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When I got pregnant at eighteen, my husband did the right thing and married me. Somehow we managed to defy the odds and are still together. In some ways the story of our lives thus far has been somewhat classic, pretty boring honestly — or at least on the surface it would appear that way. Recently, though, some things happened that have changed all of that. Now, we’re a much closer family than ever, still sharing a lot of our lives together — some of which may surprise you.

Our eighteen year old son is still living with us while he attends college. He is “between girlfriends,” as he likes to say. I’m sure he’s been laid plenty of times based on when he’s come and gone from the house and judging by how his dates were dressed, but despite that he still seems very awkward about women and sex.

Well, I recently noted that when I’d be up in the morning getting ready to go to aerobics – wearing my white spandex aerobics outfit — that his eyes seemed to linger on me quite a bit. Now, I’m 36 and do aerobics religiously every morning, and I know I look good for my age, but it didn’t even enter my mind — at least not to start with — that my son might be thinking anything unusual.

But at some point I realized that he was staring at me just a bit too much. I started using the microwave door as a mirror, and was surprised to see him blatantly gawking at my ass. This surprised me, and I wasn’t quite ready to accept it. So the next day, I did a bit more of a test, positioning myself so I could see his reflection while posing my ass provocatively, and sure enough, his eyes were glued to my rear.

It took me a couple of days to think through this, and I finally accepted the fact that my son seemed to be admiring my body. I was proud of this, since I worked hard to look this good, but at the same time I was both terribly embarrassed about it and clueless about how to handle the situation. It isn’t unusual for boys to take an interest in their mother, and mine had certainly had phases like this when he was younger but they always seemed to pass.

But when I tried to talk to my husband about what was happening, he just laughed and told me to give the boy a show if he wanted one. “He’s an 18 year old that’s ready to go, and you’re hot — what do you expect, dear?” he’d said. Either he wasn’t taking it seriously enough, or I was taking it too seriously, and I didn’t know which. All I knew was that it had me a bit on edge.

Somehow, I was going to have to figure this out.


My husband is always long gone by this time of the day, being up and out very early in the morning, so I decided that I was going to be a bit intentionally provocative. I thought that I might be able to instigate a discussion where we could discuss it openly.

So, Monday morning I did a bit of a test, pulling the material at the crotch tight up against me, and also working the material up between my labia in order to create a major camel-toe, using ice cubes to harden my nipples, and then going in to the dining room to see my son. Yes, this was quite perverse of me to do and I realize that, but I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist and I wasn’t showing him any actual flesh.

I checked myself in the mirror before going in. I was five foot five, several inches shorter than my son, with my long dark hair pulled back into a ponytail like it always was for aerobics. I wore a white sleeveless leotard because I thought the white really showed off my nice Mediterranean skin tone. I had a nice toned body, and I liked showing it off a bit. My nipples were poking out visibly, and I was a bit shocked at just how vulgar my camel-toe looked. I fought the urge to hide it. The whole point was to show it off, after all, in hopes of provoking some discussion. In other words, I was hoping to make him admit to his sexual interest in me so that we could talk about it.

I was grinning as I entered the room, since I figured he’d surely make some kind of smart remark, cover his eyes, tell me to cover myself and quit being vulgar, etc. – but he didn’t. Instead he visibly struggled to hide his very obvious interest and I could tell how he was trying to look at me without seeming like it.

I was not expecting this at all and I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. So I let the playful grin go, and instead went about my business in the kitchen, flaunting my body at him a bit playfully and noticing that he was certainly watching me closely. I stood so that he could take in the sight of my nipples and camel toe if he wanted to — and it seemed to be all that he could do not to stare.

I finally decided that he was just calling my bluff. He thought that if I wanted to play, he was going to teach me a lesson and I’d end up being the one embarrassed.

I left things really low key, pretending like nothing was going on. But when I left that morning, I made sure to give him a big hug, pressing my chest against him, and my abdomen against his. I was truly shocked to feel my son’s erection against me, and I glanced quickly in his eyes. The look told me everything. He was ashamed to have been hard, and even moreso for me to have felt of it. Acting spontaneously, I ‘accidentally’ bumped his arm so that his hand brushed against my nipple which made him even more embarrassed. “Sorry, I don’t know why they’re so hard,” I said, thrusting my chest out a bit so that he could see my nipples clearly.

He seemed to freeze for a moment as he took in the sight of my chest and erect nipples being so prominently displayed for him. I could see his hesitation as he struggled with himself over what to do, then he got a mischievous look in his eye and reached out to pinch my nipple lightly. “Damn mom, you’re going to poke an eye out with those things!” he said, grinning at me. I had not expected him to touch my breast, but I felt a jolt of excitement shoot through me when he did.

I smacked his hand away, saying, “Yeah, but you like them don’t you, you horny little shit!” I said. “Now they’re uneven and you know how I hate to be uneven. You have to pinch them both so they feel the same,” I said, using my personal pet peeve as an excuse to get him to touch me again. I was one of those weird people who didn’t like only one hand to be wet — they had to both be wet. Both sides of my body needed to have symmetry to such tactile sensations or I didn’t like it. I was playing on his idea in daring him to pinch my other nipple so they’d both feel the same. I didn’t think he’d do it, but again he surprised me.

“It’s not a crime to be horny,” he said grinning, “but I’m not the one with the major nipple action going on.” Then he reached out and pinched both my nipples firmly, tugging on them and rolling them between his fingers. Knowing that my son had a boner while he touched me that way aroused me powerfully.

I felt my knees grow weak and bit my lip with the pleasure of my son’s fingers on my nipples. He held onto them longer than really needed, and grinned as he began squeezing them tighter and tighter with a look of challenge on his face. He was testing me! But I found that it wasn’t the burning sensation in my nipples that I was thinking about. I was consumed with the idea that my son had an erection.

I let him squeeze as hard as I could take it and finally said “OK that’s enough” somewhat sharply, swatting his hands away as I felt myself growing far more aroused than I’d expected. I quickly excused myself and left the house, surprised and ashamed at what I’d just done and how aroused I’d gotten by it.

I spent the rest of the day thinking about his erection pressing against me, and the sensation of his fingers on my nipples. They burned for a short bit from his squeezing, and I found that my arousal grew as I thought about it. I was quite ashamed at how sexually aroused I’d gotten by the idea of my son being erect for me like that, and the way he’d grasped my nipples.

Once again, that evening I tried to talk to my husband he was just as dismissive as before. He’d said, “Honey, look. He’s eighteen and hasn’t gotten laid recently, and you go walking around that tight little outfit of yours. Face it, sweetie, you’ve got a great body, and you can’t blame the boy. If it bothers you, wear something else to cover up, OK?” I realized he was right about everything. But somehow covering up wasn’t an option for me. I wanted him to see me now more than ever.

I told myself that this was one of those “how far will the other person go” things. I wasn’t sure of the answer for myself, much less for him, but I wasn’t going to just drop it either, and I certainly wasn’t going to cover up. So far it had been very fun and exciting for me, so why not take it up a step if that’s what he wanted?


The next day I again prepared my camel-toe for him to see, and teased my nipples into erection, and I noticed that he seemed even more willing to allow his eyes to linger on my nipples and groin, and I could see his erection grow as I walked about the kitchen, bending over so he could enjoy the sight of me from behind – I have nice legs, and I know it. I eventually sat on the couch, stretching out my legs for his visual enjoyment. We then pretended to chat, while he pretended not to be looking at my legs.

When I gave him a hug goodbye, I let myself relax into his muscular arms a bit, and was surprised at how good he felt. My son had grown into a tall, strong man, and I could feel his erection against my belly. I didn’t let that bother me, just enjoying the feeling of his arms around me, my chest pressed against him as I felt his hand gradually drop lower and lower until it was finally resting on the top of my buttock. I sighed, pressing against him tighter, and he seemed to take this as a cue.

He reached both hands down, running them down my back and onto my ass where they ran all along my buttocks, groping and feeling what I think is a nice athletic ass. I felt myself growing flush with excitement and getting quite wet inside, and I unabashedly thrust my groin against my son’s as he grasped my buttocks and pulled me tight against him, thrusting his erection against me. My arousal hit me like a tidal wave, my knees growing weak as my head seemed to swim with desire. He brought one of his hands around in front, running it up along my belly to my chest, where he took one of my nipples between his fingers and began gently massaging it. Sexual need was coursing through my body and I felt light-headed from the pleasure of it all.

Now, my son is quite attractive and stays in good shape. I had not intended any of this to happen, but in his embrace and feeling his erection against my belly, something came over me. I reached down and squeezed his hard member gently through his pants.

“Is something on your mind sweetie?” I said. I didn’t want for an answer. This had all gone way too far, and I could feel a powerful conflict going on inside me. Somehow I had a moment of lucidity and realized that I had to stop this. I forced myself to leave, wishing him farewell and leaving. “Have a good day – and try not to hurt anyone with that thing!” I said on my way out.

I realized that I was leaving my son sexually aroused, and it struck me that he was probably going to masturbate as soon as I was gone. But the truth is that I got wet thinking about him home stroking while he thought about me.

That night my husband made love to me, but as he was going down on me, I found that it wasn’t him I was thinking about.


The next morning, I went down dressed as usual to find that my son wasn’t wearing quite his normal attire. He was wearing boxer briefs and a t-shirt, doing his homework while eating some cereal.

When it came time for me to go, he rose to give me a hug and as I embraced him, I could feel his erection pressing against me more than usual. I glanced down and pulled at his t-shirt to see that his penis was sticking out through the opening in his boxers. My first and most immediate thought was how large my son’s penis was. Judging from my husband’s six inches, my son’s penis was at least seven inches long, and a good bit thicker than my husband’s, too. It was beautiful.

I could tell he was pretending to be embarrassed as he said, “Umm sorry mom, I didn’t mean…” I knew full well that it was no accident, and now I was going to call HIS bluff.

His voice trailed off as I took his erection between my fingers, squeezing it gently. I knew it was wrong, but something came over me when I saw his erection and knew it was hard specifically because of me. My son had a hard-on for me, and I was fascinated by the very idea of that beautiful cock being so aroused on my behalf. “Somebody’s all grown up, I see… very grown up, indeed,” I said, squeezing his hardness. He got very still and quiet as I held his manhood. I was holding my grown son’s large erect penis in my hands, and I loved it.

I realized that our little game had suddenly taken a very radical turn, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. All I knew is that I felt like something had come over me, pushing logic aside. I can’t quite explain why I did what followed.

“Ummm yeah,” he said. Guys are so stupid sometimes.

“Does that feel nice?” I asked, running my fingers very lightly all over his shaft, teasing it so that it was bulging between my fingers. I felt my breath grow shallow when he stripped off his shirt, revealing his well-muscled body – he lifted weights and had great pecs. I wasn’t even conscious of what I was doing as I lifted my other hand to massage his chest. His body was beautifully sculpted, lean and muscular, healthy without being over-developed, his penis large and swollen in my hand.

“You have a great body,” he said, his penis bulging in my hand.

“Thanks, I work hard to stay in shape… and so do you,” I said, squeezing his bulging shaft. I could feel myself getting really wet and I knew myself well enough to realize that I had better stop because I knew what was going to happen if I didn’t.

My leotard was sleeveless, and he reached his hands up to slip the straps of both the leotard and my bra down off my shoulders, revealing my C cup breasts.

I felt myself tense as my son took my breasts into his hands, and then I relaxed again as he held them gently, fondling them, his finger poking playfully at my nipple.

“You have an incredible cock,” I told my son, finding myself in immediate disbelief over what I’d just said. Did I really say that? His cock seemed to bulge in my hand in response.

His eyes were fixated on my breasts. “God you have really nice tits, mom,” he said. I was both thrilled at his comment and appreciation for my breasts, while also being ashamed at my sexual excitement.

We stood there for a moment, my son fondling my naked breasts as I stroked his erect penis, until I realized that this had all suddenly gone much further than I had been prepared for. I loved the sensation of his hands on my breasts while I held his bulging penis in my hands, but I realized that I wasn’t sure what that meant. I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed it, not knowing what it meant, but finding it hard to pull myself away, too. It seemed like at least a minute must have passed as we felt of each other. My excitement grew to a level that I wasn’t prepared to deal with, and I felt powerful desires coursing through me.

I took my hands off of my son’s cock and made a lame excuse for why I had to leave. But the truth was that I knew that if I’d stayed, that we’d have been fucking right there in the dining room in no time.

Late that night, I went downstairs to get a drink. The lights were out but I was hearing something so I tip toed around the corner to look into the living room. I inhaled sharply, seeing a porno movie on the TV, and the back of my son’s head where he sat on the couch with his back to me. My husband was upstairs in bed and had taken a sleeping pill, so there wasn’t any question who it was. From the rhythmic motion, I was certain he was masturbating.

I felt a thrill run through my body as something took over me. Confusing, complex emotions ran through my mind as the reality of what I was about to do settled in. I wasn’t at all sure whether I was doing the right thing — in fact, part of me questioned it strongly. What if he refused me? Our whole future could be at stake; I couldn’t bear losing my son. But there was some instinctive part of me that knew what the outcome would be; somehow, I knew everything would be OK. And while I was scared, I also knew that sometimes you had to take some risks if you wanted to get the best things in life.

I took a deep breath, accepting that I was about to offer my body to my own son for sex. I found myself smiling, my body suddenly alive with anxious anticipation. My hands trembling, I quietly removed my sleeping shirt and bra, putting them in a chair, and then putting my robe back on, leaving it untied. The front of my robe was open, revealing my nudity beneath.

I crept over slowly until I’d come right up behind the couch, and could see my son taking his time leisurely stroking his erection. I marveled at his gorgeous cock, allowing myself to simply enjoy the sight of it without feeling ashamed. I was looking at my son’s erect penis, and as I felt my womanhood grow moist with excitement, I simply let myself enjoy the arousal that coursed through my body. I wanted to mount my son and take his erection into me.

He was staring intently at the TV and didn’t even notice me as I came around the couch and sat down right next to him, saying, “How’s it going?” I smiled innocently, my eyes glancing from his eyes down to his swollen erection.

When he first saw me, he was startled, jumping slightly with alarm. But as he realized it was me, and the recognition of my partial nudity hit home, he relaxed, leaving his hand on his penis.

“Hey, mom, I’m fine – what are you doing down here so late?” he asked. While his words seemed to convey that nothing sexual was going on, his hand continued to slowly stroke his cock while he looked into the opening of my robe, his eyes searching out my flesh.

“I just came down to get a drink, and noticed that you seem to have a little problem on your hands there,” I said, sliding over next to him as I rested my hand on his bare abdomen, inches away from his bulging member. “Do you have everything under control?” I asked, grinning.

“No, not really. I could kind of use some help,” my son said, turning his hip slightly in order to bring his penis closer to my hand.

“Well then, let mommy see if she can help make it feel better,” I said. A smile came over me as I took my son’s penis into my hands, stroking it and massaging his balls. I took my time, giving him the sort of slow stimulation that’s designed to build up a good head of steam on a man, as opposed to just quickly jacking him off. “Is that feeling any better?” I asked. He bit his lip, his breathing heavy as he reached his hand under my robe to fondle my breast.

In the background, as the woman in the movie climbed atop the man and mounted him, I could see my son thinking about the same thing. He wanted me to mount him, and as I felt his large swollen member pulsating in my hands and felt the wetness between my legs, my clitoris throbbed angrily with need. I wanted my son’s penis inside me, and I as I looked into his eyes, I could see that’s what he wanted, too.

I let my robe fall to the floor behind me and then climbed atop my son’s lap, feeling his erection press between my vulva as I settled into position, straddling him. While my knees were outside his thighs, coming up next to his hips and thus parting me wide, I had crooked my feet back to the inside of his knees, thus enabling me to use my powerful thigh muscles to exert as much force against him as I liked. He would be unable to enter me until I allowed him.

I held myself so that the very tip of his erection was just pressing at the entrance to my vagina. I had done this with my husband countless times; it was the ultimate teasing position. Letting a man just feel the entrance to a woman’s vagina would drive him crazy with the need to be inside her, while giving the woman the easy ability deny him from entering her until she felt like it. I could exert more force against him than he could against me, thus allowing me to tease him with my pussy for as long as I liked.

I could see his body react to the sensation of my vagina, even though he had not yet entered me; it was like a switch in a man’s brain. That tiny little bit of genital contact was all it ever took to reduce a man to the mentality of an animal. The look in his face told me everything I needed to know.

“Son, if we do this, there’s no going back. Are you sure this is what you want?” I asked, ever so slightly shifting my hips so as to stimulate the head of his penis with my slick vulva, my vagina just barely opening in response to the pressure of his member. I saw his body visibly tense in response; I was surprised to see the powerful intensity of his need for me reflected in his face.

“God yes, mom,” he said, placing his hands on my hips. He pressed down on my hips while also lifting his own hips upwards toward me, thus pressing the head of his penis press into me, opening me and entering me. I felt any semblance of sanity leave as he entered me; I was reduced to some primal state that knew only about fucking.

I was more than ready to go, so without even asking I grasped his penis to hold it still and then quickly slid down onto him, taking his bulging erection into me. I straddled him, sliding most of the way down onto him and holding myself still, allowing him to thrust his penis into me to his own satisfaction, going as fast or as deep as he liked.

His body was lean and muscular, strong and full of vigor, and I needed him. It filled me with wonder to look down and see the intense ecstasy on my son’s face as I felt his erect penis pounding away at my soaking wet vagina, my vagina making slurping sounds as our flesh slapped together with that vulgar noise of intense fucking. If my husband hadn’t taken a sleeping pill, I’d have been worried. To know that I could bring my son such pleasure… I’d have let him fuck me for hours as I lay in his strong arms.

After several minutes, he pulled me close to him, holding me tight with his strong arms as prepared to cum inside me. “That’s right, baby — cum in mommy’s pussy,” I said.

It was exhilarating to feel his strong arms holding me tight like that while he ejaculated into me. His arms were strong as a vise, and I couldn’t have escaped even if I’d wanted to. The thought of being powerless in his grasp while he used me to satisfy his sexual needs was thrilling to me. I gave myself over to this feeling, letting myself relax completely into his grip as my body fulfilled my son’s need for coitus with me. I was able to satisfy a very special need that my son had, and that made me feel good. We had a long, passionate french kiss before I pulled away and went to bed.

Needless to say, sleep didn’t come easy that night. The idea of incest had never crossed my mind before any of this. Sure, I had made note that my son was a well built young man, but that’s as far as it went. Though, in retrospect, I found myself suddenly realizing that perhaps he’d been interested in me for quite a while, and I’d just been blind to it. A mother should have a nurturing relationship with her son, and incest had always struck me as beyond the boundaries. But my son was fully grown, an adult, and he’d been fully complicit in what had happened between us. Yes, I had teased and seduced him, but he’d wanted it to happen, too. I was just giving him his desires on a silver platter, and I didn’t think anything I’d done was wrong. We were consenting adults, after all. I just hoped that he’d feel the same way in the morning.


The next morning I awakened early, so I arose and cleansed myself well, wanting to be sure that my pubis was good and clean. My aerobic instructor had canceled class on account of being sick, so I was going to make good use of the free time. I wore nothing but my robe as I went downstairs, the material of the robe tickling my nipples.

I was downstairs early, sitting on the couch sipping at my coffee when to my surprise my son entered the adjoining kitchen. He wasn’t usually up for another hour.

“Hi sweetie,” I said, smiling.

“Oh, hey mom,” he said, a sort of sheepish smile on his face as he looked at me.

Our eyes met, a look passing between us as both faced and accepted what had happened between us. I could see in his eyes that he didn’t regret it any more than I did.

“The coffee’s fresh,” I said.

He poured a cup and came to sit next to me on the couch. I pulled one leg up, adjusting my robe so that my thigh protruded out from beneath it, my other leg stretched out to the coffee table. He was looking at my legs, taking in the sight of me. A week earlier, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it — but every look or touch from him was different now that I was his lover.

“Sweetie, I feel like I should apologize to you. I mean, last night was wonderful, but I’m your mom and I don’t know if I should have done that,” I said.

“I know, but it’s OK with me. I’m not embarrassed about it or anything,” he said.

“So you don’t feel funny about having sex with your mother?” I said.

“Hell, no,” he said, a big smile on his face as he sipped his coffee. “You’re totally hot — what guy wouldn’t want a woman as hot as you to be his first? I’m glad you were my first, mom.”

His words slowly registered with me, and I found myself somewhat in shock. I had unknowingly taken my son’s virginity.

“I — I didn’t know, son,” I said, not quite sure what to say. I had felt certain that my son had been with at least two different girlfriends, but I now knew that the poor boy had never been laid. When we engaged in our little challenge, it was no wonder that he’d behaved as he had. Maybe it was for the better, I realized. If he was so awkward with women that he couldn’t close the deal, maybe now that he’d finally gotten laid he would be able to relax a little. Maybe he needs some practice, I found myself thinking, as the idea of being my son’s sexual instructor took ahold of me. I could teach him all about women and sex, and then he’d have the confidence he needed in dating.

“It’s OK, mom — I wouldn’t have it any other way. Last night was incredible, and I’d do it all over again.” I could see his eyes searching to tell what I was wearing, if anything, beneath my robe.

I smirked at his comment, taking his double meaning. I shifted my position slightly, allowing my robe to part slightly and reveal just enough to show that I was naked, revealing a bare strip of flesh that ran from my neck down to my groin. His eyes took notice immediately, zeroing in on the sight of my now clearly visible mons. I could see the lust in his eyes as he set down his coffee cup, not taking his eyes off my womanhood as he did.

I looked him in the eyes, and blatantly parted my legs even further, allowing the robe to slip further open. He watched me like a vulture as I set down my coffee cup, and scooted down further onto my back on the couch, the robe coming apart entirely as my naked body was laid bare for my son to see.

He got down on the floor between my legs, his face coming closing enough to my wet sex that I felt the heat of his breath, as he looked up to me and asked, “Do you want me to eat your pussy, mommy?”

He didn’t wait for me to answer, and began playfully teasing and lapping at my pussy, kissing and licking all around the insides of my thighs and on my belly, delaying contact with my clitoris until I was anxious with need, thrusting my clit towards his warm mouth. Finally he gave me what I needed, diving into my clitoris, sucking it and licking it eagerly.

“That’s it baby — eat mommy’s pussy good…” I’d say, tussling my son’s hair and holding his face tight against my throbbing sex until I came loudly, crying out his name.

I took a minute to catch my breath, then said, “God that was good, sweetie. You can eat my pussy any time you feel like practicing, OK?” I said, a big grin on my face.

“Your pussy tastes really good, mom. I’ll do that anytime you want,” he said, grinning ear to ear, his face covered with my pussy juices.

“Well, I do believe in every man getting his just rewards,” I said, pushing him back onto the couch. It occurred to me that my son had quite possibly never had a blowjob, and I wanted to make his first something he’d remember.

He was already erect as I began kissing and licking at his member. I would brush my lips against it and then run my tongue lightly from the base up to the tip, barely touching it, and then kiss the tip lightly. It drove him crazy with need and he wanted more, but I kept up this playful teasing for a short bit until he was begging me for it. Finally I took him into my mouth and sucked him with fervor, my lips sliding up and down his shaft as I sucked him.

I didn’t want him to cum too fast, so I would suck him for a bit, and then switch to kissing and licking his shaft to let his urgency subside a bit, and then do it all over again. After about twenty minutes, I could tell he was getting desperate, so I took my son’s penis into my mouth, positioned myself directly above him, and then began vigorously thrusting my face up and down on his sex until he convulsed in orgasm, his warm cum shooting into the back of my mouth.

When he withdrew from me, I savored the taste of my son’s ejaculate, letting the flavor rest on my tongue as if it were a fine wine — and to me it was. I loved knowing that it was my son’s cum in my mouth and that I had just sucked him to orgasm. I had just given my son a blow job, and I wanted to do it all over again.

That night, we made love again on the couch, though this time I lay back and let my son enjoy taking the pleasure of my body as suited him. Our lovemaking was slow and gentle at first with lots of kissing and petting, our hands exploring each other’s bodies like any two new lovers. I was in ecstasy when he entered me, my vagina having been quivering in anticipation of him. We began gently, but gradually my son and I worked our way to a sweaty fervor with our bodies grinding together animalistically in fornication. I loved seeing the looks and hearing the sounds of his ecstasy and knowing that my body could do that for him — I’d let him fuck me whenever he wanted for that alone. When he came, he clenched tight against me, his body convulsing and driving his erection deep into me and triggering my own orgasm. My vagina clamped tight around my son’s erection which seemed somehow suddenly even larger. His erection penetrated me and claimed me as I became the instrument of his climax.

We lay still on the couch for some time after we’d cum, until to my surprise I felt him grow erect again inside my womb. We made love a second time, but now that I’d take the edge off his need, we took our time enjoying the slow build up. My son’s erection worked my vagina, his mouth taking turns between suckling my nipples and kissing me. “Oh God, mom…” he’d say, “you feel so good.”

“You too, baby… fuck mommy’s pussy, sweetie. I want you to cum inside me,” I’d say. My son was clumsy and didn’t know what he was doing, but I wanted him to enjoy the pleasure of sex without any pressure to perform so I was careful not to say too much, only giving him a little guidance here and there. The idea that I had become his sex coach only excited me even further, and I was all too happy to massage my own clitoris if that’s what I needed to do.

We made love for an hour, and when I finally came it was one of the most powerful orgasms I could remember having.

I crept into bed with my husband in the wee hours of the morning, thankful that I didn’t wake him. I had begun to realize that I couldn’t hide this from him if it kept up, but I didn’t seem to be able to stop myself, either. I enjoyed letting my son fuck me. I enjoyed feeling his large erection inside me, and his tenderness in how he made love to me. I loved the looks of ecstasy on his face, and the knowledge that I could do that for him. I enjoyed knowing that he used my body for pleasure, and I had no intention of stopping. I didn’t know what the answer was, but at least I didn’t have to deal with it just yet.

Over the next week, I found that my liaisons with my son had my whole libido revved up through the roof; sex was on my mind constantly. When I’d get into bed at night with my husband, I fucked him enthusiastically. My desire for him wasn’t declining at all; he knew exactly how to make love to me the way I liked it and we took our time pleasuring each other. He went to the gym three times a week and took care of himself; he was a good looking man, no question about it. Being with him was a completely different experience, both physically and emotionally, than being with my son, and the more I had sex with my son, the more I found that I also wanted to have sex with my husband.

Another change that began was that before, I usually didn’t wake up in the morning at the same time my husband did, but I started finding that if I stirred at the sound of his alarm and found that he had a morning erection, I wanted him in me. So I’d spread my legs and let him fuck me, and even though I didn’t usually cum then since I didn’t have the energy to massage my clitoris, I found that there was something I enjoyed about the idea of being used for sex. It felt good just to get fucked and send him off to work with a smile on his face. He worked hard, and I figured he’d earned some privileges.

Most of the time, my pussy would be really horny and I’d need to cum really bad, but there was something about making myself wait that I started to enjoy. I loved the way that my pussy would ache with need and be soaking wet from excitement as I’d go downstairs, and I’d have to resist my own body’s needs to avoid touching myself. My clitoris would be so angry and throbbing with need, but as I’d look down at it all swollen and protruding, and stroke the insides of my thighs lightly with my fingers, my clitoris would ache even worse with the need to be touched. But I didn’t touch it.

Instead, it became my morning ritual that I’d wear only a robe downstairs in the morning and play with myself to keep my pussy in this hyper-aroused state until my son got up, so that he could have the full benefit of my intense need to cum. I’d be waiting for him on the couch, and he’d come into the room wearing a pair of boxers with his morning erection. My son would promptly sink his large penis deep into my aching pussy and then fuck me will we both came. He didn’t need to know that his father had already fucked me earlier that morning.

It was the next weekend that my husband had to leave town on a business trip, leaving my son and I alone for the weekend – but that is a story all in itself.

When my husband Tom’s alarm went off Friday morning, I was instantly awake and full of excitement for the weekend that lay ahead. I normally slept in a thigh-length cotton night shirt and a soft bra, while my husband usually wore boxers to bed. However, when I’d gotten up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, I’d gone ahead and removed my bra so the morning would be that much simpler. The fabric brushing against my nipples was more sensation that I was accustomed to, but I was sleepy enough that going back to sleep without my bra on was not difficult.

As I awoke, I carefully pulled off my night shirt and then snuggled my naked body back against my warm husband, who spooned me in response. The feeling of his hot flesh against mine was wonderful beneath the covers on a cool morning, and in no time I could feel his erection.

“Mmmm.. this is nice,” he said. “You feel wonderful, Janet,” one of his arms slipping beneath me and then reach up to cradle my breast, while his other arm slipped over my waist, his hand resting against my abdomen, only inches from the source of my pleasure.

“Well, you’re going to be gone for a few days. I just wanted to be sure you miss me,” I said as I felt his erection pressing against me. As I lay there in my husband’s strong embrace, his muscular arms wrapped around me and his erect member pressing against me in obvious need, I found myself reflecting briefly over the last few days.

A week and a half earlier, I’d become keenly aware that my son seemed to have taken an unusual physical appreciation for me. When I’d wear my white aerobics outfit downstairs in the morning, his eyes lingered on me a lot more than I thought was normal. My husband had dismissed the whole thing early on, telling me that if it bothered me then I needed to cover up better since I was an attractive woman, and my son was just a horny over-sexed young man that needed to get laid.

I had tried to initiate a discussion with my son about it by being so outrageously provocative that he wouldn’t be able to resist saying something, at which point we could talk about it. But things didn’t go as planned. Instead, my son had taken my provocative display of a deliberately staged camel-toe and erect nipples as a challenge. He figured that if I could make such an outrageous display and act like it was nothing, then not only would he call my bluff but he’d take it up a notch, playing the same game right back at me until I had no choice but to back down.

It is difficult for me to explain exactly what happened in a way that is completely rational, because it wasn’t. In the game that ensued between us, the truth is that neither of us was being honest with ourselves, much less with each other.

What I’d thought was happening was that each of us was trying to show that we could go further than the other without being embarrassed or backing down. Over the next few days, this one-upsmanship eventually led to me holding my son’s bulging erection my hands while me massaged my breasts. It was at this moment that the truth of the whole situation became clear to me. Not only did my son have a sexual appreciation for me, but I had one for him too. He was young and lean and muscular, with a large erect cock that swelled in my hands with excitement for me, his own mother. My son wanted me sexually, and as I stood there that morning with his throbbing erection in my hands, I realized that the arousal between my legs could not be denied. I wanted my son’s cock inside me.

When I’d come downstairs late at night and found him masturbating on the couch, there really wasn’t any choice to be made at that point. Once I saw his cock, my course was set. Some animalistic part of my brain took over, and soon I had mounted him, taking his swollen, throbbing erection into my wet sex and letting him hold me tight and fuck my pussy, sliding his cock in and out of me like a machine until he ejaculated into me. The way that he held me tight against him when he came thrilled me to my core; he was so strong that I couldn’t have moved even if I wanted to. He was going to fuck me and cum inside me whether I wanted him to or not, and I became powerfully aroused at the idea of my own son using me for sex. Afterward, I was shocked to find out that my son had been a virgin. His own mother had popped his cherry.

We’d settled into a routine after that. My libido was suddenly in overdrive. I’d usually have sex with my husband when we awoke in the morning, though I usually stopped myself short of orgasm because I found that I enjoyed building up my need and saving it for a while. Yes, I’d be insanely horny and wanting to cum, but this sensation itself was actually very pleasurable. So I’d keep myself in that horny aroused state for well over an hour until my son awoke, at which point I’d spread my legs and let him fuck me, too – and the orgasm I’d have then was incredible. Then, at night, one or both of them would fuck me all over again.

I loved sending them both off to start their days with a smile on their face, well-sexed and satisfied, and knowing they’d both be coming home looking for more of mama’s pussy. At thirty six years old, I was suddenly feeling very much in my sexual prime. The more sex I had, the more sex I wanted, and the fact that one of my partners was my husband while the other was my son wasn’t an issue for me, since they filled very different roles in my life and the sex was completely different. My husband was my lover, who knew exactly what I liked and how to make me cum hard, while my son was a young energetic stud that needed sex so bad he couldn’t stand it. I accepted the fact that once he’d found out just how good intercourse felt – because I’d shown him – he was going to need to fuck my pussy on a regular basis until he eventually found a new romantic interest to satisfy his needs. Until then, I was the piece of meat that satisfied his need to fuck a woman and cum inside her.

When I realized that this was an opportunity to give my son such wonderful pleasure as he couldn’t even have imagined possible, seeing true ecstasy on his face when he’d ejaculate into me, I realized that I could not refuse him. He was my son and he needed sex so bad that it was frustrating him. Until he found someone else, I was going to let him fuck me as often as he wanted. And just as I’d taught him so many other things, I’d now teach him about women and sex. I’d realized that my son lacked confidence in his own sexuality, and I hoped that by my training him, it would make it easier for him to date. But until he found someone else, I was going to be his piece of pussy. It was that simple.

When my husband, a VP at a large company, had told me that he had to leave town for the weekend to speak at a conference, I realized the tremendous opportunity this presented. I’d have all weekend to spend with my son. I had no idea what we were going to do, but I was planning on going all out for him, letting my hair down, so to speak, and having fun.

So, as I lay there in bed naked with my husband’s warm flesh pressed against me from behind, his erection poking at me insistently, I was aroused both by his need and at the thought of what might lay ahead over the weekend while he was away.

Now, as for what I did next, I’m not entirely sure where this idea hatched from except that I think I was just so hyper-sexed thinking about the weekend that my mind had gone all sorts of dirty places that it wouldn’t ever have normally been. I wanted to do something new and different, something taboo, something that only dirty girls did.

I threw back the covers and then reached over to my night stand to get the tube of lubricant gelly. I applied a small amount to the top of my husband’s penis, and then reached my hands back to apply the cool jelly to my anus. In eighteen years, I’d not once ever let my husband take me that way. So it came as much to my surprise as his that I now wanted him to fuck me in the ass. After lubricating his penis and my anus, I pressed back against him, saying, “Take me – fuck my ass, honey.”

Men don’t understand this, but there is something wonderful about collapsing into a strong man’s arms and letting him hold you tight while he uses you for his pleasure. I won’t say that it wasn’t uncomfortable, since it was – at least at first. But, quickly, I found myself overcome with incredible feelings of pleasure as my husband drove his erection deep into my throbbing anus, impaling me and stretching me wide open, before withdrawing just enough to let my anus begin to close, and then driving back into me all over again.

We shifted positions, me getting onto my knees while my husband maintained his position behind me. “You’re so fucking hot,” he said, my anus burning in a combination of pain and pleasure. His erect penis invaded me, stretching my anus wide open as it slid in and out of me, the friction of his member creating a burning sensation in my butt-hole.

“Oh my God,” I gasped. My anus hungered for his cock and clenched tight around him as he took me, pulsating and quivering uncontrollably in both pain and pleasure.

“Does it hurt?” he asked.

“A little – but I like it. God, it’s so good honey… I wish I let you do this a long time ago. Fuck my butt-hole… fuck it hard,” I said, my body wracked with pleasure. His penis took its pleasure from me, using me without any regard for the steady throbbing in my anus from having been stretched so wide open and then kept that way, the huge intruder preventing me from closing and obtaining relief.

Out of the blue, an idea struck me. I had long ago learned that my husband would agree to almost anything in the heat of the moment, when he’s fully aroused and expecting sex. And during sex was an even better time to ask, if you did it right. The trick was in how you phrased things. You had to ask in a way that made it easy for him to agree, and that didn’t shock him right out of the place he was in. So, I knew that what I was about to say was a gamble, and his cock felt so good in my ass that I wasn’t sure I was thinking straight. But I wanted to at least plant the idea and then see where the conversation went.

As my husband reamed my ass, I struggled to find some composure and said, “I know you think I’m crazy, but I really think Junior wants to fuck me, sweetie.” We often referred to my son as Junior, because he looked so much like my husband.

My husband chuckled. “He wouldn’t know what to do with a woman like you,” he said and then smacked my ass soundly.

I realized that my husband had just paid me a huge compliment and I found myself smiling, only to cry out as he suddenly drove himself into me up to the very hilt.

“I know… it’s just that I can see in his eyes how bad he needs to get laid. He’s so desperate for sex, I’m afraid he’s going to hook up with a tramp and get a disease,” I said.

“So what are we supposed to do about it?” my husband asked.

I steeled myself, mustering my resolve for what I was about to say. “Well, he looks at me like a piece of meat lately dear. I figure if I took the edge off, he could relax around me and I wouldn’t have to feel so awkward around him in the mornings. I want to offer my body to him for sex this weekend while you’re gone. I want to let our son fuck my pussy.”

My husband paused for a moment, and then made another forceful stroke, driving his erection deep into my anus and stretching it wide open. I’d never been fucked in the ass before – my anus was throbbing with the need to close, to shrink back down to normal, but my husband’s cock had stretched it far and wide, and then held it that way, refusing it any relief. It burned, but at the same time, it felt so powerfully good that I could hardly stand it.

“I guess on one hand, it wouldn’t hurt for you to give the boy a piece so he can relax, as long as I’m still getting some,” he said. “But you’re his mom. You don’t think that’s wrong?”

This, I realized, was my opportunity.

“Of course not. After all, a mother would do anything for her son – and I do mean anything. If her husband would let her, that is… ” As I continued speaking, my husband’s tempo increased dramatically, his breathing growing hard and fast. I could tell his orgasm was drawing near as I said, “Think about how good your dick feels, and tell me it doesn’t turn you on to think about our son fucking me. Tell me it doesn’t make your dick throb inside my ass to think about him sticking his dick in my pussy. Think about your son fucking his mom’s pussy, sliding his dick and out of me until he comes inside me. This is your ass-hole, honey. You can fuck my ass-hole whenever you want from now on if you’ll let our son fuck my pussy. Fuck my ass-hole, honey. Fuck my ass hard and cum inside me while you think about our son fucking my pussy!” My ass-hole was burning as my husband furiously slid his cock in and out. I squeezed my anus hard around his cock as he made his last few strokes, suddenly crying out and ejaculating deep into my ass.

My clitoris was throbbing, and my pussy ached for satisfaction. I needed to cum so bad I could hardly stand it, but I was saving my orgasm. I had special plans for the night.

After my husband finished cumming, his dick still in me, he said, “OK, sweetie. OK. I guess it is pretty hot to think about you laying back with your legs spread wide open so our son can fuck his mother’s pussy. As long as it doesn’t affect me getting laid, you two might as well go ahead and fuck and get it over with. Just make sure he understands that’s my piece of pussy and I’m sharing, and his pussy-privileges may be revoked at any time. And if I say it’s over, you stop. Deal?”

“Deal,” I said. “And I promise it won’t get between us honey. I’ll end things if I have to. The only thing that is going to change between us is how often you fuck me in the ass from now on…” I grinned.

He grinned back. “Honey that was fucking incredible. My God, it was tight…”

“Well it’s yours now, sweetie. I want you to fuck my ass whenever you want it. I want you to feel like you’re getting something out of this.”

With that, my husband went into the bathroom to get ready for his trip. When my husband withdrew from my anus, my rear felt oddly empty and my clitoris was throbbing with need since I’d been rubbing it while my husband took me. But even though I needed to cum so bad I could hardly stand it, I somehow managed to let myself float right there on the very edge of orgasm without quite going over. My pussy was dripping wet and aching with the need to be filled. I lay back and let my fingers go where they wanted, burying themselves in my slick vulva, stroking and rubbing and pulling on every part of my labia – but avoiding my clitoris entirely – until the sheets were soaking wet with sex and my clitoris was angrily throbbing with the need to be touched, and to cum. As I realized my husband was about to come back into the bedroom, I forced myself to stop the torturous teasing of my pussy, pulling the covers over me and rolling onto my side as if I’d been that way the whole time. My whole body was on fire, alive with need as I found myself lingering in a delicious timeless moment as I floated on the very precipice of orgasm.

I pulled on only my sleep shirt, not bothering with a bra as I went downstairs to see my husband off on his trip. My anus was still throbbing from getting a royal fucking as we hugged and kissed each other farewell. We were both grinning with the knowledge that he’d just taken me in the ass. “There’s plenty more where that came from when you get home,” I told him. I felt his member begin to stiffen as my hand massaged his crotch. I wanted him to miss me, but I didn’t want him to suffer so I stopped before I got him too worked up, and bid him farewell. My son had gotten up and stepped out into the upstairs landing to say goodbye as well, and I could see his eyes scanning my body, looking at the way it clung to me and wondering if I was as nude beneath it as I appeared to be.

My husband had been a terrific provider, both benefiting from an inheritance as well as making enough money that I didn’t have to work. I’d been gifted with good genes to start with, but I figured that if he worked all day to pay for everything, I could spend a little time taking care of myself as my way of saying thanks. So, I usually went to aerobics every morning during the week, and when I didn’t, I’d exercise at home myself. Sometimes I also ran in the evenings after dinner, and occasionally even played a game of tennis with my friend. I knew I was in damn good shape, but nothing makes a woman feel proud of her efforts like seeing two grown men looking like they have tent-poles in their pants at the very sight of you.

“You take care of your mother this weekend,” my husband said, looking up at my son, and then gave me a wink and a smile on his way out the door. I closed the door behind him, taking a long, slow, deep breath. I had done it.

“Hey sweetie,” I said to my son, “I’ll make some breakfast in a few minutes.” I brushed my teeth just so I could feel human, took off my sleep shirt, and cleaned my face with a warm washcloth. I looked at myself naked in the mirror for a moment. Normally I wore a ponytail in the morning, but I decided today to let my long black hair hang down naturally, coming to just below my shoulders. My skin tone was a light brownish hue, being of Mediterranean descent, and I bore no tan lines from my sunbathing nude on the back deck over the summer. My breasts were natural C cups, not too large but plenty big enough to satisfy both my men, crested by wide dark-brown aureola and large, thick nipples. I took in the sight of my bald beaver, still aching from being teased and aroused but not allowed to cum. I didn’t look thirty-six at all, I thought. Realizing that I might not be entirely clean following the anal sex, I decided to go ahead and take a quick shower to clean up. As I did, a plan for the weekend began to form in the back of my mind.

Completely nude, I went downstairs to the kitchen. The air was slightly cool, and I felt my nipples stiffen in response. I fished around in one of the kitchen drawers and pulled out a white apron, which I then took with me into the downstairs bathroom and fastened it around my naked body. The white color contrasted nicely with my brownish skin tone. The apron revealed enough of my breasts to be highly suggestive, my nipples clearly visible with arousal. The way it bloused at the top when tied, my breasts were almost completely visible when view from the side, leaving almost only the nipple hidden. It only came to mid-thigh at best, leaving my legs almost fully exposed, while from behind it didn’t even pretend to cover my rear end that was still sore from its fucking. I let my hair fall down about my shoulders naturally.

Thus dressed, I stood at the stove cooking breakfast for my son. I heard his footsteps approach and then stop suddenly, to be followed by an appreciative whistle as he took sight of my shapely bare ass, my light brown skin contrasted by the white apron that left my rear end fully exposed.

“Holy shit, mom,” he said, his eyes glued to the sight of my buttocks. I worked hard to keep my butt in shape, and I was glad the effort wasn’t wasted.

“What?” I smiled innocently. “I cook you breakfast all the time,” I said with a grin.

“Well damn, you can cook it that way from now on!” he said laughing. “I’m serious, mom. I mean it – you have a seriously rocking ass.”

“Down, boy,” I said. “I just wanted to give you a little taste of what’s in store for the weekend,” I said with a mischievous grin. He came over, standing close being me. I felt my son’s warm hands grasp my buttocks, squeezing and feeling of them as he began lightly kissing my neck. My anus began to throb anew as he felt of me there, as if it hadn’t gotten fucked hard enough the first time. Thinking about my son taking me in the ass, his cock even larger than my husbands, sent an exciting shiver up my spine. Yes, I very much wanted him to take me that way. My anus wanted to feel what it was like to be stretched wide open by my son’s penis, and to then be fucked by him, his penis penetrating my anus, sliding in and out of it until he ejaculated into me, but that was going to have to wait since I had other plans for him.

“Well I like the sound of it already,” he said, his breath hot against my neck as one of his hands reached around, slipping inside the apron to massage my nipple. I felt myself grow flush with excitement, very badly wanting him in my ass right then – I wondered if I had the strength for what I intended.

“OK dammit, I can’t cook all hot and bothered,” I said laughing as I mustered the resolve to push my son’s fine body away from me.

He took a seat in the living room and watched TV while I finished cooking. He perched himself so he could take in the sight of his mom’s naked ass while she cooked him breakfast in the nude.

“It’s ready,” I said, taking his breakfast to the table.

He came over, sat down and started to eat. Realizing that I didn’t have a plate, he asked, “You aren’t eating?”

“I thought I might have some breakfast sausage,” I said, crawling down under the table and spreading my son’s legs so I could access his crotch. I pulled his semi-erect genitals through the opening in his boxer shorts.

“You have to keep eating, if you want me to do the same thing,” I said, leaning forward to kiss the head of my son’s semi-soft penis. God, my son’s penis was delicious! I pushed his foreskin back just enough to expose the very tip of his penis. The head was soft and squishy as I pressed my warm lips against it. I licked my lips to wet them, and then began to suckle just the head of his penis, applying just enough suction to pull the head in between my lips, slide my lips back off of it, and then do it all over again.

I can’t begin to describe how incredibly wonderful it is for a woman to take a man’s soft penis and feel it harden right inside her mouth as her tongue caresses it. Of course men love how a woman’s warm mouth feels on their genitals, but I think there’s another aspect to it that most men wouldn’t admit to.

The truth is that when a woman suckles a man’s penis, she is the one in control. She is in command of his penis, and his penis is going to do what she wants. Though it certainly can be done as an act of aggression by a man against a woman, using her mouth forcefully, the vast majority of the time the truth is that it’s an act of domination by the woman, who has complete control over what pleasure her man feels. And, it is a simple biological fact that a man is unable to prevent himself from becoming erect if a woman wishes to make him so, and, furthermore, neither can he prevent himself from ejaculating if a woman wants to make him. If a man were tied down, he could not stop a woman from arousing his penis and then stimulating it to ejaculation. He lacks this control over his own body; it is a power that women have over him, that most men realize subconsciously but wouldn’t admit to.

All of this went through my head as I went carefully about stimulating my son’s penis, teasing it carefully into a throbbing erection, and then continuing to stimulate it further, my movements slow and deliberate, designed to arouse a powerful need in him while not permitting him to even draw near to orgasm. I wanted his penis to be so swollen and horny that it would literally ache with need for the rest of the day, his mind consumed with the thought of how good my pussy was going to feel later that night, his need for me so strong that the rest of his day would seem dim in comparison.

His erection began to fill out quickly under my stimulation; I grasped his penis firmly at the base to help it along. As my son’s penis began to visibly swell before my eyes, I held it still and, my lips about an inch away, blew cool air on his frenum. His penis bulged between my fingers in response. I then flicked my tongue against his frenum ever so lightly – just enough to make him want more, before lightly suckling only the head of his penis in between my lips, and then sliding it right back out again. His penis was now fully erect, large and swollen with need, the veins bulging and angry with desire for my mouth’s warm embrace.

I thought for a moment about what I’d done so far that day. I’d been a real hussy, starting by letting my husband fuck me in the ass. Then I’d cooked breakfast in the nude for my son, and now I knelt between his legs under the table, deliberately teasing his cock with my mouth as he ate breakfast. I marveled at what had come over me, and briefly wondered if I’d lost my mind. Maybe I had, I thought, but this penis was just so beautiful that I couldn’t resist it. My son wanted to stick his penis into me, and it felt so good that I didn’t see any reason not to let him. I didn’t really care what anyone else thought about it.

However, my son was a complete novice at sex, and didn’t even understand his own body. I was going to have to teach him from scratch and show him how to experience real pleasure with a woman. Not only did he need to learn what women liked, but he had to learn some basic things about his own body that he didn’t even realize that he didn’t know.

“So here’s the deal,” I said from beneath the table. “We’re going to go out tonight, but I want it to be something to remember. So we’re going to save ourselves for tonight. I’m going to suck your dick right now while you eat, but you aren’t going to cum. You’re going to wait. And you aren’t going to jerk off at all today, either. You’re going to wait to cum until later tonight. You want to get laid tonight, don’t you, baby?” I asked, taking his now throbbing erection deep into my mouth, my lips sliding down the full length of his shaft as his erection pressed into my warm mouth, being squished between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, my lips wrapped like a tight ring around him as I slid my mouth up and down the length of his shaft.

“God yes, mom,” he said.

“Ok then,” I responded, “no cummies until you fuck mommy later tonight – right?” My mouth was warm and wet, my lips wrapped tight around his swollen member as my mouth slowly slid up and down the length of his shaft. God, sucking his dick was so damn good – I loved being down on my knees naked with my son’s erect penis in my mouth. What I really wanted was to suck him until he came in my mouth, but that was going to have to wait. I had other plans for him.

He groaned, but agreed, “OK – but this isn’t going to be easy.”

Beneath the table as I was, there was only me and my son’s fabulous cock sticking out of his boxer shorts. My son’s seven inch cock was rigid, the head swollen and the veins sticking out with excitement with the knowledge that his own mother was pleasuring it. It pulsated with need in my fingers, and as I grasped it tightly about the base, it visibly bulged with engorgement as he flexed his PC muscles and became even more swollen.

My son’s penis needed me to make it feel better; what else was a mommy for, I thought? How could a mother allow her adult child to suffer from such prolonged sexual angst, when the solution was right there between her legs? How could a mother be so selfish as to treat what society says as being more important than her own child’s physical needs? I fully believe that so much violence in the world is the result of sexual angst, and that the world would be a calmer, nicer, happier place if people would just be honest about their desire for each other, and go ahead and fuck. I realize there may be religious objections to this, and I’m not saying those people are necessarily wrong, either. Some countries are over-populated as it is, and rampant fucking in the streets isn’t going to help. Then there are the issues with human psychology, emotional attachment, and jealousy. Some people have enough drama at home without introducing yet another factor into the mix. And, yes, I realize that disease and genetic inbreeding are very serious concerns too, but there are ways to address such things. So, yes, I realize there are all sorts of reasons why this might not work for everyone. But, having said all of that, at the end of the day, the fact is that if you leave the house in the morning well-sexed and with a smile on your face from getting laid, it’s going to be a better day for everyone. What mother wouldn’t want her son to have that, when it’s so easy to give him?

I’d thought it through, and I felt quite confident that none of those concerns applied to us. Thus, I had no doubts about what I was doing as I reached out with my tongue, lightly touching the base of my son’s erect penis and then very slowly running just the tip of my tongue up along the length of his shaft, stopping to flick lightly at his frenum. My son’s aroused member bulged and swelled in response to the feelings of my mouth on his penis; I knew he must be dying with need for the full pleasure of my mouth, but this was only the beginning. My husband and I had studied Tantric sex when we were in our younger years, and although it still contributed to our love-making, we didn’t really practice it actively. But I suddenly found all of that knowledge coming to the forefront of my mind.

To become sexually competent, my son needed to learn to not only endure, but to truly enjoy, feelings of intense prolonged arousal so that he didn’t immediately ejaculate upon entering me. I wanted him to learn to give a woman full pleasure. So, instead of giving in to his desire for immediate gratification, I lightly kissed his poor swollen glans, my lips warm and wet against his needy, throbbing erection. I was going to make his penis ache with need. I was going to make it feel like it was going to burst from its own pressure. I was going to make it suffer such intense arousal that he could hardly stand it.

And then, he would live with this feeling all day long, wanting so desperately to have release from his intense need to ejaculate. His penis would be literally sore with intense sexual arousal, and yet still he would deny himself. My son would wait until he fucked his mom that evening, and his orgasm would be so incredible that he’d beg to do it all over again.

After a few months of such training, he would have some basic skills in love-making. I wanted him to be able to make love to me for hours on end, but it was going to take some time to get there.

For the next several minutes while my son ate breakfast, I ran my tongue and lips all over his erection, giving his penis light kisses and licks all over until it seemed to be almost quivering with the desire to enter my mouth. I thought that surely his penis must be aching with need right now, but his poor throbbing erection was going to ache even worse before it got what it wanted.

I sensed that he was done with breakfast, and, without warning, I withdrew myself away from his needy erection and out from under the table.

“Mom…” he protested, sliding his chair back to reveal his bulging member.

“We had a deal – when you stop, I stop,” I said.

“I know, but you can’t leave me like this,” he pleaded.

I sighed, putting on a sad face. “But I wanted tonight to be special for us, son. How often do we get chances like this?” I said.

“Huh?” he responded.

“Well, it makes sex really special between a man and a woman when you both save it up. Then when you have sex, it’s ten times as good. Sometimes you really need to cum bad, but then other times it can actually feel good to hold it and wait, for the sake of having really hot sex later.”

I thought about how I’d let my husband fuck my asshole earlier, and how I’d then masturbated for at least half an hour, teasing myself right to the edge of orgasm over and over again, only to then make myself stop despite how badly my pussy ached with the need to cum, all because I wanted to be sure I was good and horny for my son.

I stepped closer to him, taking his erection into my hand and squeezing it. “So I guess my question is whether you want a lame orgasm now, or do you want to have some incredibly hot sex with mommy tonight? I want us to both save it up all day long, thinking about how awesome tonight will be. So what do you say? Do you think you can wait for me, just this once, if it means that tonight you can fuck me to your heart’s content?” I grinned at the way I was speaking to my own son, his erection warm and pulsating between my fingers.

He sighed, and then agreed. “OK, you’re right. But you have to quit messing with me because I’m hard up enough as it is!” he said, twisting to slip his cock out of my grasp.

“If you insist… but are you sure you don’t want me to suck it for just a few strokes?” I asked, knowing full well he couldn’t possibly resist such an offer.

He paused for a moment, then agreed.

I got down on my knees and immediately took my son’s cock into my mouth. Spreading my mouth open, I felt the bulbous head of his penis press against the roof of my mouth and then slide against it deeper into my mouth as I suppressed my gag reflex, my warm tongue sliding against the underside of his penis as I lowered my head down fully around him, my lips wrapped tightly around his shaft as his cock slid into his mothers warm, wet mouth.

I took my time giving him ten long, slow strokes, my lips sliding up and down his shaft as my tongue pressed against his member inside my mouth. When I could tell that orgasm was not too far off, I stopped.

“Oh god, mom…”

“I know sweetie, I know. But just think about how good tonight’s going to be.” I then patted his balls, gave his penis a quick kiss right on the tip, and then stood up.

He sighed. “I know, I guess you’re right – but you need to go put some clothes on. I’m going to burst if you don’t get dressed.”

The rest of our day went fairly normally, except for my trip to the adult toy store where I got a skirt, some special panty hose, and a few toys that I planned to use over the weekend.

When my son got home later, I told him that I wanted him to take me over to College Park, where all the college hang outs were. He seemed unsure of this at first, but agreed with only minor cajoling that I wanted to see his hangouts for myself. We agreed on a time to leave, and I went upstairs to get ready, styling my hair, putting on my make-up, and then getting dressed.

I decided to wear my hair down, thinking I’d blend better that way. I wore large gold hoop earrings, a white sweater top that accentuated my cleavage nicely, and a short, shiny black vynil skirt that I’d gotten at an adult store along with some crotchless black nylon stockings. I finished it off with some low boots. I wanted to look like a woman who was planning to get laid, without looking like a hooker. Looking at myself in the mirror, I thought it was perfect. It was a sexy outfit that made me look quite young – in my twenties, anyway.

My son had decided to dress up, which for him meant wearing a polo shirt with the same jeans he always wore. He seemed taken aback when he saw me.

“Wow…” he said.

“Well, what do you think?” Men are such idiots when it comes to this discussion with a women. You’d think they would learn, but most of them never do.

“You look hot, mom,” he said.

Well, maybe there is hope for the male gender yet, I thought. “OK,” I said, clearing my throat to get his attention. “For the rest of the night, I’m not mom. We’re going to go to dinner and practice you calling me Janet, so you don’t slip up later. OK, Steve?” I said, calling him by his own name in order to demonstrate.

“Yes… Janet,” he said, smiling. He seemed to stop and think for a moment. “Janet?” he asked.

I realized this was going to be weirder than I thought for me, too. “Yes, Steve?” I said.

“Would you like to go out on a date with me?” my son asked.

“Oh, sweetie, I’d love to,” I said, stepping up to him. My son was really quite a spectacle of a young man, tall and lean and muscular. As I reached for him, his arms met me, and we found ourselves in each other’s embrace as our faces met. I had kissed him in sex, but that was different. We had never kissed just to kiss.

As our mouths met, I wondered why I’d been denying myself. My son was a surprisingly good kisser, his lips light against mine, his tongue flicking at mine lightly while not trying to force its way deep into my mouth,. After already having been fucked in the ass, playing with myself, and then sucking a dick, all without having the orgasm I needed really bad, I was already good and horny. Kissing my son made my pussy gush with excitement, and when I reached down to feel his erection already full in his pants, it was all I could do to break free. I wanted sex really bad, and I realized we were already both so wound up that we’d better get out of the house quickly or it would never happen.

My son drove us over to College Park. We spent the twenty minutes it took talking about some of his favorite places and deciding where to go for dinner. We settled on a college sports bar with good local microbrews. We parked the car in one of the area parking lots, about a block from the bar. When we got out of the car, I held out my arm, waiting for my son to take it.

We both smiled that it seemed a bit silly, but I wanted my son to enjoy being seen with an attractive woman, and to practice his manners. I knew the poor boy was probably so insanely horny that getting into my pussy was probably all he could think about. Though I had every intention of giving it to him, I’d also learned that when a man is kept appropriately aroused in such a manner, he becomes quite willing to accommodate his woman. My son took my arm as a gentlemen would, and although he seemed a bit nervous at first, he relaxed visibly as we walked out of the parking lot and onto the sidewalk, where we began our journey to the pub.

I took in the atmosphere around us – college students on a Friday night on the main college strip. Groups of boisterous college guys and flocks of scantily clad college women, all wondering who they’d be sleeping with that night. I took in the way they walked and talked… the carefree manner. The lack of the weight of responsibility that comes with age and parenthood. They existed right here in the moment, enjoying things for what they were, their mind open to the limitless possibilities of the future, those choices all still ahead of them.

I let myself relax a bit, hanging on my son’s arm to let everyone know that he was mine, and that he was going to be getting laid. As we walked down the strip, now full of people out for a raucous Friday evening, he began to realize just how much the guys were checking me out. As this dawned on him, he pulled me a bit closer to him, smiling. My son took after his father in appearance, so we weren’t worried about anybody picking up on that, but I did realize that I hadn’t taken off my wedding ring, so I quickly stashed it in my purse.

We waited at the front of the restaurant for just a few minutes to be seated. As we stood there in the waiting area next to the bar, I put my arms around my son’s waist, my own shortness contrasted by his height. When I didn’t think anyone was obviously watching, I lightly bit my son’s nipple through his shirt and then grinned.

“Ouch, m…” he started to say, catching himself.

“You liked it, though, didn’t you?” I asked, reaching out to lightly bite his nipple again.

“Ow, shit… yes, OK it feels good, but not now!” he said, pulling me in close.

“Later, then,” I said, giving his buttock a quick squeeze before relaxing away from him.

A few moments later, we were seated at a booth next to the main open area. “Sit next to me,” I suggested, patting the bench beside me.

We smiled at each other as my son slid in and sat down next to me. I tossed my hair just a bit to get it out of the way, and as we turned to face each other briefly, I realized my opportunity and kissed him. He rested his hand against my cheek as our mouths met again, and I felt the world begin to slip away from me as my son kissed me.

“So, what can I get you young folks to drink?” the waiter asked, apparently quite used to such a public display of affection. We ordered a pitcher of beer, and as the waiter was getting it, my son went to use the restroom. I positioned myself very carefully, shifting my skirt higher up onto my legs, and as I saw my son begin to walk back, I spread my legs. With the crotchless pantyhose I was wearing, this blatantly revealed my aroused sex to anyone that happened to be looking – including my son.

A few guys at a neighboring table took notice, and I could see them talking excitedly and looking my way. I smiled at them, parting my legs wide and letting them see my pussy, and I could see my son get embarrassed as he realized that other people in the restaurant could see his mother’s aroused sex just as well as he could. As he slid back into the bench seat next to me, I rested my hand on his thigh as I kissed him, just to eliminate any question as to who I was with for the night. And, to the dismay of the neighboring table, I closed my legs.

We spent dinner chatting and talking about college stuff, nibbling on each other’s necks, and learning to call each other by our first names.

One of my son’s college buddies Ron was there and recognized him, coming over to say hi. I didn’t think he’d seen my pussy earlier, but I wasn’t sure. My son handled the introduction perfectly, saying that I was his girlfriend Janet. They exchanged some guy talk which basically equated to ‘she’s hot, hope you fuck her brains out.’ I nibbled at my son’s neck as his friend spoke, eliminating any question as to my intention to fuck him. Ron went away after a moment or two, giving my son the thumbs up.

“You did well, sweetie,” I said.

He turned to look me in the eyes, getting a little more serious look on his face. “This is really nice. I mean, I love being here with you like this… I’d never have imagined this in a million years. Who would have ever thought I’d be taking my mom out on a date before I took her home and fucked her?”

Everything around me seemed to come to a screeching halt, time standing still as my heart pounded. I looked into my son’s eyes, reaching up to stroke his cheek. “Will you? Take me home and fuck me – right now?”

I don’t think we’ve ever made it out of a restaurant and to the car so fast – we couldn’t get home fast enough. As we get to the car and buckled up, I stopped my son for a second.

“Hold on,” I said, leaning over toward him.

“What are you…?” he started to ask.

I answered his question by unzipping his pants, unbuttoning the top, and pulling his cock out through the opening in his briefs. I glanced quickly out the windows to be sure no one was watching nearby, and then leaned over to take my son’s cock into my mouth.

“Oh, god, Janet…” he said, calling me by my name. I didn’t respond, instead suckling the cock that was now fully erect in my hot wet mouth. My lips were tight around his shaft, and I didn’t care about the slurping noises I made as I sucked him, my lips sliding up and down his shaft as my tongue massaged it. After a few moments I stopped, using the light jacket I’d brought to cover up his erection while we pulled out of the parking lot and started the trek home.

I kept my son hard the whole ride home, reaching over to stroke his erection for much of the ride, and taking the few opportunities I got when we were stopped to lean over and suck his dick. I’d been teasing his cock like this for twenty minutes by the time we got home. Soon we were inside the front door, clothes flying everywhere as I practically ran upstairs, saying, “Come on,” and making sure my son followed.

As we entered my bedroom, I turned to face my son. We were both fully nude, and I once again marvelled at his wonderful body. I ran my hands along his shoulders and chest, my fingers stopping to massage his nipples as he moved in close to me, taking me his arms. He reached around grasp my ass with one hand, pulling me against his warm body as his other hand reached up to cup my breast and massage my nipple. I thrust my abdomen against him in need, his erection pressing against me.

Our mouths met in embrace, our lips brushing lightly as our tongues seemed to dance together as we moved backward toward my bed. A moment later, I felt the bed behind me and pulled myself up onto it, scooting back and parting my legs wide open to give my son full access to my pussy.

I lifted my hips eagerly, my pussy wet and anxious with need as my son positioned himself at my entrance. Then, in one fluid motion, my son entered me, his erection driving into my vagina forcefully as he lay atop me. My son began driving his penis in and out of me, my vagina slick and tight around his shaft as he fucked me. My son fucked me with intensity, our bodies sweating as we pounded our flesh against each other in urgent need, his throbbing erection buried deep inside my slick womb that squeezed tight around his cock like a glove as he thrust in and out of me. He reached his hand down to massage my clitoris, and as I quickly found myself approach orgasm, I could see that he was, too. A minute later, my son cried out as he convulsed in a powerful orgasm, thrusting his erection deep inside me as he ejaculated into my pussy. He convulsion triggered my own orgasm, and a moment later we were cumming together, our bodies joined together in the ultimate intimacy between a man and a woman. Both of our orgasms seemed to last an eternity, and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d cum so hard. When we were done cumming, we collapsed onto the bed, my son laying atop me.

For what seemed like several minutes, we said nothing, just laying there still and quiet in each other’s embrace, enjoying the afterglow of sex. My son’s penis was still in my vagina, and after several minutes I felt him begin to grow erect once again. We were soon back at it, but this time we weren’t just fucking because we needed to cum really bad. We were fucking for the sake of fucking. We were fucking to feel our flesh pressed together. I was fucking to feel my son’s large cock inside me, and he was fucking to enjoy the feeling of his cock being inside his mother’s slick pussy. I think we must have changed positions five times, my son enjoying sticking his erection into my pussy from just about every angle he could. Finally as orgasm was approaching, we settled into the position my husband had fucked me in earlier – doggy style, my son grasping my hips to hold me still while he fucked me, smacking my ass as his orgasm built, my hand furiously working my clit the whole time.

“Holy shit, mom, I’m about to cum again,” he said, panting for breath.

“Do it baby – cum in mommy’s pussy. I want you to cum inside me,” I said, stimulating my clit and hanging on the very edge of orgasm, just waiting for my son so we could cum together. It was less than a minute later that I heard him cry out and thrust deep into me; I frigged my clit really hard and a second or two later I started cumming, too. Orgasm took me and my pussy began its orgasmic contractions, my vagina squeezing tight around my son’s erect penis as he emptied his seed into me and we came together all over again.

As we then lay back on the bed, our energy spent, I could tell that my son must be thinking that he had just made love to me in his father’s bed. I doubted that he had really thought all of that through, and of course teenage males have the emotional maturity of a badger, so I didn’t want him to feel lost or confused about how to handle it. We were in this together, and I didn’t want him to have any doubts about that. So I snuggled up against him and just lay there still for a few moments.

When I could tell that his mood had shifted, I spoke, saying, “I’d love it if you’d sleep with me tonight in my bed – if you want to, that is. I’m yours tonight, son. You can make love to me to your hearts content.”

That put a smile on his face. He looked over at me, grinning. “Mmmmm, mom, now that sounds nice. But you might you might not walk straight for a week when I get done with you!”

We both cracked up laughing at that. My son was in his sexual prime – but, then, so was I. In that sense, we were actually a perfect match for each other. But that didn’t mean that I might not have one sore pussy afterward either, I realized.

We spent the rest of the night curled up together in bed naked, watching movies until midnight. At one point, I asked him, “So, was it worth waiting today, sweetie?” as I nuzzled his neck lightly, my hand rubbing his belly lightly.

He turned to face me, his mouth moving to meet mine and kiss me. “God yes,” he said, as we quickly found ourselves kissing passionately.

“So you were able to survive being horny all day?” I asked.

“Yeah, I mean I was revved up all day. I was super horny, and it was like my penis literally ached for sex,” he said.

I made a mock pouty face, my hand reaching down to fondle his penis as I said, “Awww, it missed its mommy,” and then leaned down to kiss his penis on the frenum.

My son continued, “Yeah it did. I needed to cum so bad, mom. But thinking about having sex with you… it’s like I was living this super-vivid fantasy all day long. And the sex – my God, mom, I had no idea it was possible to cum so hard. I think I literally saw stars when we first got home and fucked,” he said.

“So you want to do it that way again?” I asked, smiling, searching his face for the truth of how he felt about the whole idea.

His face lit up like a light. “Damn straight, mom – we can do that every weekend!”

I laughed. “Well, we’ll work it out.” I looked at my son, laying naked on my bed. His body was so long and lean, muscular but not over-developed, and he had such a wonderful, beautiful, generous cock. I tousled his chest hair with my hand, trailing my finger over to flick lightly at his nipple. “Mommy will take good care of your penis – if you want her to, that is,” I said, shifting down so that my face was at his abdomen, and then beginning to lightly kiss and lick my son’s genitals.

I continued, talking between kisses on his penis, “If you ever aren’t sure, we should stop. But as long as it’s what you really want, I really enjoy satisfying you.”

My son responded, “Me too. I don’t know why but I really like making you cum, mom. It feels so awesome to be inside your pussy and to think that it’s you, and that you feel so good. And I really like making you cum. You’re so hot, and it’s like something special I can do for you now that I’m grown up. Of course the best is when we both cum together.”

“Yes, that it is, dear. You’ve thought about this a lot more than I thought you had,” I confessed.

“I have,” he said, “and I know you’re probably worried about me stopping dating and getting too emotionally involved and all that. But listen, don’t worry about that stuff. I mean, for now, I’m totally content. Between you and school, that’s pretty much about all I can think about, so I’m really happy about everything. I mean seriously, it’s every guy’s dream – a super hot woman waiting to have sex with him every night! What more could a guy ask for? But seriously, I know that I have to start dating at some point so you can have grandkids and all that, but I’m not in a rush or anything, and for now I just want to enjoy what we have together. I love you, mom,” he said, reaching to kiss me gently on the forehead.

I was floored. My son hadn’t just grown up physically. His words were far wiser than his years. I thought for a moment, then smiled. I took his penis into my hand and began toying with it, massaging it into a full erection as I said, “OK – I’ll quit worrying about stuff then. And, listen, I know at some point you might want to date, and you don’t have to ask me first or anything. Just let me know. I’ll understand. And if you break up – or even if you just need a little extra pussy on the side because she won’t put out – mommy’s pussy is always open for business. Besides, I do love having your penis inside me…”

I climbed atop my son, using my mound to press his penis down flat against his belly as I began rubbing my pussy up and down the length of his shaft, sliding along its length. I parted my vulva, spreading them to either side of his shaft and letting him enjoy my soft, moist vulva gliding gently along his penis in that same back and forth sliding motion. Soon, I could see his anxiousness to be inside me, so I held his penis straight up, and then began rubbing the head of his penis at the entrance to my vagina, just making small circles at my entrance. His penis bulged with need, desperately wanting to be inside me. I lowered myself perhaps an inch, letting only the head his penis begin to press into my opening, giving him just enough of my moist pussy to make him want more, while denying him its full pleasure. I teased his penis thus for perhaps a minute or so, until I could see his tension building, and then slowly, stroke by stroke, began to lower myself down onto him, taking his swollen erection into my tight wet pussy. I would take him a bit further into me, then raise back up, and the next stroke down go just a tiny bit further, until after a minute or so, my son’s throbbing erection was buried to the hilt in his mommy’s pussy.

This is a much more favorable position for a woman to take during sex since the man’s penis hits her in a much better spot, it also affords easy access to her clitoris, and it allows her to control the pace of sex itself so that her male partner doesn’t cum too soon. For the next twenty minutes as we made love, controlling my pace so as to draw it out somewhat, my son massaged my breasts and nipples, squeezing them increasingly harder. As my excitement grew, so did the throbbing in my nipples, and as the throbbing in my nipples grew, so did my excitement – it was both a terrible and wonderful self-reinforcing cycle with no possible escape, the torment too incredibly delicious to refuse. Normally I would not have been able to tolerate it for long, but somehow during sex, easing me into it as my son had done, somehow he’d managed to make it feel so good that I couldn’t refuse. And as I came, he clamped down on my nipples mercilessly, causing me to cry out in an unbelievable combination of pain and pleasure, my orgasm made complete by the sensation of his penis thrusting deep into me from below as I massaged my swollen clitoris. When I finished cumming, I collapsed down atop my son, my nipples still throbbing – they hurt, yet I loved the feeling all the same.

I lay there still for a few minutes, finally saying, “Damn, sweetie, that was intense – don’t even think about doing that all the time, but once in a while that would be awesome. But I don’t think I can plan for that – you’re just going to have to surprise me with that again sometime when you feel like it, OK?” I asked.

“I wasn’t too hard, was I, mom?” my son asked with genuine concern.

“No, it was just right – it hurt, but it felt better than it hurt, if that makes sense,” I responded.

“Good,” he said, kissing me on the cheek and holding me tight.

God, I have such a wonderful son!

Over night, my son took me again. Though I couldn’t quite muster the energy to cum, it was still delicious feeling his hot flesh press up against mine, his swollen erection penetrating my womb and using me for its pleasure. I loved the feeling of his penis being inside me; thinking about the fact that he was my own son only excited me even further. It felt good knowing that he had used my pussy for his satisfaction.


When morning came, it was delicious waking up with my own son naked in bed with me, his penis stiff with excitement over his own mother’s naked body and aching with need for her pussy. I patted, licked, and stroked his penis for several minutes, finally telling him, “Hmmm… we’re just going to have to do something about this, now aren’t we?”

“Yeah…” he agreed with me, rolling fully onto his back.

“Maybe after breakfast,” I said playfully, grinning and then hopping out of bed. I knew that my pussy had to have some powerful stink going on after all the fucking we’d done, so I took a shower, douched really well using a regular cleansing douche, and followed it up a special cinnamon douche that I’d read about. I thought my son would appreciate it, given what I had planned.

My son was getting his own shower when I got out, so I pulled my robe over my nude body, went downstairs, and cooked up some bacon and eggs.

As we ate breakfast, we talked about what we wanted to do for the day. My son didn’t have anything particular in mind, so I suggested that maybe he’d like to practice his sexual techniques. Needless to say, he jumped at idea. I went on to explain that what I had in mind was really several separate things.

I wanted him to spend some time learning how to eat my pussy. I wanted to spend time sucking his dick, trying out different techniques so that he could learn what he liked, and practice telling me how to do it so that he’d be better at telling another woman, too. I also explained that oral was perfect for me to help him learn to gauge his own arousal, so that he could learn to tell when he was getting too close so he could back off. A pussy was too intensely pleasurable for such practice at first, I explained, until he had a little more basic grasp of his own arousal mechanisms. So we’d use oral to help him get a good sense for it, and then graduate into his practicing those methods during intercourse itself. Eventually, he’d be able to make love for hours. My son was drooling at the thought of so much sucking and fucking his own hot mom in sex classes that by the time we finished breakfast, he insisted we start immediately!

I didn’t want to start with getting him so worked up that he wouldn’t be able to do a good job on me, so I decided that we’d practice his pussy-eating skills first. We went upstairs, where I took off my robe and lay back on the bed, my legs closed, motioning my son to sit on the bed beside me.

I began by telling him about foreplay and romance, and that how a woman thought about sex was totally different. I told him how sex started from the first moment you saw each other that day, even if you wouldn’t have sex until later that night, and that every interaction should be approached as part of the lead up to sex. We talked about being romantic and caring and paying attention to a woman.

Then we talked about my pussy. I spread my legs, motioning him to get between my legs so that he could see my pussy up close. I began by explaining that my clitoris was larger than normal, sticking out about three quarters of an inch away from my body when fully aroused. I showed him how it was currently somewhat hidden beneath its hood, and then worked my hood back a bit so he could get a better look at my clitoris. I explained how it was like all the nerves in his penis being concentrated into a smaller area, and that’s how sensitive a woman’s clitoris was, and that she enjoyed the same sensations there as a man did on his penis. As we spoke, my clitoris began to expand before his very eyes, poking out from its hiding place. I had the perfect clit for him to practice on, really, due to its size, but he would have to adapt a bit when he practiced on another woman because her clit might not be so generously sized.

I then had him reach out to feel my clitoris, squeezing it gently, beginning at the tip and then working it gently between his fingers along its entire length to feel how it went up into my body. He then licked his fingers to practice pulling back the hood and making small circles on my clitoral bud, and I quickly felt my clitoris reach full engorgement between my son’s fingers. Soon, my clitoris was literally throbbing beneath my sons fingers as he squeezed it and rolled it gently between his fingers. I was fully turned on at that point and realized that I was going to have to really focus if I was going to be able to finish our lessons – it wasn’t going to be as easy for me as I’d thought!

I then had him release my clitoris so I didn’t cum before we got even halfway through. We went on to talk about my vulva, both inner and outer, and how they changed in shape and color as I became aroused – letting him see this very transformation occur right before his own eyes. I had him watch as my vulva became engorged, parting to reveal his mother’s moist, swollen sex that lay beneath. I explained how a woman needed foreplay, and that a man should not immediately dive into her clitoris. Rather, gentle stroking and kissing on the insides of her thighs should come first, then her outer labia, then her inner labia, and then her clitoris. I had my son practice running his fingers lightly along the insides of my thighs, circling closers and closer to my sex while yet avoiding it, inflaming my need and teasing me with the nearness of his strokes, until my vulva had become visibly aroused and my motions indicated my growing need. I had him feel of my vulva, taking them between his fingers to understand their texture and how far they might be comfortably stretched. I explained how manual stimulation also felt extremely good, but that we’d practice that later.

Then we talked about my vagina, lubrication, my g-spot, and finally I had him help me open my vagina, my son’s fingers entering me and opening me so that he might survey what his mother’s pussy looked like inside. This was where I hoped he’d appreciate the cinnamon douche I’d used. We discussed my feminine scent openly, as I explained that a woman’s vagina was actually very clean inside due to the body’s own natural mechanisms. And, I explained, every woman had a slightly different scent – some light, some strong, some musky, some sweet.

My son leaned forward, resting his nose against my vulva as he inhaled, saying, “Mmmmm. Damn, mom, your pussy smells so good. My mouth is actually watering. It just makes me want to bury my face in it and go to town.”

“I’m glad to hear that son, because you’re going to be eating mommy’s pussy a lot from now on. You came out of there, you know,” I said, grinning slightly.

“I must have known how good it felt coming out, and that’s why I’ve been wanting to get back in so bad,” he said, and we both laughed heartily.

He continued, “Honestly, mom, somehow that actually makes it even more special. Somehow your pussy is magical to me, and I just want to make it cum. Knowing that your pussy gave me life just makes me want to lick it and suck it and fuck it even more. It’s like I need to thank your pussy for giving me life, by sticking my dick in it and making it cum.”

My mom laughed, saying, “Well you just keep on thanking me like that for as long as you want, sweetie! My pussy likes feeling that nice big dick of yours deep inside. It feels wonderful having you in me, son, and knowing that it’s you. It’s good to know that mommy can make you feel good. You know, when I realized last week just how sexually tense you’d become, I just thought to myself that it couldn’t possibly be good for you. And, well, I’m your mom and I can’t just let you suffer like that. I knew that poor penis of yours must be aching for some pussy so bad you couldn’t even think straight. And when things started happening, well, I knew I had to find a way to make you feel better. I know it’s selfish of me, but it makes it really special to me knowing that I’m your first piece, son. I like seeing and knowing just how much pleasure my pussy gives you. I love to lay back and spread my legs, and then know that it’s my son who’s entering me and taking pleasure from my body. I love the ecstasy in your face when you cum inside me. And, God, it feels so damn good having that big dick up inside me going to town. So mommy’s pussy is ready to go anytime that you need it, sweetie.”

My son leaned forward to kiss my pussy, soft and gentle as if he was kissing me on the lips. “Thanks, mom. I’m glad it’s you too, and I’m glad we’re both so cool with everything. Can I lick it now, mom? You smell so good I can’t stand it any more. Please, mom, can I eat your pussy now?” my son pleaded.

I smiled, motioning for him to proceed, and then began to instruct him on how to begin, and on things to do as I got warmed up. I then explained that a woman didn’t always necessarily want to rush to orgasm, preferring to enjoy the arousal and sexual excitement itself for a while, so I described techniques on how to maintain me in a high state of arousal for long periods, and then finally how to close the deal and make me cum. My son spent the next hour licking and sucking every part of my pussy – my labia, my labia, my vagina, and, of course, most especially my clit, which he sucked and licked quite wonderfully until I had a great orgasm. I pulled him up to me and held him in my arms.

His penis was pulsating with arousal and pressing against my abdomen, and I knew he must be dying to cum after having just spent an hour eating my pussy, but this was part of his lesson for the day. I wasn’t doing it to be mean; I wanted him to learn that arousal itself felt good, and that rushing things wasn’t always the best choice.

I reached down to gently hold my son’s erection. I stroked it every so lightly for a moment and felt it bulge and pulsate between my fingers in response. He had a beautiful cock, and I loved knowing that it was so hard with the need to be inside me, his mother. His penis was rock-hard and ready for attention, and I could tell how bad he wanted to stick it in me. But that wasn’t going to happen right now. Instead, I just let him enjoy the sensation of my warm fingers gently kneading his swollen, pulsating shaft, knowing how this would only intensify his need even further. I then promised that if he could wait to cum until later in the evening, and that no matter what happened he wasn’t going to masturbate or ejaculate, that he could fuck me to his heart’s content all night.

He groaned complaintively, but he knew that I would be true to my word. After all, he’d spent half the night with his dick in my pussy, so he knew I’d put out. Somewhat reluctantly, he agreed.

I got up for a moment to retrieve a couple of books from my closet about sex. One was all about the male orgasm and learning how to extend and intensify it, and the other one was more about some Tantric sexual practices for both genders, which essentially boiled down to learning to have sex without cumming. Once you learned to do it, the book said, it was like having an orgasm that never ended.

I paused for a moment, debating on whether to say what I was thinking, and decided to go for it. I lay back down close to my son, taking his penis back into my hand and squeezing it gently as I said, “You know, we kind of got out of practice, but your father and I used to have sex that way.” My fingers lightly stroked my son’s raging erection as I continued speaking, “Your father would fuck my pussy every night, but he’d wait until the weekend to cum. But when he finally did cum… those were the most intense orgasms he ever had. We kind of just got out of that habit, I guess. Is it weird talking about that? I mean, about your father fucking me?”

He replied, “No, I guess not. I mean you never really think about your parents having sex, you know? You just kind of put it out of your mind I suppose. But that’s because most people don’t know how to handle thinking about their parents as sexual creatures. I guess we’re kind of over that obstacle.”

We both chuckled at his understatement.

“Yeah,” I responded, “certainly with me anyway. But what about your father?”

My son answered, “Well, I guess dad needs to get laid, too. I mean I suppose that if I was him, I’d be all over you.”

I got a bit of a sheepish grin on my face, feeling a bit embarrassed suddenly. I felt suddenly very awkward about how to handle the conversation. I continued lightly stroking my son’s erect penis as I said simply, “Well, your father fucks me pretty much every day, and sometimes twice. I guess it’s kind of the family pussy at this point, with both of you fucking it pretty much daily. Are you OK with that? Sharing my pussy with your dad, I mean?”

My son seemed to think about that for a moment, his eyes looking at my pussy as the reality of what this meant went through his head. My fingers lightly squeezed his erection, which bulged in response between my fingers.

“You aren’t the only one fucking my pussy – or cumming in it. You need to be OK with that, son,” I said, my finger rubbing lightly against his frenum. “But I can’t tell you how much it turns me on to be having sex with both of you, father and son, both of you fucking me and cumming in me. I’ve got plenty of pussy to go around for both of you – now that you’ve really thought about this, are you still OK with it?” I asked, adding, “Because I’m really looking forward to you fucking my brains out tonight.”

I could see that my son was still thinking about the fact that when I was behind closed doors, there was a good chance that meant his father was fucking me, and that when I came out, I very well might have just finished getting laid and his father’s cum might still be inside me. He might be eating my pussy only minutes after his own father had just got finished fucking it and cumming in it. And, conversely, it meant that his father would sometimes be getting sloppy seconds to him, too. I didn’t think my son was particular homophobic, but I didn’t know how well he’d deal with having to so deliberately thinking about his father’s cock being inside me. But we were going to have to work it out at some point, so we might as well figure it out while we had the weekend to talk about it.

I scooted down on the bed, positioning myself so that I’d have easy access to my son’s genitals with my mouth. I took his cock into my hand and then began licking it, starting at the bottom, running my tongue up its length, along his frenum, and up to the tip of the head, and then doing it all over again. Between strokes of my tongue on his boner, I said, “Do you think you can share mommy, son? Because your father has a big meatpole and he likes to stick it in mommy’s pussy, too. Can you share mommy’s pussy with him?” As I said this last part, I suddenly took my son’s whole penis into my mouth, my lips sliding down tightly along the length of his shaft as my tongue massaged the underside of his swollen member.

My son needed some incentive, but I wanted him to be genuine and honest, too. I began making long, slow strokes of my mouth on his penis, sliding my lips back off of it completely, his cock suddenly feeling the contrast between my hot, wet mouth and the cool air, and then my lips pressing softly against his head and then gripping his penis tightly as they slid back down to the bottom, my mouth hot and wet around my son’s penis.

“It’s OK, mom,” my son said, lifting his head to look at me. “I can share,” he said, as I felt him flex his penis muscles, his erection bulging inside my mouth. He grinned as he looked down at his own mother sucking his dick. “How on earth could I pass this up?”

We both laughed. “That’s my boy. You know we don’t always have to fuck if you don’t feel like it. Mommy will suck your dick anytime you want, sweetie. And I mean that. You can just lay back, unzip your pants, and enjoy mommy’s mouth on your penis. Before school, between classes, at night – anytime you need a blow job, you just let me know. I love to suck your dick for you,” I said, and then resumed my slow, gentle suckling of my son’s erection that bulged with appreciation inside my mouth.

“Damn, you’re one freakin’ awesome mom,” he said, and then lay his head back to enjoy the pleasure of my mouth.

I kept slowly sucking my son’s dick, taking a slow leisurely pace of taking him into my mouth, and then back out again, to then kiss and lick his shaft all over for a few moments before giving him another stroke of his member between my tight wet lips, my tongue hot and wet on his shaft.

As I was pleasuring my son, I found myself thinking about how to avoid any possible jealousy issues. Of course, eventually my son would get a girlfriend, fall in love, and get married. But I felt like that would probably be a few years, and until then the men would have to cooperate about sharing me. The last thing I needed was my husband and son fighting over who got to fuck mommy first. The solution was so obvious that it hit me like a ton of bricks. Who ever said they had to take turns? Why couldn’t they both have me at the same time? The very thought of them both having sex with me at the same time made my pussy start to ache with desire.

I realized that my son was drawing near to orgasm, so I slowed down and began doing more kissing and licking instead of sucking. This way I could let his urgency subside while continuing to pleasure him.

“Does that feel nice?” I asked.

“Oh my God, mom – that is so freaking incredible. And to think that you used to kiss me with that mouth,” I said, and we both chortled with laughter.

After a moment, I resumed playfully licking my son’s erect penis. “It feels good to just lay back and enjoy someone pleasuring you like this, doesn’t it?” I asked.

“Mmmmm wonderful, yes,” he said.

“So you don’t want me to stop, I assume?” I asked.

“Heck no, why on earth would I want that?” he said.

“Well, that’s what having an orgasm does for a man. It ends his ability to enjoy the pleasure of sex, at least for a while. I want you to learn to how to get the most pleasure from sex that you can have, so you can feel really good. I want my baby to have the most earth-shattering orgasms possible. Sex isn’t just about cumming. It’s about enjoying the pleasure of each moment, each stroke, each kiss, each lick. It’s about letting go, and giving yourself over to the pleasure of the moment. I want you to do that right now. Just lay your head back, close your eyes, and just enjoy how mommy’s mouth feels on your penis. Let the pleasure wash over you like a wave, owning you, claiming you, invading every part of you, and then dissipating as the wave recedes, only to be followed by yet another wave.”

My son closed his eyes, a smile coming over his face as I began kissing his penis all over. I licked at his frenum, and then began kissing his glans all over. I resumed my rhythm of pleasuring him, alternating between strong strokes of my mouth, and light licks and kisses that would keep him from going over the edge. I watched his breathing and the tension in his body, working him closer and closer toward orgasm, suckling his penis in my mouth carefully so as to take him to the very heights of pleasure – and then keep him there, like a surfer riding a wave. After a while, the sheets were drenched with sweat and his body had become almost as stiff as a board when I began to back off, my stimulation gradually decreasing, and them stopping completely.

My son lay completely still for a few moments, his breathing heavy and labored. Finally, he opened his eyes, propping himself up on his arm. “Oh my God, mom. That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt. Well except for fucking you last night that is.”

“You want me to do it again later, sweetie?” I offered.

“Holy shit, yes,” he said excitedly.

“It’s worth waiting to cum, isn’t it?” I said more as a statement than a question.

“Heck yeah, I mean that was really incredible. It’s like I was in this weird sort of transcendental state or something. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty horny for wanting to cum, but I could lay here and let you keep going like that all day.”

I laughed. “Mommy’s mouth needs a break for a little bit. I tell you what, let’s get something to eat and then I’ll get back to work on that boner of yours, OK?”

My son was shocked to look at the clock and realize that I’d been sucking his dick for over an hour. He readily agreed to my suggestion, so we got some food and ate in the nude. While we ate, I reassured my son again that I’d meant what I said earlier. I would suck his dick anytime he wanted, and there wasn’t any requirement for reciprocation. And it didn’t matter whether he had a girlfriend, fiance, wife, or anything else. One thing that would never change was that he’d always be my son, and I would take care of him if he ever just needed to get laid. I was a safe place for him to go to, and my pussy would always be ready and willing to satisfy him.

We soon found ourselves on the couch, my lips wrapped around my son’s penis once again. I spent another hour suckling him, carefully stimulating him to the pre-orgasmic state, and then paced myself so as to keep him there without crossing over. After a while he was once again sweating, his body tense and his breathy heavy and labored as I tenderly suckled his penis, my lips tight and wet around his shaft as they pleasured him. His body was wracked with such intense pleasure as to flood his brain with intense pleasure signals that he normally only felt for a moment during orgasm, but now those pleasure signals had become such an intense steady pulsating sensation that it was almost too much for him. His body was preparing itself in anticipation of imminent ejaculation, as this biological mechanism had no way of knowing that he wouldn’t get enough stimulation to actually cross over the edge of orgasm and ejaculate. When he reached the point where he couldn’t help himself and began trying to thrust into my mouth autonomically, I knew that he was dangerously close to orgasm so I diminished my stimulation and then quit entirely, his body having reached the very pinnacle of maximum arousal and imminent ejaculation without achieving orgasmic release. After a moment, he pulled me up onto the couch with him, holding me tight against him.

“Oh mom,” he said.

“It’s OK baby. Just be quiet and enjoy the feeling,” I said, stroking his cheek lightly. I lay there still with him, his penis still erect and visibly pulsating.

It took him even longer to recover than earlier; I think we must have lain there together for at least fifteen minutes until he seemed recovered enough to talk.

“You’re incredible,” he said. He looked me in the eyes, and, his eyes saying far more than his words, said, “Thank you,” and then kissed me. I knew that what he meant was not ‘thank you for the blow job.’ He meant thank you for helping him find what we now had together. My mouth met his eagerly, our lips and tongues meeting in a passionate embrace that must have lasted at least ten minutes. I soon felt his penis erect and pressing at me, and decided we better cool off.

“Sweetie, I need to get a few things done before we go to dinner tonight, OK? So listen – put your pants on so you won’t be tempted to touch yourself. Even better – go watch a movie or something to waste some time, just so you aren’t home alone and tempted. OK?” I asked.

He smiled, and agreed.

We went our separate ways for a while and I took care of some errands, going back by the adult toy store yet again to get something else I wanted.

Later in the afternoon, my son was on the couch watching an action movie. We greeted each other as I checked to make sure he had clothes on, which he did. Hopefully that meant he hadn’t masturbated.

I stripped off my jeans, leaving me wearing a thong and a light sweater top. That got my son’s attention immediately.

“Hey…. now that’s what I’m talking about,” he said smiling. “You’re so freaking hot, mom. I mean, seriously, you have the best damn butt I’ve ever seen. It’s just incredible.”

You’d think that after the sex we’d had that I wouldn’t feel this way, but I actually found myself blushing with embarrassment. Maybe it was the way my son spoke so honestly and innocently. I was still blushing when I turned to face him, smiling.

He was sitting on the couch as I stepped toward him, his eyes taking in the sight of my bare legs since I was still wearing the thong bikini bottom and sweater top. I said, “Thank you, sweetheart. I work hard for this ass,” as I stepped up next to him. My son rested his head against my bare abdomen as I lifted my sweater out of the way. I knew that what he’d be seeing was my bare belly, with the small black thong barely covering my sex. I also knew that I had to smell strongly of arousal, since my pussy had dripped the whole way home as I thought about what I was going to do.

I could see the truth of this when my son breathed in deeply, taking in my scent. “God you smell delicious,” he said.

“Good enough to eat?” I said suggestively.

He looked up at me suddenly. “Hell yes,” and then reached for my thong, pulling it down off of me. I quickly lay down on the couch, parting my legs for my son.

“Eat mommy’s pussy, baby,” I said.

My son spent nearly an hour stroking, licking, and suckling my sex, until I was so on fire with the need to cum that I couldn’t take it any more, and I asked him to stop saying, “I want to wait and cum with you later tonight, sweetie.” I reached down to check the length of my pussy-stubble, and could tell that a shave wouldn’t hurt.

I sat up, saying, “Hey honey, do you want to come help mommy shave her pussy?”

A minute or two later, I was naked on the edge of the tub, my legs spread wide open as my own son carefully applied shave gel to my pussy. It felt wonderful, feeling his fingers applying the cool gel to my sex that still ached with need from the licking he’d just given it. Then he helped me shave by holding my pussy lips in the various positions that I needed to get them good. I rinsed quickly, and then presented my pussy to him for inspection.

“Did I get everything?” I asked.

He studied my pussy intently for a moment, and then said, “You missed a spot,” and leaned forward to take my still-erect clitoris into his mouth.

The sensation of his warm, wet lips sucking my clit was incredible, and he proceeded to work it with his mouth.

“No cumming until tonight, right?” he asked.

“Yes,” I agreed reluctantly.

“Then you have to tell me when to stop, since I can’t tell just yet,” he said, and then resumed sucking on my pussy. He licked every part of my now perfectly clean and bald beaver, suckling, licking, and nibbling on every part of my vulva, leaving no part of my sex untouched by the wet caress of his lips. Finally he focused on my clitoris, sucking it into his mouth with a gentle suction, and then running his tongue against it in a steady repeating pattern. Within a couple of minutes, I could feel an orgasm about to happen and I just barely managed to break away from him.

“God sweetie, that was some good pussy eating,” I told him.

He smiled in satisfaction. Grinning, he then said, “I’ll eat mommy’s pussy whenever she wants, you know. You just come show me your beaver when you need it. There’s no need to be bashful about it either – just sit down on the couch and spread your legs, and I’ll eat your pussy any time you want, mom.”

I smiled, saying, “Well THAT’s good to know – I’m probably going to be taking you up on that!” I paused for a moment, thinking, then said, “Wait here for a minute.”

I went into the closet, and came back out with a bottle of lubricant, and a large butt plug that was anotomically designed to stay firmly in place once inserted due to the way it naturally fit the body’s internal shape.

“What the…?” he started to say.

Whereas the body would sometimes naturally try to expel some plugs, this one was designed so that the body’s own motions would actually work to retain it! No matter what the action of the internal muscles, it would only serve to pull the plug deeply into you. The only way it would come out was to manually remove it. And the size of the plug was considerable; internally it was sized after an actual rectum and colon and was designed to give you a really full feeling, while the base where the anus would clamp down was just as thick – at least an inch and a half, if not more. The idea that my anus would be stretched so far, and forced to endure it for so long, was both scary and exciting – my anus hungered for the plug, and I could hardly wait. I set them both down on the counter off to the side, and then leaned over the counter, straightening my legs and thrusting my ass up and out behind me.

“Sweetie, I want you to put that in my ass. I know it looks funny but it’s designed to fit inside your body perfectly. Go slow, honey – ease it into me nice and slow. I want to enjoy the feeling of being stretched open. And when you’re done – and this the important part – you have to make me wear it until we get home later tonight. I’m going to want to take it out before then, but you can’t let me. That’s the whole point of it. You have to tell me ‘no’ and make me keep it in, even though my butt hole is going to be throbbing and I’ll be begging to take it out. You have to promise me – OK?”

My son was unsure at first, but after thinking about, he smiled and greed, realizing how much fun it was going to be having that kind of control over my asshole. He picked up the plug and examined it, feeling of its size and texture. It was thicker than a penis, and it had some give to it but with a somewhat firm core.

“Don’t worry – I cleaned myself really well, sweetie,” I said as my son moved to take up position behind me.

“This is really kinky, mom,” he said. I could seem in the mirror, behind me, looking down at my fully exposed anus. “I’ve never looked at anybody’s butthole like this before.”

“Do you like it?” I asked, squeezing my rectal muscles to make my anus dance for him.

“Holy shit, that’s really hot, mom. Keep doing that,” my son said, dropping to his knees and pressing his hot wet tongue against my rectum.

It was an incredible new sensation for me as my son licked my asshole, kissing it, licking it, and tonguing it, slowly working his way more into me until he was literally pressing his wonderful hot wet tongue up inside my anus. It felt so good that I thought I could probably cum from it if he kept it up.

After a couple of minutes of my son sucking my butthole, he stopped and stood back up. He was grinning from ear to ear. “Did you like that?” he asked.

I was flushed red with arousal and my knees were week as I responded, “Damn,baby, you give a whole new meaning to the words ‘kiss my ass.’ That was unbelievable! You have to do that again sometime,” I said.

“My pleasure!” he said. My son then picked up the plug. “It’s time,” he said simply. He put only a tiny bit of lubricant onto the plug and worked a little bit into my rectum. “We just want enough to get it in – if we put too much it might slip out,” he said, pressing the cool tip of the large plug at the entrance to my ass.

I held myself still, relaxing, breathing out, and pushing out slightly with my abdominal muscles as my son slowly inserted the large dildo into me, penetrating and plugging my rectum with the large object. It felt even larger than I expected – too big, in fact. I started to grow a bit faint since I felt as though it was literally tearing me open, but I told myself that I’d probably get accustomed to it if I gave it a few minutes. So even though my knees wanted to collapse from being stretched so impossibly wide open, I held myself still until my son had worked the whole thing into me. Once the widest part was through and in, I felt my anus relax a bit as the plug narrowed just enough that I could regain some of my composure.

When he was done, I turned to face him, saying, “Thank you,” and then leaning in to kiss him as I wrapped my naked body against him. My clitoris was already aching with the need to cum, and with my anus now beginning to throb around the plug, I felt powerful waves of arousal washing over me. The anotomically shaped plug was wonderful; I can’t begin to describe how full I felt, and how wonderful that feeling was. The plug was larger than I probably should have gotten, being new to anal as I was, but it was the perfect choice to wear out in public because every movement seemed to only naturally want to draw it even further into me. There was no risk of the plug popping out unexpectedly.

My son still had his clothes on, but I leaned in to embrace him. His muscular body felt wonderful in my arms, and I collapsed into him, allowing the sensations from my body to wash over me like a tidal wave. I finally mustered enough resolve to break free.

I dressed similar to the night before, wearing a skirt, bra, and sweater top, but no panties of any kind. Both my shaved pussy and the butt plug would be plainly visible to anyone who managed to see up my short skirt.

We went out to dinner at a nice steakhouse, my anus throbbing angrily by the time we were done. I had been crazy to wear such a large plug my first time like this, and I was anxious to get home and remove the plug. Instead, my son wanted us to walk around a bit, get ice cream, and see a movie.

Now, if you’ve never worn a butt plug before, the first thing I want to say that is that you should try it. It feels incredibly wonderful. Start small, and before you know it, you’ll want a big one – trust me. I wish I had tried this many years earlier. At first, there is some discomfort from the sensation of having been invaded. If you get stretched too far too quick, it may throb a bit for a few minutes – but this sensation will subside. I have since come to learn that I actually enjoy the feeling of being suddenly opened, but you will have to decide for yourself about that. Then an aching sensation will begin as your anus struggles to close around it, needing to return to normal, but being prevented from it. Next your body may begin some motions as if to expel it, trying to push it out, but a well-designed plug will prevent this. You need a plug with a large bulb inside you, that quickly narrows to a very skinny neck. This gives your anus something to really clamp down around, thus preventing your body from pushing it out. Or, you can get one that is anatomically shaped as I did, which allows you to get an even better rectal stretch and hold it, without worrying about expulsion. And although I may be presenting all of this in a way that sounds uncomfortable, trust me when I say that it actually feels quite good – addictively so, in fact. You will learn more about this in the upcoming parts of my personal story.

After a while, a throbbing sensation will begin. It will be minor at first, but then it will increase louder and louder and louder, until you remove the plug. With it, sexual feelings of arousal will also overtake you, beginning first as gentle waves, but they too will grow louder the longer you wear the plug, until finally, after an hour or longer, your powerful sexual need and the huge plug lodged inside your throbbing anus will be all you can think about. The most bizarre thing about this is how the pleasure is so tremendous as to dwarf any discomfort. It feels incredibly good, or butt plugs wouldn’t be so popular. You wonder why your neighbor has a smile on her face? Well now you know.

Talking to anyone will become almost impossible as you struggle to maintain your composure as your sexual arousal steadily increases the longer you wear it. In fact, your face will become so flushed red with powerful arousal that it will be plainly visible to everyone around you, which will only make you even more aroused. And there will be nothing you can do about any of it, except to just let yourself enjoy how it all feels.

By the time we finished dinner, the plug felt about twice as large as it had to start with. My anus was throbbing angrily as I sat at the dinner table with my son when he suggested we go for a walk, get ice cream, and then watch a movie. My son could clearly see my predicament, and he insisted specifically because of it. The little shit was tormenting my anus on purpose – and he loved it!

He teased me the whole time about the plug, and how badly I must want to take it out. “I never planned to keep it in this long,” I pleaded with him, desperately needing to take it out. But he was true to his word, and he made me keep it in. I hated it, but yet I also loved that my son made me wear it far longer than I wanted. I loved the control that he had over me, and the way he used it. I loved the torment that he inflicted onto my poor aching butt-hole, knowing that really hot sex with him was not too far off.

When I went to the restroom and came back out, he even checked to make sure it was still in me by pretending to sneak a grab of my ass, his fingers pressing into my crack to find the base of the plug, and then, having found it, to begin working it in slow circles inside me. I grabbed ahold of him as I felt myself grow suddenly lightheaded, my anus throbbing powerfully at the sudden forced movement of the plug that split me wide open.

We went to see a movie, picking a back corner of the theater and my son draping his jacket across our laps so that he could reach up under my skirt and play with my pussy during the movie. You have to keep in mind that my son had sucked on my pussy for quite a while earlier at home and I hadn’t cum, so my body was more than a little revved up. As we sat in the theater, he’d dip his fingers into my moisture and then slowly massage one of my labia, taking it between his fingers and massaging it from top to bottom, his fingers gently squeezing and kneading it as he pulled it gently away from my body, before doing the other one. He’d slip his fingers into my vagina, seeking out my g-spot, where they’d begin their slow persistent circles. And he’d take my clitoris between his fingers, squeezing it gently, carefully pulling it out and away from my body, rolling it between his fingers rhythmically, and then using my moisture as a lubricant, he’d massage the head of my clitoris itself in slow wet circles.

I don’t think he stopped teasing my pussy the entire time; it was literally aching with the need to cum and it was all I could do to keep from whimpering in desperation. But, my son was careful to ensure that I didn’t cum despite how badly I needed it. Between the huge plug in my ass, and my son massaging my pussy off and on for two hours, it was all I could do maintain my composure and try to keep my sanity.

The walk to our car was probably the worst part thus far, since every step seemed to drive the torturous plug even further into me and stretch my throbbing rectum even wider. I was certain that I had to be walking funny – would be impossible not to at this point, I thought, since my ass was pinioned by the huge intruder.

I thought I’d be better once we made it into the car, but as we began to leave the parking lot, every speed bump became an exercise for my throbbing asshole as the plug was driven up into me as I was tossed briefly into the air, only to then come right back down onto the plug, and every bump on the way home seemed to me as if it were a crater. I unashamedly pulled my skirt up out of the way and started to rub my pussy as my son drove, but he fussed at me and told me that he didn’t trust me not to cum and insisted that I stop.

I was delirious with need by the time we made it inside the front door. My son didn’t even wait for us to get naked. He pushed me down on the couch, slipped my skirt up out of the way, unzipped to pull his cock out, and then fucked me, my anus throbbing angrily around the huge plug still deep inside my ass.

It was only a few minutes until we both came, my son thrusting up deep into me as he filled me full of his cum, while my own orgasm was so amazing that I literally saw stars as my body convulsed, my vagina clamping down around my son’s penis while my anus clamped tight around the plug, the sensation of being so double-filled while cumming being the most mind-blowing experience I’ve ever had. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so loud during sex in all my life.

We lay there for a minute, enjoying each other’s embrace, until I realized that the plug would simply wait no longer. I went upstairs, turned on the hot shower, and was surprised to find that removing it was harder than I thought. My anus was already so angry that trying to pull the wide part back out of me hurt even worse than putting it in and I felt myself growing feint from the effort of trying to pass its hugeness. So, I got down on my knees so I wouldn’t fall over, and with one quick firm motion, pulled it out of me, crying out as the huge part stretched me even further for a moment, until finally, a few seconds later, it was out. My anus quivered at the sudden emptiness and I simply knelt there in the hot shower on my knees for a couple of minutes, my gaping asshole recovering from the plug before I stood up and cleaned off.

We watched a TV show and relaxed in bed for a bit before turning out the lights. I loved having my son in bed with me like this; it was like getting to eat chocolate cake – it’s a delicious treat, but you know you can’t eat chocolate cake all the time, either. I loved letting my son fuck me non-stop like this. I loved to lay back and spread my legs so that my son, who had been suffering from a complete lack of sex, could sink his needy, throbbing cock into my pussy and fuck me, sliding his penis in and out of my tight slick vagina until he ejaculated into me, fondling my breasts and suckling my hard nipples the whole time. It felt wonderful to know that I was the object of his sexual lust, and to be able to satisfy him.

But, at the same time, I also missed my husband, who truly knew how to make love to me, playing my body like a violin while also giving me the emotional companionship that I needed. I wanted him to return and looked forward to having him back in bed with me, but also knew that my night-time interludes with my son were about to come to an end for a while.

Before bed, I sucked my son’s penis, letting his swollen, needy member leisurely enjoy my mouth’s warm suckling embrace, and when I saw his orgasm drawing near, I did not tease him or try to draw out his orgasm. Rather, I sucked my son’s penis with vigor, eagerly thrusting my mouth up and down his shaft, my lips wrapped tightly around him as my warm tongue massaged his penis until finally he cried out, ejaculating into my mouth. As the taste of my son’s semen filled my mouth, I was in heaven.

In the middle of the night, he took me unexpectedly, thrusting his cock into my still-sleeping body from behind. He had lubricated himself a bit to ease entry, but let me tell you that it is quite a shock to be sleeping and suddenly feel a cock push its way into your vagina. And though I didn’t entirely want to wake up and fuck initially, soon the feeling of my son’s penis penetrating my vagina was so pleasurable that I couldn’t resist myself and was calling to him to fuck me harder. We ended up fucking for an hour, shifting into the missionary position at some point where our mouths met in a passionate kiss while my son’s penis plowed my pussy.

After we’d both cum and were laying intertwined, I found myself crying. It was just so overwhelming to have just cum from my own son making love to me, and the last few days had been so incredibly intense between us, that there were just a lot of new feelings I was experiencing. I explained to my son that sometimes women cried as a kind of safety valve when they felt really strong emotions for people they loved; that seemed to make him feel better. I reassured him that I was fine and that everything was OK between us. It felt so wonderful to just lay in my son’s arms and feel his comfort.


Sunday morning when I awoke, my son was still asleep, laying on his back, his cock stiff and at full attention beneath the sheets. I figured he deserved some payback, so I slipped beneath the covers and began sucking his erect penis while he slept. He began making noises of pleasure and thrusting slightly, still asleep, his penis erect and throbbing between my lips as I suckled it. After some minutes of this, it was his imminent orgasm which woke him from his sleep, and both shocked and startled to wake up with his penis in his mother’s mouth and about to cum, which he did only moments later.

Later that afternoon, I needed to get some chores done around the house, which, at my son’s request, I agreed to do in the nude. He whistled at me walking around nude, my breasts bouncing around as I vacuumed. After letting my son fuck my pussy non-stop all weekend, you wouldn’t think this would bother me, but I found myself oddly embarrassed. I think this is because what was a menial chore for me, had been transformed into something from which my son derived sexual pleasure, and the notion that my naked body doing housework was sexually arousing for men to watch made me very self conscious. I was on display for my son, and he was studying every inch of me, every movement, every detail of my flesh, both the parts of me that I liked as well as the parts that I didn’t, his penis growing erect as he sat back and watched.

When I saw my son’s penis grow erect as he watched me clean in the nude, I began to accept the reality of what I’d agreed to. He wanted me to put on a show for him – and that’s what I was going to do. Getting an idea, I told my son I’d be back shortly, then went back upstairs to the closet where I retrieved another toy I’d gotten at the adult toy store. It was another butt plug, but quite different from the one that I’d worn the night before.

This plug had a traditional shape, with a cone-shaped insertable portion that widened rapidly to a good sized circumference of perhaps two inches across, with a narrow neck by the base to ensure long-term retention, and then a nice wide base to ensure it didn’t get sucked up inside me. It tapered greatly at the waist, so my anus would have something to really clamp down on, thus helping eliminate any possibility of it popping out unexpectedly. But the most remarkable aspect of this plug was that a faux fox tail hung from the end of it, so that once inserted into me, the plug would give my bum an animalistic appearance. I felt a thrill as I thought about how I was going to look with it in me.

My butthole was still sore from wearing that huge plug so long the night before, but somehow that sensation only made me want to be plugged that much worse. I felt a growing, undeniable craving to have my ass stretched and filled, but what thrilled me most was how my wearing of the buttplug was going to be such a visual spectacle for my son.

I gave myself a double-enema to be sure I was good and clean inside, showered again, and then took the plug downstairs with my bottle of lubricant. My son was sitting on the couch as I walked into the room, doing homework. He stopped to look at me in interest as I entered, and his eyes widened when he saw the plug.

“Kinky…” he said. “Damn, mom, you’ve got one hungry little asshole, don’t you?” He grinned.

“Just put it in me,” I said, leaning over the back of the couch.

My son got up and came around behind me, where he shifted me further up and over the back of the couch so far that my toes weren’t even on the floor. I was literally hanging in the air, bent over at the waist. He then got down on his knees and, a moment later, I felt his hot wet tongue at my rear entry, licking my anus. If you’ve never had a rim job before, then you can’t possibly begin to imagine how good it feels. My son really went to town on my ass, kissing, licking, and probing my asshole with his tongue, my rectum feeling opened as he thrust his tongue into me, tongue-fucking my rectum, sliding his tongue in and out of my butthole while licking it all over. It was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever felt. He must have spent ten minutes doing this, and I began to feel as though I could cum from it if he kept it up, when he stopped, and then, using his spittle as the lubricant, spread my butt cheeks apart and inserted the plug into me.

To be up in the air as I was left me feeling completely defenseless and at my son’s mercy. Since my toes didn’t touch the ground, all I do was to lay there as he did what he pleased with my ass. It was both very humbling, but also thrilling, to feel so powerless as he plugged me.

As he inserted the plug into my anus, he took his time, working it into me just a little, then sliding it back out, then back in a little further, and back out again. I was both shocked and thrilled when he smacked my ass, and I mean he smacked it good and hard. I yelped a bit but didn’t say anything, feeling quite defenseless in my position. My son kept this up for a couple of minutes, gradually stretching my asshole wider and wider as he worked the plug in and out of me, pausing to intermittently smack both of my butt cheeks with his hand periodically, until finally, he had the widest part right in my rectum, stretching me to the maximum.

Then, he held the plug there, keeping me stretched wide open while he wiggled the plug around, working my rectum to make it really feel the size of the plug. I was both squealing and squirming after a couple of minutes of his so deliberately working my sphincter, and felt a huge relief when he finally slid it into me all the way, allowing my anus to close a bit around the waist of the plug. My butt was just sore enough from the spanking that I could feel it, but it didn’t really hurt, per se – it only served to turn me on even further.

“Holy shit, mom, that’s freaking hot,” my son said, his hand playing with the tail that hung from my butt plug. Authoritatively, he then said, “Now that you’ve been properly plugged, I want you to get this naughty little ass of yours up from here and clean the house, and you aren’t to remove the plug until I say so.” He paused for a moment, letting go of his authoritative ton. “That was fun spanking and plugging you like that – did you like it?” he asked, helping me down off of the couch and onto my feet and then holding me close.

I blushed with embarrassment at my enjoyment of what had just happened, answering my son, “Yes,” and laying my head against his chest, as I leaned against him naked in his arms. My ass was a little sore from his slaps, and the plug actually felt really good. The fur tickled the backs of my thighs as I stood there in his arms. I couldn’t believe that I’d just let my son spank me like that. For some reason that seemed more extraordinary to me than the fact that he’d just tongued-fucked my asshole and put a butt plug in me. But, whatever the reason, I realized that it had really turned me on and my pussy was soaking wet with excitement.

After a moment I stepped back, smiling meekly and kissing him on the cheek, and then went about my work of cleaning the house. I finished vacuuming, and then I mopped, dusted, did a couple of loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and ironed some clothes, naked and with the fox-tail plug in my ass the whole time. It felt very good, at least at first, feeling the gentle stretch and the width of the plug inside me. The tail flopped around behind me, tickling my cheeks and thighs as I went about my chores. My son would occasionally laugh or chuckle at the sight of his naked mother cleaning the house, knowing that she was plugged and seeing her tail hanging from her bum.

It was a powerfully erotic experience for me. The plug seemed to grow in size as time went on, and though it had been comfortable at first, I soon found myself aching to remove it, my anus throbbing from the constant shifting of the plug inside me as I did my chores. The night before, I’d been mostly sitting, but this time I was up and on my feet for about three hours, the plug shifting in my anus constantly. My butt hole was sore and aching for relief by the time I finished cleaning.

When I saw that my son was holding the video recorder, I was shocked and mortified, not knowing now long he might have been filming me. But, as I’ve said before, I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, and I found myself growing excited at the thought of other people seeing me naked with my plugged bum and my animal tail. So, I put on some of my sauciest, sexiest, fuck-me looks and began prancing around and posing for my son, swishing my ass to flick my tail for the benefit of the camera. When he’d gotten enough video to make him happy, he began taking photos of me, including close-ups of my breasts, pussy, and of the plug entering my anus. It was pretty embarrassing for my son to be down between my legs with a camera taking pictures of his mother’s pussy, but I was somehow less embarrassed that he took pictures of my plugged ass. He worked it in and out of me a couple of times to get good shots of my rectum being pulled outward by the friction of the plug as he’d tug on it gently.

Then, to my surprise, he set the video camera up on a small tripod, lay down, and had me come mount him and fuck him on video, taking pictures of us fucking as well. He did me missionary style at first, but then switched to doggy style, flipping my tail over so it was clearly visible to the camera while he fucked me from behind. He fucked me long and hard, reaching around to work my clitoris as he slowly shifted us around so that I was looking right into the video camera by the time I came. When my orgasm began, my son very carefully took ahold of my hair and pulled it back slightly, forcing my face up so that it was clearly visible for all the world to see as I had my orgasm.

We took out the plug a short bit later, and I cleaned up. My son grilled us some dinner while I relaxed on the couch in my PJ’s. We then sat on the couch and ate a delicious steak dinner watching TV. After dinner, my son pulled my pajama pants off of me and took his time giving me a slow delicious pussy-licking, nibbling and sucking on every part of my pussy until I came in a wonderful orgasm.

“That was wonderful, son,” I said, smiling as I looked down at my son’s face between my legs, kissing the insides of my thighs as I recovered from the terrific orgasm my son had just given me by eating my pussy.

Grinning ear to ear, he said, “You’re welcome, mom – like I said, you have such a delicious pussy that I can hardly help myself. I never imagined that eating pussy would be so awesome. And that was so hot earlier – what you did. I thought you deserved something extra for that.” He kissed my pussy lightly, as if kissing me on the cheek.

“Well I just might have to wear my little more often for you then, sweetie,” I said, smiling. “Do you want me to suck your dick?”

“Mmmm – Hell yeah!” he agreed enthusiastically.

We then swapped positions, and soon I had my son’s erect penis in my mouth, sucking him until finally he gave me what I wanted – a mouthful of his cum, which I slurped clean of his penis and then rolled around inside my mouth, savoring the taste and texture before finally swallowing it. “God I love swallowing your cum,” I said, licking his still-pulsating erection all over to be sure it was good and clean.


My son had to go to class on Monday, but we still made the most of the day. I cooked him breakfast naked the way that he liked, and then gave him a blowjob before going to aerobics.

With the newfound interest in my body, I felt it was important to work even harder to stay in good shape, so I really started working hard in aerobics. I didn’t work, so if one of my main contributions to the family was to be their fuck, then I figured I needed to make it an awesome one. I wanted my men to spend all day thinking about fucking me, and to see stars when we were done. I wanted to be the hottest damn piece of ass they could imagine. It must have shown, because my friends in class even commented that I seemed peppier than usual, and asked what was going on. I just told them that things had really gotten spicy at home lately; they were content with whatever that conjured into their imaginations – at least for the time being.

My son had not yet seen my third butt plug, but I was wearing it when he got home from class that afternoon. This one was made out of metal, and had a large gemstone set in the base such that when wearing it, I was not only nice plugged but had a bejeweled butthole as well. Looking at it in the mirror was really incredible; I know that I have a nice perky athletic ass, but that sparkle of the purple from the amethyst looked incredible coming from between my butt cheeks.

This particular plug was very different from my others. It was metal and fairly heavy, with a sizable egg shaped plug portion that goes up inside you, and a pretty narrow neck. Then there is the base with the shiny jewel. Overall, it’s really exceptionally well designed for long-term wear, in that it really sits inside you well without threatening to come out. At first, it seems quite innocuous.

But, as the day went on and I’d been wearing it for a couple of hours, what I discovered is that although it did not stretch me too far, it was insidious in creating constant stimulation in my anus, which I wasn’t used to. The neck was a bit longer than others, giving it enough room to slight in and out every so slightly as I moved, thus creating an almost constant light rubbing sensation in my anus, which my other plugs did not have. And the weight of the plug became something which I noticed increasingly. Neither of these things was uncomfortable, but they were new sensations for me to be feeling my bum, especially for such an extended period of time. If you think about it, you really don’t feel anything there at all almost all day long. So to have this plug constantly shifting in my anus, and the weight bobbing around inside me, grew until I was really ready to take it out – but I didn’t. I forced myself to keep it in despite the stimulation of my anus that was starting to drive me crazy, because I wanted my son to see me with it, and to know that I had so adorned my anus especially for him.

Needless to say, my son was rearing to fuck the hell out of me once he saw it, but I wanted him to enjoy the sight of my sparkly asshole. So I cooked dinner in the nude, my son taking in the sight of my naked body and shapely ass, with the large shiny amethyst covering my rear entrance.

I was his mother and I had wanted to make my son’s horny penis feel better, as well as take the edge off his sexual desperation so that he could relax a little about dating women and not be so edgy. I hoped that our weekend of sex might have helped. But I knew that our time was almost at an end and I wanted to be sure that my son felt like he’d gotten his fill of pussy, so we spent the night together in bed. I lost track of how many times my soon took me, plunging his swollen aching penis into my slick vagina and filling me with his cum at least five or six times. It was exhausting since I didn’t get a lot of sleep, but my son’s happiness was worth it.


We awoke Tuesday with the realization that our nights together were over, at least for now, and that we had to go back to normal life since my husband would be coming home that night. Our little vacation was almost at an end. When we awoke, I lay back and spread my legs, pulling my son to me. Already erect, he entered me and then made love to me for half an hour. He drove his penis in and out of my sloppy pussy, sopping wet and making slurping sounds as he fucked me like it was the last piece of pussy he was going to get for a while. He ran his hands all over my body, kissing and licking me all over and suckling my throbbing nipples as we brought each other to orgasm, my pussy clamping down tight around his rigid shaft in orgasm, putting him over the edge. Cumming too, he thrust into me deeply and ejaculated.

I gave him a blow job before I left for aerobics; the taste of our previous sex was still strong on him as I sucked his cock until he filled my mouth with his cum. I never seemed to grow tired of the feeling of my son’s penis in my mouth, and the taste of his semen was nothing less than wonderful. It was as much a treat for me to get a mouthful of his cum and swallow it, as it was for him to give it to me.

I found myself oddly anxious about my husband coming home. I missed him and was looking forward to seeing him, but I was nervous since I knew he’d ask me about whether I’d had sex with our son, and I wasn’t quite sure what to say. I guess it was less that I was worried about what to say, as I was about whether he was going to be OK with it when I told him that our son had spent all weekend in mommy’s pussy fucking the hell out of her.

My husband came home right on schedule that afternoon. It felt so good to see him and feel his embrace. My son was young, hot, and hung, while my husband was strong and gentle, reassuring and comforting. He was my rock. I had spent a good bit of time earlier that day teasing my pussy, stimulating it while refraining from cumming, so that I’d be good and ready for him.

So it was that after he got home, my nervousness abated as we quickly found ourselves kissing on the couch. He asked me how things had gone with Junior, and I told him that we’d had sex several times. I could see my husband considering this, deciding whether he would feel angry or jealous. After a moment, he smiled, asking, “Well, how was it?”

I breathed a huge sigh of relief and then studied his face, trying to decide how to respond. “It was… hot. God, honey, he was so horny for me it was unbelievable. I might not walk straight for a week,” I said, laughing, which elicited a bit of a chuckle from him.

Checking his face for any negative reaction, I kept talking, “Your son fucked the hell out of me, dear, and to be honest, I really enjoyed it. Not just for the sex, but also it makes me feel good that as his mother I could do that for him. But I don’t want you to worry because it isn’t anything like making love to you sweetie. In fact, in some ways it really reminded me about a lot of things that I love about you… like the way you eat my pussy…” I said, laying back and parting my legs suggestively.

It was true; my husband was a wonderful pussy eater, as he’d spent eighteen years learning to do it perfectly to my satisfaction, and he knew how to give me multiple orgasms from it, too. It was a delicious treat when we’d start the night early and he’d bury his face in my cunny for a pussy-eating marathon. So, I lay back and enjoy as he went down on me, telling me how he missed me and working me up to a frenzy. I was sweating and anxious for copulation after about fifteen minutes of his wonderful wet tongue on my clitoris, and I wanted him in me. I needed to be with my husband and know him in that most carnal of ways.

He was already fully erect, so I wasted no time pushing my husband down and climbing atop him. I didn’t want him to cum too fast since I knew he’d been several days without sex, so I began slowly rubbing my pussy against his penis at first to warm him up, and then slowly worked him into me, his swollen throbbing erection penetrating my tight pussy, sliding in and out of me in a slow rhythm at first, that gradually became faster and faster. So it was that I was bouncing up and down on my husband’s cock, crying out in pleasure as the front door opened and my son walked in.

We were all motionless for a minute, as if we’d all been frozen in place. Fear and panic shot through me, not knowing how the two of them would react to the sight of their mutual fuck-toy being used.

My husband spoke first, smiling slightly as he said, “Well, there’s no reason to be bashful, son – it sounds like you had quite the time this weekend.” My husband lifted his hips, thrusting his penis into me as and then withdrew almost all the way, only to then suddenly thrust back into me. My son’s eyes were riveted on the sight of my pussy lips wrapped around my husband’s penis.

Chuckling, my husband said, “You like watching your mom get laid, don’t you? Your mom has a rockin’ body, boy – now you know why I work so hard. I see you looking at my hard cock in your mother’s pussy,” my husband said. “She has one hell of a pussy, doesn’t she?”

My son was clearly embarrassed, and not quite sure what to say.

My husband said, “It’s OK, son – I told your mom I didn’t mind. Mommy here has enough pussy to go around for both of us – don’t you, dear?” he said, grinning as he looked me in the eyes.

I had dealt with some crazy, powerful emotions over the weekend as I’d come to really know my son as my lover, but somehow everything all seemed to come together for me in that moment. I had been anxious and fearful about what would happen when everything came out, and somehow I had passed through that moment to find that everything was OK. I told you that my husband was my rock, and that seemed more true to me now than ever. My love for him seemed to wash over me like a tidal wave, consuming me. Everything was going to be OK. I leaned forward to kiss him, saying, “I love you.”

My husband kissed me back, both of smiling as our love for each other was reflected so clearly in our eyes. My son was going to have to accept and deal with the way his father felt about me, since that wasn’t going to change.

“Well, don’t just stand there and watch, son,” my husband said. “You might as well get that thing out and put it to use. Your mom likes it in the ass – don’t you, honey?”

My son’s mouth hung wide open as he took in the sight before him. He’d come home early, walking through the front door to see my husband and I fucking on the couch. My husband lay on his back, my left leg across his body and pressed into the crack of the couch where the back pillows met the seat, while my right leg hung down and onto the floor. I was already shaking a bit from the effort of holding myself aloft while my husband rhythmically slid in and out of me, his swollen penis taking pleasure from my slick, tight vagina that gripped him like a nice tight glove as his cock easily slid in and out of me like a piston. I was in the perfect position for him, my legs spread wide and my body held stationary so that his penis could take its pleasure from the way my vagina engulfed him, so moist and tight around his needy member. I didn’t want to move; in that moment, I was a piece of meat and my pleasure was to deliver carnal pleasure to my husband. I loved thinking of myself as his fuck-toy — that my body was an object whose purpose was to both enrage and then subsequently satisfy his penis.

My job was to stay perfectly still while my husband’s penis took its pleasure from my body. We were so lost in the ecstasy of our fornication that for a moment, we hardly noticed or cared that our son was suddenly standing right there. Or perhaps it was the fact that my son had recently started having incestuous sex with me, his own mother, on almost a daily basis. Though I knew that on one level it was wrong, I didn’t care. It wasn’t just that it felt wonderful when my son made his mommy cum by putting his big dick inside her, or how he ate his mommy’s pretty little pussy with such enthusiasm, licking her labia and suckling her clit until his mommy’s pussy juices covered his face. It was that my son’s penis was so painfully erect and needed sex so bad that I couldn’t possibly refuse him, when I had the power to satisfy his needs and relieve his tension. I don’t care what anyone else might say. As his mother, my job is to make him feel better, and that’s exactly what I was going to do so.

It had all started as a bit of a game — a challenge between my son and myself to see who would back down first. I’d noticed that he seemed to be checking me out quite a bit when I was wearing my exercise leotard, so I’d started flaunting my body a little bit just to have some fun. I thought for sure he’d feel embarrassed and turn away, but it had the opposite effect instead. He seemed to be struggling with trying to look at me without being blatant about it. What started as me trying to be humorous about sexuality and make light of things, struck on a much deeper chord that I didn’t know was there.

Unbeknownst to me, my eighteen year old son was still a virgin and desperate for sex. When I’d told my husband about my son’s interest, he laughed it off, telling me to give the boy a piece if that’s what he really wanted. I thought he was kidding, but the second time I brought it up he reinforced what he said the first time. He didn’t care as long as it didn’t affect him getting a piece. He even went on to say that the poor boy was in his sexual prime, and without a girlfriend, what did I expect if I was going to go walking around in skimpy revealing outfits. I guess he had a point.

Things quickly spiraled out of control with my son, each of us determined to show the other that we were the strong one — that the other would back down first in a sort of game of sexual one-upsmanship that ensued between us. Yes, in hindsight, for a woman to play this game with a man was quite foolish, but I wasn’t thinking clearly at the time. Talking soon lead to touching, and touching lead to me stripping naked and offering myself to him. Needless to say, my son, with an attractive woman’s willing wet pussy rubbing against his raging erection, did the only thing any rational man would do in such a situation. He plunged it into me and fucked me. Without knowing it, I’d taken my son’s virginity that night. We’d had sex every day since.

So, as my husband and I, fornicating busily on the couch, took notice of our son, I realized this was the first time there’d been more than two of us together. I was nervous at how my husband would react, since while he’d been away on his trip, my son had spent about half his waking hours with his penis inside me. It had felt wonderful, not only for the sexual aspects, but it also just felt good to open myself up to my son and let him use me for his pleasure. Knowing that he wanted me in that way, and to see the intense pleasure on his face as his penis claimed me, gave me an in describable thrill.

There was a moment of sudden silence as we stopped moving, my husband and son looking at each other, neither sure what to say. In that moment, as the three of us were seemingly frozen, the sudden stillness caused me to be keenly aware of the only movement — my husband’s rigid penis up inside my vagina, flexing inside me as he clenched and released his muscles causing his penis to repeatedly bulge inside my pussy. Feeling his penis bulging inside my body like that while everything else was seemingly frozen still was almost surrealistic, and it drove me mad with arousal.

“Well, don’t just stand there. Get that thing out and come put it to use,” my husband said, grinning. My son’s eyes were riveted to the sight of my husbands cock disappearing into me as he slowly pressed it up into my tight slick vagina.

My son had a big grin on his face as he dropped his school bag, ran into the other room and then came right back. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first — my son set a small tripod up on one of the tables in the room, put his camera on it, and started it recording.

“You’ve got to be kidding me?” I said, almost laughing. “You’re going to film your own mother having sex?”

“I’m going to film all of us having sex together,” he corrected me with a grin.

“I can’t believe this… you better not ever show this to anyone,” I said, putting on the sexiest, sauciest look I could manage as I tossed my hair and looked at the camera. “Mommy needs a good fucking, baby. Can you be a good son and come give it to her?”

I’d never seen my son strip so fast. He was already hard by the time he got his clothes off, approaching me from behind.

“Damn, look at that thing,” my husband said, gesturing toward my son’s erection. My husband had an average penis, which had always suited me just fine, but my son was truly well endowed, at over seven inches long and at least a inch and a half thick.

“Just where do you think you’re going to put that?” I asked as my son came up behind me.

My son chuckled, saying, “I’m going to fuck you in the ass, mom, and you’re going to like every minute of it.”

“Oh God,” I said, suddenly overcome with the need to have my son’s dick in my ass. I wanted my son to fuck my ass while my husband fucked my pussy. I shifted the angle of my hips slightly, presenting my anus to my son. My anus had begun to throb quite suddenly in anticipation of what it knew was coming. “Fuck mommy in the ass, baby,” I said, handing my son the bottle of lube we’d had next to the couch.

“Hell yeah,” my husband chimed in, reaching around to smack my ass with a nice hard thwack. “Fuck mommy’s ass, son. Come on — put your dick right in mommy’s tight little butthole!”

A moment later, I felt the soft tip of my son’s penis press against my anus, lubricating it, before beginning a slow but relentless pressure against my opening. I took a deep breath and exhaled, focusing all my effort on relaxing my sphincter and suddenly, almost without warning, my son’s penis split me open, forcing its way up into my anus quite suddenly.

I cried out in both pain and pleasure. My rectum throbbed, being forcibly and mercilessly stretched wide open and filled with my son’s angry throbbing penis which he then began to slide in and out of my aching asshole and that was now steadily throbbing. God, I loved being fucked in the ass!

“This is kind of weird, dad,” my son said. “Our balls keep bumping together.”

My husband played with my nipples, rolling them between his fingers as he replied, “I know, but tell me it isn’t worth it? I mean, your mom is the finest damn piece a man could want. Look at her gorgeous toned legs, nice tits, and beautiful shaven pussy. And here we are, father and son, both fucking her at the same time and she’s loving every minute of it. I think your mom has plenty enough pussy to go around for both of us, and she’d better get used to getting fucked in both holes like this.”

“Hell yeah,” my son said. “I want her pussy next time, though, dad, if that’s OK?”

“Sure,” my husband said. “But maybe you can fuck her from behind while she sucks my dick. You know, a fuck and suck combo. You want that, baby?” my husband said, squeezing and tugging on my nipples harder than I’d normally like but somehow in that moment it felt incredibly good, and I could feel an enormous orgasm building.

“God yes,” was all I could say. “But can you two just shut up and fuck me?”

Then, the two of them fucked me together, my husband in my vagina and my son in my ass, both of them using me for their sexual pleasure together. I was lost in euphoria, and have no idea whose hands were on my breasts and clit as they worked me toward orgasm, both my holes full of their cocks. I’d never felt anything so wonderful in all my life. It wasn’t long before they were both coming inside me, almost in unison, with my own orgasm following only a few seconds later.

When I came, it was the most powerful orgasm I could remember having in quite a while. For a woman to cum in that way, cocks in both her entrances as her pelvic muscles clamp down in orgasmic spasm, is the most wonderful feeling you could imagine. In that moment, both my men inside me as I came, I felt complete.

Over the next few weeks, we settled into a bit of a rhythm. My husband usually took me in the mornings, often in my pussy, but he’d increasingly begun fucking me in the ass. In fact he was the one who’d really initiated my anal sex fetish, and I’d come to truly love the feeling of his manhood up inside my bum, claiming me, stretching me, owning me, using me for his pleasure. He’d fuck me in the ass when he first woke up, then get ready and go to work.

Afterward, I’d go downstairs and have a cup of coffee while I waited for my son to get up. More often than not, he’d stumble down the stairs still half asleep with his morning erection making a major tentpole in his shorts. He’d come over to the couch, and I’d lay back and spread my legs. Then my son would position his erection at the entrance to my vagina, and he’d press his large penis into me as he lay his lean, muscular body down atop me, wrapping his arms tight around me and holding me close against him, our hot flesh pressed together as we took our time fornicating, my pussy enjoying the feeling of my son’s penis inside me just as much as his manhood enjoyed the feeling of this mother’s tight wet pussy gripping him tightly, working his cock as he slid in and out of me until finally we’d both cum, my son ejaculating up inside me. Most mornings we had sex like that, but if he was running late then I might just get down on my knees and suck his dick before he had to leave for class. I loved that my son would go to class with his penis feeling so nice from his mother having just given him a wonderful blow job!

At nights, my husband would usually have me again before bed, but at night it was different that the morning. Morning sex was about him getting off and cumming inside me. Evening sex almost always started with him going down on my pussy for a nice long while, and we really got into trying to please each other. My husband worked out, too, and had a nice body. He was a good looking man, and I enjoyed the way he could both take me for his pleasure, but then also be caring and considerate and make love to me.

After he went to bed, more often than not I’d go join my son for a while in the TV room, which more often than not resulted in my son’s dick being inside me, our bodies sweaty as we’d have an almost aerobic sexual workout. I swear, he’d bend me and twist me and fuck me in just about every position you can imagine, as if he thought somehow my pussy would feel any different. But I loved being my son’s fuck; I liked knowing that I was there to satisfy his penis. I loved knowing that my son was going to bed well sexed, and that I’d been able to give him that. I guess the truth is that I just really loved knowing how much he wanted me.

Friday nights, I belonged to my husband for the night. My body was at his beck and call. Usually my son had college parties to go to, so my husband and I would have a nice romantic dinner and then fuck like bunnies for an hour or longer. Then, Saturday night, I was my son’s sex toy from dinner time on, and we’d usually even sleep together so that we could have both night-time sex and then morning sex on Sunday. My husband really didn’t seem to mind; I think he liked having the bed to himself for a night, and the fact that his son was busy stuffing my various holes with his penis didn’t worry him, since he knew he could have me again the very next day if he wanted. In fact, usually the next day he was quite energetic.

The best part, though, was Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Usually at least one of those days, we’d have family sex. It’s hard for me, as a woman, to tell you how wonderful it is to be filled with both your men at once, and having them take you in all of your entrances. To see those big cocks bursting with arousal and the desire to be inside you and copulate with you, makes you feel so wonderful and alive and needed. I felt like a young woman all over again.

My soon began making video recordings of all our family sexual liaisons, and would go so far as to come do close-ups of our genitals as we had sex. My husband was all to eager to participate and happily made close up shots of me having sex with my son — everything from the two of us laying naked together, to kissing each other, to fucking, with plenty of both distance and close-up shots from the same perspectives so you could clearly see that it was actually us, and then the close-up shots to show you what you really wanted to see — us licking, sucking, and fucking every part of each other’s bodies. My husband especially loved taking pictures of me sucking my son’s dick, and of my son taking me up the ass while we both looked at the camera, my son’s dick clearly and visibly going right into my butthole. And, of course, there was plenty of video of the three of us together.

I thought it was a little weird when my son also started asking me to do erotic photo shoots for him, but I figured you’re only young once, so I did it anyway. Soon I was getting new lingerie and new toys just for the photos and video’s we’d do — once I got used to the idea, I really got into it and I think I got even more turned on by it than he did. In particular, he loved to have pictures of me wearing the jeweled buttplug. You may remember this from the earlier journal entries. It’s a buttplug with a nice shiny gemstone on the end — it really makes your anus look like something spectacular. Well my son loved to make me videos of me doing all sorts of various activities in short skirts and no panties, and he’d do shots up my skirt to show how I was wearing the shiny jeweled buttplug. I had no idea until much later that my husband and son had started a website and that I had a rapidly growing fan base who loved seeing me play with my pussy and butthole, and watch me get gang-banged by my husband and son.

I confess that there were days here and there — though not many — that I was tired, and would just as soon not have had a penis inside my body, thrusting at my innards. But my sex drive was on overdrive and this hesitation didn’t last long. A nice warm tongue and soft mouth on my pussy got me going almost immediately every time, and the time or two it didn’t, I just used a little extra lube and put out anyway. It wasn’t like I was sick or anything. This was my job, or at least part of it. My husband went to work whether he felt like it or not, after all. A little pussy was the least I could do for him, given that I didn’t even have to work. And my son, well, I didn’t want him making the mistake of falling in lust, as opposed to falling in love, and my rationale for our continued fornication was that by satisfying him sexually, I was helping make sure that when he met someone special, it was about who she was, and not just the sex.

* * * * *

Perhaps due in part to this new sexual awakening, I soon myself taking an interest in women that I’d never really had before. My friend Susan from aerobics soon became a bit of a fascination for me. She was young and attractive — a classic blue-eyed blonde with big tits. Usually, after class, I’d just head to my car and go home, while she went to the locker room to shower and get dressed. Over the next few weeks of getting gang-banged by my husband and son, I also began flirting a bit with Susan to see if she showed any interest. I started getting the sense from her that she was interested, but women can be touchy-feely with each other sometimes anyway, so I needed to be a bit more bold.

One day I took a bag of clothes and toiletries with me, and after class, instead of leaving, went with Susan to the locker room. She asked about why I wasn’t doing my usual routine, and I just told her that I was going the opposite direction after class and didn’t want to have to go home. As we spoke, we both began undressing, though I suddenly found myself feeling self-conscious. Susan didn’t seem to be, and we make small talk as the two of us stripped naked. Damn, she had an amazing body. She was toned from the aerobics, but she didn’t really have the muscular look. She was curvaceous, with fair skin, long blonde hair, and the most wonderful set of large natural breasts I’d personally seen, crested by pink puffy nipples that quickly stood out at attention. “Sorry — but it’s cold in here!” she giggled, and I could see her glance at my nipples to see if they were hard, too. But the most wonderful thing was her bush; she had a thick bush of pubic hair atop her mound, but I could see that it ended abruptly at her sex and her puffy labia were shaven smooth. The sight of her labia made me start to literally salivate; I found myself becoming suddenly flush as I had to resist the urge to get down on my knees and bury my face between Susan’s legs. I’d never been with a woman and I wanted to eat her pussy so bad I could hardly stand it.

I tried to be circumspect and not completely ogle her body, by turning and taking glances as I undressed. Because of this, I really couldn’t quite tell whether she was checking me out as well or not, but I did my best to give her a show of my legs, and to thrust my breasts out prominently as I took off my top. I realized that Susan could have turned her back to me at any point and been more modest about how she undressed — but she hadn’t. She had unashamedly bared it all to me as we undressed, facing each other.

She grabbed her towel and headed for the shower, still making small talk as she did. Wow — the sight of her lovely ass wiggling away from me was simply amazing. I could see why men liked women, I realized. I grabbed my towel and followed her, not having ever been inside the shower room.

Susan had closed the door behind her, which I found a bit odd, so I went ahead and opened it to walk in. She had a bit of a surprised look on her face, and I quickly saw why. It was a one-person shower! There was a small stool in the back of the shower, so I seized on the opportunity, saying, “It’s so blessed cold out there, you don’t mind if I wait right here do you?”

“No, be my guest,” she said with a bit of a grin that I think she tried to suppress, but failed.

She the proceeded to soap up her delicious, curvy body and large tits, and she was soon covered in soapy bubbles. God, I wanted to go put my hands all over her slippery body! Then, when it came time to shave her legs, she faced me, propping one foot up on a ledge, thus parting her lovely legs and revealing her labia to me even further. Then, finishing her legs, she spread her legs wide open right there in front of me and shaved her pussy while I watched! She giggled, saying how she wasn’t used to anyone watching her and hoped I didn’t mind, but she really needed to shave it.

She didn’t need to shave it, I realized. Her pussy might have had a single day’s growth. But that lead me to the only possible conclusion. She’d shaved it because she wanted me to see her do it. I found myself growing extremely moist between my legs as this realization came over me, and as I realized that Susan’s pussy was now visibly excited and it had grown aroused before my very eyes, the outer lips pulling back and away as her inner lips protruded out, the bud of her clitoris coming out from behind its hood.

We were talking the whole time, and Susan simply acted as if nothing she was doing was any big deal, but I was so horny I was going crazy from watching her. When she finished, she motioned for me to swap places with her, and as we moved past each other in the small shower, her hand brushed against my nipple. You could feel the electricity in the air between us at that point, and I could see her bite her lip as she sat down on the stool to watch as I started to take my shower, intent on giving her the same sort of show she’d just given me.

I finished washing my hair, my eyes closed as I rinsed it, giving her plenty of opportunity to stare at my body as much as she wanted. I picked up the bottle of soap and was about to squirt some into my hand when Susan suddenly stood up, and put her hand on mine.

Her eyes searched mine, her voice husky as she said, “Why don’t you let me do that?” with a bit of a sly grin on her face.

My heart was suddenly racing, my pulse pounding in my veins. I felt like my voice had left me, or maybe just that words weren’t needed, as I squirted some of the liquid soap into Susan’s hands and stepped closer to her, out of the direct stream of the shower.

Susan rubbed the soap into her hands to make a lather, and then I bit my lip as her hands began soaping my shoulders. Her touch was indescribably wonderful as she began to slowly and luxuriously soap my body, first my shoulders, arms, and hands. Then my back, followed by my ass, where her hands lingered, feeling and massaging every part of my ass far more than was needed, her fingers even slipping down to soap between my buttocks, pressing and probing between my butt cheeks into my very crevice, soaping me thoroughly, her finger seeming to draw closer slowly as if zeroing in on my anus that had begun to clench tight as if in anticipation.

Then, to both my horror and excitement, I felt her soapy finger force its way up into my anus, stretching my rectal sphincter as she slipped her finger fully into me. I gasped in response, my body on fire with arousal as her finger penetrated my rectum, claiming me.

Then, almost as quickly as her finger had entered me, it was gone, and somehow my anus suddenly felt very empty as her hands soaped the back of my legs, my calves, and then my feet, living one to soap it, and then the other. My anus quivered with the desire for her finger to be back inside me as Susan reached around from behind me to soap the front of my legs, working their way and soaping my thighs before she then stood up and turned me so that we stood facing each other.

Then, almost so slow as to be painful, Susan began to apply the soap to my chest, her face visibly flushed with arousal. Her eyes studied my breasts as she began soaping them, feeling of the shape and weight of my breasts, fondling them, working slowly in tighter and tighter circles as she drew toward my nipples. Finally, when she was all but touching my nipples, her hands seemed to pause as if poised to take my nipples between her fingers, as she looked up at me. Our eyes met — no words were needed. Our mouths embraced as Susan took my nipples between her fingers, massaging them, rolling them around between her fingers and squeezing them gently as she tugged on them, gently at first and then harder. Passion came over us and our bodies pressed together, our bellies and legs suddenly in a frenzy as we took each other in our arms, our hands groping every part of each other as we each felt of each other’s hungry sex, our hands stroking each other’s labia and fondling each other’s needy clit.

Susan and I stood right there in the shower, rubbing each other’s pussies. She reached one arm around me and forced her finger back up into my anus, thrusting first two and then three fingers into me, splitting my anus wide open as her other hand worked my clit. I came quickly, and when I saw that Susan hadn’t reached orgasm yet, I dropped to my knees on the hard tile floor and pressed my face into her pussy.

There are no words to describe how wonderful it was to eat my first pussy, and though I longed to take my time exploring Susan’s cunny with my mouth, I knew that she was eager to cum so I busily focused my efforts on her clit, applying a gentle but firm suction to pull it out away from her body so my lips could grasp it, squeezing it gently and massing it as my tongue began methodically rubbing it. Her hands grasped my head from behind. She pulled my face firmly against her cunny and then began riding my face. To be down there between her legs, held in place as she rode my mouth, made me feel like her wonderful sex object as if my mouth had no other purpose than to satisfy her pussy.

When she finished cumming, we both just stood in the shower holding each other for several minutes, each of us enjoying what it felt like to hold a soft beautiful woman as we kissed each other, our lips and tongues exploring each other.

Over the next few weeks, Susan and I became regular lovers. She wasn’t a lesbian any more than I was, and I’d been her first woman as well. She had a fiance that she was very devoted to, but told me that he didn’t mind her being with women as long she knew they were STD free. Of course, Susan and I had never spoken about that, I realized — and I had been so hungry to bury my face in her pussy that I didn’t stop and ask. We were both fascinated about being with another woman, each of us hungry for pussy, and we soon found ourselves rearranging other parts of our lives just so we could get naked, fondle each other’s bodies in bed, suck on each other nipples, and the lick each other’s pussy as frequently as we could get away with.

After the first few weeks, things settled down into a rhythm. My husband and son weren’t jealous, but I could tell that their main concern was that their access to my pussy not be interfered with. But if anything, being with Susan just made me want my men even more so their concern quickly passed.

A couple of months later, Susan’s work scheduled changed completely and it just wasn’t practical for us to get together any more — at least, not without interfering with my men’s use of me on the weekend. I had to draw the line somewhere, and that was it. I realized that the only way I was going to get my face back into Susan’s amazing pussy was to convince her to have a foursome, but she wasn’t going to cheat on her boyfriend with another man so, to my sadness, my first relationship with a woman went on hold until something changed.

* * * * *

It was a couple of months later — April — when my sister Lisa suddenly needed to get out of a relationship. Things had been going downhill with them and I had known it was only a matter of time. To be honest, I was glad to see her finally break free from him. She had nowhere else to go on such short notice and asked if she might be able to move in with us just temporarily while she figured out what to do.

I asked my husband that night and he was fine with it. What I wasn’t sure about was my son. My sister Lisa was only 8 years older than him, and when he’d entered puberty Lisa was in her barely-dressed college years, more of her body showing than covered, and more often than not, when we were at family functions my son went panting around after her like a puppy with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. My sister and I both have well tanned skin and dark hair, but she’s just a touch shorter than me and not quite as athletic so she’s just a bit more on the voluptuous side. Guys had drooled over both of us growing up, me for being the athletic one, her for being the curvy one.

The next morning, I’d gotten at my usual time but wakefulness didn’t come easily. My husband needed some relief for his morning erection, so, still half asleep, I’d put a pillow under my hips to prop me up at a good angle with my legs straight out behind me. I figured I’d just let him do what he needed to do and try to wake up as best as I could. The good thing about anal sex was that it allowed you to be lazy, as long as you didn’t mind the sensation. My husband climbed atop me from behind, one leg on either side of me as he moved up toward my rear. I wasn’t really ready for this kind of action, but yet I felt my body quickly awakening with need. In a few moments, I went from being half asleep, to my cock-starved anus clamoring with need to be filled with my husband’s dick. I startled at the brutally cold lubricant suddenly dribbling on my tender anus which instinctively clenched tight in response.

He put one leg on either side of me, his thighs against mind, and let him fuck my ass. I wasn’t quite ready to be split wide open like that so my asshole hurt a little at first, my anus an angry, quivering little beast that struggled to clamp down tight around my husband’s cock that thrust in and out of me without any mercy. But, my sexual appetite quickly kicked into gear and I found myself thrusting my rump back against my husband as he’d drive his hard cock into me like a relentless piston. After a minute or two, my ass was on fire from his cock but I loved it in a way that I can’t begin to describe.

I loved being fucked in the ass. I loved knowing that a man’s cock was inside my anus and it was getting such intense pleasure out of my discomfort, but yet knowing that, it only turned me on even more. It was like day and night — only together did they make a whole. My anus was an angry throbbing center of tightness, and yet conversely, its very tightness is what made it feel so wonderful for him. The tighter my anus was, the more it would throb from being split open, and yet conversely, the better it would feel for him. I wanted him to feel so very, very good — I wanted to feel how badly my anus throbbed from having his cock inside it, and I knew that the angrier my anus became at being used in that manner, the better it felt for him.

So it was that I managed to work my way up on all fours, spreading my legs wide and to the outside of his so as to give him as unrestricted access to my rear as possible. I couldn’t help it and began crying out as he took me in the ass. My needy anus was his tight, hot little fuckhole that welcomed his cock, clamping down tight around him as if trying to milk the very cum out of him, throbbing angrily from his cock but so overwhelmed with pleasure as to only want more. He rode me for only a few minutes before emptying himself into me. Like every other morning, he offered to give me an orgasm, but I told him that I wasn’t ready to have one yet, knowing that it would keep my appetite sharp for later.

Later came quickly. My anus was still throbbing from its early morning fuck as I sat on the couch downstairs wearing only my robe. I was sipping on coffee and reading the paper when my son came down the stairs, his penis fully erect and sticking out the front of his boxer shorts.

“Hi sweetie,” I said smiling, folding up the paper and laying it down and then taking one big last drink of my coffee. My eyes were on his erection as I said, “It looks like you have a little problem there. Do you want mommy to make it feel better?” I grinned.

“God, yes, mom — please,” my son said as he walked over the couch, his erect penis visibly bulging in the air as he drew close, sitting down on the couch and then laying back, one leg hanging off the edge of the couch. His cock thrust up into the air out of his boxers. “I think it likes you,” my son said as he reached into his boxers to pull his gorgeous balls out, too.

I got down on my knees on the floor at my sons feet and then leaned in close, marveling at my son’s cock and balls. I was his mother, and I was about to suck his dick. I was going to give him sexual pleasure to the very best of my ability because I wanted him to feel good, to be well-sexed and confident, and to be relaxed and have his cravings satisfied so that he wouldn’t get into a bad relationship just for sex. Plus, I just wanted to suck his dick.

I leaned in close, my lips pressing gently against my son’s testicles. I loved to feel the way the giggled around. My son’s cock twitched against my nose, standing and full and at attention and more than ready for my attention. But I would get to his needy cock soon enough. I began lightly kissing and tonguing all over my son’s scrotum, his balls pulling up tight against him, before I then used gentle suction to pull his testicles into my mouth — both of them — before closing my lips around them and suckling them. There was something wonderful about having a man’s testicles in your mouth like that. It was kind of fun, playing with them, but it also served to inflame their appetite and make their cock even that much harder when you finally got to it.

I only suckled his balls for a minute before I then lightly kissed the base of my son’s penis. I began slowly kissing his penis all over, the front, back, top, and both sides, as if trying to leave no part of his penis unkissed, before I then began using my tongue to repeat this process, making light, slow licks over every tiny part of his raging erect penis, my hot wet tongue tracing light lines up and down the length of his shaft that began to bulge with need.

Finally, I placed my tongue at the base of my son’s penis, slowly ran my tongue up its length, hot and wet along his frenum, and then as my tongue reached the head of his cock, my lips reached out to press against it, lightly encircling just the very tip of his dick. My lips began kissing just the head of his dick, running around it in circles, and then slowly, millimeter by millimeter, stroke by stroke, I began running my lips from the tip of his dick, down its length, until over several minutes I took first the head, then the frenum, and then finally my son’s entire penis into my mouth, until I began vigorously thrust up and down his length, sucking my son’s cock as if trying to extract the very cum from his balls.

After a few minutes, I could tell when he wanted to switch things up, so I grasped his penis firmly at the base with my left hand, squeezing it a bit tightly to keep it good and hard while my right hand undid the bow to my robe, letting it fall to the carpet behind me, exposing my nude body. Instantly, my son’s eyes were drinking in the sight of my nude flesh, and I felt his cock swell and throb in my left hand as he enjoyed that intense arousal that you feel before sex, when you’re naked and alone with the other person, and you know that you’re about to fuck. He knew that his cock was about to be in his mother’s pussy, and he knew how good it was going to feel when it was.

My son and I had spoken quite a few times about what each of us liked, and how we wanted things to be between us. So, I knew exactly what turned him on and made his engine race. I held my spine straight, hoisting my chest forward slightly and squeezing my tits together a bit so as to enhance my cleavage. My son’s eyes were drawn to my tits like an inescapable gravity field as his penis began bulging between my fingers. I smiled mischievously as I took that playful mommy voice and asked, “Do you want to put your wee wee inside mommy and let mommy make it feel better, baby?”

“Oh God yes, mommy,” he said, his eyes lost in the sight of my tits, his body consumed with the need to fornicate with me.

I let go of my son’s penis and then lay back on the other end of the couch, pausing for a moment as I saw his eyes slowly travel down my body, waiting with eagerness for me to part my legs. It gave me a thrill to so visibly see his anxiety to see my pussy. I let his eyes linger at my closed legs for just a moment, teasing him ever so briefly before then spreading my legs wide open and revealing my aroused vagina to my son. I loved to see the look of complete lust on my son’s face as he slowly took in the sight of me. His eyes first soaked in the sight of my C-cup breasts that had held up well with age, the aureola dark and large crested by huge nipples taut as a drum with arousal. My son had always loved that my nipples were truly huge; in fact he’d confessed that when he started noticing me sexually back when everything all started, that my nipples were what had started it all. When I’d be wearing my white leotard, the sight of my breasts with their large nipples poking through the fabric is what had drawn him in. They were so incredibly sensitive, too, and my son loved to suck on them so much that it was a perfect arrangement. It felt so good; I could just lay there and let my son suck on my nipples for hours if it didn’t make so horny that I needed him to fuck me.

Back to my story, my son’s eyes took in the the totality of my naked body, light brown from head to toe, trim and tone from doing aerobics every day. Then, finally, as I parted my legs, my son’s eyes feasted on the sight of my hungry sex, my labia spread wide so as to expose the very entrance to my vagina, my tender inner parts already glistening wet with moisture from having just suckled my son’s penis.

My son had told me that every time he saw me like this, when he found himself looking at my pussy and we were about to have sex, that he always marveled at the fact that it was where he’d come from — that it had born him life. He marveled in wonder that my pussy had first given him life, and that now he was an adult, that it gave him that most wonderful of adult pleasures. Every time he saw my pussy, he said, he always paused in reverence for it. In my son’s own words, he worshipped my pussy. Having sex with his mom, he said, made all his other worries in the world vanish. My pussy not only gave him life and that most ultimate of sexual pleasures, but it also gave him a release from his worldly concerns. It took the weight of his burdens off him for a while to be naked with me, in my arms, his mother making love to him and bringing him to ultimate ecstasy. So, whatever concerns I might have about our incestuous relationship, I put them all aside for the sake of what it did for my son. Our sex was an oasis for him.

As my son’s eyes locked onto my slick vulva, I recognized the look on his face. A bomb could have gone off at that point and it would not have distracted my son. His entire being was focused intently on one thing: his intense need to put his penis into my pussy and fuck me. The fact that I was his mother, at that point, was no longer important — I just happened to be the piece of meat there with her legs spread wide open. It was a raw, primal, animalistic drive in all men. He would have fucked me no matter who I was at that point. But his appreciation for me being his mother would quickly return, I knew.

My son’s penis was stiff and rigid with the need for me. He wanted to fuck me, and I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to put his erection inside me and then fuck me until we both came, although the truth is that my own orgasm was less important to me. First and foremost I wanted my son to cum, preferably inside me since I knew that would best satisfy his primal need to copulate. I got immense pleasure just from knowing how good I made him feel and that I was satisfying his carnal needs, but knowing that I was giving him an orgasm always turned me on fiercely and made me so anxious to have one myself. I wanted him to cum inside me, and to be thoroughly satisfied when were through. I wanted my son’s cum to leak out of my vagina when we were done, the true sign of his claiming of me. I wanted my son to claim me, to own me, to fuck me and use me for his sexual pleasure. I wanted him to empty his seed into me and find satisfaction. I wanted him to find relief, however brief, from his raging needs, that he might go out into the world somewhat sated.

I lifted my hips, spreading my legs wide open and parting my sex for son so that he could enter me. A moment later, I felt his erection pressing at my slick entrance, and then, in one smooth fluid motion, my son pressed his seven inch long penis fully into his my pussy, and then lay down atop me. He slipped his arms down under and around me, holding me close in his arms, as I wrapped my legs around behind him. Then, mother and son, we made love, our bodies pressed together in sweaty sex as our hips ground against each other, until, several minutes later, we both exploded in orgasm.

Both satisfied, we simply lay there on the couch together, my son’s naked body atop mine and his penis still inside me, as I lightly stroked his back.

“I love you, baby,” I said, kissing him lightly on the forehead.

“I love you too, mom,” he said as he began nuzzling my neck, his mouth hot and wet as I felt his penis begin stiffening inside me.

A few moments later, we were making love all over again, this time for half an hour, my son riding me nice and long and hard, really working my pussy into a full lather and leaving me feeling quite used and satisfied.

I made my son some quick breakfast while he got ready for school, and as we were eating I casually told him that my sister was going to be coming to stay with us briefly, if that was OK with him.

I could see the mixture of thoughts that went through his head as he pondered it briefly. “OK,” he finally said simply.

“You don’t mind?” I asked.

“No, why would I mind?” he said.

“Well, we can’t exactly be doing this out in the open on the couch like this,” I said.

“Sure we can,” my son said. “She’ll be gone by this time for work anyway, right?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I responded. “Maybe it won’t be a big deal. We’ll just have to be a bit more discreet about things between us, OK? She doesn’t know.”

“Not yet,” my son grinned.

“Son,” I said, “You can’t tell her. At least not right away. I need to think about that. I don’t have any idea how she’d react. I’m not saying we can’t tell her at some point, but I need to figure that out, OK?”

“OK,” he said. “You can tell her when you’re ready, but don’t take too long. I’m afraid I might forget and come walking into the room with my dick hard.”

I almost spit out my eggs with laughter, saying, “You wouldn’t dare!”

My son grinned. “Who knows?” he said. “Some good sex just might help Aunt Lisa relax and take her mind off things.”

I was laughing as I said, “You’re going to do her a favor, are you now?”

My son chuckled, saying, “Well only if she needed it, of course.”

“Oh, and it isn’t like you’ve been panting after her for years,” I said.

“No I haven’t,” my son said indignantly.

“Oh please, son — you’ve wanted to fuck her ever since you realized what your dick was for,” I replied, a challenging grin on my face.

He seemed to stop and think for a minute, pausing as he chewed his food. “Yeah, I guess you’re right,” he confessed.

“Well, so wait a minute. Are you agreeing to her moving in because you want to give her a place to stay, or because you’re going to try and score with her?” I asked.

“Both, I guess. I can’t really separate the two,” my son said honestly.

For a minute, I felt a twinge of jealousy. My son was my lover, not anyone else’s. Mentally, I’d told myself that I wanted him to meet women, but the reality of another woman being in our house and fornicating with him suddenly hit home with me. My son would be just fine with it — he’d have two women to fuck, after all. I might be the one with the jealousy problem, but I had no right to be that way with my son, I realized. After all, my husband hadn’t been that way. He’d happily shared me with his son, allowing someone else to fornicate with his wife on a daily basis. He hadn’t objected, since it had really ramped up my sex drive and he was getting laid even more now than before. I needed to be the same way, I realized. If my husband could do it, so could I.

“OK, but I guess I just want to understand before we all agree to this. Are you saying that if my sister moves in with us, that you’re going to try and fuck her?” I said.

“Well honestly, mom, I’m not exactly planning on it. I mean I guess it could happen, but I’m not really worried about it. I mean, she’s hot, and it would be awesome to have sex with her, at least I think so, but honestly I’m pretty content right now. You’ll still sleep in my room on Saturday nights, right?”

Whew. I felt myself begin to relax as the threat seemed to dissipate. My son had every intention of keeping me as his lover. “Of course, dear — she doesn’t need to know. We’ll just lock the door and try to be quiet,” I said.

“Good,” my son said. “Because I don’t want her being here to interfere with me getting pussy,” he continued, grinning ear to ear.

I chortled with laughter. “Oh son, I love you so much. Don’t worry, dear. Mommy’s pussy is ready for business anytime you are.”

With that, we both bust out laughing, hugged, and reassured each other that it wouldn’t change anything between us with Lisa moving in. It would only be for a few weeks, at most, while she found an apartment close to her job, and we could manage to be a bit more discreet for that long. Things would go back to normal soon enough.

My son then went on to reassure me about how hot he thought I was, and I felt myself grow more than a bit flush with embarrassment as he spoke about my body in such frank terms, especially about how my pussy was so velvety smooth and always dripping wet, and my nipples always hard as a rock and ready for action. But the thing he loved most, he said, was eating my pussy, because it was something very special he could do for his mommy to show her how much he loves and appreciates her.

Then, he got down on his knees, had me slide my chair out away from the table, and my son at my pussy right there in the kitchen. I scooted my bottom toward him, giving him better access, and then wrapped my legs up around my son’s shoulders as he buried his face in my pussy, licking, sucking, and nibbling every part of me until I had a wonderful orgasm. When I came, I clamped my legs down tight to him, pulling his back tight to me as my hands grasped his head and thrust it firmly into my pussy, grinding my pussy against my son’s wonderful soft mouth until I finished cumming.

Glancing at the clock, he realized he was going to be late to class and dashed out the door. “I love going to school with the taste of your pussy on my mouth, mom — it gives me something to look forward to having seconds of when I come home later!” I laughed as he raced out the door.

He didn’t disappoint me, either. That night he at my pussy for a full hour, all the while telling me how much he loved me and that he hoped it would always be this way between us. He felt that eating his mother’s pussy was something that was very important to him to do on a regular basis and he didn’t want anything to ever interfere with that. I was quite fine with that — at least for the time being. I didn’t know what it would mean once he settled down with someone.

* * * * *

Friday rolled around, with my sister taking the day off work to move out while her boyfriend was away. We loaded up all her personal stuff in our cars, and she had some moving guys take some furniture and boxes to a storage unit. Then I helped her get her stuff unpacked into the guest room and rearrange things to her liking.

In a way it was nice having her there, I realized. I loved my sister, and I’d felt badly that things had not gone well in her last relationship. She deserved better, and in her time with that jerk we hadn’t been able to spend a lot of time together which was sad since we used to hang out quite a bit. I hoped that maybe her time with us might take her mind off things, bring her some healing with people who cared about her, and give us a chance to get closer again. It felt good having her with us. It was like family coming home.

I didn’t know how my son would react to her — or her to him, if he advanced on her — but I figured she was an adult and could handle him. She was very pretty, though, and was going to be quite a temptation for him.

This was reaffirmed when, after her shower, she’d left her bedroom door open and was wearing only a bra and panties and I walked by toward the stairs. I whistled at her, saying, “Looking good, sis!” She laughed and turned to face me, striking a mock modeling pose. Whereas I was more on the lean and athletic side, my sister had the kind of natural curves that most women would die for. She wasn’t overweight in any sense — just gorgeous natural curves from head to toe like the kind artists used to draw before modern culture became obsessed with anorexic thin twigs.

“Yeah, well,” she said, “must not have been good enough for that stupid asshole.”

“Well, stupid is right,” I said. “Some guys just don’t have any sense. He doesn’t deserve you, sweetie. You did the right thing,” I reassured her.

With that, my sister suddenly broke down crying, and I soon myself holding my sister in my arms as she cried. I felt so bad for her. He’d cheated on her — God only knows why, given how pretty she was — repeatedly, apparently, and then had the audacity to blame her for it.

As I consoled my sister, the sensation of holding her in my arms triggered my memories of Susan. I felt myself growing acutely aware of how soft and warm my sister’s flesh was, and that she wasn’t wearing anything except a bra and panties. The last time I’d felt those kind of physical sensations with a woman in my arms, it had been Susan, and I’d spent the next hour eating her pussy. The memory of it got my juices flowing, and somehow holding my sister’s half-nude body seemed to make it ten times worse. I suddenly found myself powerfully sexually aroused.

I felt my body seem to shift position as if of its own accord, so that I was pressing more fully against her. My body seemed to seek her out. As something came over me, I tried to simply relax and hold my sister, her large breasts warm as they pressed against my own, her hips curvy beneath my arms. I felt the moisture growing between my legs and soaking into my panties, my loins suddenly awake with need.

I was so totally surprised to suddenly feel my pussy gushing in response to holding my sister in my arms that I didn’t know what to think. I mean, on one hand, it hadn’t been about my sister. It was my memory of Susan that had gotten got my juices flowing. But that was just what had started it. The truth was that it was my sister who had made my pussy gush even worse. I wasn’t holding Susan — I was holding my sister — and my pussy was about as soaking wet as it could be from holding her half-naked body.

Her crying was brief, and ended almost as soon as it started. I didn’t seem to realize at first that she’d quit crying, since I was trying to make sense out of some very confusing feelings and my own sexual arousal as I just held her in my arms, one around her back, the other down at her hips, my hand against the small of her back as if to press her against me, our bodies pressed together. She felt wonderful against me, and I felt my hips shift toward her, my thigh to hers. She shifted slightly, but I wasn’t sure what to make of it. She didn’t pull back, but I wasn’t sure if she was opening herself either. We stood there for a moment, just holding each other, as if each of us wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. There was an undeniable, palpable tension for a brief moment.

Then, we both did the only rational thing. We both played like nothing had happened, which it hadn’t, so we were weren’t really playing, since it was the truth anyway. Except for my pussy getting wet, I guess.

I stepped back ever so slightly, my hands on my sister’s shoulders as I said, “I’m glad your with us, sweetie. You can stay as long as you need to, OK?”

She smiled, and wiped the remaining tears from her face. “Thanks, sis. You’re the best. You’re sure your husband won’t mind? And little romeo?” She grinned — that’s what we’d always jokingly called my son when we’d laugh at the way he followed her around like little horn-dog.

“You just watch yourself around little romeo,” I laughed. “He doesn’t have a girlfriend so you might wind up with a problem on your hands if you don’t play it cool.”

“Oh, I can handle it. If he comes after me I’ll just beat him off with a stick,” my sister laughed. She seemed to pause in thought for a moment, then smiled mischievously, saying, “Or maybe I’ll leave the stick out of it.”

“Lisa!” I exclaimed. “Don’t be talking that way about my son!”

“Oh piffle,” she made a mock pouty face. “As long as your son keeps his business in his pants everything will be fine,” she said in a tone as if playing that I’d ruined her fun.

“That’s exactly what I’m worried about!” I said, and we with that we both cracked up laughing.

“Listen,” I said after we’d finished carrying on, “Romeo will be home in about thirty minutes, and my husband at six. Let’s go out to dinner..?”

“Sure,” Lisa said. “I’m going to work in the room — my room — here for a while, you know, putting stuff away, and work on making myself presentable, OK?”

With that, I went downstairs and did some light housework, tidying up the house so that it would at least look nice for the start of the weekend before the men came home and messed it up. At least I’d have a few minutes to enjoy the cleanliness.

After a short bit, my son came home, greeted me, and then went upstairs to see Aunt Lisa. Later, my son told me that when he’d gone upstairs to greet her, that she’d been in her room with the door open, putting clothes away in the dresser, when he walked in — still only wearing her bra and panties! She’d been bending over putting clothes in the dresser, so he’d walked in to the sight of her backside, her legs straight up and spread apart as she put clothes into the drawer, giving him quite the full view of her posterior. She’d pretended to have been surprised, and had given him a nice long hug in her half-dressed condition, and had then proceeded to get dressed right in front of him, saying, “We’re family — you don’t mind, do you?”

Needless to say, I admonished her when my son told me about it later that night. She’d known he was coming home, so her little display could be nothing less than deliberately provocative. Well, at least I knew what I was in for, I realized.

* * * * *

The week passed.

There began to be a palpable sexual tension in the house between my son and my sister as their flirting escalated. At twenty six, she was only eight years older than him and had quite a young perky body. It seemed to be a bit of a game they were playing with each other, but it was a game that I recognized all too well. It was the same game that I’d played with my son to start with, and it had lead to me having a dick inside me constantly.

My husband I were quite amused by the whole thing. He confessed that he found her quite attractive as well, but he was more than content with me, he reassured me. “What man could argue with waking up to fucking his wife in the ass, and then come home and have a nice leisurely fuck every night?” he’d grinned, holding me tight to him. “I love you so much, baby. I don’t really care what they do, it doesn’t change anything between us. They’re both adults and it’s not our business anyway.”

“I guess you’re right,” I said. My husband always had such an even head about things. “I love you sweetheart,” I said, holding my husband tight. He’d always been so steadfast and reliable. It didn’t matter what else happened; we’d always have each other, and he was a good looking man, at that.

We all agreed to put a damper on our sexual activities for the week while we figured out my sister’s routine. She got up early during the week, so her schedule wouldn’t interfere with me having morning sex with my son in the living room where we usually did it, though he’d been known to take me from behind while I cooked him breakfast — now that’s a distraction!

The issue was night time. She stayed up a bit on the late side, which is when I’d often have sex with my son again. I liked sending him to bed satisfied. But, my sister took to coming downstairs to have family time with us.

Her choice of clothing was provocative, to say the least. She wore a half-top and very short shorts, all made out of such flimsy material as to show every curve of her body. The top barely covered her breasts, and the bottom of her ass hung out of the back of her shorts. To say that it got my son’s attention was an understatement — he was practically drooling over her. What surprised me, perhaps, was the way her soft feminine curves drew my own eyes as well.

This, of course, just made the poor boy even more horny, but I couldn’t exactly mount him right there while she watched, so we decided Wednesday night to cut our bedtime back a bit and I’d just sneak into his bedroom so the boy could have some relief from having all that flesh being paraded around in front of him.

Friday came soon, and my husband and I had our usual Friday night out, leaving “the kids,” as we’d started to call them, at home alone. My son took Lisa out to hang out with some of his friends, hoping to take her mind off her woes. My husband and I got home later and headed upstairs to bed.

Waking up to get a snack, I went downstairs and heard the two of them in the living room talking, so I crept up to the corner to listen. I know it was wrong, but I couldn’t help myself to listen in.

“So, did you have a good time?” my son said.

“Yeah, that was fun. I haven’t been out and played pool in a long time,” my sister said.

“Sorry about the guys — but what do you expect. They’re a bunch of horn-dogs,” my son said.

My sister chuckled. “Yeah, well, like you said — what do you expect in a college bar. They weren’t the only horn-dogs there checking me out, though, were they now, mister?”

“Umm… well, no,” my son said somewhat hesitantly.

“In fact,” I heard my sister say, “somebody’s pretty much been gawking at me since I moved in. Haven’t they?”

“Well, maybe,” my son said sheepishly.

God, it was all I could do not to peek around the corner! I wanted to see so bad exactly where they were sitting and what they were doing.

“And why is that exactly?” my sister asked pointedly.

“Because you’re hot,” my son said bluntly. Good boy, I thought!

“Yeah? Well I’m sure something must be going through that mind of yours while you’re looking at me,” my sister said seductively.

“Well, yeah, I guess so,” my son said again. Boy was he being evasive! He must feel intimidated by her, I realized.

“Are you thinking about checkers?” my sister said.

“No!” my said said.

“Maybe cars?” my sister offered.

“No,” my son said again.

“Well I don’t seem to be very good at guessing. Why don’t you tell me what’s been going through your mind?”

I realized a moment or two later that the talking had stopped, and I was hearing an entirely different kind of noise coming from in there. I decided to risk a quick peek around the corner and saw my sister on the couch, looking down as if my son was beneath her, as she stripped off her bra and tossed it off to the side, hoisting her large breasts up proudly for him to enjoy.

“Oh God, Lisa,” he said.

“Those pants of yours are looking awfully tight, bucko,” she said. “We better get them off before you hurt yourself in there. I’d hate to have to tell your mom that I caused you to have a groin injury,” she chuckled.

“Well then you better check and make sure everything’s OK down there. You know, since you’re my aunt and all. That makes it OK, right?” my son asked playfully.

“Of course,” my sister replied. “You can count on Auntie to look after your penis if there’s anything wrong with it. Is there anything wrong with your penis?”

“Yes,” my son said. “It hurts so bad.”

“Well then, I guess I’d better make it feel better.”

At that point, I realized that they were about to have sex of some kind and I didn’t want to ruin it, so, as badly as I wanted to watch, I quietly crept back up my room, got under the covers, and started sucking my husband’s dick until he woke up to the sensation of my mouth suckling his erect organ, then he spent the next hour fucking me senseless. It was the best sex we’d had in years.

* * * * *

Saturday morning, things were visibly different between the two of them. They were suspiciously quiet, so much so that it stood out. It was as if they were deliberately trying to act like nothing was going on, but in so doing, only drew attention to the fact that something was, in fact, going on.

I was getting used to seeing my sister half-clad, as she usually went about the house, but I increasingly found that little glimpses of the rest of her flesh seemed to incite my own desire to see even more, and despite what he’d said, I could see that she had my husband’s eye as well. One way or another, I was going to have to get things out in the open and reach some agreements with people around my scantily-clad hussy of a little sister that everybody wanted to fuck.

I waited until after she’d had her shower that night and was in her room, and knocked on the door.

“Who’s there?” she called out.

“It’s me,” I said.

“Come on in,” she said.

I walked on in and closed the door behind me. My sister was sitting on the bed, still wearing her towel as she painter her toenails. She paused and pulled her leg up so she wasn’t flashing me as I entered.

“Hey, what’s up sis?” she said, closing her nail polish and laying it on the nightstand, fanning her toes to dry the polish she’d just applied.

“I just wanted to talk and see how things were going. You’ve been here for a week and I guess I wanted to make sure you were doing OK and Romeo wasn’t driving you crazy.”

My sister smirked, and I could see her trying to figure out how to answer me. “Oh, he’s fine,” she said as she turned to face me, letting her legs hang off the edge of the bed. The towel just barely covered her crotch; her legs were absolutely gorgeous.

The room seemed to suddenly get a bit warmer as I felt myself grow just a bit light-headed as that familiar moisture began in my panties. I could feel my arousal growing as I took in the sight of my sister’s legs, my eyes desperately wanting to see what lay between them.

“How about you?” Lisa asked. “You doing OK with everything? Everybody here OK? You know I don’t want to be a problem for anybody, sis.”

I could feel myself struggling a bit to speak normally as I said, “Oh, we’re fine, sweetie. I’m glad you and Romeo are getting along OK, and my husband doesn’t mind a bit.” I was feeling more than a bit nervous. I felt… awkward. I knew that I must appear to be in an odd state of mind, but I felt myself to be at a loss for words and not sure what to say or do.

“Are you sure?” Lisa said, standing up. Her eyes searched mine, but I looked away quickly, afraid that she might see the truth that I knew was written in my eyes.

She stepped closer, and I felt my heart pounding in my chest. Fight or flight — my adrenaline was racing through my blood.

“And what about you?” she asked, her hand reaching out to gently rest on my shoulder, her eyes trying to find mine. “Are you doing OK sis?”

“I’m fine,” I said much too quickly. My head was facing down, slightly to the side so as to avoid her gaze. My breathing had become shallow, my blood pumping through my veins. I felt suddenly paralyzed as my body tensed up.

She put her second hand on my other shoulder turning me to face her directly, but my head seemed to turn away from her again as if of its own accord. “Are you sure?” she asked.

I was frozen stiff as a board, not sure what to do or say. I was painfully aroused by my sister, I realized, but I was also so terribly embarrassed about it that I didn’t how to handle the situation.

My sister let her hands drop back down to her sides. I heard her walk to the door and lock it, and then the lights dimmed. A moment later, she was standing back in front of me.

“Are you sure there isn’t anything you might need?” she said quietly. My sister’s right hand reached to the front of her towel where it was tucked in, holding it in place, and suddenly her towel fell to the floor.

I felt myself inhale sharply at the sight of my sister’s naked body. God, she was indescribably gorgeous! Her skin was tanned from head to toe, her black hair hanging down lustrously to just past her shoulders. She was the very picture of a beautiful curvy woman, her breasts large and heavy, hanging a bit under their own weight but still with the perkiness of youth. Her breasts were as tan as the rest of her body, crests by large dark brown areola and some of the biggest nipples I’d ever seen — bigger even than my own. Her tummy had a wonderful curve, not fat, but rather just the natural curve of a real woman.

At the bottom of her tummy was a luscious patch of pubic hair, shaped with precision into a deliberate mound, dark and thick with the full length of the untrimmed pubic hairs within it. It was the very definition of what people meant when they referred to a woman’s bush. I could see that her bush ended right above the mound of her sex, hidden between her gorgeous silky thighs. My god, my sister had amazing hips and thighs! My sister was the very image of temptation, and I wanted her.

My mouth hung open slightly as my eyes finished drinking in the sight of my naked sister’s luscious body, and I gulped slightly as our eyes met. She smiled gently, stepping closer to me. “It’s OK, sis,” she said, first one hand reaching to my shoulder, and then the other. She seemed to look at me for a moment, biting her lip as her eyes glanced up and down my body. Then, she stepped up to right in front of me, her gorgeous large breasts almost touching mine. Her hands reached down to mine, holding them softly, and then lifting them, placing my hands on her breasts. I was lightheaded, as if swimming in a sea of wanton lust, as I held my little sister’s breasts in my hands. I let my finger embrace her generous breasts, feeling of their size and weight, hefting them in my hands as I squeezed them gently.

Yes, I told myself, she’s my little sister — but she’s twenty six years old now. She’s a woman, and she had needs, just like me. Whether it was luck or fate, I don’t know, but we both wanted the same thing. The fog over my mind seemed to be lifting as the truth dawned on me. We wanted to know each other sexually.

“My god,” I said I felt of my sister’s tits, “you have awesome tits.” I gently took her nipples between my fingers and squeezed them, rolling them between my fingers as she moaned softly in response.

“Oh,” she gasped, biting her lip, letting her eyes close in pleasure. For a minute we just stood there, my sister’s eyes half-open, biting her lip as I rolled her nipples around between my fingers, exploring them, tugging on them gently. Gradually, I became aware of my sister’s hips moving, undulating slightly with her sexual need.

My right hand held her breast while my left hand dropped down between her legs. A thrill shot through me as my fingers felt softly of my sister’s pussy. I could feel her body tense slightly at first, and then relax, her pussy seeming to seek out my hand. Her labia were soft and puffy, and I was surprised at how easily they yielded under my touch, parting almost of their own accord in response to my touch so as to reveal the tender, surprisingly wet vulva that lay inside. She moaned with pleasure, thrusting her crotch toward my hand.

She didn’t need me to be soft and gentle, I realized. She didn’t want me to play around. She needed satisfaction. I pressed my fingers against her pudenda firmly; it was the most incredible feeling. Her sex was burning hot and slick as it could be. It felt like a hot damp little oven, burning with need as she began anxiously rubbing it against my hand.

I had a brief moment of lucidity as some objective part of me was able to step back from the situation, as if watching from afar. I was filled with wonder to see my little sister standing here naked, horny, and rubbing her pussy against my hand like a dog in heat, desperate for sex.

As much as I marveled at her open display of her need, I was filled with tenderness and caring for her. She’d taken a huge risk with me — and she still was. She was rubbing her pussy against her own sister’s hand. She was the one who was naked, not me. She was the one thrusting her pussy, not me. She was the one who’d taken all the risk — not me. I was a bit ashamed at myself for not having been a little more direct with her.

I loved her, and I needed to not let her down. I would never let my little sister down. I admired her strength, her determination, and her willingness to take a chance and follow her instincts. She deserved the best from me.

In that moment I resolved that I was going to satisfy my sister’s hungry little pussy to the very best of my ability. She didn’t just want sex. She wanted sex with her big sister. She wanted her big sister’s mouth on her pussy. She wanted me to make her cum, and that’s what I was going to do.

My fingers stroked at her hot little mound. Her labia was as slick as could be, my finger slippery with her juices as I felt of her, gently squeezing her labia between my fingers, parting them, rubbing her clitoris, and then rubbing lightly at the very entrance to her vagina.

After a few moments, she reached out and took my hands in hers, looking at me very intently and with clear purpose as she took two small steps backward to the bed. Her eyes locked on mine as she climbed backward up onto the bed and spread her legs wide open, revealing her beautiful pussy to me for the first time.

I’d wondered what her pussy would look like. Overall it looked a lot like mine, honestly, but like the rest of her body, her pudenda were more generous than mine. Her outer labia were more full, and her inner labia were a bit longer, protruding slightly more. And while her labia were shaven smooth, she had a nicely manicured, but thick, bush that sat atop it — somehow it only made her pussy even more beautiful. My sister had large succulent labia that glistened with moisture. She didn’t wait; her need was imminent. My sister’s arms urged my head to her snatch, and as I drew close to her, her sweet musky smell struck me like a tidal wave. Hers was only the second pussy I’d ever smelled, and I absolutely loved it. I felt myself growing light-headed as I thought about how delicious it was to be between my sister’s thighs, about to sink my mouth into her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh God, sis,” I exclaimed softly.

Filled with wanton lust, I buried my face in my little sister’s pussy, hungrily lapping at her labia, sucking and licking every part of her pussy until finally settling on the swollen pink bud of her clitoris. “Yes,” my little sister said, closing her eyes tight as she thrust her pelvis toward my face, her pussy red and swollen with anxious need. “Lick my clit,” she said.

I sucked and licked my sister’s pussy and clit with more sexual eagerness than I could remember having in a long time. As I licked her pussy, my mind was at first filled with all sorts of thoughts around her being my sister. I thought of our childhood, and the times we’d fought as well as the times we’d been close. With the age difference, we’d never really been competitive. Rather, in some ways she’d looked up to me, and I’d looked after her. Maybe it was due to my reliability and responsibility that she’d been wilder, more willing to take risks. Sometimes it was to show she was different, but then other times I was sure she’d done it just to torment me. But we’d always shared a sisterly bond, and we’d gotten even closer after I’d moved out, and she’d looked up to me even more. We’d always been tight in our own way. Maybe that’s why it was easy for us to take down that wall that most of us put up, keeping our sexual needs hidden from our family as if we were embarrassed by them.

But we weren’t embarrassed — at least not any more. We were embracing our sexuality; enjoying it, even. My sister was a sexy little vixen, and I wanted to lick her pussy. I wanted to eat my sister’s pussy and make her cum.

And that’s exactly what I did. I surrendered myself to my lust for my sister, lapping and licking and sucking her swollen pussy until she came in a loud orgasm, grabbing my head somewhat roughly by the hair and shoving my face into her crotch. My sister rode my face to a powerful orgasm and didn’t let go of my hair until she was through cumming.

When she was done, she let go of my head that now ached slightly from having had my hair pulled so hard, but I didn’t mind. I looked at my sister in wonder, and marveled at what I’d just done, and how near the end she had grabbed me and used my face so animalistically, as if my face had no other purpose than to satisfy her horny little pussy. But I loved it — I’d given my sister oral sex, and it had been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

My face covered in her juices, I just smiled as I took in the sight of my little sister. She was so beautiful. Even her pussy was beautiful. I’d never really thought too much about that before, but I realized as I looked at her, my eyes filled with adoration, that she had a very beautiful pussy. I’d never thought of women that way. It wasn’t something I was used to seeing. But, seeing my little sister with her legs spread wide, her pussy slick and swollen with arousal from me just having licked and sucked it to orgasm, I realized that I loved the sight of her pussy. It was just a very beautiful part of her — perfectly formed, just like everything else about her. A pussy that beautiful deserved lots of oral sex, I thought, and I was going to give it to her. A thrill shot through my body.

She smiled gently, and, speaking softly, said, “That was wonderful, sis.” She sat up and cocked her head slightly, studying me for a minute as I looked at her with my big loving puppy dog eyes.

She stood up, lifting my arm to pull me up with her. I felt that nervous paralysis come over me again as my sister’s hands lifted my blouse up and off my body. My arms seemed to move on their own, accommodating her, and she then reached behind me to unfasten my bra. My sister’s hands were warm, soft and gentle as they explored my breasts just as I’d done to her a short bit earlier. “You’re so hot,” she said, leaning forward to suck my nipple into her mouth.

The sensation of my sister’s mouth, warm and wet on my nipple, was both unexpected and intensely pleasurable as she flicked at my nipple with her tongue for a moment. I felt my pussy begin to ache with need as, in one quick motion, she pulled my panties and shorts down to my feet, and then pulled me down onto the floor on my back.

She began licking my legs all over, first my feet, then quickly up my calves, and then lingering leisurely on my thighs as if seeking to leaving no part of them untouched by her hot wet mouth. “You have such a great body,” my sister said. “Your muscle tone is so fucking hot,” she said, pausing, resting her hands on my knees as if waiting for me to part my legs.

I lay on the carpet on my back, my knees together as I looked up at my naked sister. Her face was the very picture of lust as she subconsciously wet her lips, her tongue exploring her own lips as if nervously waiting for the opportunity to complete its real purpose, her eyes tense and anxiously looking toward my groin, seeking the sight of my sex.

She was really beautiful, I thought — so dark and voluptuous. Eating my sister’s pussy was one thing, since that was me giving. But receiving… I was less comfortable with. But she was so pretty, and so hot and ready and wanting to do it, how could I refuse her any more than she’d just let me do the same? She had given me what I wanted; I owed her the same. She wanted to eat my pussy, and it wouldn’t be fair to deny her.

“I want to eat your pussy,” she said.

Surrendering to my sister’s need to taste my sex, I smiled, looking her in the eyes as I lay my head back. I spread my legs as my sister lowered her face to my throbbing sex, her hands exploring and feeling of my body, seeming to feel and squeeze of my toned muscles while she licked me to orgasm.

I’m not entirely sure just how long I’d licked her pussy or how long she ate mine for, but it was much later than I’d expected when my sister lay her naked body alongside me, lifting her thigh to lay it across mine, and held me.

It was wonderful laying there nude with my sister, our hot naked bodies pressed together, each of us having just eaten the other’s pussy. She lay her head on my shoulder for a minute, hugging me, and I felt like I was in heaven.

After a minute or two, she asked me, “So? How was it?”

I laughed softly. “Oh my God — that was so fucking wonderful, sis,” I said, hugging her tightly. “God I loved eating your pussy so much. I can’t believe we’ve been missing out on doing that for each other. It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to do for your sister, isn’t it?”

“Mmm, yes, and you’re pretty darn good at it, too,” my little sister said. She cocked her head and asked, “Was it your first time? You know — with a woman?”

I blushed. “No,” I said. “But… it was certainly the best.”

“You were my first woman,” she said. “I can’t believe we just did that. I mean, we’re sisters.”

“Pussy-licking sisters, to be exact,” I said, laughing softly.

“Hell yes to that,” she said. “I hope there’s a lot more where that came from”, she said, her eyes engaging mine as if expecting a response.

I grinned. “Hell yeah! How long did you know,” I asked, “that I wanted you?”

“You’ve been looking at me like an alligator all week, sis,” she replied. “I was confused by it at first, you know. I wasn’t sure what it meant, the way you’ve been looking at me. I thought maybe you were mad at me and didn’t know how to tell me. But that wasn’t it at all, was it, sis? You’ve been wanting to eat my pussy since I moved in, haven’t you?”

I blushed. She was right, I realized. Ever since my little sister had started walking around half naked, I’d been looking at her like a piece of meat. “Yes,” I confessed.

My sister smiled warmly, saying, “We share something really special now, sis — you and me. We’ll always be sisters; no one can ever take that away from us.”

Saying that, my little sister propped herself up, her big breasts hanging down in such beautiful cleavage. I felt myself melt at the sight of her beautiful body. She looked down at me, smiled gently, and then leaned down to kiss me. Our mouths met hungrily, our lips and tongues eagerly tasting of each other as our hands began exploring each other’s body all over again, feeling of each other’s breasts, bellies, and slick vulva, our bodies writhing with arousal as we rubbed against each other.

I kissed my sister for several minutes, swooning with such a powerful and confusing combination of both love and lust until I knew that I had to leave or I’d be having sex with her all over again. Not that it would be bad thing, mind you, but I knew the men would start to wonder what the heck was going on. So, still hot and worked up with need, we got dressed and went downstairs.

* * * * *

Downstairs, socializing with the men, the taste of my sister’s pussy lingered in my mouth. As I saw her in her usual flimsy, half-concealing night wear, with the taste of her sex on my tongue and the scent of her juices in my nostrils, filling my every breath with her smell, I found myself reeling from her powerful sexuality. My little sister was a goddess.

God, her boyfriend must really be an idiot. Ex-boyfriend, I corrected myself. His loss, our gain, I realized. As we all sat and made small talk, laughing as we watched a TV sitcom, an idea began gnawing at the back of my consciousness. I sat between the two men on the big couch, with my sister stretched out on the side couch, her legs gorgeous and the flimsy material of her shirt seeming to cling to her breasts, revealing their large size and beautiful shape. Every now and then, our eyes would meet, a knowing look passing between us. We now knew each other in a way most sisters never would — but should. My little sister was luscious, and as I looked at her beautiful body, I wanted to eat her pussy all over again. I almost wished I had a dick just so I could fuck her with it. I wondered if she was still as turned on as I was.

At the back of my mind, a compulsion began so small at first as to be almost imperceptible, but it kept growing bigger and bigger, until near the end of the sitcom, the compulsion suddenly consumed me like a huge wave crashing on the shore.

I sat up, took a big gulp of my beverage, and then walked over to kneel on the floor next to my sister, who looked at me quizzically. I looked at her, lust on my mind, and asked her, “Do you trust me?”

She seemed perplexed by my question. “Well of course I do, sis. Now more than ever,” she said, her eyes conveying our secret bond.

“Then just follow my lead. Just trust me,” I said. I knelt alongside her waist, keeping my eyes locked on hers. I wanted her attention on me, not the men — who were both suddenly silent as they wondered what on earth I was up to, and why I’d said what I had.

My eyes still on hers, I repeated, “Trust me,” as I reached up to take ahold of the top edge of her flimsy shorts and panties. I could see her start to react as any person would under those circumstances — she started to pull back and away from me. But I kept my eyes on hers, a reassuring smile on my face, as I calmly repeated, “Trust me — I promise it’ll be OK.”

I could tell she was still uncertain, but she’d surrendered to me and wasn’t going to stop me. I grasped her shorts and panties and pulled them both down off of her all at once.

“Holy–” my son started to exclaim, my husband quickly hushing him and telling him to be quiet, as he also hit the mute button the TV remote, the room suddenly intensely quiet.

I lifted my sister’s leg up into the air and over my shoulder, my hands reaching out to her hips. Hesitantly, glancing nervously toward the men, my little sister shifted her hips toward me and spread her legs, revealing her beautiful vulva, still swollen and slick with her moisture.

She closed her eyes as my hot wet mouth engulfed her pudenda, my tongue slowly and gently massaging her labia, nestling between them, suckling them gently. I kissed my sister’s pussy, planting kisses all over her labia and the insides of her thighs, until finally I kissed the aroused bud of her pleasure. I kissed her clitoris, suckling it gently into my mouth, my lips soft and wet as they wrapped around my sister’s clitoris. I made love to my sister’s pussy with my mouth, working her slowly but consistently deeper into full arousal. After a few moments, she ripped off her top, no longer seeming to care about the men as she surrendered her body to the pleasure of my mouth.

After a few minutes when she was really worked up, I held my hand down low where she wouldn’t see it and motioned for my husband to come over to me.

He knelt down beside me, his face somewhat in shock but grinning ear to ear, as he spread my sister’s leg out a bit further. He leaned in next to me, and then in one quick motion, I pulled back while my husband leaned forward and began eating my sister’s pussy. His mouth never left her wet sex as his hands removed his clothing, his penis stiff and ready to go as he ate my sister’s pussy. His hands explored her thighs, her belly, and her large breasts as her hands reached down to feel of his strong muscles.

I quickly stripped as my son did the same; his nice big cock was ready to put inside mommy almost immediately. I lay back on the couch and spread my legs, pulling my son to me and his penis into me, as I looked over to see my sister do the same with my husband. My sister gasped in pleasure as she pulled my husband to her, wrapping her arms around him and crying out in sexual pleasure as my husband thrust deeply into my sister’s vagina, bending her double and pressing her thighs back up against her chest as he plunged his length fully and deeply into her.

My attention was quickly brought back to my own situation as my son thrust into me, his hands grasping my ankles and lifting my legs up into the air and apart, as he then began driving his cock in and out of my pussy.

I almost whimpered from how good it felt, saying, “God that feels good baby.” My son’s cock was like a large hard piston inside me, entering me and expanding my vagina from the inside.

My sister looked my husband in the eyes, telling him, “Fuck me, big boy,” before looking over at me and, seeing the way my son had my legs up in the air as if holding me right where he wanted me, started with laughing. “Holy shit — this is one hell of a family fuck-fest,” as her eyes took in the sight of my son working his cock in and out of my pussy.

“Welcome to the family,” I said in broken language as my son drove his erection hard and rhythmically in and out of my pussy like a machine.

The sex felt wonderful in and of itself, but knowing that it was my son’s penis enjoying the pleasure of my pussy, and that my body was able to make him feel such ecstasy, is what what mattered most to me. I worked hard to have the well-toned athletic body that I did, and I was glad it gave my son such pleasure and enjoyment. I was more than a little happy at how hard his dick always was for me, and I was always thrilled to accommodate his needs. It was truly my pleasure being able to satisfy him. Even after several months of fornication, I still loved fucking him as much as the first time. No — it wasn’t just fucking. When I had sex with my son, it was truly making love — in the way that only a mother could do.

To hear all four of us in the room fucking, crying out, panting, and moaning as we did, would surely have been quite a sight. It was less than ten minutes before all four of us were cumming in a big loud family orgasm, my son ejaculating into my womb while my husband emptied himself into my sister.

Afterward, the ladies cleaned themselves up, and we all got drinks then came back to the living room – still naked, of course. It was pretty strange having four adults walking around naked in the house, but I really liked it. My husband and I sat on the couch next to each other as always did, while my son took his seat on the small couch next to my sister. It was a small couch and tended to cave in at the middle when two people sat on it, so they quickly found that it was easiest to just sit against each other.

I know everything that had happened so far was unusual enough, but it still struck me when I looked over and saw my son and my sister sitting naked together on the couch. My son had one arm around my sister’s back loosely, while they held hands with the other. Seeing them there naked, his arm around her and holding her hand — something about it just looked so right. They seemed absolutely content to be there together as they were.

“You two look so good together,” I said, smiling. “So natural.”

I realized the men hadn’t cleaned up, so I went to the kitchen and got each of them a warm wet towel and brought them back with me. I handed one to my husband, and as I reached out one to my son, my sister took it instead, grinning. She turned to look at my son, smiling suggestively as she said, “I’d be happy to clean that for you.”

As my son lay back slightly so my sister could clean his penis, he quickly started getting hard. I could see the way they looked at each other as my son’s penis began to stiffen in his aunt’s hands, and I knew they needed to be alone.

“Honey,” I said to my husband, “why don’t you and I go upstairs. I have a new outfit I think you’re going to enjoy…”

* * * * *

Sunday morning, I got up and gave myself a cinnamon scented douche and then an enema — two, in fact, just to be sure I was clean — then I washed everything up really well and put in my shiny jeweled butt plug. My God, that things feels so damn good in my bum — it was all I could not to masturbate just from how good it feels. But the thing I have learned about butt plugs is that they really turn you on, but then as soon as you’ve had an orgasm, you can’t wait to take them out. I wanted to enjoy being plugged at least for most of the morning, so I knew an orgasm would have to wait. Being horny but not cumming was half the fun of it.

I went downstairs, still fully naked, and then put on a very special apron I’d ordered a few weeks earlier. I had ordered two of them in case one broke, since those sort of things tended to be made in limited runs and then you couldn’t get them anymore. I’d been saving it until the time was right – and that was definitely this morning. It was mostly just clear plastic, but with black leather straps and some black mesh panels sewn in so that your skin could breath and not get all sweaty.

I looked at myself in the mirror; damn — I looked hot! Most of my tits were exposed, as well as my full backside, including my nicely toned buttocks with that big sparkly jewel right at my rear entrance.

I made a pot of coffee and then starting getting things out to cook breakfast. A few minutes later, I heard my sister exclaim, “Holy shit, sis,” and start laughing as she walked into the kitchen, studying me. “I had no idea you were so kinky. And damn — you’ve got a freaking rockin’ body. I might have to try those aerobics out. Seriously, sis, your ass and legs rock. Those are like the most perfect buttocks ever,” she said, walking closer.

I think that due to my sister’s angle, the jewel of my buttplug had been hidden from her, because as she walked into the kitchen and around behind me, she exclaimed, “Holy shit – what the hell is that?” as she walked close behind me to look at my derriere.

I grinned, looking over my shoulder at her, and said, “It’s my butt plug. Do you like it?”

“Oh my God,” my little sister said as she knelt down right behind me. “A butt plug!?” Now, I’d been getting gang-banged in the butt by both my men and I loved it. I especially loved it when my son would take pictures and make videos of me playing with my butt plugs, taking them in and out of my butt, etc. We didn’t do it all the time, but I loved it when we did it and I’d acquired quite a few different toys to play with for the camera. I loved showing off my ass hole and the naughty things I did with it.

But for my little sister to be down there examining me so closely was somehow quite embarrassing. After all, who ever expects their sister to be looking right at their ass hole, on purpose? I guess I hadn’t expected her to take such an interest. But as she got right down there behind me, close enough that I could feel her warm breath on first my bare buttocks, and then my mound of my sex, I felt the heat of arousal spread through my loins.

“This is so freaking cool,” my sister said. “You’re just a little on the kinky side, aren’t you sis?”

“Yes,” I said, and then didn’t even think about the words that I blurted out without even thinking, “and I have a very horny pussy.”

“I want to see it closer,” my sister said.

I hadn’t started cooking yet so the stove was still cold; in a quick motion I carelessly pushed everything aside. I bent over the stove, my arms bearing my weight as I widely parted my legs and then straightened them while thrusting my rear end up and out into the air. I wanted my sister to have the best possible view of my ass, my shiny bejeweled butt plug, and of my anus that began clenching instinctively on the plug, causing it to visibly move under my sister’s gaze.

I let my eyes close with the pleasure as I felt my sister’s fingers touch the back of my heels, and then, light as a feather, very slowly move up the back of my legs, along the lower part of my legs, then my calves, the back of my knees, up the back of my thighs, and then my sister began running her fingers ever so lightly all over my buttocks. “God you have beautiful legs,” my sister said, and then licked the back of my right thigh, her tongue hot and wet on my skin. I moaned loudly with pleasure; I was getting really turned on.

I didn’t realize it at first, but then I gradually became aware of a pattern as her movements began bringing her light touches increasingly closer to my anus. This, of course, only made my anus twitch even worse, causing the plug to shift inside me and increase my arousal even further. “Wow, are you making it move like that? That’s so cool,” she said.

Then my sister ran her fingers back down the back of my legs, moved to the insides of my legs, and trailed her fingers lightly back up, her hands drawing light as a feather toward my hungry sex that ached with need, my need greatly intensified by the sensation of the plug in my ass that had started literally throbbing and suddenly felt twice its size. I could feel my vagina clench in response as my sister’s fingers drew near to my sex — I was ready for her touch me there; I needed it. I wanted my sister to touch my pussy.

As her fingers drew near to the center of my need, her touch slowed down as her fingers moved slower still until my pussy began to quiver in anticipation of her touch. My vulva were literally throbbing as she drew close, knowing that her touch was imminent. My sister was going to touch my pussy, and it was going to feel wonderful.

Then, at the last moment, when my need was greatest, my certainty of her impending touch the highest and my vulva knew that her caress was about to happen, her fingers went around my sex, avoiding it, stroking right around the very edges of my vulva so as to inflame their need until they were literally aching with the need to be touched. I felt the hot moisture on the insides of my vulva as my juices started really flowing out of me.

Her fingers, light as a feather against my skin, ran along my perineum and moved slowly toward my anus. I felt it clench tight in response to her hand drawing close. I realized that my entire body had tensed up, so I forced myself to relax and felt my anus loosen around its plug.

Her fingers began swirling all around my anus, drawing closer and closer, until it too was on fire with need. The tender opening of my anus throbbed as my sister’s fingers drew near. Some part of me expected her to tease my ass as she had just done to my pussy, but instead, she withdrew her hand for a moment — licking her fingers to wet them, as I was about to find out — and then I felt my sister’s soft wet finger brush light as a feather against the tender pink flesh of my anus that puckered tightly around the plug that it gripped so tightly. Her touch was so light that I could barely feel it, but it was electric. Let me tell you that there is almost no part of a person more tender than their anus — it’s right up there with nipples and clits. If you’ve ever taken the time to arouse yourself there, and then lightly stroke it, you’ll know what I mean. It’s powerfully erogenous and highly sensitive, when stimulated correctly — and my sister had it going. It felt absolutely incredibly wonderful to feel my sister’s finger lightly, wetly stroke the tender flesh of my anus, and I began moaning uncontrollably as she licked a couple of her fingers and then began stroking my anus all around.

“My god, sis… I’ve never touched anybody’s rectum before, but I have to say, this is so damn hot. You like me stroking your horny little butt hole?”

“Oh god yes, sis,” I said, my body quivering with need. I felt as if my entire being was concentrated in the tender flesh of my anus, throbbing around the plug as my sisters wet fingers rubbed it gently.

To be bent over and so fully exposed to my sister, and then touched by her like this, was beyond my wildest imagination. It wasn’t just that my sister was sexually stroking my anus. It was the way her touch had been so soft and gentle, yet so powerful… so teasing, inflaming my need while working me to a fever pitch of excitement. No one had ever used teasing on me in this way before, but I loved it. I was so hot and horny I could hardly stand it.

“You know your pussy is dripping, don’t you?” she said, laughing. “You’re like Niagara Falls, sis. I better do something about that before you get the floor wet.”

A moment later, I was in heaven as I felt my little sister’s hot wet tongue on my swollen labia, lightly resting against them. The sensation was electric and I cried out from the pleasure of it. “Oh yes, please,” I said, trying to tilt my pelvis to more fully expose my pussy to my little sister.

“Wow, you smell incredible — like cinnamon or something,” she said, her tongue running along my sex. “Mmmm, yes, very nice. God your pussy tastes good.”

“I’m glad you like it. It’s a special douche I use — the men seem to love it. Seems like you do too, huh? Now be a good little sister and eat my pussy.”

“With pleasure!” she said.

I felt the warm wet embrace of her mouth on my vulva, as my sister began eating my pussy from behind. The sensation of her wet tongue licking my slick needy sex was intoxicating. After a minute or two, her fingers began playing with my butt plug, pulling on it so as to stretch my sphincter, driving me wild with excitement.

“I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but I totally want to lick your butt hole,” my sister said. “Is it clean?” she asked.

“Extremely,” I said. “I cleaned the heck out of everything down there first thing this morning, inside and out. It’s safe, if you want to lick it.”

An instant later, my little sister began licking my butt hole. But she wasn’t just lightly flicking her tongue around it. She really dove into my ass, moaning with her own pleasure and excitement as she began licking my ass all over with surprising eagerness. She was kissing and licking my butt all around where the plug penetrated me, pulling it out of me just enough to expose the tender flesh of my anus which she kissed and licked and sucked just as if she was passionately kissing me on my mouth, alternating between tender light caresses and passionate plunges of her tongue, forcing it up into my anus alongside the plug. I cried out softly as her tongue forced me even wider open.

“God this is so fucking hot,” my sister said, and then plunged her tongue back into my ass, my anus throbbing as she forced it open even wider. “I can’t believe I’m licking your butt hole.”

I was moaning uncontrollably; my knews grew weak at the sensation of my sister’s tongue licking my anus. Her fingers had felt good, but nothing could have prepared me for how wonderful her tongue felt on my anus. It was the most soft, warm, wet sensation you can imagine, and I went wild with arousal.

I really started making a lot of noise, and soon we could hear the men getting up if for no other reason than to see what was going on. I was starting to get close to orgasm just from her licking my butt hole when she stopped licking me and withdrew, saying, “We’ll finish this later, sis. Don’t worry — I promise it’ll be worth it.”

I was so painfully aroused, and now sexually frustrated, to have been brought so close to orgasm by my sister in such an intense manner and then left hanging, but she was right. The men could be part of it later, but for now, I wanted just the two of us to resume the action later in private.

My sister stood up, licking her lips, and as I turned to face her, she leaned to me, arms out, to kiss me. Our arms wrapped around each other as our mouths met, and as my sister kissed me passionately, her tongue pressing into my mouth, I was fascinated with the knowledge that her mouth had just been licking my ass only moments earlier. I don’t honestly know that she tasted any different, I just know that I loved the taste of my sister’s mouth, my tongue exploring her mouth as her explored mine.

We heard the men upstairs, about to come down, and with some difficulty we managed to break free from each others’ embrace. We were both grinning ear to ear like giddy schoolgirls with the knowledge of what we’d both just done — and at the promise of what was to follow later.

I got my wits about me and handed the other apron to my sister. “Strip and put this on,” I said. She quickly pulled her clothes off and tossed them to the corner, and then put on the apron made of clear vinyl, black leather straps, and black mesh panels for air flow, the clear parts positioned perfectly to reveal her nipples and breasts, most of her belly, and her crotch, while leaving her backside fully exposed like mine. My butt was nice and athletic and toned, but my sister’s was just plain beautiful. It was the image of feminine perfection, and as I looked at her ass, I felt myself consumed by the most intense lust. I wanted to get down and bury my face in her ass like she’d just done to me. I wanted to lick my sister’s butt hole. I wanted to taste every part of her; I wanted to make her cum. But she probably hadn’t cleaned herself as thoroughly as I had, and as much as I was suddenly obsessed with my need to lick my sister’s butt hole, I did want it to be clean.

I was intensely hot and flustered at my perverse thoughts as I gazed on my sister’s beautiful buttocks. “Quick, let’s act like we’ve been busy,” I said, and we hurriedly started opening packages to make it look like we’d been busy on breakfast — rather than on each other.

We giggled at the sight of each other in our kinky fetish aprons. “They’re going to want to fuck us, you know,” she said, chuckling.

“I know,” I said, grinning. “But let’s make ‘em wait!”

My sister laughed. “I’ll try, but that horn-dog son of yours is something else!” she said. “I don’t think I’m going to walk straight for a week after last night!”

I chortled with laughter at the mental of image of my son pounding away on my sister’s pussy all night, fucking the hell out of her. He’d panted after her for so many years; I never would have thought that he’d end up between his aunt’s legs making love to her all night. She was my little sister, and he was my son. I know that in one sense it was wrong, but somehow it seemed so right. I felt like they were made for each other.

“How long…?” my sister started to ask.

I knew what she wanted to ask me. She wanted to know when I’d started having sex with my own son, and exactly how it had come to pass.

“Well, it started just a few months ago, shortly after he’d turned eighteen. I’d be downstairs in the mornings wearing my aerobics leotard, and I just noticed that he seemed to be checking me out. I decided to have a little fun and just started flaunting it a bit. This is the honest truth; I was really expecting him to be totally grossed out. I figured that I’d teach him a lesson for looking and show him something he didn’t really want to see. But that wasn’t what happened at all.”

“The more I flaunted it,” I continued, “the more he seemed to want to look. And it seemed to make him… anxious. I finally realized that he couldn’t take his eyes off me. It’s kind of a long story, but one thing lead to another — him playing with my tits, me fondling his erection, etc. – and then one night I decided to see just exactly what his interest was. He seemed to want to be sexual with me, and it was really turning me on. We both seemed to be getting increasingly worked up about it, and things were rapidly escalating. He was getting about as anxious around me as he could be, and I knew something had to give one way or the other because we couldn’t go on like that.”

“It took me a few days to accept the truth,” I said. “But I figured that if he was really getting that worked up over my body that the boy might relax if he got a piece. What could it hurt, I figured. It isn’t like it was going to hurt anybody. And when I’d held his erection in the kitchen that day, the feeling of it pulsating in my hand just drove me wild. So one night I stripped naked and offered myself to him. It was so wonderful, sis, to see the look of complete ecstasy on his face and know that I had the power to make him feel so good… I need to give him that if it’s what he wants. I’m his mom. I just want him to be happy and feel good. And if my body does that for him, I couldn’t possibly deny him that.” I paused, then grinned wickedly, saying, “Besides, he has a nice big dick, doesn’t he?”

“Mmmmmm, it’s the perfect size, yes,” my sister agreed, “big enough to really fill you, but not enough to hurt. It’s quite nice in your mouth, too,” she said, glancing to see my reaction, “but I think you already know that, don’t you sis? I think this may be the freakiest conversation ever. But, you know, I think I get the whole thing. I mean with him being all sexually stressed out, you flaunting it and then teasing him, and then the inevitable happened when you try to play a sex game with an eighteen year old. If you let the animal get out the barn, it’s going to tear up somebody’s field.”

We both laughed.

“Yeah, pretty much,” I agreed. “It was pretty foolish of me, in hindsight. But you see, I had no idea that my son was a virgin. That was why the poor boy had gotten so worked up. He was in his prime, ready to go, and here I was walking around half naked and flaunting my body. You know, though, I was surprised at how easy going my husband was about it. I wouldn’t necessarily say that he encouraged me, but he asked me what did I expect walking around half naked with an eighteen year old male in the house. He told me to give the boy a piece if I wanted to. Everything else happened from there, and it’s been so incredible. I never let my boy leave the house without at least a blowjob in the morning,” I said with a grin, licking my lips.

“That’s so un-fucking-believable,” my sister said. “You have to tell me more.”

“I’ll tell you more over breakfast,” I said. “Let’s get this stuff cooking.”

My sister and I proceeded to get breakfast going, and were both standing there at the stove making small talk, butt-naked except for our clear vinyl and black leather aprons, when we heard my son.

“Smile,” my son said, and as my sister half turned to look, that’s when he took the first picture.

My sister and I both turned to face him, posing in our clear plastic outfits. When we started kissing each other, I think my son almost shot his load in his pants as he took dozens of pictures. Reaching around to feel her bare ass while I kissed her, our breasts pressed together yet separated by the clear vinyl, was so damn hot. My sister and I quit kissing so I could tend some food on the stove.

“So,” my sister said, stepping toward my son with her arms out, “what do you think of my outfit?”

My son embraced his aunt, groping her naked ass as he kissed her passionately; the sight only increased my certainty that they should enjoy each other and this chance to be together. My sister really seemed to enjoy him, and he was more than thrilled to be intimate with her. Whether they would have the basis of a real relationship remained to be seen.

It was then that I realized that I had inadvertently created the very situation I had hoped to avoid. I had hoped that by satisfying my son’s sexual needs, he would be able to get to know a woman without getting hooked on the sex first. But he was suddenly head over heels about my sister and she was all too eager to spread her legs for him. But then, who could blame her? So was I. But, it wasn’t like they had just met, either. Time was just going to have to bear things out.

So as I stood there cooking breakfast, the plug had been in me for a while, and after having had my legs stroke, my pussy licked, and then my butt hole itself licked, and now the spanking, I was more than just a little horny, and my sister seemed to delight in teasing me for the camera while I cooked.

“Look,” she said, guiding my son to zoom in on my pussy from behind. “Spread ‘em, sis,” she said, and I went ahead and played along and spread my legs further and stuck out my rear, giving them a nice view of my goods from behind.

“Zoom in,” my sister said. “Look at this — your mom’s pussy is dripping wet.” It was all I could do not to wreck everything on the stove when I felt my sister’s fingers spreading my vulva wide apart so that my son could get pictures of just how wet I was inside. And yet, as embarrassing as it was in one sense, having such a spectacle made of my wetness only seemed to me even hornier.

“Oh god,” I said, unable to keep from trying to rub my pussy against my sister’s hand as my anus throbbed around the plug, clenching down tight.

“See?” my sister said. “Look at that, there’s a drop coming out of her vagina right now.”

“Mom, she isn’t kidding,” my son said. “Your pussy is literally dripping wet. No wonder it feels so good in there.”

“And look at this — get a shot of her anus right here. Look at it right here, around the plug. Have you ever seen an anus like that?” she asked.

“Wow that’s totally cool,” my son said. “Mom we’re taking a video of your butt hole. Be still OK?” He paused for a minute, then told my sister, “Slide the plug in and out a bit. I want to record that.”

Then my sister began slowly sliding plug in and out of me while my son made a close-up video, while they talked about how far apart my rectum was being stretched at various points.

“Can you freaking perverts take your damn pictures so I can close my legs?” I said while laughing.

They made mock protest, but wisely backed off when I told them the bacon was about to burn so they needed to leave me alone to cook.

By some miracle, we finally finished cooking breakfast, we sat around naked at the table talking about our family sexual relations. As we spoke, the hardness of the wooden chairs really drove home the feeling of the butt plug. I’d already had it in for about an hour, so my anus was really starting to ache from it. Not in a bad way, mind you — it was what I loved most about it. I loved when your little butt hole started aching from wearing it for so long, but you kept it in anyway. It made me practically delirious with arousal; I always wanted to masturbate so bad when I got to that point. It took a lot of discipline to discover that making myself keep it in made it feel even better.

The plug itself was metal, so with any shift of my body, the gemstone base of the plug would press against the hard wooden chair seat causing it to shift inside me, and my butt hole was already feeling a little sore so I was intensely aware of its every movement. I needed to take it out so bad — but this was the best part. I would make myself wear it until after breakfast was completely finished, at the very least.

So we spent breakfast talking about sex. I told the men how the day before, my sister and I had sex together before we came downstairs. This excited them to no end, and they were fascinated by the idea of watching my sister and I have sex. We talked about how and when my son and I started sleeping together. We all laughed at the ridiculous game he and I had both played, realizing in hindsight how inevitable the outcome had been once we started. I told her how I always made sure that every dick had a willing hole if it needed one.

“Mmmm,” my sister said, grinning. “Well, now there’s two of them,” she said, looking at my husband and son suggestively.

“Six, technically,” my son chimed in, grinning.

I could see my sister do the mental math, quickly realizing that her anus was included in his count of available useful holes that could satisfy his cock if needed. I could tell that she wasn’t sure what to think of the idea. Not yet, anyway, but I said to myself that after the way the morning had already gone that soon she’d be lusting for some back-door action the way I did. Somehow I was sure of it.

But I didn’t want to worry her about it just yet, so I changed the subject slightly, saying, “You know, normally I’m with my husband Friday night, and then junior has mommy time with me on Saturday. That leaves poor hubby all cold and lonely on Saturday,” I said in a playful voice. Something told me that my husband would love the idea of spending all night in bed with my sister, fucking her to his heart’s content.

I could see the suggestion register in my sister’s face, as my husband was already grinning. Yes, they were both quite happy with the suggestion that they spend all night fucking, I realized. My husband had loved fucking my sister the day before and I felt certain he’d be open to the idea of having regular sex with her. What man wouldn’t?

“So let me get this straight,” my sister said. “You and your son have a regular thing going on Saturday nights, so you want me to get naked and spread ‘em for your hubby?”

I grinned. “Yep!”

“Deal!” my sister said, she and my husband smiling knowingly with each other.

“You all can have the run of the house Friday nights,” I said, looking between my son and my sister. “Hubby and I pretty much always go out to dinner and see a movie or something. So you can have some private time if you want it.”

My sister put down her fork, a serious look on her face all of a sudden. “Thanks, sis. You all are so good to me. Now,” she said, picking her fork back up and taking a bite, she grinned as she said, “tell me about the first time you all had sex together.”

* * * * *

After washing the the dishes — my son taking even more pictures of me from behind with my plug in my ass, and the vinyl and leather apron on again — my sister and I excused ourselves to go upstairs and get dressed for the day over the men’s complaints and statements that we should stay naked.

Both of us got our clothes — my sister still butt naked at this point — and went to her room, locking the door. We were instantly groping and kissing each other all over again, my sister’s hands now reaching around to begin working the plug in and out of my anus. I began crying out almost instantly from the combination of pain and pleasure since I was already sore down there, so for her to stimulate it that way was very intense. Then she got down and started licking my pussy while working the plug in and out of my ass. I leaned back against the bed and in no time I was having a massive orgasm, my sister’s soft wet tongue bringing me to ecstasy.

I pulled her to me so that we could lay on the bed together naked, my sister’s hot flesh against mine as we snuggled on her bed.

I gasped, “God, sis, that was incredible.”

“You deserve it,” she said. We just lay there holding each other for a bit, until finally my anus would simply have no more of the plug. I just couldn’t stand it any longer.

“I need to go take my plug out,” I said, propping myself up.

“Aww,” she complained, her hand reaching out to hold onto me. “I love looking at it. It’s just so cute seeing it there and knowing you have that plug up inside your ass. I was really hoping you’d keep it in for me a little longer — please? Can you keep it in for a while?” She gave me the biggest, most beautiful puppy dog eyes I’ve ever seen, my anus seeming to ache even worse at the sight of her pretty face begging me to keep the butt plug in.

“OK,” I caved in. “But, only on one condition.” I grinned evilly, saying, “You have to wear one with me.”

My sister’s eyes got about as big as saucers and I could see her gulp. But then a nervous grin came over her and she agreed.

I peeked out her door to be sure the men weren’t around, then the two of us — still both completely naked — crept down the hallway, through the master bedroom and into the bathroom. I set a towel down on the floor and prepared her enema while I spoke casually about some of the things I’d learned about wearing butt plugs, such as the different shapes and materials and which combinations seemed best for various situations. I told her that I’d grown to be quite a connoisseur of butt plugs, and told her how much of a sexy thrill it was to be wearing one out in public, especially if you were in a skirt with no panties. To have to stand there and act as if everything was completely normal, while your anus was steadily throbbing around a huge plug, stretching your anus apart and then keeping it that way long past the point where it was comfortable, was intoxicating. I told her how sometimes I’d go out that way in a short skirt and look for opportunities to bend over and pull up my skirt just enough for someone to see it.

Once the enema was ready, I had her lie down on her left side in the customary position, with her right knee crooked upward. This left her bottom pointing somewhat up into the air, quite nicely revealing both her anus and her gorgeous labia.

My sister was so lovely as I looked down at her, her rear end so vulnerable and exposed to me. It was her vulnerability and her complete trust that struck me in that moment, and what was so amazing about her. I can’t imagine that my sister would have ever thought about exposing her anus to me in such a fashion, yet here we both were.

With tenderness, I administered her enema, being as sensual with her as I could about it, my hands first arousing her body by stroking her legs and back, slowly working their way to toward her bum. I even let my fingers explore her labia, stroking them lightly but deliberately, and was rewarded with the signs of her arousal. When I could tell that my little sister was turned on and starting to gyrate her hips against my touches, I used a bit of lube, inserted the nozzle, and let the fluid flow into her.

I’ll spare you the details of her double-enema except to say that once she’d finished her second one, she got into the shower and soaped up really well, to be sure she was thoroughly clean both inside and out. I’d left the room to give her some privacy.

Going into the bedroom to wait, I stopped and thought for a moment about the situation. Looking around the bedroom, I noticed our secondary camera sitting on the dresser on its tripod. I was used to seeing cameras sitting around, and pretty much assumed my son was probably filming me almost no matter what I happened to be doing. So, I hadn’t really noticed the camera when I came in, and neither had my sister. I repositioned the camera, and then smiled, satisfied.

When I heard my sister getting into the shower, I waited a minute for her to do some preliminary cleaning and them came into the bathroom. Seeing my little sister in the shower through the semi-clear shower walls, all soapy and sudsy and sexy with the white suds on her tanned skin, I couldn’t resist. I got into the shower with her, and then my sister and I rubbed our soapy, silky bodies together, our hands rubbing suds all over each other as we explored each other’s bodies, giggling like little girls until we both started getting really turned on.

It didn’t take long for that to happen, our hands sliding over each other’s thighs, backs, and then we held and fondled each others breasts, our hands slick and soapy as we began massaging each others nipples. My sister’s hands felt of every part of me, as if exploring my body for the first time all over again.

“You’re so hot,” she said lustily as her hands felt of my toned muscles, squeezing them gently and then running along their length. “I just love your muscle tone. I bet your husband fucks the hell out of you,” she said.

“Yeah,” I agreed, “he sure does. But you’ve got some rocking curves, sis, and I think both the boys are panting after your pussy right now. And I’m OK with that. I want you to know that,” I said as my sister’s hands began rubbing me between my legs. “I want you to fuck my husband and my son, sis. I want you to fuck both of them. I want to know that they’ve had you,” I barely managed to squeak out as she began rolling my clitoris between her fingers.

She looked me deep in the eyes and said, “I love you, sis,” as she embraced me, our mouths meeting in a sloppy wet passionate kiss.

My sister pressed up close against me, one hand reaching around behind me to grasp the end of my butt plug and then begin working it in my ass, sliding it out only a little at first, and then gradually more and more, in and out of me, until she was stretching my rectum to the full width of the plug while also deliberately working my nipple. I whimpered softly in my sister’s arms from the pleasure of it, my rectum sore but anxious for more. I grew weak-kneed and light-headed from the pleasure of it and was soon moaning and thrusting my nips in my little sister’s arms as she pleasured me, my anus throbbing with such delicious pleasure and pain.

Eventually, I knew it was her turn, and my hands found my way to my sister’s bum, slowly massaging her beautiful buttocks with the slippery soap, and then finding their way to her anus where I began to stroke her lightly. She responded with eagerness, thrusting her rear end toward me and bending at the waist.

“Be still for a minute. I’m going shave it,” I said. I could see my little sister’s butt hole pucker at the suggestion of being shaved, but in just a few seconds I had the job done. My razor was right there, so I used a little bit of the soap and then shaved between her buttocks. When I was done, I rinsed her off well.

“Are you ready?” I asked, my middle finger resting directly at the entrance to her anus. I didn’t wait for her to respond. I pressed my soapy finger up into my little sister’s shaved, clean, tight little asshole.

“Oooohhhhhhh,” she moaned at the sensation of being penetrated there, and thrust her butt toward me, wanting more. I gave her what she wanted. She cried out softly as I pressed my index finger up into her hot, tight little butt hole. The sensation of having my two fingers up inside my sister’s anus was really amazing, and I realized why my husband and son loved to fuck me there. It really was exceptionally hot and tight — considerably tighter than a vagina. I began exploring my sister’s ass with my fingers, rotating them around inside her, feeling of her anus both inside and out, and then began working them in and out of her.

This exploration of my sister’s anus not only served to introduce her to the wonders of anal pleasure, but it helped me ensure she was truly clean. After a couple of minutes of probing her ass, I soaped everything off again really well. We dried off and made our way to the bedroom. I dropped my towel on the floor and approached my sister with deliberate intent. She could see the desire written on my face and quickly discarded her own towel as well. I locked the door, then climbed onto the bed with her.

We began kissing and fondling each other, and I quickly got my sister onto her back and spread her legs. To look down at my beautiful naked sister, her beautiful body and breasts, with her legs spread wide open to reveal her pussy that was glistening with arousal at the idea of having sex with me, was so amazing. She was truly beautiful. I lowered my mouth to my sister’s pussy and began pleasuring her.

Several minutes later, when she was good and fully aroused, I told her to roll over. She was confused by this at first, but then the understanding came over her. She stayed on her knees, her rear end up into the air, while leaning down to rest her face on a pillow.

I knelt behind my sister, amazing that I would be in this position with her. I surveyed her beautiful puffy labia, her buttocks, and her freshly shaven anus that puckered slightly with the sure knowledge of my intent. Then, after a moment of simply enjoying the sight of it, I lowered my face and began licking my sister’s ass.

“God you have a beautiful ass, sis,” I told her. “Such a beautiful butt…”

At first I licked her soft, wonderful buttocks, but my hot wet tongue slowly worked its way closer and closer to her anus, and as I drew closer, I could see it spasm in anticipation. The sight of her tight pink little anus was remarkable. I thought of how she’d licked my own anus earlier, amazed at the pleasure that I’d missed out on for so long. Now I was going to give my little sister that same pleasure. I was going to give my little sister’s freshly shaved, washed anus a thorough licking and probing with my tongue.

I pressed my tongue to her anus, rubbing it in a slightly circular motion against her entrance. She gasped from the intense pleasure of it. “Oh my God,” she exclaimed.

“You like that, huh?” I asked, as I slowly began to move my tongue with stronger and more invasive strokes against her anus, not only sliding my wet tongue across her rosebud, but as I did so, pressing against her there.

I was filled with hunger as I voraciously pleasured my sister’s ass, her laying across the pillow as I knelt above her, bent over, pressing my face down between her buttocks so that I could lick my sister’s anus. I don’t know which of us was more turned on by it, her with the amazing sensations she was feeling for the very first time, or me, with the pleasure of having had my little sister in this most carnal and prohibited of ways.

We were now the most intimate that sister’s could possibly be, having not only kissed and then satisfied each other’s hungry sex with our wet tongues, but we hadn’t stopped until we’d licked and sucked every part of each other, even our very anuses. We’d left no part of each other unpleasured. I wanted to suck and fuck my little sister and make her cum, and I wanted her to do the same thing to me. I was lost in my reverie and lost sense of myself or what I was doing for a few minutes, but gradually I became aware that I was moaning and grunting like some kind of animal as I licked her butt hole.

“Oh, hell yes,” she said. “Lick that fucking ass hole.”

That’s exactly what I did. I licked my sister’s ass, pressing my tongue into her hot, tight little hole, while my fingers lightly stroked her vulva. I didn’t want her to get distracted by too much sensation in her pussy so I kept my attention there very light. I wanted her attention on the wonderful feelings in her ass. I wanted her to know that I, her big sister, was willing to do anything to give her pleasure, including licking her very asshole itself. Then, once my little sister was really enjoying the anal stimulation, I got out my other jeweled butt plug.

It was the same kind of plug as the one I wore, but whereas mine had an amethyst, hers had a rose colored gemstone. It was a bit heavy and made of metal so it was inflexible, but it had a very nice taper that made it easy to wear at first. But as I knew all too well, despite the narrow neck around which her anal sphincter would clamp down, its rigid and inflexible nature would eventually cause her anus to grow slightly sore. Not in a bad way, but rather in the way that would just really make her want to remove it. But, as she would soon learn, that sensation was more enjoyable the longer you wore it and more fully you gave yourself over to it.

“It’s time,” I said, grinning as my sister, her face the very image of lusty pleasure, lifted and turned to look. I almost cracked up laughing at the way her eyes suddenly got huge.

“You aren’t going to put that thing…” she began.

I cut her off, saying, “Oh yes I am. Remember in your room? You agreed to wear one in exchange for me keeping mine in longer. So now you’re going to wear a butt plug. I’m going to stick this up into your ass, and then we’re both going to go downstairs naked and let the men see us like this, naked sisters, both our butts stuffed and stretched with the jeweled plugs.”

“It’ll go easier if you relax,” I said. I didn’t wait for her to respond. I applied some lubricant, and then slowly, very slowly, pressed the plug into my sister’s rectum. She was moaning at being stretched wider there than ever before, the hard plug mercilessly splitting her wide open, impaling her, claiming her. But she didn’t resist; if anything, she pressed her rear back against me, encouraging me to press the plug into her even more firmly into her beautiful ass.

She gasped as the bulb of the plug passed her sphincter and began to taper off. I felt her anus’ own muscular action kick into play, suddenly and forcefully pulling it the rest of the way into her.

“Oh God,” she said. “Holy shit… on my fucking God…” she went on and on as her anus clamped down tight as a vise around its very first butt plug. After a few moments, she began to get control back over herself as her rectal sphincter relaxed a bit as it began to accept the plug.

“Mmmmm — that’s nice isn’t it?” I asked, marveling at the sight of my sister’s now fully-plugged ass, her anus shining with the rose-colored gemstone as her anus still spasmed around the plug, causing her shiny stone to wiggle about a bit. “It’s beautiful, sis.” And it was — the sight her beautiful buttocks, now with that shiny stone at her nether entrance, was indescribably beautiful.

I got a damp washcloth and cleaned up the lubricant and saliva that covered my sister’s beautifully plugged rear end. Then, I lay down, marveling at the sight of her ass. I could have just sat there and stared at her beautiful butt for hours, I think.

I guided her to her feet. She was so pretty as it was, but she was really something else with the sight of that gemstone at her rear entrance, nestled between the beautiful buttocks of her shapely ass. She was really gorgeous.

“How does it feel?” I asked, smiling. “You look so damn hot, sis.”

She bit her lip, her face lusty. “God damn,” she began, “it feels big, but so fucking good. My god, sis — it’s unbelievable… so fucking good.”

I grinned, and taking my sister into my arms and kissing her fully on the lips, turning us both ever so slightly to be sure the camera had a good view. I still hadn’t told her about the camera, and she didn’t seem to have noticed. All the better, I thought.

“I love you,” I said as our lips and tongues broke apart momentarily.

“I love you, too,” she said, and we buried out mouths back together, our rear ends plugged as we kissed and felt of each others warm naked flesh yet again. My sister’s succulent body felt every bit as wonderful in my hands as it had the first time I’d touched her, my fingers slipping easily into the wet embrace of her vagina.

“Oh God,” my sister moaned as I took her clitoris and began rolling it gently between my thumb and index finger. “Yes…” she pleaded as I began stimulating her gently, arousing her, but going slowly since I didn’t want her to actually cum. I knew that if she came, she’d want to take out the butt plug immediately, but that by getting her good and fully horny, she’d get much more of a thrill of going downstairs naked and plugged with me. She’d have plenty of time to cum later.

After a minute or two, we managed to break free, both of us smiling sheepishly at our mutual passion and lust for each other.

“Let’s go downstairs and show the boys!”

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