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Debbie sighed, it was almost quitting time on a Friday afternoon. She would do the same thing she did every weeknight. I’m in such a rut. She’d drive home from work, cook dinner, engage in lame conversation with her husband Jim over dinner, clean the kitchen, and putter around the house until Jim said he was going to bed. Then as his dutiful wife she would go to the bedroom to strip and get under the sheets to wait for her husband. He would do what he did every night. Climb into bed and start fucking her in the missionary position. He wouldn’t last long either. He would shoot his sperm into her pussy and then roll off of her and go to sleep.

Debbie’s husband was a devout Jehovah’s Witness and would not entertain any change to their sex life. Debbie knew that oral sex was out of the question, but there were other things that could be done to add variety, spice to their sex life. Then finally, she could have an orgasm. Debbie was disillusioned with the Jehovah’s Witness life style. She definitely needed something to change in her life. Debbie did not get any satisfaction from either her job or her home life. She went and showered off all signs of another night with Jim. Debbie got on her nightie and went to bed. She soon fell into a troubled sleep.

The next morning was just like any other Saturday, Jim left early to get some golf in at the country club, in the afternoon he would go door to door spreading the faith. Debbie just sat at the kitchen table, drinking her coffee and reading the paper. She was turning the pages listlessly, seeing the same old advertisements, when something caught her eye. The ad practically jumped off the page, ‘IS YOUR LIFE A MESS? IS STRESS MAKING YOU TIRED AND GRUMPY? Find happiness through Hypnotherapy. Call Dr. Claiborne today and find peace.’ There was a phone number and address. This may be my answer. I’ll call right now. Debbie called the number and managed to slip into a canceled appointment for that afternoon. I am nervous, but excited. Could this be the answer to all my problems?

Debbie looked at herself in the full length mirror. She was wearing a sensible, but attractive pants suit. It complimented her fit, sexy body. She was 42 years old, but looked 30. Her shoulder length dark brown hair and green eyes, that suited her so well, were a family trait. Debbie appeared demure, but wanted to be wild. She just didn’t know if she could. She got in her car to drive to her appointment. As soon as she was out of sight of the house, she pulled out a cigarette and lit it. She rolled down all of the power windows to let the smoke out, because Jehovah’s Witnesses were not permitted to smoke tobacco.

Debbie pulled into a parking space right on Hylan Boulevard in Annadale, Staten Island near the address in the paper. She didn’t see a sign advertising the place, so she got out of the car and walked looking for Dr. Claiborne’s office. At the address, she found a small sign pointing up a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs was a door with a sign, “Dr. Cynthia Claiborne — Hypnotherapies”, then a smaller sign, “Please enter”. Debbie entered a normal looking waiting room, pleased, expecting to find a dark, closet-like chamber.

The inner door opened and a woman wearing a lab coat entered the waiting room. She looked very professional and very lovely too. “Hello, I’m Dr. Claiborne. You must be Debbie, please come in.” Debbie walked in ahead of the doctor and sat in one of the three plush chairs in the office. Dr. Claiborne took a seat opposite her. She was wearing a pretty blouse under her lab coat. Debbie couldn’t see her skirt, but she could see the dark hose that covered her slim legs. She had a pretty, trustful face framed by her dark tresses.

“Tell me why you came here, Debbie.” Dr. Claiborne said in a tender tone.

Debbie shifted uncomfortably in her chair. “Doctor, I don’t know exactly, but I am not happy. I find myself bored with everything. I used to enjoy the challenge of work, but now I feel it’s just drudgery. This is confidential, right. I mean you’re not a Jehovah’s Witness are you?”

Dr. Claiborne just smiled and said, “No and yes, I’m not a Jehovah’s Witness and everything we do here is confidential. What about your home life? Do you have an active sex life?” Debbie blushed as Dr. Claiborne asked her about her sex life. Suddenly she broke down and sobbing, told the doctor everything. Dr. Claiborne moved closer and let Debbie cry on her shoulder. This went on for quite some time; Dr. Claiborne kept passing her tissues.

Debbie finally stopped crying and Dr. Claiborne returned to her seat. “I think you would be a good subject for hypnotherapy. I can help you to be happy, content with your life.” Dr. Claiborne looked at her watch. “We have time for a session now. Do you want to start?”

Debbie brightened as the doctor said she could help her. “Oh yes, please. I can’t bear to go on another day.” It would be wonderful if she could help me.

“Lean back in your chair and relax Debbie.” Once Debbie was comfortable, Dr. Claiborne held a small circular disk (about the size of a half dollar coin) in front of her and pushed a button on the back. A sequential sequence of lights began blinking on and off in front off Debbie. Dr. Claiborne began talking in a low, steady voice, “We used to use a spinning coin or a candle to put the subject to sleep. Now we use this special light source. The subjects go to sleep and into a hypnotic trance much quicker.” Debbie was already in her trance with her eyes closed. “Much, much quicker” Dr. Claiborne whispered as she turned the disk off and put it in her coat pocket.

“Very good Debbie, tell me what you really want, why you have come to me. Tell me what is missing in your life.” Dr. Claiborne crossed her long legs and the lab coat rode up showing more of her beautiful, hose covered legs.

Debbie answered, not moving or opening her eyes, “I want my life to be more exciting. I want to have an orgasm, many orgasms. I want to be free of the restrictions placed upon me by being married to a devout Jehovah’s Witness.” Debbie’s voice was frank and to the point.

Dr. Claiborne thought for a moment and then smiled. “I can make that happen for you Debbie. All you have to do is to trust me. I would never do anything to hurt you. Now, rise and take off all your clothes. It’s rather hot in here, don’t you think so?” Cynthia watched as Debbie rose and started undressing. The coat went first, then the simple cotton blouse. Debbie then reached behind her to unsnap the push-up black satin bra that she wore. Her bare shoulders shone seductively in the light, beads of sweat beginning to form on her skin.

As Debbie continues undressing Cynthia stands up and takes off her lab coat and blouse. She is wearing only a black corset, garter belt and silk stockings, no panties. Debbie didn’t notice this; she just unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts were magnificent, with little sagging evident. Her nipples areoles were large, a seductive light brown and her nipples were fully erect. Her skin was smooth and unblemished.

“You’re doing well Debbie, please continue.” Debbie removed her skirt next exposing high-cut black lace panties and nude pull up hose. “You may leave the stockings and the heels on Debbie.” Debbie pulled down her panties and stepped out of them, showing just a hint of brown trimmed pubic hair. Cynthia was happy to see that she trimmed her pussy hair. It made it better for her to gaze at Debbie’s sex.

“Sit down Debbie and spread your legs wide so that I may look upon your charms to make sure that your problem does not lie there. That’s it; now hook your legs over the arms of the chair.” Cynthia gave Debbie instructions until, she was sitting, her pussy open and exposed, just like Cynthia wanted. Cynthia sat down and moved her right hand to her own womanly folds. Her hand lazily stroking her stimulated folds.

“Now, we need to take care of your needs. I want you to play with yourself until you get close to climaxing, and then tell me so I can observe. While you are playing tell me about your immediate family, especially any young men in your family.” Debbie took her right breast in her right hand and used her left hand to stimulate her pussy. Cynthia saw this and smiled, she knew that Debbie knew where to touch herself.

“I have two sisters, Robyn and Sandie. They are married and each have two boys under 15. Sandie also has an 18 year old daughter named Kristyn.” Cynthia took note of the ladies mentioned. ” I also have a cousin named Michael. He is 26 years old and not married. My husband…”

Cynthia interrupted, “I do not need to hear any more about husbands. How are you doing? Do you feel the pleasure from touching your own body sexually?” Debbie just nodded, her left hand a blur in her lap and her right hand pinching & twisting her hard nipples. Cynthia’s hand was also moving fast stroking her own wet cunt. This is so incredible, if only I can get all three sisters and the daughter.

Debbie shouted, “I think I’m gonna cum. Its close I can feel it.” Debbie pulled hard on her nipples and then moved to right hand to her swollen and distended clitoris. Her left hand was finger-fucking her sopping pussy. Cynthia was watching Debbie’s masturbation closely, turned on by Debbie’s relentless quest for self-pleasure. Debbie was moaning loudly now and Cynthia knew that she was close, oh so close.

Debbie came in a screaming climax! She was long over due for an orgasm and it showed in the tremors that engulfed her body and the amount of her love-juice that flooded from her cunt. Her legs were still spread over the arms of the chair, which was good considering the size of the pool of her sweet nectar that pooled in the seat of her chair. Cynthia saw that pool of Debbie’s cum and gasped.

Cynthia slipped out of her plush leather chair and crawled across the floor. Debbie just sat there with her pussy opened and exposed. Cynthia could see right inside her vagina to her womb. Cynthia continued to finger herself as she crawled across the floor. When she reached Debbie’s chair she got on her knees and began lapping her sweet nectar up, tasting and swallowing Debbie’s love juice.

Half way through drinking Debbie’s cream, Cynthia experienced her own climax. Her body spasmed out of control as she experienced multiple orgasms. She came to her senses after a few minutes and finished lapping up what was left of Debbie’s organic gift. She moved her face close to Debbie’s and ordered her to lick her own juices from Cynthia’s face. Debbie did just that while Cynthia moaned.

Cynthia returned to her seat and told Debbie to sit back in her chair. Debbie follows Cynthia’s instructions. She is still firmly under my control, good. “You will masturbate whenever you feel stressed out. Close the door to your office or go into the bathroom. Do not feel as if you have to control your moans or screams. You need to let it all out, it’s important to your well-being. You are a very beautiful woman, act that way.”

Cynthia continued, “You in return must do me a favor. You must convince your sisters and your niece to come to me for help. This is important to your continued happiness. You must return in two weeks for another session. I know you have always been attracted to your cousin Michael. The next time you hear his voice; you will go to him and be his sex slave. You will turn into his slut and please him without a thought to consequences. If either of your sisters or niece is there you will share Michael with them. Get dressed now. You will forget all the events that happened since you were hypnotized and wake up rested and refreshed. Do you understand all of my instructions to you?”

“Yes doctor, I understand.” Debbie said as she got dressed. While Debbie got dressed, Dr. Claiborne put her lab coat back on. Soon Debbie was fully dressed, sitting in the chair with a smile on her face. Dr. Claiborne smiled to herself; the session had gone better than expected. Dr. Claiborne felt that her underlying plans were going well. All women are meant to be sluts and if I can help more to their destiny, I will be happy.

“I’m going to count down from five and then you will wake-up. Five… four… three… two… one… wake-up Debbie.” Debbie clinked and stretched. Dr. Claiborne was impressed; Debbie was very sexy even with her clothes on.

“I feel great doctor, thank you. I will definitely recommend your treatment. My life makes a lot more sense now.” Dr. Claiborne led Debbie out of her office, wishing her well and watching her sexy strut down the stairs. It’s begun; my service to womankind.

Chapter 2

Dr. Claiborne sat in her examination room and mused. She knew herself to be a beautiful woman with high full breasts, long legs and a voluptuous body. Cynthia shook her shoulder length mane of blonde hair in a moment of remorse. She could have had any man she wanted, pleasing him as she knew would have been her role. However, she was called to a higher purpose. Something that she knew was more important than her being a sex toy for her man.

Dr. Claiborne had realized early in her adult life the truth that all women were supposed to be whores for their men, for men in general. Keeping men sexually satisfied was a woman’s true calling. To help women to realize this fact, she became a hypnotherapist. She would only take women as clients. Then would then proclaim the truth to them and teach them how they really should act. Cynthia knew that she could not change the entire world, but it was her duty to try.

Her latest patient, Debbie, was a different situation. Cynthia could not direct her passion, her servitude towards her husband. He was a devout Jehovah’s Witness and he would not accept, but would spurn her new-found sexuality and willingness to please. Instead, Cynthia had found a cousin of hers that would do nicely. She thought that he would be surprised when he received his gift, his gift of a cousin turned sex slave.

It was a pity that Debbie didn’t have any daughters, Cynthia also taught mothers how their daughters should be brought up. What values the young girls should have. Cynthia went over those truths in her mind. Satan was truly inside of this woman. They should be taught not to wait for the right man, a good boy. They should be taught to flock to the bad boys, the tough lads. And if they want the girls to give them sexual favors, the girls should. How else are they going to learn the proper way to give blow-jobs? They should also learn to love their Mothers. Not just emotionally, but physically as well. That way they can be taught the proper ways to please. For that is their purpose in life, so they should embrace it as soon as they can.

A ringing phone interrupted Cynthia’s thoughts. She answered the phone, “Dr. Claiborne speaking, may I help you?” She quickly looked in her appointment book. “Yes, next Thursday would be fine, I’ll see you at 10:00 sharp. Thank you very much, please give my thanks to Debbie. Bye.” Already my plan brings fruit. I am going to be able to help all of them.

Chapter Three

Michael awoke slowly and stretched, his arms and legs reaching their limits, before they reached the limits of the king size bed. He kicked off his sheet and swung his feet to the floor. His morning piss hard-on followed his movements, stopping and slapping against his thigh. The slap rang loudly throughout the empty apartment. Michael grimaced as he walked to the bathroom. He loved waking up with a hard dick, but he did not relish the full bladder he had to relieve.

Michael looked down at his large, fat cock and willed it to shrink enough to urinate. His mind went though the times tables, trying to overcome his memories of the porn DVD he had watched late last night. Michael was a 26 year old man who was connoisseur of porn, magazines, internet, videos, it didn’t matter what media it was as long as it was explicit and graphic. He was really into incest, but had never done it himself. Not that he was adverse to incest; he had never had the opportunity.

Feeling his 10 inch long dick start to wilt, Michael sighed, finally able to drain his insistent bladder. He felt much better after that. Today was Saturday, so Michael didn’t have to be anywhere. He decided to have a relaxing, yet stimulating morning. After that he would go see if his favorite waitress who was working at the Dakota Diner and have brunch.

Michael booted up his laptop. On the screen were images of his female cousins. He kept those up while he opened some cousin-cousin incest stories on erotica incest. After stimulating his mind, and loins, with lurid incest stories while fantasizing about his cousins, he hopped in the shower for some release. Those shower massagers were wonderful things. Michael cleaned up and drove towards the Dakota. His favorite waitress was working, so he got to flirt with her.

He got a date arranged with the girl for that evening. This was their second date and he hoped to get laid. He was hoping she wouldn’t be put off by his thick dick, 4 inches around, curving upward, with a big swollen mushroom head ready to pop. Most girls could handle the length or the width, but not both at the same time. With her it would certainly be at its longest and thickest. Michael’s biggest problem is that he cannot find many girls who are interested or attracted to him, but yet, they did not know the size of his member, neither did the women in his family for that matter. He hasn’t told this young waitress, but she looked like his younger cousin Kristyn, close enough to get Michael very, very excited.

Chapter Four

It was almost 10:00. Dr. Claiborne licked her full lips in anticipation. Robyn, one of Debbie’s sister’s, was due to arrive shortly. Soon after that she would be naked and playing with her hot little cunt, Dr. Claiborne was sure of that. Isn’t life good? I get to help womankind and get off at the same time.

Robyn arrived promptly on time. Dr. Claiborne met her in the waiting room a few minutes after she sat down. No sense scaring the poor girl her first time. “Hi, I’m Dr. Claiborne; I believe that Debbie referred you,” Cynthia said as she shook her hand and led this 36 year old 4’2 beauty to the plush examination room. She indicated an overstuffed chair for Robyn and sat opposite her. “Please tell me what I can do for you.” Cynthia asked the beautiful women with raven tresses.

Robyn shifted uneasily in her chair. “Well, you know that my sister sent me. She told me that her life made sense now and that she was very happy.” Robyn’s voice was very soft-spoken, matching her friendly open face. She paused a moment gathering her thoughts. “I want to find the same happiness that you gave to her.” Dr. Claiborne smiled to herself; it was going much easier that she had thought it would. “What do I need to do different in my life?”

Cynthia took a long piercing look at the woman in front of her. She could see the family resemblance, but Robyn was smaller than Debbie. They both have beautiful bodies, which Cynthia likes, but is unnecessary for her plan. Cynthia already knew a lot about Robyn from her sister Debbie, but she asked her about her life anyway. Once Robyn had bared her soul to the doctor, she was put into a deep hypnotic trance.

The rest went the same way as had Debbie’s session. Robyn was soon naked and studiously masturbating. Her 36 year old tits quivered as she rhythmically diddled her moist pussy. She was trying too hard to get-off, Cynthia realized. Cynthia attributed this to the fact that Robyn’s sex life was practically non-existent. Her husband didn’t want any more children and he didn’t believe in recreational sex. She needed to relax more. It took some gentle instruction and a helpful hand, before Robyn achieved orgasm. Cynthia had Robyn bring herself to orgasm once more, just to make sure that Robyn could easily bring herself to a climax without any help. Her final climax resulted in a gushing stream of juice which shot out of her pussy, four feet in the air and six feet across the room, landing on top of cynthia’s head.

Robyn was instructed to cum at least once a day as part of her therapy. She was also told to expand her wardrobe with some racier clothing, and that she had always had secret yearnings for her younger cousin Michael. Robyn was given the same direction involving him as Debbie was. With a mischievous grin, Cynthia gave her further orders. Whenever she was going to be alone with any of her sisters for an extending period of time they would please each other with their mouths until they had climaxed. After all, we girls have to help each other.

Dr. Claiborne had Robyn get dressed and woke her up in a great, relaxed mood and the suggestion to urge her sister Sandie to visit. Robyn left feeling on top of the world and Dr. Claiborne waited for the next fly to become trapped in her web.

Chapter Five

It had been two weeks since Debbie had been ‘trained’ by Dr. Claiborne. The doctor was interested to see what the results were from Debbie’s new lifestyle. Debbie flounced up the stairs and into the waiting room like a school girl. The light sundress that she wore hung to her curves and allowed a peek of her ample cleavage. She greeted Dr. Claiborne with a smile and a quick hug. It was apparent to Dr. Claiborne that Debbie’s life had turned around and she was happier.

Once Debbie was under the hypnotic trance, Cynthia asked her if she had any concerns. Cynthia was tickled to see Debbie’s hand automatically slip under her dress and begin playing with her hidden folds. “I have been much happier and feel freer now. The only thing is how my coworkers sometimes look at me. They’re friendly enough, the men especially, but I feel awkward at times.” Cynthia figured, correctly, that was because of the unrestricted vocal by-products of Debbie’s stress reduction self pleasuring activities at work.

Cynthia answered Debbie’s concerns as she heard Debbie start moaning as her stroking fingers brought her closer to orgasm. “You should just answer their looks with a smile. They are obviously happy for you and are amazed the way you have turned your life around. Speaking of which, I have further instructions for you. Whenever you are alone with one of your sisters for an extended period of time, you should show them your love with your mouth on their pussy. This should bring you closer together, like sisters should be. Debbie’s dazzled mind could see the logic in this, so she nodded her head in agreement. Her body suddenly froze in place as her pussy clenched and unclenched in the throes of orgasm.

Cynthia waited until Debbie stopped cumming. She then had Debbie straighten herself up and brought her out of the trance. “Thats all for today Debbie, I’ll see you again in two weeks.” Cynthia then walked Debbie out of the office and looked at her watch. She had just enough time to prepare for her next appointment, a mother and daughter coming to Staten Island all the way from New Jersey.

* * * * *

Dr. Claiborne watched the mother and daughter as they sat in the waiting room, such a sensual pair. Soon they would be under her control. Dr. Claiborne marveled at her planning and the luck that she had. Putting the two ladies into a hypnotic trance at the same time was more difficult, but she knew that she could do it. Dr. Claiborne greeted the mother and daughter graciously, motioning for them to follow her into the examination room. Sandie watched Dr. Claiborne’s shapely legs as she walked in front of them. She was attracted to the sight unconsciously, her womanly folds dampening.

Sandie and her daughter, Kristyn sat next to each other in the examination room. It was clear to see the resemblance between them, even though Sandie has black hair and Kristyn is a blonde. Sandie now 40 years old, is a bit chunky and it looks like her 18 year old daughter is going to grow to be like her mom. That’s good news for Kristyn in the jugs department, but she will have the same big slamming butt as her mom. “What specifically can I do for you both?

Sandie answered, “Well, I’m alright, but my daughter tends to be shy.” Kristyn shot her mother a scalding look, yet remained silent. “Also, she complains about hearing voices. I don’t want my daughter to have any problems in life, especially since she will be going off to college in the autumn.” Sandie explained how Kristyn is Bi Polar.

“Hmmm. Well, I can help Kristyn with her voices, but I must put you both under together. Her trouble may be directly related to you. That would mean that both of you would require treatment, together. Are you ready to take this step to help Kristyn?”

“Mom, please… the voices are driving me mad! I just want to be a normal college freshman. You do so many things for my brothers, won’t you please do this for me?” Sandie smiled and nodded her ascent. Kristyn was so overjoyed that she jumped out of her chair and leapt into her mother’s lap, almost tipping them over in the process.

“OK, now since everything is settled, let’s get back to our places and get started.” Kristyn moved back to her chair and both of them looked attentive. Dr. Claiborne waited for their pulses to slow down and then made her magic, soon the two were asleep. “At first I’m going to talk to just talk to Sandie. Kristyn you will not hear anything said until I tell you to start listening, so let your head hang down and relax.” Kristyn let her head droop down and was soon asleep.

Cynthia was ready to start programming Sandie now. “You love your daughter don’t you Sandie?” Sandie nodded. “Good girl, you have to start showing how much you love her. She wants you to show her that you love her as a sexy woman, she wants you to make love to her. Do you think you can do that Sandie?” Sandie nodded again. “Good. I have a few more instructions to give you. Your sisters also love you and will show you. It’s only fair that you should reciprocate. Also, you have a cousin named Michael. The sound of his voice will make you want to please him. To do whatever he says. Do you understand?” Sandie nodded again. Cynthia repeated the same instructions about not listening to Kristyn, who was soon asleep.

“Kristyn, start listening now.” She repeated basically the same instructions to Kristyn that she had given to her mom. She also gave her instructions to not be shy anymore, especially around so-called ‘bad boys’. Cynthia told Kristyn to start hanging around with ‘bad boys’ and to give them hand-jobs or blow-jobs upon request. As a last minute instruction, Cynthia told Kristyn that she would not hear anymore voices if she kept following the instructions she had been given.

“Sandie, start listening now. You both love each other very much, I know that. I want you two to show each other how much you love the other.” Both women rose and began kissing. Their hands roamed over the other’s body and they were soon almost naked. Sandie and her daughter dropped to their knees, then moved into a 69 position on the rug. Cynthia threw her legs over the arms of her chair and rubbed her clit to get her juices flowing. Cynthia then thrust two fingers into her cunt moving them in and out, fucking herself while she watched the two women roll around on the carpet. “You both love the feeling of having sex with each other, sex with men is OK, but you will always have multiple orgasms during mother-daughter sex.”

The idea turned Cynthia on so much and the sight of the mother/daughter wrestling on the floor in the throes of passion carried her closer to release. She had two fingers thrusting in and out of her hot, sopping vagina while the thumb of her other hand rubbed her magic button hard and fast. Cynthia was close, very close to the start of a powerful orgasm. The mother and daughter were already experiencing their multiple orgasms. Their twitching bodies sent Cynthia over the edge. She could not hold in the scream of passion as her body fell victim to the tidal wave of pleasure that drove all reason from her mind.

When Cynthia regained her senses, a slow, gentle process, she saw Sandie and Krysten holding each other close in post-orgasmic bliss. Cynthia stretched, very satisfied with her best orgasm in weeks. I must have them back! She adjusted her clothing and directed her attention to the women holding each other. “Sandie, Kristyn, please clean up and make yourselves presentable. Our session is almost over. You performed admirably. You will both remember to follow my instructions, but you will not remember anything else that happened in this office. When you awaken, you will feel content, that your problems are all behind you and you both will recommend my services highly. Please come back and see me in one month.” The mother and daughter had cleaned up and were sitting back in their seats. “You will awaken when you hear me count to three, one… two… three.”

Sandie and Kristyn awakened to find themselves very refreshed and to find Dr. Claiborne smiling at them from across the room. “Wow. Are we all done? My head is very clear and I don’t hear any voices.” Kristyn said. “Mom, she is so great I’m gonna tell all my girlfriends.” Dr. Claiborne led the two women to the exit, exchanged goodbyes, and reminded them of their follow up appointment in one month. The mother and daughter were holding hands as they walked to the car. Cynthia noticed this and smiled. The pieces are all in place now, time to wait and see what happens. Within the following months, Kristyn, who was once a shy, quiet and withdrawn girl, was now in the boys locker room and staircases of her New Jersey High School giving blow jobs as the boys all lined up one by one waiting for their turn, sometimes all circling around to give her a cumbath.

Chapter Six

The day started like any other day in August of 2000, well any other Sunday that is. It was a day for families, feasting and fraternity. This day should prove eventful because this is the first time that all of the cousins were together since Dr. Claiborne entered their lives.

The event was held at the house of the parents of Debbie, Robyn and Sandie, Bob and Diane. They live in a two story colonial house, with a big yard out in Great Kills, Staten Island. The party was in full swing by the time Michael had arrived. It was a hot humid August Sunday. The ladies were all helping in the kitchen. The men were all around the barbeque pit listening to Debbie’s husband, Jim, who was regaling everyone with the latest ‘Kingdom’ news. Mike walked up and said “Hi” to his male relatives, who were all drinking lemonade. Michael had his own lemonade in a small cooler he had brought. You see, Michael and his parents, Dolores and Gary, are Catholic. His parents didn’t drink out of courtesy to their Jehovah’s Witness relatives. Michael had brought his own lemonade, six bottles of Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Jim was still exhorting the logic of the Jehovah’s Witness faith. His short sleeve dress shirt was plastered to his body. He was huffing and puffing, but there was no sign of his stopping. Michael turned his head in frustration. I’ve heard enough too many times to count; you never hear me or my dad trying to convert them to Catholicism. Michael saw some figures moving out of the corner of his eye. It was Debbie, Robyn and Sandie. They had an old ice cream maker. Sandie went first, her barely restrained rack flopping as she cranked the handle. Michael decided to get closer to get a better view and get away from Jim’s ceaseless rhetoric.

As he walked through the crowded lawn, Michael grabbed a lemonade. He slowly poured the liquid out on the grass as he walked among his relatives. Aunt Mona and Uncle Norman were gathered around a gas grill with their sons Arron and Alex. Their boys had just become Rabbis. Michael figured that they had a separate grill so that they could keep their foods Kosher. He waved his congratulations and moved onward. Michael kept catching glimpses of his cousins cranking on the ice cream. They were taking turns and were sweating a lot as they worked. Kristyn had joined them and taken her turn at the crank. Her shirt was plastered to her and Michael could see that she was graced with her mother’s ample chest. Michael had always been attracted to his cousins, but watching their beautiful bodies stirred an unquenchable desire within him. The same kind of desire he had for Desiree, a girl he was previously dating from college. That desire was also not realized, the relationship with Desiree was now over. I’m so lonely, what the hell am I going to do.

Michael continued on toward the other side of the house; he did not want to be tempted by what he could never have. Michael sat down on the steps to the front door of Aunt Diane’s house, out of sight of his cousins. He took a bottle of Hard Lemonade out of his cooler and poured it into his glass. He was drinking from it as he said “Hi” to his aunts, uncles and other cousins as they passed where he was sitting. Does he hate his kids or is he just unimaginative?

Michael had also seen his Aunt Stephanie and as a matter of fact she came looking for him a few minutes later. Michael was sitting on the front steps looking forlorn. Aunt Stephanie was upbeat and perky as usual. “Hey nephew, what’s with the long face? This is a barbeque, you’re supposed to have fun, or at least talk to people. So, tell your favorite aunt what’s wrong.”

Chugging the rest of his Hard Lemonade, Michael turned to his aunt, “I’m just not in the mood, I guess. I just broke up with my girlfriend, Desiree. So, I’m a little depressed too. I mean I spent a lot of time on Desiree and now she’s gone. I just can’t seem to win in the relationship game.”

“Michael, why don’t you get out of the sun? There’s a ceiling fan in the living room and I think it’ll be cooler.” She walked up to him and gave him a quick hug. Aunt Stephanie smelled the liquor on his breath and said, “If you’re depressed that won’t help.” She ushered him into the living room, where Michael sat down with a thump. “Just relax in here, nephew, and I’ll see if I can’t send someone in to raise your spirits.”

- – - – -

Michael sat in the easy chair thinking and drinking, he had filled up his glass with another Hard Lemonade. I’m so horny; I think I’ll just get drunk, got to do somethin’. It’s not like I’ll find anyone here to fuck. Michael was mumbling to himself about life being so unfair, when he felt a pair of soft hands on the back of his neck. The hands moved to his shoulders, massaging the kinks and stress out of them. He tried to turn his head to see who it was, but those soft, massaging fingers stopped him and Michael heard, “Shhh, don’t move, just enjoy”, whispered a familiar voice in his ear. He had heard the voice before, but it wasn’t Desiree. Maybe Aunt Stephanie came back. Michael hoped it wasn’t her because his large cock was growing, tenting his pants and she would probably stop and say something. Michael needn’t have worried though, because it was readily apparent that his dick was hard, but the hands continued massaging his neck and shoulders.

His eyes were closed, when an aroused Michael felt a hand brush over his bulge in his pants. Michael’s eyes snapped open to see his cousin Debbie motioning him to follow her as she went to the stairs. Debbie was halfway up the staircase by the time Michael reached the bottom. He watched her butt, clad in a red & black patterned short skirt, wiggle its way up the stairs. At the top, Debbie gave him that ‘Come hither’ gesture and walked out of site towards her old bedroom. I knew that Debbie and Jim were having problems, and I’ve always dreamed of doing her, but this is too crazy. As Michael reached the top of the stairs, he saw a flash of the red tank top Debbie was wearing in the first open door to the right. Michael entered Debbie’s room and saw her sitting on the bed.

Debbie had a mischievous look in her eyes. Seeing the question in Michael’s eyes as he stood in the center of the small bedroom, she explained. “We heard you talking with Aunt Stephanie and decided to come cheer you up. You are our cousin and we care about you.”

Michael looked even more confused. “What do you mean we?”

“Us.” said Robyn, Sandie, and Kristyn in unison as they walked into the room. Robyn was wearing a tight black tank top over shorts, Sandie a nice short sleeve blouse with matching summer slacks and Kristyn a pink Capri top, with a scooped neckline that showed her pierced belly button off. This skimpy top was over very short jean shorts that showed off Kristyn’s cute ass and long tanned legs well. Kristyn shut the bedroom door behind her.

Michael felt like he was in a dream. The four cousins he had dreamed about, had masturbated to, were gathered around him in the small bedroom. “I get to go first.” said Debbie as she began to peel her clothes off. Michael was stunned as he saw Debbie’s breasts appear when she took off her Red tank top. Next to go was the lacy, red bra that clasped in the front. Michael could see that her tits were still big and firm, just like he had imagined them. Debbie next put her foot on the edge of the bed and pulled down her panties, also lacy red. “Now that feels better, it’s too hot to wear many clothes.”

Michael was still a little stunned when Debbie crawled up to him and unzipped his pants. She dug his hardening cock out of his boxers and let it flop in front of him. “I think he needs a bath,” giggled Debbie and her tongue began bathing Michael’s hardening cock with her warm saliva. “Look Mike, it’s growing.” And indeed Michael’s cock was expanding, stiffening up to its ten inch length and four inch circumference. When it was fully erect, Debbie took as much of it as she could into her mouth. Her head bobbed as she sucked and she would take breaks to swirl her hot tongue over his slit and under his turgid shaft. She even paused to tea-bag his hefty balls, driving him made with lust. Michael noticed his others cousins watching with a gleam in their pretty eyes.

Debbie was no expert, but she was giving Michael one hell of a blow-job. He was moaning all the while her mouth made love to his swollen cock. Michael’s dick was swelling even more and he knew that his sperm would soon be racing up into Debbie’s mouth, but he was too out of breath to give her a warning.

Michael groaned his involuntary roar echoing in the small bedroom as his hot, white spooge filled her mouth. Debbie knew she had to swallow, and she tried to stay ahead of the massive surge of cum, but Michael’s load was too much for his poor, inexperienced cousin and his spooge leaked from her mouth, down her chin and dripped onto her big boobs. Michael’s rush of cum finally slacked off to a dribble and Debbie sucked until he grew soft like she needed his love juice to survive. Michael’s cock slipped from her mouth, and then she belched and giggled, the three other women giggling along with her.

Wanting to reward Debbie for her successful sucking and swallowing, Michael picked her nearly naked body up and laid her on the bed. He then dropped to his knees and flipped her skirt up, exposing her juicy cunt. Michael caught Debbie’s eye and said, “Paybacks are a bitch” He them lowered his face to her lap and started to lick her inner thighs,

Michael felt Debbie’s body relax as she surrendered to him. Her thighs spread apart as he bathed them with his hot tongue. Michael then kissed his way to her oozing slit, intent on feasting on Debbie’s delectable secretions. His lips merely brushed against her puffy outer folds before they embraced her still hidden clit. A moment of intense sucking freed an impassioned moan from her lips. Michael then moved back down to Debbie’s quivering cunt.

The other cousins watched in growing envy. They hoped that Michael would last long enough to service them. Their ‘training’ assured them that he would, but it was hard to watch Debbie have all the fun. Sandie and Kristyn, dark haired mother and blonde daughter, looked each other in the eye as they had the same idea. Clothes were thrown willy-nilly as the two tried to get naked for each other. Once the last piece of clothing was gone the two naked women threw themselves on each other and started kissing and licking the bare flesh before them.

Debbie twisted and humped Michael’s face as his tongue made love to her aroused pussy. She screamed, “Fuck me! I am your slut! Fuck me with your tongue!” Michael intensified his movements with his tongue and shoved two fingers deep into Debbie’s snatch. Her screams changed to deep, panting moans as his thumb rubbed her clit in small circles. Debbie’s guttural moans drowned out the noise that Sandie and Kristyn were making. Michael’s fingers were squishing in and out of Debbie’s sopping hole as she sucked in her breath; cumming all over Michael’s thrusting hand. Michael smiled with satisfaction, now he could really get down and dirty.

His cock had recovered and was hard again, so Michael did not waste any time. He flipped Debbie’s limp body over and shoved his stiff rod into her gooey snatch. It slid in with out hesitation, bottoming out on her cervix causing a dull moan from Debbie. Michael was encouraged by her response and pumped his cock in and out of her several times. His strokes were long and powerful, causing a mix of pleasure and pain to his fuck-toy cousin. Michael scooped some of Debbie’s juice out of her cunt and used it to lubricate her ass. He continued to pound into her sex as he jabbed one then two fingers up her butt. Debbie gasped at this intrusion to her virgin ass-hole, and then thrust back against Michael’s big dick.

Working his fingers in Debbie’s asshole, Michael loosened her tight sphincter. Michael slowed down his fucking of Debbie’s cum filled quim; he didn’t want to shoot his wad until he had enjoyed the hospitality of her tight bung-hole. Soon he felt that she was loose enough, so he pulled out his now dirty fingers and rested the swollen head of his manhood against her loosened rosebud. Debbie moaned at the loss of Michael’s shaft in her wet folds.

With a slap on Debbie’s firm ass, Michael pushed his member against her tight ass-hole. Her muscles resisted the entry of such a large object until he pushed harder. Michael popped through her abused sphincter and filled part of her tight ass chute. He kept pushing, ignoring her wails of pain, until he was fully in and his balls rested against her soft ass-cheeks. Michael rested for a moment allowing Debbie’s ass to become used to his cock’s intrusion.

Thinking that Debbie could use some more lubrication in her narrow anal passage, Michael pulled his shaft out of her butt and plunged it into her cum-saturated snatch. A few deep strokes later he switched holes, this time ramming his meaty dick up her Hershey highway. Debbie’s anguish was not as apparent, so he began earnestly fucking her tight bung-hole. Every few minutes Michael would relubricate his cock with her hot nectar and then return to plowing her dark passage. Her cries so turned to moans. He felt his fat dick growing even fatter and his climax imminent while on a journey to her womanly folds for more of her natural lube. Michael decided to grace Debbie’s cunt with his offering and gave her his final few thrusts hard and fast until he came. His hot, thick spooge shot deep within her coating her already sopping pussy.

Michael pulled his softening tool out of Debbie’s messy sex-hole and looked over at Robyn. She met his eyes and then began to get undressed. First off was her black tank top. As Robyn peeled it off she revealed a lacy, white front closure bra. Her shorts went next showing off her matching lacy, white panties. Robyn stood there in just her underwear and smiled at Michael. His cock twitched at the sight and Michael nodded to Robyn. The younger sister loosed her bra and stepped out of her panties. She stood feet spread and twisted her upper body, causing her ripe tits to bounce off each other. They wiggled even after Robyn stopped twisting. Michael stood with his mouth open just staring at her dancing beauties.

Waving Robyn over Michael held his messy, limp cock, so Robyn could suck it back to life. Robyn dropped to her knees and took Michael’s dirty dick into her willing mouth. She sucked his shaft until it was almost erect. Then Robyn slid her head forward taking Michael’s hardening cock deep down her throat. She kept teasing with her tongue as Michael’s shaft fucked her throat. Releasing his large cock, Robyn pulled back so she could take a deep breathe and then swallowed him again. After a moment, Michael backed up pulling his hard dick from her desperate, sucking mouth. He had somewhere else he wanted to leave his load of cum. Michael then told Robyn to climb on the bed on her hands and knees. His cock already wet with Robyn’s saliva and her cunt wet with excitement, Michael thrust his swollen shaft deep into Robyn’s excited quim. He fucked her with long slow strokes, taking his time, Robyn’s jugs bouncing with the rhythm of his cyclic slamming into her from behind.

Downstairs the wind was picking up and the sky was filling with clouds. Diane climbed the stairs, wanting to make sure that the windows were closed. She moved from room to room closing the open windows. When she got to Debbie’s old bedroom she thought she heard voices. Not wanting to disturb anyone, she was careful and quiet as she opened the door. The first thing she saw was the arms and legs of her daughter Sandie wrapped around Sandie’s daughter Kristyn. They were both naked, cuddling with their eyes closed. On the bed Diane saw her daughter Debbie also naked with thick, white spooge leaking out of the wide open vagina. Opening the door a little more revealed her third daughter Robyn on her hands and knees being pummeled from behind by her nephew Michael. Diane stood there in shock watching her nephew’s large cock move in and out of Robyn’s wet snatch. Diane came to her senses a moment later, closed the door, and walked down the stairs thinking of what she had seen.

No one in the room noticed Diane’s quick peek, no one in the room were in condition to notice much of anything. Michael was getting close to orgasm and began slapping Robyn on her nice, round ass. Robyn cried aloud as she experienced her second orgasm. Michael didn’t let up at all. If anything, he fucked and slapped just that much harder and faster. Michael yelled as he shot his third load of the day. These wads were driven deep into Robyn’s cunt causing yet another orgasm in the doggy styled slut.

Michael pulled out when he was finished, leaving the fucked-out Robyn next to her sister on the bed. He picked up Robyn’s discarded tank top and wiped his limp member clean on it. “Two down, two to go.” Michael stood over the mother and daughter curled up in each others arms. They looked so sexy lying there with dried cum all around their mouths. Michael looked at his watch and saw that it was growing late. He nudged Sandie’s bubble butt with his foot. “Wakey, wakey, if you want some of this,” he pointed to his cock, “you had better wake up.” He nudged Kristyn cute little butt. “You too, little girl; time to rise and fuck.”

The eighteen year old vixen untwisted her body from her mother’s and stretched. Michael felt his pulse quicken; Kristyn was a gorgeous sex-bomb and his heavy rod started to show its appreciation. She reached over in a stretch that showed off her firm tits and cupped his hanging balls in her small hands. Michael’s well-used meat twitched as her soft fingers began to caress his sack. Sandie sat up watching her daughter get Michael ready. The look on her face helped Michael’s hardening process; the look was a mixture of pride and lust. Between the look in Sandie’s eyes and Kristyn’s fondling, Michael was fully erect.

Grinning from ear to ear, Michael took Kristyn’s chin in his hand and kissed her with all the passion in him. “Hold on Kristyn, age before beauty, your mom is first, but don’t fret. I’ve got something special planned for you.” Looking to Sandie sitting on the floor he said, “Crawl over here bitch, I’ve been wanting to fuck that big ass of yours for years.” Sandie crawled over to Michael on all fours, wiggling her hefty butt all the way.

Michael grabbed Sandie’s hips and thrust his hard dick into her wet pussy. He was soon slamming into her from behind causing her plump body to quiver with the impact. Michael liked it when his balls would press up tight against Sandie’s bubble-butt. That meant he was all the way up that sloppy pussy of hers. Sandie’s fat ass was bouncing back and forth like waves in an ocean with each thrust by Michael. A little cushion for the pushing. Although Sandie gave birth to two boys in addition to the wonderful Kristyn, her cunt was not very stretched out. Obviously she had not been getting fucked like she deserved, that Michael was remedying.

It was so hot taking Sandie from behind, but Michael knew that he couldn’t fuck forever. He called Kristyn over and had her lie on her mother’s back with her legs spread wide. Michael had an audience by now; both Debbie and Robyn were watching and playing with their pussies. Having them look on was very erotic and gave him renewed strength. Michael fucked both women at once. Sandie would get a bevy of short, fast strokes and then he would switch over to Kristyn’s tight cunt and give her the same. Michael had them both moaning and thrusting back when it was her turn.

Michael was getting tired switching between Kristyn and her mom, so the next time he was in Kristyn he pulled her up onto him and her legs automatically wrapped around his waist. Michael bounced her on his dick, sending her into orgasm after orgasm. Kristyn was light as a feather and made a great sex-yoyo. He felt his own orgasm approaching, which he wanted to hold off as long as possible, so he set Kristyn down next to her mom. Michael sat down in the chair to catch his breath.

After a few short minutes, Debbie climbed onto the chair and lowered herself down on Michael’s still hard, but rested cock. The soft, wet folds of Debbie’s pussy surrounded Michael’s big cock as his shaft disappeared in her ‘Tunnel of Love.’ Debbie started slow, but built up to a fast, hard bounce on Michael’s lap, more specifically on his swollen shaft. She enjoyed her ride moaning and climaxing until Michael lifted her off and set her on the floor with the other naked women.

“I’ve only got one load left and I wanted to share it with all of you. So please gather close to each other.” His cousins cuddled with each other, arms and legs joined in a massive human puzzle. “Good job girls, a little closer together.” The naked women snuggled as close as they could, cheek to cheek and tit to tit. “Perfect, now smile big and get ready.” They look so hot together like that. Michael pumped his cock merrily as it swelled. He kept it trained on the women as he came. It was like an accident in slow motion. His first shot anchored itself in Robyn’s dark hair, the main stream of jizz swooping in a tight arc to land on her forehead and trailing between her eyes and down her nose. Debbie shared a similar fate, his second stream squirted across her face from right temple to left cheek. Sandie and Kristen’s first deposits from Michael also hit their faces then pooled together where their faces were pressed hard against one another. Michael’s last spurts painted Debbie’s, Robyn’s, Sandie’s and Kristyn’s breasts as he emptied all the spooge he had left. With their obvious family appearances, they look like sisters at a Bukakke festival. He fell back into the chair getting his strength back.

The women were giggling and slurping as they cleaned the cum off of each other with their tongues and fingers. Michael waited until they were finished, “OK, we’ve been gone a long time, let’s get dressed. Robyn was about to put her panties back on when Michael said, “Don’t worry about your underwear, just shove them under Debbie’s bed.” The four cousins shoved their bras and panties under the bed. Then they finished getting dressed as the rain began to pound on the roof.

Michael stood in front of his delicious cousins and shook his head. “There is no way we can all troop downstairs without raising a lot of suspicion, besides you all looked well fucked, some more than others.’ Michael listened to the rain landing on the roof while he tried to think of a plan. “I’ve got it! You ladies go down the back outside stairs and get good and cleaned off by the rain. It will cool you and wash all the sweat and cum from your bodies. You can then seek shelter from the rain. I’ll ‘just having woken up from a nap’, go down the inner stairs and no one will be the wiser.” The ladies nodded in agreement then went down the back stairs.

Michael got dressed and walked downstairs, yawning. Little did he know it, but Dr. Claiborne’s plan had gone perfectly. A fine, upstanding Jehovah’s Witness family had taken the first step towards destruction through blatant incest. All Michael knew was that his dreams had started to come true and four of his beautiful cousins were ready to fuck him at the drop of a hat.

- – - – -

The girls got totally soaked, and cleaned, and then went inside the house or to shelter in the yard and out buildings. Unfortunately, their wet tops clung to their bra-less boobs causing at least one raised eyebrow. The ladies, of course, just acted as if everything was normal. Kristyn spotted her dad and brothers sitting together at a covered picnic table. She sat next to them and asked with an innocent expression on her face, “Hey boys, I’ll be needed some help changing and drying once we get home, do ya think you can help?”

When Michael entered the kitchen he was pulled aside by his Aunt Diane. She spoke to him in a soft voice, “Next weekend I have a project for you, OK? Your skills are required to attend to something near and dear to my heart.” Michael would not of made anything of the request, but Aunt Diane’s hand squeezing his butt cheek before she moved off made it all too clear. He resolved to make some time for her next weekend. She may be in her sixties, but she had passed on her fabulous tits to her daughters and he really wanted to enjoy them.

Thus another family picnic went by, but things among the relatives in this family would never be the same.

Michael only thought of two things the entire week, and it wasn’t work either. He thought about how he had sex with his four favorite cousins, in the same room at the same time! He also thought about how his Aunt Diane had come on to him and how he had vowed to take Aunt Diane with her massive mammaries during the following weekend!

It was now that next weekend. Michael’s cousins had not come around during the week, so he’d thought that he would visit some of them after popping by Aunt Diane’s house. He still had to cum inside of Kristyn. She was his second cousin and Michael wanted to shoot his baby-making seed deep into her womb. Michael figured that giving Kristyn a baby was the least he could do for his cousin, besides he wanted to fuck her while she was pregnant! That was for later, now it was Aunt Diane’s turn to ‘Feel the Love’.

Michael pulled into the driveway at Diane’s house. The door to the garage was open and the only car to be seen was Diane’s. He parked in the drive and knocked on the open front door. Michael heard his aunt say, “Come in Michael”, from somewhere in the house. He entered letting the screen door slam with a rattle. Michael went into the kitchen expecting to find Aunt Diane. He was surprised to find the kitchen empty. Michael almost jumped out of his skin when he felt two hands massaging his shoulder and neck. The hands moved his head around until he felt two hot lips kissing his. Michael turned towards the lips returning the kiss. He had never been kissed like this before, the passion and energy was fantastic.

As Michael turned he felt a pair of big soft breasts pressed against him and knew that it was Diane and she was still hot, despite her sixty four years and giving birth to three daughters. He picked her up and perched her atop a stool and drank her vision in. She had lovely black hair coffered up on top of her head and flowing down to the base of her bare neck. Diane was wearing a housecoat, her short legs uncovered and crossed in a seductive manner. Michael could see that she was naked under that housecoat, a portion of her left breast peeked out from behind the gap between the edges of the coat. Diane’s mouth was flashing him a coy smile as her eyes watched his gaze rove over her body.

“What about your husband?” Michael asked. “I would rather not get Uncle Bob mad at me.

“Don’t worry, lover. He’s out beating the drum and getting more converts for the Kingdom, he won’t be back for hours. I wish the man would take up golf and leave those poor people alone. Now, carry me up to my bedroom and do what you did to my daughters.”

Michael picked her small body up in his arms. “Don’t forget Kristyn, your grand daughter, she was there too.”

“I haven’t forgotten, I just hope you have half the energy for me that you used to please those cousins of yours.” Diane nuzzled his throat, making her point even more obvious.

“Don’t worry your sweet little head,” he replied as he rushed up the stairs two at a time. “I’ve got plenty of energy for the pushin’ into your cushin’.” Diane giggled as her nephew Michael manhandled her up the stairs and plunked her down on the queen size bed that she shared with his Uncle Bob.

Michael looked down at his aunt splayed on her back in the center of the bed. Her body showed some of the effects of time and the birthing and suckling of three beautiful little girls, but she kept herself in shape. Her face showed the strain of past years, her tits sagged some, and her legs had some age spots, but Diane was one willing, sexy bitch and ready for Michael’s big, hard cock.

He never lost eye contact with his exposed, loving aunt while he removed his clothes. Diane looked up at Michael and licked her lips waiting for him to take her needy body. Her lust had over-ridden any doubts she may have had, she was raring to go and her eyes showed it. Michael saw the lust in Aunt Diane’s eyes and moved onto the bed. His hand touched her ankle and she gasped at the contact. Michael slowly slid his hand up her soft leg.

Diane was moaning as Michael’s hand roved closer and closer to her honey pot. His hands soothed her trembling thighs then detoured north to her soft tummy. Michael’s finger traced slow circles around her sensitive belly button. Diane moaned, it had been so long since she had felt such a loving touch. “You know, your uncle used to be great in the sack, until he got older and more involved with the ‘Kingdom’. Our sex life was condensed to the mandatory Saturday night token event, until he had his prostate operation. After that, I was limited to my own fingers and a vibrator I managed to sneak into the house.”

“Don’t worry auntie; I’ll take care of your needs.” He said and his hands cupped her old, but still meaty, tits. Michael jiggled them in his hands like he was checking fruit in the market. His mouth covered hers in a hungry kiss and he squeezed her ripe melons. Diane’s groan was swallowed by Michael’s mouth as their tongues caressed each other.

“Take me now nephew, your auntie’s pussy is all yours.” Michael shifted placing his distended organ at the dripping entrance to her Garden of Earthly Delights. He then guided his tool in. Diane almost sobbed in joy as Michael’s pulsing meat filled her needy hole. He was eager to please Diane; after all, she was his favorite aunt, so he pushed with his hips until his balls rested against her soft ass cheeks.

“Did I fill you full Aunt Diane?” She nodded answering his question. Michael waited a moment until his aunt’s pussy relaxed around his large cock, and then he began a steady rhythm of long slow strokes that caused his aunt to become limp and relish the experience of a long needed fuck. Michael watched her massive boobs quiver as his dick was stopped deep within Diane’s sopping quim again and again.

Michael felt his aunt climax. He was far from ready, so he chuckled and continued drilling with his hard tool. Diane came back down from her rush of pleasure to find Michael still rutting in her cunt like his entire existence depended on him depositing his load in her womb; even though she had undergone menopause and was no longer fertile.

Diane’s whole body shook as Michael fucked her faster and harder. His cock was almost a blur as he pounded into her overflowing pussy. Michael was now close to release and grabbed her tits for better support as he slammed his hard meat into her. Diane’s scream of pleasure joined Michael’s as his dick was thrust solid into the depths of her vagina and lodged there while his spooge pumped into her.

They were just resting, regaining their strength with Michael’s head pillowed on her immense mammaries. Her huge tits that showed the passionate claw marks his fingers had made. Diane’s fingers were caressing Michael’s brown hair as his cum leaked out of her satisfied cunt onto the bedspread.

The slamming of the screen door broke the relaxed mood in the master bedroom. Michael was about to leap up and get dressed when Kristyn’s voice called out for her grandmother. Now Diane was alarmed and tried to push Michael off of her, but he kept his weight on her as she struggled in vain. He knew that Kristyn would be nonplussed by finding her grandma and him naked in bed together.

Kristyn’s footsteps sounded on the stairs as Diane pleaded with Michael to hide and let her get dressed. He just started sucking on one of her soft tits as he held her there. Kristyn heard the sucking and struggling noises as she reached the top of the stairs. A big smile of satisfaction came upon her face and she stormed into the master bedroom to find her cousin lying on top of her grandma and sucking on one of her huge jugs. “I knew it! As soon as I saw Michael’s car here, I knew he was fucking you Grandma!”

Michael finally let Diane sit-up on the bed letting go of here boob in the process. Diane’s arms covered her chest and vagina as much as they could while she tried to explain, “I… erm… I fainted an…and your cousin tried to revive me, tha… that’s why my house coat is off. I’m so embarrassed, will you both leave and let me get dressed!” Michael grabbed his clothes and they both went into the hallway, Michael closing the door behind him.

Kristyn stopped Michael from putting on his shorts. “Let me clean you up cousin, you wouldn’t want your messy dick put away in those shorts.” Kristyn dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked until the big hunk of the ten inch meat was spotless. Kristyn let Michael’s saliva coated semi-hard dick fall from her mouth. She gave a sigh of longing as he got dressed.

As they walked to Michael’s car he talked to Kristyn. “I’ll tell you Kristyn, your grandma is no spring chicken, but she keeps in shape and can still fuck like a trooper. Boy was she surprised to see you looking in at her and me naked after a good fucking. She’ll never live that down, haha. By the by, how did you get here anyway? If I remember correctly you could never get a ride anywhere.”

Kristyn looked very satisfied with herself. “It’s amazing how many of the boys in school will give me a ride at the drop of a zipper. All it takes is a little ole blow-job and they’ll take me where ever I want to go.” She tried to look innocent as she asked, “Are you gonna want a blow-job for taking me home?” Michael returned her innocent gaze with a look that could have frozen molten steel.

His cold look traveled down her nubile body taking in the backless pink cotton top that left her midriff bare and led to blue jean short shorts that barely covered her toned thighs. From there it was down her long supple legs to a pair of black high heeled sandals. Kristyn was outfitted for easy access to her hot, young body. “What if I wanted more, what if I wanted to play with you awhile?”

“I’m sure we can detour to your place, Michael, on the way home.” the high-school vixen said with a naïve smile. Michael returned her smile and climbed into his red and grey Ford Bronco. He drove to his two story house that was in a quiet neighborhood, Kristyn’s long blonde hair waving in the breeze from the open windows. Kristin’s hands were busy the entire ride making sure that Michael was cocked and ready for the upcoming festivities. Michael was still in amazement, for he still had no idea what came over these girls since that barbecue, and more than that he does not know what came over Kristyn, who was once to shy to even hug and say hello to him.

Kristyn had no hesitation in showing that she was her cousin’s current distraction in his life, even though Michael wanted to keep all liaisons with the women of his family under the radar screen. She got out of the truck on his side and clung to his arm like he was her favorite lifeguard and she was in the deep end. Michael managed to get her into the house without any of the neighbors seeing, not that they knew who Kristyn was, but you could never be too careful.

Once the front door was shut, Kristyn went about overpowering Michael with a sloppy French kiss. He felt her fingers trying to pull his shorts down, she wanted to fuck now! Michael scooped her up in his arms, their passionate kiss never breaking. He laid her on his bed and stood, pulling his lips from her energetic mouth. They both raced to lose their clothes, Kristyn beating Michael only because she left her heels on.

Kristyn laid on her back with her legs spread wide open waiting for Michael to ravage her. “Turn over you slut, on your hands and knees. I want to drive by baby-making sperm deep into your womb when I come. I want you to waddle around your school with a big pregnant belly while you suck all those High School boys off.

Rolling over, Kristyn got onto her hands and knees. Michael was just slipping out of his sneakers when Kristyn looked over her shoulder with a mischievous smile on her face. “You might have some competition in trying to knock me up. Last night I finally got my dear-ole-dad to fuck me. Why do men have to be so difficult about things that are gonna happen anyway?”

“Well, if your dad got a head start I better get on the stick… erm get you on my stick.” Michael guided his hard dick into the entrance to her moist fuck-hole. He slapped Kristyn hard on the ass and drove his cock deep into her. Kristyn let out a gasp as he roughly filled her pussy all the way up. Michael didn’t give her a chance to adjust, but started fucking her with his stiff shaft. He enjoyed seeing her meaty tits bounce and quiver as he slammed his body into the high-schooler.

Kristyn was moan and groaning as Michael thrust his dick into her deep, fleshy trench. She started thrusting back, really sending her boobs into an erotic dance on her toned chest. The knowledge that he was going to spurt his seed into his cousin’s tight cunt and fulfill one of his fantasies brought him to the edge very fast. Michael groaned, “I’m cumming!” just as he flooded Kristyn’s sopping pussy with his fresh, hot sperm.

Feeling Michael shoot his hot thick wad into her, Kristyn stroked her clit, trying to reach her own climax. Just as his orgasm was petering out, hers rolled over her in a wave. Kristyn’s clenching love-muscles milked the final trickle of sperm from Michael’s cock. They lay there a moment, two lovers sweaty and spent from their afternoon delight.

Grabbing her pink cotton top, Michael wedged it into her full cunt as he pulled his limp dick out. “That will keep my seed in you and I’ll guarantee that if you weren’t pregnant, you will be by the time you get home.” Kristyn waited until Michael had his shoes and shorts on, and then wrapped her naked body around him. “Take me home stud!” she demanded.

Michael just shrugged, acquiescing to Kristyn’s decision and carried her down to his truck. Much to his chagrin, she acted liked the home coming queen as he drove to her parent’s house.

Kristyn hopped out of the truck before it had fully stopped and traipsed into the house without a care in the world. At first Michael was alarmed, but then he realized that she had nothing to hide and just might give her little brothers a thrill. Michael drove home satisfied, and the melody of Dr. Claibourne’s hypnotic destruction lingers on.

Dr. Cynthia Claiborne relaxed on a grassy knoll. She liked to ponder in the quietness of the unblemished country of upstate New York, that is except for her spacious estate house, exceptions had to be made for the privileged few. Or maybe the clever few. Now, what to do about my favorite group of deviant women?

Kristyn was not pregnant, but it was a close call and she was coming along nicely as a slut. Her mom’s monthly reports from college informed her of that. Speaking of Sandie, she was pleasing her cousin Michael twice weekly, as was Robyn. The three sisters had worked out a schedule, each seeing him three days apart, that way they could build up their cum and sexual urges to give him their best. But now Debbie was in India, so her two sisters were filling in for her. That’s because if one of the sisters could not make the date another one would take her place. This took care of Monday through Thursday, leaving Sunday as a day of rest. Every stud needs a little down time. I’m really proud of myself, given the way it has worked out.

It seems that Debbie was very interested in Pilate’s, yoga and meditation. Dr. Claiborne had contacts in India, so she made sure that Debbie was also learning about the Kama Sutra and advanced sexual techniques. That way she could teach her sisters and cousins when she got back. Debbie was receiving advanced meditational and sexual instructions by several beautiful Indian trainers who taught her powerful tounge techniques to make a woman’s pussy climax more, and a man’s cock to explode by the intense friction of the tounge. She also learned special vagina techniques on how to contract her muscles tight, bi – latereally, right before a man cums. When Debbie returned to the states she opened up her Pilates school with her now lesbian lover. Together they conducted classes to draw in young women eagered to learn Pilates and sexual meditation to please their men even more.

As time went by, Dr. Claiborne learned more about the sister’s extended family. This spurred Cynthia on even more, making Michael a Holy cause, considering how the females of his family had treated him in his formative years and the way some still treated him. Michael was always treated as the black sheep of the family, only by fault due to him being out numbered by many females out weighing the men in the family. Michael was always a good boy and turned into a real fine gentleman, but with a lonely heart. Michael was never given the respect and love that was well deserved. Michael is well talented, an accomplished musician on guitar and a proficient Martial arts enthusiast. Michael has a wide range of taste for music such as Rock, Jazz, Blues and Country. The only problem is that women and the times would not realte to Michael’s interest. This is why he would have such a hard time in holding a relationship. Here in the new 2000 Millenium what woman would be interested in a man playing guitar and enjoying martial arts? What woman would want to listen to Country Music while all of the sluts are blasting their Rap, Techno and Hip Hop? The first bitches that Dr. Claiborne wanted to ‘fix’ were Michael’s sisters. Since they lived in Pennsylvania, she would have to go on a road trip.

- – - – -

It was mild day on November 7, 2000. Dr. Claiborne was almost to where Michael’s sisters lived so she kept an eye out. She pulled up at the security gate of the “Hideaway” a large community set within the woods of Pennsylvania. Dr. Claiborne explained to the guard on duty that she was a doctor and was coming to visit Laurie Sxxxxxi and Cheryl Wxxxxxxs. “Will you please ring for one of them, I have letter of introduction from their cousins.” A disembodied voice cracked over a speaker and she was told to drive in, and pull off to the side and wait. The gate rose and Dr. Claiborne drove her Dodge Durango through the gate and parked next to the guard shack.

A short time later Cynthia saw a tan Ford Expedition appear out of the woods and speed down the road to the guard shack. The truck had barely screeched to a halt when a frazzled looking woman leapt from behind the steering wheel and burst through the door of the guard shack.

Cynthia got out of her Durango and zipped her coat up. It was a bit colder here in November compared to the Indian Summer back in New York City. The woman had wavy dark brown hair and was wearing a blue speckle short sleeve dress. Apparently she had forgotten her coat in her haste. The foxy woman looked as much pissed-off as worried. She strode towards Cynthia puffing on a long cigarette.

“Are you the doctor? Are my cousins alright? Why did you drive here? Why didn’t someone call?” Dr. Claiborne leaned against her truck waiting for Laurie to run out of steam and stop talking.

“I am Doctor Claiborne and your cousins, Debbie, Robyn and Sandie, are all in perfect health.” Laurie’s expression showed relief for a moment and then turned angry. “As a matter of fact, they suggested that I come down and see you and your sister. They feel that since I helped them to enjoy life more, I could help you also.”

Laurie was still angry, but felt a little sheepish for getting so worked up over nothing. “Well, my shift at the clubhouse is over now anyway, why don’t you follow me to my house. We can have a more private discussion there.” She looked at the obviously interested guards in the shack. “Anyway, I’m freezing.” Dr. Claiborne could see that, her large nipples were trying to rip through the top of her dress. Dr. Claiborne got into her Durango and followed Laurie to her house. Even though she wouldn’t show it, Dr. Claiborne was glad to get back into the heated truck.

Dr. Claiborne followed Laurie to a split level brick and aluminum sided ranch. Laurie pulled into the garage and Dr. Claiborne parked in the driveway. The ladies entered the house through the garage. The house was nice and warm and Laurie started to unfasten her dress as she walked to her bedroom. “Just make yourself at home, I’ll be right out. I’m just gonna slip into something more comfortable.” A few moments later Laurie appeared in a pair of shorts and a skimpy pink top that left her midriff and back bare. She was puffing on one of her long cigarettes. “I know it’s a dirty habit, but if people don’t like it, tough! I feel so much better now that I’ve changed.” Dr. Claiborne had taken her coat off and looked at the untidy, but clean house.

Laurie started to make herself a daiquiri and asked Dr. Claiborne if she wanted one. Soon the two were toasting like old friends. “May you be happier when I have gone, cheers.” After Dr. Claiborne’s toast they moved into the living room to be more comfortable. “I perform hypnotherapy and your cousins have been very happy with my treatments. You can read for yourself.” Dr. Claiborne handed Laurie a sealed envelope. “Your Cousin Debbie was nice enough to recommend me to you and your sister. It wasn’t too far to drive down to help Debbie’s cousins.”

Laurie finished reading the letter from Debbie and appeared more relaxed as she folded it back up and returned to the envelope. “Debbie has a lot of good things to say about you and your treatment. I think that Cheryl will be most impressed and will want the treatment; I know that I do. Can you do it enough to help in one session?

Dr. Claiborne nodded her head, “Yes. It may take a little longer of a session, but if you, and your sister, are open enough I can do what is needed. I can do the treatment right here.” Laurie seemed eager to begin and fidgeted while Dr. Claiborne closed the curtains and dimmed the light in the room. “There, this will do just fine. Lay back on the couch and relax.” Dr. Claiborne pulled a small circular disk (about the size of a half dollar coin) from her pocket, held it in front of Laurie and pushed a button on the back. A sequential sequence of lights began blinking on and off in front of Laurie and soon she was in a hypnotic trance. “Tell me about your childhood and your family.” She went down easier than her cousins did. First I need to learn all that I can from her then a little ‘helpful programming.

Cynthia played with herself as she listened to Laurie’s story. Laurie is the mangaer and barmaid of the Hideaway’s clubhouse. On the side and in the past Laurie has worked as a Barmaid for hot Dance Clubs, which played all of that music which Michael despised and young women from 18 to 32 would come in and dance it up with their hunky boyfriends, some of those women being her daughter, Chrissy’s friends. Laurie has never worked in a strip club yet. Soon Cynthia told Laurie to take off all her clothes and masturbate. Laurie’s breasts were a supreme 38D. Cynthia was getting off on how Laurie moaned and panted as she told her innermost secrets. It turns out that Laurie’s ex-husband’s new wife, Andrea, was making prank calls to her and calling Laurie a pig and making squealing sounds over the phone. This is the same ex-husband that had married Laurie when she was just eighteen and had molested Cheryl starting when she was only eight! I’m sure that Cheryl will tell me more when I hypnotize her. Andrea would always prank call Laurie to ask when is her husband going to fuck Cheryl or when is Michael going to fuck her. Laurie went on to tell Cynthia about the operations she had done to make her sexier, like getting implants and having liposuction. Laurie had also had her tubes tied, but didn’t have sex with her new husband, who she didn’t like or respect. It’s good for her that she can’t get pregnant anymore considering the things I’m going to have her do!

As Laurie finished her story, Cynthia orgasmed. Laurie had climaxed twice and was still playing with her cunt. Cynthia had her stop and get dressed again. Laurie got dressed then sat patiently waiting for further instructions. Once Cynthia had straightened her clothes she started programming Laurie. “The first most important instruction to you is that you will never again be mean to your brother. Actually, when you hear his voice you will become aroused and want to please him, regardless of where you are or who you are with. Also you will be attracted to all of your female relations and will also want to have sex with them. You will never again wear a bra or panties, but always wear garters and stockings. They will be like a second skin for you, taken off only for baths and replaced every morning.”

“Last, but not least, when anyone calls you a ‘pig’ you will take off all your clothes, get on all fours and like a sow in heat, try to get men to fuck you. You will be like this until you are fucked unconscious. You will remember and obey all these instructions, but not my giving them to you. Do you understand?” Laurie nodded her head ‘yes’. “I’m going to count down from five to wake you up. You will wake up feeling refreshed and happy. Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Wake-up!”

Blinking her eyes, Laurie woke up. Her eyes focused on Dr. Claiborne. “Wow! I feel great, thank you. I’m sure that my sister will like this too.” Laurie looked at her watch. Cheryl’s shift ends soon; let’s go over to the clubhouse and get something to eat while we wait for her. Hold on a second please.” Laurie slipped into her bedroom and tugged on a pair of tight blue jeans. She then threw on a winter coat and led Dr. Claiborne to their trucks. They drove separately, Dr. Claiborne explaining that after her session with Cheryl, she had to drive back to New York.

The inside of the clubhouse was dark and it took Dr. Claiborne a moment for her eyes to adjust. Laurie was looking around for her sister. “I know she’s logging out from her shift. Just wait here while I find her and then we can find a private room.” As Laurie made her way to the office, Dr. Claiborne sat at an empty table and looked around. My what an interesting mix; the men still in their business attire or hurriedly changed into jeans and a flannel shirt, so they could be here for happy hour. The women dressed like sluts, eager to get their illicit mating started. The Hideaway, despite being a beautiful family community has it’s dirty little secrets. There was a high amount of cheating and sex that goes on beyond those security gates. To many married women and men wind up cheating on each other and there are various amounts of sexual activities that occur. Strip polka seems to be a weekend past time.

Laurie returned in a few minutes followed by her sister. Cheryl didn’t have the large boobs that Laurie did, but she more than made up for it with her ponderous ass-flesh. She was cute in a whorish kind of way. Cheryl was still dressed in the outfit she had worn while she was passing on drinks to the ‘respectable’ patrons of the clubhouse, a short black skirt and a short-sleeved puffy blouse that didn’t show her bust, or lack-there-of, to the crowd.

Laurie introduced Cheryl and they moved off to an empty party room. First Laurie and then Dr. Claiborne explained about the session after Cheryl had read Debbie’s letter. Cheryl noticed how happy and relaxed her sister was and agreed to the treatment. Dr. Claiborne ushered Laurie out and locked the door behind her, “That’s so we won’t be disturbed while you are under. It could be most unfortunate if some one interrupted us, Cheryl.” She nodded her head telling Dr. Claiborne that she understood. Dr. Claiborne then scowled and told Cheryl to put out her cigarette. Cheryl crushed out the cigarette stained with hot baby pink lipstick.

Dr. Claiborne put Cheryl under using her flashing gadget. She then had Cheryl remove all her clothing, and begin getting her self off. Cynthia then had Cheryl tell her about her life. She went to dance school and was a contestant in the Miss Teen USA beauty pageant when she was 16. Through Cheryl’s story, Cynthia verified that she had been molested when she was eight. The abuse from Laurie’s ex-husband continued until Cheryl was addicted to sex. Cheryl was a wild child in High School and up to this present time. She was very rebelious when she was younger, and the female sluts she made friends with would always help fulfill her most Bi – Sexual fantasies. Just like Laurie, Cheryl never got along with Michael, they basically hated each other. About this time Cheryl had a mind blowing orgasm. She is now seeing a therapist for a sexual addiction whose name was Joan, but it hasn’t helped in the lustful atmosphere of the Hideaway. When Cynthia would return to New York, she would quickly get the papers prepared to forward to Joan to have Cheryl’s records forwarded to her, but not to help cheryl, but to take the info to manipulate Cheryl’s mind even more. Cheryl was married once, but it only lasted a couple of years. She now lived with a boyfriend, Joe, at a chalet in the Hideaway. Cheryl moved in with Laurie in 1997, upon escaping from New York when her divorce was final, and soon found herself as Laurie’s employee at the Clubhouse where she met many whore friends, and eventualy Joe, 38 years old, and preceded to move in with him. She also found out that their mother, Dolores, had visited her daughters at the Hideaway, and revealed to Cynthia a very dark secret about Joe in relation to her mother. “Hmmm, I’m going to have to visit with Dolores when I get back to New York.”

Cynthia had Cheryl finish playing with her sopping cunt then started the programming of the self-proclaimed slut. She programmed her relations to her brother and female family members the same as she had with her sister. Most of the things she programmed Cheryl with were almost the same. A glaring difference was that when Laurie was acting like a sow she would encourage the men there to fuck her and would then blow the men until they were erect so they could fuck Laurie again, maybe again and again until Laurie passed out. My work here is done, well almost.

Dr. Claiborne left the sisters at the bar; swilling mixed drinks and trying to pick-up some muscle bound jocks. She waved goodbye to the smutty sisters and called out to Laurie, “Laurie…” Laurie turned to look at the doctor who was about to leave the clubhouse. “Laurie… you’re a pig.” The last things Dr. Claiborne heard were Laurie grunting, snorting and squealing and Cheryl urging the men near her to fuck her sister; that she was in heat and needed to be fucked.

Michael’s father’s heredity was Native American and Hungarian. His grandmother also went by the Jewish Faith. Michael’s father never followed the Jewish faith but was more interested in his father’s Native American heritage, however Michael’s three aunts, Rochelle, Stephanie and Mona all followed the faith, and Mona brought up her kids to follow it very strictly. The other aunt, Aunt Diane, married Bob, who followed the Jehovah practice, and they raised their three girls to follow it to the extreme. Michael’s mom’s side of the family is all Italian based.

Michael’s parents brought up their three kids with Catholicism. Michael was born in 1974, the youngest out of three children. Although Michael was loved through out his childhood and had many pleasant memories of those times, he was always the black sheep of the family. The reasons being, is that Laurie was the oldest by thirteen years and that was a big age gap. Another reason is because there were too many women in the family that out numbered the males, and they were mostly all his cousins. Michael was also one of the youngest of the many cousins which still did not help. When Michael was growing up, many of the older cousins would always stay together, and he could never be a part of that. The oldest of the cousins was Aunt Diane’s daughter, Debbie, born in 1957. Michael was always closer to the cousins on his mother’s side of the family than his father’s, mainly because he saw much more of them growing up, and because the difference in Religions kept his father’s side of the family more distant. Aunt Mona was strict in the Jewish Faith and Aunt Diane with the Jehovah association. Jehovahs’ were very strict. They do not smoke, they do not believe in the American flag, and most of all very restrictive in sex. They do not believe in oral sex, facials or pleasurable wild sex.

Debbie married her husband Jim in 1979, who they both met through the Jehovah association. Michael was five years old while Debbie was 21. Michael had very vague memories of this wedding. He was dragged to the ceremony by his parents which was held in Kingdom Hall. Michael did not know who a handful of his cousins were on his father’s side due because of hardly ever seeing them and the big age gap. For sure, Michael did not know who this woman was on September 9, 1979. Michael sat through a wedding ceremony, wining and crying like a young kid would, while the woman who he would massively fuck someday day, was being wed and he would break the vows that her and Jim have made. Jim was a hairy man who wore a beard. He was nothing much to look at, but Debbie must have loved those hairy types back then. The following December of 1979, Aunt Diane’s other daughter; Sandie married her husband Tony, also through the Jehovah association. Sandie was only 19 years old, way too young to end her life and become an old maid. Debbie never bored any children, but Sandie gave birth to a beautiful girl in June of 1982. Her name was Kristyn.

In June of 1980, Michael’s sister, Laurie, married at only 18 years old, fresh out of High School. She married a man who was sexually molesting Michael’s other sister Cheryl, since she was 8 years old, and who finally fucked her good at twelve. This was not known to anyone until 1986, when Laurie would divorce, but by then Cheryl was already sexually trained. She was always the problem child. She was very rebellious in High School, and was going wild with sex between men and women. Laurie had two girls, Chrissy and Sheri. Chrissy was born in 1981, only seven years difference from Michael. Michael was very jealous of her for replacing him as the baby of the family, and years later made him hate his niece. They never got along and it caused heavy friction between Laurie and Michael which only became worse and worse. His other niece, Sheri was born in 1984.

As for Michael’s parents, they enjoyed a very active sex life though out the sixties and seventies, and enjoyed many 1970′s porno films together. Many, which starred the porn legend of Kay Parker who mom always idolized. One night when Michael was only four years old around 1978 or 1979, he woke up one night by loud yelling coming from his parent’s room. Little Michael got up from his bed and worked his way to their room to investigate to find the bed room door shut. As he opened the unlocked door, he saw his mom flat on her back in the bed with her ass lifted high in the air and her legs spread apart to the fullest, and saw his father standing on the bed and fucking her like a pogo stick. Mom was truly enjoying it, and there little Michael was speechless to see his mom’s big tits with nipples like erasers. When mom saw Michael, the fucking quickly stopped as she jumped out of her bed, startled, and hurried to shut the door in Michael’s face, leaving him crying back to his bed, not understanding what the hell any of that was about. Michael would never ever forget that sight for as long as he lived. Somewhere in the early 1980′s, Michael’s parents’ marriage went wrong some where, and mom was not getting any sex anymore, and through out the 80′s and 90′s would remain sexless in a miserable hopeless marriage. More on that coming up.

Michael was growing up on the right track and having so much fun, despite being a black sheep. He never had any complaints about his child hood. At nine years old, he was going for guitar lessons and was devoting himself musically at a very early age. His favorite music at the time was Country Music. He was also studying Martial arts at a very early age. Michael was in the fourth grade, with a strict bitch of a teacher. She was a young teacher, who had no patience with children, but one day during a Math lesson, Michael was getting very stressed out, and somehow he started flinching in his desk, making his penis feel a little funny. The more it felt funny, the more he kept doing it until Michael had a burning sensation in his penis as he stared hard at his teacher’s breasts. Michael was scared because he did not know what was happening to his penis, but it really felt good. This was the first time that Michael came, and everyday in school he would do it until it happened again, and each time he would look at his teacher. Michael did not know anything about sex at this age, and did not understand what all of this meant, but somehow women were making him do this with his penis. Cum was not developed yet in his sac, that when he climaxed, little squirts of urine would come out. Eventually, Michael would ejaculate using his hands, instead of flinching in his seat, and was fantasizing to, not only his teacher, but also to many of the hot celebrities of the time, such as Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Emma Samms, Heather Locklear, Priscilla Presley and Catherine Bach, otherwise known as Daisy Duke.

By the time 1986 rolled around, Michael was a very good musician and proficient in Martial Arts. He was often told by grown ups that someday girls would like those talents when he would be ready for High School. Cheryl was a senior in High school and a total whore. Just like Laurie, her and Michael never got along, but as much as Michael hated her, she too was causing him to fantasize about her. At twelve years old, he would sneak into her bedroom to go through her bureau drawers to look at her lingerie. Many times he would put on a pair of her panties and the feeling of the fabric against his penis would make him cum right there. Michael still did not understand what sex was, only that women were making him ejaculate. Sex was never discussed by his parents, and was left too much in the dark. At this time, Cheryl confessed what Laurie’s husband has been doing to her all of these years, which was not a pretty sight, but it was already too late, for the damage was done. Now it is May and she was getting ready to graduate from High School.

Michael’s taste in music expanded to Rock, Pop, Jazz and the oldies. Michael would grow a love for the music of the 50′s and 60′s due to his father who played it constantly as Michael grew up. Michael appreciated the music of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Drifters, Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, Dion and the Belmonts, The Elegants, and so much more. These were the artists who sang those great love songs that made falling in love worth wild at the age of 12, or Michael was already in love with a girl named Sara who was two years older than him in school. There was one problem, as talented and likeable Michael was, his likes were far from his time, where the style of music was already going to hell in 1986.

Aunt Diane’s daughter, Robyn was now 21 years old. It is May 1986 and Robyn was marrying Pat, another one from the strict Jehovah association. All of Michael’s years, he only thought that Aunt Diane had just Robyn, but not knowing that Debbie and Sandie were also her daughters. He never even knew who Sandie or Debbie was for that matter. He had no memory of them for they were so much older than him. Michael always knew he had more cousins from his father’s side, but was never interested in knowing, because they were so distant, but he always thought that Aunt Rochelle and Aunt Stephanie had children but they didn’t. Michael knew about Aunt Mona’s boys, Aaron and Alex, for they use to play when they were kids, but they hardly ever saw each other and they were very strict in their Jewish ways. May 24, 1986, would change everything once again. Michael was once again dragged to another wedding ceremony at Kingdom Hall. Michael did not want to go, but wanted to stay home and watch the Yankee’s play baseball on T.V. Michael had no interest in this wedding and was glad that he was not invited to the reception due to his young age. Despite Michael complaining the whole time, it was a beautiful ceremony, and Robyn looked so beautiful. She was small and looking more of 14 than 21. The wedding vow was made, another vow Michael would help break someday.

After the ceremony, the bridal party was lined up outside as the guests were greeting them. That was when Michael’s eyes strucked gold. He spotted Debbie, who did not see him, but he could not believe how beautiful this woman looked, not knowing this was his older cousin. She was a small brown haired woman with sparkling starry green eyes. Michael has never seen a woman so beautiful as her. She was 28 and looking so fine. He was more surprised when she spotted Cheryl and said hello to her, all excited to see her. Michael realized that she was a cousin of his that he never knew. As Michael was still stunned, another woman called his name and said hello. As she bent down to kiss him, he realized that the woman looked like Aunt Diane, but it was his other cousin Sandie. Long black hair, large breasts, 25 and beautiful. She was another cousin that Michael did not know he had, and both being Aunt Diane’s two older girls. Michael was not invited to the evening reception, but found out that it was a great party. A D.J played all the great oldies, all the stuff Michael would have loved to dance to if he was only invited. Michael began to give more thought to this side of his family like never before. He realized he had two beautiful cousins that he never knew of, but wanted to meet and see. Debbie remained very heavy on his mind. Michael had the opportunity to see all of them again five weeks later when his sister, Cheryl, had her high school graduation party which had a D.J and dancing. Michael was very nervous that day to introduce himself to Sandie and Debbie, even though they knew him, but Debbie saved him the trouble.

When Michael was not looking, she came up behind him and said, “Hello Michael, do you remember me?” She stood there with a beautiful smile across her face and standing with Sandie and Robyn. When everything was all squared away, Michael was reunited with two beautiful cousins he never knew he had along with Robyn. It was a long and great night as he spent the whole time with them, and danced it up. The D.J played the oldies, especially the favorite, “Shout!” Aunt Diane’s girls were all surprised that he liked the oldies. All three of Aunt Diane’s girls were soft spoken and so nice to Michael, but Michael did not have sexual fantasies for them yet, even though he was hit by the love bug. Michael was wearing a gold guitar chain around his neck, and when Sandie saw it, she said, “OOOO I like your guitar, do you play?” Then she went telling her sisters of how Michael plays the guitar and she said to him that girls in High School will like that someday.”

They all had their husbands with them that night, including Sandie’s children, Sandie’s four year old daughter, Kristyn and her two year old son. Later that summer, there was a family picnic out in Jersey, and Michael saw everyone again. This time he was a little put out because the girls gave a lot more attention to his sisters, especially Cheryl. Michael was quite jealous. He hung around with his cousin Aaron down by the lake. Debbie was also down there, sitting on a lounge chair in the sand, and reading a magazine, but when Michael saw her, his jaw just dropped. She was wearing a small pink skin tight bikini. Her breasts were like melons sticking out, and her skin was so tan and smooth from this very hot and humid 1986 summer. He could not believe the sight, and that would remain with Michael for many years, as he had his first incest fantasy. Later in the year it would also include Sandie and Robyn. Michael was always jealous of Jim, because he was married to Debbie, and it was like he was always in his way, for all Michael wanted to do is get the attention from Debbie. Debbie never wanted any children.

A year has passed to the summer of 1987. Michael, now thirteen, has hit puberty, and was always ejaculating, but still not knowing about sex. Cheryl was not in college. She was doing nothing but hanging out and whoring around with her friends. Robyn had her first baby boy, and Sandie had her third child, another boy. When Michael would ejaculate, he started to notice white fluid coming out of his penis. Michael was seeing his cousins off and on. He grown very tall and very handsome, but he was very put out in June of 1988 when all of Aunt Diane’s girls did not come to his eight grade graduation party. This was when he realized how much he was the black sheep, because had it been Laurie or Cheryl they would have been right there. Michael was now in High school and went through a two year dry spell of not seeing his cousins again. It became very distant again for awhile. By late 1989 and 1990, Michael became a sophomore and then a junior, and was having the best of times in his life. He was now 16 and a very fine young man. He was a black belt in Karate and an accomplished musician. He started playing in bands and doing sound and audio for others when he was not playing. Michael learned about sex in his freshman year when his friends started passing around porno movies. He saw how the cock goes inside of a woman. He thought that it was disgusting at first, but in no time he was enjoying it. He saw how the man would shoot his load on to the woman’s face. This excited Michael very much. He could not believe that women would love all of this, and he started looking at them very different. He thought about his family. He realized that his mother, sisters, aunts and cousins (who were all married) all experienced it, and he found it hard to believe. Now he was wondering when he was going to get his. He was looking at girls in school very different, especially since they were at the age of development. Then Michael was discovering how his cock was beginning to grow very large when erect. He noticed that his own cock was so much bigger then those he saw on any porno movie, and could not understand it. It grew a large 10 inches with three inches of thickness around, and veins all sticking out. He could not understand why it was so big. The truth is that Michael had an unusual very large cock. It was very rare. It was something that doctors would did not know at the time of his birth and because of that, none of his family knew. When he turned 16, every time he would ejaculate in the bathroom, he was beginning to shoot sperm all over the fucking place. It was cumming out as long white thick ribbons, non stop, and it was feeling so good. It would splatter all over the bathroom counter and mirrors. He could not control it.

Meanwhile Cheryl met her fiancée, and it seemed that he had cured her, for she settled down and became a very different person then the whore she always was. Michael saw Debbie and Robyn again for Aunt Mona’s Labor Day barbecue in September 1990. It was good to see them again. Michael looked all grown up with his new military flat top haircut. Debbie was looking so beautiful at 32 years old, and was complimenting Michael on his haircut and well built manly figure.

It is January of 1991. It should be a happy time. Cheryl will be married by the end of the year, but when her fiancée was away she would still act up. Something went wrong in Michael’s family in 1991. His parents were never getting along and they separated for a year. Michael was the only man in the house, to be bossed around by his mother and his sister. When Laurie would come over it would be worse, because they all ganged up on him. Laurie was married for the second time and she was still miserable. Her and mom were going through that, “I HATE MEN,” stage. Michael was innocent, but they use to give him a hard time. Michael’s mom was a real bitch and hard to get along with. During this time, Laurie was a barmaid at bars and hot dance clubs. She use to bring mom out to her employment so mom can experience freedom again and help her meet someone. Cheryl use to tag along. One Friday night, Laurie took mom to a hot dance club where girls and boys from 18 to 26 use to come and dance it up, dirty dancing. They left Michael home alone, and there is no clue what happened that night, but mom never came home. The truth is that mom was fucked that night, the first time since 1980 and would be the last time until ten years later on this exact month. Things were very rough for Michael at this time. He is 17 and still has no girlfriend. It was hell living with his mom and sisters. Cheryl and him hated each other. They use to fight and scream at each other. Cheryl was the biggest snot nose of all time, but Michael was secretly starting to develop deeper sexual fantasies for her. That summer of 91 he use to watch her from the window as she would be swimming in the pool in her hot bikini. Her ass was big and he wanted to slam it so bad. He would take out the bikini bottom from the bathroom hamper, and put it on himself, all wet from pool water, and he would jerk off in it. He wanted her to sit on his face so much. The following November she was married, but it did not last for more than two years, because she could not stay away from her wild side, and that marriage ended to quickly. By 1992, Michael’s parents were back together, but the revival did not last long either. They stayed together but were always arguing, and the both of them were miserable. Dolores would still take it out on Michael. Michael was very depressed, as his High School graduation neared. Everyone was starting to think that he was gay, because he had no girl, but before graduation came, he met his first girlfriend, Victoria, who saved him deeply. The relationship lasted for two to three years. He finally had sex, and it was so good. Although he had a steady girlfriend and although he never cheated on her, his sexual fantasies for Aunt Diane’s girls still remained. Now that he knows what sex felt like, he wanted it more than ever with his own cousins and even sisters, although he hated them. Things did not work out with Victoria some years later. Even though they enjoyed great sex and he loved her, they had nothing in common, besides love, but for Victoria, money started to take over the love. She did him wrong by breaking up with him. Michael would meet many more girlfriends, some long term some short term relationships, and he would enjoy sex with all of them, but they never lasted. What was the problem? It was very simple. It was looks, money, confusion (a young girl’s biggest problem going into her twenties), but not only that, the interests were never the same. They were never interested in Michael’s musical talents and likes. Michael discovered in High School that with him being a guitar player in a band did not attract girls at all. All of his girlfriends only cared for material things. This went on for years, and everyone started wondering what was wrong, and all figured once again that he was gay, because he could not hold a girlfriend.

It was the end of the nineties, and Cheryl was wilder then ever. Laurie and her family moved out to Pennsylvania in 1995. Cheryl left home and joined her in 97, and worked for her in the clubhouse of the Hideaway, where she met her whore friends, Susan, Denise, Missy, Dawn, Patty, Kristyn and Erin and some others. Cheryl was now in her thirties and some of those friends were around her age and some were as young as 18. You think she would set her own brother up, but instead she turned everyone against Michael. Cheryl would also meet Joe in the clubhouse and soon moved in with him. Two sexual perverts together. They experienced orgies with all of their friends. Joe’s house became the sex fun house. Then in May of 1999 the unthinkable happened. Laurie being unhappily married, participated in a threesome with Cheryl and Joe, but it was not known if Cheryl and Laurie participated in any Lesbian incest with each other. Laurie’s looks has improved over the years, and she became hotter. No wonder why Joe wanted to fuck her.

Since 1998, Michael decided to go back college, and found himself in a University with kids at a normal college age from 18 to 21. He was 24 and around all girls younger with him. Some of them became some short term relationships with him. As for his cousins, Debbie was still looking good for being in her forties, Sandie became heavy but was still so fuckable, her daughter Kristyn was now 18 years old and very cute and hot. Michael has been fantasizing over her since she was twelve. She was a very shy and withdrawn girl. She had a problem, and it was that she hears voices in her head. She was kind of in fear of the world. Robyn is also looking great for her age, now in her late thirties. She became more hot. Aunt Mona’s boys became Rabbi’s and one even married. When the family would have barbecues, everyone really did not give Michael very much time. They are always interested in their Jehovah Religion, and they would give more time to Aunt Mona’s boys now that they became Rabbi’s. It was the turn of the century. It is January of 2000. Michael just ended another failed relationship with a girl named Desiree. It was a tough time for him, but during that winter, something was happening that he did not know about. Debbie went to see a hypno – therapist named Dr. Cynthia Claiborne. The visit was to relieve her stress and increase her happiness from her boring dull unfulfilling marriage with Jim. Little did she know she was deceived by a corrupt woman whose used her talents and medical practice illegally and deceitful for the way that she wanted to see the world. She managed to tangle Sandie, Robyn and Kristyn into her web. To Michael’s surprise, he had the biggest opportunity of his life to fuck all four of them the following August at Aunt Diane’s barbecue. It did not stop there, because the melody kept lingering on.

It was Friday, January 6, 2001. It was a beginning of a new year of hope and happiness for all. It was a new year of promise. It was not this way for Dolores Ann Williams. The 56 year old wife and mother just returned home from her Friday errands. She steps out of her 1994 green metallic Chevy 4 X 4 Blazer in the driveway. Her booths steps into the deep packed snow from a New Years snowstorm. It is cold but the bright sun glares on the field of snow on the grass. She steps inside of the front door, looking at herself in the mirror of the living room. She still sees a fairly attractive woman. Her hair is brown short and kinky, and her breasts are a perfect 36c with nipples that are constantly in a state of arousal. Dolores is the type of woman who would remind any man of the famous porn star, Kay Parker, who her and Dolores’ husband, Gary, had watched many movies made by her only ten years earlier when their sex life was still wild and fulfilling.

Dolores got settled and turned the T.V on to her favorite Soap Opera, “One Life to Live,” to see her favorite Soap Opera star, Kelly Ripa. Dolores would watch her everyday at this time, including the mornings where she hosts the Morning Show with Regis Philbin. Dolores loves to fantasize over this petite blonde haired starlet. Dolores had Bi – sexual fantasies but has never pursued any of them. Dolores is very envious of all the young girls of today, 18 to 26. Girls today have become more wild and sexier. They are experiencing wonderful sex with their men. Dolores has been married to a man who has deprived her of her sexual needs for a long time now. She wishes she can experience what these young women of today are experiencing. Dolores gets very jealous riding around the streets and seeing all of the hot sexy bitches all over, making her wish she was young again.

Dolores is a mother of three children, two girls and a boy. Laurie 39, Cheryl 32 and Michael 26 and back in college. Laurie and Cheryl both live out in the country of Pennsylvania. Laurie is married and is feeling sexually deprived just as Dolores is. Laurie is very unhappy. Cheryl is not married but is living with an older man in Pennsylvania. Both girls moved out there a couple of years ago. Cheryl’s boyfriend is Joe, 38 years old. He has his own chalet house in the Hideaway Community of Pennsylvania, the same community where Laurie lives. Cheryl is very happy living with him. As for Dolores’ youngest child, Michael. To her and her daughters, Michael is a complete pain in the ass. Michael and his sisters never got along. To Dolores he is very annoying. All he does is complain. He is under a lot of stress from college and also because all of the hot college bitches does not even know he is alive. They do not want anything to do with him, otherwise known as a natural born loser. He has still not gotten over his break up of Desiree from last summer, but is very happy in fucking his own cousins, but they are not always there all the time when he needs to fulfill his needs. Dolores has her own personal problems to deal with that she does not want to hear Michael’s problems all of the time. Michael is very sexually frustrated just as bad as Dolores is.

Dolores spends a lot of her time talking to her daughters, long distance on the phone. She loves her daughters very much and has not been the same since they moved away. She is constantly complaining to Cheryl how her brother and father aggravates her and gets under her skin non stop that she cannot take it anymore. Cheryl, who has always been a wild child, has suggested that Dolores try and go out and look for a change of life. She always suggests to Dolores that she should just run away without telling anyone where she is going and come up and spend a weekend with her and Joe in Pennsylvania. Then Cheryl would always start to tease Dolores by telling her that Joe has a nice 7 inch cock ( not as big as Michael’s massive bone, which still lies unaware by his mother and sisters.). Comments like these by Cheryl would make Dolores feel embarrassed but yet very hot, although she figures that Cheryl is only joking around.

The effects of the diagnosis on Cheryl created by Dr. Claiborne from two months earlier is making her come out with these comments to Dolores. Cheryl already knows a hidden dark secret in relation to Joe and her mother. Joe once revealed to Cheryl after his threesome with her and Laurie, is that he would like an opportunity to fuck Dolores sometime. Cheryl would always laugh at that response, and tell him that it will take some miracle before her mother agrees to that. It was now Dr. Claiborne’s mission to make this happen. Her intentions is to make Michael fuck his own mother and sisters, but before that happens, she wants to have some fun with Dolores to make the event of Michael and Dolores together to be even more exciting.

When Dr. Claiborne visited Laurie and Cheryl back on November 7, 2000, a lot was revealed of their past and of their mother. It was two weeks before Christmas of last month when Dr. Claiborne started to stalk Dolores. She would stake out Michael’s house and wait until Dolores would come out to do her errands, and she would follow a distance in her Dodge Durango. It was on a Monday morning when Dolores came out to do her errands. Dolores got into her Blazer and drove around with Dr. Claiborne following not far behind. Dolores would start off by going to the bank to pull her money out of her checking account. From there she would go to CVS pharmacy to get her bathroom and body necessities. Dolores, of course were always jealous of all the hot young bitches all around, especially ones that she will catch looking at female condoms knowing what they were up to, but at the same time would make her start fantasizing Lesbian acts of them together. From CVS, she would get her medium size coffee from Dunkin Donuts, light and sweet with cream, no sugar. She would drink it as she rides around smoking on a Pall Mall Gold cigarette staining her shade of lipstick, Dusty Rose, all over the cig and her coffee cup. After the meat market, she would fill up with a tank of gas at Sunoco, wishing that there was another hole that would be filled up. From there Dolores would go to the local stationary store to play her Lotto numbers. Dr. Claiborne followed all the way, until she made the effort of accidentally bumping into Dolores as she walked out of the stationary store, causing her to drop her bags.

“Oh I am so sorry,” replied the Dr. “It’s okay hun,” replied Dolores.

“I see that your hands are full, can I help you to your car?” says the Dr. as she gazes into Dolores’ eyes.

Dolores was then overtaken by the doctor’s beauty, such a tall blonde beautiful lady over sizing her. Dolores agreed, and the both of them walked over to the Blazer. The Dr. introduced herself to Dolores, and mentioned how she has an office not to far from here. She explained how she is a doctor of Psycho Therapy. She said to Dolores of how she noticed by the look in her face that things were bothering her. This gave Dolores the perfect opportunity to open us, and was then very interested in knowing about the Doctor’s profession. The Doctor explained how it was her day off from the office but if Dolores wouldn’t mind, she would like to stop off at the house for a little consultation. Before you knew it, Dr. Claiborne has trapped another fly in her web, and was starting to suck Michael’s family into her trap like a bunch of vampires.

It was back at the house when the two sat in the kitchen together over cups of coffee. The Dr. had a long talk with Dolores and found out the things that were bothering her about her marriage and life being sexually unfulfilling and that she hasn’t been fucked since ten years ago by a muscular male stripper on a night out alone with her daughters. She explained about the aggravation at home by Michael and her husband, and how she wishes for once she can get away and find some new adventures and if she could, someday like to move to Pennsylvania by her daughters. She explained how Michael drives her up the wall by his complaining, and how she has a feeling that he is gay, because he is still single with no girlfriend.

The Doctor explained how she performs hypnosis and soon had Dolores agreeing to be put under, for the so called relaxation healing technique. She had Dolores fully under, when once again the major deception started. It was the same routine as with Michael’s cousins and sisters, but this time she did not have Dolores undress or get off. She wanted to wait until a later and a right time for Dolores to have her massive orgasm. By this, it would keep the stress within Dolores for a little longer in order for the effects of the outcome to turn out right.

Dolores stared in a motionless daze of Dr. Claiborne circular disc as she went through the process. The Dr. explained how Dolores needs to get away for some excitement and fulfillment. She suggested that Dolores wait until after the holidays are over to find it. She said after New Years, that the next time she and Michael get into a heated argument she will pack up and runaway for the weekend to Pennsylvania by Cheryl and Laurie.

“Your daughter, Cheryl is living with an older man of 38 years old. He has fantasies of fucking you Dolores, and Cheryl is in agreement with it. You, Cheryl and your other daughter Laurie will be together in one night to participate in inappropriate and unnatural things together, and he will fulfill you for only a temporary amount of time. When it is over you will feel relaxed, but as the weeks go by you will remember this night and your body would start to ache for so much more until the next heated argument with you and Michael will make you start wanting him, YOUR OWN SON, DOLORES, YOU WILL CRAVE YOUR OWN SON’S COCK, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME DOLORES ANN WILLIAMS, YOU WILL FUCK YOUR SON, YOUR LITTLE BABY. IN THIS KITCHEN WHERE WE ARE SITTING YOU WILL PARTICIPATE IN INCEST WITH YOUR BOY. YOUR BODY WILL BE NAKED. HE WILL HOLD HIS MOMMY IN HIS ARMS AS YOU DID WHEN HE WAS A BABY. DOLORES ANN WILLIAMS YOU WILL RECEIVE MICHAEL’S LOAD, AND YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. NOW WAKE UP, AND U WILL FORGET EVERYTHING I TOLD YOU UNTIL THE RIGHT TIME.”

SNAP! Went Dr. Claiborne’s fingers pulling Dolores out of her trance, now creating a very dysfunctional family now in for the time of their lives.

“I feel better already Dr.” replied Dolores. The Dr. presented her card to her and said to call if she should have any further questions, and instructed her to give time for the relaxation process to take affect in her mind. With this being said, Dolores thanked her as she saw her to the door.

Returning to that Friday, January 6, 2001, Dolores was watching those sexy love scenes on her soap opera’s that afternoon, when she started to rub her pussy through her jeans. The only problem is that those love scenes don’t go far enough. Dolores was lying back on the kitchen chair really getting off, when she hears Michael coming through the door, finished with college for the weekend. Dolores quickly gathers herself together as he comes in. Michael comes in complaining as usual of how he hates school, and that the girls ignore him. Dolores snaps at him yelling how she is so tired of hearing him complain all the time and that is all he does. She also complains how he always interrupts her while she is watching her soaps. After a brief argument, Michael locks himself in the bathroom. He needs to relieve himself from those hot looking girls at school, but Michael reaches for the hamper and pulls out Dolores’ satin badge tummy protection panties and he puts them on himself. The feeling of the fabric against the head of his cock almost makes him bust his load right there. Michael has a secret; he always wanted to fuck his mommy. He cannot stand his mother and she aggravates him so much that he would love to fuck her and be held in her arms again, but he knows that it will never happen. Michael jerks off to her panties and before he is ready to shoot, he pulls them down and shoots a long ribbon of cum across the bathroom counter. He definitely wants her.

Saturday Morning, January 7, 2001. Laurie fastens her purple satin bra on to her 36D breasts, slips into her purple thong panties feeling plain miserable. She just had an argument with her husband and because it is the dead of winter in Pennsylvania and she has no where to go. Meanwhile Cheryl and Joe arise out of bed after another absolute fantastic night of sex. Both are sweaty and exhausted. Cheryl’s mascara and make up is a complete mess on her face. The two proceed to the shower where they will do it one more time.

On that late morning, Dolores tends to her miserable Saturday morning routine of house work. Meanwhile Michael is still complaining. Dolores already had an argument with her husband the night before because he is so cheap with his money and because she has been sexually deprived for years. Michael is only adding to the tension. Dolores was folding the laundry while arguing with Michael, when she has finally reached her breaking point. Dolores got so fed up that she just dropped everything she was doing and shut herself in the bedroom. Not long after, Dolores comes storming out with a suitcase in hands, and without saying one single word to Michael where she is going, she just grabbed her car keys and slammed the front door.

As Dolores rides away, she phones Cheryl on her cell to tell her that she finally did it; she ran away and is coming up. Cheryl in return calls Laurie to let he know what’s going on.

Dolores makes it to the Goethals Bridge crossings leaving Staten Island and her husband and son behind. It is 1:00 in the afternoon and the afternoon sun is melting the snow off of the top of the bridge falling on to the blazer.

She makes it over to New Jersey riding the NJ Turnpike passing Newark Airport. As she rides off of the turnpike to 280 west she is dreaming of Joe’s cock, and the thought of her being fucked once again was making her pussy itch. She rubs it here and there as Michael is ringing her cell phone where she refuses to answer.

As she drives onto 80 west, she is speaking to Laurie some more on her phone about what is happening. After speaking with Laurie, she lights up a Pall Mall gold cigarette as the cold winter sun glares off of her Rayban sunglasses.

Dolores gets off at exit 34B Sparta. She is at the halfway point. It is 2:30. She stops off for a little rest and a bite to eat the Yetter’s Diner.

At 3:00, Dolores continues the trip. She is beginning to become very impatient that she cannot wait to get there. She accelerates her speed as she is rubbing her pussy more and more. The acceleration of speed was helping her pussy to get off, when a New Jersey State Trooper pulls her over and issues her a ticket for speeding. At this point Dolores just does not care. After the ticket is issued, she continues her trip on to 15 north and makes it to the Pennsylvania Milford Bridge crossing into PA.

As Dolores is riding on Rt. 6, Michael is ringing her phone again desperately wondering where she has gone. This time Dolores shuts it off.

Dolores makes it to 84 west as she starts inclining up into the mountains of Pennsylvania, getting closer and closer to that cock. As she drives she is playing the Country Station to artists’ such as Martina McBride and Tracey Byrd.

Dolores is speeding at 80 MPH on 84 West. She cannot make it to that cock fast enough. She is pulled over once again, this time by a Pennsylvania State Trooper who handed her another speeding ticket. Dolores just did not care. Right now both of her tickets were worth it.

It is 4:00 in the afternoon in a brutal cold Pennsylvania winter sunset. That warm sperm load is going to feel nice and warm to her tonight. She is climbing and climbing the inclines of the Pennsylvania mountains of 84 west. Still speeding, she is rubbing her pussy more and more, and just cannot stop thinking of Joe’s big cock.

She is close to her exit rubbing her pussy when it finally lets go, Dolores screams and as her pussy explodes in multiple orgasms, it causes her to lose control of the Blazer, crashing it into a snow bank.

When it was all over, Dolores just laid back in the driver’s seat panting and moaning. She is all ready for Joe. Her panties were completely soaked underneath her jeans. It has been such a long time since she has had a major orgasm like that. She then regains herself, gets out of the Blazer to inspect for damages. Seeing that there are none, she gets back on to the road off to Cheryl and Joe’s house.

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