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So, here I was, getting ready to land at the Denver Airport, wondering how in the world I got into this situation and what my new life would be like. Of course, in order to for you to understand my story I’ll have to give you a little background history.

My name is Jason, and I’m eighteen years old. Up ’til now I’d been living with my parents in Oregon. My parents had recently been killed in a freak accident with a logging truck and I was being schlepped off to go live with my grandmother Rose. Now, my parents had been some back-to-the-land, quasi-religious types whose idea of a righteous lifestyle was to live up in the mountains fifty miles from the nearest town and a million miles from any kind of modern influence (hey, if I sound a little bitter, I AM)! We had no neighbors, and, consequently, I had no friends. I was home-schooled and, apart from brief forays into town to stock up on supplies, had very little contact with other people aside from my folks. My parents had some kind of philosophical feud going on with their respective family’s, and I don’t think I’d seen any of them, any, since I was five or so. This was especially true of my maternal grandmother (Rose), whom my parents, on the few occasions they ever mentioned her, was presented as some kind of she-witch from hell!

As I’ve mentioned, I was home-schooled and was essentially a solitary, private child. To top it off, I had been a somewhat sickly child when younger and, at eighteen, still looked like I was thirteen or so. Skinny, only five foot four, no bodily hair, and (worst of all) a cock that was barely four inches long when fully hard! Of course, at eighteen my cock was hard most of the time, but the only release I’d had up ’til now was sneaking off to the woods to play with myself while poring over an old, tattered copy of Playboy that I found once beside the road.

So, think about it: Eighteen years old, no experience with the outside world (never mind the opposite sex), and off to start a new life with no idea of what to expect… Of course, these were the thoughts and frustrations filling my mind and churning my stomach as the plane approached the airport. Well, the landing was uneventful, and, after I had made my way through the airport to the luggage carousel and was standing there nervously waiting for my solitary bag to come off, darting glances here and there around the terminal looking for someone, anyone, who could possibly be my grandmother, a hand gently tapped me on my shoulder and said, in a questioning tone,

“Jason, Jason, is that you sweetheart?”

I turned around and there she was, to me, a vision of beauty: An inch or two taller than me (but, who wasn’t?), very nicely dressed, with stylishly coiffed short blond hair, and just a little on the chunky side, but, nonetheless, somehow fit looking. To my uninitiated eyes she looked no more than 45 years old (I later found out that she was actually 57), and more of a active, attractive, businesswoman rather than someone I would have imagined as my grandmother. We made some idle chit chat while we waited for my luggage, and then made then long trek out of the airport to her car and started the drive home. Rose (immediately after the first time I addressed her as “Grandmother Rose” she admonished me and insisted that I address her as simply “Rose”) lived a fair way out in the suburbs of Denver, and this gave me a chance to somewhat surreptitiously study her as we talked during the drive. My first impressions seemed correct, elegant, well-spoken and very, very pretty. As I mentioned earlier, she was a little stocky, but by the curve of her legs showing underneath her skirt, no stranger to an active lifestyle. I also found out during our conversation that she had been divorced for the last ten years (something my parents had never mentioned) and, I gathered, that her divorce had left her with a tidy sum of money.

When we finally reached her house I was totally amazed. Wrought-iron gates and a stone archway lead up to a long, curving driveway past a well-tended flower garden to a large, Victorian ranch that I thought fit for some Hollywood mogul. Rose gave me an abbreviated tour through her palatial estate and then led my to what was to be my room. Growing up in a small A-frame in the mountains of Oregon had left me ill-prepared for the sumptuousness of her home, and I was only the more impressed when, later, she showed me her swimming pool in back, about 50 yards away from the house. Rose had an Olympic-sized pool enclosed by a four foot fence on the front, with a taller fence on the other three sides. The entranceway had a gate and archway closely resembling the entranceway to her house, with the only difference that the pool entranceway was entirely framed with mirrors, and also the interior wall had a similar mirrored surface. A full bar was present (although, I didn’t recognize it as such as the time), along with a large array of recognizably high-quality pool furnishings such as chaises, lounge chairs, etc.

The next couple of weeks flew by in a blur as I settled into my new surroundings, so unlike anything I had experienced until I came to live with Rose. Eating well, lounging around in a beautiful house, and, simply hanging out with my beautiful grandmother. We spent a great deal of time in and around her pool, and, I did find myself becoming uncomfortably aroused at times. Rose was fond of wearing rather skimpy bathing suits and I found myself often unable to take my eyes off her. While she was a little chunky, she had gorgeously toned legs, and a sweetly rounded butt. Her boobs, while a little on the small side, stuck deliciously straight out from her chest, and from the way that her nipples poked out from the fabric of tops, were long and thick. I must admit that her close proximity and luscious body inspired more than a few stroking sessions on my part late at night alone in my room, especially so because she was very affectionate towards me, hugging and kissing me often (sweet torture when we were at the pool…). However, I was totally taken aback at a conversation we had one night before I went to bend after being there a week or two!

“Jason, dear, we need to have a little talk.”

“OK Rose, what’s on your mind” I said with a little sinking feeling, thinking that she might have heard an inadvertent noise while I was pleasuring myself one night.

“Well, Jason, I guess I’m what you might consider to be a social nudist” she replied. “What I mean by that is that I enjoy being naked around the house, and I kind of miss that since you’ve been here.”

“Oh, oh” I replied, as smartly as I could at the time!

“Look honey” Rose said, “I don’t want to embarrass you or anything, but I really do like being nude. Now, I’m not saying that you should walk around naked if it would make you uncomfortable in any way, just that I hope you wouldn’t mind if I do.”

“Well, Rose, I don’t know if I can or not, but, I mean, it is your house, so you should do whatever you like best” was the best reply I could come up with at the moment.

“OK Jason, but please do remember that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to” she said, “Now, I’m kind of tired and feel like turning in,” and leaned over to kiss me on the cheek.

“Alright Rose, I’m tired myself, so, see you tomorrow.”

My heart was pounding as we walked side-by-side up the stairs; I honestly thought I would be sick. Sure, the thought of actually seeing Rose naked was the most exciting thing I had ever dreamed of, but what if I got a hard-on in front of her? Would she think I was some kind of pervert? And, let’s face it; I had a small cock! Would she laugh at me? Make fun of me? Those were the thoughts that kept me up almost all night, but, also, would she maybe get angry at me if she was walking around naked and I didn’t, or wouldn’t? Above all, I had truly come to love Grandmother Rose, and certainly did not want anything to jeopardize our relationship. Oh yeah, tossing and turning all night long.

Well, the next morning I decided that I would do anything Rose seemed to want, so I took my shower and headed downstairs, naked, for breakfast (hoping every moment that I wouldn’t embarrass myself!) When I got to the kitchen I was greeted by the sight of Rose bent over taking something out of the refrigerator! Oh, God, a beautifully rounded plump ass, with barely a hint of her heavenly cunt showing through her slightly spread legs!

“Morning Dear!” she chirped as she stood up and turned around.

“Hi Rose” I sort of squeaked as I tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to keep my eyes glued to her face, “What’s for breakfast?”

“Whatever you want, babe!” she said, as hers eyes slowly roamed downward to my cock, and then back up to my face “I see you decided to try a little freedom yourself this morning!”

“Um, yeah,” I said, “Could I just have a couple of eggs, please?” I said as I hurriedly sat down at the table.

“Sure, dear, anything you want!”

As Rose started to cook our breakfast I tried to avoid looking at her, but my eyes were irresistibly drawn towards her, and this is what I saw; again, a sweet, sexy, slightly chubby sweetheart! She was absolutely gorgeous! Her tits stood out proudly from her chest, and (just like I had imagined) her nipples looked like little thumbs standing out proudly from large pink areolas covering most of her smallish breasts. While I was able to see her mostly from the back or side as she was cooking, the few glimpses I was got from a front view showed me a bald cunt! All of the women I had seen in my moldy old Playboy had had a full bush, and I can’t begin to describe how beautiful her bald pussy looked to my virgin eyes! I had somewhat forgotten that the kitchen table had a glass top, but after Rose finished cooking and served us, my eyes were doing a mad dance between her cute, cute face, perky tits and sweet, sweet cunt shining up at me through the transparent table surface (especially as she was sitting with her legs slightly spread and I was catching glimpses of some delicately curled, protruding inner lips)! Unfortunately, as I realized somewhat belatedly, my hairless little cock was now entirely hard, and, judging from the angle of Roses’ stare, was blatantly apparent to her as well!

I was absolutely mortified at my reaction, and doubly so as we finished eating and Rose started clearing the dishes. She brought her own dishes to the counter, and then turned and stood facing me.

“Jason, dear, if you’re finished could you bring your dishes over?” she asked.

“Um, well, sure” was the best I could do, as I slowly stood up and walked toward her, my stiff cock standing straight up against my belly. As I approached, Rose’s eyes glided straight down my body to my rampant hard-on, as I began to stammer out an excuse…

“Rose, Rose, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to… I couldn’t help it!”

She raised her eyes to mine for a brief moment, smiled beatifically, and said “Jason, Jason, Jason, don’t be embarrassed, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little excited when you see someone of the opposite sex naked! It’s perfectly natural! Don’t you think anything of it, and I won’t either. Now, go watch TV for a little while I take care of these dishes, and then we’ll head out to the pool.”

Alright, Grandmother Rose” I let slip out due to my massive embarrassment, “let me know when you’re ready.”

“Now Jason,” she admonished, “I’ve told your before to just call me Rose, and, besides, I don’t really feel that much like your grandmother when you’re standing there naked in that state…”

I somewhat hurriedly rushed out to the rec room and tried to compose myself (with my heart pounding a mile a minute) and tried to sort out what had just happened. Well, I had gotten a boner in front of Rose, but, after all, it was the first time I’d actually seen a naked woman in the flesh (although, there was no way she could have known that). Still, she didn’t really seem to mind that much (saying it was natural and so on), so I was kinda OK with the previous little interlude – but, will it as I might, my cock wouldn’t go down! Flashes of that sexy body kept flitting through my mind, and, of course, my worry that Rose would think I was some sex freak didn’t help matters any. Oh, what a state to be in. Especially as I could now hear the dishwasher starting and knew, absolutely knew, that Rose would be coming into the room at any moment!

“Jason, you ready for a swim?” I heard, as Rose poked her head through the doorway, and then entered. Again, I could hardly keep my eyes on her face as I was so totally aware of, and self conscious of, our mutual nudity.

“Sure Rose,” I replied and slowly stood up to face her, my hard cock still flat against my belly. I gave a half-hearted little shrug as I saw her glance down at me, and said “let’s go, I bet the water’s great!” We started through the house out towards the pool, and, as we got outside Rose took my hand in hers and gave it a little squeeze. We slowly walked hand-in-hand towards the pool (a good 50 yards, or so) and I was feeling fairly comfortable until we started to approach the mirrored gateway. I suddenly caught sight of us as we got closer, and saw my bald, hard cock lewdly bobbing up and down as we got closer and closer! I glanced up at the reflection of Rose’s face as we approached; she just gave me a reassuring smile and squeezed my hand a little tighter. I embarrassedly grinned back at Rose, but then nearly fainted as I remembered that most of the fencing around the pool was also mirrored and I wouldn’t be able to avoid being reminded of my state of arousal everywhere I looked while we were out here! We walked through the entranceway and sat down at a 45 degree angle from each other around the table. We had no sooner sat down that Rose asked me to get us a glass of wine from the bar. I hurriedly acquiesced, as I needed something to occupy my hands, my mind, and, not the less, to calm my nerves… I took my time pouring our glasses of wine, and slowly walked back to the table, painfully aware of my boner as I approached Rose. She focused on my cock as I walked back, and never moved her eyes away as I came closer. Finally, I was standing directly in front of her, inches from her face, hard as a rock (all four inches!), as she accepted the wine, she slowly looked up at me, and said:

“Jason darling, here’s to a lovely morning, some good wine, and, most of all, here’s to us!” as she reached up and we gently clinked our glasses together.

I sat down in my lounger and tried to relax both my mind and my nerves, and, after a while, was able to do both! As the morning passed (and, as the wine flowed…) I gradually started to enjoy myself! Here I was, stark naked, with a full-blown hardon, sitting outside with a lovely naked woman! I knew my cock was on the small side, but started not to care, and to be comfortable, and happy, with my nudity. I had had the foresight to grab a pair of sunglasses shortly after we got out to the pool, and, behind this little mask, had been drinking in the sweet, naked body of Rose. Sweet perky little tits and a sexy, sexy pussy! When we first came out, she had been sitting somewhat primly with her legs rather close together. But as we sat out longer and longer, her legs had slowly parted farther and farther. Now, of course, she wasn’t sitting with her legs spread wide, but I still was able to get a nice clear view of her bald cunt! She had nicely protruding pussy lips and I also managed a few glimpses of her inner cunt, deliciously pink, and looking sweetly moist! She also didn’t hide the fact that she was enjoying looking at my cock, more than once during the morning I caught her staring straight at it in a sort of silent reverie! Finally we stirred, after a couple of hours of lazy, relaxed conversation, and, after a nice long stretch (that brought those perky little tit into sharp focus), Rose spoke.

“What do you think, Jason, want to head back to the house?”

“Sure,” I replied, “we don’t want to get caught in the rain!” The sky had indeed been clouding up over the last half hour, so, after another languid stretch Rose reached out her hand to mine and we started back to the house, half-empty wine glasses in our free hands, and my stiff, hairless cock swinging in front of me! After we reached the house we both headed into the rec room to relax and hang out a little more. As we started to sit down Rose asked my to go to the bar and get us each another glass of wine. Now, we had both been sipping wine for most of the morning, but neither of us really seemed to be showing any signs of tipsiness, in fact, I had never felt more alert, more alive than at this moment (of course, on my part, I’m sure that was due to my extreme arousal, and still, even now, a sense of uncertainty or embarrassment about walking around in front of her with my stiff cock pointing at the sky!). After I got our wine, I went back to join Rose, and saw that she had turned the TV on. She patted the divan next to me and said, with a broad grin;

“Come and sit down here next to me Jason, so we can relax and enjoy each other’s company some more. It’s been such a fun morning; I haven’t felt this good in ages!”

“Oh, me neither Rose, this really has been great! I was a little nervous at first, but I guess I’m getting used to it.”

“Jason, Jason, there’s nothing to be nervous about! I told you before; it’s perfectly natural for a boy to get excited when he’s with a naked woman. Besides, it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen a nice stiff cock myself (with that, she dropped her eyes downward and looked straight at my boner, then, after a moment or two she brought her gaze back up to my face and continued), and to tell you the truth, I’m enjoying the view quite a bit myself! Now you hush, and we’ll watch a little TV while we enjoy our wine.”

With that, she clinked her glass against mine, draped her arm loosely around my shoulders, and turned her head to look at the TV. Well, I tried my best to follow suit but having her arm on my shoulders had made me even more acutely aware of her presence, and of her nudity. It didn’t help matters any that we were watching HBO, and that a fairly racy movie was on, even though it was still only early afternoon. We watched mostly in silence, slowly sipping our wine. However, every time the action in the movie heated up a bit, Rose tightened her arm around me, and had, by now, squirmed a little closer to me so that I could feel her breast and stiff nipple poking into my arm. By now I felt like I was almost shaking, I was so, so horny! My bald little cock was so stiff it actually hurt! Finally, after a particularly hot movie scene, Rose put her free hand on my thigh, turned to me, and said

“Jason, dear, you’ve had a boner for a long time now haven’t you? Two or 3 hours at least?”

“Well. um yes, Rose, but I couldn’t really help it…”

“No, baby, I didn’t mean that” She said, and slowly reached over and gently wrapped her hand around my throbbing cock. “It isn’t good for you to be hard for that long without any relief, honey, and I just want to help you out…”

She started to delicately move her hand up and down my cock, and the feeling was indescribably intense, and oh so pleasurable. But that was nothing compared to what happened next! She bent over my lap, slowly licked up the length of my shaft, and then sucked me all the way into her mouth! I came almost immediately, and began to stammer out an incoherent apology!

“Rose, Rose, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to… I couldn’t stop it!”

She slowly let my still-hard little cock slide from her mouth, looked up at me and said

“No more apologies Jason! I expected you to come, I wanted you to come! That was the whole idea, sweetheart. Now, you just sit back and let me give you a proper sucking!”

At that, she slid down onto the floor in front of me, pushed my legs wide open, and started sucking me softly and slowly. This time it was even sweeter. I had just had an orgasm, and knew, instinctively, that I wouldn’t come again so soon… She slowly bobbed her head up and down my cock, and it felt so good, so warm, so soft… I sat there in heaven as I looked down at the back of her head gently moving, and couldn’t believe that such a lovely lady was sucking me, and enjoying every bit of it! She must have sucked me for at least ten minutes before I felt my balls start to tingle again, and let out a groan of pure delight as I began to come! Even after my orgasm subsided, she continued to suck me for another minute or so, then got up off the floor and snuggled up next to me. She put her lips to mine and, as both our mouths opened, slid her tongue into my mouth to meet mine! This was also the first time I had actually kissed a woman, and the feeling was fantastic as our tongues gently danced together! Rose took my hand and placed it on her boob. I gently kneaded her beautiful little tit, and delicately squeezed and tugged on her long, stiff nipples. We broke our kiss finally, and she smiled sweetly at me and guided my head down toward her boob. I licked all over those luscious little mounds, then took her nipple into my mouth. I sucked and sucked her nipple, accompanied by soft sighs of pleasure and whispers of encouragement! I moved my attention to her other tit, and she took my hand and slid it down her body onto her cunt! I couldn’t believe I finally had my hand on a woman’s pussy! I brushed my fingers up and down her slit for what seemed like ages before I ventured to slowly slide my finger inside her. When I did it felt so warm and tight, and Rose groaned her appreciation. I slid my finger in and out, and felt every inch of her sweet cunt! Rose finally placed her hand over mine and guided my hand away from her pussy, then kissed me again and said

“Jason, dear, would you like to kiss me down there?”

“Oh God, yes Rose! But I don’t know how, I mean, I don’t know what to do!”

“Don’t worry, honey. I’ll show just what to do, I’ll tell you just how I like it. Now, sweetheart, sit down on the floor in front of me…”

As I did, she scooted her butt to the edge of the divan and slowly opened her legs wide for me. At the pool I had seen her legs spread just a bit, and seen just a little of her cunt. This was entirely different, and I couldn’t help but stare and stare. She was shaved completely bald, and had rather large, protruding lips (she later told me that they weren’t always so big, but that they were swollen due to her arousal). The most beautiful sight I had ever seen, delicately wrinkled and curled like an exotic flower (a perfect rose, as it were!) At the top her clitoris stuck out proudly (thank goodness for the anatomy book I had snuck peeks at in the library back home!), and glistened moistly as I gazed at it. Rose sensed my need to simply look at her pussy, and, if anything, spread her legs even wider, as she said

“Jason, I hope my cunny looks good to you, sweety. It’s been a long time since I had a man looking at me like that, up so close. Go ahead and touch it. Run your fingers over my lips, ah, yes, that’s it honey. Now rub my clit, oh yeah, you know what my clit is! Now, Jason, gently, very gently squeeze it for me, that’s it baby, nice and gentle, oh God, yes! Now lick my lips, that’s it honey, that’s it!”

I slowly licked all around her outer lips, and moved back a little so that I could lick around her inner thighs and up towards her lower belly and the very top of her fat, bald cleft, before moving to her bulging clit and gently sucking it into my mouth! I licked and sucked at it to Rose’s groans of delight, then down the center of her inner lips, before sliding my tongue deeply inside her cunt! I slid my tongue in and out of her sweet pussy, in and out, in and out, and was rewarded by her groans turning into cries of pleasure, then by guttural moans as she stiffened and bucked her cunt against my face as she came! Her juices flowed freely , and I slowly removed my tongue from inside of her and licked all around her slit and lips as I sought to lick up every last drop of her sweet, sweet orgasm! I finally stopped licking her pussy as her moans gradually subsided, and kneeled upright in front of her.

“Jason, Jason, that was incredible! Oh, baby, thank you so much, that felt so good! Oh, darling!” She gazed down at my hairless cock, still standing up stiffly! “Oh sweetheart, please give me that sweet cock now, I want it so bad baby, it’s so beautiful!” I nodded my head so hard I thought it was going to fall off, then quickly moved closer in front of her, but then hesitated, as I really wasn’t sure exactly what to do… “Oh, sweety, you’ve never done this before, have you?” Rose asked.

“No Rose, I’m sorry, but I never have.” I replied.

“Don’t worry, sweety, I’ll help you” She said. “I’m going to make you feel so good, Jason! I want you to remember this forever!”

With that, she reached down between us and took my throbbing cock in her hand, and slowly rubbed the head up and down her slit, coating me with her juices, which had started flowing again in anticipation of our coupling…

“Now Jason, slip it inside me honey, nice and slow.” I did as she asked, and couldn’t believe how hot and tight her cunt felt around my cock, incredibly soft and wet! “OK honey, now slowly slide it in and out baby, oh, yes, that’s good. Keep your strokes nice and short honey, I want you to keep as much of you inside me as possible… Lean right into me honey, lean right into me.”

I did just as Rose said, grinding my pelvis against hers, short, slow strokes, sliding my cock in and out… I kept my eyes locked on hers as we fucked (and yes, we weren’t making love, we were fucking!) and she gave me a wide, beautiful smile as she locked her legs around my back and ground her pelvis against mine! It was an amazing experience, but it lasted all too short a time, as within 5 minutes my balls started to boil, and I knew I was going to come!

“Rose, oh Rose, I’m going to come, I’m going to come!”

“Go ahead honey, come in me! Let me feel you come in my cunny, Jason! Come for me baby, come for me!”

At that I did, and nothing, not even the blowjob Rose had given me earlier, came close to the feeling I had when I let loose in her soft, hot cunt! When it was over I simply collapsed on top of her, with my cock still buried inside her, and I could feel her cunt contracting around me as she came too, milky every last drop of sperm from my cock! Through the fog of my exhaustion and satiation I could hear Rose softly whispering in my ear;

“That was only the first time sweetheart, only the first time…”

I gradually withdrew as I felt my cock starting to soften, and crawled up next to Rose and snuggled in beside her. She slipped her arm around me and guided by lips to hers for a long, sensuous kiss. After we finally broke our kiss, I leaned back in utter contentment and stretched languorously. As I did, I happened to glance down at my cock, and embarrassedly noticed that it had shrunken back to its normal state after our sexual encounter had concluded. As I’ve mentioned previously, I am rather small in that department. When fully hard I was only about 4 inches, and now that I was completely soft it was down to 2 inches or so, completely hairless, and I almost cringed as I looked at it. I hurriedly glanced toward Rose, and saw that she was looking at it as well. She sensed my movement and raised her gaze to mine. I felt my face flush, and must have been beet-red with embarrassment, for Rose said

“Is something wrong Jason?”

“Rose,” I replied “it’s so small!”

“Oh Jason is that all? It’s OK, your cock looks absolutely wonderful to me. It’s not that small honey (yeah, right…), and Jason, I never knew a man that stayed hard as long as you did today, why sweetheart, you must have had a boner for the last 4 hours! And surely you must realize how horny I was after watching you walking around hard all day, sticking straight up and looking so strong and firm! Now, why don’t we take a shower and freshen up a bit. After all the wine we had, and, our little “exercise” session, I’d like to take a nap for a bit, and I’m sure I’d like you to join me. Besides, after we’ve had a little rest, I think we might both be ready for a little more fun, don’t you honey?”

“Oh, yes, Rose, yes!”

I managed to stammer before she stood up and grasped my hand and pulled me to my feet. She turned around and led the way, heading up the stairs in front of me toward the shower in her master bedroom. As she slowly walked up, my gaze fell to her ass, and I stared at it in rapt fascination. I had snuck more that a few peeks at it before today when she was wearing a bikini, but that was nothing compared to what was before my eyes now! She did have a rather generous butt, but it looked wonderfully firm as she sashayed up the stairs. Large, rounded cheeks that swayed deliciously in front of me – and a nice deep cleft between them as if to accent their roundness! My cock started to stiffen as I drank in my fill of that lush, luscious ass, and by the time we reached the head of the stairs I was completely hard again. Rose turned around to grasp my hand when she got to the top, and, when she saw my now rampant hardon, said (with a little giggle)

“Well, well, Jason, did you see something you liked?”

“Oh yes Rose,” I replied, “I couldn’t help looking at your butt while you were going up the stairs. It’s beautiful!”

“Oh sure it is.” she said “I just bet you loved looking at my fat old butt…”

“No, really,Rose, your butt is gorgeous! Just as beautiful as the rest of you!” I answered as I reached around her and gently cupped one of those nice, firm cheeks. Now it was Rose’s turn to blush. She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, and said

“Thanks dear, you’re so sweet to say that! Now, time for that shower!”

With that, she turned around and led me into her bedroom, and into the shower after running the water for a few moments to get it nice and warm. After we both got in and acclimated ourselves to the luxurious streams of water flowing over us, Rose grabbed a bar of soap and told me to relax and enjoy myself while she soaped me. Enjoy myself I did, as she slowly and thoroughly scrubbed and massaged my upper body, before kneeling down in front of me and starting on my legs. She gradually worked her way up my lower legs to my thighs, and then, to my delight, worked up a full lather in her hands and started to sensuously massage my now rock-hard cock. She smiled up at me lovingly as I groaned in delight – gently squeezing and pulling on me as her lather-slick hand slid over my cock and balls…

I could have stood there forever as she softly stroked my cock, but, as all good things must come to an end, Rose finally stood up facing me, with my hardness pressed firmly between us. She put the bar of soap in my hand, and with a little fillip, turned around and presented her backside to me. I rather quickly soaped her back, and then moved downward. As hurriedly as I could, I soaped her legs and thighs, and, following her lead earlier, worked up a thick lather in my hands and started kneading and massaging her big beautiful ass! I was in heaven as I thoroughly worked over her lusciously rounded cheeks, squeezing and stroking them as Rose sighed with pleasure! She spread her legs for me and I slowly worked my hand between her cheeks, stroking back and forth along the length of her wonderful slit, and all the way up the cleft of her ass to the very top and then back down again… I gently pressed against her side to guide her around facing me, and lathered up her beautiful bald cunt. She rewarded me by placing one of her feet up on the ledge inside the shower stall, thus opening herself up nicely to me gaze, and to my hands as well. I massaged her lips gently, and then slipped my fingers up into her pussy, sliding them in and out until I felt she shudder in orgasm! I continued my ministrations until I felt her orgasm subside, then stood up and started to work on her perky little titties as she leaned back against the wall. They felt wonderfully firm and supple as I massaged them through a thick lather, then I focused entirely on her long, thick nipples – gently squeezing and stretching them, pulling and squeezing, pulling and squeezing…

We finally broke our embrace, and after a thorough rinsing, sensuously dried each other off and headed into the bedroom, with Rose in the lead. She lay down on the bed and beckoned me to her side. As I stretched out beside her she hugged me close and said

“Jason honey, I know you’re still horny, but I’m so very tired right now! Let’s just nap for a little while, and then, sweetheart, I promise I take care of that nice hard cock of yours!”

With that, she reached down and took my aching boner in her hand and gently stroked me.

“Of course Rose,” I responded, “I could really use a little sleep myself.”

“Thanks baby” she said with a grin, as she snuggled up closer “I really will make it up to you later!”

Amazingly enough, I fell asleep within a few moments and slept like a log for almost 2 hours. When I finally awoke, I was momentarily startled to find myself in bed with Rose, but quickly remembered how, and why, I was here at her side. She was still sound asleep, so I gently eased out of bed and went into the bathroom to pee. This was no easy matter, as I still had a raging hardon, but, after a little maneuvering, was able to conduct my business. As I went back into the bedroom I saw that Rose had rolled over onto her stomach while I was gone, and was now lying there with her legs slightly spread – exposing her lovely full ass and beautiful cunt to my hungry eyes! I gently sat at the foot of the bed and softly ran my hand up the back of her legs. She slowly spread her legs farther apart at my touch, and then was completely open to my gaze. I almost gasped as her asshole was exposed to my view! I had never seen anything so blatantly erotic in my life! It looked about the size of a half-dollar and was slightly darker than the surrounding area, delicately ridged and tightly wrinkled. Nothing, nothing I had ever seen turned me on so much as this exquisite sight! I gently massaged her big, round ass, and leaned closer and closer to get a better look at her tight little rosebud. My heart was pounding in my ears as I bent even closer and began slowly licking Rose’s gloriously solid cheeks! I worked my way slowly to the cleft of her ass. I don’t really know if Rose had awakened by now, but, she had spread her legs further and further apart as I ran my tongue over her bottom, so, as I now had the perfect opportunity, I tentatively licked toward her asshole itself. It was an incredibly exciting moment when I finally reached her sweetly puckered rosette, and Rose let out a gasp as I ran my tongue back and forth over it. I licked and licked at this new delight, and my cock became so hard that it literally hurt as I savored her. Within moments, it seemed, Rose rose to her hands and knees in front of me, and said;

“Jason, oh Jason, give me your cock baby! Put in me now, baby, now!” I hesitated momentarily in confusion, then she urgently said “Kneel in back of me in put your cock in sweetheart” I hurriedly did as she asked, and as I guided my aching cock between her puffy lips she said “Give it to me just like you did earlier honey, nice short strokes so I can feel all of your cock inside me while you fuck me! Oh yes, Jason, that’s it honey, fuck your Grandmother, fuck your Grandmother!”

I was somewhat startled to hear Rose refer to herself in that manner, but figured she must have got caught up in the moment, and, I must admit, it did feel deliciously decadent to work my hard cock in and out of her sweet, hot cunt while she said it! When I came I thought I would pass out, and Rose also orgasmed at the same moment! We both slowly collapsed onto the bed, but almost immediately she sat up, bent over me, and began licking and sucking my still-hard cock! She licked both our juices from my stiff little cock, and I knew, absolutely knew, that no matter how long I lived, I would never experience the true sexual bliss I felt with Rose as my guide, mentor and partner!

Rose and I had a truly incredible summer, and beyond. We refined our technique to the point where we were in close sexual harmony, and, truly, fucked our brains out! We spent most of our time in the nude, and would have sex whenever, and wherever, the mood struck. For the most part we spent all our time together, and except when one of Rose’s friends would stop by for a visit, had few interruptions to our sexual escapades. However, there was one of Rose’s friends who did drop by unannounced a little too often for my liking, but, of course, I didn’t really it was appropriate that I should complain.

Her friend was a 40-something black woman named Wanda Nichols, and she was physically quite different than Rose. Wanda was a statuesque woman, well over six feet tall, and quite buxom. She was very, very pretty, and, very, very dark-skinned. Tall, lush, friendly and outgoing. The only problem I had with Wanda was that she was cutting into my “sex time” with Rose, but that was eventually resolved rather satisfactorily, and if you would like, I’ll share the solution with you!

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