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Rain battered the window pain with a steady pace, like a drummer warming up for a solo. A flash of light followed seconds later with a thunderous crackle. I folded my arms on my desk and buried my head between them. I didn’t recall wanting to go to sleep more badly. I closed my eyes and listened to the storm outside.

Suddenly the door opened and Kristen walked in. “Girl, you need to get to bed, that doesn’t look too comfortable,” she joked. I slowly raised my head and looked at her with droopy eyes, my head spinning with facts and figures of Biology 101. “Haven’t you studied enough?” Kristen continued, closing the door behind her.

“I guess you’re right,” I replied in a lazy tone. “I can’t anymore, my head is going to explode!”

Kristen approached me with a soft smile, and kissed me gently on the forehead. “We wouldn’t want that now, I don’t think Jake would like you too much without a head.”

Jake is a guy I had met a few weeks back at one of the keg parties off campus. We weren’t actually dating, but we had been seen together enough lately to be considered a couple. I’m attracted to him, and he is great in bed, but I know he is far from Mr. Right. Actually the only person that seems to fit that distinction is my dad, but I try not to think about that.

“I don’t think he’d really miss it, it’s not the body part he appreciates anyway,” I smirked sarcastically.

“Very funny darling”, Kristen replied with a smug look of her own. “Just think, tomorrow it’ll all be over with!”

“Thank God! I can’t hardly wait,” I said as climbed into my bed wearing my pink Care Bear pajama top and panties.

Tomorrow would be our last exam of the semester, our first term at the local university. I was much more of a bookworm than Kristen was, and I studied more intently than Kristen did. We roomed together this first semester as we had planned during the summer. I was very grateful to have Kristen as a roommate. Many of the other girls we became friends with during the past few months often complained of who they were stuck sharing a room with. Kristen would often go out to hang with some of our friends in other dorm rooms after doing her homework, and although I thought she should probably give more of an effort to her schoolwork, I was grateful for the peace and quiet to study.

Kristen and I have been best friends for the past two and a half years since I relocated to Florida with my parents. On occasion, we were a little more than best friends. We broke the ice the previous summer on a day in my backyard. After adventuring in nude sunbathing by my pool, I had joined Kristen for a quick skinny dip before my father’s return from the store. Some playful splashing and bumping had caused our emotions to spill over, and before I knew it our lips were locked and we were having sex on the pool steps, a moment we both apparently had wanted for some time.

It was only later that day when after being caught fully exposed by my dad, we invited him for a playful swim as well. The following day was a day that remains fresh in both of our minds, and a day I will remember for the rest of my life. The day Kristen helped me seduce my father in the hot tub, and I let Kristen have him as well.

After that eventful day, my father had unfortunately returned to his senses, and had a long talk with me about it. I understood his explanations of why it could never happen again, and although it upset me deeply, I was happy that he never voiced any regrets, nor was he upset with either of us about it. I reluctantly told Kristen about my father’s lecture in the right and wrongs of the world, and I had her swear to keep her flirtation with my father to a minimum. Kristen had always had a serious crush on my dad, and now knowing that she had actually had sex with him, it was still hard for her to believe.

I was having my own problems with reality during the rest of the summer. Being alone with my father most days as my mother was away on cruises with her job wasn’t easy anymore. After that amazing evening, I couldn’t help but think of it every time I saw him, and I was almost certain it was on his mind as well. We would continue to do our normal things, which included cuddling on the couch for movies and things of that nature, but my father was persistent in not letting anything else happen like that again.

As the summer months passed, I began to get used to the way it was, even if the memory remained at all times, and although I knew that I would never make love to my father again, I also knew that we had, and that thought filled me with euphoria. My dad was everything to me, and I admire him more than anyone. We had developed a special bond between us over the years, and it had only gotten stronger as we age. The magical night when we had sex would always be cherished in my mind, and I’ll never regret it. I had given myself to my father, and he had accepted my gift, and that’s all that mattered.

Despite the weird vibes that danced around the house, I was relieved to know that my dad wasn’t putting a stop to everything that had happened that week. On sunny days when my mom was away, I didn’t see a point in sunbathing in my bikini anymore, and my father let me continue to lye out nude in the backyard. I got used to being naked around my father, but it still did excite me, and that’s why I liked doing it. Kristen enjoyed this tremendously as well since she was the one that had gotten me into it. I often tease Kristen of being a nudist, although I know she doesn’t really practice it. Her freedom with her body was rubbing off on me.

Kristen was undressing in the other corner, and after stripping completely in the darkened room, she pulled back her sheets and slipped into her bed across the room. Kristen often slept nude, another thing that drew some friendly badgering from me. I had started sleeping nude at home on nights my mother was away, but I am still a little uneasy about it on campus. I didn’t mind Kristen doing it of course. Seeing Kristen naked each night is always easy on my eyes, and it sometimes causes me to consider a little playtime before bed. Not this night however, although I admired Kristen’s impeccable hot body, I had only one thing on my mind, sleep.

The following day was strenuously busy. After spending the morning packing with Kristen, my dad arrived about 11am to help me carry my stuff to the car. Some of the larger things would stay, but I still had a lot of clothes and other things to take home, and I was grateful he could help me. Kristen’s parents picked up her up an hour later, and before long I was back home for the holiday season.

My mother was home for the holidays, and I did her best to stay on her good side. I quickly realized that the time away at school had benefited me in two ways. It not only had eased the weird sexual tension I had around my father, but it also helped relax the other kind of tension that existed between my mom and I. In fact, over the Christmas week, we had gotten along really well. However, it was only a few days later when my mother got a phone call, when my sour feelings towards her would begin to return.

I heard my mother saying things like, “What?” and “I understand, yes of course,” on the phone. I was all too used to these phone calls, and I knew it could only mean one thing. Sure enough after hanging up the phone my mother announced that she had to leave for 4 days to cover for someone on one of the ships.

The cruise line needed my mother to cover for an ill host on one of their New Year’s cruises. Although she was used to taking off on moment’s notices, her status with the company gave her the right to have the holiday season off, something she was happy to have. Regardless of her seniority, my mom knew she didn’t have much choice in the matter; they would not have called her unless it was absolutely necessary.

My father was always very patient with mom’s traveling, much more than I thought he should be. But this time it had apparently pushed him over the edge, and he was quick to voice his displeasure about it with my mother. He immediately shouted, “I’m sick of this shit dammit!” His loud voice startled me, because my father rarely raises his voice for anything. “You’re home for two weeks at most these days, I can’t take this shit anymore!” he continued hollering louder than he ever gets.

“It’s only 4 days Rich, you know I don’t want to do this,” my mom tried to reason with him, but the lack of disappointment in her face was too much for him to take. She always considered work more important than family, and with this being the holiday season; it was apparently too much for my father to accept.

“You cover all the fucking time Sharon, tell them to find someone else!” he continued, “You have a family, do they know that?” he barked. “And what am I going to tell your sister? We’re not going there without you, I hope you know that!” my dad shouted some more.

We were supposed to visit my Aunt Melanie in Pompano Beach for a New Year’s party in a few days. The party was never something my dad looked forward to, although I enjoyed going because Kristen came along, and we hung out with my cousins there.

“You know how much Melanie goes out of her way for us, don’t do that to her!” my mom shot back.

I knew it wasn’t my place to take part in this argument, regardless if most shouting matches involved my mother and I. I agreed with my dad completely, but instead of standing there and becoming involved, I decided to go up to my room, and let them fight it out. The shouting went on for about a half hour. As I listened to it through my floorboards, my disgust for my mother had resurfaced. I couldn’t believe we had gotten along so smoothly over the previous week.

Eventually I grew tired of listening to the muffled sounded of shouting, so I closed my door and put on some music. My parents disagreed on many occasions, but my father being the passive gentleman that he is, never usually lets any of their small quarrels boil into a shouting match. It bothered me to see him that upset, and I still could not help but feel he deserved so much better than my mother.

A few hours later I heard a knock on my door. Still dressed, I said it was open. My dad came in looking a lot calmer, and I was surprised he actually looked happy. He sat on the bed beside me and apologized for the argument he had with my mom. I knew there was no reason for his apology, but it was like him to express it. He didn’t like exposing Mike or me to parental fights, and he was happy I had chose to retreat to my room.

My father went on to explain that at his request, my mother called the cruise line despite her doubts, to see if there happened to be an opening on the ship. As luck would have it, there was a stateroom available, and the company was allowing her to bring her family along because of the inconvenience. With this my dad smiled and said, “So start packing, we’re going to the Bahamas for New Years!”

“What about Aunt Melanie’s?” was my immediate response.

Looking a bit surprised by the lack on an instant smile on my face, he told me my mother had called and cancelled with her sister. I was both excited and upset to hear this interesting news. I had only been to the Bahamas once when I was 14, and I thought it was beautiful. I was happy to go back, but I was looking forward to spending New Year’s with Kristen, as well as my cousins, and I considered turning down the offer.

“I really wanted to see Kris for New Years Daddy,” I said to him trying not to hurt his feelings. But instead of upsetting him, my dad smiled again and said I may still be able to see Kristen. He said as long as Kristen’s parents were OK with it, the cruise line was allowing my mom to bring her entire family with her, and since my brother Mike was up in New York and would not be making the trip, we had a ticket available for Kristen. I was very excited about this, and if Kristen were able to go, I wouldn’t mind not seeing my cousins this year. I smiled and immediately reached for the phone. A few minutes later I was explaining the whole thing to her. Her parents, who are aren’t very strict, didn’t see a problem with it as long as it didn’t cost them anything, and before I knew it, I was packing for the Bahamas!

I spent most of the night repacking my clothes. I was getting tired of doing this; I had only unpacked from school a week earlier. Kristen had done the same thing and came by my house at 11:00 that night, so we wouldn’t have to pick her up the next morning. Kristen and I shared my bed that night, and despite her complaints, I insisted she wear a nightshirt or something while my mother was in the house. After packing most of the night, we were both pretty exhausted, and fell asleep quickly.

The next morning we woke early and drove to the port. After going through the boarding process and everything, we were relieved to finally get into our cabin. It was a decent sized room with 2 twin-sized beds on the starboard side. Kristen and I were used to sharing a room together, and were excited about sharing a cruise ship cabin. My father had gone off to the purser’s office with my mother to get our sail and sign cards and then to unload his things in her room.

In the morning rush neither one of us had a chance to shower and I was feeling rather grimy. I decided I might as well take one now.

“How long do we have until the muster drill?” I asked Kristen.

I hadn’t cruised nearly as often as my mother, but I knew that every voyage had a mandatory emergency drill before leaving port.

“The what?” Kristen laughed, “Mustard drill?”

I laughed back knowing she didn’t know what I meant. “It’s an emergency drill they do before we leave, do you know what time they are doing it?” I asked, knowing she probably wouldn’t know.

“Beats me girl,” she said, “Oh cool, they have a casino?” She was watching a channel that described the ship’s amenities.

“Yup, a casino, bars, nightclubs, everything,” I said, “And best of all, you only have to be 18!”

“Awesome!” she exclaimed.

“Hey Kris, I’m not sure how long we have, but I’m going to jump in the shower, ok?” I asked her as she flicked through the various channels of the TV.

“Hey! I didn’t shower yet either you know!” she shot back.

“Well, we may have time for you to jump in before the drill.”

“Why don’t I just jump in with ya?” she flirted with her sexy smile.

The thought aroused me immediately. We had shared a dormitory room together for a few months, and some of those nights we shared a bed, but we had never shared a shower. It intrigued me. The showers on campus were curtained in a public bathroom, I would never have considered trying it there. “Do you have any idea how small the shower is?” I laughed.

“So what? It’ll be fun!” she beamed. It didn’t take much more thought to take her up on the idea. We both giggled as we undressed in the room, and I stepped into the extremely small shower and turned on the water. The shower was probably only a bit larger than a phone booth, it definitely was not built for two, but I didn’t care.

Kristen pulled back the curtain and stepped over the small plastic threshold and joined me. Her body was amazing, even though I’m quite happy with mine as well, her breasts were larger than mine and her perky nipples were a perfect pink. I knew there would be no space between us in the shower. The water was cold when I had initially turned it on, and my nipples hardened as I bought myself under the waterfall.

Kristen followed behind me, and I got a good look at her complete body before she got in close to me. Her pubic area was trimmed nicely into a little line above her pussy, whereas I usually keep mine shaved. I stepped back as much as I could as Kristen stepped in, but there was really no place for me to go, I felt my ass touch the plastic shower wall behind me. Her leg touched mine as she squeezed in, and as she turned our breasts rubbed together. She laughed, and I did too. It was ridiculously tight, but neither of us minded at all.

“Um, do we have any shampoo?” I asked her. With my question she cracked up hysterically. Neither one of us had unpacked any health and beauty things from our luggage yet. So I guess we couldn’t really wash up (if it was possible anyway). Just then I noticed a small travel size bottle of shampoo and conditioner on a plastic shelf to my left. I tried to reach it and my hand rubbed Kristen’s right breast in the process. She laughed again.

“This is crazy,” she said with a smile.

“Yes, I think it is,” I beamed back at her.

And just then I looked her in the eyes and she stared back at mine. She had such a beautiful face as the water flattened her brown waves of hair above her eyes. Without looking away, she carefully put her arms over my shoulders and embraced me in a kiss. Our lips parted quickly and our tongues met. Our bodies pressed together tighter under the water as we kissed deeply and passionately. I love having her tongue in my mouth, she was a much better kisser than any guy I had ever dated, and her lips were smoother than satin.

My hands found her breasts and I squeezed them eagerly. They felt like water balloons in my hands, and I let her nipples run between my fingers and I tightened a grip on them. She parted our kiss and kissed my lips again. She moved her arm from behind me to place her hand on my breast. She took it in her hand as her tongue made it’s way into my mouth once again. I felt her fingers rub over my hard nipple, the feeling sent lightning bolts down my body, and I was moist for other reasons than the water flowing over me.

My hand found it’s way down her slick body to her jewel, and I slowly slid a finger into her. Her hand quickly followed suit and found my soaking slit. As I felt two of her fingers penetrate me, I moaned softly in her mouth. She worked her fingers in and played with my clit. I felt myself bubbling with emotion as I worked her over as well.

Then Kristen parted our kiss once more and started on my neck, as her fingers continued to fuck me. She slowly worked her mouth down to my breast, and she held it in her right hand and she took my nipple in her mouth. As she sucked on it, the combination sent shivers to all nerve endings in my body, and I felt myself getting closer.

I slipped another finger into Kristen and increased the pace with my arm. She started to groan softly under the shower, as she licked my nipple. I quickened the pace more as she began to work on my other breast with her tongue. We both started squealing in pleasure as I felt myself building to a climax. Kristen raised her head and kissed me violently as I reached my orgasm. I groaned loud as I felt myself explode. I continued to work her at the same time. After releasing myself, I tilted my head down to take her nipple in my mouth and I bit it softly causing her to grip me from behind.

Her nails now on my back, I sucked one nipple and then the other, my fingers were working her very fast, and she screamed in her orgasm. Just then I heard a loud blaring noise, which caused me to jolt my head up in alarm. I hit my head on the bottom of the soap tray and yelled “Owww!” Kristen immediately laughed at my injury and I held my head with my free hand.

“What is that?” she said.

“Fuck, that’s the drill!” I laughed as I held my throbbing head. We both scampered out of the shower and dressed as fast as possible. All the while laughing about what we had been doing.

“That was fun,” Kristen smirked as she put a shirt over her head, not bothering to put on a bra. I agreed it was wonderful, and I laughed as I sat in the small corner of the room sliding on my jeans. I would gladly have remained in the shower with Kristen, but I knew we couldn’t miss the drill; they made sure everyone was accounted for.

A few minutes later we were at our muster station where I was surprised to see my father with his life vest on. Our hair was dripping wet, and with little time to dry our bodies, it was probably obvious neither of us had bras on under our shirts. We giggled as we lined up against the wall next to my dad.

My dad did not seem happy at all, and scolded us for being late, which surprised me. He said it was irresponsible of us, and asked us what we were doing. I just told him we each took a shower since we hadn’t in the morning. I wasn’t about to tell him we showered together, at least not while we were surrounded by strangers. He was aware of our bisexuality, but we didn’t share everything with him. He may have been able to assume most of it, although he didn’t seem thrilled.

After the drill ended, and we were allowed to return to our cabins, I asked my dad what was wrong. It was very unlike him to get upset with me, and I suddenly forgot about our little shower adventure, and became concerned with him.

“I can’t stay with your mother, that’s what’s wrong,” he said back clearly aggravated.

“Why not?” I asked concerned.

“Because she has to stay with another crew member, it would have been nice if I would have known that!” he complained further.

As we descended the stairs to our deck, he explained to us how my mom usually has her own stateroom. They had planned on giving her another stateroom to herself this time as well, but because of last minute crew changes, they were unable to come through and she was forced to room with one of the other hosts.

My father argued with my mother over this because he knew the cabin we had did not have 3 beds. He spent the rest of the time trying to see if there was a room my mother could have that would allow him to stay with her, but it was hopeless.

“So I don’t know what to do,” he sighed as we got to our back to our room with him.

“Stay with us, its no biggie,” Kristen volunteered suddenly.

“I doubt we’d fit comfortably,” my dad said back.

“Oh who cares? We’re getting a free cruise, we can suck it up!” Kristen said gleefully.

I wasn’t sure whether Kristen was being genuine, or if she was just overjoyed at the possibility of sharing a small room with my father. I could tell my dad was actually considering her proposal. “What should I do Melis?” he asked me this time, and not both of us. Apparently surveying my opinion of Kristen’s suggestion.

“Do you have any other choice Daddy?” I asked him.

He shuck his head, “I can sleep in the bathroom.” We all laughed at his joke during the moment of uncertainty.

“It’s cool Daddy, we can make it work,” I said, “Where’s your luggage?” I asked.

“Packed with your mother’s,” he said looking at me for more comic relief. Over the next hour we unpacked our suitcases and gave one to my dad to transport his things from my mother’s cabin below deck, to ours. My mother wasn’t happy with him sharing the cabin with us, but being that she was thrown into work as soon as she boarded, she had little time to be concerned with it.

My father eventually delivered his things to our room and unpacked them. We spent the rest of the afternoon up on the pool deck as we sailed out of Fort Lauderdale. Calypso music was playing, and members of the crew were offering cocktails, and my father let us each have one, and charged it to the room. In another hour or two, we were at sea, and my father’s mood had improved immensely.

Kristen and I parted from my dad to tour the ship, and as we passed by one of the multi-purpose rooms, we ran into my mom who was talking with some of the crew. She waved hello, but didn’t offer to come and speak with us. I knew her work was too important for her to consider that.

Later that evening we had dinner in a really large dining room. We were designated a table with a family from Michigan. The man and his wife were very friendly. They had twin sons Luke and Lance that were 19, and a daughter Alison, who was 12. It was very obvious that the twins were attracted to Kristen and I, since their eyes seemed to remain on us for the entire hour.

Kristen and I did some minor flirting with them, but we kept it light since their parents were present. Later that evening while checking out one of the dance clubs we found the twins lurking in a corner. One of them approached us, and said hello. After some small talk we agreed to dance with them, and Lance (who was my partner) wasn’t shy about getting up close with me. We grinded our bodies close as the music blasted, but he kept a reasonable space between us most of the time.

As the evening went on we grew tired and told the boys we’d be turning in for the night. We parted from them and returned to our cabin. When we opened the door, we found my father sleeping on one of the beds in the dark. I suddenly got a pang of guilt when I realized he didn’t have anyone for company most of the night. I sure hoped he wasn’t in the room all evening after dinner.

Despite my guilt, Kristen and I giggled over our sleeping conditions. I undressed in the corner as Kristen undressed in the bathroom. When she came out she was wearing a robe provided by the ship, and I was in my nightshirt and panties.

“What are you wearing under that?” I whispered to her.

“Nothing,” she whispered back with an evil grin.

“Kris, you should wear something!” I whispered back a little unsurprised she would try this.

“I didn’t pack anything!” she whispered back. I knew she was right. We had planned on having the room to ourselves, and if that was the case, I knew Kristen would have planned on sleeping nude, as she does most nights. I only packed my nightshirt out of habit.

“Put on a t-shirt and panties then,” I muttered back.

“No way,” she shot back a little louder, “I can’t sleep in panties; they’re so annoying! What’s the big deal?” I suddenly realized that she had been walking around my house last night with no panties on under her nightshirt. She appeared that way in front of both my parents last night, obviously going unnoticed. Apparently being naked poolside in front of my father several times this summer had gotten to her head; she was acting like she didn’t need to wear clothes around him anymore.

“Well, wear a shirt at least!” I shot back as quietly as possible. She huffed in her annoyance, muttering something to me about it being no big thing, and finally obeyed my wishes by putting a shirt on. I knew she had a good point. My father had seen both of us nude several times now, and there was really no reason she couldn’t sleep the way she was most comfortable. I just knew if she slept that way in a small bed with me, odds are things could happen, and I’d prefer that not go on with my father a few feet away. Especially after the talk he had with me.

Her aggravation with me was short lived when we tried to climb into the tight twin bed together. It was almost like the shower, and we both giggled as we got in. My leg was pressed between hers, and I felt her pubic hair rubbing against my thigh. Despite my exhaustion from the long day, I couldn’t help but get aroused by the sensation of her bare pussy against my leg. I was starting to think maybe I should remove my panties as well, since I actually got used to sleeping without them.

However, to prevent my hormones from raging, I kept them on. I tried to ignore the swelling I was feeling between my legs and attempted to get some sleep. I kissed her on the lips and said good night, and I eventually drifted into a dream.

I woke the next morning crammed against the wall beside the bed. When I tried to move I noticed Kristen’s right leg was wrapped over my left. Her twisting during the night had apparently pulled the blanket off of us, because I suddenly realized we had nothing covering us. Her t-shirt was too small to reach her hips, and her bare ass was exposed to the dim cabin. Although her beautiful bum looked appealing in the hint of light that made it though the small opening in the curtain covered windows, I pulled the sheets back to cover us again.

I turned my head to look towards my father’s bed, and was surprised when I saw it was empty. Where was my dad? I didn’t hear a sound coming from the bathroom, and at my vantage point, I couldn’t tell if the light was on in there. I lifted Kristen’s long leg off me, and managed to maneuver myself off the bed without disturbing her. As I got to my feet, I noticed the time on the small clock on the drawer in the corner. It was 8am, later than I thought. The dim light in the room tricked me into believing it was closer to 6.

I saw that the bathroom door was ajar just slightly, but the light inside was off. My father wasn’t in the room. Puzzled in my morning daze, I switched on the bathroom light and squinted as I saw my reflection in the mirror. Still unsure of where my father had wandered off to, perhaps to get some breakfast, I decided to use the time to take a proper shower, with some soap this time.

I took a robe from the closet, and undressed in the bathroom. The robe was fluffy and white, with the cruise line’s logo embroidered on the left breast side. My shower was refreshed me, and I was ready to start the day. After shutting off the water, I dried myself and put the soft robe on before exiting the bathroom. I wrapped my hair in the towel and tied it up on my head. Upon reentering the bedroom, I saw that nothing had changed.

Kristen was still fast asleep, the light was still dim, and my father was still nowhere to be found. I looked at Kristen for a minute and admired the way she slept. Over the three months I shared with her at school, I quickly learned that she was a much heavier sleeper than I was. I couldn’t understand how she slept so soundly in such a tight space, I remembered turning several times during the night. Maybe it was me that caused the blankets to fall off.

After several failed attempts of waking Sleeping Beauty, I decided maybe some brightness would do the trick. I walked over to the curtains that went ceiling to floor, and pulled them back slightly from the left. I suddenly realized there was a door there! I completely forgotten we had a balcony. Through the glass I could see a few small buildings and some palm trees swaying in the breeze. We were already here!

Excited to see land, I opened the door and stepped onto the balcony. My eyes fixed on the beautiful palms before me. I approached the plexiglass rail and looked over, there were a few men working on the concrete dock below, some of them looked to be securing the ship to large pylons. A warm gentle breeze swam across me, and I decided to remove the towel from my head, and let my long blonde hair dry in the tropical wind.

“Good morning sweetie,” I heard from a few feet to my right, behind me.

Startled to hear my dad’s voice, I jumped in shock and almost dropped the towel over the rail. As I turned to catch it, my robe tie loosened and my robe opened slightly, revealing my naked body beneath to my father’s eyes. I noticed him glance at the opening in my robe, before returning his eyes to mine.

“You scared me!” I laughed as I retied my robe. Unlike in the past, I no longer cared whether I exposed myself to him. In fact, if it weren’t for the men on the dock, I wouldn’t have had a problem removing the robe completely with him there. My father sat in the small deck chair in the corner, wearing only boxers and a t-shirt.

“I’m sorry honey, I thought you saw me when you came out,” he replied in a genuine tone of honesty.

Still giggling about how I almost dropped the towel overboard, I said, “No I didn’t, I was looking at the trees, where are we today?”

“Freeport,” my dad said with a smile. “Pretty, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, looks nice, so what’s there to do here?” I asked as I sat in the other chair on the balcony beside him. On the small wooden patio table between us, there was a glass with a few remaining drops of orange juice, and a plate with some unfinished eggs. My dad had apparently gotten some room service this morning; he must have been up for a while I thought. I wondered if he had let them come into the room with us sleeping exposed like that, I doubted it.

“Not too sure, probably some shopping I would imagine.”

“Too bad I don’t have much money,” I joked. With Christmas only being a week earlier, I didn’t have much to spend.

“It’s ok, if you girls see something you like, just let me know,” my dad said in his usual generous way. I was used to hearing this from him, and although I often didn’t accept his gratuity, this time I really didn’t have much choice, and I was glad he offered it. “Is Kristen up yet?” he asked.

“Not yet, she’s a late sleeper.”

“I’m sorry you two had to squeeze in that bed last night, I waited up for you for a while, but I guess I fell asleep,” my dad said looking rather guilty for having a bed all to himself. I explained that he shouldn’t apologize, and that I actually felt bad we abandoned him after dinner. He didn’t mind at all, and said he had a very nice time watching one of the shows they had in the theatre there. The ship had a large theatre with a stage, and two levels of seating where they did everything from Bingo games to live performances. I was glad to hear my father enjoyed the time alone.

I asked him if he got to spend any time with mom. He looked a little upset when I asked this, and told me only a few minutes. I tried to change the subject, I was still rather annoyed at my mother, and I didn’t want to upset him further. I started to talk about the day’s events on the island, when the balcony door opened and Kristen came walking out, squinting in the morning sunlight. I was relieved to see she had also put on a robe before coming out onto the balcony.

Her short wavy brown hair was completely frizzled, and this made her look even cuter than she was.

“Good morning,” my dad and I said almost in unison.

“Hey,” Kristen replied in a groggy voice while rubbing her eyes. “Mornin,” she said yawning. Kristen then arched her back and made a face appearing as if it hurt.

“You all right?” my dad asked her.

“My back is a little stiff,” she said still stretching.

My dad instantly apologized again for the sleeping situations, but Kristen said it was all right. She didn’t stay on the balcony long, she went in to use the shower and my dad and I stayed out talking about what we would do on the island. We stayed out there to offer Kristen some privacy while she dressed, not that she really asked for any. After Kristen, my father went in to take his shower.

While he was in there, Kristen and I did our hair and makeup in the mirror, and Kristen kept complaining of the sleeping situation despite her lie to my father. I told her that there was nothing we could do about it, but I felt bad she had a stiff back. When my dad came out of the bathroom he was already in shorts and a shirt, and we were about ready to start the day.

Kristen and I headed up to have breakfast in the restaurant towards the stern of the ship, while my father sought out my mom. He met us afterwards in the lobby, and I was surprised to see that my mother had been given the morning off. As long as we were in port, there weren’t many things required of her, so she was allowed to disembark with us. I could tell my father was relieved to have sometime with his wife. My mother seemed grateful for the break, and asked us if we were enjoying ourselves, and asked about our sleeping situation, apparently concerned.

My father explained how Kristen and I had shared a bed, and my mother tried to look upset about it, but didn’t offer an apology. As long as she knew we weren’t sharing a bed with him, she didn’t seem to care about our inconvenience. We followed the signs to the gangway to go onto the island. My mother was familiar with the island, and suggested a place to go, since the port area really had little to offer.

We hailed a cab that brought us to a small town where they had several little shops and a cute little bodega. Kristen and I left my dad to walk with my mother, and we began window-shopping. The small stores offered everything from souvenir shirts to authentic old license plates, and there were little kiosks with women offering hair braiding almost every few feet.

Kristen and I giggled at the thought of having our hair braided, but since we had limited money, we didn’t seriously consider it. In one of the jewelry shops I fell in love with a silver necklace, but knew I couldn’t have it. Just then my parents had found us there and my dad noticed me trying the necklace on. I told him how I loved it, but I didn’t want him to pay for it, it was about 75 dollars. My father insisted on buying it for me, and that aggravated my mother.

Before I knew it they were having a quiet argument right in the jewelry store! I couldn’t believe my mother was telling my father he couldn’t buy me the chain. She always wanted me to be independent and save my own money, which I did. But she couldn’t seem to understand the situation. She argued that Christmas had just passed, and I had enough jewelry. After a few more angry words, I shouted at my mother and told her I didn’t ask him to buy it. I stormed out of the store, and Kristen followed on my heels.

Once again, I was at ends with my mother. I wished she were back on the ship working, since that’s where she loves to be. Kristen and I eventually met them at the taxi stand, when we returned to the ship. I didn’t speak with my mother during that time, and I could tell my father was upset with her as well.

On the ship again, my mother returned to her duties, and Kristen and I went to the cabin to change into our rarely used bikinis. Both our bathing suits were rather small triangle tops with string ties. Mine was the purple and white piece that I had hardly used the previous summer, and Kristen’s was her familiar red and white stripes. Kristen didn’t wait for privacy before removing her shirt and bra, my father still in the room. She enjoyed showing her body to my father, and smiled at him as she undressed. Although I knew it was awkward for us to undress in front of him, I knew it was silly to try to forget about our summer sunbathing.

Without another thought, I joined Kristen in stripping in my father’s presence. I felt compelled to do it mostly because I knew how badly my mother would disapprove. My father did his best job attempting not to look directly at us, but I noticed his eyes steal a glance every few seconds. His sudden smile made it obvious that our decision had made him completely forget about the argument earlier with my mom. Like us, my dad removed his clothes before us, and changed into his swimming trunks. His penis had become semi hard from our sudden nudity, but he managed to keep it under control.

Once Kristen had tied her top on, I admired how her cleavage was enhanced wearing it. Her breasts seemed to want to burst from the little cloths holding them in. We gathered some towels and bathing oils and made our way up to the pool deck. The pool area was extremely crowded, as the weather was a gorgeous 85 degrees, with hardly any clouds.

We could find only one available lounge chair several feet from the pool. My father told us he hoped we could find more, but we told him not to worry, we would probably be in the pool most of the time. As we set sail for our next port, Kristen and I enjoyed some time in the hot tub, which helped loosen up her back. Then we went in the pool that was refreshing, but rather salty. Suddenly I noticed the twins entering the pool; they had apparently spotted us before from a distance. “We have company,” I hinted to Kristen as I nodded in their direction. The guys approached the edge of the pool. Luke, the elder of the two by 5 minutes, was in front. He had a decent body, slim, but with little muscle, and fairly pale skin. He wore long swim trunks that were navy blue with white Hawaiian flowers all over them. Lance followed him, with an identical body with the exception of a small scar visible on the right side of his neck. He had told us about how he had an incident with a dog when he was a baby, and I used this imperfection as a method of telling them apart.

He wore identically long trunks almost to the knees that were a bright orange with a brown horizontal stripe. Other than these minor differences, they looked like clones. As they descended the ladder in turn, I repeated to myself, “Lance, orange, scar…Lance orange, scar.” Giggling at their arrival, Kristen said, “Hey guys!”

Both of them acknowledged her in a forced effort to appear cool. Luke swam up to Kristen and smiled as his brother was just getting in. “Funny seeing you here,” he offered in an attempt to start a conversation.

“Did you expect me anywhere else?” Kristen replied with her usual flirtatious smile.

“Uh..not really,” Luke stumbled for a response to her wit.

We both giggled at his lack of a better line, and I broke the weird moment, “So what did you boys do today?” Like children they babbled out an answer at the same time, making their words indecipherable. It was obvious now they were trying too hard to have a simple conversation. I laughed in response, “Really?”

They knew I was joking with my answer, and if I thought they had twin telepathy, I would guess one was telling the other to shut up for a minute. Once again a bit humbled by their awkward start, Lance spoke as Luke kept quiet. “We went to a casino,” he replied.

“With your parents?” Kristen asked interested. They apparently were reluctant to admit they were with their folks, trying to appear as men, but there was no denying it.

“Yea, well, my sister couldn’t go in so one of us had to stay out with her,” Lance said.

“Aww..that’s sweet,” I said smiling at them beside Kristen. We continued talking with the boys as we bobbed in the rolling water. They asked a few questions about how we were enjoying the cruise before Luke asked if we had boyfriends. Kristen assured them we were both currently single. She knows better to consider Jake my boyfriend around potential guys. Although I wasn’t overly attracted to either one of them, their quirky geekiness seemed to be appealing and cute.

Kristen returned the question and Lance volunteered to respond first telling her that he was single, but Luke has had a girlfriend for a few months. The look of irritation on Luke’s face was so obvious with his brother’s answer that it almost caused me to chuckle again. He obviously wanted to keep that fact a secret. I guess their telecommunication wasn’t as good as I had thought.

Luke tried to make an excuse for his brother’s apparent misunderstanding when he was interrupted by Alison, their sister. She told them that their mom said she could go on the water slide, and one of them had to take her. Visually annoyed, Luke told her to wait a few minutes. Alison complained that she already waited too long, and Luke started to argue with her.

While this was going on I noticed that my dad had come in the pool and was just emerging from a dunk below the surface. He had probably seen we were busy talking with the boys, and didn’t want to interrupt. Seeing the break in our conversation, he swam up to me and said that he wasn’t going to stay poolside much longer. There was apparently some kind of game taking place on a lower deck that he wanted to check out, my mother was hosting it.

I told him it was fine, and I told him we’d meet him later for dinner. My father exited the pool as the twins were now involved complaining to their mother. I knew neither one of them wanted to leave the other with us, as they attended to their little sister. Kristen was apparently put off at their sudden lack of brotherly love. She interrupted and told them that we were going to lie out for a little while anyway.

They reluctantly told us they’d see us later, and got out to bring their sister to the slide together. Kristen and I laughed at their competitive behavior and got out of the pool. I noticed the twins checking out our bikini-clad bodies as they walked towards the stairs.

“Where’s your dad?” Kristen asked looking around the crowded deck.

“He went down to check out a game or something,” I shouted over the calypso music that had just started playing.

We both looked around, there was not an open lounge chair to be had, and my father’s was already occupied. We had no choice but the climb the stairs to another deck where there were additional lounges. All of them were taken. We walked around the pool area in search of not one, but two open lounges, preferably next to each other.

I knew the quest was hopeless, the lounges that weren’t occupied were claimed by shirts, towels, or sandals. We kept looking, and ventured further toward the rear of the ship. Just then, Kristen noticed a sign beside a stairway that read TOP OPTIONAL AREA, NO CAMERAS ALLOWED. It had a small arrow beneath the bold lettering, pointing up the stairwell. Kristen looked at me with raised eyebrows and said, “Wanna look up there?”

Apparently out of choices, I agreed to check it out. I wasn’t aware there was a topless deck on the ship until then, and I wondered if it was used. We pushed through two small saloon doors at the foot of the stairs and went up. The deck was located at the base of the giant smoke stack near the back of the ship. It seemed to be the highest deck on the ship, and the metal rail overlooking the pool area was covered with a blue plastic mesh, obviously to prevent people from seeing in.

I noticed a few people up there, 3 women with sub-perfect bodies were lying out topless. Two were lying on their backs, one on her stomach. On the other side was a young Italian looking couple, the girl who was very tan was lying face up without a top as well. The man she was with was lying on the lounge beside her. He had shoulder length thick black hair and was also extremely well browned, and toned. They both appeared to be asleep.

Towards the back there were a stack of unused lounges. Kristen smiled at me, “Shall we?” I wasn’t sure if I should remove my top in such a place. Unlike the beach, it became aware to me that both my parents were on the ship, and we could be seen. I obviously was more concerned with my mother than my father. Just then I remembered that my dad would be below deck attending a game my mother was hosting, there was no chance either of them would be up by the pool anytime soon, nor did I think they’d come up to the topless deck to look for us.

“Why not?” I beamed back to Kristen. We struggled a bit to remove two lounges from the stack, but finally placed them beside each other, a few feet from the Italian couple. I just then realized that my father had taken the lotion back with him, a silly clueless mistake my dad has been known to make.

“My dad took the lotion!” I told Kristen. She giggled in response, knowing it was like him to forget we needed it. My father was a very responsible man, but sometimes he tends to forget simple things, something that proved to me that no man was perfect.

Kristen got off the lounge and walked over to the couple, who had a bottle of dark sun tan lotion beside them. I saw her speaking to the man, who looked more than pleased to see her. A second later he was handing her the lotion and he waved to me as if to say, “You’re welcome.”

“You’re right, he’s definitely Italian,” Kristen said as she got back on the recliner. “Didn’t speak much English, but hot guy!” she laughed.

I noticed that the man didn’t return immediately to his slumber. Instead he took a sip of the cocktail he had on the floor beside him, and seemed to be waiting patiently for us to remove our tops. Kristen noticed his continued glances as well. I remembered the sensation I had gotten during the summer when I exposed my breasts to the man on the beach, and I didn’t have to think about what to do next. “Might as well let him see ‘em,” I said as Kristen laughed in agreement.

At the same time, we reached behind our backs and removed our tops. The guy watched as we put them beside our lounges, and nodded once again with a smile across his broad foreign face. He watched occasionally as we applied his lotion to our arms, legs, shoulders, and breasts before finally closing his eyes again. Kristen and I closed our eyes too, and drifted into a sleep under the scorching afternoon sun.

A while later I opened my eyes to the sound of some voices to my left. In the setting sunlight it was difficult to make out the two figures standing by the rail. As my eyes adjusted, I realized it was the twins! They some how either knew we had come up here, or they just got dumb lucky in their venture to the deck where they really didn’t belong. When they noticed I had woken, both of them turned their heads in direction of the pool, pretending they were up there for the view. “You awake?” I said quietly to Kristen who had apparently turned over when I was asleep.

I repeated myself before I heard a response. She opened her eyes and squinted like me, and said, “What’s up?”

“They’re back,” I said quietly.

“Who?” she asked forgetfully.

“The Backstreet Boys, who do you think? Heckle and Jeckle!” I said as I subconsciously folded my arms over my breasts.

Kristen’s reaction probably shouldn’t have surprised me. She immediately flipped over onto her back again, allowing the boys to see her beautiful jugs if they wanted. Much more cautious than before, they made it known to us that they were there.

Luke nervously came up to us and said hi. My arms still folded over my tits, I didn’t respond. I was used to being semi-nude in the company of strangers now, but this time I knew the voyeurs. “Hey boys, what brings you up here?” Kristen said, not shy in her nakedness at all. Again the boys didn’t really have an answer, and the one Lance offered was probably the best lie he could come up with.

“Just walking around,” he said. Both of them had a difficult time looking us in the face. Kristen didn’t seem to mind their wandering eyes at all.

“So you guys like to walk around on the topless deck?” she asked, apparently backing them into a corner.

“Well, you see, Lance wanted to…” Luke started saying nervously.

“My face is up here honey,” Kristen interrupted with a smile as Lance was apparently addressing her tits. As she went on interrogating them as to why they had happened to be on this deck, I felt that all too familiar feeling return. It was excitement from being seen like this. I didn’t expect to feel it with the twins, but then I remembered how I had enjoyed being seen by my father, and I guessed the sensation applied to anyone.

With my sudden arousal of my exposure, I dropped my arms back to my side, once again revealing my bare breasts to the boys. Both of them immediately noticed my uncovering, and I saw a small movement in Lance’s trunks as he became aware I was allowing him to see my tits. He made a sudden turn and quickly adjusted himself as discreet as possible. “So, you enjoying the view up here?” I asked them. They both knew I was deliberately talking about us, and not the pool or ocean.

“It’s very nice yes,” Lance responded, now with an edge of sarcasm as he smiled, his eyes still shifting from my face to chest and back again.

I smiled, now enjoying this exhibitionism, “Oh I bet, too bad you can’t take a picture.” I said to him.

His smile widened and he responded happily, “Yeah, too bad.”

Just then Kristen said, “Maybe we’ll take one for you guys later.”

Both guys said, “What?” in sudden surprise at the same time. Kristen and I both started laughing at her joke. They were very gullible, and Kristen enjoyed teasing guys like that.

“Well, I guess we’ll see you guys at dinner,” I said to them, looking for a way to get rid of them despite my growing moisture between my legs.

“Yeah, see you then,” Luke answered as he gave his brother a look that told him they had overstayed their welcome.

As they turned Kristen added, “Oh guys, don’t mention this at dinner, OK?”

I was relieved Kristen thought to mention that, the boys didn’t seem bright enough to keep a mention of this moment absent from dinner. I didn’t want their parents to know we were tanning topless on deck, or for all I knew we might find their father strolling around up there. “Oh sure, of course,” Lance said as they departed for the stairs, looking back for one last look at our breasts before descending them. We had another good laugh when they were gone.

We didn’t stay out there much longer. The sun was beginning to set, so we put our tops back on, returned the lotion to the couple, and returned to the cabin. My father wasn’t there when we arrived, but I suggested us not share another shower incase he returned. I hopped in the shower for a few minutes to wash the salt water, oil and sweat from my skin. While in there, I couldn’t help but feel aroused from the encounter with the twins. I wanted to masturbate, but thought better of it and resisted.

After shutting the water and coming out of the bathroom in my robe, I didn’t see Kristen in the room. This time, I figured she must be on the balcony. Upon opening the balcony door, I was treated by a little surprise when I saw Kristen sitting in the chair my dad had been in earlier that morning, but she was completely nude!

“What are you doing?” I laughed.

“Oh please, it feels wonderful, and nobody can see, relax!” she beamed back. I was aware of the privacy the balcony offered at sea, and I remembered the thought I had of removing my robe that morning, if only we hadn’t been in port.

“C’mon, try it!” she said, reaching for my robe tie and pulling on it gently.

I laughed at her little tease, and figured there really was no risk in it. I opened my robe and took it off. Having no place to put it other than the floor, I opened the door and tossed it on my father’s bed. Returning to the balcony naked with Kristen, I laughed as I sat in the other chair feeling the cool ocean wind caress my skin. She was right, it was very relaxing and enjoyable!

Kristen sat there a little longer before standing up to lean against the rail and look out at the endless sea. I thought momentarily of the chance someone could see her, but I chose not to say anything, after tanning topless upstairs, there was little risk in what she was doing. I stood up and joined her side, feeling the salty breeze on my chest.

“I’m having such a great time, thank you so much for inviting me Melis,” Kristen said as she turned to me and smiled genuinely.

“I wouldn’t have gone without you Kris,” I winked back.

Just then Kristen said something that surprised me a little, but at the same time, it warmed me to my heart. “I love you,” she said looking me in the eyes.

“I love you too,” I said smiling, unsure exactly of the depth she intended in those words.

I knew I loved Kristen as my best friend, but somehow the words coming from her mouth sounded like those of a lover. And what surprised me was that I really didn’t mind it. Two seconds after my reply escaped my lips, she brought her lips to meet mine, and we began to kiss once more. The passion of our kiss grew immense quickly as her tongue explored all areas of my mouth.

I felt myself being led backwards to the chair and I hit my leg on it, but ignored the pain. I entered the cabin, as we kissed, Kristen must have opened the door. Then I was being laid down on my father’s bed, Kristen clamped on top of me. I lost all track of reality as she got on top of me; this time with Kristen had been different than any time before. This was more like love than just sex, and it puzzled me as it astounded me.

Our legs locked like scissors as we lay beside each other, wrapped in each other’s arms. We kissed passionately as we grinded our mounds and our bodies. Fingers didn’t seem necessary to quickly bring us both to an incredible climax together, kissing passionately and intimately the entire time. We finally both collapsed, entwined in legs and arms on the bed, kissing a few more times.

I couldn’t think of anything at the time other than my sudden infatuation with her, and I realized I felt for her, what I feel for my father, if that was possible. They were the two most important people in my world, and I had them both together with me on this voyage. I couldn’t have asked for a better holiday.

Just then as earlier that morning, I heard my father’s voice coming from the door. Kristen and I jumped in surprise, unsure of how long he had been in the room. We had apparently been so enthralled in our lovemaking; neither of us had heard the door unlatch. “I was wondering where you two were,” he said with a wide grin as he walked deeper into the room.

I went to cover myself in natural reaction, but there was nothing to use. The robe had been tossed to the floor and the bed was not pulled down, so there were no blankets. Kristen burst into laughter, obviously very amused about being caught having sex with me, and not at all concerned with the situation. My father began to chuckle as well as his eyes remained glued to us. I couldn’t help but join in the laughs as I sat up, uncovered and smiled at him.

I didn’t want to think about what my father had possibly seen. I assumed he had seen all there was to see, and his obvious reaction was all I needed to forget it, and laugh about it. We dressed quickly without talk about it, and made our way to the dinning room.

At dinner that evening the twins wore identical smirks for the entire hour, but kept their promise and didn’t mention a thing about before, not that I thought they would in front of their parents and sister. While we ate my father asked us if we’d like to catch a show with him that evening. We agreed because of my guilt of abandoning him the previous night.

The show began at 8:00, and it was a singing contest. It was funny trying to see the people making fools out of themselves on the stage; many of them should stick to karaoke. There were a few talented singers though, which made for an enjoyable show. As we exited the theatre my father said that he was going to spend some time in the casino before heading off to bed.

Just as we separated from my father, the twins just happened to be hanging in the elevator lobby outside the theatre. I knew they must have heard our plans over dinner, and schemed to meet us after the show. Acting surprised at their appearance, we decided to check out another club with them. They generously ordered drinks for us on their sail and sign card. With the drinking age 18 on the ship, we all had a few.

Several dances later, and feeling quite buzzed, Kristen urged me in joining the boys in their room for a little private party. The boys had a separate cabin 3 rooms down from their parents and sister. It was this space that made me a little more comfortable with the idea.

In the cabin Luke sat on one bed beside Kristen, and Lance on the other next to me. We were all pretty drunk and the moment sitting there was a bit awkward. Then Kristen suggested we play truth or dare, a game I had played at a dormitory party only a month earlier, which was quite fun.

For the first half hour we laughed at each other ordering silly dares from making sexual noises in the hallway, to tossing a bottle of shampoo overboard. A few questions of truth revealed that Lance had recently lost his virginity, and that Luke indeed had a girlfriend; something Kristen assured him to his pleasure didn’t apply in international waters. Those that refused to oblige to the dare or question, were forced to take a swallow of a bottle of rum the boys had in their room.

After a while the dares started getting a little more interesting when Lance dared me to kiss him. I gladly gave him a peck on the lips. I followed that dare with a request for him to kiss his brother. Naturally refusing to do the gross task, Lance took a swig of the rum. Lance’s next dare was the one that excited me most, a dare for Kristen to kiss me.

Without a second thought Kristen not only met my lips with hers, but also slipped her tongue in for a little tonsil hockey right in front of the boys. Our short spit swap had the boys’ jaws on the floor, and Kristen and I got a giggle out of that. Our game continued a while longer with Kristen kissing Luke, me kissing Luke, and of course Kristen kissing Lance. After all the kissing dares, the suggestions got more intense. Luke was dared to remove his pants, and Kristen was ordered to remove her shirt. Over the next few minutes I was in my bra, Kristen was topless, and both the boys were in their boxers struggling to fight their pitched tents.

Either the game was getting old, or our hormones were taking over, but after that Kristen decided to forget the dares and she laid Luke on the bed and they started to kiss. I wasn’t entirely attracted to either one of them, but I was having too much fun to think about it. I took Lance by his shoulders and pushed him onto the other bed. I got on top of him and removed my bra. His hands found my breasts as soon as they could.

As I struggled to remove my jeans and panties, he shed his boxers in a heartbeat and appeared to produce a condom out of thin air. His cock was decent size for his height; they both stood about 5 foot 8. He put the cock jacket on, and held my hips as I slowly lowered myself on top of him.

A quick glance to my left showed me that Kristen and Luke were already in action, and Kristen had repositioned herself under Luke. Lance eased his length into me, as my moist cunt accepted him. He started in slow, but quickly worked his way up to a pumping thrust, bouncing me on his cock rapidly. Kristen and I stole looks at one another across the room as the twins fucked us. On her back, she made soft moans as the kid nailed her; his hands holding him up at her sides, her legs up in the air with her feet resting against the wall.

On my side of the room, Lance was slamming me with everything he had. His hands squeezing my tits as he went, he pushed himself deeper and deeper with every motion. It felt good, but the emotion wasn’t there, and I found myself thinking of my father. As I rocked on his lunging pelvis, I imagined my dad in his place. I saw my father on his back below me, the small patch of hair on his chest glistening in sweat as he held me steady with his hands. The thought was incredible and I felt myself suddenly illuminated with my imagination.

The sex didn’t compare to the time with my father in the hot tub, but the idea of him fucking me again, was carrying me to a climax. Just then I heard Lance grunting loudly and I could tell he had reached his breaking point. I snapped back to reality as I felt his member pulsing as it came, filling the latex envelope within me with his gel.

Exhausted and covered in sweat, he held me against his chest apparently unaware of his failure to deliver. I laid on him disappointed, but more in shock over my recent vision to care. I knew at that moment I wanted my father again, I needed him again. We lay still for a while, Lance’s dick beginning to soften inside me. It was then that I noticed that Kristen and Luke had finished as well, and by the lack of Kristen’s normal screams, I could tell she was probably just as unsatisfied as I was.

A few minutes later, Lance retreated to the bathroom, leaving me lying naked on the bed. To my surprise, his brother quickly joined him in there to wash up, and dispose of their rubbers. Kristen quickly moved over to my bed and we quietly used the time alone to share our disappointment, and devise a scheme to leave before our extreme state of arousal went overboard in front of the boys. As we heard their sticky semen capsules being flushed away, we returned to our positions on the beds.

When the boys emerged from the lavatory, I saw Kristen holding her head. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me she was nauseous. Jumping off the bed and getting to the bathroom quickly, she closed the door. Only a few seconds later we heard her hacking into the toilet. I apologized to the boys, and gathered my clothes. Stuffing my bra and panties in my pockets, I put my shirt and pants on and brought Kristen hers.

The boys seemed overly concerned for her, and I didn’t complain of our quick dismissal. Back in the hallway, lacking underwear beneath our clothes and giggling, we made our way back to our cabin. Despite the dissatisfaction with the twins, we were enjoying ourselves, and found it funny how easy our plan had worked. Perhaps we should have tried it before things progressed with the twins.

We made it to our room and opened the door. My father was lying in his bed, but wasn’t asleep. He smiled at us as we entered and admitted he was surprised to see us back already, since it was only about midnight. We told him how we were at the club with the boys, but omitted the part about the room, especially the sex. He told us about his night, having actually won 50 dollars in the casino. Kristen and I decided to stay in for the night, and locked the door.

“Can’t wait to get back in that sleeping bag,” Kristen said sarcastically talking about the bed. “We’re at sea, I might as well feel like a sardine,” she continued. Kristen’s behavior surprised me. I knew she was joking, but it was unlike her to complain a lot, and I was wondering if there was a motive.

“What else can we do?” my father asked obviously concerned about her unhappiness.

“I don’t know,” she said looking at the down, not wanting to face his eyes with what she was about to suggest. “We could maybe push the beds together, wouldn’t that give us more room?” she asked suddenly. I wasn’t sure Kristen should recommend that. Not that I was against it, but I knew my father wouldn’t go for it because of his customs.

But just then my dad shocked me with his response. “I guess we could do that, I mean, it’d be like a queen size bed then,” he said considering it, “Are you sure you girls would prefer that?”

Kristen and I looked at each other in disbelief, and we simultaneously said, “That’s fine!” I almost choked in laughter when we sounded like the twins, stuttering as we spoke. Just then I became even more stunned than I was moments ago when Kristen spoke again.

“Um…Rich?” she said addressing my father as he wants her to. “I don’t really have anything to sleep in,” she said with a tiny smirk on her face.

“Well what did you sleep in last night?” he asked her amused with her question. I was quite sure my dad knew very well what she had slept in.

“A shirt,” she said quieter than usual.

“So what’s wrong with that?” he asked.

“Well, I think another reason why I didn’t sleep too well last night is because I’m used to sleeping without anything on,” she said still hinting a smile at him. I was going to interrupt at this point and tell her not to be ridiculous, but I was really interested in hearing my dad’s reaction.

“Well that’s natural, I sleep like that sometimes too,” he said still grinning. “But I don’t know if that’d be a good idea tonight.”

Assuming he’d say that, I turned to look for my pajama shirt, but Kristen wasn’t letting off easy. “I know, I know, it’s just that most of the shirts we have are small, and they’re uncomfortable to sleep in,” she went on.

She was right about the shirts; both Kristen and I could fill a wardrobe with our small tight fitting t-shirts, which was all we had brought along. My father seemed to be mulling over her latest complaint. Could he actually be considering letting her sleep naked? Kristen didn’t wait for an answer before adding, “I’d really like to be comfortable tonight; last night was horrible.”

My father remained silent for another minute or so, it seemed like he was really having a war with a small angel and devil on his shoulders with this one. Then he finally spoke, and his reaction had me in complete disbelief. “Well, I guess it’s ok, as long as you think you’ll be more comfortable that way.”

Kristen’s face was priceless, as a wide lustful smile lit grew across it. I never expected him to say what he did, and I decided to try to take advantage of the situation. “Daddy, actually my night shirt is really dirty, do I have to sleep in it?” I asked him with a soft pout on my face. My father is not dumb, and he knew what I was doing. Fortunately his approval of Kristen was too much to tell me I had to wear my pajamas.

“No honey, it’s fine, but are you going to sleep n…” the word didn’t escape his mouth, but I knew what it was.

“Is that ok Daddy?” I asked him looking happier, “It really is more comfortable.” My dad’s face suddenly had a bright smile on it; he knew what he was getting in to. It was obviously against his morals, but he couldn’t get out of it now.

“It’s fine sweetie,” he said.

“Why don’t we all sleep that way?” The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them. I was sure my father was going to shoot down my new suggestion any second and I waited for it.

He seemed to think it over for a moment or two, and then said, “Sure, why not? If we’re going to squeeze together, we might as well all be comfortable.” I almost fell over in stunned shock with these words. Not only was he allowing us to share a bed with him, he was granting us permission to share it NUDE with him! I felt as if I had won the lottery. My swollen pussy was aching for attention because of the shortened sex, and now there was a chance I could have what I only imagined moments ago.

Although I couldn’t expect my dad to let things go too far, I knew there was definite hope with this arrangement. I wasn’t sure if my father had been drinking in the casino, like we had been doing earlier at the club. Or if his recent disagreements with my mother made him suddenly decide to override some of his morals, but whatever it was, I wasn’t going to worry about it.

My father got out of bed; an erection probably from our recent conversation was still fairly visible in his boxers. He got behind the other bed, and we helped him align it next to his. Then he pulled off the blankets, and laid them across both beds. My father went in to use the bathroom after that, and Kristen and I took the opportunity to undress, so my father wouldn’t see that we had our under garments in our pockets and ask questions.

After shutting off the television, Kristen and I removed the little clothes we had on, and tossed them aside. We climbed into the newly made large bed. Kristen got in first graciously allowing me to be next to my father despite her everlasting desire for him. I felt very grateful of her for making the move; so I quickly shifted over and told her to let’s see if we can’t get him between us. Kristen loved the idea.

We purposely left the lights on, so my father could see our breasts as we laid waiting for him with the sheets pulled down. When he came out of the bathroom, the view before him brought a wide smile to his face, and he beamed at us as he removed his boxers. He quickly shut the light, most likely in an effort to hide the erection he was getting, but since the small beside lamp was still on, his hard-on was still apparent.

Unsure if he would ask me to slide over, I said,” Would you mind sleeping on the crack between the beds Daddy?”

“No, sure honey, that’s fine,” he said as he carefully climbed over me and settled in the sheets between us. It was an extremely awkward moment, stranger than when we shared the pool or the hot tub together the previous summer. As my dad turned to get comfortable, his rock hard cock touched my leg beneath the sheets.

“I’m sorry sweetie,” he said, as he backed himself off me.

I couldn’t help but chuckle, and I said, “That’s ok Daddy, I don’t mind.”

We were lying in the bed facing each other, Kristen for the moment getting the back of my dad’s head. “I love you Daddy,” I smiled, and I gave him a light kiss on the lips.

He smiled as well, and he said he loved me too. Just then Kristen added in a sarcastic giggle, “I love you guys too.” We both laughed, and my dad turned over to lie on his back, apparently feeling as if he was leaving Kristen out by facing me. Just then my dad spread his arms, and Kristen and I both lifted our heads to allow him to rest his arms below our shoulders. He pulled us closer to him, both lying on our sides facing him, and he said, “I love you girls.”

The moment was really awkward, and I wasn’t really sure what to do. Here I was lying in bed naked with my father and my best friend, and horny as ever. I knew my dad was letting us sleep with him, but I wasn’t sure if that just meant to actually “sleep”. Trying to drift into a slumber seemed like an impossible task at the moment. However, not willing to make a first move this time, I laid there with my breasts pressed against the side of my dad’s chest and waited.

My father was obviously not going to try anything with us, especially after the speech he had given me about the way things should be over the summer. I couldn’t fall asleep in this position, as moist as I had become, and I quickly feared I might actually get less sleep tonight as I had the last one. I was sure Kristen was probably going through the same thing; in fact I hoped she was. I knew one of us had to make a move, and if my father rejected it, I would probably be confused for quite some time.

I wasn’t concerned about a negative reaction any longer, even though my father insisted things remain platonic between us, I could always complain that this decision of his gave me mixed signals. Besides, I doubted a man would be able to resist the situation my dad was currently in, unless he was homosexual of course, and my father clearly wasn’t. I was determined to start something.

Despite my newfound bravery, I still hesitated to do anything. The three of us laid there silently for what seemed like eternity. My hormones raged within me, ready to burst at any moment. I devised an idea, and thought it over in my head. I knew it could have really bad consequences, and possibly result in us splitting the beds up again, but I just couldn’t take my urges any longer.

I slowly slid myself down, inching my way closer to the foot of the bed. My father’s arm didn’t move, and I thought that it would be amazing if he had actually fallen asleep. I wasn’t about to look at his eyes though, for I’m sure awake or not, they were closed. I continued my slow pace, gradually letting my face disappear beneath the sheets. There was no footboard, so I slowly felt myself coming off the bottom of the bed.

Soon my head was equivalent to his waist, and I took a deep breath. Then in a quick but soft motion, I took my hands and found his cock. It was still semi-hard, and without another second passing, I moved my face over it, and put the tip in my mouth. I felt it immediately grow erect as I wrapped my tongue around the shaft, and began to suck it. Taking it deeper and deeper into my mouth as I went, I felt it touch the back of my throat. He wasn’t stopping me, and I knew he couldn’t possibly be asleep.

Then I heard a soft moan, coming from out of the sheets, and I knew he wasn’t going to stop me from blowing him. I engorged myself again, his cock coming in and out of my mouth. I felt his hand touch my head, and instead of lifting me off him, he held me down making sure I finished the job. Just then the sheets slid off my head, but I kept to my task, taking my father’s entire cock into my throat, almost gagging me as I sucked him.

Having a clear view now, I peaked up to see him and was surprised to see him making out with Kristen. I didn’t mind, and I was happy she got involved. I continued taking him in my mouth until I felt him harden beyond limits, and then it began pumping ropes of cum into my throat. I swallowed it all as it came, and I continued licking up every last drop off the tip as he slowed.

After fucking my mouth, my dad exhaled in disbelief and laid still. I finally came up for air and smiled at him. He grinned back, probably feeling like the luckiest man on Earth. Kristen leaned on her elbow, and smiled at me in approval of what I had done. She then moved her face close to mine, and licked some of my dad’s semen that had been dripping from my mouth. We both looked at him again, and began to kiss each other above him.

Practically on top of my dad, I climbed over him and got on Kristen. We kissed passionately and touched each other, as my dad lay beside us, watching. I started kissing Kristen’s tits, and sucking her nipples, all the while keeping eye contact with my father. His limp dick didn’t stay sleeping very long. I felt his hard length return to life as it poked me from behind.

I turned and put my hand on it, and I pulled softly. Kristen noticed my dad was back in the game, and we sat up. Not thinking about it any more, I lifted my right leg back over my father, and guided his cock to its proper place, in my pussy. He didn’t stop me, and I didn’t expect him to. As I lowered myself onto him for the second time in my life, I knew there this was it. His vow had been broken, and I was his once again. His rock hardness deepened within me, and he took me by the hips, and lifted me up and down with each thrust he took. My dream just a few minutes earlier had unbelievably come true; I was in paradise.

Kristen surprised me yet again by lifting her left leg over my father’s chest, and carefully lowering herself into position above his head. My dad didn’t hesitate, and started to lick her cunt eagerly. She gradually sat on his face as he ate her from beneath. Her face said it all, she was in heaven, and so was I. I felt a bit of jealousy with my father was eating Kristen instead of me, but he was making love to me again, and this was most important to me. I knew this was the best sex I had ever had, and I closed my eyes and let him take me.

Kristen leaned in to me and we kissed passionately as my father took us at the same time. She took his hands in hers and caressed my tits with them, then her own. My dad’s face was not visible beneath Kristen’s snatch, but he continued to fuck me as hard as he could. I felt myself exploding within, and I screamed in ecstasy. Kristen was shrieking as well, and I felt my father release himself into me again, the second time in minutes, the last load in my mouth.

Feeling him get off sent me over the edge and I began an incredible orgasm, unlike any I had ever had before. Kristen got there as well, making her emotions heard from neighboring islands. After being completely spent, Kristen lifted her body off my father’s face, which looked flush and drenched with her juices. I immediately laid beside him, and began to kiss him. My tongue wrapped around his, and I almost got off again tasting Kristen’s nectar in his mouth. Kristen joined our kiss, and for a moment all three of our tongues were entwining together in a three-way kiss.

The moment, the night, the week was incredible, and we still had another night! We finally collapsed against him, drained from our fucking, and before a few minutes passed, we were deeply asleep in my father’s arms.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a hint of sunlight peaking in the tiny opening in the left side of the drapes. I remained on my back for a few minutes, closed my eyes once more and tried desperately to continue the dream I had been having. My father was kissing me passionately, we were in bed together, and he was telling me he loved me. Not the typical love for his daughter, but genuine love that only a lover can feel for their companion. Desperate to get back there, I began to turn on my side to find a more comfortable position when I quickly realised I was restricted. Pulling the sheet off my chest showed that my father had his arm lying over my stomach.

Suddenly the entire night came back to me. It had actually happened! For most of the night I could only recall dreaming of sex; crazy wild lawless sex with my father and Kristen. Now I had awoken to the realisation that it was not a dream! My father lay nude at my side, his arm lying just below my breasts. A smile crept across my face as I turned and kissed his cheek softly. Happiness poured through me like a river overflowing its banks. The first time my father had made love to me was during a brief and rather crazy day last summer, when Kristen and I teased my father by sunbathing nude in his presence, and then by pushing things further in the Jacuzzi. Hormones were raging, sex was in the air, and common sense took the day off. It was a fluke; a magical moment, and nothing more. My father took both of us that night, a night Kristen and I would never soon forget, but we knew it would never happen again.

Now it had. My father had gone back on his morals of what was right and wrong, and what was simply taboo, and had not prevented the events of last night. Although I could assume my father simply lost self-control like any man would faced with two beautiful naked young women in front of him, I knew this time it was different. Something about last night told me that things would no longer be the same. I wasn’t sure if it was the sex, or the way he kissed me, or the way he held me after our lovemaking, but I was certain, my father wanted last night as much as Kristen and I did, and that feeling jubilated me.

As I stared at the cabin ceiling in the mostly dark room, I thought of the day ahead, and what amazing possibilities it now presented. I could have laid there all day, against him, but now I was suddenly eager to start a new day. I turned my head and directed my attention to the clock on the table in the corner. It was just a few minutes past 8am. We must be in port, I thought. Lifting my father’s arm off my body, his sleeping fingers grazed between my legs sending shivers through me before I placed his arm at my side. I lifted from the bed, and searched for my robe. Tripping over our discarded clothes from the previous night, I aborted my quest for the robe and approached the door to the balcony. Pulling back the heavy drapes I saw the city of Nassau beyond the rail. I momentarily flirted with the idea of stepping out naked, but thought best not to. Looking at the bed beside me, Kristen lay on her stomach facing my dad. My father also lay face down with his right arm now folded at his side, and his left tucked beneath his pillow. I stared at them for a good minute. Kristen’s perfect round bottom was exposed by the pulled down sheets, and she looked beautiful laying beside my father. I knew she had another dream come true last night as well, and I was happy for her.

Just then the phone rang and startled me from my gaze. Who could be calling our cabin? I picked up the receiver. “Hello?” I asked quietly.

“MELISSA?” my mother’s voice blurted loudly on the other end, calypso music could clearly be heard in the background. “Why are you still in your room?”

“Oh, we slept late I guess,” I responded a bit unsure as to why my mom was calling so early.

“SLEPT LATE?!?” my mother yelled over the phone, “I TOLD YOUR FATHER TO HAVE YOU GIRLS READY BY 7:45!”

“So we slept late, what’s the big deal?” I asked softly again into the phone.

“MELISSA I CAN’T HEAR YOU, PLEASE SPEAK UP!” she shouted, calypso music could be heard being played in the background.

Taking the phone into the bathroom to muffle my conversation I repeated, “What’s the big deal?” a little louder.


My heart was racing,”Uh…he’s in the shower,” I lied quickly while closing the door of the bathroom. I didn’t need my father to be awoken with the sound of me arguing with my mother, not after the wonderful night we had together.


“What’s the BIG DEAL?” I asked again.

My mom eased her voice a little bit as the music in the background momentarily stopped. “The BIG DEAL is we have reservations for a dolphin encounter!” “Didn’t your father tell you about that?” my mom asked sounding very frustrated.

“Uh, not that I remember,” I replied honestly feeling a little relieved that she wasn’t suspicious about anything last night. “Look, we need to be on there by 10am, so you all better get your asses ready pronto!”

“OK Mom, we’ll be ready soon,” I replied before immediately regretting that last word.

“YOU’RE NOT STILL SLEEPING ARE YOU?!?” my mother hollered again.

“NO, NO, we’re up, we’re up!” I tried to convince her.

“Yeah, I’ll believe that when I see it. I can’t wait for you two lazy asses, I’ll be up in a second,” she said as she hung up the phone.

My heart almost fell into my chest. I’ll be up in a second How long was “a second”? My mother was on her way to our room immediately, and Kristen was still sleeping in bed with my father, NAKED! I had no idea how long “a second” was, but judging by my mother’s standards of time, it was probably closer to the literary term. Plus being that my mother was director of the ship, she could easily use a housekeeping key to open the door at any moment, without giving us a notice by knocking. Now I was forced to wake my father up in a very unpleasant way.

“DAD, WAKE UP!!” “WAKE UP!” I cried as I shook his hip vigorously. Kristen who usually sleeps like a brick didn’t stir, but my father rolled over a bit and rubbed his sleepy eyes. I got his attention. Almost on the verge of tears I nervously shouted again, “MOM WILL BE HERE ANY MINUTE!” My father’s eyes widened immediately and he hopped out of bed so fast he nearly butted heads with me. My father immediately had his boxers on, and was putting on his shorts when I yelled at him, “NO! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE SHOWER!”

He looked at me with a look of confusion before I started to repeat myself. “YOU’RE SUPP…I TOLD HER YOU WERE…”

“OH, OH, GOT IT,” he said, stripping off his shorts and boxers again in once fast stroke. “GET HER UP FAST!” my father said pointing at a comatose Kristen as he jumped in the bathroom and closed the door. Hearing the water in the shower turn on immediately, I stood by the bedside shaking Kristen. I feared having to wake her up in such short notice. Rooming with her in college had taught me how heavy a sleeper she was. Shaking her again, I took the curtains in my left land and tore them open flooding the room in bright day light. “KRISTEN! GET UP DAMN IT!!” With that she finally opened her eyes and looked at me for a moment as if unsure who I was. “MY MOTHER WILL BE HERE ANY SECOND!!”

Finally registering with Kristen’s sleepy brain, she had a similar reaction to my father. “OH SHIT!” she screamed and she almost fell to the floor as her feet got caught in the sheets as she got up fast. Kristen began to quickly grab her clothes from the floor when I quickly told her we needed to be in our bikinis. Kristen and I rifled through our drawer to find our bikinis, but couldn’t find them anywhere. I panicked. My mother could not open that door and see Kristen and I standing naked in the room together, even with my father in the shower. It would seem awkward that we would change so openly, leaving the chance he could walk out of the bathroom at any moment and see us.

“THE SHOWER!” Kristen shouted in alarm.

“What about it?” I asked back almost breathless.

“The bikini’s are on the shower rod!” she shot back.

Immediately we tripped over each other to get to the bathroom and were thankful my father hadn’t locked the door. Stumbling into the small bathroom, I grabbed the bikini’s off the bar over the curtain and knocked my top into the shower. My father pulled back the curtain apparently aware that he had failed to realise we needed them, and handed me my top. Even in that rushed state of fear, I couldn’t help feeling what I had when I awoke. My father didn’t seem to be regretting his decisions of the night before. Despite possibly exposing our affair to my mother, he still looked at me with eyes of trust, and of love in that desperate moment.

I closed the door again right away, and Kristen and I almost fell over in an attempt to dress as quickly as we ever had. I had secured my bottom half when another tremendous problem smacked me in the face. “OH FUCK!” I screamed.

“WHAT?” Kristen replied looking nervous as ever as she began to tie on her top.

“THE BEDS!” “THEY NEED TO BE SEPARATED!!” I cried in desperation. Kristen didn’t waste time responding and immediately dove toward the beds and started to pull the mattresses apart. I was immediately at her side helping her move the bed frame.

“Put your top on first!” she shouted, but I ignored her as we struggled to push the frame back in the corner it had been the first night. After the bed was replaced Kristen started to shovel the blankets from the floor onto the bed and I grabbed my top as we heard the doorknob turn. The door opened quickly about 4 inches before getting jammed with a hard clank as the chain held the door closed.

“Uh, could you remove the fucking chain!” my mom’s voice shot from behind the door clearly annoyed. In all my haste, I hadn’t realised my father had chained the door before getting in bed with us the previous night.

Kristen looked at me nervously as I crept in the corner to quickly tie my top on before she could open the door. My mom came bursting in and said, “He’s STILL in the shower?!?” I was unsure what to say, but just then the water had turned off. My mother banged on the door. “RICH! I ASK YOU FOR ONE FAVOR AND YOU…” My dad opened the door a crack, letting the steam from the small bathroom spill out.

Getting a quick glimpse of Kristen and I in our bikinis and assuring we were not busted he replied, “I’m sorry hun, I forgot, it’s completely my fault, I’ll be out in a second,” he said in his usual calm tone. My mother huffed as she turned and looked at us, apparently finding it hard to bottle her anger.

“And you two! I told you what I thought of those skimpy things!” she wailed at us, “You might as well be naked! But something on damnit!”

Kristen and I almost laughed despite ourselves when she said that. If she only knew I laughed in my mind, feeling a lot more at ease now that disaster had been narrowly averted.

“Mom, this is a bathing suit, we’re not living in the ’40′s! Stop being such an old prude!” I yelled back at her.

My mother was held speechless at my rebuttal for the moment, and was about to shoot back another round when my father opened the door, in his bathing trunks and acting as if nothing at all was wrong. “We got 40 minutes, he said, we can make it, relax,” he smiled at my mom giving her a light kiss on the lips. Still visiously upset, my mom calmed and said, “Girls, cover yourselves.” I wanted to yell again, but my father had calmed the storm, like he always does, and I didn’t want to start it up again. Muttering to myself, Kristen and I unwillingly put shorts and t-shirts on over our bathing suits.

After another minute for my father to grab a shirt and a few other things, we followed my parents down the long hallway to the elevators, and took it down to the lowest level where the gangway was. Once off the ship, my mother hustled us to the queue for the catamaran that would take us to the island where the dolphins were. When we got to the spot on the dock there was a man standing there, but no people stood waiting. My mother asked the man frantically about her reservation, and learned that we had missed the boat by about 5 minutes.

My mother almost blew up, but being that she was in front of a subordinate she kept her composure, but fire was in her eyes directed straight at me. My mother asked when the next boat was but found out it wasn’t for another 2 hours. We’d miss our reservations. The man at the pier told us that if we went to the ferry terminal we could still have a chance by taking the ferry to the island.

My mother immediately got us a cab. While in the taxi, my mother was constantly checking her watch. In the cab she had released more anger on Kristen and I, but mainly just me. She went on about how expensive the tickets were and how I was going to blow it. I replied with a snide comment on how she didn’t pay for them and she shot back a line about me being an ungrateful bitch.

I knew I sounded ungrateful, but I wasn’t. Despite my feelings for my mother, I couldn’t have thanked her enough for getting us on the cruise, I just had a bad way of showing it. My father tried his best to diffuse the situation as usual, but my mother still seemed annoyed that our laziness might cost us our spots at the dolphin thing. She explained to my father that her VIP passes were free, but were only good if they had room. It was restricted to 10 people, and if we were late our participation wasn’t guaranteed.

I didn’t particularly care about swimming with the dolphins. After the night we had with my father all I wanted to do was spend time alone with him, but I knew that was unlikely to happen since my mother had most of the day off. My mother finally quit her venting and was now discussing the plans for the evening with my father. She had mentioned the New Year’s dance on the deck. I had completely forgotten it was New Year’s Eve! Suddenly a feeling of despair came over me, as I envisioned my father spending most of the evening with my mother, since she went on about how she should have free time in the evening as well.

I had asked her if she wasn’t going to be busy with the party hosting (hoping she would be). She said that they had promised her she wouldn’t have much to do; make a few announcements and that’s about it. My hopes of having another dreamlike night were quickly evaporating, and suddenly I had no desire to have any fun with dolphins. I was angry with my mother. If only she knew my father would rather spend time with me than her. I tried not to display my aggravation.

When we got to the terminal we had to wait a long time for the ferry. My mother’s blood began to get hotter once again with every minute that passed, though she held her comments inside this time. When we finally boarded the ferry it was 9:30, and the boat still didn’t leave the pier for another 10 minutes. Once on the island we ran together to the place for the reservations. We didn’t arrive until about a quarter after ten, and that’s when the people at the dolphin place told us the bad news.

Because we were late, they had to give away our spots to standbys. Fortunately they said there were two spots still available, and they asked us if two of us would like to do it. My mother (clearly furious again) asked as calmly as she could about a possible opening in a little while for four. They told her that it was very unlikely. Looking as if I was about to get kicked, my mother threw up her hands in frustration.

Immediately I got an idea and told my parents to do it. My father insisted Kristen and I do it instead, and they’d watch. That’s when I told them I really had no interest, and that Kristen was uneasy about swimming with fish. My father tried to tell her its not a fish but a mammal, but I had made a good point. My mother was annoyed we hadn’t told her that, but I told her the whole thing was a miscommunication, and told her it was cool for them to do it.

My mother didn’t want to keep the guy waiting, so she said that her and her husband would take the spots. My dad asked if we would watch, but when told we had to pay to watch, we told them we’d meet them back at the ship. My parents left us and Kristen asked me why I had lied about her fear of fish. I told her I really wasn’t in the mood for it.

We made our way back to the ferry only to learn it had already departed. We didn’t want to stand by the dock waiting for the next one, so I suggested be go to the beach. It was a small island, and there were beaches everywhere. We walked together down one of the beaches talking about our experience the previous night. Kristen and I hardly mentioned the twins, other than how it was a mistake to let it go that far. We spent most of our walk discussing my dad, and how amazing this trip had become.

We passed a few families as we walked, beach bag in hand. “Oh shit! Don’t my parents need this?” I asked suddenly realising what I was carrying. It contained a few towels and bottles of water.

Kristen started to laugh and told me not to worry, that she was sure they probably provided them there. She did jab a joke that my mother has another reason to kill me now. We laughed as we walked and my spirits improved. We found ourselves reaching the end of the tiny island. The beach was small, and secluded, and we decided to place our towels down and sunbathe a while.

It shouldn’t have surprised me when Kristen removed her top shortly after settling on the towel. “Is it allowed here?” I asked her looking around for beachgoers.

“Oh I don’t know, who cares, no one’s around,” she said.

“Yeah I know, but…what if someone comes?” I asked still looking for another soul on this end of the skinny island.

“I DOUBT anyone will come, but if someone does, you think they’re going to care?” she smirked. I knew she was right, and it’s not like I didn’t want to join her. She had gotten me used to bathing topless on South Beach and it had enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

“Yeah, what the hell,” I said as I untied my top and threw it in the sand beside us.

Kristen and I applied some sun block and laid on our backs under the morning sun. That water near us was crystal blue and was beautiful, nothing like the rough surf in Florida. We laid there a few minutes when Kristen sat up. “You know…” she said sounding naughty again. “No one’s around, you think I could take my bottoms off?” she asked with a clever grin.

I almost laughed, somewhat expecting it. She had also introduced me to nude sunbathing in my backyard, and I had taken to that too. I had never done it in public however, although this was as secluded as public gets.

“You think we should?” I said with a smile as I again looked around.

Kristen was nodding with a naughty little smile and slid her bikini bottoms off her smooth tanned legs. “Oh wow,” I mouthed silently when I saw her bare pussy exposed to the island. Knowing my parents were only a hundred yards away made the temptation that more invigorating. It only took me a few seconds of seeing Kristen’s complete naked body glistening in the sun before I started to reach for my bottoms.

I slid them off with excitement as I let my bare body be free of its cloth constraints. Tossing my bottoms next to my top, I laid on my back again and let the sun soak up my nakedness. A warm breeze blew sand across my breasts and I exhaled in a state of utter relaxation. This is much better than swimming with dolphins I thought as I closed my eyes.

I awoke about a half hour later and was momentarily startled when I didn’t see Kristen by my side. But then I found her, wading in the turquoise water, looking like a mermaid having just gotten legs. I approached her nervously, letting my bikini remain near our towels. Feeling the warm ocean water caress my bare skin was indescribable. It was nothing like the pool. Kirsten was standing waist deep, but the clear water revealed her naked beauty beneath the surface.

For the next few minutes we ventured deeper into the sea, and swam around like children, splashing each other. Kristen got close to me and embraced me in the sea, and we kissed as we never had before. Our tongues swam together and played as we just had, our arms wrapped around each other, our breasts pushed firmly together. It was paradise, in every sense of the word, and for the first time in days, I had forgotten about my father for a few minutes.

Kristen and I made our way back to the towels where she pushed me down and got on top of me. We kissed passionately for what seemed like hours, making love on the beach. It was amazing, and I felt myself falling in love with her. Then after both of us reached a tremendous orgasm together, she braced her arms and held herself above me. Her hair glowing red with the bright sun behind her. “I love you,” she said.

“I love you too,” I said before taking her tongue in my mouth once more. We finally collapsed together in the sun, and fell asleep in each others arms.

I awoke a second time to sound of whistling in the distance. I opened my eyes and sat up. I looked around for the source of the sound and then found it. A sail boat was passing us just offshore. Onboard I could see 3 guys, one with binoculars. They were obviously enjoying our presence, and I noticed a guy pass the binoculars as another whistled again.

My first urge was to cover myself, but instead I nudged Kristen. She woke much more easily this time, and I told her about our company. Kristen laughed at the awareness of onlookers, and sat up beside me. Then to my surprise she stood up, giving the guys a much better view. She pulled me up beside her and she told me to relax.

Being seen nude by these guys wasn’t bothering me like I thought it would, and I began to get the same familiar feelings that I did when I saw that man on the beach last summer. It was actually turning me on! Kristen and I waved at the guys as they waved back, and they turned their sail to make another approach. I wasn’t sure if they’d attempt bringing the vessel up to the beach, but I doubted they could.

Kristen must have been feeling the same hormonal rage at their presence as I was, because she suddenly turned to me and started to kiss me. Immediately the whistles from the boat were loud and in unison. After making out to our audience we laughed about it. But just then I saw one of them throw the anchor, and I told Kristen it looked like they were going to come ashore.

Kristen said, “So let them!” with a broad smile, but I didn’t have the same feeling about it. I told her I was uncomfortable with it. We were outnumbered, and we were alone, and naked. My father had taught me many things about common sense, and this was one of them. Kristen saw my point right away and admitted I was right. We made to grab our bikinis when we heard a splash. The guys had jumped in the water!

I knew we probably had a good 5 minutes before they could make it to shore, but I didn’t want to waste that time getting dressed. I told her to put them in the bag, and we wrapped the towels around ourselves and began walking back down the beach. We heard boos coming from the guys who were swimming at a fast pace to make it to the beach. Kristen and I picked it up to a run, and she couldn’t help but laugh as she did.

As we ran we saw a few sunbathers in the distance. I turned around to check on our horny pursuers and they were nearing the beach. Apparently our run didn’t stop their efforts. I knew once on the sand they’d be able to catch us quickly. We were running in towels and carrying a beach bag, they would have nothing but their legs. I wanted to get to a place that had sunbathers, but at the same time I wanted desperately to have my bathing suit on again.

We continued to run another hundred feet or so when I stumbled and fell. My towel came completely off and I was only a few yards from a couple sunbathing alone. They both turned and looked a little surprised to see me without a suit, but didn’t jump up to call authorities or anything. Since I was seen by this couple that seemed only interested, but not alarmed, I thought it was the best moment to put my suit back on.

Kristen threw off her towel and the man had a really nice look at us as we dressed, despite his wife beside him. Looking back I could no longer see the end of the beach where we had came, but I couldn’t be sure the guys had given up. What they wanted chasing us down, I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t want to meet them. Finally dressed, we hustled back to the ferry terminal and waited anxiously for the ferry that was to be arriving shortly. There was a large group of people on the dock so I felt safer, but still waited for 3 guys to arrive momentarily. Suddenly Kristen noticed my parents waiting in line further up! I didn’t need the guys showing up now and talking about our show on the beach around my parents.

Minutes crawled by as we tried not to get noticed by my folks, and waited for our followers to arrive, but thankfully they never did. We boarded the ferry unnoticed by my parents, and slipped on our shorts and shirts when we sat. We managed to ride the entire time without them spotting us, and it was only when we reached the pier did my father spot us and caught up with us.

Returning to the ship for lunch we discussed how we had gone to the beach there, obviously omitting a few key factors. My mother was more interested however in telling us all about the dolphins, not seeming to care that I had the beach bag. For that I was thankful.

Upon returning to the ship we had lunch on the promenade. My mother had returned to work for a while, and my father told us that he was going to check out one of the local casinos. I was a little upset that he didn’t seem to want to spend the time with us, and became concerned that the time alone with my mother had possibly made him discover his morals once again.

Despite my feelings, I told him to have fun and we agreed to meet him later. Kristen and I went back to the room to shower and dress for dinner. We had no interest of going back up to the topless deck since we had enough sun already for the day, and weren’t keen on meeting the twins up there again. In the room we laughed about the guys, and although I knew it probably could have been bad, it was over now and we chose to forget it.

We took separate showers because we knew it’d be extremely tight to share again. I considered making love with her again now that we were once again alone, but the events of the morning made me feel as if my mother could barge in any minute. While Kristen was in the shower however, I thought better of it and decided to push the beds back together once more. I didn’t want my father to have us sleep separate again because we had separated them earlier.

After changing into dresses for the evening, we went down to the lobby where photographers were taking pictures. Kristen and I took several together, and I saw Luke and Lance taking one with their family. Luckily, they didn’t see us. After taking pictures and checking out a few features of the ship we hadn’t yet seen, we met my dad in the dining room for our last dinner on the cruise.

At dinner the twins were all smiles as if they were concealing some special secret from their parents. I wasn’t worried about them spilling the beans of our adventure in their room around the table, but their bright faces told us it was definitely fresh on their minds. Kristen and I made sure that there would be no repeat performance with the boys, our sights were set on the man sitting beside me.

Conversation was light, and after dinner the boys quickly found us to enquire about our evening plans. I knew they wouldn’t be completely avoidable at the New Year’s bash on the top deck, but I was going to make sure that after midnight I’d be returning to my own room. For the next couple of hours we saw a show in the palace theatre on board, and even played a few games in the arcade, the twins in tow with every step we took.

Finally around 11:00 we settled on the top deck for the countdown party. Kristen and I danced together in a crowd of people wearing funny hats and cheaply made Hawaiian lais. We granted the boys a dance or two as my dad sat off to the side. I knew he wasn’t keen to getting down on the dance floor, so I didn’t bug him to come dance with us. After dancing to many songs I heard my mother announce to the buzzed crowd that only ten minutes remained until midnight. Kristen and I decided to take a break.

Over by the rail, Kristen and I enjoyed a warm breeze swim through our hair as we stared into black emptiness beyond. The boys were constantly at our heals until we were finally spared a few minutes when they went to the bar to get drinks. Kristen and I used our free time discussing how we’d play the night, and I told her how I had wished to dance with my father at midnight. She also shared this wish, but knew if anyone would have the opportunity it would be me being his daughter.

“Isn’t your mother going to be free at midnight?” she asked.

“She said she would be, but so far it looks like she’s been busy,” I said, hoping my mother was wrong. Just then I turned around to the pleasant surprise of my father approaching us on the upper level overlooking the party.

“You girls tired of dancing? Where’s your boyfriends?” he asked with a cool smile on his face.

“Oh please Dad, them? I don’t think so!” I laughed. My father just smiled as he joked some more.

“It looks like you were having a good time out there, those seem like nice guys, no?” he joked further. I could tell my dad knew I wasn’t crazy about them. Over many years of dating, my father can easily determine whether or not I am interested in a guy simply by observing me with him. Unfortunately my father wouldn’t predict the bad decision I made the night before with the guys, and I’m sure he would be extremely dissapointed with me if he knew I had sex with one of them. Infact, I was dissapointed with me!

“Dad? Is Mom going to be free by midnight?” I asked with a hopeful tension.

“No, I don’t think so. Probably a few minutes after, but she has to do the countdown, she’s the hostess,” he said not looking at all as dissapointed as he should be.

“I bet Mom is pissed about that,” I said jokingly.

“Of course, but what else is knew,” he said sarcastically.

Just then I asked, “Daddy, will you dance with me at midnight?” A smile crept across his masculine face as he said, “sure honey, I’d love to.” The answer I wanted had me bubbly with happiness. Kristen however stood beside us looking a bit left out. My father turned to her and assured her he’d have a dance with her too if she wanted one. She smiled and said she’d love one, but she knew I had midnight to myself.

Kristen and I didn’t quite know how we’d lose the guys, but as we walked back down to the dance floor with my father I urged my father to come dance with us for just a few minutes. Getting him on the floor took a little pleading, but soon we got him dancing with us as we stood in a little triangle surrounded by other partiers. I heard my mother announce five, and then three minutes to midnight, and as far as I knew, the twins were nowhere to be found. Could my luck hold out?

Then as another minute passed I spotted Luke and Lance standing with their drinks looking around the deck area for us. I was hoping we’d remain hidden for another few minutes, and as we danced I tried to inch our way further from them toward the other side of the dance area. The moment was soon arriving and with a minute left the music stopped. My mother was on the platform doing her best acting of job of excitement despite her annoyance, and she counted down the seconds. Kristen and I stood with my father in a sea of people, none that we recognised too well.

As the countdown rang down, the crowd shouted in unison, “TEN… NINE… EIGHT… SEVEN… SIX… FIVE… FOUR… THREE… TWO… ONE!!…” And just then the crowd burst out with a tremendous, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!” Fireworks shot from various areas of the ship and popped into the starry sky above. Colorful streamers were shot in all directions as people celebrated around us, and people all started kissing each other as Auld Lang Syne started to play. Within that moment of celebration, I felt an urge and seized it. I took my father with my arms around him and kissed him flush on the lips. Our lips parted just enough to let our tongues slide through and find each other. The moment was surreal, but only lasted a few seconds. After our kiss I looked at my father and smiled and said,”Happy New Year Daddy.” Before I could respond Kristen grabbed took his face and also gave him a kiss on his lips, but didn’t go for more like I did. Kristen and I then kissed and hugged before I continued a slow dance to with my father. As we danced I didn’t see anyone around us in shock of seeing our kiss, and I doubted my mother had seen it in the chaos. I knew it was risky displaying my affection in such a public place, but it just felt necessary.

Halfway through the slow dance I let Kristen take over with my dad because I suddenly doubted the music would remain soft. I slowly left the dance floor and found my mother on the side. Thankfully she didn’t seem to be suspicious of anything and seemed happy to see me. “Happy New Year hunny,” she said as she kissed me on the cheek, “where’s your father?”

I quick bolt of nervous tension shot through me because I wasn’t sure my mother should see dad slow dancing with Kristen, it would look awkward. I was about to answer when I heard the song changing to something fast. I knew my father and Kristen were probably splitting their embrace in the pack now and I told my mother I had last seen him over by the bar. With her departing in that direction I now feared losing my father for the evening. It looked as if my mother was now off duty.

I walked back up the stairs to the rail where I had been earlier when I saw Luke standing there alone. Thinking quickly of turning the other way I instead decided to be friendly. “Hey, happy New Year! Sorry we couldn’t find…” I started to say when Luke rudely interrupted looking like he was quite disgusted.

“You are one fucked up chick,” he said boldly. I was a bit shocked by the anger in his voice and couldn’t understand why missing him at midnight would upset him so much.

“What? We couldn’t find you! What’s the big fucking deal?” I asked him.

“Oh, but I found you alright. Nice smooch with Daddy, are you sure he’s your dad?!?”

My heart leaped in my chest when I realised he had seen us, and for a moment I was at a loss for words. But instead of even attempting an explanation, I just shouted back, “Well, he’s a much better kisser than you!”

The look of disgust broadened on his face and he added, “Is he a better fuck too?”

I just smiled and said,”Wouldn’t you like to know.”

He was speechless and stormed off in the other direction. I just laughed as Kristen found me by the rail. We had a good laugh about it as we hung out at the party a few minutes longer in search of my father. Kristen finally spotted him walking toward the stairwell that led to the lower decks. When we caught up to him he looked happy to see us, but also looked upset at well. “Where’s Mom?” I asked immediately.

He told us that she only had a few minutes freedom before being summoned to do a few last minute things. He seemed annoyed with her that she couldn’t seem to find any time for him, even after promising she would. I had asked if he was going to see her later and he said not until the morning. He said that we had to disembark early so he was going to turn in. Immediately we decided to join him. I wasn’t sure how he was feeling about our situation, whether he was regretting it now after seeing my mother. I hoped he didn’t.

Returning to our cabin my father seemed pleasantly surprised that the beds were back together, and didn’t ask us when we had did it. We locked the door and chained it, and as my father sat on the bedside I sat beside him and told him exactly what was on my mind.

“Dad, you’re too good for mom,” I said, “You do everything for her, and you deserve so much more.” My father just looked at me without saying a word. In silence he seemed to have been understanding me. “You need a woman that’s going to treat you right, that’s going to love you the way you need to be loved; kiss you how you need to be kissed; make love to you the way you need it.”

Still my father sat there listening without talking, but he definitely seemed to be in agreement. Then Kristen added in sitting on the other side of him, “Or perhaps two women,” she said.

Just then my dad began to laugh, and we both joined him, and as we laughed I turned to face him and I met his lips with mine. Within minutes he went from my mouth to Kristen’s on the other side, we undressed him. I stood before him as he backed up on the bed and with one pull of a zipper my dress fell to my feet revealing my completely naked body. Kristen removed her dress as well, and we climbed in bed with him together.

Both of us lying on top of him, side by side, we kissed him passionately. My father then rolled over and let Kristen and I lie on our backs as he positioned himself over us. As he kissed Kristen, he slowly inched his way inside me. When I felt him enter me, I gasped for breath. He slowly pushed his way inside me, burying every inch of his manhood into my clam as he kissed me softly.

We began to make love, Kristen by my side, stealing a kiss from me as we fucked. With my left arm, I placed my hand between Kristen’s smooth legs and stuck 2 fingers into her slit, and began to play with her. My father picked up the pace, fucking me harder as I finger fucked Kristen beside us. Several times my father would lower himself and kiss my breasts and suck on my nipples, then Kristen’s. Just then as I was getting hot and getting close, my father surprised me by pulling out and replacing my fingers with his cock. He began to fuck Kristen as she moaned in pleasure accepting him. Kristen’s hand now found my pussy, and took over for my father.

It was the first time we were sharing the sex, and it felt right. We kissed each other, enjoying several three way kisses as Kristen and my father picked up the pace. Kristen’s fingers were working me good, but they didn’t compare to my father, but just then Kristen added two more fingers and sent me over the edge. As I screamed in orgasm I heard Kristen squeal beside me as my father released his load within her.

The moment was incredible, and despite my father finishing in Kristen, I knew he was just as much mine, as hers. We fell asleep together in each other’s arms, no longer just father and daughter and friend, but as three lovers. I knew at that moment that the new year ahead would be unlike any other in my life.

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