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With a relieved sigh, I put aside the last of the freshman essays, happy to finally be done with them. I glanced at the clock on the wall and was pleased to see that it was six-thirty. Just thirty more minutes to go. It was Parent-Teacher Conference night and although initially, I had had a slew of parents pass through, the last hour or so, things had been slow. I had put the time to good use and was looking forward to a long weekend without having to grade any papers.

“Mister Hamill?” I looked up and saw a woman’s head peeking around the doorway. “Have you got a minute?” She looked vaguely familiar as she stepped into the room. Early forties, with dark brown hair, and a pert nose, she was a little on the plump side…maybe ten pounds if that, but it fit her well, filling her out in all the right places. Her black jeans fit her snugly and her black blouse was unbuttoned just enough to advertise that she had a spectacular pair of breasts. She was wearing three inch heels and knew how to walk in them…something that I think is becoming rarer as the years pass.

I stood up and gestured to the computer chair I had placed by my desk. “Absolutely, please have a seat.” I was about to ask her who she was when I realized she was being followed by another person and I smiled and realized why she looked familiar. “You’re Kelsey’s mother?” I asked.

The young lady who followed her in was Kelsey Page, one of my Senior Honors English students. There was a great resemblance between the two in their faces…especially the slope of the noses and the tiny clefts in their chins and their dark, almost black eyes. The resemblance more or less ended with their faces. Kelsey was taller than her mother with a lean, shapely body…the kind that makes a fifty year old man remember his youth with more than a touch of wistfulness.

“Yes, I am,” the woman replied, extending her hand which I shook…her skin warm and soft to the touch. “I’m Michelle Page.”

“I’m very pleased to meet you,” I replied. She took the offered seat while Kelsey slipped lithely into a student desk-chair combination and offered me that typical mortified gesture that I’ve seen a thousand times over the years when I’ve encountered my students and their parents together.

I reached out and flipped open my grade book, not really needing to check on Kelsey’s grade, she was one of my best students and in the running for Valedictorian. “Let’s see,” I began, pretending to scan her grades. I looked up and smiled at her mother. “No problems here. Kelsey’s one of my best students…she’s maintaining a ninety-nine average and may be the finest essay writer I’ve had in the last twenty-five years. You should be proud. You’ve raised a fine young woman.”

Both mother and daughter glowed with pleasure at my words and I could see that my student’s beauty had been passed down from her mother. “Thank you,” Michelle replied, glancing back to smile at her daughter. “She loves your class and you’re her favorite teacher.”

Kelsey blushed at her mother’s words, no doubt a little embarrassed and to be honest, I felt a little heat in my face as well. The young woman grinned at me, the tip of her tongue peeking out the way it did when she was pleased by something…the act somehow evoking feelings deep within me…feelings of arousal that I have no doubt that every middle-aged male teacher gets when he’s around such sexy and nubile young girls. I should probably have felt more guilt for my lecherous thoughts, but…hey, she was eighteen, so my guilt wasn’t too bad.

“Well, Kelsey’s a joy to work with and it’s been my experience that that’s the work of her parents. You and your husband get all the credit.”

Now it was Michelle Page’s turn to blush and throwing her daughter a sidelong glance, she said, “Well, actually, I guess I’ll take all the credit. Kelsey’s daddy walked out on us ten years ago.” She rolled her eyes and gave her shoulders a little shrug as if to say, “What are you going to do?”

“Sorry,” I murmured. Then I sat up straighter and said, “Then my hat is off to you, Ms. Page. You’ve done a spectacular job raising Kelsey.”

Again, she glowed with pleasure and for a moment, there was an awkward silence before she began asking questions about the Honor’s Final and wanting my opinion about Kelsey’s university choices. We talked for several minutes before the conversation ended again with an awkward silence.

Michelle started to stand up, but stopped and laughed as she said, “Oh, I understand we were both at the same ACDC concert when we were young!”

Kelsey laughed and then I did too, feeling my face heat up again. I recalled one day earlier in the Fall, regaling my students with the story of how the guitarist Angus Young had showered me with sweat (along with everyone else), when he’d been carried around the arena by roadies during the Black & Blue tour. “Really?” I replied. “Did your parents bring you to the concert? You were what…five or six?” Inwardly, I winced, realizing how what I’d said sounded like a corny pick-up line. Still, that had been 1980 and I’d been nineteen.

Michelle put her hand to her mouth and giggled and said, “No…I was um, fourteen.” She glanced at her daughter again and then said in an embarrassed tone. “I snuck out of the house.” She turned back to her daughter and said in a mocking tone as she playfully shook her finger at Kelsey, “You didn’t hear that, young lady.”

Kelsey rolled her eyes as only a teenager can do and said, “God, Mom…like I didn’t already know you were a wild child.” The young woman turned to me and said, “You should see her rock concert T-shirt collection, Mister Hamill…she has a dresser drawer full of them. I think she was at every rock concert that came through Indianapolis!”

I grinned and began an exchange with her mother as we each offered up various bands from the early 1980s, nodding and laughing as we recalled each one. “REO – 1981?” “Yep…Van Halen – ’83?” “Oh yeah, and in ’88! Judas Priest in 82?” At one point we both looked at each other and said, “Ozzy…Crazy Train!” at the same time.

I shook my head. “Great shows all and some crazy days.” Sighing, I said, “I wish I still had some of those concert shirts, but I pretty much wore them out.”

Michelle nodded and replied, “I know, I still have most of mine, but a lot of them you can practically see right through.”

I sorta gawped at her comment, suddenly envisioning her wearing a nearly worn through T-shirt with those magnificent breasts. I felt my cock twitch a little at the thought. Kelsey giggled, “Jeez, Mom!” while realization of what she said dawned on her mother’s face.

With her face turning bright red, Michelle started to speak, but was interrupted by the principal’s voice coming over the intercom, announcing that “It is now Seven o’clock and our Parent-Teacher conference is now concluded. I’d like to wish students, their families and all our teachers a wonderful three day weekend.”

The announcement gave Kelsey’s mother a moment to recover and she stood up and said, “Well, we should let you go home. I’m sure you’ve had a long day. Thank you for your time.” She paused and grinned as she added, “And thanks for the stroll down memory lane.”

I offered her my hand which she shook as I replied, “Definitely my pleasure, Ms. Page. You two have a wonderful weekend.” I looked to her daughter, looking lovely in a short, flared skirt that showed off her long, toned legs. “See you on Monday, Kelsey.”

Mother and daughter retreated to the door where Michelle stopped and turned back, an odd, almost nervous look on her face. “I don’t know if you’ve heard, but do you know who’s playing at the Barclay Club tomorrow night?” The Barclay was an old nightclub fixture in downtown Indianapolis that often featured old, once famous bands still out there grinding out their music in small venues.

When I shook my head, she said, “Kansas, remember them?”

I smiled at the memory of some of their songs…”Carry On, My Wayward Son” and “Point of No Return” and especially, “Dust in the Wind.” I hadn’t heard most of them in a long time. “Really? I might have to check that out.”

Michelle smiled at me and nodded as she said, “Well, maybe I’ll see you there.” She shot me the briefest of winks and putting her arm through her daughter’s arm, strolled out, leaving me wondering if I had just been flirted with.

I replayed the whole meeting with Kelsey and her mother in my head as I packed up my briefcase and headed for my car. I still couldn’t make up my mind if she had been flirting with me or not. The truth was, I was out of practice. I was twelve years still recovering from a bitter divorce from my first wife who’d been unfaithful and a credit card addict to boot. I had avoided women in general – in part out of anger and in part because I had been close to broke as I struggled to pay off debts she’d accrued. By the time I had regained my footing financially, I’d pretty much grown out of the habit of interacting with women outside of work.

I still appreciated the opposite sex and had had a few brief relationships, but mostly the last few years, I’d satisfied my needs with my hand while fantasizing about various students and fellow female teachers. And yes, more than once, I had masturbated thinking about Kelsey with her long legs and full, pert breasts that jutted out so entrancingly against her T-shirts and blouses.

I slept in the next day, savoring the rare Friday off, waking up and feeling horny, remembering vaguely that I had had a series of dirty dreams. I spent most of the day taking care of various errands around the house…laundry, dishes, the bathroom…all the things that a bachelor tends to let slide.

As the afternoon grew long, I kept thinking back to Michelle Page and that wink and all the naughty thoughts her obviously innocent words had produced and as it grew dark in the early Fall evening, I found myself searching for a place to park in the Barclay’s parking lot, having showered and shaved, wearing blue jeans and a Colts jersey. After squeezing my little Ford Mustang into a tight spot, I paid admission and walked into the loud nightclub. Kansas had just started its set and I was pleased to see that they could still do “Point of No Return” right.

They were performing on a stage at the bottom of a circular amphitheater, surrounded by bleacher seats and small tables where people who were mostly my age or even a little older were moving to the music. Part of me was wondering if we’d still be rocking out when we were all using walkers. Part of me knew that answer was a resounding, “Fuck yes!” I found an open spot at a bar that looked over and down the stage, giving me a reasonably good view of the dimly lit club. People were dancing here and there…mostly at the bottom of the amphitheater. I looked for Michelle as I scanned the room, not seeing anyone I knew.

The music was better than I would have hoped for and by the time I was working on my second beer, I was over any disappointment at not seeing Michelle. My nostalgia for my youth grew as I became more relaxed and then expanded as the unmistakable and sweet aroma of marijuana wafted by. I had to laugh a little. I hadn’t toked reefer in nearly twenty years.

I had turned in my seat to order another beer when I felt a hand drop on my shoulder and heard someone holler, “Mister Hamill! Hi!” I turned and found myself looking at Kelsey Page, looking gorgeous and sexy in tight blue jeans and a black bustier top that lifted her young breasts up for display, baring almost the top half of her firm globes. She was waving a beer bottle in one hand and was sporting a silly grin. “Mom has almost given up on you!” She pointed down below into the amphitheater out of my line of sight and said, “Come down and join us.”

My teacher instincts kicked in as I quashed the raw lust I suddenly felt for this lovely teenager and I tried to eye her beer bottle with a disapproving stare. Kelsey followed my gaze down to the bottle in her hand and giggled before she caught me off guard, stepping up close and leaning her body into mine as she whispered into my ear, “Don’t bust me, Mister Hamill. Mom got me in!” I felt my cock jerk with excitement and my stomach flipped-flopped as I felt her lips brush my ear as she spoke.

I was still in shock when she moved back and took my hand and with a jerk of her head, sending her dark, red streaked hair swirling, said, “C’mon. Mom is going to be thrilled to see you!” I was helpless to refuse, not that I wanted to and so I found myself being led down into the amphitheater, Kelsey deftly weaving through the crowd of mostly middle-aged folks like myself.

We stopped so abruptly at a small square table that I bumped into Kelsey from behind, her firm butt feeling marvelous as it collided with my front, an erection threatening to emerge. She glanced over her shoulder at me in surprise and then giggled as she turned around and tapped a woman sitting with her back to us on the shoulder. Over the din of one of Kansas’ later tunes, she shouted, “Mom, check out who I found!”

Michelle turned and saw me standing there, a slightly uncomfortable grin on my face and she jumped up and threw her arms around me and gave me a quick hug, surprising me a little with her overt familiarity…not that I actually minded as I felt her large breasts rubbing against my chest. “Mister Hamill, you came after all!” she shouted as she let me go and took a step back with a silly grin beaming on her face.

Her eyes were a little unfocused and a quick glance at the table confirmed some empty bottles, so I reckoned she was a few ahead of me. Part of my mind chided me for focusing so damned much on how much beer was being drunk and reorganized my thinking, aided by Michelle bouncing a little on her feet and gesturing to her chest as she crowed, “Ta-Da! From my priceless collection!”

Like her daughter, Michelle was wearing tight fitting blue jeans, but with an old black concert shirt that was nearly faded to gray. Tattered and peeled print told me that it was from a Styx concert, but what drew my attention to it was that even in the dimly lit room, I could tell how worn out and threadbare it was. Bought for someone who had been more slender in 1982 or 1983, it was stretched more than skin tight across her considerable chest, leaving no doubt that she was braless, her nipples standing erect like proud, stubby soldiers on duty against the tattered material. Here and there were small rips and separations and I sensed that under better light, I would be able to see brief, tantalizing glimpses of her bare flesh.

I felt my cock responding to the very lovely and womanly visage before me, growing larger by the second while I grinned stupidly at her and tried to think of something to say, finally settling for, “Hi! You look great!”

Kansas had started up one of their last hits, “Play the Game” and Michelle was moving to the music as she moved towards me again and pulled me towards the table. “Come have a seat with me. Do you need another beer, Mister Hamill?” She grinned at her daughter who was looking at us both with amusement. “Kelsey, think you can get us both another beer, hon?”

I nodded and said, “I’d love one, but please call me John.”

Kelsey laughed and said, “Beers coming right up, Mom…John.” She paused and her forehead wrinkled as she seemed to consider something. She shook her head, her mahogany and red tresses falling over her face before she brushed them back. “Nope, I can’t do that. You’re Mister Hamill to me.” She waved goodbye and moved upwards into the crowd as Michelle pulled me into a seat and slid her chair close to mine.

“Well, I like the sound of your name. John…it suits you.” She reached out and put her hand on mine. “I was hoping you’d show up tonight. I really enjoyed meeting you at the parent-teacher conference and doing that trip down memory lane.”

“I enjoyed it too,” I hollered over the music. I was kind of glad that in the dim light of the club, she couldn’t see me blushing from my awkwardness. “I’d hoped I would run into you tonight.” I paused and then added, “I was surprised to see Kelsey with you though,” immediately regretting having said it – hating those moments when the responsible teacher came out in me. I had no business judging other parents decisions.

Michelle didn’t seem to mind, sticking her tongue out at me and saying, “No big deal…she’s eighteen and at least I know where she’s at, right? Better she have a few beers with me than out running the road with some eighteen year old pile of male hormones with his attention on her tits rather than the road.”

She laughed as my jaw dropped open in surprise at her frank comments. She finished off the beer in front of her and said, “I know, I know. I’ll never be parent of the year, but hell…we were kids too once, right and when we were eighteen, you could at least drink beer – at least that pissy 3.2 swill.”

I laughed and recalled the days before the drinking age was kicked up to twenty-one. “Sorry, I’ve no right to sound judgmental and besides, you’ve already got my vote for parent of the year. She’s a great kid!”

Michelle beamed with pride and nodding her head, replied, “Thank you.” She let out a long sigh. “But, she’s not a kid anymore…I’ve got a young woman on my hands now. I thought I worried about her when she was five.”

She squeezed my hand and I rolled mine over so we could intertwine our fingers and lock them together. Her flesh felt almost feverish…an arousing warmth that seemed to flow and spread into my body. Looking into her eyes, I saw something wild and restless there and my cock pulsed in my jeans in response. Nearly dry-mouthed, I said, “I’m not worried about her. She has a great mother who raised her right.”

Michelle beamed at me again and squeezed my hand tight. Then she shook her head back and forth and said, “Listen to us. There’s rock music booming and we’re acting like a couple of square old farts. We’re at a rock concert, we need to be grooving to the music – dancing and kissing and getting down!” She jumped to her feet, her barely contained breasts bouncing happily as she held out her hand and said, “Dance with me, John!”

Feeling awkward and shy, I nevertheless stood up and took her free hand and we danced…me not so well because I hadn’t done it in so long, but also because Kansas’s music wasn’t exactly great for dancing and in part because I was very distracted by this buxom beauty that I scarcely knew, but who seemed to very interested in me. I tried to match her shimmying movements, nearly awestruck by her graceful and sexy moves, but mostly I worked at not falling over my own feet.

Kansas suddenly transitioned from a fast moving rocker to the more lyrical and slower Dust in the Wind and Michelle followed suit, transition from a body quaking dynamo to moving into me, her arms going around my neck as she pressed her body into mine, her breasts flattening out against my damp Colts shirt while we moved to the music…not exactly slow dancing, but slow enough that I could keep pace with her…not that I wanted to allow her to move away. It had been a long time, but suddenly I found my arms full of a luscious…voluptuous woman and I most definitely liked it.

My head was swimming a little as I hadn’t been with someone that moved this fast…flirted this furiously for many, many years. This combined with her reckless attitude with her daughter created a nagging voice in the back of my head that said I was heading for trouble. That voice was greatly muted as she slowly ground her body against me, her breasts dragging against my chest so that I could feel her hardened nipples.

Michelle stared up at me, capturing me with those dark eyes of hers…drawing me in so that I could get a sense of her face with that cute nose and those thick, luscious lips and then she smiled at me, the tip of her tongue peeking out just as her daughter’s did when she was pleased about something or had been praised in class. I felt my cock twitch in my pants, pressed against her stomach and wondered if she could feel it throbbing, betraying my aroused state.

“This is nice,” she said, raising her voice just enough to be heard. “I’m not moving too fast for you, am I?”

I wasn’t sure if she was talking about the speed of our dancing or her actions as a whole, but in the end, I was fine with both and said, “Nope. I’m having a fine time, Michelle!”

She looked pleased and purred back, “Good…now, we’ve got as far as the dancing. Would you think I’m being forward if I asked for a kiss?”

That surprised me a little, but I shook my head and said, “I’d love to kiss you, but you should know, I’m a little out of practice and might not get it right.”

Michelle giggled and replied, “Not a problem…I’m a firm believer in practicing something until you get it right…that’s why Kelsey is such a good student, she practices until she has things down perfect.”

Her comments, especially bringing her daughter into it, was sort of shocking, but also titillating and I tried to respond at her level of teasing by saying, “Sounds good to me, especially if I have a good teacher helping me.”

She grinned at me and licking her full lips, answered, “Oh honey, I will rock your world. I felt her breasts dragging upwards on my chest and her stomach sliding up along my cock filled jeans as she rose up on tip-toe and pressed her lips against mine. I expected a chaste kiss at least initially, but her mouth was open from the get-go, and in surprise, I opened my mouth in response to the furious assault from her tongue which quickly found my own and I found myself kissing her with more passion than I had possessed in a long time.

As Michelle and I dueled wet tongues, my hands on their own, somehow found their own way from her waist to her hips and I cupped and squeezed her butt cheeks as she worked herself against me. I could feel the blood pounded in my head as she finally slipped her tongue from my mouth and with our lips almost meeting, said to me, “Nothing wrong with your kissing, John…you get an ‘A+’ but just to be sure…let’s keep practicing.”

We resumed kissing, our tongues coming together in lewd fashion before our lips touched, enjoying the feel and taste of each other. Pulling herself against me tighter, Michelle drew one leg up along mine and then curled it around my left leg, grinding her crotch against my thigh. Even though the club was warm and humid, it seemed to me as if her crotch was hot. I quivered with sudden hunger for this woman that I barely knew and kissed her harder and more fervently, drawing an approving and muted moan from her. We both had our eyes open, staring at each other, recognizing our lust mirrored in the other’s image.

The song faded away and was followed by applause and we still slowly danced and kissed, not really conscious of the rest of the world until I heard some fellow with a deep bass voice bellow, “Get a room, you horndogs!”

Michelle giggled into my mouth and we both broke the kiss, both of us gasping for air as we let each other go and took a step back to look at each other with a lot of desire and a little wonder at the sudden development of physical attraction. I suddenly realized the lights had come up a little and indeed, Michelle’s T-shirt was so threadbare that her breasts were nearly completely exposed – in places the fabric just barely holding together and I struggled to not focus solely on them which she noticed with a wicked grin on her face. A voice announced from speakers overhead that Kansas was taking a break and would return in half an hour for a second set.

I stepped up to Michelle and said, “That was…um, that was wonderful.”

She took my hand and drew it to her face and said, “Yes, it was,” before kissing the back of my hand. She then guided me back to our table where we found Kelsey sitting, watching us with a grin that looked as evil as her mother’s.

She blinked her eyes in a poor imitation of blithe innocence and said, “Well, I guess you two aren’t having any problems getting acquainted.”

We slipped into chairs opposite the young girl and Michelle giggled again and said, “Well, sweetie, I always told you I was a wild child!”

Kelsey rolled her eyes with mock exasperation and said, “Yeah, but it’s different when you actually see your mother in action!” She slid two bottles of beer over to us. “It looks like you both could use something to cool off.”

Michelle and I looked at each other and broke out laughing like embarrassed teenagers caught necking and then clinked our bottles together before we each took a sip.

Kelsey studied us both, a grin on her face before she turned to me and said, “I don’t know if Mom told you, Mister Hamill, but she’s developed a crush on you.”

“Really?” I said even as her mother told her to behave.

Michelle’s daughter nodded and went on, saying, “Oh yeah. I kept coming home and telling her how cool your class was and how cool you were and…um, how good looking.” I felt my skin begin to burn again as the teenager looked coyly at me and added, “And then I showed Mom your picture in last year’s yearbook and she fell head over heels for you!”

Michelle took a sip of her beer and said in a serious tone. “I said he was sexy hot, Kelsey…not that I fell in love with him.” She reached out with her free hand to grasp my hand again. “Not that falling for him would be all that hard to do.” She ran a fingernail over the top of my hand, smiling coyly at me.

“Maybe you should cool your jets a little, Mom,” Kelsey said smugly. “You might scare him away.”

I stepped into the conversation and said, “Well, things might be moving a little fast, but I’m not planning to run away.”

Kelsey’s mom smiled at me, still gently scratching my hand with her fingernail and replied, “That’s good, John. I hope that this night is just getting started.”

We looked at each other for a long time silently…maybe too long because Kelsey said again in that tone of exasperation that only teenagers can muster, “God…go ahead and kiss each other again. I know you’re dying too!”

Michelle watched me expectantly and suddenly, I didn’t want to disappoint her. I scooted my chair a little closer and leaned into her, sliding my arm around her waist and pulling her to me. We kissed again, Michelle’s mouth open and welcoming as our lips met. As before, we both kept our eyes open as we kissed – our tongues already moving together with familiar intimacy. Once in a while, I could see her quickly glance over at Kelsey and my eyes would follow to see the teenager looking at us with great interest and maybe even a little bit of envy, her tongue peeking out to worry at her lips.

When the kiss ended, I ran my tongue over my lips, savoring every bit of Michelle’s taste and then gave Kelsey an awkward and embarrassed grin. She gave me that evil grin that she must have inherited from her mother and said, “What’s wrong, Mister Hamill?”

I started to reply, then hesitated. How to put all my emotions into words? Here I was, basically making out with a woman I barely knew, but who I already was dying to get into her pants, kissing her in front of her daughter who happened to be in one of my classes and was herself dressed somewhere between sexy and slutty and who was responsible in part for the throbbing erection in my jeans, along with her lusty mother.

Finally, I managed to stammer, “I, um…well, I don’t think I’ve ever French-kissed one of my student’s mother before…at least not in front of her.”

Kelsey shrugged, making her large, youthful breasts bounce a little in that bustier outfit of hers and said, “It doesn’t bother me. You both seemed to be enjoying yourselves. I reckon you must be a good kisser.”

“Oh yeah, he is that!” murmured Michelle.

Kelsey shrugged again, her smile seeming to hint that she knew what her movements made her breasts do and that she enjoyed showing them off to me. “I’m happy for you guys. I love my Mom and all I want is to see her happy and I think you’re a great guy. If you two hook up, I’ll be thrilled.” She glanced at her mother and shot her a sly wink.

Michelle scooted a little closer to me so that her leg was pressing against mine. She dropped her hand on my upper leg as she said, “Don’t be shy around Kelsey. We’ve never kept secrets from each other…after all that we’ve been through, we’re too close to do that.” She smiled at her daughter, the love that she had for her clearly evident and said, “She knows exactly how horny her mother can get and has never judged me.” Her hand stroked up and down my upper thigh, coming dangerously close to the bulge of my erect cock as she added, “And she knows that I’ll never judge her.”

On the stage, the members of Kansas were again beginning to gather and after staring at them for a moment, Michelle said, “I’m glad we came here tonight, but we’ve heard most of their hits. How about we get out of here and get something to eat? Maybe someplace quieter where we can talk?”

“Sounds great to me,” I replied. “Kelsey?” I asked, looking her way.

She shrugged again, I think for my benefit so I could see her fine, pert breasts bounce yet again and said, “I think I’ve had enough of the classics for one night. I want a cheeseburger!”

I told them I knew just the place and we weaved our way through the crowd, Michelle holding hands with both of us. I felt like a proud, preening peacock as I led them out, seeing many of the men there eyeing mother and daughter with interest and looking at me in envy or in confusion as to how some average, middle-aged guy had wound up with two gorgeous women.

Michelle asked me to drive as I had only had a couple of beers while she had gotten several bottles ahead while waiting for me to show up. I had no problem with that and led them back to my car…my one vanity possession – a ’68 Mustang Fastback. It had been one of the few things I’d walked away from my divorce with…back then, being little more than a shell. Much of my time since had been spent restoring my Mustang.

Both ladies were very impressed with my metallic blue Ford, although Kelsey fussed a little as she clambered into the back seat. “Wow, this is really cramped,” she muttered as she bent over and wiggled her way in…at different points offering a premium view of her tight, blue-jean clad ass and then as she pulled herself in, appeared to almost have her firm breasts fall out of her bustier.

I felt my face burning as I looked up from the view of her breasts on display to see her mother watching me with amusement while she told Kelsey, “Don’t complain to me about how tight it is in the back – I think you were conceived in the back of a Mustang just like this…only it was painted green.”

I held the door open for Michelle and she got in after pausing to give me a quick, but very wet kiss. As I climbed in and fired the engine up, Michelle scooted over as close to me as she could in her bucket seat and said, “You know, some people say when a guy owns a car like this, he must be compensating for something else.” She glanced back at her daughter who was hovering close to us on the edge of the back seat and in full view of Kelsey, reached over and ran her hand over the bulge in my jeans, assessing the size of my erection. Giggling, she turned and looked back at Kelsey and said, “Nope…not compensating for anything here!” Then, in a slightly softy and huskier voice, she said, “Very nice, John!”

My ears were singing as the blood pounded in my head, my face feeling like it was on fire as I tried to get my mind around the fact that a student’s mother had just blatantly groped me in front of her daughter. I tried to laugh it off and leered at Michelle and admonished her jokingly to, “Behave now, I don’t need any more distractions than you two ladies while I’m driving.”

Both ladies giggled at my comments as I moved through the eastern side of Indianapolis until we reached a well known burger joint, its rundown appearance being no indication of the quality of the food. Soon, we were chowing down on the best burgers in town as we talked. I discovered that Michelle was a Nurse-practitioner in an ER in a local hospital and had been married once…divorcing Kelsey’s father after he abandoned them when Kelsey was seven years old. She had been working as a secretary for an insurance agency, but went back to school for her medical degree while working and raising Kelsey.

“Wow…that had to be hard and the fact that you obviously did a fantastic job raising her says a lot.” I looked at Kelsey who was sitting next to her mother across the booth from me, the two of them a vision of youthful and mature sensual beauty. “You must be proud of your Mom.”

Mother and daughter eyed each other, smiling affectionately at each other and then Kelsey replied, “She’s the greatest! I’m glad things were the way they were. It just made us closer!”

Michelle glowed with love and motherly pride. She leaned over and kissed her daughter on the corner of her mouth and said, “We did it together…just the two of us. I love her more than anything!”

Kelsey blushed and shivered a bit and reached out and squeezed her mother’s hand. “I love you, Mom,” she murmured and leaned in and kissed her mother back, a little more fully on the lips than the previous kiss.” Both were blushing a little now and I felt a little flushed. I hoped my face didn’t reflect how erotic my view was…the two sexily dressed women kissing was turning me on and somehow, knowing that they were mother and daughter made it even hotter.

Kelsey recovered first and looking at me speculatively, said, “But maybe…maybe Mom might find room for someone else in her life, Mister Hamill. You interested?”

It was Michelle’s turn to be embarrassed. “Kelsey! And you’re always complaining about how I lack subtlety!”

I laughed and said, “That’s okay. I’ll be honest…this evening has been like a wild roller coaster ride and my head is spinning, but…” I reached out and took Michelle’s other hand in mine. “I like roller coasters and I’m having the time of my life.”

Michelle’s eyes went a little wide and her face softened a little with a joyful expression and she sighed, “Oh, John…that’s so sweet! She stood up as best she could in the booth and leaned over and kissed me on the mouth, her tongue slipping into mine for a rousing kiss.

Between the background chatter in the diner and the wet noise of our kiss, I almost missed the soft, muted sound of tattered, worn cotton splitting and might have not even registered the noise if Kelsey hadn’t said in a laughing voice, “Mom, I think you’ve had a wardrobe malfunction!”

Michelle broke the kiss, moving back to sit down as she looked down at the front of her T-shirt and made a funny “Eek!” sound as she and I both saw that her worn material of her shirt had split in a long line of maybe five inches where her left nipple had been nearly poking through the deteriorating fabric to reveal her swollen nipple – a dark nickel sized nub that was a half inch long as well as a sizable portion of her left breast. My aching cock let go with a sudden spurt of precum as it throbbed hungrily at the sudden appearance of a magnificent breast.

“Oops,” I murmured, both sorry and pleased that I wasn’t carrying a jacket to offer her some cover.

“Damn…and I liked this shirt. It was one of my favorites!” muttered Michelle as she tried to pull the torn cloth back together, but only proceeded to make it worse as the tear widened. “Damn!” she repeated and then looked up at me with a silly grin as she clapped her hand over her exposed breast and said, “I guess maybe you should run us home before I get arrested for indecent exposure!”

I glanced around and saw that a few other customers had noticed what had happened and were staring with great interest. “I doubt anyone is going to complain, Michelle,” I said with a teasing tone, maybe happy to have someone else besides me feeling off-balance. “But, maybe we should get going.”

I tossed down money for the food and tip and then led the ladies out, Michelle with a hand on my shoulder and another around my waist as she pressed herself against my back to minimize her lack of coverage. Glancing back, I saw she had an embarrassed but also proud expression on her face, acknowledging the winks and whistles of her new admirers in the diner.

Once we were back in my car and moving back across town, Michelle relaxed and dropped her hand away from her breast, leaving it exposed in the flickering light as we passed under street lights and by brightly lit business signs. That proved to be a distraction as I kept glancing over to admire the sloping curve of her breast and her swollen and delectable looking nipple.

At some point, I think I might have swerved slightly and she leaned close and said, “Pay attention to the road, sweetheart,” even as she added an additional distraction by again dropping her hand into my lap and slowly rubbing my jean covered cock. From the back seat came amused giggling from Kelsey that did nothing to assuage the arousal I was feeling.

Finally, we arrived at their home – maybe a mile from my own small house. Michelle and Kelsey lived in a late nineteen twenties Craftsman style house that was well kept up with beds of now burgeoning flowers, responding to the unseasonably warm weather this early in the Spring.

Under the illumination of a bright streetlight, I could see that the rip in Michelle’s T-shirt had widened and her entire breast, a lovely and meaty gourd-shaped tit was exposed. She turned in her seat to face me, unashamedly showing off her magnificent breast. “I think I speak for Kelsey when I say we’ve had a lovely time, John.” Michelle murmured, her voice a little hoarse.

“It’s been my pleasure, Michelle. I hope we can…see each other again…soon.” I watched as her pleasure at my words seemed to make her nipple swell even more.

Michelle glanced back at her daughter in the backseat and from the edge of my vision, I sensed movement in my rearview mirror. Michelle licked her lips and said, “Would you like to come in, John?”

My heart was pounding with excitement, but I was trying to not go overboard and ruin the moment. “Well…it is getting late and I don’t want to keep y’all up.”

Michelle leaned in and with the one hand still resting on the bulge in my jeans, she reached out and turned off the motor and handed me the keys. In a voice that was low, but dripping with excitement, she said, “John, I want you to come in.” She looked back at her daughter. “Kelsey doesn’t mind in the least, do you, darling?”

“Nope!” came Kelsey’s quick reply. “You two have been having a wonderful night…I don’t see the point in stopping now.” She was in shadow, but I knew that she was smiling – that her pleased, tongue peeking grin was on her face.

I reached out and stroked Michelle’s face and replied, “Okay…let’s go in!”

I climbed out and flipped up the seat for Kelsey and still complaining about the tight quarters back there, she wormed her way out, stumbling as she emerged to fall against me. I caught her, but suddenly found myself with my arms full of luscious, young woman. Kelsey pressed herself against me as she regained her balance and I was helpless and unable to resist looking down to see her breasts ready to spill out of her bustier…her aureoles now visible above the black fabric of her top.

She glanced down and then looked at me slyly as she murmured, “Whoops…sorry about that.” She moved past me, her breasts dragging across my chest as she headed up the walk, digging house keys out of her tight jeans.

Still watching her, I came around and opened the door for Michelle, offering her a hand out of the car. Standing on the sidewalk, she put her arms around my neck and kissed me, unmindful about her exposed breast. When we finally untangled our tongues, she silently took my hand and led me up the walkway to her house. Kelsey had already gone ahead and up the steps to the concrete and stone porch and had unlocked their door and went in.

Michelle gave me a quick tour of the downstairs…kitchen, bathroom, utility room, dining room and a surprisingly large living room and by the time we’d settled on the couch, Kelsey reappeared, carrying two more beers and a coke, handing off the beers to us as we settled on a large, overstuffed couch while she slipped into a large Lazy-Boy chair and kicked it back, her breasts again hinting at the possibility of falling out as she inclined backwards and grabbed a remote on a small table beside her.

Michelle kicked off her boots and curled up beside me, keeping the old concert shirt on, unashamed in the least of having a breast hanging out in the well lit room, brushing against my arm. She wrapped one arm through mine while the other rested again on my lap, slowly and visibly and slowly rubbing my erect cock in front of her daughter. That was both disconcerting and strangely exciting at the same time. Kelsey would glance over at us, smile at the spectacle of her mother cuddling intimately with her English teacher and then return her attention to the television.

We all barely spoke for the next hour as we watched reruns of a popular comedy – as well known for being sexually crude as it was for being funny – Kelsey giggling at the sexual innuendos while Michelle and I divided our time between watching and kissing. By the time it was over, Michelle had somehow gone from being curled up on my right side to sitting in my lap, her blue jean covered ass feeling sweet on my erection which once in a while she would wiggle around on.

I lost track of what I was doing sometimes during our making out – my hand wandering up to Michelle’s bare tit as our tongues dueled while we kissed, cupping her heavy breast. Then Kelsey would giggle at something on the television or maybe at the spectacle that her mother and I were being and I would let my hand drop away. I would glance over at my teenage student guiltily and sometimes she met my gaze with a smile or a faintly interested expression and other times she was focused on the television, laughing or taking a sip of her soda.

Finally, she sat up in her recliner and clicked the television off with her remote. “I’m going to bed,” she announced. She marched up to us, Michelle sitting comfortably on my lap and said, “I’m glad you two are hitting it off. You are my two most favorite people in the world!” Kelsey leaned down and kissed her mother on the lips, the two of them making their lips smack loudly as they did so. The young woman started to straighten up, but then hesitated and turned to me and bussed me on the corner of my mouth. “Goodnight, Mom,” she said softly. “Goodnight, Mister Hamill.”

She started to rise up again, but looked down at my hand which had retreated from her mother’s breast and frowned. Then she grabbed my hand and placed it back atop her mother’s exposed breast. “You don’t have to hide the fact that Mom let you get to second base already, Mister Hamill,” she said smugly. “I am totally cool with this.” She patted my hand atop her mother’s fleshy tit and said, “There…that’s better!”

Kelsey then stood up and headed for the stairs. She turned and blew us a kiss. “Goodnight, Mom. I love you!” She climbed the first two steps and turned again and blew us another kiss and said, “I think I could love you too, Mister Hamill. Goodnight!” Before I could say a word, the teenaged girl was scooting up the stairs, breasts bouncing in her bustier, leaving her mother and I alone.

I looked down at my hand, fingers dug in slightly in Michelle’s meaty breast. “Wow, she’s really something, isn’t she?”

Michelle stroked my face and replied, “You have no idea…she surprises me everyday.” She kissed me again, gently and quickly, and looking down at my hand on her breast, added, “But enough about my sweet, sexy daughter, Mister Hamill. Would a certain teacher like to show a certain parent some special attention?”

“It would be my pleasure…the school system encourages a strong parent-teacher relationship,” I replied before kissing her as my hand squeezed and caressed her exposed breast. As our tongued danced and probed, I enjoyed making Michelle shiver as I teased her swollen nipple with my hand, lightly scraped her rubbery button with my palm. Without breaking the kiss, Michelle shifted around till she was sitting on top of me, straddling me as her thighs pressed into my legs from each side, gently rocking atop my jean clad erection.

I broke the kiss suddenly to duck my head down and took her swollen nipple between my lips, making Michelle moan as I sucked and used my tongue on the throbbing nub. As I nursed at her large tit, my hand was sliding over her other breast, squeezing it through the threadbare cotton of her T-shirt. I let her nipple slip from my lip as I heard a soft, ripping sound and realized that I had snagged a small hole and torn it open wider with an exploring finger.

Michelle was breathing hard and staring at me with dark, hooded eyes. “Sorry about that,” I murmured, glancing down just long enough to confirm the tear, a three inch gash that revealed the upper swell of her still partly covered breast.

“Shirt’s toast, anyway,” Michelle hissed. “Go ahead and finish it. Tear my shirt off me.”

Her offer of this pseudo-violent act sent a wave of arousal through me and with a snarl, I hooked my fingers into the ragged holes of her shirt and tore it wide open, completely exposing her lovely breasts. A couple more jerks and the shirt fell off her arms in tatters to fall on the floor while the woman in my lap moaned, her heavy breasts, like beautiful, heavy gourds heaving with excitement.

Michelle nearly growled as she placed her hands on my cheeks and pulled my face to her for a quick, wet kiss and then guided me down to her breasts, allowing me to nuzzle her fleshy tits, moaning happily as I licked and kissed my way over her meaty breasts, nuzzling and sucking at her thick, long nipples that I could feel throbbing with excitement as I rolled my tongue around and over them.

We were kissing again, juicy, messy kisses as our tongues writhed feverishly around each other in between slathering licks at each others lips. As we kissed, Michelle’s hands worked furiously at my belt buckle, undoing the button on my jeans before she slid a little backwards on my legs and yanked my zipped down. I groaned as I felt her hand, warm and soft reach into my fly and into my shorts, searching for my erect cock.

Michelle broke the kiss and was suddenly on her knees, hands tearing my sneakers from my feet and then with the expertise that only a mother possesses, tugged my jeans down and off, flinging them and my shorts away as she triumphantly seized my freed penis in her hand. “Oh God, you are so big, John!” she moaned as she wrapped her long, slender fingers around my shaft and slowly stroked it. She moved in and blew warm air across my throbbing cock head. Michelle looked up at me wickedly and said, “You’ve been hard all night. Did I give you this erection or did Kelsey make you hard?”

This was a dangerous question, but I suddenly found myself not wanting to ever lie to this woman and I told her the truth, “It was both of you! I’ve never met a mother and daughter who were so sexy and hot!”

Michelle grinned, obviously pleased for my answer…because of my honesty or for some unknown perverse reason of her own, I hadn’t a clue. “God, John. I am going to fuck your brains out,” she panted. “But first…” Michelle leaned forward, her mouth opening wide and expertly wrapped her lips around the head of my penis and took me in her mouth, her tongue dancing wildly over my tumescent flesh.

“Oh my God!” I moaned as I felt Michelle take more of me into her mouth, swallowing inch after inch of my erection with practiced ease. My hands found their way into her dark hair, twisting her long tresses and tensing to keep her mouth on my cock. Michelle began to bob her head back and forth, moderating her pace in response to pressure from my guiding hands. Her dark eyes were fixed on my face, monitoring my expressions as she learned my most sensitive spots as her tongue rolled over the swollen glans. This woman knew what she was doing and she knew what she wanted.

After a couple of minutes of her sweet mouth on my hard dick, Michelle let me slip from her lips, the air seeming incredibly cold to my penis after residing in her hot mouth. Michelle smoothly rose to her feet, taking my hand and urging me up as she said, “I want you in my bed now…your cock in my pussy in my bed…now, John!”

I found myself being led to the stairs, Michelle shifting her hold on me from my hand to my cock even as I asked in a stuttering voice. “Are…are you sure? I mean, what about Kelsey…should we…with her in the house?” Inwardly, I cursed that teacher mentality of mine, wanting to shut it up, but seemingly unable to do so.

Michelle began to guide me up the steps, slowly taking them one by one walking backwards as she said, “Kelsey won’t mind, John. Hell, she’ll probably be fingering herself as we fuck, hearing us.” Her evil grin grew as she added, “And she will hear us, John. This cock is going to make me scream…you’re going to make me scream, teacher man and you know it!”

I was speechless, stunned and aroused by her lewd and frank words. Just when I thought I might reply, Michelle suddenly sat down on the stairs about halfway up and said, “I have to suck this beautiful cock again.” She guided me to her lips and began sucking my dick loudly, making wet slurping noise. My head was spinning as I suddenly wondered what Kelsey would make of this scene being played out on the stairs of her home – her mother naked from the waist up, sucking the very erect cock of her teacher who was naked from the waist down.

The thought of the teenage girl seeing her mother and me in such a carnal spectacle nearly made me lose control and I had to withdraw from Michelle’s mouth. “I am about to explode,” I gasped, Michelle’s knowing grin telling me I didn’t have to explain why.

She rose to her feet again, wrapping fingers around my saliva coated cock and said, “I wouldn’t mind, honey. I expect to taste your sweet spunk soon enough, but maybe there are other places I’d like to have you cum in first.” Her frank and lewd words nearly made me cum in her hands, but somehow I held off. Maybe it had been the beers, I’d had earlier…I was always a little slower to cum after a few drinks.

Michelle led me down a hallway, a grandfather clock ticking calmly as we passed by. A door was shut, but I heard music playing lowly and again my cock flirted with cumming as I realized that we were passing Kelsey’s bedroom. We stopped at the next door down and Michelle swung the door open and led me inside. All around the room were several candles, lit and flickering and Michelle stared at them in mute surprise. There was no need to flip on the lights as the shimmering candlelight provided us with more than adequate light and lent the room a more intimate and romantic feel.

Shaking her head, her voice, filled with emotion, Michelle said softly, “That kid…she never ceases to amaze me!”

I looked around and nodded at the candles resting on a shelf, high above the bed, the smell of jasmine thick in the air. “Kelsey did this? She knew you and I would be coming up here?”

Michelle nodded and replied, “That girl is such a romantic and I guess she wanted to do something special for us.” She grinned wolfishly at me and slipped her arms around me and said, “Well, let us not disappoint her, teacher man!” We kissed again, her right hand sliding under my shirt to caress my chest while her left hand slowly stroked my slick cock.” Then Michelle was tugging my shirt over my head and flinging it carelessly away, pressing her mouth to my chest to lick at my pebbled nipples while I fumbled with the buttons to her jeans, finally feeling them part so I could slip my hand into her pants, moaning as I found no panties, but instead slipped fingers through trimmed bush hair and then into slick, wet flesh, her labia parting around my fingers.

I spun Michelle around and pulled her tight against me, her blue jean covered ass, feeling rough against my aroused cock as I nibbled at her neck and shoulders while I continued to rub her aroused pussy. Amidst her sighs of pleasure, I slowly kissed my way down her back until I reached her jeans and then I slowly tugged them down, revealing her full, round butt cheeks which I kissed as I worked her jeans down until she could step out of them.

I flung them after my abandoned shirt and steered her around to face me and slowly I kissed my way up her legs, circling around her pussy, smelling its strong, rich aroma as I ran my lips and tongue up her thigh and over her low stomach and then back down the other thigh, making her gasp with anticipation that finally evolved into a lusty moan as I pressed my face against her pussy. Aroma became sweet flavor as I slipped my tongue between her slick lips and drove deep inside, scooping up her juices and drinking them like ambrosia from heaven.

Michelle’s fingers slipped through my hair as she pressed my face more firmly against her mound, moaning, “So sweet, John…so damned sweet.” I lapped up her juices, growing hungrier for her with each swipe of my tongue as I explored her soft folds – my tongue slithering over and around her labia, discovering her fat clitoris, fully emerged from its hood. I teased Michelle as I circled the thick nub, not letting my tongue touch it until she was shaking with pleasure and need. As I rolled my tongue over her clitoris, I slid my hands up the back of her legs to cup the swell of her buttocks, anticipating her suddenly going weak as my tongue collaborated with her clitoris to make her explode with ecstatic pleasure”

A howl of pure pleasure emerged from Michelle’s lips as her fingers tightened on my head to echo around the room and beyond. I became a little more enthusiastic as pussy cream gushed heavily onto my face and I felt pleasure at giving Michelle pleasure and growing arousal as I wondered what Kelsey’s reaction to hearing her mother cry out with sexual delight.

“Fu-fuck me, John.” Michelle wailed as she tried to stagger back, breaking free of my grip, leaving me to scramble to my feet, her juices dripping from my chin. She backed into the bed and fell back, trembling as she scrambled backwards, moving up onto the bed with her heels kicking. She spread her legs wide, her labia parting to reveal the glistening pink flesh within. “Fuck me, John!” she moaned holding out her arms to me. “Fuck me, please, teacher man!”

I moved with the desires and energy of a man half my age, wanting this woman as I hadn’t wanted a woman since I was a horny teenager anxious to get laid for the first time. I bounded up onto the bed and was between Michelle’s widespread legs almost before I was conscious of it. I eased myself on top of her, feeling her wetness against my shaft and her pillow like breasts spreading with my sudden weight. Michelle drew her legs up along my thighs, rolling her hips to move into a better position.

We kissed, simultaneously pressing our lips together as her pussy lips kissed and opened for the swollen head of my cock. Michelle’s eyes widened as I moved into her, inducing her to moan into my mouth as her pussy, wet and tight, yielded to my throbbing manhood, wrapping me in her fiery, slick flesh as I realized I hadn’t felt this hard…this long and thick, in years. Sweet pleasure blossomed in our joined loins and we both cried out in ecstasy as we came together as if we’d been lovers all of our adult lives.

Michelle rolled her hips and then shifted just so and I found myself completely inside her pulsating, wet cunt, her legs coming up to wrap around my lower back, pulling me against her as if she never wanted to let me go. Her fingers slipped through my hair and then slowly clawed down my back as I throbbed inside her, not moving as we both savored being so intimately joined together.

Our kiss ended, Michelle nibbling at my lower lip before letting it end. “You feel…oh, Michelle, you feel so good…so right,” I breathed hoarsely.

I felt her tremble beneath me as her pussy seemed to clasp me even more tightly as she gasped, “You are so big…so perfect for me. I love your cock, John.” She kissed me again and said, “I love how you make me feel.”

We stared into each other’s eyes for a long minute and then I slowly began moving atop her, withdrawing my throbbing cock from her pussy as I whispered, “It’s just the beginning, I will make you feel even better. I withdrew maybe halfway, amazed at how cool the warm air of the bedroom was after being enveloped in her hot pussy and then thrust back in, drawing a loud cry from her. Again and again, I worked my cock back and forth, fucking her as my head spun with happiness and pleasure.

In twelve years with my ex…it had never felt this right. No woman in my life felt as natural and perfect as Michelle did underneath, becoming even sweeter as she began to move in time with me, rolling and thrusting her hips upwards to meet my cock, clasping it tightly as I slid in and out of her heavenly pussy. Perhaps she had been aroused as much as I had been, but almost too soon, I sensed her impending orgasm as she began to moan and cry and as I fucked her faster and harder, her wails became screams of passion and delight and I had no doubt that if her daughter was awake, she could hear us and if she had been asleep, we were definitely waking her up…maybe waking up the entire neighborhood.

The feel of her tight, hot pussy and the way she cried out with pleasure, combined with the knowledge that Kelsey had to be listening to us in the next room to suddenly send me over the edge despite my best efforts to control myself. “Oh, Michelle! Love, I’m gonna cum!” I sobbed as I sank my cock deep inside her, feeling my entire body begin to clench as my sperm boiled over and exploded from my cock to bathe her womb in hot semen.

Michelle slipped over the edge as well as her legs fell away and she drew them up so she could push upwards against my cock, her leg muscles straining as her feet, flat on the mattress, pushed upwards. Her fingernails clawed at my already scratched back as she screamed, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” over and over again.

Too soon I had shot my load, filling her pussy with the cum of a long overdue orgasm. It was lovely and yet disappointing as I had wanted to last longer…for her and for myself…it had been that good…closer to perfection than I had ever known. As we both settled down, I looked into Michelle’s lovely eyes and murmured, “Sorry…it’s been a while.”

Michelle looked at me incredulously and replied, “Nothing to apologize for, lover. That was fantastic. I’m amazed you lasted as long as you did the way I’ve been loving on you tonight.”

Her words made me beam with pleasure and I murmured, “Thank you, Michelle.”

I rose up to withdraw and move off her – feeling my now semi-erect cock reducing down, but Michelle raised her trembling legs and wrapped them around me and rasped, “Lover, you’re not going anyway.” When I raised a questioning eyebrow, she added, “Just rest lover and when your recover, I want you to fuck my brains out!”

I kissed her, glowing with pleasure at her confidence in me. “I hope I’m up to it, Michelle,” I replied. “But, I’m fifty-one. It might be a while.”

Michelle smiled back, licking my lower lip when our kissed ended. “I have faith, John and you might as well stay right here.” I felt her muscles contract around my semi-erect penis. “Besides, you feel just fine inside me.”

We kissed for a few moments and then grinning evilly, Michelle said in a teasing voice. “So, what do you think Kelsey made of that?”

I shook my head, still barely able to conceive of how wantonly naughty this woman was. “My head is spinning, Michelle. I feel like you and Kelsey have cast some sort of spell on me.”

Michelle giggled and replied, “Whatever do you mean?”

I kissed her again, suddenly aware that I could actually taste her pussy on her own lips, suddenly recalling how my face had been dripping with her juices when I climbed atop her a few wonderful moments before. “I’ve never met anyone like you. I’ve never been around a mother and daughter who act like you…so free and…”

“Nasty?” offered Michelle.

“Yes!” I blurted out. “I’ve been a teacher for nearly thirty years and I never even dreamed of being in this situation…hanging out with a student in a bar and…my God, she put my hand on your breast. She watched you rubbing me in the car and downstairs.”

Michelle nodded and said in an amused voice. “Wicked, aren’t we?” She ran a hand along my arm. “I know that most folks would say that was…is wrong, the way I’m so open with my daughter, but…” She looked into my eyes and said, “I’d decided a long time ago, I wasn’t going to be a hypocrite about sex with my daughter. I was a wild child and I loved sex when I was her age and when I was married to her father.”

She frowned and said, “After Kelsey’s birth, he turned into a tight-assed prude and we fought about how we would raise Kelsey and ultimately, rather than live with such a slutty-minded woman as me, he left.” She eyed me with some concern. “After my divorce, I wasn’t celibate. I never fucked any of my guys in front of my little girl, but I never shied away from her questions about why Mommy was making so much noise the night before. I raised her to believe that sex is precious, something to be shared with others, preferably with someone they loved or at least cared about.

“Since she turned eighteen back in June, we’ve been a lot closer than even before.” Michelle smiled at me…the mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa. “We’re closer than most mothers and daughters and I love that we can have that honest a relationship…that we can share as much as we do. She an adult…a lovely, mature young woman and I treat her like that.” I felt my cock twitch, partly from the erotically charged timbre in her voice and partly her frank honesty.

Michelle kissed me again and said, “We share our lives on a very intimate level. That’s why I felt like I knew you even before we finally met. Kelsey would come and share your stories and your wisdom…not just academics, but your outlook on life.” She smiled lovingly at me and said, “She said that you reminded her of me…and I comprehended that. Everyday after hearing her stories about you, I felt more and more like you were my soul mate that I simply hadn’t met yet.”

I felt her cunt muscles, recovered now fully from her orgasm, begin to vigorously massage my awakening cock as she continued, “Yesterday evening, when we finally met, I just wanted to get on my knees and suck your cock so badly.” She grinned and winked at me and said, “When I told Kelsey that, she said that she’d wished I had…that she’d really have enjoyed watching that.”

“Omigod,” I moaned as I felt my cock once again swelling. Michelle sighed too as I began to fill her again.

“I told her that if you showed up at the show tonight, there was no way I was going to go home without you and that before this night was through, one way or another, you and I were going to fuck like horny monkeys.”

“Thank you,” I whispered and then I kissed her again, reveling in the sensation of suddenly being fully erect inside this incredible woman again.

“No, thank you,” Michelle moaned. “For being so accepting of my naughty nature and not being scared off by Kelsey and me.” As I slowly began to pump my cock into her again, making her face screw up with absolute pleasure, “You know, John, when I told Kelsey what I was definitely going to do to you, she said she’d love to see that too.” She kissed me and whispered in my ear as I began to speed up my thrusts, “Wouldn’t that be wicked, Teacher man? Wouldn’t it be wicked to fuck while your hot, sexy student – my daughter, watched us?” Michelle arched her back in pleasure as I suddenly and furiously began to fuck her…excited more than I could have imagined ever being by her naughty words.

We slowly fell into a mad, furious fuck as her last words were moaned into my ears, “Wouldn’t it be wicked if it wasn’t enough for her…wouldn’t it be wicked if she fucked you too!” Michelle wrapped her arms and legs around me, holding on tight as I fucked her like a man gone insane…images of her daughter lying beneath me intermixing with the real thing, reducing me to a rutting beast that was fucking its mate.

Our bodies grew slick with sweat as we fucked furiously, Michelle’s pussy a molten cauldron sucking at my painfully erect penis. Our tongues wrestled and fought amidst our ravenous, sloppy kisses which paused only when Michelle caught an orgasmic wave and had to scream her ecstasy to the world, her body bucking and writhing in a near religious fit of carnal pleasure.

I fucked her until I could scarcely breathe and then Michelle summoned the will to roll us over and ride me like a fuck-crazed cowgirl. I had never been with a woman who took such pure joy from the act of lovemaking – her face screwed up into a picture of ecstatic joy as she bounced up and down on my cock, her heavy tits bouncing and rolling as she moved up and down and back and forth, her pussy like a wet, velvet vise, milking my cock for its hot seed.

A leering smile broke out on Michelle’s face as another orgasm overtook her as she rode me, making her croon with pleasure as she sat with my entire cock deep inside her while her body shimmied and quivered, her muscles locking into place. I could feel her hot juices flooding over my cock, bathing it in the product of her climax. Her eyes glazed over and then closed as her croon became a shrill scream and she broke her paralysis, fingers running over her breasts and then upwards over her cheeks and then plunging through her hair before she raised her arms like a supplicant screaming praises to heaven. Her eyes opened and she looked down at me with burning desire and sobbed loudly, “I love your cock!”

Michelle then slumped as if she were a puppet with her strings cut and I again seized the moment, rolling us over again, my arms supporting me as I again began to fuck this gorgeous, uninhibited woman as she moaned beneath me. Her legs were now splayed out wide, opening her pussy up to me as I strained to go deeper than ever, thrusting into her with powerful strokes that made her breasts roll and made her grunt happily each time I buried my cock inside her.

Gradually, I slowed down and lowered myself on her once more…the mad lust sated for the moment and we made love more than we fucked…slow and sweet with each thrust drawn out and making Michelle moan with delight. We kissed and babbled as we made delicious love to each other, hands stroking each others faces while our tongues courted each other.

Meaningless babble slowly evolved into words and at some point we began whispering and moaning, “I love you,” to each other and instinctively knew that they were more than just words in the heat of passion. There was honest emotion behind them, we could see it in each others eyes and feel it as we touched. Laugh if you will, doubt if you will, but somewhere amidst the sweet and nasty fucking, our souls had joined, recognizing that it was destiny. On a primal level, I realized that I truly loved this woman – knowing almost nothing about her, I truly did love her and I could see it in her face that she was caught up in the wonder of it too – confused, maybe by the intensity of the sudden revelation of her sudden awareness of her love for me, but accepting it.

Lovemaking built up until lust resumed control and our need to achieve that last overwhelming climax took control and we rolled about on the bed, sometimes she was on top, other times I was, but we were relentless and demanding, our bodies slamming together loudly, both of us moaning and crying as pleasure built and built until finally, I had her pinned to the mattress and was hammering my cock into her when she screamed out, “I love you, John!” and began to orgasm, her tightly clenching cunt muscles sending me over the edge of my long awaited climax and like a beast claiming his mate, I gave a loud, triumphant roar and plunged deep one last time and began to cum – shooting hot semen into her womb.

I came so hard it almost hurt, so powerful were the jets of sperm ejaculating from my cock. As my orgasm begin to wane, I eased myself down and rolled us over, kissing Michelle and telling her, “I love you too.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks and fell onto my face and I could taste her salty tears and felt my heart swell for this unsuspecting love that I felt for her. We kissed until we both began to yawn and then in the flickering candlelight of the room, my cock still wedged into her pussy, we both fell asleep…for myself, the most restful and peaceful sleep I had known in many years.


I awoke to find myself in a tangle of blankets and limbs. I could smell coffee and bacon. Something soft and wonderful nuzzled my chest and I looked down to see Michelle Page sleeping, a blissful smile on her face as her lips brushed my chest…her arm draped across my upper abdomen tightening its grip slightly. We were both naked and cuddling, turned into each other slightly, our legs intertwined, her thigh atop mine and her moist mound and trimmed bush feeling delightful and slightly ticklish and her breasts, pillow-like and soft against my stomach.

I looked around as much as I could without disturbing awakening her, marveling over how much my world had changed in the last twenty-four hours. When I looked at Michelle, emotions swelled inside me that I had assumed were long dead. Memories of our passionate lovemaking flitted through my mind, making my cock twitch slightly. It ached with that sweet pain that only comes from the best kind of sex.

My eyes came to rest on my pants and shirt neatly folded and draped over the arm of a small, overstuffed chair in a corner. Something seemed out of kilter there and then it hit me. Michelle had pulled my pants off downstairs and we’d proceeded to her bedroom with me naked from the waist down. I didn’t recall her getting up in the middle of the night and tidying things up. For that matter, all the candles that had still been burning when we’d fallen asleep were now out…many of them nowhere near close to being burned out.

My heart began to beat faster as I realized that Michelle’s daughter, my student, Kelsey had to have been the one to bring up my pants and had taken the time to retrieve my shirt as well and had snuffed out the candles. I glanced down. We were naked and my cock was nestling against Michelle’s stomach, not visible unless you got right up over us. Maybe she hadn’t peeked, but memories of her open, flirty ways from last night made me wonder. As her teacher, despite her being eighteen, I had crossed some boundaries that were supposed to be sacrosanct. To my surprise, I didn’t really care.

Michelle stirred against me and she opened her eyes to see me smiling down at her. “G’morning,” she mumbled, rubbing sleep out of her eyes. “You’re still here,” she said in such a way that made me comprehend that it pleased her.

“Right where I want to be forever,” I replied. “With you in my arms.” Michelle purred at my words and scooted upwards to give me a kiss, her meaty breasts dragging over my chest – her thick nipples scraping along in a delicious sort of way. Her tongue greeted mine as our hands roamed over each other – my fingers stroking and squeezing her heavy breasts while she took my still mostly limp cock in her fingers and carefully massaged it.

“At it again? You guys need to pace yourselves!” Neither of us had any idea that Kelsey had entered the room until she spoke and we broke our kiss amidst gasps and giggles as we turned to say good morning to Michelle’s daughter.

“Good mor…” I began, but stopped mid-word as I lost my ability to speak. Kelsey stood at the foot of the bed, holding a tray with eggs, bacon, toast and coffee. My mind faintly registered that, but was overwhelmed by her appearance. Kelsey’s long, dark, red streaked hair was bed-tousled which was incredibly erotic all on its own, but it was the sheer red baby-doll negligee she was wearing that robbed me of my words. The sexy-slutty outfit she had worn the night before paled before this nightie that revealed the eighteen year old’s luscious, nubile body.

The negligee hugged Kelsey’s upper arms, leaving her shoulders bare and her visible breasts were full, upright melons capped with puffy areoles that were bright pink and allowed her darker nipples to more fully stand out against the gauzy, see-through material. Her stomach was flat with a cute, almost oval shaped belly button that drew one’s eye downward to the lacy hem of the negligee did nothing to conceal her smooth, hairless mound. Her upper thighs and legs were fully exposed, athletic and shapely.

“Anyone hungry…at least for food?” she said teasingly as she walked around and leaned over me to place the tray carefully between her mother and me. Her breasts swung freely, brushing my stomach as she moved in and then out. My cock twitched and showed signs of life, but not nearly as well as I would have expected.

She leaned back in and kissed me chastely on the lips and then walked around and did the same with her mother. “Good morning, Kelsey,” I finally managed to squeak out, not quite believing that that two days ago at about this time, I had been discoursing about Hamlet with this young lady and her classmates.

As her mother said good morning, Kelsey climbed up onto the bed, kneeling at our feet, looking at us expectantly. I kept shifting my gaze from mother to daughter, Michelle slightly amused at my look of awed amazement and Kelsey seeming almost oblivious that she was offering her Senior English teacher such a brilliant view of her magnificent young breasts and tantalizing glimpses of her bald cunny between her legs. Sounding slightly exasperated, she waved her hands about and said, “Well, eat…you’ll need to keep your strength up if you keep carrying on the way you were last night.”

Michelle giggled and took a sip of coffee before saying, “I guess we were a little loud last night, huh?”

Kelsey rolled her eyes and said, “I’m surprised the neighbors haven’t been calling and complaining.” Turning her attention to me, she batted her eyes flirtatiously and said with a teasing quality to her voice. “I suppose we have you to blame for that, Mister Hamill. I’ve heard Mom and her fellas making whoopee up her many times over the years, but no one has ever made her scream like that.”

I felt my face burn and I was at a loss for words for a moment, stalling by drinking a bit of coffee before I decided to be teasing and honest at the same time and replied, “It was my pleasure,” which made Kelsey laugh and blush simultaneously.

Michelle swallowed a mouthful of bacon and eggs and dropped her hand under the covers, forcing them down so Kelsey could see her mother wrap her fingers around my still sleeping penis as she said, “No, it was our pleasure…again and again in fact.”

Kelsey smiled and said, “I’m happy for you guys. I knew you’d be perfect for each other.” She licked her lips as she watched her mother try to masturbate my cock back to life. “So, I guess you’re planning a day of hot, wild sex, huh?”

Michelle purred approvingly at the idea, but with more than a little concern, I joked, “I’m not sure. I think your mother broke it last night…or at least wore it out temporarily.” I shrugged at Michelle’s sudden frown and said, “Sorry, honey. Not as young as I used to be.”

Kelsey’s mother snorted laughter and said, “That’s not a problem, John. I’ve got a solution right here.” She sat up and then leaned over and opened a drawer in the bedside table. She brought out a small prescription bottle and said, “Being a nurse-practitioner has its perks.” She opened it up and shook out a small yellow pill. “After last night, I’m sure I know the answer, but to make sure…no heart problems?”

I slowly shook my head and replied. “No heart…it was stolen last night by a beautiful, sexy MILF.”

Michelle’s face beamed with pleasure at my words and she said, “You English teachers…such smooth talkers. This will help with keeping things…um, aroused. They last longer than the little blue pills too. Take it now, John. I have a sneaking suspicion you’re going to need it soon.”

I quickly swallowed her magic pill and washed it down with another sip of coffee and then a long, lingering kiss from Michelle while her daughter watched us with both interest and envy in her face. We finished eating and Kelsey scooped up the tray and eased herself out of the bed, offering me several long glimpses of her bald pussy, labia beginning to blossom, betraying her own arousal. “I’m going to grab a shower,” she said. “Y’all call me if you need anything.” She glanced down at her mother’s hand gently stroking my still dormant cock and said, “Don’t kill him, Mom. I think he’s a keeper.”

Mother and daughter exchanged a long, meaningful glance and Michelle gave her daughter a slight nod and said, “Yes, he is…a good man and a wonderful lover.”

Kelsey blushed a little more and then left the room, her mother and I watched her practically naked ass, heart-shaped, tight and firm, swaying out the door.

When she left, Michelle turned to me and said, “Guess you feeling pretty mindblown, aren’t you, John?”

I nodded and said, “That would be putting it mildly, but even though some of it is weird, I’m fine with it.” I ran my fingers through her hair and then down to stroke her cheek. “This is real though…how I feel about you. This isn’t just lust. I’m in love with you. This isn’t ever going to end. We’re in this for the long run.”

Michelle smiled and took my hand and brought it to her lips, kissing my palm. “Absolutely, darling. I’ve kissed enough frogs in my life to recognize my prince when I kiss him…and fuck him.” She leaned in and kissed me. When she drew back, she continued, “John Hamill, I think I fell in love with you before that parent teacher conference was over. She touched her breast and then put her palm against my chest. It’s like I found the missing piece of my heart and I’m whole now.”

I nodded and said, “I know…since we met, all the pain and loneliness in my life has melted away and I know that I’ve finally found my soul mate. I love you, Michelle…with all my heart.”

Michelle leaned into me and she said softly, tears brimming in her eyes. “I love you too, baby!” We kissed again, softly, slowly, tasting each other, savoring each other, even as we caressed each other. Michelle’s fingers gently stroked my cock, trying to revive it, both of us impatient for the medicine to kick in.

We kissed for a sweet eternity and then held each other. Finally, Michelle said, “You do understand you’re getting a package deal? If you want me, you have to want Kelsey too.”

I nodded and said, “Absolutely. She’s a wonderful young woman. I can’t imagine having you in my life without her. She’s family.” I laughed. “And you don’t seem to mind if she is um…somewhat distracting at times.”

Michelle looked at me slyly and said, “Oh yes, my little minx is definitely distracting, but that’s not what I said.” She cupped my face between her hands and stared me right in the eye. “John, if you want to love me, you have to want to love Kelsey too.”

I felt my heart begin to pound and my face burned as I tried to make sense of her words – to understand what she seemed to be implying. “Michelle, what are you saying?” I asked, my mouth going dry as I spoke.

“Mom’s saying, Mister Hamill, that if you and she are going to be lovers, then you and I are going to be lovers too.”

I turned to see Kelsey leaning against the doorjamb. The eighteen year old was stark naked, her skin flushed red from a hot shower and her dark hair, wet and hanging straight down over her shoulders after having been combed out. Her ripe body, no longer hidden by even diaphanous material was glorious in its youth and beauty.

She slowly padded into the room, completely unashamed of her nakedness and said softly, “Mom and I share everything, Mister Hamill and just like her, I really want you.” She reached the bed and again climbed up to kneel at our feet – her nudity making an incredible impact on me…inspiring a sort of awe to have such a beauty so close. “Mom always told me that I should only offer my virginity to a man who deserved it…to a man I could love and who would love me back.”

Kelsey reached out with her left hand and stroked my ankle. “You’re a good man, Mister Hamill. Mom loves you – I can see it in her face, so I reckon I love you too.” She grinned and said, “I think I’ve loved you since the first day of class when you said, ‘Good morning, class, I’m Mister Hamill’.”

I was stunned although I maybe I shouldn’t have been…the signs had been there since last night. I had flashes of understanding how immoral this was by society’s standards but when I looked at Michelle for guidance, she looked at both me and her daughter with such love that I knew that somehow this was right…right for her, for her daughter and for me…that somehow, this was the right thing for all of us.

“Kelsey is offering you maybe the greatest gift a young lady can give, John,” Michelle said softly. “If I didn’t know you were the right man…that you wouldn’t love her as she deserves, none of this…not last night, not us…none of it would be happening. We love you, John. Please tell me you’ll love us back.”

Not to sound unmanly, but I nearly wept at that moment. Not only were mother and daughter naked physically, but I realized that they had bared their hearts and souls to me, exposing themselves to me emotionally as well. It took courage and love and all of it was for me. I wasn’t sure I deserved such love, but with a voice raspy with emotion, I replied. “I do love you both.” I sat up and offered my hand to Kelsey. “You do me more honor than I will ever deserve, but if you truly want me, I’ll be your first lover.”

She grinned and scooted up the bed so that she could kiss me and I discovered that all my lusty fantasies of kissing this young woman paled with having her actually slide her tongue into my mouth, her hands on my shoulders as she leaned into me, her breasts pressing against my chest so firmly that I could feel the excited beat of her heart and feel her rapid pulse through her throbbing nipples. As Kelsey and I kissed, Michelle continued to massage my cock and it was showing signs of recovery now…not erect, but slowly swelling.

When the kiss ended, Kelsey sat back on her haunches and looked down at my still not erect cock in her mother’s hand. With a slight pout, she looked at Michelle and said, “Mom, please tell me you haven’t worn him out!”

Michelle giggled and shook her head no. “John’s getting there, baby and once he’s hard again…he’ll stay hard for a long time.” She glanced at me and added, “And I think all he needs is a little inspiration and I think I know what will do it. Come here and give your mother a little sexy kiss. I think your teacher will like that!”

Grinning, Kelsey climbed into her mother’s lap and as I watched nearly thunderstruck, mother and daughter began to kiss…not a sweet, chaste kiss between mother and child, but a lusty, open mouth kiss, their tongues joining with practiced ease that told me that they had done this before and often. I watched Michelle and her daughter kiss like lovers, often pulling their lips back just enough to allow me to watch their tongues curl and slide along each other, each of them obviously enjoying the experience.

The kiss seemed to go on and on, so lovely and erotic, I didn’t really want to see it ever end. Michelle palmed one of Kelsey’s firm, upright breasts and fondled it for a long moment before slowly sliding her hand down her daughter’s waist until she slid it between Kelsey’s legs, the young teenager spreading them to reveal her lovely, flowered pussy – labia slick and glistening with her arousal. Kelsey’s mother slid fingers over and between her daughter’s labia, making her moan softly as they kissed. When they finally broke the kiss, some minutes later, Kelsey was quivering with the need to orgasm, Michelle’s fingers coated thickly with her child’s pussy cream.

Michelle turned and smiled wickedly at me, bringing a finger to my mouth and rubbing Kelsey’s wetness on them. I licked at her finger and then my lips, reveling in the fresh, sweet taste of her daughter’s pussy. Then, Michelle moved her hand down to my crotch, smearing the rest of her daughter’s juices over the head of my erect cock that was so hard, it ached.

Kelsey stared down at my hard, long penis with some fascination, that sweet smile with the tip of her tongue sticking out, on her face as she studied my erection. She was breathing heavily, both from her mother’s lusty attentions and with arousal and anticipation at what was about to happen.

“Mister Hamill, will you please fuck me now,” she said in a voice that was scarcely more than a whisper.

I offered her my hand and when she took it, I pulled her into my lap and kissed her again, another wet, passionate kiss that saw our tongues dueling, the taste of her mother evident. Kelsey shivered as she squirmed in my lap, leaning against my erection that slid up the crack of her tight ass, her pelvis instinctively hunching against it, even though I kept my hands on her waist and kept her from rising high enough to drop and impale herself on it.

My hands roamed over Kelsey’s soft yet athletic body…the toned muscles of a cheerleader enhancing her natural curvaceous form. I cupped her breasts which were at least a cup size smaller than her mother’s meaty tits, but still big and firm on their own, not yet succumbing to the forces of gravity. Her wetness slid against my lower stomach, making it slippery as she hunched and ground herself into me.

Michelle rose up and climbed behind her daughter, her hands joining mine to caress the teenager’s body, lifting her long mane of hair up so she could nuzzle the nape of her neck and then kiss her shoulders – hands playing with her breasts and then sliding down to cup and knead her tight ass cheeks before slipping fingers between her thighs to fondle Kelsey’s pussy from behind, making her all the wetter.

Michelle and I combined lips and hands to reduce her daughter to a near whimpering mound of aroused flesh that hovered on the edge of orgasm from touch alone. Finally, Kelsey broke our kiss and sobbed, “Please, Mom…Mister Hamill…I want to get fucked RIGHT NOW!”

Still caressing her and showering her with kisses, we eased Kelsey off my lap and onto her back, both of us taking turns kissing her passionately, at one point all three of us kissing with fluttering, dancing tongues. Running my hands gently over her arms and chest, I began to kiss my way down the young girl’s body, part of me in complete and utter awe that I was kissing the near flawless skin of a teenaged girl who’d only days before had been just a pretty student in my classroom. I slowly ran the flat of my tongue over the swollen nipple of her left breast, making her sigh, “Mister Hamill, that feels so good!”

I kissed the rubbery nub and looked up at her and said, “I think you can call me John, now.”

Michelle kissed her then as I continued to kiss my way down her body and as I teased her belly button with my tongue, she called out to me and said, “Nope…it still doesn’t feel right. You’re Mister Hamill.” I looked up at her and saw her smiling devilishly at me as she continued, “Besides, it sounds…feels more naughty knowing I’m fucking my English teacher!”

I groaned at her naughty words, having to admit she was absolutely right. I continued to trail my tongue downwards, my heart pounding in my chest as I paused just above her mound, seeing it in all its glistening, blossomed glory, her scent thick and powerful and filling me with an age old instinctive desire to take this young creature. I kissed my way further down and as I swiped my tongue across her pussy lips, I heard Kelsey cry out, “Oh yes! Mom, he feels wonderful!”

I shifted around until I was kneeling between Kelsey’s now widespread legs, running my hands along her soft, yet firm thighs, kissing them lightly as again I brought my mouth to her sex and slowly run my tongue along the sopping wet flesh between her labia, loving how fresh and delicious she tasted. I gave her a long, loving lap that ended in her squealing with pleasure as my tongue rolled over her clitoris, a long narrow penis-like nub that had emerged from its hooded cover.

I licked her again the same way, the sound of her orgasmic cries both pleasing and arousing, her pussy getting wetter with each long lick, my lips and chin becoming smeared with her creams as I delved into her sweet cunt. After a dozen long, lazy licks, Kelsey’s moans getting louder with every stroke of my tongue, she gave out a loud shriek as my tongue rolled slowly over her clitoris, her body suddenly convulsing and as I started to begin another lick, pussy juices showered my face as she began to cum.

I rose up to find her mother moving to me. Michelle kissed me, slathering her tongue over my face to taste her daughter’s juices and then sharing them with me as her tongue made its way into my mouth. She broke the kiss and said in a breathless voice, “Kelsey will never be more ready, darling. Do it now, fuck my girl…make it good for her!”

I kissed Michelle again and turned my attention to her daughter. Kelsey’s orgasm was ending, her body still quivering from the explosion of ecstatic pleasure and her eyes wide with the erotic sensations still coursing through her body. As I climbed between her legs, her mother moved up to kiss her, slipping an arm around her shoulders.

Kelsey kissed her mother eagerly, almost sucking at her lips as if it were a comforting breast to be nursed at, but as I eased atop her, broke the kiss and turned her attention back to me. She shivered with anticipation as my cock slid up along the furrow of her cunt, licking her lips – desire battling with fear in her eyes.

“Are you sure, Kelsey?” I said more calmly than I felt. “Are you ready to take that last step into womanhood?”

Kelsey looked at me, glanced at her mother and then at me again, nodding quickly as she gasped, “Oh yes….please, Mister Hamill. Fuck me – take my cherry now!”

I nodded and reached down, placing the head of my cock between her slick lips and worked it up and down, marveling at how wet and hot she felt. With the echoes of her orgasm still lingering, my cock rubbing her labia and pressing inside her just a little, rejuvenated the last remnants of her orgasm and she sobbed as a spasm of carnal pleasure struck her. “Now!” urged Michelle in a whisper even as I said, “Kiss her, Michelle!”

As her mother moved to kiss her, I thrust hard into Kelsey’s virginal cunt, tearing her hymen with a short, vicious move. The teenaged girl’s body jerked and convulsed as she screamed her pain and hopefully pleasure, into her mother’s lips – her fingers clawing at the sheets as her legs kicked, drew back and kicked again. She was tight as only a virgin can be tight and her cunt muscles tightened reflexively around my cock, literally trapping my cock a third of the way inside her. I halted, hating that I was hurting her, but hoping she would relax enough to allow the pain to make room for pleasure as well.

Long moments ticked by as tears ran down her face and she writhed under the onslaught of these new sensations. Finally, I begin to minutely rock back and forth, her pussy finally releasing enough from spasm to allow me to gently plunge forward again. As she twisted and rolled her hips in response to my cock and the loss of her cherry, I suddenly slid another few inches that sent another paroxysm of pain and pleasure through her and her whole body seemed to convulse and breaking the kiss, she cried out, “IT HURTS! M-MISTER HAM-MILL, Y-YOU’RE SO BIG…DIDN’T KNOW IT WOULD HURT SO BIG!”

I halted again, now over two thirds of the way in and as her mother stroked her body soothingly, I leaned in and kissed the tears off her cheeks. “It gets better, sweetie,” I murmured before I moved to kiss her lips, her tongue emerging to greet me, seeking comfort in the touch of my lips. We kissed deeply and I could feel her body relax somewhat beneath me and then I felt her move her legs wider apart until she was nearly spread-eagled – an image of her at a pep-rally sliding to the gym floor doing nearly mind-boggling splits. As she spread her legs, she squealed against my lips as I pressed on and sank the rest of my throbbing shaft into her tight pussy, feeling her slick, molten hot pussy flesh spasm around my cock.

I ended the kiss, raising my head as she flung back her head and sobbed, “Oh god, it hurts, Mom! M-m-mister Hamill is so big…I feel so fu-fucking f-full!”

Michelle’s face appeared next to mine. “You took all of me, Kelsey,” I said proudly. “My cock is buried inside you!”

“And it’s a big cock, baby,” murmured Michelle, leaning in to kiss her daughter’s cheek “It’s a woman’s prize cock for sure…the kind a woman dreams of having inside her!” She stroked her daughter’s sweaty face and said, “I know it hurts now, Kelsey, but I promise you, it will feel better soon…very soon!”

Kelsey’s eyes focused and unfocused as she gazed blankly back and forth at both of us. “I know…it already feels good, but it hurts too!”

Michelle stroked Kelsey’s face, her face bright with lusty, motherly love. “I know, baby, I know. It will be alright. Momma loves you.” Michelle glanced at me and moved to give me a kiss before she whispered into Kelsey’s ear, “John…Mister Hamill loves you too.”

Patiently, I waited, my hard cock buried deep inside Kelsey’s hot, tight pussy, her cunt muscles like a silky vice wrapped around my member, massaging and kissing the swollen head and fluttering around my shaft. Finally, I felt her relax a little and then very slowly, I withdrew, making her again claw the sheets and moan as I slid my shaft out of her only to pause when only the crown of my cock remained inside her. “Here it comes again, Kelsey,” I sighed as I slowly and steadily sank my aching, erect rod into her again, savoring the tight slickness of her pussy that clasped at me as I moved inside her.

Kelsey sobbed out again as my cock invaded her cunt, spreading her wider as I ploughed her deflowered flesh. There was a hint more pleasure in her cries as I again sank all the way into her, my wiry pubic hair scratching and tickling her hairless flesh. Again, I waited until the worst of the pain eased and then repeated the thrust and repeated it again. With each long movement, there seemed to be less pain and more pleasure in her voice and she responded more to her mother’s and my kisses.

I rose up on my arms and glanced down at our joined bodies, feeling a wave of pleasure and something more primal as I saw my cock worm its way free from Kelsey’s body – my shaft streaked with virginal blood and pussy juices. I was astounded at my self control because I had a great urge to give her my seed, the primal urge to breed burning within me. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the medicine that Michelle had given me or the fact she had fucked me so well and completely not that many hours ago or perhaps a combination of both. I didn’t really care – I was lost in the pleasure of fucking this beautiful eighteen year old and the desire to make it a pleasurable experience for Kelsey.

Michelle kept busy, murmuring encouragement and endearments to her daughter one moment and then heaping lewd praise on me the next and alternating her kisses between us, long delicious kisses that aroused me even more and soothed and aroused Kelsey. Gradually, I built up to a steady rhythm, Kelsey grunting with each thrust as I would bottom out in her womb and then sighing as I slid back out.

The clouds of pain in Kelsey’s eyes began to clear and the enormity of what we were doing combined with her growing pleasure grew inside her as she began to respond to my movements. A sudden cry of “Ohhhh, yesssss!” coincided with her first upward thrust of her pelvis to meet my thrusts and the room seemed to echo with the wet, loud slap of our flesh slamming together.

I felt the teenage girl’s legs begin to shift, trying at first to rise and wrap around my back, but it proved to be too much for her and they slumped back down as she moaned from the pain and pleasure…more pleasure than pain. A minute later, as I continued to thrust steadily into her tight pussy, Kelsey brought her legs up again and slid them behind the backs of my thighs, intertwining our legs, their movement urging me to fuck her harder and more quickly.

“That’s it, baby,” cooed Michelle encouragingly. “Feels good, doesn’t it? Take his cock, Kelsey…love his cock, love John like he deserves.” She rose up and kissed me. “You’re wonderful, John…I love how you’re fucking my little girl and I love you!”

As each wonderful moment passed, Kelsey’s pleasure increased and her pain, while never disappearing, receded into the background, muted by her constantly growing feels of sexual ecstasy. Before long, cries of pain and discomfort were replaced by moans of carnal pleasure and she was fucking me back, becoming more and more an active participant to her own first fucking.

I leaned in and kissed Kelsey, her kissing me back effusively, her arms suddenly circling my neck as she pulled her knees back to open herself up to me even more. “Fuck me, hard, Mister Hamill. Make me cum…make me cum really, really big!”

I tried to obey her command to the best of my ability, leaning in and fucking her with hard, quick thrusts, feeling Michelle’s hand on my buttocks, helping me as I sank my cock into her daughter again and again. Kelsey began to yelp with pleasure with each stroke, her hot juices bathing my cock as we began to furiously fuck and then Kelsey’s body stiffened as if she had received a powerful electric shock, her pussy tightening around my erection as I buried it to the hilt and she began to wail, “OHGODOHGODOHFUCKINGGOD! I’M CUMMMMMING! FUCK MEEEE, TEACHER, FUCK MEEEE HARD. CUMMMMING, OHHH GOD, MOM, CUMMMINGGG!” Her words failed her and she settled for passionate screams of orgasm until her voice went hoarse as I rode out most of her orgasm and began to fuck her again, her pleasure so intense that it rode that razor’s edge between pleasure and pain again.

With her pussy muscles clamping down around my cock and as I watched Kelsey writhe beneath as ecstatic joy overloaded her nervous system, the sheer power of the erotic moment began to overwhelm me and the need to cum was suddenly urgent and unyielding. I looked over at Michelle for guidance and she saw my dilemma in my eyes and said, “Yes, baby. Cum in my daughter. She’s on the pill…she’s ready. Deny her nothing. I want my Kelsey to know the joy of feeling a man’s seed inside her!”

I looked down at Kelsey, her body shaking with a storm of sensation and emotion, her eyes wild and excited and she nodded, her lips moving with no words coming out. I stroked my cock in and out of her tight, fiery pussy a couple of more times and then felt the dam bursting and I plunged deep inside her, making her yelp and then I was cumming, ejaculating my hot semen inside her womb.

Kelsey cried out, her eyes going wide with wonder at this new sensation and I hoped that perhaps my thick seed would feel like a healing balm to her newly violated flesh…something she would savor and welcome again and again. “Ohhh, Kelsey….so sweet – so lovely!” I moaned as my body convulsed in a powerful climax! I felt her body respond, this newest development reviving her orgasm as she stiffened again, her body instinctively thrusting upwards against mine, seeking to take my cock deeper in an primal desire to mate and conceive. We clung together as we rode out our orgasm, our mouths seeking each other out eagerly to kiss, tongues seeking to join as our loins were joined.

Michelle was there with us, showering us with kisses and caresses. I glimpsed her face and saw tears of joy and pride streaming down her face as she whispered endearments to us both. My climax was finally expended, the last few spurts of my semen signaling an end, even as Kelsey’s pussy continued to milk and massage my cock. Her orgasm faded too, little aftershocks surprising her each time one of us moved.

Finally, reluctantly, I knew it was time and with the little sadness that accompanies the moment, I slowly withdrew my now semi-erect cock from her pussy, her flesh clasping at my shaft, selfishly wanting to keep me inside her. A strong post-orgasm spasm of pleasure swept over Kelsey as I slipped from her, drawing one last moan from her lips as I gingerly moved off her and fell to her left so that she was now bracketed by her mother and I.

Michelle leaned in to kiss her daughter, whispering, “How is my little girl? Did you enjoy your first cock, before pressing her lips to Kelsey’s lips while her hands knowingly caressed her body, playing with her child’s breasts to keeping the embers of Kelsey’s orgasmic pleasure alive.

Kelsey nodded, a big smile on her tear-streaked face as she replied after their kiss had ended, “Wonderful, scary…painful.” She turned to me and smiled before continuing. “Everything I thought it would be and more. Thank you, Mister Hamill!” She pursed her lips and I moved in to kiss her, savoring her tongue dancing with mine.

We both sensed her mother shifting on the bed and looked up to see Michelle kneeling between Kelsey’s widespread legs. She was staring at her daughter’s pussy, labia spread wide, the sheets wet with a spattering of blood and Kelsey’s juices, my semen slowly leaking from her cunt – flecked with blood and mingled with Kelsey’s cunt cream. “Lot of cum here, isn’t there?”

Just when I didn’t think I could be shocked again, Michelle flabbergasted me by diving in and running her tongue over her daughter’s freshly deflowered pussy, making Kelsey moan and then rising back up with her lips and chins smeared with our leavings, a long thread of semen dripping from her lips to splatter against her heavy breasts. She laughed at my stunned look, rubbing her fingers in the gob of my seed on her tits and rubbing them into her flesh like lotion. “Mom’s just full of naughty surprises, isn’t she?” said Kelsey in a quavering voice, near breathless from her mother’s surprise move.

“Not the first time I’ve licked my baby’s pussy, is it, Kelsey?” Michelle said teasingly, running her tongue over the smeared juices on her face. “Momma caught Kelsey and Dina being naughty during a sleepover on her eighteenth birthday and afterwards, we had a long heart to heart.”

Kelsey moaned and answered, “Yes, we did and then Mom taught me how to really lick pussy and we’ve been all the closer ever since.” She shivered and said, “We really got honest about our hopes and dreams and then we knew we were still missing something that would make us complete.” She reached out and touched my cheek. “Then you came along, Mister Hamill and I just knew you were it.” She shivered a little as her mother caressed her inner thigh. “And I was right!” She moaned again as Michelle slipped two fingers into her pussy and gently stirred them around and pulled them out covered in our juices, her virginal blood flecking it with red.

Michelle brought her fingers up to her mouth and never taking her eyes off me, sucked them clean. “This is truly what we are, John,” she said softly, holding me in her gaze. “We want you to share that with us…to be our lover…friend, husband, father.” She flicked her tongue out to clean a little spot of sperm she’d missed. “Have we turned you off, John? Have we freaked you out or can you accept u?.”

I had to struggle to control my breathing and was silent for a moment, feeling my head spin with so many emotions. Finally, I managed to say, “Michelle, I told you this morning I loved you and Kelsey too. Nothing has changed. I’m as red-blooded a male as ever lived and the thought of you two together is so exciting…” I stopped speaking as I looked down and then returned my gaze to Michelle. “I’m not turned off at all. Instead, based on the evidence, I’m turned on like never before!”

Both women looked down at my cock that had made an astounding recovery. I was achingly hard, Kelsey’s juices mingling with my sperm amidst specks of blood covered my cock. Kelsey and I both gasped as Michelle quickly shifted from between her daughter’s legs to pushing my legs apart so she could kneel between them, carefully taking my erection in hand.

Michelle glanced at Kelsey and smiled and then shifted her gaze to me as she lowered her head to my hard penis. With a look of proud defiance that had almost, sacred echoes with in it, she extended her tongue and slowly lapped up the mingled juices of her daughter and myself, along with Kelsey’s virginal blood. It didn’t repel me, but spoke to that part of me that was primal, almost evoking racial memories of such an act as divinely inspired from ancient times.

Then I was in Michelle’s mouth, her tongue a wild dervish, cleaning my cock as she sucked me enthusiastically. I shuddered from the intense pleasure she was producing from my sensitive flesh…my cock throbbing ecstatically. Kelsey’s mother sucked me with vigor that hinted she was willing to do it all day, but after several minutes of her delicious mouth, I desired to pleasure her as well and I pushed her head back and then pulled her up to me and kissed her, tasting myself and Kelsey on her lips.

Then I took her by the shoulders and turned her around, kissing and biting her neck and shoulders as I did, until she was again between her daughter’s widespread legs. Michelle moaned as she realized I had taken charge of the situation and guided her down, bringing her face to nuzzle Kelsey’s wide open and cum-filled cunt again.

As Michelle began lapping her child’s pussy, I climbed behind her, my hands kneading and spreading her full ass cheeks, exposing her puckered asshole and below, her pussy, wet – labia swollen and spread. I brushed my cock up and down her slit, bringing an approving and muffled moan from the mother with her mouth full of pussy.

Kelsey was again clawing at the sheets as Michelle’s tongue swept over her tender, sensitive flesh, her nipples swelling to the point of bursting as pleasure took her in its grasp again. I felt Michelle’s labia clasping at the head of my cock hungrily and I couldn’t restrain myself anymore, plunging into her to the hilt with one sure, fierce thrust. She gave a shrill cry of delight as she pushed back against me while continuing her oral assault on Kelsey. Michelle’s pussy was a fiery mass of satiny flesh squeezing at my cock as I withdrew and then plunged forward again.

On impulse, I reached down and slipped my middle finger into her cunt alongside my erection, getting it slick with her juices and then as she murmured at this unexpected move, I withdrew it and pressed it against her asshole. Michelle squealed in surprise at my probing digit, raising her head to look over her shoulder at me, looking fetching with her mouth frosted with sperm and pussy juice.

“My nasty teacher man,” she gasped, licking a dollop of sperm up from her lower lip.

“Do you mind?” I said, thrilled to have surprised my wicked lover for a change.

Michelle rolled her hips in response, taking more of my cock in her hot pussy and somehow impaling her ass on my finger in the process, her sphincter sucking my finger up to the first knuckle. “I am yours, heart and soul,” she gasped. She wriggled again and my finger disappeared another knuckle deep inside her. “You can do anything you want with me, John,” she moaned before winking at me and then diving back between Kelsey’s thighs again.

The bedroom began to feel like a sauna as the three of us continued…mother licking daughter in a display of incestuous devotion while I fucked the mother like a man possessed, thrilling with each cry of pleasure my cock and my finger, now embedded completely in her furnace hot asshole, brought her. Our voices filled the room, moans and sighs of pleasure echoing loudly to build into a crescendo of orgasmic joy as Kelsey writhed under the sweet torture of her mother’s tongue and Michelle gamely met my thrusts eagerly, taking me deep within her as her muffled moans and my grunts intermingled with her daughter’s cries.

When I finally reached climax, Michelle had experienced two orgasms already and was kissing Kelsey with her cum coated lips, taking me along with her with her pussy firmly wrapped around my cock. As I emptied another load of steaming semen into her pussy, Michelle came a third time, raising her head and crying out with sheer carnal pleasure as streamers of Kelsey’s juices and my seed were strung from her lips to her daughter’s.

The three of us collapsed into a gasping, sweaty pile of exhausted, but very satisfied flesh, satiated for the moment and rejoicing that it could all begin again in a moment’s notice. I found myself with a gorgeous woman on each side of me, both curling up with me, kissing my face and chest as their hands stroked my body gently. I was still semi-erect and I wondered what the hell kind of pill Michelle had given me and hoped that there was an endless supply.

When I could finally speak, I kissed Kelsey and then Michelle and looked into the older woman’s eyes and said, “I know this might be rushing things, but is it too early to propose marriage?”

Michelle laughed, but Kelsey squealed and climbed atop me and kissed me all over my face before saying, “Mister Hamill, on behalf of us both, we accept!” We all laughed, but I knew there was truth behind the words. If I married Michelle, I was in a great sense, marrying her daughter as well. I knew it would be a different world…a different way of life that I had ever known, but I felt renewed with all the dark and gloomy years since my divorce melting away and removing a great burden of emotional baggage from my shoulders.

Things were very different from that day on. Very quickly, my co-workers at school noticed a new spring in my step and when word spread that Michelle Page and I were an item, there were many approving nods and words passed my way. Little did they know that in moving into the Page home, I wasn’t the only one sharing Michelle’s bed.

I was also thankful that Kelsey was in my last class of the day. Even when she wasn’t deliberately teasing me with her short skirts and low cut tops, just the loving smiles she gave me, always with the tip of that sweet tongue sticking out, were enough to make me hard. Kelsey and I would have many after school sessions with my classroom door locked and her bent over my desk or spread-eagled on top of it while I fucked her with the erections she would inspire. Other days, we would have to pull off into a secluded park on the way to or from school, so she could suck my cock, her hungry for my semen and me starving to feel her mouth making love to me.

Somehow, there was enough of me to meet the demands of both women. Partly that was because of the magic little pills that Michelle also provided, in part it was because of the love I had for both that seemed to always let me rise to the occasion. It was the least I could do after all the love both mother and daughter brought into my life.

A week after Michelle and I watched Kelsey cross the stage and pick up her diploma (along with a huge scholarship to Yale), the three of us stood on a cliff overlooking the Pacific on one of the Hawaiian Islands, a gray-haired, besotted preacher by the name of Hemingway leading all three of us through marriage vows and the exchanging of three identical rings made of three intertwining bands of gold and pronouncing us man and wives in the sight of God forever and ever.

True, in the eyes of the law, only Michelle and I are joined together in holy wedlock, but in our hearts, all three of us know the truth. I need only to look into Michelle’s or Kelsey’s eyes to see the love dwelling there for me and each day I strive to be worthy of the two most wonderful women in the world.

Our love grows stronger everyday, despite Kelsey’s extended absences as she attends school. She plans to be a chemist and several companies in Indianapolis are already vying for her services when she finishes at Yale. Her extended absences make her visits home and summer breaks that much sweeter. Michelle and I encourage her to explore her world, to take lovers when she wishes, but while she does, she always tells us that the experiences pale next to the love we all three share in our marriage bed.

We count the days until she is with us permanently again and our love is perfect in its combination of the three of us. We are happy. Oh, one thing has changed. Kelsey no longer calls me Mister Hamill – since the day we took our vows, she calls me Daddy.

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