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It was shortly after noon, on Friday. I was finishing up loading my truck, and trailer, when my cell phone rang. It was my sister, Lana.

“Hey bro. What are you doing?”

“Just finished loading my truck. I’m headed to the lake. Why?”

“Well…can we talk?”

I knew there was something amiss, from the way sis asked. “Sure, why don’t I come and get you, and you go to the lake with me.

There was a pause, then sis said, “Why not, what do I need to bring?

“Well, Sis, we’ll be there for two weeks. I’ve got vacation. Can you be away from your job that long?”

“What job!!! that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“OK, I’m ready to leave. I should be at your place shortly.”

When I got to the apartment where my sister lived, she was sitting on the steps waiting.

As I stepped out of my truck, she got up to meet me, with a hug, and a kiss. A kiss that turned into more, than just a brother, sister peck. This one curled my toes, and made my cock get hard.

When we broke, I said “Damn, Lana, I need to come by here more often.”

“What should I pack?” she wanted to know.

“Oh… I’d say a lot of comfortable clothes, like shorts, tops, maybe a dress, to go out to eat. Things like that.”

“That’s about what I thought. You did say two weeks, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, but you don’t have to pack two weeks worth of clothes. There’s a washer, and dryer there. What’s this about your job?”

“Well, the job I had, just went south. The company is downsizing, so I no longer have a job. Along with that, my boyfriend, and I broke it off, so I’m kinda down. I’m thinking, this two week break might be just what I need.”

I never had liked the guy Sis had been going with. I’d always thought he was a prick. [Typical big brother trying to watch out for his sister, I thought to myself.] I knew Lana was plenty capable of seeing after herself, but…

Sis, and I had always been close, and as we grew up, we had gotten into the habit of telling each other our secrets. I’d always thought of my sister as being a real fox.

There had been a day I’d never forgot. Neither of us knew the other was home. Sis had just finished her shower, and stepped out of the bathroom, totally naked, thinking no one was home. I had stepped out of my room, to take a shower naked as the day I was born. Suddenly, we were face to face, staring at each other in amazement. The vision before me had my cock hard immediately.

“You’re beautiful” I stammered.

Sis gulped, and said, “Ohhhh bro, you’ve got a stify.”

About that time mom came in the house, calling “Kids, are you here?”

Sis disappeared into her room, and I went into the bathroom. I called to mom, telling her we were home, and I was going to take a shower.

Lana, and I never seemed to get a chance to talk about what had happened. Mom, or dad always seemed to be around, I could never forget that vision of my beautiful naked sister though.

Several years had passed, we had gone to college, and graduated. Lana, and I had then gotten jobs, and had moved out on our own. I got an offer from the company I worked for, to move to Tyler, to do the same computer work I was doing, and I had accepted.

I had bought a lot, with a trailer, on a lake not far from Tyler, and had planned to live there. I had been moving all my things there, and was going to move the last load, when Sis called.

We placed her things in the bed of my truck, and headed for the lake. We stopped at a Dairy Queen, about half way there, for a bathroom break, and as we were leaving I got a “Breeze” for each of us. [For those of you that don't know what a Breeze is, it's made with yogurt, and soft ice cream.]

As we drove along, Lana said,”Bro, I’ve been to this place once, and as I remember your trailer is kinda small,”

“Well, uh, not exactly. Why don’t we let it be a surprise, OK?”

“OK bro… Is it all right if I nap on the way down?”

“Sure Sis, have at it.”

About two more hours, brought us to my place on the lake. The surprise was a Double Wide trailer. I had bought a second lot, and had the trailer placed on both lots. I had built a porch, front, and back, and a new boat house on the lake.

As we pulled into the drive, Lana woke up. When she saw the new trailer, she was duly impressed.

I unloaded all the stuff, from the truck, and the trailer, then went in search of Lana. I found her on the back porch, looking at the lake.

When I stepped out on the porch, with her, she turned, and said, “Jack, this is so nice. I didn’t remember that it was right on the lake. I see you have a boat house. Do you get on the lake, and fish?”[Sis likes to fish, as much as I do.]

“Sure do, sugar, and the fishing is pretty good.

We were walking to the boat house, so I could show that to Sis. When we walked inside, Sis started laughing. “Fancy boat house, with no boat?”

Well, I’ve traded my old boat in on a new one. We’ll go into Tyler and get it tomorrow, and I’ll take you out on the lake, and show you around.

“Sis, are you hungry?”

“Well… yes. I think I could eat.”

” How about some catfish? I know of a place, that’s about half way, between here, and Tyler.”

“You must have been reading my mind, when you said catfish. I was thinking about that very thing.”

When we left, it had gotten cloudy, and I wondered if it was going to start raining. We got to the restaurant, and ordered their “Special,” It had channel cat, with all the trimmings. We had iced tea to go along with it. For dessert, we had pie, with ice cream. Fattening?… uh-huh, but it sure was good. Lana, and I were stuffed when we left.

When we walked out to their covered entrance, it was raining, cats, and dogs. I had taken a large umbrella in with me, “just in case” I told Lana to wait, while I got the truck. I managed to pull the truck close to the steps, and when I opened the door, Lana was able to step in, easily.

As we pulled out, on Hwy.155, there was a flash of lightening, a big crash of thunder, and it started raining so hard, it was coming down in sheets.

Lana liked rain storms, as much as I did, but this one was a little much.

She said, “Jack… are we going to be OK?”

“Yes,” I said. “It’s a typical, summer thunder bumper.”

We made it back to the trailer, and I pulled up as close as I could to the porch, and told Lana, “Let me come around, and get you.”

“Yes, please.”

With the help, of the big umbrella, we made it on the front porch, without getting too wet. We entered the trailer, and walked out onto the back porch.

Looking toward the boat house, the mercury light, showed the rain, still coming down in sheets. We went back into the trailer, where I locked the doors, and Sis, and I decided to call it a night.

We were both taking showers. I had finished, and was drying off, when there was a big flash of lightening, a boom of thunder, and the power went out.

I heard Lana scream.

“Hold on Sis. Let me get a flash light.”

I found her in the other bathroom, crying, and shivering.

I placed my arm around her, and said. “Come on, Lana. Tonight, you sleep with me.”

As we stepped into the bedroom I started lighting candles.

Lana said, “Jack, I’m naked.”

“I know.” I told her. “Me too.” Oh, and, by the way, I very much like naked sisters.”

“You do?”

“Uh-huh.” You know this brings back an old memory. You, and I both stepped out in the hall, naked, when we were living with the folks, To me, you were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

“God, Jack, I thought you had forgotten about that.”

“Fat chance. That’s a memory I’ll never forget.

Suddenly, we were kissing, my hands drifted to Lana’s ass, and I pulled her to me. At last we broke, Lana grinned, and said, “Jack, you’ve got a stify.”

“Yes, that usually happens when I get around you. It used to bother me, especially after we “met” in the hall that day. I kept thinking, “That’s your sister. You’re not supposed to get a hard-on, because of her.” It didn’t help a bit.

Then one day, I was talking to a friend at school. We were seniors, at the time, and both over 18. I had noticed, that he, and his sister always seemed to be very close.

I asked, “Joe, can I ask you a rather personal question? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.

“Sure Jack, go ahead.”

“Well, I guess, it’s because I’ve got a sister myself, but it seems, that you and your sister are all ways very close…uh… Joe, are you “do-win” your sister?”

Joe didn’t answer for a minute. Finally he said, “Jack, if it was any one else, I would tell them to go butt a stump, but since it’s you, I’ll tell you. Yes Jack, we are. We had just turned 18, and we both decided that we wanted each other. We have never been sorry, and have never looked back.”

“Now… let me ask you a question. Are YOU “do-win” your sister.”

I didn’t answer for a moment, then I said,”No, Joe, I’m not. I keep getting hung up on the fact, that she is my sister.

Joe looked at me and grinned, “Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it,” he said.

After that, it didn’t bother me at all, that I got a hard-on, when I was around you, in fact I welcomed it.

By then Lana was fondling my hard cock, and I had gently, been squeezing one of her nipples.

Jaaack, you’re making me horny.

“I hope so. I want to suck on your titties.”

I rolled on top of Lana, and tried to inhale one of her tits.

“Ohhhh, yesssss, she hissed, ohhh, that feels so goood, ohhh, do the other one too.

I did.

I moved to her pussy, and licked it.

“Ahhhhhh, Jack, what are you doing?”

“I’m tasting your sweet little pussy.” I told her. A good slurp made Lana squeal…

“OH GOD, my brother is licking my pussy,” she said, to no one in particular.

I found her clitoris, and began lashing it with my tongue. Lana went off like a rocket.

“Ohhhh, Jack. Please, that’s enough.” She started pulling on my ears, to get me to slide up too her face. When I did, it was with her juices all over my own face.

“You taste fantastic sugar.” I told her. Very gently, I slipped my hard cock, into her very wet pussy.

“Ohhhhh, Jack, what are you doooooing?”

“I’m gonna fuck my sister’s hot little pussy,” I told her.”

“You’re gonna what?” she screeched.

“My god, my brother’s fucking my pussy.” she said.

Ahhhhhh, don’t stop, ohhhhhh yessss, make me cum.

I made my thrusts faster, until Lana was howling, “Ahhhhh, Jack… I’m cumming, ohhhh, yessss. Don’t you dare pull out. I want you to cum for me, cum in my pussy… NOW.”

My thrusts were flying, in, and out of her now. I hoped no hair would burn. Her remark, was all it took. I flooded her tight pussy with cum. There was quite a bit, because I could feel it start to run out of her. I rolled over, on my back, where Lana was on top. My dick was still hard inside her.

“My god Jack, it’s never been like that. You’ve opened a can of pussy, that you’re not going to be able to close any time soon.”

“Sis, I didn’t plan on it being closed for… oh… the next 70 or 80 years. I think we need to fuck a lot. Maybe that way, we can make up for lost time.”

“You’ll wear it out, if you fuck me that long.”

I grinned at her, and said, “Well, if we do, we’ll just “Sleeve” it, like an auto engine, and start all over again.”

My remark was met with a pillow, hitting me in the face.

“I’m hungry. Have you got any ice cream here?”

“Yeah, but first, let’s take a shower, and wash all this nice cum off, and let me shave your pussy. I do like to lick shaved pussy.”

“You’re going to shave my pussy, like with a razor, and shaving cream?” Lana asked, in surprise.

“Yes, that’s what shaving means.”

I gathered the things I needed, and laid Lana down, on the bed. I quickly sprayed shaving cream on her mons, and on either side of her pussy lips.

“Damn, Jack, that’s cold.

The razor made quick work of cleaning all the hair off. I took a wash cloth, and wetting a corner, I wiped the rest of the cream off. I told her I was going to check for stubble, and began licking, all over her pussy.

Three, or four climaxes later, Sis accused me of checking too long.

She had been up on her elbows watching, and when I finished, she said, “Jack, will you do that for me all the time?”

“Sexy sister, I’d be delighted.” I grinned, and said, “Come on, I think I promised you some ice cream.”

We sat down at the table, right by the sliding glass door, and I got some ice cream, and drinks out of the fridge for us. I looked through the glass door to see it had quit storming, and the rain was now falling gently.

The mercury light was back on, at the boat house, so I knew the power had come back on.

When we finished our ice cream, we walked out on the porch. I turned to sis, and started kissing her.

We stepped out into the yard, where we let the rain pour down on us. Our tongues were in each other’s mouth’s, and we couldn’t seem to get enough.

Finally, we had to come up for air. We stopped kissing, but we were still close to each other. I had my arms around my sister, and my hands were squeezing her sexy little bottom. The rain water was running in rivulets down both of us, and Lana’s hair was plastered to her head.

Sis started giggling, and said, “Jack, this is fun, but, would you please take me back inside, where it’s a little dryer, and fuck my pussy.”

I was ready. My dick was hard… again.

We made it into the trailer, and as far as the table, where I bent her over that table, and slipped my hard cock in a very wet pussy, from behind.

Neither of us lasted very long, before Lana was shouting, “Ahhhhhhh, YESSSS, fuck me Jack, pound my pussy. Make me cum…YESSSSSSS.”

I exploded in her hot little pussy. Finally, we made it back, to what I felt was now OUR bed room. We laid down on the bed, cuddling, and kissing, and listening to the gently falling rain. Somehow, we managed to fall asleep.

Saturday morning, the sun, shining in the window, woke us up. I was spooned behind Lana, with my usual morning hard-on, and a hand full of titty. Lana woke up, snuggled even closer against me, and said, “Ohhhh, yes, fuck me Jack.”

I did.

We got up and showered, and when we were drying off, my stomach started growling. Lana laughed, and said, “Come on, I guess I’d better feed you.”

We were eating our breakfast, when I said, “Now that’s a hell of a note. I’ve just had an extremely nice piece of pussy, and haven’t even had my morning coffee yet.” I switched to a high voice, and said, Ewww, what’s a mother to do?”

Lana was laughing at me, when she said, “Jack, I really like it down here, I like staying naked all the time, and I especially like it when you give me a good fuckin. I’d like to stay here all the time with you.”

“Well, sugar, there’s no reason why you can’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“Didn’t you tell me you were an illustrator, where you were working?”


Well, I think I heard my boss talking the other day, saying, that they needed an illustrator. There was something about the last one quitting. Let’s go in Monday morning, and talk to the boss about this.

“There is something else I want this morning. I want to go into town, and buy you some rings. I want to marry you.”

“Jack, we can’t get married. We’re brother, and sister.”

“Yes, but I think there is a way. All anyone ever checks, is a driver’s licence, like when you go for a job application, right?”

“Well… yeah.”

“OK, lets get those rings. It might be “Common Law,” but we will be married, and to the red necks around here, every thing will be proper. And Lana, I intend to do every thing in my power to be a good husband to you, and I promise to love you, all the days of our lives.”

Lana was crying openly, when she said, “Yes Jack, I want to be your wife, and I’ll try very hard to be a good wife to you, and I too promise to love you all the days of our lives.”

We went in, to Tyler, found a jewelry store, and bought some rings. We went back to the truck, where I placed both rings on Lana’s finger, and said, “Sugar, I know this was pretty simple, and awful quick, but I want you to know, my love for you runs deep, and it’s forever.”

“Thanks Jack. I feel the same way, but, it wasn’t awful quick.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, think about it. We’ve known each other all our lives. We grew up together, loving each other, right?”

“Well, yeah, I guess we did.”

Lana grinned, and said, “Jack, after we had that “meeting” in the hall that day, I knew then, that some how, some way, this would happen. I love you brother. I’m very proud to call you my husband.”

“Thank you Lana, and I’m proud to call you my wife. Hey, all this “getting married,” has made me hungry. How about some lunch?”

“Sounds good to me… husband.” We stopped at a nice restaurant, and while we were waiting, I noticed Lana kept glancing at her rings.

When we finished, we were back in the truck again. Lana wanted to know where we were going.

I told her, “Sugar, we’re going to pick up that new boat I told you about, then, we’re going to go back to the lake, and put it on the water. I’m going to go to a special place I know, and do every thing I can to fuck you silly.”

“Ohhh, I like that.”

The new boat was aluminum, 18 ft. long, and had a 75 HP outboard, and all the other bells and whistles on it. We hooked the trailer, behind the truck, and headed back to the lake.

We put it on the water, and I went to the dock. Lana had driven my truck around, to the front of the trailer. I went in side the trailer, to change clothes,

Lana wanted to know if she had to put a swimsuit on. “No sweety, you don’t have to wear anything, however you might want to take a T-shirt with you, just in case…

We started down the lake, with Lana’s hair blowing in the wind. Lana was very ecstatic. I headed down the lake, towards the dam, pointing out things I thought Lana would be interested in.

I found the cove I was looking for, and idled under a big willow tree, that was there.

Lana said, “Jack?”

“I promised to try, and fuck you silly. This is the place, and now is the time.”

Lana just stood up, pulled the T-shirt off, and asked, “Where.”

There was a raised portion of deck at the front of the boat, and I said, “Right here sis.”

Lana laid down, and spread her legs. I dropped the shorts I had on, and quickly buried my tongue in her cunt.

“Ohhhh, Jack, yes, yes, oh yes. When I licked up to her clit, she exploded.

“Enough, enough. Oh god Jack please.”

I slipped up, to where I could kiss her, and said, Honey, it just keeps getting better. I put her legs over my shoulders, and eased my hard cock into a very wet pussy, and started thrusting.

Several thrusts later, Lana shouted, “My husband’s fuckin my pussy, OHHHHH, I love it, I love it.”

That did it for me, and I unloaded, what seemed like a bucket of cum in her delightful pussy. That wasn’t all of it either. We spent the afternoon, in the shade of that tree. We would rest a while, then fuck a while. We just didn’t quit.

We both were getting hungry, so we decided to head back home. The shadows had gotten long, and when we started to head back, Lana sat down beside me naked.

I raised an eyebrow, and Lana said, “Well, it’s late, and pretty dark now, I doubt anyone can see me, besides, I like sitting here naked with my new husband.”

I couldn’t think of any answer. I was enjoying the moment.

We started back towards our trailer, with me going slow. And pointing out things to Lana.

Suddenly, she bent over, unzipped my shorts, and fished my cock out. The next thing I knew she swallowed my cock, and I got hard immediately. Her sucking was sooo good.

“Lana, I’m not going to last very long,” I warned.

She looked up at me, took her mouth off, and said, “I want you to cum in my mouth,” and she inhaled me again.

It seemed like no time, until I told her, “Honey, I’m gonna cum, and I did. Sis never lost a drop. I was completely soft, when she finally stopped.

She raised up to give me a “tongue-in-mouth” kiss, and said, “I think it was about payback time. You’ve licked my pussy, and made me cum 5 or 6 times, and I hadn’t returned the favor.

“No complaints from me sugar, none at all.”

As we started under the Hwy155 bridge, there was a boat tied to one of the bridge piers, with people fishing. They had a Coleman lantern for light, and as we passed them, I heard one of the girls say, “I think that girl was naked.”

Very quietly, I said, “Yes, as the day she was born.”

Lana just sniggered.

We eased into the boat house, and raised the boat out of the water. We stared towards the trailer, and a light mist began falling. Lana’s skin was glistening, like spun gold. I thought to myself, God, she is so beautiful, and you are so lucky.

We stepped onto the porch, and Lana said, “Mr. Thompson, I’ve got this real bad itch. Can you scratch it for me?”

We couldn’t get in the trailer fast enough, Lana laid back on the bed, spreading her legs.

I couldn’t get my shorts off fast enough. When I did, I buried my hard cock in her wet pussy, until I was balls deep.

We weren’t making love, we were rutting, like two animals in heat. It didn’t take any time until both of us were cumming. We finally stopped, and I rolled off sis.

“Lana, fucking you, is like sticking my finger in a light socket… Baby, you light my fire.”

We decided on eating a light supper, and when we finished, Lana said. “Jack, I never thought I’d say this, but I think you’ve about worn my pussy out for one day. Can we snuggle, and go to sleep?

“Sounds good to me sugar, after all, I wouldn’t want to wear it out on the first day.” Actually, I was glad for Lana’s suggestion. I thought my dick was about to fall off, as it was.

I heard, “Yeah… right,” as we drifted off to sleep.

Sunday morning, the sun, streaming in the window, was what woke us up. We were both spooned together. Me, with my usual morning hard-on. Lana, squirmed up, where she could kiss me good morning, saying, “Jack… could we…?”


We did.

I got up, and headed for the bath room, saying, “Sorry sis, I gotta go before I make a mess.”

Sis was laughing at me, when she said, “Well, we wouldn’t want that now, would we?”

I was on my way out, when sis passed me, mumbling, “I gotta go too.”

When she was finished, she said, “Why don’t we have a nice shower… together, then I’ll fix you some breakfast.”

Both sounded good to me, especially the shower part. I knew, that any time I could be close to my naked sister, it was gonna be good.

We sat down to eat. I looked outside. It looked like it was going to be a beautiful day to go fishing.

Lana walked out on the porch with her coffee, still naked. We had both decided to stay naked all the time. I got up to clear the table, when I heard Lana scream.

She came dashing back in the trailer screaming, “Jack, there’s some guy out there.”

I stepped to the door, to see my friend Joe Dalton, with his sister Marcy. I knew they had already seen us, so I just stepped out on the porch, to greet them.

Marcy was grinning, when she said, “Joe, you didn’t tell me we were going to a nudist colony. Can we get naked too?”

“Uh… well…uh, I didn’t know either. Sorry about that Jack.”

“No harm done, you two, and yes Marcy, if you wanna get naked… have at it. Let me get Lana.

I went into the bed room to coax Lana out, saying, “Come on Lana, it’s OK.”

“But Jack, I’m naked.”

“Honey, it’s OK. They’re just like we are.”

“You mean they…”


Marcy had heard us, and asked, “Lana Thompson, is that you?”

Sis finally allowed me to lead her into the den, where the other couple was waiting for us. They had shed their clothes as well.

“Marcy, Marcy Dalton. I don’t believe this.”

“In the flesh baby, in the flesh,” and Marcy started giggling.

Both girls stepped to each other, and were hugging. Looked like “Old Home Week” was well in progress.

Marcy said, “All right you two. Give. Joe told me he thought you two were going to get together, he just wasn’t sure when.”

Lana bit her lip, then said, “Oh, what the hell. Jack brought me down here Friday after noon, and we’ve been fucking like bunnies ever since. My job had dried up, and Jack said he thought he could get me one in Tyler, where he works. Jack, and I had agreed to stay naked here, all the time, and you two caught us.

Marcy was clapping her hands, and said, “I love it, I love it.” Then she saw the rings on Lana’s finger, and asked, “How did you two manage to marry?”

Lana said, “Well… we didn’t have a preacher say the words, we did that ourselves, so we are married under “Common Law.” As far as Jack, and I are concerned, our commitment is just as binding.”

“Interesting,” Marcy said. “Joe, we could be married that same way.”

Joe: “Marcy, would you like to be married to me?”


We had all sat down, around the big table, and were having coffee, and sweet rolls.

Joe spoke, and said, “Hey guys, I really like all this naked scenery, but, could we go fishing?”

We all started laughing at Joe, but I said, “OK Joe. Let’s get your boat on the water. We took his boat to a near by ramp, and put it in. I drove his truck back to our trailer, and started to our dock. The girls had loaded ice chests, for both boats, so I helped carry them. Both girls had put on T-shirts, that just barely covered their cute little butt’s. It was very easy to see a flash of pussy as well.

We got in our boats, and headed out.

Marcy stood up, peeled her T-shirt off, and said, “I’m going to get some sun… naked.” She sat down by Joe, handing him a tube of sun screen.

Joe looked over at me, and said, “Just think nothing of it… she does that all the time.”

“Not to worry,” I told him. “My Lana is just like her. Sis sat down beside me, handing me a tube of sun screen. I found I very much liked rubbing sun screen all over my beautiful naked wife.

Both girls laid down on the front decks of the boats to sun.Joe and I started trolling. Both of us caught several nice bass.

About noon, Joe pulled up close to my boat, and said, “Marcy says she’s getting hungry. Is there a shady place around here we can stop?”

“Sure is Joe. We’re pretty close. Just follow me. I reeled my line in, and had started to the shade tree, when Lana woke up, and wanted to know where we were going.

“You’re favorite shade tree.” I quipped.

“Oh goody.”

We both managed to get in the shade of the tree, and tied the boats off. The girls started fixing sandwiches, with drinks,

Joe, and I baited up with minnows, and began catching crappie immediately. They didn’t stop biting, even as we ate, and we soon caught our limits.

Then Lana scooted up beside me, and said, “Jack, can you stop fishing long enough to fuck your horny wife?”

Marcy echoed her, “Yeah Joe, me too.”

Damn the fishing… I wanted to fuck my wife. In no time, I had my shorts off, and had Lana laid back on the front deck. I put her legs over my shoulders, and started eating my sister’s pussy.

Lana screamed, “Ohhhh, my husband is eating my pussy. I love it, I love it.

I switched to her mouth to kiss her, as I buried my hard cock in her wet pussy.

“Ohhhhhh, yes Jack… pound my pussy.”

“I’m not gonna last very long, sugar.”

“Me neither. Cum for me, cum in my pussy.”

I did.

I glanced over at Joe, and Marcy. He had her legs over his shoulders, and as I watched, his slow strokes became faster. “Marcy, I’m going to cum… NOW… AGHHHHH.”

Marcy was right behind him, “Ohhhhh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.

Things finally slowed down, and it got quiet. Marcy started giggling, and said, “Well, I guess that’s a first.”

“What do you mean?” Lana asked her.

“Well, that’s the first time we ever fucked for an audience.”

We all laughed until tears were rolling down our cheeks. We all lazed around, and late that afternoon, decided to head back to the trailer.

“I wish I could sit here naked by Joe, all the way back.” Marcy said.

Lana: “I think you can. We left here yesterday, about this time, and I rode all the way back to our boat house this way.”

“Do tell.” said Marcy

So, with two very naked girls sitting beside us, Joe, and I cruised slowly back to the dock.

While Joe, and I cleaned the fish we had caught, and iced them down, the girls fixed supper. When it was ready, we all sat down, gave thanks for what we had, and dug in.

After the meal was over, and the kitchen cleaned up, we all started playing a board game. It wasn’t long, before I noticed Joe, and Marcy’s eyes starting to get heavy,so I showed them to thier bed room.

Lana, and I retired to ours. When I shut the door, Lana was all over me, saying, “I need to get fucked, NOW!”

“I can do that.”

We did.

The next morning we were all up early, and after some coffee, and sweet rolls, we were on the water. It was a beautiful morning, and the water was as smooth as glass.

We started down a row of boat houses, with walkways, with all of us casting top water lures.

Lana was the first to catch a nice bass, and after that we were all catching fish.

When the fishing slowed, I switched to a plastic lizard, and caught a really nice bass. The others switched to plastic worms as well, and we caught more fish.

About 10 o’clock that morning, we checked our fish, and found we all had limits, so we headed back to our trailer, to rest until that afternoon.

Joe, and Marcy said they were going to nap, but they wanted to go, and fish more, that evening.

We told them we were going to run in, to Tyler, to the place I would be working. I told them my boss had mentioned, the other day, that they needed another illustrator, and I was going to take Lana, and see if I could get her on there.

We got to the place where I would be working, and walked in.

The boss glanced up, as we came in, and said, “Jack, I thought you were taking vacation.”

“I am, but I thought I heard you say, that you needed an illustrator?”

“I did.”

“Well, meet my wife. Her name is Lana, and she’s the best there is.”

The boss started laughing, and said, “Prejudiced are we?”

“Damn right, I am.”

He got some papers, with problems on them, and said, “OK Lana, let’s see what you can do.”

Lana sat down at a computer, loaded the paper in, and quickly came up with solutions. She then added some things of her own. She turned, and handed him the papers.

The boss and I had been chatting, and when Lana had finished, he raised an eyebrow, and said, “Done already?” He took the papers, and began glancing through them. He looked up, and said, “Lana, you’re good, damn good. When can you start?”

“Well, I’m here on vacation, with my husband. Will it be all right if I start, when he comes back to work.”

“Yes, that will be just fine. By the way, you will be doing work for this place, as well as the one in Dallas. Is that going to be OK?”

“I don’t see why not. The hours are flexible enough, and since we can work at home, it should be just fine.”

“Let me get you to fill out some paperwork for your employment, and we can have that ready when you do come to work.” They quickly settled on a decent salary for Lana, and everything was a done deal.

“Lana, we’ll get you in for a drug test, when you come to work. It’s only a formality, but a necessary evil. OK, I’ll see you kids in two weeks. You guys have fun. If anything comes up, I’ll E-mail you.

“Sounds good boss… see you in two weeks.”

“Come on sexy wife, I’ll feed you.”

“Good, I’ve got the hungry’s.”

We decided on a McDonald’s, and as we were eating, Lana said, “I can’t believe Joe, and Marcy. They like to be naked, and fuck, as much as we do. It’s like “any time, any where.”

We had finished our meal, and I said, “Yeah… they do… uh… speaking of fucking…”

Lana’s eyes got big, and she said, “Ohhhh, you just mentioned my favorite thing. Lets go.”

It didn’t take us long to get back to the trailer. Lana was losing her clothes, as she went in. The trailer was quiet, so I figured Joe, and Marcy really were napping.

Lana rushed into our bed room, and lay spreadeagle on the bed. “Fuck me.” she said. I couldn’t get my shorts off fast enough. A hard dick, slid easily into a wet pussy. Lana started screaming, “Yes Jack, ohhhhh, fuck my pussy.

I heard Marcy, when she said “Joe, they’re at it again.”

We all rested until later that afternoon, and got up to go fishing again. I took them to another part of the cove, and we began fishing around tree trunks, and brush piles. This time we started with plastic lizards, and worms. Again the bass were biting, and we quickly had limits.

It was nearly dark when we got back to the boat house. The girls headed for the trailer, to fix supper, while Joe, and I cleaned, and iced the fish. We all sat down, to a really scrumptious meal the girls had ready. That meal disappeared very quickly.

After the kitchen was cleaned up, we all sat around the table talking.

Joe said, “Guys, Marcy, and I want to thank you for having us down this weekend. We really didn’t expect it to turn out ths way, but it has been delightful.

I grinned at them, and said, “You guys are more than welcome. Lana, and I have enjoyed having you. Maybe we can do it again before too long.

Marcy spoke up, and said, “We’ll look forward to it.”

Joe said, “Well, I just had a couple days off, so we have to head back in the morning.

“I think we’re going in tomorrow too. They accepted Lana, where I work, so we need to move her things down here.

When we made it to our bed room that night, Lana, and I both were pretty ragged out, so we just cuddled, and kissed, as we dropped off to sleep.

The next morning, Joe, and Marcy went to load his boat, and Lana helped me hook up the small trailer, to my truck. When we were ready to leave, I gave all the fish we had caught to Joe, and Marcy, telling them that they should have a nice fish fry.

They told us they were planning on having that “nice fish fry”, with their folks.

We all headed out, and a few hours later, we were at Lana’s apartment, and loading all her things. We were about ready to leave, when Lana said, “Jack, I think I’d better call mom, and let her know, what’s going on.”

“You know, she’s going to flip out don’t you?”

“I know, but I think we better call her.”

“I do too. Make the call sugar.”

The phone rang twice, and our mom answered it, “Lynda Thompson.”

“Mom, it’s Lana, and Jack.”

“Lana, I was getting worried. I have tried to call you several times, but got no answer.”

We were on a speaker phone, so I spoke up, and said, Mom, Lana’s job went south. The company she was working for “Downsized,” and it left her with no job. As you know, I have transferred to Tyler, and I managed to get Lana a job, with the same company I work for. We’re at her apartment now, to move her things to the lake. That is going to be our home, from now on.

“What about your boy friend Lana?”

“Well, mom, that went south too, just like the job.”

There was a silence on the phone. The next thing mom said, nearly blew us away.

“Well… it’s about time you two realized you were meant to be together.”

“Mom, you mean you’re all right with this?”

“Of course I’m all right with it. As far as I’m concerned, you took to long.”

Lana, and I looked at each other, and both said at once, “Thanks mom. We love you.”

“Jack, when you two get settled, I’m putting you on notice now, I want to come, and you kids take me fishing.”

We both answered, “We can do that.”

The next week was spent, moving Lana’s things into the trailer, going into Tyler for some things we needed to finish some projects, and erecting a large car port I bought. I was going to place it on a concrete slab, that was already there. It would make a nice place for us to park both our vehicles, and get them somewhat out of the weather.

We varied our time, with Fishing, fucking, and working around the trailer… not exactly in that order. There was always more fucking, than anything else.

Friday rolled around, and I asked Lana, “Do you suppose mom would like to come down… for the weekend, if not longer. My guess is we may have to wear clothes while she’s here.”

“I don’t know, about the clothes Jack. Don’t you remember when we lived at home. Mom used to always run around the house in just her bra, and panties. I did to. In my case, it was to tease you. I think you stayed with a stify,most of the time.”

“I didn’t know about the teasing, but you’re right, between trying to look at both of you, I stayed hard a lot.”

Why don’t we call her Jack.”

When mom answered the phone, Lana said, “Hi mom, it’s Lana. Jack, and I were wondering if you had any plans for this weekend.”

“Well… no I don’t.”

“Good. Jack’s coming to get you, and bring you back here. You did say you wanted us to take you fishing, didn’t you?”

“Well, yes, I did. Is there anything special I need to bring?”

“Oh, maybe some tops, and shorts, other than that, just your beautiful self.”

I made the trip, and picked mom up, and we headed back to the lake. When we got there, and drove into the drive mom saw the trailer, and said “Oh Jack, this is just lovely.

We got out of the truck, and stepped up on the porch. Lana met us at the front door. Lana was wearing a bikini, that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Mom started to say something, but just closed her mouth, and walked on into the trailer.

I just rolled my eyes at Lana.

Lana showed her through the trailer, and when they stepped out onto the back porch, where mom could see the lake, she sucked in her breath.

“Oh kids, this brings back an old memory of when I was a little girl. My folks lived on a lake, and I never missed the chance, to get naked, or go skinny dipping. If I lived down here, I’d never wear clothes. I’d be naked all the time.

We had gone back inside the trailer by then, and I raised an eyebrow to Lana.

“Uh… well mom…uh, actually, we don’t wear clothes.”

“Oh, then what are you doing in that band aid, and butt floss you are wearing?”

“Well, mom… we just didn’t know how you would take it.”

“I’ll take it just fine. Is it all right if I get naked too?”

“Oh yes mom. Jack, and I would love to have you naked with us.”

Mom turned, and went to her room, stripping off clothes as she went.

Lana, and I went to our bed room, where it didn’t take long for us to loose our clothes.

Lana said, “See what I told you. Mom is always a surprise.”

When we all met back in the den, mom said, “Well Jack, how does your old naked mom look?”

“Well, I’d have to say, you don’t look older mom, just better.”

“Lana, I see your brother has picked up the same line of BS your father used, but Jack, thanks for the remark, just the same.”

I told them, “Girls, stand close together. I want a picture. I picked up a digital camera I had, and snapped their picture. I went to them, and gathered both of them in my arms, in a three way hug. I said, You are both so beautiful to me. I never thought I would get to be a part of this.”

Mom quipped, “Well, Jack, you’re hard dick says you like it. I guess this old pussy still turns men on after all.

She turned to Lana, and said, “Well. I see you shave your pussy. Very nice indeed.”

“Well mom, uh… actually, Jack did that for me.”

“Oh really. Lana, I’ll bet Jack fucks your little ass off, all the time, doesn’t he?”

I started laughing, and said, “Yes I do mom, ever chance I get.”

Mom grew speculative, for a moment, then said, “Jack, your dad used to do that for me while he was alive. After he died, I just let it grow… Jack would you be willing to shave my pussy, like you do Lana’s?”

Her question took me by surprise for a moment, then I told her, “Mom, I’d be delighted. Right this way.

I took her in the bed room, and laid her on the bed. I gathered the things I’d need, and stepped over where mom was laying. I quickly lathered her pussy, and down each side. Shaving the hair off was easy.

When I finished, I wiped the rest of the foam off, with a wash cloth, and I told her, I was going to check for stubble, and began to lick her pussy lips to open them, and plunged my tongue in as far as it would go.

“Ahhh, Jack.”

I licked up to her clitoris, and flicked it with my tongue. I only got to lick her clit, three, or four times, when…

“Ohhhhhh, Jack, AHHHHHHH… Damn kids, that one sort of snuck up on he.” It was obvious, mom had experienced an orgasm.

Lana, and I both were kissing her, and Lana said, “Oh mom, you were so beautiful.”

We helped mom to her feet, and went out on the back porch, where I started grilling some nice steaks,

Mom stepped up close to me, put her arms around my neck, and said, “Thanks Jack, for trimming my pussy, I really appreciate that.”

“Mom, it was my pleasure. We’ll have to do that again sometime. While she was hugging me, I let my hand slip down to her smooth bottom, and gave it a squeeze.

Mom jumped, then looked over at Lana. “Lana, your brother just squeezed my ass.”

Lana was laughing, when she said, “Yes mom, he’s good at that. I think he’s got a thing for cute bottoms.”

Mom sat down next to Lana, and Lana brought her up to date, on what had happened recently.

Lana, finally said, Mom we had Joe, and Marcy Dalton down here last weekend.

Mom looked up, and said, “Yes, I know their folks. Those kids have been fucking each other for a while now,”

“MOM, how did you know that?”

“Well, their folks told us. You kids don’t know every thing, you know. You all had a naked week end, didn’t you?”

I had to start laughing. There wasn’t much mom missed. “Yes mom, we did, Joe, and Marcy are a delightful couple.”

“Good. I’ve always liked that pair. I’m glad all of you are friends.”

After we had eaten, we were sitting around talking, Mom had gone to the bath room, and I asked Lana, “Do you think mom would go to bed with us?”

“I don’t know Jack, why don’t you ask her?”

When mom came back into the den, I asked, “Mom, will you sleep with Lana, and I tonight… in our bed?”

I had taken mom’s hand. She turned, paused, then asked, “Are you sure, Jack?”

Lana took her other hand, and said, “Yes mom, we’re very sure.”

We all laid down, in our bed. I had both girls, one on each side of me, and I hugged both pf them close to me.

I turned to our mom, and began to kiss her. Those kisses were not like a son usually kisses his mother. They were definitely lover’s kisses. Mom’s moaning, told me I was doing it right. I figured mom’s tits needed sucking, and I duly attended to that.

When I started licking her pussy, and clit, mom went off, like a roman candle.

“God, Jack, that’s enough, please, no more.”

I slid up to where I could kiss her mouth again, and as I kissed her, I slipped my hard cock, into a very tight pussy. As I was fucking her, I thought, my god, mom’s pussy is tight as “Dick’s hat band.”

Lana had been watching, and when I entered mom, she said, “Fuck her Jack, cum in her pussy.

Mom was there, and said, “Ohhhh, Jack, I’m gonna cum…AHHHHHH.

That’s all it took for me, and I flooded her tight pussy with cum.

When I rolled off mom, Lana said, “I’m next. I don’t think I need any foreplay, just your hard cock, in my pussy.

That was no problem. I mounted Lana, and began pounding her hot pussy. I was dimly aware that mom got up, and headed to the bath room. It had been such an exciting time for Lana, and I, that neither of us lasted very long, before we both exploded.

Mom returned from the bath room, and climbed into bed with us. Both girls snuggled to me, kissed me on each cheek, and said “Horndog.”

The next morning, I woke up, with someone sucking on my cock. I figured it was Lana, but then I looked to see Lana still asleep, beside me.



I SURE didn’t last long, with that blow job. “Mom, I’m gonna cum, NOW.”


When Mom finished, she kissed me, and said, “I’m going to get some coffee. Fuck your sister.”

I rolled over to Lana, and enveloped a titty, with my mouth, and started sucking. Lana woke up, and said, “Ohhh, Jack, I really like to be woke up like that. I was going to lick her pussy, when she said, “Not this time Jack. Fuck my pussy… NOW.” We very quickly coupled, and I started giving her a serious fucking.

Mom stepped back through the door, with coffee for all of us, and yelled, “Pound her pussy Jack.”

That’s all it took. We both exploded.

Finally, we all managed to sit down for breakfast, and I asked “Mom, would you like to move down here to the lake?”

Mom thought for a minute, then said, “Yes, I think I’d better. That way I can keep the kids, when you two decide to throw a wild party.”


“Just joking kids. Actually, I think I would like to move here. Your father, and I had a lot of friends, but since he’s been gone, I feel like a fifth wheel. Some of those friends are hell bent to see that I get married again, but I’m just not ready for that.”

“I think I might have a possible answer. Let me show you. I got some keys, and said, “Come with me.”

We went to the trailer next door, where I unlocked the door, and we went inside. “This trailer is for sale. The people, that own it, are in bad health, and want to sell.”

The trailer was 14′ wide, had three bed rooms, a kitchen, a den, with a small fireplace, a bath room, with a shower, a washer/dryer, and was air conditioned. There was a wide porch along one side, and across the lake end, A huge tree shaded most of it. There was also a boat house with a boat.

Mom grinned, and said, ” Jack, can I count on you to keep my pussy shaved, like you did the other day?

I had to grin back, “Sure mom, any time.”

“I’m jerking your chain Jack. I like this place, I think it’s just what the doctor ordered for me. I’ll get to be near my family again, and if you two do decide to have kids, I’ll get to enjoy, and spoil grand kids.

Funny thing, we never did seem to find the time to take mom fishing that weekend.

[Little did I know, that it would be mom that joined our "wild parties," and it would be me that got to fuck both their cute little ass's off.]

So it was done. Mom sold her place in Dallas, and moved to the lake. I built a high fence around both places, with gates at the front, to give us some privacy. I poured a large concrete slab for mom, and we put a car port over it, for her to keep her car out of the weather.

Mom’s at our place most of the time, and I get to fuck them both. I love it, I love it.

We had all been living there about two years, when Lana came to me, and said, “Jack. I want to have a baby.”

I had been expecting this, so I said, “Get off the pills, and it’ll happen before you know it.”

Two months later, she came from the bath room grinning, and holding a “Blue” stick. “Jack, I’m pregnant.” A visit to her doctor in town confirmed it.

When she got back from the doctor, I told her we’d better make sure. She was already naked, so it was easy to lay her down on our bed, and gently slip a hard cock in a wet pussy. We made love slowly, for over an hour, before passion overtook us, and we both exploded, in climax.

We were sitting out on the back porch, when mom came in. She had been to the grocery store. After she put her groceries away, and took her clothes off, she joined us.

“Mom, you know those grand kids you said you wanted?”


“Well, they’re on the way. I’m pregnant.”

“Oh Lana, to say I’m elated, just doesn’t cover it. When are you due?”

“In about seven months. Mom you’re going to be a grandmother.”

A later sonogram, showed twins, A boy, and a girl.

Even though Lana’s belly was big, with the twins, she wanted to get fucked… all the time.

I did.

One morning, I was up early, and deciding to let Lana sleep, I went over to mom’s trailer, and walked into the kitchen, where mom was drinking coffee. “Want some coffee Jack?”


Mom grinned at me, and said, “Jack, you’re such a “Horndog”. You’re getting more pussy than should be allowed any man.”

” Uh… Speaking of pussy.”

Mom just got up, and bent over the table. “Do it.” she said.

I did.

Then came the morning that Lana woke me up, saying “Jack, it’s time.” I took her to the hospital in Tyler, where she birthed two normal, beautiful babies. The boy, we would name Robert, and the girl, we would name Allison. The little girl already had honey blond hair, just like her mother.

Lana wanted her cords tied. She said that two was enough.

Mom, was ecstatic.

Later I was thinking, and asked myself a question. Were we living in sin, and incest? Yes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. As far as I was concerned those were terms, that society had placed there. Our love for each other runs much deeper, than just family, and I knew, it would work very well for us.

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