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    My name is Jimmy and I’m 15 and love my mom very much. Shes 55 years old and had me late in life. My dad died about 10 years ago and she was very sad until she met a guy named Lee about 3 years ago. I was happy she met Lee because he made her happy. Lee moved in with us and my mom became very sexually active with him. I could hear them fucking at all hours of the day and night. She was becoming very slutty about it, by rubbing him while we all watched tv and not wearing panties or bra around the house. I’d hit puberty and her behavior was making me jackoff 3 or 4 times a day. Moms cute and innocent looking with 70′s style cateye glasses, nice big perky tits and a big bubble butt. Shes very small at 5 Ft. tall and weighs maybe 120 lbs. Because she doesn’t wear bra or panties, I’ve seen her nice tits and her extra hairy pussy.

    Well the inevitable finally happened when mom found out that Lee was cheating and he moved out. Mom was depressed and I was getting worried about her. She had let her appearance go and quit shaving anything. She roamed the house wearing a see threw sun dress with nothing on under it. Because of her poor eyesight, I don’t think she knew I could clearly see her big boobs and pubic hair not to mention her marvelous big ass.

    I’m a nerd and my friends are mostly nerds. My 2 best friends are David (computer geek) and Andy (math major) and his black step brother Terrance (not a nerd). I’ve never had them over because I was a little ashamed of my mothers age, shes 20 years older than their moms. I’m also friends with one jock in my school but only because he’s our neighbor. His name is James and he’s a muscular black kid that my mom gets to mow our lawn. Him and mom are close because his mother died last year and my mom sort of took him in during that time. He now lives next door with his dad again.

    About six weeks ago, I got the flu and missed a week of school. Unknown to me, James told my friends so they got together and came to my house to visit. Mom knocked on my door and said “Jimmy, you’ve got company” and my friends came in my room and my mom left. I was a little embarrassed when my friend David said “so your moms the reason you’ve never had us over”. Like I said, I love my mom so I asked him what he meant by that and he said “damn dude, she’s a MILF”. They stayed for a while and all of them oggled my mom every time she came in. It never dawned on me that she would be sexy to my friends.

    After that, my friends were over at my house a lot. They followed my mom around like puppies and I could see it made my mom feel better. She knew these young guys were “checking her out” and she liked it. She still had no idea that they could see all of her goodies. When the guys came over, we usually shut my door and looked at porn on my computer. Now, all they wanted to look at were older women who looked a lot like my mom. James from next door was now hanging out with us a lot. One day he said “you guys got some good lookin bitches on that computer lately, not them skinny little shaved models you used to look at”. He said “Jimmies momma”s hotter than any of them bitches too”. All the guys chimed in and we spent the next hour talking about my moms sex life. They had all kinds of nasty questions about her and I found out that I liked answering them. About that time, my mom opened the door and just walked in with sodas. As she handed them out, she glanced at the computer and put her hand on her mouth and said “oh my God Jimmy, where did you get naked pictures of me”. I said “its not you mom, look closer”. She squinted her eyes and  leaned into the computer to look. When she was satified it wasn’t her she said “I don’t know why you young good looking, horny boys would want to see an older  mommy naked anyway”.

    Soon, school was out and we were all getting bored with being inside. James found a “clothing optional” lake about 40 miles from where we lived so we planned a weekend camping trip. James dad was going to drop us off  on Friday and pick us up Sunday evening. Campsites were only $70 for the whole weekend and Andy borrowed his families big tent.

    When Friday finally came, we all waited for Jame’s dad to get off work. Around 3 pm. he called and said he had to work late and it would be very late by the time he got home. We were trying to find somebody to give us a ride when David said “why don’t you ask your mom Jimmy”. I didn’t think she would do it but I told her about our plan (leaving out the “clothing optional” part). Mom said “ok but we better get going”. When we got there, I went in to rent the campsite. The lady working there told me that at least one person at the campsite had to be 21 or older for us to stay there. I went back to the car with the bad news. We were all disappointed until my mom said “well, I have an idea, if you don’t mind having an older person along, I can rent the campsite and stay out of the way and pretend I don’t know you”. To my surprise, the guys were all for it and my mom seemed truly happy.

    We found our campsite and set up the tent and mom started putting away our gear. She said “you boys go down to the beach and look at the girls and I’ll start dinner”. We all walked down to the beach but no one was nude. The guys were talking about my mom again as we walked back to camp. When we got back, mom had a fire built and was cooking hotdogs. She threw me the car keys and said “pull the car down here close so we can have some music”. I turned the radio to an oldies station and we all got our food and sat around the campfire.

    We were sitting on logs that had been placed in a circle and I was next to my mom. I could tell the guys were all looking at my moms big, bare, hairy pussy and I could tell she was loving it. One of moms favorite songs came on and she grabbed my hand and said “come on Jimmy, dance with your old mom” and we did and I loved it. She was doing some 70″s dance where she shook her midsection at me and I was mesmerized by her big swaying boobs. When the song ended, my mom pointed at my now hard cock and said “you better put that thing away” and when I looked, my 7 inch hard cock had made its way out of the leg of my shorts and was standing straight out. Everybody laughed and my mom gabbed James hand and said “lets see if that works on a black cock too”. Before long the guys were all taking turns dancing with mom and the dancing was getting dirtier and dirtier.

    Just as things were getting hot, we began to feel the first drops of rain start to fall. Mom took charge and said “Jimmy, cut the car off and roll the windows up and you guys help me get this gear in the tent”. As soon as we were safely in the tent, the rain began to pour and there was lightening and thunder. Mom said “well this sucks, anybody got  any ideas” and James said “I came prepared” as he pulled a fifth of Vodka from his backpack. He opened it and handed it to my mom and said “ladies first”. Mom took a big swig straight from the bottle as we all stared at her. When she noticed, she said “what, this ain’t the first time I drank straight from a bottle and I’m certainly not a lady” and we all laughed.

    We kept passing the bottle and everybody was gettin buzzed when mom said “damn, I’ve gotta pee”. The rain was coming down pretty hard and Terrance said “maybe, you better wait til it slacks off a little bit” and mom said “thats what I been waitin on but it don’t look like its gonna happen”. As mom opened the tent zipper, I handed her my jacket and said “hold this over your head mom”. She took it and ran out the door screaming. We heard her cursing the whole time she was out there. When she came stumbling back in, she was soaking wet with no jacket. She said “as soon as I squatted down, the wind blew your jacket into the lake”. Mom was shivering so I told her that she needed to get out of her wet clothes and all the guys snickered. She said “I don’t have any dry ones so we’ll have to turn the lantern out”. Andy turned the lantern out and we could all hear my mom grunt and groan and moan as she tried to get her wet, sticky dress off. In the dark my mom said “give me a towel”. When nobody made a move she said “give me a damn towel” and you could tell she was miffed. Andy said “I’m gonna have to turn the lantern on to find mine” and we all snickered. My mom thought about it for a minute and said “ok, but when that lantern comes on, I expect every swinging dick in this tent to be just as naked as me”. She thought that would teach us, not knowing, we all wanted to be naked with her.

    When the lantern came on, mom was sitting cross legged with her arms crossed over her tits. She was still pretty drunk as she looked at me and I saw her look down at my hard cock. When she saw it, she looked up at me as though she was confused and then one by one, she looked at all our hard cocks. When she had seen them all, we thought she was going to be mad but she just said “did I cause all of those”. James spoke up and said “we all think your the hottest “milf” we know”. Mom said “whats a milf” and Andy said “mother I’d love to fuck”. Then mom looked at me and said “you too Jimmy” and I just looked down. Mom said “I guess I’ll take that as a yes, so let me ask you this. Do you want to see your own mother fucking all your friends”. I looked at her but still didnt say anything. She said “and I guess thats a yes too” as she put her arms down to her sides. Then out of the blue she shook her tits and said “alright then, whos first, and just like that James was next to my mom on his knees with his big black cock sticking straight out. It was about 8 inches long and very fat with big hairy swinging balls. My mom took it in her hand and stroked it a couple of times and looked at me. In a sexy voice she said “Do you want mommy to suck your friends big black cock. Why don’t you come over here and watch your slutty mommy suck it”. After she said that, she turned back to James and licked the precum from the tip of his big cock. As she took it in her mouth, the boys all moved closer including me. She stopped sucking James and spread her legs wide apart and looked at me and said “I think you should get down here and lick your mommies pussy and get it ready to fuck all your friends hard cocks. When I didn’t move she pulled my head toward her hairy hole and said “lick mommy baby, mommy needs her pussy nice and wet for Jame’s big cock”. When my tongue finally tasted my moms hot hairy pussy, I loved it. It was slick with her juices that were tangy and intoxicating. I licked her with abandon as all the guys began to fondle her in one way or another. She was stroking Andy and Terrance like a pro while she deep throated James. Moms mid-section was rolling like a belly dancers as she humped my tongue. Her breath was ragged as she moaned with a mouthful of hard cock and all at once, she grabbed my head with both hands and forced my face into her spasming hot pussy. I kept running my tongue up and down her sticky slit even though I couldn’t breath. Mom was coming down from her orgasm and had to pull my sucking mouth from her well lubed slit. She said “give me that big cock James” and James just knelt between he legs and buried his big cock in her. James pumped her in a frenzy as she took turns sucking Andy and Terrance at the same time. I watched as James buried his big cock in my sweet moms pussy and I could tell he was emptying his big balls in her. After a minute or two, James slid out and looked at me and said “man, if I was you, I’d be hittin that every day”. I hadn’t got a good look a Terrance’s cock until he pulled it out of my moms mouth and slapped her face with it. It was very black, more so than the rest of his body. It was huge, at least 10 inches long and as thick as a beer bottle. His balls were meaty and the size of small grapefruit. My mom quit sucking Andy and David and watched Terrance as he lined his big cock up to fuck her horny old pussy. Mom had a serious, lusty almost sad look on her face as Terrance began to shove his big fuck log in her. Mom was pushing Terrance back as her pussy tried to stretch to accomidate his big cock. Finally he had it all inside her and she kissed him on the mouth as he pulled it all the way out. She kissed him again as he pushed it all the way back in her and then she looked at me lustily and said “kiss me baby, kiss mommy while your friends big cock fucks me”. I put my hand on the back of my moms head for support as I kissed her and soon our tongues were licking each other. Terrance was fucking my mom roughly as her and I kissed and then I felt her go stiff on his big cock. Terrance kept up his maddening pace as my moms beautiful body began to jerk violently. In her orgasm, she bit down on my lip but I just held her as she closed her eyes and came for the second time. Terrance was sweating and grunting as he rammed that big cock to my moms poor old tired pussy. When Terrance began to cum in my mom, she felt it and began to hump back against him like she was trying to make him cum harder. When he pulled out, I got a glimpse of her poor old messy pussy. As my best friend David mounted my mom, she passed out. When she quit sucking Andies cock, he began to jack it off over her face. Within minutes David was looking at me and moaning “I’m fucking her, oh God I’m cuming in your mom Jimmy, I’m cumming in her” and as he collapst on her, Andies big cock began to shoot  his hot load all over her face.

    When it was finally my turn, my mom was a cummy mess and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I wondered what the guys would say if I tasted her used, old, cummy  pussy and then I thought “fuck them”, you don’t get a chance like this often. I began to lick her swollen, hot, messy pussy and when the outside was clean I began to finger her with 3 fingers until I got most of it out of her. I couldn’t wait any longer so I sloshed my cock up and down her pussy lips and began to fuck her like an animal. I began to kiss her cummy face and when I slid my tongue in her mouth, I tasted even more cum. I was to far gone and when my  cock started filling my own moms pussy with my potent load, she woke up and  said “fuck me baby, fuck your momma good baby, cum in momma baby”. We all fucked her again after that until eventually, we all passed out.

    I woke up the next morning with a huge hangover. I was glad we had all fucked my mom but I was afraid she might not feel the same. I layed there on my side pretending to be asleep. I could hear and feel movement behind me and then I heard my mom whisper “God thats a nice cock, I’m always horny when I’m hung over”.  I heard them start to fuck and when they were ready to cum, I rolled over and kissed my mom on the mouth. As soon as my tongue was in her mouth, she closed her eyes and began to orgasm.

    Long story short, we fucked her good that weekend. We all still go camping together and fuck but my mom and I decided we didn’t need anybody else in our home life. We live as mother and son but we sleep in the same bed and fuck all over the house.



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