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Divorce is never easy. It’s worse when you live far from where you were born and brought up, away from your family and old friends. It’s worse to find all the sympathy of supposed new friends and colleagues goes to that undeserving cretin your ex-husband, who works for the same company but higher up the food chain. Conditions got worse in the months after the decree nisi came through, and I knew I was heading for a breakdown.

Family came through for me, as always. One evening I was sitting in front of the TV, just staring at the screen without taking anything in, when the phone rang. It was Liam, my older brother. ‘Hi, Christie, how are you?’

Just the sound of his voice brought me to tears. Before I knew it, without really wanting to, I unburdened myself. Liam is a few years older than me. He was always mature. He listened without interrupting with anything other than the gentlest questions.

At the end of my outpouring there was a moment of silence. ‘Chris, you need to get out of there. Give your notice in at work tomorrow, it’s not worth suffering that bad atmosphere any longer. I know a couple of people here who are looking for someone in your line of work; I’ll have a word with them. You can come and stay with me until you’re settled.’

‘Oh God, Liam, you’re a diamond!’ I sighed, feeling all the weight on my shoulders lifting. Big brother, always strong and supportive. We chatted on for hours and when I finally hung up, my ear ached but I felt ready to tackle my problems head-on.

So it was that a long month later the taxi dropped me off at the door to Liam’s place. He lives in a converted mews house, a quaint little area of cobblestones and old brick, miles away from my previous world of brushed concrete and steel and hard-edged corporate business. I rang the bell, Liam answered within moments and welcomed me with open arms. I literally fell into them, savouring the closeness of his strong body, his warmth and gentleness.

‘You could do with a stiff drink,’ he said, taking my things and dropping them in the bedroom he had prepared for me. ‘Take a bath at the same time, the water’s hot. I have pasta on the go, it’ll be ready when you’re done.’

Half an hour later I entered the cosy kitchen-diner to find a big plate of pasta waiting, with pitta bread and chilled wine to go with it. Liam smiled at me and I gripped his hand across the table as I ate greedily.

‘You’re the best, bro,’ I said between mouthfuls. ‘You’ll make some lucky girl a good man.’

His lips twitched. ‘Nice of you to say so, but the lucky girls seem to be looking elsewhere.’

I chewed pasta and looked him over. Sandyish hair, a strong square jaw with a hint of stubble at this late hour. Six feet tall and firm of body; I knew he worked out. ‘Some people have no taste,’ I commented, pointing at him with my fork. ‘A hunk like you should be beating women off with a stick!’

‘Yeah, right,’ he grinned bashfully, then got up to fetch more wine. I let my gaze run all over him as he stood at the fridge selecting a new bottle. Perhaps it was the Chianti I’d already drunk that did it but that was the moment I looked at Liam with something other than a sister’s eyes.

A week went by. Liam was as good as his word. He spoke to friends and acquaintances in an effort to find me a job and eventually found a post as PA to the deputy manager of a paint factory. It was a good placement. The guy I worked for was easy-going with his staff once they’d proved their ability. He was also that rarity, a happily married father of three, so I had no fears of being chased around his desk. My gratitude to Liam increased overnight.

We decided to celebrate by going out for the evening, taking in a movie then heading off for a good meal. I took extra care with my appearance, dressing in a black number with a low neckline I’d bought in the city the day before, with matching shoes and bag, my mother’s gold necklace and a set of sapphire earings I’d picked up in Paris two years back. Liam’s eyes popped out on stalks when I emerged from my bedroom. I did a little twirl for him, delighting in his soft whistle of appreciation and, yes, the brief look of lust in his eyes which he swiftly suppressed. His clasp on my arm as we headed out the door was warm and comforting and, I couldn’t help but notice, a little ardent.

The restaurant was good, moderately expensive and the staff discrete. Soft candlelight turned Liam’s good looks into those of a handsome stranger, an effect which increased as the night went on and we talked of this and that. I’m 25, he’s 29 and a bit. Almost the same generation, and we always found a lot in common. Several years apart in different areas of the country, with only occasional visits and phone calls to keep in touch left us much to talk about and to share with each other.

The waiter had begun to hover, so I poured more wine for us, then raised my glass. ‘To the world’s best brother!’ I saluted him. He grinned and we touched glasses, and I smiled at him warmly.

‘To the world’s most beautiful sister!’ he responded. Again, that brief look of lust came to his eyes, and his face was flushed.

‘Thanks!’ I winked at him, then glanced at the waiter. ‘I think we’d better go.’

We walked home through the crisp starry night, a safe walk of a few hundred yards. I clung to Liam’s arm, feeling tipsier as the fresh air began to work on me. He chuckled and his arm came around my waist to hold me close. Glad of his support, I pressed against him and pecked him on the cheek, feeling a thrill at the touch of his skin.

In the hall, I took off my coat and hung it up at the third attempt. Liam thought this hilarious. ‘You’re drunk!’

‘No more than you,’ I retorted, poking him lightly in the belly.

He laughed and cuddled me, then smoothed the stray hair back from my forehead, a loving touch that sent a thrill through me. ‘Aren’t you tired?’ he asked.

‘No. I’m not ready for bed yet. And it’s Friday, so no work tomorrow.’

‘There’s another bottle or two of wine left. Feel like a nightcap?’

I pressed his nose like a button. ‘Why not?’ I giggled.

We sat facing each other at the breakfast bar, the wine level dropping steadily in the bottle and our conversation turned maudlin.

‘I don’t trust women,’ Liam sighed, shaking his head. ‘Not after my problems with Heidi.’

‘Bitches, most of ‘em,’ I agreed, nodding slowly. Heidi was his ex-girlfriend, an überbitch, hard and driving, mean-mouthed and soul-less; utterly wrong for a gentle soul like Liam. I called her “shit in silk stockings,” and was so glad when he found her out and dumped her.

‘But you’re a woman.’

‘I had noticed.’

‘Then why d’you agree with me?’

‘Because I know you’re right, and I’m going to say something equally bad about men, okay?’

‘Okay,’ he nodded, blinking owlishly.

‘Okay. Why are men like cheap tights?’

He thought, then shrugged. ‘Dunno.’

‘Because they can be full of snags, they tend to run on you, and most don’t fit the crotch properly!’

‘Ooh! that’s bitchy!’ he gasped when he’d finished laughing.

‘Well, it’s true,’ I sighed. ‘And I don’t trust men either, not after Mike (my ex).’

‘I trust you, Chris,’ he said, sounding slightly hurt.

‘And I trust you, Liam,’ I replied. ‘I just don’t want to commit to anyone again.’

‘Nor do I.’

‘Previous joke aside, all I miss is the sex,’ I grumbled. ‘There’s only so much you can do yourself.’

He chuckled. ‘I agree. Me too.’

We fell silent for a long while, taking stock.

‘So where does that leave us?’ he asked plaintively.

I leaned across the breakfast bar and gave him a long, lingering kiss on the lips. His eyes were bright and glittering when I drew back. ‘Chris…’ he began to say but I shook my head and got up, wavering unsteadily.

‘No, Liam. I’m nearly drunk, you’re not far off either, and we’re in no fit condition to do anything tonight which will make us feel bad in the morning. Let’s go to bed, our own beds, and sleep on it.’

I left him sitting there, amidst the bottles and glasses. As I weaved out of the kitchen I heard him sigh heavily.

The next morning saw me with a moderate hangover, the first I’d had for a long while. It was Sunday, so I lay in bed, lightly dozing or running through our conversation of the previous night. A lot of thoughts had been sparked in my mind, most to do with Liam, and what he so obviously felt for me. I wasn’t too surprised to find myself growing moist between my thighs at the illicit thought of what it might lead to.

A hot shower took away the worst of the hangover symptons and I was feeling up to breakfast. Liam was sitting at the bar, dressed in his red robe, the Sunday paper spread in front of him. He smiled a wan greeting as I came in, then bent his head to read as if embarrassed to meet my eye. I looked him over, chewing my lip as I thought of how I could approach the matter so uppermost in my mind. As a stop-gap to any plan I fixed us both coffee, placing his cup to his side as I sat opposite him. I glanced at the paper, reading upside-down – and there was my opening.

It was an article about the incestuous relationship which had formed between a brother and sister. They had been seperated soon after birth, each going to a different foster-family. As adults they naturally began to question who they were, where they came from. Through the miracle of the internet, they found each other, met – and fell into a love affair. There was even some posh psychological term for it which escapes me.

Even as I read the article I could feel Liam’s close concentration on it too.

‘What do you think of this?’ I asked him quietly, tapping the article with my finger.

‘It all ends in tears,’ he muttered, not looking up. ‘They were both married to other people, who got rather upset when they found out. It wasn’t long before the cops became involved.’

‘True.’ I paused. ‘Yet would anyone have known if the two of them hadn’t been married? I mean, if a couple are in an incestuous relationship, only close friends and family are likely to find out, right?’ I took a deep breath. ‘We’d be different.’

Then he did look up at me, sharply. His expression was guarded. ‘What do you mean?’ he asked.

It was time to make my pitch. My stomach felt cold and my nerves twanged like violin strings as I laid my hands over his. ‘Liam, we’re neither of us married. Neither of us have a boy or girlfriend. Christ, even our folks don’t live in this country anymore.’ (They had retired to Spain for health reasons). ‘Last night we both said how we don’t trust other men, or women, yet we trust each other. And we’re both healthy adults, with adult needs.’

My gaze was eloquent. His hardly less so.

‘You are serious?’ he asked softly. ‘You want us to have a sexual relationship?’ The look on his face! Incredulous, sceptical; yearning.

‘As part of our loving family relationship, yes. I love you, Liam, as my brother and for being there when I needed you. I want to show how much I love you in every way I can.’

Just saying those words made me so hot and moist and my heart was going like a trip-hammer.

‘I don’t know,’ he murmured, gazing at me. ‘I don’t know.’

‘I do, my darling brother. Look,’ I went on, ‘you must be feeling the need for sex, right? I know I am.’

He nodded, a pained look on his face. ‘Yes, but I’m not sure about this,’ he murmured, his eyes deep and troubled.

‘Then we can sleep together, enjoy each other as adults. All I ask is that you don’t enter me.’

‘Why not?’ He blushed, realising his slip gave away his growing compliance.

‘At least don’t enter my cunny, because I want to feel you, skin-to-skin. I don’t like condoms,’ I explained. ‘If you like what we do, then I’ll go on the pill. Okay?’

I waited with trepidation for him to reply, feeling I may have pushed things too far.

My darling bro just looked at me, then he took a deep breath and nodded. ‘Okay.’

We went to his bedroom, me leading him by the hand. Liam still seemed reluctant, yet not too much so. He stood quietly as I pulled the blinds closed. His room wasn’t overlooked but I wanted to be sure there were no witnesses for what we were about to do.

‘There!’ I said, stepping close to him. I gently ran my hands over his chest, feeling the tension in his firm body through the fabric of his robe. ‘Let’s take this off, shall we..?’

I undressed him, as I’d done a few men in my time. But this was my brother, a man I’d played with as a kid, fought with as a stroppy teenager. Now I was about to make him my lover.

Tossing his robe aside, I dipped my head and ran my tongue lightly over his nipples, feeling the tickle of his chest hair. His chest rose and fell in a deep sigh, and he reached up to stroke my long chestnut hair. ‘That’s good!’ he gasped.

‘Then let’s take it further,’ I whispered, my throat feeling tight. When I turned my gaze to his crotch, his cock made a huge bulge in the front of his trunks. ‘Ooh, dear me!’ I grinned. ‘Let’s let the poor thing out before it suffocates!’

I kneeled and pulled on the band of the trunks, teasing him and myself by doing it slowly, savouring the sight first of his bush of wiry brown pubic hair, then the increasing length of his cock until it finally popped free.

My first thought was “God! He’s big!” Mike had been an adequate six-incher, yet bro… bro was nine inches if he was nothing else. As I grasped his stiffened member, my long fingers could barely stretch around the circumference, and, as I eased his foreskin back, my pussy flooded at the thought of taking the monster inside me.

He clasped my head then, looking down at me with yearning eyes. I stared back for a long moment, then bobbed my head and ran my tongue all over and around the engorged purple head. He tasted of Man, all musk and a sweet trace of pre-cum. My lips closed about it and I leaned forward, taking him deeper.

Liam gasped and shuddered as I took him into my mouth. ‘Oh no!’ he moaned softly, and his hips began to jerk, each spasm thrusting his cock deeper. I had enough warning to take a gulp of air before it filled my throat, then he groaned as he spent himself all over my larynx. I held his shaft until the spasms of his climax passed, then drew back, washing him clean with my tongue.

‘I’m sorry, it’s been so long, I…’ he began, red-faced, but I shook my head.

‘It’s okay! I understand. I would have been surprised if you had held on. Hey!’ I grinned, standing and embracing him. ‘I’m your sister; you’re bound to feel more aroused than if you’d fucked aother girl. Come here.’

I cuddled him, and felt his arms wrap around me to hold me closer. His lips found their way to my throat, then my cheeks and lips and we kissed, deeply. His flacid cock pressed lightly against my belly and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he hardened again.

Then his hands came around and slipped inside my robe, the touch of his palms hot and rough on my soft skin. Tentatively, looking a question into my eyes, he began to ease my robe from my shoulders. I nodded encouragement, my heart pounding beneath my breasts as his slipped it off to gaze with wonder.

I was naked beneath, something he had suspected. I watch my diet, I had begun a keep fit regime, working-out for muscle tone. Let’s face it, I knew I was looking good. My 36c-28-36 figure was honed and toned and brother showed it in his silly grin. Pulling him onto the bed, I drew him into my arms and we kissed and cuddled, our hands wandering at will, exploring each other. Sure enough, his cock began pressing into me with greater hardness than ever, and I knew something had to be done.

’69,’ I whispered, sliding down and around, kissing a path over his trembling body, down over his hairy chest, flat stomach and belly to his cock, standing as proud as a flagstaff as he saluted me. I kissed and licked his helmet, feeling his lips wandering over my thighs towards my quim as he responded in kind. Parting my thighs I felt his hot breath on my labia and the juice positively poured from me in response. Then he licked me, his tongue probing deep along my crack and I gasped and shuddred as wave after wave of sensation poured up through my body. I fell upon his cock and devoured it, taking him deep into my mouth as his tongue worked magic in my sex.

Spasms of pure delight shot through me, and I gasped and groaned around the meat filling my mouth and throat until I could bear no more. I orgasmed with a muffled scream of ecstasy and Liam’s hips thrust, thrust, and thrust again as he came in my mouth, the sweet seed spilling out to smear my lips, cheeks and throat.

I admit I was a tease for the next five days. Not long after I had moved in I registered with a local doctor and the very next day I got a prescription for the pill after the usual examination. That night, as Liam watched, I held up the first tablet.

‘One!’ I grinned, popping it into my mouth and swallowing it with a mouthful of water. His face was a picture, mixed shock, ardour, and, yes, a little fear at what we were doing – and what we were going to do, once the pill took effect.

Tuesday: “Two!” Wednesday: “Three!” Thursday: “Four!”

On Thursday evening I shaved my pussy. I normally only do it in summer, when it feels more comfortable during the hot months. This night, I perched naked on the edge of my bedroom chair with a mirror propped before me and got to work. As I said, I’m a tease; I left my door wide open, and it wasn’t long before brother-mine wandered past, did a classic double-take, and came back to stare. I looked up, winked at him, then pushed the door shut with my foot.

The instructions for the pill say it must be taken for four days before having unprotected sex. I waited five. Why? Because the waiting made it all the sweeter! That and the fact if we had fucked the Thursday I would be walking around at work the next day with a silly grin on my face, which would raise some awkward questions.

Liam and I kissed and cuddled often that week, but I never let him go further than that. ‘Save it, my darling,’ I’d whisper, when his hands wandered around to my breasts and crotch.

On Friday morning we both tip-toed around each other, hardly daring to contemplate the night to come. Liam had a permanent hard-on which he totally failed to hide. How he managed at work I don’t know; during the day my own work suffered to the point when my boss became concerned. I passed it off as “woman’s troubles” and he nodded understandingly.

Came the evening… Liam was home early, looking haggard and scared. As I dropped my coat and bag in the hall, I looked at him closely. ‘Are you having second thoughts?’ I asked softly.

‘Are you?’ he challenged.

By way of an answer I went up to him, wrapped my arms around his waist and reached up to give him a long, lingering kiss.

After that everything went a little hazy. I know we undressed somehow, as I have a vague recollection of us practically dragging the clothes off each other as we staggered, linked tightly together, into his bedroom.

Before many moments had passed we were both naked and lying in each other’s arms on his bed. Liam looked down at me, his hot, strong hands sliding over my firm breasts, ribs and belly before he cupped my right breast and pressed it to his lips. I arched my back, offering him my fruit, and he began to suckle hungrily at my teat, drawing the nut-brown bud to full erectness. I caressed his hair, feeling his hard body pressing against me, his manhood poking me hard in the thigh. As his lips played their magic on my breast, his right hand wandered down, down, until it slipped between my thighs to feel my sopping-wet cunny, open and hot and aching for him.

I gasped as his fingers slid into me, running up and down my outer lips, then my inner, then, with a quick grin, he eased back the hood of my clit and stroked the hardening bud with his fingertips.

I shuddered and clung to him then, my thighs spreading to wrap themselves about him of their own accord. Before I knew it he was on top of me, and his cock entered me in a long, shocking rush.

United, body and soul, we stared at each other, the taboo finally, irrevocably broken. ‘God! This feels good!’ he laughed.

I grinned and kissed him, hard, my pussy muscles spasming as they clasped his cock and held it tight.

Then he began to thrust, his hands wandering over my breasts and belly and thighs, stroking me, stoking me higher as his thrusts became more urgent, more demanding. My legs clamped around his hips, I took his assault. ‘Oh yes! Oh yessss!’ I moaned. Then he drew my thighs up higher until he could press my legs back to my shoulders, my feet disappearing somewhere over my head. My breathing was constricted but God! what a feeling as that long, long shaft plunged deep inside me until I could feel it hit my cervix. Liam’s whole weight was pressing his cock into me, his hips thrusting and bucking, plunging deep and hard with every thrust of his muscular body.

I came, a long drawn out warbling cry which turned into a primal scream of ferocious release. Somewhere in the distance amidst the fireworks of my petit-mort, I could hear Liam cry out as he spent, flooding my sex and my womb with his brotherly seed.

We stayed like that for a long moment, as I savoured the wicked feeling of abandonment. Deep inside, Liam’s sperm trickled and dripped into my receptive womb, but no egg was there to meet it. As he fell back and we clasped each other, I knew for certain that one day, that would change…

Rain streaked the windows overlooking the mews courtyard as I read the mail. Mostly Christmas cards; it was a Saturday in December, on the run-up to the holidays. Shopping for the last few presents had been uppermost in my mind that morning when I climbed out of bed. I had left my brother Liam to doze in blissful slumber on sheets sweat-dampened and scented from our lovemaking. Now hours later I was home, tired, broke and annoyed at the contents of the letter in my hand.

‘”Friends are God’s apology to us for having to have family!”‘ I fumed, balling it up and throwing it in the bin.

Liam looked up from his desk where he was working on-line, peering at me over the top of his glasses in a professorish way that always makes me smile. ‘That’s a pretty damming statement, Chris,’ he said mildly. The light from the VDU glinted on his lenses – matched by the glint in the blue eyes behind them. ‘Are you including me in it?’

‘Darling, we’re already having each other!’ I retorted, poking out my tongue. ‘Besides, we’re friends as much as we’re brother and sister – and lovers.’

‘True,’ he laughed, then bent to retrieve the letter from the bin by his chair. Spreading it out to smooth the creases, he read it quickly. ‘Oh bugger,’ he said quietly.

‘Yes; Aunt Liz is coming to stay for Christmas week.’

It’s never an option with our mother’s sister. She announces her arrival like some mediaeval monarch about to descend on a sleepy manor, and everyone has to move sharp to accommodate her. It’s either that, or leave the country…

‘This complicates things,’ Liam mused.

‘No shit, Sherlock,’ I grumbled, getting up from the settee and going over to him. I slid my hands down over his shoulders and onto his chest, reading the letter again with my chin resting on his shoulder. ‘We’d have to stop sleeping together whilst she’s here.’

His heart lay beneath my hand and I felt it lurch. ‘I could suggest she takes your room and you share with me,’ he mused, giving me a quick peck on the cheek.

I cuffed his ear lightly. ‘That’s not an option and you know it!’

‘Then you’ll have to share with her.’

‘Oh fuck, no!’ I protested. ‘Not for one night, let alone a week!’

Don’t get me wrong. We loved Aunt Liz, but she could be intense sometimes. At least she was only staying a week this time. Normally she stays two.

Liam swivelled on his chair and pulled me onto his lap. ‘It’s that or you can have our room and I’ll sleep on the settee.’

We looked at the settee, an ancient thing in russet brown with prolapsed springs that had been Liam’s from student to accounts executive. It had been old when he’d bought it. Eleven years of student parties, student sex and frequent changes of address can play hell with an innocent settee of advanced years.

‘I’m surprised Heidi let you keep it,’ I muttered, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. ‘It’s old, and doesn’t match the decor.’

He stroked my thigh, his hand wandering higher and higher. With his other hand he clicked the mouse a few times and logged-off; a versatile guy. ‘I told her I couldn’t get rid of it; it holds too many memories.’

I was impressed! It must have shocked überbitch Heidi too for Liam to defy her. ‘A few new memories too,’ I whispered in his ear, then ran the tip of my tongue around the lobe. The cold and the dampness of the morning’s shop had worn off, and Liam’s touch on my leg was getting me very excited.

His hand reached higher until I felt his fingertips stroking my crotch through the flimsy cloth of my panties. ‘Shall we add another?’ he asked with a wicked grin.

I stood up and drew him across the room until I felt the edge of the settee brush the back of my legs. He held my hands as I lowered myself slowly onto it, my gaze locked on his. As often as we’d had sex in the two months of our strange new relationship, it still gave me a thrill to fuck my brother. Thankfully!

He knelt, his hands sliding up the outside of my thighs, pushing my skirt up about my hips until his fingertips could hook the hem of my white panties. With a devilish grin he pulled on them, and I lifted my hips to let him slide them down. When they reached my knees, he buried his nose into the gusset and inhaled my scent.

I giggled. ‘Wouldn’t you prefer something from the source, sir?’ I asked, reaching down to stroke his fine blond hair.

‘Oh, I believe I would!’ he laughed, pushing my knees apart and leaning forward.

Hot breath flowed over my labia as his mouth drew near; the delicate touch of air made me soaking wet inside and my nipples ached as they began to swell. Strong hands caressed my thighs, my hips, as his tongue flickered lightly over my cunny lips. He paused to remove his glasses and I spread my legs wider for him. ‘Suck me, bro,’ I whispered, closing my eyes. ‘Suck me good…’

The slick wet tip of his tongue ran lightly over my labia – up – and down – and around – the touch thrilling me until the juice was positively pouring from my sex. Liam tilted his head and pressed his lips harder against me, his tongue probing deep into my crack, his quickening breath making a small snorting sound through his nose.

‘I wish you could breathe through your ears,’ I muttered, running my hands over his head.

The snorts became snorts of laughter which did all sorts of strange things to my cunny. I opened my eyes to see my brother looking back at me from between my thighs, his juice-slick mouth grinning. ‘Damn, but you pick your moments to crack a joke!’ he grumbled, climbing on top of me.

I could feel his hardness through his pants, that big cock I loved so much pressing into my exposed belly. We looked into each other’s eyes, seeing in the other the loving warmth and friendship between us, unlooked-for but joyfully found not so long before. Then the flames of lust rose up in us both. Liam kissed me deeply, letting me taste myself on his tongue as it flickered over mine. His hands slid beneath my sweatshirt to fondle my breasts through my bra, tweaking and teasing my erect nipples until I felt them glow. My breath quickened. I reached down and began fumbling with his belt, a difficult job until he raised his hips and helped me, lips still glued to mine. I pushed his pants and trunks down over his butt in one go, freeing his cock which flicked up, leaving a short sticky trail of pre-cum on my shaven belly.

Reaching down I clasped the solid shaft and pulled his foreskin back with a quick, practised jerk, making him gasp into my mouth. I could feel the smooth, hard bulb of the head in my palm and I placed it to my cunny, my hips rising to meet him as he wriggled to a comfortable position between my thighs.

He hesitated. ‘Did you remember your pill this morning?’ he asked. ‘You’d gone before I woke up.’

‘Of course.’ I crossed my heart and held up my hand. ‘Guider’s truth!’

Bless the man, he didn’t doubt me for a second. It was an article of faith with us that I took my pill. We’d discussed it. Liam didn’t want kids yet, with me or anyone else. I could go along with that – for now! My heartfelt ambition was to have a child with this lovely man and I knew I’d persuade him eventually. My empty womb was aching for it, just as my cunny was aching for him to fill me now.

Then he entered me, slowly, fighting an inclination to thrust hard, knowing a slow-mo would heighten the moment. It did; my hands found their way to his tight butt of their own accord as my legs rose and entwined about his hips. My tongue explored his mouth, sliding over and around his teeth and tongue as his 9″ shaft kept coming and coming, stretching and filling me until I let out a long, low earthy groan of pleasure.

Liam’s hands caressed my face, and I caught and kissed his palms tenderly. ‘Love you, Liam,’ I whispered.

‘Love you, Christie!’

His hips began to work, first pressing deep and hard, then that long shaft slid out, almost to the point of dropping free; then in again, oh! so far inside me. I moaned again, my hands clasping him as Liam’s arms enfolded my body, taking hold of my shoulders to pull me onto his cock. My rippling sphincter tightened about him, squeezing that luscious member, savouring every sensation head and shaft and vein and muscle raised as he thrust and withdrew, thrust and withdrew.

My breath came quicker now, my body heating up to a furnace of lust. Dimly I wished we were naked, I was growing too hot in my sweatshirt, but there was no way either of us could stop now. Liam’s cock was playing the nerves in my cunny like a virtuoso, hips thrusting and bucking as his male instinct took over and sought to pleasure me to the max., his balls smacking lightly against my anus. Above me his face was red and contorted with effort, droplets of sweat falling onto me to sting my eyes. Perversely we make love with our eyes open, neither of us wishing to miss the tiniest moment of our lovemaking.

Like when we cum together. Liam’s breath came in gasps, then loud strangled cries as his hips ground against me, forcing his cock inside me to the last hair. ‘Uh! Uh! UH! UUUUHHHHHH!’

My teeth were clenched, eyes squeezed shut, then I felt his seed surge into me and I came with a long cry of pure pleasure. ‘Yeah, yeah, yeaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHEEeeeeee! uh! uh! uh! UH!’

We clung on to each other as we shuddered and bucked, hips grinding, wringing the last moment of orgasm from and for each other. As the last surge of cum passed from Liam’s body to my own we collapsed, hot and fighting for breath.

‘Oh shit, babes, that was sooo good!’ he gasped. He found enough strength from somewhere to raise his head and kiss me and we embraced.

‘How the hell are we going to keep our hands off each other for a week?’ I asked plaintively, staring up at the ceiling.

At work that Monday I had my first scare.

‘You’re getting it on with someone, aren’t you?’

I looked up from my magazine to see Jackie Gordon had come in unnoticed and was sitting opposite me in the staff lounge. A fellow executive PA, blond and flossy-glossy like some tart from the magazine I was idly flipping through, Jackie thought she was “it.” To me she had all the charisma of road-kill.

‘What?’ I retorted wittily.

‘I know that look!’ she said in a knowing tone. ‘When you first started here you told me you were divorced. Now you’ve got the look of someone who’s seeing someone. You’ve had it for weeks.’

‘I’m not seeing anyone, Jackie.’ I pointedly turned my attention back to the magazine, hoping she would shut up or at least get off the topic. Not a chance…

‘We’ll get to see him at the company’s Christmas dinner,’ she grinned. ‘So you might as well confess.’

‘There is no “him,” and I won’t be coming anyway. My elderly aunt will be staying for Christmas and it won’t be fair to leave her.’

‘Oh, but you’ll have to come!’ Jackie said, leaning over to tap my knee.

I moved my legs away from her and fixed her with a glare. ‘Why is that?’ I demanded.

‘You’re a new employee,’ she said primly. ‘Mr Lawson will expect you to make the effort for your first year here.’

John Lawson was CEO and therefore top dog in the paint factory. I had the sneaking suspicion that flat-chested sycophantic cow Jackie wanted promotion to his PA so she could get into his pants and, maybe, become Mrs Lawson III. Sure. There was more chance I would become Pope.

Even so, I could see problems ahead. Lawson was the type to develop a major snit-fit if an employee upset his narrow world view and I needed the work too much to risk it. In spite of political correctness and workers’ rights, I knew the way the world worked.

Liam and I talked it over that night. The dinner wasn’t until Saturday, the night before Aunt Liz arrived, so I could go if I wished. I didn’t want to. The idea of spending the evening with people I’d spent every day of the week with for months did not appeal, yet there was no avoiding it if I wanted to keep my job. The question remained; who would be my partner for the evening?

‘I don’t know any guys around here. When I’ve got you, why would I bother looking?’ I asked.

Liam drew me back against him and wrapped his arms around me. I could feel the stubble on his chin brushing my hair. ‘I’m flattered, yet maybe you should have widened your social circle?’

‘It’s too late now, unless I hire an escort. No, forget that.’

I felt him shrug. ‘I wouldn’t mind. It’s an option.’

‘Not one I want to try,’ I said firmly, then I twisted around to look at him. ‘Liam, why don’t you come?’

‘I dunno…’ he said, pursing his lips. I kissed them. ‘We’d have to be careful…’ I kissed him again, longer this time. ‘So no groping or…’

This time I sealed his mouth with my own until his hands came up to stroke my back. ‘Brother, my brother, you just got yourself a date!’ I grinned.

Came the night of torture…

I had put on my little black dress, my staple evening wear until my next alimony check came through and I would be able to buy something else. No bra: the only black one I had was getting too tight, but a lacy black thong fitted nicely. I looked at myself in the mirror as I smoothed the fabric down over my body. Perfect, providing I didn’t get too cold or aroused. Oh, was I ever wrong!

The company dinner was held in a large country hotel not far from town, and Liam and I arrived in reasonable time. He drove us there; we could’ve hired a cab but Liam dislikes them.

‘Let’s relax and we’ll get through this,’ he murmured as we entered the crowded foyer arm-in-arm.

‘I hope!’ I groused.

There was a good turn out. A subsidised meal and lots of free booze on company expense can have that effect. We circulated and socialised, with me introducing Liam as my brother and date for the evening. As one of the few good looking single girls there I attracted attention from some of the single and not-so-single executives. Several times I had to subtly let it be known I wasn’t after male company following my divorce. Jackie was there, of course; she made a beeline for us when she spied us through the crowd.

‘Oh ho! This is your mystery man!’ she gloated, running an appraising look over Liam.

‘This is Liam, my brother,’ I said.

‘Hmm!’ Jackie ran her eyes over his trim form. ‘Funny, you don’t look much alike. You’re not secretly an escort are you?’ she crowed, pressing her hand to her flat chest in feigned shock.

I could’ve slapped her. ‘No, Liam’s my brother,’ I said firmly.

‘Then you’re a free man?’ she asked with a wicked little quirk to her lips and she clung to his arm.

‘Only after tonight,’ Liam said, casting a quick worried glance my way. ‘I promised Christie to escort her here.’

‘Well, I’m sure she’ll release you for a dance later,’ she said, looking at me with “loser!” written on her face before sashaying off.

‘Sorry about that,’ Liam shrugged.

I rubbed his arm. ‘Don’t be. We agreed either of us could date, remember? To avoid suspicion? If you want to go with her, I’d recommend a good psychiatrist but I won’t object – much.’

Liam kissed me gently on the cheek and winked. ‘If I go with her, you can have me sectioned!’

I was barely satisfied. Jackie was a predatory bitch who exuded a sleazy sexuality some guys find hard to resist. I’d seen it before; she’d left a few broken hearts in the short time I’d been with the company. Yet Liam would be ok.

Wouldn’t he?

I went to the bar to order another couple of drinks whilst Liam used the rest room. The bar wasn’t crowded and I leaned back on it with my elbows to survey the scene. It wasn’t long before I became aware that a large number of men and a few women were pausing to look me over, either out the corner of their eye or quite openly. They were grinning, and for some reason looking at my bust. I glanced down, wondering if I’d spilled something down my front without noticing, yet it was sheer unmarked black. I was still puzzling over it when Liam appeared. I saw his jaw drop, then he hurried over to stand in front of me, his face red.

‘Bloody hell, Chris, that dress is transparent!’ He took me by my elbow and turned me quickly to face the bar. ‘If you weren’t wearing that thong people would see everything you’ve got!’

‘What?’ I looked down again. ‘No it’s not! What are you talking about?’

He glanced up and back at the row of bright spotlights over the public side of the bar. ‘It must be the light,’ he said. ‘Your dress looks fine until you get under direct light from above and in front.’

We tested the theory, with me turning back and forth as Liam directed. He was right. The weave of the dress was acting like polarising glass, opaque one way, all too clear another.

‘Oh shit!’ I fumed. ‘What am I gonna do, wear my coat all evening?’

Liam was trying but failing not to laugh. ‘Of course not! You’ve got two choices; we either go home for you to change, or you avoid direct light and tough it out.’ His face took on a reverential light. ‘Baby, you’ve got one gorgeous body, so I know what I’d do if I were you!’

This voyeuristic streak in Liam was a new one on me. Then I remembered times at home in our teenage years, the “accidental” stumbling into the bathroom when I was bathing; the less than covert surveillance from a shadowy corner of the yard when I was sunbathing in my new bikini for the first time. I didn’t mind at the time – much. When I think about it, it wasn’t surprising we got together the way we did.

‘You’re a devil, aren’t you, bro?’ I whispered, buffing his nose with my knuckles. ‘Would it turn you on if I stay put?’

‘You know it!’

I felt a rush of warmth to my cunny. ‘OK then, you got it!’

We were called to table not long after. I noticed the Almighty John Lawson give me a brief look-over as we searched for our places. Thankfully the lighting in the restaurant wasn’t bright enough for my dress to betray me, although my nipples were standing proud through the fabric as I noticed several men looking my way, hoping for a repeat of my performance at the bar.

The meal was fine. I ate enough and drank a lot less than I’d normally do if I’m not driving. Although to begin with it was an effort to overcome the small nub of anxiety I felt at being semi-exposed, I soon realised the situation wasn’t too bad if we kept our heads. We shared the table with a guy from Marketing and his bored-looking wife, both non-events in the sociability stakes. Liam’s hand found my thigh under the table and gave it a reassuring squeeze. I wished my skirt wasn’t so tight; I would have loved the illicit feel of his fingers against my cunny.

After dinner came speeches, with those at the top of the company food chain showing how little they knew about anything, including humour. It was a relief to take to the dance floor.

Liam and I danced, as we’d done as kids at the school disco. Then it was a matter of duty to his kid sister that made him dance with me – I think. Now he winked, and I knew he did it for love. Even Jackie saw she had no chance of cutting in. I could see her watching from the edge of the dance floor, her eyes locked on Liam.

During a slow dance I leaned close, relaxing in my brother’s warm clasp. ‘Enjoying it, baby?’ he whispered, stroking my hair.

‘Oh, it’ll do,’ I laughed lightly, giving the other dancers a quick look over his shoulder. No-one seemed to notice our more than sibling intimacy.

‘Can’t wait to get you home,’ he murmured, and I could feel by his hardness how much he wanted that. ‘It’ll be our last time for a while.’

Damn! ‘Yes,’ I said, lightly kissing his neck. ‘Let’s make it a good one, huh?’

For answer he rubbed his cock against my belly and I hoped he would be able to walk without a crouch when we left the floor.

At that moment John Lawson came up in a cloud of expensive cologne. ‘Excuse me, young man,’ he said to Liam with a smile. ‘Do you mind if I cut in? It’s a company tradition for the CEO to dance with the newest member of his female staff.’ He bowed to me. ‘Especially one as attractive as your sister!’

I was flattered and a tad alarmed that Lawson had obviously enquired about us. As he took me in his arms, I glanced at Liam over his shoulder and pouted. He shrugged and retired with good grace. Beyond him I could see Jackie glaring at me. Me, dancing with the CEO? Her nose was truly in a sling and I knew I’d made an enemy.

‘It’s nice to see you here tonight,’ Lawson said, guiding me effortlessly. If nothing else he was a good dancer. So many middle-aged men think they’re the young John Travolta. ‘I’ve heard good reports about you in the short time you’ve been with us.’

‘Thank you, Mr Lawson.’

‘Call me John, please. Just for tonight.’

Did he wink just then? Or was it a trick of the light?

He may have been tall, dark and handsome once, but that was some years back. Now he was a fleshy, greying middle age, with slightly protruding eyes and breath like a blowtorch. He monopolised me for some time, during which I learned he was newly-divorced (I knew), had a holiday home in the South of France (I knew that too), and that he lived not far away (which I didn’t know and wondered what he had in mind by mentioning it). When he was called away to speak to some departing guests, he kissed my hand, said “Don’t leave too soon, I’d like to chat with you later,” then disappeared into the crowd.

‘Looking for promotion, are we?’ hissed a catty little voice in my ear, the sound borne on rum-laden breath. ‘With that excuse for a dress I’m not surprised you’re attracting attention!’

‘At least I know the CD drive on a PC isn’t a cup-holder, Jackie,’ I said without turning. I’d heard through the grapevine what had happened when she’d been introduced to computers for the first time at work. A potted plant had more technical savvy than her. She gave a mew of anger and stalked away.

Liam came up, looking concerned. ‘You OK, Chris?’

‘Not sure, Liam,’ I said, taking his arm. ‘I’m not sure.’

Then I had my second scare…

It was when I had to visit the rest room that Mr Lawson made his move on me. The rooms were in a corridor off the main foyer, discretely hidden by potted palms which he was lurking behind until I came by. I was searching my purse for my lipstick when I sensed him loom up alongside me.

‘Christie? May I have a word with you?’

‘Sure, Mr…’

He held up his hand. ‘Ah, ah!’

‘…Sure, John.’

‘In private.’ Uh oh… ‘I’m sure you’d be interested in what I have to say.’ Maybe, maybe not. My neck tingled with alarm. ‘Please, follow me.’

He walked swiftly along the corridor and round a corner, to indicate a door at the end marked “Staff Only.” You’d only know it was there if you’d looked for it. This move on me stank of premeditation. I hesitated, then stepped through it as he pushed it open and turned on the light. I found myself in a janitor’s closet, with a table, chair, and several racks of cleaning equipment. A sharp reek of polish and solvents filled the air.

Lawson closed and locked the door behind him, then looked at me. ‘You’re the belle of the ball, Christie,’ he smiled. ‘I wanted you to know you’ve made a big impression on me.’

‘Thank you. But couldn’t you tell me this out there?’ I asked. ‘It could look compromising, us being alone together in here.’

‘Not really,’ he said, his gaze running over me. I realised with a start that the bright fluorescent light overhead had made my dress do its vanishing act again and I quickly folded my arms over my breasts. He laughed at my reaction. ‘Christie, I won’t beat about the bush. You’ve a very attractive young woman. If you’re nice to me, I can be nice to you, both at work and at play. Do you understand?’

‘I think you’re making your case quite plain,’ I mumbled, perching on the edge of the table. Lawson’s arrogance took my breath away. “Droit de seigneur” was alive and well in the 21st Century.

‘Oh, I understand your reluctance. You’ll have to forgive my blunt approach, I don’t normally do this sort of thing.’ Oh yeah? ‘Yet why shouldn’t we get together?’ he asked, coming forward to stroke my hair. ‘Both of us are free agents.’

I suffered his touch as my mind raced. Jesus, but I didn’t know what to do! You think sometimes about how you’d handle such a situation, yet I tell you, your best schemes fall apart when they hit reality.

‘I’ll look into promoting you to my PA in the course of time.’ He ran a finger over my cheek. ‘Won’t that be something to look forward to in the New Year? A pay rise and all the… perks that come with being PA to the boss?’

‘Yes, John,’ I agreed. Don’t get me wrong; I hated the situation I was in, yet knew if I co-operated it was the only way I’d retain any control. Let me get through this, I promised whichever deity was listening, and I’ll head for the hills later.

‘Good, good,’ he murmured soothingly, then leaned forward to kiss me. I kept my teeth clenched and his tongue battered in vain against them. ‘You’re not very relaxed, are you?’ he teased, cupping my left breast and rolling it gently back and forth. The ball of his thumb found my nipple through the fabric and rubbed it.

‘I’m not used to this,’ I hedged.

‘Nor am I. It’s just a convenient venue for opening our relationship. Later, of course, we can go to my house. Your brother, William, is it? won’t mind, will he?’

Damned if I knew! Liam was out there somewhere whilst I was in here with the CEO nibbling my neck and squeezing my tits. Liam and I had agreed to allow each other to date. Prostituting myself to Lawson in return for favours wasn’t part of the deal. I knew what people would think. To an insider, a big company is a small world. Yet which of us would be believed if I made a scene? Yeah, right…

‘John, I can’t go all the way with you,’ I said, rubbing his arms. I used the first and best excuse that came to mind. ‘Time of the month, you understand? And people out there will miss us soon.’

‘I’m sure we can do something in the time we have,’ he said thoughtfully, then looked at me. ‘Spit or swallow?’

Jesus! ‘Spit!’ I cried hurriedly.

‘Very well, then,’ he grinned, and unzipped his pants.

His cock emerged. Not at all long but extraordinarily thick, like the stump of an amputated hand. My face must have been a picture, for he leaned back on the janitor’s desk alongside me and folded his arms. ‘Something wrong?’ he asked with a smile, as his cock ripened to full hardness, the circumcised head a rich Imperial purple.

‘Oh, no,’ I muttered, hurriedly sliding off the desk. Not fucking much…

He began to caress my hair as I knelt, took his shaft in my hand and leaned towards him. I gave the head a surreptitious sniff; it smelt clean. At least he washed it, which some guys seem to think is optional. Gently, nerves twanging, I poked out my tongue and slid the tip all over and around the engorged bulb, teasing the opening eye until a tiny tear of pre-cum emerged into the light. I licked it away, then wrapped my lips around the head, drawing it into my mouth, filling it so I had to breathe through my nose. My mother always taught me to make the best of a bad situation. If she could only see me now!

‘Mmmm, that’s good,’ he murmured, stroking my ears as I cupped his balls and rolled them back and forth in their purse. ‘You give good head, Christie. I like that in a girl.’

A nice compliment but not something I’d want to put on my resumé. I tried to take more of his shaft into my mouth but there wasn’t much more to take. My nose soon nestled in his pubic hair as the head of his cock touched the back of my throat. Lawson clasped my head and tried to push himself further into my mouth. ‘You must have a very deep throat,’ he muttered.

Deluded! I just grunted. Like I was in a position for conversation?

He began to move his hips, mouth-fucking me, so I just held onto his butt and tried to breathe slowly, feeling utterly ridiculous and, yes, humiliated. Before long Lawson was grunting and gasping, his rhythmic thrusts jerking my head back and forth like a metronome until he tensed up, his cock pushing into my mouth as far as it would ever go. Quickly I turned my head and he spent, his cum splashing over my teeth and the inside of my cheek in thick wads. It tasted intensely salty, like some caviar I’d tried once, and as slimy as a month-old oyster. Lawson grunted and gasped and jerked and shuddered until he sank back onto the table, utterly spent. He looked down, blinking and fighting to keep his eyes from rolling. ‘Oh my God! I needed that!’ he gasped.

I bloody didn’t! I thought angrily, spitting his cum into a nearby waste bin. As I worked my tongue to push all I could taste of it to my lips for ejection, I reflected that there were better ways of spending an evening…

Lawson gave me his card with his home address and phone number. ‘Are you sure you won’t come back to my place for a night-cap?’ he asked, reaching around to fondle my butt.

‘Sorry, John, no,’ I said evasively. ‘I’ve got family commitments tomorrow.’

‘Okay, then. Although I’ll probably see you at work on Monday, it’d be best if we don’t talk any more than we usually would. I have a position to maintain.’ He winked. ‘As will you, when I eventually get you back to my place! I have one or two in mind…’

We left the room separately, to avoid suspicion. I waited five minutes, then went to the rest room to thoroughly rinse my mouth and take a pee. Back at the bar I found Liam, clutching a glass of coke and looking distracted. Jackie had cornered him in my absence and looked set to make a fight of it when I arrived.

‘Fuck off, you!’ I told her, jerking my head to emphasise the point. Something in my eye made her take heed. Jackie was drunk but not so drunk she didn’t value her health. She vanished. ‘Liam, we’ve got to get out of here!’ I told him. To his astonishment I took a mouthful of coke from his glass, swilled it around my mouth and spat it back. ‘Don’t argue, I’ll explain later.’

The three-quarter moon was riding high in the winter night as we drove away. Liam laughed ruefully when I told him about Lawson. ‘Humping the boss? That’s nothing to what they’d say if they knew about us!’

‘Let’s make sure they don’t find out!’ I retorted, crossing my arms and glaring out at the night.

Liam drove on; he’d kept faithfully to soft drink all evening, and I felt safe with him. Gradually my tension eased and I leaned close to stroke his crotch as he drove. ‘This is the only cock for me!’ I told him. At first I felt him respond, then he went soft. ‘What’s wrong?’

‘Dammit, I need to pee,’ he grumbled.

‘You should’ve gone before we left.’

‘Like I had a choice?’

‘Can’t you wait?’

‘No. My teeth are beginning to float!’ He leaned forward to peer at the road signs. ‘Ah! This could be useful.’

He took a right, then a left, and another right. Before long the traffic receded and we found ourselves on a quiet stretch of road overhung with trees, which led to a garbage dump some yards away. The lights of the town shone in the near distance beyond it.

Liam pulled to a halt, and I peered out at the deserted road. ‘Where are we?’

‘I hear this is the local Lovers Lane,’ he grinned, switching off the lights and ignition.

‘Lovers Lane? More like Rubbers Lane!’ In the beam of the headlights I had seen the evidence littering the tarmac. ‘God, the place is paved with the things!’

‘Good job we don’t need to add to the pile,’ he winked, then got out of the car, hastily unzipped his pants, and let rip into the undergrowth with a long stream of pee that steamed in the moonlight.

‘How romantic!’ I said, when he finally returned.

He laughed. ‘Sorry, Christie, I really needed that.’

‘I know. Now you’ve done, I can find a use for this,’ I whispered, leaning close to kiss him and fondle his cock.

Liam’s hands came up and undid the buttons on my coat, then fumbled their way inside to cup and caress my bra-less breasts. I pushed them into his hands, my tongue slipping between our melded lips to meet his in a moist dance of pleasure. God! did I need to feel my brother’s loving touch after Lawson’s ugly demands.

Our breath quickened, and in the cooling air of the car the windows soon began to steam up. Although there was no-one around, I welcomed the privacy as I reached down and unbuckled Liam’s pants. ‘Lie back,’ I commanded with a toss of my head.

He adjusted the seat so it dropped flat and I hitched my skirt up around my hips to straddle him, my cunny zeroing in on target. Liam’s cock reared up to press hard against the sopping wet crotch of my thong. Tugging it aside, I could feel his flesh then, pressing hot and urgent against my cunny, seeking entrance to his sister. A trickle of juice fell from me to coat his head and I moved my hips to spread it further. The feel of that round bulb moving amongst my lips drove me wild!

Gripping my waist, Liam thrust upwards and I quickly wriggled to draw his cock inside me, sinking down on him with a sigh of contentment. ‘Ohhh, God! I need this!’ I moaned, stroking his hair.

‘Oh yes! Oh yesss!’ he cried, his back arching to meet my downward plunge. I gripped the back of his seat to keep my balance in the confined space, my brother’s sweet face framed between my hands in the light of the moon. His shaft filled me, impaling me, rising to beat time against my cervix with every downward stroke of our coupling. Liam pressed his thumb against the swollen bud of my clit, pushing it harder against his cock and filling me with a rising wave of pleasure as his other hand fondled my breasts.

I was riding him like a jockey, my eyes half-closed in sheer pleasure, when a movement outside the car made me open them wide. Visible in the moonlight was a pale face, peering intently at us from some five feet away as we fucked. A flicker of white lower down resolved itself into a hand, rapidly pumping a cock in our direction. ‘Liam…’ I said urgently. ‘Liam!’

‘Unnngghhh!’ He thrust upwards in a sudden spasm and I forgot everything for a golden moment as my brother spent inside me. Exquisite pain filled my breasts as he gripped them hard in his climax and my fingers crushed the car seat as I matched him cry for cry.

I crouched over him, feeling my orgasm recede from the heights. When Liam’s eyes opened at last, I leaned forward. ‘There’s somebody out there!’ I hissed.

‘A bloody peeping Tom!’ he groaned. ‘That’s all we need!’

Somehow we pulled ourselves apart in the confined space and Liam opened the door and rolled out to confront the guy. ‘Careful!’ I called, ‘he could be armed!’

A flash of pale skin and the guy was off, running like a hare through the undergrowth at the side of the road. His course took him towards the housing we could see about a quarter mile away, lit by a wash of sodium orange.

‘Little shit!’ Liam cursed, getting back into the car with his softening cock still hanging out his pants. He looked down, then began to adjust his clothing. ‘He’d shot his wad all up the side of the car. Just getting his rocks off watching couples as they fuck. And we happen to be the only ones here tonight.’

‘Harmless enough,’ I muttered from the passenger seat as I mopped myself with a tissue. I shivered. ‘Damn! That just put the fucking lid on tonight! Let’s go home…’

A long drive home from the airport carrying Aunt Liz, with Sunday drivers to contend with made for a tiring journey, although we reached home before the brief winter daylight had gone. Aunt Liz stepped out of the car and looked up at the place. ‘I’m looking forward to seeing this in daylight, Liam. These mews properties are very nice. I hope ye’re settling down here, Christie?’

‘Oh, we’re doing fine, Auntie,’ I said carelessly.

Liam opened the back and unloaded her two cases. Auntie touched his arm. ‘It must have been hard for ye having Christie around, Liam, after being on your own for a while.’

‘Some things were hard,’ he said gravely and I had to turn away to hide my smile.

Aunt Liz was in her early fifties and had lived in Scotland for over twenty years, acquiring a soft burr to her voice and a sprinkling of Scottish words in her vocabulary. She had owned and run a bed and breakfast business on the shores of one of the great Firths for most of that time, at first with our Uncle Paul, then alone for the last ten years after he died. Of middle height, she had short dark brown hair the same shade as mine, with two wings of speckled grey over each ear. She looked fit. I knew running a B & B could be hard work but Aunt Liz seemed to thrive on it.

I showed Auntie her room whilst Liam fixed coffee. ‘Ye don’t seem to have settled in here very much,’ she said, running a critical eye over everything. ‘It hardly looks used.’

I’d changed the bedding and aired the room but truth was, it hadn’t been used much since I began sleeping with my brother Liam. ‘I’ve got a lot of stuff still in store from moving here after my divorce, Auntie.’ Not quite a lie. ‘If I manage to find a place of my own it’ll be a waste of time getting everything unpacked.’

‘I suppose,’ she nodded, putting her handbag on the bed. ‘Are ye any nearer that?’

‘Not with property prices around here so high,’ I said, pulling a face. ‘When I was married we lived in rented accommodation so I’ve got nothing from my divorce except the alimony checks. Mike’s so late sending the bloody things; it was always like drawing teeth getting money out of him.’

‘I never did like the man,’ she sniffed. ‘Ye should talk to your lawyer. Don’t let him get away with it.’

‘I’m going to call him tomorrow, Auntie.’

Aunty Liz’s stern expression relaxed into quite a pleasant smile. ‘We’re old enough and canny enough to call each other by our given names, Christie. Ye can call me Liz.’

Oh! ‘Okay then – Liz.’

She unpacked, then we gathered in the sitting room for coffee and to catch up with the news. Liam set the cups on the table and sat beside me on the settee, close – but not too close – and not close enough… ‘You’re only here for Christmas week, Liz?’ he said, by way of an opening.

‘Well, I wanted to see my family here in England this year, my dears.’ She sipped her coffee. ‘There’re a few changes coming along, which I’ll tell ye about, by the by. My friends up in Scotland have asked me to stay with them for Hogmanay, so I’ll be away before then.’ She gave us a wry smile. ‘I’ll not impose on ye for longer than a week, for a change!’

‘Oh, you’re not imposing!’ I protested.

‘Aye? Well, thank ye for saying that. I know I’ve tended to turn up with little notice before now. It’s about time I was more considerate.’ Liam and I looked at each other. This wasn’t the Aunt Liz we’d known and loved.

‘Now, tell me about yourselves. What’s the news?’

We chatted, until the topic came around to work. Liam told her he had hoped for promotion to a vacant head of department position next year. Rumour had it that it had gone to a nephew of one of the directors. ‘So, I don’t know what I’ll do,’ he finished, pulling a face.

‘Nepotism! Pah! These bosses are all the same. I hope it’s different where ye’re working, Christie?’

‘Not much. Some of the higher management are pretty free with the female staff.’ Remembering last night I took too big a mouthful of hot coffee and wound up coughing and spluttering.

‘Including you?’ Liz asked sympathetically, when I’d finished wiping my eyes. ‘What happened?’

Hesitantly at first, then in stronger terms, I told her how John Lawson the CEO had waylaid me at the dinner last night. As I talked I could almost taste the bastard’s cum in my mouth again. Liam sat closer and slipped his arm about my waist, holding me for comfort as I talked myself out, sparing no detail.

‘Oh, Christie!’ Liz said, coming over to sit by my side. She put her arms around me and hugged me so tight I could feel her heart pounding. ‘That’s awful! What do ye intend to do?’

I looked at Liam, who shrugged. ‘It’s up to you, Christie. We didn’t get much chance to talk it over last night or this morning.’

Mainly because we had been making love until we could fuck no more…

‘I’m going to quit.’ The idea had been in my mind since I’d woken up that morning.

‘She’s changed,’ Liam murmured to me as we shared the washing-up after breakfast.

‘Not for the bad either. Wonder what’s up?’

He shrugged. ‘Perhaps she’s found a new man in her life?’

‘This is Aunt Liz we’re talking about!’

‘Stranger things have happened at sea.’

‘Like a brother fucking his sister?’

‘Oh, possibly,’ he grinned, glancing over his shoulder to check the coast was clear before putting his arm around my waist..

‘Did you sleep okay on the settee?’

‘Yes, I’m used to it by now.’ His face grew sad. ‘I missed being with you.’

‘I miss you.’ I gave him a considering look. ‘Did you think of sneaking into our room?’

‘Oh yes, but I’m worried Aunt Liz might hear.’

‘She was a sound sleeper when we were staying with her.’

‘Hope she hasn’t changed that much.’

‘Tonight?’ I asked, feeling my heart beginning to bump.

Liam grinned. ‘Why not?’

At his words I felt a gush of warmth inside. The thought of carrying on our incestuous affair under Aunt Liz’s nose thrilled me. Trouble was, night lay many hours off and I had the minefield of quitting work without notice to get through.

Hugh, the exec. I worked for, was appalled when I told him.

‘But you can’t quit!’ he protested. ‘Christie, I need you!’

‘Sorry, my mind’s made up.’

I stood in front of his desk, my arms folded. To make my point that day, I wore my hair braided up tight and was wearing the most severe outfit I could find in my still-limited wardrobe, a charcoal black jacket and skirt combo, white shirt and flat black shoes. I’d have worn horn-rimmed glasses if I could’ve got a pair in time.

Hugh came around the desk and touched my arm. ‘Look, if it’s about that dress you wore for the dinner, I wouldn’t worry about it,’ he said in a low voice. ‘It was embarrassing for you, but not something to lose your job over. As a matter of fact, Mr Lawson was asking after you in the boardroom this morning. He seemed concerned.’

‘Did he indeed?’ I said flatly. ‘For your information, Hugh, he’s the reason I’m quitting!’ I regretted saying that as soon as the words passed my lips. Hugh went very still, his eyes narrowed and I could see his mind begin to race but I held up my hand. ‘No, Hugh, I’m not going to say anything more. Let me get through today. I’ll do what I can, them I’ll clear my desk and be out of here.’

He looked at me, then gave a deep sigh. ‘You’re serious about this. Okay, let’s get to work.’ As he returned to his desk, he shook his head. ‘I’m sorry, Christie. You’re the best PA I’ve had in years.’

To make life more complicated, the company intranet had gone down for the third time that month. The engineers reckoned it would take three hours to get it back on-line again. In the meantime I had to carry hardcopies of orders and directives to the various departments around the factory.

It was when I entered the small supervisor’s office in the pigment-mixing plant that my life unravelled just that little bit more. As I was talking to the supervisor, two men in respirators were out on the work floor manhandling drums of fresh pigment over to the mixing machines. I hardly glanced at them but a split-second later a loud crash sounded outside followed by a muffled cloud of foul language. When we looked out through the office window, the drum lay leaking bright red pigment at the feet of the two men, one of whom was staring at me. His companion hit him on the arm, which seemed to bring him to his senses, because he pulled off the respirator and ran away up a passageway between the machines, leaving bloody footprints on the concrete.

‘What the hell..?’ Outraged, the supervisor got up and ran outside. I stayed where I was, feeling sick. I didn’t know the pizza-faced youth who’d dropped the drum, but I sure as hell recognised his loping stride.

It was the guy who’d been spying on my brother and me as we fucked in the car early Sunday morning.

The rest of the day was an endurance test. From overheard snippets of conversations which stopped abruptly when I entered a room, to sidelong glances and the odd smile, I knew my transparent dress had been one of the highlights of the company’s Christmas dinner. That and the guy from Marketing who’d shared our table with his mousy wife. He’d been caught boffing one of the waitresses in the service alley behind the hotel.

I chose to eat my lunch in the office that day, rather than endure the looks in the staff lounge. Not long after I’d settled down to a yoghurt and coffee, Jackie Gordon sidled into the room. I looked at her without much interest. Come that evening, she would be in my past.

‘I’d like to say I’m sorry for the way I behaved Saturday night,’ she said, with a glassy smile. ‘I’m sure you didn’t know your dress would do that. We’d all had a bit too much to drink, so my comments weren’t intended.’ She held out her hand. ‘Peace?’

I looked at it, then laid aside my spoon. ‘Jackie, Jackie, Jackie… If you think I have any influence over John Lawson, forget it! You want him? He’s yours. But be warned; he’s a creep!’

Her jaw dropped. ‘But… I thought… you and he were..?’

‘No, we’re not,’ I said coldly. ‘I’m not telling you what happened that night. I’m quitting this job tonight, so the field is clear for you to finagle the post of PA to John fucking Lawson. I only hope you like cocks the size and shape of a coffee cup!’ I turned back to my yoghurt. ‘Goodbye, Jackie.’

She left in a daze, leaving me with a small glow of triumph to get me through the afternoon.

Came the night, came liberation.

Liam was waiting for me with open arms and loving compassion when I staggered in through the door. I just threw my attaché case aside and melted into him, feeling his reassuring warmth, his strength, his more than brotherly love for me.

‘Was it bad?’ he asked softly.

‘Bad enough,’ I said. ‘Where’s Liz?’


I gave him a long, lingering kiss, my tongue slipping between his lips to twine and curl around his tongue and teeth. ‘Oh God, I love you, bro!’ I whispered, cupping his face in my hands and gazing into his deep blue eyes. I could feel tears rising in mine.

‘I love you, Chris,’ he said, cuddling me.

‘Liam, that guy who was spying on us Sunday morning? I saw him. He works at the factory.’ Liam went very still. ‘He recognised me.’

‘Oh, Chris!’ he said, appalled.

‘I know.’ I touched a finger to his lips. ‘But I don’t think he’d recognise you, because he only saw you for a few seconds in poor light. We’ll be safe; there’s little chance he’d find out who you are, especially now I’ve quit.’

‘But that chance is there,’ he sighed.

‘Not enough to worry about.’

‘Chris, we have to take care!’

‘I know. For now, let’s leave our lovemaking for indoors, shall we?’

The sound of the bathroom door unlocking moved us apart. Liam winked and disappeared into the kitchen to make tea. Aunt Liz came into the hall and gave me a warm smile. ‘How goes it, dear?’

I wiped my eyes. ‘It’s over. At least I didn’t run into that shit Lawson.’

‘Och, language, Christie!’ she admonished, as she’d often done when I was a kid, then grinned. ‘I’ll not say anything yet, but I’m sure I can make things better for the two of you. Give me a few days to think.’

Liam overheard her as he emerged from the kitchen carrying the tray of tea. We looked at each other. Aunt Liz was planning something.

Evening passed pleasantly. Liz was more chatty and sociable than we’d ever known her. There was a new man in her life, and she had great hopes.

‘I’ve been too long alone,’ she sighed.

As fascinating as it was I longed for night, when Liam would make his way to our bed. Eventually I had to make an excuse, pleading tiredness from the strain of the day so I could go to bed and think.

I undressed and slipped beneath the covers, then lay staring up at the ceiling for ages. Plans and thoughts for the future span inside my mind. I felt the need for us to get away from this town but options were few and far between. To take my mind off it I began to masturbate, something I’d not done for months since Liam and I started sleeping together.

My saliva-moistened fingers caressed my labia, sending shivers down my spine as I anticipated Liam’s touch. With one delicate fingertip I eased back the hood over my clit, and stroked the soft little bud into throbbing arousal with my thumb, my breath quickening, my back arching as I sent my fingers deep into my cunny to send waves of sensation crashing through my body. Twisting I buried my face in the pillow and screamed, my muffled cries of release turning to those of frustration.

Liam wasn’t there.

I must have dozed off in the end, because I woke up when I felt the covers lift as Liam’s lithe and muscular body came into our bed. I turned to him and buried my face in his chest, the hairs tickling me. My darling brother wrapped me in his arms and held me close to his warm body, his rock-hard cock pushing up to lie between us; mmm! pure potent masculinity.

‘You’re here,’ I whispered.

‘I’m here.’


‘Fast asleep, as far as I know.’

‘Make love to me!’ I demanded hungrily. ‘But we’ll have to be quiet.’

I could sense his grin in the darkness. ‘Oh, I think there are ways of doing things quietly! I’ve bought a little something along. Here, bite on this when you feel the need.’

“This” was something firm and flexible which smelled leathery. ‘What is it?’ I asked.

‘A piece of my old belt. It’s clean, I washed it.’

‘You came prepared!’ I grinned.

‘Oh yes!’

His lips sought mine as his hands stroked my hips, my ribs, then up to my breasts, my jaw and cheeks. I squeezed his butt, feeling the hard muscles sliding under his skin as he rubbed his hairy thigh against mine. I gave a little grunt, feeling warmth explode through my cunny and the slick feeling of my increasing wetness. Oh, how much I wanted this man inside me!

My desire was obvious and Liam’s kisses became more ardent, his hands cupping then crushing my breasts. I wrapped my legs about his hips, forcing him to turn within my clasp until I felt his cock against my cunny. Liam reached down between us to guide himself, then thrust into me, hard and smooth and so deep.

I convulsed, clinging to him as he fucked me roughly, my breath gusting, temperature rising. When I began to keen he fumbled briefly for the leather strap then held to to my mouth. ‘Bite!’ he gasped.

I bit.

Hauling my legs up, he bore down on me as he’d done the night we’d first made love until I was bent double, my feet in the air. Leaning into me his cock plunged deep into my cunny, filling it, stretching it, my cervix yielding under each powerful thrust. My cries grew more urgent, muffled only by the strap I clenched between my teeth, until Liam groaned and buried his face in the pillow. He exploded inside me. Wave after wave of cum washed the shores of my womb, filled my sex with the tide of his loving. In spite of the strap I could only muffle my shout by burying my face in his shoulder.

We fell apart and lay gasping, our limbs entwined, hot, sweaty, and very, very content.

Liam came to our room the next night, and the next. Each time we made love; each time he stole away in the early hours to resume his lonely place on the settee in the sitting room.

In the wee small hours of Christmas Day I had barely snuggled down after Liam’s departure when a woman’s loud cry came from the hall. Staggering out of bed I stumbled to the open door then screwed my eyes shut as a shocking wash of bright light filled the hall. ‘What the hell’s going on?’ I demanded, shading my eyes.

Liam stood by the door, covering his privates with his hands and looking stunned. Aunt Liz was by the hall light switch, clutching her robe and staring from him to me with astonishment. ‘I could well ask ye the same question!’ she said. ‘Ye’re both naked! And Liam, what are ye doing in Christie’s room?’

He looked at me as I hurriedly ducked into the bedroom and gathered up my robe and a hair towel for him to hide his modesty. ‘Would you believe, I just left Christie’s present?’ he said with a sickly smile.

Her look would have been old-fashioned on a dinosaur. ‘Och, aye? But what form did it take and where did ye leave it?’

A quarter of an hour later the three of us met around the kitchen table. I cuddled up to Liam; there was no point hiding our true relationship from Liz any more. Gradually, under her coaxing, our story came out.

‘So,’ she said at last. ‘Here we are.’

‘Will you tell mum and dad?’ I asked, dreading her response.

‘Och, no.’ She shook her head slowly. ‘I’m not a bearer of tales. Neither your parents or anyone else will learn a thing from me.’

‘Thanks, Aunt Liz,’ Liam mumbled, looking and sounding like a scolded schoolkid.

‘It’s Liz, Liam,’ she said kindly. ‘As for you two…’ Clasping her hands she leaned forward. ‘I don’t suppose you’re going to stop this?’ We shook our heads at once. ‘No, I didn’t think so. Are ye being careful?’ she asked pointedly. I nodded. ‘Well, that’s something. I’m not blind, children. I suspected something from the way ye behave around each other. And ye don’t know but I seldom sleep as well as I used to.’

Liam stirred uncomfortably and we both looked sheepish. ‘Aye, I thought ye’d think that,’ she smiled. ‘The doctor put me on a water tablet because of a slight problem I have, so oftentimes I have to get up in the night to use the toilet. When passing to and fro I heard noises I recognised coming from your room. Remember, I run a B & B business; ye’d be surprised what I hear through the walls of a night. Ye were not very noisy, I’ll grant you, so I held my peace, not being sure. It was only when I ran into Liam leaving your room just now that made it necessary for us to talk.’

Liz chewed her lip, then seemed to come to a decision. ‘My dears, ye may not know but your Uncle Paul and I were cousins. Technically we were as close as blood relations could be and still be able to marry. So ye see, although it wasn’t quite incest in my case, I know what it must be like for ye to feel so attracted to each other.’

‘We love each other,’ I said urgently, clasping Liam’s hand.

‘And so ye should, although not quite that way. But I’ll be able to help ye, my dears. It’s like this.

‘Your parents have asked me to go and live with them in Spain. Whilst I didn’t feel the need a few years ago, now I feel it’s time I took their invitation. They live in a nice area, there are plenty of people my age to socialise with, and the sun and the warmth will be good for my health. I’ve spoken to your mother and she’s quite happy for me to live with her until I can find a little apartment of my own.

‘That leaves me with the question of my business, the bed and breakfast I used to run with your uncle…’ She clasped her hands and looked at us. ‘I would like ye to take it on as a going concern.’

‘Us?’ Liam gasped, glancing from her to me.

‘Aye, you two. Liam, ye’re an accountant; figures hold no terrors for ye! Christie, ye’re good at cooking and organising. Between ye, ye should do well. It’s a nice profitable little business, in a scenic area. Ye’ll also get regulars who’ll wish to stay every year, and the local tradesmen can supply most of what ye need to run it. I propose to let ye take it over in return for a peppercorn rent, and when I’m… no longer here, it’ll become yours entirely. What do you say?’

‘Well, I’m speechless, Aunt Liz!’ Liam said, blowing out his cheeks and leaning back. ‘I admit, I’ve often thought of starting my own business. Perhaps something to do with the internet, but this? I dunno!’

‘As I understand this internet thing, all ye need is a telephone line and a computer?’ Liam and I nodded. ‘There ye are, then. It’s something ye can do as well there as ye can here. And…’ She leaned forward. ‘And ye’ll be living in a tolerably remote area, my dears. It’ll do ye good to move away from here. Up there, ye’ll have more freedom to do as ye choose.’

She said this with such a significant look that I felt my heart give a guilty lurch. From Liam’s reaction he felt the same twinge. Aunt Liz watched us both and smiled a weary smile. ‘Ye are the youngest members of my family, so it’s only right that ye should take over my business.’ She stifled a yawn then got to her feet. ‘It’s nothing to decide upon straight away. Talk it over, sleep on it, and let me know when ye reach a decision.’ She paused by the door. ‘And I’ll not object if ye share your room from now on. Goodnight, now.’

So that was that. Aunt Liz returned to Scotland before New Year’s Day, leaving Liam and me to talk things over. The more we talked, the better the prospect sounded of getting away to somewhere we could begin a new life together. Liz invited me to travel up in the new year to look the place over to see if I liked it, and she would show me what was involved in running the business. I booked a flight for Edinburgh a week in February.

Three weeks into the new year, and I woke up in Liam’s arms feeling something wasn’t quite right. In the pale light of dawn I looked down at his sweet sleeping face squashed against my left breast, a trickle of drool running from his lips into my cleavage, and tried to pin-point the problem. My stomach surged just then, making me slip away from his embrace and into the bathroom in a hurry.

Some time later I was wiping my mouth and staring at myself in the mirror over the basin. The toilet cistern was gurgling quietly as it refilled. It was barely audible; no wonder we’d not heard Aunt Liz on her nightly trips.

Liam stumbled into the bathroom and blinked at me. ‘What’s wrong?’

‘Oh, just something I ate,’ I mumbled.

He accepted this and went back to bed. I followed in a few moments, my heart pounding and a queasiness in my stomach that had nothing to do with nausea.

The next morning I sat on the toilet and held the wand of a pregnancy home-test kit in the flow of my first water of the day. I stuck the wand into the gadget and went to make some tea to calm my nerves. The hands on the clock moved so slowly! Even so, I forced myself to give it time, then checked the reading.

Liam came home from work that evening and I met him as he closed the door. He knew something was up as soon as he saw me. ‘Christie..?’

‘Liam…’ I swallowed. ‘You’re going to be a father!’

‘OUCH!’ I squirmed on the examination couch as the doctor probed deep into my cunny, his vinyl gloves squishing and squelching in my most intimate place.

‘Keep still, please!’ he commanded. ‘It’ll only hurt more if you move.’

It sounded like a promise! I could hardly see him beyond the surgical-green modesty cloth the nurse had draped from my midriff to my elevated knees. ‘Are you looking for Osama bin Laden in there?’ I quipped. He didn’t reply and the nurse winked at me in sympathy. Humourless bastard, her expression said.

I had to be content to bite my lip and wince from time to time as he continued to push and probe to establish the size of my pelvic hole. Once I thought he was trying to grasp my spine. I added my imprinted finger-marks to his well-worn couch at that moment.

Then it was all over; I could go behind the screen to wipe away the lube and get dressed. Doctor Morrison was at his desk, scribbling away in my notes when I emerged and he looked up after a few minutes. ‘Well, Ms Ellison, you have a perfectly normal pelvic girth,’ he said ponderously. ‘You should have no difficulty there when the time comes.’

‘Thank you doctor.’

‘You’re fit and healthy. All your blood and urine tests show normal. I’m sure you’ll have a perfectly healthy child. The receptionist will give you the relevant literature about diets, exercise and health care on your way out. Thank you, good afternoon.’

Relief flooded through me to wash out any irritation I felt at his off-hand attitude. The miraculous growth of a new child was taking place within me – Me! – and to him it was just another day at the surgery. Yet I was relieved; I had dreaded some abnormality showing up in the tests to reveal the child within my womb had been planted there by my brother, Liam…

‘How did it go?’ he asked, coming into the kitchen.

‘Well enough,’ I shrugged, setting the table for dinner. ‘No medical problems, but God! Whoever dreamt up that gyno process had to have been a man. No woman would inflict it on another. That bloody doctor had his hand so far inside me I’ll swear he thought I was a glove-puppet. My cunny still feels sore, and I was oozing lubricant from it all bloody afternoon. Talk about a mess!’

Liam went rather pale; most men do at the mention of “woman’s problems.” It came in useful at school if I wanted to get out of swimming lessons, which I hated. I only had to say “Time of the month, sir” to our physical education teacher and he’d quickly let me off. Want to laugh? Once, the class idiot decided to try the same tactic; the teacher soon gave him the bad news!

We ate dinner, and by now I noticed Liam was quieter than usual. ‘What’s wrong, dear?’ I asked.

He toyed with his food, then shrugged sheepishly. ‘I’ve been promoted.’

‘What?’ I stared at him. ‘Well, congratulations!’ I hurried around to his side of the table and hugged him. ‘That’s cause for celebration… isn’t it?’ Liam looked doubtful. ‘Isn’t it?’

He put his arm around my waist. ‘Christie, it’ll mean I can’t help you out with Aunt Liz’s B & B this summer,’ he said mournfully. ‘I was thinking of quitting work anyway, but I can’t now. It won’t be fair to the boss.’

Dear, loyal Liam. I felt so lucky being with him. ‘I guess we’ll manage,’ I said sadly, then kissed him. ‘It’ll mean we won’t be together for months. You’ll miss most of my pregnancy.’

As one we looked down at my belly, still flat beneath my sweater. It was early days; I wasn’t far enough along to show a bump. Liam laid his hand on my belly and stroked it thoughtfully. ‘I’ll miss you, and him, or her,’ he said quietly. ‘That’s the miserable part about our being together. If we were married, or unrelated and living together, I’d get time off work as a right. As it is…’ he caressed my belly and pulled me close against him. ‘Damn, but it’s hard!’

‘It’s not so bad,’ I said, smoothing his hair. ‘You can come up and see us from time to time.’ I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him deeply, tasting the taramasalata in his mouth from our meal. ‘You’ll always be welcome,’ I purred, looking into his eyes.

He grinned then, and began to kiss me back with a growing passion. Before long our dinner was forgotten. He made to rise but I pushed him back onto the chair, dropped to my knees and began to unfasten his pants.

‘Sod the bedroom, I can’t wait. Let’s do it here,’ I grinned, sliding my hand inside to feel for his cock. A certain stiffness, a burgeoning arousal lead me to the right place. ‘Not to rain on your parade, but how come you got promoted?’ I asked, peeling back his zipper.

‘God! You pick your moments, Chris!’ he moaned as I hauled his cock out into the light. I’ll swear the little eye blinked. ‘The guy who got the post in January turned out to be an undischarged bankrupt. That’s a major no-no where accountancy’s concerned. I was the next most suitable candidate…’ I tickled the tip of his cock with my tongue and he jumped. ‘Oh God! Mmm-hmm! …so I got the job.’

‘His loss, your gain. Mmmm! Looks good enough to eat…’

I eased his foreskin back into the erectile notch, releasing Liam’s distinctive scent, all masculine musk. Inhaling, I let my tongue slide lightly over the bulb, up, and around, feeling that responsive little twitch, that living, loving warmth.

Liam ran his hands through my hair, his fingers firm against my head as I enveloped his cock with my lips; first as far as the notch, making him good and wet with my saliva, then a little more shaft, and a little more; back, and forth, gently, bringing it to full throbbing erection. ‘Uuhhhhhhhh!’ he sighed, his hips jerking slightly as I worked my mouth magic.

There was a trick I’d learned recently from watching a sword-swallowing act on a TV Christmas variety show. Tip your head back until your throat is a straight line; relax the muscles in it, breathe out until your lungs are almost empty – then swallow that sword…

Liam’s cry of surprise rang like music in my ears as I swallowed his shaft until my nose was buried in his pubes. No mean trick, taking 9” of cock down your windpipe without choking. I admit I was pleased with myself.

‘Oh, Christie! Oooh, Chris!’ he moaned as I rocked back and forth, feeling that thick hunk of manhood sliding over my tongue and throat. A salty flavour of pre-cum made itself felt just as I needed to draw breath, so I released his cock from my throat and let it slip to my lips. A quick upward glance showed Liam sitting rock- still, head tilted back, eyelids fluttering as he caressed my head. The bulb was hot and throbbing between my lips, so I moistened it yet more by running my tongue all around it, cleaning him, tasting him, before I swallowed him again. This time I nibbled quickly all the way up his shaft.

That almost did it. Liam gasped and clamped my head in his hands, trying to pull me onto him. I managed to push him away and pinch the base of his cock, cutting off the blood-flow, deadening the nerves and muscles so the urge to cum faded. ‘Not yet, tiger,’ I growled. He groaned with frustration and desire.

I’m a tease, but I’m not cruel. When his cock began to stiffen up again I let rip, gorging myself on him, taking my brother’s solid meat as far as it could reach. ‘Gnnnnnnggg!’ he groaned, pushing himself against my mouth until his cock began to pump. Thick wads of cum jetted into my throat, tickling, trickling, sticking until he had spent at last. My lungs were on fire and the world was going grey at the edges before he subsided with a gasp and I could draw back. Swallowing frantically I cleared the cum from my throat and drew in a shuddering gulp of air.

‘Oh, Jesus!’ I gasped, my eyes streaming. ‘Now I’m the one who needs to breathe through her ears!’

In early March I went to Scotland to begin working for my Aunt’s B & B business. I’m not a morning person; it was hard work, getting up at 6 a.m or earlier to take deliveries of food, cooking for several guests, cleaning, shopping, arranging repairs. Come nightfall and I was ready to drop. But, by the end of March I was getting into the swing of it, and one day Aunt Liz commented that I must be in need of the exercise, as I seemed to be putting on weight.

No, I hadn’t told her; I was going to – honest. The house was quiet just then, the guests out seeing the sights, so I made us both a mug of coffee, then gave her the glad tidings as we sat in the kitchen.

‘Oh, Christie!’ Aunt Liz’s expression veered between appalled and enthralled. ‘I thought ye were being careful. How did it happen?’

‘If you mean why did it happen, it’s simple,’ I replied, setting down my coffee mug. My hand trembled; I was not surprised. It wasn’t every day I had to tell my aunt my own brother had got me pregnant. ‘I forgot to take my pill. The Sunday you arrived, I was still so upset by what Lawson did I clean forgot. Monday I didn’t notice I was taking Day 10 instead of Day 11. Christmas Day I forgot again because I was upset at being found out. By Boxing Day it was too late.’

‘When is it due?’


‘What are ye going to do?’

‘Keep it, of course.’ That was a no-brainer. Even as Liam and I fucked for the first time I knew I wanted his child. The memory of that first time brought a smile to my lips.

Aunt Liz stirred when she saw it. ‘Ye didn’t do it deliberately, then?’

‘Oh no! We talked it over. Liam didn’t want a child for a few years; he thought he was too young for fatherhood. Honest truth, Liz, I meant to wait.’

‘I can’t believe what I’m hearing!’ she said, her eyes wide. ‘My own niece and nephew were serious about having a family together! Do ye know the risks, girl?’

‘Enough,’ I admitted. ‘But my tests came out clear.’

‘What are ye going to tell your parents?’

That was the $64,000 question. ‘I… don’t know.’

‘Sooner or later they’ll find they have their first grandchild,’ Liz pointed out. ‘They’re going to want to know details, including who the father is.’

‘I just can’t tell them the truth! You only discovered us because of that water tablet.’

‘And my cunning powers of observation!’ she said with a weary smile. ‘Christie, if ye want to keep it a secret from your parents, I’ll not tell them. It’s entirely up to ye. But how is Liam coping with all this? After all, ye’ll be giving birth not only to his child, but his own niece or nephew!’

That floored me. ‘That means I’ll be giving birth not only to my son or daughter, but also MY niece or nephew! My head hurts!’

Liz shook her head. ‘Aye, well, ye brought it on yeself, ye silly girl.’

‘Thanks for the sympathy, Aunt Liz.’

‘Ye’re welcome.’ She reached across the table and squeezed my hand. ‘I’m not being horrible. It’s time to grow up, Christie Ellison. A child is for life, and this child was marked from the word go.’

Summer came, with a flow of guests come to sample the delights of that wild Scottish shore. We were busy and cheerful on the whole, and the weather was superb – usually. My medical notes arrived at the local health service and I registered with a friendly middle-aged Glaswegian midwife called Joan, who had a fund of dirty stories, each ruder than the last. Before long my bump had begun to show, my breasts to swell. Denims were packed away, new brassieres bought. From then on, it was into loose dresses. Not long after that, I had a scan. Liam and I were going to have a daughter.

The man himself was kept too busy at work for month after month to take time off so we kept in touch by phone and letter. Eventually I could afford a PC and we talked on-line for night after night. In the early days we tried cyber-sex but I grew so frustrated at having to use my fingers as a substitute for Liam I eventually called a halt to it.

Naturally there was gossip in the village about me, Aunt Liz responding to enquiries about the father with a tired shrug and a comment along the lines of “Och, she doesn’t know. It happened at a party. Girls these days…”

Came an evening in September, with the waters of the Firth shining like beaten bronze in the sunset and the powerful scent of sun-warmed gorse and heather rising from the hills behind the house. I was waiting with Aunt Liz on the doorstep, cradling my bump and feeling so shy as the taxi rolled up the drive. My darling Liam got out, dropped his suitcase and stood staring at me for a long, long moment.

I had grown huge by then, my great belly thrusting before me when I walked like the bows of one of the supertankers that sailed the Firth. And as for my breasts..! The less said the better. Carrying all that unbalanced weight made my back ache and I felt increasingly tired. In fact I was due that very day, but nothing seemed to be happening within me. Liam and I stared at each other, excitement, trepidation and, yes, fear in our eyes.

‘Come in, ye daft lad,’ Liz said at last. ‘No doubt ye’ll want a drink after your journey. Ye can pick any bedroom ye like, they’re all free now.’ She gave him a hard look. ‘I’d not recommend sleeping with Christie for a few days, not until she’s had the bairn. Understand?’

What could he do but nod?

Liz had decided under the circumstances to close the B & B the week before so we’d have the house to ourselves. We ate, talked, caught up with our lives in private. All the time Liam and I were watching each other like cats.

Finally Liz checked her watch. ‘Well, I’m away to see my friend. Christie, if anything starts to happen, call Joan, then call me on my cell phone, understand?’

‘Okay, Liz. Have a good one.’

‘And mind what ye’re up to!’

We sat quietly until we heard the sound of Liz’s car fade into the night.

‘Well,’ said Liam, taking my hand. ‘What do we do now?’

I rolled the stocking into place and clipped it to the belt, then stood before the cheval mirror to assess my appearance. Not bad, I thought. After setting the lights according to my long-standing plan, I turned to face the door, feeling suddenly nervous. I swallowed; it took two attempts to call ‘You can come in now’ to Liam, waiting in the passage beyond. He entered slowly, my brother, my god, my naked lover, and came to a faltering stop when he saw what awaited him.

I had dressed in stockings, garters and suspenders with a black lacy belt, and nothing else. My long hair had been carelessly piled into a chignon and held in place with a comb-clip, a few strands trailing either side of my face to give a deliberate air of abandonment. A solitary unshaded table-lamp lit the room and me. Positioned on the floor it cast a pure white light at a shallow upward angle, throwing my body into high relief, a montage of light and shadow.

My huge round belly glowed like a three-quarter moon; deep shadows filled my shaved pudendum; my pendulous breasts were peaks and valleys of sensual light, each tipped with a glowing pearl of milk; my eyes were hollows of mystery…

Liam fell to his knees and I stood proud, arms by my sides, letting him gaze at me. My labia and clit swelled and grew hot. A rush of juice flooded my cunny until I could feel it trickling down my thighs. Never before had I felt so sensual, so powerful; an avatar of Mother Nature herself.

‘Come!’ I said at last, holding out my hand. He took it, pressing it against his cheek as he rose to his feet, his cock thrusting at me like a lance, much larger and harder than I’d ever seen it. I took him in my arms, leaning forward to embrace my brother, my Liam, so trembling, nervous, almost reverent. I kissed him and smiled gently. ‘It’s so good to see you again. Are you okay?’

‘Oh, yes!’ Liam hesitated, his hands stroking my sides as he glanced down at my bump. ‘Is it safe?’

‘Of course.’

‘I won’t hurt the baby?’

I squeezed his butt and winked. ‘Do you think she’ll bite the end of your cock?’

He laughed, then kissed me properly, our tongues twining, his cock pressing urgently against my overhanging belly. Long moments later I pushed him gently away from me, cupped my left breast and expressed some milk into the palm of my hand. ‘Drink,’ I said. ‘Drink of me, then take me…’

Holding my hand he licked my milk, thin, bluish, but all mine. ‘Enough,’ I commanded as he kissed my palm dry. ‘Take me now.’

I turned and leaned forward against my dressing table. Without more ado Liam clasped my hips and entered me smoothly, the ridge of muscle along the base of his cock sliding over my swollen clit and making me shudder with sensual delight. My distended cervix yielded under the impact of his 9” shaft and I pressed back against him, striving to take into me all he could offer.

Liam’s fingers dug into the soft flesh of my thighs and he thrust hard, again, again, and again, lifting me almost onto my toes with each upward thrust, making me gasp and shudder until he stiffened, a moan of agony and ecstasy escaping his lips. His cock pulsed. He’d been celibate for too long and was too aroused. Pain and Liam’s cum exploded in my belly and I screamed as something gave way inside me. Shuddering and bucking Liam held me in place until he’d spent, then backed away, his cock sliding free.

I regained my balance with an effort, my head was swimming. So much wetness; weird; it was pouring out of me…

‘Oh my God!’ Liam cried. ‘What have I done..?’

Joan arrived within the hour and checked me over, confirmed my waters had broken and baby was on her way. ‘She’ll be a long while yet, and it’s goin’ tae hurt like hell, Hen,’ she pointed out. ‘Are you sure you don’ wantae get to the hospital for an epidural?’

‘Yeah, I’m sure. I may as well go through agony here and save all of us a journey.’ Oh, how lightly I joked then..!

Liam was kept out of the way by Liz and Joan as the long hours passed. I got what sleep I could, lying on my back, the contractions rolling through me like a flowing tide. Early next evening they grew more intense and closer together, until Joan was satisfied I would give birth soon. I sent for Liam.

‘Are ye sure, Hen?’ she asked doubtfully. ‘Send for the father to see the birth, aye, but your brother..?’ Liz stood in the background, her face unreadable.

‘Fetch him!’ I screamed, bearing down.

I was naked, tired, sweating and squatting on blankets laid on my bedroom floor when Liam came in. Joan was supporting me as I went through the breathing exercises; I was puffing and blowing like a beached whale and Liam looked appalled at the scene. ‘Are you sure about this, Chris?’ he asked, hovering by the door.

‘Yes! Stay,’ I managed to gasp, before the next contraction rolled through my body. ‘Shi-i-itttttt..!’

‘You’re close now, Hen,’ Joan said clasping my hand, her arm around my back to hold me steady. ‘Push now, push hard!’

‘What can I do?’ Liam looked lost.

Joan sighed audibly. ‘Hold her and talk to her, and just do what I say thereafter, got it?’

He was quickly by my side. I clung onto him, my fingers digging into his hand as the pain surged and swelled. Major movement inside me. Pushhhhh…

‘She’s crowning! A little more..!’

‘Oooohhhhh Goddddd..!’

A last push and… relief, exquisite, pain-free relief. An angry wail filled the room. I sank back in Liam’s arms as Joan did what was required. He kissed me and stroked my breasts, earning a warning glare from Liz.

At last, a small pink wrinkled scrap of precious humanity was laid against my breast and I stared at her with wonder. To think this little mite had been inside me scant minutes before…

Liam touched the tiny cheek with a tenderness that brought a lump to my throat. Then he had to spoil the moment. ‘At least she only has one head!’ he whispered.

Oh, Brother! My Brother…

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