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It was another steamy, humid summer day in August. I was 18, and my life was about to change forever.

My family wasn’t rich. However, we were lucky enough to have an above ground pool. It was a decent size, about 24 feet in diameter, with a wooden deck that went around most of it. One Saturday, I was floating on a raft, all alone in the pool. My mom was working, and my older sister Julie was out with her friends. It was so relaxing, the sun beating down, music playing in the background, and no one to bother me. I had been out there for about an hour, when I decided to go inside to help my relaxation. I went up to my room, opened the desk drawer, and pulled out my bag of weed. I grabbed the 2-foot bong, filled it with ice water, and smoked away. It was pretty good stuff, so I just took a couple hits. I was officially stoned!

“This is the life,” I said out loud to myself as I made my way back down stairs. “A pool, a buzz, and nothin’ to do.” I grabbed a big glass of water and headed back outside.

Instead of the raft, I grabbed the floating chair. It’s got two big armrests, one with a cup holder, and keeps you in the water from the waist down. The back is reclined, kind of like a La-Z-boy. It was about 1:00 in the afternoon, so the sun was still pretty hot. I put on my shades, took a sip of water, and then let my mind start to drift away. I’ve always been a daydreamer, and the hot sun and the pot were both kicking in.

I started thinking about walking around the mall yesterday. I love this time of year, because all the girls are wearing different types of sandals. I really love them all, flip flops, leather Doc’s, strappy ones, and especially the black “slides” all the girls wear now. I love to get on an escalator when I see a girl with pretty feet. I get on a step or two behind her, this way I can stare and get a great view.

While walking through the Gap, I noticed this one girl, about 20, looking through the jeans. She was wearing a tiny, red tank top, cut off shorts and flip-flops. The flip-flops were black, with a thicker sole than usual. She had feet just the way I like, the toes descended in size from the big toe to the pinky toe (some girls have a toe that’s longer than the big toe). She had a silver toe ring, and they were polished in a very feminine pastel pink. Her skin was tan, but not too tan, and her feet were very smooth looking, no veins or wrinkles. My cock started to stir in my shorts. I looked through the shirts that were close to her, so I could watch as she moved around. When she kneeled down a little, her heels lifted off the shoe. They were so rosy red and warm looking. My dick was really starting to come to life now. She grabbed a pair of jeans and headed for the dressing room. I had great position, because I was in between her and the dressing room. She slowly started walking this way. I couldn’t take my eyes off her feet. 10 pretty toes coming my way. I knew I was staring, but I couldn’t help it. I looked up right as she passed by. Her eyes caught mine, and embarrassed, I looked quickly away. I was really heating up, and my dick was rock hard. I decided to look around the store a little more while I waited for her return. I carried a shirt on a hanger in front of me to cover the bulge in my pants.

After what seemed like forever, my pretty toed friend came out of the dressing room. She had the jeans on, and she was bare foot! She headed towards the 3-way mirror. It was such a hot look, the back bottom of the jeans were a little long, and were wrapped under the back of her heel. I had to get a closer look. I eased my way over, looking through racks of clothes, but always with one eye on her. I was now about 5 feet from her. This was a dream come true. I could see all sides of her feet at once through the 3-way mirror. She helped, by slowly turning to see herself in all different angles. She was even on her tiptoes a little as she turned. All blood had now rushed to my cock. I felt like just diving on the floor and licking all over…

“Mickey, Mickey!” being yelled scared me awake.

“Mickey,” I looked up to see my sister Julie standing on the deck, “You space case, what are you doing?” Nothing like your sister interrupting a great daydream. Especially when you’ve still got a raging hard on. My waist was still under water, so she probably couldn’t tell.

“I’m just relaxing, well I was until you came home.”

“I hope you don’t mind, but Sharon and Janice are here, and we’re going to use the pool”

“No, I don’t mind…them, but do you have to stay?” I said sarcastically. Julie and I actually get along very well, even though we’re pretty different. She’s much straighter than I am, doesn’t really drink or smoke, never really been in trouble. I like to smoke pot, drink with my friends. Nothing more than most kids my age.

Just then, Sharon and Janice walked up the deck. I knew Sharon, because her and Julie were friends in high school. Janice was a girl she met in college. Julie introduced us, I said “Hey” to Sharon, and they began setting up their towels on the chairs. I watched as they took off their t-shirts and shorts. Good thing my sunglasses were dark, because I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I was still pretty sexed up from my day dreaming, and this was getting me going again. Let me tell you about these girls. Sharon is 5′ tall, skinny, little tits, and very curvy hips. She also has great legs from her years of jogging. Janice is much taller, about 5′ 8″, dark black hair, bigger tits, but not huge, and also a very nice body. She actually had the same look as Sharon, just taller.

The girls sat down and began to oil up. I loved watching them as they rubbed their sun-warmed skin. They oiled their faces, arms, stomach, legs, and as they got to their feet, I thought my head would explode. The funny thing is, the 3 of them are talking, and have no idea that I’m staring, and getting driven crazy.

Sharon lifted her leg off the chair a little and bent her knee to reach her foot better. Sharon has these little feet, but I’ve always found them sexy. She always has them polished, wears a leather ankle bracelet, toe ring, and a little red rose tattoo on her left ankle. I watched as she rubbed oil into the top, but what really got me is when she spread her toes out with help from her fingers, and rubbed the lotion in. It looked like she was giving herself a foot massage.

I sat there, floating and relaxing. What a day! It couldn’t get any better. The girls just chatted away, not even looking at each other, just lying in the chairs enjoying the sun. I stared at their feet, got hard, and daydreamed some more. Mostly about how it would feel to jump up on the deck and rub those pretty feet. I’d have one girl rub her feet all over my back, while I massaged the feet of the other. I would rub Janice’s foot all over my chest and face, kissing her foot, sucking her toes, licking in between them, while Sharon rubbed hers on my back, in my hair, grabbed my ears with her toes. I would take out my cock, and put one foot in my mouth and the other on my crotch. God it would feel so good to have those pretty toes rubbing my dick. I would have them both put their feet on my dick at the same time…rubbing, sliding them up and down my shaft…

“Mickey…Mickey!” The voice of my sister again woke me from a great fantasy daydream.

“What, can’t you see I’m relaxing?” I was frustrated, my dick had been hard on and off for a couple hours now.

“Mom’s home and she needs help carrying in the groceries.”

“Fine, I’ll be there in a minute,” I yelled back.

It took a couple minutes for my dick to go down. I paddled to the edge of the pool. It wasn’t so bad having to get out of the pool, because I got to walk past Janice and Sharon again. They both looked so good. They had been in the sun for a while, so their skin was glistening. All I wanted was to jump on their chairs, take out my cock, and cum all over their feet. I had a great view as I walked past them. They both had their knees bent, so their feet were flat on the chairs. This gave me a great look at the whole foot. Janice ‘s toes were glistening with maroon polish. I walked slowly, taking it all in. Sharon’s toes were dark blue. As I walked past them, down the stairs of the deck, I said to myself again, “What a day.”

I helped my mom bring in the groceries. She informed me that the girls were staying for dinner. I wanted to go to my room to jerk off, but I figured I’d hold off a little longer since they were staying. I would wait until right after they leave, while they’re still fresh in my mind.

Mom came through, made a good dinner. We all cleaned up and headed for the living room. We have an “L” shaped couch. Mom and sis’ were on one couch, and Sharon and Janice were on the other. I sat in the La-z-Boy. We were watching TV, nothing too exciting. Mom asked what the girls were up to tonight. Julie said they were going to hang out for a little while, then meet up with friends. I had decided to stay in and relax. I had a lot of jerking off to catch up on.

The scene in the living room was getting me going again. The girls were still barefoot, and were sitting with their legs up on the coffee table. They had changed into shorts, but there was still plenty of skin showing. At first I was looking out the corner of my eye, trying to glimpse as much feet as I could. They were so close, only 5 feet away. So close, but so untouchable. That was making it even worse. My cock had slowly gotten harder and harder, and now it was at full mast.

This time it was Janice driving me nuts. She kept slightly stretching her calves. When she did this, she would also point her toes. Her legs would lift just an inch or 2 over the table, and she would hold the stretch for 20 or 30 seconds. It seemed like forever, because I’d get such a great view. After stretching, she’d roll her ankles in a circle. She had such a pretty arch in her foot. Smooth skin.

When she would relax for a second, I’d turn my sights to Sharon. She liked to rub her feet over her shins. Real slow, she’d slide them up and down, from the kneecap to the top of her foot. Occasionally she used her big toe to scratch her leg a little bit. God how I wanted her to slide those toes all over my cock. I kind of came back to reality and realized I was staring.

I glanced over to see if anyone noticed. Sharon and Janice were watching TV and talking to Julie, none of them even noticed. However, when my eyes caught my mom’s, she looked me in the eyes, and then looked quickly at the girls’ feet then back at me. She gave me a quick smirk. Embarrassed, I looked away, back at the TV.

Now, each time I tried to look back over, I’d see mom peeking at me. She was trying to pretend she wasn’t, but I knew she kept taking a peek.

This went on for about 30 minutes, when finally the girls got up to leave. They said good-bye to mom and me, thanked us for dinner and the pool, and they and my sister left for the night. Mom and I both got up to walk them all out. I knew mom was watching me, but I had to get my last view in. It was a good one too, watching them walk, and then bending down to slip on their shoes. I had to pictures in my mind now: Barefoot and Shoe. I tried to be cool about it, but I knew my mom knew what I was doing.

Finally, now was my chance to take care of business. I went to the kitchen to get a big cup of ice water to head upstairs with. My mind was already racing, should I think of Sharon, Janice, at the pool, inside…the girl at the Gap…. endless possibilities. I was thinking I had enough material for 2 loads. “What a great night,” I said softly to myself.

As I made my way to the stairs, “Mickey, Mickey?” Mom yelled.

“What,” I said frustratingly. I was in a great state of mind, and didn’t want to ruin it talking to my mom.

“Come in here please,” she said nicely.

“What,” as I entered the living room.

“Come here and sit down, I want to talk to you.”

“Limp,” I thought as I walked over to the couch.

Mom was sitting in the corner of the “L”, I sat near the edge. “Did you have a nice day today,” she asked softly.

“Yeah, just hung out in the pool.” I said quickly. I just wanted to get this conversation over with. I was still all worked up, and needed to release some tension upstairs.

“Julie’s friends are nice huh?” She said.

“Yeah mom.”

“You seemed to like them,” she said coyly.

I did not want to have this conversation with my mom right now. “Yeah mom, they are nice.”

I was looking back and forth between the TV and mom. Answering her questions, but not making too much eye contact. I figured this would keep the conversation short, and get me upstairs where I need to be.

“You seemed like you really liked them, Honey,” she said teasingly.

“Whatever Mom.”

Just then I felt my mom tickle my side. I turned to push her hand away…It wasn’t her hand. She dug her big toe into my side again. I’m pretty ticklish, so I jumped a little and pushed her foot away. She stopped for a minute.

It was quiet for a minute, and then she said, “Honey, can you do me a favor? I was running around the office all day today, my feet are killing me” I turned to look at her; she smiled innocently, and held her foot out. “Please”

She had never asked me to do this before, so it felt a little strange. “Mom, I want to play around on my computer,” I said pleadingly. This would feel too weird.

“You can play on the computer in 10 minutes, just 5 minutes a foot.”

I looked at her right foot that she was still holding towards me. She always wore thick, slipper like socks. I figured I’d just get it over with so I could get upstairs. I grabbed her foot, and roughly massaged it, trying to do a bad job so she wouldn’t ask me again.

“Slower,” she said, “and not so hard.”

I eased up a little. “That’s it, that feels great,” she said in very relaxed voice. “Honey, turn towards me, doing this sideways doesn’t work.”

I turned and faced her.

“That’s better, now I can see you.” With that, she repositioned herself a little, moving a little closer so her left foot was touching my leg. “You’re very good at this honey, it feels great.” As she said that, she leaned back slightly, half closed her eyes, and really relaxed. I was still massaging her right foot, and I repositioned myself, now sitting Indian style. She was still very quiet, letting out an occasional “mmm” as I worked her foot.

Suddenly, I felt her left foot start moving, rubbing, side to side on my leg. She wasn’t using a lot of pressure, just slightly moving, back and forth, back and forth. I was wearing shorts, and the feel of her sock on my skin was very nice. “Mmm” she said again as she stretched her calf in the leg I was holding. “This feels so great Honey.”

Without even thinking, I slowly pulled her sock off. It was very thick, and hard to rub through. As soon as my hands touched her bare skin, her left foot pushed harder against my leg. “Oh honey, mmmmm” Her eyes had been closed earlier, however as I rubbed my thumbs up and down her sole, she looked me in the eye. She didn’t say anything; she just stared for a moment, gave me a quick smile, and closed her eyes again. Her foot was so warm from the sock.

As I rubbed my palms all around her foot, fingers through the toes, I looked down and saw my cock was as hard as a rock. It was straining to get released from my shorts. Reality quickly set in, that here I was rubbing a foot, but it was my moms’! I looked up at my mom again. She must have sensed something. She looked me in the eyes again, looked down at my crotch, and then gave me the same reassuring smile as before.

“Keep going Honey,” she said in a husky whisper.

I gave her a quick smile back, and began rubbing again. As I looked at my mom, and especially at her feet, I realized what an attractive woman this was. She was in her mid 40′s, but kept active and had a nice body. Her long, black hair and deep blue eyes accentuated her pretty face.

Her foot. Her foot. As I looked down, I realized that not only did she have pretty feet, but also they were my type. Fire engine red polish. From the pinky toe to the big toe, each one got slightly bigger, however they were almost all the same size. They were a little chubby, not fat, just chubby. Her foot had a very high arch. The skin was smooth as can be, no wrinkles on the toes, heel, anywhere. This is the perfect foot!

My rubbing and concentration intensified, as I was getting in synch with what areas caused a reaction in my mom. She loved it when one by one I took a toe between my index finger and thumb. I’d start at the base and pull up with just a touch of pressure. She moaned… no purred, as I did this to all 5 toes.

After what seemed like hours, I put her right foot in my lap and picked up her left. It still had the sock on. As I slowly pulled it off, she moaned softly, “Mmm. Oohhh” and pressed her right foot into my bare leg.

Her left foot was so warm in my hands. The heat from the sock caused a little bit of perspiration on her sole. I began to rub. As I pressed my thumbs into her heel, she sighed, then inched her right foot up my leg, and rested it over my crotch. As I rubbed, she used her toes and gripped my cock. She rubbed up and down with just a little pressure for just about a minute. It felt incredible. It was the first time a foot had ever been that close to my cock. She then relaxed her foot by resting it on my bare thigh. The feel of her warm smooth sole made my cock feel even harder. I was so relaxed, I was euphoric.

I continued to rub her left foot. It was still warm from the combination of my mom’s excitement and being in the thick sock. The sole was rosy red, almost matching the color of her polish. The warm skin was the softest thing I’d ever felt. I was lost in the moment. All daylong, I had been thinking about and looking at feet.

Now was the time. I had been rubbing and massaging, however I needed to taste this foot. NOW. As I slowly lifted the foot to my mouth, mom’s big toe started to rub my thigh. Her foot didn’t move, just the toe, scratching back and forth.

“Yes honey…oohh…” as her foot was right in front of my face.

I leaned in, and inhaled. The faint odor made me even hotter. I inhaled again…. It was the sweetest smell in the world. I moved closer, I had to touch mom’s foot to my face. I held it up, turned my head slightly, and pressed my cheek to the bottom of her foot. I held still for a moment. The soft, warm skin was like a magnet, my face belonged there.

I rubbed my cheek softly on her foot. I now let out a moan, “OH yeah…mmm.”

Upon hearing me moan, mom pressed her foot harder into my thigh. I rubbed my face harder into her foot. Slowly I turned my face so my nose was right in the middle of her sole. I pulled back slightly. I blew a little air onto her foot, and then I couldn’t hold off any longer. I reached my tongue out and let the tip touch her heel. With just a little pressure, I slowly licked all the way up to her toes. I could feel the couch move, as mom rotated her hips. Grinding her ass and pussy on the cushions. I held both hands around her ankle and leaned in again. I reached my tongue just under her big toe. I licked slowly, sensuously from left to right, just under the tips of her toes. I went back and forth a couple more times. Mom loved it.

“That’s sooo good honey,” she moaned. “Please put them in your mouth.”

I teased her just a little more. I licked in between her toes, sliding my tongue in and out of her toes. Her foot in my lap was now rubbing harder. “Please suck them…please”

I couldn’t wait any longer either. I put her big toe in my mouth. It was so soft and tasty. I sucked on it like it was a piece of hard candy. I rubbed my thumbs up and down her sole, as I continued to suck her toe. I looked into mom’s eyes. We stared right through each other. Without saying a word, we both pulled off our shirts. Mom had a sexy black, lace bra on. She unhooked the front clasp and slid it off. She had small tits, B cups, but they still looked good. She had small, quarter sized aureoles, but her nipples were incredible. They stuck out almost an inch. The tips were bulging; in fact they looked like a toe. This was a sexy, horny woman.

She switched her feet, and placed the left one on my chest. She lifted her right leg into my hands, and guided her foot to my mouth. I rubbed my face against it, but not for too long. I needed to suck her toes. As I took each one in my mouth, she rubbed her other foot all over my chest. She knew how to turn me on more and more.

Again, we looked each other in the eye. We smiled, lustily. Mom moved first, reaching her thumbs into her shorts. She lifted her ass slightly, and began sliding her shorts off. She pulled her knees towards her and slid them all the way off. As she was taking hers off, I was taking mine off. We both did this without really moving from the positions we were in. Both our shorts hit the floor at the same time. Mom looked me in the eye, then down at my cock. This was the hardest it has ever been. My balls tingled as they rested on the cushion. I reached for both her feet. I held them, and then pressed my face against them. She used her feet and massaged my face and head. It felt fantastic. It felt great as her toes massaged my scalp, rubbing her feet through my hair, over my face, and lips. After enjoying this for a few minutes, She moved her feet towards the side of my face. She pinched my earlobes between her toes, and gently tugged. Loved it.

I let one foot drop to the couch, to press against my cock. I began sucking her toes again. I felt the leg on the couch slowly moving away. She rested her foot so her legs were now open to me. I looked down. She spread her legs a little more. Her pussy was wonderful. It was neatly shaved, just a small triangle of hair. Her lips were beautiful. They were very puffy, and just slightly open. I could see the soft flesh inside. As hard as my cock was, her pussy was even wetter. Glistening! I could see her juices dripping down her inner thighs. I adjusted myself so when I put her foot to my mouth, I could still see her pussy.

I took her middle toe in my mouth. Sucking on this toe seemed to really excite her. I kissed and sucked. “Mmm, now lick in between………yeah that’s it…oooohhhhhhhhh.”

Just then, Mom placed a hand over her pussy. At first she just cupped it. Her small hand fit just around her puffy lips. I moaned and sucked harder. I kissed the bottom of her foot, with my mouth wide open. I kissed her foot like a French kiss, swirling my tongue all over, as my lips locked to her foot. She moaned, breathed deep…then slid her middle finger into her pussy. I kissed and swirled harder, and watched as mom slid her finger in, out and around in her pussy. She slid a second finger in. She started using both fingers, starting deep inside, and then pulling them straight out and rubbing over her clit. Her hips moved, in a circle, up and down. She quickly found her rhythm. Her juices were flowing. Her hand was sopping wet. The couch was wet. Her puffy lips were more open. In and out, in and out she rubbed. Her moans were louder now.

“Keep sucking, lick my toes, yes …oooh…. yes…aaaaahhhhhhhhh!” She shivered, with 2 fingers deep inside, as her orgasm hit. Her toes curled…. “Oooohhhhhh…honey…” She fell back into the couch.

I stopped sucking, and lovingly massaged her foot as she was coming down from her orgasm. She looked so sexy, laying back in bliss. Her thighs and ass were soaked.

She smiled at me. Her foot that I had been licking was soaked with my saliva. She placed it on my dick. She slowly began to rub it. She took her other foot from my leg, and pulled it towards her. She reached her hand into her pussy, and pulled out a juice-covered hand. She rubbed the juice all over her foot. She did this 2 more times. She knew I needed to cum, now. She placed her feet around my cock and began to jerk me off. I knew and she knew that it wouldn’t take too long.

“Sit back honey, mom’s going to make you cum,” she said with love and lust. She went up and down with both of them at first. It felt incredible. She rolled my dick in her feet, moving one forward and the other back. The thought of her pussy juice on her feet, jerking me off was so sexy, dirty, and fantastic! My breathing increased.

“Oh mom…aahhhhh.” My hips started bucking up and down….faster faster “Ooohhhhh.”

“That’s it honey, cum for mom,” she encouraged.

I fucked her feet harder…faster…up and down…up and down… Pre cum leaked out….I felt it start from my toes…The build up began. I pumped up and down…

“AAAAAHHHHHHHH,” I screamed, as the orgasm controlled my body. Cum squirted out like water from a hose. My eyes clenched shut…. my body tensed…. 2, 3, 4 burst of cum sprayed out. It seemed to last for over a minute. I was a sweaty mess. It had been building all day.

I finally began to come down a little. This was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. It was like a whole body experience, not just a penis orgasm.

I was leaning back, relaxed, and now able to open my eyes. My mom happily looked at me. She was fingering her pussy… not fast, just a finger sliding around. She looked into my eyes, and then she did something unbelievable. She lifted her cum soaked foot to her face. I had shot a huge load, and her toes and foot seemed to catch a lot of it. She stuck out her tongue and licked my cum off her foot. She lapped up a glob, hand held her tongue out of her mouth. She looked at me, smiled, put her tongue back in her mouth and sucked my cum.

She moaned as she swirled her tongue in her mouth. She needed more. She wrapped her mouth around 3 toes, and sucked the cum. She sucked in between and around her toes, not missing a drop. The mix of saliva and cum was thick and stringy.

My cock again was rock hard. She continued to suck her own toes; while she used her other cum drenched foot to rub my cock. As soon as she felt its hardness, she moved both her legs, and laid back on the couch spread legged. Her puffy pussy lips were drenched. I began to move towards her. She slid down on the couch so she was lying on her back. I was on my knees. Her legs were spread wide, as she pulled them up towards her. I was now positioned right over her. We were both dripping with sweat; the heat between us was incredible.

Our eyes were locked, and my cock needed no help, as I pressed down. I felt the tip touch her pussy. I eased my hips down, and in one wet stroke, my cock slid deep into her pussy.

“Ahhhhhhh,” she moaned with a deep sound. I let my body press to hers, and pushed my cock in as deep as possible. This was still the first stroke in, but we were in no hurry. Mom wrapped her legs around my back, and pulled me in as tight as she could.

Our faces were inches apart. Through all of this so far, we had yet to kiss. I leaned in and she leaned up. Open mouth, we embraced. Our tongues met, and swirled around each other. It wasn’t a hard kiss or a soft one, it was just passionate. We kissed this way for quite a while. I had never felt such passion in a kiss. It was an incredible feeling. Breathing in synch as our lips touched. Tasting my mom’s saliva mixed with my cum. We took turns sucking each other’s tongue.

He legs were still wrapped around my back. As the kiss lingered, our hips began to rotate. I slowly slid my cock back out. Her juices were still flowing. I moved my hips, up and down, in and out. She kept her legs wrapped around me, and moved her hips along with mine. We had great rhythm together, as we rocked up and down, in a circle, back and forth. We were like two dance partners that knew each other’s every move. My cock was again as hard as it could ever be. It was at the point where it was so hard, even too hard to cum… Right now it was about lust, heat and bringing my mom to orgasm. I began a steady up and down stroke. It wasn’t real fast or hard, just steady. I was pushing all the way in, and withdrawing to my cock head. Her moaning and breathing increased.

“Yes honey…just like that…. make mom cum….. mmmmm yeah,” she moaned as she moved her hips with me.

“It’s so hot mom, you feel so good,” I moaned back.

Her breathing was getting faster, she was getting close.

“Yes, yes, yes…uh…uh…ooohhh baby…. ah…”

I kept my rhythm in and out…in and out…. in and out…steady…

“Yes…oh god…yes…uh…ahhh…ooohhhhhhhh,” she half moaned and screamed as the orgasm hit.

Her pussy contracted around my cock. She held me in, and I pressed my hips down and pushed my cock in as deep as I could. Her legs were still wrapped around me. Her orgasm was different than the first one. It seemed to come in waves. Just when I thought it was over, her breathing would pick up and she would cum again. This happened 2 more times. I guess this was what multiple orgasms mean. When it finally subsided, she looked so sexy, with the look of total satisfaction on her face. Her sweaty, flushed cheeks surrounded a smile of bliss!

We rested for a moment. Our hearts were beating rapidly. We stayed locked together as we waited for our second wind.

Our lips met again. We kissed. We kissed like two people who found lovers that know how to please each other; that understand each other’s desires.

Mom began to roll us over so she was on top. We moved together, with my cock still inside. She was on her knees, and rocked slowly for just a minute. She pulled herself off my cock. It sprang free, still as hard as could be. She lowered her mouth to my cock. She slid her mouth all the way down and all the way up. She sucked it like a candy cane. Sucking like she was pulling the flavor off.

“MMMmmmmm she moaned, you need to taste this,” she said as she maneuvered herself to 69.

Her lips were still so puffy, but now they were wet with cum and pussy juices. She lowered herself to my tongue. I kissed her pussy lovingly. I never used to like kissing a girl after a blowjob; I thought it was gross to taste my own cum. But now it didn’t seem to matter. It was sweet, salty, bitter, lusty and delicious. My tongue eased in deeply, as she was still so wet. I slid it in and out, drinking in and swallowing the juices. Mom loved it when I rubbed her pussy lips with my lips. Putting slight pressure on them, pulling and licking them.

She continued to suck my cock. Deep throating it all the way to the base. She also sucked my balls in her mouth. What a feeling. We continued like this for just a short time. I needed to cum, and mom knew it. She turned around, and sat back down on my cock. The feel as it slid in was like silk. No, it was smoother than that.

She slid all the way down, stopped, and gripped me with her vaginal muscles. She held it for a minute. While still contracted, she slowly started pulling upwards. The tightness and wetness were an incredible feeling together. She continued doing this several more times. It felt like a wet hand was jerking me off, but a thousand times better. She really had me on the brink, when she lifted up so just my tip was in. She contracted, and massaged my tip. This woman, my mom, was the best. She sank back down, and began to roll us over again so I was on top. We both knew I was ready to cum. She lay down, and put her legs over my shoulders. Her feet were right next to my face. I thought to myself, “This woman is incredible, she knows what turns me on, and continually involves it.”

I began pumping in and out. Mom rubbed my ears and head with her feet, which began to quicken my thrusts. Harder and harder I pumped. Mom was enjoying it, but was now really concentrating on getting me off. All the way in… all the way out… I kept thrusting. I was getting close. I felt my balls begin to tingle. I must have given mom a clue, because she moved one foot and held it to my face. I stuck my tongue out and licked. I flicked my tongue, trying to touch her foot.

“That’s it honey, cum for mom…cum inside me…mmmmmm,” mom encouraged.

Faster…faster…in and out…in and out…My balls and shaft began to swell…

“Oh god…ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh,” I grunted as my orgasm hit. Right then, mom stuck her foot right in my face. I sucked her toes into my mouth. I was euphoric…having the best orgasm of my life, with a sexy foot in my mouth. Cum was streaming from my cock. It was so powerful.

As the orgasm subsided, I stopped sucking her toes, and laid my body over mom. We both were exhausted. We kissed, softly, lovingly…happy and satisfied.

We looked at the clock, it was pretty late. We looked back at each other. Thinking about what just happened. We kissed again. Mom talked first. “Are you okay with what just happened?”

“Yeah mom, it was incredible.”

“We obviously need to keep this between the 2 of us, I don’t think your sister would approve,” she said as she ran her fingers through my hair.

“I know that… can we do this again?” I said shyly.

“Oh my god yes. I have always loved to get my feet licked, but never was involved with anyone who enjoyed it like I do. I guess I found my man!” She said playfully.

With that, we kissed, stood up and headed upstairs. I walked behind mom so I could see her feet as the arches bent step by step. Mom looked over her shoulder, hoping, but knowing, that I was looking.

This was how it started, and continued…

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