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As I lay in my bed slowly beating my meat with images of my girlfriend in my head, I heard a small sound in the hallway. My hand instantly froze as I darted under the covers. The sound in the hallway seemed to be coming from the doorway of my sister Claire’s room. As I listened, it started moving down to the end of the hall. Then I heard a door open. I figured my sister had probably gone to the bathroom. I lay in my bed, waiting for her to go back to sleep before I started whacking off again, but after 10 minutes she still hadn’t come back.

I walked out of my room towards the bathroom, but as I passed my mother’s room (my mom and dad had gotten a divorce 3 years back, and she got full custody of my two sisters and I) I saw that the door was slightly ajar. My mother’s door was never slightly ajar, and it was always locked. As I peeked into the room, expecting to see my mom sleeping, I instead saw Claire kneeling on the bed with her head thrown back.

There were soft moaning sounds coming from her lips, then she arched her back and let out a louder moan. It was then that I saw my mother’s head right under Claire’s pussy. As I realized what was going on, my cock started to rise of its own accord. Within about 3 seconds, I had the biggest hard on I had ever had, and I was getting it from watching my sister and my mom! Not fucking my girlfriend.

As I sat there with my raging hard on my right hand slowly slipped down to my cock and started beating it while Claire lay on the bed with my mom kneeling above her. My mom was moaning quite loudly as she approached her climax. I heard her ever so softly calling Claire’s name. As hear voice slowly began to rise in pitch, her hand shot out to Claire’s clit and she started fingering it! Her hand flew along Claire’s clit as Claire shot her tongue into and out of my mother’s pussy.

This was too much for me, and as I sat there, I felt the cum starting to rise in my cock. I hurried to the bathroom where I jerked myself to a climax thinking about my sister and mom. After I had cleaned myself up with some tissues, I started to walk back to my room, when I realized that my mother’s door was still ajar. I took a quick peek and saw that now my mother was over at her dresser.

She opened the bottom drewr, and pulled out an object that looked like my erect cock. As I realized it was a dildo, I wondered what she was going to do with it, seeing as how it was a strap-on. It was then that I saw my sister come out of her room with what looked to be a bottle of cream.

There was nothing I could do but wait, as she had seen me there at the door. As she came close, she asked my what I was doing. Instead of answering I just hung my head and slunk back to my room. I lay there contemplating what I had seen, when I heard footsteps in the hall. It sounded like two or three people were walking towards my room. I quickly covered myself and pretended to be asleep. But when the light in my room flicked on, I knew they did not believe me.

I lifted my head to see what was going on, and I saw to my surprise my two sisters standing naked in the doorway, with my mom! They each had a hand between their legs, and a smile upon their face.

As I lay there, too stunned to move my older sister, Kelley cam over to the bed and pounced on me. She shoved her tight pussy in my face and demanded that I eat her out. I slowly darted my tongue up to her and flicked her clit. She allowed a small moan to escape her lips, then started pumping her hips into my face. As she began to pump faster, I realized just how pleasing this must be to her. I had my sister laying there on my face thrusting her hips violently against me, allowing moans of pleasure to escape her mouth, and this was all giving me a raging hard on!

It was as this realization was coming to me that I felt something wet start to slip over my cock. I raised my head a bit, and saw my mother lying on her stomach, sucking my dick! She seemed to be enjoying it too, because she just started going faster, and faster, and faster! It was then that I felt my cock start to puff up, I let my mom know I was going to cum, and she just kept sucking faster!

As I lay there the second before cumming, I felt Kelley’s tight pussy start to throb and she let out a shriek of pleasure! And that was when I came. It was the longest, hardest orgasm I had ever had, and my mother and sister brought it all on!

As I lay there on the bed, trying to catch my breath, Claire came up to me and straddled my hips! Seeing her nicely shaved pussy brought my cock to life again, and she started going at it with a vengeance! For every thrust I made, she was making 3! This really turned me on and I started to thrust faster and harder than I ever had before!

That was when I felt her body start to shake like crazy, with pain! I wondered what was wrong, so I opened my eyes, and there was my mother with her strap on ramming Claire’s ass! And Claire loved it! As I thrust one final time into my sister, I let out a moan of my own to match hers, and then I came. Kelley was there immediately, licking my cum off my dick and from Claire’s pussy!

As my sister finished up her licking, all three girls settled onto my bed and commented that we had to do this again sometime. Then they all gave me a wink, told me how great I was and went off to bed.

As I lay in my bed thinking of all that had happened this night, I slowly drifted off to sleep, and surprise, surprise; I was reliving what I had just done in my dreams.

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