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Amber sits in her bedroom, alone, this is her first day back home from college, not only that, it’s her first day home since her parents divorce, and at the age of 19, it’s a little hard on her.

“Amber? You ok, sweetie?” Her mother, Amanda asks.

“I’m fine, mom, I’m just going to take a nap, ok?”

“Ok, I’ll call you for dinner, ok?”

“Ok, mom, thanks.”

Amanda leaves her room, and goes about her business, and starts preparing dinner.

A few hours later, Amanda goes to wake Amber up, but, when she opens Amber’s door, she hears a strange buzzing noise, and she looks and sees Amber on her bed, naked, rubbing herself with a pink vibrator.

Amanda stands there for a moment, and notices her daughter, she notices her for her beauty, her 5’7 frame, her long light brown hair with red highlights, her perfect b cup breasts, and her smooth, hairless pussy, and Amanda can actually feel herself getting turned on, as she hears her daughter moan louder and louder.

“Amber? What are you doing?” Amanda asks, shocked.

Amber moans really loud and her whole body shudders, and she finally opens her eyes and notices her mother.

“Mom? What are you doing in here?” She asks, covering up.

“Were you just, masturbating?”

“Yes. Mom, why are you looking at me like that?”

“Can you show me how to do that?”

“Show you how to masturbate? Mom, you don’t know how?”

“I do, I just, I just, never had…..”

“You’ve never had a orgasm?”

Amanda just blushes.

“Mom, it’s ok.”

“Don’t call me Mom, tonight, I’m Amanda.”

“Ok, Amanda, I’m going to take a shower, and clean up my vibrator, and after that, I’ll show you how, ok?”

“Yes, Amber, I’ll be in my bedroom, ok?”

Amber goes in and takes a shower, and when she comes out a few minutes later, and notices Amanda laying on her bed, and now she notices her mother, for the first time, for her beauty, she’s 43, with short, light brown hair, brown eyes, a nice c cup chest, which sags a little and she’s filled out in all the right places, she’s wearing a nice, black satin teddy.

“Mom? Why are you dressed like that?”

Amanda stands up and walks toward Amber.

“Don’t call me mom, at least not tonight, I’m Amanda, but, I want you to call me, Mandy, please do that for me, Amber.”

“Ok, why are you dressed like that, Mandy?”

“Because, I feel naughty tonight, and I want to be taught how to love myself, can you teach me that, Amber?”

“Mandy…..I mean, Mom, this is making me uncomfortable……”

Before Amber can finish her thought, Amanda leans in and softly kisses Amber’s mouth.

“You’re a beautiful young woman, and I know it’s wrong, but, I want you tonight, please tell me you want me, please say you do!” Amanda says, tears forming in her eyes.

“I never knew you felt like this about me.”

“I didn’t, until I saw you masturbating earlier, and I saw what a beautiful, young body you have, and it…….”

“It made you, wet, Amanda?”

“YES!” Amanda says, crying.

Amber takes Amanda in her arms and holds her close.

“Make love to me, Amber, please, make love to me.”

“I thought you wanted me to show you how to masturbate?” Amber asks, looking confused.

“I wanted you to think that, but, I actually wanted to seduce you, and I see it worked!” Amanda says, with an evil grin.

“Are you sure that you want this? Once we cross this line, we can’t go back.” Amber asks.

“I’m sure, just be gentle.”

“I will, Mandy.” Amber says, gently pushing Amanda back onto her bed.

Amber gets on top of her, and begins kissing her, softly at first, then harder, with more passion, sucking on her bottom lip, before too long, Amanda rolls Amber onto her back and gets on top of her.

“Amanda….” Amber moans out.

“Say my name again.”


“Do you want to see my breasts?”

“Yes, Amanda, I do.”

Amber rolls back over, and gets on top of her mother, and slowly slides the straps of her teddy down, exposing her beautiful c cup chest.

“Suck on them, Amber.”

Amber leans in and gently begins sucking on Amanda’s nipples.

“That’s it, Amber.” Amanda says, running her hands through Amber’s hair.

Amber takes Amanda’s teddy the rest of the way off and begins kissing her way down, stopping at her belly button, and licking little circles around her chubby belly.

“That tickles, Amber!”

Amber just looks up at her mother.

“You’re a chubby, fat slut, aren’t you, Amanda?”


Amber just reaches up and slaps her mother across the face.

“I said, ‘You’re a chubby, fat slut, aren’t you, Amanda?’ Say you are, fatty!”

“I’m a chubby, fat slut!”

“Since you want to have sex with your daughter, this is how I treat my lovers, I’m Miss Amber, and you are Mandy, a disgusting fat whore, do you agree?”

“Amber, why are you treating me like this?”

Amber again slaps Amanda, hard across the face, knocking her back onto the bed.

“The next time, it’ll be a punch, if you refuse to submit to me, then get the fuck out of my room, cow!”

Amanda just lays there, stunned.

“Please, Miss Amber, give this disgusting, fat whore another chance.”

“You think you deserve another chance, cow?”

“Yes, Miss Amber, I do.”

“Then repeat after me: I am no longer your mother, I’m your whore!”

“I am no longer your mother, I’m your whore.”

“Good girl, Mandy! Now, stand up and take that teddy the rest of the way off!”

“Yes, Miss Amber!”

Amanda stands up and pulls her teddy off, showing Amber her hairy pussy for the first time, Amanda blushes and covers up.

“No you don’t, Mandy, show me that nasty cunt!”

“Please don’t use that word, Miss Amber.”

“You don’t like the word ‘cunt’, do you, Mandy?”

“No, Ma’am, I don’t.”

“Get used to it, Mandy!”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Now, show me your smelly, disgusting cunt!”

Amanda takes her hands away, letting Amber see her very wet, very hairy pussy.

Amber gets between her mothers legs, and softly kisses her clit, flicking her tongue over it, then gently sucking on it.

“Oh, oh my God……..Oh……FUCK!!!!!!!” Amanda screams, as her first ever orgasm over takes her, and her body trembles.

“Calm down, Mandy, come down from it, just breathe, it’s ok Mandy.”

“Holy fuck! I had no idea. I love you, Amber!” Amanda says, wrapping her arms around her daughter.

“It’s still Miss Amber, slut, and take your fucking hands off of me.”

Amber shoves Amanda back to the bed, Amanda looks up at her in fear.

“I’m sorry, Miss Amber.”

“At least we agree on something, you are sorry, Mandy.”

“What can I do to change your opinion, Miss Amber?”

“You can eat me! Lay back, and I’ll sit on your face.”

Amanda lays back and smiles at Amber.

Amber opens her bathrobe and showa Amand her perfect young body.

“Do you see my pussy, Mandy? All smooth and hairless, I want your cunt to look like this, and before too long, you’ll have one of these too.”

Amber spreads her lips and shows Amanda her clit piercing, a gold hoop, right through her clit.

“You have a clit piercing, Miss Amber?”

“Yes, I do. Are you ready to lick me, whore?”

Amanda nods her head, and Amber climbs onto her chest.

“I’ve never licked pussy before, Miss Amber.”

“Tonight, you learn. I’ll tell you if you’re doing it wrong. Now, do you want to eat my pie, cow?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I do.”

“Then moo, like the cow you are.”


Amber again slaps Amanda, hard, leaving a bruise on her cheek.

“Moo, moo!” Amanda says, through her tears.

“Good girl, Mandy.” Amber says, as she lowers herself onto Amanda’s face.

Amanda starts licking her daughters moist pussy.

“You like that taste, bitch?”

“No, but I’ll get used to it, Ma’am.”

Amanda continues to lick Amber, making her clit swell, until she’s able to get it in her mouth and suck on it.

“That’s it, Mandy, suck my clit, oh God, I’m right there….”

And with that, Amber’s body shudders, and she has another intense orgasm, soaking Amanda’s face.

“That’s it, Mandy, taste my cum, taste it, you cow!”

Amber rolls off of Amanda, and lays down next to her.

“For never licking pussy before, you sure did a great job.” Amber says, trying to catch her breath.

“Can you hold me, Miss Amber?”

Amber turns and holds Amanda close to her.

“I love you, Miss Amber!”

“I love you too, Mandy!”

“Can I sleep in your bed tonight, Ma’am? I mean, you know, sleep with you?”

“You may, Mandy, but, you do know, that, I now sleep in what used to be your room, this is your room now, I sleep in the master, or should I say, ‘Mistress’ bedroom.”

“Yes, Ma’am, understand, may we go to bed now?”

“We may.”

Amber helps Amanda to her feet and they walk to the master bedroom, lay down and soon drift off to sleep.

Amanda lays in bed, watching her daughter, and, her new mistress Amber sleeping.

After a few minutes, Amber finally wakes up.

“Good morning, Miss Amber!” Amanda says, softly smiling.

“Good morning, you fat slut!” Amber says, looking very angry..

“Yes, Miss Amber, I’m your fat slut!”

“That’s right, cow! You are mine. And, as my property, you have to service me however I see fit, now, get between my legs, you have a job to do this morning!”

“You want me to make you cum again this morning, Miss Amber?”

“Not make me cum, you get to be my toilet! Now, get between my legs, and, drink my piss you cow!”

“Yes, Miss Amber!” Amanda says, reluctantly getting in between Amber’s legs, and, placing her mouth on Amber’s pussy.

“Ready for your first taste of piss, fatty?”

“Mm-mmm!” Amanda moans out.

Amber starts to piss into Amanda’s mouth.

Amanda tries to pull back, but, Amber hold her head firmly in place.

“No you don’t fatty! You’re going to drink my piss, and, then, you’re going to lick me clean, you’re going to lick both of my holes clean, do you understand me, fat ass?”

“Mm-mmm! Mm-mmm!” Amanda moans out”

Amber finishes pissing in Amanda’s mouth, and, now stands up, and, watches as Amanda struggles to swallow her warm, salty piss.

“What are you doing, Miss Amber?”

“I’m going to straddle your face, and, you’re going to lick both my cunt, and, my asshole, you ready to taste my asshole?”

“I’ll lick your cunt, but, I don’t think I want to taste your….” Before Amanda can finish what she’s saying, Amber balls up her fist, and, punches Amanda in the face, knocking her from the bed to the floor.

Amanda lays on the floor, holding her eye, and, crying.

“You WILL lick both my pink hole, and, my shit hole! Say it, you fat fuck!”

“I will lick your pink hole, and, your shit hole, Miss Amber!”

“No, Amanda, you’re forbidden form referring to yourself as ‘I’, you are to refer to yourself as: This fat fuck, say: ‘This fat fuck will lick your pink hole, and, your shit hole, Mistress Amber, Ma’am!’ Say it, you fat fuck piece of shit!”

“This fat fuck will lick your pink hole, and, your shit hole, Mistress Amber, Ma’am!” Amanda says, sobbing.

“Stop crying, Amanda, it’s just a black eye.” Amber says, helping Amanda to her feet.

“Yes Mistress Amber, Ma’am, this fat fuck will stop crying.”

Amber shoves Amanda back onto the bed.

“Now, you’re going to lick both of my holes clean!”

“Yes, Mistress Amber, Ma’am, this fat fuck will lick both of your holes clean.”

Amber stands over Amanda, and, lowers herself onto Amanda’s face, forcing her to lick both her pussy and her ass.

“That’s it, you fat fuck, tongue both of my holes, you worthless piece of shit!”

Amanda lays there running her tongue up and down Amber’s pussy, and, asshole.

“Do you like the taste of my dirty shit hole, you fat fuck?”

“Mm-mmm! Mm-mmm!” Amanda moans out.

“How about you just focus on my cunt now, fatty! Only tongue my cunt!” Amber orders.

Amanda complies, and, starts running her tongue up and down Amber’s swollen pussy lips.

“You keep this up, and, you’ll make me cum, do you want to make me cum?” Amber asks.

“Mm-mmm! Mm-mmm! Mm-mmm!” Amanda moans out.

Amber’s body tenses up, and, she has a loud, wet orgasm, soaking her mother’s face.

Amber slowly raises off of Amanda’s face.

“Did you like that, fat ass?”

“No, Mistress Amber, Ma’am, this fat fuck didn’t like that.”

“What didn’t you like about it?”

“Amber, I’m your mother! And, you’re making me drink your piss, lick your dirty asshole, you keep calling me these degrading names! You even punched me in the face! This isn’t what I wanted!” Amanda says, crying.

Amber walks up and shoves Amanda against the wall.

“Get your fucking hands off of me!” Amanda yells.

Amber just holds her there, and, rams her knee, as hard as she can, right into Amanda’s cunt, making her piss herself.

“Ow! What the fuck is wrong with you!” Amanda yells.

Amber grabs a handful of Amanda’s hair and pulls her back to her feet.

“I’m your Mistress, fatty! I told you, once we crossed this line, we couldn’t go back. Now, either admit that I’m your Mistress, and, you’re my fat fuck slut, or, I’ll kick your ass until you admit it, which is it going to be, fatty!”

“Amber, I’m your mother!” Amanda says, crying.

Amber once again rams her knee into Amanda’s cunt, dropping her to the floor.

“I’m your Mistress, and, you’re my fat fuck slut! Say it, bitch!” Amber says, once again pulling Amanda back to her feet.

“You’re my Mistress, and, I’m your fat fuck slut, Mistress Amber, Ma’am!” Amanda says, crying.

“Good girl, fatty!”

“Thank you, Mistress Amber, Ma’am.” Amanda says, lowering her head.

“Go clean yourself up, and, when you come back, I’ll have a surprise for you.”

“Yes, Mistress Amber, Ma’am.”

Amanda goes into the bathroom, and, jumps into the shower.

Amanda cleans herself off, and, puts on a bathrobe, and, walks back into the bedroom, and, notices Amber standing there, wearing a strap-on cock.

“Do you like my cock, you fat fuck slut?” Amber says, stroking her plastic cock.

“Yes, Mistress Amber, Ma’am, this fat fuck slut likes your cock.” Amanda says, lowering her head.

“Then take of your robe, and, drop to your knees, you fat fuck!”" Amber orders.

“Yes Mistress Amber, Ma’am.” Amanda says, taking off her robe, and, dropping to her knees in front of Amber.

Amber starts wiping the head of her plastic cock over Amanda’s mouth.

“Open your mouth, slut!”

“Yes Mistress Amber, Ma’am.” Amanda says, opening her mouth.

Amber grabs the back of Amanda’s head, and, makes her take the plastic cock all the way to the back of her throat, making her gag on it.

“That’s it, cow, gag on it, gag on it, you fucking piece of shit!” Amber says, slapping Amanda across the face as she starts sucking on the fake cock.

Amber holds Amanda’s head firmly, and, begins roughly fucking her face, making her eyes well up with tears.

“That’s it, cow, get that fake cock nice and wet!” Amber says, letting go of Amanda’s head, and, slowly pulling out of her mouth.

“Did this fat fuck slut do a good job sucking your cock, Mistress Amber, Ma’am?” Amanda asks.

“We shall see!” Amber says, pulling Amanda to her feet, turning her around, and, making her bend over the bed.”

“I’m gonna fuck you in you hairy cunt, cow!” Amber says, placing the head of her plastic cock and the opening of her pussy, and, slamming it in as hard as she can.

“OWWWWWW!” Amanda yells out, as the pain in unbearable.

“Oh, I forgot to get your cunt wet, cow. How does it feel to be dry fucked, you piece of shit?” Amber yells, again slapping Amanda across the face.

“It hurts, Mistress Amber, Ma’am, god, it hurts!”

“I haven’t even begun to hurt you yet, fatty!” Amber says, as she pulls out of Amanda’s dry pussy, which is now bleeding.

Amber climbs on top of Amanda again, wiping the head of her plastic cock over Amanda’s mouth again.

“You know the drill, fatty, open your mouth!”

Amanda complies, and, willingly opens her mouth, and, Amber once again stuffs her plastic cock into Amanda’s mouth, making her taste her own pussy.

“Get it nice and wet, you fat fuck! This cock is going in your shit hole when you’re done sucking on it, you fat fuck!” Amber says, pulling her fake cock out of Amanda’s mouth.

“Please, Mistress Amber, Ma’am, this fat fuck slut has never had anal sex, please don’t take this fat fuck slut’s asshole!”

“Shut the fuck up, you fat fuck!” Amber yells, forcing Amanda’s knees to her chest.

“I’m gonna make that asshole bleed, cunt! ” Amber says, placing the head of her fake cock on the rim of Amanda’s asshole.

“No, no, no, please, no, NOOOOOOO!” Amanda yells, as Amber slams the fake cock into her asshole, ripping it open, and, making it bleed.

“You’re asshole is bleeding, cow!” Amber says, as she begins fucking Amanda’s asshole fast, and, hard.

The pain is so intense that after a few minutes, Amanda passes out.

Amanda comes to a few minutes later, and, she finds herself tied down to what used to be Amber’s bed, it’s now her bed, and, she notices Amber standing at the foot of the bed.

“Welcome back, cow! Now that you’re conscious, it’s time to put my ownership mark on you!”

“What do you mean, Mistress Amber, Ma’am?”

“I mean, I’m going to shave, and, wax your smelly cunt, I’m going to pierce your eye brows, nose, tongue, bottom lip, belly button, and, your clit, and, I bought a dog collar for you to wear when I make my ownership of you official!”

Amanda just lowers her head and starts crying.

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