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(Allen) Opening my eyes I realized that it was already light outside. I laid there in my bed wondering if I just had the wildest dream of my life or if I really did just fuck my daughter. She was no longer laying next to me as I heard the water running in the shower. Reaching over I felt the sheets under the blanket and found the warm spot where she was laying.

Tears began to run from my eyes as I realized that I probably just ruined my daughter’s life. I rolled over and began to sob lightly. I heard the water shut off in the shower. I decided to pull myself together since what already happened, happened. I now had to figure out the best way to handle the situation. As I laid there trying to think clearly I saw her thigh high stockings and sexy shoes laying at the side of my bed. The longer I looked at her lingerie the harder my cock became under my sheet.

Suddenly my bedroom door opened and Ashlyn walked in with wet hair and a towel wrapped around her sexy body. Our eyes met again as she smiled and said “good morning daddy” before bending down to pick up her stockings and heels. As she bent down the towel in back opened and I saw her sexy ass and completely bald pussy. She stood up and proceeded to walk back towards the door. She walked out and as she began pulling the door shut she turned and looked at me. “I’m done in the shower daddy” Ashlyn said as she closed the door.

“What the fuck am I gonna do” I asked myself as I climbed out of bed completely naked? I placed my robe over my body and walked to the shower. The hot water felt so good on my skin as I lathered myself up. As I showered I realized that I would have to talk to Ashlyn and explain some things to her.

When I finished showering I went back to my room and got dressed. When I went down to the kitchen. Ashlyn already had breakfast ready for me. I sat down and watched as she served me. She looked so sexy in those tight jeans as she walked around the kitchen. Finally she sat down and joined me for breakfast.

As we ate I began to talk. “Ashlyn, I want to apologize for what happened last night.”

“We should have had better self control” I said. “I know daddy” Ashlyn said as she continued to eat her breakfast. “I am truly sorry if I hurt you any way last night.”

“Daddy,” Ashlyn started to speak, “I wanted that as much as you did.”

“Lets make a deal sweetie” I said to my lovely daughter as she continued to eat her breakfast across from me. “What’s that daddy” Ashlyn said. “As wonderful as it was we have to never repeat what happened nor tell anyone about it” A look of some discontent was evident on Ashlyn’s face as she realized that I was totally serious. “O.K. daddy” Ashlyn mumbled softly as she continued to eat.

After breakfast I went to the living room and saw how our wild lustful evening ended up. Our clothes were strewn about the room. My shirt was on the couch, my pants were on the television set and my underwear were under the Christmas Tree. Ashlyn’s bra was by my underwear while her thong was hanging from a tree branch. Her dress however was on a heap right beside where we made passionate love. I gathered my clothing and Ashlyn gathered hers as we went to our own separate rooms.

(Ashlyn) The next morning when I awoke, daddy was still asleep. I looked into his face and smiled, thinking, should I wake him up with my mouth around his cock or should I just go shower. I mean, what else could be as good as having my daddy on Christmas morning? I opted to go take a shower, why? I have no clue. I wasn’t sorry in the least for what had happened.

As I crawled out of the bed, careful not to wake daddy, a burst of cold air hit me. The house was cold because we hadn’t turned up the central heat. I mean why would we have thought about it, we were already hot… I kinda giggled to myself and hurried to the bathroom, on my way, turning up the heat so daddy wouldn’t be cold when he got out of bed.

The shower felt so good, I had it as hot as I could stand it. As the water hit my nipples, they almost hurt and as I looked down, I could tell why. They were all red and swollen, blue in some part from daddy sucking on them. They were so tender but I was so inclined to touch them. How sensitive they were just as I began to touch them, they hardened and fire shot straight through my body. I knew I wasn’t getting out of the shower until I had cum again. I reached between my legs and found my wet pussy lips. With one hand on my nipple, rubbing it, my other hand began to rub my protruding clit. My body was responding like it never had before. I mean sure I had masturbated before but both my nipples and my clit were hypersensitive this morning. I was quickly on the brink of orgasm and as I came, I could tell it squirted out of me. I came so hard, my knees got weak and I had to catch my self on the shower wall or else I would have fallen.

I continues to shower, washing my body and my hair as my pussy slowed it convulsing pace. The window was fogged as I exited the shower, so I decided that I would dress in my bedroom. I wrapped my towel around me and headed for daddy’s room to wake him. “Good morning daddy.” Our eyes met and I felt like letting that towel drop, walking over to him and rejoining him, but I sensed an uneasiness in the room, so I simply picked up my heels and stockings from the previous night and headed for my room after letting him know that the shower was free.

I didn’t know if daddy was upset about what happened or if he was mad, so I wanted to spoil him a little more and I made his favorite breakfast, French toast and sausage. By the time he came down, his food was being placed on the table beside the glass of orange juice.

As he began to speak, I learned quickly that he was confused about what happened and I kinda was aloof about the whole situation. He may have some problems with it, but I did not. I knew what I wanted and I got it. I was not ashamed of what happened, nor was I sorry for the fact that my daddy made me a woman. When he told me that it wouldn’t be repeated, I simply stated OK, but I knew it would. How could we ever deny what happened, our feelings were so strong and our bodies like magnets. I was sure that it would repeat but I wasn’t gonna argue.

After breakfast, I gathered my articles of clothing from the living room and went to my room. I called Catherine and asked what she got for Christmas and she told me that her daddy got her a new car and then instead of going to mass, both her daddy and her brother had her. She said she was kinda sore but she knew as soon as they woke up, she’d get it again. I wasn’t ready to tell Catherine, but hearing her speak of her sexual experience got me all hot and bothered again. I thought it was too early to try it with daddy, so as I talked with Catherine, I removed my jeans. I had no panties on underneath… I laid on my bed and spread my legs.

With my door cracked about an inch or two, I began to play with my pussy again. Catherine told me about how she rode her daddy’s nice thick cock and her brother slide his into her ass. She could tell I was playing and she said, “Ashlyn, you really need to get some cock in you. If you want, you can come over today.”

I wasn’t so sure about that but I came at thinking of some more cock in me. As I hung up the phone, I rolled over on my bed and fell back asleep, with only my shirt on, my bare ass up in the air.

(Allen) After I placed my clothes in my room I decided to lay down on the bed to try to figure out what kind of mess I had gotten us into. Flashbacks of last night kept racing through my head causing my cock to stiffen. I knew what we did was wrong and we committed one of the worst sins possible, but it still intrigued me.

The longer I thought about it the harder my cock became. After about a half hour of pondering I decided to get up to do some house work to ease my mind and my tensions. I walked out of my room and headed for the kitchen when I passed Ashlyn’s room. I don’t know why I paused when I got to my daughter’s room but I did. Probably because her door was cracked open. Turning my head I could see my daughter and realized that she was sleeping. What else I saw I couldn’t take my eyes off of.

Ashlyn was sleeping on her stomach with no pants or panties on. My eyes were glued to her ass cheeks. Her legs were parted just enough for me to see her puffed out pussy lips. I stared at every inch of my daughter’s exposed flesh starting from her toes all the way to her waist.

My cock was now raging in my pants as I slowly and quietly unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. Next I pulled my boxers down just far enough to allow my cock to spring forth. I immediately grabbed my aching cock and began pumping it. I continued to stare at Ashlyn’s feet and legs and imagined that I was licking and sucking every part of them. Slowly I would lick farther and farther up her legs to her amazing ass. I continued to pump as I imagined sinking my tongue into her pussy while she slept on her bed. That did it as every nerve in my body began to tingle. I held out my hand to catch my cum as I knew I was about to spurt. Just then I shot a rope of cum that squirted out past my hand and landed on her bedroom door. I continued to pump my load, catching the rest in my hand.

Just then Ashlyn began to roll over so I quickly walked into the bathroom to clean up. “My god, my cum is on her door and I cant go back to clean it up because she is awake.” I cleaned up and went into the kitchen. I heard Ashlyn rustling around her room and knew that she was up.

I knew these feelings were wrong but they were beginning to control me. I had to gather the courage and strength to over come them.

(Ashlyn) As I awoke from my nap, I decided that maybe I should go to Catherine’s so I got up and started to put back on my panties and jeans when I realized that I was still wet. I headed to the bathroom to clean up. As I opened the door, I noticed a gooey substance on my door. I bent to look at it and noticed what it was, it had to bed, what else could it be but cum. Laughing to myself, my daddy’s cum. I wiped it with a tissue and took it to the rest room with me. I imagined him watching me sleep and jacking his cock… “Oh daddy,” I thought, “No way can we last.”

After cleaning up, I slid my jeans back on and a sweater, not caring for a bra. Then I called Catherine back. She was in the middle of trying on her new clothes that she had gotten for Christmas. She told me to come on over.

I ran downstairs and found daddy watching some show on the Discovery channel, set in Africa, lots of safari stuff. As I walked in, two zebras were mating, giggling as I sat beside him, I said, “I wonder if they are daddy and daughter.” Daddy looked at me and laughed. Then I said, “I wonder if she is enjoying her daddy’s cock as much as I enjoyed mine.” Stroking his leg, daddy placed his hand on mine to stop it, “Ashlyn.” I said, “May I have the car?”

He just shook his head and I stood up. “Where are you going” Daddy asked? I turned to face him and said, “Catherine’s. I may spend the night, OK?” He said fine and I went upstairs to pack a bag just in case I decided to stay. Walking back downstairs and kissed his cheek lightly, “Bye Daddy.”

As I drove to Catherine’s, I couldn’t help but think what may happen that night. Catherine’s dad was handsome, 6’1,” probably 195 – 200 lbs., dark brown hair, brown eyes and her brother was just as cute.

As I pulled into her drive, I saw her new car, a bright red Mustang, nice, very nice.

Walking in the door, I was greeting by Catherine’s brother, Sean. “Well, hello Ashlyn.”

“Hi Sean” I said.

“Come on in, Catherine is up in her room.” I walked in and caught him looking at my ass. I smiled and walked through the living room where her dad was adding logs to the fire. “Good afternoon, Mr. Kelly.” Looking up smiling, “Well, hi Ashlyn honey.” He walked over and gave me a hug, pressing my breasts to his chest. I moaned and whispered in his ear, “That’s a warmer greeting than I got from Sean.” We both laughed and he said, “Well, he’s still learning.”

I broke the hug and told him I am going to see Catherine and walked up the stairs. Finding Catherine checking her e-mail, I walk in. “Hey sweetie.” She looked up and said, “Heyyyy.” Standing up and hugging me. “You little tease, no bra?”

I smiled and she smacked my bottom lightly. “When I told my daddy you were cuming over, his eyes lit up. You might not be a virgin tomorrow…” Giggling.

“I’m not a virgin now!” I said. Catherine looked shocked. “What?” We walk over to her bed and sat. I told her the whole story and she was smiling the whole time. As I finished, she told me she was wet and spread her legs, lifting her skirt for me to see.

Just then, her daddy walked in to tell us dinner would be ready at 7, it was just 2:30. He saw me looking at it and he came in. “What are you two doing?” Catherine looked up and said, “Well Daddy, Ashlyn was telling me that her daddy gave her a nice present for Christmas, or should I say she gave him one?”

Mr. Kelly smiled and brushed his hand on my hair. “Very good girl, Ashlyn” I look up and smiled. He knelt to the floor and kissed my cheek. Then, Catherine lifted my sweater and said, “Look at her daddy.” His eyes widened at the sight of my tits and his hands slide along my tummy and up to my nipples that were jutting out already. A soft moan escaped my lips as he brushed them. Catherine, watching her daddy touch me, slid his hand from one breasts and pinched my nipple really hard and I gasped as electricity flowed through my body. Mr. Kelly took off my sweater and let it fall to the floor. “Your body is so beautiful.” I smiled and he stood up, unfastening his pants and letting them drop. He wasn’t wearing any under garments so his hard cock just sprang out… all 7 1/2 inches. Catherine’s mouth went straight to it and as she licked one side, he brought my face closer for me to lick the other side. There we were, best friends sharing her daddy’s cock.

He moaned and then told me to stand up. As I did, he told Catherine to take my pants off of me. She unfastened them and peeled them off of me, taking my shoes off and sliding them totally off, then my panties. I could not believe I was nude in front of Mr. Kelly.

He looked at me and said, “That was very good of you to service your daddy, like a sweet little daughter. Your sexy body must have been driving him crazy for years and then, he gets to pop your cherry, making you a woman. Look at the beautiful shaved pussy.” He reached down and rubbed the outside of my lips. “God, I bet he is home right now, wondering if what he did is wrong, but at the same time, fantasizing about your pussy and jerking his cock.” He pushed a finger in my dripping wet pussy. “What a sweet little pussy, Ashlyn.” Then he pushed another in and began sliding them in and out. “You liked giving it to him didn’t you?” I shook my head yes and he said, “I know he loved giving it to you.” As he spoke, I could feel my juices flowing down his fingers. He held me close with one arm, fingered me with his other hand and talked about me and my dad. “Look at those tits and pussy, I know you drove him nuts, just as you are driving me right now.” Catherine just watched and then, he turned me around and bent me over Catherine’s bed. He began rubbing my ass and then, he slapped it lightly. Then, he knelt down and licked my pussy from behind. I moaned and Catherine said, “I am going to get Sean, I can’t take this daddy.” He chuckled and said, “Go on my dear.” Catherine must have gone to Sean’s room because in minutes I heard her moaning and screaming. Her dad was lapping at my pussy and then he stopped. I felt his hands on my waist and then, slam, his cock was all the way in me and I screamed as he forced it all in.

He moaned that I was so tight and warm, all wet inside. He took it slow at first and then started pumping it harder in and out of me. He placed his hand on my clit and began rubbing fast. I was soon on the brink of orgasm and as I came he moaned that he loved my pussy. Forcing me face down on the bed, he rammed it in me, my clit rubbing the bed.

Soon, I was cumming again but as soon as I did, he pulled out and turned me over, covering my tits and face with his cum. I licked my lips and he placed his cock there for me to clean. I licked and sucked and he moaned that I was gonna make it hard again. I don’t know what had gotten into me, I wanted it more and more. I sucked it harder and soon he was right, he was hard. He laid me on my back and spread my legs, putting them in the air and ramming his cock straight in. I screamed which must have driven him crazy cause he pumped harder, making me scream more until my body tensed and I exploded again. He took his cock out and told me to open my mouth. He pumped his hard cock in my face and then shot streams of hot cum into my mouth. We both collapsed and fell asleep.

(Allen) As I sat there watching television I became a little bored with it. Here I was on Christmas Day watching the Discovery channel. As It got later and later I figured Ashlyn wasn’t going to come home tonight. As I sat there I began wondering what her friend Catherine would look like naked. What it would be like to have both of them. Finally I pushed the remote button and shut off the television and went to bed. The following morning Ashlyn returned home. We just kind of hung out as we went to the stores to do some after Christmas shopping.

Things seemed to be getting back to normal between Ashlyn and I. We acted as though nothing ever happened on Christmas Eve. I gave my daughter my credit card and told her to get something nice from the store because we had a formal party to go to on New Years eve. “What should I get daddy” Nicole purred. “Get a nice black gown and matching heels. “We have to go to the Henderson’s for a party and I promised him we would attend this year since we haven’t seen them in a long time.” A Sparkle was evident in Ashlyn’s eyes as I handed her my credit card.

“Daddy I am going to find the nicest evening gown to wear.”

“You will be so proud of me when you see me.” With a look of anticipation in my eyes I looked at Ashlyn and smiled. “Baby I am always proud of you.” The days began to pass rather quickly and it was the eve of New Years Eve. I knew Ashlyn had bought her dress, she just wouldn’t show me until the big evening.

I continued to struggle with my thoughts, fantasies and desires of Ashlyn. I would begin to wonder what she would look like in her new dress. Would she have stockings and garters under it? Would she be bra less, or panty less? Every time I pictured her in a black dress my cock would stir in my pants.

(Ashlyn) Daddy gave me his credit card when we went shopping one day so I could buy a black dress for the Henderson’s New Year’s Party. This event was one of the biggest of the year and I wanted to make daddy so happy and proud of me. I went into my favorite department store and into the designer gown section I went.

As I turned the rounder, I picked 5 black dresses out and asked the associate to show me to a dressing room. The first I chose to try on was short and strapless but I decided that it may embarrass daddy. The second one was a sequin, mid thigh, maybe a little flashy, I thought. The third just looked bad with it’s fur on the neckline. The fourth was velvet and I thought since I wore velvet for Christmas that I shouldn’t for New Years. The last one I tried on was just right. It was black silk with spaghetti straps. As I looked in the mirror, I noticed how it flowed down to the floor and that the slits up each side almost went up to my hip. I thought a simple set of pearls would look classy with it. I put my own clothes back on and purchased the dress and then chose a pair of shoes to match. The pair I chose were toeless, just strappy little heels. The associate looked at them and smiled. “I love these shoes,” she said. ” They look wonderful with a simple toe ring on the left foot, do you have one?” I smiled back, “Yes I do and I think you are so right.”

As I hung the dress in my closet when we got home, I had decided that the only thing I would be wearing under it would be a black thong and hoped I would turn my daddy on more than before – how could he resist? I smiled and walked downstairs for dinner.

(Allen) As the days following Christmas passed by I thought things were beginning to get back to normal between Ashlyn and I. She began acting as though nothing ever happened on Christmas Eve. Ashlyn went about her business and I went about mine. I must confess though that I still replayed the events of Christmas Eve over and over in my mind.

New Years Eve was finally upon us. As I took my shower in the morning I wondered what the Henderson’s party would be like that evening. I heard Ashlyn pounding on the bathroom door as I showered. “Daddy can I pee while you are in the shower”? “Sure baby, just don’t flush” I replied.

As I heard Ashlyn come into the bathroom I heard the toilet seat hit the bowel and then I heard her piss hitting the water below. What ever it was about that caused my cock to rise faster then it ever had before. I couldn’t believe how hard I had become without even touching myself. I guess the thought of my daughter’s naked pussy about three feet away was enough to cause a stirring in my loins. Suddenly she was done pissing and she smacked the fogged up shower door with her hand as she said “I’m done daddy.”

After I showered I went down stairs and Ashlyn was in her sweats eating breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised to see a bowel of cereal waiting for me. We ate breakfast together. There was just something about my daughter that turned me on especially in the mornings before she gets all cleaned up. As I sat across from her I had to contain myself or at least try to.

I couldn’t wait to go to the party and the hours seemed to go by ever so slowly. I was finding odd projects to work on to try to pass the time. Ashlyn seemed to lay around watching television all day. The more I watched the clock the slower the day seemed to go by.

Finally I told Ashlyn that it was time to get ready for the party. I told her that since it took her longer to get ready that she should hit the shower first so she had time to do her hair. She looked at me with those sexy eyes as a daughter should not look at her father with and then rolled off of the couch. As she walked out of the den I couldn’t help but to look at her sexy ass as it wiggled. It was as if her ass was calling my name. I had to be strong, I had to resist. I had to be her father.

(Ashlyn) As time grew closer to the Henderson’s party, I got more and more excited. I knew daddy had to love my dress and my shoes and I hoped that he would be so proud to escort me to the party. Catherine and I had gone shopping the day before the party in order to pick out the best pair of thongs and a few other accessories.

My thong was completely see through, made of tulle and a little elastic.

Each night, I went to bed thinking of daddy and how I wanted to retreat to his room instead of mine but he had dropped the subject, so I figured I better not bring it up until the time was right.

The morning before the party, I began my plan. As daddy showered, I knocked on the door and he allowed me to come in to take a pee. I was hoping that this would make him think of me as I sat there naked on the latrine.

All I wanted to do today was relax and be mellow because I felt I would need my energy for later. Daddy on the other hand was keeping busy with this, that, and the other.

Finally, the time had come to prepare for the big evening. As I showered, I looked down at my pussy and decided it needed to be shaved again. I lathered my lips with shaving gel. The motions of my fingers touching my clit, excited me. I didn’t have to go in between my lips to touch my clit, it stuck out a lil. I took the razor and began sliding it up one side.

Daddy opened the door and said, “Honey, the light in the kitchen blew and well, the bulbs are in that closet, OK if I come in?”

I said, “Sure daddy,” and then turned to face the door, my nipples almost touching them and my pussy very close. I kept shaving, hoping he’d peek and notice. I knew he had noticed when I heard a small moan from him. I pressed my hard nipples against the door and kept shaving. God, I hope I was turning him on.

(Allen) As I walked into the bathroom to get the bulb I couldn’t help but to notice that Ashlyn had the shower glass all fogged up. I reached into the closet to retrieve the bulb and when I turned around I was treated to the most erotic sight ever. There was my daughter leaning up against the foggy shower glass. Her breasts were pressed against the glass and her aerola’s and nipples were visible plain as day.

I couldn’t help but to stare fore a moment and it was that moment when I realized what Ashlyn was doing. She was shaving her pussy hair. I could make out her torso moving and I could picture her strokes with her razor.

I went back down stairs and replaced the bulb but I couldn’t get my mind off of my naked daughter’s body as she shaved her bush. I managed to keep from getting a full erection as I waited for Ashlyn to finish her shower. Finally she yelled down to me that the shower was all mine. I waited for a few moments before walking up the stairs towards my room.

I took my clothes off and threw on my robe. I looked out into the hallway and Ashlyn’s door was sealed tight so I walked into the shower. I set the temperature of the water and stepped in. The water felt wonderful as I began to lather up. As I finished I looked down at my semi erect cock and ran my fingers through my own pubic hair. Suddenly my cock began to stiffen. My hands trembled as I reached for my daughter’s can of shaving gel. I pushed the button and put some in the palm of my hand. Using my other hand I lathered up my cock and balls.

I reached for my daughter’s razor and knew I had to settle my hands down. Carefully I began shaving my pubic hair above my cock. I trimmed it down to just a small V. Next I began to carefully shave my balls. The last thing I wanted to do was to cut myself, so I was very careful. After about fifteen minutes I rinsed off. Looking down I saw my stiff cock along with a pair of smooth balls. I dried off and stepped back into my robe hard cock and all. I dried my hair and walked back to my room.

Again I examined my shaving job in my room. I don’t know why I just did what I did but it was done. I pulled on my boxers and began to put on my tux. I finished dressing and went down stairs to wait for my daughter.

(Ashlyn) As daddy showered, I sat at my vanity, wearing my baby blue silk robe. I set the curlers in my half dried hair and then applied my make up. Picking up my make up sponge, I put a little foundation on it and stroked it over my forehead, adding color to my face. As I continued applying the foundation, I began singing to the radio. I had opted for a Frank Sinatra CD to listen to.

I applied my black eyeliner and then took my silver eye shadow, making sure the entire lids of my eyes were covered. I then brushed shimmering gray on the bottom half of the lids and darker on the ends. As I applied my tea berry blush, I noticed the water still running in the shower. Daddy never took this long showering. I wondered what in the world he was doing in there, really wondering if he was jerking his big cock in there. I was tempted to look, but chose not to because then, I may would have wanted to join him. I giggled to my self as Frank sang ‘New York, NY’.

I finally finished my make up by applying my micro fine powder and black mascara. Then, I applied warm sugar vanilla scented lotion to my smooth legs. Taking my robe and letting it fall to the floor, I rubbed it all over my body. As I stroked it over my nipples, they became erect instantly. I had no idea how I was gonna make it through the night. Running my hands down to apply the lotion to the smooth lips of my pussy. My complete body was now silky smooth. I stood up and walked over to my closet which had mirrored doors and slid them open. Taking the dress from the hanger, I slid it over my head and closed the door so I could look. I absolutely loved this dress, how it made me look a little older and a lot more sophisticated. I stood back and began taking the hot rods out of my hair, curls cascaded over my shoulders, then taking a clip, I pulled it back, leaving 2 simple curls on each side of my face.

I slid the black thong over my feet, taking a second glance at the burgundy polish on my toes to make sure it hadn’t chipped. They were perfect. I slid the thong up over my calf’s, my knees, my thighs, until they covered my lips. I finished getting ready by sliding my simple pearl earrings in my ears, clasping my string of pearls around my neck and my pearl necklace.

As I stood there, in front of my vanity, I smiled. Reaching down for the anklet and toe ring that were sitting there, I put them on and then took my shoes from the box, sliding them over my feet.

Two more steps and I would be done. I applied my raspberry lip liner and lipstick and spayed my perfume on the nape of my neck, a little dab on my wrists and a quick squirt in my hair. I took one more glimpse in the mirror to make sure that I was complete and then I headed downstairs to meet my daddy. Sparks of excitement ran through my body as I called down to him, “Are you ready daddy?” Laughing, he said, “Yes sweetheart.”

I felt so sexy as I descended the stairs and knew that he would be so proud. One heel in front of the other, I walked seductively down the stairs and as soon as he saw me, I loved the smile on his face.

Walking to him, I smiled, putting my hands to his tie to straighten it. “You know, you look really nice daddy, but you sure can’t pick up a chic with a crooked tie!’” I giggled. Then looked up at him and smiled.

(Allen) As I heard Ashlyn’s door open upstairs I walked to the base of the stairs. I looked in anticipation for my lovely daughter to appear. Suddenly there she was. She looked so lovely and sexy as she began to slowly descend down the stairs towards me. I lost my breath when I saw her sexy feet encased in what looked like five inch open toe heels. The burgundy nail polish on her toes sparkled along with her sexy toe ring and anklet.

I watched breathlessly as one foot after another walked down the stairs. I saw the black gown she was wearing was slit high on both sides of her sexy legs. As she walked ever so slowly towards me I was able to see her smooth sexy legs all the way to her hips. “My god” I thought to myself as I stared in shock at my sexy daughter. As I looked up into her eyes as she stood in front of me I was mesmerized by her beauty. Her hair was so cute as only two curls hung down in front of her ears. Her make up was magnificent. Ashlyn reached out and straitened my tie and told me that I looked really nice. I coughed to clear my throat and held out my arm to escort my lovely young daughter to our New Years Eve party.

Ashlyn hooked her lovely arm around mine and as I took my first step towards the front door I realized that I had an erection. Carefully I began to walk with my daughter out to the car. I opened her door and let her sit down before closing her door. I walked around and opened my door and sat next to her. I put the car in reverse and backed out of the driveway.

I drove down the road and when I looked over, Ashlyn crossed her legs. Her slit in her gown exposed all of her leg as her one leg was now completely visible. Her leg began to pump up and down lightly and her foot looked totally edible. Ashlyn casually covered her leg back up as if she was teasing me. As we finally pulled up to the Henderson’s I had a serious hard on in my pants.

I parked the car and again opened my daughter’s door. Reaching down I held out my arm for her and escorted her up the walk to the party.

(Ashlyn) The drive to the party was short but not too short that I couldn’t tease my dad a little by exposing my entire leg to him. I knew he was looking.

He parked and came to the other side of the car to help me out. As we walked into the party, I felt so sophisticated and sexy. I had the attention of two of daddy’s friends almost instantly. They came up to us and welcomed us. One was Mr. Henderson and the other was Mr. McLauglin, who had lost his wife the previous year from cancer.

After hugging both of them, daddy continued to talk to them and I excused myself to the rest room. On the way, I was stopped by Mrs. Henderson. She had to tell me how elegant I looked and I had to tell her that she did as well. I didn’t have to lie. She was 31, about 5’6″ 115 lb., blonde long, curly hair, and pretty blue eyes. She said she’d join me to the rest room as we talked. Walking in behind her, I could tell she worked out on a regular basis because her dress was backless and I could see the muscles that she worked. She was wearing a black sequin gown that was pretty short. She hopped up on the vanity as I just stood there. “Ashlyn, gonna go?” she asked. “Yes ma’am.” I reached between the slits and slid my thong down and covered the toilet. She lit a cigarette and began talking. “You do look lovely tonight. I just don’t know how your daddy keeps his hands off of you.” I was in shock. I coughed and said, excuse me.” She laughed a little and said, “Ashlyn, look at you and he hasn’t dated since your mother left.” He is either blind or he has nerves of steel. I finished and wiped. Standing and pulling my thong back up, she jumped from the vanity and walked over to use it as well. But she got really close. Her hand reaching for mine as I finished pulling the thong over my bare lips. Touching me, she smiled, “And you even shave. If he only knew.” I was still in shock but when she touched me, I moaned a little.

She leaned into me and kissed my cheek that had turned a little red from her words and actions. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you sweet Ashlyn, it’s just that you are so beautiful.” I smiled, “Thank you Mrs.. Henderson.” She laughed and said, “Honey, please call me Catherine.”


After she used the rest room, we washed our hands and walked back out the party, to the bar. Catherine requested another martini for herself and a glass of champagne for me. “Come Ashlyn, I will introduce you to a few people.” Following her, I was sure to keep a smile on my face. Glancing back to daddy, I noticed him talking to a few men and he glanced back, winking at me.

Catherine walked over to a group of five men who were talking about their stocks and bonds and said, “Excuse me fellows, hate to interrupt your talk about money, but I’d like you all to meet, Ashlyn, Allen Grasner’s daughter.”

They all smiled and held out their hands at the same time. Catherine laughed and said, “Easy boys, one at a time.” I shook each of their hands and told them it was nice to meet them. Then Catherine told me who they were. The first was Charles, an older investment banker. Next was Stephen, a state congressman, really cute. Don was a retired Army general, Kyle was head of the Chamber of Commerce and the last one I was really intrigued with. His name was Cole and he was the new Chief of Police of our home town. He was one of the few African Americans at the party. His eyes were so beautiful, almost gray. Catherine could tell I was happy to meet him. She smiled and said, “Cole, I think you should know that Ashlyn is interested in law enforcement.” He smiled and said, “Really?” I smiled and said, “Yes sir. I am double majoring in school right now. Forensic Science and Psychology.” He said, “You must be a real smart cookie.” Catherine brushed my arm and excused us.

I was kinda mad at her for doing that, I mean, couldn’t she see I was trying to network there. As we moved away from them, she whispered, “I know what you were doing and it’s good. Let him think about you for a while and then, go back.” I looked at her and said, “What are you talking about, Catherine?” She said, “It was obvious you were attracted to each other, just slow down.” I smiled and said, “Yes, he was attractive, but I was trying to network.” She laughed and said, “Oh damn, I am sorry. I have never been one for that, I guess because Bryan does it. Listen, I am going to begin the dancing. Cole will ask you to dance. Dance with him, network there.”

As people began to dance, sure enough, Cole came up to me and smiled, “Excuse me, Ashlyn, right?” I smiled, “Yes sir, Ashlyn.” He laughed and said, “Are you gonna call me sir all night or can you call me Cole and dance with me?” I glanced over at daddy and he was into his discussion. Looking back to Cole, I said, “I’d love to.” He led me to the dance floor and held me close as our bodies began to sway together.

“So, you like school?” I told him that I did but hated it was so far away. He agreed and said, “I bet you have a few boyfriends to keep you entertained.” I said, “Actually, no sir, I don’t. I am really trying hard to stay focused. Double majoring is not too easy.” He smiled and agreed, “I am sure it isn’t. Why did you go so far?” I explained the scholarship was to that school and he made me an offer. “What if I can get you a scholarship to the state university here? Actually, it isn’t a scholarship though. It is a work/education program.” I asked him to explain a little more. “You see Ashlyn, we are funded by city, state, and federal funds. I can apply for grants when I see fit. Say for instance, I see the need for hiring another officer, buying a new car, or just need to replace some equipment, if it isn’t in our budget or if it exceeds the budget, I apply and usually get the funding I need. Here’s my idea. You work for the department for 20 hours a week, go to school for 15-20 and you get an education and work experience at the same time.” I looked at him in awe and said, “That sounds wonderful Cole, but why would you do that for me?” He smiled and said, “I see potential here.”

“I explained to him that I would have to talk to my father and he said he understood that. The music turned into a slow song and he pulled me closer.

Scoping the room, I didn’t see daddy at all. I leaned into Cole and placed my head on his shoulder. He whispered into my ear, “You smell very nice, Ashlyn.” I whispered back, “Thank you Cole, so do you.”

The music finally stopped and he released his hold on me. I smiled, thanked him and told him that I would talk to daddy, but I knew I would have to go to the other school the next semester because it was paid for. He then thanked me for the dance and told me that whenever I was ready, he would apply.

I finally found daddy, walking over to him, smiling. I began to tell him that I met the Chief and that I needed to talk to him about an offer. He began to ask me what offer when Bryan announced it was time for dinner. We all moved into the formal dining room that looked like it could seat 75 – 100 people.

I sat between daddy and Catherine and ate a delicious dinner of salad, chicken, beans, and potatoes. I excused myself between the entree and dessert to use the rest room, the 4 glasses of champagne were getting to me. While in the rest room, I slid off my thong and kept them off. Returning to the table, I conspicuously slid my hand to daddy’s, placing my thong between his fingers. He looked at me wide eyed and all I could do was smile. He knew all his little girl was wearing was the dress that covered her body and the shoes on her feet.

(Allen) Once we were in the mansion Ashlyn and I immediately became separated. I saw Mrs.. Henderson talking to Ashlyn as I began talking to Mr. Henderson and a few other banker investors. The whole time I talked with the guys I couldn’t take my eyes off of my sexy daughter. I watched as Mrs. Henderson introduced her to various people at the party.

I tried to make my way to my daughter as I excused myself from the guys. As I walked towards her I was stopped by several other friends. It seemed like I was never going to spend any time with my daughter. I began talking to my insurance agent when I glanced over at Ashlyn again. She was talking to a group of five men with Mrs. Henderson. The waitress walked by and I picked up a glass of champagne and downed it quickly.

As I talked with my insurance agent I couldn’t help but to watch Ashlyn. I saw her talking to this black guy and became a little jealous. He seemed to have eyes for my daughter and she didn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave. Finally Ashlyn and Mrs.. Henderson walked to another group of people. I felt a little better once my daughter was away from that African American.

As I continued to talk with my insurance agent I noticed that people began to dance. As we conversed I kept my eye on my daughter. Suddenly I saw the black man walk up to Ashlyn. I knew what he was going to do. Before I could get out of my conversation to go to Ashlyn, I watched as he held out his hand and walked her to the dance floor.

Jealousy filled me as I watched her lay her pretty little head on his broad dark shoulders. I watched as his hand rubbed up and down her back from her neck to the top of her ass. Sure, I was jealous but also at the same time I was turned on. As I talked to my agent, I had an erection in my tux as I watched Ashlyn dance with this black man.

Mrs. Henderson approached me and took me by the hand. “Darling” she said, “your daughter looks so lovely tonight.”

“Thank you Mrs. Henderson” I replied. “Nonsense, Call me Catherine” she said. Pulling me by the hand and heading towards the dance floor Catherine looked over her shoulder and said “dance with me baby.” As I walked with her I did notice how fine she looked. Her ass was nice and tight as I knew she had a gym in her basement. Her dress was low in the back revealing soft smooth skin. A string of pearls around her neck showed what kind of income she had. What caught my eye the most was her sexy legs and feet. Her sequined dress was much shorter than Ashlyn’s and a lot of thigh was visible. She sat atop a sexy pair of six inch platform heels.

Turning around and placing her arms around my neck Catherine pulled herself close to me. The dance floor was now crowded but I could still see Ashlyn dancing with that black man. “Your daughter has grown into a lovely sexy woman” Catherine whispered into my ear. “How do you keep your hands off of her” Catherine whispered again as she kissed my ear softly. I looked down into Catherine’s eyes and smiled softly terrified to answer that question.

As we danced I watched Ashlyn. Catherine felt so wonderful against me. I just wanted to fuck her right there on the dance floor but I knew Mr. Henderson wasn’t far away. I began to rub Catherine’s back. Her skin on her back was so smooth as I slid my finger tips across her velvet like skin. I could feel Catherine’s breasts pressing against my tux as she drew even closer. As she pulled closer I felt her rub against my hard cock.

Catherine looked up in my eyes as she felt my bulge. Her eyes seemed to sparkle as she just stared into my eyes. Pulling herself even closer Catherine began to rub her dress covered pussy over my cock. Catherine pulled her head closer to my ear and whispered “Oh your so big Allen.” Just then I felt her warm lips on my ear as she kissed me. Her tongue slid into my ear as her hips were grinding against mine. I thought I was going to cum right there but Catherine pulled herself away from me and excused herself to call everyone for dinner.

Dinner was announced so I found my way to my assigned seat. As I sat down Ashlyn sat down next to me. I still was filled with jealousy as I looked into my daughter’s eyes. “Daddy, I need to talk to you about an offer I got later.” Looking at her I nodded and said “for you sweetie anything anytime.” As I looked at Ashlyn I couldn’t help but to wonder what her breasts looked like under that dress. Without a bra on I knew that there was only a thin piece of material keeping me from seeing her lovely charms. But I could see her nipples as they were partly poking the material outward.

We began to eat dinner. The food was magnificent. About halfway through our dinner Ashlyn got up and excused herself to go to the ladies room. As I looked over I realized that Catherine was sitting next to Ashlyn. She looked at me and gave me a sexy seductive wink. I smiled back at her and then Ashlyn sat back down.

I felt something touch my hand and when I opened my hand I felt Ashlyn’s hand on top of mine. She slid something into my hand. Glancing down I knew instantly what it was. Ashlyn went to the ladies room and removed her panties. I slowly took my hand and slid it into the pocket on my tux jacket. As I slid the dainty material into my pocket I could feel my daughter’s wetness on the material. Looking over at me I could see the lust in her eyes as she looked back. I didn’t know how I was going to be able to contain myself the rest of the evening. I knew the only thing covering her sexy body now was that dress. Glancing down I could see my daughter’s naked leg showing clear up to her waist as her slit in her dress was parted.

I couldn’t take it any more and I excused myself to go to the men’s room. I walked into a stall and dropped my pants and boxers. I reached into my pocket and took out my daughter’s panties. I raised them to my face and inhaled her scent. I realized that she was wearing a thong and I slid my tongue through her wetness. My cock was dripping pre cum into the toilet as it twitched and ached. I took my daughter’s thong and wrapped it around my cock. I knew I couldn’t be long so I began to pump my cock quickly. Her thong felt so wonderful and soft wrapped around my member as I stroked it. I closed my eyes and imagined that black guy dancing with Ashlyn and sliding his hands through the slit in her dress. I imagined his hands feeling and squeezing her naked ass as he lowered his head and kissed her hard on the mouth. Just then I began to tremble as I knew I was going to cum.

I pumped faster and faster and finally I had my release. Cum shot out of my cock and missed the toilet and hit the wall behind it. I aimed the rest of my cum into the toilet. It felt so good to get rid of that pent up energy. I took some tissue and wiped my jizz off of the wall and flushed the toilet. Suddenly something came over me. I became so horny again. I stepped out of my pants and boxers and took my daughter’s wet thong and began to step into it. I began to slowly pull it up my legs. It was tight and I stretched the waistband as I pulled it over my hips. Feeling the back end slide into my ass crack was an additional turn on. God this felt so wonderful and sexy. I pulled my pants back up and put my boxers in my pocket. I washed my hands and returned to the dinner table feeling relieved but still desiring more.

I took my seat next to Ashlyn feeling so sexy and alive now. I couldn’t believe I was wearing my daughter’s panties but I didn’t care. Ashlyn looked at me again and this time I’m sure she could see the lust in my eyes.

Dinner was now over and I asked Ashlyn to dance. I reached down and took her hand escorting her to the dance floor. Once there we were crowded by several other couples. I pulled Ashlyn so close to me. She smelled so wonderful. I lightly kissed her neck. “Thank you for the present at dinner sweetie” I said. I wicked evil grin showed on her face. “I’m glad you liked it dad” Ashlyn whispered back. “Now I have a surprise for you” I said to my daughter as she had her arms up and around my neck. Looking into my daughter’s eyes I could see her excitement. “Reach into my pocket baby” I whispered. Ashlyn slid her pretty little hand down my chest to my pocket on my jacket and reached inside. A puzzled look came over her face as she fumbled through my boxers. She looked down as I saw her pull my boxers up far enough to look at them. She realized that her thong was no longer in my pocket but my boxers were.

A glow came over Ashlyn’s face as she realized that I was wearing her thong. Ashlyn cupped my face and pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard on the mouth. Our tongues shared each other’s in the most passionate kiss ever imagined. Ashlyn broke the kiss and said “god daddy that is so hot for you to be wearing my panties here.” She lowered her head to my shoulder and I caressed her back. We were in a corner now so I slid my hand down over her ass and squeezed her cheeks. Again our eyes made contact, this time knowing that everything that was happening was mutual.

Catherine broke in and asked me to dance and at the same time she came with the black man and he began dancing with Ashlyn next to us. The music was loud but soft. There were only slow songs playing As I held Catherine, her head was on my chest. I watched Ashlyn as her head was on the black man’s chest looking at me. God how I wanted to be the one she was dancing with.

(Ashlyn) After dinner, we began dancing again. Daddy lead me to the dance floor and we began dancing to the slow music. Daddy let me know that he had slipped on my panties in the rest room and for some reason, that just turned me on like nothing ever had. I felt my nipples pushing the material of my dress out and I felt my smooth lips moisten. I had to kiss him and I kissed him hard.

Catherine broke in and asked daddy to dance. She winked at me and I held daddy’s hand out to her. She smiled and said, “Don’t worry Ashlyn, you’ll get him back in one piece.” We both laughed and as I walked away, Cole took my hand and invited me to dance with him.

He wrapped his arms around me and I could feel his hands right at the small of my back. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and he told me how beautiful I was. I thanked him and he said, “It’s my pleasure to dance with you.” We both shared a smile and he pulled my head to his chest. I rested there as our bodies swayed to the movies. I closed my eyes and then, I opened them back to see daddy’s hands practically on Catherine’s ass, pulling her close to him. I was a little jealous but more turned on. I began to rub myself slightly against Cole and he let out a soft moan, and lowered his hands a little. I looked up to him and he leaned down and pecked my lips. I couldn’t believe he had done that, but I didn’t mind it at all. He backed away a little and whispered, “Sorry, I don’t know what overcame me.” I smiled and told him it was fine.

He noticed my nipples really jutting out and smiled. “You know Ashlyn, I would really love to… never mind.” I said, “What?”

He said, “Just because I want something doesn’t mean I get it. I mean I could be banned or even fired, I guess.” I said, “What Cole?” He said, “I would love to see you. You are so sexy and look so delicious.”

I smiled and told him he was being a bad boy and he told me that he thought I liked that. He then leaned down to my ear and said, “I would love to kiss you all over.” His words made me so wet. Just the thought of his hands and lips on me… oh god!

Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned to find Catherine. “I think your daddy wants to dance with you and I sure would love to have a dance with Cole, that is, if you don’t mind.” I smiled and said, “No ma’am.” I slipped from Cole’s arms and told him it had been very nice. He told me likewise.

As soon I was in daddy’s arms, he smiled. I could feel his raging hard on through his pants. “Did you like dancing with Catherine daddy?” He tuned a lil red and said, “Yes honey.” I said, “She is beautiful daddy.” He agreed and said, “So are you my baby.” I put my head on his shoulder and began to nibble his ear. Then whispered, “You know I’d love to have that hard cock tonight.” The alcohol had had more of an affect on me than I had thought.

Daddy let out a soft moan, then said, “You sure you don’t want someone else’s?” I looked at him and said, “No daddy, I want yours.” Just then, people began to count 10…9….8….7….6….5….4….3….2….1… Happy New Year’s. Daddy took my face in his hands, brought my face closer to his and kissed me. Our tongues danced with each other. I knew we had to leave soon or people would find out that I wanted to please my dad. A few more songs passed and I told him I was ready to go.

(Allen) As we continued to dance, I continued to watch my daughter get fondled by this unknown black man to me. I saw his hand slide through the high slit of her dress. I knew she wasn’t wearing anything under her dress and his dark hand was caressing her soft creamy white ass. Just then Catherine began to grind herself on my aching cock and I could tell she was cumming. There we were at her husbands party and she was dancing with me on the dance floor and cumming as we danced. I could feel her trembling and shaking as she breathed heavily in my ear. “Thank you for the dance Allen” Catherine said as she straitened her hair. She turned away from me and broke into the dance Ashlyn was sharing with the black man.

Ashlyn turned to me and fell into my arms. Just then the count down began for the new year. 3, 2, 1, Happy New Year everyone screamed. Ashlyn turned and looked at me and reached up and pulled my face down to hers and kissed me hard on the mouth. Almost forgetting where we were I kissed her back. My tongue was in my daughter’s mouth on the dance floor at the Henderson’s party. Suddenly Ashlyn reminded me where we were and decided that it would be in our best interests if we went home real soon.

After a couple more songs Ashlyn announced that it was time to go. We went back to our table and gathered our belongings and began to say good bye to our hosts and several other people. It seemed like an eternity before we were walking out the front door. As we began to walk towards the car, Ashlyn reached out and placed her arm around my waist. I did likewise and we walked arm in arm to our car. Nobody would have guessed that we were father and daughter.

I opened the door for my lovely daughter and she sat down. As she stepped into the car her slit opened exposing her leg clear to her hip. Ashlyn saw me looking and said “like what you see daddy”? Nodding my head all I could muster was “uh-huh.”

I closed her door and walked around and jumped behind the wheel. As I pulled out of the drive way Ashlyn had slid over to sit right against me. I was partially intoxicated from the champagne but also partially intoxicated from the beauty of my own daughter. Ashlyn turned towards me and began to kiss my cheek and the corner of my mouth. She nibbled on my ear as I drove causing my cock to rise to full attention.

Ashlyn began to caress my stomach and chest as she bit lightly on my neck. Glancing over at her I could see both of her legs as her dress had fallen between her thigh’s. Suddenly Ashlyn pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard on the mouth. Again I almost forgot I was driving as I slid my tongue into my daughter’s mouth. At the last moment I managed to look out the wind shield and kept control of the car.

Suddenly I felt something. Ashlyn’s hand was caressing my cock through my pants. I felt her head lower and then I felt her biting my engorged member through my pants. Just then Ashlyn pulled on my pants and my button popped open. Using her fingers she slowly slid my zipper down allowing my cock to have more room in it’s tight confines.

“UUUGGGHHHHHH” I moaned as I felt my daughter’s little hand run over my thong covered cock. The material of my daughter’s thong made my cock feel so good. As she rubbed my cock the head was already sticking out above the waist band. Just then I had the most erotic feeling ever in my life. Ashlyn lowered her head and licked the tip of my cock as it poked out of her thong.

God it felt so good as Ashlyn pulled down her thong causing my cock to tower strait up in the air. Suddenly I felt my cock encased in something warm as I realized that my daughter was now going down on me. I looked down as her head bobbed up and down in my lap between my stomach and the steering wheel.

I knew I couldn’t hold out too long. We were almost home and I wanted to cum so bad. I knew I had already came that the party in the rest room and was afraid that if I came now then I might not get another erection tonight. Suddenly Ashlyn began to suck harder on my cock. I felt my balls and the rest of my body begin to tingle. My balls were boiling as I began to moan. Just then I began to thrust my hips as I began to cum. Ashlyn never pulled off as she began to swallow my load as it shot violently into the back of her throat. I panted and moaned the whole time I came.

Just then I pulled into our driveway. I jumped out of the car and opened the door for my daughter. I escorted her up the steps and into the house. As soon as the door closed Ashlyn and I turned to each other and embraced in a wild passionate kiss. Our mouths were glued together as our tongues explored each other’s mouths like a father and his daughter never should. Ashlyn began to unbutton my shirt after she ripped my bow tie off of me. She had trouble with my shirt buttons so she took the material in her hands and just pulled hard causing my buttons to pop off and fall on the floor.

I reached down and scooped Ashlyn into my arms and picked her up. She held on around my neck as I began to carry her up to my room. Ashlyn again began kissing my neck and tonguing my ear. I walked into my bed room and placed Ashlyn on her feet. I cupped her cheeks and kissed her open mouth. Our tongues danced in mid air as I reached around her and unhooked her dress in back. In one quick second I watched as my daughter’s dress fell to the floor right in front of me. All that remained on her body was her sexy heels. I admired Ashlyn’s nakedness for a moment. Her breasts looked so inviting as they had such a sexy sway slightly to the sides. I could see her pussy lips glistening in the dim moon light as they were completely parted and hanging down between her legs.

I moved back to Ashlyn and kissed her hard on the mouth. I slowly began to kiss her neck and ears as she stood there before me. I bit her neck lightly and even her ear lobes. “I love you Ashlyn” I would whisper in her ear as I slid my tongue into her ear canal. Slowly I began to drop to my knees in front of Ashlyn. My hands slid down her back as I began to kiss and nibble my way to her lovely breasts. I began to rub my cheeks and lips back and forth over her breasts feeling her hard nipples brushing over my skin. Her nipples must have been a full inch long and rock solid. I took one nipple in my mouth and began to stroke it with my tongue. Hearing my daughter moan was such a turn on. I reached up and pushed both of her breasts together. Again I lowered my mouth to her breasts this time taking both of my daughter’s nipples into my mouth at the same time. Using my teeth I scraped her hard nipples causing her to moan. I could feel Ashlyn’s hands running through my hair as she moaned. I didn’t think it was possible but I swear my daughter’s nipples were getting longer and harder.

I sank completely to my knees and before my face was my daughter’s bald pussy. I reached around her and caressed her ass as I inched my face closer to her glistening pussy. Cupping her ass cheeks I pulled Ashlyn closer to my face. I could smell her aroma as she had been turned on for so long tonight. Lightly I licked her labia. I slowly began to lick her wet exposed slit from her hole to her clit. I kept repeating this motion over and over making sure that on each up lick I was grazing her clit.

I repositioned myself slightly and began to tongue my daughter’s depths. I French kissed her pussy like a mad man. Ashlyn lowered her hands to my head and held my head in position as she began to thrust her hips. She smashed her pussy on my face as I slid my tongue deeper into her pussy. Just then Ashlyn pulled my head harder and began smashing her pussy on my mouth. “Oh god daddy” she moaned as I felt her pussy juices begin to stream across my face. Using my hands I pulled her ass cheeks apart and pressed a finger on her ass hole. Suddenly Ashlyn screamed “OH MY FUCKING GOD DADDY” as she began to cum a second time.

I kept licking her clit the best I could as she continued to grind her cunt on my face. Ashlyn was now pulling my hair as her orgasm began to subside. As I stood up before my daughter I knew that what we were doing was so wrong but it felt to wonderful to stop. Ashlyn began to tear my clothes off of me. I kicked my shoes off and in no time I was down to my daughter’s thong. Amazingly, my cock was rock hard again.

Ashlyn just looked at my cock in her thong and asked me to turn around to see my ass. I slowly turned around and I felt her soft hands as she caressed my ass and moaned “oh daddy you are so sexy to wear my panties.” She hooked her fingers in the waist band of her thong and pulled it down my legs. I stepped out of the pussy juice and pre cum drenched material and stood naked before my naked daughter. We fell together embracing each other as we kissed. I slowly backed over to the corner of the bed and sat down. I had my legs closed allowing room for my daughter to straddle my legs to sit on my lap. Slowly Ashlyn lifted her sexy shoe clad foot over my lap. She placed her foot on the other side of my legs. I watched as her pussy slowly lowered towards my towering hard cock. Closer and closer it came until I felt the head of my cock parting her velvet like pussy lips. Ashlyn placed her arms around my neck and kissed my mouth hard as she continued to sink down on her father’s cock. Finally she was sitting on my lap with my cock completely stuffed in her tight cunt.

(Ashlyn) After saying our good byes, daddy and I walked arm in arm to the car. He opened the car for me and I sat, my slit open, exposing my leg to him. I caught him starring and had to comment, asking him if he liked what he saw. How could he not?

As he began to drive, I inched closer to him, rubbing his leg, kissing his cheek, nibbling his ear. I wanted him so turned on, he couldn’t resist. I was horny and I wanted it tonight. As soon as I found his cock hard, I knew what I was to do. Unfastening his pants, I could feel how hard he was. As I pulled the zipper down, I could see the head of his big cock poking out of my thong. Daddy was so hard. I rubbed his cock, allowing him to feel the silky material. I leaned down and kissed, then licked the tip of the cock, tasting a little pre cum, I knew I was gonna have him cumming before we got home. Pulling his pants and my thong down, his cock stood straight up, begging for attention. I sucked his head in my mouth and slid all the way down. Daddy’s moaning proved to me that he loved it.

I bobbed up and down on his cock, he was moaning a lot. I finally felt the swell of his cock and then he shot a big load of cum down my throat. I swallowed it all. I just made my deadline because as soon as he came, we pulled into the drive.

I was so excited walking into the house. Finally, this sexual tension would be released once again. My pussy was gonna be stuffed with my daddy’s big cock. As soon as we got into the house, we began kissing hard and passionately. Tongues exploring each others mouths. My nipples we already hard from just being covered by silk material all night but coupled with the fact that I was so horny, made them even bigger.

I was so horny, I ripped his tie off and got aggravated with the buttons on his shirt. I just pulled the shirt, buttons flew off. Daddy picked me up and carried me up to his room. As he carried me upstairs, I played with his chest and nibbled his ear. Reaching his room, he stood me beside the bed and cupped my cheeks, looking into my face briefly as if admiring me and then he kissed me. As we kissed, his fingers reached for the clasp of my dress and unhooked it, my dress sliding all the way to the floor. There I stood, my daddy’s little girl, in front of him naked down to my ankles. He looked at my body for a moment, his eyes sparkling.

He kissed me so hard that I thought my lips would be bruised. Then, he pulled away to tell me that he loved me. “I love you too Daddy.” He slid his tongue in my ear and I let out a soft moan. The feeling was incredible. God, I was so turned on, I could feel my legs getting moist from the juices coming from my pussy. He kissed his way to my breasts as I looked down, I was surprised at my nipples. I had never seen them that hard or big. He licked them and I moaned again. I could not believe the sensation that I got. Then, he pushed them both together and began to use his teeth. My moans got louder and my breathing, heavier. They felt so good, they ached. Daddy went down on his knees, his face at my shaved pussy. He began to lick and lick and I knew it wouldn’t be long until he had juice all on his face and it wouldn’t take long for me to cum on his tongue.

As soon as I came, I felt another one rising. Within 5 minutes, I had cum twice on daddy’s face. I played with his hair and really began to grind it in my pussy.

Daddy stood up and I dropped his pants from his waist. He looked so sexy in my thong. I asked him to turn around. He was so kinky and he turned me on. My daddy whose sperm helped create me was now pleasing me like he had once pleased my mom.

I pulled my thong from his waist, his cock springing out. He was so hard and I knew what he wanted as he sat on the corner of the bed. His hard cock towered, looking so good to me. I crawled up and positioned myself over his cock, rubbing my pussy on his head and then, I sank. Almost yelling as the tip hit the back of my pussy. I felt daddy squeeze my ass cheeks so hard. I began to ride him as he took one nipple in his mouth, biting it gently. My pussy was so full with his cock and every time I slid down, he’d bite a little harder. The pleasure pain made me scream and daddy looked up to my face. Our eyes looking into each other’s. I could see the lust in his eyes. One of his hands released it’s firm grip on my ass and he moved it away. Bringing it back hard with a slap. I yelled. I came for a third time and then daddy picked me up, his cock still in me and walked over to the wall.

(Allen) As I sat there on the corner of the bed, my feet were flat on the floor. I looked to my right and watched in the mirror as Ashlyn sat on my lap. I watched how her leg muscles would tighten and release with every thrust upwards and then down. I was able to see my cock in the mirror as it slid in and out of my very own daughter’s pussy. Her legs looked so incredible as her pretty feet were encased only in her sexy high heel shoes. As I continued to watch her ride my cock, I raised my hand behind her and slapped her ass firmly. “SMACK.” Immediately Ashlyn began to quiver and shake in orgasm. “Oh god daddy yes” Ashlyn screamed. Raising my hand again I slapped her ass in the same spot. “SMACK.”

Ashlyn bit on my neck as she continued to cum. She trembled in my arms as she sat there on my lap while we made love. I reached behind Ashlyn and cupped her ass cheeks with both of my hands. The soft yet firm cheeks felt so magnificent in my hands. I slowly began to stand up. Instinctively Ashlyn lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist. Here I was standing in my room holding my naked daughter while she had her legs wrapped around my waist and her pussy around my cock.

I slowly walked to the wall and leaned her against the plaster. I miss judged the distance and slammed her into the wall a little harder than I wanted to. The message that I got from my daughter was different though. When she hit the wall hard, it turned her on even more.

I had Ashlyn pinned against the wall and began using leverage to fuck her. Again our lips were locked as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. Ashlyn had her arms around my neck as she held me tightly for support. If anyone was in the house they would be able to tell that someone was getting laid. I continued to bang Ashlyn against the wall with a more intense rhythm. The feel of her soft velvet like legs around my waist was incredible. I pulled her away from the wall about a foot and then roughly pushed her back into the wall again. With our lips locked together I could feel Ashlyn moan into my mouth as she began to cum from the roughness.

Our bodies were now covered in a sheen of sweat. I felt myself losing my grip on Ashlyn from the sweat as she continued to moan and cum. Releasing her lips from mine, Ashlyn began to bite my neck. God the pain was so pleasurable as I felt her sink her teeth into my neck. I slowly began walking backwards towards the bed with Ashlyn still in my arms, legs wrapped around my waist, and her pussy still wrapped around my cock.

(Ashlyn) Daddy slammed me into the wall which turned me on even more. He pinned me against the wall and fucked me so roughly as we continued to kiss. Daddy was so rough fucking his little girl. I swear his cock was bigger than it had ever been inside me and it felt like he was pushing his cock into my stomach. I began to scream and the louder I got, the rougher daddy got. I felt like my screams turned him on like he had never been turned on before. He would pull out and slam back into me. My body began to tremble and then, I exploded. My pussy pulsating around his cock. I had seen Catherine biting her dad’s neck and he loved it, so I bit daddy’s and I think he loved it from the sounds that he made.

Daddy back up, with my legs around him, my arms around his neck and walked back over to the bed. He practically threw me on the bed as he slide me off his cock. With a husky voice, daddy leaned down and said, “Get on your knees for daddy.” I sat up and turned, positioning on myself on hands and knees. My ass sticking up in the air. He continued to speak, “Damn baby, you have a perfect ass.” He drew back his hand and smacked my ass hard. I whimpered a little and then he spread my cheeks apart, moaning at the sight. Daddy ran his fingers down my slit to my clit and pinched it, causing me to jump. He then slid them back a little and pushed 2 fingers in my dripping pussy. He began to fuck my pussy with them until I was moaning and then he took them out, only to replace them with his cock. He slammed it in me so deep, making me yell so loud. Laughing, he said, “My baby is such a little slut now. I love it. I love you, Ashlyn.” I looked back at him, “I love you too daddy.” As he assaulted my pussy, he spread my ass cheeks again tickling it with his finger tips. Looking into my eyes, he smiled and said, “Are you my slut baby?” I smiled back and said, “Yes daddy. I am your slut.” With that, he pushed a finger tip into my ass and pushed it in. He kept fucking me hard and all of a sudden, my body tensed and daddy ground both his cock in my pussy and his finger in my ass and I came so hard. My body twitched under daddy and I thought I was gonna collapse.

(Allen) As I walked back towards my bed with my daughter’s legs wrapped around me and her pussy firmly gripping my cock, our kiss was broken as I let Ashlyn go and threw her onto the bed on her back. I could tell she liked the rough stuff as was evident from when I slapped her ass and slammed her into the wall. As Ashlyn laid on her back with her legs spread she was staring into my eyes. Looking back at her I told her “get on your hands and knees for daddy.” My voice was kinda raspy from being dried out from our wild fucking.

Ashlyn seductively rolled up onto her hands and knees and tipped her ass up high to me. I reached out and grabbed her hips and guided her over to the edge of the bed so I could stand on the floor and fuck her. Once I had her into position I reached back and “SMACK.” My hand slapped her ass with some authority as I heard her whimper with pleasure. With that smack I could see her pussy juices begin to drip off of her pussy lips and onto the sheet below.

I reached down and rubbed my daughter’s slit from top to bottom several times. Her moaning was evidence that she was thoroughly enjoying this every bit as much as I was. I slowly began to work a finger into her pussy with my left hand. In and out, in and out. I then inserted a second finger. In and out, in and out. With my right hand I spread her cheeks apart allowing my thumb of my left hand to press on her ass hole with every insertion of my fingers. Ashlyn screamed with pleasure every time I touched her puckered ass hole. Taking my right hand I “SMACK” slapped her ass hard again.

At that moment I felt my daughter begin to tremble slightly beneath me. I removed my fingers from my daughter’s cunt and pressed my rock hard member back into her gaping pussy. Ashlyn let out a scream as my cock pressed against her cervix as I sank all the way in. I held her hips as I began to thrust in and out of her slippery tight hole. “Oh god daddy” Ashlyn screamed.

“Who is daddy’s little slut” I asked? “I am” Ashlyn moaned through the sexual pleasure she was experiencing. As I continued to fuck her pussy I again asked her “who is daddy’s little whore now”? Ashlyn replied through a heavy breath “I am your little whore daddy, your little girl is your whore forever”! With that I reached down in front of me and “SMACK” slapped Ashlyn’s ass again.

Ashlyn let out a scream as I knew she was on the verge of cumming. I parted her ass cheeks with my left hand and pressed my finger on her ass hole. Ashlyn’s back arched as she moaned from the feeling of almost cumming while having her ass hole toyed with. I pressed harder and suddenly felt my finger tip enter her tight ass. Ashlyn began to scream with pleasure. “Oh fuck yeah daddy” Ashlyn screamed.

Taking my left hand I reached up and grabbed a handful of hair and puled my daughter’s head back. As I pulled her head back roughly it pushed her over the edge. Ashlyn began to tremble beneath me. “Oh my god I’m cummmmmmmming daddddddddyyyyyyyyy” Ashlyn moaned as she began to tremble out of control. I continued to thrust my cock in and out of her pussy as I worked my finger tip in and out of her ass hole. Ashlyn was thrusting back to meet my every thrust. I could feel her orgasm as her pussy was gripping my cock so tightly.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god daddyyyyyyyy” Ashlyn screamed as she shot off into a string of orgasms. I felt my balls begin to tighten. At that moment in time I forgot all about her being my daughter. To me she was a lover that I was making wild passionate love to. My balls tightened more. I began to tingle from my toes to my nose. As I pulled her head back I continued to work my other finger in and out of her ass hole. Just then I let go and began to cum.

Ashlyn was still screaming from her orgasm as I began to grunt. I felt spurt after spurt of my cum racing up my shaft and into my daughter’s tight pussy. I felt like I would never stop cumming. I could feel my cock sliding easier as my cum filled her pussy. “Oh my god Ashlyn” I moaned as I felt my orgasm nearing completion. Ashlyn collapsed beneath me on the bed. I fell foreword onto the bed next to my daughter and held her tightly in my arms as we both passed out.

(Ashlyn) Daddy fucked me until I didn’t think I could take anymore. My pussy felt so used, almost raw from his assault on it with his big cock. Daddy rammed his rod so hard in me and spread my ass hole, making me his slut. All of a sudden, I felt him grow inside me and explode so deep and so much. He collapsed on me, rolled to lie on the bed and we passed out together. I woke up around 4 and as I moved, daddy woke up, smiling at me. “Hey baby doll.” I smiled, “Hi daddy.” He drew me close and kissed me on the lips. I could feel my desire growing again for my daddy. I reached over quickly found his rock hard cock. “Daddy?” He said, “Yes precious?”

“I am so gonna miss you.” He smiled and looked at me in the eyes, “And I am gonna miss you.” Tracing his finger along my cheek bone, down to my lips and I opened my mouth. I began to suck his finger as he slid it in my mouth. “God, you are so sexy.” I pulled on his cock and he moaned. “You know I am gonna fuck you again, don’t you?” I smiled and said, “I hope so.” He pushed me on my back and got on top of me, holding my shoulders down hard, he told me to lift my legs. As I did, he took my ankles and pushed them up to my shoulders. “Fuck, I am so in love with you.”

“I love you too daddy.” He placed cock at the entrance of my dripping pussy and shoved it in again. I yelled and he said, “I am gonna have to come see you in college.” I smile up at him. He continued to bang me until I came and then he took it out, jacking it above my face as I kept my legs up and he shot his full load all over my face and into my hair. When I looked at the clock again, it was 7 and my plane left at 11. I hated to leave but I knew I had to. Daddy told me to go take a shower. Soon, I was on my way to the airport, hating to leave. Daddy and I hugged at the terminal gate and he watched me disappear.

(Allen) Around 4am I was awakened by a soft touch. Opening my eyes I saw my daughter staring into my eyes as she lightly stroked my stiff cock. A smile immediately flashed across both of our faces. I lightly stroked her cheek as I told her how much I loved her and how much I was gonna miss her. Our lips met again and we shared a passionate kiss. I rolled over on top of Ashlyn and she guided my cock to her dripping wet pussy. Ashlyn lowered her legs until her ankles rested on my shoulders. There was just something so special about Ashlyn. I fucked her and fucked her and fucked her for an eternity. Ashlyn went off on a string of multiple orgasms. It seemed as if I was immune to cumming probably because I had cum three times before. Finally after Ashlyn came about a dozen times I felt that familiar tingle in my nuts.

“Oh baby daddy is gonna cum” I moaned. I pulled my cock out of my daughter’s cunt and moved up a little. I grabbed my cock and began stroking it furiously as my entire body tingled. Ashlyn reached up and wrapped her little hand around my cock and I let go so she could finish me. Just then Ashlyn opened her mouth as I let go of rope after rope of my hot cum. I couldn’t believe how much cum I shot as it landed in her hair and on her face.

Slowly I rolled off of Ashlyn and held her tightly in my arms. Looking over at the clock I saw that it was now 7am. I was so tired but I had to get up. I told Ashlyn to go take a shower because her plane was leaving at 11am. Instead, we got up and showered together. It was so erotic washing my daughter’s body and her washing mine. We finished getting cleaned up and I helped her pack her stuff. I handed her the Christmas present that I never gave her. “Open this when you are alone and you are thinking of me” I said to my beautiful daughter. She packed the package in her bag and we left the house.

We arrived at the airport. “Baby, I am sure gonna miss you” I said. “I’ll come see you real soon at school sweetie” I said. We embraced right before she was to take off and shared one last kiss. “Bye daddy” Ashlyn whispered as she turned and walked towards her plane. I watched her walk until I couldn’t see her any longer then turned to walk back to my car. As I walked I mumbled “I’m gonna miss her.”

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