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The classified ad was so buried among the many others in the “Adult Personals” section that Tom almost missed it. He looked at the Adult ads every Sunday morning, without fail, often while propped up in his mother’s bed by a pile of pillows. He was never looking for anything in particular. He just found it entertaining, and sometimes genuinely interesting, to peek into the very private lives of people who were searching for love or companionship or sex (or some combination of these). He had all three in his life these days, thank you very much. But this particular ad was different from the others, both in format and in wording, and it caught his eye. He read it several times, in fact, trying to convince himself that he understood it. Even then he could hardly believe what it said.

WANTED – FamFun Families – Responsible adults and grown children (18+) who desire to maintain and enhance the quality of their intimate in-family relationships. All races and nationalities welcome. Must be able to converse in English. FamFun is for families who are currently active, open about themselves and their special relationships, adventurous, fun-loving, and eager to share with others. Bring new energy and enjoyment to your lives. Meet others who share your special lifestyle choices. Secluded and scenic oceanfront resort location. Confidentiality guaranteed. All guests screened and vetted for your protection. References available on request.

The ad gave FamFun’s toll-free phone number, which was noted as NOT having Caller ID.

To Tom, this was a dream come true, because he knew it would be a dream come true for his mother, Vera. Ever since he and his mother had become incestuously involved, Vera had dreamed of someday meeting another incest mother who had experienced the same things she had – the original doubts, the awkward tensions, the inner struggles, the practical difficulties, the eventual total commitment, and the considerable rewards in terms of very good sex. She’d talked on the Net with other self-proclaimed incest moms, but it wasn’t the same (and certainly not as trustworthy) as the kind of face-to-face meeting she’d hoped for a long time that she would someday have.

Now Tom found himself looking at his mother’s wishes from a different perspective. What would it be like to meet a girl who would understand his feelings toward Vera because she had experienced similar lusts for her father? Or her uncle? Or her brother? Here, behind this amazing ad, lay the opportunity for just such a meeting – perhaps for a number of such meetings – in a safe and supportive environment. A deliciously naughty sexual fantasy popped into his mind. What would it be like for him and Vera to have foursome sex with a father and daughter incest couple? He put the newspaper down, closed his eyes, and stroked his cock until he came and his mind could again concentrate on matters of the day.

Rarely did one of the Adult classified ads interest and arouse Tom this much. He cut the ad out and left it in plain sight on his mother’s bedside table. He had written, “I think this one’s for you,” in the margin.

Vera had just recently turned 41. She had married young. An unplanned pregnancy had brought about her hasty and ill-fated marriage, a marriage that had lasted less than five years. Tom was just five when his father had simply disappeared from his life. Tom was 21 now. He had moved into his mother’s bedroom and had become her permanent fulltime lover some two years before. The sex they shared was very good, but it had become too routine, too predictable, and much in need of reinvigoration. And they both knew it. They’d even fantasized together about the possibility of foursome sex with another couple. When they did this the ages, genders, and familial relationships of that other couple varied according to their mood of the moment. Their need was real, but they were flexible about how best to satisfy it.

Vera saw the newspaper clipping soon afterwards. She read it, and was almost immediately wildly turned on by the possibilities in it. She got her vibrating dildo from the bedside table, set it at Medium, and moved it caressingly over her shaved pussy mound as she read the ad yet again. Now she couldn’t get out of her mind the idea of being fucked by a handsome father (or son) as Tom fucked the man’s daughter (or mother) in the adjacent bed. This mental image was so powerful that she came in just a couple of minutes. Vera didn’t often get there so quickly, and so satisfyingly, on her own.

The next morning Vera called the number given in the ad. She got some answers to questions she had about FamFun, and others were provided in a form letter and an attractive brochure which arrived in the mail a week later. She checked out three of the numerous testimonial references provided in the letter, and all were so enthusiastically positive that she didn’t feel any need to probe further into FamFun’s credentials or legitimacy. When she was convinced that FamFun was exactly what she wanted for her son and for herself, she talked it over with Tom and they agreed to visit FamFun as soon as arrangements could be made. She was able to reserve spaces for the two of them for a weekend in the middle of the coming month. FamFun had week-long programs too, and in fact they welcomed guests for as long a stay as they desired, but Tom and Vera agreed that a weekend would give them a fair chance to sample the program while keeping the cost of the experiment within comfortable limits.

The brochure rather bluntly said that guests were required to bring with them (and use) an adequate supply of contraceptives if they didn’t have an ongoing birth control system already in place. It sounded quite amazing, and deliciously libidinous. It would be midsummer. The ocean would be perfect.

Vera told Tom that she wanted to learn how other families managed the quantity and quality of the good sex that incest can bring, and to learn how families managed things if more than one parent and more than one younger person were actively involved. Privately, she admitted to herself that what she was really looking forward to were hot and lewd romps, with exciting new lovers. A couple of one-night-stands would be great, she thought.

Tom wasn’t the least bit interested in the educational or inspirational aspects of FamFun. He was just looking forward to having his choice of some choice twat and getting laid. It certainly looked as if FamFun would provide opportunities for that.

One thing that they agreed on was that they would be open and honest with each other about everything that might go on at FamFun. There would be no secrets between them about their separate sexual adventures, and neither would interfere in the other’s sexual freedom in any way.

Vera told Tom that the weekend was not to become a competition between them over the number or nature of their ‘scores’. Tom was shocked that his mother would say such a thing. He had thought that that was EXACTLY what he wanted the weekend to be.

* * * * *

This particular FamFun program ran all day Saturday and Sunday. They arrived at the resort on Friday afternoon and registered at a Reception Booth. They were given nametags (first name only, please) and the keys to their apartment. A lot of people-watching was going on, they noticed, by everyone. They found themselves checking out other guests, with the sort of thrill that comes from knowing some naughty secret about them, and they were aware that they were being similarly checked out by the others. Vera wanted Tom to stay close to her, so that no one would mistake the fact that they were a couple. They found two lawn chairs with a good view of the Arrival/Reception area, and sat there to watch the new arrivals present themselves for inspection.

Vera hoped to meet men in her own age group, and even a bit older than herself if the man showed promise of allowing her to act out a childhood fantasy regarding her own father. Her earlier dreams of meeting other incest mothers now took second place to her newfound desire to meet horny and sexually experienced fathers. She was here to learn and to grow in the incest lifestyle. But she was also here to inject some variety and excitement into her sex life, and she wanted it to be with a strong and confident mature cocksman. Sex with Tom was good, but surely there must be men here who not only loved fucking their daughters or nieces but who, like her, were here for some freshness and maturity in their partners as well. She studied the arriving guests with this in mind.

Tom was here to screw good looking and sexy females, period. Their ages didn’t matter much to him, as long as he found them and found them fuckable. His plan was to steer his mother toward some guy who would take her off to bed with him, leaving Tom free to find and fuck the mother or daughter or niece (or whatever) that the guy left unattended. Almost any pussy was fair game for Tom, and there was fresh pussy arriving here every few minutes.

Most striking of all were the families that arrived in two or more cars, greeting each other with the kind of hugs and kisses one associates with family reunions, groups that clearly included aunts and uncles and cousins and who knows what else. Vera stared at the women in those families in awe. Tom stared at the young men in those families with envy.

Tom smiled and made eye contact with as many females as he could, making mental note of those that smiled back. He was a bit startled by the warm smile and wink that he got from a woman who was almost certainly old enough to be his mother’s mother! But he was also intrigued by how attractively proportioned and how provocatively dressed she was. She had on a skimpy white halter top and very pink short shorts, which would have looked silly on a woman of her age if her figure and skintone hadn’t both been perfect – or at least they looked perfect as seen from Tom’s vantagepoint a slight distance away. Tom wondered if she was here with several other generations of her family. He wondered if they all worked out on their Family Room exercise equipment together.

Tom had never met any of his own grandparents. Vera’s folks had died about the time Tom was born, and his father’s family had never wanted to have anything to do with him. Until this moment Tom had never thought of the lack of grandparents in his life as in any way an unfortunate thing for him, but he began to think of it that way now.

He couldn’t take his eye off that much older woman. Her still-firm ass and only slightly rounded belly looked quite delectable in the eyecatching pink shorts. He thought she must be close to sixty. She bent over to fuss over something on her suitcase on the ground, and Tom wondered if she may have struck the sexy pose just for his benefit. Her position threatened to allow her breasts to escape the confinement of her top, but her bosom was not large and her breasts had apparently kept their shape reasonably well over the years. Her already very short shorts hitched up even more snugly into the inviting space between her uppermost inner thighs. She stood back up, caught his eye as if to reassure herself that he was indeed staring at her, smiled warmly at him, sized him up with her unflinching gaze, and licked her full lips suggestively. Tom was dumbstruck. She was practically a senior citizen, and now he almost desperately wanted whatever she had hidden under those tiny shorts.

The Friday evening meal, a beach barbeque intended to serve as a get-acquainted and get-relaxed affair, gave them a chance to meet some other couples and family groups. Some of the guests had obviously been here before, perhaps repeatedly, and were able to make the newcomers feel comfortable in this new and unusual setting. Vera and Tom found it interesting that no one even mentioned their incest activities or family sex histories. That part of their lives seemed to be taken for granted here, and everyone knew that there would be lots of time to talk about that sort of thing in the next two days.

Tom’s suddenly alltime favorite grandma was nowhere in sight. Bummer.

* * * * *

The daily routine was simple and somewhat loosely structured. Each guest was encouraged to become as actively involved in FamFun’s program as he/she felt comfortable being, but it was made clear from the start that no one would be pressured to take part in anything they chose not to. Every morning there would be talks (these were too informal to rate being called lectures) given by staff people or outside experts, after which small group discussions were held dealing with the content of those talks. Activities related to the program’s central theme took up the afternoons. The evenings were kept open for fun and socializing, on whatever level of intimacy was agreeable to the participants.

On Saturday morning, Vera dragged Tom along with her to hear a female psychologist speak on the history of incest, on its place in the psyche of humans, and on the natural (but rarely acted upon) impulse of humans to consider family members as suitable partners for sex as a recreational activity within the home.

Vera found the talk reassuring and confidence-building, which she knew it would be and was her reason for being in its audience. Tom found it boring (didn’t everyone here already know all this stuff?), but he used the time profitably by looking around to see who else among the guests was looking around too. A very attractive (and rather spectacularly curvaceous) young woman seated nearby seemed to share his view of the value of the talk, and through silent mouthings and hand gestures they flirted with each other enough (and made sufficient fun of the speaker) to keep both of them entertained for the hour or so that the talk went on.

The gathering broke up into small discussion groups of eight to ten people. Tom made sure that he and his mother got into the same group as the young woman he now very much wanted to get to know better. Self-introductions (first names only, please) were made around the circle. Tom was able to officially make the acquaintance of the pleasingly busty Jennifer (age 20). Vera was happy to make the acquaintance of Jennifer’s father, Larry (age 52). It was the second visit here for Larry and Jennifer, who said that their first visit was so much fun that they now planned to make the trip to FamFun every year.

There was no longer a ‘Mrs. Larry’, apparently. This came as no surprise to Tom, who had already decided that with Jennifer in the house another female might be unnecessary. Tom thought that the former Mrs. Larry may have found that out for herself.

The first day’s group discussion was mostly a chance for everyone to tell about their family’s incest history and current activities, the idea being to make everyone feel at home and to let beginners know how broad and varied the world of incest is. Vera got some answers to her questions about what life was like in families where incest had been an established fact for generations, and where everyone was in some way involved.

Vera would admit to Tom later that she was drawn to Larry from the start. It had something to do with his deeply resonant voice and beautiful hands, things that Tom seemed to have completely failed to notice. Tom would admit to his mother later that he was fascinated by Jennifer’s naturally large and perfectly formed breasts, things that Vera seemed to have completely failed to notice. Tom could hardly wait to see how Jennifer would manage her bounteous bosom in a swimsuit.

In the afternoon the guests were asked to talk among their own family partners about the quality and quantity of the sex they had at home. The idea was that if anyone had gripes or disappointments in this area, this would be a good time for their partners to find out what needed to be worked on in future. Vera and Tom spent the time in a sort of low-key session of mutual masturbation, intentionally avoiding bringing each other to orgasms they felt they might have better use for later. Neither of them seemed to be able to think of anything worth complaining about, but then their mutual desire for some newness in their sex life had already been discussed at length. It was what had brought them here.

In the evening, many of the guests went down to the beach to enjoy the sunset and a swim. Vera had bought a new swimsuit, just for this weekend. It was a one-piece skintight sheath of a color Tom dubbed neon blue. The suit had cutouts in the sides to let the natural curves of her waist and hips show through pleasingly. Tom told her she looked terrific in it. She did.

Tom kept an eye out for Jennifer and her Dad, and when they showed up he was quick to get their attention with a wave and a beckoning gesture. The two came over, to where Vera and Tom were sitting on a beach blanket which bore the resort’s logo, and joined them. Tom got the answer he was looking for about Jennifer and the boob/swimsuit question. She had on a black thong bikini, so abbreviated that the triangle of the panty seemed to be the exact size and shape of the mound of flesh beneath it. Her breasts, which Tom now mentally upgraded from Spectacular to Magnificent, rounded themselves out above and below the narrow horizontal band of black spandex which cleverly covered her nipples and very little else. The ribbon of fabric which ran through her crotch was totally invisible for most of its length, since it competely disappeared into the crack between Jennifer’s buttocks. Tom rated Jennifer’s ass every bit as highly as he did her breasts. However, in Tom’s mind great asses were a gift of Nature, while great breasts were an Act of God.

Vera and Tom quickly learned, by watching Larry and Jennifer and other guests close enough to be seen in the gathering darkness, that a certain level of physical intimacy between the guests was not something that needed to be kept from public eyes. Larry bent down to kiss his daughter from time to time, deep tongue kisses that he divided equally between her mouth and the space between her breasts. In between kisses she lay with the back of her head cradled on her father’s lap, almost completely hiding his bikini swimsuit. Her hair tumbled over his washboard abs and thighs. She would occasionally reposition her head so that her father’s obviously erect cock didn’t cause either of them unnecessary discomfort.

Tom got the hint. He sat behind his seated mother, her ass cheeks spread comfortably on the blanket between his legs and up against the bulge in his ‘basketball style’ bathing suit. He kissed and nibbled his mother’s neck and shoulders. His fingers gently pinched and played with his mother’s nipples, or rather with the bumps they made in her swimsuit.

Tom and Larry talked casually about the past week’s baseball results. Jennifer and Vera compared their ratings of various George Clooney films.

Larry suggested they go for a swim after the sunset had run its course. There was no moon this night, and from the beach the water looked to be a vast expanse of total darkness. The two couples walked together down the gently sloping sand to the water’s edge. Larry held his daughter’s hand in his own, and Tom had an arm draped casually over his mother’s shoulders. The two couples waded into the small waves lapping at the sand, and walked out until the water was up to the ladies’ armpits. There they stopped and talked for a few minutes, speaking almost in whispers because their voices carried so well over the water. Then they stopped talking, the couples moved a few feet further apart from each other, and they began to, as Tom would say, ‘make out’.

Jennifer wrapped her legs around her father’s hips as they kissed. At some point Larry must have managed to pull his daughter’s bikini bit to the side, and his own swimsuit down a little, because it was clear from their movements and wordless sounds that his cock had entered his daughter’s pussy. They were fucking, standing up, in the chest-deep water. With a deep groan from Larry, and a cry of pleasure from Jennifer which she was able to muffle by pressing her face against her father’s shoulder, the two of them reached their separate orgasms.

Tom couldn’t manage that same feat with his mother, because her swimsuit made it more difficult, but as he kissed her with passion he got a hand inside the crotch panel of the blue swimsuit and got fingers into both her pussy and her anus. He fingerfucked her all the way to a powerful orgasm. Vera shocked herself by crying out loudly at the moment of her release, but she was saved any embarrassment about this by hearing applause and shouts of congratulations coming from Larry and Jennifer.

Similar sounds were coming to them across the water from other couples similarly engaged. Tom thought it was quite possibly the most controlled and polite orgy ever.

The four moved back close together before wading ashore, and Larry surprised Vera by sweeping her up into his arms and kissing and groping her body thoroughly. Jennifer pulled Tom to her, and he had the presence of mind to get handfuls of her breasts and ass cheeks in the short time that they kissed before heading back to the beach.

Tom thought that if he didn’t get to fuck Jennifer that very night he would have had to rate his entire life a dismal failure. Fortunately for his self-assessment of his life’s worth, Jennifer eagerly agreed to accompany Tom back to his apartment. Larry kissed his daughter goodbye (for awhile), and took Vera back with him to his apartment. It was agreed that about two hours later, the ladies would be returned to their own apartments and to their own permanent partners.

Jennifer was everything that Tom hoped she’d be in bed, and more. She felt wonderful in his arms, her mouth and nipples and pussy all tasted quite delicious, and she knew how to use all of her body parts in truly thrilling ways. At one point she taught him a position for fucking that he and Vera had never tried. He tried to imagine how it looked from a few feet away, because he wondered if he’d ever seen a porn picture of the thing.

For a long time afterwards, Tom would remember quite vividly the feeling of the two of them rolling over and over on the carpeted apartment floor, their mouths almost continuously engaged in mutual tongue lashings and their bodies joined cock to cunt, as they took turns being on top and controlling the pace of their seemingly endless fuck. It wasn’t endless, of course. Tom remembers that it had two separate and equally satisfying endings.

They were resting in each other’s arms when the phone rang. It was Larry, of course, who wanted to warn them that he was about to walk Vera back to her apartment. Tom and Jennifer dressed, and started the walk across the resort’s courtyard to Larry and Jennifer’s apartment. The two couples met each other on the courtyard path, and after lingering goodnight kisses the ladies were exchanged and rejoined their fulltime lovers. By the time Vera and Tom got back to their apartment for the night, they both knew that the next day would bring them sexual adventures like none they’d ever even dreamed of before.

Vera told Tom all about the fun she’d had with Larry. Larry was not only a perfect gentleman about all aspects of sex, but he turned out to be rather good at role-playing Vera’s father when she asked him to do that for her. Of course Vera knew well that for Larry the father/daughter game wasn’t much of a stretch.

The apartments were very well soundproofed, and were laid out in such a way that the bedrooms in adjoining units didn’t share a common wall. But Tom discovered, when he went to the apartment’s kitchenette to get a late night snack before bed, that he could hear the muffled but unmistakable sounds of what must have been noisily enthusiastic lovemaking going on in the unit next door. He felt like putting his mouth close to the wall and shouting out, “Screw her, motherfucker!”.

But of course he didn’t.

Instead, he went back to Vera and screwed her, using up the last of his energy, and the last of his cum, for this night. Both of them pictured Larry doing the same thing to Jennifer. It was a lovely picture. And then both of them pictured the four of them together – Larry and Tom and Vera and Jennifer. It was an even lovelier picture.

* * * * *

At lunch on Sunday, the FamFun staff asked each guest to make an effort in the afternoon hours to meet and become close to a total stranger among the other guests. The purpose behind this request was part of the FamFun philosophy, that periods of separation between permanently attached family lovers were desirable at times. Indeed it was one of the reasons that FamFun existed. The other (and totally unspoken) message was that at FamFun such meetings could reasonably be expected to lead to immediate no-strings sex and that, at least for this afternoon, everyone should treat all casual contact with strangers with this clearly in mind.

As Tom left the Dining Room after lunch he again saw the attractive grandmotherish woman he’d seen briefly when she was just arriving at the resort’s office. She was standing at the railing which surrounded the Dining Room’s wood deck. She was looking out to sea, a pair of binoculars to her eyes, watching a cluster of sailboats in the distance. Her impossibly short shorts were white this time, but their cut and style was identical to that of the pink version. From the back he recognized her instantly. The boats she was watching intently were obviously involved in a race of some sort.

Tom stepped up to stand beside her. “Can you tell who’s winning?” he asked.

“I think I am,” she said, still looking through the binoculars, “because you’re here and I’m pretty sure you want to fuck me.”

‘Oh, shit’, thought Tom. ‘She can read me like a book.’ He was totally speechless.

The woman lowered the glasses and turned to look at him. She laughed lightly at his obvious confusion, and smoothed a stray lock of hair from his forehead in a wonderfully maternal gesture.

“Your lovely mother is still in the Dining Room, Tom dear,” she said, catching a glimpse of his nametag. “Go back in there and tell her you’re going to be busy for a couple of hours. She’ll understand. She’s been flirting with my nephew all through lunch, so she won’t mind being without you for awhile.”

Tom did as he was told, aware that it had taken this mysterious and very sexy woman about one minute to take complete control of him and his afternoon.

Vera was indeed in full flirt mode when he arrived at her side. She was laughing and maintaining continuous eye contact with a man who Tom now remembered had been sitting at a table close to their own at lunch. He had a large and somewhat startlingly bald head, the kind that doesn’t look entirely natural and is presumed to be clean shaven by its owner at regular intervals. To make up for the lack of hair on his topside, he had grown a bushy graying moustache and full beard that the guy probably thought brought balance to his face. His hand rested lightly on Vera’s thigh, just above her knee, half hidden by the hem of her Bermuda length shorts. Her thighs were parted invitingly. Tom realized that his presence here was intrusive. He decided to carried out his errard as quickly as possible.

“Uh, Mom,” said Tom, hoping that his interruption of her seduction routine wasn’t overly jarring. “I’m going to be busy for a couple of hours … OK?”

“Sure. That’s fine, hon,” Vera said, never taking her eyes from her newfound companion.

Tom turned to go, wondering if he was supposed to feel jealous about what his mother was doing. What she’d done the night before with Larry was different, because it was Tom’s interest in Jennifer that had brought it all about, but now his mother was picking up men on her own! And doing quite well at it, he noticed. She would probably be in bed with this guy within the hour.

His last look at Vera’s boyfriend of the moment was the top of the man’s bald pate, in the middle of which was a narrow brownish birthmark about four inches long that ran straight from front to back. Tom did a doubletake at the birthmark, and was instantly struck by the hilarious image of the man’s head as the knob end of a giant penis! The eyes on its side were a bit anomalous, of course, but the massive gathering of graying curls farther down seemed quite appropriate. He shook from his mind the mental image of his mother dragging her tongue along the birthmark’s line, and went to join the woman waiting for him on the deck outside.

* * * * *

Her name was Gina, and she was indeed 60 years of age. She took Tom’s hand and led him off to her apartment without ever asking him if he might have other plans. Once inside her place, she embraced him and kissed him with the kind of intensity usually reserved for honeymooners who have been forced to be apart for a short while. If Tom had thought that small talk and gentle flirtation might have been necessary to smooth the transition from the front door to the bedroom, he was clearly wrong. Gina was wasting no time.

She took off her own clothes quickly, which was easy considering their nature, and then she undressed Tom with the ease and efficiency that can only come from lots of experience. She stood before him for a moment, fully naked, and turned slowly to let him get a good long look at her remarkably fit body. For a fleeting moment Tom wondered if he was physically up to the task of sex with her, but it was far too late to worry about that now.

Up close now, Tom could see that Gina’s skin showed the same kinds of flaws that his mother’s body was just starting to get, and he had to keep reminding himself that Gina was a lot older than his mother was. Gina’s breasts were less firm than Vera’s, and would have drooped if they hadn’t been naturally smaller than his mother’s and had kept much of their girlish form and firmness. Gina had kept her pussy bush in its natural configuration, which immediately drew Tom’s attention because he was entirely used to his mother’s fully shaved pubic area. Gina’s dense but very short pussy curls, like the hair on her head, were a uniform blend of her natural blond color and a very light gray.

Gina took him to her bed, pushed him down onto it, and got in beside him. She began to kiss him. “The idea of this is that along with the sex we’re supposed to get to know one another”, she said without taking her mouth from his. “I’ll start.” She proceeded to talk almost steadily, kissing Tom’s face and body the whole time. She spoke in brief bursts between her kissings and lickings.

“I was raised … in Connecticut … B.A. … from Wellesley … English Lit … major … got married … taught high school … had four boys … fucked them all … still do … and two grandsons too … I’m a good Catholic … I don’t confess my incest … God understands that … but next Sunday … I may have to … mention you … to Father Louis … he’ll understand …(she took Tom’s cock into her mouth for a moment and then released it) … your turn … talk to me … (she went back to sucking Tom’s cock vigorously).

Tom began to talk, thinking that this was by far the weirdest foreplay he’d ever been involved with. His speech was unimpeded, but it was sprinkled with the moans and sighs and groans and grunts that the recipients of really good blowjobs can’t hold in. “Uh … we live in Maine now… I work for the phone company … OUCH! … sorry … I just wasn’t expecting that … ooohhh … fuck that’s goooood … helping a buddy restore an old Mustang … ’67 … been fucking my Mom for three years … did you ever notice how much your nephew’s head looks like a dick?”

Gina’s face fell away from Tom’s cock and she roared with laughter. “We noticed that on the day he was born! My sister took it very well, thank God. Her husband jokingly tried to convince everyone that the newborn boy looked exactly like his father’s cock, including being the same size. A year and a half later, when Sis was pregnant again, I found out how big a lie that was. And some years after that I found out that it was the son who had the big cock.” She said nothing for a moment, as if rethinking her last words in her mind.

“Your mother is in for a big surprise with him,” she added a moment later;, and Tom sensed that her nephew’s cock was a matter of some family pride. Or concern.

Tom found out what it felt and smelled like to nuzzle into damp pussy hair, and later he learned yet another position for fucking that he and his mother had never tried. He considered the day a complete success, and Gina seemed happy with it too. Tom felt that he’d experienced a kind of sex that men of his age rarely get to enjoy. He loved it.

* * * * *

Gina’s nephew, Joey, was in some ways the kinkiest fuck Vera had ever had. The lack of hair on the top of his head was more than made up for by the dark profusion of it all over his torso and limbs. When she trailed kisses over his shoulders and chest, and later over his belly and legs, and still later over his back and butt cheeks, she seemed to be constantly in search of some bare skin to lick, and when she found a patch of it she lingered there awhile just to enjoy the sensation of it. She likened it to finding a small island to rest on in the midst of a vast ocean.

She wondered if she was getting tiny hairs stuck between her teeth. It wouldn’t be the first time that had happened to her.

Joey’s cock was, to put it simply, the biggest one she’d ever seen. Vera hadn’t seen a large number of cocks in her lifetime, but she’d seen enough porn pictures to know at what point ‘above average’ becomes ‘very big’. Joey wasn’t huge in the disturbingly freaky way that some porn models are, but his cock was almost more than Vera’s pussy could handle. She managed to take it in, after some effort and the application of copious quantities of store-bought lubrication (which Joey carried with him at all times), and once she got used to it she was able to enjoy it. A lot. But her mouth couldn’t begin to get very far down on it. Giving Joey head was a matter of working on him in sections. She’d do his knob, and then she’d work her way up and down the sides of his shaft, hoping that her mouth would be in the right place when he began to shoot off. He gave her fair warning of his impending eruption, for which she was grateful.

By the time Joey had had enough, Vera was something of a wreck. But a happy one. She felt that she’d experienced a kind of sex that women rarely get to have, and she was proud of herself for having survived it without suffering any lasting damage. She liked having sex with Joey in a “This should be fun for a change!” sort of way, but she would always prefer the Toms and Larrys of this world.

* * * * *

It was almost time to head back home. Vera and Tom repacked their suitcases, and compared notes about their afternoon fucks. They had already agreed to make a return visit to FamFun in the following summer. Maybe next year they’d go for a full week instead of just a weekend. Vera thought she might have to save up her vacation budget for that. Tom thought he might have to save up his strength for that.

Tom and Vera had agreed not to keep any secrets from each other about the goings-on at FamFun, but in fact neither of them had lived up to that agreement completely. Both of them had kept one little secret from the other. Tom had Jennifer’s phone number and email address in his wallet now, and Vera had Larry’s business card and private line extension code in her purse. Neither Tom nor Vera had told the other that they had secretly obtained that information, because both wanted to surprise the other by arranging the foursome fuck that all four of them now looked forward to. And they certainly weren’t going to wait until next year for it.

If FamFun wanted yet more testimonials from satisfied clients to put into their brochures, all they had to do was ask. Tom and Vera would be happy to report that the place lived up to its name.

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