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When Adam and I became friends, his sister Susan was just a kid, and so were we. Cute, freckle faced and nothing to think about for two boys whose main goals were to take bike rides, buy comic books and drink egg creams at Betty & Bob’s Sweet Shop on Ridgewood Road in Maplewood.

Years went by fast as we grew, from bike rides to trains into NYC, to car trips all over the place. From Soda Pop to smoking cigarettes to smoking joints and sneaking an occasional beer. From Captain America to Playboy and Penthouse. From fantasizing about sex to lying about it, to doing the real thing. From grade school to high school to college. All a blur now.

They lived, as my family did, a typical suburban lifestyle. House, cars, furniture and vacations at the shore. Adam went off the college, and so did I, as was expected. We sailed through, again expected, learning very little about academics and a great deal about life.

When college was over, we both moved home and began working, saving some money and oblivious to what to do next year, much less the rest of our lives.

Susan was now an 18 year old high school senior. Her face, once chubby and freckled, became defined and engaging. Her teeth, so small and spread, became straight and perfect, displaying a smile that was at once charming and mischievous. Her hair, all frazzled and disheveled, was now a deep chestnut brown with red highlights. Her eyes remained brilliant blue.

Susan’s breasts went from lumps, to pointy cones, to large, heavy, shapely melons, even while the rest of her body went from girlish to lithe and voluptuous.

Her only remaining childish quality was the slight lisp that had haunted her for many years, the subject of much shameful adolescent taunting. As a result, Susan was somewhat shy, despite her obvious physical attributes. Her relationship with Adam was touching, though. A kind and soft-spoken gentleman, he had always been her friend and defender.

I’ll never forget that night, though.

Adam’s parents were at their shore house for the weekend. Adam and Susan were home alone. Susan had friends, but they happened to be scattered around the towns that night, leaving her with nothing to do. Adam was relaxing from a long week at his first job out of college, a junior journalist for a regional newspaper. Their plans boiled down to a pizza and a video.

At the video store, the clerk was talking to his friend at the counter and his girlfriend on the phone, when a customer walked in and returned the adult movie. In the midst of depositing videos back in their cases, he didn’t notice for a minute that he had put the adult video “Cloud Nine” with Racquel Darrian in the case for “A Walk in the Clouds,” a syrupy love story with Keanu Reeves that Susan wanted to see.

The two siblings were enjoying each other’s company, eating pizza and polishing off a six pack that Adam had purchased. Not a big drinker, Susan was feeling safe at home with her big brother and quite pleasantly buzzed from just one beer. By the time they watched the movie at 10:00, she was working on her third and was now more than a little drunk. She also didn’t mind when Adam suggested they polish off half a joint of fairly decent Colombian reefer Adam had left.

Feeling no pain, they sat comfortably in the dimly lit den while Adam started the movie. Going to the bathroom during the credits, he left Susan alone for a few minutes.

Adult video credits typically advertise other adult videos, plus call-in sex hot-lines and other sexually oriented products. Susan watched them all, as if in a trance, as her pussy started to tingle, her nipples becoming erect and sensitive.

On the way out of the bathroom, the phone rang and Adam picked it up. I was calling him from a friend’s house to see what was shaking. Adam called out to Susan, “Watch for a few minutes if you like Sue, or just pause it. I’ll be there in a minute, it’s Doug.” Susan didn’t even answer as the trailers ended and the movie started.

The screen action quickly progressed. The gorgeous porn star Racquel Darrian, who actually resembled Susan a great deal, was frolicking with two other nubile babes in an all-girl scene. Kissing and tit licking, became pussy lapping and asshole fingering. A large black strap-on dildo was produced and used by one star to impale the other’s ass, while the third girl used her tongue everywhere it would fit.

Susan’s eyes were as wide as saucers, her mouth open in disbelief. Her pussy, at first just tingling, was positively buzzing. She gulped the beer she was holding, never taking her eyes of the screen. Polishing it off, she popped the top on a new brew and began to drink it as well.

Adam’s phone conversation was taking longer than he thought. He called again to Susan, “Just watch the movie, Sue, I’ll catch up.” Susan remained transfixed. “OK,” she replied weakly.

In the next scene, sumptuous Asia Carerra revealed her breasts to Derrick Lane, who fondled and sucked on them. Then he began to lick her sweet pussy. Asia pulled out his huge cock and sucked it with no hands, looking purposefully into his eyes. Eventually, Derrick proceeded to fuck Asia hard in doggie style.

Susan put her beer down and began tweaking her swollen nipples, sending shivers throughout her body. She took her palms and placed them over her large breasts, rubbing them in circles. Her breath became sporadic. Down below, her pussy twitched as sensations flooded her nerve endings.

On screen, Steven St. Croix was fucking the ravishing Ms. Darrien from behind, as she writhed and moaned in typical porn star fashion.

Susan released her tits and began rubbing her pussy with one hand, feeling the juices flow within. In real life, women’s pussies don’t generally fill a swimming pool with liquid, and neither did Susan’s. It was quite well lubricated though.

She couldn’t seem to get the feeling she needed from this simple action, so she pulled her pants down and off. With unfettered access to her genitals, Susan began rubbing her clit with one hand while tickling her asshole with the other, her eyes never leaving the screen, her brain awash and overwhelmed with sex.

Adam was now done with his phone call and, sporting a serious high, made his way into the room. Oblivious to Susan’s actions for a moment, he sat down with his eyes glued to the TV. “What the . . .?” he began to question. He never got to finish.

Susan reached for his head and grabbed it with both hands, planting her mouth on his and forcing her tongue down his throat.

A part of Adam was aware that this was his sister. A part of his knew what he was doing was considered wrong. But the larger part of his male consciousness, in other words his penis, only knew that this fine, fine looking girl was naked before him, with a body from heaven. They were both intoxicated, and his cock had immediately grown to huge proportions, his full 6½ thick inches.

Whatever reservations he may have had with a clear head were immediately dispelled as she placed his hands on her huge tits, and he felt their firm softness. Squeezing her nipples, she sighed deeply into his mouth and shuddered. Squeezing them harder between his thumb and index finger, Adam felt her lips tremble as the wonderful sensations took control of her.

Adam broke their kiss and began to caress her breasts while licking her nipples. Susan closed her eyes.

“Adam, that feels so good, what you’re doing to me . . .,” she confessed, her words rushing out. “I haven’t had a boyfriend and I . . . didn’t realize how horny I was so . . . until . . .” .

Her brother stuck a free hand between her legs, and was surprised by the wetness there. With his thumb on her clit, he stuck his index finger firmly into her pussy, where it was eagerly accepted. So wet was it, that it easily enveloped two more of his fingers, which stretched it just a bit. Then Adam inserted a fourth finger. He had almost his entire hand in her pussy, and Susan was loving it, moaning and writhing on the couch.

Her eyes opened wide when Adam stuck his entire hand into her pussy, where it made contact with her cervix and G-spot simultaneously.

It took no more than a few hard strokes of her G-spot before she screamed.

“Oh . . . Oh . . . Adam . . . Ohhhhh . . . . I’m cum . . . Ad . . . cumm . . . . . cummingggg . . . . “

Susan threw her head back and bucked her hips wildly, Adam’s entire fist encased in her pussy. Just as she settled down, he removed it and licked the delicious juices from his fingers.

Susan bent down and, without missing a beat, pulled her brother’s engorged cock out of his shorts. She examined it closely, taking note of the large, purplish head and pulsating veins that ran the length of the shaft. She licked all around that big cock head, just as she had seen the girls in the movie do. She got it soaking wet, then rubbed it all over her face like it was her favorite toy.

Adam was squirming in ecstasy as his little sister took that wet cock between her big tits and squeezed it hard, pumping her tits up and down just as Asia had done.

“Oh baby, Oh Susan . . . that feels so good . . . so good,” he moaned.

“Does it Adam? I want it to, I want to make you feel good,” she said, slurring her words only slightly. Her pussy was buzzing far too much to ignore, though. She needed direct stimulation – his tongue would do.

Rising up from the couch, she stood over Adam and spread her legs, fully exposing her beautiful pussy to his waiting lips. He responded by licking all around her slit, gorging himself on her delectable juices. Sticking a couple of fingers back in her hole, he took her clit in his mouth and sucked it like a newborn with a pacifier.

“Oh Adam . . . .mmmmm . . . that feels so intense . . . . . you’re making . . . . you’re making me so hot big brother, so HOT.”

Susan couldn’t take any more foreplay. She got off her brother’s face and sank her pussy onto his cock, her back to Adam. Impaled on his pole that way, she used her strong shapely legs to push up and down on his straight, hard pole. Adam reached around her back and caressed her magnificent tits, causing her to bounce up and down even faster.

“Woooo . . . . wooooo,” she wailed like a dog in heat, as his cock made contact with her cervix and sent shivers up and down her spine. She leaned back and placed her hands over his, on top of her tits.

On screen Racquel was being hammered by Derrick doggie style. Susan opened her eyes and watched, heightening her arousal.

“Lets . . . let’s do that, Adam, “she pleaded. Let’s do THAT.”

Still firmly planted in her pussy, Adam swung his sister over onto the couch, where she crouched on all fours. Adam put one knee up next to her and the other knee on her right side. From this angle, he was able to bang her hard and fast. Susan had to hold on to her furiously shaking tits, though she didn’t mind.

Looking down at this incredible sight, Adam happened to spy his sisters rosebud asshole, which seemed to open slightly, fairly winking at him as he smashed into her pussy. He decided to give her the orgasm deluxe.

Slowing down his pace slightly, Adam wet his thumb thoroughly with Susan’s flowing pussy juices. Then he just lightly played with her asshole, giving her a preview. Susan sighed deeply at this new sensation.

“Oooh, that feels nice . . . that feels good,” she purred.

“Time to rock her world,” Adam thought. He began to pound her faster and faster. Susan was pushing back against him, letting his cock sink in all the way to his balls. Just then, Adam took his lubricated thumb and stuck it firmly into her anxious asshole. Her wonderful body recoiled a second, then eagerly accepted the intruder. A thin sheen of shiny sweat covered the smooth skin of her back as her body rocked back and forth, being fucked so hard by her older brother. It felt so strange and wonderful to Susan. It emersed her entire body in goose-bumps.

“Oh my God,” she managed. “I’m so . . . I really feel like a . . . . woman . . . I’m so.”

And so it began. Susan’s genitals felt like they were in fairyland, awash with pasions she had never known. Her pussy began a steady throbbing as her climax began to hit her in full force, heightened by her brother’s thumb in her asshole. Her mouth dropped open, her long, dark hair falling over her face, covering her sensuous mouth.

“Adam,” she garbled, I feel a . . . “I’m going to cum now . . gong to cum.”

Susan’s body shuddered hard as she climaxed. She tilted her head back and the exquisite feeling sliced through her. Hearing Adam moaning behind her, she swiveled her head around to watch his face and encourage him.

“That’s it, Adam, let me see you cum. I want to see it happen.”

Adam couldn’t quite register what she was saying, for his own climax was steaming into port. He felt it roaring up his shaft as he pulled out, shooting geysers of sperm onto Susan. It shot so far and hard that it hit her face and hair, then trailed down her neck and back. He pulled his cock out after the last few drops landed on her perfect ass and fell back against the couch.

Susan sat back, too, wiping the cum off her face and neck, and enjoying its salty taste as she licked it off her fingers. She looked over at Adam, appreciating his sturdy frame and handsome face, and thought about what the rest of the weekend might bring. She’d opened up a bank vault of desire, and needed to have some deposits made.

I hate to use a cliché, but the next morning when I woke up, I wondered if I had been dreaming. Had I really had such hot, inspired sex with my own sister? How could I do such a thing? In my heart, of course, I knew I had, and was conflicted.

Wait a minute, I thought, Susan was the one who started with me! Far from forcing or encouraging her, I had been virtually attacked by my own horny baby sister, all grown up now and looking fine.

Sure, we’d both been a little drunk and a little stoned. And I hadn’t had sex in God knows how long. I wasn’t really the expert in Susan’s sexual habits, but I guessed from her willingness than none of the young lads at school were ringing her bell.

And in a sense, I was teaching her something of value, I reasoned. Being an accomplished sexual partner would be important when she got to college and wanted to keep a boyfriend satisfied. Sure, I was doing her a favor, and she was repaying me by satisfying needs that were not being met for now. It was mutual.

No, I couldn’t completely justify what we were doing, and didn’t really try. I guess I was young enough to not think through all the consequences of my actions. And old enough to know that certain experiences come just once and you’d better take advantage of them.

More than that though, I was so damn attracted to Susan. I saw so little of her when I was in college, that it was like leaving my bratty little sister and coming home to this voluptuous woman. And make no mistake about it, she was just gorgeous in my view.

Long, dark hair, swarthy complexion and bright blue eyes that were almost translucent.

Her lips were full and sensuous. The only thing that kept her face from total perfection was the family nose, which was rather long and narrow. Yet on her it looked delicate. She looked very similar to the actress Jessica Biehl, from the TV show “Seventh Heaven,” if you’ve ever seen it.

Her athletic pursuits, which in New Jersey translated to soccer, built and kept her body in mint condition. I guess it was the miles and miles of running per week. Not an ounce of fat on her body, except for her breasts which were quite large for her age and perfectly shaped, with half-dollar sized nipples that stood out proudly. A real women-child.

Her arms, shoulders and midsection were strong and defined. I could actually see the ripples of her stomach muscles under her skin.

I happen to be a leg man, and Sue’s legs – wow. Her thighs were long, lean, and muscular, the outsides flaring slightly from her tight buns and tapering in to her calves. They even had that defined teardrop shaped muscle just over the knee. The insides left a nice space between her thighs and her pussy.

Sue’s calves were the best part of her legs, though. All that running toned and enlarged them. They were lithe where they met her ankles. But as the muscle crept up to join the knee, they became pronounced and strong. Not unfeminine in any way, no. Simply athletically toned looking with large, shapely muscles – just the way I like them.

Sue was a knockout. And even though I couldn’t put the feelings into words, I was in fact actually flattered that she found me so . . . irresistible last night.

But now it was a new day. Would she be embarrassed by what happened? Would she be angry, or in denial? I didn’t want her feelings hurt or our relationship jeopardized, of course. If it came to that point, I would rather we just got over it and let it live in the past. I would do whatever it took. Apologize, take the blame – whatever. That’s what older siblings should do.

What I hoped though, was that we could pick up where we had left off. That the fire was still smoldering inside of her, and was ready to burn if we turned up the heat. My answer would have to wait though.

When I got downstairs to the kitchen 10:30 Saturday morning, Sue was not around and there was a note left for me.

Adam, Had to go to weekend soccer practice – bummer. Can we talk when I get home? I’ll be back at 2:00 or so – Susan.

OK, I thought, that leaves me with no clue to how she’s feeling. I’m going to have to tough it out until she gets home. I ran through some scenarios in my mind. If she was angry, confused, frightened. I had some idea of what to say. I never should have let her get drunk and high. I would take the secret to my grave. That kind of thing.

I had some coffee, then went for a leisurely three mile run, which took me about 35 minutes. Then I took a shower, shaved and dressed in shorts and a tank top. I made myself some eggs and toast, which I nervously ate while reading the paper and keeping my eye on the clock.

By the time 2:00 came, I was a bundle of nervous energy, looking out the window for Sue to come home. When a silver SUV dropped her off, I moved back from the curtains and watched her wave to her friend while she came up the walkway in her dirty soccer clothes. I scooted to the chair and picked up the paper, pretending to read it nonchalantly when she walked though the door.

“Hi Sue,” I casually called out, “how was the practice?”

Taking off her muddy cleats at the doorway, Sue walked into the den to greet me. Now she looked more like the kid I once knew, dirty and disheveled her hair all over the place. That body, though, was no kid’s.

“Too long and too hot,” she replied. “I think they want to run us to death. We’re not race horses!”

I managed a laugh, trying very hard to conceal my anxiety, my heart beating wildly.

“Adam . . .” she began softly, “about last night . . . ”

I kept my mouth shut.

“I don’t know about you, how you feel about it, but I want to tell you . . .”

“Yes?” I asked weakly.

“That it was fantastic for me,” she blurted out, her smile beaming, “I’m . . . I’m not sorry we did it in the least – are you?”

I couldn’t believe it! This was the best of all possible scenarios. All the apologies vacated my brain. All the excuses, the justifications, they immediately eroded like a small piece of paper set aflame and quickly burning to nothing.

“No, Sue, I’m not sorry either. I’m glad.” I tried to contain my enthusiasm. “I can’t explain it, but you are something so special to me. And not just because you’re my sister. But because you’ve become an incredibly gorgeous and desirable young woman. I just can’t believe it’s me you desire.” There, I said it.

“Brother,” she said, looking through my eyes and into my head, “I couldn’t have said it any better. Mom and Dad won’t be back until tomorrow night and I just have one question for you.”


“If you don’t have plans for tonight, can you get some more beer and another movie?”

“Consider it done,” I said. “Now hit the showers.”

“Yes sir coach!” she said with a mock salute and marched off, my eyes following her ass and legs as she hit the stairs. She knew I was looking, too.

Sometimes luck just walks into the room, that’s all I can say. No long, drawn out, painful confessions, no crying, no blaming. I dug it, she dug it – over. And we were going to do it again – cool.

While Sue was in the shower, I hopped into my Miata convertible and headed out. At the liquor store, I bought a couple of six packs of Corona beer, some limes and a bottle of Tequila, just for fun. Then I went to the “Playtime Boutique” adult video and book store. So many titles, so many boxes, I didn’t know where to begin.

“Hey dude,” I called over to the young guy behind the counter, busy reading a car magazine, “can you give me some recommendations?”

“Whatcha looking for?” he asked, “Couples, wall to wall, anal, fetish, compilation, plot driven, classic, gonzo . . . .?” Now I was more confused than ever.

“I don’t really know,” I confessed. “How about something with good looking people having hot sex?”

He walked over to the wall, knowing right where he was headed, and picked up a tape called “Fade to Blue.” The blonde bombshell on the cover was wearing a hat and cowboy boots.

“What style of movie is this?” I asked.

“Little of everything,” he replied, looking at the back of the box. “Juli Ashton is the star, and she’s a babe. Loves it up the ass.”

Hmmmm. My mind drifted off for a second.

“Nice scenery, descent music and great looking eye candy. Radical sex. Minimal plot to get bored with,” he finished.

I rented it.

On the way home, I stopped off and picked up some BBQ goodies, so we didn’t have to waste any time going out for dinner.

Sue was out of the shower by the time I got back. I saw her through the sliding glass door, sitting on the patio as I got the food ready to grill. She was reading a book, wearing tight shorts. Her long, tan legs were crossed. Her cut off T-shirt barely covered her ample breasts. Was this to excite me? It was.

When she turned to look up at me, I could see that she had applied eye makeup and lipstick, highlighting her best facial features, her striking blue eyes and pouty lips. She was as stunning as any of the ladies on the boxcovers I’d just seen.

“Did you get the goods?” she teased.

“I sure hope so baby girl,” I shot back. “We shall see.”

We each downed a beer on that balmy night as I grilled up some of my ‘famous’ chicken and corn, something we’d both loved since birth, I think. The smell of that chicken and sauce grilling brought back some wonderful summer memories for us, and we laughed and talked like and two people enjoying a date. I loved to see her smile and laugh, loved to see her so happy. I also felt a tightness in my shorts as I admired her thick, shiny hair, her abundant cleavage and her tight, muscular stomach. And that was just above the table!

The beers went down nice and smooth and had us feeling great. After supper we threw away the paper plates and washed the sauce off our hands and faces – we never were the neatest eaters!

While I grabbed the movie and Tequila and headed to the den, Sue gathered some shot glasses and the rest of the beers.

Before we put the movie on, we decided to put on a serious buzz. We played the drinking game where you see who can drink without slurring their words first. I did a shot and had some beer, then Sue did. After a few more shots and another beer each, it was clear that she had lost the game.

“Can we, can we puddon the movie now?” she asked, laughing at the sound of her own words.

“Yezzweecann,” I mimicked, winking at her.

Once the movie started, Sue snuggled up to me on the cozy, overstuffed couch. Just as the guy had said, the movie started out with a girl driving though the desert and stopping off at some abandoned barn. Her body was magnificent. Getting naked, she splashed water all over herself, looking wet and oh so fine as she played with her pussy.

Sue gripped me tighter. As I looked over, she was engrossed in the movie. But she was lightly rubbing her legs, and I noticed that her proud nipples were beginning the push the flimsy fabric of her shirt out.

On the screen, a muscular, smiling black actor, Mr. Marcus, was sitting on a tanker truck and spraying Ms. Ashton with a water hose from it. All wet, she looked into his eyes while she blew his monster cock. Then he went down on her luscious pussy meat.

I looked over at Sue, who was intensely watching the video, with obvious effects. Her tongue unconsciously licked at her top lip. Her ass wiggled in her seat. Her nipples became noticeably hard and stiff. She didn’t know what to do with her hands, so she pored and drank another shot of tequila.

With so many wonderful physical attributes, Sue was like a buffet table. I couldn’t decide what to partake of first. Those luscious lips, huge firm tits, or smooth tan legs.

Decision, decisions. Mine was . . . to let her make the first move. Coward.

A couple of scenes later, gorgeous Vicca was a waitress in a dimly lit restaurant. She gazed intensely, seductively into her partners eyes as she devoured his cock. Susan apparently could take no more. The action on the screen had its desired effect. Her body was shaking with anticipation.

My sister absently twirled her finger through my hair, then got closer and sort of blew in and licked my ear, sending light shivers through me. My cock, semi-hard from watching the porno, was beginning to stir even more.

With an eye on the video, Sue softly kissed and licked my neck, running her hands over my chest. I pushed her in front of me slightly, so that she was sitting between my legs.

From this position, as she watched the movie in a half-inebriated trance, I easily reached my arms around her back, under her shirt, and scooped up her big tits. First I just squeezed and kneaded them, delighting in their sheer size, amazing shape and smooth texture. Then my fingers found my sister’s swollen nipples.

With my palms cupping the bottom of her breasts, my first two fingers reach up and tweaked her nipple between them, pinching it lightly. Sue sighed low in her throat, and leaned back into me, supporting herself with her elbows on with either side of me. Her long, silky hair smelled of fragrant shampoo. I just love the fresh way a girl smells when she’s squeaky clean.

I actually believe this is when she felt the first stirrings of her impending first orgasm. As I intensified my nipple play, her breath began to come in more ragged gasps.

I asked my baby sister, “Does this turn you on?”

She could hardly answer. “Yes, Adam . . . . it turns me . . . . on so much . . .”

“Will you do something for me, Susan?”

“Yes . . . anything,” she said, her voice cracking.

“Will you pull your shorts off?”

She slid her shorts off, wiggling her sexy ass and legs to help. Her thong underpants came off a little as well, but I couldn’t see her pussy the way she was facing, and she pulled them back up.

“Good. Now will you reach your hands into your panties . . . yes, just like that . . . and take your fingers . . . right . . . and rub your clit . . . . that’s good, rub it harder and harder,” I suggested.

Sue followed my commands to the letter, with half-lidded, seductive eyes. Within minutes, her loud moans filled the air, mingling with the unmistakable smell of her sex.

Her fingers disappeared somewhere between her folds, only to reappear shiny and wet.

I was kissing her marvelous back and neck, alternately rubbing my fingers around her aureoles and squeezing her nipples with purpose. Sue was shuddering like she was connected to electricity. Rubbing her ass on my cock, making it strain the bounds of my briefs.

At that moment her ecstasy shifted into high gear, and her mouth opened wide. She turned her head slightly and whispered in my ear, “I’m going to . . . cum now, Adam.”

“Oh my,” she stammered as the orgasm rocked her. I grabbed her tits in both hands and, rubbed my palms back and forth over her nipples.

“Ohhhhh . . . . mmmmmmm . . . . ahhh,” she chanted incoherently.

As her orgasm subsided, I removed my hands from her now sensitive breasts and she fell back into me.

Once her breathing returned to normal, Sue lazily turned around and kissed me. Once. Again. Small kisses at first, then longer and longer. She turned around completely and kneeled on my lap. In one fluid motion, she straightened up and removed her top to reveal her massive tits in all their glory. They seemed to defy gravity, the way they supported themselves, nipples sticking straight out. Blood pumped further into my cock, swelling it uncomfortably.

Sue took my face in both her hands and pressed her lips to mine. She parted my lips with hers and lazily swirled her tongue in my mouth. My tongue rose to meet hers. I became so focused on her warm, wet tongue that it was all I felt, until my hands developed a mind of their own and reached out to caress her breasts as they hung freely in front of me.

Such marvelous breasts, so firm, so enticing. The effect my actions had on my sister was pronounced. Her breathing changed. Her hips began to grind in my lap. Her back became moist with sweat.

Susan slithered down my legs like a serpent down a tree. Never taking her eyes off my face, she abruptly pulled down my shorts, with my briefs going along for the ride. She pulled them down my legs and off. Then she looked at my cock like it was a long lost friend. She smiled up at me with her million dollar smile, then began to lick the shaft of my cock.

I swear, little sister must have been taking mental notes during those videos. She looked me in the eye whenever possible, lapping up and down my shaft like a piece of her favorite licorice. Then she wrapped her hand around my thick shaft and pumped it, while she licked and sucked on each testicle in turn. Licking up my shaft again, she took my fat cock head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. My heart pounded furiously in my chest, and I fought off the urge for an all too quick release into her warm mouth.

My hips began to buck, as I was fucking my sister’s beautiful mouth.

“That’s it, Sue,” I moaned. “Suck your big brother’s cock . . . Oohhh that feels nice. Can you take it all the way down your throat baby? Can you?

Sue’s eyes were smiling up at me, her face full of my cock. Slowly, she pushed her lips down my cock, my hand on the back of her head, guiding her in – helping her. My cock was throbbing in her mouth as she swirled her tongue around my shaft. Eventually, she reached the end, with my balls resting nearly on her chin. Impressive.

In the interest of honesty, I’ll admit to you that I can’t cum, then be ready to rock again in 30 seconds, like in some stories I’ve read. I didn’t want to blow my load down her throat this time – not yet. I wanted to feel the warmth of her tight pussy. It was what I’d dreamed about all day long.

I pulled my cock out of Sue’s mouth. It made a POP sound, so strong was the suction. I must say, she looked a little disappointed – for a minute.

“Take your thong off, Sue.” I requested.

Sue wiggled out of her thong, exposing her pussy which was – what? Totally shaved! It was so beautiful, My God. Her pussy lips were thick and swollen – so pronounced.

I spun her around so that she was looking at the TV screen and bent her over at the waist. I enjoyed a perfect view of her pristine anus. I massaged her buns, licking up and down the crack. I took my hands and spread her ass cheeks wide.

Sue gasped when I used my tongue in earnest on her asshole. I licked the rosebud, then sucked it, placing my hand within the folds of her moist pussy.

“Oh my,” she panted. “Oh brother, that feels so good. Do you know how good that makes me feel, Adam? What you’re doing to me?”

I could only moan, “mmmm,” But I responded by sticking my thumb inside her saturated pussy, while using my index finger to stimulate her clit.

Sue turned her face around to look at me through half lidded eyes, her face a mask of ecstasy.

“You’re making me feel so . . . I’m so hot right now, so horny – I want you so badly . . .”

Sue turned and faced the TV screen again, and what she saw made her gasp. In the video, the seductive Vicca was taking a large cock up her ass – and loving it. It was probably hard for Sue to believe that Alec Metro’s huge cock could fit into the ass of the lithe actress. But it obviously was. It was there right in front of Sue’s eyes. It made her pussy tingle all the more. The nastiness of it. The eroticism. Sticking his cock where it wasn’t designed to go. Hormones flooded and overwhelmed her system. It was like the first time I saw a Corvette. She turned to me with a wicked smile.

“Adam,” she said, her voice slurred with passion and a little tequila, “I want to do that.”

I looked over at the screen, then back at Susan. To the screen again, back to Susan.

She must have read the reaction on my face, a mixture of fear and excitement.

“Don’t worry,” she assured me. “We can stop if it hurts. But right now . . . I’d like to shove a Patriot missile up myself. That’s how horny you’ve got me.”

“Hold on a second,” I said. I bolted out of the den and to my room, returning in seconds with a bottle of Astroglide, the slipperiest lubricant I know.

“Come here,” I whispered, sitting back down on the couch

Sue sauntered over to me, naked and stunning. I pulled her face down to kiss me, while running my hands all over her body. My beautiful little sister – she loved having sex with me. Awesome.

“Turn around, Sue,” I said. I squirted an impressive amount of the clear lube into my hand, then slathered my cock with it. Under normal circumstances, I would have used it to pleasure myself. But these circumstances were anything but normal.

I started by just rubbing the outside of her anus with the lube, massaging it in well. Sue moaned her pleasure and wiggled her ass. Her eyes were still glued to Fade to Blue, where blonde, buxom actress Houston is having her meaty pussy flesh pounded by muscular, big-sticked Billy Glide.

I stuck just the tip of my index finger into Sue’s ass. She let out an “ahhhh,” as I penetrated. Little by little, I stuck my finger further up her virgin anus.

“Rub your clit, Sue,” I advised baby sister. She did as she was told, as all baby sisters should.

With Sue rubbing her clit and my finger gliding in and out of her ass effortlessly, I decided the time was at hand to give her what she was begging for.

“Are you ready, Sue? Ready for my cock up your ass?”

“Yes, Adam. Oh yes. C’mon big brother . . . give it to me, give me your cock up my ass . . .”

Needing no more encouragement than the dirty talk from her sexy mouth, I pulled Sue to me and placed the tip of my cock against her anal ring. As lubricated as it was, it slipped right in. I held her up by her ass so she didn’t sink down further until she was used to it. She gasped a little as the flared head popped into her anal ring.

“You OK baby?”

“Yes,” she replied tentatively. “It feels sort of . . . it hurts a little, but it still feels kind of good.”

“It hurts good?” I asked. “Like when you bite on your fingertip?”

“Yeah, like that. But please, keep going,” she implored me.

“OK sis,” I replied. “Keep rubbing your pussy.”

Slowly, I allowed her shapely, tight ass to sink down the length of my shaft. Once I was balls deep in my sister’s ass, I parked my cock there, letting her get accustomed to the feeling.

“How do you feel, Sue?”

“I feel . . . good . . . incredibly . . . filled up . . . I think I . . . . like it!”

“Good, ’cause here it comes . . . I’m going to give it to you now, kid.”

“Give it to me,” she commanded. “Give me all you’ve got big brother.”

I watched with fascination as my cock sank in and out of her virgin anus. It was incredible and strange at the same time, like watching it happen to someone else, like my cock was disconnected from my body. Except, of course, for the feeling of impossible tightness. Of my cock being enveloped by something so snug, warm and alive.

At this point, Sue was furiously rubbing her pussy with one hand, while squeezing her nipple with the other. I could see that she had at least two of her fingers buried in her slit, driving them in and out with the rhythm of my anal penetrations. I let her sink down on my cock, putting my hands on her strong shoulders.

My sister took one of my hands and held it lovingly for a moment. Then she took three of my fingers and stuck them in her mouth, where she greedily sucked on them. I pounded her even harder.

Her back began to glow with a sheen of light sweat – she was really into it and on the fast track to a crushing crescendo.

I pulled my hand out of her mouth and lifted her ass up a little with both hands. Sue put her feet on my thighs, leaning back onto me. From this angle I was able to lift her up and down, allowing my cock to sink into her ass fully. She must have felt it practically in her stomach. Her hands reached up and around my neck, where she held on for balance. Sue’s face was right up against mine, I could smell her perfume and sweat.

“Oh my God, Adam,” she whispered in my ear, almost unintelligibly, “I can’t take much more of this.”

“You all right, Sue?” I misinterpreted.

“I mean that . . . I’m going to . . . . are you going to? . . . . I feel the . . . cum building in me . . . .”

“Yes,” I replied weekly, my own journey to imminent release beginning. “I feel it . . . It’s so tight . . . so good . . . .”

Sue began rocking up and down, slamming my cock into her ass full force, then drawing it out almost all the way. I marveled at the power in her soccer-toned legs. She turned face to mine and licked me from my neck to my cheek over and over, getting me wet and so close to cumming from the arousal.

Finally, with sweat now rolling off her back and down her ass, she threw her head back in total surrender to the feelings of climax exploding within her. I could see her eyes practically roll back in her head and her orgasm just ripped through her. You know the feeling, don’t you?

“Ahhhh . . . . ohhhhh . . . . . I’m . . . . uhhhhh . . . . OOOHHHHH” she roared, her body convulsing violently.

I could only echo her orgasmic mantra, as my cock flooded her bowels with gobs of sperm. So much that it leaked out of her ass, back onto my cock and all over both of us, mixing and mingling with her own vaginal discharge.

I continued to pump for probably a full minute, even though my fluids had stopped shooting. Like a machine gun that keeps dry firing long after the ammo is gone. Sue was just beside herself until ultimately, mercifully, we were both depleted and fell back into each other’s arms.

“That was the most incredible sexual experience I’ve ever had,” she puffed. “And it was with my brother. You are the most phenomenal lover, Adam, you know that?”

“It’s easy with you, Susan,” I replied, my own words surprising me a bit. I know that you should take love where you find it, but this was . . . insane. And all I could think about was doing it again. Or had Susan gotten it out of her system?

“Adam?” she asked coyly, “Can I ask you something?”


“Have you ever had sex . . . with more than one person as once? Like with two girls, or one girl and another guy?”

“Well, no,” I replied. “Sounds wild, but no.”

“Can we do that?” she asked, biting her lip. “Like with me and you and Doug?”

“My friend Doug?” I asked. She’d known Doug since she was six years old. As she got older, it became obvious that she had a gigantic crush on him.

“Yes, Doug. I’ve always wanted to . . . in the movie the girl had one cock up her ass and another in . . . I’d love to try . . . ”

What had I created here? I wondered. A sex monster? An insatiable nymph? The idea was phenomenal, though. Should I agree to it? Should I ask her to bring a friend for an Adam sandwich instead? The possibilities were endless . . . .

Sunday morning came, as all Sunday mornings must. I woke up with Susan in my arms, her head lying on my shoulder. I turned to look at the clock, and it was nearly noon. Boy, the alcohol and sex sure had wiped us out. I felt pretty good though. Not hunger over – much.

We didn’t know what time mom and dad would be back from the shore house. It was only an hour drive, but when they returned often depended on whether dad had any briefs to prepare for work the next day. In any case, we couldn’t roam around the house naked or anything.

I got up to use the bathroom and upon returning, just had to admire Susan’s body in my bed. Sister or no, she was quite the picture. She was on her side, her face hidden from my view and facing the other way. Her body twisted in a way that her ass was facing me, but I could still see her stomach and most of her breasts. Sis was wearing a short T-shirt and thin, white cotton briefs. The shirt just covered her mouth watering tits, and her nipples appeared to be a little stiff, sticking out noticeably through the fabric. Her uncovered stomach was not just flat, but defined in the way she was turned, with tight muscles – the result of sports and exercise. It was gorgeous.

My sister’s legs were long and feminine, though again in an athletic way. They looked both powerful and incredibly sexy. The back of her shapely calves was marvelous. Her ass was round and firm, a perfect bubble butt.

FLASHBACK My cock fully penetrating Susan’s gorgeous ass. My little sister sucking my fingers – in intense heat – impossibly horny. Begging me to fuck her harder, to fuck her ass. Her eyes opening wide and closing tightly as she reached new peaks of ecstasy.

Watching her on her side, cuddled up in my bed like a big child, I began to feel some pangs of regret, of guilt. No matter that the sex had been incredible and that Susan had begged me for it. She was still my little sister, and I didn’t want to take advantage of her.

But when she rolled over, all those thoughts disappeared. Now facing me with her eyes closed, one graceful breast peeked out of her top. It was tan around the rounded bottom, yet lighter where her bikini line made its erotic design. This made her nipple seem all the more brown and prominent.

She unconsciously had a finger in her mouth, sucking it lightly. As I approached the bed, her sultry blue eyes opened lazily, and a smile began to make its way across her mouth up when she realized where she way and with whom.

“Adam,” she whispered. “Come and sit next to me.”

I walked over to the bed sort of sideways, embarrassed by my hard-on and doing my best to conceal it. I sat down with my back to her legs, my hands in my lap to cover up. I turned my head to speak to her.

“Morning baby, ” I said warmly, playfully. “Sleep well?”

“Mmmm, yes,” she said, stretching out like a cat. Her entire torso exposed, and the T-shirt losing its connection and rising up to exposes her glorious breasts. Oh my aching cock. “It was a fantastic night, wasn’t it?”

“Fantastic,” I echoed.

Susan rose up on one elbow and looked me in the eyes, beginning to wake more. She smiled at me in a way that I can only describe as loving and cute at the same time. A wide, exaggerated smile that made crinkles around her eyes. As if to say, “Aren’t I cute?” Indeed she was.

She reached over and rubbed down my back, then rose up a little more to encircle my waist and rub my stomach. She rubbed up and down my stomach and chest this way, which was making me crazy. I pulled my arms from my lap and leaned back on my hands, my eyes closed. Then Susan must have seen my erection.

“Mmmm,” she purred. “My friend is back.”

She reached down and rubbed my cock over my underpants, starting at the head and down the shaft. When she got to my balls, she caressed them gently. I could hear from her breathing that my baby sister was starting to get hot again.

“Sue,” I protested mildly, “it’s after noon, and we don’t know when their coming home.”

“No, we don’t do we?” she answered rhetorically, putting her hand inside the waistband of my boxer briefs and rubbing my already swollen cock head with her thumb and index finger. “Isn’t that part of the fun?”

It was difficult to argue, with her hand rubbing down my shaft and cupping my balls. I reached over and gently held the bottom of her left breast. I extended my thumb up and ran it over her nipples, which responded immediately by stiffening and elongating. Sue moaned.

Susan was sitting up, and I swung my body around to face her. My legs were spread over her warm lap. I took both her breasts in my hands and caressed them, playing with the nipples. I quickly wet my fingers in my mouth, then squeezed and circled her nipples.

Then – and this was hot – Sue just looked in my eyes, never taking them off of me, while she rubbed my cock and I rubbed her tits. We must have stayed that way for several minutes, I can’t tell. It felt too good. Susan began to sense the stirrings of orgasm from the nipple-vagina connection, because her voice was shaking a little as she opened her mouth to speak.

“Adam,” she breathed softly, “this feel so good. You’re gonna . . . gonna make me cum just from this . . .”

The hell I was. I moved my body back a little, exposing Sue’s crotch. Moving her panties aside with my four fingers, a quickly massaged her clit with my thumb. This broke the dam, and the floodwaters of my sister’s orgasm began to pour through.

Susan’s eyes opened as wide as saucers. She looked at me in disbelief, that I could make her cum so suddenly, so intensely, so easily.

I squeezed the nipple of her right breast firmly, while my left thumb encircled her engorged clit.

“Oh my God, Adam,” she roared. “Oh God in heaven . . . I’m cumming . . .” I thought that she would close her eyes and drop her head, but she didn’t. She just kept looking me in the eye as her body shook in climax.

“Look at me, big brother . . . . Look at me while I cum . . . while you make me cum . . .”

Her breathing was erratic and coming in rushes and the orgasm overtook her, but she kept looking into my eyes, which was so incredibly hot.

“I’m cumming now . . . cumming,” she continued, her hips bucking up and down on the bed. “I’m so . . . . I can’t . . . . I love you so much.”

She finally arched her back one last time and settled down. I removed my hands from her body and got off the bed.

“We don’t know when they’ll be home,” I said, “we’d better get ready.”

“Wait,” Sue said, her voice a low moan. She rolled over on her elbows on my bed, her head by the edge. “Come here, Adam.”

I walked over to her, and my crotch was at her face level. She looked up at me and stroked my cock, lowering my briefs and licking her lips when my bulging cock popped out like a jack in the box.

“Sue,” I repeated. “Little sister, they could be driving up the street right now.”

“We’d better hurry then,” she murmured. “Wouldn’t want mom and dad to get any ideas.”

With that, she drank my cock in, taking the shaft halfway in her mouth, licking all the way.”

“Oh God,” I managed to say, feeling my knees turn mushy. Susan licked up and down my shaft, stroking it at the same time. When she got to the top, she would swirl her tongue around my mushroom head, then lick down the side until she got to my balls. Gently holding my testicles, she licked and sucked one after the other, while using her free fingers to play with my cock head. The feeling was – exquisite. I began to breathe heavier as the warmth radiated outward through my body.

Suddenly, I heard to sounds of the garage door opening. But I was unable to move.

“Sue, they’re here!” I cried.

She smiled up, stroking my shaft. “I know.”

“But they’ll be up here in a minute or two, after they get their bags out of the car. They’re coming!”

“Not before you do,” she responded.

Sue took her left hand and stuck it in the crack of my ass, lightly massaging my anus. She had her other hand on my cock, stroking up and down while she literally sucked the cum from my body. Faster and faster she stroked my soaking wet cock.

“Oh God,” I moaned in desperation. “I’m cumming, I’m . . . cumming.”

She looked up and smiled, never taking her mouth off my cock. As I shot jets of cum into her warm mouth, she kept sucking and pumping, not losing a drop. When my supply finally ran out, I pulled away.

Sue wiped her lips with a grin and hopped out of bed. Just before she sprinted into the shower, she turned around and blew me a kiss – flashing her incredible tits to me.

*************** You could not imagine a more handsome couple than my parents.

My dad, Benjamin Foster, is 44 years old, a successful corporate attorney who looks the part. At six foot two, he is the same height as me. He’s got the same strong build as when he was a high school and college athlete, and can still drag guys half his age up and down the basketball court. Susan definitely got his coloring; his dark hair, just now starting to gray, and flawless olive skin.

Mom is 42, and could easily pass for 28. A nutritionist, she knows how to eat and exercise and stays looking great. She’s tall, about 5 foot eight, with medium breasts, b to c cups, I’d say. Her coloring, like mine, is fair, with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. She’s got strong, shapely calves and thighs, honed at the gym and tennis courts. All in all, mom’s a definite M.I.L.F. (Mother’s I’d Love to Fuck), as my friends say.

I wouldn’t want to venture into the nature of their relationship too far. They get along well and are excellent parents, but I would not call their relationship passionate. Susan and I sometimes wonder if mom could have something on the side when dad traveled. Dad made an exceptional living, which he really didn’t let her forget, and mom was content to work part time, being somewhat of a kept woman. Again, I wouldn’t want to comment too much, I’m not privy to their private thoughts, and I love them.

When Susan ran for the shower, I threw on a pair of shorts and began making my bed. When they got to the top of the stairs, dad popped his head in my room.

“Hey buddy, good to see you,” he said, “did you have a nice weekend?”

“Not bad, dad,” I replied. “Just took it easy with Sue for the most part. We had a pizza one night and barbecued last night.”

“Excellent,” he responded in his best attorney voice, “nice to see you two getting along so well. You’re a good brother too, making sure she ate.”

Good brother? You don’t know the half of it, dad, I thought. She ate all right.

Dad turned and brought his bag to his room. Mom walked up after him and came into my room. Being a mom, she walked up and hugged me, planting a kiss on my cheek.

“My boy is getting so big and strong,” she said, smiling, “I’m going to have to interview the girls to weed out all the undesirables.”

“Yeah, mom, they’re just lining up outside for a nerdy journalist,” I replied.

“Don’t sell yourself short, handsome, you just wait and see. Thanks for making your bed.” What a mom thing to say.

“No sweat,” I replied, “I’m just going to jump in the shower when Sue’s done.”

Turning to leave, mom reminded me, “Dad’s going to Cincinnati for 11 days in the morning, Adam. You’ll have to be the man of the house, OK?”

“OK, mom, have no fear, Adam is here! I’ll protect us all from the villains of suburbia.” She smiled, but still, she seemed a little sad. As she left, she turned one more time to look at me. I thought she was going to say something, but she just sort of looked at me with a faraway look in her eyes. Probably tired.

We all did our separate things that day, dad was busy preparing for his trip, and left the next morning before any of us were awake.

I saw my sister in the hallway that night before dinner.

“Adam, when do you think we’ll be able to, you know, be together again?”

Looking around, I gave her a quick kiss and squeezed her fantastic tush.

“Don’t worry,” I whispered. After this weekend they’ll be back to their normal schedule, and be away or our to dinner every weekend. So we’ll have time.”

“I can’t wait!” she whispered back, sticking her tongue in my ear.

“Hey, stop that you!” I laughed, pushing her back.

Mom smiled, surprising us by appearing in the stairway. She was happy to see us getting along after the fights we’d had as kids. If she only knew just how well we got along.

The week was uneventful, and Saturday night found the three of us sharing London broil and some fine Chardonnay, enjoying the nice weather. Sue was adorable and edible in cut off shorts and tank top. Mom, I have to say, was equally fetching in her matching shorts, which highlighted her still fine legs, and tennis shirt.

With nothing really to do, we resorted to a rented video; one of the romantic comedies mom and Sue like, and some microwave popcorn. As we prepared the popcorn, one of Sue’s friends called with a last minute invitation to sleep over.

Since their seemed to be zero chance of sex, Sue accepted the invitation.

“Sorry for leaving you alone with mom and the movie,” she commented. I”ll make it up to you.”

“You’d better,” I smirked. But in truth I didn’t really mind, I rarely spent much time with mom, and we’d always had a wonderful relationship, from the time she pushed me in the carriage. I loved my mom, and I could sense that she was feeling lonely without dad and was grateful for my company.

We enjoyed the movie, and finished off the entire second bottle of wine, with mom drinking more than I thought she could and getting sleepy as a result.

Right after the movie, we said goodnight and went to bed, though I wasn’t all that tired. I sat in bed and read for a while.

About an hour later, mom knocked at my door.

“Yes?” I called. “Mom?”

“Adam,” she said, opening the door, “there’s a strange noise in my room, can you come and listen?”

It was cute. I was the man of the house, and mom needed me. She was wearing, I happened to notice, a short silk nightshirt, and her nipples were erect underneath, creating little tents atop her breasts. I followed her into her room and listened. There was a knocking sound coming from outside the window. I opened the curtains to look outside. A small branch had broken off from the top of the tree outside, fallen, and gotten caught in the other branches close to the window. A slight breeze was knocking it into the glass, making a tapping sound. I opened the window and pulled the branch, dislodging it, and dropped it to the ground.

“There you go, mom, problem solved,” I beamed.

“What would I do without you, Adam?” she said, sounding mournful I thought.

I looked over at mom. She was lying propped up on her pillows, her marvelous legs crossed, and moonlight bathing her body in shadows. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

“Adam?” she asked. “Will you just lay here beside me for a few minutes? That noise had my heart thumping, and I’d rather not be alone for a little while. Could you do that?”

“Sure, mom,” I replied, sitting next to her on the bed. We sat there in silence, mom leaning her head against my shoulder, her arm on mine. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t help looking at her long legs and superb calves, crossed at her feet. She had a gold angle bracelet with little hearts. It was so sexy . . . . . Perhaps I was more tired than I thought, because before long I fell asleep.


I woke up to the feeling of someone kissing my neck. Susan? Was she home – was I dreaming? I opened my eyes to find – it was mom!

“Mom? I said, trying to shake the sleep off.

“Adam,” she whispered, never stopping, ” I know what you must think and I want you to . . . stop thinking for a little while . . . for tonight.”

She looked me in the eyes in a way that she never had in our lives. I’ll never forget that look.

“I know we’re mother and son. You know how much I love you. But right here – right now – I’m a woman. A woman who hasn’t been made love to for far too long. And right here and now I need you more than I’ve ever needed you in my life. I only hope you’ll understand – and be the man I desperately need you to be right now.”

My mind was reeling. What was going on? First, my little sister Susan and now – mom? Why me? What did she mean by far too long – how could dad neglect her this way? And more important than anything – what was I going to do?

I didn’t have much time to decide, with mom nuzzling my neck, her legs rubbing together, obviously trying to put out the fire starting between them. I could shut her down, tell her this was not the time or the person for her to take out her sexual frustration. Or I could be what she wanted – the man she needed her son to be at this moment – and take care of the people who love me. I decided.

I turned to her and took her face in my hands. I kissed her – hard. I put everything I had into that kiss, exploring her lips, her mouth and tongue. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and licked all around it. I showed her I meant business.

Mom returned my kiss with fervor. She moaned into my mouth, rubbing my chest. She knew I would do what it took to please her.

I began to kiss down her neck, rubbing her breasts tenderly with both hands. I used my thumbs to encircle her aureoles, while my index fingers joined them to squeeze her nipples through the satin of her nightshirt. Mom was moaning softly and breathing hard. She was now rubbing her legs together like they were two sticks she was trying to light on fire with friction.

Mom slid the spaghetti straps off her shoulders, her nightshirt sinking down to reveal her breasts. I regarded them lustfully. They were firm and round on the bottom, if not overly large like Susan’s. I took them in my hands and licked her nipples, lightly at first, then more insistently. Mom was moaning louder now and, I noticed a dark, wet spot was growing on her nightshirt at the crotch.

Mom was holding my head tenderly as I sucked her breasts, rubbing my hair. She pulled my head up so that our lips met again, and she kissed me with fire and passion, putting all of her emotion into that kiss. She was trembling slightly. I thought it was from nervousness or pent up emotion. It wasn’t.

She moved her lips from my lips to my neck, and down my chest. When she got to my nipples, mom sucked them briefly, then continued to kiss her way down my stomach until she got to the tip of my fully erect cock.

A sound came from her mouth as she held my cock and looked at it. It’s hard to describe that sound. Not a moan, not a sigh, more of . . . like the sound a child makes when they take the first lick of their favorite flavor ice cream. That “mmmm” sound when the senses realize what’s hit them. She cherished the cock she was about to suck.

She held my cock in her hand, leaving only the tip exposed. Then she licked and sucked that tip until it felt ready to burst, it was so sensitive. As she moved her hand down my cock, her tongue followed, until she – my God – she had my entire cock in her mouth. It was unbelievable.

Mom licked and slurped my cock with what can only be described as glee. She took my balls, one at a time, into her wet, velvety mouth and soaked them with saliva, then moved up and down my cock again, and again, and again. She rubbed my cock against her face, getting all wet as she continued to stroke and kiss it, then put it back in her mouth to suck more. She must have given me extraordinary head for ten minutes this way.

“God, Adam,” she finally marveled, breathing hard, “you’ve got such staying power. Your fath . . . uh . . . most men would have cum already.”

“I’m not most men, mom,” I boasted only slightly, moving up to kiss her again. Now it was my turn to see about her staying power.

I kissed down her body until I got to her calves, which I always loved. I licked and kissed the sides of her feet, holding her ankles, as I kissed my way up her luscious calves and thighs. By the time I got to her pussy, she was primed.

I licked from the bottom of her swollen outer lips inside, using my tongue like a small penis and darting it in and out of her hole, eliciting gasps of delight from her. My hands were spreading her soft thighs apart.

Then I took my thumbs and spread her pussy lips wider, licking every nook and cranny. Speeding up my pace, I licked my way to her clit, which I gave the royal treatment between my lips and teeth.

Mom was shuddering and squirming in the bed. Her hands reached down and cradled my head.

“Oh my, Adam, mmmmm,” she cooed. “You’re making me . . . I feel, it feels . . . so good my love – - so good.”

I was licking mom’s pussy, giving it a virtual tongue bath. It was so wet from a mixture of my saliva and her juices that it was flowing down between her beautiful thighs. Taking my thumb, I massaged the ridge between her pussy and anus, then put my thumb tip directly on her rosebud, rubbing it back and forth to stimulate her anus.

What happened next surprised even me – even now.

My hot mom was squirming on the bed from my oral antics. In doing so, my thumb inadvertently entered her anus just a little, not even half and inch. Without warning, in one massive thrust, mom lifted her hips up and plunged down hard on my wet thumb, driving it all the way into her anus. Impaled on my thumb this way, she wiggled her ass around, my thumb now massing her anus from the inside.

Momentarily shocked, I raised my face from her pussy.

“No, no, baby,” she implored me, “don’t stop now Adam – don’t stop now honey. Lick my pussy – lick it please. I love the way your finger feels in my ass. I do. I love it.”

I was thrilled that she was so out of control. I went back to licking her pussy with a vengeance, moving my thumb in and out of her asshole at the same time. I had it in all the way to the crook of my fingers, and I was using my other four fingers to rub the crease of her tight ass. I knew that she was close to cumming. Her breathing was rapid and uneven. Her asshole tightened its grip on my thumb, then opened wide. It was time.

Mom could take no more. Her legs began to twitch uncontrollably as her body was just wracked with orgasm. I was lucky we were alone in the house, because she was not moaning – she was screaming.

“OOHHH . . . OHHHHH. . . . BBRRRR . . . . .” Her hips traveled in a fast up and down motion, her legs spread wide apart, but her feet planted firmly on the bed. Through her orgasm, I kept licking her pussy and fingering her rectum, wringing every last bit of climax out of her, until her bucking stopped and her body settled down on the bed.

“Oh, baby,” she sighed, “that was just wonderful – how you made me feel.”

I smiled up at her, then got off the bed and stumbled to the bathroom to wash my hands. Mom followed right behind to use the toilet.

There we were, Mom and I, both naked in the bathroom. I washed my hands and face, cleaning my saliva and her lovely juices from my mouth and cheeks. As I leaned over the sink and dried my face in the towel, mom came up behind me and kneeled down. Suddenly, I felt her massaging my ass cheeks and licking the crack. Her hands reached around and quickly made my cock, still filled with unreleased sperm, rock hard again.

I turned around to face her, and she immediately planted her lips on my cock head and sucked it hard. Her tongue circled around it in an erotic dance. Mom looked into my face with her incredibly seductive, gorgeous green-gray eyes, as she sucked further and further down the length of my cock. Then, licking my balls, she continued to lick a path to my asshole and douse it with her saliva. Moving up again, she took my ass cheeks in her hand.

My mother was on her knees on the tile bathroom floor, holding her son’s ass cheeks while she sucked my cock to the root. As intense as it felt, I didn’t want to cum this way – or just yet.

I gently moved her head off my bulging cock, and helped her stand up. Then I turned her around so that she was in front of the sink, her hands on the counter, facing the mirror.

“Get ready, mom,” I advised her.

I bent her over the sink and reached between her legs to find the soft folds of her pussy. Then I guided my cock head to the entrance to her tunnel and stuck it in slowly. It was warm and wet, still fully lubricated. So I wasted no time and pushed my cock in most of the way.

Mom’s eyes opened wide for a split second as her pussy was filled with my cock.

“Oooo, yes . . . . mmmm, yes baby,” she moaned in a low, smoky voice. “It feels good in there – very, very good.”

I looked down in front of me. I watched my cock slowly cruising in and out of my mother’s slim, incredibly shapely ass. I looked further down to admire her phenomenal thighs and shapely, ample calves – just the way I like them – and it turned me on ever more. Looking in the mirror, I saw mom holding on to the counter, her tits hanging, as I stood behind her and fucked her slowly. We looked into each other’s eyes in the mirror, and she licked her lips and smiled.

“Do you want it hard, mom?” I asked, “Do you want it faster?”

She nodded her encouragement, and I proceeded to slam in and out of her pussy, holding on to her hips. I watched in the mirror as her tits bounced back and forth forcefully from the momentum of my pounding.

“Ohhh – ohhhh – ohhh,” her voice undulated in time with the force of my thrashing.

I got an idea. Noticing mom’s baby oil on the counter in front of me, I reached out for it, momentarily slowing my pace, but not stopping. I opened the bottle and poured it down the crack of her ass, letting it flow over her anus and onto the top of my cock.

Rubbing my thumb in the oil, I spread mom’s ass cheeks wider and with one quick push, inserted my thumb right back in her rectum. This let the air out of her tires, and she sighed deeply, clearly basking in the glory of the feeling of my cock in her pussy and thumb far inside her rectum.

Now I began to pump again in a steady rhythm, my left thumb in her ass and right hand on her glistening lower back. I could see the sweat on her neck in the mirror as we continued to watch each other’s eyes. I too was perspiring from the effort, sweat dripping off my face onto mom’s back.

It felt too incredible for words. From my balls to the tip of my cock, a tingling started that became a rumble. As I continued to pump, it developed into an earthquake. My sperm began to boil inside and rise through my shaft.

Mom, too, was experiencing a powerful climax. I could feel her pussy walls tightening around my cock, her breath again coming in gasps.

“I’m going to . . . going to cum now, mom,” I warned her.

“Not . . . not in my pussy honey,” she requested.

I understood. She was still capable of getting pregnant. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and my thumb out of her ass. Instantaneously, and without permission I replaced the thumb in her ass with my cock. It sank all the way into her rectum. I didn’t know how she would react but I was too far-gone to care. It didn’t take long to find out.

“Ohhh, OHHH, YESSS!” mom screamed, her eyes rolling back in her head, cumming hard as she reached down to rub her clit. “This is heaven!” She was shoving her ass back, trying to get every last centimeter of my cock into her bowels, shaking her head from side to side. She was literally drooling.

I dropped my head back as my cock began pumping sperm into mom’s ass, so impossibly tight and warm. As the sperm jetted out of my shaft, her rectum became even more slippery and welcoming.

Mom’s mouth was wide open, trying to make a sound but largely failing. Only ragged, guttural gasps were coming from her throat as I assaulted her ass.

I continued to pound her ass into oblivion until every last drop of my cum was expelled, dripping out of her ass around my cock as I pulled it out.

Mom leaned against the sink, catching her breath, as I stood up with my hands on my hips, catching mine.

“I don’t . . . I don’t know where you learned . . . to make love like that,” she breathed hard, a smile curling the corners of her mouth up, “but I just . . . thank God you did.”

I was delighted by the compliment, as reached around to hug her, kissing her shoulder.

“It takes two, mom,” I returned the compliment. “It take two.”

We took our turns showering off, then slept peacefully through the night in her bed.

I was up and about by the time Susan came home, though mom was still sleeping.

“Have any fun?” she winked at me as she walked through the house.

“Nothing unusual,” I responded casually, my mind puzzled still. “We had a nice, quiet evening.

I had to ask myself – what now? I was living in my parents house with two incredibly lovely – and horny – ladies who both seemed to want my cock in every way, in every place. The possibilities . . . .

Dad returned from his business trip to Cincinnati a few days later and things seems to settle back to our previous, normal, boring life – but with a twist.

Though we’d always gotten along well, we lived our lives, as many families do, in a relative oblivion to each other. Having meals together, smiling as we passed in the hallway, interacting, and helping each other out now and then. But largely immersed in our own routines, thinking about our own responsibilities.

Now, however, Susan and I regarded each other differently, like two secret lovers living under the same roof, which is in fact what we were. We tried not to act too playful or loving – any different than we had before our breakthrough romantic weekend. But sometimes we just couldn’t help steeling an extended look into each other’s eyes.

One night during dinner, Susan had one long leg extended across the table, with her foot massaging my crotch. I struggled bravely to keep up my end of the conversation, while my cock was growing out of my pants and I was dying to cum, or even just moan. Sue just smiled her kittenish smile at me, obviously satisfied with my discomfort, or perhaps loving it.

Once, she dropped a fork under the table and innocently asked me to pick it up. When I got under there, she moved her shorts aside to display her gorgeous trimmed bush, no panties, and stuck her finger in her pussy for good measure. She burst out laughing when I banged my head on the table, so lost in where I was.

When we had a moment alone, we often seriously whispered to each other how we longed to be together, and couldn’t wait. The problem was mom. She worked part time on a flexible schedule, so we never knew when she’d be home.

Speaking of mom – and this is where things get complicated – she also looked at me differently.

For example, I always kept the bathroom door opened after I showered to let the steam Filter out. Then I’d wrap the towel around me or wear underpants while I stood at the mirror and shaved. Ordinarily, everyone would walk right past. Now mom would stand at the door and talk to me about nothing. She did it, I’m quite sure, to stare at my bare torso and perhaps dream about what we’d done. In didn’t bother me. I’d dreamt about it, too.

In truth, I was doing my best to keep mom from noticing that I was enamored with her as well. Her face, it was so perfect. Her soft, faultless complexion. When she looked me in the eyes and held her gaze, as she was wont to do these days, I could feel my balls tightening and my cock stiffen. Her ass – the way she walked – so feminine. It was so round and soft. I know, I had the unimaginably good fortune to have my hands on it and my cock in it. And her legs – help me please – they were so arousing. Those shapely calves and long, slender thighs. What can I say – I’m a leg man. Just thinking about them made me salivate. She was a woman. Ageless and exquisite.

Susan, on the other hand, was a girl, and an incredibly attractive one. She laughed, she smiled, she clowned around – she was a big kid. But her body, no, there was nothing childish about it. Her sports-tightened muscles stretched gracefully over her frame, with muscular definition that gave them marvelous shape and texture. Her breasts were large, damn large, and superlatively shaped. They couldn’t stick straight out because of their sheer size, but her nipples were placed dead center, aiming slightly upward. The rounded bottom of each breast was a fleshy delight. Lying atop her chest, they contrasted magnificently with her board-flat stomach.

Her skin tone was darker then mom’s, and she was tan as a result of outdoor soccer practice and poolside bikini wearing. I loved the way her bikini lines made her nipples and crotch look white in stark contrast to her overall tan. Her tan face made her vibrant blue eyes sparkle even brighter. Looking at her body as she pranced around the house in cutoff shorts and tank tops with no bra (just to fool with me) had the desired effect, believe me.

I swear, with two females of this caliber in the house, it’s a wonder that I was able to control myself at all. As for dad, I’m not sure he even noticed that he was living with two gorgeous creatures. You would think he’d thank his lucky stars to have a woman like mom for a wife, and treat her as such. But he didn’t. Not that he abused her in any way – he was a gentleman – but, as I’ve said, they seemed to be more roommates than anything else. I confess, though, from what I’ve seen of my friends’ parents, it was nothing unusual.

Anyway, dad was home for a few weeks without business travel. Frustratingly, though, Susan and I could just not get together. Either one of us was gone, or we were both home with mom, or it was the weekend and mom and dad were both home. To make matters worse, the weather was rotten for the weekends, and they didn’t go to the shore house at all.

When dad announced that he was going to Chicago for six days, and through a weekend, Susan and I breathed a sigh of relief.

The night before he left, mom was doing laundry and as I walked passed Susan’s room, I heard her softly masturbating. I understood, she couldn’t hold out another day. I just wished I could have watched.

The morning of dad’s trip, mom drove him to Newark Airport, so he could leave his car to be serviced while he was away.

I was finishing up in the shower, washing the soap off my face, when I felt a rush of cool air as the curtain opened. In seconds, I felt hands reach around my back to my chest. They rubbed my nipples, then traveled down my hard stomach and began to massage my cock. As she got closer, I felt soft breasts touching my back, as another hand reached under my ass and played with my anus. What an odd feeling to have this happen in my own house and not know whom it was, I realized.

Turning around, I was treated to Susan’s smiling face and wet, erotic body.

“Susan,” I began, “baby, I’ve got to get to work. And mom can be home any minute.”

“Hey,” she protested, “I’m just trying to save water!”

Instinctively, I reached out and fondled her amazing breasts, encircling the nipples with my fingers. Susan closed her eyes and cocked her head to the side, immersing herself in the feelings. I couldn’t believe how beautiful her breasts were. When she reached her arms up to pull her hair back, they lifted up and jutted out. No Penthouse model ever looked better. I made big circles with the palms of my hands, rubbing her nipples and aureoles at the same time.

Susan sighed deeply. “Oh God . . . oh Adam.”

“He and I are two different people, I can assure you,” I softly kidded.

My sister smiled warmly, still lost in the sensations bombarding her. “It feels . . . that’s so good,” she continued.

With the water cascading over both of us, I bent down and began licking her nipples, drawing one at a time into my mouth. Susan reached a hand between her legs and plunged two fingers into her pussy, which would have been dripping on its own accord without the shower water running over it.

“Susan, open your eyes.” I directed, standing up. She slowly responded, looking at me through half lidded, barely pre-orgasm eyes.

“Are you close?” I asked. She nodded her head yes, opening her mouth slightly and mouthing the word, “close.”

I reached out for her nipples again, and squeezed them hard with my thumb and index fingers. Susan was now helplessly, furiously rubbing her pussy, he legs spread wide and knees bent.

I leaned into her face with mine, and just before I encased my tongue inside her open lips, I put my mouth to her ear and whispered, “cum.”

Then I wrapped my tongue around hers as the warm feeling of climax enveloped her. She drew my tongue between her lips and sucked it hard, moaning into my mouth as she came. Her lips were trembling. Her hands gripped my shoulders for support, her fingers digging in.

“Oh God . . . oh brother,” she cried, arching her back and pulling away slightly. “It’s ahhhh . . . . the feel . . . .. cumming . . . . .” Had I not held her, I’m sure she would have literally fallen to the shower floor with her release.

How I would have loved at that moment to turn her around, bend her over and stuff her pussy full of my pulsing cock. There just wasn’t time though. I shut the water. Susan, disappointed that we could not go further, but understanding why, said, “you are mine this weekend, just you wait.” I couldn’t.


I dressed and was downstairs having my coffee and a bagel when mom breezed into the house.

She looked so happy and relaxed. Perhaps even relieved.

“Dad get off OK?” I asked innocently.

“Yes,” she said breathlessly. “You’re on your way to work?”

“Yep,” I replied. “Friday at last, one more day to go.”

“Where’s Susan?” mom asked.

“In the bath,” I replied. Susan loved taking long baths. “But don’t worry, she’ll be done when all the hot water in Maplewood in gone and she looks like a big, tan prune.”

Mom smiled, came over and kissed me on the cheek, then walked to the stairs and stood there a second, looking up. I watched her, again marveling at her gorgeous legs and lithe figure. I watched her calves’ flex as she rose up on her toes to look over the rail. I just love the way those defined muscles look on a woman. It makes me crazy. Hearing the water stop running, she realized that Susan was just settling in for her bath. She slowly walked back and stood next to me.

As I looked up at her, mom took my head in her hand, bent down and kissed me passionately, rubbing my hair. The kiss took my breath away and made my cock stir. Then she kissed and licked my neck, rubbing my chest. After my erotic episode in the shower with Susan, I didn’t know how much more my cock could stand. Little did I know what mom had in mind.

Mom delicately undid my zipper and reached into my boxer briefs for my cock. With just a couple of strokes, I had a massive erection.

“Mom,” I whispered, “Oh mom, I feels so good, but I don’t think we have . . .”

“This won’t take long, honey,” she whispered. “I can’t wait any longer to please you.”

With that, she took my meat into her mouth and sucked it down greedily. I looked down and marveled at the view as my cock forced her lips to pull back and she went further and further down my veiny shaft. It was a lovely sight. My mother’s classic, fine-featured face – her delicate nose, large expressive eyes, perfect white teeth – all in motion as she pleasured her son’s cock.

She held my cock in her hand as she licked, flat tongued, up one side of my cock and down the other. Then up to the purple, inflated mushroom head, where she licked around like she was licking a dripping ice cream cone and didn’t want to let one drop spill off.

Licking down the shaft again, she gently gave my balls a tongue bath, encasing them in her soft, warm mouth. All the while, she softly stroked my wet shaft, never letting it appeal for attention. I felt my seed begin to boil in my testicles, preparing for a rapid ascent up the silo.

“Mom,” I breathed deeply, my voice hoarse with arousal, “I can’t take much . . . If you don’t stop right now I’m gonna . . . you’re . . . .”

“It’s OK baby,” she murmured, taking my cock out of her mouth and then plunging it back in again and again, “I want you to, I want you to cum.”

She looked intensely into my eyes, her mouth absorbing my cock while her hands tenderly caressed my balls.

“Cum for mom, Adam . . . . cum in my mouth baby . . . I want to taste your sweet cum in my mouth honey . . . ”

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I didn’t want to. Her erotic words, spoken so intimately, brought me to the brink and then beyond it. I threw my head back and my cock sent spurts of warm seed into my mother’s waiting mouth.

“Yes, mom,” I cried, hearing her moan with joy as I filled her mouth to capacity, “take it all in . . . take it all down.”

Mom sucked hard, drawing my juices down her throat. She didn’t stop for a moment, swallowing hard, until there was nothing left in the well. My softening penis eventually escaped from her mouth.

“You’d better change those, mom,” I said, pointing to the dark, wet spot that had seeped from her pussy, through her panties and onto her shorts.

“I will honey,” she replied, not a hint of embarrassment in her voice.

“You go to work now, Adam. But I’m warning you now,” she said, a smile that could only be described at wicked coming over her face, “this weekend, you are mine.” With that, she turned and left, leaving me opened mouthed, staring at her superb ass and legs and she walked away and up the stairs.

Oh boy. Can there be too much of a good thing?

I knew this, it was going to be one hell of a weekend.

It seemed like the longest Friday ever. Certainly it was the longest Friday I can remember. I know I was managing to work, but I don’t know how. I was operating on autopilot, in a semi-daze. A sex induced haze.

I had, as near as I could figure, two women who wanted me badly. Wanted to make love, to be made love to. No, quite frankly needed – to be fucked. To be fucked and sucked. To kiss, to fondle, to suck cock. Two beautiful women, any man’s dream.

And the strangest part, the most confusing, bewildering and somehow mysteriously erotic part – was that they were both related to me. My sister and mother.

I don’t profess to know why it’s happened. Why me, why them, why now? The truth is, the fact still stands, I don’t care. That’s right, I don’t care. Two beautiful, erotic females. One willing, capable, sexually charged male. All I know is, it’s the best, the hottest sex I’ve ever had, and I don’t care who they are – I’m game. You hear me?

There was still the matter of logistics, though. Who would do what with whom and when. One of them would be me, and that’s what matters most, I chuckled to myself.

What if I had a choice between the two of them? I mused.

There was Susan. Young, strong and horny as hell. Beautiful body and big, firm tits. She would do anything I asked her to do. Even more. She was entering the most potent sexual stage of her young life, and wanted to explore and be explored. Every hole, every inch of flesh was a hot spot to her. I could fuck her with a cucumber in one hole and a vibrator in the other if I wanted. I’m just saying . . .

Then there’s mom. A classic beauty, still young and incredibly fit, with the most beautiful, sexy calves and legs I’ve ever seen on a woman of any age. She was entering the stage of her life where she was helplessly, overpoweringly in need of sex.

Her inexorable desire was an incredible turn on in itself. She had to be kissed, sucked, made love to passionately. Her body cried out for it and she was powerless to deny herself. She, too, would do anything to smother the fire within – though nothing would.

Talk about a Hobson’s choice.

The end of the day dragged like the last hour of an all-day lecture. With the end in sight, it seemed to take forever. But as 6:00 approached, I became giddy.

“Hot date?” one of my colleagues asked, walking by and noticing the dreamy look on my face.

“No, nothing like that,” I sighed. “I’m just glad the week is over, and I can finally relax.

“Amen to that,” she said. Well, I thought, there’s relaxing and there’s relaxing . . .

The phone rang at my desk, and I heard a familiar voice on the line.

“Hi, mom,” I said. I’ll be coming home soon.

“Your Aunt Veronica is sick,” she lamented, “and I’ve got to go there to take care of her tonight. Can you rustle up something to eat for you and Susan, or get a pizza?”

Aunt Veronica is mom’s younger sister, just 36 years old and in terrific shape, like mom. As teenagers, I’m told their beauty drew stares from strangers wherever they went. I liked Ronnie a lot. She loved to laugh, and was more like an older sister to me and Sue. I knew she had been having marital difficulties, and wondered it this had anything to do with them. But I didn’t want to pry.

“Don’t worry, mom.” I reassured her. “We’ll find something to eat. I hope she’s feeling better.”

“Thanks, baby. I’ll probably be home late, so don’t wait up.” Then she whispered low into the phone. “But don’t forget, sometime this weekend I’m going to be alone with you and make you scream my name as you cum.”

I knew my mom. She meant it. It also meant I’d have the night alone with Susan. And another encounter with mom. Cool.

When I came home, my sister was again at a soccer practice, and had left me a note.

‘Adam Went to a pool party at Gina’s. Mom is at aunt Ronnie’s until late, she said. I’m going to have a pizza with the girls – sorry. I’ll be home later – WAIT FOR ME.’

Alone and abandoned. What’s a boy to do? I raided the freezer and heated up some frozen enchiladas, washing them down with a couple of ice cold Coronas. Not so bad.

By this time, it was about 9:30pm. I was watching a basketball game on TV when Susan came home. I heard her put her gear down, her thongs clicking as she walked into the den.

Susan stood before me, a vision in a light blue bikini. The top was so sheer; I could make out her brown nipples beneath the material. Her large breasts were just barely contained within. The bottom of the bikini covered her crotch adequately, but when she turned slightly, I could see it was a thong design, leaving her shapely ass exposed. With her taught stomach and powerful thighs and calves, it was heavenly.

“Susan!” I marveled. “When did you get that bikini? I’ve never seen you wear anything like it!”

“My friends talked me into it,” she replied a little self-consciously. “They say it’s great for getting a tan in, and everyone is wearing them. Do . . . do you like it Adam?”

“I think it’s fantastic – I love it on you, and you look just gorgeous!”

You should have seen her face brighten, like the sun just lit it from inside. You can’t give a girl enough compliments, especially when they are true.

“I love you!” she blurted out excitedly, thrilled that I liked how she looked. She bent down to give me a kiss, and I raised my lips to meet hers. Her long, dark hair fell down and surrounded my head.

Susan took my face in her hands and kissed me with real feeling, sliding her tongue inside my anxious lips and exploring the inside of my mouth. Our tongues found each other and joined in a playful dance. After a minute of two, I reached up and found her breasts, holding the bottoms with my palms while my thumbs encircled her nipples. Within moments, her nipples were straining against the sheer fabric, and my sister’s breathing was showing signs of arousal.

I reached around the back of her bikini thong and rubbed my hands on her firm, round ass, marveling at its tone and texture. It was greasy from suntan lotion, and I rubbed my hands around it, squeezing her ass firmly, which brought a low moan from her throat. I took a few fingers and rubbed them in her ass crack as we kissed, stopping just shy of her anus. Sue was beginning to tremble slightly. Then she abruptly got up.

“Wait a minute, Adam,” she said. “I’ve been covered with sweat and suntan lotion all day, and I’m gross – too gross. I’m going upstairs to shower it off. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

A few minutes to my sister can be quite some time, but I nodded reluctantly and she went upstairs. I heard the shower running. After about five minutes, I heard it stop, and the bath start. Susan loved baths. This might take a while. And I couldn’t wait.

Pouring two bottles of beer into glasses, I went upstairs and walked past the bathroom.

Peering inside, I paused.

The bathtub/Jacuzzi is a large oval shape, large enough for at least two and probably three people. It is sunken into an Italian tile pedestal, several feet around on each side, where the decorator placed candles and vases. As I’ve said, dad has the bucks to spare and likes his home just so.

Susan was leaning her head out of the rub, her shiny wet hair back off her face. The tub wasn’t filled too high, and her heavy breasts were easily breaking the surface of the water, as was one shapely calf. My balls tightened at the sight.

I continued into my bedroom. There, I quickly undressed, leaving my clothes in a heap on the floor. I grabbed the glasses and casually walked into the bathroom.

“I hoped you’d think of something like this,” Sue chuckled when she opened her eyes. “Put those glasses down and come on in.”

Putting the glasses on the tile near her head, I climbed into the tub in back of Sue, who settled in between my legs. We wasted no time.

With my back comfortably settled against the angled end of the tub and my sister sitting between my legs with her back to me, I reached around and caressed her wet, slippery tits, shiny and beautiful. Sue reached her arm around my neck, then moved her head back and licked me. My cock was starting to grow like a weed in wet weather.

Our lips found each other, and we kissed deeply, our tongues probing as far as they could into each other’s mouths. I squeezed her wet nipples harder and she moaned into my ear.

With my cock between her legs, Sue reached down and encompassed it with her hand, leaving more than half exposed. Then she softly stroked up and down, sending shivers of delight through me.

I took her hand and moved it so that my cock was sliding up and down her slit, teasing and tickling her clit. My sister’s breathing became more labored, and she held one hand over my cock as I rubbed it up and down on her swelling pussy lips, making contact with her clit on each pass. She was blowing air through open lips.

One great thing about water is its buoyancy. It was nothing to lift Sue up in the large tub and spin her around. Then, lifting her with my hands under her ass cheeks, I impaled her on my meaty shaft. Slowly, with her arms wrapped around me, I lifted her up and down on my cock, while I sucked each nipple into my mouth in turn.

“Oh, God Adam,” she wailed. You are the best brother in the world. Your cock is doing things . . . to me . . . . deep inside me that . . . . make me . . . wild.”

I was enjoying the ride, too, but felt a little too much friction in the position, or perhaps because of the water. Lifting Sue off my cock, I had her stand at the edge of the rub, leaning against the wall.


Walking into the house, I was glad to be home. My sister wasn’t physically ill, but the problems with her marriage had taken their toll. Now separated, she was fearful of the single life once again. I calmed her down as only a sister can, and promised to go back tomorrow so we could speak further. I was hoping to get home in time to be alone with my son, Adam, if possible. My pussy was positively buzzing with the thought of being filled with his ample young cock. I knew my baby could keep a secret, and I was willing, no praying, to do anything and everything he wanted – and more.

I came in, rather quietly I suppose, and heard unusual noises and voices coming from the bathroom upstairs. I silently made my way up the stairs, and looked in the crack of the door. What I saw simply blew me away.

My daughter, Susan, was standing in the bathtub, leaning against the wall. My son, Adam, was kneeling behind her. His hands were spreading her ass cheeks and he had his tongue inside, licking her – my God what an ass she has. I never noticed how beautiful it was. Susan was struggling to stand upright, her legs bending. She was breathing heavily, moaning and encouraging Adam.

“That’s it, Adam,” she cried. “Lick my asshole, brother, stick your tongue in just like – - ohhhh – - ohhhh yes, just like that.” It looked like she was rubbing her pussy with her other hand.

I backed away from the door – for a moment. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was too much to believe! But it was -undeniably – the hottest thing I’d ever witnessed. I couldn’t help it – like a moth to a flame, I was drawn back to that crack in the door.

Susan had turned around and was standing up, holding onto her breasts. When had she developed such a breathtaking body? It was marvelous. Her breasts were huge, and gorgeous beyond words. Her athletic body was tight as a drum, with curves in all the right places. I loved looked at her wet body, admiring it, fantasizing about it.

Susan’s legs were parted just enough to allow Adam’s tongue to lick her partly shaved pussy. His hands were holding her fine ass, pushing her pussy into his mouth. Sue’s eyes were closed tight, and she was clearly a willing participant.

“Oh Adam,” I heard her say, “Lick my pussy – - yes, right there. Take my clit into your mouth and – - oohh – - OOOHHHH – - that feels so incredible!”

I backed away from the door again and slumped to the floor. What should I do? My entire body was flooded with sensations. I pinched my nipples, and shock waves of desire undulated all over my body. I felt moistness grow within my pussy folds. I touched my pussy and – oh my – it nearly set me off on a dizzying ride. I heard the water splash and I couldn’t stop myself from looking again. Oh my God.

Susan was on all fours in the bathtub. Adam was supporting himself with his hands on the edge of the tub, his arm and shoulder muscles rippling. He was in a squatting position and was – pumping his cock in and out of Susan. In and out he shoved that big, beautiful cock inside my baby. I could see it come almost all the way out, then slam back in, accompanied by a heavy sigh of pleasure from Sue. Her huge tits were swinging back and forth, and her tongue licked her lips feverishly. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen. My juices were just flowing now, filling my panties with warm liquid.

I slumped back against the wall again, but this time my head made a bumping sound.

I got up and quickly slithered back down the stairs. This time I made more noise when I entered.


“What was that, Sue?” I said, pulling my cock out of her warm pussy. “Did you hear that noise?”

“The only noise I heard was me moaning, and your cock squishing in and out of my pussy – which I hope you’ll start again now!”

“No, wait,” I persisted. “I heard a noise – maybe mom’s home. You’d better look quick.”

Now concerned, Susan got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around herself. I heard her go downstairs, followed by voices. Mom was home – Shit!

I jumped out of the tub, grabbed a towel and sprinted to my room. Inside, I quickly picked my underpants up and put them back on. I was pretty sure we’d be just fine. I was dying to cum – but the feeling took second place for the moment.

It seemed like forever before Sue came upstairs. What was going on? Was it Aunt Veronica? Had mom heard or seen Sue and I? The suspense was nerve wracking.


After what seemed like hours, though in reality I knew it wasn’t, Sue softly knocked at my door. I sat on the bed shirtless, in my boxer shorts. She came in, wearing her white terry-cloth robe, which gleamed against her tan skin and dark hair.

“What the heck happened?” I said, wide eyed. “What took you so long? Is it Ronnie? Did mom see us, or hear us? I thought . . . .”

Susan reached down and put gently placed her finger on my lips in a “shhh” motion.

“Some of everything,” she said knowingly. Then she sat down next to me and paused before speaking again.

“Adam,” she said softly, looking at me in a way she never had before, “is there something you want to tell me?”

“Tell you about . . . ” I was trying to put the puzzle she was creating together.

“About you and mom,” she finished.

Now it was my turn to pause. This was truly uncharted water. A murky, deep ocean. Or a shimmering, crystal clear lake. The next few moments would tell.

Breathing in deeply, I began. “Well, Sue, this has nothing to do with the way I feel about you. It started one night, a few weeks ago, when you were at the sleep over. Mom was sad, lonely. I went into her room because she was frightened, she’s heard a noise . . ..” I told her the story about how mom and I made love – wild, passionate love. “I don’t blame mom, I don’t blame myself. It happened and . . . ”

Sue stopped me again by putting her finger to my lips. I didn’t know what would happen next. I sat, speechless, my heart beating violently in my chest. I was mildly light-headed.

“Adam, I know the story,” she started. I just heard all about it from mom.”

“And . . .?” I interrupted.

“I can’t say why the three of us are the way we are. Maybe it’s in the genes. I don’t know about dad and I don’t want to – have no interest. This is about you and me and mom. ”

I listened silently.

“There have been two lonely, needy and, may I say, incredibly horny girls in this house for quite some time. The only person who recognized it, and gave us unselfish, gentle and incredibly loving care is you. You should be given a medal.”

I blushed, my cock stirred, and I continued to listen as she finished.

“Whatever the future may bring, the world must never know what has happened and is going to happen here in this house.”

“Of course,” I vowed. “But when you say ‘going to happen’ what do you . . ..”

Susan took my hand and I stood up. Walking in front of me, she led me into the hallway, and slowly opened mom’s door. Then she led me by the hand into mom’s room.

The room was dim, lit only by a few candles, and it took my eyes a second to adjust. Mom was lying on her bed, illuminated softly by candlelight. She was wearing a completely sheer white lace camisole. It hugged her curves like a Ferrari, and hung from her shoulders by two thin straps. Underneath, her aureoles and dark nipples were clearly visible, pushing through the fabric like two bottle tops. The camisole ended at her tight mid stomach, leaving her navel uncovered.

Looking further down, I saw her matching lace thong panties. Closer inspection revealed the outline of her pussy lips, but no pubic hair peeked out of the edges.

Her long, fantastic legs were covered by sheer white stockings, which ended at mid-thigh. She was a sight. Incredibly beautiful and underwear-model sexy. I was overwhelmed and dumfounded. What was going on here?

“Adam,” mom said, her voice filtering through the room, “sit down next to me.”

I heard and obeyed. It was so surreal. I sat on my knees, kneeling upright on the bed.

“Susan and I had a wonderful talk,” she continued. “She told me everything that has gone on between the two of you, and I told her everything that’s gone on between the two of us.”

I remained silent.

“We decided – if it’s OK with you – that the best solution, the solution that would make us all the happiest, would be if the three of us shared our love. We could make each other so happy. We want you. We want each other. We can make it work.”

Before I had a chance to speak, a chance to even think, I heard Sue slip her robe off her shoulders, and felt her big, warm breasts against my back. Soft kisses covered my neck and shoulders. Mom raised up on her elbows and, holding my chin, delicately set her lips upon mine. Tilting her head, she kissed me tenderly. I kissed her back.

My participation in this menage a trois was my unspoken approval of the situation.

As I was kissing mom, I reached down and massaged her breasts through the thin lace of her top. I could feel her excitement channel through her kiss and into my mouth. Her gentle kiss became increasingly passionate, as she swirled her tongue inside my mouth. I flicked her nipples with the back of my thumb, and they stood straight up at attention. They weren’t the only thing standing straight up.

Susan was still kissing my neck and rubbing my chest. Breaking away from mom’s kiss, I turned my head to kiss her. She eagerly accepted my tongue, and we engaged in an enthusiastic tongue-wrestling kiss. Mom leaned into me and used her tongue to delicately lick around my nipples before sucking on them, which had an immediate effect on me. I looked down at her face. Her tongue was darting out of her soft lips, making its way around my nipples. Our eyes met and locked. They were clouded with raw lust.

At that moment, my cock decided to make a guest appearance, forcing itself out of the slit in my boxers. Mom softly stroked it as she kissed and licked my chest and nipples, bringing the bulging monster to its full height and girth. I lifted up off my knees as she removed the boxers.

Mom leaned down and bathed my cock in her saliva. It was pouring down the sides of my pole as she slobbered lovingly all over it. Mom must have been hotter than a summer’s day in Arizona, because she was literally making love to my cock with every part of her mouth and face. Her teeth lightly skimmed the surface of my skin, causing tremors in the pit of my stomach as she glided over the hard ridge of my glans. She kissed and licked, rubbing my wet rod all over her face.

“Oh, Adam,” she gushed, “I am just . . . on fire . . . burning . . . inside.”

Mom somehow slid my cock all the way down her throat, so that her nose rested on my pubic hair. She continued to stare at me through half-lidded smoky eyes. I could actually feel my cock hitting the back of her throat. My God.

My sister had moved to my side and was kissing me furiously. Watching mom lavish my cock with attention was getting her uncontrollably lusty. Her face was a mask of pure desire. Her eyes flashed and she was moving her head very fast, as if trying to kiss me even harder without hurting me. I lifted and massaged her huge tits. Her aureoles responded by becoming puffy, the nipples straining the skin. Sue was on the edge. They both were. It was time to turn up the heat – to party serious.

I moved my body so that Sue was sitting on my face, facing my legs. Mom moved in front of Sue, facing her.

Lifting mom up, I lanced her wet pussy with my cock and slid it in like a spoon through Jell-O – nice and smooth.

“Ohhhh God yes, Adam. That feels soooo nice,” she cood.

At the same time, I wrapped my arms over Sue’s legs and pulled her pussy down hard on my face, forcing my tongue inside her luscious slit. My nose was practically inside her incredible ass. I just can not describe how tasty it was, this gorgeous young pussy. It was better than the finest appetizer. I licked to and fro, back and forth, sucking and licking her clit and driving my sister into a frothy frenzy.

The best part was – mom and Sue were facing each other. Leaning over just slightly, they supported each other by holding onto each other’s breasts, rubbing and pinching their nipples. This drove them into an even deeper stage of desire, and they kissed each other seriously, moving their heads back and forth rapidly. What a phenomenal sight to see. We were all caught in this whirlwind of this blinding erotic storm. Trembling, moaning, groping one another uncontrollably.

One thing I did learn from the adult videos – control and pace the passion by changing positions. It’s a lesson I learned well.

I moved behind mom and – WOW – she had totally shaved her pussy. It was bald! I gasped when I saw it, and mom turned around and smiled at me, delighted at my approval. Mmmm, there’s nothing like a fully shaven pussy. The skin is so soft and pristine, protected as it normally is by hair and clothing. I stuck my tongue in mom’s juicy pussy and she gulped hard. I lapped up and down her swelled lips like a parched man laps at a pool of fresh water. Sue climbed in front of mom, and I was treated to the intoxicating sight of my mother eating out my sister’s slick pussy, while I was feasting on hers. Mom and Sue were both, I could tell, on the verge of exploding.

I lifted up and rammed my cock full speed into mom’s dripping, gaping hole. I was stuffing her so full of my cock that her pussy was making squishing sounds as all the air was expelled from it. Slap – slap – slap, my balls were crashing into mom’s supple round ass with each push.

“Brrrr . . . . oh, God baby . . . . you’re driving me to . . . . I going to . . . . ”

I held her hips while she frantically licked Susan’s pussy. Then, here we go . . .

I wet my thumb with mom’s gushing juices and sank it into her asshole. Mom cried in ecstasy, literally sobbed. Tears were streaming down her face.

“You OK mom? I said, breathing hard.

“More than – OK. You . . . . better . . . . not . . . . stop . . . this . . . now . . . honey.”

Sue had turned her head around to see us. Her mouth was wide open in bliss as mom licked her sweet pussy. But then mom changed the plan a bit. She took two fingers and stuck them in Sue’s frothy opening, and planted her tongue on her daughter’s anus. First she licked around the hole; lubricating and getting it used to the delightful feeling of stimulation. Then she used her tongue like a small penis, jabbing it into Sue’s willing asshole. Now it was Sue’s turn to cry.

“Oh mom,” she purred dreamily, “you’re making me . . . feel so . . . fucking good. Stick your . . . tongue all the way into . . . me . . . can you . . . go further?”

Taking the hint, Mom removed her tongue and replaced it with her index finger. She was sawing her hand in and out of Sue’s holes in a steady rhythm. Sue screamed.

“Yes . . . right there . . . Ohhhh . . . . I’m cumming mom . . . MOM . . . I’m . . . .ahhhhh.”

Perhaps it was Sue’s screaming. I like to think it was my thick cock smashing her cervix while my thumb stretched her asshole. Either way, mom’s orgasm thundered in. She arched her back and I felt her pussy muscles grip my cock like a vise. Even her anus tightened around my thumb.

“Ohhh nooo, I can’t hold back my love . . . . I’m cummmmming . . . . cummmming . . . ohhhh . . . . ”

Both ladies were screaming bloody murder as they came. It took every last ounce of my resolve not to shoot my load into mom’s pussy, or over her back onto Sue, but I barely managed. I had one last wish.

I moved to the side of the bed, and sat with my back upright. Turning Sue around, I pulled her on top of me, my face to her back. My feet were on the floor. With one giant burst of strength, I pulled Sue up and on top of me so that I was balls deep in . . . her ass.

“Sue,” I whispered in her ear. “Can you take it this way? Can you take it . . . in your ass?”

“Yes,” she whispered back. “I want you in my ass this way, big brother . . . all the way in my ass.”

My sister’s entire body stiffened as it accommodated the huge intruder. It didn’t take more than a couple of seconds though. I slowly gyrated my hips, moving back and forth in her delicate ass. Sue moved her feet on top of my thighs.

“Oh, Adam,” she sighed. I feel so full. Your cock in my ass feels so incredible.”

I watched as my cock disappeared into her tight little hole, then pulled out, stretching the skin. Sue was shaking hard, trembling with lust.

“May I help?” mom suggested?

Mom got on her knees on the floor in front of us. First she licked Sue’s pussy, my cock keeping her other hole occupied. Sue’s breathing was labored and sporadic again. She relished the feeling of intense genital stimulation she was getting.

Then mom replaced her tongue with her fingers, and moved her tongue over to my aching balls. She took each one into her mouth and savored to taste and feel. My cock was bulging to its limits inside of Sue’s ass, and mom was finishing the job by sucking my balls.

I reached my arms around Sue’s back and held onto her tits, which were bouncing from the momentum of my thrusts into her anus. I pinched and probed her nipples, driving her further into a frenzy.

“Unnnn . . . . unnn . . . . unnnn,” she groaned with each plunge of my cock.

“Last chance, mom,” I yelled. “Get up here!”

Mom scrambled onto the bed as I squatted behind Sue. She raised her ass high, giving Sue unfettered access to he bald pussy. With my cock ramming her ass at terminal velocity, Sue stuck both her thumbs in mom’s pussy and jammed her tongue all the way in. Then she sucked mom’s clit between her teeth and absolutely pulverized it with hard sucking.

I loved the way a woman’s back looks from behind, I must say. Even in my state of elation, I didn’t fail to recognize this. I could see Sue’s tits hanging majestically from her chest as I fucked her tight anus. Her fat-free back was a beautiful maze of muscle and stripped rib bone – gorgeous.

Mom was screaming and shaking her head briskly from side to side as another orgasm blindsided her. I couldn’t take another second of this. My hot seed seemed to emanate from my toes and travel through my body at light speed. I pulled my cock out of my sister’s ass just as it stated spraying like a fire hose, all that pent-up sperm rocketing out. It showered Sue’s splendid upper back and shoulders with cream. Spurting abundantly, it shot several blasts over her head and onto mom’s stomach.

I placed it back into Sue’s gaping asshole, and pumped the last few drops into her bowels before I pulled out, totally spent.

We were all covered with cum and sweat, trying hard to catch our breath as we sprawled across the bed like athletes after a marathon.

No one wanted to be the first one to speak, perhaps not knowing what to say. The silence was too much for me, so I asked mom, “How’s Aunt Ronnie?”

We all laughed at the question, recognizing that it was said to break the ice.

“Not great,” mom smiled. We’ve got the rest of the weekend though. Maybe we should invite her over and cheer her up. Adam?”

“Oh,” I groaned in mock exhaustion. “You women are too much for me . . . . ”

I had fantasized about my Aunt Veronica for as long as I can remember.

She was the bikini-beach blonde who charmed boy’s hearts and stirred men’s groins. Ronnie was a dead ringer for ‘Baywatch’ actress Donna D’Erico. A few inches shorter than mom, she was about 5’5″ or 5’6″. Washboard flat stomach and tits that were a solid C-cup size – natural. She was a cheerleader in high school and a beach volleyball champion in college. Always in superb shape.

She had, and still has, a gorgeous face, with hazel eyes, a cute button nose, full lips and a mouth full of straight white teeth. The first time I masturbated, it was looking at a photo of Ronnie in a bikini.

As soon as college was over, Ronnie married her boyfriend since junior high school, Nash Breen. Nash was a big guy, macho high school quarterback, blah, blah, blah.

He didn’t go to college, and had tried one job after the other. Real estate, automobile sales, garage owner – lost his shirt on that one – you name it. I always thought he was an asshole with too high an opinion of himself. They never had kids because he didn’t want to give up any of his ‘freedoms’, such as the freedom to go out drinking and whoring with his buddies, or the freedom to balloon to nearly 300 pounds on bar food and beer.

He and Ronnie had separated, reunited, separated, reunited. Finally the bum hooked up with some white trash from one of the bars he hung out at and the marriage was over for good. Ronnie was crushed. I don’t know why – go figure love.

Mom had gone to see and comfort her, which did some good. Now she was coming to our house for an overnight, with Dad in Houston at a legal seminar for a drug company.

Mom sat down at the kitchen table with me while I was reading the paper Saturday morning.

“Adam,” she began. “I have to talk to you. Susan’s at practice, so this is just between you and me.”

“OK, mom.”

“Your Aunt Veronica is coming over tonight, and will probably stay over. You know it’s been tough on her lately, and she can use some cheering up.” She cocked one eyebrow on her last word.

“Well, mom . . . what do you . . . ”

“I’m not sure yet. I just want to know, can you handle a ‘strange situation’ with her if the opportunity arises?”

“Aren’t those the only situations I’ve been handling lately?” I quickly added. “But I want to ask you a question mom – it’s just the two of us here right now.”

“What?” mom asked nervously.

“You and Dad . . . . I don’t want to pry, I love you both, but what’s . . . . . ”

Mom sighed deeply and looked up. She knew this question was coming sooner or later, and she’d have to answer it.

Mom hung her head a bit. “I’m not sure you’d understand, Adam.”

“Try me.”

She paused. “Adam, you know I trust you with everything now, so this is just one more of those things.”

I nodded my understanding.

“Your father is a wonderful man. He’s been a good husband, a good father and a good provider. When we were first married, our sex life was . . . adequate. Nothing extraordinary, but good enough for a girl who’s never had that much to begin with. And we were so young. Once we had you kids, we were so busy and tired sometimes, that it was natural for our sex life to suffer. But I don’t think it ever . . . . became what I wanted or needed.”

“You have to understand the nature of my frustration,” she continued. “I was young. I still felt attractive. Sex just didn’t have the same level of importance to your father as it did to me. It would be 10:30 at night, and I’d be hopped up, needy, full of desire. Your father was falling asleep. I’m not blaming him – I’m not – the man worked so hard to build a life for us. But my needs were still there and not being satisfied. I just can’t explain how it feels to lie in bed with, literately, tears of frustration in my eyes, flowing down my cheeks. It was . . . . torture.

“What did dad say or do about it?” I asked.

“Well,” she frowned. “That’s how you make a bad situation worse. When I tried to tell him how I felt, he would just feel inadequate and helpless, which put more pressure on him and made us both uncomfortable. Or I could live with the situation. Neither choice was great.”

“And now?” I asked.

“Adam, it got to a point – I can’t believe I’m telling you this – where I was masturbating every day, sometimes more than once a day. I was ashamed of myself, but your father could go two weeks without sex, and then after that it would sometimes still be a rush job. I needed more – much more. I love him, I love our life, but I’d thought about leaving him.”

“Did you have . . . anything outside of the marriage?” I inquired.

“No,” she admitted. “First of all, there was you guys. I could never risk losing you. And I was too much of a coward. Too afraid of commitments, of blackmail – your father is a successful man – and most of all, herpes, VD or AIDS.”

Mom must have noticed how sad I looked. All the personal anguish she had to endure, and I did understand the nature of frustration. Poor thing.

She lifted my head and looked into my eyes. “Now though, it doesn’t seem to matter to me. I think I’ve got the problem solved.”

She leaned in gave me a kiss. I held the back of her head to prolong it, and before long we began a delightful tongue swapping session. Mom was just irresistible. I reached up and fondled her breasts through her flimsy nightgown. They were so soft, and firm at the same time. Once my fingers found her nipples, I squeezed and rolled them between my fingers, my palms supporting her breasts. Mom moaned deep into my mouth. A thought occurred to me. There were so few women as horny as I was, and two of them lived under the same roof as me – how great is that?

I stood up and held mom gently, then began to lean her over the table. She lay down with her marvelous legs hanging off, just about touching the floor. Kneeling between them, I kissed up her feet and calves to the inside of her thighs, which I kissed and sucked between my lips. Mom’s breathing was becoming loud and forced.

Finally, I zeroed in on her gorgeous shaved pussy lips. I took my hands and spread her folds apart, then bathed the inside of her pussy with my saliva, moving my tongue in every direction. When I got to her clit, she was as primed as a water pump at an old country store. I licked it fast, using just the tip of my tongue, while at the same time using my fingers to tickle her asshole.

“Oh God, baby,” she trembled, “no one has ever made me . . . . feel like you do . . . no one . . . . could ever eat pussy . . . . as goooooood as . . . . . mmmmm . . . . . ”

Mom was entering that other world, where it’s only you and the feelings in your genitals. Where your brain is so saturated with sex that there’s no room for anything else. Where every pore screams for more, and every touch is amplified tenfold.

Squeezing my head between her soft thighs, mom began bucking up and down, thrusting her pussy hard into my mouth, as I stuck my tongue deep into her heavenly hole.

“Get . . . . get up here,” she pleaded. “Please . . . . now honey.”

I stood up and mom literally grabbed my hard cock, guiding it like a fuel nozzle right into her steamy portal. It felt like an inferno inside of her, like it was 100 degrees. Her juices felt like hot oil, heating up and lubricating my cock.

I was standing at the edge of the kitchen table, and mom was lying on it. She wrapped her legs around me like a boa constrictor, and my hands continued to massage her breasts and clasp her stiff nipples. It was like a scene from a movie.

I didn’t take more than a few strokes before my lubed-up pole was sliding in and out of mom’s pussy like a well-oiled piston. I would pull out enough to expose my purple cock head, then ram in until I could feel the bump of her cervix. When I hit the end of her vagina this way, mom would let out a sharp gasp and open her eyes a little wider, as though surprised and delighted that my cock could reach so far.

She reached her arms up, and our hands met in mid air, holding on to each other as much for support is in affection. The table was moving back and forth a bit from the strain of momentum.

“Your . . . . really fucking me good honey . . . ” she said through her ragged gasps, gazing at my face, “you make me . . . you make my dreams come true . . . .”

“Mine too,” I confessed.

Mom propped herself up on her elbows, and I bent down for a kiss to seal the tender moment. Well, maybe not so tender, with me pounding her like a piece of raw meat.

While she was kissing me, she pulled her lips off mine just a little, and with our lips still touching, mouthed to me, “I’m going to . . . cum now honey. And you can cum inside me now . . . it’s taken care of.”

Sweet music to my ears. I held mom by the back of her head as she came. She rambled, “unnnn . . . . ohhhh my . . . . . baby . . . . so sweet . . . .mmmmmm . . . .”

I loved the sight of her tits jiggling as I pummeled her. Finally, sweat covering my neck and chest, I felt the seed rising out of me like oil from a gusher. My upper legs began to tingle, then my groin and balls, and finally the feeling hit me hard. I lifted my head up, my mouth open in wordless nirvana as the cum shot out of my thrashing cock, flooding her willing hole. Mom’s pussy was clamping down hard, squeezing every last drop out of me.

When I was finished, I reluctantly pulled out of her, my legs trembling from the effort. As I stood there, mom slid off the table and got on her knees. Holding my cock in her hand, she licked me clean, removing her own juices mixed with my remaining cum.

“That was wonderful, baby,” she quietly said.

Part Two – Aunt Veronica’s Surprise

It was a fun dinner, lots of laughs. Of course it didn’t hurt that we polished off a couple of bottles of wine with our steaks.

You can’t imagine how I felt, the only guy in a house full of hot women. I was like the proverbial rooster in the hen house, which suited me just fine.

You should have seen Aunt Veronica. She was wearing a white, it looked like a sweater but it was too hot for that. It was fuzzy and had sort of a turtleneck collar, but it only came down a few inches past her breasts, with an elastic hem. Her stomach was tan and, as I said, washboard flat with the most adorable “outie’ navel. She wore white cut-off denim shorts and tan sandals with two or three inch heels. I swear, she could have easily passed for a college knockout.

After dinner, while mom and Susan cleaned up the last plates from the kitchen, I invited Ronnie to look at my impressive CD collection. She agreed.

Once we got upstairs, she excused herself to use the bathroom. That made it easier for me. I went into my room and turned on the video camera, the one sitting on my shelf, mixed in with all the other photographic and stereo equipment. Its wires led through a new hole by the carpet into my parent’s room. A piece of black electrical tape covered the red light indicating that it was on.

When mom and Susan were done in the kitchen, mom beckoned Sue to join her upstairs. They slinked upstairs and into mom’s room.

Within minutes, I heard the sink stop running and Ronnie came into my room, smiling and slightly giddy from the wine – the wine and half of one valium – that mom gave her.

“Nice selection,” she said, looking at my stacks of CDs, ranging from rock to jazz, from classical to country. “I have a lot of these myself, or used to – I think Nash took some of my stuff when he left.”

Perfect timing. Standing beside her, I rubbed her shoulder as though to comfort her, then moved my hand down to her bare lower back and moved it in circles.

Without turning around, Ronnie commenced, “Ohhh, that feels so good. It’s been so long since I had a man’s strong hands touching me.” I moved my hand around to her side, then her stomach. Ronnie leaned into me, so that her shoulder blades were touching my back. I hoped she wouldn’t get too much closer yet, or she’d bump into Mr. Happy before I felt she was ready. But she was getting there.

I continued to rub her stomach in circles. Believe me, she’d forgotten all about the CDs as she closed her eyes and began surrendering to the feeling. She lifted one tan arm up and put it around my neck behind her.

From the other room, Susan and mom were watching everything the camera was filming on the TV, just the way I’d set it up.

“I can’t believe this mom,” Susan giggled. “It’s so hot.”

“Just wait until he hits her hot button,” mom replied, staring at the screen and feeling herself starting to get that familiar tingle. “Then the fireworks start. He’s not there juuust yet, but he will be in a moment.”

“How do you know? Sue quizzed.

“Because I told him where it is, and Adam is nothing if not a good student.”

I could feel Ronnie’s breathing kick up a notch, just as I could feel the pounding in my chest and wonder if she did as well. Ronnie was showing no signs of resistance – zero, so I took it to the next level. Rubbing her stomach as she swayed to the music, I slowly moved my hands up to the band at the bottom of her shirt, then up to the bottom of her tits, over her shirt.

“Ahhh,” she sighed softly, a sure sign of encouragement.

I moved both hands up further, now covering her tits fully, and rubbed them around. Eyes still closed, Ronnie put her hands over mine – not to remove them – but to push them down and apply more pressure to her tits. Her breathing was becoming more erratic.

From the other room, mom put her arm on Susan and said to the screen, “Here comes the heat. Turn it up Adam, you know what to do.”

I moved my hands down and put them under Ronnie’s shirt. No bra – those beauties just stayed up there on her own that way – outstanding. I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples. Then, as mom and I discussed, I hit on her true erogenous zone. I bent down and kissed up and down the side of her neck. Her skin was soft and fragrant, and I kissed and nibbled from the bottom of her neck up to her ear. Then I lightly kissed and blew in her ear.

Ronnie’s entire body shivered. The air in the room seemed to heat up, like it was charged with energy. Her hips began to move back and forth into me, and it was at that moment she must have felt the massive hard on struggling to escape its bonds. She rubbed her body up and down mine like a lap dancer at a men’s club. I continued to kiss her neck though, and rub her tits hard.

Finally, she turned around and, putting both hands around my neck, reached up and kissed me intensely. Then she reached down and in one quick movement, pulled her shirt off. I took mine off too. Naked torsos pressing hard against each other, we kissed savagely.

Susan and mom were both watching the screen like it was an operating room monitor. Mom was standing slightly in back of Susan, whose pussy was fluttering fiercely. She could see from her expression, reflected from the TV screen, that Susan was succumbing to the eroticism of what she was watching. Mom gently rubbed her daughter’s shoulders and, hearing Susan’s coos of delight, reached down and began massaging her tits.

“Oh mom,” Susan moaned. That feels so good, I’m tingling all over.”

“Me too,” mom confessed.

Susan reached her arms up and mom pulled her shirt up and off, then did the same to herself. Removing her own bra and Susan’s, she pushed herself into Sue, her tits feeling good against the warm flesh of Susan’s strong back. She reached around again and continued to knead Susan’s large orbs, watching their reflection on the TV screen. Susan tilted her head, basking in the sensations coursing through her. They both continued to watch the TV screen.

I began kissing my way down Ronnie’s neck and chest. I lingered long on her absolutely luscious tits, licking around each aureole before taking the nipple into my mouth and gently sucking, then nibbling on it. Ronnie had her eyes open, but with a look that indicated she was far, far away. Her lips formed a slight smile, as though these were feelings she embraced long ago.

Moving myself down to a semi-squatting position, I put both hands around her tiny waist. I could practically get both hands around it. Her stomach was lovely, tan and incredibly firm. Not an ounce of fat. I kissed and rubbed my lips on it, then licked around her navel, which had more of an effect that I thought it would. Ronnie breathed out deeply, then held my head. Now – get this.

If there were any misconceptions about where this was going, any hesitation on my part, my Aunt quickly put them to rest. She unbuttoned her cut-offs and slipped them off, revealing a thin white thong. I turned her around and was treated to the sight of the most magnificent ass you could possibly imagine. Small, tight and round, with buns that seemed to defy gravity, the way they proudly held themselves up and out. My aunt had a body made in heaven. With a plus; right above the crack of her ass was a small colorful tattoo. How can I describe it? It was shaped like a slice of pie, with the corner aiming down at the crack of her ass. Was it telling me to go there? Inside the pie was what looked to be a small butterfly. Aunt Ronnie! How decadent – how utterly sexy.

I slipped my thumbs in the crack of her ass and spread those luscious cheeks wide. Sticking my tongue in, I licked a wide path from the bottom of her pussy, over her anus and right to the top of the crack and the tattoo. My cock was pulsing hard in my shorts. I wanted desperately to see what her reaction would be. It was better than I even expected.

With a sigh, Ronnie moaned, “oh . . . yeah,” as she bent over slightly and spread her ass cheeks wider for me.

I was looking at her delicate rosebud and pink pussy lips, covered by a trimmed patch of fine blonde hair. It was like a starving man being thrust into the feast of King Farrup; what would I eat first?

I quickly decided that ass was going to be my appetizer, and set my tongue to work on her beautiful anus. Holding those firm ass cheeks, I sucked and licked her hole until it was nice and moist. Then I began to stick my tongue in and out a bit, my nose happily buried in her ass. Showing incredible flexibility, Ronnie bent over and held her ankles, giving me the full access to her ass and pussy.

In mom’s room, both girls were awash in sexual desire, enhanced by watching me eat Ronnie’s ass like a mid-day snack. Susan was standing with her shapely legs spread wide, while mom was crouching under her, two finger’s in her daughter’s pussy and her tongue attached to Sue’s anus like a magnet.

Sue was barely able to stand, the amazing sensations coursing through her like a jackhammer. Her body was literally vibrating, her mouth open and breathing hard like a boxer in round five. Mom licked and sucked on her anus faster and harder with each passing moment, feeling her own pussy buzzing uncontrollably. Her index finger was curled forward, massaging Sue’s G-spot as her middle finger wound around inside her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh God mom, oh God,” Sue moaned defenselessly. “I’ve never had . . . I think I’m going to . . . . your mouth on my ass – don’t stop – Oh my God . . . ”

As Sue surrendered to the sensations, she nearly collapsed on mom’s face, but was held up by some mysterious force. Her eyes began to flutter as her climax roared through her. She breathed in deeply, her hands holding her mother’s head for support. Mom didn’t let up for one minute, rummaging her fingers around in Sue’s soaking wet hole, her mouth planted on Sue’s anus.

Sue’s body convulsed uncontrollably. Noise came out of her mouth, but could not be described as words, only emotions put to sound. “Gaaa . . . . gerrrr . . . . . ohhhhh . . . . mmmmmm . . . . cuuuu . . . .cuuuuu,” she blurted out. She was shaking from head to toe, a fine sheen of sweat forming on her lower back. Finally, mercifully, her orgasm subsided. Mom pulled her face away and smiled up at her daughter, thrilled to have given her such a powerful, numbing orgasm. Sue gratiously helped mom stand up, looking into her face with grateful eyes. No words were needed.

Back at ground zero, I was now standing up while Aunt Ronnie happily lapped at my cock, which was pointing out like a Tomahawk missile ready to blast. We were both now totally naked and reveling in the sight of each other’s bodies. Ronnie rubbed her hands over and around my flat stomach, finally reaching around and caressing my butt cheeks. It felt wonderful to have her fingers parting the crack of my ass and squeezing, as her tongue played a symphony on my skin flute.

Slow and steadily she engulfed my cock in her mouth, only to watch it emerge again, seemingly longer, harder and wetter. Each time her tongue and lips traveled down the shaft, they sank further, until her nose was virtually buried in my pubic hair. But she wasn’t done yet.

Gently, almost imperceptibly, Ronnie had moistened her fingers with her saliva, which was pouring off my cock as she sucked me. Now she took her wet finger and poised it at the entrance to my rectum. As she licked my cock she applied moderate, yet steady pressure with that finger until all at once it entered my anus. My eyes opened wide with this new sensation – so incredible. Looking into my eyes, Ronnie expertly worked that finger in and out of my now slick hole as she sucked and licked around the head of my cock.

My neck muscles felt like they were bulging, so strong was the sensation. I could feel my breathing, hear my heart pounding in my ears. My body became nothing more than a conduit through which these incredible feelings were passing.

“Oh God, Ronnie,” I cried, “I’m going to cum all over you, I can’t . . . can’t hold it back any more.”

Momentarily taking her mouth off my swollen shaft as she continued to stroke it, she whispered up to me, “Give it all to me baby. I want to taste your sweet cum. Let aunt Ronnie have it all.” And with that, she sucked my cock harder than ever.

That was all I needed to hear. My baby pudding came streaming out of my peep hole like a fire hose. I was fucking her mouth hard, her finger in my ass seeming to open up a fountain of semen. I honestly don’t know where it all came from, as Ronnie struggled valiantly to suck it all down, ultimately allowing some to seep out of her mouth and drip onto her fine tits. She was moaning with absolute delight, as though tasting pure Vermont maple syrup – her favorite as I recall. Her eyes never left mine. They crinkled seductively at the corners, as though taking over smiling duties from her otherwise occupied mouth.

Finally, sweat streaming down my neck and chest, I pulled my cock out with a ‘pop’, as Ronnie licked the last drops of my cum off her lips. “So sweet and tasty,” she giggled.

Standing up, she held me close and kissed me, letting me taste just a little of my own ejaculate. I held her just as tight, knowing what the rest of the night was going to bring. Ronnie had a lot to look forward to.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Sue and mom were just warming up . . . .

Sue and mom saw through the video monitor I had rigged up that Aunt Veronica and I sat down on the bed and relaxed, recouping our energy for round two. They moved to mom’s bed and lay down. Facing towards each other, they admired the differences in each other’s bodies.

Mom was taller than Sue, about 5’8″, so you always knew when she entered the room. Heads would often turn. She carried herself with a certain elegance, an air of feminine confidence. A woman who knows she’s glamorous and accepts the fact graciously.

Physically, her diet and exercise discipline has paid great dividends. Plus, obviously – considering her stunning sister – good genes play a roll. Mom was tight and defined, with strong shoulders and arms that were not large, but appeared powerful. Her breasts were medium sized, perhaps a C cup, which meant they appeared smaller than they actually were as a result of her overall size. But uncovered, they stuck out proudly, with quarter size nipples dead center and a lovely rounded swell at the bottom.

Mom’s stomach was flat and taught. Not defined, but drum flat, no FUPA (Fat Above Pussy Area) on her. Her pussy was shaved around the lips, with soft, sexy dirty blonde hair above. Sue knew that she would soon be smelling and tasting mom’s fragrance with her tongue, and the thought gave her a slight shiver.

Mom’s legs were her best attribute. Very long and shapely, from the outside sweep of her thighs to the bow of her hamstrings. Her calves – ah her calves – thin at the ankle with prominent size and perfect shape. The kind of calves that displayed wonderfully with high heels. No veins, no skin discoloration. You’d never know she had bore children.

Mom’s facial structure and complexion were flawless, save for a few freckles here and there, souvenirs of unwise teenage sunbathing that she was always warning us about. Now she was meticulous in preserving her skin from the sun. Her skin was quite light, almost powdery, with large green eyes that could flash anger or instantly seduce even an innocent pedestrian. Her lips, though not as full as Sue’s, were faultlessly shaped and when curled into a smile revealed a mouth of perfectly straight bright white teeth.

Susan had seen many girls naked, from the school locker room to her friend’s pool. But only a choice few had a body to match mom’s. Sue found herself forgetting that this was her mother, and marveling at her splendor. It made her heart beat faster and her pussy tingle.

When mom looked at Sue, she saw a body that made boys swallow hard and girls wish they had been born to different parents.

Her skin was at least three shades darker than mom’s was. Part of it was from inheriting my father’s darker coloring, and part was her summer tan from outdoor soccer and swimming. Her eyes were sparkling blue and shined like gemstones from her tan face. Her lips were fuller than mom’s, the sort of soft, pouty lips that begged to be kissed.

Moving down, mom’s eyes had to stop and stare in wonder at Susan’s magnificent breasts. Large – at least a D cup – and with gravity defying firmness. They were so big; you couldn’t cover one using both hands. Big enough to lift up and feast on. Big enough to stick your head in between. Even on her side, her daughter’s breasts didn’t sag a drop. Bikini wearing had made sensuous triangular designs on her breasts, making them appear even more alluring. Her dark aureoles were half-dollar sized, with thick nipples that could stick out nearly an inch when erect, which they soon would be.

Moving her eyes down her daughter’s stomach, mom marveled at the deep line of separation that ran down her torso, and the less prominent though still quite visible horizontal lines of her abdominal muscles. She knew that she could work out all day, every day, and not have Susan’s natural physique.

Her legs were so strong, with clear muscular separation of the quadriceps muscles – the teardrop effect. Incredible. Her marvelous calves, too, displayed striking definition, leading down to her delicate feet and polished toenails. Sue was a knockout, and looking at her naked body was making mom woozy with lust.

Susan rolled over and what mom saw dragged her over the edge. Susan’s back was broad and tan, her dark hair cascading over her shoulders and falling down to one side. Mom goggled at the strength displayed in the upper back and lat muscles that ran down Sue’s sides. The sharp, thick line that ran the length of her torso, ending at her ass.

That ass – my God, mom thought. She had to feel it, it was so round and perfect. So firm, so silky smooth to the touch. Mom stuck her hands out, tentatively at first, and rubbed her daughter’s gorgeous ass. Susan sighed deeply, moving her ass in small circles in response. Thus encouraged, mom began rubbing Sue’s ass in earnest, shooting small sparks through the girl. Sue’s legs began to move up and down on the bed, as though she was trying to climb to the top of it.

Unable to control her urges any longer, mom moved her face between Sue’s ass and began gently licking inside the crack, just above the anus. She could hear soft “mmmmms” coming from Sue’s mouth, which was face down in a pillow. Mom lightly bit and licked her daughter’s ass, concentrating on the top of the crack where it met her taught lower back. Then she kissed and licked her way down Sue’s ass, trailing her lips and tongue lightly along her thighs and calves. She kissed and sucked Sue’s delicious calves, down to her ankles and feet. Mom’s pussy was beginning to feel damp. So was Sue’s.

Moving back up, mom spread Sue’s ass cheeks wide and began to stroke Sue’s anus with long, flat strokes of her tongue.

“God, mom, ” Sue gushed, “that feels . . . amazing.”

Mom knew just how it felt. Sue pulled her knees in a little, which propped her ass higher in the air. Mom was able to lick down further, lapping first at Sue’s perineum and then her outer pussy lips. She licked in long, flat strokes, covering the area with her dripping saliva. Sue was quivering on the bed.

Then mom began to use her tongue like a wand, a magic wand if you will, inserting it into Susan’s leaking pussy again and again. Then tickling her clit with it.

“Mmmmooommmm . . .” Sue moaned. “You’re making me feel . . . it’s soooo good.”

“I’m glad honey,” she responded in between licks. She was now using one hand to try and quell the fire raging in her own swollen pussy.

Sue guessed correctly how aroused her mother must have felt by now, and decided to share the ecstasy. Plus, she was dying to lick at the lovely pussy she’d just recently seen. In one skillful athletic move, she flipped herself over and around, so that she was staring up into her mother’s delicate pink pussy while hers was hovering over her mom’s willing mouth.

Now in a 69 position, their hot, slightly sweaty bodies in full contact with one another, mother and daughter began to lick each other’s highly charged pussies with true gusto. Each stroke of the tongue brought the recipient unspeakable pleasure. Each finger opening, inserting, wiggling, brought moans of fulfillment and gasps of delight.

From down below, Susan used her thumbs to spread mom’s pussy lips apart. She used her tongue like a basting wand, wetting the entire area from the outer to the inner lips and all the places in between. She licked up and down, then side to side. Sometimes fast and hard, alternating with slow, soft licks. Mom was sweating slightly more, her pussy emitting a lovely, fragrant scent. Her breathing was pronounced, her body rising and falling. Sue reached her hands up along her mother’s sides and slid them in, covering her breasts. She then found the nipples and squeezed them – a little harder – a little harder, until mom was so horny that she was licking Susan’s pussy furiously.

From above, Mom licked the gorgeous pussy that her face was buried in with sheer joy. She held Sue’s legs apart, allowing her to stick her entire face in Sue’s crotch and lap at her pussy. She rubbed her hands over Susan’s smooth, long legs, starting from her groin and reaching down as far as she could. At the same time, the licking she was receiving was causing goose bumps to emerge all over her. She wet Susan’s perineum area again and inserted just the tip of her pinkie finger into Sue’s anus, eliciting squeals of delight from the younger girl, as her hips bucked up and down on the bed.

The room was filled with noise and fury. Two beautiful women, oblivious to their family connection, enjoying each other’s bodies and oral talents fully. Suddenly, Susan stopped herself – so abruptly that her mother was taken by surprise.

“What – what’s wrong honey?” mom asked.

“The screen mom,” she shrieked in an almost half-drunken sexual stupor, her long hair in a pile all over her face, pointing to the monitor with Ronnie and me on it. “Look – look at the screen!”


Aunt Veronica and I had enjoyed our rest, after some incredible sex. The kind of sex I’d dreamed about having with her since I hit puberty, but never thought I’d ever – ever experience.

We lay on my bed, touching each other lightly, talking about each other’s lives. She had her frustrations, I had mine. She had her hopes and dreams, I had mine. She had her needs, wants and unfulfilled desires – I had a boatload of them. We weren’t so different after all. And she was a babe – a major babe.

After a short while, we began talking about our sexual preferences and fantasies. I knew things were about to get interesting again. I was counting on it.

“Adam,” Veronica asked softly, “Can I ask you something, sort of a favor?”

“Of course.”

“I’ll bet that with the other girls you’ve been with, and there have probably been a lot,” she winked, “you just sort of let things happen as they did, let your desire steer the boat, right?”

“Well, sort of,” I replied. “To tell you the truth, I think most girls are hesitant to take control. Maybe afraid of offending the guy. Or they just aren’t accustomed to it, and so they let the guy dictate the action.”

“My point exactly,” she nodded. “And in those cases, most of the time that is, do you think both parties end up satisfied?”

“Probably not to the same degree,” I surmised, thinking about her meaning. “It’s interesting, you’re saying that sex is not as satisfying to both parties as it could be if there were better communication?”


“Did . . . did I not do something right, or displease you?”

“No, oh heavens no baby,” she rubbed my face. “I’m not saying that. I don’t mean that at all. You’ve made me feel very good. All I’m saying it this: if there was something you wanted me to do, but were afraid to ask, or if it was reversed and there was something I wanted to do to you, or have you do to me – wouldn’t it be great if we could just say it?”

“Why can’t we?” I asked.

“Because men are funny,” she said. “Women, too. Look, I stuck my finger in your ass before, right?”


“And it felt incredibly good right? It made you cum harder than ever, didn’t it?”

“Yes,” I agreed.

“But would you have ever asked me to do that to you?”

“Well . . .um . . .”

“Have you ever asked any of your girlfriends or lovers to do that to you?”

“No, I haven’t, but . . . ”

“You haven’t for a reason,” she said knowingly. “You were afraid how they might react. Most men would probably feel that if they requested something in their ass, a finger, a vibrator, whatever, that the girl would think they’re gay, or strange or something, right?”

“You may have a point,” I conceded, liking where this was going.

“But it’s all bullshit, Adam! You see? If two people are willing to share each other’s bodies, and want to experience whatever amazing pleasures this may bring, then they should leave their notions of right or wrong at the door. Do whatever feels good. Ask for it – damn it – ask the other person to do what they want or need to feel good. Take the lead, give the lead up – whatever the flow dictates. No egos, no worry about what the other person might think of you – Be free!”

“Wow!” I gushed. She was right, it was all true. Even during sex, when our guards should be down the most, we still worry about our role in the process instead of just enjoying it and being honest about what feels good. This was a sort of mini-revelation to me. What a feeling! If I was ever in love with Aunt Veronica before, now I was totally in awe of her. Not just beauty, but remarkable insight, more than I’d ever had myself. It was, as she said – liberating.

I took her in my arms and held her tight. Kissing her ear and neck, I whispered in her ear, “Anything you want, Ronnie, just ask. I’ll do anything you want.”

“Me too,” she breathed. Then she looked me in the eye and said. “Now let’s get wild.”

We began by kissing violently, rubbing our hands all over each other’s bodies. My cock was as hard as stone as it rubbed against her phenomenal thighs. I kissed my way down her neck to her stomach, my hands reaching up to caress and squeeze her incredible tits. Ronnie was writhing on the bed. Then I moved my hands around to her back and down to her lower back, right to the crack of her ass. I was elated to hear her soft moans of approval. But all I could think about was her blonde pussy.

I lifted her legs off the bed and she crossed them in the air at her ankles. From this perspective, I was looking at her amazing thighs and then, further down, her outer pussy lips and long slit. They had a rosy pink cast to them. Just a finger’s width away was her anus. My friends, it was quite a view, believe me. I stuck my nose in her pussy and just smelled. That’s all – just took in the beautiful fragrance of her womanhood. It was wonderful, really. I began licking that moist pussy from top to bottom, wanting to make sure I hit every inch, every centimeter of it. Ronnie was grinding her pussy in my face, pushing her pubic bone into my nose, making sure I licked as hard as I could. I bathed her slit with my warm saliva.

“Lick down to my ass, baby.” she whined.

I moved my tongue down to the bottom of her pussy, bathing the perineum with saliva, then licked a circle around the lovely rosebud anus presented before me like a gift from God. I licked in tighter and tighter circles until I was just revolving around the crinkled entrance to her rectum. At the same time, my thumb tickled her exposed clit, which was sticking out like a hard candy drop. Ronnie loved it.

“Oooh yeah, baby,” she moaned. “You’re doing great . . . it feels wonderful . . . ”

I moved my thumb down and inserted it into her soaking vagina, moving it around in there. At the same time, I kept up the anal assault with the tip of my tongue, even sliding it in and out of her anus a bit. Pulling my thumb out of her, I replaced it with two fingers, curling one up to detect and hit her G-spot. Now, not every women responds to this, while others go nuts. Ronnie was in-between. She clearly felt good, but didn’t practically fly off the bed in orgasm either. Not yet, anyway.

“Get your cock over here, Adam,” she demanded. I turned around her so that my cock was dangling in her face, while I was looking right inside of her open pussy.

In this exquisite 69 position, we lapped at each other like cats with warm milk.

“Lick my asshole, baby,” she murmured, “lick it good and hard.”

“Lick mine,” I requested.

We both complied, licking each other’s anuses until they were soaking wet and loosened up completely.

Aunt Veronica, then worked her small index finger into my relaxed anus a little bit at a time, while at the same time sucking my balls into her warm mouth. She would lick from my anus to my balls, lick and suck each tenderly, then begin the journey again. Sometimes, she would just rub my balls lightly while circling the huge head of my cock with her tongue. I don’t have to tell you how good this felt.

While she was working her wizardry on me, I was reciprocating on her genitals. I had my thick thumb fully implanted in her lax anus, while my tongue did a tango all around the inside of her vagina. When it made its way to her clit, I lingered there, sucking it into my lips and giving it a direct assault. Veronica’s hips were pulsating, moving up and down in quick motions – I was doing my job well.

I was the one to break the momentum, but I had something else in mind. As much as I enjoyed what we were doing, I didn’t want to just cum in her mouth again. There were new mountains to climb.

I got off and rolled Ronnie on her side. She was looking up at me, with her knees pressed together. I kneeled next to her, then inserted my cock into her glistening slit. As wet as she was, it still took me about a dozen strokes to easily slide my pulsating rod in and out of her.

“How’s that, Ronnie? How’s that feel?” I asked.

“You have no idea how good, Adam,” she looked at me and replied, her blue eyes clouded with desire and satisfaction as I slowly filled her pussy up with 100% made in America grade A hard cock. “Let me have your thumb.”

I reached up, and Veronica took my thumb in her hand and led it to her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and licked around it like it was a cock, squinting up at me seductively. Then she put my thumb in her mouth and sucked on it, swirling her tongue around it as well. It was so damn hot.

“You know what to do,” she said, pulling it out of her mouth. Indeed I did. I took my thumb, wet with her saliva, and inserted it into her ass, while I continued to fuck her tight pussy. Ronnie sighed deeply as her rectum accommodated my thumb and I began to slide it in and out. Little noises of satisfaction escaped her lips.

In the other room, mom and Sue could clearly see what was happening, and it was driving them crazy.

“If only we had a cock in here, too,” Susan said, half unconsciously.

Mom knew she had the next best thing, a lock box full of the finest erotic toys money could buy. She hadn’t satisfied years of frustration with nothing but her hand. While Susan lay on the bed, immersed in the action between her brother and aunt, mom pulled out some of her choice toys to please her daughter. The first one was a toy she had kept for many, many years, a strap harness on with a huge, realistic cock. It must have been 10 inches long and as thick around as a deli sausage. She fastened its familiar clasps and strapped the harness on.

Moving up behind her daughter, who was watching the screen with her head propped on her elbows, laying prostrate on the bed, mom spread Susan’s ass cheeks again and softly licked from her asshole to her pussy, again and again. Susan moaned softly at this wonderful sensation.

“Mmmm yes mom,” she cood. “That’s so nice . . . mmmm.”

With Susan’s pussy wet from saliva and her own juices, mom slowly inserted her thumb into the lovely pussy before her. Sue wiggled a bit to allow mom’s thumb to fully enter her hole, and breathed contentedly as mom slid her thumb in and out. Then my mother shocked Sue.

Pulling my sisters hips up off the bed, mom position Sue on all fours. Sue looked back to get her first glimpse of what was in store for her. Her eyes opened wide. Not in fear, but in surprise. Mom was wearing some type of . . . apparatus, with a huge realistic cock attached to it. It was so big, with a lifelike penis head and even prominent veins on the side. Somehow, for some reason, Sue felt herself begin to salivate.

“Mom, what is that . . . thing?” she said, puzzled at the strange looking contraption around mom’s waist.

“It’s called a strap-on, honey,” she calmly replied. “It’s for . . . well you can see what it’s for.”

“But when would you use it?”

“I’ll tell you about that later. OK?”

“But it’s so BIG, will it fit?”

Nodding her head, mom said, “You can’t imagine what can fit in there. You can only imagine a baby coming out. Leave it to me.”

And with that, mom moved to Susan and pushed the tip of the strap-on cock against her wet pussy. It slid right in, as mom promised, and she held it there, letting Sue take a moment to get used to its monster girth. “See?” mom smiled.

“Ohhhh, yes I see, “Susan replied. “And feel. Keep going.”

Mom continued to push the length of the cock inside of Susan. Sue felt the smooth, lifelike shaft pushing further and further into her. It just never seemed to end, until it smashed against her cervix, sending a shock wave of pleasure through her. Sue felt as though she were being impaled by a telephone poll. It felt incredible. When mom began to pump her hips, the object of Susan’s rapture filled her eager pussy completely, drowning her in a sea of tingling nerve endings.

Not content to give her daughter just one form of stimulation, mom leaned over Sue and reached her arms around to fondle those massive orbs. As she did, she kissed Sue’s back and neck, licking from the top of her shoulders to her ears. Her hands caressed Sue’s breasts and squeezed her nipples. They responded by becoming erect and stiff. But mom never let up on fucking Sue with that immense strap-on.

Susan was pumping her hips back to meet mom’s thrusts. The pressure within her pussy, coupled with her mother squeezing her sensitive nipples, was bringing her close to the edge of no return.

“You . . . you like it baby?” Mom breathlessly asked, her own pussy dripping wet. “Feel good?”

“God mom . . . ” Susan replied, barely able to speak, “it feels . . . so incredibly . . . good, I don’t know . . . how much more I can take before . . . I explode.”

Mom knew just how she felt. She took her hands off Susan’s nipples, knowing that any stimulation kept up too long became useless. She had a better idea.

Mom raised herself up, kneeling in back of Sue. She raised one knee up on Sue’s left side to get maximum penetration from her thrusts. Her left foot was on the bed, her knee bend. Her right knee remained on the bed. She was now slamming Sue steady and solid with the full 10 inches. She wet her thumb with the lubricant on the nightstand. Saliva worked well, but not great. Rubbing some of the lubricant onto Sue’s anus, she quickly shoved her thumb into her daughter’s ass, anticipating a quick reaction. That’s just what she got.

“Mom . . . mmooommm . . . ” Oh my God . . . Oh my Goooddd . . . ” Sue’s entire body was trembling, shaking all over. She lifted her head and the veins on her neck bulged. This orgasm was one for the record books.

“Uh . . . uh . . . .unn . . . unn . . . mom . . . my . . . God . . . mmm . . .mommmm . . .Fuck me with that thing mom . . . fuck me mom . . . fuck me please .”

My mother gave Sue the orgasm of her life, watching as the glistening dildo slid in and out of Sue, stretching the bounds of her pussy.. She held on tight, riding Sue through her climax, letting the young girl soak in every wave of pleasure, every fiber of ecstasy coursing though her. It made mom so impossibly horny that she couldn’t stand it – but had to. The only thing she could do to quench her own sexual thirst was to pump her daughter harder, living though this impossible eruption. Sue was literally drooling on the bed until finally, after minutes or more, she collapsed.

“I’ve never felt anything . . . like that . . in my life . . . mom” she said.

Mom smiled. She knew it wouldn’t be the last time.


Aunt Veronica was giving me some real trash talk, and I loved it.

“That’s right Adam,” she snarled. “Keep your thumb in my ass and pound me with that cock of yours. That big, beautiful cock. I love it. Did you know I’d love it? Didn’t you know that I’ve wanted your cock inside of me for years? Do you know . . . how good you’re making me feel right now?”

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for years too, my dear aunt,” I growled, making sure that each thrust hit her hard, and reveling in the sight of her gorgeous tits shaking from the force of my thrusts. “I love the way my cock feels in your pussy . . . your tight pussy. I’m gonna make you cum so hard . . . you’re gonna scream my name.”

“Oh my God Adam,” she managed to reply, “I’ve never been hotter in my life than I am right now – do what you want – whatever you want to me.”

‘Here goes nothing,’ I thought. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and my thumb out of her ass, and I just slid my straining tool into her rectum at ramming speed. Veronica opened her mouth wide, by no words came out.

“Rub your pussy, Veronica,” I commanded. Rub it hard, rub it with everything you’ve got.”

She did more than that. She stuck several fingers of one hand into her pussy, while furiously rubbing her clit with the other.

How could it possibly be so tight, so warm in her? The inside of her rectum felt like an oven of velvet. I envied every piece of poop that ever slid down its silken folds. I lifted Veronica off the bed, my cock still encased in her ass. She was so much smaller than me that it was easy. Literally holding her in midair, I sat down at the edge of the bed and pulled her on top of me, my face to her glistening back. This allowed her weight to force her onto every last centimeter of my cock. Ronnie lifted her feet up and put them on my thighs, leaning into me.

From this position, I simply slipped my hands under her tight little ass and lifted her up and down on my meat. Ronnie turned her head to the side, and our lips met in a passionate kiss. There was no way I was going to pull out and enter her vagina again, risking infection, so I happily continued to plow my gorgeous aunt’s fine ass while she rubbed her clit and moaned deeply into my mouth, swirling her tongue around mine. God, it felt so good, and she was such a beautiful woman – I felt lucky as hell.

Another benefit of sitting at the edge of my bed was that we were facing my dresser mirror. It was a mind-boggling site that reflected back to me. Aunt Veronica lifting up and down on me, my ass planted in her ass. Her beautiful breasts were slowly bouncing up and down in rhythm with her body. Her head was thrown back to one side, mouth slightly open. She had such a dreamy look to her, as thought she was in the middle of an erotic fantasy. This was no fantasy – though it was a dream come true.

I slid my hands out from under Ronnie’s ass and placed them over her breasts, where I rubbed them in circles and just barely teased her nipples. Again, the site of my hands on her tits in the mirror was so exciting. Ronnie’s back was wet with sweat, proof of the energy she was investing in our lovemaking, and how into it she was.

“You . . . love what you’re . . . Adam . . . you’re such an . . . incredible lover . . . you haven’t seen . . . the last of . . .me,” she said and, I hoped, meant every word of.

Aunt Veronica was reaching the edge of climax. We both knew it. And she wanted it to be every bit as hot as the rest of our night had been.

She slowly got off my cock. I didn’t move from the edge of the bed, and she quickly turned around and faced me. Smiling through slightly parted lips, she kneeled in front of me and slid down my body. I kissed everything on the way down, from her taut, flat stomach to her marvelous breasts, up her neck to her mouth. She took my cock in her hand behind her, then guided it back into her wide-open rectum. It made a swish sound as it re-entered. We enjoyed a passionate tongue-swapping kiss, then she pushed me forward on the bed so that I was lying down. Why?

My answer came when she reached back and began to rub my aching balls, which she could only do from this position. I propped my self up on my elbows to look at her. Now it was my turn to moan.

“Oh Ronnie, ” I moaned. “It won’t be long now, I feel it . . . feel it starting to . . . feel . . .”

“I know, baby,” she said softly. “I feel it too. I want you to . . . look at me Adam. Let’s look at each other while . . . we cum. Keep . . . your eyes open and look at me. It’s . . . so hot . . . to see your handsome face while you . . . oh God.”

Ronnie’s bottom lip began to quiver as that feeling, too good to accurately describe in words, set in. Her breathing became deep and rhythmic – she knew how to get the most out of her orgasm. Her hips were undulating to and fro, like a hula dancer in a Hawaiian show. It was arousing as hell for me to look up and see it. But Ronnie lifted my head up to look at her face. Her hazel eyes looked bright green, and had an almost bestial quality to them, an almost predatory look.

As her orgasm came on, those eyes changed to a look of . . . let’s call it deep affection, I don’t even want to get into the “L” word yet. Her body shook and her eyes narrowed, but she never took them off me, just as she had requested I do.

“Here it comes, baby,” she quivered. “Like a . . . like a . . . I feel it so deeply. In my ass, you’re in my ass. And in my . . .ohhh . . . unnn . . . so good . . .so . . .ahhh . . . ”

Ronnie put her hands on my shoulders, then cupped them around my face. Her eyes seared into mine – I’d never seen them more vibrant. She continued to look at me with those amazing eyes, even while her body convulsed in orgasm as she bounced up and down, my cock scraping her rectal walls.

“Adam . . . Adam,” she chanted, repeating my name over and over as she came. “Adam . . . Adam . . . Adam . . . Adam.”

I just couldn’t take any more. I had wanted to give my beautiful aunt a much needed fuck, a wild ride, and I had accomplished that. She was cumming hard and long. Now it was my turn. My cum careened out of my cock, spurting into her welcoming ass – lubricating it as it flooded her rectum. So tight, so smooth and warm.

“Oh God, Ronnie,” I blurted out. “It feels so . . . incredible.”

“It does baby, it does,” she responded. “Keep looking at me Adam. Say my name . . . say it.”

“Oh Ronnie . . . Ronnie . . . Ronnie,” I repeated, my body tensing and muscles straining. I . . . I . . .”

“You what, baby?” she asked, dying to hear my answer.

I could only imagine what was going on in the next room if they were watching. How it might be affecting them.


After Sue’s orgasm, they rested a moment and watched the action in my room. Spying on Ronnie and I started their pussy’s throbbing heavily and their nipples hard. It got them so horny that before long they were kissing passionately, their hands all over each other’s bodies. With mom’s help, Sue attached the strap on to her hips. “Lick it mom,” she suggested. Give it head.”

Mom was so cock starved that she eagerly placed her lips on the huge head of the strap on cock. The taste of Sue’s juices on the dildo drove mom wild, and in a few moments she was sucking the cock as if it were for real, as if it were mine. But her pussy was buzzing so strongly that she couldn’t hold back and begged Sue to stuff her full of cock.

“Where do you want it, mom?” Sue asked playfully.

“Anywhere, honey,” mom groaned, her voice musky with wanton desire. “Anywhere at all.”

Sue grabbed the lubricant her mother had used and slathered it over the big stick. She was somehow dying the see this massive tool impale her mother’s fine ass. Wanted to see mom sweat and moan. She positioned mom on her side with her legs together, and slid her knees up next to her ass.

She let the tip of the cock tickle mom’s ass, while she ran her fingers along mom’s juicy slit. Sixty seconds of this had mom whimpering like a dog in heat.

“Please, Sue, ” mom pleaded. “Please, give it to me.”

Sue stuck the tip of Mr. Big in mom’s anus and just kept pushing. Mom gasped at the sudden intrusion of the missile-sized projectile, but she did not complain.

“It’s . . . it’s . . . so big . . . oh my God, honey . . . yes . . .yes . . . fuck me with that thing. Fuck me hard.

Sue happily obliged, with mom moaning her approval with every thrust. Mom was partly supporting herself on one elbow, while with her other hand she softly rubbed her slick pussy, picking at her clit with her index finger, and sticking it in her pussy on occasion. It was wild for Sue, really, to be playing the man’s part. It kind of made her understand the power men feel while skewering women with their cocks. It was a tremendous sight, looking down at this lovely creature being so satisfied by her sliding a giant tool in and out of her ass. How cool.

“Uh . . . uh . . . oh honey . . .” mom wailed. “I feel . . . I feel so . . . my ass is – I feel it all over . . . it feels so good.”

Sue still could not believe this thing would fit, that such a small hole could be stretched so large. She reached down and lovingly rubbed mom’s face as she continued to violate her ass. Mom took hold of Sue’s finger and gave it a squeeze. Then she took Sue’s thumb in her mouth and began to suck on it, swirling her tongue around it and savoring its slightly salty taste.

Mom rolled off her side and onto her back, missionary style. Lifting her legs up high in the air, she grasped the strap on cock and placed in at the entrance to her widened asshole, where Sue easily thrust it back in. Sue pushed her body closer to mom, so that mom’s thighs were sticking straight up, resting on Sue’s shoulders. The lady was flexible, to be sure.

Sue and mom gazed into each other’s faces, Sue beginning to drip sweat from her face onto mom’s flat stomach. Sue reached down and clutched both of mom’s breasts, squeezing the nipples. Mom gasped for air, her senses pretty much on sexual overdrive with so many things being stimulated at once. Sue continued to rub her breasts and down her sides, sending flutters throughout mom’s body.

“Sue?” mom looked up, “can you try something – gently?”

“Yes, what?”

“Place your hands around my neck, gently . . . don’t squeeze too hard. Like that.”

“I don’t want to choke you, mom.”

“No, no, just gently, I’d let you know if it’s too hard.”

Sue did as mom asked. She gently placed her hands around mom’s throat, wondering where mom learned such things, and tightened them a little. It is called erotic asphyxiation for one thing, and when done gently, Sue learned, the slight loss of oxygen can lead to a greater orgasm intensity. Sue was very, very careful. Within moments, mom began to get a glazed far off look in her eyes. Her mouth seemed to open and close uncontrollably. She was obviously starting the throws of a shattering orgasm. Mom let Sue know this in no uncertain terms.

“Baby,” she started her speech, “you’re fucking me so good. I can’t tell you . . . how good it feels . . . ah . . . ah . . . fuck me . . .fuck – fuck – fuck . . . me. Stick that fucking thing deep in my ass . . . oh . . .oh . . . yeah baby . . . don’t stop till I tell you . . . yeah . . . fuck . . . meeee . . . ”

Mom’s head began trashing about, so Sue made sure her grip was light. Hormones began flooding mom’s brain at an incredible rate of speed. They surged throughout her body, send shivers and shocks all over. Her fingers were twitching, and her nipples were standing straight up like mini skyscrapers. A sex flush gave her upper chest and lower neck a red hue. Her hips were bucking uncontrollably. Juices were leaking steadily from her pussy. She was literally in a trance-like state of euphoria. Sue had never seen anything like it – and still she continued to fuck mom’s ass as she had been asked.

At last, mom began to settle down as the feelings drained from her like the tide rushing out, and she lifted her head up.

“OK, honey,” she said quietly. “I’m done – thank God.”

“Mom, you seemed to be somewhere else. What was it like?”

“Indescribable,” mom replied. “You can hear your breathing, you can feel it. You think you’re almost going to pass out, but it feels too good to stop. All you can think about is how it feels at that moment, like an addict must feel, I guess. An entire body rush. Wow.”


About a half-hour later, we were all winding down, sitting on the back porch drinking lemonade. I felt oddly serene. Like nothing unusual had happened, and we were simply a normal family sipping lemonade on a summer’s night.

“Mom,” Sue said tentatively, looking around. “You said that you’d tell me something earlier.”

“About the. . . the strap-on,” mom replied, glancing at Veronica, who paused a moment, then nodded. “I guess it’s time to tell you about Ronnie and I growing up .

It had been two weeks since that day at Aunt Veronica’s condominium.

Although it was early fall, the weather that Saturday was more like mid August. Humid, with temperatures approaching 90 degrees. Veronica and Nash had split for good it appeared, and she had sold the condo to the first buyer. So fast, in fact, that she didn’t have a place to live yet. Mom had invited her to stay with us until she was squared away – can you imagine? I can. She was going to be staying in the basement until she saved some money and found a place she wanted to live. But don’t feel bad for her. Our basement is fully finished and insulated. There’s a bedroom where our beloved live-in housekeeper, Rebecca, used to live when we were kids. A full bathroom and even refrigerator and microwave for midnight munchies. It’s nice.

Anyway, I was helping Ronnie pack and move her stuff. We’d rented a u-haul, and were moving her larger belongings to a storage facility. Ronnie was in a somber mood as she packed her entire life in boxes. No matter how she felt, though, she looked as hot as ever. She wore a form fitting pink Lycra top that stopped mid-stomach and highlighted her marvelous muscle tone and fabulous tits. Whenever she walked up the stairs, I couldn’t help but stare at her luscious legs and ass in that pair of tight white shorts. She was unmistakably wearing a thong.

As I said, it was hot and I was covered with sweat when I heard the front door open.

“Ronnie – where the hell are you?” came the familiar booming voice of her soon to be ex-husband, the overweight, overbearing, underachieving Nash Breen.

Ronnie was upstairs packing, when I came out of the kitchen carrying a box.>”Adam,” he said, surprised to see me. It had been a couple of years if not more, and I’d grown from the skinny teenage kid he used to ignore, to a strong, six foot one, 190 pound young man. “How’re you doing, kid? What are you doing here?”

“I’m fine, Nash. I’m here to help Veronica move,” I said, lifting the box up a little to illustrate. As I did, my chest and shoulder muscles strained and bulged.

“Well you look good,” he complimented. “You grew up nice. Where’s Ronnie?”

At that moment, Veronica came downstairs carrying a small lamp. Her eyes lit up for a moment when she saw Nash, perhaps momentarily unmindful of the situation, but almost immediately dulled as reality set in.

“Hello Nash,” she said politely, if coldly.

“Ronnie, what are you doing?” he asked again, ignoring the obvious.

“I’m moving out, what’s it look like? You know the place is sold, you got your check.”

“But where are you going?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m moving in with my sister until I find a place of my own.”

“Aw c’mon,” he scowled. “You don’t wanna do that. You can stay with me as long as you want.”

Veronica quickly shook her head from side to side, as though his words were spoken in a language she did not speak.

“Move in with you? What in the hell…are you crazy Nash? Have you lost your mind?”

“No, no,” he shrugged. “I’m alone now, Daphne…moved out.”

“Oh did she?” Veronica asked, faking interest. “That classy young lady? How could she tear herself away from you and the lap of luxury? Was it your drinking? Or were you whoring around on her, too?”

I stood there in silence, putting down the box. I felt like I was watching a soap opera, but the truth was, it was none of my business.

“Hey!” he snapped. “Watch it.”

“Watch it?” she replied, incredulous. “You came here to ask me to move in with you after you mistreat and abuse me. After our marriage breaks up because of you. After your girlfriend leaves you. Then you have the nerve to tell me to watch it?”

“It takes two to make a marriage work, kiddo,” he sneered. “Maybe I didn’t always pull my weight, but neither did you.”

“Neither did…I’m not going to get into this with you again, Nash. It’s much too late for that. You got your check, now go find another trashy little girlfriend and leave me alone.”

“It’s not that simple,” he said in a calculating voice. “It’s just not gonna be that easy. Yeah, I got my check, but I owed a lot and that money is almost gone. I’m not working right now. I’m gonna need some more money from you, maybe once every week or two until I get some together. I don’t have a rich sister like you,” he squinted his eyes and looked in my direction.

“You son-of-a-bitch,” she said through clenched teeth. “You came here to ask for more money. You think I should support you? Think again – on your way out.”

“I’m not asking, Ronnie,” he snorted, moving closer to her menacingly.

Now it was time for me to step in and despite my fear of the bigger man, I took no hesitation in doing so.

“On your way out Nash, she said,” I intervened, looking his right in the eyes.

“Oh Adam,” he mocked me. “Big strong Adam. You gonna protect your pretty Aunt? You gonna be her hero?”

I ignored his taunt and kept on message.

“Call your divorce lawyer,” I spitted through my theeth. “He’ll remind you of what the financial terms are.”

“Yeah sure,” he sneered. “Creep gets a hundred dollars for picking up the phone. They’re all scum, just like your dad.”

“That’s almost funny coming from a loser like you,” I shot back, “the pond from which all scum emanates. Oh, I’m sorry, do you know what the word ‘emanate’ means? Did they teach you English at the reformatory?”

“Fuck you, asshole,” he bellowed, and swing a very clumsy right hand at my face. Unprepared, I almost sidestepped it but it caught me on the side of my cheek. I had moved back enough for it to lose most of its power though. I stepped right in and straight jabbed him in the solar plexus, followed by a hard uppercut, which connected fairly well to his jaw. He toppled. I didn’t want a fight, but my adrenaline was up, and he wasn’t going to hurt Ronnie.

“I’m calling the police, Ronnie screamed, running for the phone.

“Fuck it – fuck it, I’m leaving,” he grunted, getting slowly to his feet. I stood my ground.

“My father will have you served with a restraining order tomorrow, Hash.” I said. You won’t be getting near any of us. If you want to add assault, keep coming and I’ll give you another round – your call, genius.”

“Fuck you,” he repeated, walking out. “Fuck all of you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said. “Keep walking.” I was pissed, and my face stung. But my heartbeat was returning to normal.

When Nash had left, Veronica ran over to me and hugged me so tight she nearly knocked the wind out of me.

“Adam, Adam…are you alright?” she asked, looking concerned at the red mark on my face. “Sit down, I’m going to get some ice. That shithead.”

“I’m OK, Ronnie, really. Susan has hit be harder than that,” I lied.

“Well, you were so brave,” she beamed, looking at me with her beautiful green eyes. “You protected me from him. I’ll…I’ll never forget it.”

“Aw shucks,” I joked, frankly a little embarrassed by the situation. I’m really not the hero type.

Ronnie stroked my cheek gently and our eyes met. I doubt that she had ever been more attracted to me than at the moment, ever saw me as a man until then. She leaned over and softly kissed my cheek. Her buttery kisses trailed down my jaw and then over to my lips. Heads turned, we locked in a passionate, hard kiss, our tongues revolving around each other’s, exploring and caressing. She smelled so clean and wonderful, as women do, and seemed incredibly vulnerable. I just wanted to protect her, and I guess I had.

I let my own kisses cover her face, then journey down to her lovely neck. Veronica held me tight, and I could feel her heart beating fast, just as her breathing picked up. I ran my hands up and down the sides of her body, feeling its warmth. Ronnie’s breathing was getting choppy now. Once I cupped her boobs in my hands, she let out a big sigh.

“Adam…” she moaned in a low, breathy voice. “Yes, darling, that feels so good.”

I held her tits, gently at fist, rubbing my thumbs in small circles over her aureoles and nipples. Her nipples immediately responded by becoming erect and, evidently, sensitive. Every time I ran my thumbs over the top of them, she took a sharp breath in.

Once them were sticking out far enough to place a cocktail on, I took each nipple between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed. Ronnie gulped. Then in one quick move, she put her arms down to the bottom of the short top and ripped it over her head, throwing it to the side and baring those gorgeous breasts for my delight.

I bent down and gave each of them a quick lick to wet her nipples. Then I squeezed and lightly pulled them at the same time. The stimulation was making a mess of Ronnie.

“Oh God, Adam, oh yes…yes,” she cried.

Ronnie slithered herself down my body, rubbing those fabulous tits all the way down as she went, until she got to my shorts. Looking up at me with the crystal clear eyes, she undid my button and pulled my shorts and boxer briefs down in one motion. My hardening cock popped out.

She shut her eyes for a second, as though taking a mental picture and saving it to disc. Then she opened them and slurped a long path all along my shaft. She held it and licked all the way up and down, then enveloped each ball in her warmth mouth. Licking up the shaft again, she circled the head of my cock with her tongue, then placed her mouth over it and did her Hoover impression. Ronnie looked at me the entire time. She wanted me to watch her sucking my cock.

I reached down and held her hair back out of her eyes, marveling at that incredible face, lips pulling back as they encased my thick cock.

“Mmm…that feels so good, Ronnie,” I moaned as she again tongued my balls.

“I love sucking your cock, Adam,” she said, momentarily pulled her mouth off of it. When she put it back in, Ronnie took nearly my whole shaft and head down her throat without gagging a bit, bless her. A few more minutes of that would have left me panting and splashing down her throat, which I did not want to do yet. I didn’t want it to end.

I took Ronnie’s hands and lifted her up, while at the same time descending down her body and pulling her shorts off. I kissed and licked my way down her remarkably tight stomach, enjoying every last inch of fragrant flesh. She wiggled her fine ass the help me pull her shorts off, and I had to smile when I saw her sexy yellow cotton thong.

It took some maneuvering because of our height difference, but I finally found a comfortable position to lap at her pussy like a hungry, well…pussy, as she stood there in the middle of the floor. Ronnie spread her legs to keep her balance, and sort of squatted onto my face. I held onto her luscious thighs and ass as I licked a long path from one end of her pussy to the other. Occasionally I would linger longer on the bottom of her pussy and make sure my tongue wandered over to her asshole to give her that pleasurable form of stimulation as well.

Ronnie was moaning consistently and breathing in uneven rushes. Sometimes, as she got further and further towards her inevitable climax, she’d softly speak my name, “Adam…oh Adam.”

I could have stayed this way forever. My face buried in her blonde pussy, tasting the slightly salty and indescribably delicious flavor of her womanhood. The feel of my hands on her warm, soft flesh. Her slightly swaying, lightly trembling body holding itself over my face. My wet tongue penetrating, probing, exciting her in that special way that only pleasures of the flesh can provide.

She was only human, of course, and so Ronnie inevitably moved into her climax phase, holding onto my head for support. “Oh Adam,” she said louder, more urgently, “Here I…I’m going to cum now honey. Please don’t stop…hold me tight.”

Her legs practically gave way as she ground her pussy into my face. Her breathing was incredibly rapid at this point, as she unmistakably orgasmed.

“OK…yeah,” she wailed. “Uh huh, yeah…mmm, that’s it…mmm…my pussy…yeah, oh God, yes…mmm.”

She was trembling, moaning and rambling this way all through her climax, which seemed to be a long one. Her juices were dripping down my face, and I eagerly drank them in. Eventually, her cycle came to its end, and she softly touched my head to indicate she’d had enough.

With her orgasm finally complete, Ronnie stepped away and I stood up. We held each other without words, eventually dressing in silence. We knew what had happened. We knew it would happen again. We also knew how much we cared for each other, and it was a sweet feeling.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and the evening finishing up her packing, and Ronnie was very relieved that it was finally over.

As for me, I almost forgot that I hadn’t cum yet…until later.


By the time I got home, it must have been 2:00 am. The house was dark and quiet with everyone sleeping. I looked into the slightly open doorway into my sister’s room. Lit rather brightly by the moonlight, I saw her pretty face peeking out of the thick blanket that hid the contours of her insanely hot body. She seemed to have a faint smile on her face, but looked serene and peaceful, so I silently backed away and went into the bathroom. I took a few minutes to grab a long awaited steamy shower, and then dried off and sank into my bed, where I quickly drifted off to sleep.

I really don’t know how long I was sleeping. It felt like hours but was probably more like 15 minutes, when I felt the blanket move off my foot and heard small sounds. I felt something at my feet, like a cat slurping her milk. Through half-closed eyes I looked down and saw that it was…Susan. She was holding my foot and kissing the arch.

“Susan…?” I sleepily called her name.

“Do you know how long it’s been, Adam?” she whispered. “Weeks, at least two weeks since we’ve been together, since we…”

“Yes baby,” I replied, “but…” I was implying that mom and dad were home, sleeping nearby.

“But nothing. I don’t care. I’ve been so fucking horny,” she said, in between kissing my feet, “I’ve been lying in bed rubbing my pussy raw every night while you’ve been helping Aunt Ronnie. Now it’s my turn to be helped.”

With that, Susan took my toes in her mouth one at a time, licking and sucking on them. It was kind of cool, I admit, to have my gorgeous sister sucking on my toes.

She worked her way back up the side of my foot to my ankle, which she also lavished with loving kisses and licks. Then she kissed her way up my calves and thighs.

“Mmm, soap,” she murmured approvingly at the smell of my freshly showered body.

Susan rolled me to the side and kissed her way up the back of my legs to my ass. Playfully, she lightly bit my ass cheeks, and then sucked in various places, probably leaving hickeys and enjoying every minute of it, as was I, though not as much as I was about to.

Susan pushed my right leg further up so that my legs were spread apart. She kissed and nibbled at the top of my ass crack, then slowly licked a wet path to my spanking clean anus.

I was either sleeping or in heaven as Susan spent probably ten minutes licking my asshole. She must have been thinking about this night after night alone in her bed because her technique was well practiced. Either that or it was my fantasy – my sister lying in bed masturbating thinking of licking my ass. The last time I saw her she was getting dressed. Her beautiful back was facing me, her hair up in a ponytail. I nearly salivated as I saw the side of her huge breast jutting out as if defying gravity. How badly I had wanted to walk up behind her and kiss her neck as I squeezed those overripe melons, which I know my insatiably sexy sister would have loved.

But now I was lying on my side in the middle of the night, with Susan’s tongue dancing around my asshole. She got it very, very wet, then stuck the tip of her tongue in and out of my willing hole. My cock was rock hard.

While Susan lightly stroked my pulsating shaft, she worked her index finger in and out of my anus about an inch or so. The double sensation had my head swimming. I was breathing hard and shaking slightly. Susan was planting small wet kisses inside my shoulder blades as she ravaged my genitals with her hands

Finally I rolled over and Susan straddled me, sticking her tongue down my throat and rubbing her hands all over me. Then I began to get an inkling of just how horny and desperate she truly had become.

She slid her tight body up mine and opened the two buttons holding her pajama top on. Her two big breasts spilled out before my eyes like a bountiful feast. Leaning over, Susan took as much of each breast in her hands as she could and literally fed them one at a time to my waiting lips. First she would stick one nipple in my mouth, where I would lick a circle around the aureole before sucking and lightly biting the stiff nipple. Then she would switch tits so I could perform the same feat on the other one. Back and forth she alternated in 30-second intervals, her head thrown back in delight.

When her breasts finally became too sensitive and her desire too great, she moved her body further up and positioned her beautifully manicured pussy over my face.

My friends, there’s nothing more perfect, more arousing, than a shaved pussy, either totally naked or with hair only on top. For a man to see those large, swollen lips of flesh, free of hair and waiting to be loved – it’s like the very finest French pastry. So succulent. You can feel the warmth on your lips that you simply never can with hair blocking it. The taste is increased tenfold. And even the woman feels such a heightened sensation that her arousal is magnified acutely. Susan knew this.

I moved my head up and down, licking her moist, fragrant pussy lips, which were engorged with blood and slightly pink. I took each labia in my mouth and sucked on it, while my hands held onto her lower back. Sometimes I’d blow on her clit, which made her eyes squint with delight. Other times I’d put my lips on it and hum, which worked like a mini-vibrator and nearly sent her into orbit. Susan was moaning constantly and still caressing her own breasts, her body upright and perpendicular to mine. Her head was cocked to the side, her mouth open and eyes closed.

This night was all about Susan, all about her needs. I didn’t care about her sucking my cock, she could do that anytime. I didn’t care about being tender, she knew I had a tender side. It wasn’t about caressing, holding, nurturing. My sister wanted to cum. She needed to be fucked and fucked good and hard. This was the time and I, let me tell you, I was the man.

I took Susan’s juices and spread them all around, from her pussy to and around her anus. Then I took the tip of my thumb and as she had done to me with wonderful results, inserted it into her asshole and slowly moved it around. At the same time, I sucked her clit fully out of its hood, and softly nibbled and licked it between my teeth. Susan began to tremble – with velocity.

“Oh God Adam,” she shuttered, “Oh my God…you’re making me…I feel it starting…I’m gonna cum, yes, I’m gonna…Ggggg…” she wailed in a torrent as she bucked her hips hard into my face, cumming violently. She was still holding her tits and squeezing her nipples, which I knew must have heightened the sensation.

Wow – I guess it had been a while.

Finally, the air rushed out of her like a flat tire and she collapsed onto me, her marvelous tits still at face level. I wasn’t done yet, though.

Rolling Susan off of me, I got off the bed and stood next to it. She looked up at me beaming, her blue eyes shimmering – knowing just what I intended to do. As she rose off the bed, I have to admit that I was still overwhelmed by the perfection of her body. Those big tits sitting atop a board flat stomach, muscular legs and incredibly shapely calves capped off my lovely, delicate feet. Who wouldn’t be captivated?

Susan turned around and faced the bed, then leaned over, supporting herself with her strong hands and arms as I came around behind her. My stiff cock easily found her wet opening. I held onto her waist just above her ass and began to slowly pound her pussy.

Standing behind her, I picked up the pace, fucking her faster and harder. I moved my hands up from her waist and held onto her hanging tits as I proceeded to slam my ock into her, pull it out nearly all the way, and then ram it back in. I could feel it make contact with her cervix, which gave her en electric jolt each time.

Susan was breathing like she was running a marathon. Her breath came in static rushes, she held, then let it out and then beginning again. She was clearly getting off.

“Fuck…fuck me Adam, just like that. Keep it up.”

I had no intention of doing anything else. “You like it?” I asked rhetorically. “You want me to keep fucking you, Susan, or have you had enough?”

“Enough?” she smiled. “Never. I want…I need you to keep fucking me. Fuck me as hard as you want…make me cum again.”

I moved my hands back to Susan’s waist and picked up speed again, pounding her like a cheap piece of veal. Her tits shook up and down like she was riding an electric bull . A sheen of sweat covered her lower back, and she wasn’t alone. Sweat poured down my neck and chest from the exertion of such forceful action.

“Uh…nnn…uh…uh…fuck…nnn…mmee…oh…mmm…” she chanted as she came, her pussy stretched and rocked by my relentless pummeling. If Susan had ever wanted to be fucked hard, to dispense with all pleasantries and get down to the business of being filled with hard cock, she sure was getting her wish now.

The bed was rocking as I pounded my little sister’s pussy. Hair was flying all over the place and the room reeked of sex and sweat and she pushed her ass back into me, getting every inch of me inside her stretched hole. I moved my hands up her back and took a hold of her shoulders as we continued our dance until finally I felt the cum boil up inside of me and begin its speedy ride through my shaft.

I pulled out and watched spurts of creamy white fluid leap out of my cock tip onto Susan’s back and ass. She turned around to catch the last few streams on her tits. As they leaked down, Susan looked into my eyes as she wiped it off with her fingers and licked it off with her tongue.

“Just like in those movies, huh Adam?”

“Better,” I said. “You can’t feel it in the movies.”

“Speaking of the movies,” she said with slight hesitation, “remember I asked you about you and me, and a friend – a male friend?”

“I recall, yes.” I said. “Are you sure you still want that?”

“Yes I am,” she replied. “Can you make it happen?”

“I guess so,” I said softly. “Let me think about it, OK?”

Susan nodded her head as she picked up her clothes, leaving with a kiss goodnight for me.

I was nearly asleep again, when the door opened and I heard my mother’s voice. “Adam – are you awake honey?”

I turned my head, wiped the sleep from my eyes and looked at the clock, still groggy. It took a second for my brain to register that it was morning already. It seemed as though just minutes ago Susan had left the room, after getting some badly needed brotherly love. In fact, though, it was nearly seven hours later.

“Mom,” I moaned, stretching, yawning and flexing in my wake-up ritual. Mom was watching me like a cat watches the milkman. “I can’t believe it’s 10:00 already. Where is everyone?”

“Dad went to the office,” she said, “getting some paperwork out of the way. He should be back by early afternoon.”

“What about Sue?” I continued.

“Susan went with him. She had homework to do. You know how she loves to use his law library and that fast internet connection, T-1 I think it’s called. As for you and I…we’re in your bed.”

I got the picture. It had been a couple of weeks since mom and I were together, and it was sadly obvious that dad hadn’t satisfied her if indeed he’d even tried. Though she was usually dressed and either reading the papers or out of the house by this time of day, mom was sitting on my bed in her…what was she wearing?

I rubbed my eyes and took a good look at mom. God, she was stunning. Her strawberry-blonde hair partially covered her exquisite face. Those incredibly sexy green eyes. Her mouth was wide, the better to fit my…and even her teeth were perfectly dazzling white. She was wearing a sheer nylon nightgown, her smooth round breasts clearly visible beneath the thin material. I could clearly see her dark, quarter- size aureoles and thick nipples rising from the fabric. My eyes followed down to her taut stomach and curvy midsection. Stop. She was wearing no underpants. Not so much as a thong. I could plainly see the narrow shaved line of pussy hair. My cock started its uphill climb.

She had her legs crossed and the sight of those gorgeous, creamy thighs and simply incredible calves brought an unintentional moan from my throat. Those sessions on the stair stepper and long tennis matches gave her legs that a teenager would die for.

I swallowed hard and lifted my head up. I hadn’t meant to give her the once over, but I couldn’t help it and it was so obviously why she had dressed this way. Our eyes met. Mom’s were smoldering, burning into me like hot coals. She knew that I knew what she wanted, what she desperately needed. She reached out and touched the side of my face, and I took her hand and kissed the inside of her wrist. Mom shut her eyes for a moment, so elated to be touched and kissed.

She moved her face closer to mine, her arms on either side of my torso, and the pretense was over. I brought my lips to hers and kissed her. Mom immediately kicked the heat up several degrees, forcing her tongue into my mouth and swirling it exotically around mine. She kissed me like she was eating an apple. Her mouth wide open, contacting every inch of her lips with mine. She held my face in both her hands and sucked my tongue greedily into her mouth. Her kisses were just electric. You know the type, filled with passion and desire.

I reached out and cupped her ample breasts in my hands. They felt just wonderful. Soft and deceptively firm. I could feel the tremendous heat coming off her body right through the fabric. If the room were cold, mom would have steam coming off her body. Within moments, the heat of our kisses intensified, and I ran my hands around those enticing boobs, holding, squeezing, and pinching her nipples. Mom started to breathe harder and her body trembled as her hips began to move back and forth involuntarily. I knew she was impossibly horny and could not help herself. She would have fucked a cucumber at that point.

“Oh God, Adam,” she moaned. “I need you so badly.”

She ran her hands down my chest, feeling its musculature, and squeezed my nipples. Her hands quickly moved down my stomach to my groin. She pulled the blanket away and gasped. I was naked. My cock was partially erect, sort of leaning over to one side. The sight of it clearly effected her.

She shut her eyes again, her mouth open, as if thanking heaven for this prize. Then she softly stroked my cock with her hand, until it reached its full height and was throbbing in her palm.

She looked into my eyes, her warm hard still rubbing my smooth cock. “You are so beautiful, baby,” she whispered.

I leaned up and put my mouth near her ear. “Do you like my cock, mom?”

“Yes baby, oh yes.”

“Do you like the way it feels, throbbing in your hand, my hard cock?” I whispered.

Mom swallowed. The dirty talk was getting to her quickly, as I knew it would. “Oh, God yes.”

“Do you like the way it feels in your pussy, mom? When I fuck you?”

“I do…I lu…lu…I love it.”

This was fun. “Or do you like it better when I put my mouth on your hot, wet pussy and lick your clit. I like to lick your clit you know, lick all around your swollen pussy lips and taste your asshole. I like to keep licking you until you scream…until you cum…do you like it?”

“I like…I love being with you, honey.” Mom was literally trembling, goosebumps on her skin.

“Would you like to suck on my cock, mom? Would you like to swirl your tongue all around the head of my cock? Taste its pre-cum? Would you like to lick down the shaft all the way to my balls and suck on them?”

“Oh, God,” mom replied in a raspy, hoarse whisper, “I’m dying to do that.”

“OK, mom,” I said in a more civilized, consoling tone now, “please, suck my cock.”

Mom gave me a quick kiss on the lips again, then began to quickly lick her way down my body. She licked down my chest to my stomach, her hands all over me, not knowing where to touch first – wanting to touch everything at once, wanting to hold me and at the same time eat me alive.

When her face neared my cock, I could feel her hot breath on it as she hovered there a minute to savor her prize. Then she placed her mouth on the tip of my cock and moaned slightly – the kind of approving moan you make when you sip that first cup of morning coffee – as she licked off the first few drops of pre-cum that had seeped from my swollen cock head.

She moved her head slowly, slowly down my shaft, apparently enjoying every inch of the taste and feel of my cock in her mouth. In fact, when I glanced down at her crotch, I could see the first spots of wetness that must have dripped from her steaming pussy. My mother was getting excited sucking my cock. Me too. Her nails followed her tongue, lightly tracing a path down my shaft and driving me wild.

Eventually, her head hit bottom and began to rise again like a slow hi-rise elevator. Up and down her mouth went, her tongue following in circles and her hand backing her up.

Sometimes she’d let her hand remain on the bottom of my shaft, where it would lovingly rub and caress my sperm filled sac.

“Mmmm, that feel so good, mom,” I sighed. “The way you suck my cock, the way you swirl your tongue around it…mmm. Would you like to suck on my balls? Would you like that?”

“Yesss…mmm, God…” she replied, moving her mouth off of my cock and positioning her face to suck my balls. I can’t begin to describe how good it felt. Her warm, wet mouth sucking my balls, while her tongue flicked its way around them. When she looked into my eyes, saliva dripping out of the corners of her mouth, it was pure magic. I could easily smell the juices that must have now been freely flowing from her pussy, and I had to taste them.

I gently pulled her off my cock and rolled her over on her back. Lifting her gown, now drenched at the crotch, I could see the streams of liquid cascading down her thighs. I tried to catch each one on my tongue as I licked my way up her legs, holding her ankles in the air.

When I got to her pussy, I rubbed my face in it, drenching my lips, chin and cheeks in her juices. I loved it. So did mom.

“Oh God Adam,” she gushed, “Ooooooo…”

I took my thumbs and spread her pussy lips apart, giving my tongue a clear shot at her glorious inner lips and clit, which I ran my tongue around in figure-eights. Using my tongue and lips as a mini-vibrator, I hummed loudly, which would have sounded quite funny to anyone listening. But it didn’t feel funny to mom.

“Yeah…oooohh yeah…” she whispered, her voice undulating wildly as the feelings overtook her. “Feels sooo good Adam…that’s sooo good.”

I lapped at her clit like that kitten in front of a bowl of milk. It was so wet, so pink and beautiful. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be drinking the sex juices from my gorgeous mother, while she writhed in ecstasy, drenching my sheets with her juices. Mom was undulating her hips up and down on the bed non-stop, squeezing her nipples as her orgasm neared. Her breathing was coming in gasps, and she shook her head from side to side as she came.

“Fuu…fuu…fuck…I’m cumming honey. Oh Goddd…lick my pussy, lick it! Stick your face in my pussy and such me hard Adam. Suck meee…..”

She came hard all right, moaning and calling my name like that. It was such a rush. My cock was like a hard steel pole ready to be planted in her terra firma.

So when she had come down from her mountainous orgasm, I rolled her over, marveling at her toned back and shoulders, perfect ass and incredible legs. I positioned my swollen member at the entrance to her gaping hole and pushed. Her sopping pussy easily swallowed up my eager cock, and mom immediately starting pushing back into me, taking every inch of my shaft into her dripping slit.

She turned her head around to look at me. Her eyes were wild. Incredibly vibrant and opened as wide as those of a deer caught in the headlights.

“Fuck me, Adam. Fuck me like a whore – fuck me hard and fast…I want to be your cock whore mother.”

My God! OK, I thought, if that what she wants. If mom wants to play the whore, wants it hard and fast, that’s what she’s gonna get – with a bonus.

“Look at me mom,” I commanded, wetting my thumb with her juices. I played with her anus for a second, rubbing my wet thumb around it, watching it stretch and wink at me.

At the same time, my cock slowly moved in and out of her engulfing pussy.

As I flicked my thumb rapidly across and around her beautiful asshole, mom’s body jerked and swayed from the sensation. Her mouth opened and, looking into my eyes, she said softly but with purpose, “Do it, Adam. Just do it.”
With that, I took my lubricated thumb and drove it deep, so deep, into her anus. It slid easily into her tight quarters. Her eyes opened even wider, her mouth opened wide in a wordless gasp. Mom’s body momentarily stiffened, but quickly relaxed as she adjusted to the intruder. Her eyes went from wide and gaping to a look of half-lidded elation. She let out a long, “oooooo…” sound and bucked into my cock even harder.

Now, with my thumb all the way in her ass and my cock pounding her pussy, mom was getting the fucking she so richly deserved and desired. I lifted my left leg and placed it astride her body, enabling me to drive my cock as deeply as possible. At the same time, I wiggled my thumb inside her silken ass.

My cock was drenched in mom’s pussy juices, which were dripping onto my bed. Her pussy was so wet that it made sloshing noises as I slammed into her. It was her tight ass that interested me most, though – too many porn movies I guess, or just enough.

Either way, my cock longed to feel the tight, velvety smoothness my thumb was enjoying.

So, in as fluid a motion as I could manage, I pulled my cock out of her pussy – eliciting a momentary frown from mom, while pulling my thumb out of her now totally relaxed anus.
How easily my lubricated cock took the place of my thumb. Slowly sinking into the depth of her anus, I began long, hard strokes into mom’s gorgeous ass.

“You like that, mom? I nearly hissed, overwhelmed by how incredible it felt to be inside her tight, warm ass. “You like my cock in your ass – you want me to fuck you here?”

“Oh yeah, baby,” mom groaned, Oh my God, yeah.”

I held the base of my cock as it slid in and out of her perfect round ass. Her flesh was so soft looking, so pillow soft. And her skin tone so alabaster white, as though it had never seen the sun or been touched by human hands – not a mark on it. Well, I thought, now it has been touched by the son, and here come the human hands.

“Thwack,” the sound was like a shot ringing out on a silent evening. I couldn’t believe it. What had come over me. It was just that her ass was there so perfect and white, I just had to give it a light slap.

“Mmmm…” was mom’s surprising response. Was I dreaming? I gave her another slap on the ass, a little harder this time.

“Oh, God…mmmm” she confirmed.

Mom’s ass had a slight red tinge to it. I evened it out by giving two sharp cracks to her other virgin ass cheek. Mom really enjoyed it. She must have. She began throwing her ass into my cock with reckless abandon. Her body was quivering.

This time, I wanted to be sure. I gave each of her ass cheeks a substantial smack. The sound echoed off my bedroom walls.

“Oh God, Adam,” she screamed, her voice deep and thick with desire. “It feels so intense – like nothing I’ve ever…” Something about the mixture of pleasure and pain must have been resonating inside of her. My cock was pummeling her asshole, while the flat of my palm was making red patterns on her ass cheeks. Does it get any better? Mom was dripping both sweat and pussy juice all over my sheets. Her hair was getting matted to the back of her sweaty neck, and her back was gleaming with perspiration.

I continued to pump and slap, pump and slap. Mom was beginning to get delirious with ecstasy.

“Fuck my ass, Adam, slap it. Fuck it…slap it…fuck it…slap it…fuck me harder,” she said rhythmically.

And so I did. Mom’s ass was bright red by the time she crashed into – and I do mean crashed into – orgasm. Her eyes glazed over and practically rolled back into her head.

“Oh Goddd…” she spit out, her breath coming in harsh gasps, her body shaking uncontrollably, and her voice quivering as she spoke. “I’m cumming Adam…coming so hard…oh, Goddd…cum…cum…cumming…so fucking hard…so fucking…” her voice trailed off.

I gave her everything I had then. Holding her ass in both hands, I pumped her hard and fast, sending me over the edge.

“Here I cum, mom, I’m gonna cum right in your beautiful ass. Going to fill…your ass with cum now. Do you feel it mom” Do you feel my cum splashing in your ass, in your beautiful ass?”

“Yes, Oh God yes,” she screamed, my declaration somehow making her orgasm last even longer, as her hand roughly rubbed her pussy. “Cum in my ass, baby, that’s what I want…in my ass.”

“Grrrr…” I groaned, emptying my cream inside her gaping asshole. I could feel it spurting out, feel it squishing around in her asshole. It felt too incredible for words.

When I pulled my cock out of mom’s ass, her hole was as big around as a quarter, white cum leaking out and dripping down her thighs.

We were both exhausted, covered with sweat, cum and pussy juice. Mom pulled me to her, and we exchanged a passionate, long, sweaty kiss. “I’ve never been fucked like that in my life,” she gushed. “Never cum that hard.”

“You were very nasty, mom,” I said playfully.

“I like being nasty with you, Adam,” she smiled. “I like when you slap my ass, and when you command me so forcefully.”

“Well here’s one more command,” I said, bringing my cock to her mouth.

“Lick the cum off my cock – the cock that has been in your ass, mom, deep in your ass.”

Her eyes half closed, her nipples hardening.

“Yes…master” she laughed. Her wet lips took my cock in her mouth as she used her tongue well, swirling it around and licking me clean – getting me good and hard in the process.

Once my cock was nice and clean – and hard – I licked my way down her sweaty body, sucking on her firm tits until her nipples stuck out hard and thick.

I lifted her legs up and in the air and held them by her fine ankles, as my cock easily slipped inside her still wet pussy.

“I’m going to fuck you again, mom, look in my eyes. I’m going to fuck you and cum inside you again.”

“Please…” she gasped, beginning to pump her hips again to meet my thrusts, and looking at me through those incredibly sexy half-lidded passion filled eyes. “Please do…please fuck your grateful mother hard and long…master.”


Ten days went by since the night, and day, that I fucked my sister and mother. By now, I was the one feeling hot and horny. And with my parents going away for the weekend to Atlantic City, I knew I’d have my opportunity to rectify my dilemma with Susan. We both felt it.

But not Friday night, I told her. The Knicks were playing the 76ers, and I had to see that game on the MSG network. My beloved Knicks were having a poor start to the season, and this mess with Spreewell wasn’t helping. Between the Knicks, Nets, Jets and Giants, a Jersey boy like me had far too little to be happy about so far. Anyway, Doug was coming over to watch the game and put some drinks to rest with me. Doug and I have been friends since the 4th grade, and there’s nobody I trust or like to hang out with more.

The game went pretty well, actually. That is, until Susan walked in.

As you know, the girl has a body straight out of hell. When she walked in wearing shorts and a tank top, Doug’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. Her major league tits were barely covered by a thin ribbed tank top. Even with no bra they stood nearly straight out. But a blind man could practically see her dark aureoles and stiff nipples through the material. Her taut waist made her tits seem all that much bigger. Her legs, though packed with muscle, were incredibly shapely in their strength. Not thin like a runway model. Better, like a professional beach volleyball player. Coupled with her long brown hair and sparkling blue eyes, wow. Even now I must still say it – wow.

Of course, she walked up and gave Doug a kiss and hug; they’d known each forever. Then she slyly pretended to look for a book on the shelves on either side of the television. Susan reached up high, so that her flimsy top pulled out of her shorts. Then she got up on her tiptoes, highlighting her amazing calves and muscle tone. The sly smile she gave us when she turned her head around said, ‘Hi boys…like what you see?’

We liked it just fine, in fact. But what Susan didn’t know was what Doug and I had discussed and planned, with him sworn to secrecy for life. I’ve held secrets of his in confidence for 12 years, and he’s held mine – so I had no fear whatsoever. So yes, we liked what we saw and Susan was just about to find out how much.

“Sue, come sit down with us and watch the game for a few minutes,” Doug said. “Would you like a drink?”

“Sure would,” she replied in a cool, sexy voice. I’d never seen my sister handle herself in front of another guy, though Doug was an old friend. It amused me actually.

Doug chivalrously poured Susan a drink out of the pitcher of gimlets we’d mixed up. What a delicious drink, vodka and limejuice, kept ice cold and poured over ice. They went down like lemonades on a hot summer night. Before very long, we were all quite pleasantly buzzed and getting very touchy-feely.

When Doug excused himself to go to the bathroom, Susan whispered to me, “I’m so fucking horny I could fuck a lamp post right now, Adam.” I looked into her shimmering eyes. She meant it. I ran my hands along her smooth calf to her thigh, and her body shuttered. My hand continued up her leg and under her shorts, sneaking under the elastic waist of her thong. My sister’s pussy was already damp. So much so, I easily slipped a finger, then two fingers into her steamy pussy.

Susan hung her head back and sighed, “Oh God, Adam.” I could tell that she was so far gone, she didn’t care what I did. But, I had made a promise to her to try and fulfill her fantasy, and as Doug walked back in, I winked at him and he knew I was about to keep the pledge.

Doug kneeled next to Susan and stroked her soft, shiny hair. She lucked up at him with puppy-dog eyes, displaying love and obedience. As I stuck three fingers into her dripping slit, Doug stuck his tongue into her greedy mouth, where she sucked it hard, her hands roaming all over his face. I reached up and pulled off Susan’s shorts and soaking wet thong, watching with awe as they slid down her smooth, silky thighs, displaying a meticulously manicured pussy, with just a strip of hair on top, as though her pussy was the dot to the exclamation point. I held onto her lithe ankles and spread her legs, licking a path up her calves to her thighs, then just teasing her pussy lips with my tongue.

Susan was moaning into Doug’s mouth, as he reached down and easily peeled off her top. His eyes opened as wide as baseballs when he got a look at those heavenly breasts in all their naked glory. Seeing their size and shape obscured by clothing was enticing, but nothing compared to seeing them in real life. I should know. They were larger than they appeared in her bras, which must have held them down, and impossibly firm, with dark brown aureoles and nipples that, right now, were as hard and dark as two marbles. Her tits were like two volleyballs.

Doug reached out tentatively to touch them, as though they could just not be real. But once his hands found her flesh he could no longer resist, using his fingers and palms to hold, squeeze and fondle those amazing tits. When he concentrated on her nipples, rolling his thumbs around them, Susan began to pump her pussy into my face. Doug removed his lips from Susan’s. They must have been stuck together with quite some force, because I literally heard the ‘pop’ when they disengaged.

He began licking the nipple of one breast, encircling it with his tongue and than flicking it lightly. Then he did the same thing to her other breast. Once both nipples were wet and protruding like shot glasses, he pushed both breasts together and got the nipples as close as he could. Then he made big circles with his tongue, encompassing both nipples and aureoles with each pass.

Reaching over to where our drinks were, Doug grabbed a chunk of the lime we had been squeezing into our cocktails. He squeezed it over Sue’s nipples, and watched as the excess flowed slowly down her breasts. The coldness of the juice plus the slightly acidic feeling made Susan’s nipples tingle and elicited a soft “ohoooo” from her lips. Doug rubbed the juice into her nipples, then licked it off using just the tip of his tongue. Then he rubbed some more on his tongue and gave her a long tart kiss. How cool.

“Oh God, Doug,” Susan sighed deeply as small lighting bolts shot down her body, “You really know just what to…it goes right to my pussy.”

Her pussy…that was my job. I began to lap at her pussy lips in earnest. I wouldn’t say she was flowing like a faucet, but she was noticeably wet. I was aiming to get the floodwaters flowing. I licked and lightly bit her inner lips, as my thumb moved in and out of her lubricated hole. I could both taste and smell her arousal increasing. Her lips began oozing moisture, which I enthusiastically licked off and swallowed. I love Italian food, but this was better.

Sue’s hips were moving back and forth, pushing her pelvic bone into my face as her first climax rocked her. She held Doug’s head and practically ripped a patch of his curly hair out.

“Ohhh, yeah,” she squealed, “You guys…I’m gonna…Here it…I’m cumming now, right now…cumming…God it feels…mmmmm…”

Then with her mouth wide open and her eyes half closed, seeing nothing but feeling everything, her body shook ferociously, erupting in goosebumps. My sister stiffened like she’d just been hit with the electric paddles, her back arched and toes stretched out. Slowly, her body came down from that lofty high and settled into the post climax feeling of overall well being.

“Mmmm,” she purred, “that was so nice.”

This wouldn’t be much of a story if it ended there, though. The best was yet to come.

We chilled out for a few more minutes, sipping our drinks and building up a sex jones again. Doug was stroking Susan’s hair and neck, and before long they began to engage in a kissing frenzy, liquor enhanced I have no doubt. Susan was heatedly kissing Doug’s handsome face, then moved down his neck. An unexpected moan seemed to escape from her lips when he removed his shirt to unveil his toned physique.

Sue rubbed and kissed down his chest, licking his nipples and rubbing her hands over his torso in appreciative lust. When she reached his pants, my sister deftly undid his belt and pulled down his zipper. Not surprisingly, Doug wore no underpants and his steely cock sprung free to Sue’s delighted surprise.

Sue eyed her prize for a moment, then rubbed her hands over it slowly, as if taking in its smooth, soft texture through her pores. A glint of pre-cum appeared on Doug’s meatus, the tip of his cock, and Sue quickly licked it off with a swipe of her tongue. Within moments, Doug dropped his head back on the couch as Sue began to lick around the head of his cock while slowly pumping the shaft. I could see her tongue snaking its way along the ridge of his swollen cock head, and could only imagine how great that felt. Bent over his cock this way, I was also treated to the sight of her pendulous breasts hanging majestically over him.

From my point of view, Sue’s incredible ass was nearly in my face, and her glistening pussy was overwhelmingly inviting. Standing up, I slipped my pants off and freed my cock from its cotton prison. It pointed straight at Sue’s enticing pussy like a divining rod.
And why not? There was indeed water dripping from her as yet unused hole.

I positioned my self behind my sister, my left leg straddling her on the couch, and my right leg on the floor. Holding my cock in one hand, I placed it at the entrance to her pussy.

“Sue,” I asked, “would you like your brother to fuck you while you’re sucking Doug’s cock?”

“Oh God, yes” she slurred, her mouth otherwise occupied.

My stiff rod slipped easily inside her swollen and sloppy pussy. Within a few strokes, I was pummeling in and out full bore, while Sue continued to lavish attention on Doug’s lucky cock. As I held her hips and fucked her long and steady, she licked his balls as though they were coated with honey and she was the queen bee.

You should have heard the sounds coming from my sister’s mouth and pussy. She was moaning steadily at one end, sucking and slurping with purpose, while her pussy made wonderful squishing sounds with each pump I gave – that’s how drenched in her own juices she was.

I suppose one can only imagine the level of desire someone is feeling. I wondered what Sue must be experiencing. A thin sheen of sweat was emerging on her lower back, so striated and defined with muscle tone from her athletic persuits. I watched as my cock slid effortlessly into her young pussy, and swallowed hard each time it engulfed and squeezed on my sodden shaft. She was pushing her hips into my pelvis, matching me stroke for stroke. At the same time, her face was filled with cock, Doug’s cock, and she was managing to swallow most of it with each bob of her head.

To make sure I made contact with Sue’s G-spot as much as possible, I was using a middle-eastern Tao technique. I would push my cock in just an inch or two for five or six strokes, so the head made contact with her G-spot, then on the next stroke, push all the way in. This way I could make contact with the area much more often and closer together, while lasting longer as well. No wonder she was sweating. I only wish I could have seen her eyes and the emotions they betrayed.

After a few minutes, she felt so good that she could only concentrate on the spikes of pleasure running through her pussy, and she stopped sucking Doug’s cock.

Now was the time, I decided, to rock her world. It was something I had thought about, vacillated on and ultimately decided with Doug to try with my sister. This evening was going to be more memorable that she could have dreamed.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy. It was gleaming with her slick coating. I lifted Sue off
the couch. She look bewildered and disoriented for a moment, standing there naked with juice flowing down her thighs. Beautiful, but bewildered. Once I lay across the couch, though, and motioned to her to get on top of me, a smile curled her lips. She knew, or at least surmised, that something was up.

Sue climbed on top of me, and my cock sunk into her waiting pussy like the proverbial hot knife through butter. What an amazing feeling, my hot shaft taking a ride through an ocean of hot, wet flesh. Sue felt it, too, as the thickness of my rod made contact with the sides of her pussy.

“Mmmm, oh Adam,” she sighed breathlessly. “That feels so nice. Your cock is…mmm…my brother’s cock feels so good inside of me.”

Then she opened her eyes just halfway and gave me a look that could melt arctic snowcaps. A sex-drunk look that told me she was half on the way to orgasm, and half on the way to heaven. She moved her hair out of her face and opened her mouth just a little. I watched in my own sex-driven lust as her tongue snaked out to lick her lips.

“Sue…baby…”I said, “lay down on me. I want to feel those incredible tits against my chest.”

Sue complied, as Doug moved behind her on the couch. He waited a few more moments, until Sue’s breathing increased and her orgasm was closer at hand. Then he began to rub her asshole with his thumb in small circles.

“Ohhh, yeah Doug, “Sue panted, “that feels really…mmm that feels so good.”

Doug inserted his thumb just a digit into her opening as she continued to bounce up and down on my cock with renewed fervor. Then he positioned his lubricated cock by her anus.

“Hold on a second Sue,” I commanded her. “Just lay on top there for a moment. Yeah, just like that, hold still… that’s a girl.”

As I finished my sentence and Sue complied, Doug removed his thumb and replaced it with his cock. Sue opened her eyes and mouth wide, and breathed in deeply.

“Oh, ahhh, whoa, I….” she stammered, both of her holes now filled with cock. But Doug and I knew what we were doing. Doug slowly, patiently moved in and out of her anus until she began to feel the wonders of the stimulation he was providing.

“Now, Sue,” I said, “let’s start moving again, baby. Up and down, that’s right. That’s a good little sister.”

Doug and I got our rhythm going well. As I thrust my cock into her pussy, Doug was pulling out of her ass. Then as I pulled out, he impaled her ass on his cock again. And so it went. Sue was in a world of her own. The combination of vaginal and anal stimulation had her sweating like she was running a marathon, and moaning like a…well, like the cock hungry little whore sister that she had become.

It felt surreal. It’s only a thin wall of flesh that separated her vagina and anus, and Doug and I could actually feel each other’s cocks inside of my sister, going in and out in a sawing motion. Sue was simply beside herself, being fucked good and hard by the two of us.

“Oh my God!” she cried out before long, “I’m gonna…I’m gonna…her I cum…you guys are…Goddddd, “I’m gonna cum soooo hard. Godddd…”

And cum she did. Shivering, shaking and quaking. But Doug and I didn’t stop, so enamored were we both with the incredulity of the situation, and Sue’s beauty and willingness. We felt that neither of us might repeat this situation in our lifetimes, so we did out best to hold off cumming.

“Oh Gggoodd…” Sue cried again as her second, or was it her third orgasm twisted her body. “I can’t take much more, I’m cumming again…cum…cum…cumming.

I finally began to have pity of my sister, and believed that she had cum enough for one evening. She was covered with sweat and slowing down her movements. Her energy was waning, and so was ours. So Doug and I both relaxed and let nature takes its course. We came heartily, filling both of her holes with creamy white filling.

When we were finished and disconnected from our Twister-like maze, we lay together panting, sweating and catching our breath. Each of us knew that we had shared something very unusual, and that the bond it created between us would be our lifelong secret.

When the phone rang, it was Sue who picked it up.

“Mom?” she answered, immediate concern in her voice, “what’s wrong?”

She looked stunned and pale as I took the phone from her. “Mom, it’s Adam, is everything alright?”

“Oh Adam,” she replied weakly, “your father has had a heart attack…”

“Thank God it wasn’t a heart attack,” Mom said as she greeted us.

Sue and I had rushed to the hospital, breaking every speed limit and barreling through red lights when we could, as soon as Mom had called.

“What do you, mean, Mom?” I asked. Not that I had wanted it to be heart attack, but we had just broken every traffic law to get here and now we found out it was…

“Indigestion,” Mom said. “Can you believe it? He was out with clients and began to feel faint and his chest hurt. Turned out his chest was sore from working out the day before and had a mild spasm and the food upset his stomach and together…”

“He thought he was having a heart attack,” Sue said.

“Actually, his clients did. Dad still thinks he’s indestructible but they didn’t want to take any chances.”

What a relief. I had really been surprised when Mom initially called from the hospital. Dad wasn’t just in good shape for his age, he was in good shape period. He worked out nearly every day and when mom and dad were by the pool, mom’s friends nearly drooled over his still muscular, athletic frame with tight abs and veiny, muscular arms. Dad was one of those guys who would be in good shape for life—it made him happy to stay that way.

When we took him out of hospital he was slightly amused and a little more than annoyed to have to be wheeled out in wheelchair. He took the rest of the day off to take it easy and milk it by having us do everything around the house for him and by Monday he was back to his schedule without missing a beat.


Ben Foster had been quite the lady’s man as a college and law student. And he’d enjoyed sex. Enjoyed it quite a bit. He’d been with older women, younger women…enough to be an experienced lover.

But when he met Lynn those other women melted from his mind. She was incredibly lovely; tall and statuesque, and he felt immense pride having her on his arm. She was a nice person as well, had a great smile and laugh, and combined with her looks, she was just the combination he thought would make him happy for life.

There sex life, somehow though, never quite got off the ground. She was willing if inexperienced; certainly never adventurous. The young Ben Foster thought this would change with time and like every father and aspiring career man, got lost in the joys and challenges of bringing up and taking care of his young family.

But the sex between him and mom never did quite get off the ground. Considering the cock-pleasing sex whore—and I say this with the greatest respect—that mom had become, it must have been a chemistry thing. Sexual chemistry with a relationship is either there or it’s not. With mom and dad it never truly was.

The same cannot be said for dad and his former secretary, Adrianna. What started out as simple flirting became a much deeper mutual attraction, and many of dad’s late nights were pleasantly spent with Adrianna, who never seemed to mind working late and would do anything for her appreciative boss. Anything.

Adrianna was not a small girl, but everything about her was sexy. Large, perfectly shaped breasts, strong muscular calves, long, shiny dark brown hair that she sometimes wore in a ponytail but most often up in some sort of bun arrangement. Her smile was captivating and her laugh—hearty and genuine—betrayed a girl who liked to have a good time.

More than once Ben had caught Adrianna’s furtive glances at him—held just a little longer than a casual look. She wanted him and knew it. The smell of her lust was unmistakable; even the tone of her voice was different when speaking to him. And her grey-blue eyes betrayed anything but business, though her demeanor to anyone else in the office was strictly professional.

She guarded Ben Foster’s business life like a pit bull. Her loyalty to him, his career and success, was respected. Other partners at the firm were certainly jealous of Ben. Lovely wife at home, smart, loyal secretary at work who was clearly there to serve him. Yes, to serve…

Ben had just finished with a long, exhausting case that the firm had won, but not without the usual sacrifice of late nights searching the law library for precedents and loopholes. He and Adrianna were alone in the office on a Saturday, which was not unusual when the paperwork of a case had to be complete and out the door.

Ben was in the office before her, wearing jeans and a polo shirt. He heard Adrianna come into the office and put her bag down. Turning to say good morning, his eyes had to take a moment to take in what he was seeing. Adrianna was wearing a tight T-shirt that accentuated her full breasts, a tan skirt with high heels that accentuated those shapely calves and…some sort of leather necklace that looked more like a choke collar. Her long hair was down and he’d never quite noticed how silky and beautiful it was. How did he miss that? What else was different, he wondered. Oh yes, she wasn’t wearing glasses, and her large eyes were simply beautiful and remarkably expressive.

They awkwardly maneuvered around each other until dusk, when the work was essentially complete and they were both spent from the previous weeks of intense effort.

“What a week, huh?” Ben said, settling into his office chair, Adrianna on the other side of the desk.

“Seriously,” Adrianna said, “like a roller coaster—a long one—but we’re at the end of the ride at last.”

“We should at least celebrate with a drink, do you think?” he asked.

“That would be awesome,” she replied, opening his liquor cabinet and pouring them each a double shot of Jameson’s. Ben had loved the taste and sensation of Jameson whisky since his law school days.

“Mmmm,” Ben said at his first sip. “Love that.”

“There’s practically nothing I’d rather taste going down my throat,” Adrianna replied, tasting the strong flavor.”

They sat in silence for a moment, looking at each other and drinking their shots. After a few minutes the whisky began to take effect.

“Practically nothing?” Ben said, taking the bait.

It was time.

“Practically.” She confirmed.

“What else would you like going down your throat tonight, Adrianna?” Ben said. He knew he was being bold, but the way he said it actually sounded playful; challenging.

The weeks spent working in synch had apparently broken down some unspoken barriers between them. “Anything you want” she said softly but purposely. She couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. Thoughts rushed into her head.

The months she’d spent watching domination videos and masturbating herself over and over until she fell asleep. The lingerie she’d bought for the right person to see and appreciate…the right person who never materialized. The scenarios she’d dreamed up in her head but that had only led to frustration without the right person to share them with. This was her opportunity to make her fantasies come true…she hoped.

“Anything?” he replied.

“Yes, Mr. Foster,” she said. For the first time he wondered why he hadn’t recalled her ever speaking his first name.

“You’ve never called me Ben, have you, Adrianna?” “No.” she said flatly. “I’d call you sir if I could. In my fantasies, I always call you sir. And believe me sir, I have such vivid fantasies of being controlled. Being told what to do…having all choice taken from me. So many men want control, or think they want it, but then have no idea what to do with it.”

“Of being controlled by whom?” he said, cutting to the chance and ever grammatically correct.

“You of course.” There, she said. “I dream of you commanding me like you command a courtroom.” She hoped she hadn’t gone too far. She bit her lip and felt her pussy get moist at this all-or-nothing gambit.

Ben believed her. And at moment he felt more powerful and adventurous than perhaps at any other time in his life.

“And if I were to agree to control you, what would you want me…” he stopped in midsentence, realizing that he was doing exactly what the other men—sheep—had done. Ben Foster was no sheep. “OK, so you’ve agreed that you want to be in my control.”

“Yes,” she said.

“And you want me to control you, dictate your actions”

“Yes, Ben, yes,” she said, feeling his power, feeling like the witnesses he’d brought to their knees when necessary. She wanted to be on her knees for him.

“And you will do whatever I say, and do it without question or hesitation, is that right?” He said, pouring another shot of Jameson’s in her glass.

“And you will state here and now that this is of your own volition. That I did not coerce you in any way to behave this way?”

“I’ve already worked that out,” she said. Taped to the underside of your desk is a sealed letter from me stating that you in no way coerced me to do anything and that, in fact, exactly the opposite occurred. Not that you’ll ever need it.”

“Drink this, Andrianna,” he said, handing her another shot of Jameson’s. Any inhibition she may have had, evidently, was thin at best anyway.

“Yes sir,” she said, dutifully draining the glass.

Ben sat back a moment and toyed with her, gauging his power and her level of desire.

“So if I said I want you to suck my cock all the way down your throat, you’d do it.”

“Just order me to, sir,” she replied.

“And if I want you to tongue fuck my ass…”

“Of course,” she said, her head swimming and her pussy beginning to tingle.

“And if I want to stick a vibrator in your ass, along with my cock…”

“Oh please,” she said, nearly begging him to begin, “anything…everything.”

“Come over here, Adrianna,” he said. I want to taste those big tits of yours.

Adrianna nearly few out of her chair, sliding over the desk to stand in front of him.

“Sit on the desk,” he commanded her.

“Yes sir.”

Ben literally ripped her thin shirt open and pulled the most luscious set of tits he’d ever seen out of her bra. He alternately sucked on one tit, lightly biting the nipple and running his tongue around her areole, and squeezing her other nipple between his fingers. His cock was beginning to make a familiar tent in his pants. He squeezed her tits hard, fascinated by their size and firmness, then lifted his head to kiss her mouth. An enveloping kiss that seemed to engulf her whole body. He ran his tongue inside her lips, over her teeth; swirled it around inside her mouth. My God, she thought, this was a man who knew how to kiss. Not hard, and many men mistook for passion, not soft or tentative. But with conviction and experience. Just the kind of kiss she knew he’d give her.

Then he turned her around and ran his tongue up the line of her back, licking up the tail of the dragon that she had tattooed from under her arm to the small of her back. All the while, he was holding and squeezing her tits. Adrianna’s head dropped back, her long dark hair falling over him. “Oh, Godddd…that feels good,” she murmured in a throaty voice as he wet her back with his tongue, running his hands up and down her sides and holding her tits when his hands reached back up.

“Get off the desk and stand in front of me, facing the desk,” he said.

“Yes, Ben, yyess,” she said, barely coherent.

Once she did, he unzipped her skirt and watched it fall to the floor. No panties.

He bent her over the desk and ran his tongue down the crack of her ass. It tasted exquisite.

“Spread your ass cheeks for me,” he said.

“Yes sir” Adrianna said, pulling her ass checks apart and exposing her tight pucker.

Ben teased it at first, running little circles around it. He could smell her pussy juices. Had he looked, he would have seen her pussy just glistening with them. He ran his tongue in tighter and tighter circles, ultimately sticking it further and further into her ass. Adrianna pulled her ass cheeks as far apart as she could to give his tongue total access.

He alternated flicking his tongue in and out of her ass with long, slow entrances and exits, taking what seemed like minutes to let his tongue fully explore her ass, then slowly pulling it out only to start again. Most men barely tolerated licking her ass, but he, only he, seemed to revel in the pleasure it brought her. Indeed he did. He loved to feel her quiver and hear her loud moans as his tongue ravaged her ass.

“Oh, yes, oh God, please, that feels so good, baby …that feels so fucking good. You’re making me just crazy…”

While he tongue fucked her ass, Ben turned up the heat by sticking first one, then two of his fingers in Adrianna’s now sopping pussy. He could feel her bear down on his fingers with her vaginal muscles, and he felt the ridges on the inside top of her pussy. He knew enough pressure there and she could blow. He was right.

“Sir, may I, please, may I cum for you?” she begged him, her jaw quivering as the words spilled out.

“Not yet,” he said firmly, punctuated with a sharp crack of his hand on her ass.”

She didn’t know how she could hold on. Her orgasm was coming hard and fast. She felt the tingle in her ankles run up her calves and into her thighs.

“Nnnn…can’t wait much longer Ben. Please, pl…let me cum, need to cum.”

Without saying a word, Ben bent Adrianna over further and removed his tongue from her ass, replacing it with his thumb, and took her clit in his mouth, sucking it hard. There was no choice for Adrianna anymore.

Grabbing to edges of the desk for support as her knees went weak, Adrianna felt her orgasm rising like a Phoenix, making every part of her tingle. She could literally feel the orgasm in her eyelids, causing her eyes to flutter.

“Oh my God!” she screamed. Cum…cumm…cumming so fucking hard…grrrrrr…ahhhhhh!”

Ben held her legs tight and continued to suck her clit right through her orgasm, until the last drop of energy drained from her and those big tits rested on his desk.

“Now turn around, get on your knees and suck my cock, just like you’ve dreamed.” she heard him say. He was a whiz at sizing up people’s inner-most feelings.

When Adrianna turned around, Ben could see her neck and forehead gleaming with sweat, and it turned him on even more. Looking into his eyes, she undid his belt and zipper, pulled down his boxer briefs and released her prize.

Adrianna started sucking from his taint to his balls and back, then lavished his balls with her hot, wet tongue. She went back to his ass again and gave him a rimming that took his breath away, inserting her pinkie just a little for added pleasure. Ben’s eyes nearly rolled back in his head. Then she went back to concentrating on his balls. She moved his hands up under his shirt, shivering as she felt the ridges of his stomach muscles.

Ben lightly stroked his cock until Adrianna took that job over, twisting her hand around his thick, hard cock as she sucked his balls. Reaching over, Ben poured a little of the Jameson’s on his cock, which Adrianna easily sucked off by taking his cock deep down her throat.

God, how Adrianna loved a hard cock in her mouth. Just the thought of it made her pussy tingle. Ben was right, she had imagined this moment, with this man, in her dreams, waking up to find her sheets wet with her pussy juices. Woken up horny, frustrated and alone, masturbating just to survive and not for the sheer pleasure.

But not tonight. Tonight Adrianna had the object of her every desire’s hard cock in her mouth and as she relished her prize, she couldn’t help but rub her own pussy, and begin to get into a frenzy. Deep, deep down her throat she took him. She loved the unmistakable gurgle she heard coming from his throat, the gurgle of pleasure. He was holding her hair up, out of her eyes, watching her suck his cock. She loved that.

“That’s it, Adrianna…God that’s it. Take it all the way down just like that. That feels fucking amazing.”

“Stick your finger in my ass, girl, do it now.”

Adrianna rubbed her pussy one last time to get her finger good and lubed, then carefully inserted in into his asshole. Ben shuddered. With her finger firmly implanted, she resumed sucking and stoking his cock with her other hand.

Ben’s quad muscles tightened; he could feel the cum rising up from his balls and out his shaft. Spurt after spurt into Adrianna’s mouth didn’t deter her in the least. She kept sucking until the well was dry.

[Author's note: If this was a porn Ben would be hard and ready again in 30 seconds—if that long. It's great to have time between takes. But let's assume that this is real life, and though Ben is a strong and robust man, he still needs some recovery time.]

It got weird for a few minutes. Perhaps both of them wondering about the door they’d opened and to where it would lead them. On the other hand, they had worked together for quite some time and had built up a comfort level that was solid. In addition, they were both excited that they had found an outlet for the unrequited passion they both felt and needed to express.

Ben could not get over how he had missed how incredibly sexy Adrianna was. What a powerful sexual aura she exuded…with the right person. She was the definition of sexy to him. Smart, funny, charismatic and with a passion that, once revealed, was endless.

For her part, Adrianna had always found Ben attractive. It was in his smile, his lightning-quick wit and supportive nature, his lust for life and passion for…passion. It didn’t hurt that he was built like a brick shithouse, too, and worked hard to stay that way. She liked a man who was aware of his physique, without going overboard, and knew how to use his body to give pleasure. He was a rare find and just what she needed.

Making their way to his office couch, they found themselves kissing and touching each other all over. Adrianna pulled a small, thin vibrator out of her purse and turned it on. The new batteries hummed to life and she rubbed it along Ben’s stomach and chest, up the side of his neck, looking into his eyes with an expression that was both playful and excited.

Taking her hand in his, Ben directed the vibrator to Adrianna’s lower neck and upper breasts. As she released in into his hand, she leaned in to kiss him, feeling absolutely no inhibition whatsoever; he could do whatever he wanted—in any way he wanted, and she would be satisfied. She smiled at the absurd comical thought of him driving a truck up her ass.

She wouldn’t be that far off.

Still locking tongues with her, Ben rubbed the slender vibrator around Adrianna’s sensitive nipples, sending shock waves into her. Everywhere the vibrator went, his tongue followed. Across her breasts, down her stomach, the small of her back…up her sexy calves to her pussy. There he let it linger just inside her entrance as he licked designs on her clit. She felt like jello, quivering all over and losing all control.

Ben positioned Adrianna on her side, moving the vibrator from her pussy to her ass and back, each time coating it further with her juices. Finally, he let it sink into her ass while he licked her pussy with long, powerful strokes of her tongue.

“Oh my God, baby, you’re making me crazy…making me…making me…oh my G…..”

Ben was fixated in Adrianna’s choke collar. He knew from college anatomy class—since every lawyer is a frustrated physician—that he didn’t want to deprive her of air, but of blood. That if he pulled that collar just right, the lack of blood to her head would put her in a different place, intensifying everything she felt. Restricting her air supply even for a short time would make it hard for her to breathe. Restricting the blood flow to her head would make her crazy…in a really, really good way.

So when he lifted his head up and pulled the collar to the base of her neck and tightened his grip, Adrianna felt like she was going into a trance; where all she could feel was the pleasure he was giving her. It seemed through her eyes as though things went from color to a sort of sepia tone. She felt as though things were moving in slow motion, and as though she could hear her own heart beating, or the wings of a fly fluttering. Like she could feel every cell in her body—and they all felt pleasure.

A pleasure Ben was about to take up a notch—at least.

Ben carefully moved Adrianna off the couch and positioned himself behind her—her torso lying over the couch. Then his straddled her, one leg on the floor and the other leaning up against the couch. He was in perfect position to…stick the vibrator fully in her ass and his cock along with it.

Adrianna felt a momentary tightness and then a feeling of pleasure that she couldn’t even describe. She knew that Ben’s cock and the vibrator were both in her ass, but there was no pain, nothing but a mind-blowing feeling of, of…no words could describe it. She felt hotter than at any time she could remember. Even sticking her finger in her own ass…two fingers, to accompany the vibrator when she was alone masturbating felt nothing like this.

Holding the collar tight, and fucking her with both the vibrator and his cock, Ben was sending her into another world. Her pussy juices were flooding out of her, literally dripping down the leather couch. Her mouth was open and speechless. Even if she could speak, there would be no way to describe what she was feeling. Like being rocked by a thousand tiny orgasms every single second. Her body was literally jerking with their force. She had never been rocked like this before.

What this man was doing to her was beyond what she had ever experienced before—beyond her fantasies. This was the closest to heaven she’d ever been.

“Mmmm…you’re taking my cock in your ass so good…so good.”

Adrianna couldn’t even reply. She felt as though she wasn’t even fully in the room, like she was in another place, a place where there was nothing. No couch, no carpet, no doors, only what she was feeling. Her body was not under her control. She couldn’t move. Her whole world was the vibrator and cock slamming into her ass, sending shock waves through her pussy, which felt like it was directly hardwired to her brain. She was in a continuous state of orgasm that she thought would never end…nor did she want it to.

Finally when Ben was close to cumming, he let up on the collar and again, an orgasm of seismic proportions hit Adrianna and she screamed, “Aaaaaa….Oh My God!!…Woooo…baby, you’re making me…GGGooodddd…cumming again, again….so hard…”

Ben pulled the vibrator out of Adrianna’s ass along with his cock.

“Turn around, quickly,” he said.

Just as Adrianna turned her head to face Ben he grabbed hold of her hair and brought his cock to her mouth. She knew just what to do. She stuck out her tongue and stroked his swollen cock until he came on her tongue and lips. Adrianna eagerly licked his cum off and swallowed it, looking up at him with half-lidded eyes. She was literally exhausted from cumming so much.

They took their time getting dressed and not a lot was said. Not a lot needed to be said. They knew what had happened and they knew it happened again.

What Ben did not know, could not know, was that within just a short time he would do something he never dreamed of in his life. He would fuck his own daughter…and he would love it.

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