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I was supposed to be working on a research paper for college on my new computer my parents bought me but instead I was tossing off to two hot blonds playing with each other’s fake tits. I thought I had locked the door to my room but I guess I was wrong. Just at the point of no return I heard the door open. I couldn’t stop it, having built up this climax for over an hour watching porn and pleasuring myself nice and slow. I expected a huge load, which usually happens after playing for so long and now, in walks my mother without even knocking.

Even I underestimated the power and there was nothing I could do to stop my mother from seeing it. The first burst flew from my cock and splattered all over my new monitor and left a trail of cum across the keyboard. I was horrified but nothing could stop my contractions as several more long spurts sprayed from my cock and hit my hand that I was trying to cover my exposed hardon with, while clicking closed the porn with my mouse.

“David Gregory! What are you doing!” my mother yelled.

I couldn’t respond for two reasons, shock and pleasure. The climax was incredible, making my toes curl and me trying to hide practically a bucket of spunk was laughable.

“Umm… oh… shi… oh, geez,” I stammered trying unsuccessfully to wipe my monitor off with a sock.

“Good heavens look at this mess. I’ve never seen so… so much… good heavens,” my mother stammered standing next to my desk and staring at the plentiful amount of gooey semen everywhere.

I looked over at her embarrassed and she was now staring at my uncovered cock because I was worried about cleaning up instead of covering up.

“Oh my… you’ve grown up so much…” she said, trying to look away but not really.

“Mom! Please leave! And knock next time!” I hollered at her.

She tore her eyes from my package and looked at my face, “We need to talk about this, mister… after you clean this mess up!”

She left the room, closing my door. I dropped into my chair and shook my head. Nothing like getting busted by your mother tossing off, and the way she reacted and looked at me was weird. I pulled up my pants over my shrinking dick and tried to clean up the mess I had made. I was going to need more than a sock. Leaving my room quietly, I snuck out to the bathroom but the door was closed partially and the light was on. From the view I had I could see my mother in the mirror. She was leaning against the counter with both hands down her pants grinding away. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Had her catching me caused her to want to do this? What was she doing that for and with the door not locked. It kind of freaked me out actually making my cock move so soon after my climax. I didn’t watch for very long before going back to my room. I thought about going back and catching her in the act so we would be even but that would only cause more problems for me. I needed to find my own place to live being in college and everything but the rent was zero, meals were free and my house was really close to the college so it was perfect. But now this has happened I might just need to move out.

Why was Mom masturbating anyway? She had Dad; doesn’t he take care of her? The thought made me a little sick. Thinking about parents doing it was just gross, even if Mom was very attractive. I think I had more friends wanting to come to my house from my mother than to see me. I was always known for being the kid with the hot mother. But she was just my mom to me, though watching her play with herself was quite stimulating and was probably why I left so quickly. I shouldn’t be turned on by my mom even if she was playing with herself.

On the way to my room I stopped at the linen closet and grabbed a hand towel for the mess. I swear I heard my mother cry out before I entered my room. I think she had cum. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me, my cock was going nuts thinking about what my mother was doing and I was hard again before I closed my door. Even after I cleaned up the semen from my computer desk I was still hard and throbbing, not being able to stop thinking about my mother in the bathroom. Her grinding on her hands and her large breasts pushed out toward the mirror with her eyes closed. The image came back to me again and again the look of pleasure on her face, her arms shaking with the strain as she grinded down on her sex. Fuck, I needed to settle down somehow.

The knock on my door made me jump in shock as I was lost in my memory of the bathroom.

I pulled my shirt over my hardon as best I could and told whoever it was to come in.

“Are you decent?” my mother asked.

“Yes, Mom, come in.”

She opened the door and her face looked flushed, which made me grin a little. She looked at the hand towel and I could have sworn she took a deep breath through her nose as she did. She came further in and sat on my bed.

“You’re father and I didn’t buy that computer for you to masturbate to porn. We bought it so you could do well in college.”

“I know, I just had…”

“An urge? Yes, I’m sure a young man your age has those often. You’re at your sexual height and I don’t blame you for it. I should have knocked and I’m sorry.”

“So you’re not mad?”

“No, David I’m not mad,” she said looking at the towel again.

My eyes glanced down at her body and to my amazement I saw her nipples erect and pressing out. I knew for sure then that her catching me and looking at the towel of semen was causing a major reaction in my mother.

“Are you alright, Mom?” I asked, seeing her face redden again as well.

“Fine, dear… it’s just…” she stopped suddenly.


“I really shouldn’t be talking about this with you…. But it’s your father he… well he hasn’t wanted…” she stopped again.

“Dad’s not wanting to have sex? Is that it?”

Her eyes flew to mine like I had said something horrible before relaxing again.

“Don’t you dare tell him I said anything, he’s quite a bit older than me, as you know and well, he’s just not what he used to be.”

“Oh, okay… um bummer.” I said not knowing exactly what to say.

She continued to my chagrin, “I’ve forgotten how long it’s been and I have needs too.”

I was getting very uncomfortable now, and had no idea where this conversation was heading. I kept quiet, not knowing what to say to her and this must have encouraged her to continue. My dick was still throbbing and I hoped my shirt was covering it well enough.

“I don’t know what to do and after walking in on you… well you have urges and I have urges. I’m also at my peak sexually, women hit it later than men. This may sound horrible to you but it got me thinking about ‘helping’ each other.”

I about passed out from shock and she obviously saw the look on my face. It must have been one of horror or utter astonishment because she quickly kept talking before I could say a word. I was expecting her to back pedal and tell me to forget she had said anything but instead she started justifying her idea. My cock jumped in my pants and my mind and body were totally conflicting.

“I mean you’re going to do it, that’s just natural and I’d rather you didn’t use the computer for that so maybe when you need some relief I could be your outlet, and since I’m helping you, you could help me.. I mean I could teach you some things too.” A long pause followed, “You’re not saying anything, David… am I wrong in in my assumptions.”

She was now waiting for my reply, one which I didn’t have at the moment but I knew I had to say something. My heart was pounding my cock was throbbing and I think my answer came from my dick instead of my brain.

“What do you mean by helping each other, specifically?” I asked, and as the words came out it shocked me that I had uttered them.

“Well, I could do for you what you do to yourself. You know, masturbate you with my hand and I could teach you what I like.”

“So like a handjob that’s what you were thinking? Nothing more?” I asked, going nuts now.

“Well, that’s up to you… we could start with that, and see how we feel. Do you know where a girl’s clitoris is, David.”

“Umm, yes Mom, I’m not a virgin.”

“Of course, I’m sorry it’s just we have never really talked about this, I let your father and school teach you. I could show you how to touch my clitoris and use your fingers inside my vagina and I could give you the handjob you mentioned. I don’t expect you to give me an answer now. Your father is going to be home anytime. We can talk about this tomorrow after your classes when you come home. How does that sound?”

I should have said no and that I didn’t want anything to do with this but my cock and rapidly beating heart just made my head nod and mumble ‘sounds good, tomorrow then.’ She got up off my bed, patted me on the knee and left my room again.

If anything in my life seemed like a dream it was this moment. I was utterly flabbergasted and didn’t know what to do, think, how to act or even move. I sat in my chair, frozen as my mind spun in circles and my cock continued to throb. My mother, my mother! Had just proposed trading sexual favors with each other! It was totally reprehensible and the fucked up part was I was seriously considering it.


The next day at school I couldn’t focus on the professor and got nothing out of the lectures I did attend. I just kept going over in my mind what my mother had suggested and how calm and collected she was at dinner with Dad sitting right there and clueless to what we had discussed. She made no mention of anything even catching me watching porn, just a normal meal with my mom and dad. I was the only child of my parents but my father had another daughter from his first marriage I didn’t see much. My half-sister was older, almost my mother’s age and was probably why I didn’t see her much.

I only got a few hours of sleep as well, worrying about what I was going to tell Mom and weighing the pros and cons of her tawdry suggestion. I justified it by thinking it would stop at handjobs for each of us and that would be it and told myself that wasn’t that bad and I would be helping my mom since my father wasn’t able to anymore.

I had made up my mind by the time I pulled into the driveway from school and walked in the house. Mom was drinking coffee in the kitchen. I sat my backpack on the stairs and walked in to her. She looked up from her coffee and the first thing I noticed was her hair and makeup was done more than usual. She was very attractive, wearing a tight fitting shirt and a short skirt this morning. She obviously put some effort and thought into herself for the first time in…. well forever.

“How was school,” she asked.

“Okay, same as normal,” I said sitting on a barstool across from the table where she was sitting.

“Learn anything new?”

“To be honest, no… I couldn’t concentrate on school, not after our talk yesterday.”

“I see, so you’ve been thinking about that. And what have you decided.”

There it was, right out in the open again. I half expected her to change her mind after sleeping on it and realizing what she had proposed but her opinion had not changed. If anything, the makeup, hair and clothes proved she was more serious than ever. It was the moment of truth, something that I couldn’t take back and would change my life forever.

“Yes I’ve thought a lot about it and I’m thinking we can try and see what happens. I mean we may find we can’t really do it when it comes down to it. But I’m worried about your wellbeing and not having Dad there for you and I’m willing to help.”

“I’m so glad you’ve decided to try. This lifts a large burden off my shoulders, David. I was considering straying on your father with a man at my gym but you could save me from that.”

“Well, good, there’s another reason for it then.” I said, feeling my cock growing in my pants already.

“Yes, very good then… you be sure to let me know when you would like me to help you. Don’t be shy about it, we’ve decided now, okay?” she said, taking a sip of her coffee like the conversation was over.

My cock was stuck in my pants, pressing against the material and not being able to move further up. It was becoming uncomfortable and I wanted to adjust it badly.

“What about you? Are you going to come to me when you have an urge?” I asked.

“Well, I assumed you would need me more than I need you but… I guess if I have one of those days I’ll talk to you,” she said, with a smile.

I couldn’t take it anymore and reached down to move my cock, sliding it around and up toward my stomach where it wanted to go naturally. Mom, of course, saw this and smiled again, bigger.

“Looks, like I was right, just this conversation has you aroused. Do you need mother’s help now? I can help and then you can get some studying done.”

A thrill coursed through my body starting with my cock and radiating outward at her words. My heart pounded in my chest and the blood rushed to my brain, making me light headed as my cock throbbed in my pants. I couldn’t answer again and apparently didn’t need to. She put her coffee down and got up from her seat, walking over to me. This was it. If I let her touch it I was a goner and nothing could stop her, nothing could stop me. As of now it had been just talk but as soon as she touched me we would enter a whole new realm.

When her hand reached out and softly caressed my manhood over my pants another jolt coursed through me. It was the most intense sensation I had ever experienced before. I knew it was because of who was touching me and how taboo it was but I was a prisoner to the pleasure and excitement. It was all over for me now.

“My goodness, David you must take after my side of the family because your father is not near this big,” she said running her palm up my entire shaft.

She gripped harder, causing me to moan and press outward to meet her hand. I was going crazy. This whole idea and experience had me out of my mind with exhilaration.

“Oh, yes, you like when I do that. Mommy knows what her boy wants.”

When I looked at her I didn’t see my mother anymore. It was strange, this new sexy older woman was not my mom, she was some hot mature blonde with big tits, sexy long legs and she really knew what she was doing. The clothes the makeup and hair had changed who she was and the biggest thing was what she was doing. I was almost ready to cum in my pants before she had even unzipped my fly.

“Let’s see now, we better undo these, don’t want to make more of a mess than we have to,” she said unbuckling my belt and zipper.

She gently pulled my pants down as I stood up off the barstool. My boxers were next and there was now nothing between my mother and my throbbing erection.

“Oh my, David, it’s very impressive, so big and hard,” she said taking the middle in her hand for the first time flesh to flesh.

A spontaneous twitch jarred me as she gripped my shaft with her hot hand. She was standing slightly to my right using her right hand and her eyes were locked onto my now oozing member. The first stroke curled my toes, it was so much better than me doing it.

“Is that better,” she said reading my mind. “Better when mommy does it. Yes, I’m much better than silly pictures on a computer screen.”

I couldn’t argue, moaning a response as she tossed my cock off slow and firm, grasping the skin tight and moving it up and down my shaft. Her large breasts were inches away from my hands, to tempting not to touch especially with what she was doing to me. I reached out with one hand, cupping her right orb. The reaction I got from her was amazing. It was like she hadn’t been touched like this for a very long time. She practically melted with pleasure from the simple caress and almost forgot to keep stroking my penis. Her mouth opened partially and a sexy pleasure-filled look appeared on her face. She definitely didn’t look like my mother now. She moaned as I pressed harder and grabbed more flesh with my hand, finding her hard nipple through her tight shirt and thin bra.

“Oh, yes, oh, David my sweet boy, don’t stop.”

I was too worked up, too excited to last much longer. Her hand stroking my ridged cock felt too good and I was on the verge of cumming all over the kitchen floor in no time at all. I kept squeezing her tit and pinching her nipple. Each time I did she moaned and sped up on my cock, making my balls ache for release.

“I’m going to cum.”

“Okay, sweetie, cum for Mommy, I’ll clean it up later.”

The point came; I tightened my muscles holding the pleasure in for a split second longer before my cock exploded in the largest and most uncontrollable blast I had ever seen. Instead of one long rope of cum my semen shot out, it seemed, in several directions. Mom called out in what could only be a cry of joy and stroked me again, forcing another huge burst out onto the floor.

“Ohhh, Ahhhh,” I moaned as the pleasure only increased.

“That’s it, Son, cum for mother, cum and cum,” she said, firmly stroking my cock over and over as each spurt flew.

The load last night was big but this dwarfed it probably twice over. It was unbelievable how much cum came from my cock as my mother manipulated it through to finish. When it finally quit, the floor looked like someone had dropped a pint of yogurt and it had splattered everywhere. My ass ached from clenching so tight and my legs felt wobbly. When I could focus again my mother was looking at me and licking her fingers. She was eating my semen like frosting!

“I can see were going to have to do this often. It’s not healthy to let it build up this much and even after the large amount yesterday. Do you always ejaculate this much semen?” she asked, ignoring my look of amazement as she finished cleaning off her hand with her mouth.

It took me a second to respond to her question.

“Umm, well usually not this much but it’s a lot most the time.”

“That’s impressive, David, very.”

My hand was still on her breast, I hadn’t moved it away during my climax. I pinched the nipple between my thumb and fingers and she reacted again the same way.

“Mmm, that’s nice, are you going to help me out now?” she asked.

“If you need me to, sure.”

“I do, badly. Seeing you cum that much has me hot and bothered. We moved away from the mess on the floor, my pants still around my ankles to the side of the bar. Mom was facing me now and I grasped both of her breasts and began fondling them. I’m probably six inches taller than her and she has kept herself in excellent shape at the gym each morning. It was easy for me to put my hands on her sides and lift her up onto the bar. She giggled, as her bottom hit the cold granite countertop. Both hands found her bare thighs, inching up under her skirt and driving her wild. She was breathing heavy and quivered with my touch. She leaned back onto her hands, spreading her legs as I inched forward.

My hands found her panties, soaking wet. Maybe it was her side of the family that produced so much fluid after all. She was dripping already. She shook noticeably when I ran my fingers up her lips and over her mound to rest where her clitoris was hidden. Pressing harder and rocking my fingers back and forth sideways she cried out in pleasure.

“Told you I knew where the clit was.”

“Mmm, yes you weren’t lying after all. I’m impressed,” she cooed.

My free hand found her breast again and her nipple was already hard. I pinched it while manipulating her nubbin through her soaked panties. This got her really going. She was more vocal then I expected and louder.

“Oh, David, yes, harder… yes, rub mommy’s clit… harder, harder…”

I was downright grinding on it now and pinching her nipples from right to left and back again. She had her head back, eyes closed and pressing forward into my hand. Her legs began to shake, vibrating into my hand as she continued to tell me not to stop.

“Almost there, almost….. oh, ahh, oohhh, I’m cumming….”

Suddenly I felt her pussy gush with a burst of juice, pressing out like a water balloon on her panties before running out the sides onto my hand and countertop. She fucking squirted! I didn’t think it was real but now I had no doubt. She went ballistic, screaming and gyrating on the bar. She grabbed my arm and wrenched it forward, wanting more friction than I was giving her.

“Harder, harder, don’t you dare stop!” she screamed, still in the grips of her orgasm.

My eyes left her face to look at the puddle that had formed between her legs. She was definitely my mother from the mess we both make when cumming. She continued to cum and pull my hand into her. My fingers were pressing her panties into her pussy with my thumb on her clit. The secretions were very slippery, odorless and thick, telling me it couldn’t be urine. I was so into grinding and pressing into her that I didn’t notice my cock getting hard again until it bumped up against the cold counter. Fingering my mother had my cock hard within minutes of my huge climax. It was amazing.

Her climax was tapering off and she let go of my hand, but told me not to stop yet. She fell backwards and lay out on the counter top as my fingers played in the slippery panties and folds of her sex. My cock was raging now and I don’t know what came over me but we were too far into it to stop. I grabbed her hips and pulled her off the counter, spun her around pressed her face back down onto the granite with her legs on the ground. Moving up her skirt I grabbed her soaked panties and pulled them to one side revealing her very pink and flushed pussy. It was completely shaved clean like she had done it this morning just for me. I had never seen such a nice wet and engorged sex in my life.

Grabbing my cock, I didn’t ask permission or say a word. I just forced it into the hole I had come out of as a baby. She screamed in pleasure, and looked back at me.

“That’s it… Fuck my pussy, give me your cock! Oh it feels so good, so big, so perfect!” she screamed.

I had never felt anything like it before. It was the wettest and hottest pussy I had ever fucked. It seemed to conform to my cock perfectly and wrap it in sweet hot bliss. The shear shock of pleasure drowned all else even the way she talked and language she used. I put my hands on her back, keeping her bent over and slammed into her again and again. She screamed in pleasure, stretching her arms out above her head so her large breasts smashed out the sides of her body.

“Ahhhh! Mmmm, it’s so big, so hard. It’s been so long since I’ve felt like this.”

I still hadn’t let go of the thought of how good she felt. Her body, her folds, wrapped me in ecstasy; the likes of which I didn’t think existed. I mean how much can women’s pussies vary? So I thought, but I had never been so wrong. Mom’s skirt had fallen back down as I thrust in and out, rubbing above my cock as I pounded away and pushed her up against the counter over and over. Her panties rubbed the side of my cock where I had pulled them to one side but were soaked and slippery as well.

“Yes, give it to me! I need it! I need it!” she screamed

Her shouts only encouraged me. I sped up, rising up on my toes for a better angle and driving in as deep as I could. Mom’s pussy convulsed and a fresh explosion covered my cock and balls, running down her long smooth legs. She had stopped making sense now, just screaming and moaning. It sounded like she was biting her lips or something. I could tell her noises were supposed to be words but I couldn’t understand them as she climaxed again.

Her pussy was unreal, it just seemed to get better and better the more I fucked her. If it wasn’t for the huge orgasm just minutes before I wouldn’t have been able to last a minute. Even with that, I was already approaching another climax. I was helpless, a slave to her body and the way it made me feel. I knew it was my mother, and I didn’t care about the consequences the ramification, the legality, I didn’t care about anything but the pleasure her pussy provided.

“That’s it, fuck me, fuck me David, don’t stop. Keep going, just like that. Make me cum again, sweetie.”

My calf muscles were beginning to ache standing on my toes but I wasn’t about to disappoint her. I had never made a woman cum like this before, so quickly multiple times. She was special, my mother. Dad’s trophy wife, almost half his age, but did he know how special she really was? Had he been able to coax this much pleasure out of her before? I had my doubts. If not it was about time she got what she deserved. I made it my goal to last as long as I could and bring her to climax as many times as possible before I couldn’t stop my own from coming.

I focused on her and her pleasure, pushing mine to the back for now, giving her what she asked for when she screamed it out to me. I started taking my mind off my cock by touching her body, rolling her surprisingly tight buttock in my hands, spreading her cheeks under her skirt. Reaching around, with my long arms, to play with her clitoris again really got her going. With only a few seconds of the added stimulation and deep thrusts I got her off again with another convulsion. She seemed to be having difficulty breathing, her chest was rising and falling on the counter and she was panting between screams.

“Ahhh… oh… my… good… g… good… ahhhh!” came from her mouth, making me smile.

I continued to pound away, focusing on her and what she was experiencing to last longer. During this and after several minutes the thought came to me that I hadn’t seen her tits yet. Felt them yes, pinched and fondled but not seen without her shirt and bra. The distraction helped me last even longer, as I worked on her bra strap under her tight shirt. It popped loose, and she got the hint of what I was doing. She raised herself off the counter slightly as I pulled her shirt up and over her head with the bra. She squealed as I pushed her back down, probably from the cold granite on her exposed breasts. Working my hands under her I finally felt the real deal, flesh to flesh and my excitement grew as her nipples hardened fully. Her luscious breasts felt incredible, firm and round for her age, astonishing. I licked her sexy back, pinched her nipples and thrust my shaft deep into her, several time, trying to get her to cum again.

The sensation was too much from me, I knew I wasn’t going to manage another climax from her before I came if I didn’t stop and ease down slightly. And I still wanted to see her breasts. Pulling out, I lifter her off the counter and spun her around. Her erect nipples stood straight out, high on her round breasts. They were phenomenal. My mouth dropped open at the sight of her perfect pair.

She stood before me, swaying slightly on wobbly legs from her multiple orgasms. It was then I realized just how hot my mother was. Her exposed breasts, aroused and crinkled areolas, short skirt, blond messed up hair and flushed face, showed me just why I was known as the kid with the hot mom. I had never really seen it before until then. My mother was more than hot she was fucking perfect.

My cock throbbed and bounced at its pinnacle with my rapid heart, covered in my mother’s juices. My lust for her was off the charts. I pulled a barstool out and sat her upon it facing me so I could see her breasts. She leaned back on the counter and I lifted her legs, moving forward. She grabbed my hard cock, bent it down and fed it into her gorgeous open pussy. Her clit was rock hard and pressing through her engorged folds. We both moaned in unison as I entered her slow and deep once again. Pulling out, unhurried and deliberate again we stared into each other’s eyes; before I slammed everything I had back in, hard and fast.

“Give it to me! Fuck me like you mean it, David. I want you to cum again. Cum all over my tits!” she screamed.

I had no idea my mother could talk like this, or even knew some of the words she was using but obviously there were many things I didn’t know about her. Holding tight to her legs and staring at her rolling breasts I began to pound deep and hard with each thrust; quickly back to where I had left off in stimulation. My cock increased in size, my balls lifted to wrap snuggly against my shaft. The thought of spraying my load onto her breasts was all it took to take me over my limit. I had lost the will to try and hold off and get her to cum again. It was just too good and the visual too perfect. Her yelling rooted me on and in less than two minutes I was ready.

“Now, David! Spray your cum all over me. Give Mommy your milk!”

Pulling out I grabbed my wide throbbing shaft and stroked a burst of cum in-between her tits, curling up her neck to pool between her collar bones. The next burst I went left to right, painting both breasts, screaming in pleasure as my ass clenched and my muscles constricted sending the cum forth. It just kept coming, rope after rope and burst after burst onto my mother’s breasts, stomach and finally dripping down on her shaved pussy. Now it was me with wobbly legs.

“Mmm, David you were incredible. I didn’t expect you to be so… so capable.”

“There seems to be a lot of things we don’t know about each other,” I said shaking my cock hard for the last glob of cum to fall on her.

“Indeed, and I can’t wait to find out,” she said running her fingers through the art on her chest.

I thought I’d feel guiltier. I thought afterwards the idea of what I had done would make me sick. After all I did fuck my mother, and I fucked her good. The strange thing was I didn’t feel guilty or grossed out at all. It was just the opposite. I was excited, constantly thinking about her and what we had done in the kitchen. It was like a new relationship with a girl. When you’re all giddy to see her and sleep with her again. It was like that… with my mother.

Anyway, after I came the second time in the kitchen, all over my mother’s incredible tits, we cleaned up and she told me I had no excuse not to study now and especially not watch porn on my computer. I went to my room and she was right about the porn but studying was virtually impossible since all my mind could focus on was the incredible set of tits and the even more phenomenal feel of my mother’s wet hot pussy. I still was blown away by how it felt.

I forced myself to open my books, staring blankly at the words but no reading was accomplished. I don’t know what Mom was thinking. We really didn’t say much after cleaning up. I was worried she would freak out now, maybe even tell Dad and that was the worst thing I could think of. I didn’t want our little arrangement to stop, not now, not after what we did and how good it was.

Around noon she knocked on my door, waking me from my daydreams. I told her the door was open and she stepped in.

“I’ve made you a sandwich for lunch, it’s ready if you’re hungry,” she said, not walking in further.

She had been forced to change her clothing after our kitchen activates. Her skirt was soaked from both her and my abundant fluids. She was now in shorts and the same top as before that had been spared earlier when I took it off her. She smiled at me before turning to leave because she noticed my eyes drop to her breasts as she was speaking. I knew then that she wasn’t going to change anything and the arrangement was in full swing. I wondered what she would say if I told her I needed more assistance already. Would she go for it or tell me I should be fine after the two giant loads this morning?

I let her go back downstairs before closing my unread books and heading down as well. The mention of lunch made my stomach growl, but up until then I hadn’t realized I was hungry. Hadn’t realized anything really except Mom.

On the table was my sandwich, chips and a drink. I sat down and began eating. She was at the sink and shortly came and sat across from me.

“Eat up, my boy needs his energy for all that studying,” she smiled.

“Among other things,” I chuckled.

“Yes, I’m sure you’ll recuperate just fine, David. So young and strong.”

“And how are you doing?” I asked.

“Honesty, I feel great, better then great. I can’t tell you how long it’s been, I forgot myself. It’s like I’ve been reenergized. I knew I missed it but didn’t understand how much until now.”

“Good, see, this is working out good for both of us. Going to be awesome.”

“I’m excited as well, David. But we need to try and act as normal as possible when your father is home. He can never even have a suspicion of what we are doing. He would never understand.”

“I know, we’ll be fine, he’s too busy with work and whatever else he does to find out. Won’t be a problem.”


The next morning I didn’t have classes until later and slept in. Dad would already be gone and Mom probably back from the gym I assumed. Last night Mom and I acted perfectly normal and Dad didn’t suspect a thing, just like I knew he wouldn’t.

I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom for a shower. I wasn’t in more than five minutes when the shower door opened and my mother stood butt naked before me.

“Care if I join you? I just got back from my workout.”

“No… umm… sure,” I stammered, staring at her hot rack.

I could see the sportsbra lines around her chest and waist from her workout clothing. Her nipples were slightly erect, puckering the areola. Her long blond hair still up in a ponytail. I moved over and she stepped into the shower.

“Wow, you like it hot,” she said.

“You’re just hot from working out is all.”

“Yeah, maybe, she said turning the hot water down anyway.”

I stood against the wall, watching her take her hair tie out and get her hair wet. With her arms over her head it made her already perfect breasts even better. My cock was by this time rock hard. I hadn’t seen her fully naked in the kitchen and the complete package was phenomenal. This older woman had a rocking body from her long legs to her flat stomach to the before mentioned breasts.

“I should have brought my own shampoo, but forgot,” she said looking at me standing shyly against the cold wall.

“You can use mine, its fine,” I said.

“Want to wash my hair for me?” she asked.

“Umm, sure, I’ll try, not used to washing long hair.”

She looked down at my hardon and smiled. “You have no issues getting hard, do you?”

“Nope, none at all.”

“Not like your father, Viagra doesn’t even seem to help him.”

I poured some shampoo in my hand, the amount I normally use but she told me to add twice that much and then turned around. I moved up behind her and began to run the shampoo into her wet hair. My cock was throbbing like crazy, as was my heart. Moving forward more I worked on her hair and my cock made contact with her butt. She reached backwards and took hold of it, making me jump slightly at her touch.

“I think we’re going to have to do this quite often, David, to keep you from building up so much,” she said stroking my cock behind her back.

“Mother’s orders?” I asked, chuckling.

“Mother’s orders,” she returned, as stern as she could manage.

With my soapy hands I reached around her and grabbed both of her breasts, spreading the shampoo all over them. Her nipples hardened fully in my palms even with the warm water and steam of the shower. A moan escaped her lips as I twisted both nipples between my thumb and fingers. She sped up her stroking, using both her hands now. Shampoo ran down her sexy back, over her butt onto my cock and she used the soap to slide effortlessly over my hard shaft and head. I was in heaven, two incredible tits to play with while she manipulated my cock with her expert hands.

Suddenly she spun around, looking me in the eyes. Leaning back into the water she rinsed her hair as I watched her. Then she took up the soap and handed it to me.

“Wash me, David. Clean Mommy, like I used to bathe you.”

Lathering up the soap I preceded to washer her shoulders, breasts, stomach and legs. Finally finishing with her sex and ass. With one hand in front and the other in back I ran my fingers over her shaved pussy and anus, opening her lips and feeling her excited clitoris. She moaned loudly as the washing became playing. Finding her erect clitoris I began to spin tight circles over it with two fingers as my other hand clawed at her pussy and tight rosebud asshole. Using the pad of my finger I experimented with her tiny hole and to my shock and amazement she moaned as I slightly penetrated her snug opening.

Who knows how freaky my mom and dad had gotten, for all I knew Mom like it in her butt. She definitely wasn’t objecting to my finger. With my palm on her clit, I used two fingers to penetrate her hot sex as I still played with her anus, slowly working a little more of my finger inside.

“Oh, David, Mommy’s going to cum!” she screamed out.

Her pussy constricted on my fingers as her butt pinched tight, pushing my finger completely out. Her legs shook as the climax washed over her body, drenching my hand again with her fluids. It was hotter than the shower water, slippery and thick. She grabbed my hand, pulling me harder into her, almost hurting my wrists as she forced my fingers into her body deeper.

“That’s it, David, make me cum, make Mom feel wonderful!”

This woman was unbelievable, how she could climax so quickly and so powerfully, blew me away. She let herself go, almost falling in the shower the orgasm was so powerful. I steadied her, having to pull my hand out of her grasp and pussy. I held her securely as the last few jolts racked her frame. I could feel her heart racing and her breathing was rapid. She clawed at my body, shacking and moaning continually.

“Ohh, mmm. Yes, David that was wonderful.”

“That was amazing, Mom. You’re unbelievable.”

“Looks like you helped me out first this time. I should return the favor,” she said, gathering her breath. “Have any of your girlfriends every given you a blowjob, David?”

“Umm, just one… actually that’s all she would do.”

“Did you like it?”


“Did she swallow?”

All the while Mom was asking me these questions she had both hands on my cock, with the bar of soap, cleaning me thoroughly. When she cleaned my head the sensation was so intense I had a difficult time speaking and pulled away a little.

“No… she never swallowed it. She made me tell her when I was ready and she would finish with her hand.”

“I see. Well, I swallow, David. I love it.”

I almost ejaculated right then. Who was this woman I call Mother? I had no idea she even knew what a blowjob was let alone loved giving and swallowing. I didn’t respond I was so turned on at that moment. She smiled; fell to her knees, letting the shower rinse my soapy cock. As soon as it was clean she curled my toes by taking my dick in her mouth deeper than that one girl before had even dared. Mom almost took my entire length down her throat, making sure to keep a tight grip on my shaft with her lips. Heaven just got even better.

You know that point, right when you start having sex, how it’s so exciting if you’re not careful you might blow within seconds. I was there and I was in trouble. I wanted this to last longer but Mom was so good at what she did I didn’t know if I could stop. Brenda, that one girl who used to suck me, never did anything like what Mom was doing. With Brenda I was lucky if her mouth went over my head, mostly it was just her hands but Mom wasn’t using her hands at all! Just her mouth down and up, down and up on my cock. Deep, shallow, spinning, sucking and her tongue? Her fucking tongue was unbelievable!

“I can’t last much longer, Mom, you’re too good at this,” I said, about ready to explode.

She didn’t stop; I knew she wanted me to cum in her mouth as soon as I could. Who knows how long it had been for her, to have a man ejaculate in her mouth. But from what she was doing and how fast she was working my head and shaft I knew she wanted it bad.

“Here it commmmes!” I screamed, tightening my keagle muscles as tight as I could.

Holding in the bliss took only a second before the involuntary contractions began, forcing my semen from my body into my mother’s greedy mouth. The reaction from her, again, stunned me. She went ballistic, sucking, swallowing and working my cock for every drop I had to offer. She seemed crazed for my spunk, it almost frightened me how much she wanted it. The noises she made… the facial expression as I looked down. This woman was obsessed it seemed for cum. And the pleasure was something I had never experienced before. Sure I had cum before, countless times but to have a woman sucking me while I came, that was a different story. The sensation was crazy strong. I had the pure bliss of ejaculation mixed with the intense, pull away, too much, sensation of my head being sucked.

Muscle contraction after another jolted my cock, sending my load into my mother’s mouth she had tightly wrapped around my shaft. She stroked me through my convulsions and sucked and swallowed as the bursts came.

I almost passed out…..

My vision was blurry, Mom was talking to me. I was done cumming and she was done swallowing but I still couldn’t hear her. I was gone, somewhere else, blissfully unconscious, until she raised her voice.

“David! Are you okay?”

“Huh, what? Yeah, better than okay.”

“I was saying how good you taste, it’s almost sweet.”

“Oh, good,” was all I could manage.

“Wow, you were in la la land, weren’t you?” she asked, standing up with a smile on her face.

“Totally. I have never felt something like that before.”

“Good, I told you Mommy, could teach you a few things. That girlfriend never sucked you like that, did she?”

“No, not even close.”

“Didn’t think so. You still put out a surprisingly large amount of semen. I don’t know what I’m to do with you.”

“I guess you’ll just have to keep trying to reduce it,” I said, laughing.

“Sounds like a challenge, young man.”

“If anyone is up to the challenge it’s you, Mom.”


I was late to school; I guess we were in the shower longer than I thought. I forced myself to pay attention as the professor went on with his lecture, not wanting to get further behind. Telling myself that this was real and Mom wasn’t going anywhere nor was the arraignment we had. Keeping my mind off what she and I had done was the hard part but I managed. When I got home from school Dad was already home for some reason and Mom was fixing dinner early. I went in to help her and find out what was up. To my surprise, when I stood next to her, she grabbed my ass and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“Your father has to go out of town for business, tonight. His plane leaves in three hours.”

“Is that why he’s home so early?”

“Yes, he’s upstairs packing. We’ll have the house alone for the weekend.”

She smiled kissed my cheek and went back to making dinner. A thrill rushed through my body; my cock stirred and began to rise. I was in for one hell of a weekend. I was frozen in place, standing where she left me, thinking about what she had said meant. She saw me standing there and came back over to me.

“Don’t get all excited yet, he’s not gone. Not just yet, but when he does leave I’m taking that challenge and by the time I’m done with you, young man, you won’t have anything left to give,” she said grabbing my hardening cock through my shorts.

“Yes, Mommy.”

She grinned, “That’s my boy, I’m going to teach you things you’ve never dreamed of.”

She let go of my dick and told me to set the table for dinner. I’ll admit I didn’t eat much, nor did I participate in the conversation because of the obvious. Mom cleared our plates and my Dad left to put his suitcase in the car. He came back in, kissed my mother goodbye and messed up my hair like he’s done since I was a kid. And then he was gone…

I remained at the table not really knowing what to expect. Mom was busy in the kitchen doing the dishes and cleaning up the leftover food. To speed things up I decided to help.

“What can I do to help?” I asked.

She turned around, smiling. “You never ask to help. Is someone eager to begin our weekend alone?”

“Yeah, I’ll admit it.”

“We have plenty of time and the anticipation makes it that much better. But if you want to help you can put the food away while I finish the dishes.”

We worked together for another twenty minutes until everything was cleaned up.

“Why don’t you go up to your room and I’ll join you shortly,” Mom said.

I headed upstairs with a million dirty thoughts in my head, which made my cock stir in my pants with that anticipation she mentioned. What could she teach me that I didn’t already know? I was excited to find out. I left my door ajar and emptied my backpack of books on my desk. I really doubted I’d get much studying down this weekend, but knew I had to try. About ten minutes later a small knock sounded on my door. I turned in my chair as she pushed it open. She stood there, in my doorway, dressed in a sex negligée made up of mostly lace covering her naughty bits. My mouth dropped open because she looked incredible.

“You like? I don’t get to where this stuff much anymore. Kinda a waste with your father.”

“I do like, very much.”

“Good, then it’s not a waste if you appreciate it.”

She waked in, closed the door and walked directly over to me. My mother was standing inches away, wearing the skimpiest lingerie I had ever seen. So skimpy I could see the folds of her sex around the thin lace panties and her slightly erect nipples growing to protrude around silk strips intended to cover them. I instantly achieved erection, throbbing, pulsing, wanting out of my pants stiffness. Straddling me she sat down on my lap, leaning her large breasts into my face. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her further and opening my mouth to take her left nipple into my mouth for the first time.

“Yes, David, suck on Mommy’s nipples like when you were my baby.”

I sucked hard through the mesh material, pulling her nipple away from her breast, causing her to squeal with pleasure. Trapping her fully erect nipple between my teeth I teased the tip with my tongue, before sucking again and grabbing her right breast with my hand. She was rocking back and forth on my lap, grinding her sex into my leg, and running her hands through my hair. I switched breasts, giving the right one the same treatment until both of them were wet and rock hard, pressing out against the mesh and through the lace strings.

Back and forth I sucked, twisted, licked, pinched and savored her perfect breasts I had fed on as a baby. I felt the wetness in my pants as my pre-cum oozed plentifully as well as the wet spot my mother had created on my left leg as she grinded her sex.

“David, I want you to eat me. I want you to lick and suck Mommy’s pussy.”

Without a word I sat up in my chair, lifted my mother with ease off my lap and carried her over to my bed. We fell together in a heap before I eased myself down her body, biting, licking and nuzzling any exposed flesh I could find until my face was over her flushed pussy. The lace strap was soaked and tangled in her folds, her clitoris, just visible, pressing out and around the strap. Grabbing the lace I pulled it away, which opened her up in the process, revealing her dark pink, glistening inner glory. My tongue quickly found her clitoris and she let out a loud moan, as I pushed back her labia with my tongue.

“That’s it, David, show Mommy what a good boy you are and what you’ve learned.”

I knew what she meant. She wanted to know how good I was at this. I was no beginner I knew that, I loved going down on girls, it was usually them that finally pulled me up to move on because I could suck and eat a pussy for hours if they’d let me. I was determined to do my best and employ everything I knew to please my mother. I wanted her happy and I wanted her to cum like I knew she could. I wanted her to cum on my face.

The heat radiated from her hot sex as I worked her clit gently with the tip of my tongue, driving her mad. She wiggled under me, pressing into my face for more friction but I continued to tease, flicking her clit and licking her folds. She was so wet already my fingers were instantly coated when I brought two up from under my chin into her. She screamed as I dug into her pussy, curling my fingers toward her G-spot behind her clit, just as I took the nubbin between my teeth.

That’s all it took, it was just that simple and my incredible mother was cumming, and cumming hard. Suddenly her pussy convulsed on my fingers, her body tightened and a rush of heat and juice covered my hand. I did my best to hold her clit between my teeth and rapidly flick it with my tongue as my fingers pressed and massaged her pleasure point. Her back was arched, and a single low grunt escaped her lips, turning into an all-out scream of pure pleasure.

Leaving her clitoris I wanted to taste her secretions. I removed my hand and covered her convulsing sex with my mouth, slurping and feasting on her sex. She tasted exquisite. I explored her depths with my tongue and felt her contractions continue. She grabbed my head, forcing my face deep into her body and my tongue deeper into her hot slippery hole. The bridge of my nose mashed her clitoris and I was forced to hold my breath as she used my face for her own pleasure.

“Yes, David, eat me, eat Mommy good. Suck me dry, baby, feast on my cunt.”

That was a word I never expected to hear from my mother, it kind of shocked me. In my surprise I tried to breath and found no air. I panicked and had to pull away from her for oxygen. Lifting my head I looked up her body and the expression on her face was intense, almost sadistic. She was crazed again like in the shower but instead of my pleasure she was seeking her own.

“Don’t stop, keep eating me!” she said, pressing my face down again.

I obeyed and covered her pussy again and began sucking and munching. She let up on my head, thankfully so I was able to breathe. I fingered her, sucked her lips, clit and continued to do everything I knew to her sex with my mouth and hands. The supply of juice was never ending and she let me continue long after all the other women had stopped me. I think I counted two or three more small climaxes during my efforts before she spoke again.

“There is nothing I can teach you that you don’t already know down there, David. I never expected my little boy to be so well versed at cunnilingus. Very impressive.”

I rose my cum covered face with a smile, knowing I had done better than she expected.

“Now, remove your clothes, I’m sure I can think of something you don’t know.”

I stood up and noticed the huge wet spot on my shorts from my oozing cock. I stripped quickly and Mom told me to lay on the bed as she got up off of it.

“My, my, that cock of yours is very impressive. I think we might need to relieve some pressure the old-fashioned way before we move on to other things,” she said, sitting on the edge of my bed and lifting my cock vertical.

It was so covered in my pre-cum that her hand slid easily up and down the shaft with next to no friction. Damn, it felt amazing. She played with my slit, using her finger to rub the head and underside as she stroked with her other hand.

“I’ll empty you before morning that I promise. My strong little boy will feel better soon.”

Her voice was so damn sexy to me and after eating her for so long I was more than turned on and ready to drop a load. As she stroked she also played with my balls, kneading them and caressing them softly as her hand kept a steady rhythm up and down my shaft. She knew very well what she was doing, keeping the same grip, speed and pressure, building my pleasure quickly like a pro.

“You’re getting close, Mommy can tell. Do you have a large one again, just for me?” she teased.

“Ahuh, any second,” I replied, as the pleasure intensified.

It was so much different when she jacked me off compared to when I did it. I was at her mercy and she was an expert. I tried to control it but it was impossible to stop.

“Good boy, let it come, David, cum for Mother,” she said, pressing my balls up toward my stomach.

That’s when I lost it; the lifting of my balls caused me to explode high into the air. The semen splattered on my chest as Mom cheered in excitement and continued to stroke my ejaculating cock. She kept pressing my balls upward as I jerked and convulsed on the bed and sent several more smaller bursts of cum onto my stomach until the rest pumped out down my shaft to cover her sliding hand.

“Such a good boy, and so much again. I have to say I don’t know where you keep it all.”

I couldn’t respond, just stared at the large amount of cum collecting around the base of my cock and the splatters on my chest and stomach. These climaxes she was coaxing out of my body were the best I had ever experienced before, bar none. I continued to jerk as spasm even after fluid had stopped coming out. She wasn’t done playing either, using my cum to slide her hand over my head, causing me to squirm from the intense sensation.

“Your father acted the same way when I used to do this to him,” she said teasing me until I finally had to grab her hand.

She laughed, stood up and left the room. She returned with a large towel and proceeded to clean the cum off my chest, stomach and cock. She sat on my bed again, staring down at me with a smile on her face, looking content as ever.

“You’ll be ready for more soon. We’re only just beginning, David.”

We’re only just beginning? The phrase excited me but also made me a little nervous. What did my mother have in store for me? I wondered if this challenge she had given herself to drain me was becoming a vendetta. I had already seen her a little psycho in the shower and when I was eating her. How far would she go, what had I awaken?

“Why we wait, tell me about your girlfriends, what did you guys do together so I know how experienced my boy is?”

“What do you want to know?” I asked, putting my hands under my head.

I was lying completely naked on my bed with my mother sitting next to me still in her sexy negligée. My cock was mostly flaccid now after the huge orgasm she had managed the old-fashioned way as she called it. Her hand was on my leg, rubbing my thigh gently as she looked at my body and answered my question.

“You know. Like which one sucked you and why was that all she would do. And what did you do with the others?

“Brenda. She was the one that would only suck me. She said she wanted to be a virgin on her wedding night. We didn’t date that long as you know.”

“I remember her. Pretty girl. Was she good at sucking you?”

“Not as good as you, not even close. It was more of a handjob than a blowjob.”

“Did she ever put her finger in your bum?”

The question jolted me. I visibly stiffened and hesitated to answer. She smiled, rubbing my leg and moving up toward my soft cock.

“I guess not. Well, I’m sure you know about your prostate. Did you know it can bring you a lot of pleasure?”

“I’ve heard that but I’m not too fond of things going in there.”

“I see, the thought frightens you. Makes you think of homosexuals? I promise it shouldn’t and you would like it.”

“Maybe, but…”

“Don’t worry, David. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. What about your other girlfriends?”

“Well, let’s see. Gina liked foreplay. She let me play with her large breasts and I learned a lot doing oral on her.”

“Did she let you put your penis between her boobs? I remember them being big enough for that?”

“No, I mean she might have I just never tried. We had normal sex instead after the foreplay. Mostly missionary.”

I knew what Mom was doing. She thought if we talked about this stuff I would get hard quickly and she was right. It was having an effect on my already. I felt my cock stir but not really begin to rise. Her hand was almost touching my loose hanging balls, just brushing my inner thigh. She smiled down at me as I continued.

“Becca was a little wilder. Foreplay was quick and she loved to be on top and ride me most the time. I wasn’t in control much with her and used a lot of condoms because of it. I couldn’t stop from cumming and with her on top I couldn’t pull out.”

This brought a look on my mother’s face I couldn’t quite figure out. The mention of the condom and pulling out had her thinking about something. She didn’t say anything so I just went on as more life entered my cock. I glanced down and saw it beginning to engorge, but not enough to move it yet.

“That just leaves, Makayla. She was very touchy feely loved to grab my cock and ass. I think I got more hand action from her than anyone. But she would have sex and we tried quite a few positions.”

“So, my little man has learned a lot, but I know at least one thing I can teach you that you didn’t mention with those girls.”

“And what’s that?” I asked.

“You’ll find out but not just yet.”

She suddenly stood up and took a few steps back. I raised my eyebrow as she began to remove her skimpy outfit in a very sexy way. It was almost like a dance or striptease. It got me really going and soon my cock plumped and began its rise across my leg. The grin on Mom’s face as she watched what her striptease was doing helped. By the time her last article hit my floor my cock was staring me in the face, fully hard.

“My lovely boy likes his mommy. You’re pretty cock is ready again and so soon.”

My eyes widened as she lifted one of her breasts and teased the nipple with her own tongue. She was so damn sexy it was all I could do to stay lying there and not jump up and attack. She came back and sat on the edge of the bed, placing her hand on my throbbing shaft.

“Do you know why I asked you about your girlfriends?” she asked.

“I assumed so my dick would get hard again faster.”

“No, silly boy. That was going to happen anyway. I asked you because I’m jealous. I was always envious of the girls you brought home, especially since your father was lacking. You probably don’t know this but I sometimes listened at your door when you were with them. I heard you making love to them and I would touch myself as I listened. I imagined I was them and you were loving me.”

I was speechless; my mother had secretly wanted me for much longer than I thought. Catching me tossing off gave her the opening to approach me. Her hand caressed my raging dick, softly moving her palm up and down my shaft, lightly brushing my balls.

“I’m still jealous of them. I asked you what you had done with them because I want to do everything you did with them to show you how much better I can be. I want you to forget they ever had you. I’m pretty sure I already covered Brenda’s terrible blowjobs by what I did in the shower so let’s move on. Who do you want to forget next?”

I knew her crazy side was showing a bit in this and I probably should have done something about it but I was thinking with my cock again and since her hand was all over it and her naked body was inches away I let my dick think for me.

“Well, you already out did Gina in foreplay, and you cum better than any of them so that leaves Becca’s aggressive riding and Makayla’s love for positions.”

Almost before I finished my mother lifted her leg over me, straddling my body. With her hand she pulled my cock vertical and eased me inside of her hot wet pussy I remembered well from the kitchen. Looks like she had chosen Becca to outdo. The funny thing was, just the sensation of her incredible sex was enough to do that, but I wasn’t going to tell her, not quite yet.

Reaching up I grabbed her naked breasts, squeezing both before rubbing her nipples with my thumbs until they were erect. My penis felt incredible, the heat, moisture and pulsing pussy of Mom was phenomenal. When she started rocking back and forth, lifting just slightly I again found a new definition of perfection.

“Did your girlfriends tell you how amazing your cock is, David… or did they take it for granted.”

“Well, they never said much about it.”

“Foolish girls. They had no idea what they had,” she said, giving an extra push down onto me for emphasis. “I bet then know now, once they couldn’t have you anymore and found all the others lacking.”

“Glad you like it. I could say the same about you. I’ve never felt anything like your pu… well you know,” I hesitated saying the word.

“My pussy, David, or how about my cunt. Do you like when I talk dirty, David?”

I did, it was so naughty especially coming from my mother. I nodded. She smiled and rose up off my cock more, letting me slide further out of her hot wet hole before slamming down again. I kept playing with her tits and she increased her speed and energy, riding me like she was in her twenties. “You like Mommy’s hot cunt, don’t you, David. You like the way it makes your big cock feel. How deep you go inside me, in my hot wet snatch!”

Holy shit my mother had a potty mouth! The nasty talk only increased my pleasure and excitement. The sensation was so much better than Becca, just from the fact of how incredible Mom’s sex was. The heat, secretions, and talent of Mom was beyond compare.

“David! Mommy’s going to cum again. You’re cock is just so perfect!” she screamed, not slowing down.

Her fingers dug into my shoulder as she gripped me tighter. Pleasure washed over her face as she bit her lip. I felt her start cumming on my cock, shaking and convulsing with a rush of heat. The thick liquid seeped out around my shaft, covering my balls and oozing down around my butt into my bed. She was gone again, closed her eyes and threw back her head in pleasure. She knew how to get off so fast I didn’t think I’d ever get used to it. I was awestruck watching her, tossing her head back and forth as the obvious waves of pleasure cascaded through her. I could feel her pussy clenching on my cock and her legs shook visibly with the climax.

The entire time, she kept riding me and her pussy milked my dick like I’d never felt before. If I hadn’t cum minutes before I would have then for sure. Even with my latest climax I was approaching my next because it felt that amazing.

Mom fell over me, putting her head on my chest, panting from her climax and effort. I felt her pussy still quivering on my cock as she caught her breath.

“Oh, David, I can’t believe how good you make me feel.”

I caressed her back and pulled my fingers through her long hair. She snuggled into me, kissing my neck. Before asking, “What positions did you and Makayla do?”

“Do you want to know all of them?” I asked.

“Yes, show me, and then I’ll show you something new.”

I rolled her over onto her back while keeping my hard cock deep inside into missionary, giving her some long deep thrusts before rising up onto my knees and lifting her legs. Her breast rolled in circles as I thrust into her. I knew I couldn’t stay in this position very long because it felt too good and was what I usually finished with because of the friction it caused. It felt so good and the visual was amazing, watching her breasts roll around with each of my thrusts. But my pleasure was increasing and she did say she wanted to do all the positions. Pulling her left leg toward her right I rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her up into doggystyle. She moved fluidly, going with everything I did to her. Once she was on all fours I fed my cum coated cock back into her dripping pussy and thrust hard and deep. She moaned, and turned to look back at me.

“That’s it, Son, fuck Mommy good!”

I grabbed hold of her shapely hips and began pounding in and out as fast as I could. I knew I could last a lot longer in this position. Mom, put her head down on my pillow, arching her back perfectly. My cock was raging; it felt incredible to slam in my mother’s pussy so hard and fast. Spreading her cheeks I admired my long cock entering her flushed and wet tunnel as her little rosebud asshole opened and closed slightly. It was moist from her orgasm which gave me an idea. If I placed my hand on her ass my thumb extended perfectly down to her tight hole. I began to rub gently in the ooze, pressing in ever so slightly as I slid my cock in and out. The tip of my thumb entered her ass, covering the nail and she looked back at me.

“You’re a naughty boy, aren’t you, David?” she asked.

I smiled, thrust my cock in deep and slid my thumb in a little further. She grinned back at me and put her head down. My heart was pounding, the thought of what I was doing rushed into my head at that moment. I had my thumb in my mother’s ass and I was fucking her hard and fast! Who does this? Me I guess.

I felt my balls lifting in my excitement and knew I needed to change positions to give me some time to calm down. I quickly thought of another position Makayla and I had done before pulling out to change. Pulling Mom onto her side I spooned her from behind and slid my cock back into her. This way I was able to play fully with her breasts and gently fuck her. I could also tease her clit with my hand between her legs and feel my shaft going in and out of her. I nibbled on her neck, twisted her nipples and teased her nubbin while slowly fucking her. It felt amazing.

“Oh my…. Oh David, I’m almost there again, just a little harder, make me cum again… make Mommy cum!” she screamed as I sped up and thrust as deep as I could from behind.

She convulsed and not as much juice flowed but it definitely got wetter. She shook again in my arms as the waves hit over and over. I was controlling my own pleasure better than I thought, still enjoying her perfect pussy but far enough away from orgasm to be able to give her what she wanted. I think the combination of everything I was doing had made her cum again. The nipple play, biting, clit teasing and the hard cock deep inside had my mother screaming and shaking with pleasure.

“You’re so amazing, Son. No one has ever made me feel like this before,” she panted. “I think you’ve earned something. Something I know you haven’t done but want to.”

“Really? What?”

“I want you to fuck my ass, David. I want your big cock deep inside my tight ass. You deserve it.”

Hearing her say this cause my cock to literally jump on its own inside her. I had to stop thrusting for fear I would ejaculate right then. She was right; I had wanted to do it, ever since the shower and washing her up and now just a few minutes ago with my thumb in her tight little hole. She was going to let me stick my cock in there!

She rolled away from me when I stopped moving, grabbed my pillow and tossed it on the floor by my bed. I watched in amazement as she slid off the bed onto the pillow with her legs straight in the air bent at the knees. Her back was against my bed propping her butt up. She began rubbing her pussy juice all over her tight hole. I sat up looking over the edge of the bed down at her face, then at what she was doing to her ass. Her middle finger darted in and out, preparing herself. My cock hurt from the rush of blood watching her finger her tight hole.

“Have you done this before?” I asked her.

“Yes, but it’s been a long time and it was with your father. The last few years we were having sex the only thing that would get him hard and to orgasm was to fuck my ass. Like I said he has a much smaller penis then you so please go slow.”

She had added another finger, slowly sliding both in and out. I was content just watching her do this. The visual was outstanding with her open pussy above her sliding fingers. She looked uncomfortable on her neck but didn’t act like it. She caught me watching and not moving and began to laugh.

“I’m ready for you to try, David. Show’s over,” she said, pulling her fingers out.

I chuckled and stood up off the bed, threw my left leg over her so I stood with her between my legs. My cock was so engorged it was difficult to bend down enough to try and put it in but as I kept trying it slowly bent.

“Remember, slowly. Follow my body and reaction.”

For good measure I added some saliva to the head of my cock, mixing it with my pre-cum and her juices. Moving down I put the head of my cock at her slightly opened ass. She began to rub her clit and I little by little proceeded to press inward.

Good hell it was tight! I had to go slower than I first thought as her ass pinched the head of my cock.

“Oh boy….. oh…. David, it’s much bigger than your dad’s. Oh…. Shit….. fuck, slowly, Son.”

The head wasn’t even in yet. I could see the stress it was causing, as her ass strained around my engorged head. I stopped, but kept the pressure constant, seeing if she would grow accustomed to it. Her hand was a blur on her clit and she was breathing heavily. Letting up I pulled away, watching her ass slam shut again. I didn’t think it was going to work.

“Don’t stop! I can take it…. Just keep trying.”

Saliva was not a good lubricant and I wasn’t expelling enough pre-cum to make this possible. If I knew one thing about anal I knew you needed lots and lots of lube. Without it I would only hurt her.

“Wait here I’ll be back,” I said jumping over her and running from the room.

I heard her start to object but I was gone too fast. Running down the stairs my cock slapped my tummy as I took the stairs into the kitchen looking for something to use. I found the vegetable oil and ran back upstairs as fast as I could.

Mom saw me coming back in holding it and smiled.

“You’re such a good son. Don’t want to hurt, me?”

“This should help for sure.”

I unscrewed the lid, dropping it on the floor and climbed back over her. I poured a palm full into my hand and spread it all over her tight hole, darting my fingers in to lube as deep as I could. It was really slippery and I knew it wouldn’t dry out like everything else.

“That’s going to work well, David. Lube your cock up too,” she said, grinning at me.

I smeared the oil up and down my cock, making it shine in the overhead light, before setting the container on my nightstand. Some excess dripped of my cock onto Mom’s breasts and she began rubbing it around her tits, making them glisten as well. Blood was pounding in my head. I was really going to do this. I was really going to fuck my mother’s ass.

“Let’s try, David. Try again.”

Forcing my cock down, I eased forward and the difference was like night and day. It was still tight and really hot but my head went in with surprising ease. I stopped there, seeing and hearing Mom’s reaction.

“Ahhhh, oh G…. fuck its big!” she screamed, reaching up and pressing on my thigh. “Hold still, let Mom get used to it.”

Her shinny oiled breasts rose quickly up and down. The pressure on my cock was intense, like a vise pinching me off. I felt the blood pulsing in her ass, as the muscles strained from the intruder. I think it took over a minute before the strain on my shaft lessened and her breathing eased. Dad must be much smaller than me. I felt her hand change positions on my leg, bidding me to move forward again. Her other hand was working her oiled clit fast and steady.

“Just a little more, Sweetie. Not too much now,” she said.

I slid a half an inch, then an inch, watching her face and body for signs of problems. She seemed okay, breathing heavy again but not in a panic. Another inch, my cock was throbbing, the veins and definition distinct along my shaft, more so than ever before. I was awed by the sight of my cock hanging halfway out of my mother’s ass. I stopped again, reveling in the visual and what I was doing more than making sure she was okay. Her eyes opened, she smiled and urged me in deeper with a look.

“I’m okay, David… It’s fine, keep going.”

Slowly I inserted the rest of my cock until all of it was buried in my mother’s bowels. I thought her pussy was hot. Her ass was double, or maybe it was just the tightness and excitement. To say I had never felt anything like it before would be stupid since this was my first time doing anal. It was nonetheless amazing, different from a pussy and I was an instant fan. I held my entire length deep inside her, basking in the heat and tight grip her ass had on the base of my cock. She had done it, taken all of me like she said she would.

“Is this the one thing you said you could teach me?” I asked.

“Yes, I had… a feeling you… hadn’t done it… before,” she stammered.

“I love it, Mom. Thank you.”

“No…. thank you, David….. Now fuck me…… fuck your mother’s ass!”

The vegetable oil was working wonders, sliding back out was pure bliss, as her tight muscles clung to my shaft from base to head but still slid smoothly. The look of pleasure, as I withdrew, spread over my mother’s face. I could tell she loved the sensation as I did. As soon as I went back in, faster than the first time I knew I wouldn’t last long. The friction, heat and excitement were too much once I was able to really move. Mom began to moan with each thrust and withdrawal, never letting up on her clitoris. My legs got hot from squatting up and down, to bury my cock over and over in my mother’s tight ass.

“That’s it, David. Fuck me, fuck my ass. Give me that wonderful cock!” she screamed as I sped up even more.

She more than adjusted to me. I was fucking her like a pornstar hard, deep and in the ass! Her pussy lips glistened with her secretions mixed with the oil. What I saw of her clit, as she rubbed it, was plump engorged excitement. My cock made the inside of her pussy move as my shaft slid under it, causing the walls to pull apart with strings of oil and cum.

My balls had risen around my shaft, aching for release and my cock only got thicker as my orgasm quickly approached.

“Mom, I’m going to cum.”

She didn’t respond but I knew she heard me. She was experiencing something I knew I never could and from the look on her face it was marvelous. I didn’t know what to do. Should I cum in her ass or pull out? The pleasure was cresting and I knew I would cum within seconds.

“Where should I cum?” I asked.

Apparently she couldn’t speak. I was on my own and past the point of no return because her ass suddenly started to convulse and clench onto my cock, pulsing from her anal orgasm. Mom was cumming with my cock in her ass and I couldn’t stop my own climax any longer. I exploded just as I was pulling my cock out. As it left, I was already shooting a large rope of cum which splattered into her open hole and further up into her quivering pussy, filling both with my white seed. My dick naturally went upwards and I finished stroking it over her body, sending three more bursts to cascade down onto her. They splattered on her chest, running down to her neck and chin. More continued to pump out, dripping onto her pussy until it overflowed, to rush down her body all at once. The consistency was noticeably thinner but I still pumped out a large amount.

I sat backwards onto the bed. The pleasure so intense I had to sit down before I fell down. Mom still hadn’t said anything; I just heard her whimpering and saw her shaking from the most amazing orgasm I had seen yet. Her ass was pulsing, covered in semen as was her open pussy. Gravity was keeping them full of my milk as I watched the effect the climax had on my mother.

It took a while, longer than I expected before she spoke. My cock was completely soft when I heard her first words. They were soft and almost inaudible.

“Never imagined…. Anything like that…. Amazing.”

“What was that?” I asked.

“Nothing, Mommy’s talking to herself. David, I’ve never experienced anything like that before.”

“That makes two of us.”

“Yes, well for you that makes sense but at my age it’s unheard of.”

I saw her struggling to right herself but paused as some semen seeped from her pussy again and ran down her stomach. I smiled, picked up the towel from earlier and handed it to her. She grinned back and held it along her pussy and down her body before rolling onto her knees. She had large creases on her back from the pillow, red and indented. Cleaning herself off, she was slow to get up; her legs almost didn’t support her. I helped her to the bed and she sat down next to me.

“Let me catch my breath. Oh boy, that was…” she cut off.

“Exactly… indescribable.”

The orgasm Mom experienced doing anal with me must have exhausted her because once on my bed she laid down and was out like a light. So much for the challenge to empty me, although she did say we had all weekend since Dad would be gone. I let her sleep, pulling up the covers over her naked body and putting a pair of shorts and T-shirt on. I went downstairs, it was only midnight on Friday, and drank some Gatorade and heated up some leftovers since I hadn’t eaten much thinking about Dad leaving town. My phone on the counter chirped signifying I had a text. To my surprise it was Makayla, my last girlfriend I broke up with less than a month ago.

The break up was her idea. She said she wanted to explore ‘other opportunities’. I had no idea why she was texting me already. I read the text and shook my head: I think I made a big mistake. I want to talk.

Getting back together with her was the last thing on my mind. Finding a new girlfriend was the last thing on my mind now since the arrangement began with Mom. I decided to ignore the text and finish me food. Makayla texted again within five minutes, talk about needy. This one said: Are you home… I’m outside your house.

What the hell? Now she’s staking me. It was obvious she wasn’t going to let me ignore her and I expected the doorbell to ring any second. I didn’t want her to wake Mom, especially not now after knowing how jealous she said she got. Going to the front door I looked out the window and saw Makayla’s car idling on the curb. I opened the door and went out. She saw me coming and unlocked her door, letting me in.

“Good to see you, David. Thanks for coming out,” she began.

She looked good, always did when we dated. Makayla has long straight brown hair, brown eyes and a very pretty face. Her body’s great as well, I had no lack of attraction toward her, like I said it was her idea to break up.

“Good to see you too? So what’s up?”

“Well, like I said in the text, I think I made a mistake breaking it off with you and was wondering if you wanted to try again. I know I ended it and was kind of a bitch and I’m sorry.”

“You know? To be honest I don’t. I’m over it, I’ve moved on. But it was nice to see you,” I said starting to open the door.

She grabbed my arm, turning me back to her. “Wait, David. I miss you. I miss what we had. What we did,” she said giving me a telling look to what she meant.

“Yeah, well we had fun, I can’t deny that but it’s over. You went looking for better, not my problem.”

“I was a fool… give me another chance. I’ll do anything,” she blurted, looking ashamed she had said it.

“Wow, Makayla, I never pegged you as the desperate type. I’m done, I have someone else now.”

“Who!? You’re lying… I asked around and you’re not even dating.”

“Someone new someone none of your friends would know. I don’t have to tell you shit.”

“Just think about it, she can’t be that special.”

“Don’t have to think about it and yes she is. Bye Makayla,” I said getting out and walking to my door without looking back.

Mom was waiting by the front door when I walked in.

“Was that Makayla,” she asked, dressed in her robe.

“Yeah, she wants me back. Can you believe that?”

“Actually, yes I can. I told you they would miss you after they couldn’t have you anymore. I’m sure she realized that after the next cock she fucked. How pathetic it was compared to yours.”

Mom’s potty mouth was in full swing at 1 A.M. I laughed and shook my head.

“What did you tell her?”

“I told her I was over her and moved on. That I had someone else now.”

“Me? Did you mean me?” Mom asked.

“Well yeah. I haven’t thought about another woman since the kitchen. Should I have?” I asked.

“Yes, I mean no, it’s just. David… I’m your mother?”

“Let’s not worry about that, things will work out. I just want to focus on our arrangement right now.”

“Okay… I won’t ruin it then.”

“Sorry about waking you up?”

“You didn’t. I came down looking for you since you weren’t in the bed with me.”

“I got hungry and then Makayla texted.”

“I see. Well let’s go back up,” she said taking my hand.

I followed her back to my room. Inside she dropped her robe, and slid under the covers of my bed naked. I shed my clothes and slid in next to her. She snuggled up to my, laying her head on my chest and hands on my stomach and side. Just lying there naked with her excited me and my penis rose steadily until it was erect. I didn’t say anything and she hadn’t noticed yet.

“How are you feeling?” I asked her.

“Good, a little tired but the nap helped. You really wore me out with that last one. I’m sorry I fell asleep on you.”

“Don’t be, I needed a break anyway.”

“And now?” she asked sliding her hand down toward my hard cock. “Does something need Mommy’s attention ag….” Just as she said the last word her hand found my hard cock.

“Good grief, David. You’re already throbbing! And you wonder why Makayla wants you back,” she said grabbing my shaft in the middle and squeezing tight. “What am I going to do with you? I honestly didn’t expect this, not again. Looks like I have more work to do.”

“What can I say… I got it bad for my mommy.”

“Your cock sure does!” she said diving under the covers.

She licked my chest, down my stomach and over my cock, all the way to my balls in one long lick. Suddenly my left nut was inhaled into her mouth. She sucked until it began to hurt before releasing the left and finding the right, doing the same. Licking back up my shaft, she used only her lips to pull my cock vertical before sucking me inside her mouth, down deep to her throat. The pleasure was exquisite, so slow, so hot, and wet, mind blowing. Finding a woman that worships a cock like my mother does is virtually impossible. The sheets were still over her head so all I could see was the contour of her bobbing, twisting and pleasuring my cock. What I felt was supreme talent that put what she did in the shower to shame. She kept me on the verge, but never let me go over the cliff. Keeping me so close for so long with just her mouth showcased her gift and love for head. I was the beneficiary of her skill and love. I was the luckiest man in the world for that half hour or more, I lost track.

Finally my cock popped out of her mouth, throbbing uncontrollably and so pent up with pleasure I thought I might die before release. She had teased me so long, right at the point before nothing can stop it, the ache in my balls for release seemed like I had been saving this load for a week. That’s how good she was. Of course I didn’t stop her, what man would. She poked her head out of the covers with a large smile on her face.

“Did my boy like that?” she asked.

“You have no idea.”

“I think I do. From the way you were acting and what your cock was doing I think I know you loved every second.”


“Good, all those bad memories of other girls can be replaced with me.”

“What other girls?” I said.

“That’s my boy,” she said throwing a leg over me and lifting herself just above my cock.

I felt her hot wet pussy slide over my dick as she looked me in the eye. My head was throbbing at the wet entrance, but still she didn’t move back onto me, teasing my glands with her wet lips. Swaying side to side she opened herself, letting the tip of my head in slightly as she watched my expression. What a fucking tease she was, driving me insane to be inside her. I wanted to grab her ass and slam her down on me but she shook her head, seeing my desire.

“Let, Mommy, work. Trust me you won’t regret it. Don’t move.”

She pinned my arms down with her hands, rocking side to side on my cock head, slathering it with her juices. Slowly, oh so slowly she pressed back, down on to my cock, inching her way agonizingly slow until I was fully enveloped. I can’t describe what this did to me, how utterly unbearable it was not to move. Her perfect pussy encapsulated the whole of my cock in unqualified perfection. Going that slow, I felt every part of my cock caressed by her lips and massaged by her wet sex.

“Good boy, David. Mommy likes how obedient you are,” she said bottoming out on my rod.

“What do you want to do to me, David? What has, Mommy made you want?” she asked. “Let me guess,” she said before I could answer. “You want to fuck me like never before, don’t you? You want to hammer that big fat cock in and out of Mommy’s cunt and spray your load deep inside!”

“Yes!” I screamed, forcing my hands free and rolling her over on her back with ease.

She weighed nothing, easily moved and manipulated by my strength. As soon as she was on her back I pulled out and slammed my cock home as hard as I could, pinning her arms down and banging into her over and over in a state of animalistic passion. She had brought something to the surface I didn’t know was there. Something I had seen in her, I must have inherited. I became crazed, thrusting my cock so hard and so fast inside of her I seemed a different person.

Even my noises were savage, grunting and moaning as I rose up on my knees, dug in my ankles and pounded away with her legs up and over her body. The depth of penetration was total, my balls slapped and mashed up against her ass as I thrust every inch after inch into her over and over until I was coated in sweat and dripping down on her.

My screams mixed with hers only to be out done when she came. She urged me on. Telling me to fuck her faster and harder even when I couldn’t go more. She grabbed my legs, pulling me into her with force, scratching my thighs with her nails, wanting more and more of my cock like a woman possessed. She knew what she had awakened and she wanted all of me.

My sexual rage kept me from cumming a long time. My endurance and young body proved useful as she came multiple times under my barrage and still I wasn’t finished. Her pussy was on fire and each orgasm only added to the lubrication, making her sex a veritable wonderland for my hard cock. She didn’t dry out, she didn’t want me to ‘wrap it up’, and she only got better the longer I fucked her until I couldn’t hold out any longer.

She knew it was coming, she knew I was close.

“Cum for me, David, Cum deep inside… fill me with your love!” she screamed.

All of the rage and sexual energy had built up over an hour to this moment. Hearing her words capped of the pleasure as I burst inside of her, filling her with my seed. The orgasm was in itself savage, pulling my insides out as my cock convulsed, spewing forth the deepest dregs of my essence. So much came out it began overflowing as I thrust into her, running out the sides, coating my balls and her body. I filled her pussy to the limit and beyond.

The effort finally hit me, once my cock stopped its spasm. I fell over Mom, panting for breath and covered in sweat. She put her arms around me, whispering in my ear.

“I told you I’d make you feel better. Told you I’d empty you tonight.”

She had. If I was to cum again only blood would come out now.

Both of us were too exhausted to clean up. We fell asleep in each other’s arms with my cock and cum still inside of her.


I woke up alone. I looked at my clock to see 10:02. I slept in, good thing it was Saturday. The next thing I noticed was the smell of bacon. Mom was cooking breakfast. I got up, walked to the bathroom naked and realized my cock was covered in dried cum from both her and me. It flaked off into the toilet as I took a leak. I used a warm wash cloth to clean myself off somewhat, returning to my room for some clothing.

I found Mom downstairs cooking in the kitchen with her apron on. She smiled, finished putting some food on a plate and brought it over with some OJ. As she turned to return for her own food, I about choked on the juice. Her backside was completely naked. All she had on was the apron.

“Nice outfit,” I said, once I could breathe again.

“Oh, this. I thought you’d like it,” she giggled.

She gathered her own food and came and sat down across from me.

“Your father called. He landed safe and should be home Sunday night.”

“Cool, so what do you want to do today?” I asked, taking a large bite of eggs.

I was famished; last night’s efforts had taken all my energy.

“I’m sure you have homework. You should work on that until you’ve recovered a little.”

She had a point. I hadn’t woken up with a boner and seeing her in just her apron didn’t get me hard either. She had officially emptied me for the time being.

“I do. I’ve kind of gotten behind, with… all this?” I said.

“And we can’t have that. Part of this arrangement was to help you study and keep your mind off sex so you could. I think we might have managed that last night so prove me right and study. Your father will come unglued if you fail even one class.”

“Okay, and what about you?”

“I’m more than satisfied, David. I’ve had more sex in the last few days than I’ve had in the last few years. Not to mention the best sex of my life.”

“Well, thanks, Mom… I’m glad to hear it.”

“I’m sure you are, Mr. Cocky. Just remember where you got that from.”

I smiled, finished my breakfast, showered and went to my room to study.


She brought me lunch, dressed in normal clothes, around two and I had actually gotten a lot done. I thought I might be caught up by tonight if I worked through the afternoon. My mind was clear and not once did I get distracted by thoughts of porn or sex. She left me alone again to study. I had never focused on school for such an extended period of time. I was amazed at how much I could get done and finished all my assignments, plus that research paper I was supposed to be doing when all this started. I was just wrapping everything up, saving my work when Mom knocked.

“Dinner’s almost ready. I made your favorite.”

“Awesome, I’ll be down in a minute.”

“Did you get a lot done?” she asked.

“Everything! It’s all done.”

“Really? Well, good. I knew I could help.”

“You did, I can’t believe how much you helped,” I said, jumping up and kissing her on the cheek. “Thanks, Mom.

“Anytime, Dear,” she said, before leaving.

She had set the dining table and we enjoyed a wonderful meal together, talking about normal stuff a mother and son would. Finally at the end, when she was clearing the plates she asked what she was really thinking.

“So how are you doing? Have you recovered today?”

“Yeah, I think. Haven’t really thought about it.”

“Oh, that’s good,” she said walking to the kitchen.

When she came back I asked, “And how are you doing?”

“Me… oh just fine.”

I could tell she wasn’t. It was like the floodgates had opened for my mother and she was having a difficult time controlling herself.

“Really, Mom? We said in the beginning we would tell each other when we were in need of help. Are you sure you’re fine?”

She stopped, looked at me and seemed torn or conflicted, “I’m sorry, David. I’m not fine. I’ve been going nuts all day. I’ve changed my underwear three times. It’s just, you… me alone in this house. You’re father gone… I tried to let you study… I did at least that.”

Wow, Mom was really hurting for it. I guess when you go years without the desire builds up. Then once its fair game again she wants and wants. I took the plates out of her hands, set them on the table and picked her up, setting her butt next to the plates.

“Let your boy help,” I said, unbuckling her shorts and pulling them off of her.

She lay down on the table and spread her legs. Her panties were already soaked, who knows what she had been thinking about all day. I pulled them off, viewing her flushed and glistening sex. She was shaking with anticipation before I even touched her, seeming to melt as my tongue spread her hot folds. She tasted wonderful again, smelled even better as I moved closer, letting my tongue glide into her flaming tunnel.

“Ahhhhh, ohhhhhhh, my good go…………,” she screamed out, grabbing my hair.

All day of wanting it had Mom so turned on and horny she gushed within a minute of my tongue penetrating her. Talk about a turn on, feeling her pussy convulse and her scream after doing pretty much nothing got even my well used cock to move. Her grip on my hair kind of hurt but sucking and slurping her quivering pussy was worth it. I ate her, licked her clit, even bit it while my cock grew slowly in my pants. I don’t think she stopped cumming at least it didn’t seem like it.

Once I was fully hard, which took longer than I thought it would, I got off my knees, dropped my pants and fed my cock into her dripping sex. Thrusting forward, the table rocked back and forth, making the plates, glasses and assorted dishes clatter and move. She had that look on her face again. I knew what she wanted and if I left her where she was I’d break everything on the table if not the table as well. Grabbing under her butt, I lifted her, spun her around and laid her down on the carpet floor, right next to or dining room table. She was going to get what she wanted now.

“Yes, David, give it to me…. I need it so bad!” she screamed, as I thrust viciously deep inside.

I held myself over her body, gripping the thick carpet with my hands with my shorts around my ankles, thrusting over and over with my teeth tightly together. I knew how she liked it from last night and I didn’t stop my barrage until she came again. Our full stomachs made strange noises among our moans of pleasure. Mom’s bra covered breasts only slightly moved even with my powerful thrusts on the floor. When she came she scratched my arms, arching her back to meet my cock as her pussy shuddered once more.

Pulling out I rolled her over onto her stomach, grabbed her hips, pulling her tight ass toward me, lifting her onto her knees. Her pussy was dripping, the juice had ran down and puddled in her ass now trapped there. Shoving my cock back into her sex I began sticking my thumb in her ass.

“Easy, Honey… Mommy’s little ass is sore from last night,” she said, as I inserted the tip of my thumb.

I stopped there, not pushing more of my digit in but continued to slide my engorged and wet member in and out of her succulent pussy. My thrusts pushed Mom forward, rocking her body with each penetration. Her head fell forward, the blond hair cascading to the floor as she fell to her elbows, arching her back. I felt her tight hole, moving on my thumb, opening and closing. Reaching with the other hand I grabbed her left breasts, squeezing firmly through the shirt and bra to find her nipple.

She screamed in pleasure and sucked my thumb in further as I found her excited nipple, between my thumb and fingers. The heat mixed with silky flesh surrounding my cock felt marvelous. I threw back my head in bliss, focusing on how perfect her sex molded to my entire shaft. I watched her lips cling to my rod with each entry and withdrawal, leaving it shiny and wet from her climax. My veins stood out in high definition, blue among the purple head and engorged shaft.

Sliding my thumb in all the way, Mom squealed with pleasure, putting her head down on the floor. I could feel my larger shaft under my thumb, sliding effortlessly in and out of my mother’s body. I didn’t know how anything could be better that what I was doing right then. My homework was done, I had my cock in the sexiest woman I had ever known and she was cumming again. My thumb felt like it was being sucked by her ass as her body reacted to the pleasure of her climax. Her pussy milked my shaft, she cried out in ecstasy, calling my name over and over. I was making her cum in every position so far.

My knees were starting to hurt on the carpet, so when she started to come down off her climax I pulled out, picked her up and carried her to the couch in the adjoining room. Lying her down on her back, I hung her legs over the cushioned arm and stood by the side of the sofa. Lifting her legs over and apart I moved forward testing the height from entry. I only had to squat slightly with her butt on the arm of the sofa. Pushing my engorged cock down, I entered her again, pushing her lips open and finding my way back into her luscious sex.

The sensation, after the small break, was new again, taking my breath and hers away. She looked up at me, the vision of sexiness radiating from her flushed face.

“You are the perfect lover, David. I had no idea, especially at your age.”

I smiled, pulled out and slammed my cock hard and deep into her. She took over holding her legs, giving me the option to play with her clit or breasts at my will. Her engorged clit was visible, pressing out and easily touched with my wet thumb. Instead of grabbing her tits I took my own cock in hand, pulled all the way out and reentered quickly, doing this over and over. Out, in, out, in, I watched my head slide past her folds each time as she moaned with joy.

“David that feels amazing. You are such a good boy to your mother, you always have been.”

She locked her fingers around her big toes, pulling her legs even further over her body, lifting her pussy higher so I didn’t have to squat as much. The friction was perfect on my cock and of course her sex was perfection, wet, hot and glove like, molding to my every inch.

“David, Honey, I want you to cum inside again, like last night. I loved it so much. Cum with me. Let’s cum together!”

Her pleas spurred me on, the night of rest and day of studying had helped me recover. I felt my cock harden further and balls rise. The pleasure continued to increase and I renewed my effort to fuck her so we could both cum together.

“That’s it, David. That’s perfect! More, more!” she screamed as I gripped the arm of the couch and slammed into her.

This was by far the longest I’d lasted with Mom, it was well past dark, dinner was dried onto the dirty plates and the blinds were still open on the windows with the only light on in the house was the dining room next to us. We were too caught up in what we were doing to worry about someone seeing us, especially right then. I was ready to cum, Mom was ready to cum and just like clockwork we both screamed out together.

Holding my cock deep I exploded inside her shuddering pussy. It felt like a gallon of jizz was shooting from my cock but nothing oozed out like last night. The contractions continued as my butt clenched tight and our climax joined.

When I was finished, Mom was still shaking with her eyes closed. Her butt was elevated, holding my seed in when I pulled out. Thick semen and Mom’s cum covered my cock, as I stepped back from her.

“I’ll get something to clean up,” I said heading toward the kitchen.

From out of the corner of my eye I saw a face in the window looking through, but when I looked directly the person was gone. Someone had been watching me fuck my mother! I thought about going outside and trying to find them but my cock was still out in the open and covered in juices. I heard a car start up and I made a dash to look out the window. I recognized the car driving away quickly… Makayla had seen too much.

“You’re a Mother Fucker! Literally!” Makayla screamed at me.

“Just listen to me! I can explain.”

“Oh really, you can explain why you had your mother over the couch and were fucking her like a crazy man? Please, I’m all ears!”

It had taken a week for Makayla to return my calls. Another two for her to agree to meet me and talk about what she saw. Both Mom and I were terrified. We both expected Makayla to tell someone and for Dad to find out. We even stopped our arrangement until we knew how this would end. It wasn’t easy for either of us, not after the weekend together but we didn’t have much choice. So far almost three weeks had passed and Dad hadn’t said anything or seemed to act differently. I told Mom Makayla had agreed to meet me finally. She still didn’t find comfort in that.

We were sitting in Makayla’s car, parked behind a Walmart after we both drove to the store.

“It’s my father,” I began.

“Your father! What about him. Let me guess he likes to watch! You disgust me. Ever since that night I can’t stop feeling gross like ants are all over me,” she said, shivering and flinging her hands.

“No, it’s not like that. He’s… well he’s impotent, has been for years.”

Her head turned toward me, seemingly more interested now.

“Mom’s been going without for who knows how long and well it started when she caught me masturbating to porn. She came up with an ‘arrangement’ to help us both and…”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! This was your mother’s idea? Because she’s not getting any! And you went with it? Fuck, David you’re just as responsible!”

“I know, but do you understand?”

“No! I don’t fucking understand! She’s your mother! What the fuck is wrong with you!”

“She has needs,” I said.

Makayla turned green, “I think I’m going to be sick,” she said, her hand coming up to her mouth. “Needs? She should have found other ways to fulfill those needs, not fuck her son!”

“So you don’t understand, fine. What are you going to do?”

I thought maybe Makayla would see some logic in what Mom and I were doing but it was a vain and foolish hope.

“What am I going to do? You’re more worried about who I might tell, than the reality of what you are doing. It’s like I don’t even know you.”

“Look, Makayla I don’t give a shit what you think of me. What’s it going to take to keep your mouth shut,” I said, realizing I might have overstepped.

I needed her to keep this a secret and the worst thing I could do was piss her off enough that she blabbed to everyone what Mom and I had done.

“What’s it going to take? What… you going to buy me off; bribe me to keep my mouth shut?”

“What do you want?” I said, staring her in the eyes.

“That’s just like you… throw your dad’s money around, you and your big trust fund! It’s bullshit!” she turned away.

“How much?” I asked.

The repetitive asking finally shut her up and she turned to meet my eyes.

“I wanted you. I wanted to get back together. I came over that night, to surprise you. I was all dressed up, hoping… well hoping to get in bed with you again and make you want me. I thought for sure I could make you forget that new girl. When I showed up to you house there was only one light on. I walked up the walk and heard screaming and looked through the window. I saw you plain as day, just going at a woman on the couch. I was so jealous. I thought this was the woman you said you were with now. At first I didn’t see that it was your mother until she called out your name and I recognized the voice. David, I couldn’t look away! I can’t stop thinking about what you and your mother were doing it’s burned in my head. You never did that to me. You never fucked me like her. You never fucked me like your fucked your own mother!” she screamed turning and slugging me in the face, knocking my head sideways.

When I could see again, I notice she was rubbing her hand. My face hurt. She hit me hard. “I’m sorry; you were never supposed to see that.”

“Well I did and now I can’t stop seeing it. Why, David, why your mother?”

“She’s amazing, Makayla. I’ve never felt anything like when I’m with her. She brought things out in me I didn’t know existed.”

“I’ve never seen such passion and unadulterated sex before. I’m disgusted but I’m also jealous as hell. I want that, what you have and I want it with you.”

“What?” I asked, thinking I didn’t hear her correctly.

“That’s what I want. You asked how this could go away, what you could do. That’s it. I want you. You come with the money, you come with that passion, and I want it all.”

“But, what about M…” I stopped short; knowing what I was going to ask would horrify her.

“What? You can’t believe, you and your mother can continue this. That you have any future together! It’s over, David. Forget about her and be with me and I won’t tell a soul,” she said, reaching out and taking my hand.

I knew if I said no, Makayla would ruin my life and my mothers. She had my balls in a vise. I was trapped and destined to be unhappy for the rest of my life. I had no choice.

“Okay, Makayla… If that is what you want.”

A huge smile spread on her face, “It is! Oh, David I’m so happy!”

She lunged across the car, embracing me. I wanted to choke the life from her small body but hugged her back instead. I had to get out of this somehow.


Mom’s mouth felt heavenly around my cock, she had me deep and fingered my balls as I felt my eruption surge forth….

The climax woke me up. The load in my shorts was massive from the wet dream. The memory made me want my mother. I got up, changed my shorts and lay staring at my ceiling worried about how my life was so fucked up now.

I had returned from meeting with Makayla to tell Mom what she had said and wanted. Her reply surprised me.

“It’s for the best. We really couldn’t continue what we were doing.”

“What? No. I don’t want her. I won’t be stuck with someone like that. I want you.”

“David, you know that is impossible. Makayla’s a very pretty girl. She’s a good match for you.”

“Pretty? She’s not you.”

“She’s young; she may come into her own. She seems to have the desire.”

“No, there has to be another way. I want things how they used to be with you and me, before that bitch spied on us.”

“David, you’re acting like a baby. You will fulfill your agreement with Makayla. It’s the only way.”

“What if she were to disappear?” I asked.

“Absolutely not! I can’t believe you would even think that. Let me talk to her, maybe Mother can rub off on her, make this work for you.”

I didn’t know what she meant, or what she could do. I mean, Makayla wasn’t horrible in bed and she was very pretty with a stellar body but she was not anything like Mom and I doubted she or anyone could ever be. Mom was pretty adamant about her decision and all I was left with was my thoughts and dreams of her.


The next day Mom invited Makayla over to the house while my father was at work. I didn’t think she would come but she did. Right on time. Mom welcomed her in and I was surprised to see Makayla acting normal toward her and cordial.

“Thank you for coming, Makayla. As you know I’ve always like you. I was saddened when you broke up with David. He has discussed with me what you saw and what you want. I make no excuses for my or my son’s behavior. We have an open relationship, we talk bluntly around here and we need to discuss a few things about your demands.”

Makayla was sitting across from my mother in the sitting room I was off to the side adjacent to both of them. Makayla listened to my mom, with her hands in her lap. She wore a pencil skirt, with her long legs crossed and a tight blouse forming around her breasts. She looked really good.

“David has concerns… I seemed to have had an effect on him, jaded him if you will towards other women. Again I make no excuses. If you intend to be with him you must be able to make him happy. Does that sound reasonable to you?”

“Yes, I’m prepared to do that… I thought I did that, but now after what I saw and what he has said, I see I lack, shall we say your talents. I can improve and will.”

“Good, Dear. I’m glad you are open to this and I’m willing to help you to please my son.”

“Help me? How?” Makayla asked.

“Tutor you.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. I will show you what he likes, how to do things. I will fashion you into me, for him.”

I have to admit, I was hard. This conversation had me so turned on; my cock was throbbing in my pants as I listened to the two women converse.

Makayla was speechless; she turned to look at me as did my mother following Makayla’s lead. I remained quiet, looking at both of them in turn.

“You said you will improve. I’m guaranteeing that, Makayla,” my mother added.

“What exactly are you suggesting?” Makayla asked, wide eyed.

“David, if you please?” my mother said.

I stood up, just as planned and undid my pants, letting them drop over my raging hard cock. Makayla squealed, gasped and looked away.

“Please, don’t act so innocent. I know full well what you and my son have done and how inadequate it was. That’s about to change. Now, stand up, go to him and pleasure him with your mouth the best you know how.”

“I most assuredly will not!” Makayla hollered, standing in disgust.”

“You will or the deal is off. You’ll get nothing.”

“You’re prepared for your husband to know everything?” Makayla asked, cocky and assured.

“We are. Don’t test me! David deserves the best, you know that. I will give him the best and if not you than someone else. Make your choice young lady!” my mother yelled.

Makayla looked torn. Her resolve wavered, her confidence left her face. Mother called her bluff. Makayla broke. She turned toward me, walked over and fell to her knees in front of my cock.

“Fine, I’ll do it but I know I’m not very good,” she said reaching out and grabbing my oozing cock.

“That’s okay, for now. Show me what you know. I’ll instruct you.”

She leaned forward, opening her pretty mouth and took my engorged head inside. I was excited. This was hot, this was crazy hot, having my smoking hot mother instruct this young woman to pleasure me and turn her into something I wanted. A copy of my mother.

Her lips closed on my cock, the heat was nice, she sucked gently and stroked. She knew how to stroke, she had done that a lot to me in the past but not blowjobs.

“Too much hand. More mouth. Deeper, and let go of him completely,” Mother explained.

Makayla obeyed, letting go of my cock and sliding her head down further on my shaft but ended up gagging and coming off me.

“I can’t, he’s too wide and long,” she said frustrated.

“Yes you can. Try again.”

Makayla hesitated but my mother gave her a stern look and she turned back to my cock. She tried again, successfully getting further down but gagged again.

“It’s impossible, not even you can do it.”

“I promise you I can, now start again.”

“No, not until you show me,” she said crossing her arms.

Mom was going to yell at her again but I stopped her, “Mom… it’s okay, show her how, she’s trying I promise.”

Makayla seemed happy I took her side, smiling up at me and Mom came over and kneeled next to her.

“Fine, now pay attention. It’s all about relaxing and opening your throat to him.”

I turned toward Mom and she rose up, taking me in her mouth and pulling me horizontal. Slowly she began engulfing my cock all the way to my balls like she had done many times before. She even held it there, humming and pivoting her face for emphasis before taking me back out. Strings of saliva and pre-cum came off my cock and she twirled them on her finger and back onto me as she spoke.

“See, I told you. Very possible.”

Makayla looked stunned, her mouth was open, her eyes wide in unbelief.

“Again,” my mother said, making her jump.

“How… I can’t… I don’t know if I…”

“I don’t expect you to be able to do it all today, but in time you will, now try.”

Makayla took me back in her mouth, looking up at me with her big brown eyes. She looked like she wanted to please and downed more of my cock and held me longer fighting the urge to gag.

“Good, now use what you have learned and make him cum,” Mother said.

Makayla slowly turned her head, came off my cock slightly and I could feel her tongue working the underside of my shaft. She kept good pressure around my width and slid up and down with her mouth.

“Good, now suck the head, before sliding back down. Repeat, pivot, repeat. Very good,” Mother was coaching.

If felt amazing. Makayla was learning fast and I even saw her nipples pressing out in her tight blouse. I think she was getting turned on as well.

“Enjoy it, savor his cock, love it. Want to please him, desire him to cum, so you know you have succeeded.”

Makayla reacted to her words; she sped up on my cock, getting into what she was doing. My balls lifted quickly since it had been a while since I had cum again. The pleasure increased and she had me at the verge of orgasm.

“Good, he’s getting close. Prepare yourself for the rush of his seed; swallow as fast as it comes.”

I erupted with no warning other than my mother’s. Makayla squealed on my cock and tried to swallow as fast as she could but I overwhelmed her with a huge load of semen. She finally had to come off my cock as I was still spraying, sending semen all over her blouse and face.

My cock continued to spasm, jerking in the air unencumbered by her mouth or hand, shooting forth my load onto my new ‘mom in training’. By the time it stopped, Makayla was a mess, her pretty brown hair had streaks of cum, her blouse was soaked and her face dripped with my load.

“Too much…. I couldn’t swallow it all.”

“Yes, my David has an unprecedented potency, all the more reason for you to learn to keep him pleased. It’s not good to let it build up.”

I sat down in the chair behind me as Makayla seemed afraid to move or touch her face with all the semen on her.

“I’ll get something to clean you up,” Mom said. “But first, tell me how you felt when you manipulated David and when he was ejaculating?”

“It was exciting. It turned me on to do that and I felt… proud when he began to cum,” Makayla explained.

“Good, very good.”

Mom got up, and left the room. Makayla looked up at me, not really knowing what to do or say.

“Mom’s an excellent teacher; you’re going to learn a lot.”

“Why are you letting her do this to me?” she asked.

“You did this to yourself, Makayla with your ultimatum. You can leave any time, keep your mouth shut and this can all go away.”

“No, I want to be with you, David, and if this is the only way then I’m going to learn everything I can from your mother. I will learn to make you as happy as she has. I promise.”

The look of determination on her cum covered face was staggering. She had a stubborn streak and when she said something she stuck with it. I still had my doubts she could replace my mother. A blow job is one thing but learning how to cum and have a pussy like Mom was something else entirely.

Mom returned, handed Makayla a towel. She cleaned herself off, stood up and sat back down on the chair.

“Are we finished for today?” Makayla asked.

“No, Dear. To please David you must first learn to please yourself. You must learn what you like, and what your body is capable of. You must not have any inhibitions about yourself, and learn to let go and become one with the pleasure. You’re a very pretty young woman. You take good care of yourself and should have no self-image issues. Is that correct?”

“I know I’m pretty, I work hard to be so and I like my body.”

“Good, that is a wonderful start.”

I could see the confidence she maintained. Makayla was taking this task on head first. It kind of surprised me. I really thought she’d shy away and never come back. I remained in the chair with my pants around my ankles and my cock shrinking.

“Do you know how to cum?” Mother asked.

“I have orgasms, yes.”

“Do you? How do you know?”

“How do I know? I guess, because it feels good,” Makayla said looking confused.

“Feel’s good? Quite. Do you masturbate, Makayla?”

She turned a little red, looked away before catching herself and regaining her confidence. “Yes, on occasion,” she said boldly.

“Show me,” Mother said.

Makayla’s eyes darted to me and back to Mom. She was hesitating and that wouldn’t make Mother very happy.

“Don’t make me ask again, Dear.”

Makayla stood up and began to undress. I’ve seen it all before but it was still lovely to see her young tight body standing before me by the time she finished removing her clothing. She had shaved most of her bush away, leaving only a one inch by two inch patch above her clit. It was sexy as hell and I loved her breasts, very firm, round and perky. The nipple was high on her orb and she had small areolas, dark pink. Being uncovered they puckered up and raised her nipple off her breasts as she stood shyly before my mother and I.

“Please, Dear. Don’t be shy, enjoy yourself,” Mom motion to the sofa no one was using.

Makayla walked over, sat down and laid back. Life was returning to my cock before she even started. Her tight ass, sexy legs and toned body was a huge turn on, especially since I knew what she was about to do.

Makayla’s hands found her breasts, teasing the nipples with her fingers until they were fully erect, breaking her out in goose bumps. Sliding both hands down her flat stomach, she lightly brushed her sex, causing my cock to jump and fill with new blood. She closed her eyes, pulling back the folds of her pussy to reveal her clitoris. She licked one finger and began to circle her clit with the saliva, holding herself open with the other hand. It was fucking hot and her legs fell open as a moan escaped her lips. I was pretty impressed.

I looked at Mom and raised my eyebrows to show this and she returned a questioning glance like she hadn’t seen anything impressive yet. Another moan turned my attention back to Makayla. She had begun to press harder on her clit, which was now engorged and standing prominently. Suddenly she dug two fingers into her pussy and used her palm to stimulate her clit, arching her back and pressing hard with her hand. Her sexy legs scissoring, brushing her feet as she grinded down on her clit and pressed her fingers in deeper. My cock was quickly approaching its apex and Mom came over to me.

“She pleases you?” Mom whispered.

“My cock seems to think so.”

“She’s very pretty, David. I think I can work with her and mold her to perfection but it’s going to take time.”

Makayla moans increased. She worked harder on her body, returning to her clitoris with wet fingers from her sex. She may have forgotten we were even in the room for all I knew. Her nipples had remained hard and from what I saw it looked like she was going to cum soon. Her body rocked side to side as she pleasured herself, moaning and keeping her eyes closed.

“I’m willing to take that time, Mother.”

Makayla tightened up, her arms flexed and her legs shook. She was experiencing an orgasm, on my sofa, in front of my mother and me. I looked real, sounded real and had me throbbing at full attention.

“Go to her,” Mom said.

I stood up, kicked off my shoes, pants and took of my shirt before walking across the room to the sofa. I looked down at the climaxing woman. She was beautiful, aroused, wet and biting her lip now. I let her continue, not wanting to interrupt. Slowly she eased down on her clit and her eyes fluttered open to see me standing over her with my hard cock. She reached out to me, taking my hand and pulling me onto her. The heat from her body was intense, her tight young frame felt wonderful under my weight. My hard cock fell against her pubic bone and her wet sex gave off the most heat.

“Take her, David. Take her now.” Mother said.

Simply moving lower, she spread her legs and I entered her hot wet pussy, thrusting in to bury my length deep inside of her. Makayla let out a scream, wrapping her arms around me and scratching my back.

“Fuck, I’ve missed that!” she screamed. “David Gregory, I love you cock!”

I grabbed her breasts, held tight and thrust again and again. It was snug and very wet. The orgasm wasn’t faked. She felt good, really good.

“Fuck her, David. You know what she wants. She wants what she saw!” Mother called out.

“Yes, David. Fuck me! Fuck me like you fucked her!”

I rose up on my knees, one hanging off the side of the couch the other descending between the cushion and back, giving me the leverage I needed. Makayla was going to get what she wanted. The animal came back, the savage thrusting returned and I pounded away at Makayla’s tight pussy over and over until she was screaming continually.

Before I was finished, Makayla had cum twice more, been on her stomach and side and even over the arm of the couch. I have never seen her in such a state of pleasure before when we were together. She seemed different, unreserved and much wetter. She took everything I gave her, never drying out and never complaining she was done. Mom watched eagerly, touching herself and mostly keeping quiet as I fuck and fucked Makayla until I couldn’t hold it any longer. I released my load, just like I had done the last time with Mom, deep inside Makayla’s pussy while she was over the arm of the sofa. I filled her to the brim with my plentiful load as her pussy convulsed around my cock.

When I looked up, Mom was crying and walked out of the room.

The next day after my classes, Mom came into my room looking very concerned with her hands behind her back. I still hadn’t had the chance to talk to her about yesterday with Makayla. I had the feeling Mom was struggling with another woman having me and she had come to talk about it. I was way off.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I’m late?” she said.

“Huh? For what?” I asked.

“You know… ‘late’.”

It hit me like a ton of steel, “You’re pregnant?” I asked, standing up.

“Afraid so?” she said showing me the pee test that had a big positive sign showing.

“How? I thought you were on the pill or something?” I said, freaking out.

“Why would I be on the pill, David? Your father can’t even get it up.”

“I just assumed…. I mean we didn’t even talk about that. You let me cum inside you? What were you thinking?” I accused.

“I wasn’t. We weren’t. This isn’t just my fault. I remember you there with me, fucking my brains out!”

“Well, you have to get rid of it!”

“Do I?” she asked.

My mouth dropped open. What the hell was she thinking? My life was already fucked up with Makayla barely coming around and now Mom drops this precious little bomb on me and to make matters worse she was thinking about keeping the thing.

“Are you nuts? Of course you have to. For so many reasons I can’t start to count. Let’s see. There’s Dad… who can’t even get it up to make you pregnant… how are you going to explain this to him. Besides that, Mother, you’re turning forty! That combined with the fact the child was conceived by your child makes birth defects close to if not one-hundred fucking percent!”

“You’re asking me to kill your child.”

“I can’t believe we are discussing this. You will terminate this pregnancy.”

“Or what? You’ll tell your father? I’m already prepared to tell him everything. I wasn’t bluffing with Makayla.”

“He’ll leave you, maybe even kill you,” I said, grabbing her by the arms. “You know you can’t do that.”

She started to cry, falling into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her tight. She began to sob. She wasn’t thinking straight, the stress and burden of everything had finally come to the surface. I tried to comfort her, telling her everything was going to be alright, that we would take care of it. She lifted her face to mine.

“David, make me forget all of this. Make love to me one more time and I’ll do whatever you say.”

It had been weeks since I had had her and every day I dreamt of hearing those words.

“Okay, Mom. One more time.”

I picked her up, carried her to the bed and began to undress her. Tugging off her shorts, I spread her legs and buried my face in her panty covered sex, biting the material to find her lips. She grabbed my head and shoved me into her like she was prone to do. Her panties were soon soaked as I continued to munch her sex before pulling them aside to savor her flesh. She cried out in ecstasy when I sucked her clit hard and flicked it with my tongue. My hands crawled under her shirt and bra to pinch her nipples as I continued to eat her out.

She wanted to forget her troubles and I was determined to help her do that. What better way than to help her achieve one of her famous gushing orgasms. As I worked I could feel and see the stress melt from her body. It took longer than ever before but I got her there. By the time she squirted my own pants were soggy from my erect oozing cock, but the pleasure she experienced was worth it. There still was nothing like my mother and her orgasms. She let loose like no other, turning me on to the point of insanity.

I yanked down my own shorts and knelt below her quivering body, feeding my hard cock all the way into her exceptional pussy. She cried out with pleasure, arched her back and took every inch. Her hot pulsating pussy clung to my shaft and hugged my head, making me forget everything but how good my cock felt. She helped me pull her shirt and bra off, giving me access to suck and nibble her tits as I proceeded to thrust quickly in and pull out.

“Do it all, I want you everywhere, leave nothing untouched!” Mom screamed.

I pulled out, crawled over her and fed my cum covered cock to her. She eagerly sucked me in, taking me deep and cleaning every inch before I returned to her hot pussy and shoved my rod back in deep. Pounding her hard and fast a few times I returned to her mouth to repeat the process. The different sensations were incredible, too different to pick a favorite, I loved both. When she wasn’t sucking me I made sure to play with her breasts and rubbed her clitoris with my thumb. She was very wet and after returning from her mouth I pushed her legs over her head and noticed a good amount of juice had puddled in her ass. Shoving my cock in her pussy one more time I pulled out, lowered my cock and began pressing slowly into her ass.

Mom moaned loudly as the head penetrated her tight ring. I froze, letting her adjust before easing another inch into her rectum. Her breathing increased and she was panting now, making high pitched sounds with each breath. Slowly, I buried my cock all the way to my balls and basked again in the hot core of her ass. Remembering her clit I pinched it between my thumb and finger, lifting it to circle with my other hand. Her ass grabbed my shaft, pulsing from the clit sensations and her moans became louder. Sliding out slowly, I felt her tight ring kneading my shaft with the speed of her heartbeat. The sensation was indescribable again.

I buried my cock once more, smoother this time and faster, never forgetting to play with her clitoris. On the way back out I went too far and my cock flipped out of her hot ass. I was going to put it back in but she stopped me with a word.


She wanted to suck my cock after being in her ass. I hesitated only slightly before climbing over her again so she could suck. She cleaned me again, and sucked me for a few more seconds before I went back. Her pussy was flooding over, her ass was still slightly open and the two holes both looked so inviting. I picked her pussy, giving her a few good thrusts before slowly returning to her ass. It went in easier, all the way and she screamed in pleasure as my balls hit her ass. All the way back out I shoved it deep into her upper hole and then back to her ass. Going between both hot holes was like out of a dream. Two hard thrust in her pussy to two good lunges in her ass, over and over again.

It was so dirty and wicked what we were doing, not just mother and son but I was going back and forth between her ass and pussy with uninhibited lust. Her ass would stay open for me, making it easy to guide my throbbing cock from her ass to her pussy and back. Her body provided so much lubricant and she screamed and thrashed around in ecstasy as I had my way with her.

“That’s it… good boy, David. Fuck me, fuck my ass and pussy good!”

I knew then that no other woman would ever let me do this, not even Makayla after Mom was done training her. I was fooling myself in believing maybe I could be happy with Makayla but this convinced me that it would be impossible. In my thoughts I hesitated and Mom rolled over on her stomach, looking back at me.

“Come on, fuck me…. Fuck your mother like you mean it!”

I had to move forward slightly to enter her again and slammed very hard into her ass, making her scream in delight.

“Like that? Is that how you want it?”

“Yes, David! Make me cum…. fuck my ass until I cum!”

All thoughts of Makayla left my mind as my cock was systematically thrust in and out of my mother’s hot tight ass as fast as I could go. Even giving her everything I had, she begged for more, crying and screaming for me to go faster and harder. My goal, as in the past, was to get her to cum before I did but I was going so quickly and it felt so good I was worried I’d not last long enough.

If I slowed down even slightly, Mom noticed and yelled from me to keep going. Giving her what she wanted was going to make me shoot my load, it was inevitable.

The pressure and pleasure grew; mounting and expanding in my body. My balls tightened all the way around my shaft, no longer slapping against Mom’s pussy as I slammed into her. The intensity rose, passing the point of being able to stop it even if I tried. I could feel Mom’s hand going ballistic on her clit from underneath and she was screaming very loud as I exploded deep inside her. As I released my load and my cock sent the first burst into her, her ass constricted and grabbed my cock tight. I knew she was cumming with me and it only increased my orgasm.

Sweat dripped off my body as my cock spewed into my mother’s ass, blowing me away by how good it felt again. I knew without a doubt my mother was the only woman for me.


“We better clean up, Makayla’s going to be here soon,” Mom said, lying in my arms.

“I have a better idea. Let’s ignore her and enjoy each other.”

“You know that’s not possible, no matter how much we both want it.”

“Why? Think about it. Let’s just leave. You and me. We’ll take off, disappear, no one will ever find us.”

“David, we can’t… your father… your school… Makayla?”

“Screw it all. We can do it. Dad will never find us. We’ll change our names… our looks; no one will even know you’re my mother. We’ll start new, somewhere else.”

“And the money? Can you live without that?”

“If I have you, nothing else matters.”

“And the baby?”

I hesitated. She couldn’t actually be thinking about keeping it, could she? I imagined some mutant child, like from that X-files episode. She couldn’t keep it but how was I going to convince her of that.

“First things first. Tell me you’ll run away with me,” I said, ignoring the problem.

Before she answered the doorbell rang. Makayla was early.

“We can discuss this later; we need to attend to Makayla now,” she said trying to get up.

I pulled her back in bed with me saying, “Why? Forget her and stay with me. I don’t want Makayla, Mother. I want you.”

“Oh, David… now… you want me now, but what about in ten or twenty years. I’ll be old, used up and you’ll barely be my age. I can’t do that to you, no matter how much I would like to.”

“I don’t care about that; all I care about is being with you.”

“You will, I know you can’t see it now, as young as you are, but it will change, you’ll change,” she said and pulled away from me.

I was too shocked to stop her again, watching her stand up, gather her discarded clothing and leave my room.

It wasn’t fair. I had to convince her somehow.


When I finally got dressed and went downstairs, Makayla jumped up from her chair and ran over to me.

“Hi, Honey,” she said putting her arms around my neck, kissing me.

She was dressed very nice again, looking beautiful but I really had no interest in her but kissed her back anyway. She hung on me, whispering in my ear.

“I wonder what your mother has planned for me today. I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday… I’m so horny. Oh, and I’m not wearing any panties.”

This raised my eyebrows and made my cock twinge with a jolt of electricity. Makayla was determined to please me and this would only make it more difficult on her when I convinced Mom to disappear with me. Just then Mom appeared from around the corner.

“Are you two ready? Join me in the kitchen please.”

Makayla turned to me, “Kitchen? Kinky,” she said, giggling and walked toward my mother.

When I caught up to them and walked into the kitchen I saw the vegetable oil out on the counter and knew immediately what Mother had planned for Makayla. If this didn’t make her freak out and end this nothing would.

“You’re going to want to remove your clothes, both of you.”

Makayla didn’t hesitate, which to be honest surprised me even though I knew once she put her mind to something she finished it but still, she was acting really eager and determined. She was naked before I had my shirt off and asking where my mother wanted her. What the hell was going on?

“Over here, Dear, face the counter, lean over it. David, are you ready yet?” Mom asked as Makayla got into position.

When she bent over I could see how wet and aroused she already was. Maybe she wasn’t lying about thinking about this all day. I could have easily shoved my cock into her pussy with no problem at all. Except my cock wasn’t fully hard. My mother quickly saw this and came over to me.

“Are you okay?”

“Fine… actually no, I’m not. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want her,” I whispered, looking over Mom’s shoulder.

Makayla was watching us and bit her lip as I looked at her and bent over even more, shoving her butt out and mashing her nice breasts on the countertop. Mom reached down and grabbed my cock, stroking it for me and looking me in the eye.

“This is for the best, David. Don’t let me down.”

Her hand felt nice, I couldn’t deny it and she soon had my cock hard and ready.

“I want you to fuck her hard until I introduce the oil, then you know what to do,” Mom said, giving me a knowing look and my cock one more hard stroke before pulling me toward Makayla with it.

I was torn… most of me wanted to refuse and not fuck the incredibly sexy woman bent over my kitchen counter because I wanted only Mom. The other part of me only wanted to fuck Makayla because I figured if I scared her enough she might change her mind about this plan and leave on her own accord. Maybe that was what Mom wanted as well and since she had the oil out I was thinking I knew her plan.

So, obeying my mother I walked up to Makayla, grabbed hold of my hard ridged shaft and shoved my wide head into her very hot and wet sex. The sensation was difficult to ignore, even if I didn’t really want to be fucking her it still felt incredible. My young hard cock was caressed and smothered by Makayla’s more than prepared pussy. She felt just as good or better than yesterday after making herself cum. I was pretty sure she wasn’t lying about thinking sex all night and day. Grinding my teeth, I slammed the whole of my cock deep into her, pressing her against the granite counter top with my thrust. She moaned, turning her head to look at me.

“Oh… yesssssssss… Give it to me, David… I’ve been craving your cock since yesterday!”

Mom stood off to the side, just in view with her arms folded under her large breasts, watching me thrust in and pull out as fast as I could. Her face was expressionless, her body frozen in place, just standing there like a statue while Makayla screamed and I fucked and slammed away.

Psychologically I wasn’t into it, but my cock remained hard and I knew I could last indefinitely especially since I had cum big time in Mom’s ass not thirty minutes ago. I was just going through the motions; the hard, animalistic thrusting motions of fucking Makayla. It wasn’t love or emotional sex like with Mom, it was just sex, empty sex. I got angrier the longer I lasted, pushing her over the counter and holding her down while I banged away at her flooding sex.

Mom let this continue for twenty minutes until she picked up the oil off the counter and walked over to us. I pulled out, stepping back as Makayla panted and quivered on the counter top. Sweat covered my naked body as I breathed deeply. I noticed her legs shaking and saw the trail of cum running down her inner thighs for an orgasm I seemed to have missed in my angry fucking. Makayla looked wasted, totally spent from the climax and struggled to raise her head and look back at us.

“David didn’t cum, after all that you didn’t make him ejaculate so you must step it up, my dear.”

“Huh… how?” Makayla breathed out, not comprehending much.

Mother moved forward and poured some oil on her back, letting it run down between her cheeks over her puckered hole and open sex.

“You must give him your ass, you must please him,” Mother said, pressing her index finger into Makayla’s tight and tiny orifice.

“Ahhhh, she screamed with shock, trying to jump away from my mother’s touch, but was unable to because of the counter top. “No… I never… no I can’t take his cock in there… it won’t fit!”

“You must make it fit,” Mom said inserting another finger.

Makayla squirmed; rising on her toes to get away from Mother’s pressing digits and looking back at me for some help. I was now the statue, showing no feeling at all towards her glances or her concern.

“No.. Please, David… I can’t. It hurts already… please don’t do this.”

“You will or you will leave and never return!” Mother screamed at her, shoving her fingers deeper.

Tears formed and dropped from both eyes as Makayla sobbed and turned her head away from me. She leaned over the counter, dropping to her heels. She didn’t say anything for a full minute with Mom’s fingers tightly shoved in her ass. I was really hoping she would back out, tell both of us to fuck off and leave. My cock was glistening and throbbing from her wet pussy and Mom was looking at me as we waited for Makayla to say something.

A muffled reply escaped her lips, hard to understand, “I’ll… do…. it… Just, please go slow…” she said without raising her head.

I froze, not wanting to move but Mother motioned me forward, reaching out with her free hand. I hesitated only slightly stepping forward. Mom grabbed my arm, tugging me the rest of the way and removing her fingers.

“Relax, Dear, if you tighten up it will only hurt worse. This is how you please, David… make him cum with your ass… please him.”

Makayla’s body shook with sobs. How could I do this? I never thought it would go this far, I assumed she would back out and leave but her determination was iron, especially to endure what was coming.

Mom pulled my face to hers and whispered in my ear, “Fuck her ass, David… fuck her into submission.”

I looked down at Makayla, her pussy wet with oil and cum hung open and her little ass was slightly pulsing giving me just a glimpse inside since Mother’s fingers had just left. When I touched her with the head of my cock she tightened instantly as she jumped. I was going to destroy her for sure, especially in her current state. I couldn’t back down… Mom would never forgive me and I would rather do this to Makayla than hurt Mom.

Using my hand I rubbed the head of my cock up and down Makayla’s greased up pussy and puckered hole. She flinched again, especially when the tip grazed her anus. If I was going to do this she needed to relax and she was anything but. I opted to sliding back into her pussy, which got a surprising sound from Makayla’s lips. It was a mixture of shock and pleasure and relief. I slid in slow, placing my hands on her back and caressing her gradually until my left hand was on her ass and my thumb aimed downward toward her tight hole. Gently I thrust in and out, as my thumb circled her anus, slipping around in the vegetable oil.

Half a minute later I tried to ease the tip of my thumb into her and she instantly tightened up, prohibiting my entry. I sped up my thrusts and tried again, pressing through her tight muscles until I was up to my fingernail inside her extremely tight hole. Looking up I saw Mom, she didn’t look pleased. I knew she wanted me to force my cock into Makayla’s ass and make her scream but I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t that kind of person.

Even if I wanted to make her hate me and run away forever I still couldn’t hurt her on purpose by shoving my large cock into her unwilling ass. I looked away from Mom, sliding my cock again deep in to Makayla and easing my thumb a little further to the widest part of the first knuckle. The strain I felt on my thumb was intense, she was unnaturally tight and I couldn’t imagine my cock ever being able to fit.

Makayla turned her head to look at me again, I saw the pain in her face from just my thumb, “Please, David… I can’t do this… don’t make me.”

“Enough!” Mom screamed, pushing me away.

My cock flipped out of Makayla, hitting my body with an audible wet thump. Mom grasped Makayla, pulled her up and spun her around to face her.

“Get your clothes on and get out! You are not good enough for my David. I never want to see your face around here again!” she screamed. Makayla burst into more tears, tried to say my name but Mom grabbed her mouth and shoved her toward her pile of clothing. She sobbed, looking at me for help but I said and did nothing. Before she was even fully dressed, Mom escorted her to the front door and I heard it slam as I stood naked in my kitchen not knowing what to think.

Mom came back in, smiled at me and walked over.

“That went well. I don’t think we’ll see her again.”

“You wanted this to happen. You wanted to get rid of her, didn’t you?”

“Of course, David… sweetie. I’ve decide to do just what you want. I’ve decided to run away with you and the sooner the better incase Makayla decides to tell your father.”

I stood speechless, thrilled beyond belief. We were really going to do it!

“Bur first, I think my little boy needs to relieve some pent up pressure from that little bitch,” Mom said taking hold of my still hard cock and stroking it.

She grabbed a cushion off the nearest kitchen chair, sat it on the ground and knelt down. Her hot mouth engulfed me, cleaning me quickly from Makayla’s juices and causing my toes to curl on the tile floor. My eyes widened as Mom took me deep, the sensation mind-blowingly good. She went to work, bobbing, twisting, stroking, and sucking my cock like only Mom can. I was ready quickly, after all the stress and angst with Makayla, my balls were tight and heavy, ready to burst.

“I can feel all that pressure you’re holding again, begging to be released,” she said, looking up at me after taking me out of her sexy mouth.

“I’m here for your, David… Mommy’s always here for you,” she said just as my cock exploded with a phenomenal geyser of cum.

We left the very next day, taking what we could fit in Mom’s SUV and withdrawing as much cash as the machines would allow. We hit several before Mom’s card was confiscated by the last one for suspicious usage, but we had plenty to run for a while. I was driving, heading west, trying to get as far away in the first day as we could. Our mistake was not dumping the vehicle and finding something else. It was stupid, especially after watching so many TV shows. I didn’t expect to be followed so soon.

We were on the freeway, it was after dark and Mom had just woken up from a nap.

“You ready to drive? I need a break,” I asked her.

“I have a better idea,” she said reaching over and grabbing my crotch. “Why don’t you keep driving and I’ll make it worth it.”

I couldn’t argue and only smiled in the dim light as she worked on getting my cock out of my pants. Soon she was stoking it gently as the road moved quickly under the wheels of the SUV. Her hand felt wonderful again and there was just something about my mother’s handjobs that always made me feel safe and secure. The only problem was we weren’t.

Out of nowhere two dark sedans came up on both sides of our vehicle and closed in almost touching the sides of the SUV. The windows ran down and two men, one in each car, pulled out automatic weapons and pointed them at me. One of them motioned for me to pull over. Mom had no idea what was going on since she had leaned over and was now sucking my cock with her head in my lap. I hesitated because the pleasure was taking my mind off of what was happening around me. Finally I had to pull her off my cock before they started shooting.

“Mom… we’re in trouble… Dad found us,” I said putting my quickly softening cock back in my pants.

“What?” she asked, sitting up and finally seeing the problem.

“Swerve at them, knock them off the road!” Mom screamed.

“Are you nuts! This isn’t a movie. We have no choice but to pull over.”

“If your father takes us we’re both dead, David. We have to try and get away.”

I didn’t believe Dad would actually kill us… not his son and wife, not even for what we had done. As I was pulling over Mom was screaming and trying to turn the wheel and stomp on the gas. She was terrified; I had never seen her so frightened before in my life. I had to fight her off just to keep control of the SUV. At the side of the road I jammed the vehicle in park and she fell back into her seat hysterical.

“You’ve killed us! We’re dead, David we’re as good as dead!”

Both of our doors flew open and I was grabbed roughly by two men that held me by my arms and forced me into one of the black sedans. Mom was taken the same way and put in the other. The men sat on both sides of me and the car sped off down the freeway before exiting and turning around back toward home. They didn’t say a word even when I asked them what was going on or where they were taking me.


They didn’t take me home, instead they exited in the business district and pulled up to a warehouse I’m sure my father owned. I didn’t see the other car with Mom; I had no idea where she was or if they were bringing her to the same location. I was nervous as you can imagine but my fear got worse when I was escorted into the building and found Makayla waiting for me with a defiant look on her face. The next thing I knew Dad came out of an office and smacked me so hard across the face I couldn’t see for a few seconds.

“My own son! Fucking my wife! Tell me this isn’t true! Tell me this young lady is lying, David!”

Makayla had totally ratted us out, just like she had threatened. My father probably knew everything and if I tried to deny it, it would only make things worse.

“It’s true… but…” another smack tossed my head the other way.

“But what? You love her and she has needs I wasn’t supplying!” he yelled hitting me again, this time in the stomach with his fist.

I fell forward on my knees with the breath knocked out of me, struggling for air. When I looked up I saw something that took me aback for two reasons. One my dad had his dick out of his pants and two; it was long, think and hard! I knew right then Mom had lied to me. Dad wasn’t impotent and he sure as hell wasn’t small.

“Does this look like something I can’t please your mother with, David? What about you, young lady? Do you think I can’t please his slut mother with this!?” he yelled turning to Makayla and shaking his hard very long cock at her.

Makayla didn’t answer, she turned away and tried to walk until two men grabbed her and pulled her back to stand next to me.

“She told me… she told me your mother said I was impotent and useless to her. I fuck her every night! Sometimes twice…. with this!” he shouted. “She lied to you and you believed everything she said!”

“What are you going to do to her?” I asked, more concerned about Mom than myself.

“Oh she’ll get what she deserves, don’t you worry.” “Question is…. what am I going to do with you?”

Two guys grabbed my arms and pulled me to my feet.

“I have an idea. I’m going to make you watch as I teach your mother a lesson. Bring her in boys!” he shouted.

From around the corner two men dragged my naked mother toward us. She had ropes around her hands and a gag in her mouth. Tears streamed down her face and when our eyes met she looked away ashamed and terrified. The two men pulled her over to a wall and hung her tied arms on a hook high over her head so she was barely able to reach the ground.

“Your mother’s one of a kind, boy. The biggest slut I’ve ever known. She’s insatiable, can’t get enough… ever,” Dad was saying as he walked up to my mother.

He got behind her and ran his hand up along her pussy and over her ass. “She’s wet already, even now she’s begging for it?” he said showing me his wet hand.

“Don’t do this, Dad.” I said, regretting it.

“I’m doing this and if you don’t shut up I’ll do her next!” Dad screamed pointing at Makayla.

She gasped and looked at me terrified now.

“See what you did? We’re all fucked now,” I said.

Dad turned back to Mom and grabbed his throbbing cock, positioned it at the entrance to her pussy and with one harsh thrust slammed every inch into her. She screamed out, going onto her toes as he rushed into her. Dad took his hands and wrapped them around her, grabbing hold of both of her breasts and pinching the nipples extremely hard just as he thrust yet again into her. She screamed over and over as he began pummeling her from behind. I could see his cock glistening in the warehouse overhead lights. Mom was extremely wet, Dad wasn’t lying, maybe she was everything he said she was. Maybe she was enjoying this and those screams were cries of pleasure.

She had obviously lied about Dad’s cock; I clearly had gotten my size from him. She had deceived me into fucking her by making me feel sorry for her not getting any. Of course I was to blame as well. I would have fucked her anyway, but the lies and deception made my face hot. I knew now why she had freaked out on the freeway. She knew her deception was going to come out, that I would find out about her lies and she would pay the price.

I was forced to watch, though I couldn’t turn away. Dad proceeded to fuck my mother as hard as I’ve ever seen a man fuck a woman before. He was grunting among her screams and when she gushed, her famous squirting orgasm I knew without a doubt Mom was the ultimate slut and was enjoying the pounding Dad was giving her. Her juices dripped off his cock onto the concrete floor as she came, and still he thrust into her… his anger feeding his power. Mom screamed out in ecstasy which continued even after the flow of juices eased down.

He never let up on her tits either, pulling, pinching, and smacking them until they were purple from his hands. The old man had staying power; he fucked my mother like that as hard as he could for twenty minutes as Makayla and I were forced to watch. Just as I thought he was going to cum he pulled out and turned to us.

“She’s not getting off that easy, Boy… oh no she still wants more, lots more.”

He turned back to her and I could see what he intended. His cock head was a bit higher now and he forced it into my mother’s tight ass, making her yelp as he broke through her snug ring. Her screams quickly turned back to pleasure as he began fucking her ass just as hard as he had her pussy. After another ten minutes Mom’s body shook independent from Dad’s thrusts. She was on the verge of another orgasm. This woman I call mother was insatiable a nympho of the highest order and she was cumming again from the hardest anal fuck I’ve ever witnessed. She put the nastiest and smuttiest porn stars to shame by taking everything my father could give her and cumming even harder.

“Holy shit, David… your mother’s enjoying it… she’s cumming again? What the fuck is wrong with her?”

“She’s out of control, deceived us both.”

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing, how is she taking him like that?”

“That’s my mom.”

My head was forced back to watch my parents going at it just in time to see my dad tighten up and explode inside my mother’s ass. He screamed and cursed as his cock let loose deep inside her. His legs strained, his hands clenched my mother’s breasts tight as the semen surged out of him. When he was finished, he back away, his cock flipping out of my mother’s wet ass, covered in his white cum. Just as he pulled out a river of semen gushed onto the floor to mix with my mother’s juices. Her ass remained wide open from the thick cock as her legs shook, trying to support her weight and her ass dripped the remaining globs of my father’s load. My father left her hanging there turned and walked back over to us, his cock still hard and covered with cum.

“Take him home, keep him there. And as far as you, young lady. You have seen and know too much about my family and obviously can’t keep secrets. Get rid of her,” he said to the men holding Makayla.

She screamed, fighting against the men but they easily carried her out of the door to the car. I was too stunned to react, too shocked to try and help her, or maybe just too angry with her to care.


I was confined to my room, only allowed to leave to use the bathroom. Even my meals were brought to me. I didn’t see my mother or know anything about her. I was worried that Dad had gotten rid of her like he had Makayla but I didn’t know. This went on for a two weeks. I was a prisoner in my own house, wasn’t allowed to go to school or call anyone. After the weeks my father showed up and came into my room.

“I have a present for you, something that will take your mind off your mother and being stuck here,” he began, before turning toward the door and saying, “Stasha, please join us.”

In walked this young, dark haired, large breasted gorgeous woman dressed in a mini skirt and spaghetti strapped blouse that hung straight down off her breasts to reveal her pierced navel. I knew exactly why she was here and it pissed me off. Dad was trying to do what I thought Mom was doing with Makayla, but I had my doubts anyone could replace my mother.

“David, this is Stasha, she has similar qualities as your mother… enjoy,” he said before turning to leave and shut the door.

“Hello, David… you don’t look pleased I’m here… maybe I can change that,” she said walking toward me.

I was sitting at my computer, having spun around in my chair when my father had come in. After two weeks of being a prisoner I hadn’t cum, just not feeling like tossing off even in the shower. I missed my mother and the depression hasn’t helped me feel very frisky. Now this stunning woman was alone in my room and there for the sole purpose of fucking me. My cock suddenly came alive without my say so and lurched in my pants as she crossed the room on her high heels. Her legs were bare, tan and waxed, perfectly shaped with plenty of calf in the heels.

What would you do? Would you give in and fuck the hell out of her or would you rebel against your father and kick the whore out of your room?

Stasha knelt on the ground before me and immediately reached for my cock. I grabbed her hands, gripping tight and yanked her up as I stood as well. I tossed her on my bed roughly and stood over her.

“My father obviously thinks you have potential and qualities I might like. What gave him that idea? Sure your beautiful and have a great body but so do hundreds of women.”

Looking up at me, she looked fearful, I wasn’t exactly gentle. She also hesitated to answer but I think I already knew. I’m sure Dad took her for a spin or two or three and now I’m getting his sloppy seconds just like Mom as it turns out. I felt like a dope, a stupid naïve kid like I guess I was.

“Well? Tell me? Tell me how my father fucked you silly and liked the results so much he thought he’d share you? Is that what happened, Stasha? Is it!” I screamed.

“Yes!” she screamed back, “That’s exactly what happened,” she said in a much lower tone.

“Wow, so you handled his big cock and must have like it. How many times did he make you cum?”

“Four times.”

“Really? Four? Wow and did your pussy gush?”

“Yes, once.”

“I see, and can you swallow his cock?” I asked, getting hard and not caring.

“Yes, all of it.”

“Quite the pro, aren’t you. So my final question is this… what about your ass? Did you take his big cock in your ass? Don’t you lie to me!”

“Yes, your father fucked my ass and I loved it!” she screamed.

“Oh really, let’s see about that!” I said, reaching out and rolling her over onto her stomach, pulling her legs around so her beautiful butt faced me.

I lifted her skirt and wasn’t surprised to see she wasn’t wearing any underwear, just a moist pretty shaved pussy beneath the skirt framed by an amazing round bottom. I ran my hand up her wet sex and smeared her juice all around her puckered rosebud, pressing in two fingers slightly. Dropping my pants, I grabbed my huge hard cock and smeared saliva on the tip and stepped forward. Placing the head at her ass, I pushed forward and into her hot tight hole. She screamed but half way through the yelp it turned to pleasure as my cock rushed into her all the way to my balls. She was a fucking slut for sure. I couldn’t ignore how good it felt though, after two weeks my arousal increased rapidly as her ass encased my cock in bliss. Already my balls were tight and I knew I wouldn’t last long, especially in this splendid creature’s butt. My dad was no idiot he had done his homework and Stasha was an exceptional piece of ass.

When I pulled out the exquisite sensations rushed through me as Stasha’s ass grabbed each inch tightly like she was doing it manually. It was difficult to stay mad, it felt so good. Dad’s little present all wrapped up in Stasha was amazing and my cock appreciated it immensely. I reached forward, placing my hands under her and grabbing her braless tits. They were fake, it was evident as soon as I squeezed them but they felt great and her nipples hardened very fast. She moaned loudly as I slid my cock back into her and pinched her now erect nipples. Damn, this ass was hot and tight and the bitch was loving my cock or faking it really well.

“That’s it, David, fuck my ass like your father did… Give me that huge cock!” she screamed.

I sped up knowing that I would cum faster but not really caring. I needed a good release and filling this sluts ass was the perfect way. She moaned and screamed with each thrust into her until I couldn’t hold the buildup any longer and let go, exploding deep inside her while I held my cock all the way in. I felt the semen rush through my dick and surge into her, the climax huge after keeping two weeks’ worth of cum in. My cock just kept contracting, uncontrollable, forcing my large load out for almost a minute. The pleasure was undeniably awesome and I could hear her voice through the bliss.

“Oh fuck yeah, David, fill my ass full… feels so good, all your hot cum inside me.”

I ignored her and after I was finished I pulled out, wiped my cock on her ass and told her to get out.

“Sure thing, big guy, hope to see you later,” she said, fixing her skirt and walking a little different than when she first arrived.

I fell onto my bed, lowering my head into my hands and felt like crying.


That night I was allowed to join my father for dinner. I looked for Mom on the way downstairs but saw no sign of her. My father was already there, not waiting across the long table and eating steak. I sat down, looked at him and picked up my knife and fork.

“Did you enjoy your little present?” he asked. “Stasha told me you took no time and just fucked her ass.”

“I was angry.”

“And horny apparently… she said she sat on the toilet for 10 minutes to empty you out,” he smiled.

“Nice dinner conversation,” I said.

“You little prick, shut the fuck up!” he yelled, making his face red.

I could tell he was still very pissed off at me. Who knows what he was doing to Mom or if she was even alive. I sat quite, cut my steak and ate, listening to only the sounds of our knives and forks. Several minutes later I finally got up the courage to say something.

“How’s Mom?” I asked.

He looked up, chewed some food and then said, “She’s still paying for what she’s done. You didn’t think what happened at the warehouse was all she would get, did you?”

“No, I didn’t. Will I ever get to see her again?” I asked.

“That depends on her rehabilitation.”

“Rehabilitation? That’s what you’re calling it?”

He was about to yell again, I could see his face redden and his hands grow white on the utensils.

“You dare try to lecture me after the disrespect you’ve shown? I’ve given you everything you little puke and this is how you repay my love… by fucking my wife, your own mother and then lecturing me on how I see fit to punish her. You’re lucky you’re not with her, I’ve cut you some slack because I know this is mainly her fault, it’s just how she is. Don’t try me, Boy; your situation can get a hell of a lot worse.”

I stayed quiet again and finished my meal as he did. When he was finished he stood up, wiped his mouth and dropped the expensive monogrammed napkin onto his plate and looked over the table at me.

“Do you wish to have Stasha again or someone else? Or no one?”

“Stasha will be fine,” I said, standing up and returning to my room but not before seeing the smile on my father’s face.


Stasha showed up an hour later, knocking on the door. I let her in and she smiled that knowing smile that said, “I knew you’d want me back.” She walked across my room and sat down on my bed. She was wearing the same outfit and when she crossed her legs I got a quick view of her shaved sex.

“So, should I assume the position or are you going to be a gentleman tonight?”

She had spunk; I had to give her that and no fear apparently. I folded my arms, standing by the door and closed it slowly. I looked at her, and hadn’t noticed it before but not only did she have ‘qualities’ of my mother she kind of looked like her too, much younger but definitely had the same look and I wondered if that was another reason Dad picked her.

“I’ll try and be a gentleman, but it might be up to you.”

She grinned and motioned with her hand for me to come closer. I walked toward her and stopped directly in front of her sitting on my bed. She waited but so did I and we remained motionless, looking at each other.

“Okay then, I’ll start,” she said reaching out after an awkward minute.

I let her touch me. My cock hardened quickly in my pants and soon her hand found the shaft. I undid my belt and let my pants drop. She helped herself to my cock by removing my boxers and took hold of it.

“Very nice, David… it’s almost as big as your father’s and may be some day. It sure felt good in my ass earlier, and I know you liked it,” she said leaning forward, taking the head into her hot wet mouth.

My eyes widened from the pleasure as she continued down further and further engulfing the whole of my cock with the ease I’ve only seen Mom do. She hummed on the base and worked her throat on my head before coming back off, leaving stringy lines of saliva from my cock to her lips. She twirled them with her finger onto my cock and looked up at me.

“Yep, just a tad smaller than your father.”

Fuck she was hot and the talk only made her more so. She licked my shaft from the balls up, played with the head, swirling her tongue around the tip before suddenly diving onto it again with open mouth. Good holy hell it was incredible. My cock was throbbing and pulsing in her mouth like no other and the skill this young woman had rivaled my mother in every way. She soon had me on the verge of cumming, working my cock so expertly I had to pull away before I nutted in her face. She giggled as I jerked back and watched my cock bulge and almost cum. A small glob of semen still escaped but I kept myself from losing it fully.

“Oh so close, well I guess we’ll have to do something more to finish you off.”

I stepped back, watching her look at my cock hungrily, “Take your clothes off,” I said, stalling.

She stood up and was soon naked since she only wore two items besides the heels. Her tits were stunning, fake but incredible. The nipple high on the round breast and both were symmetrical without flaw. Her nipples and areolas were only slightly darker than the rest of her breast and small compared to the enhanced orbs. Her pussy completely shaved with a toned stomach and pierced navel with diamond stud. She was firm, young and gorgeous, almost making my cock finish what it started on its own without me touching it. If I was going to enjoy her and take my time I needed to get a grip and focus on settling down.

“Okay, I’m naked… what are you going to do to me?” she said, biting her lip.

Damn, I saw my mother in her and if she had blond hair I would have sworn she was my mother’s younger doppelganger. My cock was just throbbing and my pre-cum hand now forced the glob of thick semen out of my hole and down the underside of my cock. I knew I had to stall more because if I put my cock in any orifice of this woman I’d blow within seconds. I moved toward her, pushing her down on my bed and fell to my knees. Grabbing her legs, I spread them wide and dove into her waxed sex, so smooth it had to be a Brazilian or laser hair removed. She tasted exquisite, so young and tender, soft and wet. Damn she was really wet and had a nice little nub to play with and tease. I munched on her, savoring her deep pussy and lips, making a mess of my face and her body. I even sampled her tight ass with my tongue, trying to give my cock more time to settle down.

She didn’t seem to mind, moaning and wiggling on the bed as I went at her with all the things I’d learned in nineteen years. I took my time and enjoyed the flavor and movement of Stasha as I ate and ate her. My cock settled slightly, but still throbbed and oozed plentifully down my shaft. Finally she began to beg me to fuck her, telling me she wanted my cock and was dying to have it inside her again.

I stood up, looking down at how perfect she was and admired her body as she lay with her legs over and out. Her prefect breast round on her chest, nipples erect like she had been pinching while I ate her. I moved forward and took hold of my cock to bend it down to her hot wet pussy. When I slid in the sensation was so similar I could have sworn I was fucking my mother’s pussy. How could that be? How could my father had found a woman that felt so perfect to mimic my mother’s body so completely? It blew me away.

My cock was bathed and shrouded in bliss I’ve only felt in one other woman. It was the perfect hot wet ecstasy I had been craving since the last time I fuck Mom. Stasha moaned loudly as each inch passed into her body. She arched her back as the last few pressed into her and my balls met her ass. I stared down at her in amazement, too overwhelmed to speak, not wanting the sensation to ever end.

“Ohhhh, fuck yeah, that’s good…so long and wide,” she screamed.

I hesitated, not moving, just kind of stunned and lost in the sensation and visual. She looked up at me, a confused expression on her face which made me wake up and reach forward to her breasts. I took both of them in my hands just as I pulled out and pinched just as I slammed back in. The shock from the similarity kept me from cumming. I was so astounded at the sensation my mind ignored the pleasure, focusing on the how. Each thrust I was convinced I couldn’t tell a difference even when I tried a slower speed or faster. It all felt like my mother.

“Mmm, yeah, that’s it, David… fuck me… fuck my pussy good,” she said looking into my eyes.

I think it took over five minutes for me to finally enjoy the sensations rather than ask myself how she could feel so similar to my mother. After I stopped worrying about it the intensity and bliss grew very fast. I enjoyed thrusting my cock in and out of her young tight body so much I forgot about my mother for the first time in two weeks. Stasha was exactly what my father intended. I don’t know where or how he found her but he chose the right one.

Standing on the floor of my room, looking down at the gorgeous woman and sliding my cock effortlessly into her slippery hole, my only thoughts were how good it felt and where I was going to cum. My balls were tight, ready for the second release in two weeks. If history proves correct I would still have a huge amount of cum to give. There certainly wasn’t any lack of excitement to aid the output.

My thrust became harder and longer, deeper and bigger until I was just pounding my length into Stasha as she screamed and shook on the bed. I should have suspected something would ruin everything when she suddenly gushed forth, just like my mother does in a huge squirting orgasm, covering my cock with hot, slick and thick juice. It was so overwhelming I lost my composer and any thought of cumming on her tits since that was where I had decided to do it moments before. Instead I lost it and my cock exploded inside her gushing pussy, bursting forth to fill her full. The hot slick sensation of her cum surging around my cock only intensified my own climax. The results were mind-blowing and cumulated in a staggering orgasm and huge amount of cum.

There was no way to contain it in her well fuck pussy. As soon as I pulled out my load came as well all over my bed, adding to the already copious amounts of her secretions. I stared down at her, watching her body tremble as the white semen oozed out of her flushed and soaked sex. Her eyes were closed, her nipples hard. She rocked back and forth obviously still enjoying her climax as my cock began to drop. She opened her eyes and looked up at me.

“David… that was amazing, even better than your father.”

“It was the same for me, even better than….” I cut off before saying my mother.

She smiled, struggled to sit up, apologized for the mess, picked up her clothing and left my room.


The next morning I had breakfast with my father. He was reading the paper and finishing his meal when I came down. He heard me and looked up.

“Stasha tells me you two hit it off last night. Said you were much more of a gentleman and she enjoyed you.”

“Yeah, we had fun, she’s….”


“She’s great. I’m looking forward to seeing her again.”

“Oh really…. Your mother’s going to love that,” he said very sarcastically.

“What does that mean?” I asked, defensively.

He smiled, put down his coffee and said, “She’s going to love hearing she’s being replaced by her own daughter.”

Orange juice sprayed from my mouth, “What did you say?”

“Stasha… she’s your sister… on your mother’s side of course. Had her a few years before I met her and gave her up for adoption.”
I looked at him stunned and in disbelief.

“That’s right, David, you’ve been fucking your half-sister and didn’t even know it,” he said and laughed and laughed.

My father left the house still laughing, leaving me with two guards and the realization of what he just revealed. Stasha, the beautiful woman my father had given me, was my sister, my mother’s daughter! The similarities were obvious now. The deception of my parents and the knowledge of who I was fucking made me instantly lose my appetite. I went back to my room, past the two guards, dressed in black, both large men, to throw up because that’s how bad I felt.

As I sat on my bed my disgust and anger stewed until I was fuming. I was angry with my mother for lying and beyond angry with my father for what he had been doing. I decided right then and there it was time to grow a pair and do something. I doubted Stasha even knew who I or my father was to her since Dad had said Mom gave her up for adoption at birth. She’s probably never even met her or even knows who she is. With my father’s limitless resources he found her to get even with my mother and me.

I had to figure out a way to make my father pay; something that would hurt him worse than killing him, something worse than death… but what?

The biggest problem was I was a prisoner… I had no communication with the world. Dad had taken my phone and disconnected my internet. I couldn’t do anything locked up in my house with two big dumb guards keeping me here. First thing I needed to do was escape. I began looking around my room for some kind of weapon I might use to incapacitate the guards. The only thing I found was my old aluminum baseball bat from when I was a kid, tucked in the back of my closet. It was small for my height now but still could do some damage if I could get close enough. I almost acted rashly and left my room to find the guards and get it on but I stopped short, knowing I needed a plan. Well, two plans really; one to get out of the house and the other to take down my father.

Hiding the bat back where I found it, I sat down on my bed and devised my plans.


Around noon a knock sounded on my door. I expected one of the guards with my lunch but when I opened the door it was Stasha. Dad probably thought it would be funny to send her over again even after I knew who she was. She did have my lunch with her and from her look and demeanor had no idea I knew who she really was. She was dressed really sexy again in a tiny sundress that barely covered her bottom.

“Hungry?” she asked, sauntering in with a tray of food.

“Yeah, sure,” I said hurrying over to my desk to hide what I was working on from her. My plans were almost ready and seeing her took me by surprise. What was I going to tell her? I didn’t know if I should spill the beans and tell her I was her half-brother and what my father was doing to her biological mother. I had no idea how loyal she was to my father or what she would do when she learned the truth. Odds were she’d act like most people would and freak out after finding out she had fucked her brother… twice.

As I looked at her there was no doubt in my mind that Dad was telling the truth, she was my sister and the similarities to my mother were even more obvious now.

“Your father called, said you were dying to see me again?”

“He did, did he? That was nice of him. How long have you known my father?”

“Just a couple of weeks. I was dancing for my job and he came in one night.”

“Let me guess… he dropped a lot of money on you and made you an offer?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“Is Stasha your real name or your stage persona?” I asked.

“Hey, I can be whoever you want me to be, baby,” she said, putting her hand on my chest.

I grabbed her wrist firmly and stared down at her.

“Oh, are we back to this then?” she asked, “Reverting back to an asshole?”

“No, I just want the truth, I’m sick of all the fucking lies!” I said, letting her go.

“Fine… my real name is Becky, not a very good stripper name so my old boss came up with Stasha.”

“And how old are you, Becky?” I asked.

“23, why does that matter?” she asked.

“Because I’m 19, which means your mom was 16 when she gave you up for adoption?”

She froze, looking at me oddly. “How did you know I was adopted… how do you know anything about my real mom?” she asked.

“You should probably sit down,” I said.

I turned back to my computer and opened a picture of my mother I had on the hard drive and turned the monitor to Becky who had slowly taken a seat on my bed.

“This is your mother, your real mother.”

“Okay… and why do I care and why do you know this?”

“Because she’s also my mother… you and I are siblings.”

Becky turned green.


She said nothing while I explained to her what was going on, who I was, how I didn’t know until this morning who she was and all my father was doing and why. The time it took to explain didn’t help with the way she looked. I really thought she was going to ralph, knowing the exact feeling since I felt it just a few short hours ago.

Suddenly she got up and headed to the door but I sprang to my feet and stopped her, shutting the door as she tried to get out.

“Let me out of here! You and your father are freaks and sickos I want nothing to do with!”

“You don’t understand. If he finds out you know and what I just told you he won’t hesitate to kill you. Trust me… he’s already killed a woman who knew less.”

She backed away from me, grabbing her arms in her hands and shivered even though the room was warm.

“I just want to go… I won’t say a thing to anyone, just let me go.”

“I can’t… he’s doing this to make my mother… our mother pay. You need to act like nothing has changed or he will hurt you to hurt her and cover his tracks. We need to work together and take him down… it’s the only way out of this with any semblance of a good resolution for us.”

She sat down on my bed again, deep in thought. Her color had returned to normal, which was good.

“I can’t believe I fucked my brother… Just makes my skin crawl thinking about it now!” she said, not looking up at me.

“I know, it’s weird… I felt gross as well.”

“Really? Why would you care since you seem to like fucking relatives like your own mother!”

“Wow… okay you got me there and I know you’re angry but we still need to work together to get out of this.”

“Why, I could just tell your father what you have planned, I could stay with him. At least he’s not related to me!”

“Really? You think my father gives a damn about you? No he’s just using you to hurt me and Mom. You see that right. As soon as he’s done with you you’re dead. That’s what he does!”

She started to cry then, knowing the truth and I think she realized how caught up in this she was. I went over and sat on the bed and put my arm around her. She flinched at first, probably grossed out still but soon let me hold her and she put her head in my chest, sobbing. I could tell she hadn’t had a very good life so far and this was only worse.

“And… I… thought…. I had finally found…. something….” she sniffled.

“What?” I asked.

“You… I was hoping you and I would… well you know. And now to find out you’re my brother! Everything’s ruined.”

“I’m sorry… I really am… I was kind of hoping the same thing to tell you the truth. I thought my father was actually being nice for once and introducing me to someone like you. I should have known better.”

“You were perfect, I’ve never felt the way I do with anyone else… what you did to me was so amazing…” she trailed off.

“I know how you feel.”

“Now I know why your father said I was so similar to his wife. He found the closest thing he could in her daughter. Makes me want to vomit. Am I like her? You’ve had us both… are we similar?”

“Very, which was why I was so taken by you.”

“But… she’s your mother… why would you… what made you…”

I took more time explaining what had happened between Mom and me and how she had deceived me by lying about my dad. But I also was honest with Becky and told her how I felt about my mother and what she had awoken in me and how she made me feel. I finished with telling Becky she made me feel the same way.

“This is so fucked up and so unfair! I was so excited to see you again and well… fuck you again and now that’s all gone, shot to shit.”

I apologized again and held her close.

“I’m so conflicted! I don’t know how to feel… don’t know what to do. One part of me wants to hate you and your father and the other part wants to do you. I’ve been thinking about it all night, could hardly sleep. Even now I’m wet and horny and turned on over my fucking brother holding me!”

“We can figure this out when it’s over… but you have to be with me on this. You can’t reveal anything to my father. Play it cool and help me take him down.”

“And what about your Mother… my mother… are you going to help her?”

“I don’t even know where she is but I want to. So are you in? Will you help me?”

She pulled away and looked up at me, tears falling from her beautiful eyes. She hesitated for a few seconds before saying, “I’m with you… what do you want me to do.”


I revealed my plans to Becky and with her on my side they got even better. She felt good about them and was only worried about keeping the truth from my father. She didn’t know if she could lie to him and keep the secret of who she was.

“He’s going to ask me what we did today… he usually wants the details. What should I tell him?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Make something up… tell him you sucked me off and then we fucked for four hours in multiple positions. It doesn’t matter. What matters is following the plan and getting what we need. You can leave the house. I can’t, so just play it cool, get the stuff and let’s put this plan together.”

“I’m such a bad liar. I don’t know if I can make it sound convincing. He loves details; I think he gets off of them.”

“What do you want to do? We have no other choice but to lie to him.”

“Or… we could not fake it… I could maybe suck you off… I could tell him that’s all you wanted today.”

“Are you serious… even after I told you who you are? As my sister you want to still suck me off, just to not lie to my asshole father.”

“I just know it will be easier for me to tell the truth at least about the sex and hide the rest.”

“And you’re okay with sucking your brother’s dick?”

“Well, yesterday we did a lot more than that… I think I could handle a blowjob if you can.”

I didn’t know what to think… one part of me wanted to continue right where we left off the other part of me knew from past experience that messing around with a relative never ended well. I hesitated to answer and she picked up on it.

“Oh… so now that I’m your sister I’m icky… I no longer turn you on? I find that hard to believe especially knowing how much you enjoyed your mother. I’m sure I can convince you cock to forget all about being my brother,” she said reaching forward to grasp my dick through my shorts.

I didn’t try and stop her. She was right… I of all people shouldn’t have a problem with this. The only thing that worried me is what my mother would think, after all, my father found my sister to make my mother pay.

I soon forgot about everything as my cock hardened rapidly in the hands of my sister stroking it through my clothing. She made quick work of shorts and underwear when I stood up, leaving nothing between her mouth and my throbbing rod.

“That’s what I thought… your cock doesn’t care if it’s Stasha or your sister Becky sucking it,” she said, grinning up at me before slurping me inside her hot mouth.

I let out a loud moan because she sucked really hard on the tip before swallowing the entire thing, as she’s prone to do. It was heavenly and I could tell she was getting off on the idea as well, making this the hottest and dirtiest blowjob she had given me yet.

My shaft and balls were soon covered in a mixture of saliva and pre-cum from her efforts. She used very little hands, mostly just her mouth working up and down my shaft and sucking the head again each time before descending back on it. I stood before her for twenty minutes at least as she bathed my cock with her mouth and caused sensations that curled my toes and made me quiver everywhere.

“Fuck… I love sucking your dick… even if you are my brother… so much to work with it gets me so hot and wet,” she said.

That’s when I noticed where her hands were. She had both of them under her little sundress grinding and fingering her sex and clit. She was playing with herself and sucking me at the same time. Just the idea put my arousal level almost to the erupting phase and if it wasn’t for her pausing to tell me how much she loves sucking my cock I would have cum. Even as it was I was on the verge anyway.

“I’m going to cum any second.”

“I know… I can tell, little brother,” she said, grinning again, mischievously.

My cock found its way back into her mouth. She was teasing me now, scarcely making contact with her tongue around my head, driving me crazy with wanting to cum but not peaking just quite yet. Her eye’s stared up at me, obvious mischief in them… she knew exactly what she was doing. She teased the head, keeping my pleasure hovering around climax with only a fraction more stimulation before I blew. Her eyes watching my expression and getting off on what she was doing to me. Her body tightened and flinched suddenly and I think she had taken herself to heaven before leading me there as well.

As soon as her lips closed around my shaft and she descended, ever so slowly, my climax surged forth and I exploded into her mouth. The pleasure was wonderful, racking my body with jolts and spasms, knocking me off balance to the point I had to hold onto the desk as my cum shot forth into my sister’s mouth. She didn’t even recoil or gag, taking my large load with ease and swallowing it before sucking me clean and standing up.

“There, now was that so terrible? Now I can tell your father what we did and not lie about that part.”

“Yeah, cool… and it wasn’t terrible.”

“I know, you loved it and so did I… we’ll figure that out later. I’m going to go now and get ready for the plan. See you tomorrow, Brother.”

She licked her lips, kissed my cheek and headed out the door. My legs wobbled and I fell back into my chair still reeling from the orgasm my sister had just sucked from my cock.


I was quiet during dinner with my father, still acting like I was angry because of finding out who Stasha really was. He didn’t say anything either, just sat across the long table eating his food in silence until he was finished.

“Stasha tells me you just nutted in her mouth today. Even knowing she’s your sister you still let her suck your dick. I’m so proud to be your father it’s almost overwhelming. Can’t wait to tell your mother. She’ll love hearing that,” he said as he was getting up and walked out of the room.

I wondered how proud he’d be with I took him down. This needed to happen soon and I was hoping Becky had taken care of everything I asked her to do. With any luck this nightmare could be over tomorrow evening.


Dad must have loved telling my mother about Becky fucking and sucking me because she showed up early the next morning. Dad must have told her to attend to me early.

I shut the door to my room and Becky looked great again and was excited.

“I got everything ready and here is the phone you asked for,” she said removing a brand-new smartphone from her bra.”

“Cool so we’re all set then. I’ll get what we need from Dad tonight, and while I’m at it hopefully find out where our mother is.”

“Then what? If this works what do we do then?”

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“Between us, and your mother… do I go back to stripping while you and Mom live happily ever after?”

“I don’t know… I haven’t thought that far ahead.”

“I have… I want to stay with you… I want to meet my real mom.”

“Okay… sure we can work that out, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

“I’ve been thinking about this… I know it’s weird… but I don’t care that you’re my half-brother… I mean it’s not like we grew up together. I want more with you than just brother and sister. What do you think about that,” she said walking forward and standing a foot away from me.

She reached out before I answered and placed her hands on each of my arms, slid them down to my hands and grasped them. She was so beautiful with this look on her face, a combination of innocence and desire that melted me. I wanted exactly what she did. Pulling her to me, I leaned down and kissed her full on the lips, giving her my answer. Her breasts smashed against my chest and my cock jumped in my shorts. The kiss was hot, our lips parted and tongues met briefly before we ended the passionate kiss.

“We’ll make this work… I promise.”

“Good, I’ve never felt like this about anyone before… I’ve never been this happy,” she said rising on her toes to kiss me again.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and jumped into my arms, enfolding her sexy toned legs around my back. She kissed me hard running her hands through my hair and holding firmly to the back of my head. Her toned body wrapped around me like that got me going quickly, my cock struggled against my clothing, getting caught and tangled up, not able to rise properly. The blood continued to flow, making it uncomfortable as well as making a strange bulge in my pants.

She untangled herself from me and I let her down but held her tight up against me. We continued to kiss, I realized this was the first time we had really kissed, before it was just sex, wham bam get it done sex. Her body pressed against mine was intoxicating; I loved the feel of her round breasts smashed against my chest and her tight stomach on my cock.

“Mmm, someone’s already big… and all we’re doing is kissing,” she giggled.

“Well, I can’t help it… I find you very sexy.”

“That’s good… because I find you and this very sexy too,” she said grabbing my pinned but engorged cock. “We should let it out… it seems to be trapped.”

She reached down the front of my shorts and took hold of the shaft and pulled my cock around so it was pointing up and free of its constraints. She kept her hand on it and began stroking the skin up and down the shaft as she rubbed her tits and body on mine.

“That better?” she asked.

“Much, thank you.”

“I want to do more than just sucking you today… are you okay with that?” she asked, giving my cock a good hard downward stroke.

“Very okay with that.”

“Good… I was hoping you’d say that,” she said, slowly dropping to her knees and pulling my shorts down as she went.

My cock fell forward only slightly, throbbing with my heartbeat that had picked up considerably. Becky reached forward and took hold of my shaft again, giving me a few good jerks before sucking the head hard once again. It seemed like she really enjoyed sucking me, because she got into the zone once again and worked my cock over with her mouth, almost bringing me to climax. This time she stopped short and stood up, backed away from me with my cock wet and hard as it could be. I watched her strip her clothes off, standing with my hard cock bouncing on its own. She was the sexiest woman I had ever seen and just watching her remove her clothes kept my cock on the verge of ejaculation. A fresh drip of pre-cum appeared out of my slit, making its way forward to run down the V shaped glands.

Instead of walking back to me she sidestepped and went around me, sitting in my computer chair and spreading her legs. I turned to watch, going fucking nuts from the show she was giving me. She licked her one finger, spread herself open with the other hand and began to circle her engorged clit with the single digit. It was fucking hot. Her pussy was pink, engorged and very wet already, the lips falling open to reveal her dark pink hole.

“Do you want me? Do you want to put your big cock inside of me? Come get it… I’m waiting.”

She leaned back in my chair, rocking it backwards which elevated her ass and pussy. I quickly moved forward, tossing my shirt on my bed. She was still teasing her clit as I squatted down and took hold of my cock. Bending it down to her was difficult with how hard I was but I managed. The pre-cum on my cock merged with her already wet lips as I brushed my tip up and down her slit before gently pressing the head into her. She let out a long moan as several inches descended into her. Hot wet perfection engulfed my hard cock, taking me by surprise once again how incredible it felt to enter her perfect sex. I slammed the remaining inches into her, making the chair roll back and hit my desk with a loud bang and pushing her away from me so my cock almost flipped out of her pussy.

Stepping forward I reengaged, shoving my cock deep within her and reaching for her perfectly enhanced breasts. Her nipples hardened quickly in my hands. I leaned over, kissed her deeply and began to rhythmically work my cock in and out of her hot body, while I twisted her nipples and kissed her. The chair thumped against the desk with each thrust, sounding a lot like a headboard on a bed. I concentrated on the kissing and fondling so my cock didn’t suddenly blow with scarcely a minute gone by. It wasn’t easy. Her pussy was amazing again, so wet and hot, encasing my cock in unfathomable pleasure.

Once I got over the initial intense pleasure, I was able to settle into a good rhythm and fuck Becky with long hard thrusts until she was moaning along with the noise from the chair hitting the desk. I wanted her to cum first and from the sounds she was making was well on her way. I leaned back, getting a good view of my cock sliding effortlessly into my sister’s pussy as she sat in my chair, leaning back with her eyes closed. Her nipples remained hard, pressing out at me and her fake tits hardly moved with the thrusts. I took it all in, loving the visual of her sexy body and my long wide cock entering her. Her lips clinging to my shaft, spreading her juices up and down my length, making my cock shiny in the light of my ceiling lamp was incredible to watch.

“That’s it, David… I’m almost there… don’t stop, give it to me… fuck me… fuck me!” she screamed.

Her cries of lust turned into screams of passion as she convulsed and came on my cock, bathing it in her juices which dripped down onto my plastic floor protector. Her mouth parted and small cute noises escaped her lips as she gasp for air and her body peaked and climaxed. It was fucking hot to watch her cum and knowing I had helped her achieve it.

I was so into watching her and focused on her pleasure I put mine on the backburner and continued thrusting in hard and fast to increase her orgasm. Women are lucky, I think, because their climaxes last a lot longer than men’s. Becky seemed to be in the grips of ultimate pleasure for over a minute maybe two before she opened her eyes and looked up at me. By then I had a good sheen of sweat on my body and my legs were getting tired from squatting to drive my cock into her. Her eyes were glassy, almost distant and it was clear she was still at a high level of pleasure. She reached for me, pulling me down over her body more and kissed me.

“You’re amazing, David… I want you to cum now… anywhere you want.”

It was my turn now and it didn’t take long once I was focused on my own needs and wants. My cock quickly hardened fully and the pleasure began to rapidly peek until I was squeezing my muscles tight to hold in that last intense sensation before releasing the floodgates. I got three more hard thrusts into her body before pulling out, because I wanted to rain my load down onto her from above while she sat in the chair. Standing upright wasn’t easy after squatting for so long but the fatigue was overcome by my orgasm. I took hold of my cock as it flipped out of her pussy and stroked it once before a huge jet of semen flew out of the head, over her body, landing between her breasts and splashing up to her neck.

This was followed by an even bigger rope that rose high in the air, since I had adjusted the trajectory, and splattered all over her tits from left to right. More came, lots more and I shook and jerked as my cock emptied onto my sister’s hot body. By the time I was done she was covered well with streaks of white that were running together and dripping off the sides of her gorgeous body. The pleasure was beyond intense, giving me ultimate gratification.

“I see how you are… you just wanted to see what I looked like covered in cum.”

“Yep, you know so well already,” I said, grinning down at her as my cock dripped a few more globs of cum onto her stomach.

“And covered I am… you seem to have an uncharacteristically large amount. Got anything to clean me up?”

I found something, cleaned her off and we sat and talked about the plan until I was able to go again.


The plan was in place, now all I needed was my father to come home for dinner hopefully in a talkative mood. As it turned out he was, because as soon as he dismissed the guards for the night he lit right into me.

“What the fuck is wrong with you! Stasha tells me you fucked her three times today… you fucked your sister! Three times! Boy there is something wrong with your head! I think we might need to get you some professional help.”

“You’re the one that needs help… after what you’ve done and you lecture me. How many people have you killed, how many people do you threaten daily, how much drugs do you sell and crimes do you commit on a daily basis?!” I screamed at him.

“Now this is a change… decided to grow a spine today, have we… what? Has fucking your sister given you some balls, you little prick!”

“Fuck you, Dad… you killed Makayla, how many others have you had taken care of. What have you done with Mom and when will it end!”

I knew if I got him mad enough he would say things he knew better than discuss. Already he was red faced and probably wanting to hit me.

“Come on, Dad… tell me what you did with Makayla… did you guys have fun with her before they killed her in cold blood and drop her body in a lake? How many people has your organization addicted and killed.”

He came at me fast and smacked me across the face and went on a tirade.

“I killed her to protect this family and to teach you and your mother a lesson! I will not be disrespected, the things I do in this organization is for the family… everything I do is for you!”

It was all I needed; the camera on the phone Becky had bought had just broadcast his confession on Skype outside the house to all the right people. I smiled at him, rubbing my cheek and this took him back.

“You’re done, old man. Why don’t you say hello to the camera, tell them what else they can put you away for,” I pointed to the phone hidden slightly in a flower arrangement.

He went ballistic, picking up the phone and smashing it to pieces on the table.

“You got nothing if the phone is gone, you idiot!” he yelled and went to hit me again. I dodged his strike, picked up the bat I had leaned against the table and dared him to try and hit me again.

“What you don’t get, Dad is your little confession has already been sent in real time. Breaking the phone did nothing.”

He launched himself at me and I swung the bat, connecting with his chest in a sickening thump that ended in a crack. He crumpled onto the floor just as the door to my house flew open and the FBI rushed in.


Dad gave up the location of my mother; they safely rescued her the next day. During her ordeal she had lost the baby, my baby but it was probably for the best. She was in the hospital for a few days before I introduced her to Becky. Mom apologized for lying to me and we had a lot to talk about when she got home.

The FBI put us in protective custody until after my father’s trial because he still had loyal followers that the FBI felt could harm us. This gave us time to talk. I told Mom about Becky and how I felt about her. She knew most of it anyway, because my father had been true to his threats and told her everything as he sexually tortured her for weeks. Along with his on camera confession of killing Makayla and my mother’s brutal torture, my father was going away for a long time.

Taking everything away from him and putting him in prison was a fate worse than death and exactly what he deserved.

Mom healed up well and we moved out of my father’s house into something much smaller. Becky moved in shortly after. Mom and she made peace quickly. Becky understood why she was given up for adoption since my mother was only sixteen at the time and Mom understood why Becky was so taken with me as well and couldn’t blame her. But Mom wasn’t one to be left out in the cold either. She was more than willing to share me with her daughter who would take care of me long after my mother was, ‘old and dried up’ as she put it. She commented, saying “what could be better for my David then my daughter… no other woman could please him like she can.”

And please me she does, along with Mom of course, it’s fun trying to keep up with both of them, they have a competitive streak that’s for sure, always trying to outdo the other in bed and my cock sure does get a work out on a daily basis. I mean… can you imagine both of them taking turns sucking my cock and trying to be better than the other. Talk about heaven.

Things worked out pretty perfect, especially for me.

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