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Sandy Sevo has been a widowed single mom for four years. She missed her husband. He was a good partner and decent man. Sandy loved him even though there were missing pieces to the marriage. Paul was not a warm person. Sexually, he was conservative while Sandy was several clicks off center. She knew she had a kinky side that sometimes surprised her and that Paul wouldn’t understand. She kept her desires limited to her secret fantasies.

Her son Tim was in his senior year at Carlsbad High School. He was the love of her life. Over the past four years she leaned, and depended on him. For his age Tim was very in touch with the people around him. It was like he knows how you feel and what you need to hear. This was truer with his mother than anyone else. Saturday was his 18th birthday and his life would change forever.

Sandy was making breakfast when Tim entered the kitchen.

‘Something smells great!’

‘Have a seat.’

‘Tomorrow’s your birthday. If you don’t have any plans I’ll take you to Tijuana for some beers and dinner.’

It didn’t matter if he had plans or not, he would rather be with his mother. Tim loved her. He also lusted for her. It start sometime in the last two years but he could tell you exactly when. Suddenly, he began to notice her slim tall body. He began to notice how she dressed, tight jeans, and shorts, short skirts, tight tops. She loved to show off her body. Her chestnut hair fell just over her shoulders above her always perky 34B breasts. She was the object of all his sexual fantasies.

‘Tijuana sounds great.’

Tim finished breakfast, hugged and kissed his mother and left for school.

Sandy didn’t work on Fridays. After cleaning up she went to her bedroom laid in bed and began to fantasies. Her one hand went inside her thigh as she spread her legs. The other was already holding her always erect nipple, gently pinching making it harder and more elongated. Her hand found her clit as her fantasy started to take form. She was in a room on her knees sucking a man’s cock. She knew she had to and wanted to perform for him. She sucked harder and deeper as her finger started to rub her clit faster. She felt him tighten up, his head swelled in her mouth and his salty warm taste filled her mouth. Sandy pushed two fingers into her pussy as she visualized swallowing the mouthful of cum she had sucked out of this man’s cock. She is on the verge of an explosive orgasm as the man with no face walks away. She is suddenly in another room with another faceless man standing in front or her. Spitting on his cock she take him deep into her mouth. Fingers pumping her pussy as she has him quickly shoot a large load of cum for her to eat. He steps away, another room and a third man offers her his cock to suck. Her pussy explodes in orgasm. Her body convulsing as her orgasm send shivers through her. Squeezing her breast she removes her fingers and finds her clit rubbing softly as her orgasm slowly subsides.

That night Susan and Tim plan the night in Tijuana.

They left for Tijuana in the early afternoon as planned. Sandy drove giving Tim the opportunity to catch glimpses of how her nipples pushed the material of the black form fitting nylon top. And her long bare leg as her short skirt rode up as she drove. This did not go unnoticed. Sandy didn’t mention knowing her son was checking her out. She knew it had been going on for quite some time. At first she just let it go then she started to enjoyed the attention. She knew most mothers would object and put an end to it but her kinky side didn’t want it to stop. Her nipples grew harder and she tingled between her legs as she drove on.

As always their conversation was free and easy. Even the time of silences spoke volumes about their relationship. Once in Tijuana they window shopped the local stores and malls. Sandy bought Tim some shirts and shorts for his birthday. Later they went to a local restaurant they both liked. Tim was allowed to have a few beers and they both toasted his birthday with a shot of tequila.

As they left for home Sandy rolled through a yellow light which was followed by a siren and flashing police lights. Sandy pull over.

‘Let me handle this. Just answer any questions politely and don’t do anything to annoy them.’

They checked her license and registration. Sandy was ask to step out of the car. As one officer was asking her if the usual question about, where she was going, what she was doing in Tijuana, had she been drinking, while the other officer was looking through her purse. The officer approached them with her pillbox in hand. Sandy tried to explain that they were over the counter medication, to no avail. Both her and Tim were taken to the station house till someone could verify the contents.

Sandy looked at Tim while in the back of the patrol car.

‘This is all going to be alright. Just remember to do what they say and don’t give them a hard time. I’ll handle it.’ Tim nodded.

Tim was brought into a room that was sound proof with a two way mirror that looked into an interrogation room. Within a few minutes two officers and his mother entered the room. His mother sat at one end of the table turned sideways to the mirror as the other officers sat opposite her. Neither were the officers that took them in. The one sitting at the table was obviously in charge. Tim couldn’t hear what they were saying.

‘Well, Ms. Sevo we found the pill to be nothing more the allergy medicine. But when we looked in your bag some more we found these.’ He tossed two small baggies containing white power on the table.’

Sandy’s eye grew wide as she looked at the baggies and then at the officer. ‘Those are not mine. You couldn’t have found them in my bag!’

‘Well we say we did! We are the Tijuana police and we say we did.’

Sandy sat back in her seat trying to understand what was happening.

‘Now Ms. Sevo, do you have anything to show us that might help us change our mind?’

‘Show you, what can I have to show you?’ Sandy wanted this to end but didn’t know what she could do.

‘You are a very beautiful woman Ms. Sevo, very beautiful. Now, isn’t there something you can show us? His eyes moved to her protruding nipples.

As she start to process what was said it became crystal clear what was expected. She was in a room with two strange men and they wanted her naked. She felt her pussy moisten. Did they know that this would be something she would do willingly in her fantasies? It didn’t matter. Her pussy was now wet and she decided to have as good a time as them.

Tim continued to watch through the mirror. He saw one officer throw something on the table to his mother’s surprise. Then just conversation as far as he could tell. Suddenly his mother stood up stepping away from the table facing the officers and mirror. She started to remove her clothes. Tim froze. These bastards were making his mother undress for them. His anger grew but there was nothing he could do. He watched as his mother slowly removed her top. Turning away from view as her breast were bared. Then turning back with her hands over her breasts looking almost wanton. Slowly, she removed her hands exposing herself to the men waiting to see her. She pinched her nipples before reaching for her skirts zipper. Pulling it down she let it fall to the floor. She kicked that skirt aside, and stood in her black thong, leg set apart and her hands on her hips for everyone to ogle her. She again turned as she bent over removing her thong. Clasping her crotch with both her hand she again faced her audience. She slowly moved her hands to her thighs exposing herself totally. She hope no one would notice how wet her pussy had become.

Tim stood with his mouth opened. His mother wasn’t taking her clothes off as if forced. She was enjoying it. Putting on a show. His anger turned to lust. He started not to notice the two men in the room as his focus on his mothers performance and body intensified. His cock was so hard he wished he could masturbate right then and there.

Sandy stood naked as she slowly rubbed her body. ‘Well have you changed your mind?’

‘Ms. Sevo, you have a very strong argument but I’m not totally convinced. I believe you need to present a little more evidence on your behalf.’

‘Officer there isn’t anything else to show you that you haven’t already seen.’

The officer stood up directly in front of Sandy. In a calm voice. Almost a whisper, ‘Get on your knees and show us something.’

Juices from Sandy’s pussy started to leak down her leg. She went to her knees without hesitation. Reaching out she undid his zipper and belt pulling his pants to his knees. His cock was brown and erect. She grabbed it pulling him to her as she began to lick his head and shaft while continuing to jerk it off. When it was wet enough Sandy took the head and half his shaft in her mouth as her hand worked furiously. Finally releasing his cock her mouth slid down the shaft till she could take no more. She continued to fuck her mouth with his cock until she felt it swell up. She prepared herself as she felt his eruption coming. She had to swallow as he quickly filled her mouth with cum. Slowly Sandy continued to milk his cock with her mouth after she swallowed for the third time.

Sandy finally looked up to see his smiling face. He padded her on the check and pulled up his pants. He stepped aside to reveal the other officer walking towards her, pant off, cock erect. She eagerly took his cock into her mouth. He pussy ached for her touch but she dare not.

Tim watch as his mother went to her knees and sucked this man’s cock without question. Maybe he should have been appalled or angry by her actions. He wasn’t. He had fantasized about her with his cock in her mouth as he would masturbate. He wished it was his cock in her mouth now. But it wasn’t. Yet it was a sight he would not forget. A sight he would use whenever he masturbated. The door to the room opened as he watched his mother eagerly pump her mouth on the second man’s cock. The first office entered.

‘Quite a show going on isn’t it?’ Tim didn’t reply.

‘Some sons would be angry but you don’t look angry.’ Nodding towards the bulge in Tim’s pants, ‘You look to be enjoying the show.’ Tim stood silent as the office stood behind him.

‘It is OK. I lusted for my mother when I was young. She was beautiful. But, not as beautiful and sexual as your mother. It would be hard for me to understand how you could not lust for her. My officers know to look out for mothers and sons visiting our fair city. They know to bring them to me.’

Tim looked over his shoulder to look the officer in the eye.

‘You wish it was your cock she was sucking don’t you?’ Tim nodded.

‘You just don’t know how that could ever happen. Well I can make that happen. I want to make that happen for you. In the end…well you will have your fantasy fulfilled and I will be the horrible officer from Tijuana or the one that opened the door for you after you leave. Do you want my help?’

Tim nodded, he could not think of anything but his mother lust and the opportunity for the future.

Sandy could not finish the second man as quickly as in her fantasies. Still the longer she sucked and licked his cock the more her pussy swelled and leaked. When the door to the room opened and closed the officer took his cock in hand and jerked it off quickly cumming in her mouth. She again milked his cock dry as she did the first officer. Her head was spinning. She wanted to touch herself so badly. She felt if she didn’t cum she would pass out.

The officer moved aside and another cock was in her face. Again she quickly put it in her mouth bobbing up and down taking more down her throat each time. It was about six and a half inches and as thick as her wrist. As she took it out to lick the head she noticed this cock was not brown, but white and pink. With the head in her mouth she looked up to see her son’s face. She froze holding his cock with one hand and the head in her mouth. His hands were cuffed behind his back and his faced looked at her pleading. Time stood still while she tried to think over her lustful state and her son’s cock. This was beyond her fantasies. But for some reason not beyond her kinky nature or the pleasure she got from her sons ogling. She started to move her mouth up and down Tim’s cock picking up the speed each time. She sucked his cock with more wanton lust then the first two, caressing his balls, lick the shaft and head, rubbing it on her face as she move up and down it. As she took him deep into her throat her body started to shake, she became light headed. She was sucking her son’s cock while two men watched. Suddenly the shaking became uncontrollable. The orgasm was so intense her body went from shaking to small convulsions as the first lode of cum filled her mouth. Her orgasm continued each time her son refilled her mouth with his cum. Sandy continued to suck her son’s cock even after he stopped cumming. Finally, the officer pulled her away and Tim was removed.

‘Well, Ms. Sevo you are very convincing and are free to go. You can dress and freshen up in the bathroom right in the hallway. Your car is in front of the station. I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to Tijuana. I believe you have.’ He turned and left.

Sandy took some time to recover. Her mind was reenacting what happened. She pushed those thoughts out of her head. She wanted, needed to get pulled together and get out as quickly as possible.

Tim and the officer stood by the entrance of the police station. The office was talking and Tim simply nodded indicating he understood what was being said. Finally, the conversation ended. Tim shook the officers hand. He remained by the door as the officer left.

Sandy appeared looking a little disheveled and unnerved. She walked quickly towards Tim as he held up the keys to the car. Putting his arm around her, he led her to the passenger door. ‘I’ll drive.’

Once inside the car he leaned over tightly hugging his mother. ‘I love you mom. I always will no matter what. Now let me take care of you.’

Sandy’s eyes welled up as she started to cry. She hugged him back. ‘Oh Tim I love you so much.’ He held her embrace as he looked back at the police station. The officer stood watching and smiling. He gave a knowing wavy and disappeared into the police station.

Tim drove home holding his mother’s hand as she fell asleep.

When home he carried her to bed, undressed her and put her in a pair of PJ’s. He tucked her in and laid beside her until she was once again sound asleep.

Sandy woke the next morning disoriented. Having her son carry her to bed and care for her till she fell into a deep sleep seemed like a dream. Yet there she was safe and comfortable in the PJs he changed her into. The earlier part of the night in Tijuana was a vivid memory. Stripping naked for the police officers. Sucking their cocks and swallowing their cum. Then blowing her own son. Being brought to an orgasm simply by the taste of his cum in her mouth.

Going over the events started to excite her. The part with her son frighten her until she start to remember the rest of the evening. Dressing and washing up. Her son’s loving arm gently around her shoulders as if protecting her as he led her from the police station to the car. His hugs and tenderness as he told her, ‘I love you mom. I always will no matter what. Now let me take care of you.’. She was no longer frighten but felt warm and safe. Her arousal returned as she remembered his cock softening in her mouth and she having to be pulled away. She didn’t know what would happen next. She did know she had to stop thinking about last night or she would soon have her hands between her legs.

Sandy showered and dressed in shorts and a tee shirt. She went to the kitchen to find her son Tim making breakfast.

‘Morning sleepy head! I’m making pancakes and bacon. Do you want some coffee?’

‘Coffee please. Pancakes and bacon sounds good.’

Tim filled a mug and served it just as she liked it, dark and sweet. They were silent as Tim finished cooking and served. Once seated they both attacked their food as if they hadn’t eaten in a week. When they started to get their fill Sandy looked up from her plate.

‘Tim, we should talk about last night. I…’

Tim cut her off. ‘Yes but not now. Let’s have a nice breakfast. Then we can plant the flowers you bought and straighten the yard like you planned to do. Finish up. I’ll meet you outside after I clean up.’

Sandy agreed. When outside she couldn’t help thinking how mature and loving Tim was acting. It warmed her inside.

Tim cleaned up quickly while going over the instruction the Tijuana officer gave him. ‘Don’t speak of what happened right away. Treat it as something not as important as your feelings and relationship with your mother. Make her feel safe, wanted and loved when you are together. When you speak of it tell her how you have always felt. Take the blame on yourself. Your mother is a very sexual woman. Don’t be afraid to tell her your deepest fantasies.’

The rest of the day mother and son spent enjoying each other’s company. That night after showers they ordered take out. Tim opened a bottle of wine for his mom. They sat in the family room eating chatting and drinking. Finally, Sandy again brought up the topic of last night.

‘OK mom but I have to go first. First, I want to tell you how sorry I am about what happened.’

‘OH Tim NO! It wasn’t your fault. I…’

‘Mom I thought I was going first. Mom I love you. I always will. For the longest time I’ve had feeling for you more the just a mother and son. Just being near you makes me happy. Last night I was behind the mirror.’ Sandy gasped, knowing he saw everything.

‘It ok mom. You are so beautiful. I watched dreaming you were undressing just for me. I thought I would explode. Seeing you with those men. Well I know you’ve not been with anyone for some time. At first I was jealous. Then when I realized how much you were enjoying yourself I was happy for you. But I still wanted for it to be me that was making you happy. So when the officer asked if I wanted to go into the room for you to…well you know I said, yes.’

‘Tim I don’t know what to say. I acted like a common slut with strange men and you were happy for me? I could have stopped when I saw it was you but I didn’t want too. I became so excited I couldn’t stop. You…you made me orgasm when you came in my mouth. Then last night and today you made me feel so warm and loved. Tim after all of this I would do anything for you.’ Sandy leaned into her son and kissed him gently on the lips. ‘Anything.’

Tim stood and pulled his mother to her feet. He kissed her passionately for several minutes as she readily accepted his tongue. He slipped her tee shirt over her head and sucked her long hard nipples. Sandy’s head was spinning and her pussy dripping. A day ago things were so normal. Last night she ate the cum of two strange men and her son. And now she was engaged in sexual activity with her son again. To what end she didn’t know but she knew she would go to any end. Tim accepted and even enjoyed what she did last night. Something she wouldn’t even suggest to his father. He loved her and she realized she love him more than a mother. She wanted to please him. She would do anything he wanted.

Tim step back from his mother. ‘Take off the rest of your clothes for me. Like last night except for me.’

Sandy undid the button and zipper for shorts. Pushing them over her hips they fell to the ground. She stepped out of them and kicked them away. She turn her back to her son and bent over as she removed her lace panties. With one arm she covered her breasts and the other hand her crotch. Turning back towards Tim she slowly moved both hands exposing herself for his pleasure.

‘Is this what you’ve been waiting for?’

‘Yes, for the longest time.’ Tim moved her backwards to the couch. Sat her down and lifted and spread her legs as his mouth went to her swollen pussy. Sandy moaned.

Tim tongued his mother’s clit the way he gently kissed her earlier. He kept this up till her juices were flowing. Rubbing her pussy lips he easily inserted two finger. He continues to lick and finger her as she thrust her hips harder and harder into his face and hand. When he thought she was about to explode he stopped. Stood up and dropped his shorts. His cock was hard and erect.

Sandy could understand why he had stopped until she opened her eyes to see him stand naked. ‘Oh my god Tim, oh my god.’

Tim knelt between his mother’s legs and rubbed his cock between her swollen pussy lips. Sandy could hardly catch her breath. He continued to rub his cock between her lips and over her clit wetting it with her flowing juices. He started to rubbed her clit with the head of his cock and would move it down to her opening teasing her but not yet entering. He continued this till his mother was grabbing to pull him into her.

‘Mother I’m going to fuck you. I been dreaming of this for a long time. I’m going to put my cock in you and fuck your pussy till I cum. Do you want your son’s cock inside of you?’

‘Oh please, please, please, please…yes god. Put your cock in me, fuck me, fuck me.’ Sandy wanted his cock in her more the anything. She wanted her son’s cock. Tim worked the large girth of his cock into her pumping her deeper with each stroke till he was into his balls. Sandy never had anything that thick in her before.Holding her legs up and spread he fuck her hard and long.

‘Yes fuck me. Fuck me hard. Oh god fuck your mother’s wet pussy. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…’

Tim reached for her nipples and gently pinched and rolled them between his fingers. Sandy screamed as she had her first of several orgasms. Her pussy clamped down on Tim’s cock. He continued to fuck her holding out as long as possible. He had dreamt of this for a long time. He wanted to make it last.Releasing one leg Tim wet his thumb to rub his mothers clit. Tim wanted to make her cum again and again. Watching her body stiffen and thrash as she reach another orgasm excited him. He knew this was the best affirmation of her commitment to him he could ever have. He could no longer hold out.

‘Oh fuck, I’m going to cum! Fuck! He shot lodes and lodes of cum as his mother hot pussy milked him.

He remained in her recovering. Sandy remained on the couch head back, eyes closed, trying to catch her breath and composure. Eventually Tim pulled his cock from his mothers pussy. Startled, Sandy came back to reality. She leaned forward to give her son a loving kiss. Then left to freshen up.

Tim sat on the couch taking in what just happened when he hear his mother return.

Sandy stood naked in front of her son.

‘Well you’ve certainly ruined me for any other man. So I guess you will have to take care of me for now on. ‘ Sandy straddled her son’s legs sitting on his lap facing him. They kissed passionately.

‘I’ve had lots of kinky fantasies but fucking my son was never one of them. If I had known what it would do to me it would be the only thing I’d fantasize about.’

‘So you’ve had lots of kinky fantasies? I’d like to hear about them.’

‘Would you now! Well I might get embarrassed and you may think I’m…uh…’

‘Mom, I watched you strip naked and blow two strangers. I told you I didn’t care as long as it was what you wanted to do and it made you happy. I want to be the one that makes you happy. I don’t want you to hold in your desires anymore.’

Sandy pulled her son close to her and held him tight. ‘Oh Tim you surely are ruining me. This is happening so fast but it feels so right.’ Sandy pull away and looked him in the eyes.

‘What if some of my fantasies are with other people?’

‘Whatever makes you happy. Besides you’re more than enough women for several men.’

‘OK, then let’s talk and see what comes up!’

Sandy started to grind her pussy on Tim’s hardening cock. She leaned forward and started to whisper into his ear.

Sandy gently woke as the morning light seeped through the window. Next to her was her son Tim, sleeping peacefully. It had been four weeks since the night they started their incestuous relationship. Tim had immediately moved into his mother’s bed as they quickly became lovers. Tim deeply loved and lusted for his mother. Sandy loved Tim equally and satisfied her son’s lust with her kinky wants and desires. Tim’s encouragement for her to fully explore her sexual wants only deepened her love for him.

Sandy quietly slipped under the covers searching for her sons morning erection. She wanted his cock in her mouth, down her throat. She craved for the taste of his cum. Slowly she licked the shaft letting her saliva flow from her lips. Tim began to wake as she took the head of his cock into her mouth. Tim moaned. The last four week were like a dream. His mother had gone well beyond his wildest fantasies. He laid back to enjoy his morning wake up.

Sandy continued to suck and lick his cock sliding it deeper into her mouth with each bob of her head. Despite its girth she was determined to get his entire cock in her mouth. For weeks she was unsuccessful. She created more and more saliva each time she forced his cock deeper into her throat. Each time she release the saliva on to his cock for more lubrication. Sandy opened her throat more than ever before and push her head down hard. The head of he’s cock entered her throat with a pop as her mouth slid down to his ball. Tim arched in pleasure involuntarily forcing his cock in place. Sandy’s eyes bulged and it felt as if all the air in her was being forced out of her pussy. Still she held her position for as long has she had breath. Finally she came up for air and quickly went back down on his cock popping it back down her throat. She didn’t linger but continue to pop it in and out of her throat. It became easier and easier each time her lips touching the bottom of his shaft. Her mouth remained opened as she fucked her throat with this massive cock, harder, faster, and as deep as possible. She was in pure lust fucking her face. Abusing her mouth and throat she reached between her legs bring herself to orgasm, soaking her hand with her juices.

It was like nothing he had ever felt. Nothing his mother had ever done. He was in excruciating pleasure.

I’mmmmmmmm goinggggggg to cummmmmmm!!!!

Sandy was unprepared for the volume and strength of Tim’s orgasm. The first came as his cock was deep in her throat. His cock head swelled forcing his mother throat to stretch further, chocking her. She pull off quickly gagging as his cum flowed out of her mouth. Tim continued to orgasm glazing her face as she recovered. Sandy’s face was washed in her son’s cum. She recovered as his orgasm start to subside. Her mouth found the head of his cock to suck it dry.

Poking her head from under the cover her cum soaked smiling face look at her son. ‘Look what you did to me you dirty boy!.’

Smiling, ‘Me! I was sleeping peacefully. I didn’t do anything.’

As Sandy wiped the cum from her face with her finger and sucked it into her mouth, ‘Well, I guess then I’m a dirty girl. Mmm my morning protein.’ They both laughed as Sandy got out of bed. ‘Why don’t we shower.’

The phone rang as they were cleaning up the breakfast dishes.

‘Hello. Oh hi Laurel!.’ Looking at Tim, ‘It’s your aunt Laurel.’

‘Laurel what’s the matter?’

Laurel was Sandy’s senior by three years. She had married twice and lived with a woman in between. She was the wild child and in many ways the reason Sandy suppressed her kinky wild side that was now exploding to the surface. As Sandy entered high school her sister’s reputation was well established. While she wanted to experience her sister’s life style she didn’t want everyone to think she just followed in her footsteps. Even though her want of that life style was very much part of her personality. Her marriage to a quite, sexually conservative husband kept those desires hidden till just recently.

Sandy and Laurel loved each other. They were close sisters and best friends. When times were bad they were there and hurt for each other. When times were joyful they shared the ecstasy. This conversation was one of the bad times.

After a half hour Sandy finally hung up the phone.

‘What’s up with aunt Laurel?’

‘Wow she is in a bad way! She found out your uncle was having an affair with the minister’s wife. Your aunt not being the religious one and quite the hand full decided to catch them in the act. So she got two of her friends as witnesses and surprise them when they thought she wouldn’t be home for the afternoon. Are you ready for this. When they crashed through the bedroom door there was your uncle with not the minister’s wife, but the minister!’

Tim stared at his mother with his mouth opened. ‘Oh man! What happened.’

‘Well, this spread like wild fire through the congregation and the town. Seems your uncle was indeed fucking the minister’s wife as well. She had no idea he was also doing her husband. Long story short there are two divorces, it’s the conversation of the town, and your uncle and aunt are still in the same house. So, your aunt is coming to stay for a couple of week to get away and let things quite down.’

‘Holy cow! Poor aunt Laurel! When is she coming…two weeks?

Sandy saw the look in Tim’s eyes and knew the concern. ‘I know this will change things around here for awhile. But she is in need of family support. You need to move back into your room. Her and I will sleep in my room. She’s coming tomorrow afternoon so get all your stuff out of the bathroom and closet.’

‘Of course. I understand aunt Laurel needs us and our support. It just took me by surprise.’

Moving close to her son, ‘I love you. Don’t worry I’ll make it up to you.’ She leaned forward and passionately kissed him.

Laurel stepped out of the walkway. She was slightly shorter then her sister and not as slim. Dressed in fashionable fitted jeans, high heels and a V cut cashmere sweater that show off her ample breasts, she was an attention getter.

‘There she is! Laurel over here.’ The sisters embraced happy to see each other.

‘Tim? It’s only two years since I last saw you. God you’ve grown into a man. Give your aunt a hug.’

Tim smiled and hugged his aunt. Her breasts pressing against his chest didn’t go unnoticed. ‘Good to see you aunt Laurel. Sorry about the circumstances.’

‘Yeah me too. But let’s not talk about the bastard or what happened. I’m here to be distracted and get away from all of that for awhile.’

They walked side by side chatting and laughing.

The rest of the day the sisters caught up and reminisced. A bottle of wine made them giddy and added to Tim’s amusement as he came in and out of the room and conversation. At about 11:00 they all decided it was a long day and were ready for bed.

‘Sorry for the accommodations, sis.’

‘Don’t be silly. It will be like old time when were girls. A sleep over is just what I need.

They were getting ready for bed. ‘Sis I have to say I’ve never seen you this happy. It’s almost infectious. What’s happened?’

Sandy felt her stomach tighten up. ‘Gee I guess I’m in a really good place for the first time in my life. Tim and I are close and for now everything is working out for the best. I don’t think I can explain it better than that.’

‘Well I need to pay attention while I’m here to see if I can pick up some tips. I could certainly use whatever it is you have.’

The sisters got under the covers and said ‘good night’ as the lights went out.

Sandy was in that dreamy state between being asleep and awake. The body spooning her made her feel warm and comfortable. Sleepily, ‘Good morning sweetie.’

‘Good morning to you, sweetie!’

Sandy snapped out of her sleep realizing her sister was the warm body not Tim. She turned quickly to face her.

‘Who exactly did you think I was?’

‘Oh geez, I was having such a pleasant dream about someone I don’t even know. I guess having you in bed brought it on. ‘

‘Well I don’t know if I jealous of you having the dream and not me or me holding you in bed and not being your sweetie.’

Sandy thought, ‘Good save.’

Laurel thought, ‘Dream my ass.’

It was Saturday and the three of them sat around the breakfast table planning the day. The girls decided a good prescription for the blues was a day of shopping. Tim was going to do the yard work as promised.

‘Tonight I want to take you two out to dinner.’

‘Laurel that’s not necessary. I can make something.’

‘You can make something tomorrow. Anyway, I want to treat you up front in case you get sick of me. That way you will have to put up with me. So pick some place really nice. I want to get dressed up. Make sure it has dancing.’

‘OK, your wish is our command. Tim will you do the honors while we are out?’

‘Tim your aunt is putting herself in your hands. Do you mind going out with two old ladies?’

Looking very serious, ‘Actually, I do!’

Both Sandy and Laurel stared at Tim not believing his reply. His mother was about to say something when…

‘I’d rather go out with you two hotties!’ A broad smile appeared on his face.

Through the laughter, ‘Why thank you Tim! And, good save. Well Sandy we better be looking hot tonight. I’d hate to disappoint our date.’

Sandy smiled nervously knowing that dressing hot for her son was something she looked forward too. Her reaction was not lost on her sister.

The sisters spent the day shopping and browsing. Their focus on what to wear that evening gave them the most fun. ‘Listen sis you don’t mind that I said we would get dressed in hot outfits for Tim? Some might think it a little odd and well…’

Sandy smiled. ‘No it’s ok. I love getting dressed up. Tim has been encouraging me to let go a little more and do whatever makes me feel good. Anyway since he’s our date let’s really go all out and see just how hot we can look.’

‘Sandy you are a kinky little minks. I’m in. This is actually exciting.’

Sandy told Tim she would make up the two week visit and this could be part of his present. The women went on a shopping mission.

That night Tim sat in the family room watching TV as he waited for his mother and aunt. He didn’t hear them enter until they spoke.

‘Your dates are here. We hope our outfits aren’t too old fashion.’ Laurel said.

Tim turned to the sound of his aunt’s voice. Both women stood in the archway facing him. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open.

His mother was wearing a white off the shoulder thin cotton knit dress. The hem stopped half way up her thigh and was topped off with four inch red patent leather pumps. Everything she was or wasn’t wearing showed off her incredible legs, shape and constantly erect nipples. Aunt Laurel wore a black leather mini skirt, with a red lace top that hugged her ample breasts like a second skin and the same shoes as his mom, but in black. If she was wearing a bra it had to be the sheerest one made as her breasts swayed and bounced with her every move. Both women were made up to perfection topped off with bright red lipstick that matched their outfits.

‘Well sis judging by the look on his face I’d say he approves. Do you approve nephew?’

‘You two look so incredible!!!’

‘Well then turn off the TV and take us out.’

Many heads turned as the two women walked to the table. As they settled in Tim didn’t know how he could get through diner with his ever hardening cock not being noticed. They ordered a bottle of wine and proceeded to enjoy a delightful meal.

Between courses Tim danced with his aunt and mother. Sandy grabbed Tim by the hand and led him back to the dance floor as he returned from his dance with Laurel. Sandy had been keeping a lustful eye on her son all evening. She wondered if she could last the two week visit without being with him. The song ended as they got to the dance floor and a slow one started. Sandy and Tim held each other and moved to the music.

‘Mom you look so incredible. I feel like I’m going to explode if I don’t have you soon.’

‘I know I feel the same way. Having you cock pressing against me now doesn’t help my wet pussy. Be patient. We’ll figure something out.’

The music went on and their bodies pressed closer and closer together. Sandy’s head rested on his shoulder. They danced slowly like two lovers. This was not missed by Laurel. The thought of the possibility of her sister and nephew being physically intimate excited her. She had to know more.

They arrived back home about eleven but decided they didn’t want the night to end. Laurel and Sandy wanted to freshen up. Laurel went up first while Sandy got two more glasses of wine.

As Laurel turned off the light in the bathroom she heard some noise from the back patio. Looking out the window all her suspicions were confirmed. The two forms in the night light held each other in an embrace, kissing passionately. Mother and son embraced as lovers. Laurel couldn’t stop watching as her pussy tingled and moistened.

Sandy entered the bedroom a short time later holding two glasses of wine. She was somewhat flushed but smiling and bubbly. Laurel took the glass handed her as she sat on the edge of the bed and Sandy at the makeup table.

Laurel went right to the heart of the matter. ‘Sis, we’ve never had any secrets from each other and we’ve always wanted each other to be happy.’

‘Well sure, that’s true. Why do you ask?’

‘Well then my question is how long have you and Tim been sleeping with each other?’

Sandy’s felt the blood leave her face as she turned to face her sister. ‘What are you talking about, Tim and me?’

‘Listen I see how you two are together and I saw you and Tim on the back patio. Sis, I not judging you. If this is what is making you so happy, I’m all for it. I just want you to be honest with me.’

‘Oh god Laurel, I didn’t want you to think badly of us. I wouldn’t know how to start to tell you.’

‘Well come sit by me and start by telling me from the beginning.’

Sandy sat next to her sister and told her everything starting with her marriage, pent up sexual desires, the night in Tijuana and her four week relationship with her son that followed.

‘Do you think I’m sick?’

‘Sick! Well if you’re sick…well…’ Laurel took her sister’s hand and placed it between her legs.

‘My god you’re soaking wet!

Laurel looked into her sister’s eyes. ‘I don’t think you’re sick. I love you sis. I want you to be happy. I wish I was as happy as you.’ She moved her lip towards Sandy. Their red pouty lips met in a soft lingering kiss. Sandy’s hand was still firmly between Laurels legs. The kiss broke. Laurel putting her hand behind her sister’s head pulled her to her lip again. Their lips parted as their tongues met and entered each other’s mouths. They kissed passionately falling onto the bed. Sandy’s hand rubbing her sisters pussy and Laurel caressed and pinched Sandy’s breasts. Laurel move her hand to her sister’s inner thigh. Sandy opened her legs giving her sister access to her sex. Both women moaned as Laurel’s fingers found Sandy’s warm wet panties. They rubbed and kissed for several minutes lost in the passion of the moment until Sandy pulled back.

Once again Laurel looked into her sister’s eyes. ‘I’m sorry! I thought you wanted too…’

‘No Laurel, I do want to. It was well, wonderful. It’s just that there is someone else in the house. We’re up here getting each other off and he’s downstairs horny as a toad probably wondering where we are.’

‘Well sis I for one don’t want to stop. Do you?’

‘No but…’

‘Well what do you think of this.’ Laurel leaned forward moving her hand back to her sister’s breast to play with her nipple as she whispered in her ear.

Tim was growing impatient and about to go to bed when he heard Sandy and Laurel coming down the stairs, laughing and giggling like two school girls.

Sounding a little miffed, ‘What were you two doing? I was ready to go to bed.’

‘Don’t go to bed already. Your mother and I got lost in conversation. You know how girls are. I’ll get some more wine and a glass for you.’

Sandy was putting a CD of slow dance songs in the stereo. Turning to Tim, ‘Help me move the coffee table out of the way. Your aunt and I want to dance some more. And why is it so bright in here?’

Tim helped without question. He didn’t mind the idea of watching his mother and for that matter his aunt as he danced with them.

Sandy was lighting candles and shutting the lights when Laurel return with a new bottle of wine and an extra glass. She fill everyone’s glass and proposed a toast. ‘Here’s to family. When there is no one else we have each other to lean on. Oh I love this song. Tim enjoy your wine while your mother and I dance. We haven’t danced together since we were in high school.’

They move to the center of the room putting their arms around each other. Their dance was slow and sensual. They wasted no time pressing their bodies close together, rubbing against each other with every beat of the music. After several minutes they looked deep into each other’s eyes as they kissed, tongues exploring each other’s mouth. Each kiss grew more and more lustful as their hands roamed over each other’s bodies.

Tim sat watching unable to take his eyes off of these two women. His mother and aunt making out. It was something out of the lesbian porm films he’s watched. Finally he drank down his wine and refilled his glass. His cock was hard and erect. Throwing caution to the wind he unzipped his pants pulled out his cock and stroked himself.

Tim’s actions were lost on Sandy and Laurel as their lust escalated quickly. Laurel pulled her sister’s dress up and off as Sandy was releasing the zipper on Laurels leather mini. Sandy stood naked as both sisters removed their panties in the bedroom. Laurel peeled her top off exposing her beautiful round full breasts. They kissed each other’s mouth, neck, and nipples till they could stand no more.

On the floor they rolled over each other, legs intertwined, licking, kissing, biting, rubbing their bodies together. Sandy moved down Laurel’s body. She wanted to taste her sister. She needed her sister to taste her. She spread her sisters legs exposing her swollen pussy as she straddled her face lowering herself to Laurel’s waiting mouth. Laurel’s tongue met her pussy without hesitation. Both women licking and kissing their swollen pussies as they thrust their hips into each other’s mouth. They continued eating each other in their fit of lust through several orgasms.

Sandy finally looked up to see her son slowly stroking his thick cock. Their eyes met as Sandy motioned for Tim to join them . Tim stripped off his cloths as he approached his mother. She took her son’s cock into her mouth as Laurel wantonly continue to eat her pussy. Sucking the head of his cock she spread her sister’s pussy juices. Sandy pulled his cock from her mouth she sat back on her sisters mouth pulling Laurel’s legs high and wide.

‘She’s ready and waiting for you son. Put your cock in her pussy.’

Tim knelt between his aunt’s legs position himself to enter her. He slowly rubbed the head of his cock up and down the opening of her pussy then pushed the head of his cock in. Laurel let out a loud muffled moan as she continued to eat her sister’s pussy. Sandy gave him instruction the entire time.

‘Tease her. Don’t stick it in all the way yet. That’s right tease her.’ Her hand were fondling and pinching her breasts. Laurel was in a high state of heat. ‘Now, ram it in her now!!’

Both Sandy and Laurel had intense orgasms as Tim rammed his cock into his aunts wet hot pussy. He continued to ram her pussy long and hard as his mother soaked his aunt’s face with her orgasm.

‘Oh I going to cum. I’m going to cum.’

‘Yes, cum, cum inside her pussy. Shoot your cum inside her.’ Sandy ordered.

Tim filled his aunt’s pussy cumming and cumming till he fell back on his heels exhausted. Sandy once again lowered her mouth to her sister pussy licking and sucking the sweet cocktail of her son’s cum and her sister’s pussy juices into her hungry mouth. She continued till satisfied she had every drop of cum.

Tim’s head was spinning. He could not believe what he was watching. It was the most erotic sight he had ever seen. He couldn’t image anything more erotic. His cock started to harden again as his mother rolled off his aunt.

Sandy positioned herself over her sister looking down at her soaked face. Without a word said Laurel opened her mouth as Sandy drooled the contents of her cum fill mouth into her sister’s. Laurel pulled Sandy to her as their tongues dance inside each other’s mouth swapping cum back and forth. Licking any escaping cum from each other’s faces not wasting a drop. They continued their cum soaked tonguing till both had swallowed their share of the cum cocktail.

Tim realized he was wrong. The night became more erotic with each moment. Again stroking his hard cock he needed relief.

This time it was his aunt turn to direct the action. She turned positioning her back against a chair with her legs spread. She grabbed her sister’s hair she pulled her mouth to her pussy. Sandy responded willingly kneeling with her ass high in the air and her mouth working to satisfy her sister’s pussy. Laurel summoned Tim to her. She wiped the slippery liquid from her face she applied it to his cock. ‘Now that you’re ready, take that big fat cock of yours and rammed it up your mothers ass.’

Tim stood frozen. He didn’t react to his aunt’s instructions.

‘What’s the matter. Can’t you see she ready for you. Her ass is sticking up for you to invade. Now fuck her ass.’

Tim didn’t hesitate the second time. He’s mother was indeed waiting. Her ass soaked in pussy juice and spit. Tim pushed the head of his cock into her rosebud but could not enter her. Her rubbed her hole with his thumb which slide in easily. After fingering her for a few minutes he tried again. Sandy relax as much as possible knowing how thick her son’s cock is. Tim tried again as his aunt told him to push harder. His head finally entered her. Her body tightened and she tried to lift her head but Laurel held her tight to her pussy.

He slowly stroked his cock in his mother’s ass entering deeper and deeper. When Tim’s cock was fully in his mothers ass, Laurel pulled Sandy’s head off her pussy to look at her face. She had a look of pain and lust. ‘Now fuck her hard. Fuck her like you fucked my pussy. Fuck her ass.’

‘Aaaaaahhhh, I feel like I’m being split apart.’

‘But you don’t want him to stop do you?’ Sandy shook her head no as she tried to catch her breath.

‘No of course not. That’s because you’re a fucking slut, aren’t you. A fucking slut that wants her son’s cock up her ass. An incestuous fucking slut. Say it! Say it!’

Yes, yes I’m an incestuous fucking slut. I want my son to fuck my ass. Fuck my ass. Fuck my slut ass.’

Tim pounded his mother’s ass as she made her declaration over and over. He shot his cum deep into her bowels.

The feel of her son’s pulsating cock and hot cum in her ass made her orgasm.

Mother and son were finished physically and mentally. But aunt Laurel was not. Standing, she walked around her spent sister and nephew. She waited as her nephew’s cum oozed from Sandy’s ass letting it fill her hand. She rolled her sister over offering her the reward which she devoured eagerly.

The three sat quite and still for some time till Tim spoke up. ‘Maybe you should stay for more than two weeks.’

The sister’s laughed and agreed.

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