it’s my turn…lay down on the couch slut.”

Anne smiles and saunters over to the couch. She is still wearing her street clothes which consist of sweats and whatever else is underneath, and I get an idea.

“Hold on a sec, I know just how I want to do this,” I said.

I get up and go over and sit on the couch. I motion Anne to come over and sit on my lap facing me.

She does and Trish says, “no no Jim, you are to eat her pussy, not fuck her.”

I reply that I understand and am just having a little fun first.

I never fully described Anne. She is 54, 5’8″ with short curly grey/black hair. About 150 lbs with an ass almost identical to Trishes (like mother like daughter) and those fantastic 38DDD tits which I have yet to free from their confinement. One thing different is Anne has an excellent set of legs. She does a lot of yardwork and the constant squatting in her vegetable and flower gardens has kept her legs tone and fit, tanned and sexy.

With anne on my lap, my cock folded up between our bellies, I reached behind her and slid my hands under her sweatpants and panties to knead her ass. I looked up at her and winked. She leaned in and I got my first open mouthed kiss from my mother-in-law. We must’ve swapped spit for 5 minutes. In that time I pulled my hands forward under her sweater and cupped her tits in my hands through her bra. She reached in to undo the clasp in front and I grabbed her hand stopping her. She gave me a quizzical look and I told her that i wanted to wait on that, the anticipation will keep me fucking for hours. She smiled and said ok.

I told her to stand up on the couch with a foot on either side of me. When she was standing I grabbed the top of her pants and pulled them down slowly exposing a very sexy light blue pair of panties. After she stepped out of her pants I buried my face in her crotch, which appeared to be shaven just like Trish’s pussy. I did not know what to expect but the smell of a 54 year old pussy is not bad in the least. She leaned forward into my face bracing her knees into the back of the couch. I pulled her panty front to one side and snaked my tongue into her hot hole, and she was dripping. After a few minutes of this I had to dive into her pussy and started tp pull down her panties. She stopped me, reached to her hips and with a deft flick of each hand clips on each side of her panties let go and they came apart falling into my lap. She leaned forward again and ground her pussy into my face as I held her ass in both hands and swirled my tongue around her clit, gently flicking it and sucking it into my mouth.

As I’m doing this I feel a set of hands pull my legs wide open then Tish swallows my cock, givng me a mini blowjob but not enough to make me cum.

I feel my cock pop out of Tish’s mouth and feel her stand up. I look up and see her hands come alongside her mum and then slide up her belly and cup her huge tits. Anne moans and I hear Tish asking her if she likes having a young tongue licking her old pussy, then asking her if she’d like a big hard young cock fucking her. As she says this I stick 1 finger into what has to be one of the tightest pussies I have ever fingered. As I pass the second knuckle I feel Anne start shuddering as her first orgasm of the night rips through her. Her legs start to buckle and she slowly slides down dragging her pussy down my face and chest. Once she is back on my lap she falls forward putting her head on my shoulder and starts gently weeping.

She whispers, “Thank you so much. I haven’t had a man do that in years. Tish’s father hasn’t had any interest in sex for years.”

I ask Anne, “On that tape, I saw what looked like Tish licking your pussy.”

She said, “Yes that has been our secret for a few months now. Tish walked in on me while I was masturbating myself and crying because I felt so alone and figured I’d be alone for the rest of my life in the sex department. We got to talking, one thing led to another and we wound up becoming lovers. Which isn’t a bad thing since we do love each other greatly and what better way to show it then to bring each other pleasure?”

“So you are both bisexual then?” I ask.

Tish replies “No, I would never eat any other womans pussy but my mothers, and she mine. We are not sexually attracted to women, we just take care of each others needs. Obviously I do not need her to lick my pussy, I have you. But there is nothing closer or more special than having your mom eat your pussy. I just lived in constant fear of you finding out and thinking we were sicko perverts and never wanting to see us again”

Then Tish comes over and we all 3 have a hug sandwich with her mum in the middle. Tear are streaming down both womens cheeks, tears of joy that this secret they have been carrying is finally out.

Finally Anne speaks, “Tish hun, I have something poking me in the tummy, I think I should take care of it.”

Tish giggles and backs away as Anne leans back and gives my cock a squeeze.

“Would you like to jam this in my pussy?” Anne asks.

“Oh hell yes” I reply.

“Just go slow,” she replies, “I havent had anything bigger than Tish’s finger up my twat in over 5 years so it will be a little tight.”

She leans up and Tish reaches between her legs and grabs my cock, aiming it for her mothers tight pussy. Anne slowly lowers herself down until the head is nestled between her pussy lips. The feeling is like a charge of electricity flowing between us and I am grateful I had already cum once or I woulda blown my load right there.

She starts to slowly move up and down while wiggling her ass with Trish in the background coaching her

“That’s it mum, it’s a bit bigger than my finger, but once the head is in you are fine as it is the widest part. Wiggle a bit more it’s almost in,” Trish says.

Then with an almost audible pop and a gasp from Anne my cock head slips in.

“Way to go mom!,” Tish shouts. “Now just slowly sink down all the way and let it stretch you.”

Then Anne slowly sucks in air as whe slides all the way down my cock until her ass is touching my balls.

“Are you ok Anne?” I ask.

“Yes,” she replies, “Just need to sit here for a bit. Not used to having a cock up my pussy I forgot how good it feels. And hun, could you do something for me?”

I reply, “Of course.”

Then she says, “Call me mum like Tish does. We are a family and I want to feel just as special with you as I do with her.”

Ok that was unexpected, and at first it felt a little odd but I replied, “Yes mum.”

“That’s a good boy,” she said, “Now while mommies pussy stretches to accomodate your hard cock, is there anything you would like?”

Then she thrusts her chest out and winks. I love breasts. I can masturbate at just the sight of a nice set of hooters. I love sucking on them, and cumming on them. Size does matter and anything under a large C doesn’t hold my interest. I had been trying to get a glimpse of these DDDs for years, and finally get my chance.

I grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it over her head. She was wearing a light blue bra to match her panties. It was low cut in the front exposing a mile of cleavage. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her exposed cleavage to the top and back down again. Her nipples were rock hard I could feel them poking my palms through the bra material. I reached up and grabbed the clasp in the front and popped it open and Anne’s breasts spilled out in all their glory. Her aereolas were huge, easily the size of a silver dollar. And her nipples were about 1/2 inch long and poking straight out. I reached out and held a breats in each hand as she shrugged out of the bra.

She says, “So do you like them? I know they aren’t as perky as Tishies boobs anymore.”

I looked up at her face and saw my wife peeking over Anne’s shoulder at me smiling.

“they’re perfect” I said “I know where Tish gets her great tits from.”

Anne says, “well I’m glad you like them, how about you suck on them while I ride that fat cock of yours?”

Anne starts sliding up and down my cock, little strokes at first. Then as she starts to get more confident it isn’t going to hurt she starts pulling all the way up and slamming down on my cock. I am holding her tits and alternatly sucking on each nipple for all I’m worth. Anne puts a hand on the back of the couch by my shoulders and throws her head back. I let go of one of her tits to reach down and massage her clit and I find Tish’s hand already there.

“Work on her tits hun,” she tells me, “her nipples are far more sensitive than mine, you can almost make her cum just by sucking on them.”

So, I’m sitting on my living room couch naked. My mother-in-law is on my lap, also naked, riding my cock. And my wife is behide her mother, reaching around her waist and fingering her clit while her other hand is feeding me her moms left breast. It was a surreal scene to be sure, and I was loving every minute of it. I could feel the sensation in my balls telling me I’ll be cumming soon.

“Oh Anne..” I say.

She interrupts me between gasps and moans, “Jim honey, remember call me mum.”

Oops, I forgot.

“Oh mum, I’m gonna cum.,” I moan.

“yes honey, me too, I missed fucking a hard cock. Slam it in me,” she says.

“Ooooh mum, I’m almost there.” I groan.

Then Trish chimes in, “Yeah baby fuck her pussy good so I can lick both your cum from your cock and her pussy.”

Then I say, “Yes mum I’m cumming, oh god I’m shooting my cum up my mums pussy.”

Anne shouts, “Yes Jim honey cum in mommies pussy, oooh I can feel your slippery cum in me, oh, oh, oh, oh, YES!”

Her body vibrates as my cock spurts it’s final gasp inside her and her daughter is rubbing her clit. Once Anne’s orgasm subsides she collapses against me again holding me tight and thanking me for a fantastic orgasm.

“One of many I hope,” I say.

“You bet your ass.,” Tish responds, “You now have 2 perpetually horny women to satisfy, think you’ll make it?” she grins evilly.

Hmm, maybe this blessing is actually a curse. I look into Anne…..Mums eyes and she smiles a smile that could melt your heart and I think “Naaa, no curse here, just good lovin”

I am sitting on my couch. I had just had my cock ridden my my sexy mother in law, Anne, shooting my cum deep inside her. Meanwhile my wife, Tish, was fingering Annes clit bringing her to a second orgasm of the night.

So now Anne is sitting on my lap with an ear to ear grin as my cock slowly delfates inside her. Tish has released her mums tit and is on her knees licking the mixture of cum off my balls.

Anne leans down and gives me a kiss and says, “I hope you are not done for the night.”

I smile and tell her no way, I just need a small breather and my johnson will be back and ready for action. She slowly raises up off me and stands up, holding her legs together. As soon as she is off my cock Tish dives right on it and starts cleaning the cum and pussy juice off me. Once she is finished she spins around and is now on her knees in front of Anne.

“I’m ready for it mom,” she says.

Then Anne spreads her legs and Tish immediately locks her lips on annes pussy and starts sucking out my cum. Apparently she was dead serious that she wanted to clean my cum from her moms pussy. Next thing Tish stands up and turns around and straddles my lap. My cock has again grown hard but she does not take it up her pussy, it is folded up between us. She then leans down to give me a kiss, and during the kiss I get my first taste of cum, my cum. It wasn’t that bad, salty and mixed with the tangy flavor of Anne’s pussy.

After we break the kiss Tish leans back and looks at me apprehensively and asks, “Was that alright?”

I smile and say, “It was unexpected. But not unpleasent, I’m glad you did it.”

Then Tish hugs me and says, “My turn.”

Tish gets up again and spins around with her back to me and sits on my cock, taking it straight up her pussy in one thrust. This is one of my favorite positions. While Tish is bouncing up and down on my cock I reach around her and massage her breasts, twisting and pulling her nipples. She likes it rough and the harder I twist and pull her nipples, the faster she bounces. She has one hand bracing herself on the back of the couch while the other hand is furiously frigging her clit. I was loving the fucking and after cumming twice already I felt I could last all night. Tish had a series of mini orgasms one after the other, never missing a stroke on my cock. She had watched me cum in her mother twice and tasted my cum both times so she was very worked up and I knew when her big O hit it was gonna be a whopper.

The small shudders subsided and she let go of her clit and leaned back against me and practically purred as I slowly slid my cock deep in her pussy with small strokes never taking out more than an inch at a time. She was liking this and I felt a hand stroke my balls. Tish was holding both her hands over head which pulls up her tits just the way I like, so it wasn’t her. In our fuck frenzy we forgot about Anne. Then I hear tish give out a moan and feel annes tongue on my cock.

“Tish,” I say, “your mom is eating your pussy while I fuck you. Isn’t that the most erotic thing you have ever seen?”

“Oh god.”, She says.

Apparently I was right as I feel her pussy clenching my cock and feel her start a fuck rythm again as her mother gives her pussy a good tongue lashing.

“That’s it Anne, lick her pussy while I slide my hard cock inside her. She is loving this.”, I say.

Tish loves when I talk dirty and starts riding my cock hard. Anne has both hands on Tish’s thighs to hold on to her while she sucks on her clit. Tish starts making small whimpering sounds in her throat then unleases the loudest orgasm scream I have ever heard her make. She is almost shouting fuck, fuck, fuck, over and over again. Her body tenses up one last time then goes limp on my lap and she falls back against me.

I wrap my arms around her and say, “I guess you really liked that huh?”

After a few seconds of no reply I say, “Tish?”

Then I hear Anne say, “Jim she must have passed out. Don’t move her.”

Then Anne starts lightly tapping her on the cheek repeating her name and after about 20 seconds Tish groggily replies.

“Wow, that was the most intense thing I have ever experienced. Thank you both. It was so kinky having mom eat me while you fucked me I tensed up hard on my orgasm and must have passed out, but I’m fine now.”, Tish says.

Then she gets off my lap and sits on one side of me, and her mother sits on the other side. I put my arms around both women and realize what a lucky man I am.

After we sit a few minutes and catch our breath Tish gets up.

“I need a shower.”, she says.

Tish heads back the hall to our bathroom to shower leaving me alone with Anne. She cuddles into me and starts rubbing my chest playing with my chesthair.

“mmm, I love a fuzzy chest.”, she says. “I can’t believe what I did tonight, I am normally very sexually reserved.”

“It kinda took me by suprise too. I never imagined that you and Tish….”, I start.

“Make love?”, she finishes. “Yes that suprised me too the first time it happened. But it felt so good. And regardless of what she says, we are bi. I love Tish dearly but I can guarantee you that given the opportunity we would both go down on another woman. It just happened we were each others firsts and that made our mother daughter bond stronger.”

“Well, maybe we can arrange something for you and Tish. Kinda like what she did for me tonight, but instead you and I will plan it out and Tish will be our victim hehe.”, I say.

“Sounds like fun.”, Anne replies.

All while we’re talking Anne is massaging my cock and I am fondling her huge tits. My cock is starting to come to life again and I am pulling and pinching her nipples. We look into each others eyes and she leans into me and touches her lips to mine. We start kissing and her tongue invades my mouth. I slide my hand down her tummy to her muff and we hear Tish shout from the hall.

“Next!”, She yells.

Anne giggles and looks at me.

“Coitus interruptus, you go ahead.”, I say.

Anne gets up and goes into the bathroom. I hear the shower start and Tish walks down the hall and looks at me. Her hair is damp and plastered to her head and she looks sexy as hell.

“What the fuck are you waiting for?”, she says. “Go get in the shower with her. She has never had sex in the shower and now is the perfect time to do it, go go go.”

So I get up and go into the bathroom.

“Hi Anne, Sorry for the intrusion but I really gotta pee.”, I say.

“It’s no intrusion hun, you have eaten my pussy so walking in the bathroom while I’m showering is no intrusion.” she laughs.

I empty my bladder then pull the curtain aside and step into the shower with Anne.

“Would you consider this an intrusion?” I ask.

“I would consider this an offer to have your dick in my pussy again.”, she replies.

I grab the bar of soap from her and tell her to turn around. I begin soaping up her back, Starting at her neck and giving her a short massage as I work my way down. I get to her ass and massage and knead it.

“Do you think my ass is too big?”, she asks.

“No way.”, I reply. “It looks just right for fucking. Have you ever had a cock up your ass?”

“I told you I was very reserved in the sex department, my ass is virgin. Maybe you’ll get to take the cherry tonight if you aren’t too worn out.”, She says.

I grin and think to myself maybe I may wanna hold off on that until tomorrow when I’ll have more ram in the rod.

So I continue soaping her up. I drop to my knees and start to soap up her fantastic legs. I run my hands up and down them. Very tone and nicely tanned. I make my way back up and reach around her and soap up her pussy.

“I love a shaved pussy.”, I say.

“I know,” she replies, “Tish and I started shaving each others pussies back whenever we started our new relationship. A smooth pussy feels fantastic on the face.”

I slide my finger between her pussy lips and flick her clit a few times. She moans and leans back against me. I take my other hand and start soaping up her tits. Playing with them while I rub her clit. I release her breast and grab my cock and bend it down so it is between her legs rubbing her pussy. I resume stimulating her nipple while fingering her clit. I bend my head down and start kissing her neck. BAM! An orgasm wracks her, her knees start to buckle and I hold her up.

“You found one of my major erogenous zones. Kissing or licking me on the back of my neck drives me crazy.”, she says.

I whisper in her ear, “That’s good to know.” and give her nipple a twist.

“So are you gonna fuck me in here?”, she asks.

“I was planning on it.”, I reply.

I rinse the soap off of us so we are not slippery and turn her to face me.

“OK Anne,” I say, “What you need to do is pretend I’m gonna give you a piggy back ride. Except I’ll be facing you. I’ll lift your ass up and you wrap those gorgeous legs around my waist and my cock should go right into your pussy.”

I reach around and grab her ass as she hops up. I hold her ass and slowly lower her impaling her on my rigid cock.

“Oh my god I can’t believe how deep you are in me.”, she says.

I take a step forward and lean her against the shower wall. She gasps as her back touches the cold tiles.

“Are you OK Anne?”, I ask.

“Fuck me.”, was her reply.

I start to slowly piston my cock in her, enjoying the feel of her slick pussy. With each thrust I can feel the head bottoming out in her. She is moaning and running her fingers through my hair, her head thrown back.

I can feel her rock hard nipples pressing into my chest and look down to she her tits mashed against me. I lean my head down and start licking her cleavage. I slowly lick from boittom to top then back again. I do this a few times and get an idea. I keep licking up past her cleavage along her collar bone and up her neck. I can tell this is having an effect because she grabs my hair tightly in her fists and pulls my head into her neck.

I start kissing her neck up to her ear. I lick and nibble her earlobe and she starts squirming. Then she turns her head and I start kissing as far back as I can get and find another sweet spot.

As soon as I get to the spot right behind her ear she starts moaning loudly.

“Oh yeah, Fuck me baby.”, she says. “I want you to shoot your hot cum deep in me.”

I start sliding my cock in with more urgency as I feel yet another load of cum move up my shaft to explode deep in my wifes mothers hot cunt.

“Oh fuck mum, here it comes.”, I say. I remembered the mum part.

“Yes honey, shoot your cum deep in mommies cunt.”, she says.

She pulls my head back to her cleavage and tries to get me to suck on her nipple but it is too low. She lets go of my head and grabs her right tit and pulls it up between us and sticks out her tongue licking the nipple. So I stick out my tongue and lick her nipple at the same time. I thrust in deep and my cum starts to spurt in her. I grunt as each shot goes in and she is stroking my head and telling me what a good boy I am.

I help her back to the shower floor and we finish cleaning up. As we are washing I talk to her.

“Anne, can I ask you something?”, I say.

“Of course.”, she replies.

“Well,” I say, “with you insisting I call you mum, and your responses seem to make me think maybe you wish I was Rob.”

Rob is my wifes older brother.

She looks down embarrassed and says, “I guess I didn’t hide that well did I? Ever since Tish and I started and I found out how wonderful family sex is I have been fantasizing and dreaming about Rob. I guess I kinda used you for that and I am sorry.”, as a tear slips down her cheek.

I put a hand under her chin and lift her head up and look into her eyes and say, “Hun, you keep fucking me the way you do and you can use me for a french maid.”

This gets a smile out of her and I continue.

“Have you tried putting a move on Rob? You know most boys first sexual fantasy is their mother? Mine was.”, I say.

She sniffs and says, “Maybe, but in this case I doubt it. Rob is gay.”

Well ya learn something new every day.

“Ok, this water is getting cold.”, I say. “Lets dry off and head to the bedroom before Tish sends search and rescue for us.”

Anne smiles and gives me a hug and big kiss pressing those fantastic melons into my chest again. I’m such a horndog.

“I would be honored to have a son as sweet as you.”, she says.

And we head to bed.

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