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I had been divorced for several years and lived with my quiet son, Kurt, in Westfield County. I guess you could argue that I could have been a better mum, but it was difficult because the hermit-like behavior my son exhibited was something he inherited from me. I grew up in a big family and was the odd one out; an intellectual loner who preferred her own company.

I was not the youngest of my brothers and sisters but I was the last to get married. My father told me that if I had been a boy, I might have gone through the rest of my life single, and that I was fortunate that even as a female nerd, men were still interested. When it came to looking for a partner, one gender was less fussed then the other and I put that down to biology.

I don’t remember having much in common with Tom, whom I eventually married. I was 30 and I was thinking about my body; how long it could last. My mother’s ovaries stopped producing eggs when she turned 40, but she had already produced 7 children before that, so I guess that was a relief.

On the whole, it was my parents who wanted me to marry Tom, saying I wouldn’t find anyone else, not if I didn’t dress and look like a lady. On my wedding, they got to see me how they wanted; in a dress, glasses removed, hair open and cascading and a big smile on my smile. I was completely unrecognizable and hated it but couldn’t help but feel special at the same time.

My sex life was not anything special, but I did enjoy the experience. When we weren’t arguing or avoiding each other, the sexual tension was always there, building up. I realized that I could still hate someone and want to have sex with them at the same time. Tom must have had other lovers before me because I learned how to fuck him through his guiding hands and his many creative ideas underneath the sheets.

In the end, sex was an instrument for relief and it did not improve our association in anyway. We actually were finished with each other not long after Kurt was born, but remained a unit for his sake. That lasted quite a while; approximately 20 years. Kurt didn’t seem bothered about the whole thing which might have been a good thing had I been able to read his mind and confirm my assumptions. At the back of my mind I figured he was thinking like I used to as a young girl; that my life was out of balance.

I was a 50 year old women and a lot of things had changed after my divorce. I was still very much a nerd, but I felt wiser and more comfortable in my skin. I had always been tall and skinny, and now I was the same, except my hips had gotten wider, my thighs a little thicker and my body just seemed to curve in all the right places. I was told I looked like Deanna Troy from Star Trek, and had a soft voice like hers too. I could see the resemblance despite my long red hair and freckled nose.

Often, I found myself in front of the mirror in my room, bathroom or hallway, attending to my growing vanity and spawning new facial expressions and poses, just to see how sexy I could look. It was almost as if I was trying to close a missing gap. I had not had sex in years, but that was not to say I did not touch myself; on the contrary, I had become accustomed to satisfying my tingling urges regularly.

My doctor told me I had stopped producing eggs around the same time as my mother, but my hormonal levels had gone up. He recommended I take certain tablets to bring those levels down so I went into the chemist and tried that prescription. After a few months I stopped my medication and went back and bought some other drugs which had the opposite effect. But just for a while. I knew my sexual urges were psychological, and tried not to masturbate as we lived together in a small flat, where privacy was the most precious thing. Luckily, we were good at avoiding each other; I would often be in my room, Kurt in his.

We had a small, narrow kitchen, which was enough for one person at a time. If I was in there, Kurt would wait for me to get out, or if he was feeling impatient or irritable he would come in and squeeze past me. I have to say that I would often wait with my stomach against a panel intentionally longer than I needed to, just to have some fun. He would come by and grunt some disapproval as he was pressing his body against mine on his way to the fridge. His legs felt strong against my protruding fanny; and rough. At first I did it to try and salvage some friendly horse play that might have existed when he was a child. I observed that our physical association had declined over the years. He was a 20 year old man and was probably considering moving out at some point. I was understandably becoming an obstruction in his life, which was apparent by his behavior. We weren’t the type to greet each other in the mornings with a kiss or even a hello, and eye contact was at an all time low.

It wasn’t until I started reading erotic stories online that I discovered new things and helped ease me into other perspectives through the many possible sexual scenario’s out there. All of them probable realities. I was interested in the theme of incest in particular. I thought some of the stories were tackled with a lot of attention to detail and although it was a taboo subject, I found it all very appealing. One author stated that when two promiscuous adults cohabited together in enclosed spaces, it was only a matter of time before fireworks erupted inside both of their pants. Of course, he explained that a few other ingredients were required to work as a catalyst before incestuous relationships could develop. Having a low income, living with a single parent, being insular; all of these things only helped to lead towards previously unwanted thoughts.

I admit, I could not relate to these authors but I was compelled to keep reading. I agreed with some of the comments early on about how disgusting it was for family members to fuck each other, I thought it was completely depraved. How could a mother and son have carnal desires for each other? Some of the sex described was so intense and extreme that I had to blush through all of it. But my opinion did not change the fact that every time I logged on to the net, that was the first place I visited. I tried other genres like romance and sci-fi but found they just didn’t carry the same punch as incest.

I felt wary of giving the site all of my attention just in case my son walked in on me, which I knew was never going to happen. I did not want him to get the wrong idea that’s all. At the same time I was curious about him and what he was up to all day long in his room. To get an idea perhaps I needed to look for stories relating to mother and son. Eventually, I created a user name called SexyQueen3 (one and two were taken) and browsed through the alphabet. What struck me was the endless list of stories relating to incest. Only stories for ‘couples’ exceeded it in number. This suggested that I was far from alone in taking an interest in this subject and felt a bit more relieved as a result.

Life at home was routine as usual. Kurt was invisible, but I was moving around the flat with a lot more intention. If we ever ran into one another, I would put my head down and keep walking. This was identified in one story as ‘coy mother syndrome’ — a sign of rising sexual tension between two related parties; namely a guardian and her offspring. I disputed this, as communication had never been a strong suit within the family in the first place. Funnily we were both highly intelligent individuals but we could not share our minds with each other. On a sexual front, I assumed we were like two promiscuous oils that wouldn’t mix, only slide against one another. Regarding the conditions of presentation, he would probably think I would only cramp his style and I would think he was overly naive in his theories and philosophies. We just never connected but I had to admit, I had not really put in the kind of effort required to at least say I tried. My attempts were usually fairly tame and forgettable.

I tried to remove myself from the mode of thought melting into my brain as a result of all those stories but I found it difficult; mostly at night when I was trying to sleep but kept tossing and turning. My hands were comforting the space between my tightly shut legs. The words and lines of other minds infiltrating and revolving around my head, in clearly identifiable glowing fonts. Each line in their own style, such as Arial, or Malandra. They all wanted to be heard and demanded to be acted out.

I could read the words now:

“He drove his cock into his mother’s tight little cunt and she shrieked in profuse delight.”

“Being acutely aware of his needs, she lay on the sofa without a stitch of clothing and her big ass up in the air, aching to be plugged.”

“Later, she sucked his cock under the desk and he would squeeze her head with his thighs if he wanted her to stop — it was a signal to let his mother, the secretary, know that he had to take an important call.”

I covered my head with a pillow and then another but it was hard to stop it all. It was similar to the Matrix where green neon code was running in vertical lines up and down the screen. Except in mine, it was incestuous dialogue and it ran in any direction it pleased. I rubbed my wet pussy a little and felt more breathing was a little intense and ragged. But for a moment the thoughts had receded. So, I stroked harder and deeper and realized the more I touched myself the clearer my mind became as a result.

“Ohh.” I moaned.

It felt so fucking good. I brought my legs in closer to my body and then darted my head out from under the covers like some shy forest animal; my eyes open wide like a lemur. The coast was clear and the door was open but no one was stood outside. Kurt sometimes shuffled past at night to visit the bathroom. I was under my sheets anyway, so he could not see anything he didn’t want to, perhaps only the outline of my resplendent fanny. It certainly was my proudest feature and my hands often gave it glowing reviews in between all that squeezing and stroking. If he were spying on me, my shifting around might be construed as unusual. As my lust heightened I peeled open my sexy legs and removed my knickers with an effortless flick so I could expose my bare pussy; give it more room to breathe. Once it migrated by its own accord down to my ankles, the flimsy pair of sultry cotton whites slipped over the edge of my mattress and past the shifting covers, landing somewhere by the foot of the bed. In a typical late night session, I had a tendency to simply hook my panties to one side of my puffy vulva, but this time I felt like more of a daring slut. Anything that could heighten the sensation spreading throughout my vaginal area was game.

I arched my back and felt the hem of my nightie slink over my ass and down to my waist. In the same action my perfectly shaped tits pressed into the foam mattress, and my buff looking backside poked out. My fingers met my pulsating flower and irritated it more with a few passing strokes. I could feel it dripping at the thought of things I should not have desired, but my slick fingers were eager to continue their exploration regardless. It was like an unauthorized dig but it was necessary. I tilted my head back and moaned as my strokes became more and more intense. I had to gulp to address the notable rise in my breathing. Despite the distance between our rooms, I was still worried about opening my mouth to breathe while I was in the process of masturbating. My irregular breath could otherwise be heard from the corridor outside.

“God.” I muttered erratically.

My throbbing pussy was sending out pangs of sheer lustrous shock waves throughout my entire body. Certain end points of my body such as my nipples were crackling with electricity and felt like it was elongating, threatening to grow as long as Pinocchio’s many lies.

“Mmmm, so good.”

My bed sheets slipped away and settled in a heap by the floor. I kept stroking my pussy and provoking it to give me more. My fingers penetrated my hot warm cunt in and out, faster and faster, going in as deep as my fingers would allow.

Every now and again, my fingers pulled out and made their way up to a cum hungry mouth. I drooled as I licked each finger one by one, the sumptuous taste of my cunt was a delectable treat. I licked my wet sticky fingers and returned them to my thatch; my eyes were flickering, and my head tingling. I made sure my rug was looked after tonight, with the kind of due attention and care reserved for more responsible activities. These were the hands that raised my son; that cradled him, fed him and cleaned him — Now I used them to strum erotic concerto’s with my sex mad pussy and it was great!

“Mmmm.” I moaned.

I brushed my rug hard and lengthened my stroke pattern to cover everything from the clitoris to the hole between my ass pillows. My body began to convulse as I came to my climax and my head was banging into my pillow; teeth biting its edge, as my entire frame tightened and then exploded inside.


I slumped down, all my muscles exhausted and my body sweating and clinging to the bedding. My heart was pumping and the cold air on my back was layering the heat from every pore of my being. My head was itchy and my hair, wet and matted. I grinned as the cum juice from my orgasm soiled the sheets.

“Oohh my sweet lord.”

Sweet! It felt like three sessions in one; two more than I expected but thanked the gods for nonetheless. A draft carried the smell of my porn juice up to my nose. It was a smell that never failed to please me. I lay there, my chest heaving, my nightie disheveled and crumpled over my waist. The night breeze felt great against my exposed pussy, so I kept my legs open. My door seemed to be open wide but there was no one there. I picked my bed sheets and covered myself. I had just satisfied myself in the most delightful way. Regular masturbation had not been as successful and I felt like I didn’t need to use the old fantasies anymore. I had spring cleaned my technique; optimized it for a better orgasm. I could not believe how wet I was. Furthermore, I had no inclination to clean myself up. I just wanted to lie there like a dirty whore, feeling cum dripping out of my hole and allowing the cold air to dry it off.

The auditorium in my mind began to revert back to normal; the big red curtains closed and the crazy visualizations of incest and taboo faded away. It had been sated for another day. Finally, I was able to get a good nights rest.

After last nights antics I had thought that the need for relief would have reserved itself for the nocturnal hours, but I was wrong. The first thing I wanted to do when I woke up was treat my pussy to some morning affection. I stayed in bed for another 30 minutes just stroking off my rug until I burst again. I gasped in delight and then lay still for a moment before blowing my pussy a kiss.

I got up with cum streaming out of my pussy, dripping down my thighs and lazily ambled towards the door. I decided not to check where my son was and just made my way to bathroom. Luckily he was not inside and I was able to clean myself up and get on with the day.

At the kitchen, I was fumbling around and waiting for Kurt but he never showed. I was a bit disappointed as I was getting used to our body rubs. I sighed, sat down to watch some TV and settled on a cookery program. I think sex was still on my mind as I found my eyes following the chef as she held a carrot firmly in his hand. Then he replaced it with a cucumber. It was a big one. What was he going to do with that? Maybe ram it up my inviting cunt? First, his subordinate assistants in their silly chef hats would tie me up, with each limb spread out, using some strong rope. My tits would be hanging out and they would slap it with the flat of their carving knives, threatening to chop my nipples off if I made another sound. Then, the cook himself could shove a rolling pin up my ass and de-stress from a hard days work. Sounded a bit extreme. Just how I liked my fantasies.

I opened my legs and clapped them open and then closed in a frequent manner. I was wearing tight denim and a tight tube top today, so my son had something more to look at if he could be kind enough to lend me his deviant eyes; that gleamed with relish at the sight of anything that was not far from undressed. I had a pair of gym shorts in my drawers, but if I wore those I’m certain he would he cream his pants the moment his eyes caught sight of me in them. I asked myself if that would be such a welcome sight and my mind responded with continuous buzzing.

I had my feet perched on the edge of the sofa so I relocated them onto the foot of the table ahead; one over the other. I looked over at Kurt’s door wandering if it would open any second now, so as I kept my eyes on his door I started to clench my bum and pout my vulva in upward motions. What I was doing would not make sense to anyone who decided to walk in now. It could be construed as a kind of erotic exercise, but thats as close as I could pitch it. My temples were tingling, so whatever I was doing was fun. To objective was to be caught in the act and made to feel embarrassed and ashamed. Hopefully not enough to make me stop fucking the empty air in front of me.

The crazy matrix thing was back. I selected out a few lines and they came flying out of my head; projected out onto the wall in big flashing text. I could not help but read them out:

“He put the broadsheet down and adjusted his specs, acutely aware of his mother’s position on the dining table. He was not expecting it, to see her lying on her back, spread-eagled, with a massive cucumber shoved up her ass.”

I’m not sure if Kurt could hear me speaking these dirty lines but it turned me on immensely. The visualizations were good but I decided I wanted to help them along with my own lines:

“So he loosened his work tie — removed it and placed it around his mother’s little neck. He told her not to be afraid as he tightened it around her, cutting off some of her breath as she resumed plunging the cucumber in and out of two gaping holes. The slow asphyxiation only appeared to heighten her ecstasy and bring her ever closer to where she wanted to be.”

I smiled as my thoughts continued. I had a gleam in my eye and knew that the bit I made up by myself was as sordid as anything I had previously imagined. I thought it was disgusting but I licked my long lips. My heart was racing and I needed another session. I looked around and could not see Kurt so I cheekily removed my belt. Now my jeans were easily removable if I wanted, but that would be too risqué. Instead I tugged them down a little by hooking my thumbs down on the pockets and lifting my ass up slightly. Now my hips were visible. Kurt had seen plenty but he had never seen mine, because of the kinds of long jumpers I wore. It was true I wore more looser and casual clothes these days, but I still didn’t show much flesh. This tube top was very naughty though, as it began above the breasts and ended not far below them. Since he never looked at me when we were in the same room anyway, it was almost okay to tug my jeans down even more. Even so, I felt a thrill just taking such saucy risks.

I switched channels to movies. I set my sights on ‘Dead calm’. I liked this movie. There was one scene in particular where the bad boy Billy Zane forces himself on Nicole Kidman. What made the scene erotic was Nicole’s submissive interaction as he tore off her denim shorts and had his way with her. I watched this once with Kurt and no one made a beeline for the remote. It was one of the only memorable awkward moments between us. The kitchen rub was not awkward though, perhaps, because mother and son were allowed some bodily contact. Brushing hard against my ass would not give him a boner, and It’s not the impression I wanted to give. I mean, I’m sure he didn’t feel much anyway. Tom had a small dick so I guess his son had inherited the same biological curse. As a precautionary rule, It was always better to expect less in order to get more. Still, its not like I did not enjoy lubricating my ex-husbands little dong.

He hated me saying that.

I loved talking dirty while we were fucking our brains out. Dong was a word I used to piss him off, but other ones like gherkin and weener created a similar response. Unusually, Tom had no pubic hair, so I had to keep looking up to make sure I was sucking my husband off and not some teenager. Despite the size, it took a while for him to cum, so that was a blessing. I was just a bit disappointed his pecker couldn’t penetrate my ass. Anal sex was a distant dream, and double penetration was even further away. Tom could take me from the front and my son could fuck me in the ass. I would be in the middle, feet off the ground, getting drilled. Then they could help me out with some interracial group therapy by inviting their black friends over. Especially the big ones with the dicks that swayed down to the knees.

I licked my lips at the prospect. I could get a new nickname too; Amanda Hardkore. Sounded about right! But had to seduce my son first and take everything one step at a time. It was no good thinking too far ahead of myself, unless I was masturbating, then it was all good fun.

I tugged my jeans lower. My lower navel area and some bum flesh was visible. I rolled up my crop top a little to bring it just below my breasts. Now if were to make an appearance he could just about see everything from my ribs to the beginnings of my thatch. I arched my back because it gave me a really hot pose. I heard the deck creaking on the set of the movie. Unfortunately, my favorite scene had already come and gone, but it didn’t matter as I was otherwise occupied by my own lurid fantasies.

I tugged my jeans down some more and my silk winged panties were viewable. It was a svelte black pair that gave me a camel toe. I was wearing it for the first time so I could smell its freshness and I just used my thumb and finger to pull the front of my jeans out enough to get a good peek of the whole thing. I was quite proud of it as normally I bought my underwear in packs of three. The cheaper stuff still did what it needed to, but also had a tendency to disappear a lot. I knew that panty sniffing was popular but I was sure Kurt had better things to do. It was one of those small panties that did not quite reach over my ass, leaving a fair amount of butt cleavage to admire. I imagined walking on a beach in the summer with one of these on, giving the odd pervert a good view and boner. One would start jerking off and then all of them would follow suit. Even their wives would not be able to slap them back in to reality. The thought was like a tickle to my ribs, as a continued my upward thrusts. I reverted my attention back to my panties. They were flimsy, so one wave from the shoreline would drag it down to my ankles, giving camera ready kids the opportunity to add another candid picture to their already impressive collection of voyeuristic porn.

I imagined a hand smoothing the top of my abdomen and making its way down the runway, where it could get stuck inside a hot clammy rift; in my rift. It would have to be a strong rough hand, belonging to someone young and confident.

Suddenly, more lines came to me:

“As she exposed herself in the open, he watched with his pants around his knees, with his cock in full stroke.”

“He made his way to the table and revealed his presence to her. She waited in anticipation of some action. He lifted her feet up, took purchase on the cuffs of her jeans and pulled them off slowly, as if he was a knight removing the cloth from newly acquired sword. An object he greatly admired judging by the way his eyes remained transfixed by it.”

What would happen next I wondered? It was unusual to not see Kurt at least once during the day. I pulled my pants back up but left the belt coiled around the living room lamp. When I stood up it sunk down below the hips and looked poise to show some butt cleavage had I decided to give it a quick tug or put my hands in the back pockets.

I waltzed up to my son’s door and knocked. He never answered so I usually counted to 5 and then opened the door. When I did, I saw him working on his laptop as usual. It was a noisy machine that I could hear from my room late at night. He looked a bit of a thug with his skin head but I liked it.

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

“A little bit.” He replied.

“K, I’ll go make you a sandwich then.”

With that I left his door open and made myself to the kitchen. I knew he hated his door not being closed, so I wanted to see his reaction. I made him lunch and delivered it to him. His room was stuffy and needed air, but I said nothing. Instead, I passed him the plate and my eyes quickly glanced at his screen. Near the logout screen of a window, I read a name ‘Roosevelt23′ and then the window minimized.

“Bon apetit.” I said turning about and making for the exit.

My drooping jeans probably exposed my ass a little and he got to see a lot of flesh from butt cleavage to half of my back. I really didn’t mind him looking at all. I tossed my hips from side to side like a sexy diva and hoped he enjoyed looking at my ass. When I was facing him his eyes were glued to the screen, so he was not aware of my tube top, but I hoped he bothered to check me out at least once. I really wanted to comfort him in some way, since I did not know how to comfort him the maternal way.

The computer kept him occupied most hours of the day from what I recognized. I think he went to minimize his screen as I entered the room, but I guess the laptop was so hot it took its time. Most of the screen was white by the time I got to him so I don’t know what website it was, only the name I read in the top corner which I assumed was a user name.


Later at night I was reading a few stories and decided to submit my own. I got changed into my night gown and removed my panties. I hooked them on to the door handle and watched as the breeze made them sway now and again. I don’t know I guess it just excited me. I had the light off, and the artificial glare of my laptop screen shooting out in front of me. It always seemed to have my full attention after dark. I was spread across my bed win my reading specs and transparent nightgown; stomach pressing into foam and legs swinging habitually from the knees down. I liked to brush the air with my feet and sometimes felt as if some ethereal force was gently caressing my soles and probable doing other naughty things to me. I encouraged it to violate me like the thing in that movie, The Entity. It could throw me around the bathroom anytime, and push me up against the top of the walls as much as it wanted, just as long as it fucked me good.

I noticed my straps had fallen off so I put them back on again. after typing a few lines, they slowly slipped away again. I looked down at my cleavage. It was a fine chasm. The gown I wore needed another bit of observation. It was very light and the slightest breeze made it flap at the hem. It was also quite apparent that it was easily removable should the need arise.

I lay there with my specs on typing away for hours — and time passed swiftly. It was a mother and son story that developed into a series of sexual encounters; each more powerful than the last. I decided to use my real first name, Amanda, as it was common, but wasn’t sure about the son’s name. I must have lost half an hour going through and rejecting names. I just didn’t feel any of them worked. I tried Tom but saw my husbands face in the character.

As I stroked and scratched the back of my calf with the big toe of my foot I stared at the screen with a humorless expression — How about Kurt?

The image of him and me gave me an instant flush inside my pussy. I initially decided to use Dan instead, thinking about the local milk man. He was quite a hot stud that I wanted to fuck and seemed to fit the bill for the following scenario. He could be a milk man for his mother. I started on my first page, where Dan was delivering milk. I opened the door in my Swedish maid uniform and invited him in to fill a small wooden tub with milk, so I could sit inside with milk filling up the space between my tits. I would look up and notice Dan’s face was flickering; changing into something else. After rubbing my eyes I realized it was not Dan, but a certain skin head I wanted to fuck, so I removed his name and replaced it with Kurt’s.

There was some consideration and a hell of a lot of hesitation , but then just thinking of the name itself brought back the tingling feeling down below. It was as if there was a line, and I was dipping my toes over it. I didn’t really associate my scenario with my son to that of the characters in my story because it was fiction and I needed something to relate to. Both names were common and the scenario was all role play, banter and just a bit of fun. Well, that was the idea anyway, and I only had to convince myself, and I wasn’t doing a very good job of it.

I cracked my knuckles and adjusted the angle of my laptop to suit my newly adopted posture. Just then I heard a few soft footfalls and turned to see Kurt passing by. It was around 2am and I could hear his machine was active. I wonder what he did all night that was so important. I returned my attention to my screen. As I was writing the story I kept running into stumbling blocks. After about 5 pages in, I reread the whole thing and felt like it just wasn’t solid enough. Something needed to change, but not in the story itself. My description of Kurt was typical enough, but it was not MY Kurt. Maybe it needed to be a guy that looked like my son and Amanda needed to look like me.

My legs started to part voluntarily in response to that idea, followed by the lips of my cunt. It would certainly be a very kinky thing to do. I pondered over the possibility that anyone I knew visited such a site and I guess a few probably did.

Fuck it.

I had to go with my pussy on this one. I described us exactly as we appeared in real life and ran with it. Now I had to build up a story and get them to fuck each other, though that would be difficult to figure out since there were so many angles of approach. I continued writing for a while longer then eventually passed out with exhaustion.

The next day I woke up in the same position on my bed but with my laptop closed. I felt a bit of a chill lower down and glanced over the shoulder. I found my gown was up to my waist and my big ass was sticking out. It looked so tight and beautiful. I looked at my open door and saw no one there, so I grabbed a cheek and gave it a good squeeze. I was really horny and it felt so good to touch my ass and risk Kurt walking by. I planted my other hand on the other cheek so I could stroke them both at the same time.

“This feels good.” I moaned.

I delved in between the cheeks and found my ass hole. It was tight and had never been penetrated by a dick, so it was a virgin ass. I selected my middle finger and skirted around the ring, proceeding with a slow penetration. It hurt a little bit but I kept going. After a while I was slotting my finger in and out of my ass with subtle ease.

“Do you like it like that Amanda?” I moaned, pretending to be the voice of my lover.

I finger fucked myself anally for a few minutes before hearing some footsteps. I quickly unplugged my finger out of my ass and tossed my nightie over my naughty bits. Kurt came by and stood by the door. I’m not sure if he witnessed me covering up but I smiled and waved with my ass finger.

“Morning, er… hon” I blurted.

“Hi — I am just going out for a while.” He explained.

“Sure sure. Have fun.” I replied rather throatily.

He looked at me for a moment and then left. I dropped my head and then covered it with a pillow “Morning, er… Hon?!” I repeated with a muffled growl. That was really not cool. The smell told me he had brought his smell to my room, though I wasn’t sure how he managed to do that since he never entered my room. I looked around thinking about a few vagrant thoughts I was going to analyze, but they remained lost. I shut the door but kept my hand on the knob. Where were my panties? A thorough search revealed they had disappeared like previous panties before them. I hoped Kurt was sniffing them, and at the same time I hoped he wasn’t. It was all very confusing. Unless I rummaged around his room I would never know, but opted to take a shower instead. When I was out, I logged on I finished my story and then submitted it.

The sex was a bit rushed in the end but I couldn’t stop touching myself during every sentence I composed. Having to describe what my son was doing to me was weird but I liked it. The more detail I went into, the more I played with my cunt. It was less weird and more natural after a while. Kurt stayed out all day, so I got to orgasm several times. It was all good fun.


A few days passed and I received various comments on my story — mixed reviews. There was one from a user that caught my eye; I couldn’t believe it. Roosevelt23!! It couldn’t be my son, so I simply refused to believe it. I read his comments:

“Hello SexyQueen3, you have a good premise but not enough build up. Take your time. Love, Roosevelt23.”

“Wow!” I gasped.

Is that Kurt? I hoped not because I did not want to interact with the real thing. I’m not sure I could deal with it. I replied back to him though, while my other hand fucked my wet horny pussy.

“Dear Roosevelt23, I use pictures of actual couples to help me write — if you have something to stimulate me I might be able to write a better story. xxx your Sexy Queen.”

I pressed submit and then regretted it soon after. About 10 minutes later I got a reply. He gave me a link to another site. I followed it. This was a place where people could upload amateur porn and videos. The profile picture was of his dick. It was HUGE!!

I browsed his galleries and found one called mum. I opened it to find about 300 hardcore images of naked women. All of them had a faked face on them – my face. I could not believe it, I was in complete shock. This is what my son did all day long — put my face on naked women. I took a deep breath and my shoulders slumped noticeably as low as they could. I buried my hands in my face and wondered if the day could get worse. How embarrassing.

So, it WAS Kurt after all. I continued to go through his fakes of me and some were captioned as well. It was all very demeaning and shocking, more so to find myself glued to the screen. The fakes were pretty seamless, as if the body really did belong to me and some of his nasty comments about wanting to rape me actually turned me on. I resumed stroking my pussy and found my vulva thrusting upwards, wanting more.

After a good browse, I sent him a message:

“Amazing fakes! So … I guess you want to fuck your mum?” I asked bluntly.

He replied instantly, “Yeah, I want to fuck the shit out of her.” He replied.

I gasped in horror. I wasn’t sure where my reality had gone and when it was replaced by a cartoon. I switched off the laptop and went to sleep. At night, I got up and changed into my gym shorts and crop top. I tiptoed out and saw a small gap in Kurt’s room. I stood between the gap and looked in. He was on his computer as usual. I turned around and peeled my gym shorts off halfway, revealing a nice bum cleavage. I exposed it to the gap and bent over. The light in the corridor was off so I wasn’t sure if he could see me. Still I enjoyed the thrill of it and spread my cheeks apart a few times. I remained like that for a while and then lifted my pants back up and looked at him. He was still glued to the thing, probably making more fakes. He did say he wanted to fuck me and I wasn’t sure what to make of it as I was only interested in masturbating with a view to being caught. But then, when I was horny, I was up for anything.

Since my son was the only one in the house that could catch me in a compromising situation, it had to be him I used. In effect he was helping me get off and I guess that was it. But I imagined my ass being penetrated by something big and the only thing that kept popping up was that huge dick of his. I guess I didn’t mind it going in my ass. No, I wanted it up my ass!

My thoughts were in a tug of war. I wasn’t certain of anything other than what I felt in the moment. That day when I woke up with my nightie up to my waist and my ass exposed was unusual. The smell of his room was unusual because it smelled of cum. I retreated to my room and lay down. I sent Rooosevelt23 another email asking if he had any new pictures. He told me to check his updates and that these were not fakes. I went in and sure enough there was a gallery called ‘mum’s room’.

There were about 50 pictures of me; mostly my ass at different angles and then his hand on my ass and then his dick on my ass. In the last few pictures, he was rubbing his cum on my ass with his dick. The last picture was of a close up of my face and the words DUMBASS BITCH written above.

I sat there stunned for a while.

Then I looked at them again and again. I found that my pussy was getting really wet. I blew a kiss at my son’s profile and sent him a message saying I loved it and hoped to see much more. Now that I knew that he infiltrated my room last night and violated me I was looking forward to more of the same.

I woke up in the morning with a chill on my butt. I glanced over and saw my gym shorts around my ankles. My arms were tired, so I waited for the muscles to get out of snooze mode and the pins and needles to end before reaching out and grabbing my spongy ass. It was a bit sticky in places. I removed my crop top and started stroking my pussy. My door was ajar and I heard footsteps but pretended not to notice. From the corner of my eye I could sense his hidden presence.

“So nice!” I moaned.

My wet pussy was throbbing and sending out waves of pleasure after wave. I knew he was there and it was turning me on so much. The fact that he was masturbating over my ass was special.

“Oh fuck yeah!” I groaned.

“Oh fuck my ass just like that!!”

As I climaxed my ass slumped down and I lay motionless. I took a half nap, closing my eyes but keeping my self partially awake. I heard the door creak slightly and imagined it was a mouse. The laminated floor boards squeaked briefly. I heard a flash and assumed it was him taking pictures of me. More unsuspecting footage of his mother for the world to see and masturbate over. I opened my legs a little and then heard another flash. I was so excited and did not want to spoil it by turning around and pouncing on him. Being wily was better than proving I was aware of him. Instead, I kept opening parting my legs so he could watch my pussy lips peel open ever so slowly. Then I would wait for him to take a few more pictures before I closed the gates again.

I let out a sleepy erotic moan to add to the atmosphere and hoped he had that big cock of his out in one hand. He could plug it in my ass if he wished, I really wanted that. I know how it was though when it came to these situations between mother and son incest stories. The son was trying to navigate his way through a tricky maze in her mind, where there were many pitfalls and dead ends. He was conflicted about his approach — which method would get me to feel seduced and most importantly, which method would work?

This was as close as he probably felt he could get. But maybe his plan was working and this was the latest push. If only he knew that I was keen on chugging his cock then it would make things easier for the both of us, but we were good at making being difficult I guess.

I felt something warm and ticklish meet the top of my butt cheek. It was his lips. He wanted to kiss my ass. It was a really sweet feeling. I pressed my ribs into the foam mattress ever so gently, as to accentuate my quivering ass. It was my attempt to ask for more. Kiss me again sweetheart I spoke internally. I tried to connect with his mind and post him a message giving him the password to my email account. I hoped he would be able to open my inbox. Read the unfinished message in the drafts folder, where I was in the process of composing something I hadn’t the guts to send:


He must have found that mental message because he laid his sticky lips on my other cheek and then he moaned. It was barely audible but I could hear it. I almost moaned with him. Not sure why, but I assumed this was because I wanted to interact more and to stop pretending. Maybe just turn around and grab him — tell him to stop fooling around and start fucking me.


I knew what the problem was though; I loved to play games just as much as he did. Even though it seemed like I was ahead on points, the last few days had turned out to be quite an eye opener. Kurt was quite a sly beast and an intelligent one to boot. The only weakness (we both shared) was our unresolvable lust for one another. At times, I felt as if we were two balls of different colored energy trying to latch onto each others tails, or like the feng shui symbol trying to chase each other around and around in circles with no end in sight.

Did that mean that if one of us caught each other, there would be an imbalance in our lives? Was it better to let things continue discretely?

As my son planted his lips along the line between my butt cheeks, I grinned because I knew the answer. I looked forward to the day when he would approach me while in the middle of a good book or TV programme, lift up my top up above my breasts and suckle on my nipple much like he did as a child. It would be something casual; an acceptable norm. The outside world wasn’t important because the real world was the one that existed between two intimate souls. If all I needed was incest, if that was the only thing that made me stir, then my thought process was only troubled if it involved someone getting hurt. We both skirted around the issue instead of being frank, and this I put down to us both being highly sensitive and therefore, the kind of personalities that were easy to break. Sure, I tried to think I was strong and presented a false impression at times, probably failing to fool myself more than anything. If I could not convince my self, how I would convince Kurt? Since we hardly engaged in social jousting it didn’t really matter. Not until now.

“Stupid bitch.” I heard him mutter under his breath.

A few quick prods to my back convinced him further that I was very much asleep. He knew I was a deep sleeper and it was possible he had been paying me visits long before he got the idea to upload pictures of me online. It was around that time in the morning just after sunrise when the birds were up and making all sorts of noise; mostly to protect their nests against invading predators and to reluctantly juggle the dashing out to find meal worms. Normally, I was a late waker, and was due to begin stirring around 9am, but today I was a few hours short of that. Lucky that!

Still, I pretended to be near comatose just so I could see how far Kurt was intending to go. My lack of reaction allowed his confidence to grow and his sneaky ‘Operation: incest’ to continue. This was the time he liked to visit and I made a note of that. I’m sure he was aware that without my consent he was effectively abusing me. I was evidently his fuck toy. Well, if he was indeed penetrating me then I guess it was technically rape. He was fortunate then, that although I was partially dismayed that he was actually going ahead with his fantasies, it was not something he was going to go to jail for. I had wanted him to do it to me for a while now, but that was only during the height of my climax. After my self love sessions, I would regain my sense of principle again, like it had only parted with me briefly. Now he was muttering bad things about me under his ragged breath and I was really excited.

I just wanted him to press his mouth to my ears, rest his lower lip upon my sensitive lobe and feed me his lustful dreams, like an intangible drip that entered my ear and filled every chamber in my body with some tingling breeze. I wanted to shudder at every word and convulse at every kiss. I was certain my patience would soon be rewarded in kind.

“God. Red Sonja’s sister.” He said.

I wasn’t as keen a film buff as him, but I knew that movie. Apparently (and this is true), Red Sonja’s family were slaughtered at the beginning because she spurned the advances of the female villain. This is not revealed in the movie itself however. Instead, there is a scene of her house in flames, horses neighing and a soldier raping Red Sonja. It lasts for about a split second or so. Kurt loved the lesbian aspects of the movie and probably dreamed I played some role in it myself, from what I could gather from his utterances.

I liked dressing up and I could wear those fantasy togs if he asked. Hopefully we could go to the seedy markets and get some bondage gear on the side. I wanted a gag for myself and a leash maybe.

“Can you hear me mum?” He said.

I almost thought for a second that he had caught me out and I was about to put my hands up and surrender, but he was just testing me; seeing if it was okay to get closer. I bet he had planned many little tests to get to this stage. All of his plans were probably written up somewhere on paper or on a computer. I bought the camera for him last Christmas, now he was using it on me. it was freaky and weird and I disagreed with it but it didn’t half turn me on! I suspected he must have had 100′s of images of me in different positions and compromising situations. My faces on the fakes must have come out of the family album. This was perhaps the closest to me he had ever been. My naughty Kurt.

I felt him breathing down my ear. He licked my lobes and then kissed my whole ear.

“I’m gonna fuck you, do you know that?” He muttered. “Wake up, so I can rape you.”

If I did wake up I suspect he would shit himself; fall on his back and leg it back to his room. I was a bit afraid of the way he was speaking because I wasn’t used to hearing his voice but I also reminded myself this was a classic symptom of what was known as incest fever. Anyone was capable of it as long as they met the right conditions and Kurt reeked of it. Saying such mean things were designed to enhance the experience by implying intent but not acting on it. It was entirely possible to lose yourself completely and lose sight of barriers that were once visible. If he wanted to, he could convince himself that it was okay to rape me and then his mind would present him with some sort of justification to help alleviate his guilt. Nonetheless, I would remain still and experience the rest of the show.

“I’m so glad you are such a deep sleeping whore.” I heard a slapping sound. Must have been his dick.

“I can’t wait to see other guys jerk off to you mum. I really can’t. Hope they cum all over your pictures. God! your ass is SO sweet.”

He took a few more pictures for his collection and was stroking faster and faster. I wanted to sneak a peek of his hot dick but I didn’t want t scare him. He planted two hands on each butt cheek and wobbled them about. Then he peeled them apart. That’s right Kurt I thought. That’s where you insert your cock buddy.

He pushed a finger against the rim of my ass hole and my muscles involuntarily clenched. As my cheeks engulfed his hand he pressed down harder and got past the sphincter and inside my dark forbidden hole. I wonder which hole he liked the most and imagined he conducted a poll with his internet buddies. His finger was brave and ventured all the way in, or at least as far as it could go. I was certain he had not figured it out yet; that I was very much awake, but it didn’t matter. One of us was going to seduce the other eventually, it was just a matter of time. It was ridiculous to assume that family members could not fall in love with each other, because it had been happening in this apartment for a long time. First the disconnection between two sexes; then avoidance. Last but not least, the collision. Like a big bang. Two forces with the same properties heading towards each other at an optimum impact trajectory; the outcome was inevitable. If the preceding explosion did not tear them apart, it would bring them together. Much like the way planets formed. All of the unwanted clutter and debris was ejected. In my mind, I was on course and I had to make sure we clashed. The benefits far outweighed the decision to remain inactive; to be ordinary.

“I want to fuck your ass mum.” He muttered under his highly irregular tone.

He was pulling at his dick and it was throbbing and pulsating and then he squirted his sperm all over my ass.

“AAAAHHhhh! Fuck!!” He groaned,

I could feel beautiful reams of jizz decorating my bum and it running down the small of my back, forming into a collective pool. His breathing went from rapid to slow and then he lifted my gym shorts up and put them back on me, with his cum still on my ass. Then he tiptoed away.

When he was gone, I sat up, crossed my arms over my knees and felt unsatisfied. I was just getting started and my cunt was only just blushing with envy and salivating at the prospect of more. But Kurt had gotten what he came for and then left. I knew I was quite the demanding nymph; always wanting more and not hoping to accept anything less. I could not expect my son to know that I wanted him to lie down beside my afterwards and talk dirty in to my ear while an unsuspecting hand lifted up my nightie and massaged my dripping pussy. How was he supposed to know unless I told him?

I turned on my laptop and messaged Roosevelt.

“Hon, are you around?”

I was so agitated I kept pressing the refresh button on my profile, begging for there to be a new PM in my inbox. I paced up and down the room until finally he replied.

“Yes Sexyqueen.”

“What are you wearing right now?”

“Just some jeans and a vest. Oh, yeah and my mum’s hottest panties! xxx”

“Wow. Got any new pics to share?”

“Sure. There will be a new gallery up in a while.”

“Can’t wait!”

“Me neither.”

I sent him a final message and then logged out. I was so horny I had to distract myself or start scratching the floor board like some demented possessed witch trying to drive out her demons. I got up and looked at the state of my room — it was a mess! I would clean it up after I cleaned myself first. If he had a hidden camera in the bathroom, he would be able to catch me masturbating in the tub with my legs spread eagled over the top. It would have been quite a steamy video to share with the world. I could only dream about such things and it was so frustrating to not be able to share them with other like minded people.


I felt so dirty stripping off in the bathroom and smelly, as my sons cum was all dried up around my butt. I rubbed my ass cheeks and spanked them and then covered my mouth in embarrassment thinking it was quite a loud slap. A bath would have been ideal but I ended up under the shower hose instead. I soaped my self down and closed my eyes waiting for my son to sneak up behind me and finish the job he started. After all, it wasn’t fair that he should only get to cum. I had left the door unlocked in case he had any aspiration to present himself in a bathrobe, which he could then let drop to the floor to reveal a imposing sucking tool for me to gorge on.

I had to rub my horny pussy and close my legs for the most part because the soap had made my body slippery and the lack of friction was encouraging me to massage my naughty bits. The water absorption on my skin seemed to make my ass bigger and as a consequence, attracted the attention of my roaming hands, which helped themselves to a good rubbing and squeezing session. I pulled both cheeks open and yearned for my son’s cock to invade me. I wanted him to assault me and up end me with an unhealthy brutality that I was not accustomed to. Then he would grip my ankles like a powerful vice and drag me all the way to his lair, where he would have me all to himself and for as long as he wanted. I tried to lick my lips at the prospect but just ended up swallowing shower spray instead.

When I was finished, I squeezed the water out of my hair and wrapped it up into a turban with one towel and then dried my body down with another. My cunt got a good mono-tug-of-war scrub with the towel between the legs. There was no sign of a break in, so I was disappointed with that. I was his showgirl after all.

I sat on the bathroom floor and shaved my pussy so it was smooth and then applied moisturizer to my whole body. If Kurt walked in he would be in for a treat.

“Come in and fuck your mother.” I blurted. But he never came.

I put on a new pair of white gym shorts and crop top, dabbing a perfume to my neck. I posed in front of the mirror and pouted my ass. I looked like one hot mama!


When I knocked on his door he let me in and asked me to close the door behind me. I did so, and coughed at all the smoke floating around. Had his laptop gone on the fritz? “Sorry mum, I was just having one of these.” He said waving a cigarette. Every time I entered his room I felt like a guest, and one who was always ignored. I never knew him to smoke so this must have been part of the process concerning his leap to the dark side. Somehow though, I didn’t think he was taking orders from senator Palpatine. I guess after shooting his load all over his mothers ass, a cigarette was relevant. But, I got the impression he had quite a few.

“I didn’t know you smoked.” I told him.

“Sometimes.” He replied. “Here.” He said offering me a puff. I advanced forward like a contestant in a game program waiting in a line up during the elimination round; accepted his offer. I wasn’t sure how to hold it exactly, but I had two fingers and a thumb on it. I gave it a puff and then coughed before handing it back. Kurt did not ask me how I was or anything, he didn’t seem bothered by my presence. But then I had to break him in or at least see if that was possible.

“Nice top.” He complimented about my naughty crop top. Something must have compelled him to make such a frank observation, something inside his pants. “Thanks.” I said twirling around for him even though he had not asked.

“Is that your camera?” I said curiously about the slim gadget by his side.


“Has it seen any action lately?”

“No.” He lied.

“Our photo album needs a serious update.” I joked but he never reacted.

But it was certainly true — Our photo album was full of wedding photos and baby pictures of Kurt. Apart from that, it was pretty much devoid of anything else. I picked at the gym pant fabric riding up my back side and ending up giving myself a camel toe. How could I make an impact on this boy?

“Hey, do you wanna take some pictures of me? For the album?” I asked.

He paused for a moment to check out my figure and then picked up his camera.

“What, now?” He asked.

“I’m a little under dressed I know. Maybe we can do a photo shoot. All sorts of poses.” I was getting suggestive now and there was no turning back, but I didn’t give a flying fuck.

Kurt stubbed his cigarette out in the eye of a cover girl in one of those glossy fashion magazines and powered on his camera.

“Okay. Er. Do you want to do it in here?”

“Yes.” I replied.

I stood up and put my hands on my hips. He took a few snaps and showed them to me but they looked a bit stiff, so I proposed something more sexier. I showed him a side pose with my hands hooked on the waist band of my gym pants. He scratched his head and took a few snaps.

“These are just showing the top half of me.” I said.

“Ok, well, let me delete these.”

“Lets try again.”

He stood up and touched my abdomen – I moved in and my ass moved out. He took hold of my hands and pushed them in deeper so it looked like I really was about to peel them off. He stood back against his bed and took several shots.

“Good. Now pout your lips.”

“Like this?” I asked cocking my head a little.


The pictures were impressive; capturing my curves and maybe he would put those online tonight. I was initially not overly pleased with him humiliating me like this — letting strangers jerk off to me around the world. But when he gave me instruction I felt compelled to follow, and who was I kidding anyway, letting strangers beat off to me was a good move and I loved it.

“What else do you wanna do?” He asked.

I could think of a few things! I stood in that pose for a while before tugging my gym pants down to a new low; quite far down below the hips. If he walked around to face me, he would get to see the top of my vulva. He kept me on a the side pose and took a few more snaps.

I kept denying my interest in him but I could not resist forever. For as long as I had a wet pussy and one man in my life, there was only going to be one outcome. Eventually my son was going to fuck the shit out of me like he promised.

“Thats good.” He said.


I wedged up my pants and sat next to him to view them. He said they were great and that I had a good figure. I smiled and watched him transfer the images to his computer. I found I was able to look at his face now but still struggled with eye contact. He watched as I hesitated to budge up closer against him. He gave me a blank stare. Sometimes when I spoke to him I could not help but gulp now and again, so he must have picked up on that. But it didn’t last that long. His eyes were fixed on my camel toe and it was making me excited. I opened out my legs so he could get a better look.

“How’s that?” I asked, implying him to take a snap of my pussy.

“I like it.” He said taking a few photos and then 30 more.

I inched closer as he put his camera down and felt really confident all of a sudden. It came to me like a surge that was swelling up inside and threatened to burst unless I performed the following actions; namely, to reach towards his crotch and yank out his dick. An instructional thought like that was always going to be ignored, which is why my hand stayed put by the side of my body. He looked at me realizing I had just hesitated to do something but he wasn’t sure exactly what and did not ask. Instead, my hands casually reached the top of his pants and tugged at it. In one further tug, the denim parted with a button that held it and then I used my other hand to help me open his pants up around the crotch area. He leaned back a little to allow me to continue my action and became a spectator with an embarrassed look on his face. Still, he must have been telling himself not to shut me out like he had done all his life. Not this time.

I was still his mother and I could show him how I liked to rub long creamy cocks. Firstly, I peeled away the front and delicately placed a flat open hand, with fingers spread, on the highest point of his bulge. There wasn’t much fabric to aim at, not with him wearing my knickers. I teased the center of the bulge with my fingernails as Kurt sat quietly, still trying to act cool, but he could not keep that up forever.

“You like my underwear son?” I asked, ruffling the slinky edges of the barely visible front section with finger and thumb.

“No.” He lied, but he could not help it.

It was an automatic response very much in the mold of a knee jerk reaction; kind of like a proxy. Some part of you, perhaps the emergency defense mechanism, would step up to represent your character on your behalf during moments of intensity scrutiny. In this case, there was no saving grace, it was clear to see that the tiny cotton panty he was wearing did not belong to him. It was receptive to the lightest brush from my fingertips I could see. The triangular section only covered the head of Kurt’s penis, with his balls hanging out below and only a string running down the middle. I had caught him and now I would teach him a lesson he would never forget. I carefully plucked out his cock and gave it one upward stroke.

“I’m Sexyqueen.” I confessed.

Kurt looked across to me with a scrunched brow. After the initial shock admission, which saw him sit there analyzing permutations he had only considered to be based purely on fantasy, he gulped in astonishment but said nothing. I sat with my back straight and that tightened my ass, making them accentuate from inside my gym shorts. While I looked every inch the teacher, my son, with his slumped shoulders, looked like the vulnerable student.

“I wasn’t pretending … ” I started. “I was genuinely impressed by your fakes.”

He said something I could not translate, so while he was contemplating how to react, my face swooped down to his cock and my nose inhaled the scent of his long pole and that of my slinky underwear. It was nice to know he liked my taste in knickers.

“I know we don’t get along. Never have … and I’m sorry. It wasn’t ever a case of post-partum depression or anything, even though it might have seemed like I neglected you for a lot longer. I just …” He put a finger to my lips and I stopped waffling.

I pulled on his foreskin and watched it engulf his head and then pulled it down and watched it recede. His floppy meat began to harden and point upwards as I picked up momentum. The pleasure on his face was mixed with other emotions and his heavy breathing was noticeable. I took some oil from a bottle nearby and massaged it into Kurt’s dick. The sound of his slick skin sheathing and unsheathing against his meat pole while my wrist flicked up and down, was arousing my pussy. I could not help but look at my wedding ring on a finger wrapped around my son’s cock contributing to some of the sound effects. My hand was also gleaming and I disengaged from the wrap hold to a vertical position, with two fingers stroking the tip of his cock, and pressing down on his piss hole.

“I just wanted to say … I’m not a good mum, but … I can be a good bitch.” I confessed.

I wanted to be his bitch. He even told the world that himself; he told everyone but me. I didn’t mind just as long as I got to fuck him. He moaned and tilted his head back, and was really getting into this hand job. I worked him real good, and next time hoped to wear my librarian specs, a half undone white blouse (with no bra underneath), a tight tube skirt that made my ass prop out through the material and satin gloves (perfect for a hand job).

I swooped low, tossed my red hair to one side over the shoulder and brought out my long tongue. He flinched as it neared his lollipop but I held his dick firm and met his eyes as I focussed on lightly addressing his piss hole with gently upward and downward flicks. His dick throbbed and even more when I spoke to it; and that was fun. Perhaps I was some sort of dick whisperer I mused.

“Amanda?” He said.

“Yes, Kurt?” I replied cupping his balls.

“I just want to call you Amanda.”

“You can call me anything you want.” I said affectionately rubbing his smooth shaved gonads. He smiled at the way I caressed him with such loving care and desire. It only heightened the intensity between us all the more and made us inch closer in towards one another. I poked my head up and planted a kiss on his skin head. The stubble was not really sharp as such, and I enjoyed leaving a lipstick mark on it. On my way down, he intimated to kiss me and I accepted his proposal, pouting my lips as I moved in. It was the kind of quick peck you would see a parent giving their child when dropping them off to school, so it felt a bit awkward.

We sat there in the dim room, adjusting to eye contact, but still there were shaky moments. If I looked too much, my face might twitch nervously, but we both were determined to overcome it and endure the embarrassing episodes by taking our time and not rushing into anything. I clamped his face with both hands and brought my face into his. It was a very intimate kiss. My face was red afterwards.

“I hope you don’t mind.” I said. I just wanted to apologize for everything and nothing.

“I don’t” he asked.

“I made you my favorite member on the site.” I told him.

He smiled and stroked my cheeks. “I’ll take that all off … I’m sorry for putting it up in the first place mum.”

“No. I don’t want you to take it off. Because … It turns me on.” I admitted as I kissed him deeper and more passionately.

“Really?” He said with a muffled voice, his lips still plugged into mine.


We were trying to get each others attention for a long time, but just did not know how to do it. Not until now. I pulled his head back and asked him if he liked my scent. He nodded and felt my heart race. Since compliments were hard to obtain, I enjoyed enforcing them, just to get the romance mill started.

“Sniff my neck.” I implored.

His face snuggled in against my throat, where it was licked and then my neck was treated to next with even more subtle attention. I ran my fingers along his bald head and pushed his face deeper into me. I reached down and wrapped my little fingers around that shaft again and it was hard as a rock and slick as anything. I delicately jerked it from top to bottom. I liked to run my hand up all the way to the tip and then slide down again, and he particularly liked the way I used one hand.


“Fuck.” He muttered with ragged breath.

“Do you like the way mommy strokes your cock?” I asked stroking slower and slower as I licked my lips and gazed into his eyes.

“Yes. Oh yes.” He replied.

“Take your top off honey.” I asked him.

He removed it and also his pants and then he lay down naked with his arms folded and hands resting under his head. I rubbed my hands gleefully and admired the pose. He looked like such a hot hunk. My cunt agreed as it was constantly reminding me to go and sit on his dick. I stood up, flicked off my gym pants and crop top and clambered onto my sons bed like an over excited school girl. There was so much to do, and I did not know where to begin.

“Ahem, so …” Kurt said clearing his throat. “Was you, you know awake early this morning.” he said referring to his masturbation on my ass.

“No.” I lied. It was too early to admit something like that on a sensitive moment such as this. I wasn’t ready to hear him tell me to get off even though I figured he wouldn’t mind. His dick was standing up and representing him anyway. I held on to it like a joystick while I spent a little while licking his balls. I lifted his cock and raised his balls so I could suck on one and then the other. he moaned and told me my lips were looking thick and sexy. I grinned and continued licking. I loved his praise for it made my heart flutter and my knees weak.


“Mmmm-mm?” I said with a mouthful of his balls.

“Do you like my cock?”

“Oh yes. You know that. I’m SexyQueen remember.” I reminded him.

“Say something dirty to me.” He asked.

I smiled and sat up. I arched my back as I gathered my long red hair into a bunch and tied it up. My perky tits wobbled and my chest stuck out as I blew him kisses from afar. I had my two folded legs separated by one of his thighs and he could feel my labia rubbing against it; teasing it.

“You’re a motherfucker.” I told him.

It was weird saying it and him hearing it since we did not swear in front of one another, so it was good fun. It made his dick stretch out further and my pussy wet.

“Mum, sit on my dick.” Kurt asked.

“I wanna suck your cock first.” I told him.

I looked at him with my puppy eyes and he granted me permission with a wave of his hand. He looked like a king and I felt like one of his daily bitches. I liked being his bitch!

I sat on both his legs and split my legs up. I positioned myself like a dog and showed him the length of my impressive tongue. He blew me a kiss and told me I was really sexy. We gazed into one another’s eyes momentarily and then I dipped my tongue into his balls. I licked my way up to the midway section of his dick, just kissing and sucking around there, not moving any higher. This was a bit of a tease on my behalf and I maintained it until he asked me to suck all of it. He squirmed and writhed as I took his cock into my mouth for the first time. It was long but I could deep throat him if I felt like it.


My mouth introduced itself to my sons dick with ease and the sound of my mouth working on his lollipop was invigorating. I had dreamed about this for too long and written about it as well. Kurt had read my story and knew my every desire. I was just hoping he could give me everything I wanted in bed and I would be able to die happy.

“Is this okay?” I asked sucking gleefully away.

“Mmmm.” He moaned with his head on the pillow and eyes closed. “Go slower mum.”

He placed his hands on the back of my head and pushed me down. There I stayed while he thrust his dick up and washed my mouth with it. Then he grabbed a clump of my hair and pulled me back up.

“GARRRGHHH!” I spluttered having been well and truly face fucked. A plethora of slime hung from my mouth and on my sons dick. He looked at my expression of anguish and surprise and laughed as if he really enjoyed hurting me.

“You said go slow?” I asked confused.

“Yeah, sorry. I changed my mind at the last moment Amanda.” He apologized.

I latched onto his dick and he dunked me again, only harder. As he fucked my face, my eyes were stinging and tears flowed freely. I looked pathetic and like someone other people felt sorry for, and it just made him hornier. He realized that humiliation was fun too, but he knew it all along, he just wasn’t sure what would happen if we actually came together like this, it wasn’t something he could confirm anyway.

Well, until now.

“GAARGGHHH!” I gagged and coughed up more stringy wads of saliva onto his amazing dick.

“You look good naked.” He observed in the midst of our power play. I was servicing his dick the way he wanted it. He wasn’t a picky guy, he knew what he wanted. If there were too many steps to get somewhere he would turn around and walk back the way he came. That’s why he hated Grubway; there were too many steps before you got your sandwich.

No.1: Pick your bread No. 2: Choose your cheese Blah blah… No. 7: Bend over and take it up your ass.

I wiped the tears from my face and felt upset but he did nothing to comfort me. I let him throat fuck me a few more times and then I crawled up to him a little more and started kissing his nipple. He instructed me to bite it and pull it and I obeyed his commands. He moaned as I sucked on him and stroked his abdomen. He had a really hot body! At some point, he started to talk about random things but I just kept on licking his smooth hairless chest.

“I go to the Japanese festival every year.” He told me.

“Oh, thats good son.” I replied ignoring him completely. Virtually anyway. Something about Japan. He liked the culture or at least the manga stuff.

“I bought a hadaka apron with you in mind.” He explained.

He wanted me to wear it when cooking. Basically, it was a skimpy yellow apron, that was backless barring a string that knotted around the waist. It was quite kinky as it did not cover the side of the body at all and was a thick cotton. I assumed I would wear it in the nude and he confirmed this to me after I resumed sucking on his dick.


“Fuck!” He gasped, getting really close to ejaculating the mother load. I pulled out at the last moment and waited till I caught my breath back before massaging Kurt’s cock, which had leaned back against his stomach and curled to the left a little. It throbbed and veins popped out and then it receded and was semi hard and floppy. It was ideal for a good massage and I kissed it and licked it at the same time. He laughed out of ecstasy and then patted my head like I was a good girl.

“Mum, lets do 69.” He suggested.

“Awesome!” I answered turning myself around so I faced away from him. He had gotten a bit aggressive with the blow job so I had to be a bit mindful. He was after all a man, and their hormones were designed to be more aggressive, and not every man could stop himself; not my Kurt anyway.

When I was in position, two hands clamped on my ass cheeks and fondled them. I scooted up a little to make sure my cunt was just hovering above my sons hungry face. When he licked the full length of my pussy I gasped with delight and opened my legs a little more.

“Oh my lord!” I muttered.

“Do you like that? The way I lick your pussy?” My son asked me. Was he teasing me? Of course I fucking loved it!! I just closed my eyes and tensed my legs, waiting for the next incredible lick to laminate my pussy.

“I’m waiting for an answer Amanda.” Kurt said, taunting me.

“I love the way you lick my pussy baby. I love it.” I told him.

He licked me again and I gasped and my body twitched. “More.” I pleaded. So he licked me again and again but in between pauses and taunts, which irritated me and drove me to the dizzy heights of euphoria at the same time. My toes curled and my mouth salivated as my son kissed my cunt and fucked it with his tongue.

“Please … Don’t stop!” I said with a husky voice while I sucked the full length of his cock from tip to base. He was floppy so it wasn’t hard and I liked being able to take him all in and I’m sure he loved it just as much.

“Lick my pussy!!” I begged. “FUCK IT!” I cried.

He spanked my ass and groped at the big cheeks like he was addicted to them. I liked my pillows too and was glad they were being met with such approval. At times, we had to remind ourselves we were mother and son, but it didn’t really sink in. That only happened after sex. That’s how it worked with incest. The guilt mechanism couldn’t be disarmed or invoked during sex, because thats when the hormones were pinning it down, keeping it gagged and tied up. It could only escape once the hormones were spent, and then it could pick up its placard saying ‘buddy you just fucked your mother — How does that make you feel?’.

“Why you stop?” I blurted, because my pussy was waiting. I eased my legs open more so my pussy could sit itself down on my sons face. Now, he had to service me, or just admire his mothers hot pussy.

“Mmmm. You are dripping.” He informed me, opening his mouth to let it creep inside.

“Because, I’m so agitated.” I told him gyrating my hips.

“You mean horny?” He corrected.


He laughed and I was annoyed by why he was laughing, because I wanted to know what was it about me that amused him so much, but he wouldn’t say. when he resumed licking my cunt, and sucking my juice, I forgot what I was irritated about very quickly, and just let my ecstasy take over. I bounced my ass on his face and it seemed violent but he loved it.

“Lick my salty balls bitch!” He instructed.

“At once sir!” I answered as I moved his dick aside so I could get my drooling mouth to his smooth balls. I spat on it and spread the saliva to every inch of his flesh before returning my attention to his long meat shaft.

“You naughty girl.” He said as my cunt would not stop dripping. I could not help it because I had never been so aroused in my life. Kurt was so much hotter than I expected. He was my stud.

“Yes, I am really naughty.” I giggled.

He continued to service me until I started to convulse and then I came.

“Ohhh Kurt!!” I moaned. “Ohh Kurt!!”

“Yes mum?”

“I love you.” I wept.

He spanked my ass and told me to sit on his dick, so I gave it one last tongue lick around the mushroom head and adjusted myself until I was mounting my son; my cunt pressing against the underside of his cock meat.

“Now, you are going to ride me.” He ordered.

I had the biggest grin on my face because there were too many dirty thoughts running through my mind at that moment in time, and it was all his doing. I told myself he had that effect on me; the Kurt effect.

I took his dick and pressed it into my slick cunt. It went in straight away and then began to harden inside. Probably as a result of him realizing he was inside his mother for the first time. I gasped as he filled my cave up with his expanding cock and kept murmuring how much I loved him.

“I want you!” I muttered as I began gyrating my hips.

“I’m gonna fuck you up bitch!” Kurt retorted incoherently.

“Yes!! Fuck me!! FUCK ME!!” I yelled bouncing up and down on him like a bucking bronco that had only just beginning to stir.

“Don’t you worry mommy, I’m gonna shoot my load inside you!!”

“Yes!! I want you to cum inside!! Please!!” I begged.

I rammed my cunt in and out and he provided upper thrusts from his pelvis We were both sweating like pigs and the bucking bronco was in full flow as I thrashed around like something possessed, screaming and cursing. My heart was racing and my hormones were raging as I rode my son as aggressively as I could. all the while he was moaning and commenting on how hot I was, making me feel really good and sexy.

“Yes!! I’m fucking my son!!” I yelled, as I shook my booty and pounded my cunt into my sons beautiful creamy cock. I was oozing cum and it was just running down his dick and venturing between his balls and thighs.

I leaned down enough for us to hold hands and interlock as we continued our fucking. That only slowed us down for a bit as we were trying to extend the intercourse for as long as possible. There was no telling how effective the guilt trip would be afterwards, so we were trying to make the most of it.

I bucked around, and rode my son until he tightened his grip on my hands. I pulled out and made my way up until my cunt was sitting on his face. Kurt did not complain that I had wanted more of my pussy in his mouth, he just wrapped his arms around my thighs and got licking. The sensation of his tongue against my erotic lilly sent waves of lust soaring up to the roof of my skull and I was disorientated as a result.

“Kurt … I love you Kurt, I love you … I love.” I shuddered and swayed.

I bounced up and down and pummeled his face, not really sure how hard I was hurting him, but I kept going because I couldn’t stop. My heart was beating out of my chest, my eyes were bleeding tears and my vision was blurred. Yet still, I was not satisfied.

“Kurt, do you love me? do you love your mother?” I muttered in my delirious daze.

“Yes silly.” He replied softly.

He kissed my inner thigh and stabbed me in the cunt with his long tongue. I rammed my vulva into him to feel more tongue, to get fed more lust. The more lust, the more sex we had. We had been fucking for a good while now, and the room remained dim, but we were on fire.

“Is this what you want?” I moaned.

“Yes. Yes mum.” He answered, breathing raggedly. My breath was hurried as well, and my voice was husky and at times coarse. I said what I needed to when it suited me and he was no different. Sometimes, he wanted me to do things like cuss and swear and I had a compulsion to please him no end. In no uncertain terms, he inspired me to be as bad a girl as he envisioned, and at the same time I wanted to show I was much more. That was where the romance came in. I just hoped he had any room for it.

“Do you like how mommy bounces on your face?” I moaned.

“Fuck yeah!” He replied, but only when my ass was up in the air, otherwise his words were muffled. I slapped my labia folds and puffy cunt against his face and then stopped and shifted up higher so my ass was sat on my sons face. He was so still, it was as if I had fucked the air out of him. I inspected my back side, and it looked big and sexy. He was in there somewhere inside those pillows. I felt him kissing my ass and was relieved he was still with me.

“Do you like mommy’s butt?” I asked.

“Mmphh Mmphh.” He replied.

I slid all the way down until I lay on top of my son. We were hot and sweaty and still too horny to quit. But I could sense my climax was near. We lay there quietly making out like experienced lovers for a while. He could not quite believe the length of my tongue or the many things it could do. I inserted it in to his mouth and licked his tonsil which made him cough and jerk back. I decided not to that again.

“You must have reptilian blood.” He surmised.

I just kept kissing him, not really interested in talking in any more. We switched positions and now he was on top of me. I felt very vulnerable and did not want the feeling to end. Kurt rose and opened my legs and I begged him to assault my pussy. He stroked my thighs and then scooted me up into a position where his cock could insert itself. I smiled and blew him a kiss as he placed his dick inside my cunt and started to fuck me. I thrust my hips and fucked him too and we were getting to a rhythm which had no turning back. Our momentum was sending us into each other and into spasms of hypnotic euphoria.

“I’m gonna cum!!” He announced, thrashing around. “I’m gonna shoot my load inside!!”

“Yes!! Yes!! Cum in me!!!”

“Ohh fuck!! Ohh fuck!!”

“Cum inside mommy!!”

“CUM INSIDE MOMMY!!!!!” I screamed.

“Ohh fuck!! Ohhhhh Fuuuckk!!!”

“Fuck me!! Fuck me!! Fuck mommy!! ”

“OHHHHH FUUCCKKKKKK!!!!” Kurt yelled as his body tightened and dick throbbed and he began squirting hot jets of incestuous sperm inside of my pussy.

“YESSSSS!!! YESSSSS!! SO FUCKING GOOOOD!!!!!” I cried. “So fucking good!”

My son collapsed on top of me and we lay crumpled up together in a heap, just breathing rapidly and sweating. It was the best sex I ever had.

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