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I used to come home and jack my dick everyday. I was usually the first one to come home, and I always used my quiet time to pleasure myself. Since my wife had become born again, my quiet time was all I had sexually in my life. As soon as I started hearing that if I wanted to have sex, I better want another baby, I knew my sex life was over. I had no intention of having another kid, when my youngest was still in high school.

About six months ago, my afternoon ritual would change. My wife had decided to work at the church in the evening. That made me happy for some reason. The less I saw of her the better. Mind you, I don’t hate my wife, but I do hate getting a sermon every time I cuss, or have a drink in my own home. To be honest, I think she is still hoping that she can covert me to her way of thinking. Perhaps that is why I still love her. The woman worries for my soul, and I do appreciate it. After all, I am surely going to burn in hell.

I had come home early one afternoon and went down stairs to my office to give the beast in my pants a stroke. I don’t use lotion, I just give it the old spit polish and as usual I sat down in my chair and turned on my PC. I called up my favorite porno that had the cutest little teen giving a guy a hand till he blows his nut all over her tits and face. I am a big man down there, not overly long, but very thick, and the idea of some young hussy giving me a hand job with her tiny little hands just turned me on. Every time I watched the video, I would wish that my wife and I were young again at the drive-in.

The girl comes into the room with a little skirt on, and a top that is three sizes to small. She tells the man behind the camera that her name in Megan and that she is ready to make a little cash for school. That is when the video gets good. The little blonde bimbo begins to strip, fondling her perfect C cup tits through the shirt, and then taking it off. Then she bends over to reveal the tightest little ass I have ever seen squished into a very cute little pair of cotton panties. After flashing her perfectly shaved little snatch, the pulls them off and lets the man behind the camera get a great shot of the wet little love tunnel before she turns around and gets on her knees for the best part of the show.

The guy behind the camera films her as she pulls out his long thin cock. She smiles, and tells him that it is beautiful as her hands fondle the partially soft tool. She spits on the tip and begins stroking it, holding it so close to her face that at any given time, you think she is going to put in her mouth. Every so often, she puts the tip in her mouth without touching it with her lips, flicking her tongue at the tip. The guy behind the camera moans as she works up speed with her little hand, only pausing to tap it on her lips or rub it on her tits.

I had been watching this video everyday for a long time, and it still just had me gripped. I stroked my cock hard and fast just like the little tramp was stroking the guy in the video. I closed my eyes wishing that it were my cock that she was pleasuring. As the pressure built up inside my balls, I watched as the man began to shake, his knees getting week from the pleasure that the freshman college student gave and as usual, I began to cum as he started to blast ropes of sticky goop across the little blonde’s face, she stroked him hard as he pumped what looked like a gallon of sperm across her tits face and tongue. I never tire of that video.

I cleaned myself off and went upstairs to get a drink and maybe do a bit of work around the house. I figured that since I was home early I might as well fix some of the things I promised my wife I would do months ago. I poured myself a glass of Pepsi and as I was heading out to the garage for my tools I heard a moaning coming out of the bathroom.

Quietly I walked over to the door and saw that it was partly open and I peaked inside trying not too startle whomever was inside. I could see in the mirror that it was my daughter Rebecca in there. Her eyes were closed and she was leaning back against the toilet with her face toward the ceiling. I couldn’t see below her neck, but I could tell by the pleasure on her face that she was masturbating just like I had done. I was never home this early and being that I always take a bus to work, she probably didn’t even know I was home. I was so excited by the idea that she had the same habit I did. I felt my balls starting to tingle as blood began to flow toward my recently pleasured cock.

Trying to be as quiet as I could I went back down to my office and sat down in my chair. My pants were around my ankles as I began to stroke myself again, I didn’t even need the porn video to arouse me this time. I closed my eyes and pictured my sweet young daughter on her knees between my legs with her hand wrapped around my cock, licking the tip as she stroked my dick. I could see her long read hair and her soft pale skin, even the freckles on her nose in my mind. She had just turned eighteen, and because of bad grades she was only in the 11th grade in school. I knew that every guy in her school had to have to hots for my daughter, and up until I saw her face filled with pleasure as she diddled herself, I never even noticed that I had raised my sweet little girl into a beautiful woman.

She always wore the latest fashions, but having my wife as a mother also taught her not to be a little slut. I knew my daughter didn’t whore around like those little tramps at the mall. The mere thought of my perfect little girl playing with herself made me want to scream. I was now at the no turning back point in my self pleasuring, in my mind I could see her large tits waiting to be cummed on. At the same time I remembered how much her mother liked it when I came on her tits when we dated. (That’s another story. Someday I’ll tell you about it.)

“Oh my god!! Your thing is huge!” I heard my daughter say. At first, I thought I imagined it. But as I opened my eyes I saw my daughter standing in the door of my office staring at my erection with her mouth open.

‘Christ!” I yelled as it dawned on me that she had caught me jacking off. I tried to get my pants on, but as I tried to pull them up I fell to the floor with a thud. I must have been a real site with my bare ass in the air and my face pressed to floor.

“Daddy, are you ok?” I felt her had on my back as I struggled to right myself. Once I was on my knees I began to pull up my pants as I started to stand. I felt my daughter’s hands pulling on my pants too. The next thing I knew, I was standing in front of my daughter with my still semi erect penis hanging out of my pants as I was buttoning them. “I am sorry Dad.” She said as she stared at my dick. “I knew you were home, so I came down to see if you wanted to eat. I opened the door and there you were watching a porno on the computer, and well, I didn’t want to interrupt you. The next thing I knew I was in the bathroom playing with myself like you were. I heard you and I thought that you came back down here to call mom, to tell her what a sinner I was. I wanted to try to stop you. I didn’t expect to catch you doing it again. I really didn’t expect to see your thingy.” She looked up at me with her perfect blue eyes and I could she that she was ashamed. I could also tell that she was very aroused, because she was still staring at my exposed cock agan. I made no attempt to put it in my pants as I began to notice the musky smell of desire in the room.

“That’s all I need, telling your mom you were playing with yourself would just make her crazy. Honey, it’s normal that you do, and since she won’t let you have a boyfriend, it’s only natural that you would try another way to satisfy your sexual urges.” I was very aware that I was telling her something that was important. I was also very aware that I was getting a boner once again. Incest was never something that I ever considered before, but all I could see was the beautiful redhead that happened to be my kid standing in front of me. For some reason I couldn’t see her as my daughter, and really felt ashamed.

I reached out and put my hand on her face and said, “If you don’t tell I won’t. Besides, I would much rather know that you are being a good girl and not slutting around. Believe me, I would much rather catch you playing with yourself than playing with some little punk that isn’t good enough for you baby.” I pulled her to me and hugged her to me. My hand stroking her back until rested near her firm little ass.

“Umm, Daddy,”

“Yes pumpkin?”

“Your thing is pressing against my belly. It’s really hard.” I pulled away from her red faced. As I reached down to finally put it in my pants, (I was starting to feel guilty) I heard her breathing heavy. “Can, can I touch it? I’ve never seen a real one before, but I have seen them in magazines the girls bring into school. Yours is really big Daddy. Can I touch it?”

I hate to admit it, but the idea of telling her no only lasted about a second. It had been so long since I actually had a real female touch my dick that I forgot just how much I missed it. I watch her as I nodded stare at my cock, she licked her lips as she reached forward and wrapped her pale hand around it. I could feel the blood pumping in my temple as she lifted it up and visually examined it all. Getting on her knees she moved in for a closer look.

“Wait Becky,” I said quickly, “what if your mom comes home early?”

Without a word, she got up and closed the office door and locked it. “She won’t even know we’re here. If she’s home when we go upstairs, I will tell her we went for a walk.” She walked over to the computer and asked, “Can I see the porno that you were watching?”

“Umm, sure.” I clicked on the icon and the video came up.

“I am prettier than her.” She said.

“Yes you are baby, you are perfect.”

“My boobs are bigger than her too.”

“Umm yes they are.”

She turned to face me and pulled off her old navy tee. Out came her pearly white breast snuggly hidden behind a cute little lace bra. She turned around and said, “Unhook me daddy.”

I reached out and undid her bra. I could feel how hot her flesh was. The clasp came open and as she pulled her bra off, she leaned back into me with her ass against my still hard penis and said, “Touch hem Daddy, you’ll be the first.”

I could smell lilac in her hair as I cupped my hands around her breast. Her nipples were small and rock hard as I fondled them, and I could feel her pushing back against my cock.

Again a brief moment of guilt kicked in and I hesitated. “Becky, we shouldn’t.”

I heard the sound of her zipper being pulled down, then the rustle of her clothing as she wiggled her pretty little ass out of her pants. I felt the tip of my cock touch her bareback and I nearly came right there. I was about to tell her to stop when she said; “I don’t want to be the only virgin in school anymore. I can’t think of anything but sex anymore. Daddy, I need fucked. I know I do. Please Daddy fuck me. Fuck me like a cheap whore. Fuck me like the little whore mommy is so afraid I’ll become.”

At that moment, I knew that my wife was right about my soul. It needed saving. But at that moment I knew that if I was to spend an eternity in hell, I was at least going to enjoy the trip.

She turned around and undid my pants letting them drop to the floor around my ankles. I never wear underwear, so as I took of my shirt I stood completely naked in front of my 18-year-old daughter. I felt her hand wrap around my cock and then begin to stroke it. I pulled her closer and then reach my hand down toward her thin panties and began to rub her mound through them. I heard her take a deep breath as I rubbed her clit through the fabric.

Daddy the tip is sticky.” She said as she touched the tip with her finger.

“I know baby,” I said as I slipped my hand into her panties running fingers through her soft pubic hair. When my finger finally found her soaking wet pussy, “it is because I am very horny baby, and your are wet for the same reason.”

“Oh,” she said as she let me pull off her panties and start to kiss her neck. I could smell her hair mixed with the scent of passion as I slowly began to kiss her mouth, slipping my tongue inside. I slowly lowered myself lingering on each nipple as I moved back and forth, nibbling and sucking each and turn. I lowered myself more and kissed her flat belly and then I started to lower her to the floor. Her breathing was heavy as opened her legs and looked down at her beauty. A thin patch of soft red hair outlined her pussy, making me smile.

“Are you sure Honey?” I was past the point of no return. I needed to be in her so bad; I think I would have done it even if she said no.

“Yes Daddy, I want it. Oh God forgive me, I need it.”

I began to kiss her tummy again and rub her slit. She moaned as I slid my index finger inside her just enough to make her body jump. I clamped my mouth over her clit and probed it with my tongue, sucking her flesh into my mouth. She tasted so fresh and clean, as I felt her body respond to mouth. I slipped another finger inside her and moved them up and down as I continued my assault on her clit.

“Ohhhhhh, Daddy! Ohhhhh, Daddy don’t stop!” she panted.

I told my soaking wet finger out of her snatch and began to rum her anus. She tensed up for a second, but began to tremble as I brought her to her first orgasm with my tongue.

I lifted her legs and begin to rim her asshole with my tongue. Every time I pushed my tongue deeper into her ass she squealed. I kept at it un till I could see that her bum was beginning to open then I placed a finger against it as I went back to eating her sopping wet pussy. She tasted wonderful as I felt her body tense as my finger passed the ring of her ass. “Daddy!! Please Daddy, it feels so good!” Like mother like daughter, I thought. Her mom always liked her played with when I ate her out. I grinned as I looked at my daughter from down between her legs and smiled. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, I could only hope that my daughter never found religion.

“Sweetness,” I said as I lifted myself up to kiss her nipples. “We can’t do more than this. You may get pregnant, we can’t have that.” I began to kiss her neck as I felt the tip of my cock touch the folds of her cunt. I so wanted to slip myself into her and fuck her until there was no tomorrow.

She grabbed my cock and held it firm in place, the tip just inside her velvety hole. “Please Daddy, I need it so bad!”

“No, we can’t without a condom.”

“You made me cum Daddy, you need to come too.”

She was so right. I needed to blow a nut so bad that it was killing me just knowing that couldn’t fuck her without taking the chance of making her pregnant. “There are other ways to get off than fucking a girls sweet pussy.”

“Umm, Daddy, I don’t want it in my bum.” She paused. “Well, not yet anyway.” She smiled at me with her perfect little mouth. She was so fucking hot. “I know I want you to fuck me like you used to fuck Mom. Please Daddy, please.”

“I said no Becky!” I was sure I got through to her. “I want too, but we can’t.”

She looked over at the computer screen and saw the girl begin to get covered in the cameraman’s sperm and she smiled. “Want me to do that too you Daddy?” She pointed to the screen. “I will if you want. Just promise me that you’ll fuck me as soon as you get a condom. Okay.”

I would have promised anything at that moment, and I nodded as I stood up and held my hard cock out for her. She got up on her knees and grabbed it and began to stroke for me. “Rewind it some Dad. I want to make you came at the same time as the video.” I did as she told me and watched as she knelt down in front of the screen. The next thing I knew, I was watching my daughter do exactly what the girl was doing on screen. I told her to lick the tip of my cock every time the girl in to movie did. “I like the taste Daddy. Yum!”

I wanted her to suck me, but I couldn’t ask. I just needed to blow a nut to bad to care how it happened. I felt my legs stating to weaken, but I stood tall as my daughters small hand kept pace with the video. “You wanna cum Daddy, you wanna cum for me like I did for you? I want you to cum Daddy.” She said over and over as I looked her in the eye, unable to do more than moan a bit.

The girl on the screen giggled as the first jet of cum shot out of the cameraman’s dick. I began to cum a second later, splattering my daughter’s face with rope after rope of sticky ooze. She jumped at first, then opened her mouth and swallowed the tip of my dick letting it all flow into her waiting mouth. I felt weak as I with each spasm. Still more and more fluid sprayed into her mouth till I was spent. Her tongue played with the slit of my tool before she let it go and let my cum flow out of mouth down her chin to her perfect boobs. She pressed them together so my cum stuck would stick to them both. “Oh wow!” She said. “They don’t cum that much in the porno’s I see online. You really must have needed to get off Daddy.”

We cleaned ourselves up and then we took a shower together, but I insisted on no more sex. I was sure that I wouldn’t do anything else with her. I think I was sure…

That night, I tried to get some from my wife. I had pretty muck given up on her, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try again. As par the course she refused, called me a pervert and said that she wasn’t sure if she could continue sleeping in our bed together. I got up and left the room pissed of and went down to get a glass of Pepsi and watch some TV. When I got to the kitchen I found Becky sitting at the table. She looked like she was waiting for me.

“I wouldn’t toss you out of my bed Daddy.”

I looked at her pale face and red hair pilled back in a ponytail. She was so like her mother. Pretty, smart, very blunt, and as much as I hated to admit, the woman I knew I was to spend the rest of my like with. I felt so bad at that moment. I knew that if she offered herself up to me again, she would get fucked. I would fuck her. I wanted to fuck my gorgeous daughter.

“I guess you wouldn’t.” I said as I got to fridge and got out the Pepsi bottle and drank from it.

“Daddy, that’s gross.”

“Who are you, my mother.”

“Ha, real funny Dad.”

I walked over and sat down at the table. I didn’t look at her. I looked at the floor as I took another drink.


“What baby?”

“Are you mad at me?”


“Well, I cornered you today. I wanted it so bad. I would have let you if you wanted. I wasn’t worried about get knocked up. I didn’t care. I needed it Daddy. And I needed it to be you. I need it to be you. I can’t give it to anyone else.”


She looked down at the floor and said nothing. Then she said, “you know my friend Mary?”

Mary was a little tramp that lived down the street from us. She was cute as hell, but built like a fifteen year old. She even had braces. I hate to admit, but two years ago, right after my wife had changed her mind about sex, I went to hang out with Mary’s dad. We had a few beers and then he decided to crash. I went outside and caught Mary stroking some punk kids dick in there back yard. When he saw me he bolted. Mary was two years older than my daughter, but they were close anyway, and I remembered thinking about how tight her little ass was. The next thing I knew, I had Mary bent over the picnic table in their yard. She was so tight, and I was so horny. I never said a word to her as I lifted up the skirt she wore. I said nothing as I finger her little blonde pussy. I never said anything as I bent her over the table and took her virginity. I raped her.

“Why?” I was feeling sick.

“She told me about what happened that night in there yard. She told me that you fucked her, then tossed her aside and went home. She told me that she has only had sex with one other guy. She told me you ruined her Daddy. She told me she dreams of your cock every night.” She stood up and that was when I say she was wearing white panties only with a long Tee. “She said I needed to get fucked by you. Fuck me Daddy, Please.”

I watched as she walked down the hall to the basement door and went down the stairs. I was following after her a moment later. My shirt was off before I got to the door of my office. My shorts were off before I closed the door behind me and locked it. She was lying on the floor with her now naked body spread open for me. I went to eat her pussy, but she stopped me.

“No, fuck me Daddy.”

I got between her legs and placed my cock against the opening of her snatch and she said, “Make me your whore Daddy. Ruin me like you did Mary.”

I felt the barrier of her womanhood break as I pushed myself into her. I stopped, letting her get used to my cock before I slowly began to move inside of her. “OHHH it hurts Daddy.”

I ignored her as I began to move freely inside her tight pussy. Soon I felt her nails digging into my back as my balls slapped against her ass with every stroke. Sweat was pouring off my forehead as felt my daughter’s body clinch my cock as her first orgasm hit. She began to respond to my movements as we fucked on the floor of my office. She buried her head into my chest as another orgasm swam through her body. I stuck my tongue in to her mouth and kissed her as our pelvises banged together as one. I felt her tighten again and she screamed her pleasure into my mouth. I knew we were meant to be.

I pulled myself out of her and said quietly. “Finish me with your mouth.”

Without a word of protest she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking my cock. She was a bit clumsy, but soon she found a rhythm with her hand and mouth and worked it like a pro. Finally, I grabbed her head and moaned as I blasted the inside of my daughters mouth with my seed. I held her head there until I was done. “Swallow it baby.” I murmured as I held her head down on my cock. She coughed, but she swallowed it all.

“You had Mary do it the same way.” She said with her eyes full of tears and spit hanging from her chin.

I said nothing.

“Daddy I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Over the next few weeks I did many things. I got a blowjob every morning from my Becky, I got her on the pill, and I told my wife we needed a new sofa. I told the old sofa and put it in my office. Every night I pissed my wife of I would go down there and open it up, and wait for my daughter to come down and play with me. I waited the full month after she started the pill to finally cum inside that little red haired pussy of hers. (She shaved for me later that same night)

I was in the shower when I heard the door open. The water was hot, and soothing, as it beat down on the aching muscles in my lower back. One of the things I did not expect when Becky and I started having relations, was the strain on my body. I wasn’t young anymore. My body begged for hers, and at the same time, begged me to rest. I really think that my body was more confused than my mind. I had total belief that my daughter and I were meant to be, and the guilt I felt, even as slight as it was. Was now gone.

I felt cool air rush across my body as the shower door opened. Standing naked in front of me was my darling wife. I don’t really know how to explain it, but even after two years of not having sex, she still was the sexiest woman I had ever known. Yes, even sexier than my daughter.

She was totally naked, with her red hair pulled up into a bun. She still looked good after all the years we had been together. Three kids, (my sons are in school out of state) and surgery that left a scar on her belly did very little to change her. She still wore the same size dress she wore in high school. As far as I was concerned, she would never change. She was my wife, best friend, and mother of my children. She was also the most beautiful woman in the world.

Her breast may not have the same perk they had when were young, but as I stood there under the water, I licked my lips as she walked in and closed the door. “Mind if I share? I need to get ready for church.” Those 36d breast suddenly seemed so far away. The fact that I could feel them pressing against my back made it even worse.

“Honey,” I said. “Do you even know what you are doing to me? Do you even know how frustrated I am?”

I turned around and faced her, staring into her green eyes. “I want to be with you, like when we were young. I want to make love to you. I don’t want to fuck you. I want to make love. That isn’t a sin. Babe, it is a gift from god.”

Her eyes rested on my hardened tool. I could see there was a hint of desire in her eyes. As usual, she looked me in the eyes and said, “I can’t. Even if I wanted too.” She looked away. “It’s a sin. Sex is only for procreation. It is not for pleasure. Honey, I love you, but you have to stop trying to tempt me back into my wicked past.”

I think she said more, but I had already got out of the shower and left the bathroom. I didn’t even dry myself off. I was so sick of it.

I sat down in my office on my couch and just stared at the wall. When this all began with my wife, I thought it would have been just a phase. Two years had past, and to my pure misery, it was still a problem. The frustration I was feeling was welling up inside so bad. It didn’t matter that I had a beautiful girl like Becky to fuck. My wife would always be my true dream girl.

The feelings for my daughter were more animal like. I got off on the feeling of detached passion I experienced with her. It was almost like I was having one night stands with her everyday. I could picture my life with out the sex with Becky. Still, I longed for my lovely wife. I knew that longing would never die.

So there I was sitting naked on the couch that had been the place of passion for daughter and I. The guilt about our relationship was gone, and as I sat there thinking about my pretty wife and how I still wanted her, I began to stroke myself. This time though, in my minds eye my wife and daughter were both giving me head. They were on their knees taking turns licking my balls, then my lovely wife would take my cock into her mouth and take it all the way down to my nuts till she gagged. Saliva would trail from her mouth as he took it out of her mouth and let Becky lick the tip then take all that she could in her mouth. Their tongues would touch as the licked my dick, taking turns sucking it. As I felt my orgasm boiling to a climax, I shot my cum all over my cute daughter’s face, covering her lips and chin with my seed. My wife takes my cock into her mouth swirling her tongue around the tip making me twitch until it softens. When she finished on my cock she turns her attention to my daughter and licks my cum of her face, kissing her deep on the mouth letting my juices mingle together in their mouths.

My fantasy was broken when I heard a voice calling my name.

My daughter was standing in the doorway with a huge grin on her face as she looked at me sitting on the couch with a pool of cum on my stomach. I said nothing as she walked in and lifted the little skirt she was wearing, and gave me a view of the new white silk panties I had purchased for her. The panties were so tight that they showed the exact contours of her tight little shaved pussy. I guess they were a bit small, but perfect as I saw it.

She ran a finger through my cum and put it her mouth.

“You could have waited for me,” she said as she lowered her self and straddled my leg, rubbing herself against it. “I hate it when you cum with out me Daddy.”

“Oh yeah,” I said as I reached up and cupped her breast with my hands. “Why?”

“Make me think you don’t love me.”

“I love you baby.”

“Do you?”


“Really. Daddy? Cause I want something from you, and I don’t want you to say no.”

I suddenly was nervous, what the hell did she want?

“I mean it Daddy.” She said as she reached down and pulled her now soaked panties to the side. “What I want, is really big. So big you might say no.” She was now climbing up on to my chest then planted her sopping wet pussy on my mouth. I pushed my tongue inside her and I heard her moan. “Oh god Daddy please says yes.” I still had no idea, but I was now totally into eating her out.

“Yes baby,” I breathed into pussy as I continued to taste her sweet pussy. I would have said anything to keep doing what I was doing.

“Yes Daddy?”

“Yes!” I was now almost shouting.

“Say it louder Daddy, make sure I can hear you.”

“Yes,” I screamed knowing that my wife was not there to hear me.

I was squeezing her ass I began to move my tongue toward her anus. I still hadn’t had her ass yet, but I was going to soon. I just knew it. As I started to rim my sweet girls ass I felt a warm feeling envelope my cock. I didn’t react at first; I just stopped licking my daughter’s ass. Then I heard Becky giggle. I lifted her off me and there was her friend Mary with my cock in her mouth, her small mouth straining to keep it in her mouth. Instinctively I grabbed her head and push her farther down on my now raging hard cock. She started to gag, but I didn’t let her let if fall from her mouth. For some reason, I was suddenly feeling so lustful that I couldn’t stop myself from using her like I did before.

“I knew you would say yes Daddy.” Becky lowered herself down and began to lick the cum that was still on my stomach. Mary had somehow managed to control her gag reflex, and was now sucking my huge boner like a pro. I reached around and started to finger my daughter’s tight pussy with my thick fingers, as watched the girls start to take turns sucking my manhood. Soon, they were both kissing each other passionately. Mary stroked my cock slicked with her saliva as she kissed Becky. They embraced and left my hard dick laying against my stomach as the began to take each others cloths off.

Mary is a tiny girl that looked far younger than she was. She was wearing hair in pigtails, and the little skirt she wore made her look like a sluttish little cheerleader. My daughter was taller, and fuller figured, with large tits, and curvy thighs. As the two of them had removed their shirts, exposing Mary’s tiny little tits, and Becky’s perfect D’s, I smiled. They looked so hot together with their breast together showing off the fact that Mary had a nice and dark tan against the pale flesh of my baby girl. I was in heaven.

Mary handed me her cotton panties as she lowered her hands to peel of the tight satin ones I had got Becky. It felt like she wet her panties, but from the intoxicating scent I knew that Mary’s tight little snatch I had deflowered was soaked and ready for me. Becky handed me her panties and I wrapped them around my dick and stroked it as I watched them lay with each other on the floor. Mary was now kneeling between Mary’s legs and was about to pull off the little green skirt off of my daughter.

“No, no,” I said quickly, “leave the skirt on. Both you, leave them on.”

“Ok,” Mary giggled, “I forgot how much you liked me in a skirt.”

I ignored the crack about that summer night and focused on her kissing my daughters shaved pussy. She flicked her tongue against her swollen clit then sucked her sensitive flesh into her mouth.

“This isn’t the first time you guys have doe this?”

“No Daddy, we fucked the night she told me about what you guys did in her yard. We’ve been doing it ever since. Why do you think it had to be you to fuck me and not someone else?”


“Mary had insisted the first time we shared a man, it had to be you.” As she finished that sentence she began to shake as Mary’s mouth brought her to and orgasm. I was still stroking myself with the silk panties I got for my daughter. I was ready for some pussy, but I knew that they had more to show me. My daughter pulled Mary’s small face up to hers and kissed her deeply, there was so much passion in that kiss. Mary slid her body along the length of Becky’s body till her pussy was over her mouth. She moaned and began to grind her little blonde snatch against my daughter’s face. I stood up and pushed my thick pocket monster into her mouth and began to fuck Mary’s face. She never missed a beat as she rhythmically rocked her hips against Becky and bobbed her head up and down my swollen member.

I pushed Mary backwards on to the floor and told Becky to lay down beside her. I got between my daughter’s legs and placed my harden love muscle against the shaved sex of my daughter. “Mary only gets sloppy seconds baby.” I slammed my dick inside her and began to fuck her harder than I had ever fucked her in the past.

“Oh my god Daddy!!!” She gasped. “Fuck your baby girl!”

Mary played with Becky’s tits as I pounded my daughter’s insides with my engorged penis. When I pulled it out of her, Mary pulled it toward her mouth and sucked my daughter’s juices off it, and then she guided me back inside my daughter again. Soon, I felt like I was getting close, and I slowed and pulled my dick out my daughter and climbed between my daughter’s adorable little friend.

“Call me Daddy Mary,” I breathed into her mouth as I kissed her. “Beg Daddy to fuck your tight little pussy.” I don’t know why I asked her that, but I wanted her to be my dirty little girl too.

“I want to feel your cock Daddy!” She said in a hoarse whisper. “I need it so bad. I need to feel you in me Daddy! Fuck me and cum inside me! Please Daddy?”

Becky was now guiding my dick toward her friend’s naturally blonde snatch. I thought that it needed shaved as I felt the head of my dick slowly penetrate her flesh. I slowed to a stop each time she moaned knowing that I had to let her get used to the size of my tool. After three thrusts, I felt my balls rest against her little ass.

“Oh god!” She gasped. “I forgot how big you were Daddy.”

I slowly started to fuck her until I could feel the walls of her tight little cunt relax. Soon I was fucking her as hard as I was fucking my daughter. I could feel Becky’s mouth against my ear saying “Cum in her Daddy, she’s on the pill. I want to eat your cum out of her pussy.”

Mary was a screamer this time, she scratched my back and screamed, “fuck me Daddy!” in unison with each of my thrusts. I felt my balls tighten, and closed my eyes and blasted Mary’s insides with semen. I shuddered inside her for what seemed like a million years, I looked down and saw that Mary was now beginning the tremble as her own orgasm began to hit her. I pulled myself out of her as Mary began to shoot her own juices from her pussy. The next thing I knew, Becky had her face over her friend snatch, and was lapping up the combine fluids of Mary and I. I fingered Beck as I watched and smiled at the little sluts enjoying each other.

We cleaned up each other with Becky’s clothing. I sat alone with Mary as my daughter went to get some clean cloths for her to wear.

“Daddy, you didn’t rape me.” Mary said.

“Yes I did.”

“I wanted to get fucked, if it wasn’t you, it would have been that boy. I am glad it was you. Besides, I could have screamed, but I didn’t. I wanted your dick in me.” She kissed my cheek. “I better go home, my mom will wonder where I am at.”

I watched her hips sway as she left the room. Becky was walking down the steps as she left and talked to Mary for a second. I had no idea what she said, but when she came into my office she was smiling. “Well?”

“Well what?”

“Glad you said yes?”


“Good Daddy.” She sat on my lap and kissed me. Her face still smelled like sex, and I was betting she was still horny.

“Beck?” I asked, “would you do this with a woman that I pick?”

“What Daddy, do you have another girl?”

“No, not really. I want a yes or no.”

“Anything for you Daddy.”

“Good, I want you to be ready for our next little fuck party. Cause it is your mother that we are going to have.”


“Yep,” I smiled as I spoke. “You mom was once a little cum slut just like you and Mary. It’s time she rembered how much she loved to fuck and suck me again. And baby,” I paused, “your mom and used to pick up woman at bars and screw them back in the day. I bet she’ll love to eat you as much as I do.”

Becky giggled, “I just thought you wanted me to tell Mary to shave her pussy. And you hit me with this. You are such a well hung perve Daddy.”

Whith that, Becky got on her knees and started to suck my cock again. We had an hour to kill before her mom came home, and she wanted to make sure I was satisfied before we planned our seduction of the woman we both love above all others.

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