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Here I am in a Caribbean Resort hotel room in a 69 position with my new daughter-in-law. As we lick each other’s pussy we are both getting fucked in the ass. She is being ass fucked by her new husband who is also my son. I am getting ass fucked by my son’s best friend who was also his best man. Before I finish this scene let me tell you how we all got here.

I am a divorced wife who made out very well in the custody battle and financial settlement. My son and I have lived very comfortably in a stately home. The home is not a mansion but it is plenty big with beautiful private grounds with a security gate. We have a large in-ground pool with very tasteful and comfortable patio furniture. The basement is completely finished with a wet bar, exercise room and recreation room.

My son Jerry had just graduated from college and was planning to get married in a month. Jerry is a good looking young man at age 22 with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is 5’9″ tall and weighs 160 pounds and in excellent shape. He and his best friend Biff work out at our house all the time. Biff is a strapping young man at 6’2″ and 195 pounds. He played football in college and still keeps himself in great shape. He was also 22 years old with brown hair and piercing steel blue eyes.

Jerry was planning to marry Joannie a bleached blonde who I did not care for. I felt she was after Jerry only for our money. Joannie was pretty at 5’7″ and 120 pounds she looked good. Her figure was 34-22-35 without an ounce of body fat. Joannie swam a lot and also worked out with the guys. Her well-tanned body was lean and tight. Her 34b tits were firm and Joannie hardly ever wore a bra. Her short mini-skirts accented her long tan legs. I had often seen had seen Joannie wear thong panties with her curvy ass peeking out from under her skirt.

At 44 years old I was still proud of my figure. I was always small breasted with a 34 b-cup. I had nice legs and a shapely bottom. I was a natural blond with blue eyes. I also made good use of the pool to stay in shape. I had a great tan with no tan lines because I was able to sunbathe in the nude in our private yard. My name is Marla.

Marla watches Biff and Jerry workout

Jerry, Joannie and I were planning the wedding together and we did a lot of shopping together and individually. The wedding and reception would be at our house. Jerry and Joannie would be going to Jamaica for their honeymoon. One day I headed up to go shopping and realized that I forgot something so I went back to the house. I entered the house and I heard Jerry and Biff down in the basement, I figured that they were working out together again. Then I heard Biff speak.

“Oh yeah suck that cock suck it good,” he yelled.

I knew that I shouldn’t but I had to see what was going on in my house. I quietly walked down the stairs and looked into the bar area. There was Biff sitting back on one of the bar stools with my son Jerry on his knees sucking on Biff’s cock. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here was my son to be married is less than a month sucking on his best man’s cock.

“Man you sure are a great cocksucker Jerry. I think that you may be just a little better than Joannie,” Biff echoed.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. Was Biff getting blowjobs from both Jerry and Joannie?

“I’m getting close Jerry,” Biff warned.

“Cum on me this time,” Jerry said as he took Biff’s dick out of his mouth and jerked him off with his hand as he fondled Biff’s balls with his other.

I was taken with the size of Biff’s cock. I knew that he had a good package from the times I saw him in his bathing suit but I was not prepared for this. His cock had to be 8-9 inches long and thick enough that my son could not wrap his hand around it.

Jerry continued to jerk off Biff occasionally licking the head of his dick. Then Jerry took the cock head back in and out of his mouth making a popping sound as it left his mouth.

“Here it comes, Jerry,” Biff announced as he shot streams of cum into the air. It landed on his stomach and on my son’s face, hair, chest, and all over the back of his hand.

I had never seen anyone cum that much before. Biff must have fired six or seven volleys of his seed before it just started to ooze out of his dick head. Jerry took Biff’s cock back into his mouth and sucked him dry. He then licked cum off of the back of his hand and off of Biff’s body.

“I love to watch you shoot,” he told Biff.

“What do you like best, watching me shoot or having me cum in your mouth,” Biff asked.

“That’s a tough call. I like watching you shoot barrage after barrage into the air but I also like it when it hits the back of my throat and fills my mouth,” Jerry answered and then went back to sucking Biff’s cock which maintained its erect state.

“Are you ready to fuck me? I really need your cock in my ass now,” my son asked him.

Surely my son is not going to take that monster in his ass I thought to myself. I watched as Jerry retrieved some sort of lubricant and prepared his asshole for Biff’s dick. Biff generously applied the lube to his stiff pecker. My son leaned over the bar stool as Biff got behind him and slowly eased his impressive organ into Jerry’s rectum.

Biff fucked him slowly at first and then picked up the pace. I couldn’t believe that my son could take that entire cock in his ass. Biff was pounding him hard now as his body slammed against my son’s buttocks.

“Oh yeah, give it to me, fuck me hard, fuck me with that ass buster,” my son called out to Biff.

“You have a great looking ass and I love fucking it. I love it as much as fucking Joannie’s ass,” Biff told him as my son was impaled on his cock.

“Take it all in!” he shouted and with one insanely hard thrust he stretched my son’s asshole even more. I thought his cock head would be come out of my son’s open mouth.

“There you go Jerry!” he yelled stopping momentarily as he relished the scene with his entire pole imbedded in my son’s ass. My son was impatiently waiting impatiently for the ass pounding to continue.

“Do you want me to fuck your brains out?” he asked arrogantly.

“Oh God please yes!” my son begged.

With that he pulled his rigid dick out until only his head remained inside of my son’s ass and then he again buried it forcefully to the hilt. Biff repeated the process quickly picking up pace. His sweaty balls smacked right into my son’s ass repeatedly his balls as I watched his bun hole repeatedly stretched and un-stretched over and over. Each slide in and pull out sent a shiver of pleasure up my son’s spine as Biff relentlessly slammed into him. He held my son by the shoulders as he forced himself into him harder and harder.

“Oh that’s incredible!” my son screamed.

“Give it to me, give me your cum, cum in my ass,” Jerry begged him as he jerked on his own cock.

Biff really picked up the pace and rapidly plowed my son’s ass as he raced toward his second orgasm. He held onto to my son’s hips as he pounded his ass. I could tell by the look on Biff’s face that he was really close to cumming.

“Here it comes again,” Biff yelled as his entire body stiffened and he plunged into Jerry’s ass unloading his seed.

“Oh yeah, I can feel it, fill me up, fill up my ass with your jizm,” Jerry called out.

Biff resumed fucking Jerry slowly as Jerry rotated his ass and squeezed his buttocks milking the remaining cum from Biff. Jerry was franticly jerking his own dick in search of his first orgasm. Jerry stiffened with Biff’s cock still impaled in his ass and shot his load across the bar stool. Biff slowly eased his deflating cock out of my son’s ass and it made a popping sound as it cleared his sphincter.

“Man I really know that I’ve been fucked when you fuck me Biff,” Jerry told him as he turned and faced Biff, taking Biff’s cock in his hand and then dropping to his knees to take it back in his mouth.

I was in shock to what I had just witnessed, my own son sucking cock and taking it in the ass. What about Joannie? Did she know what was going on? She was obviously fucking Biff too, so she must know. I watched as the guys began to clean themselves up and then I quietly left the basement. As I walked up the stairs I realized that my own pussy was sopping wet. As appalled as I was I was also turned on by the scene I just witnessed.

I left the house to go shopping as originally planned. As I was driving my mind kept going back to Biff and Jerry. I made up my mind to spy on them some more whenever I could. Would I get to watch Joannie as well? Time would tell.

Joannie joins the guy’s workout

One day the three of them were swimming and sunbathing by our pool. I told them that I was going out for a couple of hours and that I would be home in time for dinner. They bid me farewell and I pretended to leave in hopes that something might happen between them. I was not to be disappointed. Before long I heard them come in from the pool through the doors to the recreation room. They were laughing and joking around and then things got a little quiet. Finally I heard Biff speak.

“Joannie you are doing a great job sucking my cock. I told Jerry the other day that I wasn’t sure who was the better cocksucker, you or him.”

That was my cue to slip downstairs and observe the action. When I got to my observation point I saw that Biff was sitting between Joannie and Jerry on the couch and Joannie had leaned over to suck Biff’s pecker. The three of them were naked and I could see the discarded swim suits nearby on the floor.

“My turn now,” Jerry said as he took Biff’s dick from Joannie and started to suck it.

Joannie moved around and knelt down to take my Jerry’s cock in her mouth. Now my son and future daughter-in-law were both sucking cock, incredible!

Jerry and Joannie kept sucking until both Biff and Jerry came. Biff filled Jerry’s mouth to overflowing with his orgasmic load and Jerry shot his wad into Joannie’s mouth. Jerry and Joannie lick their lips savoring the taste of cum. Biff then had Joannie sit on the sofa as he knelt between her legs to eat her pussy. Jerry sat along side Joannie and they kissed deeply exchanging the remaining cum between them. Biff had lifted Joannie’s legs up on his shoulders and buried his face in her twat. Within minutes Biff had Joannie squirming with her first orgasm.

“Oh shit, oh shit, yeah right there you got the spot. Suck me, nibble me, make me cum,” Joannie yelled out as her body went into spasms with the intensity of her orgasm.

Biff clearly knew what he was doing as he had Joannie going wild. She drenched his face with her pussy cum and he kept right on eating her until she pleaded with him to stop.

“Stop, please stop, no more, I can’t take anymore. Man can you eat pussy,” she gasped.

I witnessed the remarkable recovery of youth for the next several hours as the three of them engaged in a variety of sexual compilations. The men each came at least four times and Joannie had countless orgasms.

Biff was hard again after eating Joannie’s pussy and Joannie wanted his big cock in her cunt. Biff lay back on the sofa and Joannie straddled him lowering herself on his dick. Joannie moaned as the large cock entered her womb. She allowed herself time to adjust to his size and then started fucking herself on his cock. Jerry knelt behind her and began to finger her asshole with the lubricant. Satisfied that she was well greased he eased his 6″ into her ass. Joannie stopped moving and leaned forward slightly so that Jerry would have easy access to her bottom. The guys got into a rhythm and were soon driving Joannie crazy. When Jerry pulled out Biff plowed her pussy and when Biff pulled out Jerry slammed into her ass.

Joannie had multiple orgasms before it was obvious that the guys were close to cumming again. Biff and Jerry picked up the pace and were pounding Joannie’s body. They were not trying to maintain a rhythm but only racing toward their own climatic end.

“Oh fuck me, fuck me, give me your cum, cum in my ass, cum in my pussy, fill me up.” Oh I wish I had another cock for my mouth,” Joannie repeated over and over.

Jerry seemed to cum first based on his body gyrations, then stiffening and gasping as he unloaded in his wife’s to be ass. Biff wasn’t far behind as he started humping Joannie’s cunt and almost bucked Jerry and Joannie off of him with the power of his orgasm. They all collapsed with Biff on the bottom and Joannie sandwiched between them.

After a brief rest the trio moved into position for their finale. Joannie lay on her back as Jerry got between her legs and slipped his cock into her hot pussy. Biff got behind my son and slid his thick cock into his ass. Joannie and Biff let Jerry do all the work humping her pussy and impaling himself on Biff’s dick. Jerry moved faster and faster as he approached his orgasm bringing his two partners off with him. It was amazing as they all seemed to stiffen and cum at the same time. They then collapsed, their bodies totally drained. Once they recovered they headed back out to the pool and I snuck back upstairs with a sopping wet pussy.

Biff Confronts Marla

I had several more opportunities to observe these sex enthusiasts engage in threesome activities and compilations. One day they were shooting pool in the nude and purposely distracting each other during the shot. Jerry was lining up a shot when Joannie jumped up on the pool table and spread her legs.

“I bet you can’t hit my clit,” she said as she opened her labia with her hands and pulled open the protective hood covering her clit.

Jerry replied, “What do you want to bet?”

“The loser has to lick the other one’s asshole,” she said laughingly.

As Jerry took aim Joannie said, “Wait you need a little distraction to make it challenging, Biff fuck his ass.”

Biff then slid his impressive pecker into Jerry’s asshole. Jerry grunted and tried to focus on the shot. Just as Jerry attempted the pool shot Biff plowed into his ass and the ball hit Joannie in the foot.

“You lose,” she yelled as she moved down the table toward Jerry’s face.

Joannie lifted her legs up so that Jerry could lick her asshole as Biff continued to fuck him in the ass. Jerry licked Joannie from her asshole up to her pussy and soon had her cumming on his face. Biff in the meantime shot his load into my son’s ass. Jerry stood up still impaled on Biff’s cock and lifted his own dick toward Joannie’s body and sprayed his cum on her thighs.

These three were insatiable and bordering on sexual deviation. I wondered how long this would go on after Joannie and Jerry were married. I was lost in my thoughts when I realized that Biff was looking toward my hiding place. Had he seen me? Would he say anything? God, I hoped not. I quietly slipped back up stairs praying that I had not been detected.

A couple of days passed and Biff never said a word about seeing me spy on them. I assumed that he had not seen me but I was careful not to return to my hiding place too soon. I thought that if a waited a few more days then I could start spying again undetected.

One weekend the three of them planned a trip with some friends up to the lake. I was glad to finally have the house and pool to myself for a few days. Saturday was a hot day and I chose to hang out by the pool all day. I set the security system so that I would not be disturbed as I decided to read a good book as I sunbathed in the nude. I was totally into the book when I was startled by Biff’s voice.

“Catching some rays, Marla?” he observed.

I quickly reached for my robe but he had already moved it out of my reach. I dropped my book and covered my breasts with one hand and my vulva with the other.

“What are you doing here? I thought you went to the lake. How did you get in?” I asked nervously.

“I decided to pass on the lake and hang out by your pool. Jerry gave me the security code so I just let myself in. You don’t mind if I join you do you?” he replied

“I certainly do mind. I wanted some privacy today and I would like you leave now!” I said trying to sound firm.

He laughed and started to take off his clothes and said, “I’ll just stay for a little while and work on my tan lines.”

I was appalled with his behavior and shocked when he striped naked. I stared briefly at his penis which even in its soft state was 6″ long. I broke my stare and flipped over on my stomach to face away from him.

“Hey what’s the big deal? It’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before,” he said.

He knew, he had seen me spying on them and there was no denying it. He then surprised me by straddling my legs and patting my buttocks.

“You have a nice ass Marla in fact you have a great figure. Let me put some lotion on you so that you don’t sun burn,” he offered.

I felt him squirt the lotion on my shoulders and back and lean forward to rub it in to my skin. As he leaned forward I felt the weight of his now erect cock resting on my ass cheeks. I protested and tried to squirm away but he just held me still and covered my body with lotion.

He worked his way down from my shoulders to the small of my back and then started with my calves and worked up to my thighs. Then he began to massage my ass and I felt a familiar stirring in my loins. I was red as a beet but it wasn’t from the sun. I tried one more time to avoid his advances but to no avail. Biff spent a long time massaging my ass cheeks and inner thighs and occasionally let his hand slip between them.

He took hold of my shoulders and slowly turned me over on my back. I was just about to protest again when he kissed me deeply plunging his tongue into my mouth. His tongue sought out mine and he had me reeling in passion. I resolved to allow him to have his way with me. After all isn’t that what I wanted?

Biff kissed his way from my lips to my jaw line and along my neck. He lightly kissed, licked and nibbled my neckline softly. Then he tongued my ear just enough to add stimulation. I wanted to protest but felt extremely pleasurable.

He then worked his way further down to my chest kissing me along the way. When he finally reached my breasts he gently squeezed them and rolled my nipples between his fingers. It had been so long and I felt so feminine, so exquisite and I longed for more of his touches and caresses.

Biff looked into my eyes and whispered, “You have great tits.” Why couldn’t he refer to them as breasts I wondered as he teased, kissed and squeezed my breasts? He tortured me by neglecting my nipples as he went close and blew his warm breath over them exciting me and increasing my desire.

I was on the edge and close to an orgasm just from his foreplay. I urgently craved the touch that would provide my much needed release. Biff brought me to the edge of desire and allowed me to linger there as he touched me. His one hand cupped my vulva and probed at the opening of my moist passage while he continued to tweak and tease my nipples. His wet warm mouth covered my other breast filling me with lust. My desire to cum increased.

Biff had me to the point that I would orgasm if he touched my clit. I was overheated and my pussy was on fire. Just a touch would have ignited my flame and sent me crashing over the edge. A moan escaped my lips as I beseeched him to touch me. “Please, please,” I implored him.

“Please what Marla? What do you want me to do? Do you want to cum?” he asked me in a seductive tone.

“Oh yes, let me cum,” I pleaded.

He pushed both my breasts together and took both nipples into his mouth and sucked them. He would release them letting them pop out of his mouth and repeated the process until my hips were moving of their own accord. He then slid his tongue across them and flicked them back and forth but stopped before I exploded in orgasm.

As he touched the tip of my labia he inserted his finger inside my juicy and wet pussy searching for my clit. He then spread his remaining fingers opening my outer lips as he slid his finger back and forth over my hard pearl.

Biff then knelt and placed his warm mouth on my moisture. He flattened his tongue and slid it back and forth as he licked the length of my slit. My vulva was swollen with desire as he licked and sucked my juices from me holding my clit firmly between his lips. My muscles contracted in spasm and I squirted cum over his fingers and mouth. I moaned and trembled as my body grew weak from my intense climax. Little did I know that the best was yet to come and what was in store for me.

Biff neatly lapped up the remainder of my pussy cum and then he moved up the lounge chair and kissed me deeply allowing me to taste myself from his lips.

“See how delicious you taste. Your pussy really puffs up when you get excited and you are a real squirter,” he told me.

“Biff, my pussy always swelled when I was excited and for as long as I could remember I would squirt cum out in streams. My ex-husband didn’t like that and he would not eat my pussy to climax. He also made fun of my pussy because of the swollen size,” I confessed.

“Well I kind of dig it having you shoot your juice into my mouth. When I scuba dive I see a fish called a Puffer fish because it puffs up when excited. Now I have seen a puffer pussy,” he teased me.

“Now I want to make you feel good and we have just begun,” he said stroking my face tenderly.

Biff stood up and his big cock stretched forward. I was looking at the largest cock that I have seen if my life. Biff’s cock looked twice as big as my ex-husband’s dick. It had to be at least 9″ long and over 5″ around. Biff was obviously proud of his manhood as he almost posed letting it wave in front of my face. I had the urge to take his cock in my mouth but I had never sucked a cock this large before and I was afraid.

He pushed me gently back on the lounge and I lay back all the way, spreading my legs for him. Biff positioned himself between my thighs, took my face in his hands and leaned in to kiss me. I wrapped my arms tightly around him and held him almost in fear of the penetration I knew was to come. He slowly inched his impressive organ into me stretching my womb as he did. I whimpered into his mouth and trembled against him trying hard to control myself. Once he had gotten completely into me he paused and allowed me to adjust to his size before he started fucking me. I had never been so full and it seemed like every fiber in my pussy was alive and tingling.

Biff broke our kiss and looked down into my eyes. “Marla, are you okay?” he asked showing concern.

Unable to speak at that moment I nodded yes and shifted slightly beneath him letting myself adjust to his tremendous girth. As I lay there the feeling of being stretched diminished and was replaced by a wonderful sensation. I knew then that I wanted more.

“Please fuck me,” I whispered.

“With pleasure,” he replied as a smile spread across his face and he began moving his hips. In and out he fucked me very slowly at first and got my juices running and coating us both. He ground his pelvis into me with each inward thrust keeping his cock in constant contact with my clit. I moaned quietly as he pushed into me and gradually increased the pace. Each drive became more powerful than the last pushing deeper into me with more urgency. My moans became louder and as his strokes became quicker. As if a reflex I drew my knees up closer to my chest which gave him a deeper target. In one fluid motion Biff threw my legs over his shoulders and leaned forward supporting himself on his forearms so as not to crush me. He was breathing heavier now and grunting each time he plunged his cock into me. He ground himself harder and harder into me the friction on my clit so was unbearable. His cock was stroking my insides and stimulating my G-spot and his pelvis grinded onto my clit. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to another climax.

“Biff, I am really close. I am going to cum again,” I whimpered almost out of breath.

“Cum for me, Marla I want you to cum for me,” as said as he sped up and pushed harder and faster

Biff fucked me as hard and fast as he could as I came and came and came. My body shook uncontrollably my pussy walls clamped around his cock and I dug my nails into his shoulders as he continued to fuck me hard. As I came down from my incredible high I could feel Biff began to tense up.

“Oh here it comes Marla, I’m going to cum, oh yeah here it is!” Biff exclaimed as with one final shove into me he stiffened and came shooting his load deep within me.

I could feel volley after volley of cum hit the walls of my vagina as Biff spasm and ground against me. The grinding on my clit sent me over the edge once more as Biff flooded my pussy. As we settled down my legs slowly slipped from his body and lay limp on the lounge. Biff collapsed gently on me with our bodies covered with perspiration and the love juices from our intense orgasms. We rested for awhile holding each other. It seemed like we were together for hours and I wondered what time it was. Remarkably we had only been at it just over an hour.

Biff said, “Let’s grab a shower and then hit the pool.”

Strangely enough I did not feel guilty or embarrassed by the encounter. I was now comfortable with my nudity and I walked naked into the house leading Biff to the shower. I felt good about myself and I was proud to show off my body. I entered the shower and relaxed under the cascade of hot water when Biff joined me. We began to wash each other as we were anxious to feel more of each other. I soaped up Biff’s testicles and penis until he was fully erect again in the shower.

I lifted his testicles to feel the weight of Biff’s balls and his sacs were full and bursting again with desire. I maneuvered the rigid engorged cock between my legs and rubbed it against my clit. I then placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of my vagina and rolled the head against my muscular walls opening them slightly.

Biff unable to wait any longer grabbed my buttocks and drew me closer until the mushroomed head of his cock just slipped inside. Using his hips for leverage he forced more of his penis in me until all nine-inches were buried within and the silky walls of my cavern clung to the invader. I enjoyed the feel of his massive intruder as Biff pushed me against the shower wall. Forcing me back against the wall his long cock is evoking wondrous feelings in my pussy. After several minutes of bucking his hips against my pelvis he grunted vocally and I now knew that meant he was not too far off. My vaginal walls convulsed around the stiff manhood my hips gyrated wantonly and I experienced yet another satisfying orgasm. I felt his eruption approaching and his hot liquid suddenly splashed against my insides.

We stayed in the embrace for a few minutes allowing our emotions to subside. I stepped back from Biff and his limp cock plopped out easily. I contemplated taking it into my mouth, sucking off his cum and tasting my own juices intermixed with his, but decided to save that for another time.

Biff and I rinsed off and then headed out to the pool. The rest of the day we swam, chatted and sunbathed in the nude. That evening Biff would stay for dinner and stay for the night. We made passionate love several more times that night until I almost passed out from exhaustion brought on by my intense orgasms.

The next morning I awoke with mixed feelings and with Biff in my bed. I regretted letting my emotions get the best of me but at the same time I was ecstatic with orgasmic bliss. I looked at Biff laying there with his impressive organ in a semi-erect state and I could not resist taking it in my mouth.

I sat naked on the bed before him. My nipples and cunt were alive with desire as I brought his hard cock to my lips. I tried to picture what I looked like; the prim and proper mother of the groom opening her mouth to run her tongue across the head of the best man’s cock. Soon Biff’s cock was deep in my mouth and as he fully awoke he chanted my name.

“Oh Marla that’s it, suck me, suck my cock, lick my balls, play with my balls,” he directed.

I could tell from his hip movements, deep breathing and his inability to continue his suggestive talk that he was close to cumming. It wouldn’t be long now before I tasted his sperm. With me still sucking his cock, Biff eased back on the bed and lay down. I turned sideways so that I could suck his cock deeper into my mouth. I was only able to take about 5″ of his cock although I continued to test my gag line which drove him crazy. I was so engrossed in sucking Biff’s cock that I never heard or saw anyone enter the room.

Sitting on the bed and leaning over to keep Biff’s cock in my mouth had caused my legs to splay open. I suddenly felt a pair of hands on my thighs tugging them open even further. Without removing the cock from my mouth I looked over and saw a totally naked Joannie kneeling between my legs. She began kissing my thighs and around my pubes as her hands caressed my hips and my belly. I turned my attention back to Biff’s cock and I felt Joannie descend to take her kisses to my pussy as she desired to taste and eat from my swollen cunt. I couldn’t stop my hips from rocking back and forth I wanted to cum so badly against her voracious tongue. Her hands and fingers were now caressing my ass. Then her soft warm hand was on my breast caressing and pulling on my hardened nipples as her wet soft kisses sucked at my clit and lips. I came again and again intensely with her mouth glued to my mound and her tongue in my pussy.

Biff sensed my orgasm and continued fucking my face as I stretched my neck trying to keep his cock within my lips again while I fucked Joannie’s face. I continued to lick and suck Biff’s cock and balls before running my tongue under his scrotum across his perineum. He moaned loudly as my one hand circled and squeezed the head of his slick cock and I cupped his bloated balls with the other hand.

Suddenly I felt his hand on the back of my head, grasping my hair forcing me down on his cock. I obediently sucked around the length of his pole, while his cock erupted with hot jets of cum flooding my mouth. As hard as I tried I couldn’t swallow all of his cum quick enough and it ran out of my mouth down my face and dripped on my tits. I whimpered as I licked him clean sluttishly tasting his cum and trying to see up into his eyes. Joannie licked the remaining cum from my tits and sucked on my nipples.

“Hasn’t she just got the greatest nubs,” Joannie asked Biff as she twirled my rock hard nipples in her fingers. I just moaned in the lust of the moment.

I still had some of Biff’s cum on my lips as he moved me onto my back on the bed as if I weighed nothing. He surprised me kissing me deeply and plunging his tongue into my mouth apparently he wasn’t concerned about tasting his own cum. I was so aroused and in such need of his cock in me. I came immediately as he parted my legs penetrating my wet vagina with one deep stroke. My cunt was contracting around his hard cock in a spasmodic frenzy griping his shaft as wave after wave of obscene pleasure coursed through my body.

Joannie straddled my face and began to lower her blond pussy toward my mouth. I panicked and in a less than convincing protest said to Joannie, “I have never done that, please don’t make me do it.”

“Don’t be silly it’s about time you learned to eat pussy. Just do what I did to you,” she directed.

“Marla if you are half as good eating pussy as you are sucking cock Joannie is going to be very pleased,” encouraged Biff.

I leaned forward and slowly stuck out my tongue. I wasn’t sure exactly how to do it so I just sort of pretended I was licking the ice cream off of a cone. I took one, slow lick as I flattened my tongue on Joannie’s bare mound. It felt so smooth and warm and I had achieved the desired effect from the moan I know that Joannie enjoyed it. To my surprise I enjoyed the taste of her and I kept licking and eating her. I pointed my tongue and burrowed into her pussy as it parted her labia and my tongue was rewarded with the exquisite taste of her juice. Soon I was like a puppy at a saucer of milk, licking and lapping up as much as I could as fast as I could.

Joannie was obviously enjoying what I was doing and she reached down with both hands and spread herself wide making it so much easier for my tongue to explore her pussy. My tongue explored all of her as my mind took notes of what seemed to turn her on. Joannie was breathing rapidly and she moaned softly whenever I got near her hard pearl. As I searched out her hard clit still just barely hidden she tensed and began to quiver. After I felt like I had teased her opening as much as I could with my tongue it was time to see her reaction when my tongue finally touched that pearl just as she had done to me earlier.

As I worked on Joannie’s clit my own orgasm was building from the pounding of Biff’s cock into my pussy. Like an animal out of control his hip movements continued to rapidly move his rigid cock in and out of my wetness causing me to cry out again. My legs spread further for this man and his insistent cock in both our vigorous efforts to cum again. My scream was muffled in Joannie’s pussy as another orgasm gushed forth from me.

Biff thrust his dick deeply into me. His hard cock was pulsating in a long deep climax as it filled my wet vagina with his sperm. My womb flooded with the co-mingling of our juices. As I started to recover I turned my attention back to Joannie.

I burrowed my tongue as deep into her as I could and then I just sort of licked and sucked my way up. When I got to her pearl I used the very tip of my tongue to push back the little hood. I was truly amazed at its size. I flicked my tongue over it once and then used the tip to explore the folds of flesh on either side of it. Joannie was now moaning and she used her fingers to pull her hood back as she arched herself so that her pearl stuck out even further like a little cock. I nuzzled it with my nose taking in her scent and I licked it once more before I took it between my teeth and gently nibbled it.

Joannie went wild and started bucking and calling out my name. She let go of her own fleshy hood and pulled my head to her pussy as she cried out in ecstasy. I sucked her clit as deep in my mouth as I could and Joannie humped my face for all she was worth. I was excited that I was able to get her that excited and I sucked harder and played with this wonderful new toy with my lips, tongue and teeth. I don’t know exactly how many times Joannie came but finally she rolled off of me and collapsed on the floor, her body in spasms.

The three of us lay panting on the floor exhausted and sexually sated. Joannie was the first to speak.

“Marla, I have never been eaten out better than that. It is hard to believe that it was your time eating pussy,” she sighed.

“Ditto on the cock sucking,” chimed in Biff. “You were incredible that was the quickest I have cum in a long time,” he continued.

“I can’t believe myself either,” I gasped. “In the last two days I’ve had more sex than I had in the past two years!” I exclaimed.

“What do you think now,” asked Biff?

“I can’t believe that I just had sex with my son’s future wife and his best man. Yet I have never been more satisfied and I am hooked on you two. What are we going to tell Jerry?” I said.

“You let me handle Jerry,” Joannie quipped. “Right now I am horny again.”

Joannie lay back on the bed and said, “Give me some more of your magic Marla. Come on and eat my pussy again.”

I looked at her gorgeous form sprawled on the bed and crawled to her on all fours. I buried my face in her mound and shoved my tongue deep into her womb. Joannie loved to have her pussy eaten.

“Oh yeah!” she exclaimed as she trembled.

Biff got behind me to fuck me doggy style and slid his rock hard cock into my pussy. As I ate Joannie and Biff fucked me, he started to play with my ass. My pussy was dripping wet and Biff used my natural lubrication to finger my asshole. At first I was apprehensive and then it started to turn me on.

Biff pulled out of me and I felt a huge void in my pussy as cool air temporarily filled my hole. “Stay right there,” Biff told me as he left the bed and went into the bathroom.

When he returned he knelt behind me and once again shoved his big dick into my pussy. He started to play with my bum again and squirted some type of lotion in the crack of my ass. He massaged the lotion into my asshole and began to finger me once again. The lotion made me very slick and his finger slid easily in and out of my anus.

Joannie was holding onto my head keeping it in her box as she watched him fingering my ass when she yelled to Biff, “Fuck her in the ass. I want to see you fuck her ass.”

“Yeah, you want it in your ass Marla?” I heard Biff say as I felt his cock press harder against my virgin ass hole.

“No please no!” I cried, shaking my head from side to side with my face still pressing against Joannie’s quim. “I’ve never done that, you’re too big. You’ll ruin me.”

“Don’t be silly he’s not going to ruin you. If I can take him you certainly can take him in your ass. You just need to be broken in,” Joannie said.

Biff spread plenty of lotion on his cock and then covered it with his saliva making it very slick. Then with one steady motion he plunged his cock into my asshole.

He was gigantic, long and wide and I screamed as he began to work his way into my poor tight ass. I could actually feel my stomach cramping around him as he stirred my insides and it burned when I clenched my ass muscles convulsing around his thickness. Shaking and sobbing with painful ecstasy, I fell forward onto Joannie with his hands keeping my ass high in the air for him to plunder.

I screamed into Joannie’s pussy as it felt like a hot thick poker had just been rammed into my ass. Tears filled my eyes as my violated asshole spread to accommodate Biff’s thick cock. I tried to get away but Joannie held me by my ears pulling my face into her womb.

I cried out loud only to have the sound muffled by Joannie’s cunt as his complete length filled me. I felt him flex his cock deep within my bowels as the searing pain continued. Biff reached one hand under me again and teased a nipple. Then he moved his other hand down and rubbed softly against my clit. My body responded to his stimulus and my stomach convulsed with mixed signals.

The intrusion in my ass didn’t feel quite so bad now as Biff’s fingers continued to tease my clit. I felt him move inside my ass now and I tried to relax my ass muscles. My body was working back and forth on his cock now and I was amazed at the feeling of the cock in my ass. My clit was buzzing and the fullness in my ass just seemed to excite my pussy even more.

Biff started hammering into my ass now. His fingers were still busy on my clit but now he had two fingers drilling in my pussy as the others fluttered around my clit. My whole body was aflame as I could feel his fingers pressing against the thin membrane separating my ass from my pussy. I could feel his hard cock sliding in me and the pressure of the fingers on his cock through the membrane.

Joannie yelled out, “Oh yeah, fuck her, fuck her ass, fuck it good!”

I didn’t need Biff to force me on his cock anymore, nor did I need Joannie holding onto my ears. My entire body was fucking back at him of its own accord. I could feel an enormous orgasm building with in me. My pussy was swollen to new proportions.

“Oh God,” I thought to myself, “I’m going to cum again, Oh God!”

Biff continued plowing into me. The hot dry depths of my ass were so tight around his cock I knew that he was going to cum hard too. He worked his fingers faster inside me as he rammed his cock hard into my ass. I started sucking Joanne’s twat like a mad woman. His groin made hard contact with my ass. I could taste Joannie’s wetness leaking around my mouth and the air was filled with the smell of pussy juices saturating the room.

I felt my pussy spasm suddenly and then my whole body went rigid. I felt his cock swell in my rectum and then hot spurts of liquid lava hit me deep in my bowels, giving me my first cum enema. I screamed into Joannie’s mound and sucked on her clit. I could taste her sweet juices as I sucked hard and bit on her clit. All of us shuddered hard as every muscle tensed and then relaxed. I felt a hot explosion as my body was overcome with the most violent orgasm I had ever had. I could still feel his cock throbbing and spurting deep within me.

I was still sucking hard on Joannie’s pussy trying to milk every last drop of cunt juice from her. I felt Biff’s cock shrink in my ass and then slowly back out making an audible popping sound. My ass was still high in the air and my thighs were aching. Biff lovingly caressed my shapely ass cheeks.

The three of us collapsed on my bed totally drained from the intense fuck session. As we recovered I felt like I had reached an all time low. Although I handled the ass fucking I was humiliated and I felt totally dominated. It was a strange feeling to be satiated and ashamed at the same time. Joannie broke the ice.

“Marla you should come with us to Jamaica on our honeymoon,” she said.

“Sure that is just what you and Jerry needs a chaperone, a mother with his son and new wife on their honeymoon,” I replied laughingly.

“No seriously, Biff is coming with us and we have a room for four people. You would be perfect,” she continued.

“She’s right Marla, we made reservations for four people and I was going to invite someone so I can invite you,” Biff added.

“So let me get this straight you and Jerry were going to have Biff and another woman join you on your honeymoon and stay in the same room?” I asked.

“That’s right. You know we are into group sex and that the three of us are fucking one another. Now that we have fucked you it makes sense for you to join us,” Biff said and Joannie nodded her confirmation.

“Even if I agreed to be with you two, what about my son Jerry. How could I even be in the same room with him if we were all fucking?” I asked.

“I told you I would handle Jerry,” Joannie snapped.

“It’s a lot to throw at me at this time but I will let you know. My immediate response is no way!” I replied.

I looked at Biff and noticed that his cock was getting hard again. Joannie followed my eyes and leaned over and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked him to a full erection.

“God does that thing ever stop!” I gasped.

“I want your ass again Marla,” Biff demanded.

Biff and Joannie manipulated Marla onto all fours again. “I am going to shove my cock up your ass and cum inside of you again Marla,” Biff whispered in my ear as he nibbled the back of my neck.

I shivered as he moved the head of his cock against my moist puckered ring and slowly pressed forward. In spite of the previous fucking the head strained to pop through and I let out a little groan of pain. But slowly the pressure from his iron hard dick forced my little ring to open like a flower and suddenly the large mushroom head slipped past the sphincter and into my ass. I let out a groan as my rear passage was stretched once again to accommodate Biff’s ample girth.

Joannie slipped underneath me and began to lick my pussy. Her talented tongue soon had me writhing in ecstasy causing my ass to tighten around Biff’s dick.

He continued to slowly stroke in and out of my tight ass until all nine inches were tightly packed up my ass. I began to moan and my whole body shook from the strain and my impending orgasm. Biff began to slowly fuck me as Joannie munched on my pussy then he picked up the pace and penetrated me with long hard strokes that used the entire length of his great cock. I was going nuts. I loved the feel of his cock as it pulled out then came crashing back in and his big heavy balls bounced off my vulva with Joannie sucking on my clit. I started to thrash about uncontrollably, gasping and moaning with pleasure. When Joannie took my clit in her teeth, I exploded with my sixth or seventh orgasm of the day.

Biff continued to hammer my ass with long strokes. Suddenly I felt that familiar tension in my ass and I knew he was close. He began to piston his raging cock harder into my searing ass in searching for his release, which only served to increase the intensity of my orgasm. I was yelling and moaning, clawing and scratching at the bedcover begging him to finish and for Joannie to stop eating my pussy.

Biff pulled his powerful tool out until just the head was in my ass then he reached under me and grabbed my tits and slammed once more full force into my ass. He did that a couple of more times and then let out a loud groan as he emptied his seed deep into my bowels. I couldn’t believe how much cum he shot into me as his dick continued to hammer into my ass. His cum flooded my ass and I could feel it back out and run down between my ass cheeks and over my pussy where Joannie’s mouth was there to suck up the excess. Biff and Joannie showered, dressed and left the house, leaving me on my bed with cum dripping from my asshole and pussy.

I awoke the next morning with my body aching all over and a constipated feeling. I took a long hot bubble bath to sooth my aching muscles and tender ass. Afterward I tried to check the damage to my asshole with a mirror. Surprisingly everything looked normal. I still couldn’t believe that I had allowed Biff to fuck me in the ass not once, but twice and that I had eaten Joannie’s pussy.

I still could not get over the audacity of those two to invite me on the honeymoon trip. Well I would put a stop to that behavior and I would be sure not to let my guard down again. At least I thought that I could control myself but the image of Biff’s large cock filled my mind.

Marla, Joannie and Biff Unite Again

Only two days passed before Joannie, Biff and I were naked in my king size bed. My son Jerry was off running some errands and Joannie and Biff stayed behind. It started at the pool with the three of us shedding our suits and playing touch and feely games. Then we moved quickly to my bedroom, I could just not resist these two.

Biff’s fully inflated cock protruding from his hips straight up was a very welcome sight and I moved immediately to crouch over the bulbous head. Biff held onto my hips as Joannie separated my labia lips as I gently lowered my self upon his stiff manhood. Inch after inch of his fantastic cock gradually disappeared with in my moist canal until my perineum was resting against his testicles and rubbing his swollen scrotum.

I leaned forward to kiss Biff and his tongue thrust deep into my receptive mouth. Joannie stroked my back and reached under to fondle my breasts and gently pinch my nipples. The sensation of being filled with all of Biff’s nine inches was incredible occasionally he would buck his hips upwards driving his bloated cock even further inside me.

I sat up straight and moved my hips back and forth on Biff’s frame fucking myself on his engorged member. Joannie kissed me deeply plunging her tongue in my throat as she continued to massage my tits and tweak my hard little nubs. As Biff thrust up into my womb, Joannie had slipped behind me to work my ass. She massaged my shapely firm buttocks and tickled my little tight rosebud.

Joannie used her hands to pry my ass cheeks apart and began to lick my snug bung hole. She had done this to me before but never with a cock in my pussy and another one in my mouth. I was going wild with the two way sensations. I felt a warm liquid at my puckered opening as Joannie applied some form of lubricant to it. She coated my tiny opening and smeared it around lubricating the rim. She then eased one of her fingers into my rectum and slowly began to finger fuck my ass. I was going wild and picked up the pace as I rocked my body on Biff’s thick cock.

Joannie removed her fingers and pulled the globes of my ass apart planting kisses on them and rimming my anus. Then I felt something larger at the entrance to my ass and I panicked not knowing what it was. I was about to protest when Joannie appeared at my side and began to rub my tits again before moving in front of me and guiding my face to her pussy. Then I heard Biff.

“Jerry will fuck your ass now Marla. You remember your son Jerry don’t you? You do want to be fucked in the ass again don’t you Marla?” Biff said but more an announcement than a question.

I felt Jerry’s hardened dick nestled against the entrance to my rectum momentarily before it began to force its way inside me. His cock struggled to stretch my resistant muscles. I tired to move to avoid the anal penetration and shook my head in protest. My screams were lost on the pussy in my mouth.

Joannie tried to coach and console me, “Relax Marla there will be a little pain at first, then some cramping and a bloated feeling. After that it will feel good and you will wonder why you waited so long to have your ass and pussy fucked at the same time.”

Her words did little to comfort me. I felt the head of Jerry’s penis burrow in and my rigid passageway soon yielded to the determined action of his cock. The pain was excruciating but as Joannie had said it was short lived. I was steadily being pounded at both ends, my taut muscles gripping the engorged cocks inside me. I ground myself upon the massive dick forcing its way deep into my cervix and then I drew backwards impaling myself on the inflated member worming around inside my ass. The three of them held me in place with their bodies while their hands freely roamed over my body. I felt an arousal in my body and an overpowering heat in my holes. All the while Biff reached up and simultaneously caressed my breasts and tugged and squeezed my nipples.

“I know exactly the joy of ecstasy that you are feeling Marla for I had the very same two cocks in me last night,” Joannie announced wickedly.

Suddenly I felt the cock inside my ass swell up and it started pumping faster. Within minutes I felt the warm fluid from Jerry’s cock being squirted inside my anus and I immediately started to cum myself, my walls convulsed around Biff’s intruder fucking my cunt. Biff grunted as his whole body became stiff and soon he began slamming his cock harder into me. I writhed around and my body arched off the bed as a climax of massive proportion tore through my loins. I could feel my moisture gushing out and intermixing with Biff’s semen.

Joannie was the last to erupt as she grabbed my head and pulled me closer to her pelvis plastering her womanhood against my face. I ran my hand across her pussy and plunged three fingers into her dripping twat, as I swallowed every drop of her oozing discharge. I collapsed on the bed along side Biff and Joannie. They both stroked my body as Joannie moved lower to suck cum out of my pussy. Before long the guys were hard again and ready for more.

I again straddled Biff’s cock and this time Jerry was to have my mouth and Joannie my ass. I sucked Jerry’s pecker into my mouth and I was well on my way to another triple penetration. The ever present Joannie was rimming my ass and tongue probing my anus.

“Look at you Marla taking all this cock at once, I never dreamed that you would become such a slut and such a good fuck,” Joannie said in a praising manner.

I was to take two more man loads in my holes from Jerry and Biff. Once again Joannie was there to clean my pussy. Now I know that I have reached total debauchery. I felt guilty but good and I was sore but pleasured. I had of mixture of feelings and I struggled with them all.

“Mother I really think that you should come with us on our honeymoon. We already have four plane tickets and room accommodations,” my son said.

I lay there contemplating the fact that my son had just cum in my ass and my mouth and now he was inviting me to join them on their honeymoon. I knew the honeymoon would just be a continuation of our fuck fest so I thought, “Why not?” What else could happen that hadn’t already happened. I would find out in a few days.

“Okay after all we have been through this week, why not!” I exclaimed.

“Great, let’s celebrate,” said Biff. “Marla I have to have your ass again.”

We rotated our bodies so that Joannie and I were in a 69 position eating each other’s pussy. Biff shoved his huge cock in my ass and Jerry fucked Joannie’s ass. We stayed like this until we all came again. We then showered and went out to the pool where we sun bathed nude, sipped cocktails and talked about the upcoming wedding and honeymoon. I learned that the resort in Jamaica was an all inclusive couples resort. It had a clothing optional beach and nude Jacuzzi. Biff told us that it was often frequented by straight, bi-sexual, gay and lesbian couples and that swinging couples also vacationed there.

“Yummy,” teased Joannie and she licked her lips.

I thought to myself, “My God what have I gotten myself into?”


The next few days leading up to the wedding were busy and brought the four us even closer if that were possible. We would tend to the wedding preparations during the day and enjoy each other’s company in the evening and at night. Following dinner, a cool swim and a Jacuzzi we adjourned to my bedroom for group sex.

The day of the wedding finally arrived and the weather cooperated. The ceremony was simple conducted in our back yard and the reception was held pool side. Only close friends and business associates were invited. Everyone enjoyed themselves and was well behaved. I got a kick out of Joannie wearing white she even had the audacity to wear a white veil. I teased her about the veil and she said it was only to hide any traces of cum on her face. We both got a laugh out of that.

The next day we were off to the airport and as far as my friends and associates knew I was just taking a vacation. No one knew that Biff and I would be joining the newlyweds on their honeymoon.

We were seated in first class across from one another and the flight attendant picked up on the fact that we were together. I could tell she was confused. She knew that Jerry and Joannie were just married but she couldn’t figure out Biff and I. That is until Joannie told her that we were joining them on their honeymoon and told her the name of the resort where we were staying.

The attendant, a pretty oriental girl, then asked, “So as I understand it you two are on your honeymoon and your best man and mother are joining you? Do you know that the resort you are staying at is couples only?”

Jerry replied, “Oh yes, we are all staying in the same room.”

The flight attendant, whose name we came to know as Kim, blushed a little and gasped, “The same room!”

The Joannie interjected, “Yeah, it’s cool though since we are fucking each other.”

Kim had a look of disbelief on her face and she excused herself for a moment. The word must have got around pretty quick because the other flight attendants looked at us curiously when they passed our seats.

Biff laughed and said to Joannie, “I think you shook them up at least you definitely got Kim’s attention.”

Kim served us drinks and our meal but kept the conversation at a strictly business level. Joannie and Jerry were involved in conversation so I turned my attention to Biff.

“So Biff I know your real name is Robert, how did you get the nickname Biff?” I inquired.

“Well Marla when I was in college I was a butt fucker. BF being short for butt fucker can sound like Biff, so my friends started calling me Biff and it stuck with me.” He told me.

I was past the point of being shocked by these three any more so I continued the conversation. “Just how many girls did you butt fuck in college?”

“I butt fucked about ten girls and three guys,” he replied. “But the guys had to be a little effeminate kind of like Jerry with smooth hairless bodies.” He continued.

“Did everyone like it,” I asked curiously.

“Not really a few girls did but most found it a little unpleasant. They only agreed to let me butt fuck them if I promised to fuck their pussy. One girl just wanted to see if she could take my size in her ass.” He explained.

“The guys like it probably because it hits their prostate. But I don’t know how it affects the girls. Take Joannie for example she loves it in the ass,” he went on.

I couldn’t resist and I asked him, “When did you fuck your first ass?”

He thought about it for a second and then said to me, “Okay I’ll tell you but it has to be between you and me, no one else knows, okay?”

I nodded in anticipation of a juicy story.

“Marla first you have to understand that I am hooked on ass fucking. I realized that more than anything, I wanted to watch my own dick fucking a smooth tight ass. I love to feel my pubes slam against the impaled buttocks of my bent over partner flattening the fleshy globes as I thrust into the depth of her or his ass. I love to watch my cock slide through my partner’s well stretched anus to disappear into the bowels only to re-appear for a renewed thrust. It is a huge turn-on to ram and slam my cock into a bare and defenseless ass so that my impaled partner male or female is dominated. If my partner is male then he is feminized. To shove my cock in a vulnerable asshole is about power, domination and control more than sex.” Biff explained his rationale.


Biff began. My first sexual experience was after 9th grade in junior high school when I was 15 years old. The most remarkable thing about my experience is that it was with another guy. It happened one night after I went to a movie in town. We lived in a prominent community and on Saturday summer nights I would often ride my bicycle into town and go to the only movie theatre there. I was still naïve about sex and I had not even begun to jerk-off yet. I had my share of erections pushing out my pants when the cute girls were around but no experience to date.

If there was nothing going on I would ride my bike about 2 miles and park it about 4 blocks from the theatre. I always hide it on the church grounds and chain locked it to a tree in the wooded section. No one was ever around the church on a Saturday night so I always felt it was safe in this secluded section. I was a fit 15 year old at 6’0, 175 lbs and a very fit athlete.

This particular evening the movie was with Marilyn Monroe singing Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. She looked very hot and kept me stiff all night. As the movie started this guy sat in the seat next to me and he was very vocal about how hot she was. He had me cracking up and seemed like a nice person. Between movies, the double feature days, he introduced himself. His name was Barry and he was home from school in England. He was a freshman in Oxford University.

The second feature was boring and I decided to leave, Barry surprised me by leaving at the same time. He walked with me and asked me lots of questions about school, where I lived, etc. Then he asked me about girls, dating and my sexual experiences. When I told him that I didn’t have any he asked me about jerking off and I started to get embarrassed. He told me that in England they were jerking off and playing with each other all the time.

We reached the church where I parked my bike and as we stood in the secluded area, Barry told me about his sexual encounters with the other boys in school. He explained how they played with each other’s cock, how they went down on each other and how some buggered one another. I was getting hard and it was obvious. Barry began to rub my crotch as he kept telling me stories. I went to push his hand away but he told me to relax that he wasn’t going to hurt me.

I wasn’t afraid because even given the 4 years difference in age I was bigger and stronger than Barry. My erection was in full mast behind my pants zipper and Barry kept rubbing it. All of a sudden I realized that he had lowered my pants zipper and was rubbing my cock through my jockey underwear. I felt this tremendous pressure in my cock and I didn’t know what was happening. Barry unbuckled the belt to my trousers and opened them up. He then reached inside my briefs and handled my cock.

As Barry stroked my cock he kept asking how it felt. Then he told me how lucky I was to have such an impressive cock. I didn’t know until that time that my cock was bigger then average at 9″ long and 5″ around. Barry spit on his hands and continued to jerk me off. My trousers and briefs were down to my knees and Barry fondled my balls as he stroked my dick. Then he really surprised me by kneeling down in front of me with his face right in front of my cock and he kissed my thighs and licked my balls.

I trembled slightly and he sensed that I may come soon. Barry sucked my cock into his mouth taking me deeper and deeper until my pubic hair was brushing his face. He had a way of opening his throat to accommodate my size and he did things with his mouth and throat that brought me over the edge.

I came in Barry’s mouth not even aware that’s what happened. He kept swallowing and sucking my cock until I couldn’t take it anymore and I was trembling and felt chills running through me. I asked him what happened to me and he told me that I came in his mouth and shot a quart of cum down his throat. Then he realized that I was a virgin.

Barry went back to sucking my cock and got me to cum in his mouth a second time. He stayed on his knees swallowing and sucking and within minutes I was hard again. Barry stood up and lowered his trousers and underwear. I had no intention of reciprocating but that was not what was on his mind. Barry reached in his pocket and took out a tube of something; he then reached between his legs and rubbed the substance all over and in his asshole. He smiled at me, got on all fours and told me that he had to have my cock in his ass.

Barry had me kneel behind him as he reached between his legs and grabbed my cock. He lined my dick up with his asshole and told me to press forward. I felt his asshole give way and stretch to accommodate my cock. He told me to fuck him slow at first until he adjusted to my size. I looked down and was amazed to see my cock slide in and out of his asshole with all 9″ disappearing and then appearing. I was getting into this ass fucking and Barry’s ass was gripping me tightly. Barry lowered his head to the ground and arched his ass as I started to pick up the pace and began to pound his ass.

I could feel another orgasm building and when I came I felt cum travel from my balls through my cock into his ass. I leaned over Barry to rest as I recovered. Barry had cum just from my fucking him and his jizm was on the ground in front of him. That’s when I noticed his cock, which paled compared to mine; he was about 5″ long and probably 3″ around. Barry and I cleaned up the best we could and got dressed. He and I agreed to meet at the movie theatre the next week. I had two ball draining orgasms and I felt as sated as ever. Barry asked me not to jerk off during the week so that my balls would be full when we got together again.

“Do you want to hear about what happened next with my friend Fred?” Biff asked me.

I told him to go on with his story as he really had my attention now. Biff continued with his story.

Later that week I was over at my friend Fred’s house and we were sitting by the pool talking. Fred is also 15 years old and his house was really cool. The yard was totally landscaped with complete privacy around the pool. Fred and I would swim and hangout at his place, since his parents were never home during the day.

Fred and I were talking about girls, who was hot and who we might try to date as sophomores. The problem was that the seniors and juniors were always hitting on the underclass girls and the girls thought that was cool because the older guys had their licenses and could drive. So next year would be tough for us unless we wanted to hit on the less attractive girls like Meg.

Meg was in our class, she had a great body but just wasn’t a pretty girl. She had the reputation of putting out so she could get dates. I didn’t find her unattractive, she just wasn’t as pretty as the chicks everybody jerked off thinking about. I told Fred that I had my first blow job and I had fucked my first ass. Fred jumped to the conclusion that it was Meg.

Then I told him about Barry. Fred couldn’t believe it and told me I was queer. I told him I wasn’t queer if I didn’t touch his cock. Fred wanted to know how I could fuck a guy in the ass. I explained that Barry’s body was hairless and smooth and that it didn’t seem like a fucked a guy. He was more like a girl when he was on all fours with his bubble butt in the air. I told Fred that I was meeting Barry again next week. Fred begged me to let him come with me.

So that Saturday Fred and I went to the movies and met up with Fred. I told Barry that I happen to run into Fred at the theater. We all left after the first feature and walked up to the church grounds. As we walked I told Fred that Barry was telling me about school in England and how the guys took care of each other. When we reached the area Fred was extremely horny from all the talk.

Barry didn’t waste anytime he walked over to me and unfastened my trousers and pushed them along with my briefs to my knees. My erect cock popped free and stood tall as Barry stroked it. Then he did the same to Fred and started stroking both our cocks. Fred was more like Barry, about 5″long and 3″ around. Barry’s own cock was hard as he stroked the two of us. Fred kept staring at my cock and Barry’s.

Barry noticed Fred staring at my cock and took Fred’s hand and placed it around his cock and told Fred to do what he was doing to him. I couldn’t believe that Fred was getting into this. Barry sensed that Fred was close to cumming so he dropped to his knees and began to suck Fred’s cock. Within minutes Fred was spurting his seed into Barry’s mouth and Barry sucked him dry until Fred had to grab Barry’s shoulders for support.

Barry told him it was his turn as he gently pushed Fred to his knees. Barry then fed Fred his cock and coached him in the technique of cock sucking. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Fred was sucking Barry’s dick and he was getting into it. Barry told Fred he was a natural as he fired his cum into Fred’s mouth and Fred’ eyes got wide with surprise. Fred swallowed some by mistake and let the rest run out of his mouth Some of Barry’s cum was on Fred’s face and Barry scooped it up with his finger and fed it to Fred and Fred licked his fingers clean.

I had a raging hard-on and I needed some attention. Fred was hard again so Barry let Fred fuck him in the ass while he sucked me off. I came quickly as did Fred because of the two-way action. Barry then had me fuck him in the ass standing up and told Fred to blow him again. Barry came quickly filling Fred’s mouth with cum for a second time and then Fred shoved his cock back into Barry’s mouth as I continued to fuck him in the ass. Fred came for a third time as I filled Barry’s ass with my jizm.

Barry asked if we could ever meet during the week and Fred offered to have us get together at his pool. For the next several days the three of us met at Fred’s house for swimming, sunning and sex.

Barry arrived at Fred’s home and Fred and I were already by the pool. Barry asked if it was okay to sun in the nude and Fred told him it was okay since the yard was totally private. We all shed our bathing suits and kicked back in the sun. Barry offered to apply suntan lotion on Fred, so Fred lay face down on the lounge as Barry covered his back and legs with the lotion. Barry then began to massage the lotion into Fred’s ass and fingered his asshole. Fred started to protest but Barry calmed him and continued to finger fuck Fred in the ass. Fred started to moan a little and then gasped when Barry added a second finger to his asshole.

Barry told Fred he was ready for the real thing and he lifted Fred by the hips until Fred’s ass was level with Barry’s cock. Barry eased his erect dick into Fred’s ass and Fred yelped in pain. Barry told Fred to relax as he reached around and fondled Fred’s cock and balls. Fred relaxed as Barry stroked his hard-on. Barry eased the entire 5″ into Fred’s ass and he felt Fred tense up.

I was rock hard watching this scene when Barry motioned me over to them and told me to fuck Fred’s face. I walked around to the front of Fred and lifted up his chin to my cock. Fred looked confused but he accepted my cock into his mouth. He could only take about 4″ of my 9″ but it did serve as a distraction and soon Barry was sliding in and out of Fred’s ass with ease. Fred was moaning around my cock and I could feel myself on the verge of a powerful orgasm. I fired a barrage of cum into Fred’s mouth, so much so that he gagged a little and pulled his mouth off my cock. The second, third and fourth spurts hit him in the face, his chest and the back of his neck. Barry emptied his balls in Fred’s ass and the two of them collapsed on the lounge chair with Barry still grinding his cock into Fred.

We all hit the pool to cool down a little bit after our intense orgasms. Afterwards we lay in the sun sipping drinks and getting horny again. Barry went over to Fred and got on top of him in a 69 position. Barry engulfed Fred’s cock as he lowered his own cock toward Fred’s mouth. Barry then told me to get behind him and fuck his ass while he and Fred sucked each other off. I fucked Barry slowly relishing his smooth hairless ass. He had an ass girls would kill for. This time my orgasm seemed to start in my toes and work its way up my body. I shot an ample load of cum into Barry’s ass and as my cock softened it slip from Barry’s asshole with an audible pop. A substantial amount of cum seeped out of Barry’s ass ran down his crack, over his balls and onto Fred’s face.

Fred was so engrossed with sucking cock that he didn’t notice that I had shot my load until he felt it running down on his face. Just then Barry unloaded in Fred’s mouth, which in turn set Fred off and he came in Barry’s mouth. We all rested again until the next bout of sex. This time Fred lay on his side with Barry also on his side fucking Fred. I lay on my side behind Barry and fucked him as he fucked Fred while Barry reached around and jerked Fred off. Once again we all fired an ample amount of cum into or onto Fred and Barry. That was it for our first day and we agreed to meet again later in the week.

The next time we got together I learned that Fred and Barry were sucking and fucking every day. Fred’s ass hole had really loosened up from Barry fucking it 2-3 times a day. Barry wanted to see me fuck Fred in the ass but of course Fred was apprehensive. Barry fucked Fred first to loosen him up and then had Fred get down on all fours with his ass perched in the air. Fred also had a great looking ass much like Barry it was smooth and hairless and perfectly shaped.

Barry added more lotion to Fred’s ass and spread an ample amount on my dick. Barry then added his own saliva to my cock making it very slick. Barry held my cock in his hand and lined it up with Fred’s ass. Barry eased my cock into Fred’s asshole a little at a time, keeping his hand on it to control how much went into Fred’s ass. Fred gasped audibly and asked me to go slow and easy. Barry told him to relax and take deep breaths as he continued to feed Fred my cock. Once my dickhead had cleared Fred’s sphincter he started to adjust to the width of my weapon. What he didn’t realize was that only about 2″ of my 9″ were in his ass. Barry was a master at breaking Fred in and introducing my cock into him. Soon there were 4″ then 5″ and so on until Barry removed his hand and I plunged all 9″ into Fred. All of a sudden I felt dominating and I pounded Fred’s ass as Barry urged me on.

I yelled as I could fill cum building in my balls. I fired barrage after barrage of my seed into Fred’s asshole. The cum started to leak from his ass before I stopped fucking him and when I slid my cock out of his ass it was like removing a plug and releasing a flood. Barry was on my cock immediately as he sucked me dry getting every last drop of jizm out of my cock. Barry then rolled Fred on his side and the two of them assumed the 69 position and sucked each other to a mind blowing orgasm.

The next several days at the pool would usually go like this. I would fuck Barry in the ass while he sucked Fred’s cock. I would fuck Fred in the ass while he sucked Barry’s cock. Sometimes Barry would fuck Fred as I fucked Barry or I fucked Fred as he fucked Barry. At times they would both suck me off with my cock in one mouth and my balls in the other. Both Fred and Barry would take turns swallowing cum.

As much as I enjoyed getting my rocks off all the time, I still missed girls. After a week I left Barry and Fred to enjoy each other and I started hanging out at the community pool. A lot of the girls were there and they looked great in their swim wear. Most of them were acting stuck up and trying to get the attention of the older guys. Meg was there a lot but she was mostly ignored because of the other girl’s presence. I decided to try and hook up with her.

“Do you want to hear more Marla?” Biff asked me snapping me out of my trance. “Do you want to hear about the high school girls; Meg, Nancy, Ingrid, and Susan and how I took their anal cherry?” he continued.

“No I think you better save that story for another time,” I replied in a weak tone.

“Did that story get you hot?” he teased.

“Just a bit,” I gasped.

“Let’s see,” he said as he slid his hand under my miniskirt and covered my vulva. “My, my, aren’t we a little wet,” he noted.

Biff then slipped a finger under the elastic of my panties and located my clit. He rubbed my clit until I orgasmed in the seat. I had to cover my mouth to deafen my groans. He smiled at me as he removed his hand and licked his finger. I shuddered with his public display. The cabin smelled of sex and I knew that our flight attendant would be able to detect it.

I looked over toward the aisle and saw that Kim was standing there watching us and she had a stern look on her face. Biff followed my eyes and saw Kim as well and then he made a spectacle of licking his fingers clean. Then Kim’s eyes got wide and she shuddered slightly. It was then I realized that Joannie had slip her hand under Kim’s skirt and ran it up her inner thighs toward her pussy. A flustered Kim abruptly made her way back to the galley.

Biff laughed at Kim’s embarrassment and then leaned over and whispered in my ear, “You have such a cute puffer pussy and the neatest squirter.”

Biff did finish his story and told me how he dated the four other girls in high school. He told me how he had fucked them all in the ass taking their anal virginity.

ARRIVING AT THE RESORT The rest of the flight was routine except for when we were getting off the plane. Kim the flight attendant told us to enjoy ourselves on the island.

“We will,” replied Joannie and then she grabbed Kim’s ass, “Too bad you can’t join us.”

“Joannie you are going to give that poor girl a heart attack,” I chuckled.

“I doubt it, she already gave me her phone number so that I can call her when we get back home,” Joannie laughed.

We left the plane, picked up our luggage, went through customs and picked up the resort van. The drive from Montego Bay to the resort in Negril was revealing as much of Jamaica was clearly third world. It was obvious that the corporations running the resorts were not putting any money back into the island.

We arrived at the resort and we were checked in with all of our documents and valuables placed in a safe deposit box. We were then shown to our room by one of the bell staff. He smiled as he left the room probably guessing at our sleeping arrangements. We unpacked our bags and kicked back for a few minutes.

“Let’s take a walk around and get familiar with the place,” suggested Biff.

Then Joannie said, “We should go commando in case we hit the nude beach.” She spotted my confused look and then added, “That means no underwear, no panties and no bra.”

We all through on shorts, shirts and clogs and took off to check out the resort grounds. The resort was impressive it had two beaches one being clothing optional. There were many amenities, tennis, scuba, snorkeling, workout and spa facilities, and so on. Anything you wanted was available at the resort. There was always at least one bar open over the 24 hour period. Planned activities; toga party, reggae party and others were posted for the week.

We wandered over to the nude beach and nude Jacuzzi. I was not prepared to see totally nude people at the beach, topless yes but naked no. It took awhile but I did get used to the total nudity. Of course Joannie couldn’t wait to get her clothes off. She found a place for us to sit and slipped off her shorts and shirt. Jerry and Biff followed suit and then they all looked at me waiting for me to disrobe. I took off my shorts and shirt and joined them. Biff went up to the outside bar to get drinks for us. He got a few looks and smiles from both men and women checking out the meat hanging between his legs.

We had a couple of drinks and I got comfortable with my nudity. Joannie suggested that we check out the nude Jacuzzi so we walked over there without putting our clothes on. The Jacuzzi was huge it was more like a swimming pool. There were a few people in it but nothing going on. We donned our clothes and returned to our room to shower and get dressed for dinner.

The dinner was a wonderful buffet and the food was fresh and delicious. After dinner we went to one of the lounges for a nightcap. It was a pass the mike bar with a very good piano player. Many of the people there could sing very well and it was an enjoyable evening.

When we eventually returned to our room we undressed and got in our beds. Biff and I got in one bed with Joannie and my son in the other. Biff fucked me hard and quick bringing me to a number of orgasms before he flooded my pussy with cum. Jerry fucked Joannie and then she jumped in our bed. She maneuvered us into a 69 position so that we could suck cum out of each other’s pussy. As we ate each other Biff slipped his cock into my ass and Jerry put his in Joannie’s ass. They both fucked us until they came in our rectums.

I told them that I had enough so the three of them went back to Joannie’s bed and double fucked her. Biff fucked her pussy as Jerry fucked her ass again. Both Jerry and Biff even though they had the remarkable recuperative powers of youth still had their limits. Joannie on the other hand was insatiable. After they filled Joannie’s holes with more cum, Biff came back to my bed and we both fell asleep


I learned what it was like to be fucked with a piss hard-on the next morning. Biff was rock hard and he slid his big dick into my pussy. He pounded my cunt until I couldn’t take anymore and I pleaded with him to stop after I had numerous orgasms. Biff rolled off of me and went to the bathroom to pee. When he came back he had me suck his cock until he came in my mouth. He fired a huge amount of cum in my mouth and I had a difficult time swallowing it as fast as it hit the back of my throat. I did manage to swallow most of it and then I scoped up the rest with my fingers and sucked them dry.

Jerry and Joannie were already in the shower where they fucked as well as bathed. Biff and I showered and dressed. Then the four of us went to breakfast. It was another buffet with delicious fresh food. After breakfast we returned to the room and planned our first day at the resort.

We decided to hang out at the nude beach and relax for the first day. All four of us grabbed some beach chairs, dropped our shirts and shorts and kicked back in the sun. The Jamaica sun is very hot so we applied plenty of sunscreen to our bodies. Shortly other people started to arrive at the nude beach and we took in all the nude forms and figures. Four girls sat close to us and they were very friendly. We learned that they were two lesbian couples and that they were rooming together as we were. Another married couple sat near us as well and as the conversations progressed Joannie and I found ourselves talking with the lesbians while Biff and Jerry talked with the couple.

Both parties were amazed at our situation that the bride, groom, best man and groom’s mother were rooming together and fucking each other. One of the lesbian girls, a cute little redhead named Rita, decided to go for a swim. Joannie offered to join her and they took off for the surf. I stayed and talked with the other three girls; a brunette named Naomi, a natural blond named Erin and a dark haired beauty called Jean. I looked at toward the ocean and saw that Rita and Joannie were in each others arms kissing each other.

“Well it looks as if they are getting along,” remarked Erin.

“Does that bother you,” I asked.

The girls laughed and Erin answered, “No not at all we are very open with our sexuality and we often get it on with other women.”

I just blushed and the girls smiled at my embarrassment. Just then Rita and Joannie returned to their chairs.

“Hey Marla, Rita invited us to join them in their room tonight for after dinner drinks,” Joannie announced. Then she asked, “Are you up for it.”

I hesitated and said, “I don’t know.”

The other girls chimed in and convinced us to come over saying it would be fun to get together. I agreed not knowing what the evening would bring.

“Hey Jerry,” Joannie yelled over to her husband, “Marla and I are going to hang out with these girls tonight.”

Biff replied for both Jerry and he, “That’s cool have a good time. Jerry and I may hang out with Jim and Barbara.”

Jim and Barbara the couple talking with Biff and Jerry looked over smiled and waved at us. They were a good looking couple both with brown hair and very fit. Jim had a medium build and an average looking size cock. Barbara had a cute body with small tits a tiny waist with a curvy ass and shapely legs. She was obviously taken with Biff’s physique and impressive cock.

The afternoon was uneventful but pleasant as we drank frozen drinks from the nude bar and all of us got to know one another better. We all got a lot of sun with occasional swims to break up the heat. Later we went back to shower, dress and dine. It was another fantastic spread of excellent food. After dinner we went back to our room.

In the room Joannie stripped off her dinner dress and donned her shorts and tee with out a bra or underwear. “Is that all you’re wearing to the girl’s party,” I gasped.

“Well it’s not like they haven’t seen me naked and once we are there these clothes won’t be on very long. We haven’t been invited over to listen to music,” she laughed.

So I followed suit and took off my dress and put on shorts and a tee as well. I amazed myself by getting ready to go to a lesbian party and probably an orgy with my daughter-in-law.

“What did you guys decide to do,” Joannie asked Jerry and Biff.

“Oh we are going over to Jim and Barb’s room. Barb has never been with three guys before so it should be interesting,” Biff answered.

“Sounds yummy,” quipped Joannie, “Have fun!”

We all left our room and proceed to our night’s destiny. Joannie couldn’t wait to explore these other female bodies and I was as nervous as I was on my first date.

Joannie and I arrived at the girl’s room and when we were let in buy a nude Rita we soon noticed that Naomi, Erin and Jean were also naked. I felt like Joannie and I were indeed over dressed. Joannie immediately took off her shorts and tee and tossed them aside. All five girls now looked at me waiting for me to disrobe. I followed Joannie’s lead and took off my shorts and tee and tossed them on top of Joannie’s clothes.

I took a good look at the naked girls and each was beautiful in her own way. Erin was a beautiful girl with long straight blond hair, small pert like tits, gorgeous legs and a perfectly round bubble butt. Her body was completely golden tan. Rita was a very pretty redhead with medium firm breasts, shapely hips and ass. Naomi had more the Latin look, dark hair and eyes, olive skin and a very shapely 36-22-36 body. Jean was a Natalie Wood like brunette. All of them kept their pussy hair well trimmed into cute little tufts and they were all very fit from hours of fitness training.

Naomi and Jean approached me and told not to be so shy. Erin & Rita led Joannie over to one of the beds and sat down on the edge of it with a girl on either side of Joannie. Naomi and Jean led me over to the other bed and we sat facing Joannie, Erin and Rita. Naomi and Jean sat close to me so that our bodies were touching and I noticed that Erin and Rita did the same with Joannie.

The girls started with small talk that quickly turned to sex. They shared with us their disappointments with sex in their lives and how they got together. But they really wanted to hear our story because they were fascinated with the fact that we were mother and daughter-in-law and honeymooning with my son and his best man. They loved hearing about my seduction and my first time with Joannie.

“That is so hot,” said Rita as she and Erin moved their hands over Joannie’s body.

“So have you experimented with toys or dildos yet?” asked Naomi. Then she and Jean moved even closer to me and began to move their hands over my breasts and thighs.

“Goodness no, I am still getting used to the foursome arrangement,” I replied nervously but turned on by the caressing of my body.

The Joannie chimed in, “No we haven’t used any fake cocks yet just Biff’s and Jerry’s cocks so far.”

“Well we have some surprises for you later but first things first,” said Naomi as she and Jean gently pushed me back on the bed.

Erin and Rita also pushed Joannie back on the other bed and Rita got between Joannie’s legs as Erin mounted Joannie’s face. Joannie wasted no time in cupping Erin’s hot ass and plunging her tongue deep into her pussy. Then they disappeared from view as Jean straddled my face and offered her pussy to me just as Naomi slid between my legs and began to eat my cunt. Naomi probed my pussy with her fingers as she sucked on my clit. She then lifted my legs on her shoulders exposing my ass and my little aperture. Naomi then began to lick my bung hole and tickled it with her tongue. She had a long thin tongue that probed deeply into my ass as she continued to finger fuck my pussy. I knew I was going to cum soon so I picked up my pace eating Jean’s pussy. Jean held herself open for me so that I could easily nibble on her clit, she was going wild. I could only imagine that the same thing was going on in the other bed. I ate Jean’s pussy as if I had been doing it my whole life.

“She is a natural,” proclaimed Jean and then yelled, “Oh this is going to be a quick one.”

Jean humped herself on my mouth and came in buckets all over my face triggering my own orgasm as I squirted cum onto Naomi’s face. Naomi sucked me dry as if she didn’t want to miss a drop.

“She is a real squirter,” Naomi announced as he moved up the bed to straddle my face and then said, “Your turn.”

“A real live squirter oh let me at her,” Jean said excitedly and then covered my pussy with her mouth.

The actions were repeated this time with Naomi cumming on my face with me squirting my juice into Jean’s mouth. Only this time jean fingered my asshole the whole time as she ate me to climax. The three of us separated and sat on the bed watching Erin and Rita finished up with Joannie. Erin was riding Joannie’s face as Rita ate out Joannie’s pussy. Rita had something in Joannie’s ass and she was holding onto a string as she ate her. As Joannie started to cum, Rita pulled on the string and one by one a bead popped out of Joannie’s asshole. There were six beads in all and Joannie’s body jerked in spasm each time one of them cleared her sphincter intensifying her orgasm. Joannie moaned aloud into Erin’s cunt as Erin filled Joannie’s mouth with her juices. Erin collapsed on the bed next to Joannie and the two of them hugged and kissed one another.

I stared at the beads on the floor and Naomi smile and spoke, “They are called anal beads and they can really intensify one’s orgasm. It seems that I cum each time that a bead pops out of my ass. You can try them later if you want. We also have some other toys that you may like.”

Naomi got up and went over to a bag in the corner of the room where she retrieved six dildos four strap-on dildos and a couple of two headed dildos that had to be 18″ to 20″ long with a fake set of balls in the center. Naomi strapped on one dildo that was almost as big as Biff’s cock. Jean, Rita and Erin strapped on the other ones that were about the same size. Jean lay on her back and Naomi had me straddle the dildo and lower my pussy on it. Naomi then greased up my asshole and her strap-on. Naomi pushed the fake cock all the way into my asshole and then she and Jean began to fuck my brains out. I looked over and so that Erin and Rita were double fucking Joannie on the other bed. Erin was on her back playing with Joannie’s tits as she fucked her pussy. Rita was pounding away at Joannie’s ass with the entire dildo buried in her chute. Joannie was moaning and screaming for the girls to fuck her hard.

I came and came from the ferocious pounding of my pussy and my ass. I pleaded with Naomi and Jean to let me rest for awhile. Not in my wildest dreams would I have ever expected to be in a room with five beautiful girls fucking our brains out. I watched as Jean walked over to the other bed and presented her fake cock covered with my cunt juice to Joannie’s mouth. Joannie sucked it right in her mouth as she continued to be fucked by Erin and Rita in her pussy and ass. It was an incredibly erotic sight.

The strap-on dildos had little nubs on the end that massaged the pussy of the girl wearing one. So Erin, Rita and Jean were being stimulated by the action of Joannie’s body as they triple fucked her. Soon all four of them were cumming again and then they collapsed in a heap on the bed.

“Very nice show girls,” said Naomi as she sat next to me and caressed my breasts.

We all needed a break so Naomi served some wine and we kicked back for awhile. I could not believe how comfortable I was with my nudity and my sexuality with these girls that we had just met this afternoon. After the wine we returned to the orgy and fucked each other well into the early morning hours. We tried a number of positions and penetrations with the dildos.

Erin and Rita lay on their sides fucking me in the ass and pussy with the strap-on cocks. Naomi and Jean did the same to Joannie but Jean had a double dildo in her ass with the other end in Rita’s ass. The six of us were coupled together by the fake cocks. Later Joannie and I were placed on all fours with our butts touching. Naomi inserted one of the double headed dildos in my pussy and the other end in Joannie’s pussy. Then she placed the second double dildo in my ass and the other end in Joannie’s ass. Joannie and I fucked each other as the girls had us eat their pussies. We both ate all four of them as we double fucked each other with the fake cocks. As Joannie and I were eating two of the girls the other two would kneel beside us to play with our tits and diddle our clits. Joannie and I had mind blowing orgasms and I knew I was done for the night.

Joannie and I put on our shorts and tees and said goodnight to the girls kissing them all tenderly and thanking them for a marvelous experience. We returned to our room to find that Biff and Jerry were still out. We took off our clothes and climbed in the same bed naked together. Joannie snuggled up to me pressing her ass into my loins and I draped an arm over her gently holding on to one of her breasts and we fell into a deep sleep.


I woke up slowly the next morning with Joannie next to me in the same position that we fell asleep in. I gently removed my arm from her and rolled over to see what time it was. It was 11:00 AM and we had definitely missed breakfast. As I glanced over at the other bed I saw Fred on his side facing me with Biff behind him. Fred’s face was grimacing and I realized that Biff was fucking him in the ass. They were trying to be quiet as Biff fucked him and Jerry jerked on his own cock. I saw Jerry’s load spurt into the bed linens and I assumed that Biff had just filled his ass with cum.

I thought to myself, “Does that guy ever get tired of fucking?”

Joannie stirred and Biff noticed that we were waking up and spoke, “Well the sleepy heads are awake. Let’s get showered and dressed and go to lunch, we already missed breakfast.”

Over lunch we talked about our escapades of the night before. Jerry and Biff were really turned on by our story with the lesbian girls. Biff and Jerry told us how they fucked the daylights out of Barbara.

Jerry said, “I got to fuck her first, then her husband and then Biff. Barbara went wild with Biff’s cock in her and she kept cumming and cumming until Biff flooded her cunt with his seed. God did she ever get off she was a wild one.”

Jerry continued, “Then I got to fuck my first virgin ass. We put Barbara on all fours and I fucked her ass while she sucked Biff’s cock. It was Barbara’s first ass fuck and my smaller cock was perfect to break her in. God was she ever tight. After I came in her ass her husband Jim then fucked her ass.”

Biff chimed in, “Yeah he had never fucked her ass before and had been dying to get into her poop chute for years. Jerry’s loosening her up made it easier for both Jim and Barbara to get his cock in her bung hole. Barbara kept on sucking my cock as her husband pounded her ass.”

Biff went on, “Jim fucked her ass until he shot his load into her. Barbara collapsed on the floor with cum bubbling up out of her asshole, she really looked hot.”

Jerry then picked up the story, “Her husband decided that he wanted to see her take three cocks at the same time. So Biff lay on his back and Barbara mounted him lowering her pussy on his big dick and I shoved my cock back in her ass. Her husband had her suck his dick so he could see all the action.”

Biff added, “I reached up and played with her tits as the three of us fucked her silly. She has the hardest and longest nipples when she is turned on. She loves to have her nubs tweaked or sucked when she fucking.”

Jerry jumped back in, “Man was it ever tight fucking her ass with Biff’s cock in her pussy. I could feel his big cock on the other side of her membrane. My cock was rubbing up against his cock through her wall. God that was so hot I shot my wad immediately.”

“Jim was so turned on by the action that he came quickly too,” Biff added and then he told us, “Barbara was out of control as she humped herself on my cock. I really thought she was going to injure herself as she pounded my cock in her pussy. Her orgasm was really intense as her whole body shook with tremors and then she collapsed on top of me.”

Biff went on, “She eventually rolled off of me and lay face down on the floor. She looked erotic with her cute bubble butt sticking up in the air slightly with cum trickling out of her asshole. I didn’t cum in the last session and I decided that I had to have her ass. I lifted her body by the hips so that I could fuck her ass. She seemed almost lifeless and out of it as I eased my cock into her ass.”

Jerry excitedly jumped in and said, “Oh man you should have seen her expression when she felt that ass buster. Her eyes got wide and she looked scared when Biff started to fuck her ass.”

“I took it easy with her and I fed it to her a little at a time so as not to hurt her,” Biff told us. “She started screaming for me to stop that I was too big but her husband Jim told me to fuck her ass and give it to her good and hard. I finally had my cock all the way in and she was still whimpering when I started to fuck her. She gradually loosened up a little but was still very tight. Her husband was cheering me on telling me to fuck her ass and to cum in her ass. It didn’t take to long with her tightness and the mood in the room for me to cum. I shot a pretty big load in her rectum and then her anal muscles massaged my cock and drained me.”

“I could hear his cock pop out of her ass then she collapsed on the floor,” Jerry added. “As she laid there her ass looked like a fountain with cum bubbling up from her hole,” he laughed.

After listening to their story I said, “That poor girl what must she be thinking this morning and her body must be aching.”

“Oh come off it Marla it’s not like anything that we haven’t been through,” mocked Joannie. “She’ll be fine and soon she will be fucking anything and everything the way we do. She’s just a slut like the rest of us.”

“I hate the word slut. How is it when you guys sleep around you’re called studs and when we sleep around we’re called sluts?” I questioned.

Biff answered, “Well for so many years it was the men making the rules, so I guess that’s where it came from.”

“Well at least you’re honest,” I admitted.

“All this talk has made me horny, let’s go back to the room,” Joannie said laughingly.

“When are you not horny?” we all said almost together and laughed.

We went back to our room to change and hit the nude beach again uncertain what this day had in store for us.


After a wonderful lunch the four of us returned to our room and changed into shorts and tees to wear down to the nude beach. We hooked up the lesbian foursome and the couple Barbara and Jim at the beach. We all sat around chatting but no one discussed the previous night’s activities.

At one point Rita, Erin and Jean went in the ocean for a swim and Joannie decided to join them. They were in for quite awhile when I noticed the Rita and Erin were sitting on a raft in the water and that Jean and Joannie were still in the water but between their heads were between the other girl’s legs. You really could not make out what they were doing but it seemed as if Joannie was eating Erin’s pussy and the Jean was eating Rita’s quim.

“They really look hot don’t they Marla?” Naomi asked me breaking my concentration.

“Are they doing what I think they are doing?” I asked Naomi.

“Most definitely, those horny little cunts Erin and Rita can never get enough,” Naomi replied.

“Well I would put Joannie in that same category,” I said and we both laughed.

Naomi got up displaying her beautiful nude body and asked, “Want to join them?”

“No thanks, I am still recovering from last night and I need a little more rest,” I told her.

“Okay, come on in if you change your mind,” she said and then went in the water and swam out to the other girls.

I lay back in the sun and closed my eyes and thought to myself, “I had more sex in one day then I would have expected for the whole week.” As I lay there I could hear the conversation between Biff, Jerry, Jim and Barbara.

“How are you feeling today, Barbara?” Biff asked her.

“My body aches all over from the pounding it took from you three last night and I feel constipated,” she answered sounding almost annoyed.

Jerry said, “You’ll get used to it. A cum enema will make you feel that way the first few times.”

“Oh and you know how it feels to have a huge dick and three loads of cum in your ass?” Barbara retorted.

“Absolutely, Biff has fucked me in the ass many times with that monster and I admit it took some time to get used to it,” Jerry confessed.

Then Jim asked in disbelief, “Let me get this straight, Biff has fucked you in the ass before?”

“Oh yeah many times and he has fucked my wife Joannie in the ass and my mother Marla in the ass as well. We all love it,” Jerry added.

“So are all of you screwing each other?” asked Barbara in amazement.

“Not only that Marla and Joannie get it on with each other as well. In fact they partied with the lesbian foursome last night while Biff and I were at your place,” Jerry told them.

“Unbelievable and I thought that being with three guys was pushing the limit,” sighed Barbara.

Jim added, “Man that is so hot and so cool. I would love to see Barbara make it with another woman.”

Then Biff chimed in, “Not a problem, why don’t you come over to our place tonight and the six of us will party.”

“No way will I make it with a woman,” Barbara said firmly.

“Oh come on honey I bet you would enjoy it,” Jim pleaded.

Biff added, “Barbara I bet you will enjoy it. Marla had never been with a woman until Joannie and now she loves it. You can always stop if you want no one is going to force you.”

“Oh yeah and I should believe you after you showed your monster cock in my ass last night,” Barbara said with a snicker.

“Well at least party with us and see what happens, I promise you that no one will force you to do anything that you don’t want to,” Biff replied.

“Please dear, can we party with them tonight?” Jim begged.

“Okay but on one condition. I want to see you fuck Jerry in the ass,” Barbara said firmly.

“Deal,” answered Jim.

By then the girls were returning from the water and Joannie plopped down next to us and exclaimed, “Man those girls know how to eat pussy!”

“Hey Joannie,” Jerry called out; “Jim and Barbara are coming over to party with us tonight.

“Cool I am in the mood for some fresh meat,” she said laughingly.

“You are always in the mood,” Biff joked.

So it was set after dinner Jim and Barbara would come to our room to party.


Jim and Barbara arrived later that evening dressed as we had become accustomed wearing shorts and a tee shirt with no underwear. It wasn’t long before we were all naked and fooling around with each other.

‘Remember you have to fuck Jerry in the ass before we do anything else,” Barbara reminded her husband.

Jerry got some gel and lubed up his ass for Jim and got on all fours. Jerry looked over his shoulder and wagged his ass at Jim and said, “Come and get it. Give me a good ride.”

Biff offered encouragement to Jim, “Doesn’t he look just like a girl from behind with his hairless smooth bubble butt. Every time I fuck his ass I think I am fucking a girl’s ass.”

The Biff offered his cock to Jerry who immediately gobbled it up in his mouth. Jim now sporting an erection got behind Jerry and eased his cock into Jerry’s asshole. He looked surprised at how easy it went in and probably how good it felt.

“Do a good job and I will let you fuck me in the ass too,” quipped Joannie. Then she added, “In fact I’ll let you fuck Marla in the ass as well.”

Barbara looked on in amazement as her husband fucked my son in the ass and my son sucked Biff’s big dick as well. Joannie moved over to Barbara sitting on the bed and started stroking her body. Barbara’s nipples stuck out like little dicks from her chest she was so turned on. Joannie then leaned over and took one of Barbara’s nipples in her mouth and rolled it around with her teeth. Barbara was moaning with the tit manipulation.

Jim had really gotten into fucking Jerry’s ass and was now pounding into him. His hips slapped into Jerry’s buttocks impaling him on Jim’s cock. Jim was running his hands all over Jerry’s smooth round ass cheeks as he fucked him.

Every once in awhile Jerry would take his mouth off of Biff’s cock to encourage Jim. “Oh yeah, fuck my ass, fuck it good, I want to feel your cum in my ass, give it to me.”

Joannie stopped sucking Barbara’s tits and dropped to her knees in front of her. She pried a reluctant Barbara’s legs apart to get at her pussy.

“Please don’t,” Barbara whispered.

“It’s not going to hurt, just relax,” Joannie urged and then said to me, “Marla suck her tits she has great nipples.”

I moved over to the bed and sat next to Barbara. I played with her tits and then began to suck her nipples into my mouth. She loved having her nipples sucked and nibbled. The attention to her tits allowed her to relax enough to give Joannie access to her pussy. I knew she was in for a surprise because Joannie was such a good cunt lapper.

The action on the bed with the male threesome and my loving of her tits broke down Barbara’s final barrier. She emitted a very audible gasp when Joannie plunged her tongue into her pussy.

“Oh my God, yes, yes, oh this is going to be a quick one,” Barbara exclaimed!

Just as Barbara’s body rocked with a volcanic orgasm, her husband Jim announced that he was cumming. Barbara and I watched as Jim stiffened and fired his load into my son’s asshole. Jerry then used his ass muscles to milk Jim’s cock dry. Jim shivered as his cock was squeezed in Jerry’s ass and then it slipped from my son’s hole with a trail of cum following it.

Joannie had moved up along side of Barbara and kissed her deeply allowing her to taste her own pussy nectar and then said, “There that wasn’t so bad, see how good you taste?”

Barbara just nodded and then lay back on the bed recovering from her first orgasm with another woman. Biff had not cum so he removed his cock from Jerry’s mouth and walked over to Barbara. He pushed his cock into her pussy slowly as she gasped remembering his size. Biff worked her with long powerful strokes keeping his cock in constant contact with her clit. Barbara was breathing hard as she worked herself up toward another orgasm. Joannie got up on the bed and straddled Barbara’s face lowering her pussy to her mouth.

“Do to me just what I did to you before, eat my pussy, come on get your tongue in there, find my clit,” Joannie kept yelling out instructions.

Biff flooded Barbara’s cunt with cum and she was rocked with another intense orgasm. Barbara screamed into Joannie’s cunt and we only heard the muffled sounds. Barbara was spent and lay still as Joannie dismounted from her face.

“She needs some more training,” Joannie said obviously disappointed in Barbara’s lack of pussy eating experience.

“Come on Marla give me some of your magic,” Joannie urged.

Joannie and I got on the other bed in a 69 position and we began to lap each other’s pussy. We started to finger each other’s assholes as well. Jim was totally turned on by this display of female copulation.

Then I heard Jerry offer, “Jim let’s fuck them in the ass, who do you want, Marla or Joannie?”

Jim in a weak voice said, “Joannie.”

The two of them joined Joannie and I on the bed and my son slipped his cock into my ass as Jim slid his into Joannie’s beautiful bum. Joannie and I were licking each other frantically and chewing on each other’s clit. The anal penetrations only accelerated our orgasms. We both came in each other’s mouth relishing the taste of one another as the cocks filled our asses. Joannie kept right on eating me after my orgasm and I followed suit. We continued to eat each other toward another orgasm when I felt my son spew his load into my ass setting me off again. I squirted my juice all over Joannie’s face. Joannie’s body also rocked in orgasm as she felt me squirt into her mouth and Jim shoot his load into her ass. The four of us lay coupled together for a few minutes until the guys cocks softened and slipped from our asses.

“That was unbelievable,” said a recovered Barbara as she sat next to Biff with his stiff dick in her hand.

“Man that was something,” echoed Jim.

“Just think, Jim you just fucked a husband and wife in the ass the same day,” chuckled Biff.

We all took some time to rest so we had a couple of drinks and chatted for awhile. The guys decided that Jim would fuck my ass next but that I would also be triple fucked. I would experience the pleasure of Biff’s big cock in my pussy while Jim fucked my ass and I sucked my son’s cock.

We got into position and within seconds I had all three cocks in me. Joannie and Barbara sat next to each other on the other bed and watched the four of us get it on. Since the guys had already cum it took longer for them this time. They seemed to pound my three holes forever. I orgasmed countless times before the first of guys lost his load.

My son Jerry was the first to cum filling my mouth with his sweet tasting seed. I sucked it all down not wanting to waste any. I continued to suck on his pecker until it went soft in my mouth. As I nibbled on the cock head my son shivered and pulled away, collapsing on the bed.

Jim was the next to cum filling with ass with his seed. He continued to fuck me moving cum around in my ass as I used my anal muscles to squeeze every drop from his cock. Soon his cock deflated and popped out of my asshole. I could feel his cum trickled down my inner thighs toward my pussy where Biff was pounding my cunt. I was so turned on that I rode his cock like it would be my last fuck ever.

Biff pushed up into me as I crashed down on his body. Then he stiffened and fired a barrage of cum into my womb. I could feel it bouncing off the walls of my vagina and then running back down to coat his cock. He fucked me for a few minutes well after he shot his load bringing me to the brink of an intense orgasm. Then I lost it my body shook with tremors and I felt chills run through me as I had my most spasmodic orgasm ever. I collapsed on Biff’s body and he wrapped his arms around me holding me until my body stopped quivering.

“Are you okay?” Biff asked.

“I think so at least now anyway,” I answered him.

I just lay on top of him and he continued to stroke my body in an effort to comfort me. I felt like I could lay there forever. I thought to myself, “If I never have sex again this was an orgasm to remember.”

Finally we gathered ourselves and sat up. Biff mixed some more drinks and we realized that Joannie and Barbara were gone. We just assumed that they went down to the nude Jacuzzi so we relaxed. It was weird how I had become accustomed to sitting around naked socializing. Here I was with my son, his best friend and a man I just met with all of us naked and sipping cocktails.

Jim wanted to hear our story about how it all started with the four of us. So we each told a part of the story. The story was really a turn-on for Jim and he was amazed at the turn of events leading up to our trip to Jamaica. I noticed that he was getting hard again.

Biff noticed it too, “Everybody up for one round?” he asked.

Biff suggested that I sit on his cock again. Then Jerry would fuck me in the ass this time and Jim would fuck Jerry in the ass. Just describing that got the guys hard and then we were back at it. Biff fucked my pussy, my son fucked my ass and Jim fucked Jerry’s ass. This round really lasted a long time before the guys came again. I was exhausted and just lay on Biff and let him and Jerry do all the work. Eventually Jim came in Jerry’s ass which triggered his orgasm into my ass. Biff finally came into my overused and soaking wet pussy.

“Nice show you guys,” remarked Joannie as she and Barbara returned.

The four of us uncoupled and sat up on the bed and I noticed that Barbara looked exhausted and drained. “Where did you girls go off to?” I asked.

“Well I told you that Barbara needed for training in pussy eating, so I took her over to meet Erin, Rita, Jean and Naomi,” Joannie replied.

Jim said. “I’ll be damned did you get it on with those Lesbos?”

Barbara looked embarrassed and humiliated. She also looked like she was totally out of it. She spoke to Jim, “Can we please go now?”

“I want to hear all about it,” Jim said ignoring her request.

“I’ll tell you about it when we get back to our room, please let’s just go,” Barbara whined.

Jim and Barbara through own their clothes and headed back to their room without saying another word to us.

“Well that must have been quite a session over there,” I said to Joannie.

“You wouldn’t believe it the girls turned Barbara into a wild woman. I think she is embarrassed by everything she did and how much she got into it,” Joannie replied and then went on, “She ate every pussy, she fucked and got fucked with dildos, she was double and triple penetrated, and it was quite a scene. I fill you in on the details over breakfast but right now I’m going to bed.”

We all went to bed and slept soundly that night. In the morning we took showers and Biff fucked me in the shower and Jerry fucked Joannie when they showered. Then we dressed and went down to breakfast.


The four of us were sitting around having our second and third cups of coffee after breakfast. Joannie was telling us what transpired when she and Barbara went over to the lesbian girl’s room.

“Well it wasn’t so much what Barbara did as to how she reacted,” Joannie started off the story. “She really didn’t do much more than Marla and I did the other night. The girls really worked her over at first sucking her tits, nibbling on her sensitive nipples, eating her pussy and rimming her asshole. Barbara had cum so many times that her body was like jelly.”

Joannie continued, “I never expected her to be so vocal she seemed so demure but once she got going there was no stopping her and no shutting her up. We girls took turns fucking her with strap-on dildos and alternated sitting on Barbara’s face. She was coaxed and trained in the art of pussy eating and by the time we were done with her she was an expert and loving it.”

I said, “That’s unbelievable given her first reaction to girl – girl sex.”

I know said Joannie but it gets better, “We then began to double fuck and triple fuck her with strap-on dildos making lick her own cunt juice off the one fresh from her pussy. The most erotic sight was with Rita fucking Barbara’s pussy and Erin fucking Barbara in the ass. Erin’s ass is so hot that I couldn’t leave it alone so I fucked her ass at the same time. Jean and Naomi knelt on either side of the three of us and played with our tits and nipples.”

Biff chimed in, “I would love to fuck Erin in the ass. I just love her shapely bubble butt. Joannie, can you set that up for me?”

Joannie smiled and said, “We’ll see.” Then she went on with the story, “Naomi started talking to Barbara and calling her our slut bitch and our slut whore. Barbara answered back saying that she was a slut and a whore. She yelled out to all of us fuck your slut whore, fuck me in my ass, fuck me in my pussy, let your slut taste your pussy; she was insatiable. Then we really worked her over pounding her pussy and her ass and making her eat our pussies and lick the dildos clean. It was wild.”

“God no wonder she looked so beat up when you got back to the room,” I commented.

“Yeah and that was after she rested for awhile and I had to help her walk back to our room,” Joannie added. “Then on the way back it hit her about what she had done and she felt ashamed and humiliated. I tried to console her but she went into a deep depression which is why she didn’t hang around for awhile.”

“I bet Naomi and the girls are ecstatic with their conquests so far this week. First you and I and then you and Barbara,” I said.

“You bet they are and they are pretty worn out themselves,” Joannie said with a giggle.

“Listen Joannie about Erin, I know you can set it up. Hell she has already had good sized fake cocks in her ass, why not a real one? Tell how great it feels to have your rectum filled with cum and how much better it feels than a fake cock that doesn’t cum.” Biff tried to convince Joannie.

“Okay, okay I’ll work on her but if I am successful you will owe me big time,” replied Joannie.

We finished our coffee and headed back to the room and then down to the nude beach. All of us were really getting tan, darker than we had ever been with absolutely no tan lines. None of the lesbian girls were at the beach yet nor were Jim and Barb. As we were sunning and talking Biff reminded us of the Reggae party tonight on the regular beach.

Then two very effeminate young men walked over to near where we were sitting and sat down. They looked over at us and smiled. It was obvious that they must have just arrived because they still had tan lines and a very light tan. From the back these two looked like young girls with hairless bodies, unblemished skin and shapely legs and asses. They had their hair cut in a page boy style covering the nape of their necks. I could see that Biff was interested in their asses.

The young men started putting suntan lotion on each other almost in a display of eroticism. They were openly gay with very feminine mannerisms and manner of speech. As one put lotion on the other one he glanced over in our direction and noticed Biff’s prowess. He whispered to the other one and then they both looked right at Biff’s meat. I swore they looked like they were starting to get hard. Then they walked toward us and asked if they could join us.

We invited them to sit down and they introduced themselves as Michelle (not Michael) and Brandy (not Brandon). They shared with us that they had just started dating and that this was their first vacation together. When we explained our situation to them they applauded our sexual openness but they were clearly turned on by our arrangement and they both showed hard. Michelle and Brandy had long thin cocks probably about seven inches long and three inches around. “Down boys, nudity on the beach is okay but no display of sex allowed,” Biff cautioned.

Both boys grabbed their cocks and Brandy said, “I hate when it does that.” Then he and Michelle giggled.

“No sex on the beach huh, what do you call all the pussy eating that took place on the raft yesterday,” laughed Joannie. Then she told Michelle and Brandy about the gay girls we hooked up with.

“You guys are so cool,” remarked Michelle. “Let’s get something to drink Brandy, do you guys want anything?” he asked.

“I’ll go with you,” Jerry said and jumped up, his prick semi-hard.

The three of them walked over to the nude bar and I noticed that the three of them fondled each other’s asses as they made their way across the sand. There was no one at the bar yet so the three of them hung out by themselves talking and drinking.

Joannie and Biff went for a swim and I walked over to the bar to get something to drink. I didn’t see Jerry and the young men and I didn’t have a clue where they went. I got a drink and decided to head over to the nude Jacuzzi. As I approached I saw Jerry, Brandy and Michelle in the Jacuzzi. Brandy was on one side of Jerry and Michelle was on the other side. Brandy and Michelle each held one of my son’s ass cheeks in their hand and fondled his chest and nipples with the other. Jerry was stroking both of their thin long hard cocks.

As I stood and watched them I reflected on my first voyeurism when I spied on Jerry and Biff. Brandy sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi and Jerry leaned over to take his cock in his mouth. Michelle got behind Jerry and slipped his cock into Jerry’s ass. Michelle also reached around to stroke Jerry’s cock. It wasn’t long before Brandy came in Jerry’s mouth and Michelle came in Jerry’s ass. Jerry in turn shot his load in the Jacuzzi water. They cleaned off their cocks with the Jacuzzi water and headed back toward the bar. I hurried back to my place on the beach and awaited their return. The three of them walked back and sat down as if nothing had transpired between them.

“Did you enjoy your visit with each other,” I asked.

“Immensely, Jerry is wonderful company,” Brandy replied.

Jerry looked toward the water and saw Biff sitting on the raft with Joannie’s head bobbing up and down between his legs and he said aloud, “Looks like Biff is getting his pipes cleaned.”

We all looked out toward them and all though we really couldn’t see that well it was obvious that Biff was getting one of Joannie’s signature blow jobs. She must have been at it for awhile because soon after we spotted them they changed positions. Joannie got upon the raft and spread her legs and Biff got in the water and put his head between her legs, obviously eating her pussy.

“God I am getting hot again,” remarked Brandy.

“Let’s swim out to the raft when they are done,” offered Michelle.

“Do you want to come, Jerry,” asked Brandy.

“Sure I wouldn’t miss it,” my son replied.

After Joannie and Biff were done getting each other off they made their way back to shore. As they swam back Jerry, Michelle and Brandy headed out to the raft. Joannie and Biff plopped down in their chairs.

“Well it looked like you two were having fun,” I teased.

“Was it that obvious from here,” Biff asked.

“Well you really can’t see anything except your positions and your bobbing heads, but it was somewhat obvious,” I said smiling. “Now the boys are heading out there.”

While the three of them were out to the raft I told Biff and Joannie what I had witnessed. They weren’t surprised that Jerry got it on with them they were just surprised how quickly it happened.

“They are both very pretty boys,” Joannie admitted and then asked, “Are you going to fuck them Biff?”

“Well see, right now I’m not in the mood but maybe sometime this week if the situation presents itself. Right now I can’t get Erin’s ass out of my mind,” Biff responded.

The three of watched as Michelle and Brandy sat on the raft and Jerry was in the water. It looked he was moving to one cock and then the other until they both shot their wads in his mouth. Then Jerry was on the raft and Brandy and Michelle were in the water taking turns sucking Jerry’s cock. It appeared that after he came in one of their mouths that they kissed each other sharing my son’s cum. Shortly afterward they made their way back to the beach and their chairs. I thought to myself, “You need to get some binoculars.”

“Well it looks as if you three are getting along,” I teased them.

“Yeah you two have cum stains on your face,” laughed Joannie.

“Joannie you shit,” cried Jerry.

We all laughed and settled in to talk again. After awhile we decided to go and get some lunch and agreed to meet back at the beach after we ate. When we returned after lunch we were joined by Michelle and Brandy as well as the lesbian girls. Naomi told us that Jim and Barbara let the island and went home early. Apparently Barbara couldn’t bear to face anyone after the sex marathon last night.

Our conversation then turned back to sex. Naomi asked Biff and Jerry how they got started and when did Joannie enter the picture. Both Michelle and Brandy pulled their chairs in closer to hear Biff and Jerry tell their story. We all put our chairs in a circle and we made quite a group the family foursome, the lesbian foursome and the gay duo. We were all beautiful people that shared their sex stories with each other.

Biff started the story, “Well Jerry and I were roommates in college. By the time I had entered college I had already fucked my share of asses both boys and girls. Jerry and I hit it off and we started hanging out together and we double dated a lot. Sometimes it worked out that one of us would not have a date and we fucked the same girl.”

Jerry added, “Yeah, the one girl Marilyn we fucked for a long time. She loved to be double fucked all the time. She loved it in the ass and we fucked her in a lot of different positions. She was experimental too and she was the one who got me into anal sex.”

Now Naomi, Jean, Rita and Erin were really listening, “Tell us what happened?” asked an excited Erin.

Jerry went on, “Well one night Biff was out with a date and Marilyn and I were back at our room fucking. She brought along a good sized dildo to use on her pussy while I fucked her in the ass. Marilyn had fingered my ass before when she sucked my cock and it felt pretty good but now she wanted to fuck my ass with the dildo as she sucked my dick. I went along with it and she gradually worked the whole dildo into my ass as she gave me a mind boggling blow job.”

Then Biff jumped in, “It gets better. I came back to the room with a set of blue balls after having been shot down on my date. I walk in the room and here is Jerry on his hands and knees with Marilyn fucking him in the ass with a strap-on dildo. Up to then I had never thought about Jerry sexually although I always admired his ass. When Marilyn saw me see smiled and yelled out look who is home and then asked Jerry if he was ready for the real deal.”

“I had always been secretly attracted toward Biff and I had always admired his big cock but I had never thought about us getting it on until then,” Jerry said and then continued, “Marilyn told Biff to get over here and fuck my ass and then I repeated it asking Biff to fuck me. Biff took off all of his clothes and his big dick was fully erect. He knelt down behind me and eased his cock into my ass.”

Biff added, “Marilyn pulled the good sized dildo out of his ass and then handed me some lube for my cock. I greased it up good and then pushed it into Jerry’s ass. Marilyn had broken him in very well and my cock went in easily. I really started to get into it and I started fucking his hot ass with long deliberate strokes. It was the first time I really looked at Jerry’s ass with a desire to fuck it. I molded his shapely cheeks in my hands as I fucked him.”

Jerry said excitedly, “I couldn’t believe that I was able to take that ass buster but I did I loved it. I was hooked on butt fucking from that moment on. Marilyn had slipped under me and took my cock in her mouth and I leaned over her body to eat her pussy as Biff continued to butt fuck me.”

“I knew I wasn’t going to last very long and when Marilyn licked my balls, I shot my wad into Jerry’s ass,” Biff added.

“Oh man what a load it was Biff just seemed to keep cumming and cumming. I could feel cum bounce off my bowels and fill my rectum. It was backing out over Biff’s cock and running down my legs over my own balls. Marilyn lick up Biff’s cum and went back to sucking my cock and then I came in her mouth,” Jerry told us. Then Biff continued, “It was wild and when I removed my softening dick from Jerry’s ass it made a loud popping sound and then a large wad of cum hit Marilyn in the face. Marilyn gobbled up my cock in her mouth and sucked me dry. I sat back on the floor with my back against the couch and Marilyn continued sucking my cock. I started to get hard again and I thought I would cum in her mouth next.”

“But Marilyn had something else in mind and she told me to come closer and watch her suck Biff’s cock. I moved closer and then she took her mouth of off his dick and told me to try it. I took hold of it and began to lick the head and then eventually took it in my mouth. Biff groaned so I new I was doing a good job which turned me on and now I was anxious for him to cum in my mouth. I kept sucking him deeper and deeper tasting my gag line and I was proud of how much of his cock I could handle. Marilyn got behind me and fucked my ass again with her dildo until Biff blasted his load in my mouth. I swallowed every drop and I loved it.” Jerry said excitedly.

Jerry had gotten a hard-on telling the story and when I looked around everyone appeared sexually aroused. I knew I was and then I noticed Michelle and Brandy with a hand on the other’s erect cock. If we had been allowed I am sure that an orgy would have started right there on the nude beach.

Jerry finished the story, “That’s how it started and since then I have been hooked on Biff’s cock. We continued to date girls and fuck them together. Marilyn was always available when we wanted as well. I met Joannie later in our senior year and we started to date. She is insatiable as we all know so I introduced Biff into our relationship. But that story can wait for another day.”

“I’ll say I don’t think I can listen to another story,” Rita said, “I am so fucking hot right now does anyone want to eat my pussy?” she joked.

In response every hand but Michelle and Brandy went into the air and we all laughed.

“I think we all need a swim to cool off,” suggested Naomi.

Everyone headed for the water and let the cool ocean bring their body temperatures back down. We eventually returned to our chairs and conversations.

“So Brandy and Michelle are you into anal sex or just oral?” Naomi blatantly asked them.

They smiled without embarrassment and answered, “Yes we are into anal big time and we do like group action.”

“Have you guys ever been butt fucked with dildos like Jerry was?” Naomi continued her questioning.

“No but it sounds erotic,” replied Brandy and Michelle nodded in agreement.

“We have dildos with us which Joannie and Marla can testify to. Would you two like some of us to fuck your asses with our fake cocks?” Naomi asked in a very sultry tone and then added, “I think that would be hot don’t you, gay guys getting fucked by lesbians?”

“It sounds delicious and it would be even better if we had some real cocks for our mouths,” Michelle answered this time and then hugged Brandy as they giggled.

“How about it Jerry and Biff are you two willing to help out?” Naomi teased.

Jerry was first to answer, “You bet I am.”

Then Biff replied, “I think we can work something out. I’ll play along if I can fuck Erin in the ass.”

Naomi was now on the defensive, “Well I don’t know about that,” she said as she looked toward Erin who was shaking her head “No”.

Then Joannie went over to kneel next to Erin’s chair and began to whisper in her ear. Erin stopped shaking her head and listened to whatever Joannie was telling her. Erin then nodded a yes to Joannie and Joannie smiled and kissed her.

Erin then sheepishly said, “I’ll do it,” Shocking the other lesbian girls with her agreement. Then she added, “What’s the big deal it’s not like I’m an anal virgin.”

Naomi then said, “Well then it’s a date. How about after the Reggae party tonight we all meet back at our room? It is our last night on the resort so let’s really party tonight.”

Everyone agreed and I thought to myself, “This is going to get very interesting tonight.” I also made a mental note to get Naomi’s address so that we could stay in touch and maybe meet at the resort again in the future.

The Reggae Party and After

The Reggae party was terrific there were local islanders performing and an opportunity to learn to dance. My of the resort staff were present to act as Reggae partners and teach the guests to dance. We met a few other couples as well. Two of the couples were from Canada and were swingers. They were rooming together for the week.

Lori was a dark haired beauty who reminded you of Demi Moore complete with the boob job. Most noticeable were her solid quads and firm ass. Her husband Dan was a good looking guy and stayed fit playing hockey. The other couple, Nancy and Dave was opposites of Lori and Dan. Nancy was an attractive petite Japanese girl and Dave looked more like a blond surfer type.

Biff, of course, could not take his eyes off Lori’s ass. He didn’t even try to be discreet and a few times Lori caught him. Joannie told her that Biff wouldn’t be satisfied until he had fucked every hot ass on the planet. Lori then smiled and asked Joannie if Biff thought her ass was hot. Joannie responded by grabbing one of Lori’s ass cheeks and telling her she did. I thought to myself, “Those two!”

They were intrigued with our arrangement and asked if they could hook up with us sometime during the week. We told them that we were going to a party tonight but that we usually hung out at the nude beach in the afternoon. Lori and Nancy, although they went topless at the regular beach, were apprehensive about the nude beach. I told them that it was my first nude beach experience and it was easy to get used to. We departed saying that we would look for them at lunch tomorrow.


After the Reggae party we made our way back to the room to change into shorts and tees and then made our way over to the girl’s room or the “Isle of Lesbos” as Joannie called it. When we arrived Brandy and Michelle were already there and they and the girls were naked. All four of the girls already had their strap-on dildos on ready for action.

“Not wasting any time,” Joannie remarked. “No this is our last night and we want to make the most of it,” said Naomi.

We shed our clothes and put them in a pile and awaited the instructions from Naomi. She always seemed to direct the action and tonight would be no different.

“Okay a deal is a deal. Brandy and Michelle get on all fours and Jean and I will fuck you guys first. Biff and Jerry give them your cocks to suck,” direct Naomi.

Naomi and Jean applied lubricant to the assholes of Brandy and Michelle. Then Naomi slid her fake cock into Brandy’s ass and Jean slid hers into Michelle. Brandy greedily sucked in Biff’s cock and Michelle took Jerry’s in his mouth. Naomi and Jean began slowly and then gradually picked up the pace fucking the two gays as they enthusiastically sucked on the cocks in their mouth. It was quite an erotic sight.

Erin and Rita had Joannie and I get down on all fours and they filled our pussies with their strap-on cocks. We were positioned so that all four of us could watch the other six-some as we fucked.

Brandy and Michelle were really into the double penetration and appeared to be excellent cock suckers. It wasn’t long before Jerry and Biff spurted their loads into the gay’s mouths. Brandy wasn’t prepared for the amount of cum that Biff unleashed into his mouth. Although he tried to swallow it all, he was so caught by surprise that he choked a little and some it escaped over his lips. Brandy quickly scooped it up with his fingers and licked them clean. Michelle on the other had no trouble with Jerry’s load and swallowed it easily.

The little nubs on the back of the strap-on dildos were doing their job. As Naomi and Jean fucked Brandy and Michelle the nubs rubbed against their sensitive clits. Soon they were cumming with their first orgasm; their hips gyrated and then stopped as they slouched over the backs of Brandy and Michelle.

Brandy and Michelle continued to suck the cocks in their mouths until they softened and slipped out hanging limp in front of their faces. Brandy and Michelle were sporting erections of their own as they licked their lips clean.

Brandy spoke out in his effeminate, “My goodness did you see all that cum? I almost drowned in cum there was so much of it. But it was so yummy!”

Brandy and Michelle moved into a 69 position so that they could suck each other’s prick. That was the signal for Erin and Rita to fuck them. Erin and Rita pulled the fake cocks from our pussies and went over the gay boys. Erin lay behind Brandy and Rita lay behind Michelle. Then they slid the pussy juice covered cocks into the gay’s asses. Erin fucked Brandy and Rita fucked Michelle until all four of them orgasmed. Again the strap-on nubs worked their magic on the girl’s clits as Brandy and Michelle came in each other’s mouth.

Naomi gathered up the four dildos that had been used in Brandy and Michelle’s assholes and cleaned them thoroughly before the next session.

“How did it feel to have your butts fucked by lesbians?” Jean asked.

“Oh it was marvelous, I loved the constant stiff feeling in my ass while I was sucking a cock,” answered Michelle.

“Yes, yes it was fantastic we will definitely have to get a couple of those when we get home. Then we could fuck each other all night,” quipped Brandy. “What’s next?” he asked.

“Well to conclude the deal Biff now gets to fuck Erin in the ass,” Naomi said reluctantly and then she looked at Erin, “Are you sure that you want to go through with this?”

“Hey a deal is a deal,” Biff called out.

“Yes I said I would and I will but could Joannie fuck me first and help loosen me up? I don’t want that big cock to be the first in my ass tonight,” Erin requested.

“Of course, Joannie be a dear and fuck Erin in the ass,” Naomi said handing Joannie a strap-on.

“Gladly,” said Joannie as she slipped on the harness.

Erin got on all fours with her marvelous shapely curvy ass poised in the air. Joannie couldn’t resist a little rimming first and soon had Erin moaning in delight. Joannie then lubed Erin’s bum hole and eased the fake cock into her. Erin groaned as the dildo filled her asshole and Joannie fucked her slowly.

“Marla would you be so kind as to lick Erin’s pussy while Joannie is ass fucking her?” Naomi asked.

I was caught off guard but I didn’t hesitate and I moved my head right under Erin’s pussy. I could see Joannie’s fake cock slide in and out of Erin’s ass and I could see Joannie’s pussy peeking through the harness. I stuck a finger in Joannie’s cunt as I moved my mouth to Erin’s pussy. I worked both girls over until they both came. Erin filled my mouth with her female juices and then I moved my mouth over to Joannie’s quim to finish her. I licked her pussy through the harness and it looked as if I were licking the balls of her cock. Joannie shivered and then released her juice into my mouth.

Joannie removed the dildo from Erin’s ass and I slid out from under her. Erin remained on all fours with her gorgeous ass still in the air. She had her head down turned to the side with that dreamy “Fuck me” look on her face. She had her back slightly arched accentuating her beautiful ass. Biff was rock hard as he approached her with his huge cock. He looked like a hunter approaching his submissive prey. Everyone looked on in awe as this beautiful lesbian girl was about to accept a real cock in her body for the first time.

“Oh my look at that cock, I definitely have to have that in my ass this week,” squealed Michelle.

“Oh me too!” exclaimed Brandy as he hugged Michelle.

Biff knelt down behind Erin and rubbed his hands all over her beautiful buttocks. The he lined up the head of his cock with her little aperture and pushed forward. Erin tensed at first and then tried to relax. Biff had worked the head in and continued to press his cock into her ass.

“Not to deep at first and then deeper,” whispered Erin.

“Don’t worry Erin I don’t want to hurt you. I’ll go easy. Stop me whenever you want to,” Biff encouraged her.

Biff continued to gradually add more and more of his cock into Erin’s asshole. He would push in a little and then let her adjust to his width then push in a little more. He used this technique until he was buried to the hilt in her ass. Erin just cooed and moaned as Biff fucked her slowly.

“Give me your pussy Joannie,” Erin cried out.

Joannie immediately jumped on the bed in front of Erin and presented her pussy for Erin’s mouth. Erin clamped down on Joannie’s quim and began to frantically eat her pussy. Erin ate Joannie through multiple orgasms as Biff continued to fuck her ass.

Biff was now sliding in and out of Erin’s ass with ease and it was quite a sight to see his large cock impaled in her tight hole. Biff watched his cock move in and out of Erin’s ass as he stroked her beautiful buns. Rita was beside herself and she jumped on the bed to join the threesome. Rita slid under Erin’s pussy and watched Biff’s cock slide in and out of her girlfriend’s ass. Then she went to work on Erin’s cunt and soon had her thrashing around and cumming on her face.

Biff tried to prolong Erin’s ass fucking as he was mesmerized with her curvy bottom. He would stop every once in awhile to slow his approach to orgasm. After Erin filled Rita’s with cum Rita moved so she could watch the ass fucking. Rita then surprised everyone particularly Biff when she reached up and cupped his bloated balls. Then she raised her head and sucked his balls into her mouth experiencing a male scrotum for the first time in her life.

Biff then lost it between Erin using her anal muscles to massage his cock and Rita sucking on his balls, he fired an enormous amount of cum into Erin’s ass. Erin could feel cum fill her hole and coat her rectal lining. “Oh Joannie you were right, it feels so good. I can feel him shooting in my asshole. I love my first cum enema. You said I would love it and I do,” Erin cried out for all to hear.

Biff continued to fuck her slowly until his cock softened and slipped from her snug asshole. A trail of cum followed his cock out of her ass and trickled down the inside of her thighs. Joannie swung around and licked Erin’s inner thighs clean of all cum and then sucked some out of her asshole. Erin collapsed on the bed and Rita moved up to hold her and kiss her. They cuddled together until Joannie finished sucking on Erin’s ass. Joannie then turned toward Biff and took his soft cock into her mouth and suck him dry. Biff shivered and pushed Joannie away from his cock.

Naomi and Jean were stunned by Erin’s behavior and her comments. They were also shocked by Rita sucking on Biff’s balls. Their silent trance was broken when Brandy lay on his back and invited Jerry to fuck him. Jerry pushed Brandy’s legs back toward his chest and sunk his cock into Brandy’s asshole. Michelle straddled Brandy and presented his cock to Jerry who sucked it in immediately. Brandy reached up and fingered Michelle’s asshole.

Naomi said, “Marla this is your chance to fuck some male ass. Here strap this on and then fuck your son in his ass.”

Naomi handed me the strap-on cock and harness. I put it on and moved over to my son Jerry. I lined up the fake cock with his asshole and eased it in. It was a little awkward at first but then I got the hang of it and started to fuck him harder and quicker. The nub of the dildo rubbed against my clit and soon had me squirting cum all over the fake cock.

Jerry was doing most of the work fucking Brandy, sucking Michelle and backing onto my fake cock. Jerry then tensed up and shot his wad into Brandy’s ass. Michelle followed Jerry and came in his mouth. Michelle then slipped down to take Brandy’s cock in his mouth and sucked him toward an orgasm.

“Marla and Joannie time for some double dildo action,” Naomi announced.

As before Joannie and I were placed on all fours with our butts facing one another. Jean inserted the double headed dildos in our pussies and assholes. Joannie and I started backing into each other plunging the fake cocks deeper into our holes. Then we were presented with the pussies of Jean and Naomi to lick. As we licked their cunts Erin and Rita knelt beside us and fondled our tits.

Naomi and Jean came quickly and their pussies were replaced in our mouths by the pussies of Erin and Rita. Joannie and I ate them to an orgasm and then Jean and Naomi were ready again. This continued until all four pussies were eaten by Joannie and me.

“Let’s see some family action,” Rita yelled.

“Good idea,” agreed Naomi and then directed, “Marla on your back, Joannie sit on her face, Jerry fuck your mother’s pussy and Biff help yourself to any available hole.”

I lay on my back as directed and then Joannie sat on my face so that I could eat my daughter-in-law’s pussy. My son Jerry pushed his cock into my pussy for the first time since we began this incest relationship. Biff offered his cock to Joannie who willingly took it her mouth.

“Oh this is so wild to see a family fucking each other,” squealed Erin.

The four of us fucked and sucked each other until we all came again. It took quite awhile since we all had multiple orgasms before this coupling. But eventually Joannie came in my mouth, I came on my son’s cock as he squirted his seed into my cunt and Biff came in Joannie’s mouth. We collapsed and lay next to one another and we were spent, done for the night.

We said goodnight to the girls and I noticed that Erin stood on her tip toes and whispered something into Biff’s ear. He smiled, nodded and patted her on her curvy ass. We wished the girls a safe journey since we would probably not see them in the morning. We went back to our room and went right to bed. Biff slept with me and the newlyweds slept in the other bed.


I slept soundly and when I finally woke up I noticed that Biff was absent from our room. Joannie and Jerry were still sleeping cuddled together in the other bed. So I just rolled over and relaxed and then dozed off again. The next time I awoke Biff was back in the bed with me sound asleep. Joannie and Jerry were stirring in their bed.

I decided to take a shower and was followed by Joannie and Jerry. The three of us dressed and left Biff sleeping as we tried to make breakfast before they closed the buffet. We made it in time and I suggested that we bring something back to the room for Biff.

Joannie held up a banana and said, “How about this? I could let him eat it out of my pussy.”

“Do you ever stop thinking about sex?” I replied.

“Only when I’m doing it,” she said laughingly.

“You’re insatiable,” I told her.

“Yeah that’s one word for it,” she said with a laugh.

We went back to the room and brought Biff a snack. We woke him up as we entered the room. “Hey sleepy head we brought you a snack,” Joannie said.

“Did you say snatch?” Biff teased.

“See I told you he would like a stuffed banana pussy,” Joannie quipped.

Biff was appreciative of the snack and after he finished it we decided to hit the nude Jacuzzi to soak our aching bodies. We had had so much sex in three days it was like a three day workout but much more fun.

As we soaked in the Jacuzzi I asked Biff where he had gotten off to during the night. He smiled looking at all three of us and the said, “You are not going to believe what I am about to tell you.”

The three of us urged Biff to tell us what when on last night and into the early morning hours. We were all ears. Biff told us that when Erin whispered in his ear she told him to meet her down by the nude Jacuzzi in about a half hour.

“So after you three fell asleep I went down to the Jacuzzi to wait for Erin,” Biff started and then continued with the story, “Erin didn’t get there for almost an hour so I watched several couples getting on in the Jacuzzi.”

“Really,” I asked surprised, “People were fucking in public?”

“Yeah, apparently its okay in the Jacuzzi or at least the resort security doesn’t bother them at that time of night. There were couples by themselves and two couples doing each other and that was hot to watch,” Biff told us.

“But you will love this; I noticed some movement over by the cabana building so I went to check it out. It was Brandy and Michelle and they were both on all fours getting fucked in the ass and sucking on cocks. There were eight or ten resort employees standing around stroking their big ebony cocks waiting for one of the holes to open up. As soon as one guy was done with Brandy’s or Michelle’s asshole or mouth, another stepped up and filled the vacancy. Some of these guys were pretty well hung and it was amazing to see Brandy and Michelle take those big Jamaican dicks in their mouth or in their ass. I was getting hard again just from watching that gang bang,” Biff related.

“Just then I noticed Erin arrive at the Jacuzzi and Rita was with her. I went over to them and Erin kissed me hard on the mouth then she told me that she and Rita wanted me to fuck them both that they both wanted to feel real flesh in their pussies. Just that statement got me hard,” Biff continued and he really had our attention now.

“The three of us found a secluded spot and spread out some towels. I lay down with Erin on one side and Rita on the other. The three of us kissed deeply and passionately tongue fucking one another’s mouth. I fingered both girls’ pussies and kissed both sets of breasts. Erin was really hot and she began to squirm around and her breathing increased. Then she screamed,’ I’m so turned on, please eat my pussy.’ So I dove into her hot box and started eating her perfectly formed pussy. Her clit was so stimulated that it was big and hard and sticking out of the protective hood. I rolled it in my teeth and plunged my tongue in her tasty cunt,” Biff reported excitedly.

“Been there, done that,” Joannie chimed in, “Isn’t her scent divine?”

“She reached down to grasp my rock hard cock and said, ‘I need this in me.’ I was in her in an instant with my dick working its way into her tight pussy. She’s no virgin but she was certainly tight around my cock. I kept pushing my cock into her slowly and stretching her pussy slightly to open up for me. It took a few minutes but then I was buried in her sopping wet cunt. I was so excited that I started to pound her mercilessly and she reached up and held me to her. She wrapped her legs around my torso and fucked her body back at me. She screamed, ‘Yes, yes, fuck me, oh please fuck me good.’ I worked myself into frenzy and fucked her as hard as I could. I would bring my cock almost completely out of her before slammed it back into her and she loved it,” Biff went on.

“Erin’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter and the sloppy sound of my cock sliding in and out of her was audible. I strained to keep my cock in constant contact with her clit each time I thrust into her. I tired to slow down to prolong my own orgasm but Erin was out of control. She threw her hips up at me with a furious intensity and yelled to me, ‘Don’t stop fucking me, keep fucking me, oh I’m cumming, I’m cumming, cuuuummmming!’ I rolled over taking Erin with me and let her fuck herself at her own pace after her first orgasm. She came again several times and I felt her pussy get wetter with each orgasm. I ran my hands over her firm shapely ass and I held her by her lovely ass until she calmed down. It was an incredible fuck!” Biff said taking a deep breath.

“What was Rita doing all this time?” asked Joannie.

“Well up to then she just lay beside Erin and watched as she had her first fuck with a real cock. She would stroke her and coax her but pretty much left the two of us to do our thing. But then after Erin rolled off of me, Rita said, ‘I need a taste of that,’ and she engulfed my cock with her mouth. I thought she was going to dive into Erin’s pussy, so she really surprised me by sucking my cock. Rita licked my cock clean of Erin’s juices and then she straddled me and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She eased down on my cock and then back up each time stretching her herself and taking a little more into her pussy.” Biff went on.

“Rita then began to bounce up and down on me just as Erin had fucked herself on my cock working toward her orgasm. She worked herself into a frenzied state and humped her pussy harder and harder on my cock. I really thought that she was going to hurt herself. I watched her face grimace in ecstasy and I felt her body tense up just before she exploded in orgasm. As wave after wave of orgasm rippled through her body she screamed, ‘Oh Erin I love it, I love a real cock in me’. She collapsed on top of me just as Erin had and I held her until she recovered.” Biff described. “Did you ever get to cum?” asked Joannie.

“It felt like I was so close so many times but probably because I had cum so much earlier I just didn’t have much jizm left,” Biff replied. Then he continued with the story. “I was still rock hard and Erin then Rita rode my cock and fucked themselves again. I still didn’t cum but then Rita started sucking my cock and although Erin couldn’t get into cock sucking she fondled my balls. Just the thought of having made it with two beautiful lesbians and Rita’s excellent mouthing of my cock finally got me off. I warned Rita that I was going to cum but she kept her mouth on my cock and swallowed whatever cum there was. I didn’t have a volcanic discharge like I do when it is my first of the day but it was enough to get Rita’s attention. She took my load in her mouth and sucked me dry. Then she kissed Erin deeply with the two of them swapping cum back and forth between them. Then we cleaned up, kissed, hugged and said farewell,” Biff concluded.

“Wow that is so hot nailing those two lesbians. I bet they will be looking for cock in the future. You turned them toward bi-sexual, Biff,” Joannie said.

“Well they didn’t do anything that they didn’t want to, that’s for sure,” Biff answered.

“Oh by the way on my way back to the room after being with Erin and Rita, I saw Brandy and Michelle still going at it with the staff,” Biff added.

“I bet they had a mile of cock before they were done and I bet we don’t see them around today,” chimed in Jerry

I suggested that we get some lunch and then hit the beach. We all headed back to shower and then went to lunch. Tonight was the Toga Party and over lunch we would learn how to make Togas out of our bed sheets.

At lunch we ran into Lori, Dan, Nancy and Dave. They joined us for lunch and we watched the toga demonstration. The staff demonstrated how to make different styles of togas for men and women. Any style was suitable for the party the only rule was that you were not allowed to wear anything but the toga and you would not be admitted to the party without wearing a toga.

After the toga demonstration the eight of us sat around chatting for awhile. We all agreed that we would attend the toga party and attempt to turn the bed sheets into togas. I said, “It should be interesting to see how many togas come undone during the party.”

“I think they are counting on it,” Lori giggled.

“How about it Joannie do you think yours will come undone,” joked Biff.

“In about a New York second and then I will sabotage the rest of you,” Joannie mocked in response.

“Is anybody ready to hit the beach?” Joannie asked.

“Are you going to the nude beach again,” Lori asked.

“Absolutely,” fired Joannie. “Come on and join us it’s no big deal to be naked there. After all you are on the other beach topless with just a thong bottom. It’s just one more piece of clothing.”

Both Dan and Dave said that they were game and urged the girls to do it. Lori finally gave in and said that would try it but if she got embarrassed that she would leave. Nancy just blushed and nodded in agreement.

I told Lori and Nancy that they could probably keep their thongs on if it really bothered them to be naked. “It is a clothing optional beach,” I reminded everyone.

So we all agreed to meet on the beach in 30 minutes. We headed back to our room to put on shorts and tees and then went to the beach. Shortly afterward Dan, Dave, Lori and Nancy joined us. They sat down in the chairs that we were holding for them keeping their bottoms on initially. Lori and Nancy both stared at the meat between Biff’s legs neither one of them being discreet about it.

Joannie spotted their stares and reached over toward Biff taking his soft cock in her hand and said to the girls, “This is quite something isn’t it?”

Both Lori and Nancy blushed ad Lori replied, “God was I that obvious. I’m sorry for staring.”

Joannie looked at Nancy who didn’t reply and asked, “Nancy would you like to hold it for awhile?”

Biff pushed her hand away and scolded her, “Joannie you are such a ball breaker, let’s these people settle in and get used to this beach.”

Both Dave and Dan admitted that they were a little apprehensive about taking off shorts and being compared to Biff. Biff laughed and said, “There cocks smaller than mine and there are many larger too. How do you guys stack up with Jerry?”

Dave and Dan both said they were a little bigger then Jerry and then Dan said, “What the hell,” and stripped off his shorts. Dave followed his lead and now only Lori and Nancy retained their bikini thong bottoms.

Lori smiled and peeled her thong down her shapely legs giving Biff a good view of her curvy ass as she did. Nancy sat down first and then shyly slid off her bottoms trying not to reveal too much. In time all of them became comfortable with their nudity and even went to the bar and in for a swim.

Lori and Dave explained that they were part of a large swinger’s organization in Canada and they often frequented the resort in a large group. This trip was a little different since Nancy and Dave were first time swingers and they came here with Lori and Dan to get indoctrinated to swinging with another couple.

Joannie couldn’t resist and asked, “So how has it been going so far?”

Lori answered, “Good they have both been comfortable with Dan and I as partners and they are ready to broaden their horizons.”

“So what’s it been so far, straight sex, any girl to girl stuff, oral, anal?” Joannie inquired.

Jerry jumped in, “It’s none of your business what they’re doing Joannie!”

“No it’s okay really,” Lori said and then added, “It has been strictly straight sex with a different partner and some oral. How about you Joannie what do you like?”

We all cringed at Lori’s question to Joannie and knew what was coming. Joannie smiled and answered, “Well Lori I like it all and I do it all, oral, anal, girl on girl, twosomes and threesomes, double and triple penetration. I have to tell you there is no feeling like having Biff’s big cock stuffed in my ass filling my rectum with cum.”

We all looked at Lori to check her reaction expecting her to be shocked by Joannie’s admission. However Lori remained composed and smiled at Joannie.

“Joannie you and Jerry would fit it very well with our group in Canada. We have several couples that are bi-sexual and they do it all as you say,” Lori spoke with a confident tone.

Dan then spoke up, “How would you four feel about joining us and swinging with us tonight after the toga party?”

“I’m all for it,” said Joannie.

“What a surprise,” Biff said.

Then I said checking out Dan and Dave, “Yes I think I would like that.”

I noticed that Dan and Dave had their eyes on Joannie and were probably thinking of things they could do to her that their wives may not let do with them.

“How about you Nancy you have been awfully quiet are you up for this?” Biff asked running his eyes over the petite Japanese girl.

“I think so but I don’t want to do any anal,” Nancy said meekly.

Lori then spoke, “When we swing we do not have to do anything we don’t want to with any partner.”

So it was agreed that after the toga party tonight we would hook up with the other foursome. The rest of the afternoon we sat around and chatted some more, swam a few times, had a few drinks and all in all behaved ourselves. There were no trips out to the raft or over to the nude Jacuzzi. Everybody was content to save themselves for the evening ahead. I was looking forward to some straight sex for a change and hoped that’s what the evening would bring.


The toga party was fun and it was a riot. Most people did not do a good job securing their togas and kept losing them while dancing and moving around. Of course Joannie was among the first to lose hers and she kept throwing it over her shoulders in order to hold on to it. As promised she sabotaged the rest of us and soon we were all struggling to keep them on. When the DJ played the song shout more than half of the guests lost their togas before the song ended. There were many stiff pricks and wet pussies by the time the party was well underway.

We stayed for about half of the party and then headed out with our new found friends and soon to be sex partners for the evening. As we walked from the disco to their room we gave up trying to keep the bed sheets in the form of togas so we just balled them up and walked naked through the resort. When we arrived at their room we all just tossed the bed sheets in the pile.

Lori poured everyone some wine and then asked, “Well how would everyone like to start. I know that I can’t wait to get Biff’s big cock in my pussy.”

We agreed to pair off for some one on one sex at first and then let things take its course. I paired up with Dan, Joannie with Dave and Nancy with Jerry. Two couples hit the beds and the other two hit the floor. I was in one of the beds with Dan and he moved me into a 69 position.

“Just for foreplay,” he said and then clamped his mouth on my vulva.

I reciprocated and took his 7″ cock in my mouth. We took our time pleasuring each other until it was time to fuck. He swung around, slid between my legs and entered my pussy. He slid in easily and soon began a steady slow fucking of my dripping pussy and I groaned with desire. I worked as he did to keep my hard clit in contact with his stiff prick. . In and out he fucked me very slowly at first and got my juices running and coating us both. He ground his pelvis into me with each inward thrust keeping his cock in constant contact with my clit. I moaned quietly as he pushed into me and gradually increased the pace. Each drive became more powerful than the last pushing deeper into me with more urgency. My moans became louder and as his strokes became quicker. As if a reflex I drew my knees up closer to my chest which gave him a deeper target. In one fluid motion Dan threw my legs over his shoulders and leaned forward supporting himself on his forearms so as not to crush me. I could look down and see his hard cock sliding in and out of my hot box. He was breathing heavier now and grunting each time he plunged his cock into me. He ground himself harder and harder into me and the friction on my clit was unbearable. His cock was stroking my insides and stimulating my G-spot and his pelvis grinded onto my hard pearl. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to a climax.

“Dan, I am really close. I am going to cum soon,” I whimpered almost out of breath.

“Cum for me, Marla I want you to cum for me. I want to feel your hot juice surround my cock,” he said as he sped up and pushed harder and faster

Dan fucked me as hard and fast as he could as I came and came and came, squirting an incredible amount of juice onto his cock. My body shook uncontrollably my pussy walls clamped around his cock and I dug my nails into his shoulders as he continued to fuck me hard. As I came down from my incredible high Dan continued to fuck me.

Dan pulled out of me and then rolled me over on all fours. He slid his cock back into my pussy and fucked me doggy style. In this position I could watch the other three couples, two on the floor and one in the other bed. Up to now I had forgotten all about them as I was lost in my own lust. Biff and Lori were in the other bed with the other two couples on the floor. Lori was on her back with Biff between her legs pounding away at her pussy as she moaned and groaned and begged him to never stop fucking her.

“Oh my God Biff you’re all the way in me, fuck me, fuck me. Oh I am going to cum again. I feel so full. I love your cock don’t ever stop fucking me,” Lori screamed as yet another orgasm rocked her body.

Biff kept right on fucking her holding off cumming as long as he could. I knew that Biff really wanted her ass but I doubted that Lori would give into him. I looked down on the floor and so my son Jerry laying on his side with Nancy’s butt pressed into his groin. He was fucking her pussy from behind as he reached around with his other hands and diddled her clit and played with her tiny breasts. Nancy had her eyes closed and she looked like she was in a mood of sexual bliss.

On the floor Dave was still fucking Joannie missionary style. Joannie was working toward another orgasm, she was insatiable. She could probably have easily handled all four men by herself but tonight she would have to share them with three other women. Joannie stiffened and came again as Dave continued to pound her cunt. Joannie looked up at him and smiled.

Then Joannie asked Dave, “How about it Dave do you want to fuck me in the ass?”

She obviously caught Dave off guard because he had a startled look on his face. Joannie continued egging him on. “Come on fuck me in the ass. You know you want to. Just think how good it will feel to stick your hard cock in my tight ass. I know you want to shoot your load in my ass. Think how god it will feel when I milk your dick with my ass muscles,” Joannie said tormenting Dave.

All this talk was too much for Dave. I watched him go rigid and then gasp and spasm as he blasted Joannie’s cunt full of cum. If Dave did want to fuck her ass he would have to wait awhile because he was drained at the moment. He first collapsed on top of her and then rolled off to her side. Joannie smiled and slid down to take his cock in her mouth and suck it dry. Dave trembled as Joannie nibbled on his dick head and then he gently pushed her face away from his cock.

“No more, please!” he gasped.

Joannie moved over to her husband and Nancy on the floor and removed Jerry’s hand from Nancy’s pussy. She replaced his hand with her mouth but first making her presence known.

“I am going to eat some sushi,” she said jokingly.

Joannie then began to eat Nancy’s pussy as Jerry now put both of his hands on Nancy’s small tits and twirled her nipples. If Nancy was shocked by Joannie’s actions she didn’t show it she just went with the flow and soon she was flowing right into Joannie’s mouth. Jerry stiffened briefly as he shot his load into Nancy’s pussy and then fucked her slowly until he went soft. His cock slipped out of Nancy’s pussy right into his wife’s waiting mouth and Joannie sucked her husband’s cock dry. Joannie then turned her attention back to Nancy and ate her husband’s cum out of her pussy and caused Nancy to orgasm once again. This time Nancy grasped hold of Joannie’s head and humped her pussy on Joannie’s face until she shuddered in climax.

Watching this other action was a turn-on for Dan and me. As he continued to fuck me doggy style he fondled my ass cheeks telling me what a beautiful ass I had. I wasn’t in the mood for an ass fucking tonight and I hoped that he would be satisfied fucking my pussy. In seemed like Dan was close to cumming and I started to feel that familiar buzz in my womb.

Just then Biff yelled out, “I’m going to cum, Lori. I’m going to fill your pussy with cum.”

“No don’t, don’t cum in me. Cum on me, I want to see you shoot. I want you to shoot your cum all over me,” squealed Lori.

Biff pulled his big rod out of Lori’s pussy and kneeling between her legs he aimed his cock toward her head. His first blast of cum shot right across her face landing on her hair and forehead, leaving a trail cross her face down over her chin. The second shot landed on her tits and the third her stomach. All in all in seemed like at least seven ropes of cum spewed over Loris’s body from her head to her pubes. Biff then put his cock back in her pussy and fucked her slowly as she rubbed cum into skin.

“Oh look at it all. I’m covered in cum. I love it. What a glorious cum bath!” Lori shouted as she rubbed it all over her body.

That scene set Dan off and I felt his warm sperm shoot into my vagina. I furiously rubbed my own clit and managed to cum again. Dan held me by the hips as he fucked me until he finished cumming and went soft in my pussy. We both flopped down on the bed. The entire room reeked of sex.

As we recovered from our initial session of the evening, we paired up again. This time I would be with Dave, Dan with Joannie, Jerry with Lori and Biff with Nancy. We were all anxious to see Biff shove his big cock into Nancy’s petite pussy. As we rested leading up to round two, Joannie offered to suck any cock or pussy that needed a jump start.

The six of us watched as Biff and Nancy lay in one of the beds with Nancy on her back her legs spayed awaiting Biff’s penetration. She looked incredibly vulnerable as Biff lined up his huge cock with her tiny twat. He rubbed his dick around her vulva searching for her entrance. Nancy’s pussy glistened with moisture as he played around her outer lips. Nancy reached down and pulled her labia open revealing her clit peeking out of its protective hood. Biff rubbed his rock hard cock all around her clit and soon had Nancy gasping.

“I’m ready, but please go slowly,” she pleaded.

Biff started feeding his cock to her slowly. It seemed like he put in a ¼ inch at a time and that it took along time before he finally had it buried to the hilt in her box. Biff kept his weight off of her and fucked her slowly allowing Nancy to adjust to his size. It was clear that she was stretched to new dimensions. The six of us sat in awe and amazement as Biff worked his cock into her.

Nancy moaned in ecstasy, “Oh my, oh yes, oh I am so full. It has filled every inch of my pussy. Fuck me now, please!”

Biff gradually picked up the pace and he was soon fucking her with authority. His big dick continually rubbed against her clit and Nancy climaxed numerous times before her most intense orgasm of the evening. Her body was covered in goose bumps as tremors passed through her and she writhed and bucked under Biff. The tightness of her pussy and her vaginal muscles sent Biff over the edge and he filled her twat with his seed. The two of them fucked slowly until Biff collapsed on the bed, rolling over and moving Nancy to the top, all the while keeping his cock buried in her pussy. They stayed in that position until they calmed and relaxed.

Biff’s cock although soft now was still imbedded in Nancy’s pussy. As Nancy raised herself up off of Biff, his dick slipped out of her pussy and flopped on his abdomen. Nancy’s pussy, stretched to a new size, could not hold Biff’s load and it plopped out of her womb. It was a strange sight and it appeared as if Nancy was cumming. She flopped on the bed next to Biff and sighed.

“My god, that was incredible,” she uttered.

Dave and I jumped in the other bed. He wanted to fuck me dog style so we could watch the action on the floor. That was fine with me and gave my clit a breather. Dave’s cock was just like Dan’s and it felt good massaging my vaginal passage. Jerry, Lori, Joannie and Dan set up on the floor. Jerry wanted to fuck Lori’s firm fake tits.

“What about my pussy? Who is going to take care of my pussy if you’re tit fucking me? Lori questioned.

“No sweat Lori, I’ll take care of your pussy,” answered Joannie.

“You, no way!” cautioned Lori.

“Why not, I haven’t had any complaints yet. Ask your girlfriend Nancy if she enjoyed it when I ate her out before?” Joannie challenged.

Lori looked at Nancy who sheepishly nodded the affirmative and then she reluctantly agreed to try it.

“It’s just that I have never been with a woman before,” Lori timidly replied.

“Just let my husband fuck your tits and leave your pussy to me. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised,” Joannie promised.

Lori lay on her back and Jerry straddled her chest placing his hard cock between her tits. He used his hands to push her tits up around his cock creating a tighter feel. Joannie got on her knees between Lori’s legs and began to play with her pussy causing Lori to gasp.

Dan knelt behind Joannie and fingered her pussy and massaged her shapely ass. “Which hole do you want me to fill Joannie?” Dan asked.

“Fuck my pussy until your dick is wet and then put it in my ass,” Joannie directed.

Jerry began fucking Lori’s tits as Joannie munched on her pussy and Dan fucked Joannie’s cunt. Joannie’s pussy must have been soaking wet because it wasn’t long before Dan moved his cock from Joannie’s pussy to her asshole. He seemed surprised how easy it went into Joannie’s ass. Joannie massaged her anal muscles milking Dan’s dick and extracted a groan from him.

“God Joannie your ass is fantastic. If you keep squeezing me in your ass I’m not going to last long,” Dan said realizing that he was not in control of the situation. Joannie was in complete control of both Lori and Dan. She continued to milk Dan’s cock with her anal muscles and she had Lori writhing under her as she ate her pussy. I remembered my first cunt licking experience at the hands of Joannie so I had a good idea of what Lori was feeling. Joannie was an excellent pussy eater in fact she was excellent in every aspect of sex.

Dave had slid his cock into from me behind and fucked me slowly as we both watched the action on the floor. Biff had put Nancy on all fours in the other bed and he was fucking her doggy style as they too watched the floor action. It was amazing to watch his big dick slide in and out of Nancy’s petite body. Jerry announced that he was going to cum and he leaned back and shot his sperm all over Lori’s tits. Then he moved his cock back between her tits and held them tightly to his cock as he drained his cock of the remaining cum.

Dan’s body stiffened signaling his orgasm and he emptied his balls into Joannie’s rectum. Joannie continued to use her ass muscles to extract every drop of sperm from his cock. Joannie had Lori tossing and thrashing around in orgasm as she mouthed her hot pussy. Lori reached down and grabbed Joannie’s head holding her tight against her quim.

“Oh God Joannie, you’re the best. Oh eat me make me cum again!” Lori begged.

Dave leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Marla can I have your ass, can I fuck you in your bottom.”

“Not tonight Dave, I’m not in the mood. Take Joannie’s ass, she loves it all the time,” I replied.

Dave slipped his cock from my pussy and got down on the floor behind Joannie. He lined up his hard cock with her bung hole and pressed into her body. His cock went in easy and Joannie wiggled her curvy ass welcoming the penetration. Dave received the same treatment that Dan had as Joannie worked her magic with her anal muscles.

Dave announced that he was cumming, “Oh Joannie here it comes. I’m going to cum in your hot ass.” His body tensed briefly and then he fired his load into her bottom.

As she did with Dan, Joannie milked Dave cock dry. He withdrew his deflated cock from her ass and collapsed on the floor. Joannie continued to work Lori over and she soon had her begging for mercy.

“Please stop, no more, I can’t take any more,” Lori pleaded with her final orgasm.

Joannie smiled at Lori and then asked her, “How was that? Are you a believer now?”

Lori responded, “You were marvelous, I have never cum that much from a pussy lapping.”

The four of us located our bed sheets and bid our new friends good night. We agreed to meet them on the beach tomorrow then we made our way back to our room.

Back in our room Biff and I went to bed together with Joannie and Jerry in the other bed. Biff and I fucked once more that night in a missionary position and it was lovely. He fucked me slowly for a long time allowing me multiple orgasms before he finally unloaded his cum in me for the final time that day.

Joannie and Jerry had gotten into a 69 position and sucked each other off. They had also retrieved two of the dildos and fucked each other’s ass. Jerry shot his load into Joannie’s mouth as she pummeled his ass with the fake dong. In turn Joannie creamed all over his face as her husband shoved the fake cock into her asshole.

Exhausted once again we all fell asleep. As I lay there I wondered, “What would tomorrow bring, would we introduce our new friends to other sexual perversions or would we meet more sex partners?”

I awoke the next morning feeling very good. Last night for me had been an evening of very enjoyable and controlled sex and my body felt terrific. I realized that I was alone in my bed and when I looked over at the other bed I saw that Biff had joined my son Jerry and his new bride Joannie in their bed. Joannie was riding Biff’s cock while her husband fucked her in the ass. They were trying to be quiet and Joannie was not her normal vocal self. She grunted softly as the two cocks pounded her holes and they fucked until they all came.

I slipped out of bed and went to take a shower leaving the three of them still coupled to each other in the other bed. I was enjoying the warm shower letting the water cascade over my body when Joannie came in and joined me.

“I am so full of cum. I don’t know where Biff gets it all. He is like a cum manufacturing machine,” Joannie said with a giggle.

“Yes he is quite amazing,” I confirmed.

Joannie washed cum out of both her pussy and her ass as we showered together. Joannie then turned her attention to me and began to soap and wash my body.

“Let’s wash each other,” she said.

I began to soap her up and wash her as she ran her hands all over my body. We washed each others tits, ass and pussies. We fingered each other and rubbed each other’s clit. Joannie taught me what she called the bowling ball grip. Joannie reached under my cunt and inserted her middle finger in my soapy asshole then she put her thumb in my pussy. Joannie would flex her thumb in my cunt rubbing my clit with the back of her thumb as her middle finger probed my bung hole.

Joannie had me follow her lead so I put my middle finger in her ass and my thumb in her pussy. We stood in the shower finger fucking each other and then with our free hand played with each other’s tits. “Don’t you just love this?” Joannie asked.

She was so sexually charged that her energy passed through my body as well. Soon we both came on the other’s hand with the shower water washing our juices away. We hugged after our orgasm as much to steady ourselves as to embrace one another. We dried off after the shower and walked naked back into the bedroom. I had become totally comfortable with being naked all the time. There in the room on the bed, my son Jerry was on all fours as Biff fucked him in the ass.

“Oh man this feels good; I forgot how good your cock feels in my ass. Fill me up with your jizm. Oh how I have missed this the past few days!” Jerry exclaimed.

Biff kept pounding Jerry’s ass as he milked Biff’s dick with his ass muscles. Joannie and I stood there naked holding each other and watched them until Biff unloaded in Jerry’s ass. As I had seen before Jerry collapsed on the bed and Biff’s impressive cock slipped from his stretched asshole. Cum bubbled out of his ass and ran down my son’s legs over his balls.

Biff and Jerry then showered and we all dressed and went to breakfast. We arrived later than usual so we agreed to make this a brunch and skip lunch today. We ran into Lori, Nancy, Dan and Dave all who joined us at our table. We had our meals and agreed to meet later on the nude beach. We stopped back at our room to change into our tees and shorts, although they wouldn’t be on long and headed down to the beach.

We set up eight lounge chairs and awaited the arrival of the other group. Lori, Nancy, Dave and Dan arrived shortly afterwards and this time removed all of their clothes without hesitation. They pulled up their chairs and started talking with us. Lori and Nancy shared with us how much they enjoyed the female sex with Joannie last night. Then Dave and Dan talked about fucking Joannie’s ass and what a turn on it was for them. It was the first time they had fucked anyone in the ass.

“So it was a first for each of you and you can thank Joannie for that,” said Biff.

Joannie stood up to a mock applause and bowed to each of them wiggling her shapely ass. Everyone laughed at her and then we got back to our conversations. Lori shared with us that she and Nancy got it on together this morning. They coupled in a 69 position and ate each other’s pussy until they came.

“Wow that’s great, I told you that you would like it and now you have something else to add to your swing sessions,” Joannie complimented them and then challenged, “Anytime you want to eat my pussy just let me know.”

Lori and Nancy both blushed and Lori replied, “Maybe later.”

The group was interested in learning more about our situation and how it came that we traveled together and fucked each other. I looked at Biff, Jerry and Joannie with a where do we start look.

Jerry jumped in and said, “Probably a little background first before we tell you about our relationship. Let me take you back to our college days.”

Jerry quickly covered the initial relationship with Marilyn, Biff and himself. Then he moved it along to when he and Joannie started dating and when Biff was brought into that relationship. Jerry explained in great detail the various copulations that he, Joannie and Biff engaged in. He talked about how great it was when Biff fucked him in the ass while Joannie sucked on his cock and when he sucked on Biff’s cock as Joannie fucked him in the ass with her strap-on dildo.

Joannie jumped into the conversation and said how she loved to be double and triple fucked. She loved Biff’s cock in her ass, pussy and mouth while Jerry was using another hole. Joannie explained how Jerry fucked her ass as he hand fucked her pussy with the dildo and Biff filled her mouth with his cock.

Biff explained that sometimes he could talk his date into joining them and then they had foursomes. The three of them had always loved group sex and experimented with bi-sexuality. Originally they planned to bring a fourth person on the honeymoon before Marla had entered the picture. But once she joined in it was only fitting that she be fourth.

Lori, Nancy, Dave and Dan were speechless as they listened to the Jerry, Joannie and Biff tell their story. They sat there stunned for a few minutes before Dan spoke.

“I knew all of you were into the group thing but man you are really wild,” Dan sighed and then looked at Jerry and asked, “Did you really enjoy fucking and sucking cocks?”

“Absolutely and I still do,” answered Jerry and then asked, “How about you guys, ever have your cocks sucked by a guy, ever fucked a guy’s ass? Want to give it a try?”

Dan and Dave looked at each other quizzically and then Dan said, “I don’t know I have never given it a thought.”

“Me either!” said Dave.

“You guys should give it a shot,” chimed in Biff, “I think you will be pleasantly surprised.”

“Yeah you should try it and it looks like you guys are already sporting a woody,” Joannie added.

It was true, Dave and Dan had erections. All this talk about sex had gotten them excited. Still they weren’t ready for guy sex yet. Dan and Dave embarrassingly put their hands in their laps trying to discreetly mask their erections.

Lori changed the focus by asking me how I got involved with Biff, Joannie and my own son Jerry. I explained to the group how I had spied on them. First I watched Jerry suck Biff’s cock and then I watched Biff fuck Jerry in the ass. After that I looked forward to spying on them. The next time I watched them Joannie was with them. I watched Joannie suck Jerry’s cock as he sucked Biff’s. Then they double fucked Joannie with Biff in her pussy and Jerry in her ass. Later Biff fucked Joannie in the ass while she sucked on Jerry’s cock. Finally Jerry fucked Joannie in the ass as Biff fucked him in the ass.

“My God Marla, how did you ever stay quiet during those sessions? I would have had my hand buried in my pussy and I would have had very vocal orgasms.” Lori asked.

“Well I tried to be quiet and wait until I was alone in my bedroom to masturbate,” I replied.

“Yeah but she wasn’t as quiet as she thought and I caught her looking at us,” Biff quipped.

I went on with the story and told everyone how Biff had seduced me poolside. Then I told them how Joannie had joined Biff and I in my bedroom and how she introduced me to female sex. I told everyone how Joannie had walked me through my first anal sex with Biff’s big dick stretching me to new proportions. I explained the next time I was together with Biff and Joannie how my son Jerry had snuck in and fucked me in the ass while Joannie was eating my pussy and Biff was fucking my face. Then I told them about my first double fuck with Biff in my pussy and Jerry in my ass.

“After that first foursome with these three, we continued having group sex together. I agreed to join them on this honeymoon and you know the rest,” I concluded the story.

“That is some story and if that was supposed to relax me a little, it didn’t work,” said Dan sporting a full erection.

“Ditto,” said Dave in the same state.

“Come on you guys I can help you out,” offered Jerry as he stood, grabbed some lotion and walked toward the nude Jacuzzi.

“Go on guys, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed,” urged Biff.

“Yes go on it sounds so hot,” Lori encouraged them.

Dan and Dave had mixed feelings. It would be a first with a guy but they were so horny at this point that they agreed. They tried to appear reluctant but one could tell they were a little curious and excited. They stood up and draped towels over there shoulders with the long ends covering their crotch as they followed Jerry over to the nude Jacuzzi area. Jerry was headed to the same area where he had fucked and sucked Michelle and Brandy the other day.

Lori jumped up and said excitedly, “I have to see this!”

Nancy didn’t say anything but she followed Lori. Biff, Joannie and I all remained behind in our chairs. They were all gone for no more than a half hour. When they returned Dave and Dan had a flushed, embarrassed look on their faces and Jerry was all smiles. Lori and Nancy appeared disillusioned.

“Well how did it go?” Biff asked them as casually as if he were asking about a game of horseshoes.

Dave and Dan just blushed but Jerry offered, “They were great. Dan fucked my ass and I sucked Dave’s cock. They filled me up with cum.” With that said Jerry took off for the ocean to wash off and cool down.

Lori said, “That was so hot to watch three guys together. I never thought that I would see anything like that in person. My pussy is on fire right now.”

“Mine too,” added Nancy, “It was really exciting to watch them. Jerry looks just like a girl when you can’t see his cock.”

“Come on girls. Let’s swim out to the raft and I’ll put out those fires in your pussies,” Joannie offered and then headed for the ocean.

“Go ahead,” I encouraged Lori and Nancy, “Just follow her lead,”

Lori, Nancy and Joannie swam out to the raft together. Biff, Dan, Dave and I remained in our chairs. Soon Jerry came back out of the water and rejoined the group. I explained to Dan and Dave what was about to take place on the raft. They turned their chairs toward the water so they could see the action.

When they reached the raft Lori and Nancy sat on the edge and Joannie began to work her magic. First her face was between Lori’s legs and then apparently after Lori orgasmed, she moved over between Nancy’s legs. As always it was impossible to make out the details but it was obvious that the girls were having their pussies eaten. After Nancy apparently orgasmed, Joannie jumped up on the raft and Lori moved between her legs and began to eat her pussy. It appeared that Nancy sat closer to Joannie and that the two of them were kissing and feeling each other up as Lori ate Joannie’s twat. Then Lori switched places with Nancy and began to kiss Joannie as Nancy hit the water and moved between Joannie’s legs. Eventually Joannie lay back on the raft indicating that she had cum again. The three girls just stretched out of the raft resting.

Dave said, “Man this too much, shit I’m hard again.”

“Yeah, I am too,” admitted Dan.

“Okay guys let’s go, this time you get my ass Dave,” said my son Jerry and he headed back toward the nude Jacuzzi.

Dave and Dan anxiously followed him to their spot. This time there was no apprehension on their part. They definitely wanted to get their rocks off again and they looked forward to another session with Jerry.

The girls swam back from the raft and stood up by us toweling off their shapely naked bodies. I looked at Nancy and for the first time I felt a stirring in my loins. Her petite delicate Japanese figure was so enticing with her small breasts and curvy ass. Her fair skin was accented with her jet black long hair and the black tuft of hair just above her pussy. I knew that I would have her before the day was done.

“Where are the guys?” Lori asked.

“Oh they got horny again and went over there,” I told her and pointed.

“Come on let’s check them out,” said Joannie as she took off across the sand with Lori and Nancy right behind her.

“Well they seem to be enjoying themselves today. How are you doing Marla, horny yet?” Biff asked.

I just laughed and said, “I’m getting there and I think I will ask Nancy to go for a swim when she gets back.”

“Good for you,” he replied.

About 30 minutes later they all returned to our area. My son Jerry was all smiles again as he walked right past us and headed for the ocean. Dave and Dan returned with a more satisfied look on their faces this time. As the three girls approached they made quite a beautiful sight walking naked together. The leggy Joannie with her long blond hair and tan athletic body, Lori the dark hair beauty with her firm fake tits and Nancy the delicate oriental with her mysterious far-east appeal sauntered across the sand toward Biff and I. They did not go unnoticed as many an eye both men and women followed them to their chairs.

“Well guys I must say you overcame your reservations about bi-sexuality rather quickly,” Biff said to Dan and Dave.

Dan replied, “Yes I guess we did. You were right Biff, Jerry has a very talented mouth and fucking him was just like fucking a woman.” “I couldn’t believe how he worked those ass muscles and milked my cock dry!” exclaimed Dave.

All this talk and activity had gotten me hot and I looked out toward the raft and saw that it was vacant. “Come on, Nancy let’s take a swim,” I urged her.

I clearly caught her off guard and she looked surprised. She looked around almost for approval from the others before she got to her feet and joined me.

“Okay, if you want,” Nancy said uncertainly.

The two of us headed toward the water and then slowly swam out to the raft. Once we were near the raft we stopped and swam close to each other. I ran my hands over her delicate body underwater sending chills through her.

“Do you want me to eat you first or do you want to eat me first?” I asked her surprised at my own directness.

Nancy replied, “I’ll do you first. I’m not as hot as you right now but I will be after I eat your pussy.”

I got up on the raft first and spread my legs for Nancy. Nancy moved between her legs and stroked and lightly probed my vulva. I was struggling to contain my desire, and when I felt Nancy tease my secret entrance I couldn’t stand it any longer. I pulled Nancy to me and tried to get her to lick my sopping wet pussy. But Nancy was not concerned about my urgency and continued at her own pace.

I pushed myself onto Nancy’s face and I knew that this was what I wanted. I needed this beautiful Japanese girl to lick at my sex, to explore me with her tongue, my hidden crevices and taste my juices. Nancy movements were unsure at first, knowing only that she wanted to taste my womanhood. She knew I was encouraged by my murmurs of pleasure that her actions caused.

Nancy had an overwhelming desire to touch and feel me and she brought her hands up to caress my buttocks. She kneaded gently at my smooth flesh, spreading my cheeks until I knew she could see the deep shadowed cleft between them, and my puckered amber ring that nestled there. She startled me when she reached for it with her tongue, licking, and running the tip of her tongue around it, feeling my tight muscles react to her probing tongue.

I whispered encouragement to her, “Oh yes, oh Nancy please don’t stop.”

I felt my tight ring dilate from the pressure of her tongue. This felt so good. Nancy then pushed a finger into my pussy and I felt it delve deeply into my warmth causing my vaginal muscles to contract involuntarily.

“Put your finger in me,” I begged and Nancy knew exactly what to do. She moistened her finger with my cunt juices and she pushed it into my tight rosebud, slowly easing her way in. Her tongue continued to lick and tease my sex now slipping over my moistened lips and stopping at my tight pleasure nub. I pushed myself against her, grinding my hips so as to force Nancy’s finger further and deeper into my anal channel. I could no longer concentrate on anything apart from the feel of Nancy’s hands caressing my ass as her finger penetrated my private entrance while her mouth nibbled frantically on my clit. I knew I was about to cum and I knew that would as good as ever. That special feeling rose over me and I buried my face in hands to hide my cries of pleasure. I felt my juices flow, my pussy swell and I squirted streams of cum into Nancy’s mouth. At first she was startled when the first squirt shot into her mouth but then Nancy licked and swallowed, drinking the streams of cum with her own sounds of pleasure.

For a moment we stayed glued to one another, too weak to move. Then very slowly, Nancy eased her finger from my rectum and laid her head on my thighs with her arms entwined around my legs. This was only the start of our explorations and now I would take her.

“You are a very fast learner Nancy,” I gasped.

“Yes, Joannie is a very good teacher,” Nancy replied.

“That she is,” I agreed.

“Marla your pussy gets so swollen when you are excited and when you cum it squirts out like you are peeing,” Nancy commented.

“Yes that’s true. Biff calls it my puffer pussy and I am a squirter. Now let’s see if I can get you to squirt for me,” I answered.

Nancy and I switched places so that she was now seated on the raft and I was between her legs. I gently pushed Nancy’s legs wider apart and I watched as the outer lips of her sex spread and the pink inner surfaces were revealed to me. They were already glistening with juices and I knew at that instant how Joannie must have felt. I couldn’t wait to taste her juices for myself. The opening of Nancy’s vagina was a dark and mysterious shadow and felt like velvet.

I slowly reached forward and spread Nancy’s labia wider allowing my fingers to play up and down her moist slit. I felt Nancy quiver, little goose bumps from her shivers of sensation ran down her thighs. Stretching her wider I could see a firm nub of erect pink flesh standing proudly like a tiny cock at the top of Nancy’s sex. I knew that this was her seat of pleasure and the cause of all the urges that she had felt over the last two days. I let my fingers tickle her clit lightly, teasingly causing her to gasp as her thighs jerked in sudden tremor. I lowered head and took the nub of tissue in my mouth, rolling it lightly between my lips and scraping it gently with my teeth. I could smell her arousal. The deep musk made me light-headed and I wondered if this is what Japanese pussy smelt like.

I tongued and licked gently up and down the length of Nancy’s slit and I had to hold her thighs apart as she began to buck beneath me. I knew that Nancy was reaching her crisis as she moaned, almost growling with meaningless sounds of ecstasy arising from her. I slowed my assault as I wanted to extend her pleasure as long as I could. I fingered Nancy’s sex again, ran my fingertips up and down her sex and scratched lightly at her labia.

With a fingertip I probed the entrance to Nancy’s vagina. I knew that I wasn’t the first to tread this path and that I must still go gently. Nancy’s cry of pleasure at being penetrated encouraged me to thrust my finger in her deeper and faster. I could feel the muscular walls of her tight pussy grip at me as I caressed the folds and crevices inside her pussy. I slid my middle finger in alongside the first finger and allowed my thumb to rest lightly on Nancy’s clit.

Nancy’s pussy seemed to suck at my fingers drawing them in deeper and faster until my fingertips seemed to make contact with Nancy’s womb. Both of us were panting so I began to rub her clit frantically. I knew that Nancy was about to cum. I watched Nancy arch her back and I felt her muscles contract down around my fingers. I pulled my fingers from her cunt and covered it with my mouth once again sucking hard on her clit. Nancy covered her mouth with her hand to smother her cries of ecstasy as she writhed on the raft with her head moving from side to side as the waves of sensation rolled over her. Nancy came in buckets drenching my face with her juices. I was intrigued with the taste of her and I wondered if some sea water had gotten in her pussy or did she always taste like this.

We had been so pre-occupied with our coupling that we did not notice a couple swim up to the raft. They had remained in the water and watched me eat Nancy’s pussy. They smiled at us when we acknowledged their presence.

“That was very beautiful,” said the woman.

“Yes it was quite a show,” said the man as he pulled himself up on the raft sporting an erection, “Look what you did to me.”

“And now I will just have to take care of this,” the woman said and then engulfed her partner’s cock in her mouth.

“You are welcome to stay and watch if you like,” the man offered.

Nancy and I had witnessed plenty of cock sucking within our own sex sessions, so we opted to swim back to our group. We left the unknown couple to their own indulgences and swam back to the beach. We rejoined our group on the beach and then we all sat around and made plans for the evening. Tonight the entertainment would be an Elvis impersonator who was supposed to be very good. We all agreed to meet for dinner, attend the entertainment session and then adjourn to our room for the night’s activities.


The dinner was excellent as always and the entertainment was superb. The Elvis impersonator sounded just like the “King” and sang all of his popular songs. We had an enjoyable evening dancing with each other to all the songs. After the entertainment we headed to our room for the evening’s orgy.

Once in our room everyone shed their clothes immediately and we soon had eight beautiful naked people touching each other. Joannie wanted to take on three of the guys first. It had been a few days since she had three cocks in her at the same time. The rest of us sat on the opposite bed to watch Joannie put on a show for the rest of us.

Joannie had Biff lay on his back as she straddled him and lowered her pussy onto his huge cock. She told Dan and Dave to take her ass and mouth. Dan hurried to get behind Joannie and fed his cock to Joannie’s hot ass. Dave positioned himself at her face and she gobbled his dick right up. Lori, Nancy, Jerry and I sat on the opposite bed and watched as the three men fucked all of Jerry’s wife’s holes.

Joannie was incredible whenever she did three guys, she was the most lustful and wanton woman I have ever seen. She had so much energy she went from orgasm to orgasm non-stop, demanding more all the time. She would get so aroused that she never came down in between orgasms it would be just one right after the other, each one more intense then the other. It was difficult for the three guys to keep up with her; she shook, groaned and screamed uncontrollably for them to fuck her harder and longer.

Dave came first shooting his load into her succulent mouth. Joannie swallowed it all very quickly and sucked him dry. Dave fell back with his softened cock slipping out of her mouth.

Joannie yelled, “Jerry I need your cock.”

Jerry scrambled out of our bed and knelt in front of Joannie. She sucked his erect dick right into her mouth never missing a beat with Biff and Dan. Dan came next and filled her ass with his hot cum. He continued to fuck her back hole as she milked his cock dry, eventually it softened and slipped from her pulsating asshole.

“Marla get a cock and fuck my ass,” she screamed.

Lori and Nancy looked confused as I got off the bed to retrieve a strap-on from our dresser. They looked on in amazement as I put on the harness with the large fake cock dangling in front of my pussy. I moved to bed and got behind Joannie and inserted the hard dong into her ass. I watched the expressions on Lori and Nancy faces as I plowed my fake cock into Joannie’s asshole. They were in a trance never before having seen such a scene.

“Get ready Joannie, I am going to cum,” Biff warned.

Biff then tensed before he shot his seed deep into her pussy. Then he picked up the pace and fucked her hard draining his cock of every drop of cum. Joannie’s pussy overflowed with Biff’s copious load and much of it ran down over his balls.

“Oh shit, I feel it. God I love your cum, I love to be filled with it. Let me clean off your balls let me suck you dry,” Joannie bellowed.

Biff slid out from underneath her and presented his soaked cock and balls to her mouth as her husband temporarily moved out of the way. Joannie sucked his cock until it was empty and soft and then she cleaned his testicles of all cum.

“Marla please get someone to fuck my pussy,” Joannie ordered.

I withdrew from Joannie’s ass and walked over to my dresser to retrieve another strap-on. As I walked my own fake cock dangled and bounced lewdly in front of me.

The guys were spent except Jerry who was back in Joannie’s mouth so I looked at Lori and Nancy and asked them who wanted to fill Joannie’s pussy. Lori jumped at the opportunity and quickly put on the harness with my help. Lori then lay on the bed under Joannie as she lowered her pussy on the dildo. I inserted my dong back into her ass and once again she had three cocks in her, two of them fake.

Lori got into it and learned quickly that the dildo’s hard nub rubbed right against her clit. The three of us worked Joannie over as she continued to move from one orgasm to another. She was insatiable.

Jerry couldn’t hold out any longer and squirted his jizm in his wife’s mouth. Joannie gobbled it up and sucked him dry. Jerry withdrew his deflated cock and joined Biff, Dan, Dave and Nancy on the other bed to watch his wife’s performance.

“Nancy give me your pussy,” Joannie ordered.

Nancy shyly moved to the bed and presented her pussy to Joannie. Joannie sucked her cunt right into her mouth and quickly located Nancy’s hard little clit. Before long Joannie had Nancy writhing in orgasm and Lori and I were experiencing our orgasms triggered by the dildo nubs.

Joannie went into convulsions as orgasms rocked her body. Her hips moved violently and rapidly dislodging my fake cock from her ass. Her mouth left Nancy’s pussy as she collapsed on top of Lori fucking herself on the fake cock. Joannie’s hips moved from fast to slow much like a ride coming to a stop. She was drained and exhausted from her numerous orgasms but I knew that after a brief rest she would be ready to go again. Joannie was possessed with sexual drive and energy. Joannie had four loads of man cum in her and she was responsible for the three women’s orgasms.

“Wow! Now that’s what I call a good fucking,” Joannie exclaimed.

“I think we all agree with that,” I replied.

As we were resting I showed the double dildo to Lori and Nancy. I explained that the lesbians had given us the two strap-on dildos and the two headed dildo in case we needed them. The girls wanted to hear more about our sessions with the lesbians so Joannie and I told them what transpired without getting into explicit details.

“You know making it with another woman was the furthest thing from my mind when we came to the resort,” Lori said and then continued, “I knew that girl-girl sex would be available to us if we wanted it. I just didn’t expect it would happen but I am glad it did.”

Nancy added, “Yes, I am so happy that we were introduced to lesbian sex. It is so erotic to have a beautiful woman eat my pussy and then my eating her pussy in return. I have never used a dildo and it was exciting to see you two fuck Joannie as she ate me.”

“It certainly was hot watching you girls get it on and I am glad that Jerry taught us about bi-sexuality. I really enjoyed fucking and cumming in his ass and mouth,” Dan admitted.

Dave echoed, “Yeah it was a real turn-on to fuck Jerry’s bubble butt and Joannie’s hot asshole. I’ll never forget it.”

“All of you were certainly willing partners and although I didn’t get to fuck Lori and Nancy in the ass I still had a great time with all of you,” Biff told them.

“I think that anal is stretching it for me. I didn’t even like a finger in there,” Lori told us.

“I liked when Marla stuck her finger in my ass while she ate my pussy but I can’t imagine a cock being in there especially one as big as Biff’s,” Nancy added to the conversation.

“Of course everyone knows that I love it but it does take some time to get broken in to where you can accept a big thick cock like Biff’s,” Joannie said.

Biff added, “You know I love to fuck asses but the next best thing for me is to fuck a girl doggy style. That way I can still play with her shapely ass.”

We sat around and talked for awhile longer and had a few drinks. Everyone was still kind of tired so we decided to go down to the nude Jacuzzi and relax there. This was our first trip to the nude Jacuzzi at late night. We were surprised to see so many people there in the nude. Many of the guests who did not use the nude beach where there at the Jacuzzi totally naked. We agreed that the late hour of the night and the alcohol played a big factor.

The eight of us found a spot on the side of the Jacuzzi where we could all sit together and we watched the gatherings and couplings before us. Jerry spotted Brandy and Michelle sitting on the opposite side from us. They were sitting next to each other kissing and stroking the other’s cock. They were soon joined by two other men who moved in front of them and began to suck their cocks.

“Those are the two gays I told you about,” Jerry said pointing toward Brandy and Michelle.

We watched as the two other men sucked Brandy and Michelle to orgasms and then switched places with them. Brandy and Michelle then began to suck the cocks of the other men.

All around the Jacuzzi there were various displays of sex and pairings. Guys with guys, girls with girls and couples all having sex with each other. Although with the couples it was difficult to tell which partners belonged together.

There were a few good looking couples but not anything to really get us turned on. We soaked in the warm waters and allowed our bodies to relax and we watched the activities surrounding us. After a while we decided to return to our room.

Once back in the room Dan and Dave were geared up for some more butt fucking. These guys had really taken to anal sex and had obviously decided to get as much as they could at the resort because Lori and Nancy would not be providing them asses to fuck here or at home. Dave asked me if he could fuck my ass and Dan was already zeroed in on Joannie. Joannie got the double dildo and inserted it in our pussies as we lay on our side facing one another. Dan then slipped his cock into Joannie’s ass as Dave penetrated mine. Joannie and I fucked each other with the double dildo as the two guys reamed our asses.

On the other bed Biff had Lori on all fours and was fucking her doggy style. Jerry was doing the same to Nancy as the four of them watched our action in the other bed. Biff ran his hands all over Lori’s shapely ass as he fucked her pussy. Jerry had managed to work one of his fingers into Nancy’s ass as he too fucked her pussy. It wasn’t long before Joannie and I came drenching the fake double cock in our pussies. Dan and Dave were next to cum shooting their loads into our rectal channels.

Lori and Nancy came quickly and flopped on the bed in front of Biff and Jerry. Biff and Jerry brought their cocks over to Joannie and I. Biff fucked Joannie’s ass and my son fucked my ass as Joannie and I fucked each other with the double dildo. Joannie and I had multiple orgasms before Biff and Jerry came in our bung holes adding there cum to Dan’s and Dave’s.

At that point we were all pretty well spent and we agreed to call it a night. The four of us said good night to Lori, Nancy, Dan and Dave and we returned to our own room. Jerry slept with his bride Joannie and I slept with Biff. We slept soundly that night and neither of us woke to urge of early morning sex.

When we did finally wake up we barely had enough time to shower, dress and make it on time for breakfast. We did not see Lori, Nancy, Dan or Dave that morning and we assumed that they had slept in. We were later to learn that the four of them were leaving the resort that day. As usual we ate and then returned to our room to put on tees and shorts, after which we headed to the nude beach. This would be our last day at the resort because the next day we were flying home.


After another marvelous meal we returned to our room changed into our shorts and tees and headed to the nude beach. We basked all day in the sun and talked about the week’s encounters. We really had no interest in hooking up with any other couples today or tonight, so we just relaxed in the sun and took an occasional dip in the ocean.

Later that evening we went to dinner and then went to the sing along bar. We had a lot of fun at the sing along and enjoyed listening to some of the people who actually were quite good. We turned in early and enjoyed a normal night of sex, Biff in my bed with Joannie and Jerry in the other bed. We all slept soundly and in the morning we had our sexual wake up calls. Biff and I got in on in the shower as well and Jerry and Joannie followed suit.

At noon time we checked out of the hotel, went to the airport and flew home. We were hoping to see Kim the flight attendant we met on the way down but she was not on our flight. The flight was uneventful and we slept most of the way home. Once we arrived back in our town we stopped for dinner and then went to my house to turn in for the evening. It had been quite an eventful and exhausting week. One I would never forget.


We all slept like babies that night and woke up one by one the next morning. Biff was up first and he elected to let the rest of us sleep while he made the coffee. I was next to rise and I joined Biff on the patio for morning coffee. Jerry and Joannie eventually made their way downstairs to join us.

It was Sunday and a perfect day to kick back and enjoy a relaxing day at my pool. We all sat around in the nude, which had become our custom, and talked about what a good time we had on the honeymoon. All of us were a golden dark brown tan. Our conversation was interrupted by the telephone.

“I wonder who would call me today,” I said out loud as I reached for the phone.

“Maybe it is Kim,” said Joannie hopefully.

“Wishful thinking!” exclaimed Jerry.

“Hi Sally how are you?” I said surprised to hear from my younger sister. Jerry put his finger up to his lips in a signal to Biff and Joannie to keep it down.

“You are! Well sure you and Dennis can stay here it will be great to see you both,” I answered her. “Thursday will be fine. I look forward to your visit. See you then,” I concluded.

Biff, Jerry and Joannie looked at me waiting for an explanation. I explained to them that Dennis had his class reunion next Friday evening and that he and Sally would be arriving Thursday and would be staying at the house through Sunday.

Jerry said, “Aunt Sally looked hot at our wedding.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing more of her,” added Joannie.

“Does she fuck?” asked Biff.

“Stop it Biff!” I said. “She is happily married to Dennis and she does not sleep around.

“Not yet, but when she sees Biff’s pride and joy she may change her tune,” teased Joannie.

“You two are unscrupulous!” I fired back at them.

“Well look at you and how you came around,” Joannie added.

“That’s different and besides I am divorced,” I replied.

“Okay, okay, we’ll behave ourselves when they are here,” Biff said sarcastically.

“Please make sure you do and no nude sun bathing while they are here,” I reaffirmed.

The rest of the day we relaxed sunning in the nude and taking occasional dips in the pool. That night after dinner we enjoyed a couple of movies in the family room and later crashed in our own beds. It was the first time I had slept alone in awhile and it felt a little strange.

The next four days flew by as I prepared for my sister’s visit. The four of us enjoyed our share of sex again with a variety of group couplings. I really did enjoy my new found life with these three energetic young people.


Thursday arrived and Sally and Dennis showed up before noon. Dennis had some business to take care of and Sally wanted to sunbathe by the pool in order to tan up some before the Friday night party. We had our customary hugs and kisses on the cheeks although I felt that Dennis had held me tighter to him then normal. As we separated his hand slipped down from the middle of my back across my buttocks. I just shrugged it off as accidental.

Biff, Jerry and Joannie agreed not to hang around Thursday so that Sally and Dennis could settle in at the house. Dennis left shortly after they unpacked to take care of business. Sally showed me the dress that she planned to wear to the reunion. It was a pretty emerald green that was strapless and backless. She would have to go without wearing a bra and it was cut just above her buttocks. It was a very sexy outfit and one that was sure to turn heads. The dress would reveal more of Sally’s upper body then she normally revealed in her one piece bathing suit. She had bought a bikini just to wear poolside to sunbathe in hoping to get a good tan. We changed into our bathing suits and went out to the pool.

Sally admired my tan and remarked how it didn’t appear that I had any tan lines. I told her that I didn’t and explained how I sunbathed in the nude at home and that we were on the nude beach all week in Jamaica. I suggested that we both sunbathe nude and that Sally would be able to minimize her tan lines. She was reluctant but I reassured her that we were in total privacy and that the security system was on. I shed my bathing suit and noticed that Sally stared at my body for quite awhile. Then she complimented me on my tan and told me how beautiful I was without the tan lines. Then she shyly took off her bikini and stretched out in the lounge.

As we basked in the sun Sally asked me about Jamaica. I told her that first I would have to explain how the relationship developed between Biff, Jerry, Joannie and I before I could talk about Jamaica. I told Sally the story about how Biff seduced me and then how Joannie and Jerry entered the relationship. Sally was shocked but also very turned on by my account of the relationship.

“Oh my God Marla, I can’t believe all this happened,” she gasped. “Anal sex, girl sex and dildos that is incredible!” she continued.

“How about you Sally? Has it only been straight sex for you?” I asked her.

Sally showing her embarrassment answered me honestly, “Dennis and I have experimented with anal sex and we did hook up with another couple once. She liked women as much as men and we did make it together.”

“Did you like it?” I asked.

“Yes, kind of but not at first, the anal sex hurt but I did it because Dennis wanted to. Now I have gotten used to it. The female sex was great but I was afraid to admit it and I haven’t had a chance to do it again,” Sally told me.

“Now tell me about the honeymoon,” she demanded with some urgency.

I gave Sally a blow by blow detailed account of the honeymoon. I did not leave out any details. I told her about the couples, the gays and the lesbians. By the time I was done with the story Sally was breathing hard and her hands unconsciously cupped her breasts.

I moved over toward Sally and stroked her sun warmed body then I started to place gentle kisses over her torso. I began by placing my lips on her shoulders kissing downwards across her breasts to her abdomen. Her lotion covered skin was creamy and soft to my touch as I licked and kissed her all over her sensitive body. I couldn’t keep myself from sinking my teeth into the generous flesh of her breast, which made her yelp with surprise. I moved down to kiss the inside of her thighs and I heard her moan loudly as my mouth moved steadily up her thighs towards her pussy. Now I moved on to gently kiss around her exquisite moist pussy, her sweet aromas filled my nostrils.

Sally reached down to grab my head and held me still. “Are you sure about this sis?” she asked her voice cracking.

“I am, are you?” I replied licking her thighs.

Sally trembled and goose bumps covered her skin. “Yes oh yes, please love me!” she exclaimed.

I loved the smell of her pussy and I was desperate to taste more of her. I flicked out my tongue and licked her cunt finding out that she tasted as sweet as she smelled. I started to probe her cunt gently with my tongue impatiently diving into her luscious pussy. I moved myself and knelt between her legs and I began to lick her swollen clit. Next I enveloped her clit with my teeth and began to swirl my tongue around it emitting squeals of delight letting me know that I was driving her crazy. I started to lick her pussy again tasting her sweetness. I ate her, licked her and probed her tight sweet hole with my tongue. Next I slipped a finger into her dripping blond pussy and finger-fucked her while I sucked and nibbled her swollen clit.

I felt her clit swell and stiffen a little more as I continued to administer delicate kisses over her pussy before I lustily sucked her clit again. My tongue danced over her clit before I probed her snatch with my tongue delving into every fold of her now sopping wet pussy. Sally grabbed me by my hair and forced my tongue deeper inside her quim. She ground her clit against mouth and I felt her body quake as her orgasm rose within her. She continued to push her mons against my face grinding her pussy against me. I could hear her rapid breathing and uncontrollable moaning as she came all over my face. Sally was not a squirter like me but she still covered my face with her cum. I hungrily tongued her pussy and searched out each drop of her juice.

“Oh. Oh I’m cumming. Eat me please eat me! I’m there oh yes!” Sally yelled as she convulsed in orgasm.

Sally lay back in the lounge chair drained by her intense orgasm. Not expecting her to reciprocate, I returned to my own lounge chair and I began to touch my own body and finger my pussy seeking a quick orgasm. Sally watched me for awhile and then she asked if she could touch me the way I was doing to myself. I was not quite sure if I wanted to make it a reality with my sister but then Sally’s hands gently touched my breasts and my nipples instantly came alive. An audible moan escaped my lips and I closed my eyes and decided to allow my sister to have her way.

The touch of Sally’s fingers felt different. Although I had enjoyed a woman’s touch many times this was absolutely different, probably because it was my younger sister. The smoothness of her touch and delicate stroking was electrifying. I felt as though my entire body was paralyzed. Sally turned her body onto mine our entire bodies were touching each other and it was a very erotic feeling. As Sally began to kiss me her lips were soft and moist and made my inner being come alive with desire. Sally manipulated my nipples between her fingers. She then began a slow torturous journey down my body using her mouth to taste and caress every inch of my skin.

My breathing became shallow and my moans became loudly audible. I began touching Sally’s body now and I marveled in our mutual beauty. Sally began to purr in ecstasy. It seemed natural for us to be together and not taboo in spite of us being sisters. As Sally’s tongue circled my right nipple I became increasingly aware that it was not going to take much more to make me cum. I felt Sally’s fingers stroke my wet mound locating my puffer pussy, trying to find her way inside me. I moved my legs further apart trying to help her and soon Sally was fingering me with soft, slow, tender probes.

I couldn’t take it any longer and I gently pushed her head down. Sally nestled herself between my legs, used her hands to slowly open them and placed my thighs on her shoulders. With one finger Sally traced the soft outer lips of my puffer pussy and applied gentle pressure spreading them open even further. I felt the familiar butterflies in my stomach as she gazed upon the sight of my moist lips inviting her invasion. She put more fingers were inside me and caressed my inner walls while her thumb positioned itself on the tip of my swelling clit and lightly tickled it back and forth.

Sally moved herself slowly up my body as she continued to finger fuck my pussy she kissed and licked her way to my tits. She took turns holding each nipple between her soft lips sucking and flicking at my hard nipples. I in turn reached for Sally’s breasts and felt her hard nipples across my palms as I stroked them. I pinched and rolled her nipples between my fingers while Sally tongued my breasts. She whispered to me that she had to have me and then kissed me passionately. We moaned into each other’s mouth as her fingers and thumb tickled my swollen clit. I could feel the wetness of her pussy saturating my thigh.

Sally broke off our kiss and smiled at me before descending toward my aching pussy. As she reached my wet mound she separated the lips fully opening my pink moistness and then she herself groaned with anticipated pleasure. The tip of her tongue touched my center and my sweet liquid gushed into her mouth. Sally was unprepared for my gusher but none the less she licked at my silky lips, losing herself in the feeling of my beautiful hot body. She flattened her tongue and stroked my center up and down firmly enough that I could feel it on my clit. She drove me mad as my swollen clit twitched and ached for more attention. I arched my back and pulled her head to my mound trying to shove my engorged clit into her mouth much like a man would shove his cock into a woman’s mouth. She wrapped her lips around my swollen button and sucked it as she would her husband’s dick. I gasped as Sally’s lips sucked my clit in further and further causing a strong tremor to run through my whole body.

My hips lifted off of the lounge as she sucked on my clit flicking it back and forth as her fingers probed deep inside me. She worked them in and out slow at first and then with more intensity as her tongue firmly, methodically pressed again and again against my erect clit which was now totally exposed from its hood. At this point my groans became very loud, my body was rocked with my second orgasm and I ground my pussy into Sally’s face which was covered with my sweet love juices that gushed as the dam broke.

Sally continued to lap at the hard clit as my body convulsed and with one orgasm after another. Slowly my body relaxed after the last of one of the most intense climaxes I ever had. I lay back on the lounge as Sally moved up to my lips and covered them with hers, kissing me tenderly, deeply and letting her tongue slip past my lips so I could taste myself in her mouth. I kissed her eagerly in return, loving the sweet taste of myself. We lay in the sun cradled in one other’s arms without saying a word savoring the feel of a woman’s body in each other’s arms.

Sally smiled at me as she eventually moved back to her own lounge and said, “I never knew you were so hot and such a squirter.”

“Well you certainly had a lot to do with that and I would have never guessed you were such a good pussy lapper,” I replied.

“I love to be with a woman. Do you have any toys?” she asked.

“I have a few that you may enjoy. The ones the lesbians gave us in Jamaica,” I said with a sultry tone.

“Oh goody, I can’t wait,” Sally said with a giggle. “And I can’t wait to get to know Joannie better,” she added.

“I’m sure you will before your stay is over and she will be all over you,” I warned.

“Sounds yummy!” she gasped.

Sally and I spent the rest of the day basking in the sun feeling totally relaxed. When the sun went down we moved into the house and showered together in my bathroom. We washed each other and fingered each other to another orgasm. After the shower we moved to my king sized bed and lay in a 69 position and ate each other’s pussy while we fingered each other’s bung hole. We both had another orgasm cumming in each other’s mouth then we rested for awhile before we showered again this time only washing our bodies.

Dennis came back after a day at the office and insisted on taking Sally and I out to dinner. Biff, Jerry and Joannie ate at home and hung out at the house. God knows what they were up to I only hoped that they were in their own rooms by the time we returned home. Dennis was curious about Biff but I told him he was just Jerry’s best friend and he was staying with us for a while. Sally knowingly smiled at me as I deflected Dennis’ probing questions. During the meal Dennis was obviously flirting with me and he repeatedly asked questions about my personal life. He was very curious about if a good looking single woman such as me had a sex life. I politely put him off time and time again until Sally spoke up and changed the topic. I had noticed that before dinner as we entered the restaurant that Dennis seemed to accidentally touch my ass again. In fact it happened several times over the course of the evening with the most noticeable caress occurring as I got into the backseat of the car.

When we arrived back at my house I was relieved to see that Biff, Jerry and Joannie were not there involved in some sort of sexual copulation. The three of us had a night cap and then I bid Sally and Dennis goodnight and retired to my bedroom. Dennis and Sally turned in and went to the guest bedroom. It wasn’t long before I heard their distant moans and groans obviously brought on by sexual activities. I smiled to myself as I dozed off pleased that no one knew of my sister’s and my afternoon adventure.


Sally and I sun bathed poolside in the nude again on Friday while Dennis went to his local office. After lunch Joannie joined us and she wasted no time stripping off her clothes. For the most part we behaved ourselves that afternoon but I noticed that Sally kept checking Joannie out. I went in the house to make some ice tea for us as the sun was blistering hot.

When I returned with the tray of tea and glasses, I found Joannie and Sally in a 69 position with Joannie on top. They were both enthusiastically eating each others pussy and had well oiled fingers in each other’s twat and asshole. I watched them until they climaxed and then announced, “Tea is served.”

Joannie pulled herself off of Sally and returned to her own lounge chair. The three of us relaxed and sipped on the cool refreshing ice tea and I said, “I guess I can’t leave you two alone for a minute.”

Sally spoke first, “You were right Marla. Joannie is a marvelous pussy eater. I can see why she was such a good teacher.”

“It is easy when you are eating a hot pussy like yours Sally,” said Joannie. “In fact after I drink this tea and it washes away your sweet taste, I may just have to eat you again.”

“My pussy is at your disposal anytime you want it,” replied Sally.

“Sally you better take it easy. You and Dennis have a big night ahead of you tonight,” I reminded her.

“Yeah, I suppose plus we do have the rest of the weekend, don’t we?” Sally answered.

“That we do. Hey why not stay for the week. It is supposed to be great weather next week and we could all hang out together. It would be fun!” offered Joannie.

“I don’t know Dennis has to get back to work and we are supposed to be home when Barry our son arrives Monday,” Sally stated.

“Well you know you are more then welcome if you want to stay. Why not see if Dennis can work out of the local office next week and then have Barry join us here on Monday?” I offered to Sally.

“Sounds great and I will check with Dennis later,” Sally replied with a hint of excitement in her voice.

“Sally look at the time you need to start getting ready,” I reminded her.

“You’re right I need to shower and do my hair,” Sally said getting up to go inside.

“Mind if I shower with you?” asked Joannie.

“Why no I think I would enjoy that,” Sally replied.

“Keep an eye on the time, Dennis will be home soon,” I yelled after the two of them as they walked into the house with a hand on the other’s ass.

About 30 minutes later Joannie came back downstairs and went outside to swim laps in the pool. Dennis came home about 10 minutes after that and asked me where Sally was. I told him she was upstairs in the guest quarters getting ready and I noticed he was looking out toward the pool. He was watching Joannie swim in the nude taking in the beauty of her blond tanned athletic body.

“I better get ready too,” he said.

As he turned to go upstairs I noticed that he had a sizeable erection poking out his trouser front. I wondered how big he was as he ascended the stairs. Oh well the way things were going I would probably find out soon enough.

An hour later Dennis and Sally came downstairs dressed for the reunion. They made a very handsome couple and a well tanned Sally looked exquisite in her emerald dress with her golden blonde hair with streaks of strawberry red. The dress made her eyes look even greener than normal, like little emeralds. I wish them a good time as they left for the evening.

Jerry, Joannie and Biff were going out with some friends and they wouldn’t be home until late. I dined by myself and then changed into my velour lounge outfit, no panties and no bra. I curled up on the family room sofa and ordered up a new movie. I watched a couple of movies before falling asleep on the sofa. I was awoken later with the sounds of Dennis and Sally arriving home.

I rose to greet them and as I hugged Sally I could smell the alcohol on her breath. Her hand slipped down my back caressing it and stopping just above my ass. She surprised me particularly with Dennis in the room. She stepped away from me and I noticed that her erect nipples were poking through her dress.

“Would you unzip my dress?” Sally asks me.

I was surprised by her request with her husband still in the room. Dennis sat down in the oversized chair to watch us. I reach up to grab the zipper on her dress and moved it down to the bottom of her dress where it stops just above the swell of her ass. I looked at Sally’s bare tanned back and I couldn’t keep from running my hands over her back. The touch was electrifying and goose bumps covered her skin. She jumped slightly so I quickly removed my hands thinking I had already gone too far. Sally looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. I could feel my own pussy starting to get wet.

“Please don’t stop,” she said backing into me, “Your hands are very warm and they feel great on my skin.

I returned my hands to her back and rubbed them all over her smooth skin. I forgot that Dennis is still in the room and I slid her dress off her breasts letting it fall to her waist so that I could touch more of her. Sally was naked from the waist up and I moved my hands around her body to her breasts. Her skin was so very soft. I rubbed her nipples and I felt them become more erect in between my fingers. I leaned forward and kissed her neck, starting at the base and making my way up to her ear. I gently sucked on the bottom of her lobe as I continued to caress her breasts. She moaned audibly.

I kissed back down my sister’s neck and then turned her around toward me so that we were facing one another. I looked over my shoulder at Dennis sitting in the chair watching us intently. I watched him closely as I kissed his wife’s lips and rubbed her tits. I trailed my lips from her lips to her breasts and I sucked one nipple and then the other as her hands slipped under my velour top to find my tits with rock hard nipples. As I sucked on her eraser hard nipples Sally slid her hand into my velour bottoms and found me panty less then she slipped a finger into my sopping wet pussy. I flinched and then settled back down on her fingers.

Sally slid her dress completely off letting it gather at her feet on the floor. Sometime since she first left the house she had lost her panties so not only was she now naked on top, she was naked on the bottom too except for her thigh high hose. Once again I admired her pussy that was so pink and tight with just a strip of strawberry blond hair. We stood facing each other and then pressed our bodies together. Sally reached for the bottom of my velour top and pulled it over my head exposing my firm naked tits. She then pushed my velour bottoms down and off my legs. Now I was totally naked in front of my sister and her husband. Sally and I came together again and our naked bodies pressed together as we kissed passionately. I broke the kiss for a moment to look at Dennis. He had taken off his suit pants and pushed his underwear down to his knees. He sat on the chair stroking his exposed erect cock. He was not as well endowed as Biff but he was very close, an impressive tool indeed.

Sally turned my face back toward her and pressed her lips to mine and slid her tongue into my mouth. Then she pushed my legs wide open with her leg so she could spread my pussy lips making it easier for her to slide her fingers deep inside me. Sally knelt in front of me and kissed my stomach, then my belly button and then just above my pussy. My hands grabbed her head and squeezed in anticipation. Her finely manicured fingers began to spread my pussy lips even wider which allowed my juices to leak out onto her fingers making it easier to slide them deep inside me.

“Oh my God, oh Sally!” I gasped audibly.

“Should I stop?” she asks with a laugh.

“No it feels good but Dennis!” I gasp again.

“Dennis knows,” she says.

“Dennis knows,” I think to myself and I turn my head to see him stroking his cock furiously.

Sally pulled her fingers from my pussy and sucked them dry. Then she slammed them back into my quim before she pulled them out soaked with my juice and placed them in my own mouth.

“Taste yourself!” she demanded.

The alcohol had definitely affected Sally. She was more forceful and assertive then I ever remembered. I licked her fingers as I was told and sucked them fast and hard. They were sweet and sticky with my own nectar as expected. Sally was lost in the heat of the moment as she continued to slide her fingers in and out of my mouth even though there wasn’t anymore pussy juice left on them.

In her passion Sally drops to her knees in front of me and before I knew it her tongue was flicking my clit. She had her face deep inside my hot wet pink hole. She flicked my clit as three of her fingers penetrated my pussy. She grabbed a hold of my hips and forced them closer to her mouth as my pussy circled around on her face. She removed her fingers from inside me and replaced them with her tongue and pushed deep inside my cunt. My chest heaved as I came and my breasts rose and fell with every pant of my breath as I squirted my cum all over Sally’s face. I collapsed and fell to the floor.

I looked over at Dennis and he was still stroking his impressive cock with one hand as he now held his balls in the other. Sally’s face was coated with my female ejaculation.

“We better take this upstairs, the kids may walk in any minute,” I suggested in a weak voice.

Although Biff, Jerry and Joannie would have loved to find us in compromising positions it would be better if they didn’t at this time. We gathered up our clothing and made our way up to my room and the king sized bed. Once in the room Sally stripped off her hose so that she was now totally naked. I pushed her on the bed and spread her legs as far as I could so that I could get to her pussy as she had just done for me.

I could smell Sally’s arousal as I neared her pussy and she was very wet. I slid my tongue over the outside of her pussy. I wanted to tease and torture her. She tried to reach her clit with her own fingers but I pushed them back prolonging her agony. She tried again but I grabbed her hands and pushed them over her head. I called for Dennis to hold her hands and he crawled up on the bed above her head. He was naked now and his big cock waved in the air as he held his wife’s hands above her head. He held her firmly in place so that she could not move as I slammed my tongue on top of her clit and nibbled it vigorously. My mouth pressed against Sally’s pussy as I sucked on her clit. I felt her clit get harder and harder in my mouth with each little nibble. I decided that I wanted something else to penetrate her pussy with as I sucked on her hard little pearl. I got off the bed and went over to my night stand to retrieve one of my dildos.

“Hold her tight and don’t let her loose,” I ordered her husband.

“What are you doing? Get back her and eat my pussy! I need to cum! Get over here now!” Sally yelled.

Then she spotted me taking the dildo out of its harness. “What’s going on? What are you going to do with that thing?” Sally asked in a panic.

“You are no longer in control but don’t worry this is going to bring you to new heights of ecstasy,” I said with a sinister tone.

The dildo is a little longer than Dennis’ cock and definitely wider. I eased the fat fake cock into Sally’s pussy and her cunt tightened around it as I pushed it in deeper.

“No, no it’s too big for me,” Sally cried out.

“Just relax,” I told her, “Soon you will be begging for this.” Dennis continued to hold her down as I slid the dildo in deeper and deeper. I looked at his eyes and he was fixated on the fake cock fucking his wife. His own erect cock dangled in front of him just behind Sally’s head. I returned to sucking her clit as I penetrated her with the fake dong. Sally thrust her hips upward with each thrust of her new toy. Sally tensed and then orgasmed, her juices ran down the dildo and into my mouth. I sucked her pussy dry and I sucked the rubber cock clean of all her cum.

“Are you ready for the real thing?” Dennis asks his wife.

Sally was speechless so she closed her eyes and nodded. Dennis released her hands and came around her body on the bed. He spread her legs, tilted her hips up toward him and slid his big cock deep into her cunt. Watching him slam her pussy with his big dick turned me on so I climbed up and straddled her face with my pussy. I rubbed my cunt all over her face as her husband continued to pound her pussy. Sally was moaning into my cunt as she sub consciously licked my quim. Dennis stopped fucking her and got off the bed. I continued to pussy fuck my sister’s face and I reached back behind me to finger her twat.

I rubbed my clit with my fingers as Sally continued to tongue my pussy. Her tongue felt so incredible that I knew I would cum soon. I felt my orgasm approaching and I rubbed my clit faster. My body tensed and jerked in orgasm as I squirted my female cum all over my sister’s face again. I rolled off of Sally and collapsed next to her on the bed. I noticed that Dennis had reassembled the dildo and the harness. He looked at me and handed it to me.

“Here put this on and fuck her,” he demanded with a sense of urgency.

I got up from the bed and put on the harness securing tightly. Then I got back on the bed and got between my sister’s knees. I slid the cock into Sally’s pussy. I started slowly at first and then I began to thrust the fake cock harder and faster into my sister’s cunt. Dennis got up on the bed and straddled his wife’s stomach. I watched as he slid his cock between her tits and into her mouth. Sally would suck the tip of his cock each time it got close to her mouth. She held her tits firmly around his cock making it as snug as possible.

Dennis got off the bed and told me to free up his wife’s pussy. I withdraw the fake cock slick with her juices from my sister’s cunt. Dennis told Sally to get on her knees as he lie on his back.

“Get on and ride me,” he ordered her.

Sally climbed on his cock easing it into her pussy. She was very hot and in desperate need of an orgasm. I knelt behind her and cupped her tits as I guided her up and down on her husband’s cock. I reached down and grabbed Dennis’ balls in one hand. I rubbed his balls and then I wet one finger and inserted into his asshole. He jumped in surprise and thrust into Sally catching her off guard which caused her to scream. I realized that I was still wearing the dildo soaked with Sally’s juices so I moved behind her and eased the dong into her asshole. She and Dennis both stopped fucking momentarily as the fake cock entered her rectum. Then the three of us started to fuck again and tried to get into a rythum. Dennis thrust deep into her tight pussy and as I thrust into her ass as she is penetrated in both holes. I leaned into her and pressed my tits into her back as I pounded her ass with the rubber cock.

“Oh my God I’m cummmming!” screamed Sally.

“Oh yeah baby cum for us. Cum all over my big cock!” exclaimed Dennis.

With a final thrust of her body Sally came on her husband’s cock as he filled her pussy with his first load of the night. Sally fell forward onto her husband’s body beneath her and emitted a deep sigh. I pulled the fake cock out of her ass as she slumped forward. Sally rolled over on her side and I moved my face between her legs. I licked her pussy and sucked out cum from her encounter with Dennis.

Dennis knelt behind me and started to lick my pussy. Then he put three fingers into my cunt and licked my asshole. Next he lubricated my asshole with my own pussy juices and finger fucked me in both holes as I continued to eat his wife’s cum filled twat. Dennis lined up his cock with my asshole and rammed it into me filling my rectum with one thrust. He held onto my hips as he pounded my ass. He shoved me back and forth as his cock throbbed in my ass. He put his fingers back into my pussy and his thumb rubbed over my clit. I moved my mouth from my sister’s cunt so that I could encourage her husband.

“That’s it fuck my ass, fuck it good. I want you to cum deep in my ass,” I screamed.

Dennis grabbed me by my hair and forced my face back into my sister’s pussy. He slammed his cock in my ass so hard that it caused me to orgasm. I squirted cum over his fingers and onto the bed sheets. Sally came in my mouth as my body went limp and I felt Dennis unload his cum in my ass. I closed my eyes and gasped aloud as I felt his hot cum splatter the inside of my rectum. Dennis pulled out and flopped on the bed next to his wife as his cum slid down my thighs. I laid there between my sister and brother-in-law and marveled at the intensity of our sex act. We all just relaxed on my bed until the silence was broken with the unmistakable sound of Joannie’s voice.

“Well is this a private orgy or can anyone join in?” she asked mockingly.

The three of us looked over at Biff, Jerry and Joannie standing there naked in my bedroom. Joannie grabbed the double headed dildo and slipped it into her pussy. Dennis and Sally stared at Joannie with one end of the double dildo sticking out of her athletic body. The three of them pushed Dennis and I aside and got into bed with us. Joannie lay on her back and had Sally straddle her and sink her cunt down on the dildo.

“It’s time for your triple penetration debut and since your husband needs to rest I am filling in for him,” Joannie announced.

Once Sally was impaled on Joannie’s dong Jerry slid his cock into her ass and Biff shoved his big cock in my sister’s mouth. Sally was taken with Biff’s big dick and sucked on it with enthusiasm. Sally was in ecstasy with the triple penetration and seemed to just cum and cum going from one orgasm to another. Joannie had multiple orgasms while fucking Sally with the double-dildo. Jerry stiffened and shot his cum into Sally’s ass. Biff was the last to cum and Sally was not prepared for his volcanic orgasm. Biff blasted his first shot into Sally’s mouth causing her to gag briefly and swallow quickly before the next round. He filled her mouth to overflowing and cum trickled down her cheeks over her tits. Joannie pulled her down and kissed Sally deeply tasting Biff’s cum and licking Sally’s face clean.

Dennis and Sally were mildly shocked by the behavior of Biff, Joannie and Jerry. In spite of their own experiences they were not prepared for these three. Even though I had shared the stories with Sally, hearing it and doing it were very different. Dennis was hard again and he wanted to fuck Joannie in the ass. Joannie agreed if she could eat Sally again. Dennis loved fucking Joannie in the ass and it didn’t take him long to spray his seed in her anal passage. Joannie ate Sally to another orgasm as she fucked Sally’s ass with one end of the double dildo. Joannie swung her legs around over Sally’s head and lowered her own pussy onto Sally’s mouth. Dennis handed Sally the dildo from the strap-on and Sally shoved into Joannie’s pussy as she nibbled on Joannie’s clit.

“In my ass put it in my ass,” Joannie yelled to Sally.

Sally slipped the head of the dildo into Joannie’s ass and continued to eat her pussy. Joannie kept eating Sally and ass fucked her with the double dildo at the same time. The two of them made quite a sight eating each other’s pussy and dildo fucking each other’s ass. It wasn’t long before the guys were hard again and as soon as Joannie got her rocks off they were all over Sally. Biff lay on his back and slid his huge cock into Sally’s pussy stretching her to new dimensions. Dennis got behind her and fucked her ass as my son Jerry fed his cock to her mouth. This was definitely Sally’s night as her holes were kept full bringing her to orgasm after orgasm.

“Gees I can feel that thing,” said Dennis referring to his cock in Sally’s ass feeling Biff’s cock in his wife’s pussy through her membrane.

Sally’s holes felt tighter with the two cocks in her rectum and her vagina. She was soon panting and headed toward another orgasm. Jerry shot his load into her mouth and then it seemed that Biff and Dennis came simultaneously sending Sally over the edge. She trembled and shook with tremors as one orgasm after the other rocked her sensuous body.

“God no more, please no more I have to rest,” Sally pleaded.

Everyone was pretty tired at that point and we agreed to all turn in for the night. After all we did have all weekend and I was sure that there would be some more interesting developments. Partners for the night changed however and Dennis slept with Joannie, Biff slept with Sally and Jerry stayed with me. I knew that Sally was in for a treat the next morning when Biff woke up with his piss hard on.

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