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The summer sun shining through the curtains created a incandescent pattern of swirling patterns and frolicking butterflies against her pale blue walls.

“Ugh..” Deliah growled pulling her flower patterned covers back over her head. She hated her room. She hated the piles of teddy bears sitting and grinning happily in the corner next to her closet, she hated the pink frilly clothes hanging in that closet, and she hated the bundles of goofy faced collages of her and her friends strategically placed over her desk.

‘Why am I such a little kid? I’ll be 18 in 3 days, and yet looking at my room you would think a preteen lived in it. UGH! This summer I’m redecorating’ she thought.

Sitting up finally she looked at the pink vintage alarm clock set beside her bed. How could it possibly be noon already? Had she really slept for ten hours? That couldn’t be true, she still felt completely exhausted.

Surprised she sat up taller in her bed. Why hadn’t her parents barged in to wake her up hours ago, and why wasn’t Mason, her annoying older brother, banging on the wall which connected their two rooms to tell her to stop snoring this late in the morning? Going through her mind which was still barely awake she thought of any plans her family could have had for the day.

Damn, was today grocery day? She’d always enjoyed the family grocery shopping trips, going on the trip ensured she’d get the treats and snacks she wanted even if she had to sometimes sneak them into the cart.

Pulling the blanket aside she eased off her bed and stood staring at herself in her full length mirror. Her wavy pitch black hair was wild all over her head which made her pale skin look even paler. Examining herself in the mirror she realized she needed a change. A change in lifestyle, even just a change of style in general. She looked down at her body clad only in her a underwear set she’d purchased from the last sale at her favorite lingerie store.

That’s one thing she knew wouldn’t have to worry about changing, Deliah’s lingerie collection was magnificent, sexy, and very pricey. Even if no one has yet to see her in them. She loved the way the bright red of her bra made her skin look glowy and ultimately less like a little kid and more like a bad ass girl who wasn’t afraid of her sexuality. How she yearned to be that girl who’s reflection returned to her in the mirror.

Deliah ran her hand down her firm stomach until she reached her panty line. Pushing her fingers under the elastic grip they had on her hips.

‘When the family is away Deliah will play’ she giggled with a sigh as she touched her most private place. ‘The first thing I do when I turn 18 is by a few toys for times like these’. She started first by just gently petting her clit and increased the friction with each rub until she felt her legs become wobbly.

“Oh god..” she moaned as she sat on the edge of her bed and continued her assault on her cunt while adding two fingers into her sopping wetness. She imagined the sexy girl in the mirror who knew how to make her body look sexy and sensual. And strangely she imagined her brother Mason, licking all over that girl until he eventually found her treasure. Sexy Deliah noticed he was ravenous and she wanted to satiate his hunger.

What turned Deliah on the most was that she was in total control of his every move on her body. When she said faster he doubled his speed, and when she said deeper he went even deeper than she could ever imagine. He wasn’t satisfied until she was. Her popular, hot bodied, womanizing brother was practically her bitch. Sucking on every crevice he could find with abandon. And he didn’t stop until Deliah sensually moaned two words..”Fuck me.”

He was more than happy to please her. He pounced on her immediately not taking a moment to spare. He stuck his length in her so far Deliah could of sworn he filled her up to the hilt. Their bodies rolled together in a motion so in sync you would believe they were made to be lovers. He moaned in her ears so many words and none any meanings, but still sounded sexy in his deep sensual voice. Deliah smiled as she roamed her fingers into his dark hair and she watched his face. With each stroke he went further into the abyss, she could tell he was losing it. And she felt a burst of happiness that she could give her brother such pleasure with just her body.

“Oh, you like that? You like my tight pussy?” she whispered in his ear. His only response was a deep moan.

“Mmmm, you like your little sisters pussy don’t you? Say it.”

“I love it! FUCK!” he yelled in reply.

Sexy Deliah smiled up at him, “Fuck me harder babe.”

His response was a shudder passing through his body, and a few more jerky thrusts into her cunt as he spewed his seed deep inside her. He laid flat on her as he breathed deeply and she continued twisting her fingers into his hair.

“Feeling alright?” he asked sleepily after a few moments. Deliah could tell he was looking for her to tell him he was the best she ever had. The insecurity on his face made her smile even more.

“Yup,” she said as she pushed him off her and rose from the bed gracefully yet sensually “and I’d really like to stick around but I have later engagements.” She smiled turning from him and dressing. As she slipped on her shoes and stood she heard him nervously shuffle on the bed.

“Will we ever do this again?” Was that a twinge of whine she heard in his voice?

“Don’t count on it, stud.” She replied with a sultry backwards glance at him, as she shut the door behind her.

Back in her room Deliah opened her eyes in surprise. She had a sexy fantasy about her brother? Well there was a first for everything, but damn had it been hot. She slowly began to regain her composure as she sat up again. Was she hot for her bother? She thought the question in her head. Did it matter, was he ever going to see her like that anyways? She was just his annoying kid sister after all.

She walked across her room, once again looking at herself in the mirror. She began brushing her hair absentmindedly and watched it fall around her and down her back. That was when she came with the conclusion that the black hair HAD to go and a fun color would be better in its place, maybe blonde she thought. Blondes were always so sexy, and they really did have more fun didn’t they? She definitely wanted a color to accessorize with her bright green eyes. She brushed her hair more not wanting her brother to have the opportunity to tell her she looked like a wild boar again.

“Find whats up with your family now, and become a hot babe later.” Giggling, she put on a large t-shirt. Maybe after her transformation she could make her fantasy come true.

She giddily began walking out of her room looking for any signs of her family being home and listening intently.

Stepping down the stairs she finally heard the chatter of her mom and her moms new boyfriend cuddling in the backyard on the porch. Eeesh like she needed to see that? I mean Steve was a descent looking guy, actually she was almost sure that had he been twenty years younger he would be more of a teen heartthrob than Zac Efron himself. But the idea of her mom having sex with any man (even an extremely attractive one) made her stomach curl.

Looking away from the open sliding door leading to the backyard she looked into the kitchen. On the other side of the counter which separated the kitchen from the dining area she spotted her brother bent over the fridge and trying to juggle four cans of beer in his hands without dropping them. He stood then trying to make a quick escape into his room before getting caught.

Deliah put on her best strict-mom voice and sternly chastised her brother “Mason Georgio Lyle Edison, what is it that you think you are doing?!” Mason jumped stopping dead in his tracks and dropping a beer can to the floor where it exploded into a foamy mess lapping at his feet. ‘Caught red-handed.’ Deliah thought as she watched her brother straighten his back and slowly began to turn to what he believed was his mom and the entourage of rants that was to come.

“Mom, I-I was just, uhh coming to bring you some-” his eyes widened to see Deliah standing looking at him with her arms crossed and a rather smug smile on her face. “You brat, damn you Deliah.” Muttering to himself he sat the beers on the counter and began wiping the beer off the floor with a dish towel. Deliah scooted around the corner and sat on the counter right above the mess he was cleaning. She wasn’t sure if she hoped that he’d get a look at her still wet and barely covered pussy.

“Hey Mas, whats up?” she smiled watching his back muscles flex through his tight t-shirt as he wiped the floor. Damn, his body was so fit.

Mason took a pause and looked up at his annoying younger sister flipping his dark hair out of his face. Wasn’t she getting too old for these games? “Nothing is up Deliah,” he said with a sneer. “And I’m so glad you decided to awake from your hibernation and join us back on earth.”

Her smile never faltered, “Aww. did you miss me?” she smiled.

“No,” he replied without hesitation “I didn’t miss you. As a matter of fact I wish you would get lost.” He stood staring in her eyes so that she knew he was serious.

She took pause then, looking into his green eyes which matched so perfectly with her own. “Oh…” she began as she drew her legs closer together.

Mason turned from her then, washing his hands in the sink and throwing the empty beer can in the garbage. He grabbed the three beers from beside Deliah and began to walk quickly from the kitchen. Deliah hopped from the counter and began to follow him as he walked to the front of the house.

“You aren’t old enough to drink Mason!” she proclaimed as he walked ahead of her.

Mason sighed heavily, wishing she would just take a hint.”Deliah I’ll be 21 in less than a year. A couple of drinks now is not going to affect me anymore than it would in a couple of months.”

He paused at the front door where a duffel bag waited for him. Putting on his favorite leather jacket which Deliah always thought to make him look like a movie star, he shoved the beers into his overstuffed bag and threw it over his shoulder.

“Where are you going?” Deliah said sounding even more like a little girl, she looked up at him with big eyes.

“I’m going on a road trip with some friends for a week,” he turned the knob opening the front door where a cool summer breeze greeted them. The breeze was nice and warm when it entered the foyer, blowing around them and playing in Deliah’s hair where she stood staring at him in astonishment.

“See ya!” he concluded quickly trying to step outside. Wanting to hurry and get on the road and as far away from his pesky sister as possible.

“My birthday is in three days!” Deliah shouted at his retreating back as he grabbed the doorknob, not believing for one minute that he was actually going to miss her 18th birthday bash.

“Happy Birthday.” he replied as he shut the door in her face.

She stood there staring at the closed door in utter disbelief while she listened to him lock the door from the other side. She heard his footsteps leading to his car, and he was soon gone. Taking the summer breeze with him.


Dinner was way to quiet without Mason there.

Deliah sat looking at her food, playing with it more than actually eating it. How could he just leave like that so close to her birthday? Did he really not care at all? She sighed pushing her chair away from the table.

“Can I be excused?” she asked looking at her mom catching her as she made googly eyes at Steve (a.k.a. Mr. McDreamy in her moms mind) from across the table.

Her mom looked at her then looking completely worried “Of course you can Deliah. What’s wrong dear?” Her mom asked leaning across the round table and pushing a dark strand of hair off of Deliah’s face.

“Nothing mom. Please stop grooming me, I’m not a child anymore.” Pushing her moms hand away she stood walking to the sink to empty her plate, and trying her hardest to avoid her moms gaze which was trained on her face.

“Mom why didn’t anyone wake me up this morning?” Deliah hoped a sudden change of subject would lighten the mood, and get her moms mind off of her and back on Steve.

Her mom just watched Deliah for moment while Steve grabbed her hand. When she spoke her voice was very serious, “You’re right of course, you aren’t a child anymore. You’re becoming a beautiful young woman, and its about time we started treating you like one.” Deliah watched as her mom tightened the grip on Steve’s hand as if the next thing she would say was a huge struggle for her.

“Which is why nobody woke up you this morning. I figured- well we figured that you are old enough and responsible enough to conduct yourself maturely. And so from now on we vow to give you more freedom in your choices.”

Deliah’s heart skipped a beat. More freedom what does that even mean? She was pretty sure she already had more than enough freedom. Until it hit her, “Mom… are you kicking me out?” she asked barely over a whisper.

“Oh of course not Deliah!” her mom placed her hand over her chest as if just the thought of her moving out stopped her heartbeat right in it’s tracks. “You know I would never do that to you hunny. We just both agree that we need to give you a little more responsibility now that you’re turning the legal age.”

“Hm…” Deliah thought about this. New found freedom? What could she do with that? Well she could travel the world without permission but she didn’t have the funds. ‘I guess that means I should get a job.’ Heck, Deliah could go on birth control now without anyone having to know! Which ultimately meant…

“sex.” Deliah accident said aloud but loud enough for her ears only.

“What hunny?” Her mom replied with a look of confusion and uncertainty.

“Oh, nothing mom you’re right. It’s a great idea thank you.”

“Oh really? I’m so happy you think so.” Her mom smiled glancing happily up at Steve who patted her hand reassuringly. This made Deliah think back on the conversation she just had with her mom. Her mom had used ‘we’ a lot hadn’t she? Who the hell was we?

“Mom, what do you mean by we both agree?” Watching her moms face intently she saw when her mom sent a questioning gaze to Steve and it was him who spoke next.

“Deliah, Catherine and I are becoming very serious and it will hopefully..” he said with a sweet smile at my mom “be soon that I will become a member of this family.” He finished giving Deliah a look that basically said ‘Try to disagree with this, I dare you’.

“So are you guys engaged or something?” she demanded as she placed her hand on her hip and tried to sound as snobby and bitchy as possible.

“No!” Catherine answered, nervously switching her eyes between Deliah and Steve.

“Not yet.” Steve finished sternly.

“Well it’s a good thing I’m getting my independence soon, so I can move out of here before that happens. I cant believe this!” Deliah turned to storm out of the kitchen.

“Deliah hunny where are you going?”

“I’m going to CC’s house to stay the night.” She ran up the stairs escaping to her room where she slammed the door and flopped onto her bed.


It was all too much happening way to fast. She laid there imagining the world had stopped so she could process it all. Her mom was getting married? Deliah wasn’t sure how she felt about that. Steve was nice enough, but they had only been dating a year! Steve had never been a dad in his life, and he thought he was ready to become a father figure for two kids?

‘And I don’t need a father figure, I’m old enough to have my own kids! It’s too late for him to try to come into our lives. I wonder what Mason is going to think about all of this.’

It made Deliah’s heart hurt even more that Mason wasn’t there to sit in gloom with her. She was sure he’d be even more upset than her, he was always very finicky about the men mom dated.

Well at least something good came from that conversation, she got her independence. She had so much to do before her 18th birthday!

“And so little time.” she said as she pulled out her cell phone and texted Tori her fiery best friend, who always had the best advice when it came to drama and boys.

Hey busy 2night?

Tori replied quickly, like she always did.

Was goin 2 hang with bf ^_^ . What up girlie?

Was wondering if u could help me with some things & can I stay 2night?

Like what? O__O and course u can.

U c when I get there. Kay c u soon! <3

Deliah quickly packed an overnight back. She looked over at her clock it was only 7:38 pm, which probably went the beauty supply store was still open. She quickly walked out the front door avoiding any chances of bumping into her mother or her soon to be step-daddy. She walked up to her cute little lollipop red 2010 Nissan Versa. Unlocking the door to her car was when it finally hit her..

“I know exactly what I want now!” she exclaimed as she drove off to her destination.


“Uhm, girl you realize that you just handed me red hair dye right?” Tori asked looking suspiciously at Deliah with her hazel eyes. The face she gave Deliah openly said that Tori thought she was crazy.

“Yes!” Deliah said snatching the box from the other girls hand. “Look, if you wont do it for me I’ll ask CC to do it for me!”

Tori doubled over in laughter after seeing Deliah’s face while she pouted her anger. ‘Ugh’ Deliah thought, ‘no one ever takes me seriously!’ Looking at Deliahs face again Tori laughed even harder when she saw how red Deliah’s face had become. Finally catching her breath Tori cleared her throat and wiped away the tear that almost escaped from her eye.

“Look, it’s fine Deliah I’ll do it okay? Although I have NO idea why you would pick such a bold color.” Tori held back another laugh. “And anyways, CC is gone remember? She went on some all exclusive road trip.”

“You mean the road trip that my brother is going on, that road trip?”

“The one and only.”

Deliah paused thinking about CC. Why had she of all people been chosen to go on that trip she wasn’t even that close to all the people Mason hung out with. But quickly after that thought Deliah came to the realization of why CC was invited. CC was an ‘it’ girl in high school. The girl who was always flocked by others, both girls and guys alike. She was carefree and beyond gorgeous with her healthy blonde Taylor Swift curls, and her blazing heart stopping blue eyes. It was no wonder that Mason would stoop so low as to allow someone so young on their trip.

CC was the perfect dream girl, and she happened to be one of Deliah’s closest friend. So why was she on that trip instead of here helping Deliah’s celebrate her almost 18th birthday?! And it isn’t as if Tori wasn’t just as popular as CC and just a gorgeous, so why not her also?

Deliah looked up at Tori then just as Tori stared in turn right back at her. Deliah took in Tori’s lithe form, gorgeous blemish free face, and long tightly curled ash brown hair.

“What?” Tori asked as she continued to gawk at her face.

“Why aren’t you with them?” Deliah asked extremely serious. “You were invited weren’t you?”

Tori nodded her head slowly, watching Deliah’s face closely for any sign of anger before continuing “But of course I didn’t go. What kind of best friend would I be to miss your birthday? I would never do that to you Del.”

Deliah smiled sadly, “I wish all friends were as reliable as you.” shrugging her shoulders dismissively she added “But you might as well have gone, I’m canceling my party, all of my friends are bailing on me and I don’t really feel like the party mood anymore.”

“Aww, it’ll all be alright Del, how about this we can spend your entire birthday together, doing whatever you want. Shopping, watch movies, go clubbing, whatever you want alright?” Tori hugged Deliah tenderly reassuring her friend of her love.

Deliah smiled, happy to have a friend who cared so much about her. “Alright I’m holding you to that promise.”

“Mmkay, so about this hair dye situation. Why red again?”

“Well I’m tired of my black hair, its so boring and it makes me look like some whack vampire out of a movie. I mean it just accentuates my paleness. EWW.” Deliah rolled her eyes as Tori laughed at her metaphor. “You get what I mean. Anyways, I figured red would be a nice change. It’ll make me look more lively, less like a dumpy little kid and more like a sexy dangerous vixen. And with my wavy hair I thought it would look cool you know, like flames! Not to mention it’s my favorite color and it’ll look real nice with my eyes.”

“Deliah you look fine the way you are!” Tori began, but Deliah didn’t want to hear any of that.

“Easy for you to say Tori, with your gorgeous ash hair color, and your hazel eyes, and your soft cocoa-cinnamon skin tone! You’re completely perfect, everything about your looks are in sync. Mine aren’t, sure if you dissect my looks piece-by-piece I have some pretty good parts, but altogether it all singles each other out!”

“Okay okay I get it, So basically you just want a new you.” Tori thought for a moment, “Well you know looks aren’t all that is important. This isn’t going to change you, your personality will be the same.”

“I know that my personality wont change, but this will definitely help. And tomorrow we’re going shopping for an entirely new wardrobe.”

“Deliah who are you trying to impress?” Tori asked suspiciously, she didn’t think there were any guys that she liked.

“My brother.” Deliah said proudly with her chin in the air.

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