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It was my birthday, I was 21, and I woke up with a raging hardon. Not all that unusual for a horny young man like me. What was unusual today was what was causing it. As I drifted from sleep to waking, I could feel something bringing me up, or bringing my dick up at least. Some pretty expert attention was being given to my throbbing member by a wet, slippery mouth and tongue that knew just what it took to get me off.

Realising I wasn’t dreaming I slowly looked down to see, to my incredible surprise, a gorgeous woman of about 45 with long auburn hair, beautiful tits in a crimson lace chemise. Her wide pink mouth was wrapped around the shaft of my dick and her hand stroked the base of it. It was my mother.

‘Mom?’ I asked, shocked, ‘What the hell is happening? You’re sucking my dick.’

‘Mmm,’ she sighed, letting my cock slip momentarily from her mouth, ‘Happy Birthday son. You’re 21, I thought you’d like a special birthday wake up.’

And like it I sure did. It was weird and wrong seeing my mom, the woman that raised me, on her knees sucking my cock, but that was part of what made it feel so good. It’s not too surprising that it didn’t take long of this before I was right on edge.

‘Ohhh Momma, I’m gonna cum,’ I gasped and shot streams of thick sticky spunk right into my mother’s mouth.

She let my dick slide from her mouth and moved on up to give me a big wet, sloppy kiss like she usually did on my birthday morning. Only this time she had a mouth full of my sticky cum and, as she kissed me, her tongue slid into my mouth and pushed my wet, salty sperm in with it. It tasted weird but felt really good, sharing this naughty moment with my hot mother.

‘OK, sweetie, that’s just the beginning of your special birthday treats,’ she smiled as I swallowed the last of my warm jizz, ‘Wait and see what’s to come later!’

And with that she left to go downstairs and left me to get dressed and wonder what on earth just happened. Not that I was complaining, my mother was hot, she gave great head and the naughtiness of it being a mother sucking off her son just made me feel even better, but it was still pretty unexpected. I decided in the end to just go with it and be happy.

I came down into the kitchen and my mom, even after spending the morning giving me head and feeding me my cum, had prepared breakfast. My dad was there too, dressed in just a dressing gown and nothing else.

‘Hi sweetie, come on in,’ my Mom smiled at me, ‘Your dad’s got a little birthday treat for you too. Or should I say a big treat!’

She walked over to my dad and pulled open his dressing gown. As I had thought, he was totally naked underneath. It took my a little by surprise that my mom would strip my dad like that, right in front of me, their son, but I was even more surprised to see that he wasn’t 100% naked. Instead, there was a big red bow, tied, of all places, around his long, veiny dick.

My mom stepped over and pushed to my knees on the kitchen floor. I was now just inches away from my dad’s naked flesh and that incongruously celebratory bow. Mom ran her hand over this and her husband’s crotch in a way that made his dick twitch to attention.

‘Here’s your dad’s birthday treat,’ she smiled at me, ‘Come and get some, sweetie.’

I couldn’t believe it, my mom was telling me that my dad’s birthday present for me was his cock!

‘But, dad, you’re not gay?’ I asked, confused.

‘Only on special occasions,’ Mom giggled.

She knelt down beside me and guided my hand to the ribbon, I pulled off the bow as if unwrapping any normal present and was left with the full sight of my dad’s fleshy member. I had never thought about sucking cock before, but then I’d never thought about my mom sucking mine before, or swallowing cum and I’d enjoyed that. Close up, that hard, throbbing fleshy pole did have something about it that made my mouth water as I began to entertain the idea of putting it in there.

My mom smiled at me and took her husband’s dick in her hand stroking it and getting it harder. Her other hand guided mine until I too was stroking dad’s dick. I liked the warm fleshy feel in my hand, the sense that my touch was pleasuring my big, hard dad. Mom opened her mouth and took the head of Dad’s dick inside, swirling her tongue around it, showing me what to do. Seeing my dad’s dick in my mom’s mouth this close up made it look so delicious.

Then her hand was guiding it into my mouth. Before I knew it, I was sucking my dad’s dick and getting my second birthday treat of the morning. Soon my mom just stood back and let me get on with it. It was surprisingly quick to go from the shock of imagining the thought of sucking my dad’s dick to throwing myself into the act of letting his hard boner slide into my mouth.

‘Uhh,’ my dad sighed, speaking for the first time that morning as I really started bobbing back and forth on his dick, ‘That’s good son, you’re a natural. Suck your dad’s dick real good.’

I was obviously enjoying it too. My second hardon of the day was rapidly swelling in my groin by the point that my dad shot a load of warm jizz right into my mouth and I swallowed my second salty mouthful of the day. I was getting to like the taste better every time.

‘Happy Birthday son,’ my dad said, slightly gruffly as I drained and cleaned every drop of white sperm from my glistening, meaty birthday gift.

I was left now, however, with a rock hard erection as testament to how much I enjoyed the kinky incestuous cock eating of my birthday morning. I was about to take care of it right there in front of my parents. After the events of the morning, I felt I could be that intimately fucked up in front of them. But, my mom stopped me.

‘Before you do that, you might want to wait and see what your sister has for you,’ she grinned.

My baby sister Grace still lived at home with our parents too. She was just eighteen and had always been the cute sweet slightly spoiled kid of the family. I wondered what it was that she had in store for me. If my presents so far were anything to go by then I had something pretty exciting to look forward to.

I knocked on the door and heard her invite me in. She was sitting on the bed dressed in nothing but a thin white cotton chemise, her long straight auburn hair falling over her bare shoulders. She looked sweet, girlish and a little bit nervous, but smiled to see me as I came in.

‘I’ve got an extra special treat for you, birthday boy,’ she said to me, smiling and pouting her teenage lips at me, ‘I’ve been saving just for this’.

At first I thought she meant that she had been saving up money for my birthday present, but gradually it dawned on me what she really meant. My cute eighteen year old kid sister had been saving her body for this moment, had been keeping herself pure and clean up until this day.

‘This is your present from me,’ she smiled shyly, ‘My virginity. You get to be my first. You get to take my cherry for your birthday treat.’

I couldn’t believe my luck. I might not have thought much about fucking my family before the incidents of this morning, but since sucking my dad’s dick my own had become rock hard, and now the thought of my sister’s virgin pussy just made me even more excited.

She slid the chemise over her shoulders and exposed her beautiful naked body, her tits were much smaller than her curvy mother but were young and pert. Her body was slight and thin with long smooth legs that she now spread to reveal her wet, naked pussy covered with thin tufts of teenage pubic hair.

‘I want you inside me brother,’ she sighed, ‘I really want to feel what it’s like to get fucked.’

I was only too happy to oblige. I manoeuvred myself so that I was inbetween my sister’s sexy long legs and my hardon was rubbing against her wet pussy. She gasped and bit her lip as I pushed forcefully up through her previously unbroken hymen. This was it, I was popping my baby sister’s cherry and she was encouraging me to do it! What a birthday this was.

She lay back and let me push my dick right into her tight teenage pussy. She was in a little pain but kept willing me further. Soon her gasps and sighs turned to pure pleasure as I began to slide my dick in and out of her newly fucked wetness.

‘Mmm, yes, I never knew it could be this good, big brother,’ she sighed, ‘Fuck me good, baby, take your sister’s cherry.’

She wrapped her legs tight around me and pulled me deeper inside her virgin tightness, sighing and gasping, pushing her little round breasts up and outwards, thrusting her hips up to meet her brother’s forceful thrusts inside her. She might have started out my sweet, inexperienced little sister but this cute piece of teenage pussy was very quickly starting to show that she was every bit as into sex as the rest of her family seemed to be.

The tightness of Grace’s virgin cunt, my still horny feeling after sucking my dad’s fleshy hardness, the naughtiness of fucking my not so virgin teen sister, all of this was enough that I didn’t last much longer. Thrusting deeper and harder into my sister’s pussy, my dick exploded and filled her right up with sticky, gooey cum.

I’d never have thought of doing this before today, mind you I’d never have thought of fucking my sister, but now that I’d enjoyed a couple of mouthfuls of salty cum, it only seemed natural that, as I let my sticky limp dick slide from my sister’s well fucked cunt, I got down on my knees to eat my messy load right back out of her.

As I lapped my juicy cum from my sister’s cunt, savouring the taste more with every sticky mouthful, I began to give her a tongue fucking every bit as good as the one I had just given with my cock. She was really moaning now and, as I took drops of my white jizz into my mouth, she wrapped her thighs around my head and felt her first real orgasm shake through her, soon mingling my cum with hers in my mouth.

‘Mmm, thank you so much, brother,’ my sister smiled at me, looking dishevelled and not quite so sweet and girlish as she had before, ‘I know it’s your birthday, but that was a pretty good treat for me too! I just hope you enjoy Gail’s present as much.’

Gail was our elder sister. At 24, she no longer lived at home. She was much more experienced and worldly than we were. She lived a much more exciting, glamorous life in the city and always looked amazing. Given the standard of birthday presents my family were giving me so far, I could only imagine what my smart, sexy, well dressed big sister had up her sleeve for me.

Gail arrived just after lunch and attracted my excitement and curiosity almost immediately by drawing me away from the rest of the family into another room. As ever, she looked gorgeous, her dark hair was styled in curls and waves, her long legs were accentuated by a tight, short skirt, sheer stockings and stiletto heels. She had total command of any room she was in and I willingly put myself in her hands.

‘I’ve got your present right here,’ she gestured to the shopping bag she was carrying, and I gave a look of disappointment, a shopping bag meant a much more regular present than the ones I’d been getting so far today!

‘Don’t worry,’ she grinned naughtily on seeing my look, ‘This present is just as new and fun as the others you’ve been given.’

She opened the bag. Inside was some very expensive sexy looking lingerie. There was a pale pink satin babydoll decorated with black lace ruffles around the cups and skirt with matching pink and ruffled boyshort panties. Along with that was a black lace garter belt and black nylon thigh high stockings with lacy tops. It was just the sort of sexy, classy, naughty thing that I could see my big sister wearing and the thought of her in it was a real turn on for me.

‘Oh, sister, you’re gonna look hot in that,’ I said, knowing that that would normally seem a pretty inappropriate comment for a brother to make to his sister, but given the way things were going today, I felt it would be alright.

‘Oh, I’m sure I would, little brother, I’m sure I would,’ Gail giggled, ‘This, however, is your present.’

‘Huh?’ I asked, not quite getting it.

‘All these pretty girly things, they’re for you, silly,’ she laughed, ‘I want to make you nice and pretty for your party later on.’

I was shocked. My beautiful big sister’s birthday present for me was to dress me up as a girl. I had never imagined anything like this for myself, mind you I had never imagined sucking my dad’s cock but that had felt so good. Dressing in hot, sexy lingerie like this was the sort of thing a cocksucker like me would do, I guess. Days ago I would have been too shy to go through with it, to even admit to myself that the idea of looking and feeling like a girl, having that sexy smooth satin against my skin, was turning me on. Now, I could admit to it, now, I really wanted it. I was ready to put myself, and my body in my sister’s hands.

Gail loved taking control and, half an hour later, had got me just the way she liked me. She had stripped me of my normal clothes and shaved my body clean of its thin, fluffy hair. I had slipped on the panties and garter belt, felt the satin of the babydoll wrap around my body and slid the stockings up my new shaved legs. I felt so soft and feminine, so happy to be manipulated, as Gail painted my face with her make up and gave me pretty, sparkling pink lips and long luscious lashes. The whole look was topped off with a wig of shoulder length dark curls and a pair of six inch stiletto shoes just like hers.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I looked as sensual and girly as I felt in the soft satin material on my chest and crotch. The only thing that made me stand out as not being a normal sister to Gail and Grace was that my pink satin panties were being stretched out by a big boner. Even though I’d cum already twice that morning, the sensual feel of the feminine fabric and being dressed up like a pretty girl by my hot sister, had got me all hard, excited and aroused once more.

‘Wow, somebody sure likes playing dress up,’ Gail laughed at me, running her hand over my crotch, ‘Doesn’t it feel good being so pretty in such pretty things?’

‘Oh yes, big sister,’ I sighed, my voice even sounding girlish coming from my painted pink lips, ‘Thank you so much, it’s a great birthday present.’

I leaned in to kiss her and she allowed our lipsticked lips to play together for a few moments, letting her tongue slide into my mouth, making my dick spring up harder and more excited than before.

‘Mmm,’ she said, breaking from our kiss, ‘Save some for your brother.’

Oh yes, I remembered, there was one more family member I had not yet seen that day. My brother Adam was a notorious ladies man. He was between me and Gail in age, but seemed a lot younger and less mature than she was. He spent his whole life trying to get pussy and doing little else. I also noted, slightly worryingly given the way I was dressed up, that he had always been a completely straight guy’s guy with a bit of a homophobic streak. I wasn’t sure how he’d react to his brother the crossdressed cocksucker.

‘Nice ass, bro,’ was all that Adam said when he came in later that afternoon as I was parading my birthday lingerie for my parents and sisters in the living room.

He landed a playful slap on my satin panty wearing ass and gave me a little fondle. I felt kind of nervous feeling my studly brother’s hand on my ass, but it felt good to be the cute girly one in the situation and to let him be all manly. Still, I was surprised to see him eyeing me up, and even handling me like this.

‘Adam?’ I asked, ‘I know you’re not into guys, what is this?’

‘A cute ass like that belongs on a girl, sissy sister,’ he grinned, ‘And I never want to pass up an opportunity to fuck a sweet ass in sexy panties like that one. Besides,’ he added, as I blushed as pink as my babydoll, ‘I promised Mom I’d get you a really good present. Just like what Grace did.’

‘I don’t get it,’ I said as he rubbed his body against mine, I could feel his cock getting hard in his pants.

‘Bend over bro,’ he smirked, ‘It’s time for your birthday present. Grace let you pop her cherry, I’m about to return the favour.’

Now I got it, and I don’t mind admitting that, even after sucking Dad’s dick and letting sister sissify me, I was a little nervous about it, about letting my big brother fuck my ass and take my virginity back there. Still, my nerves were pushed aside by a greater feeling of excitement. If getting fucked by my brother was anywhere near as arousing as sucking off my dad, then it was going to be pretty good. I think I was developing a bit of a thing for family dick.

With my mom, dad and sisters still in the room watching, my brother bent me over a coffee table so my panty wearing ass was stuck up in the air. I faced my mom who smiled reassuringly at me as my brother’s hand slid between my stockinged thighs and pulled my legs open. My cock quivered against my pink satin panties as I felt my brother’s hand on my ass, sliding the panties to the side to give him access to my tight virgin hole.

Now I knew how Grace felt earlier today when I had taken her virginity, worried and excited, feeling the pain of being torn in two as a large erect cock pushed between my legs and impaled me, and feeling the thrill of giving my girlish body up to the force of my brother’s hard dick.

‘Feels good, doesn’t it, big sissy brother,’ Grace smiled at me from across the room, ‘You’ll love getting brother cock as much as I did!’

‘Oh yes,’ I gasped, struggling for air as my whole body felt filled with my brother’s dick, ‘Give it to me, brother, fuck me real good, fuck me like I’m my sister.’

I started getting really into feeling my brother slamming into my ass, my own dick was rock solid and bursting from my satin panties, my brother’s was tearing me open faster and harder, rocking my girly body in its satin lingerie, making me moan like a real girl until, quite unprompted, I blew a sticky load right over the coffee table and inside my pink panties.

As my orgasm rocked through me, my tight little virgin hole closed around my brother’s thick throbbing hardness and he too exploded a big spunky load right up inside me, making sure I was a cockloving bitch for all my family. It had been a great birthday and I felt well and truly fucked.

This wasn’t it for my big day, however. It turned out, things were only just getting started.

‘You’d better get yourself cleaned up, honey,’ my mom said as my brother’s sticky cum started running down my thighs to stain my sexy stockings, ‘We’ve got all the rest of the family coming round this evening for your party!’

I had spent my birthday getting sucked, fucked and dressed up by my mom, who blew my dick and fed me my cum, my dad, who gave me my first taste of cock, my kid sister Grace, who gave me her eighteen year old virgin pussy, my big sister Gail, who dressed me up in sexy girly lingerie, and my big brother Adam, who fucked my sissy ass for the first time. It had been quite a day, but it wasn’t over yet, not at all. Even as I felt my brother’s spunk run down my thighs over my thigh high stockings, I heard my mom tell me that all the rest of the family would be here shortly for a party and more surprising erotic treats.

Fortunately, Gail had the forethought to bring spare clothing and I was able to clean up my cumsoaked ass, cock and thighs and slip into a new pair of black lace panties and another set of thigh high nylons. Pretty soon, I looked just the pretty girl I had been before and ready for my big birthday party, where all my extended family were going to see me dolled up and slutty.

This family was my dad’s brother, my Uncle Pete, and his three sons, Rob, Dave and Jamie, and my mom’s sister, my Aunt Helen, her husband Uncle John, and their twin daughters Kelly and Joanne. Thus far today, it had been a pretty strange birthday, but with the whole extended family about to join in, I could sense it getting even stranger. I wondered what sort of presents they’d have in store for me.

Aunt Helen and her family arrived first. They were quite a mismatched pair, Helen was tall, long legged and busty like her sister, my mother, only with long tresses of blonde hair, a total fantasy babe even in her 40s. Her husband, however, was a timid, skinny little man with thin light hair and a wispy moustache. There was no difficulty in telling which of them was in control in their household, it was obvious just from the way Helen moved around the room. The twins, my cousins, were not as tall or as curvy as their mother, but were two cute and naughty 19 year olds, dressed in short pleated mini-skirts and thigh high stockings. Kelly had her mother’s blonde hair tied into pigtails, while Joanne’s was dyed in a gothic black bob.

‘Happy birthday, sweetie,’ Aunt Helen strode in, kissing me on each cheeks, barely seeming to register that I was dressed in high heels and lingerie.

‘Cute outfit,’ Kelly giggled.

‘Yeah, you sexy little thing,’ her sister chimed in.

Uncle John just looked nervously at the floor, as if this wild incestuous affair was not really his proper environment. I’d never have thought it was mine before the events of today.

‘Now,’ Aunt Helen announced loudly to the room, ‘Time for a present for the birthday girlyboy.’

She reached into her bag and pulled out a massive rubber cock. It was jet black, but with a completely realistic shape of bulges, veins and contours and must have been almost eight inches in length, longer even than my dad’s thick hardness. It had a strapon harness that my aunt was preparing.

I watched open mouthed as my aunt shed her thin dress and dropped it to the floor. She was wearing no bra and her beautiful breasts dangled free, hardly sagging at all for a woman of her age. She slid off her dark red panties and slipped into the strapon harness. Now she looked like a hot curvy older woman but with a cock that would put most men to shame. It certainly managed to shame the dick in my lace panties.

‘Here’s your present, honey,’ my aunt grinned, ‘Another nice, fat cock for you, only this time it’s your auntie’s dick!’

‘Wow, Aunt Helen,’ I gasped, ‘It’s so big.’

‘Don’t worry, baby, it’s just the way my husband likes it,’ she replied, grinning.

Over in the corner of the room, Uncle John blushed bright red. Even seeing his cocklusting nephew dressed in a babydoll and stockings, he was embarrassed to have people know he liked getting screwed with his wife’s strapon.

I, however, had no such worries, not I who had loved feeling my dad shoot his cummy load down my throat, who had spread his stockinged legs to take his brother’s dick inside him. No, I simply got to my knees, opened my lips and started sucking. It was real big in my pink mouth, stretching it wide open, but I loved the feel of going down on another family dick, even a fake one.

After getting her strapon nice and slippery wet, my aunt made me turn around and, for the second time that afternoon, I gave a show to a room full of my family of me spreading my legs and getting a cock up the ass. I started to feel really good as my aunt’s monster strapon impaled me even deeper than my brother had. I was riding my ass up to meet my busty aunt’s thrusts and all the time my own dick was getting hard once again.

Unfortunately, we were interrupted in the middle of this kinky scene by some more arrivals, this was Dad’s side of the family. Uncle Pete, like my dad, tall and broad shouldered, came in followed by his three sons. Or rather, he was followed by his two eldest sons. Jamie, the youngest, who I had always found superior and a little mean spirited around me, I could not see for a moment. Then I saw that Rob, the eldest son, had something in his hand, it looked like a chain or lead.

Sure enough, on the end of the lead, attached to a choker round his neck, was the third brother, crawling on all fours. Jamie, however, looked nothing like his usual preening superior self. He had been dressed like me in lingerie, white thigh high nylons, a black lace thong, leather mini-skirt and a leather corset laced tight to give him feminine curves. His dark hair was tied in pigtails like his cousin Kelly and he was made up with dramatic slutty make up.

‘Here you go, son,’ my uncle said to me as my cousin crawled over the floor toward me, ‘We’ve brought you a present, a little something to play with.’

‘I’m not into this,’ pouted my sissified cousin.

‘But you’re gonna do it and like it,’ said Rob, pulling the lead forcefully, choking his brother a little, as he handed it to me.

‘Rob’s usually the family bitch,’ Dave, the middle brother explained, ‘He’s quite enjoying having the day off being the submissive dolled up one.’

It thrilled me to hear how much my family members casually mentioned the dirty incestuous sex they liked to have together. I could certainly get used to days like today. I was equally excited by the chance to play with my present. I had always been irritated by Jamie’s superior attitude, so to have him be submissive with me was a bit of a turn on. I also had to admit that he looked hot as a girl in leather and pigtails. Hot enough, in fact, that I, still in my pretty pink lingerie, felt a little jealous.

My black lace panties were already filled out by a hard erection given by my aunt’s naughty strapon fucking and now I made my crossdressed cousin slide my panties aside and start licking my dick like a little slut while his father and brothers encouraged him, slapping and spanking his ass cheeks, which waved barely covered by his tiny thong and very short black leather mini-skirt.

‘Come on, son, be a slut for the birthday boy,’ Uncle Pete said, slapping his son’s ass, encouraging him to greater lengths than he had so far managed in his not so eager cocksucking.

I could see, spilling out of the thong and dangling out from the tiny mini-skirt, Jamie’s surprisingly large, thick eight inch cock. No wonder he was usually so cocky. Strangely, seeing that feminine corset and skirt and submissive attitude paired with an, as yet, limp monster dick, was an even greater turn on than if it had been a tight pussy like my sister’s.

I experienced another awkward pang of jealousy at seeing that my cousin not only matched me for girly good looks but had a dick that dwarfed mine. Still, he was the one on my lead, and he was the one who’s ass was about to get fucked. As I made sure to make clear as I made him turn from me and take off his thong. Just like my brother had done with me, I thrust my cock deep and hard up into my cousin’s sissified ass. It felt every bit as tight and stimulating as my sister’s virgin cunt had just that morning.

I was really getting into being on top this time. If my aunt could tap my ass this hard, I could certainly do the same to my cousin, slamming into his hole so our stockings rubbed hard together and my balls slapped against his, his massive dick flopping against his leather skirt.

‘Mmm, Jamie, you make a good submissive slut,’ I said, slapping his ass, really enjoying myself, ‘I don’t know why you don’t do this more often.’

‘Ohh,’ he whimpered, ‘I’ll get you back for this, cousin. Just you wait.’

That made me think that perhaps I wasn’t humiliating my crossdressed cousin enough just screwing him in front of the family. I called his big brother over and had him get his cock out too. Soon I had my cousin blowing his own brother while I pounded his ass, getting Rob’s dick nice and hard with his painted lips like I could only imagine had happened in reverse so many times.

I could see why Rob was the one the all male family made play the girl most of the time, he had a slender feminine body with long legs and a face that I could just imagine as a woman, wide eyes with long lashes and a mouth with full soft lips. I wondered what they’d be like wrapped around a cock like his brother’s were.

That got me really excited, watching the brotherly sissy suck show and imagining how it was in their house as I fucked my cousin’s tight ass. Meanwhile, I felt fingers exploring my own dark hole and, soon, my aunt decided to finish what she had started by sticking her strapon up into me just as I was doing with my cousin, matching me thrust for thrust albeit dwarfing me with the size of her rubber dick.

‘Oh brother, you’d better be ready for a big, dirty load in the face,’ Rob gasped as he pulled his dick from his brother’s lips and jerked it off until he shot a great mass of sticky spunk all over him, into his pigtailed hair, over his painted lips, dripping onto his leather corset.

I pulled out of his ass and made him turn around to face his cummy sissy face toward me. As my aunt pumped my ass with her strapon, she grabbed my ready to cum dick and, pointing it right in Jamie’s face, pumped the spunk right out of me, bathing him in another load and leaving him kneeling in leather and lingerie in the middle of the family party with cum dripping over his face, well and truly fucked.

My birthday presents had all been pretty incredible, but if I thought my birthday fun was over now that I’d enjoyed presents from the whole family, I was mistaken. It turned out the party was only just getting started and now my mom, dressed in a tight, tiny, sexy little black dress, suggested it was time for some party games. Only these weren’t the kinds of games I would ever have expected to see at a family party!

‘OK, kids,’ she grinned, ‘How about a little game of Daddy Sucking. The rules are quite simple, each daddy picks a daughter and each daughter sucks off her daddy’s dick as best she can. The first daughter to get a mouthful of cum is the winner.’

‘And what does the winner get to win?’ Joanne smirked.

‘A very special prize,’ my Mom responded, opening a bag to reveal a shining silver vibrator, ‘Whoever first gets a face load of Daddy’s spunk, gets this to play with for good.’

The three dads, my own, his brother Uncle Pete and my mom’s brother-in-law Uncle John, stood in a row in the centre of the room. Each now had to pick a daughter, except for Uncle Pete, who, given his family all consisted of men, had to take my little toy from his leash and use his dolled up son Jamie. My dad, meanwhile, ended up with Grace, so eager and lustful since her first sexual experience just that morning, while John, seeming the most awkward about the whole affair blushed and stammered while his two cute twins bickered between them about who would be the one to get to suck their dad’s cock.

‘You know I’ve wanted Dad’s dick for ages, sis,’ Kelly pouted.

‘Oh, but so I have I,’ her dark haired twin replied, ‘I was just saying the other day how jealous I am of Mom getting to suck him off whenever she wants!’

‘Yes, Jo-Jo, but I said it first,’ came back my cousin with the blonde pigtails, ‘I think that means I should be the first to do it.’

‘Mom!’ Joanne pleaded for her mother’s intervention like a squabbling child.

‘Let your sister have a go, Jo,’ my naked, busty aunt replied, giving her daughter a suggestive smirk, ‘Don’t worry, after today, you’ll have plenty of chances to have a go with your daddy’s dick.’

John blushed heavily, but offered no objection as his nineteen year old daughter, dressed in a tiny pleated mini-skirt and stockings, came over and started to strip him. Grace was doing the same to our dad and, with a little prompting from his brothers and the chain around his neck, so was sissified Jamie. In a few minutes all three stood stark naked with their cocks beginning to get a little hard.

My dad’s was the most impressive, it made my girly mouth water seeing it get hard as Grace wrapped her slender fingers around the throbbing shaft. I couldn’t help but think about how good it had felt when that had been the first dick I held in my mouth. His brother’s was almost as long and thick and was harder and stiffer at the thought of his crossdressed son getting his lips around its veiny flesh. Pete didn’t really wait for Jamie to suck him, he took his son’s head in his hand and shoved his dick down his throat, making Jamie gasp with surprise. John meanwhile, still looked awkward, no doubt partially embarrassed that his cock was below average size and appeared small amongst some of the others here. Still, as Kelly got to her knees and started flicking her tongue over his limp flesh, it got pretty hard pretty fast.

Soon the only sound in the room was that of three teenage hotties slurping on the quivering meat of three middle aged fathers, who couldn’t believe their luck in getting serviced by their teen daughters in front of the whole family. The rest of us were watching in rapt silence, partly turned on by the three hot blowjobs and partly excited to see who would win the contest.

‘That’s good, Grace, that’s real good,’ my dad sighed, ‘Cocksucking must come naturally to you kids, this is the second time one of you’s given me a first time blowjob today, and it’s the second time it’s been so good.’

‘Mmm, take it, swallow my cock, son,’ my Uncle Pete was moaning as he thrust hard and fast into Jamie’s throat. I wondered whether Jamie was wanting to win, and whether he’d want that shiny vibrator if he did. I noticed, however, that beneath his tight leather skirt, his huge flapping dick was beginning to get hard. Perhaps he really was an incestuous cocklover like so many in his family.

‘Ohhh, oh God, Kelly, yes,’ Kelly’s father was gasping and sweating as his daughter gave him incredible head.

Now the competition was really getting going. Jamie began to respond to his father’s thrusts, deep throating his dad’s cock, seeming not to care about appearing to not enjoy his sissy role. Grace, however, was really giving it her all in getting our dad off. He seemed really on the brink, even despite his having cum in my mouth earlier that day.

Seeing this, Kelly, one hand stroking her dad’s shaft as it slipped between her lips, reached her other hand behind him. She had obviously been paying attention to her mother’s remarks about her father liking strapon dick, because she saw the way to get an extra advantage and slid two fingers right up her dad’s ass. In seconds, Uncle John had blown a massive load in my cousin’s face and she had won.

Kelly licked the cum from around her lips as, moments later, our dad unloaded his own sticky spunk all over Grace. The two cousins moved over to join in each other in a salty liplock, trading their dad’s cum between their wet mouths.

Jamie was still going down eagerly on his dad’s cock even though the game was over, his own dick flapping about beneath his tiny leather skirt. Uncle Pete gave a gasp and, with that, the last of the dads gave up his seed to his offspring. Pete filled Jamie’s mouth with hot spunk until it leaked all over his son’s chin and onto his leather corset.

‘Oh boy, that was some real good cocksucking there, son,’ Pete sighed, ‘We’ll have to make you our bitch more often.’

‘Yeah, Grace, you too, there’s obviously some real cocksucking gene in this household,’ my dad responded, ‘And I’m going to take more advantage of it in future.’

‘None of them give head quite so good as my Kelly, though,’ her quiet, meek dad grinned, patting her pigtailed head as she looked up at him with his cum still glistening on her lips, ‘Kelly – Queen of the Daddy Suckers!’

‘Well done honey,’ her mom, Aunt Helen added, ‘Looks like you’re the star slut of the family. And in this family that’s saying something!’

‘I’d have got dad off even quicker,’ pouted her dark haired twin, Joanne.

My mom presented Kelly with the shining vibrator and both twin’s faces took on an expression of delight. Kelly turned it on and, as it thrummed with arousing power, her sister took a hold of it and ran it down Kelly’s chest and into her panties, rubbing the vibrating toy over her clit.

Mom wasn’t at all finished with introducing party games, however, and, while her twin nieces enjoyed some play of their own, she introduced a new game for all the guys at the party, except for me the birthday boy.

The game was ‘Dress Poker’ and worked like ‘Strip Poker’ but in reverse. All the guys that weren’t already naked, so Adam, Rob and Dave, along with Jamie who was allowed out of his leather corset and mini-skirt, stripped completely naked. They were not just naked, their bodies had been shaved of all their hair, including Uncle John’s little moustache.

They sat around the poker table naked while all the girls, and me in my lingerie, sat around and watched. Every time one of them lost a hand, rather than stripping off clothing, they now had to put something on.

Mom had picked each of the six guys out a cute girly outfit with lingerie, stockings, a tight short skirted party dress and heels. Some seemed a little reluctant at the opportunity to wear the costumes but most appeared confident that their skills at the game would result in them being the one who ended up all dressed up and had to endure the final forfeit. The first one to lose completely and become dolled up in a totally feminine way would be given to me as an extra birthday present to play with.

I was quite eager with the anticipation. I had seen what a cute fuckable girl Jamie could make, and could tell that his brother Rob would be similar. But I had no idea how my dad or my brother would look in lingerie nor either of my uncles. The thought of any of them dolled up like a slutty girl would have been bizarre and even disturbing for me days earlier, but now it seemed exciting.

While all the other bodies were totally male when naked, Jamie still had his slutty make up and hair in pigtails, which gave him the look of the girliest of them all. It also, it seemed, enabled him to bluff better, as he started doing pretty well at the game.

Dad lost the first hand and my mom, his wife, with a mock ceremonial gesture, brought over a pair of purple satin panties with black lace bows and slid them over her husband’s cock. He blushed a little at being dressed in panties in front of the whole family, while I enjoyed the sight of the first cock I had ever tasted being outlined against that feminine purple material.

After a little while, the game began to develop, my dad had started poorly and his purple panties were soon joined by a matching bra in purple satin with a black lace bow between the cups, a garter belt and black thigh high stockings with lacy tops, before most of the other guys were even in panties, with his brother Pete in nothing but a crimson thong, but then his luck had started to turn.

Meanwhile, my mom had laced her other son, Adam, into a tight corset of blue-green satin with white laces that gave his toned body a more feminine curve, and a black thong that barely contained his semi-erect cock. That was as far as the feminisation of my brother got at this point, although he was obviously enjoying either wearing the panties and corset or the sight of his cousins opposite.

While Jamie, made up and hair in pigtails had only reached the stage of wearing a pair of black cotton panties with red hearts, his two brothers were almost entirely girlified.

Dave, the middle brother was wearing a dark blue satin bra decorated all over with black lace and a matching pair of boyshort panties. Over this was a lacy black suspender belt holding up a pair of black thigh high stockings that ended in six inch heeled stiletto shoes. He was just a dress, wig and make up away from losing and didn’t look thrilled about the possibility. Slightly less feminine facially than his brothers, the sight of those long legs in stockings, however, made him remain a pretty desirable option.

My attention was mainly, however, on Rob, the eldest brother and, apparently, the family bitch. He looked amazingly feminine and girlish in baby pink. His French cut panties were pink with white frills and he had a thin pink babydoll above. He was also wearing pink fishnet stockings, pink sandals and his face had been made up with baby pink lipstick and eyeshadow. My dick was getting hard just waiting for him to win a wig and dress and then become mine to play with.

It seemed finely poised between which of these two brothers would lose the final few hands, but it turned out that there was one part of the table that I hadn’t been paying attention to. It seemed that the quietest member of the group was about to hit a losing streak.

Uncle John, my mother’s brother-in-law, father of the cute twins who had just helped his daughter win a vibrator, a small, skinny man formerly with a wispy moustache who appeared often overlooked, now began to add a pair of virginal white lace panties, a tight white lace basque with a bridal appearance, white stockings, a white 50s style party dress tight around the waist with a short wide skirt, white platforms, and, before I really knew what was happening a blonde Marilyn Monroe wig.

In a moment, the final hand was lost and John’s wife, Aunt Helen came over with her make up kit, giving her husband blush, lipstick and eyeliner. He had his back to me throughout this and I could see nothing of him, but I had to confess myself disappointed to not get either of the two pretty brothers closer in age to his daughters.

That disappointment lasted exactly until the moment John turned around. No wonder his daughters were so cute, as a girl the anonymous looking Uncle John was a knockout MILF. I couldn’t believe the transformation.

‘Wow, dad,’ Joanne, his daughter, remarked, ‘You’re a hottie.’

‘I almost want you more now than when I was sucking your daddy dick,’ Kelly laughed.

I was only too happy now to claim my prize and stood up in the middle of the room, my dick pushing my black lace panties aside, and had John kneel before me, sliding my dick into his mouth the way his daughter had done to him just a little earlier.

He was certainly a natural when it came to sucking dick and I remembered how his wife had told us he loved to take a strapon. I wondered if blowing his nephew now was his first real dick.

Meanwhile, his daughters, not content to watch their dolled up crossdressed daddy blowing their cousin’s dick, came over to join us. They both knelt behind their dad while his attention was all on sucking me off. Kelly lifted her dad’s skirt around his waist and Joanne pushed his panties aside.

I heard a buzzing sound and saw that Kelly had turned on her new vibrator. As Joanne fingered her father’s ass open, her twin sister slid the vibrator right up inside him. My uncle continued blowing my cock but I could see his eyes widen with pleasure and his dick become hard again, pushing his skirt out, as his daughters invaded his ass with their vibrator.

‘Mmm, that feels good,’ he moaned.

‘John loves his ass played with,’ Aunt Helen chimed in, ‘Why don’t you fuck it? He’d love to feel a real cock inside him.’

I suddenly realised the reason John had so quickly lost so many hands to transform into a sexy woman. He wanted to lose. He wanted my cock in his eager ass. I was only too happy to oblige.

I lay back on the ground, stretching my stockinged legs out and had John sit astride me, his stockings rubbing against mine. He slid his ass down onto my erect pole and rode me while his two daughters played with his dick.

I could feel my orgasm coming and that’s when Kelly turned to using her vibrator on me. While Joanne took over sucking her dad off, her sister stuck her vibrator in and out of my ass until both me and girlified Uncle John came together in an explosion of sticky cum that covered both twin sisters’ cute, eager faces.

While I had been enjoying my Uncle John’s newfound girly good looks and then cleaning myself up, my mother had set up another game for me with the remaining guys, all of whom had been forced into the full feminine outfits that she had picked out for them during the poker game.

I came back into the room, still in my stockings and babydoll but without the panties that I had well and truly soaked in cum. My dick hung naked between my legs. I could see all of the guys in my family fully dressed as girls.

My dad was there in a long black ball gown, slit up his leg to show his stockings and a glimpse of his purple panties. He wore a wig of shoulder length black hair that made him look quite womanly. Beside him my brother Adam had a short green party dress over the blue green corset I had seen earlier on. His own brother Pete was in a crimson corset and short black mini skirt that showed off some impressive legs.

Uncle Pete had obviously passed these looks onto his sons as all three looked great in stockings and skirts. Rob, the eldest, was in very girly pink, a dress that had lots of white lace frills and layers to its short skirt. Dave, the middle brother wore a very tight navy blue dress whose skirt just about covered the tops of his stockings and against which the outline of his semi hard cock was clearly visible. Jamie, the youngest, was in a strappy leather look that fit with his earlier role as my plaything on a lead.

Finally, there was John, cleaned up and back in his all white outfit, its virginal qualities slightly counteracted by the drops of cum just about visible still on his thighs.

‘OK guys, the final game is simply this,’ my mom explained, ‘A beauty contest for all the girly guys in our family in honour of our younger son who just loves to be dressed up all girly. And the winner gets to wear my own sexiest lingerie as he gets to fuck me. Which guy in the family wouldn’t want that?’

‘I’m not thrilled wearing panties,’ Adam, my more masculine brother complained, ‘But hell, I’d love to fuck my mom.’

‘I’m with you man, it’s normally my brothers in skirts, I’m not that sissy,’ long legged, tight skirted Dave replied, his obvious semi hardon contradicting his stated views a little, ‘But I’d happily wear one to screw my aunt.’

‘That’s sweet guys,’ she smiled, ‘All we need now is a judge for the contest.’ The doorbell rang, ‘And here he is now.’

I started to feel a little nervous as I joined the line up of my crossdressed family. Not only was my outfit only semi complete with my dick hanging out, but also an additional person was coming in to judge us. What they’d think to see the whole family dressed like slutty babes I had no idea.

My heart skipped a beat as I saw who entered the room with my mother. I was my granddad, Dad and Pete’s own dad. My granddad was in his 60s but still looked pretty good for his age. He was well built with a full head of dark hair. He was also the kind of guy that didn’t take a lot of crap and was no doubt not going to react brilliantly to seeing a room full of the guys in his family dressed as girls.

‘Well, what a lot of sissy boys my family have turned out to be,’ he sneered, ‘Should have known you were none of you anything but a bunch of girls.’

‘Now then, dad,’ Mom said to her father-in-law, ‘I know you. I know you’d fuck anything in a skirt. Don’t forget when I first met your elder son, you’d still be using the younger as a bitch to fuck. No wonder he’s passed it down to his own sons.’

I guess I shouldn’t have been any more surprised by my family’s mixed up incestuous tendencies but the idea of my Uncle Pete getting girlified and fucked by his own dad when he was my age just as I had been in my family and his son, my cousin Jamie, had in his, was quite an odd yet enticing one.

‘Yes sweetcheeks, I always had one hell of a sex drive that anybody around had to deal with,’ he grinned, ‘I thought I might pass it on to my family, but I guess it just turned them into big girls.’

‘Don’t forget I know just what you like,’ Mom replied, ‘And I know that anybody, boys or girls, dressed in sexy lingerie gets you off. So, I’ve asked you here to judge between all the new made girls which makes the sexiest.’

I wondered how my granddad would react to all this. He seemed to show a fair amount of disdain for our dressing up. Yet he obviously had enjoyed fucking his feminised son in the past.

I guess I shouldn’t have worried too much as it soon became obvious that, like the rest of the family, his urges were too strong to stand in the way of anything else. Like my mom said, I guess he liked to fuck anything in a skirt. Whatever the reason, I could soon see him eyeing up our girly bodies with a hungry, horny expression.

‘OK, my girly sissy sons and grandsons, come over here and let me get a look at you,’ he said.

We lined up to be inspected and he went along the row eyeing us up. When he got to me he stopped and lingered a little longer, seeming to like how my babydoll gave me a more revealing look than the others even though my dick was poking out of the bottom.

‘Alright, you all look like proper girls, but can you act like one,’ he said, ‘Get over here.’

This last he said to my dad, his firstborn son and the oldest of the group, dressed in that long ball gown. As soon as he was standing before his own father, the gown was gone, torn off his body to reveal his purple lingerie and stockings.

‘Not bad, it’s a shame we never had you play the girl before, son,’ his dad smirked, groping the purple bra where his son’s breasts would be.

He stood back, pushed his son to his knees and began to unbutton his pants. My dad looked deeply embarrassed as the whole family watched him dressed in purple panties as his own dad pulled his dick out in front of him.

This in itself was a fresh cause of embarrassment. Everyone in the room looked shocked and impressed. His dick was enormous. None of the other eight guys in the family standing in this room could nearly match him for length or girth and he wasn’t even fully hard. Yes, granddad, the only guy in the room still a guy, certainly had reason to remain the big man of the family.

He started stroking his dick in front of my dad, waving it in his face, slapping him across the lips with it, teasing him to start sucking it.

‘OK, son, show me what a good girl you can be,’ he smirked.

With some blushes, my dad reached out and began to blow his dad’s cock. It was a little awkward but it certainly made granddad get harder and more and more aroused as my dad licked and sucked his way around the huge, hard shaft.

‘Sorry, sissy, not good enough,’ granddad said, pushing his son away, ‘Come on up someone else.’

Uncle Pete and Uncle John came over and both knelt before granddad’s big beast together. Between them they began to stroke at the shaft, each of their tongues flicking back and forth to take little licks. Both were obviously a little more expert and experienced in the area than my dad.

Dad meanwhile, still in his purple lingerie and stockings had gone to sit with the girls, where Aunt Helen was caressing his hardon through the purple satin of his panties as he watched his brother and her husband blowing his dad’s dick.

‘No,’ granddad rejected these two as well, ‘Sorry girly men but my desires are more for a younger model.’

Pete and John too joined the girls on the other side of the room. Joanne and Kelly looked thrilled to be given back their dolled up dad to play with. Indeed, in a few seconds they had him sat on the couch and Kelly was running her vibrator around his nipples in the white lace basque while Joanne had slipped into a strapon like her mother’s and was waving it in her dad’s face, suggesting him to suck it.

Pete, meanwhile, still dressed in a red corset and stockings, his dick hard enough to push his black miniskirt right up, had sat beside my dad. As Helen caressed dad’s arousal and dad’s eyes were still on his own father, Helen pulled Pete over by his cock as it poked out of the skirt. Soon, she had pushed my dad’s mouth right down on his brother’s cock, reversing the relationship that they had had when they were younger, while she herself began to suck my dad.

Granddad, while this was going on, had summoned Pete’s three sons over to him. All three knelt beneath him and began sucking his dick between them, passing it back and forth, eagerly swallowing, sucking and licking as their hands ran all over their own sexy dressed up bodies.

Unable to resist the pressure of his very tight dress, Dave pulled the skirt up around his waist and freed his rock hard erection. This he began to jerk off furiously as he licked his granddad’s manhood. In a few moments, he had grabbed Jamie and pushed him down so that he was swallowing Dave’s erection rather than his own.

Granddad reacted to this by sending them both away. Now just Rob was blowing his dick. Girly Rob in his baby pink outfit seemed a particular favourite of his granddad who was really enjoying the girliest sissy’s oral attentions as Rob swallowed and licked away at his massive veiny cock.

As soon as leather dressed Jamie joined the girls he was grabbed by my two sisters. Grace, the younger, lay on her back, spread her legs and gave a moan of sheer pleasure as her crossdressed cousin plunged his big thickness right into her. Gail, meanwhile, positioned herself behind Jamie, lifted his leather skirt and stuck a huge strapon right up his ass. It was almost as if one sister was fucking another with dressed up Jamie as their fucktoy in the middle.

There was just me and my brother Adam left. Not stopping baby pink Rob from still licking his massive manhood, my granddad brought the two of us in. Adam pushed Rob aside and began almost aggressively to swallow our granddad’s cock. For someone who was unsure about the whole girly dress up thing he was certainly keen to swallow dick. Obviously his mind was on the prize, our mom’s body.

What he couldn’t see, however, was Dave, our very horny cousin in the tight dress with the rock hard erection. While all the other rejects had found someone to play with, he was left holding his boner and watching his brother and cousins sucking off their elderly well endowed relative. He was obviously desperate for some action.

With Adam distracted by his deep throating a massive family member, Dave saw his chance. He got up behind Adam, whose green party dress was short enough that the skirt had ridden right up, and slid his black thong down around his knees. Before Adam knew what was happening, his cousin had plunged his hard dick right up into his ass.

Adam was having his virgin ass fucked hard for the first time and he had no way of concentrating on the even bigger dick in front of him. He turned from granddad and tried to get Dave off him, something that wasn’t easy with his panties around his knees and his dick flapping around beneath his skirt. He soon gave up and gave in to having his ass pounded by his cousin, promising himself that as soon as Dave had filled him with juicy spunk, he’d get his revenge the other way around.

So, now it was just Dave and me, the two cousins in our girly pink babydolls, looking so pretty and feminine as we shared our granddad’s dick between our pink painted lips. He looked gorgeous and I wondered if I could possibly win this beauty contest. I began to alternate kissing my crossdressed cousin and licking my granddad’s cock.

‘OK girly grandsons, it’s just between you two now,’ Granddad said, ‘So lie back and let’s see how you fuck.’

We lay on our backs side by side, two sexy girly babes in pink, both spreading our stockinged legs wide open waiting for granddad’s dick. He went to Rob first. Rob’s legs were long and sexy and he lifted and opened them and his granddad slid between, impaling Rob’s ass. Rob knew just how to get his ass fucked and seemed to love every minute of his granddad sliding in and out of him.

I reached across instinctively and took Rob’s throbbing dick from out of his frilly pink panties and started to stroke it, jerking him off as our granddad fucked him. After a moment, he began to do the same to him.

Then it was my turn. I followed Rob’s lead in letting my stockinged legs open high and wide and let my granddad right in. I’d had a few cocks, real and strapon, up my ass during the day and was beginning to get used to it but still my granddad’s largeness felt like it was tearing in and opening me up further.

I sighed and moaned with pleasure as my family patriarch had his way with my girly ass and my cousin stroked my dick. As I turned my head around the room from looking at my granddad’s ageing but still trim body, I could see the whole party had descended into a total family orgy.

My dad in his purple lingerie had my Aunt Helen, his sister-in-law, on her back and was fucking her wet pussy while both shared sucking on the dick of Uncle Pete, my dad’s brother, dressed in a crimson corset and stockings. My dad was swallowing his dick while Helen licked at his balls.

My cousin Jamie had blown his sticky load in my formerly virgin sister Grace and now my other sister Gail was making him eat his spunk out of her, while she continued screwing his ass with a strapon.

Jamie’s brother Dave was on all fours beside them, also licking at Grace’s cunt and tasting his own brother’s sperm. His tight dress had been torn off to reveal him in just a blue satin bra, stockings and suspenders. His dick flapped about as my brother Adam, in a tight corset and stockings ploughed hard and roughly into his ass. Dave’s own cum was leaking from Adam’s hole showing that my brother hadn’t had things all his way.

Finally, my female cousins Kelly and Joanne had their father, still in bridal style white lingerie, down on all fours between them as they spit roasted him, fucking him from either end with big strapons, firing him back and forth between them.

In fact, my mom was the only person in the room not fucking as she remained the one stood watching, paying attention to the outcome of what was supposedly still a beauty contest, watching eagerly as her son, the birthday boy, dressed in a babydoll and stockings, had his ass torn open by her father-in-law.

‘Oh yeah, sissy grandson, you girly slut,’ my granddad sighed, ‘Happy Birthday, you’re the winner.’

He shoved his dick hard inside me and began to cum, filling me with stream after stream of his white sticky juices until it couldn’t fit inside me any more. I’d already had my brother and my dad cum inside me today, why not my granddad, I figured.

I felt a warm glow as he pulled out and spunk leaked out of my just fucked ass. I was the winner, the sexiest boygirl at my party. I could not have hoped for a better conclusion to the birthday party than this.

Once again, I left the room to clean myself up before coming downstairs to collect my prize, my mom would let me wear her best lingerie, wear it as I fucked her pussy.

Back in the room, the rest of the party was a sticky mess of spunk and lingerie, guys and girls in various states of dress with skirts, dresses, stockings, bras and panties indiscriminately worn or cast aside and with spunk dripping from various orifices or dicks, real and strapon. All of them, however, gathered to watch the finale, all jealous of me being the one to screw my mom.

I was naked now but not for long. My mom slid a pair of cream coloured panties covered in black lace and bows up my legs before tying my chest into a matching corset. On top of this there was a black lace suspender belt. She then slowly and sensually slid a pair of black stockings with lace tops up my legs and attached them to my suspenders.

And there I was, in my mom’s best, most expensive and desirable lingerie, in the middle of the room with all eyes on me, on my birthday, about to fuck my own mother.

She slid her party dress to the ground to reveal her beautiful body and then lay on her back, spreading her legs and beckoning me in just as I had done moments before for my granddad. My dick was so hard still from that fucking, stretching the expensive material of my mom’s panties.

I slid my dick out of the panties but continued to wear them, I loved the feel of dressing in my mom’s favourite things as I prepared to screw her. I got down between her legs and began to slide my dick into her moist, wet pussy, watching her face smile with delight. Those lips that had gone down on my dick first thing that morning and begun this whole crazy adventure were now grinning because I was screwing her.

‘Thank you Mom,’ I sighed, ‘Thank you for a wonderful birthday.’

As I began to thrust in and out of my mom’s pussy, I noticed we were getting surrounded by the family. A whole circle of dicks stuck out from skirts and stockings and everyone was stroking them over and around us until all I could see was lingerie, dick and my mom’s moaning face.

There was my dad’s dick, the first I’d sucked, now surrounded by stockings and suspenders. There was the narrow waist of my brother in a tight corset and his dick, the first I’d taken up my ass. And there were my three cousins in baby pink, slutty leather and dark blue, all stroking their three dicks together with each other’s hands. There were my two uncles, one in white the other red, making out with each other as they stroked their dicks over me, each fingering the other’s ass.

There two were my twin girl cousins waving their big strapons in my face and my two sisters in strapons too coated with cum from their crossdressed cousins. My Aunt Helen rubbed another strapon, the one she had given my ass for my birthday.

I was completely surrounded by those that loved me, that had fucked me, that had enjoyed my birthday and now rubbed their cocks for me. Well, for me and my mom who I was fucking.

And then it came, my orgasm hit me with such force and I felt that of all the cocks around me hit me too until I was shooting cum into my mom’s pussy and feeling it hit me from all sides.

I woke up with a raging hardon, not all that unusual for a man like me, nor was the fact that my bed was soaked in my cum. It was my birthday, I was 21, and I had just had the most incredible wet dream. It was hard to imagine all that had just been my birthday fantasy but it had.

I heard my gorgeous mother knocking at my door.

‘Happy Birthday son,’ she said, ‘I thought you’d like a special birthday wake up.’

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