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This year was going to be my second time traveling back to my country for vacation the time before was great so I was looking forward to another awesome time, as I was talking to my cousin who was preparing everything over there for my trip he reminded me that the carnivals festivities where soon that even made it more exiting for me since I haven’t been to them for at least 14-15 years ago. a couple of months before my trip I went to visit mom and dad and I also remembered that his birthday was in feb and didn’t know what to give him, and I realized his Birthday coincided with my trip so why not invite him, he still has friends down there it would be great, after a little convincing he warmup to the idea.

On the day came of our trip I had got in contact with my cousin once more to remind him that my father was coming with me. He was exited that we were coming and so was his father. My uncle had already made plans to hang with him. As we reached the airport my cousin, my cousin and his wife and kids where their to pick us up. Panama had changed a lot and my father was amazed of how much. As we reached my cousins house, we were greeted by my uncle and lots of friends and family.

We rested from out trip that day and I smiled to see my father so happy. So many of his friends had dropped in to see him, all asking him to come with them to the Carnival. I really felt good. The next day my father and uncle insisted that I go off and do my thing with my friends. I agreed and went to my room to find my new bathing suit. It was one I’d bought special for Panama, not one I would dare to wear in the states.

I slipped on a two-piece bikini witch tied at the back and at the sides. Then I slipped on a beach top over the suit and gathered my stuff and went to meet my gang at the beach that was not too far from the house at walking distance it took us a half a hour just to get there but didn’t mind the walk.

I’d been there only a couple of hours when a friend asked if I have pictures of my house in the states and when I said they were out the house he looked disappointed. I was so happy to be here and have dad happy too that I said to him.

“I’ll run back and get them. Does anyone need anything else?”

No one wanted anything and I slipped on my cover up and went home to get the pictures. I heard loud laughter and music as I neared the house. When I entered my uncle met me in the kitchen and he was already pretty drunk wearing his red speedos I laughed as I passed him by and saw my father in the living room and he too was drunk as hell, laughing and asking me to sit with him and drink. As I rummaged in my room for the photos I was smiling at how the two of them could get this way so early in the day. Grabbing the pictures I stood and left my room. only to be met in the hall by my uncle.

“Come on dance with us for a while.”

He slurred his speech. I laughed and tried to push past him but he grabbed me by my arm and steered me to the living room. Some “bachata” was playing as he started to make me dance with him. I tried to go along with it for a while just to keep him happy. I had all day to be with my friends. I soon felt him grinding on me harder and he became more aggressive by the moment. When he started to let his hand slip from my waist to my ass, I took his hand away and said.

“Ok! Ok! That’s enough!”

I tried to walk away but my father got up and pulled me down onto his lap. I noticed he was wearing nothing but a long t-shirt I was like.

“OMG! What are you guys doing?”

They just laughed and kept drinking. I was wondering if they even knew I was their daughter and niece and when my uncle tried to kiss me on my neck I knew they what they hoped to get from me. I felt someone trying to fondle my breast to my surprise it was my own father. I panicked and pushed my uncle off me. At the same time I was getting a good view of his erection in his speedos. Still staring at my uncles growing erection my father pulled me towards him and onto his lap. He was holding back my arms and I could feel he too was getting erect. I could not believe what they were doing.

My uncle told my father to hold me down. He was trying to rip my beach cover off which would leave me in just my tiny bathing suit. I scrambled to free myself to no use. All I managed to accomplish was to allow my uncle to get my beach cover off and leave me on the floor in my bathing suit. I tried screaming at them telling them I was not some woman they had hired for the day but their daughter and niece. But with the music blasting and with all they had had to drink it was useless. I knew they were so drunk they where out of there minds. My father pushed me down face down on the floor. I squirmed under his hands and looked back. I could see my uncle standing and he had already pulled his bottoms off and his dick had popped out at attention. He was so erect that his dick was almost pointing up to his tummy. Just then I felt my father grinding on my ass with his now exposed erection. He was busy trying to undo my swimsuit. I could not move much but I fought to squirm and get away. All I managed to accomplish was to tear my own suit from my tits leaving them exposed to these two drunk and very horny men.

My father had managed to untie one of the stings holding my bottoms on and had put his erection into the crack of my ass and was sliding it back and forth. I did not know if he was too drunk to put it in me, or if he was just humping my ass crack. Once again I yelled at him.

“Dad, stop please stop this.”

He was to drunk to hear his own daughter over the music and the drink. Having my fathers hard dick sliding thru my ass crack was an image I never wanted to have and I closed my eyes and tried to shut the whole thing out. I hoped that they would come to their senses before they did anything more. When I opened my eyes and saw my uncle kneeling in front of me trying to put his dick in my mouth.

I once again tried to say something but my uncle got on his knees right in front of me and started trying to stick his dick right in my mouth. He was forcing my mouth open. Then he shoved his cock right down my throat making me gag some. The idea of my uncle’s dick in my mouth almost made me sick he then started to practically fuck my mouth and I could feel his balls slapping my chin. I just closed my eyes and gasped for air trying to not gag or throw up since the head of his cock would go down my throat with each trust of his hips.

At the same time my father with his hard dick still in my ass crack started using his legs to open mine as he fanatically humped me his dick finally got between my legs splitting my pussy lips open. My own body was betraying me and I could feel my pussy was soaked wet. My attention went back to my uncle as he took both his hands to hold the back of my head. I tried to push him off with mine or at least control his trusting but to no use. He would pull my head to him and his cock would go deeper down my throat. I could feel the helmet shape of the head of his cock as he went down my throat. He would slow down and stop every 5-6 pumps giving me time to get my breath back.

At this time I felt my fathers hand go down behind me and I felt him holding his dick and guiding it in my vagina I couldn’t believe how his thick dick was stretching my pussy. As he got it all in he just went crazy pounding away. I manage to get my uncle’s dick out of my mouth just in time to let out screams that really sounded like laud moans. I tried to doge the attempts of my uncle to push his dick back in my mouth and I was able to turn my face so I could stare my father in the face but he wasn’t paying attention to my face in fact he was gazing down at how his crotch area was smacking against my ass, making them slightly red from the pounding. At that moment my uncle forcefully grabbed my face and turned it towards him shoving his dick back down my throat all in one action. With both his hands holding the back of my head, He would say.

“Swallow it, swallow it!”

When his dick shot his cum down my throat I had no other choice but to try to swallow it so I would not choke. His semen was really thick and salty as it went down. Gulping my uncle’s semen as best as I could I felt my father pounding me hard. His thrusts had gotten more and more erratic before he pulled out and came right on my back. He sprayed shots and shots of man goo all over my ass and back.

I let out a long sigh of relief thinking that it was over but I was far from right. As I was getting up now on all fours my uncle grab me from behind and with one move his dick was balls deep in me he then arched over me taking both hands and cupping my breast squeezing them really hard. He was lightly biting the back of my neck. He must have been at least a inch bigger then my father as I could feel his dick fill me up and his nut sack smack against my clit. He didn’t even clean the cum on my back as his chest and stomach pressed into my back and mixed his sweat with my father’s now drying cum. He fucked me like a dog fucks his bitch only making his hips do all the trusting. I looked to my left and saw my father sitting down on the couch his cock still hard as a rock. He was stroking it while he enjoyed the view of my uncle humping away. My Uncle’s hands moved from my breast and were now griping my pussy tightly. He was still arched over me laying all of his weight on me. I tried to move away. I tried creeping my way on all fours to a near by seat. All the while he was crawling with me, humping away like he was stuck to me. I reached the seat and arched my self up still on my knees. I relieved some of his weight from my back but now my uncle’s face was on my right shoulder, his eyes were closed and he was drooling spittle all over my shoulder. He was enjoying every minute. He would whisper.

“Your pussy is so tight ”

My breath was erratic and I was moaning as my body kept betraying me. I could feel my orgasm building up and as much as I wanted to contain myself, my body was enjoying all the ravishing even though I wasn’t.

I watched as my father calmly walked over with his erection bobbing up and down freely. He took a seat in front of me. My uncle then stopped fucking me and withdrew his dick. He pulled me up to my feet. I was week and my head was spinning. I felt my father grab a hold of my waist and guide me to sit on him facing him. He took one of my breasts in his mouth as he guided his dick all the way into my wet pussy. As he pushed me down on it I couldn’t help but let out a laud gasp. I watched my uncle stroke his dick and start to caress my ass wile I bounced up and down on my father’s dick. My orgasm was imminent as I felt my body again building up to cum. I jumped in surprise when I felt my uncle insert on of his fingers inside my ass hole and start fucking me with it. As he plumbed my ass with his finger he kept stroking his dick faster and faster.

My uncle was kissing my shoulders and my father’s mouth moved from breast to breast sucking and playing with my nipples. His dick was slamming inside me. His dick was so thick I could feel each ripple and vain rub against my pussy. It was all too much and I began to cum. I came so hard my body started shaking uncontrollably. My pussy and ass muscles started contracting making my uncle wiggle his finger in my ass. As I my body was consumed in orgasm I felt my dad’s body also jerking. He was cumming. Squirt after squirt of cum was filling up my pussy.

“Oh my God, your pussy is milking my dick so hard”

As he said that I could feel his dick throbbing and just then my uncle pulled his finger out my ass. He moved closer to me and pulled my hair roughly towards him as he held his hard dick in my face. I watched the head of his dick as the little slit seemed to open up and he started shooting his load all over my face. Globs and globs of his man juice erupted glazing my face with it. At least I could now get up and with shaky knees I walked to the bathroom.

They just lie there. I couldn’t bring my self to believe what did just happened. They were laughing as their dicks, now semi-hard drooled with small drips of cum. I was so out of breath and light headed that I did not notice my father get up and walk behind me. I thought not again but he held me up and walked me to the bathroom with out saying a word he then got me in the shower while he also entered I was like.

” What now?”

He just pushed me down to my knees as he held his dick and started pissing on my face. I tried moving away and he just kept peeing all over my body. He groaned in relief as his urine soaked me completely. Then he just left me there. For a second I didn’t know what to do. Then I just started showering not sure how long but not long enough to wash away the smell of my dad’s urine. Eventually I got out. I remember thinking what got in to me, I have never cum that hard, my body totally betrayed me, I was just wondering I hope they didn’t think I was really enjoying it, and what got in to them to do this. I got dress with the same swimsuit and found another top, as I walked out I saw both of them passed out from all the drinking I also notice couple of little blue pills spread around the living room but didn’t pay it much attention I just wanted to forget what had just happen and I prayed that they too forgot or at least didn’t mention a word of what had just happened.

And to think this was only the beginning of my two week vacation….

A few days had passed by since what happened with my father and uncle. I keep trying so hard to put it out my mind but it keeps coming back. My father was acting normal as if nothing had ever happened and my uncle was just the opposite. He was always looking for an excuse to push up against me, find a way to reach out and touch me or something and it was always with his perverted looks and thoughts that I had seen him use with every female especially with me since that day. I set my mind to forget what had happen and to try and just enjoy the rest of my vacation.

For the next few days all was normal, I went with friends to the beach, to lunch, to the park, dancing clubs and just relaxing period. My uncle and father stayed away from me, they were also gone a lot often coming in very late enjoying obviously they too were enjoying themselves. It began to seem like everything was forgotten and back to somewhat normal

We took an improvised trip to the countryside to check out a very fun spot we knew at a river. I used to go there all the time when I was younger and I was so exited about going even if it meant spending the time with my father and uncle as well as my friends. Since it was a last minute decision and they were so many of us the best way to get there was on public transportation. In Panama they are small buses that are usually overflowing with people.

We didn’t have any other options. If we wanted to go to the river we had to cram into the bus. Since there were 12 of us and we were the last to arrive at the station we were crammed into two different buses. Making it worse was the hours we would have to spend, the time it took to get there standing up and squeezed into this small transport. At least the windows where open. I didn’t really pay attention to who got on in which bus until they started moving. I looked around and saw my cousin and his girlfriend in front of him. My sister was beside me with her back turned to me while she talked to my cousin’s friend who was facing her.

When I looked behind me I was not at all surprised to find my uncle standing there. I knew he got on this bus for spite but he was just looking around and commenting with my cousins like he didn’t notice a thing. There was nothing I could do, no room to move away I was stuck like that for an hour. It was summer and everyone was wearing thin clothing. I had on a flimsy summer dress over my two-piece bathing suit so it wasn’t any surprise that my uncle was already getting hard. We were wedged in so tight I could almost feel the pulse of his penis as it throbbed. I gathered he wasn’t wearing anything more then just his swim trunks and a t-shirt. Its odd how sometimes you can’t really tell anything about a person’s body through your clothes but it was obvious to me that his erect penis was pressing against my right butt cheek. Eventually, as more people entered, he moved a little more behind me and finally settled his penis into the valley just under my butt cheeks. I could almost feel the whole shape of his cock poking me every time the bus jostled.

We rode about an hour and a half or so like this, with his erection pressed and nestled firmly into the crevice of my ass, and the rocking and pushing of the bus was not helping. He would use each sway to literally impale me with his boner causing me to clinch each time. I could hear a slight moan from him every time that happened and my ass cheeks would involuntarily squeeze his dick. It was the longest ride of my life but to my relief we reached our destination.

The rest of the day we had fun enjoying the sun, bathing in the river etc. It let me forget for most part what had happened to me that day. Just as I felt relaxed I was snapped back to reality as my uncle walked up to me and asked if he could talk to me when we were back at the house. I remember wondering what he wanted to talk to me about. I just had a few days more before my vacation was over. As we made it back to the house every one was drained from the trip so we all went straight to bed. I couldn’t stop wondering what did my uncle wanted to talk to me about so before going to sleep I went to his room. I hesitated but I had to know. He started jabbering how sorry he was about what happened and that it had been a long time since he had been with a woman. On and on he rambled but most of it didn’t make sense nor was I buying any of it. I told him to let’s just let it go. I said remembering just made me more irritated. Then he asked the unthinkable. He wanted me to repeat it but this time with my consent.

I was shocked by what he proposed, but before I could insult him or respond he said something that shocked me even more. He knew of a personal secret of mine. One I kept from everyone. I never wanted anyone to know. How could he have known? I was in shock, he didn’t use it to threaten me but just by mentioning it he made me know he had something over me. He noticed my reaction and without any more words he knew he had me where he wanted, that night was a sleepless night for me.

The next day every one had planed to go to the city and do some shopping, everyone except my uncle and my father. They where waiting for an old friend to come over. It was just after mid-day but they’d already started drinking. I got dressed and ready to go but my uncle yelled.

“Aisha, didn’t you say you where staying today with us?”

With a smirk on his face he knew I knew what he meant. I knew he had something planned and that I had do what he wanted. I had no choice. I acted casual as I told the rest of the family to go on with out me. As I walked back inside the house my father was already in his boxers sitting on the couch drinking eagerly. That’s when I heard my uncle say.

“Oh, here he comes!”

I looked back to see who my uncle was greeting, it was our old neighbor from back in the days when we lived here. Now he was much older, probably in his late 50s. I sat down a little nervous and waited to see what they had planned. It wasn’t like I didn’t have an idea.

Mr. Miranda was his name as he came in and greeted me and gave me such a perverted look while saying.

“Wow! How you have grown.”

He looked at me from top to bottom while grabbing his crotch. I could see he was very eager to start as he twirled me around checking me out. They then went straight to the living room of the house and started drinking and chatting. I made my way to my bedroom although I know they wanted me out there with them. I wasn’t going to start anything or entice something, plus I had the dumb idea they would forget if I wasn’t in the room with them.

Well after an hour or so of hearing them laughing and yelling talking to each other I heard a knock at my room door. It was Mr. Miranda standing in his underwear sporting a bulge in his boxers while smiling. I knew what he wanted and without saying I word I unwillingly got up and started to undo my clothes. As I pulled my pants down he impatiently turned me around and bent me over the bed. He quickly pushed his boxers down and I heard him spit in his hand. Then I felt him place his other hand on my ass while guiding his dick into my pussy with one swift stroke. His saliva made it easier to penetrate me. He was thick and I felt my pussy stretching around it. He let out a smooth and long groan as he slid balls deep in me. I had to grab onto the sheets as he started to plow away. He was so big and hard I could feeling every inch of his cock, every vein and bump as he violently shoved it in and out with his two hands griping my waist tightly as he fucked me.

My body had already begun to betray me as I could feel I was getting wetter and wetter. I felt my orgasm building up I started to bite down on a pillow just not to let out a moan and all I could hear was the slapping of his crotch against my ass. I then took a glimpse back, Miranda was so infatuated pounding away watching how my ass would jiggle with each plow his manhood did, then I saw my father at the door stroking his dick watching as Miranda was pounding away. My legs started trembling as I knew I was about to cum, tears running down my eyes as I was trying so hard not to orgasm but my body did otherwise as I started trembling and clenching my butt cheeks uncontrollably. I heard him say as he stopped and held on tight with his dick to the hilt in me.

“Oh My God, Her Pussy is Milking My Cock Ohhhhh”

As much as I tried not to I let out a yell as I was griping the sheets and fighting to keep my legs straight I felt someone pull my hair roughly and turn my head to the other side. It was my uncle who fiercely shoved his dick down my throat almost making me gag but I had enough sense to catch my breath before, he started fucking my throat. With both his hand griping the back of my head just shoving in and out his dick, fucking my face like there was no tomorrow with out remorse, pulling out for a few sec so I could catch my breath but shoving it in right away, I could feel his balls slapping against my chin his fist full of my hair pulling me towards him matching the trusts of his hips, his dick helmet down my troat it didn’t take long for him to pull out and shoot glob after glob of semen on my face slapping his semirigid cock on my face . I was thinking it would never end and I was drenched in thick cum.

I looked back and I knew Miranda was about to cum by the expression of his face he then arched his back over me putting his weight on my back griping tightly to my waist and trusting furiously yet erratic I could feel his dick throbbing and shooting his seed in me, filling my pussy with cum with his last trust, for a min he lay on me before pulling out. I then saw father standing behind me rubbing the tip of his cock on my pussy lips.

All this time I tried not to make eye contact with any one of them. As I turned back to look for something to clean my face with, I felt him penetrate me with one stroke. My father was thicker than either of them so I felt each part of his dick vividly as it went in all, his veins, how it curved and all.

I couldn’t find anything to wipe the cum from my face and I had to close my eyes as the semen was drooling down my forehead and into my eyes. So I used the sheets of the bed, wiping my face on the bed. With my father fucking me so hard I could feel my second orgasm building up. He arched over me putting both of his hands on each side of me on the bed as he humped away. I could feel his balls smacking against my clit urging my orgasm to the braking point. I started cumming again shaking all over, I couldn’t hold my self up anymore so I collapsed on the bed as he just pushed in his crotch and dick into me and stayed there for a minute or so like he was stuck to me, he then pushed himself up and adjusted himself to continue to fuck me while griping my hips tightly.

I was out of breath and again trying not to moan or scream, just wishing it was over soon. I then felt a dick in my face slapping against my forehead. It was Miranda trying to shove his still erect pole in my mouth but having fun doing it as he would slap me with his dick while he stroked it. I looked back at my father as he spread my ass cheeks to get a better view of how his dick was going in and out. I heard him say.

“OH OH your so tight, your pussy is so tight!”

As he slowly fucked me deep in and out of my now soaked pussy. Miranda kept stroking his dick and he got up on the bed to have better access to my face. Lifting his cock he told me to lick his balls placing them right on my face. I reluctantly started sucking and licking on his nuts I guess anything to get it over with. I then felt my father thumb play with my ass hole while he sped up his trusts. Then he started to push his whole thumb in my ass hole as he continued to fuck me really hard I loud moan escaped my lips. I turned around to continue pleasing Miranda and I saw he was mesmerized by what my father was doing. Then he asked.

“Is her ass hole tight?”

I got freaked out since they where ravishing my body I was afraid of what else could they come up with. Then he got up beside my father as he pulled out his thumb out of my ass I felt another finger going in. I looked back and saw Miranda plunging his middle finger all the way in, while my dad just kept fucking me causing yet another unwanted orgasm to build up. With his other free hand Miranda was griping my breast squeezing it and pinching my nipples. I then heard.

” Bring her out here!”

My uncle yelled. I then stood up, still with my father deep in me and Miranda’s finger up my ass and his hand between us, we walked that way to the living room couch where I bent over again as my father couldn’t hold any longer and kept fucking me furiously. Before I could say anything I didn’t realize I was practically screaming and about to cum for the 3rd time. Miranda pulled his finger out of my ass and started to suck and lick on my tits making my nipples stiff and forcing me to clench my ass cheeks. I was shaking, my nipples where so erect, and I was losing control of my body again. I was cumming so hard my father did a final thrust and started shooting his cum in me. I was like “OMG” but couldn’t do much as I was so rigid with my ass cheeks clenched I was basically sucking the cum out of him. He was shaking and fighting to stand as his knees wanted to give out on him. Miranda kept sucking on my breasts, prolonging my orgasm. I thought it was finally over but Miranda was hard and wanted to cum again.

I saw his erect dick bobbing up and down as he walk behind me, I tried to position myself so he could enter but with out breath or anything my head felt light, he pulled me up and turned me around and lay me on the couch with my legs in the air and spread wide open. Then he kneeled between me and started licking my ass hole and pushing his tongue in. I knew what he was up to but I was so weak to say or do anything. He didn’t lick my ass to long before he pointed his hard cock and slowly started impaling me with it. When he was balls deep in my ass he took my feet together and started fucking away, with one hand holding them and the other squeezing my breasts. He had me moaning so loud as I felt his dick stretching my insides. It wasn’t long before he let out a loud moan and started pumping his cum in my ass. I too moaned and opened my eyes to see my uncle shoot his second load on my breast.

My father had already collapsed on the love seat and Miranda on top of me not knowing or caring that he got some of my uncles cum on him his dick throbbing with each squirt of cum. Finally his dick plopped out of my ass, as his cum drooled out. A few minutes passed with no one moving. I then pushed Miranda off and made my way to the shower hoping to wash away more then just dried cum, both my uncle and Mr Miranda follow as they made me go in the shower still groping my cum soaked body sucking and my breast and everything they pushed me down and one by one took turn pissing on me again, just like the fist time this time my uncle would pull my hair aiming his dick at my face and blasting it with urine Miranda would at the same time pee on my whole body and back both of them breathing hard of excitement and slapping there dick all over me before walking off to the living room.

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Daughter is fucked by Father and Uncle, 6.1 out of 10 based on 27 ratings