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Elese walked slowly down the dark street. The rain was warm and soaked her quickly. The rain was making the roadway glisten and the street lights shone down to illuminate small sections of the street. She took one step at a time and when she reached her house she stood outside of it for a few moments. The only light on was in her brother’s room and she wished he were asleep. As Elese slipped into the house, she hoped he had fallen asleep with the light on. The key made a clicking sound in the lock and she was thankful her parent’s room was on the other side of the house. She stepped inside and removed her wet sandals. Her black dress was stuck to her body, accentuating her curves. Her nipples were rock hard from the rain and the outline of her black lace bra was visible. As she walked past the mirrored wall in the front entranceway, she couldn’t help but frown.

“I hate myself.” Elese whispered under her breath and quietly made her way up the stairs. She entered her room and closed the door behind her. She tried to listen into her brother’s room, but the fact she didn’t hear anything didn’t mean anything. He could be asleep or just working on his laptop. He never listened to music so it was hard to figure out. She wished at this moment that they didn’t share a bathroom. She knew that if he were awake he would hear the water running and knew what time she got home.

Elese entered the bathroom and making sure that the door to his room was locked stripped naked. She turned the hot water on and entered the shower. The hot water felt good on her body and as she washed herself, she wished she could remove the dirty feelings she had. She could feel every part of her body that he had touched. She wanted to scrub her lips raw. Elese couldn’t get the feeling of his warm lips touching hers out of her mind.

After showering, she unlocked the door to her brother’s room. She pulled out a cotton nightie and slipped it over her head. She slipped under her duvet and the moment her head hit the pillow she was fast asleep.




Elese was sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast. She was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. She looked up as her brother entered the room. He looked angry and all the emotions from last night came flooding back.

“I’m sorry Rick.”

“Yeah whatever.”

Elese winced at his harsh words. She hated when he was mad at her because he had a way of making her feel like crap. He also had a way of making her feel amazing so it balanced out. Elese went back to eating her breakfast and heard Rick stomp around the kitchen, putting away dishes, and making his breakfast. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Elese tried not to stare at him, but she couldn’t help it. She knew what she wanted to do, but her parents were in the house so that was completely out of the question.

Just as Elese was putting her dirty dishes in the sink, her parents entered the kitchen.

“Hello my wonderful children.” Elese grinned a bit. Her father was always acting silly. Her parents were retired and spent their days golfing, hanging out at their cottage, and traveling. Elese was twenty-five and Rick was twenty so it wasn’t like they needed much supervision.

“Hi Daddy.” Elese kissed his cheek and smiled at her mom.

“How was your date last night sweetie?” Elese’s mom had similar features to Elese. She was on the shorter side with large breasts and a curvy figure. Elese always considered herself fat, but thought that her mom was just right.

Elese glanced over at Rick before answering. “It was good. Chad and I went to that nice seafood restaurant and then to a movie.”

“It was raining last night. I hope he walked you to the door.”

“Of course Daddy.” Elese bit her lip, hoping her lie wasn’t too obvious. The truth was that Chad and she had enjoyed a great dinner. They had gone to a movie, but halfway through he had started to fondle her. She passively tried to push him away, but it didn’t work. After the movie, he had parked his car in the deserted lot near her house. She tried to protest, but it didn’t work. He was all over her and part of her loved the feeling of his hands and lips on hers, but part of her was feeling so guilty for what she was doing. Rick had been so good to her. She had made out with Chad for a few minutes and then had asked for him to stop. He didn’t take that very well and that was why she walked home in the rain by herself.

“We’re off to the cottage for a few days. I did groceries yesterday so you guys should be set. Melinda is coming over on Wednesday to clean the house so make sure you stay out of her way.” Her parents kissed their children on the cheek and then left. Elese had gotten used to her parents being so carefree. After her parents drove out of the driveway, she made her way upstairs to her room. She had Sunday off which was nice. Elese worked as a secretary in a very busy law firm. Her official title was executive assistant to the family law department. She liked her job and was lucky she got a job right out of college. She heard Rick move around the house and heard him enter his room. She knew she had to go talk to him, but was dreading the conversation. Rick solved the problem for her. Just as she was logging off her email, he stormed into the room.

“I fucking hate you.” And with that he kissed her hard, pinning her against her desk. The edge of the desk dug into her thighs. She tried to pull away, but really didn’t want to. He grabbed her hands and pinned them behind her back. He sucked her neck and nibbled along her jaw line.

“You’re such a fucking tease. And you fucking lied to mom and dad. Chad made you walk home.”

Elese was moaning as she squirmed harder. Rick let go of her hands so he could undo her jeans.

“I’m sorry. It was horrible. I promise.” Elese didn’t want to hurt her brother any more then she already had.

Rick yanked down his sister’s jeans and shoved four fingers inside her pussy. She was soaking wet and Rick grinned. He rocked her back and forth on his fingers while he looked into her eyes. All Elese could do was whimper. His fingers felt amazing inside her and she didn’t want him to stop. He undid his jeans with his other hand and she gasped as he dropped his jeans and boxers to the ground. She loved his cock. It was the perfect size and felt amazing inside her.

“Fuck me.” Elese mouthed the words.

Rick spun her around and pushed her over her desk. He spread her legs and slammed into her hard.

“You like my cock sis.” Elese whimpered. She loved her brother’s cock inside her and was on the brink of orgasm. Rick fucked her roughly. He was getting all his anger and frustrating out. He hated how they had to keep this secret. He hated that she went out on dates with other guys. She was his and only his.

“Oh sis your pussy is dripping.” Rick threw his head back and sank his fingers into her flesh. He loved that she was curvy in all the right places. It felt so good to fuck her this way.

“Fuck me harder bro. Fuck me like you mean it.” Elese knew he liked it rough and she was holding back so they could cum together. Rick stepped away from her and pulled her to her bed. He sat down on the edge and pulled her into his lap.

“Ride my cock sis. Ride my cock until I shoot my cum deep inside you.” Elese nodded and slammed into his cock. It took only three thrusts and he was cumming. She felt every drop of his cum inside her. She reached down and after pushing against her clit once, she was cumming as well. They lay panting in that position for a few minutes. Finally Elese spoke.

“I walked home in the rain because Chad wanted to have sex with me and I pushed him away. He refused to drive me home. I promise.”

Rick held his sister’s face in his hands. “You drive me crazy Elese. Fucking crazy. I hate you and love you all at the same time.”

“I know.”

Elese woke up when the sun shone into the window and shone right into her eyes. She blinked and felt a warm body next to hers. She rolled over and was face to face with her brother. He way lying on his back and had a grin on his face. When she thought about last night, she couldn’t help but smile. The moment her parents were gone, they had spent the day in bed having sex. They had only stopped for lunch and dinner and had fallen asleep exhausted. It was Monday and Elese had to go to work. When she tried to get out of bed, Rick wrapped his arm around her hip.

“One more time.” Elese smiled as Rick rolled her onto her back and lay on top of her. He pushed his throbbing cock back inside her and looked into her eyes.

“I want to be inside my sister one more time before she goes to work.” Elese couldn’t disagree and felt him push in and out of her. It was slow and hard and was driving her crazy. He strummed her hard nipples and held his cock deep inside her until she came. She arched her back and came hard.

“That’s my girl.” Rick kissed her nose and then thrusted two more times before emptying himself inside her. “Now you can get ready for work.”

Elese grinned as she rolled out of bed to get ready. She worked as an assistant at a law firm and as she got dressed Rick lay in her bed watching. She put on stockings and a black skirt with a white blouse and matching blazer. It was a high-end law firm and she was expected to dress appropriately. She didn’t dare look at her brother while she dressed. He was in a constant state of horniness and she couldn’t be late for work.

“Bye bro. Have fun at school today.” Before he had a chance to touch her, she pulled away and rushed out the door. Rick lay in bed debating on whether to get up or not. He was a senior at the community college. His classes were great since he had gotten into computer animation. He wanted to spend the day in his sister’s bed, but knew it wouldn’t be any fun without her there.

He got up and dragged himself to school. He worked quickly to get his assignments done and spent the rest of the time playing around with things. He loved computers and loved animation. He was the top of his class and was close to guaranteeing a full time job when he graduated. His classes were done at two o’clock so he decided to go pick up his sister from work. He had done that in the past and loved seeing where she worked. He entered the elevator and went up to the fifteenth floor. When the doors opened, he walked down the hall towards his sister’s office. She had her own office, but there was no window. She joked that it was once a closet, but it was in the perfect location. The four lawyers she worked with had offices on either side so she was always close enough to help out.

Rick turned the corner and stopped cold. He was standing outside her office and although he couldn’t see inside since the door was closed, he knew that sound. It was the sound Elese made when her earlobe was being sucked on. It was a precious sound to Rick since a year ago when they first got together he had done that to her and the sound was like music to his ears. He thought he was the only one who could arouse her like that.

He knocked once and then opened the door. It was unlocked and so he figured he could walk in. The moment he entered he knew what was occurring. Elese was sitting up on her desk with her boss Jared standing in front of her.

“Rick!” Elese pushed Jared away and slid off her desk. Jared grinned at Rick.

“We’ll chat about that tomorrow Elese.” Jared walked out of the office and left Rick and Elese standing in front of each other.

Elese was biting her lip waiting for Rick to say something. She knew he was mad and she knew that nothing she said to her brother would make things right. She had been having a secret affair with her brother for over a year and here she was making out with her boss.

“I was coming to visit you. Wanted to see if you could leave early. I’ll take the bus home.” Rick sounded so quiet and reserved. His eyes were full of sorrow and when Elese reached out to touch him he pulled away fast. Rick left her office and walked quickly towards the elevator. He kept repeating in his head “I’m not going to cry. I’m not going to cry.” The moment he got home he rushed to his room and got on his computer. He tuned everything out and didn’t even hear his sister come home.

Elese knew she had to talk to Rick and had spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what to say. She knocked on his door and entered quietly.

“Can I just say a few things?” Rick nodded and turned off his laptop.

“I love you. More then you will ever know. When guys pay attention to me I react. I feel so guilty afterwards because I know you love me so much. I can’t tell Jared I have a boyfriend because he’ll want to meet him. You have no idea how much I wish we weren’t related.” Elese looked into her brother’s eyes. She had finally said exactly what she wanted to say for the last year. This wasn’t the first time she had flirted or made out with another guy, but this was the first time Rick had found out.

“Come here.” Rick turned the chair and gestured for Elese to come close. She walked over and sat in his lap. Rick’s cock hardened immediately and he ran his hands under her skirt to the edge of her stockings.

“Fuck me.” Elese whispered the words as she pleaded with Rick with her eyes. She needed him so badly and wanted to show him how much she loved him. Rick undid his pants with one hand and sank his cock into her quickly. She gasped at the fullness. Rick gripped her hips and bounced her hard and fast on his cock. He watched as his sister’s breasts bounced up and down.

“I’m going to use your pussy sis, all night long.” Rick hated how he loved her so much, even though she was a flirt. He hated how she had been his first and only. The harder he fucked her the more he realized he would never want this to end. He lifted up his hips and slammed her down, cumming so deep in her soaking wet pussy. Elese was panting at this point, her whole body on fire from her brother’s touches.

“I love you sis.”

“I love you bro.”

Elese sat in her office and stared at the desktop picture on her computer. It was a picture of her and her brother Rick. It had been taken a year ago when her family had gone to the Dominican Republic for two weeks. It was taken by the beach at night. Rick was very well tanned in the picture and was wearing a white golf shirt and navy shorts. He was much taller then Elese and had his arm around her. Elese was much shorter and had her blonde hair in a ponytail. She was wearing a tank top and jean skirt. She remembered that after that picture was taken her brother and she had walked along the beach. Their parents had wanted to go see the entertainment for the night and they had declined. It was on that beach at the resort that she had kissed her brother first.

Now she was going to have to tell her brother, her lover, that she was moving across the country. She worked for a law firm and they were opening up a new office in Seattle. She had been offered the position of office manager, which was a huge promotion to her current position as a secretary. She knew what she had to do. If she said no, she probably would never get a promotion here. She walked down the hall to her boss’s office.

“Hi Jared. I’ll take the job.”

“I’m glad you made that decision Elese. Are you staying late tonight?” Jared was almost ten years older then Elese and had a crush on the curvy blonde. She was so damn sexy, but every time he tried to make a move she would push him away.

“No. My parents are having a big dinner tonight. I also need to tell them and my brother.” She bit her lip when she thought of Rick.

Elese walked in the door of her house and smelled the great cooking of her mom. It smelled like garlic bread and spaghetti sauce.

“Hi. I’m home.”

“Hi sweetie. Dinner will be ready in twenty minutes.”

Elese practically ran up the stairs and knocked on her brother’s door. She entered and saw him sitting on his bed reading a computer magazine.

“Hi bro.”

“Hi sis.”

Elese sat on the edge of the bed. “I need to tell you something. I’ve accepted a job in Seattle.” Elese waited for his reaction. Knowing him, he would pout and be angry.

“Fine.” Rick knew that eventually his sister would move away from home, but the idea of her moving across the country was a shock. He had no say in her life and there was no way he was going to hold her back.

“That’s all you going to say?”

“What the hell do you expect me to say? My girlfriend who I love and adore just told me she’s moving away. What do you expect me to say?”

“I’m not your girlfriend, I’m your sister.”

“Yeah well sisters don’t blow their brothers off every morning before work.”

“Dinner!” Their mom called out from the kitchen and they knew that would need to continue this conversation later. The family sat down at the table and began to eat.

“So I have some exciting news.” Elese’s parents looked over with intrigue. “I am moving to Seattle. They’re opening a new office and I’ve been asked to take the position of office manager.”

“Oh sweetie that’s wonderful. When do you leave?” Her dad got up to hug her and her mom began going on and on about packing and flight arrangements. Elese glanced over at her brother and saw him trying to look happy. She knew him better. He was devastated.


“Hi Mom. We’re almost there.” Elese was on her cell phone with her mom. She and Jared had just turned onto their street. It had been six months since Elese had moved to Seattle and she was visiting for the first time. She also had some exciting news to share with her family. Jared was her boss when she worked in the city. When she had been asked to take the job in Seattle, he had moved there as well to be one of the partners in the law firm. Their relationship had blossomed quickly and both were very happy.

“So my brother will probably pout and whine when we tell him.”

“That’s fine.” Jared rubbed Elese’s thigh and desperately wanted to run his hand up her thigh to touch her panties. He knew better. This wasn’t the time or place to start something. They pulled into her parent’s driveway and got out. Holding hands they knocked on the door and then entered.

“Hi Mom! Hi Dad!” Both parents came running and hugged Elese tight. Elese introduced Jared to them and they were ushered into the living room.

“I’m so happy you’ve come back to visit. Six months is so long.”

“I know Mom. We have exciting news.” Elese bit her lip and glanced at Jared before continuing. “I’m pregnant and we’re getting married.”

Elese looked right at her brother Rick when she said this. His eyes fell to the ground and she didn’t know if it was tears she saw in his eyes.

“Oh my god! I’m so happy!” Elese’s mom jumped up and hugged her daughter tight. She was desperate to be a grandmother and had been urging Elese to date and get married for the last little while.

The rest of the afternoon was spent talking about babies and wedding plans. Jared blended in very well with the family and felt very welcomed. While they were chatting, no one noticed Rick had left. When Elese looked around and saw he was gone, she excused herself.

“Jared I need to go up and talk to my brother. I don’t think he’s taking the news well.”

Jared nodded. He knew that Elese was close to her brother and appreciated her concern. He was completely unaware of the real situation between brother and sister. Elese knocked and then walked right into her brother’s room. Without saying a word, she walked over and kissed him hard. He responded and wrapped his hands around her waist.

“I’m sorry.”

“I knew I was going to lose you eventually. I figured it would be with Jared. I saw how he looked at you the day I caught the two of you making out at work.”

“I want one more time together, for old time’s sake. Is that bad?”

Rick didn’t answer. He just pushed her down to her knees and undid his shorts. She eagerly sucked his cock into her mouth and Rick leaned back in his chair. He loved the feel of his sister’s mouth around his cock. She was the best little cocksucker he had ever experienced and she knew exactly what to do. She sucked on the tip then ran her tongue up and down the shaft. She pulled gently on his balls. Elese continued to suck her brother’s cock. Rick was moaning softly and knew he was close.

“Inside you. I want to cum inside you one last time.” Elese nodded and pulled down her shorts and panties. She climbed into his lap and felt her brother’s cock sink into her pussy. His cock wasn’t as long as Jared’s but was thicker and since she was used to Jared’s thickness she felt the pressure of her pussy being stretched. It was an amazing feeling and she was cumming before she knew it. She cried out and Rick covered her mouth with his hand. Her fiancé and parents were downstairs and they didn’t need to hear them fucking. Rick closed his eyes and orgasmed hard. He wanted to savor the feel of this moment. He wanted to remember as every drop of his cum flooded his sister’s pussy. When he was done cumming he kissed her hard, savoring every taste of her lips and mouth. He finally pushed her off him.

“I fucking hate you, you know that right?”

Elese grinned. It was a line they had used during their affair. He said it to her when he loved and hated her so much it hurt. He loved her, but hated the situation. Elese got dressed and glanced one last time at her brother sitting in his chair before she left his room.

Elese stood in the airport terminal. She was waiting for her brother to come to visit her. She hadn’t seen him in almost two months. The last time they saw each other was at her wedding. She had moved across the country and married her boss in just a short period of time. Her swelling tummy revealed the true reason for the quick nuptials. Elese was five months pregnant. She tucked her blonde hair behind her ear and stood up from her chair when she saw her brother walk out. He was even cuter then she remembered with dark hair and eyes.

“Hi Elese.”

“Hi Rick.” Elese bit her lip hesitantly. She desperately wanted to lean over and kiss him, but was wondering if he wanted the same. They had been having an affair for almost a year, but had agreed to end it when Elese got married. It had been a mutual decision, but a part of her knew what was going to happen during this visit.

Elese and Rick made their way to the car, Rick carrying his luggage behind him. They drove the short distance to Elese’s house and entered.

“Jared is away at a conference until tonight. His flight was supposed to come in yesterday, but it was delayed.”

“Really?” Rick had that look in his eyes and Elese tried not to look at him, but couldn’t help it. The pregnancy was causing her to be extra horny and since Jared had been gone all week she was desperate for sex.

“Yes bro.” Time stood still for a moment while the siblings stared at each other. Both took the few steps towards each other and when their lips touched it was like fire. Rick pushed Elese onto the kitchen counter and fumbled with his pants. He needed to be inside his sister right this instant.

“God I missed you sis.” Rick yanked out his cock and pushed her panties to the side with the tip of his cock before pushing inside her. She felt so wet and tight. He thrusted hard and fast, gripping her hips as her breasts heaved.

“God harder Rick. I need this so badly.” Rick grunted and slammed into her harder. He was so close to cumming and he was trying to hold back. He gritted his teeth.

“Stop holding back bro. Cum inside me. Cum inside your big sister.” That was all that it took. Rick pushed hard inside her and emptied himself. He kissed his sister and began to stroke her clit. He stroked softly up and down, teasing her.

“Fuck, make me cum. Now.” Elese arched her back and begged Rick to make her cum. He was touching her so lightly it was driving her crazy. Rick grinned and leaned down in front of his sister. Spreading her pussy lips he began to suck on her clit. He had never done this before and wanted his first time to be with his sister.

“Oh Rick. Fuck you’ve never done that before.” Elese looked down over her baby bump and watched as her brother licked her pussy. The moment he latched onto her clit and sucked hard she came. Her pussy quivered and she cried out loudly.

Rick grinned and stood up. “Was that O.K. sis?”

“Oh yeah. What made you want to do that?”

“Your pussy is beautiful. I wanted to taste it. I wanted to make you cum.”

“Thank you.”

Elese climbed off the counter. Her legs were shaking from the extreme orgasm she had.


“Oh yeah.”

Rick and Elese spend the rest of the afternoon in bed, fucking. Rick loved her pregnant body and hated when they had to leave to pick up Jared. Jared still had no idea about the relationship between Elese and Rick and it was for the best. For the rest of Rick’s visit, he would get a nighttime visitor who would wake him up with a blowjob. Elese hated knowing that her brother was leaving soon. She still worked so she only saw him on weekends or in the evening. They waited at the terminal for Rick’s flight to be called. Jared was holding Elese protectively. Just before Rick got on the plane he hugged Elese and whispered in her ear “I got a job in Seattle. I’ll be back in a few months.”

Elese had to hold back from whimpering. Her pussy began to drip as she heard her brother tell her that they would be living in the same city soon, and thus have unlimited sex again.

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