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It had been a while since I had last seen Hazel, as my brother had gone to the States with his family in order to make a fresh start after some business problems in the UK. As so often happens he and his wife had given it a go in the US but things just hadn’t worked out the way they had hoped and the whole family had come back. My brother, John, had bought a farm near the Yorkshire dales which he was trying to make a go of.

While Hazel, my niece, and her family had been in the States I had wanted to visit, but the opportunity had never materialised so we hadn’t seen each other for about 5 years now and of course I hadn’t really thought much about Hazel in any other way than my pretty, cute and bubbly 13 year old niece.

I hadn’t married myself, concentrating more on my career in the early years and then becoming set in my ways found it difficult to take the plunge. This being the case, at the ripe age of 45, I didn’t have any family of my own and to an extend this made me closer to my brothers family and especially the children, so much so that I was fairly excited on the long drive up from London and the prospect of seeing them all again after such a long gap.

I stopped a couple of times as I neared my destination to obtain directions and finally pulled in to the long track leading to the farm house. Driving along the track I passed several fields in which the corn stood straight and tall in the sun a breeze making it move like gentle lapping waves of green tinted water, while in others the rape seed was a brilliant almost dazzling golden yellow in the sun shine. Finally the car passed the huge barn and stables and I saw the big old farm house, I parked in the drive at the front of the house and walked up to the door. The door was massive and had a huge brass knocker of a lions head with mane the dark door had a lot of pitting and scratches which made the oak door look aged. I had just knocked when the door was flung open almost immediately by Elaine, my sister-in-law, who pulled it wide open and jumped into my arms, her squeals of sheer delight making her excitement at seeing me again plainly obvious.

There had always been some underlying sexual chemistry between us and I could feel my cock stir as her firm tits pressed against my chest, my hands automatically clasping her tight arse as I squeezed her body against mine. She stepped back after her initial excitement, giving me the opportunity to take her all in. She was still a very attractive woman, with clear blue grey sparkling eyes and large full lips set in a well formed delicate face, probably a size 12, armed with a beautiful pair of 36BB and standing at 5’5″ in her socks. Her curvaceous form clearly outlined in her pretty pastel coloured pinafore dress, with large white buttons in the shape of daisy heads from top to bottom. She had always been a very excitable woman and I had often wondered what it would be like to fuck her, her personality being what it was I felt sure she would be one of those women that was insatiable once she got going, but the fact that she was my brother’s wife had always held me back.

We eventually entered the house and I saw Hazel standing there, for a brief instant it didn’t register in my brain that she was the scrawny young niece that I hadn’t seen for 5 years. She had filled out and up, now an inch or maybe two taller than her mother with sultry looks and a large pair of pouting lips. Momentarily the fact that she was my niece was forgotten as I took in the picture of this tall attractive blonde with a fuck me figure 34C/28/37, sex seemed to be screaming out of every pore in her young teenage body and I found myself excessively excited at her nearness. The dress she wore barely covered her pussy and the only thing that seemed to be stopping her tits from spilling out of the tiny figure hugging dress were the two hard nipples that clearly tented it.

I scolded myself for thinking of her in such a sexual way and tried to bury my thoughts.

“Hello Hazel, my little princess, you seem to have really filled out well and are prettier than ever, if that’s at all possible.” I told her as I smiled still at logger heads with my own thoughts as my eyes looked her up and down.

“Hi Uncle Peter, thank you, I made an extra special effort for you and hoped you’d like what you saw.” Her voice was soft and sexy and it pleased me to hear that she had made special efforts to please me and couldn’t stop myself speculating as to what else she might be willing to do to please; almost as the very thought crept into my head I quashed it simultaneously admonishing myself for even thinking it.

“I have to do some of my chores in the yard and then I’ll come back and sit on your lap so you can tell me a story like the old days, I’d just love that.”

The thought of her tight arse on my cock made it twitch as I joked that she might be a bit heavy for an old man like me and waved her off.

I spend the day talking to her mother in the kitchen while she prepared dinner, my brother was out on business with the boys and there was not much else for me to do. We chatted about various things and it wasn’t long before she told me my brother had been involved with some other woman while they were in the States. After making this revelation Elaine broke down crying obviously still hurting at the mere thought of what had taken place. I moved in to comfort her embracing her tightly in my arms and telling her how stupid John must be to go to another woman when he had her all to himself. Cupping her cheeks in my palms I looked down at her beautiful tear stained face and before I knew what was happening my mouth moved to hers and I hungrily begun to kiss her with the passion I had always felt for her but had so far always managed to suppress, she responded her hot tongue entering my mouth as her hand moved down between our bodies to my cock and she squeezed it tightly, there was no misunderstanding possible, her action was a deliberate act, and was to put it mildly surprising, I should perhaps have pulled away being who she was but my cock was now in control of my faculties, as I am sure it would have been with a very large percentage of the male population.

Elaine stopped her greedy onslaught on my mouth briefly, “God Peter I really need you to fuck me now this minute, I haven’t let John anywhere near me for months and I am so fucking hot I’m so desperate for someone to fuck my cunt and make me feel wanted in that way again.”

I didn’t need to hear anymore, I lifted her and sat her on the kitchen table pushing her back until she lay on it with her legs wide apart and dangling over the edge. She pulled her dress up and I looked down at her sodden knickers, my nostrils flared with the scent of her sex as I unceremoniously yanked her knickers down almost tearing them in the process in my haste. As I pulled them completely down and begun to lower my face to her hairy but trimmed cunt I caught a glimpse of Hazel in the doorway watching the scene unfolding in front of her but it was too late for me to stop now. The smell of her mother’s pussy was overpowering and my resolve had vanished with it, so I choose to ignore Hazel’s presence. Thinking back the truth was that I probably subconsciously wanted Hazel to watch what I was going to do to her mother in the hope that this would turn her on enough to make her want me in the way sexual way that I had started wanting her the minute I saw her.

I knelt in between Elaine’s legs moving my head to her quim my mouth watering in anticipation as it closed around her hot sex and I begun to feast on her juicy cunt. My deep hidden yearnings over many years to be in this very position spurred me on as I engulfed the whole of her sex with my mouth and suckled on her bloated cunt lips as her juices filled my mouth before sliding down my throat. She tasted sweet, her pussy was so very hot and juicy and felt ready for a good fucking as her sticky lubricant seemed to literally pour out of her as though in testament to the fact that she hadn’t been fucked for months. My mouth continued paying its oral homage to her soft cunny flesh before finally moving further down to her arse. I pull her buttocks apart and licked her tiny arse hole with my tongue making her shiver in ecstasy as she begged me to fuck her, my oral desires not yet fulfilled I ignored her pleas. My mouth, as though with a mind of its own, moved back to her juice filled opening licking and sucking like some mad man while my hand went down to her arse and I started to gently and deliberately rub her arse hole with the ball of my finger until the saliva and cunt juice soaked entrance parted and I could push my long thick middle finger into her passage, I pushed about an inch inside as her sphincter squeezed around my violating digit before with one deep thrust I sent the rest of my finger all the way deep inside her anal canal making her screech with delight.

I was 18 and still a sexual virgin, although with the horse riding, gymnastics and other sports and things my cherry had long since popped. I was also currently going through a phase where sexual frustration was creeping in, never having had a cock inside me, although I was surrounded by sexual activity in which all the animals on the farm seemed to be engaged, especially this time of the year, making me wonder what it would be like to have a big cock pumping inside my pussy. I knew that I was ready for sex but I found none of the boys at school attractive enough or of sexual maturity to make me want to surrender my virginity. Although, my frustration even got to the point that, I sometimes wished my older brothers would make some move on me they hadn’t and I had to content myself with my own fingers every night, something which I was by now quite expert at.

As dad and both my brothers had gone to the cattle market and wouldn’t be back until later that evening and it was such a hot today, I’d dressed in the shortest dress I owned and even mum told me I looked really sexy in it and filled it out in all the right places.

When uncle Peter turned up I was surprised at how handsome he still looked and what a fantastic body he had for a man of his age. I had always had a girlie crush on him, even before we went away and the moment I saw him butterflies seemed to take off in my stomach and my blood raced around my body.

I was a bit shocked at first as I watched from the doorway of the kitchen as my mother was lifted on to the kitchen table and voluntarily assisted uncle Peter by pushing herself upwards and then letting him take her knickers completely off. The initial shock soon disappeared, replaced with sheer excitement as I saw her spread her legs wide open for him, her face portrayed what I could only describe as an animal lust, he looked straight at her hairy cunt and seemed to sniff at her before his head disappeared between her thighs. At the sight of him kneeling down in front of my mum his face making a bee line for her quim my eyes must have gone the size of a pair of giant gob stoppers as I watched I could make out his long fat tongue slide up and down her wide open wet hairy pussy and his lips close on her fat bloated labia as he begun sucking on them making her buck and scream out. My mother wasn’t aware that I was watching the pair of them, she was so excited I doubt she would have noticed a herd of elephants stampeding through the kitchen, as I heard her gasp out again and saw my uncle Peter slip a long finger up her tight brown arse hole. I was now getting very wet and could feel my juices running into my knickers saturating them as I watched my uncle Peter suck out my mother’s wet hairy cunt, he briefly turned his head and I saw my mother’s sex juices glistening on his face, while he continued to finger fuck her arse. My eyes were glued to the scene unfolding in front of me while my hands suddenly had a mind of their own and made their way down to my own crutch, I gasped out as my fingers touch my wet knickers and a hot flash rushed through me. I was suddenly very jealous of my mother because she was getting what I had only dreamt about. The scene unfolding in front of my very eyes was sexually exhilarating but at the same time I couldn’t help but wonder; surely my mother was not going to let Uncle Peter actually fuck her.

I could sense my young niece was still watching, as I stood up and moved my face to Elaine’s while undoing my belt to allow my trousers to fall to the ground and kissed her hard on the lips, she greedily opened her mouth to suck on my tongue now heavily coated with her cunt juices. My trousers were around my ankles now and I ordered Elaine to suck my cock, making sure to move back from the table so Hazel could see my hard cock sticking straight up and throbbing as her mum got on her knees hungrily wrapping her hot wet lips around my rigid meat greedily gobbling on it like there’s no tomorrow. After a while I put my hands on her head holding it in position as I fucked her mouth thrusting my cock deep inside until it was entering her throat and I could feel the heavy breathing through her nose against my stomach as she fondled my rock hard balls, her experience and enjoyment of cock sucking clearly evident.

I was near to cumming as I fucked her mouth but I wanted Hazel to watch me while I fucked her mother hard and before the rest of the family came back home. It was obvious from my sister –in-laws face, which did little to nothing to hide her wanton lust, that she hadn’t been fucked for a long time and was craving for some hot cock to fill up her tight cunt, if time had permitted I would have made her suck me until my spunk shot out into her eager mouth and then made her suck on my balls and arse until I was ready to fuck her again, but as things were I didn’t know if we had the time available, obviously not wanting my brother and his sons to come home and find me fucking my sister-in-law. I also wanted Hazel to be able to see as much as possible hoping this would make her want to do all the things she was witnessing her own mother happy and ready to do with me.

I pushed her mother to one side and lay flat out on the floor my cock sticking up like some flag pole and ordered Elaine to sit on it. She crouched over it facing the doorway and holding my cock in position as she lowered herself down on to my swollen rigid pole, as soon as I felt my cock slide inside her hot cunt I pulled her back to me so that she was almost lying on my chest as I held her with my arms under her armpits allowing me to pull her dress apart sending buttons flying everywhere as I lowered her bra and begun to rub her already hard nipples between my thumbs and fingers every so often pinching them hard. She was laying on top of me her legs wide open as I bucked up and down penetrating her hard with my cock knowing Hazel could see my cock as it slid in and out of her mother’s hairy wet cunt. I fucked Elaine in this position for some time, her juices flowing all over my cock and balls and until I was near to cumming myself. I stop thrusting into her sex box and ordered her off.

“Get off me now Elaine and suck my dick some more, show me what a good cock sucker

you are and get it nice and juicy for your arse.”

Elaine was happy to do as instructed and got up, turning round to face my cock which was glistening and dripping wet with her cunt juices and the pre-cum that saturated it. Elaine moved her head down to my tool engulfing most of the length in one movement as she begun sucking on it with relish making loud slurping sounds as her saliva covered my shaft and her head bobbed up and down eventually taking the whole length inside her mouth and throat until her chin rested on my balls, one hand playing with them while the other rubbed the small area at the base of my cock. Each time her mouth reached the top of my cock her tongue would lick around the exposed area between the crown and the shaft, which she must have known from experience was extra sensitive and this send a tingling sensation throughout my body.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer, “Now sit on it and take it up your big tight arse like a good fucker.” I demanded.

She instantly moved into position squatting over me while holding my cock still in her hot little hands while she slowly lowered her arse onto the rigid rock hard pole. She winced as it begun to slide in, probably she needed more lubrication, but she was too far gone to worry about the initial pain, needing to be fucked as much as I wanted to fuck her, and lowered her body further down. I watched in awe as the fat almost purple head of my cock pushed her rubbery brown flesh apart and slid inside her body past her tight sphincter, which clasped my rod like a clamp. Inch by inch my pinkie flesh disappeared through her brown back door entering her anal fuck tube until all 8″ were buried in her anal passage. She begun to ride me, her body moving up and down, slowly at first then once accustomed to the violation of her body she begun moving with speed pushing her body up until my cock was almost completely out of her body and then dropping herself all the way down impaling her self on my spear as she breathed harder and faster, her hands were in between her legs making squelching sounds as she frigged her wet cunt until she finally screamed with lust.





“Now show me what a cock sucker you are Elaine, show me how grateful you can be.”

I told her, my fingers pinching her nipples hard while at the same time pulling at them, starching them as she winced her breathing slowly becoming normal once again.

She quickly got up turned round and bending down swallowed my cock forcing herself to take about three quarters of it in her mouth as her head moved up and down until I shot my load making her choke as the thick cum filled her mouth until it escaped from the corners of her lips. She continued to jerk and squeeze my meat faster and faster, even spraying her face and tits with my cum, until she was sure every drop had been sucked into her mouth or leaked onto her face, and then she moved to me opening her mouth to show a large white lake of spunk in her mouth and then slowly and very deliberately swallowed my seed as I watched her throat contract as it slipped down like an oyster.

I knew Hazel was still watching as I caught a glimpse of her through the crack in the door and hoped that tomorrow I would get a chance to fuck her young tight fuck holes, pleased that her mother had so eagerly and nicely demonstrated that there are three, not just one, good fuck holes if a woman is hot and sexy enough to try it out.

I was now getting very turned on as I listened to mums gasps of pleasure as uncle Peters huge hard prick slid in and out of her wet squelching cunt, it seemed impossible that she would be able to take it all up her but she did and kept begging him not to stop, by now my hand was inside my wet knickers and I begun to frig my hot wet virgin cunt, which I’d taken to shaving so it was smooth and felt silky and extra sensitive. To my astonishment and disbelief I heard Uncle Peter as he told my mum that he wanted to fuck her tight arse for her. To my amazement instead of protesting she looked up at him her face betraying a wanton hunger as I heard her giving him the go ahead almost begging him to do it.

“Oh gods yes, yes fuck me in the arse I want your cock deep inside my arse split me open god yes fuck me hard now shove your fat cock all the way up my arse and fuck it.”

My mother the whore gasped out in pain at the feel of his big hard prick entering her tight brown fleshy arse hole as I watched I pressed one of the tips of my fingers onto my very erect hot throbbing clitty and instantly a fire shot through me, my whole body started to tremble and shake as hot liquids spurted out of my hot throbbing cunt and run over my fingers as I frigged myself like never before. The feeling was so intense and mind blowing that I didn’t want it to stop even though my knickers were now soaking wet with my own cum and I could feel it starting to run down my legs. The mere sight of my uncle fucking my mums arse was such a turn on and so erotic that I begun to fantasize and wonder what it would be like to be fucked by my own uncle, his big throbbing cock buried deep inside my tight cunt while I went up and down on it, still gasping and sobbing for breath I continued to cum over my hand.

I opened my eyes and gazed at the scene in front of me in sheer amazement, my mum moved so that the still hard prick was out of her arse and she turned around straight away getting down to his groin and sucking his cum dripping cock straight into her open mouth gobbling him intensely while my uncle started to groan out in pleasure and finally unloaded all his hot sticky slimy spunk into mums sucking mouth. I continued watching as the dollops of thick creamy spunk run out of her mouth and down her chin. The sight pushed me over the edge yet again as I started on the road of no return, my eyes closed, as I had another massive orgasm needing to bite my lower lip to stop myself screaming with the intense pleasure of sexual finalization. As I hit my peak I saw uncle Peter take his still spurting prick out of mums mouth and sprays the rest of his spunk over her face and breasts, I gasped at the intensity of my orgasm which subsided just as I saw my mother open her mouth to catch the last spurts of uncle Peter’s hot sticky spunk and then swallow it all before finally scooping up the remnants of his seed off of her face and breasts with her fingers and then licked and sucked them clean. The sight was so hot, I surprised myself as I took my own fingers out of my dripping wet cunt and for the first time ever put them in my mouth to suck them clean as my cum still continued to run out of my fuck hole and down my legs. I found the taste of my own cum pleasant even moreish, it was thick, sticky and surprisingly sweet, it pleased me and I smiled at the thought of uncle Peter sucking on my quim and begging for more. I decide there was a need to disappear before I was seen and also to clean up; creeping silently away I headed for my bedroom.

Once in my room I lay down on my bed exhausted. I was just plucking up the energy to go and have a shower when I heard mum and my uncle Peter coming up the stairs.

“Well what room would you like to see first?” I heard mum asking.

“You must know by now what room I’m most interested in being in all alone with you Elaine especially after watching that gorgeous cunny of yours winking at me coming up the stairs. All I want to know right now is where’s the nearest room where I can enjoy a bit more of what you have to offer?”

From the conversation they were having it was pretty obvious where this was heading, the session downstairs had ignited their sexual appetite what has so far taken place had not been enough to quench their desire for each other. There was a lot of giggling, on mum’s part, and then she tried to speak seriously.

“Come on Peter you can’t want it again so soon, with you around I wouldn’t get much done around the house. Anyway we shouldn’t be doing this at all, it’s so wrong you’ve caught me at a vulnerable time, you’re a dirty randy bastard with brain inside his cock.”

“Yes Elaine and you loved it, sucking my cock like an expert slut I know you want more of it.”

“Okay fair enough it’s too late to go back now the deed is done and yes I loved it. I haven’t let myself completely go like that for a long, long time and I haven’t felt a real cock inside me for months. I know I’m being a complete slut letting my own brother-in-law fuck me but right now I don’t care and I’d love to find out just what else have you got in store for me is that what you wanted to hear? ”

My sister in law was obviously up for anything now, the lack of full blown sex and the thought that maybe the reason her husband had strayed was that she wasn’t give him what he wanted in the sack had turned her into the hottest fuck, willing to do anything to sexually please and I was the lucky recipient of this newly acquired willingness. She led me to her bedroom giggling like a teenager and still pretending that it was all my idea. Once inside we stripped and got on the bed, I made sure the door was left slightly ajar hoping the commotion would stir Hazel’s curiosity and she would come to spy on more of the action. The thought of being watched added a new dimension but knowing it was daughter watching mother added a multiple of ten to the excitement level. I wanted Hazel to see everything and be so turned on that her cunt would dictate what happened once I had her to myself. I was sure that she would keep all she had seen to herself for the sake of her parent’s marriage and the family unit and shyness at talking to my brother about the whole thing.

Elaine and I were soon on the bed in a 69 with me on top, my semi hard cock fully inserted inside Elaine’s hot mouth my balls resting on her chin, as she played with my meat her tongue running along the length and under the rim of the head while I licked her clit with my tongue and finger fucked her arse, which after the early fucking it had received was still receptive enough to enable me to use two fingers on it. My other hand was busy on her squelching cunt; I used three of my long hard digits to pump deep inside her slippery fuck channel. Elaine moved her head, releasing my cock from her mouth as I felt her pull my arse cheeks apart and then the warm wetness as she begun to run her tongue along my anal crevice. I loved the wonderful feel of her hot wet tongue as it licked me there sending every nerve ending into spasm and making my cock quickly revive until it was so hard it almost hurt.

I briefly looked up and was thrilled to see Hazel’s reflection in one of the many mirrors in the room. She was still dressed but her tiny knickers were around her ankles while both her hands were stuffed between her legs moving in and out of her virgin cunt like pistons a look of sheer wanton greedy lust emblazoned on her youthful face. The sight was just fantastically erotic as I watched her move hand to mouth to suck off the pussy juice dripping from her delicate fingers. My cock lurched forward as I watched at the same time her mother grasps my meat and hungrily pulled it to her mouth, I could feel the heat as the head of my shaft entered her facial fuck hole and I pushed my cock deep inside her oral cavern chocking her briefly. Once she became accustomed to my pole violating her throat she gorged on it like some famished wolf as I thrust in and out of her mouth pushing the whole length deep inside her throat while my fingers fucked her orifices without mercy. I had by now filled her cunt with four fingers stretching her to the limit while my other hand pummelled her tight arse hole with two fat fingers. Finally I couldn’t take anymore my cum was ready to surface and I quickened my bucking fucking her mouth with a vengeance as I exploded for the second time that day inside her mouth, she greedily guzzled down my seed not stopping for a second as she drained my fluids while I continued to frig her faster and faster wanting her to cum and pleased with my efforts when she eventually screamed with her own explosive climax.





Her thick cum gushed out of her and I tried to catch as much as I could in my mouth and swallow this heavenly rare nectar, gorging myself on her.

The sound of a car pulling up made us disengage in record time; we quickly dressed and tried to make ourselves presentable neither of us wishing the men in Elaine’s life to see us or even suspect what had taken place.

Once dressed I quickly rushed down the stairs and met the men of the house in the yard, hopping to gain sometime before their entry into the house so that Elaine had the opportunity to make her self presentable. There was a lot of commission in the yard as they had come back with a big fiery black stallion, which my brother wanted to cover the mare he owned, and it was bucking and refusing to leave the horse box. Eventually we managed to get the big horse out of the box and take it to the stable. My brother hadn’t changed that much in 5 years, he was slightly shorter than me, 5’9″, and was a few pounds overweight. The boys on the other hand had grown a lot taller both over 6′, with well toned muscular bodies and handsome with their dark brown hair and clear blue eyes, you could tell they were brothers just by looking at them, Tom was the older of the two he was 23 now and Lee was 21.We chatted about this and that, the boys all excited with their return to the UK and their future plans while in contrast my brother was more silent on what the future might entail. We went in doors and had dinner in the big dinning room. Elaine seemed to be making a special effort with John and a lot of wine was had by one and all. I had the impression that Elaine felt they were quits; John had been unfaithful, well now she had allowed another man to take her and men would still found her hot and attractive if his own brother was anything to go by.

I couldn’t of course help but notice that Hazel was very quite, she had now changed her clothes to a skirt and blouse neither of which left much to the imagination and I found myself involuntarily looking her up and down and thinking what a perfect body she had and how I’d love to fuck her. After dinner we sat to watch TV and I asked her to come to me and fill me in on what she had been up to. She hesitated briefly and for an instant I thought perhaps what she had witnessed me doing to her mother earlier may have turned her against me but to my delight the hesitation vanished quickly and Hazel promptly sat on my lap just like she used to as a child, only now I could feel the hotness emanating from her crutch as she moved from side to side while speaking to me, making my cock hard as it soon begun to weep with pre-cum. The thought of her young pussy slowly dripping its nectar inside my mouth made my cock jerk and I knew she could by now feel my manhood as she pushed down harder with her young tight arse at the same time rubbing my hard cock with her bum. My nostrils soon detected the scent of her virgin cunt as it begun secreting nature’s lubrication in readiness for the penetration of a cock it was so desperate to have. Hazel’s actions left me in little doubt that she knew exactly what she was doing to me and more importantly my by then throbbing cock, it was her way of giving me the come on.

It was soon time to go to bed, unfortunately for me, Elaine told Hazel to go up first as she had a lot of chores the following day. I could sense that Elaine may have been more than a bit jealous of seeing her daughter sitting on my lap for so long grinding my cock. Hazel moved her head around and I felt her soft young lips on mine her sweet breath welcoming, I wasn’t positive but it seemed her your tongue gently run quickly across my lips, I wanted to kiss her fully to taste the pleasure of innocence but she was quickly off my lap and turning to her parents exaggeratedly bend down from the waist to kiss her mother and father, knowing full well the move would expose her firm arse with the thong stuck between her anal crevice and the dampness of the tiny almost non existent material which barely covered her cunt, one fat juicy labia sticking out of either side of the tiny under garment. I had a sudden impulse to kneel behind her and cover her whole quim with my mouth and feast myself on her young flesh and fresh virgin juices. I of course had to resist the temptation and would have to wait for another opportunity to present itself when we would hopefully be alone.

The next morning, I came downstairs to find that Elaine and my brother had to go out for the day and my nephews had gone to begin work on the 60 acre field, which meant they would be gone all day. The atmosphere was sexually charged as Hazel brushed against me at every opportunity as she moved around the kitchen to make my breakfast. She was dressed in a floral design blouse which stretched over her heaving bosom, her young firm tits were clearly defined, a lack of a bra obvious, the nipples were erect pushing the material away from themselves their darker red colour and that of her reddish brown areola contrasting with the rest of the breast and both clearly visible through the thin material endeavouring to cover them. The skirt she wore was short and very tight, her firm arse seeming to jut out, as I recalled how she had sat on my cock the previous evening rubbing herself against my stiff cock. The though even then made my cock come to life like a basking python stretching. I almost grabbed her there and then wanting to throw her on the kitchen table, much like what I had done to her mother the previous day, and fuck her brains but somehow resisted the temptation settling on just flirting with her to see whether she would be prepared to make the next move.

I asked about her boyfriends and was please to discover from the replies that she was still very much a virgin. Hazel told me she had various chores and asked me if I’d like to accompany her on her rounds of the farm, I of course jumped at the chance hoping that an opportunity would present itself to me and I’d get to eat her sexy tight pussy, the thought of which made my cock throb and a picture of her sucking on her cum dripping fingers from the previous day flashed through my mind. We wandered around the farm as she carried out her chores and she made sure that I got a good eyeful of everything she had to offer. The views she gave me, while trying not to be too obvious but failing miserably, kept my cock constantly hard, she even managed, by standing on one of the fences bending over to feed the chickens, to give me a good long look at her thong which clearly cut into her cunt so that it was divide in two equal parts as the tiny materials dug inside the slit and her sex glistened with wetness as the material had been strategically placed, whether by design or accidentally I’m not sure, so that it must have been rubbing against her clit as she moved about doing her work.

Finally we arrived at the stable, the stallion was there with the mare and his cock hang down like a massive drain pipe all hard and ready to penetrate and fertilize the mare. I saw my niece looking down at this huge cock and our eyes meet, she slowly and deliberately licked her lips seductively and I took this as a very clear sign that it was now up to me to take the initiative.

“Gosh that’s a huge dong; I suppose you see this sort of thing all the time, Hazel. Do you enjoy the farm life and seeing all these things around everyday?” I didn’t give her a chance to respond or question what I meant, instead I carried on, “Being so young and inexperienced in these things and looking at that huge cock I wander what effect it has on you.”

I moved to the stallion and reached down gently grasping the huge pipe, “God its rock hard, I’m sure the mare will really enjoy this won’t she Hazel?” I say making light of the comment with a laugh and a wink.

She looked at me her face red but not moving away or saying anything to stop my insinuations all this a betrayal of her willingness to at least talk more on the subject. She hesitantly moved a small step nearer. That’s when I knew she was mine for the taking. I took her hand in mine and moved it down to the stallions cock, “Have you felt a nice hard cock before Hazel?” I asked her placing her hand on the firm animal flesh, as she shook her pretty head to confirm she had never felt a cock before. I made her hand rub up and down the huge length of the stallion as it snorts as if to say he was enjoying the sensation. Hazel looks up at me and I can see the hungry longing in her twinkling eyes as I bend down and kiss her, gently at first and then savagely, violently even with a sudden urgency full of the passion I felt for her. Forcing my tongue deep inside her sweet tasting mouth I explored every inch of her oral temple while my hand moves down to her young firm breasts, ripping away the flimsy material which covered them, the buttons popping some flying off in all directions, rescuing her beautiful orbs from their captivity.

I lay in bed with my cheeks of my arse still burning from feeling my uncle Peters hard prick pressed up against them while I had sat on his lap, if he had taken his hard prick out there and then, I think I would have let him put it up me, as I was that far gone with wanting him, even though my mum and dad were in the same room. I was so turned on and wet by what I had witnessed today that I would have happily allowed my two older brothers, my dad and Uncle Peter to fuck me all night long. I closed my eyes and pushed my hand inside my knickers as I got a flash back of my mum and uncle Peter together, she certainly liked her hot wet cunt sucked, I was now thinking of uncle Peters mouth going down on my mum making me feel jealous. There was some confusion in my mind, which at first shocked my senses, surely this wasn’t right. I pictured my self with my head buried in between mums splayed legs eating her hairy pussy as her cum gushed out of her, while uncle Peter went down on me his mouth closing around my hairless cunt and sucking my juices out his tongue wiggling around deep inside my body. The rights or wrongs of my imaginings went out of the window. My fingers drive further and deeper inside my hot wet cunt wriggling around and sending wafts of pleasure tingling throughout my young body. Then I hear the sound of my mother in the other bedroom gasping as dad starts to give her a good fucking, the greedy bitch must have been so turned on from getting fucked earlier she was now letting dad give her a going after all this time. With the moans of my mothers erotic gasps and screams ringing in my ears I felt myself go over the top and I stifled my screams as I flooded, my hot juices running over my hand as I pictured uncle Peters huge hard prick driving in and out of mums cunt but soon it’s my cunt I imagine him fucking. I finger fucked myself several times, each time finishing off by gorging myself on the sweet cum that covered my fingers, until finally exhausted I slept like a log.

The very next day I woke up really excited, mum and dad left for the day, they had to go into town to sort some business out and wouldn’t be back until late, while my brothers had already gone to the top field, which left just me and Uncle Peter. I got ready, going through my wardrobe I decided on wearing as little clothing and just enough to get away with without making it completely obvious that I desperately wanted to be fucked. I choose a skirt that I’d owned for a couple of years, during which I had shot up and filled out a bit, so the skirt which was originally about 6 t0 7 inches above the knee was now almost 9 inches above the knee which meant that at the slightest bending of my body I exposed my arse. The blouse I choose was made of a flimsy, almost transparent material, and ordinarily I would have worn a bra underneath it as without one my breasts were clearly visible, in fact even the contrasting colours of my nipples and areola could be clearly seen. I had picked up a bra to wear but changed my mind. I wanted him to see what was on offer and drive him crazy with desire. I put on some make up and then a pair of flimsy thongs that were really tight and cut into my cunt and arse like tooth floss, the sensation of the skimpy material rubbing against my clit as I moved soon had my pussy dripping.

Once downstairs I teased uncle Peter, brushing my body against his as I moved around the kitchen and once outside the house, doing my chores, I really got into the swing of things making sure he got a good eye full of everything that was his for the taking. I was feeling really horny and my pussy was aching for attention but he hadn’t yet made any move and I was becoming frustrated with the whole situation. Didn’t he want me, didn’t he find me attractive, I didn’t know what to think. Thankfully things changed rapidly once we were in the stables, although I was a bit shocked when he took the stallion’s massive hard prick in his hand and held it there while talking to me. I knew it was then or never and moved a small step closer to him, he must have taken this to be the sign he had been waiting for and grabbed my hand putting it on the huge stallion cock ,a gasp of excitement left my lips as I felt the hot steel hardness of the stallion and I wondered what my uncle Peters hard prick was like to touch as I moved my hand up and down the massive hose. All of a sudden uncle Peter grabbed me and I felt his strong arms around me pulling me to him then his hot soft lips crushing against mine ,as I almost swooned in his embrace his tongue was soon deep in my mouth rubbing against mine. I slipped over and we both ended up falling into the hay by the side of the rutting horses.

We were lying down on the hay as the stallion mounted the mare and begun fucking her hard and furiously. My mouth sought Hazel’s and we kissed passionately her young inexperienced mouth submitting, allowing me to taste her sweetness fully as I explored her with my tongue it was not a kiss of love but one of sexual desire and passion. I moved my head down to her breasts, tearing the blouse away from them so that they were at my mercy as I sucked hard on the soft silky smooth firm flesh; the large elongated nipples tasted sweet as I sucked on one while rolling the other between finger and thumb, then pinching it hard making her wince. I moved my other hand down in between her thighs making my way to the hot cauldron that was her cunt, I didn’t have the patience to wait for her to take her knickers off and pulled and tugged at the flimsy material until it tore before cupping the fresh virgin cunt, feeling the warm moisture before pushing my middle finger all the way inside the tight un-fucked vagina. She gasped in pleasure writhing beneath me her cunt greedily wanting more than my finger is offering. I stand up hurriedly taking my trousers and pants off, my cock springing forward rigid as never before and I move well away from the horses.

“Suck uncles cock Hazel, suck it like a lollipop.” I instruct.

There is no hesitation or false modesty as she scampers to her knees and clasps my manhood in her small hands holding it still before directing it to her mouth. She opens her mouth as wide as she can and takes the first inch or so in; her tongue inherently knowing what was expected as it licked the swollen purple head which was by then covered with a sheen of newly produced pre-cum. God it felts so good, I couldn’t restrain myself anymore, I grabbed her head holding it in position as I fucked her mouth thrusting my cock deep until it entered her inexperienced throat making her choke as she coughed and splattered but there was no stopping me now. I used her oral cavity like a well lubricated fuck hole and she quickly learned to relax her throat and mouth and breath through her nose, this made it possible for me to fuck her orally with all 8″ of my hard meat as she salivated until my rod was dripping wet with saliva obviously wanting to please me she gobbled me with enthusiasm as her hands worked on my balls.

I was nearing ejaculation as the skin tightened around my scrotum and I could feel my spunk building up deep inside me as my balls hardened ready to release their cargo. It happened rapidly, I felt the tingling burning sensation as my spunk shot out into her mouth the speed and suddenness catching her by surprise as she spluttered allowing some of my precious cum to escape from her lips and drizzle down to her breasts as I grabbed hold of her hair and fucked her mouth even harder and faster than before as dollop after dollop of my hot thick spunk shot inside her mouth. It was clearly something she had not experienced before and she was unsure whether this was what was supposed to happen or that this was the male seed but to my delight she seemed to enjoy my gift as she swallowed greedily. She continued sucking me finally using her hot tongue to lick my meat until she eventually drained me. Hazel took my member out of her wonderful mouth and moved back ensuring I watched her as she seductively collected the white glue like spunk from her face and breasts and greedily sucked it off of her fingers, this was obviously something she felt I would enjoy watching after having watched her mothers performance for me the previous afternoon.

The two horses are fucking now, the stallion is on top of the mare, and his cock is like a battering ram as it plunges deep and fast inside the waiting cunt noisily. I’m tempted to push Hazel down and fuck her in much the same way but resist the temptation, instead wanting this first time to be enjoyable to her and something she’ll remember with joy. I pushed her down on the hay and I position myself with my head in-between her thighs.

Grabbing her legs from around the ankles then lower down I hold them up in the air and wide apart as I lay myself on the ground moving my mouth to its goal of desire. Her pussy was beautiful, it was cleanly shaved and smooth, with a distinct sweet scent of its own, and there were delicate folds of pinkish flesh on which droplets of cunt juice rested, reflecting the light like teardrop diamonds. I moved my mouth to her cunt covering the whole mount with my mouth as I sucked on it like a leech and savoured the wonderful taste of her virgin pussy. I begun to lick all around the entry as she bucked her young body upwards obviously enjoying this new sensation that she had never previously experienced.

Her hands at some stage took over from mine and she held her legs for me enabling my hands to go to work on her body. I moved them to her breasts massaging and stroking the beautiful mounts of flesh then moved to her nipples which in contrast were rock hard as I pulled and pinched them hard making her gasp out.

My mouth was still glued to her cunt and having made her even wetter with my saliva as it combined with her abundant pussy lubricant I moved my hand down and managed to slide two of my long fat fingers inside her and I fucked her with them gently then harder increasing the tempo all the time listening to her moaning and gasping as she enjoyed the new found sensation of having foreign fingers frigging her hungry pussy.

In a way when I discovered her maiden head was gone I was pleased as this would mean the session with me would last longer and hopefully make the whole experience even more enjoyable for her and with less pain. My mouth concentrated on her clit at the top of her fresh cunt, the wonderful aroma of which was driving me crazy with lust. Her clit was a nice size, long and fat, erect and reddish like a small angry cock this enabled me to suck it in my mouth and keep it trapped there while my tongue rubbed it hard making her wince with delight my fingers continuing their barrage on Hazel’s tight pussy. I could tell she was nearing climax as her breathing became much more laboured but I wanted her to climax like never before. I moved my mouth from her clit and used my hands to lift her arse up supporting her buttocks with my hands while using my strong thumbs to part her tight arse cheeks. I could smell the musky scent of her arse as I begun to brush it with my thick fat tongue, the moment my tongue touched her nerve filled star shaped anal gateway she shivered, I begun to move my tongue up and down finally making my tongue as rigid as I could I pushed it at the centre of her pucker tonguing it until I could feel the tell tale signs of her ruby brown sphincter begin to give way as she found her voice and began to beg me for more.



I had no intention of stopping I continue sucking on her pucker then licking it at the same time allowing my saliva to cover the whole area until her arse was saturated. I brought a fat finger to the tiny hole and gently rubbed the wet area with the ball of my finger every so often prodding the tiny entry until it surrendered and I managed to squeeze the tip of my finger inside her the sphincter squeezing around the invader as I moved it deeper slowly inch by inch until my long middle finger was buried about half way inside Hazel’s tight arse as she whimpered.

I moved my mouth back to her cunt locating her clit quickly and started to again suck and lick the small knob until her body was shaking with pleasure. I inserted two fingers inside her still tight cunt and fucked her with them her movements and sounds alerting me to how very near she was to climaxing. I managed to time it perfectly so that as she begun to cum my finger, now only partly buried inside her anal passage penetrated her arse fully while simultaneously I buried my two fingers as far as possible in her tasty pussy and opened and closed them in a scissor action. The combination of anal fingering, cunt finger fucking and clit sucking was too much for her as she screamed loudly exploding in a mighty orgasm her cunt and anal muscles contracting around the violating intruders with a vice like grip as she continued screaming. She actually ejaculated pissing cum all over my hand and I quickly moved my fingers away from her tight cunt replacing them with my mouth and sucked on her quim while my tongue licked all over the pretty folds of flesh before entering and tonguing her in gratitude for the lovely sweet tasting thick cum which filled my mouth as I greedily guzzled it down not wanting to loose a single drop of her precious liquid.

Laying back in the hay I was now totally naked and on fire ,my whole body was throbbing with anticipation and I knew that I wanted my uncle Peter to fuck me. As he lay down beside me I reached out and grasped his prick in my hand as his hot lips found my erect throbbing nipples, after a couple of strokes with my hand I felt his prick start to come alive again and it swelled up to a hard hot throbbing monster. The next thing I knew was Uncle Peter getting up and around the front of me. He grabbed both my legs and pulled them apart then pulled my open thighs upwards to towards his massive hard prick. I felt like I was on fire as the huge bulbous hot hard head of his prick touched the soaking wet lips of my throbbing cunt. I knew then that I was in the same situation as the mare had been only moments ago and that at any second I would find out what it felt like to have a hard prick up me. As I gasped in anticipation the mare whinnied like mad as the stallion fucked her faster and faster, driving his huge fat cock in and out while his weight kept her in place. Turning back to my uncle my eyes almost popped out of my head, they became the size of tea saucers, protruding from his body was this large and wide solid muscle. I hadn’t really appreciated just how big he was while he hurriedly fucked my mouth now seeing it jutting out like that I suddenly appreciated just how big his hard prick really was, surely he was not thinking of trying to get that huge thing up me, my tiny cunt had never been fucked before and I could barely get three fingers inside it myself this was definitely more than three fingers worth of cock. Okay mum had taken it all but mum was stretched after having had three children and a lot of fucking. Although I had my reservations I knew that there was no turning back and tried to relax for the onslaught that was heading my way.

With the wonderful taste of Hazel’s cunt still making my mouth salivate I pulled her to me holding her legs up and apart, as my cock, now harder than ever before, found its way to her hot cock hungry pussy. I watched as my fat almost purple cock head pushed the wet soft flesh apart entering the yielding wet velvety tunnel of her cunt. I was unbelievably excited at the thrill of fucking my own niece, maybe the knowledge deep down that this was forbidden fruit or just the fact that she was a beautiful young virgin that wanted me to fuck her for the very first time made it so much more stimulating. I found I couldn’t control myself any more and thrust into her cunt as hard as I could, making her scream in pain, had she been intact I would have surely ripped a hole through the thin skin separating her from womanhood with that first thrust. Her screams fuelled my excitement even further as I lowered her legs to either side of me pushing down on her thighs forcing her wider apart as I plunged my cock in and out of her cunt oblivious to any pain she may have felt. Hazel was quick to learn and soon begun pushing upward the initial pain now gone only to be replaced by her animal needs for sexual gratification as she started to moan and holler your needs for more cock.




I repositioned myself so that her big beautiful orbs were accessible to my mouth and sucked hard on each in turn, her nipples were rock hard standing out proud and rigid as I hungrily draw one then the other in my mouth before finally biting down hard resulting in a scream escaping her mouth. I continued to fuck her to the sound of my balls, as they collide with her buttocks and the squelching sound of my cock forcing her juices and air out each time it sunk deep inside her welcoming folds. To my delight she climaxed again and I felt her cunt squeezing my cock as though never wanting to let it go again. I was in two minds now whether to continue fucking her cunt until I climaxed or whether to take her anal virginity. I decided on the latter not knowing when or if another opportunity would become available.

I pushed her legs up again and moved to my knees in front of her, moving my mouth to her cunt, sucking on it savouring Hazel’s fresh cum then moved my mouth lower down to her arse hole sucking on the tiny pert hole then tonguing it until the crevice filled with my saliva. She moaned with pleasure holding my head down and against her arse wanting more.

“Oohhh… yesss… aaahhh… yesss… God that feelsss so gooooddd Uncle Peter, ohhhh…

yesss… yeesss… please doooo ittt… dooo… that I’ll do anything you want… aaahhh…

yesss… iIt feels… oooohhh… so nice… pleassse don’t stoop… aaahhh… goooddd.”

“Finger your cunt you little slut, I want to see you finger your tight squelching cunt.” I instructed her crudely to see her reaction and I smiled to myself as she immediately obeyed.

“Push your hand inside your cunt you whore and suck your dirty cunt juices off your fingers, I know a dirty little slut like you will love it.” I watched as she did everything I asked her eyes glazed as she sucked her cum from her own hand obviously enjoying her own taste as she licked the fingers clean before returning them for more pushing all three fingers inside her cunt as far as they would go and repeating the exercise again.

I could tell there and then that she was going to be a cock pleaser; I even felt a pang of jealousy at the thought that once discovered there would be no lack of cocks happy to use her. As for now she was taking to the situation as if this was what she was born for. I rubbed her arse hole with the ball of my finger and it puckered the tiny entry opening freely as if begging to be fucked, I once again violated her anus pushing my finger all the way inside making her wince with the sudden mixture of sensations she must have felt. She was rubbing her clit now fast and furiously as I plunged three fingers inside her cunt and fucked her with them while driving my long fat middle finger in and out of her arse hole like a piston while she moved her arse against it trying to get more of my finger inside her. Moving my mouth to her arse I dribbled my saliva on my finger pushing it back inside her anal passage repeating the process several times until she was well lubricated then lubricated my other finger before penetrating her with it so that I now had three fingers in her soggy cunt and two inside her tight arse while she moved her body in unison with my hands, fucking herself with them as though they were dildos and she needed to make herself cum. My cock was throbbing with anticipation and I just wanted to fuck her tight arse hole hard, ram it all the way inside her and fuck her anally until she begged me to stop.

Falling back into the hay naked with my cunt soaking wet and my arse throbbing as uncle Peter finger fucked me like mad. I gasped out loving every second of this new found sexual release in my life and voluntarily opened my legs wider as uncle Peter knelt down between my wide open legs and with one hand still fingering my virgin arse he held his massive hot hard throbbing prick in his other hand and moved forwards until the massive purple hot head was touching my soaking wet inner lips, just then a fire shot through me as he teased me by rubbing the head of his blotted cock up and down the wet dripping lips of my no newly fucked cunt. I tried to push downwards to meet his throbbing cock but he pulled away a few inches making me beg to be taken , he just laughed at my clumsy efforts and instead rammed three fingers as hard as he could up my tight sucking arse hole making me scream out. Oh god how I wanted his wonderful hard prick at that minute, so much so that I shouted out to him that I would do anything for him, anything he demanded, as long as he fucked me, he grinned at me and once more moved forward until again his hot throbbing burning meat pushed against my hot wet cunt lips. As I gasped out in lust thinking that I’m about to get his hard prick inside, he pulled me upwards and pulling my hair back hard so that my head jerked and my mouth opened. I screamed in that mixture of painful pleasure, as he forced his monstrous hard prick into my mouth while still managing to ram my arse with the digits of his free hand.

I rammed my cock inside her mouth pushing myself inside almost making her choke as the fat swollen head entered her throat. Having already cum inside her mouth I knew that I’d be able to last a long time and had an overwhelming need to completely dominate her before violating her last virgin hole. I was pleased with her performance as she relaxed her throat muscles so that my cock now easily slid all the way in and I could feel the tightness of her wind pipe while I could hear her drawing and realising air through her nostrils. I knew she had completely surrendered herself to me and that she was prepared to do anything that would please me.

I pulled away from her, “Lick my arse you dirty whore. Let Uncle Peter see what a dirty slut you are and the dirty disgusting things you like to do.” I demanded as I bend over spreading my legs.

Hazel unquestioningly moves behind me, kneeling on the floor grasping my buttocks and holding them apart as I felt her hot lips make contact with my arse hole and she started to suck then lick my arse hole pushing her tongue against the opening until the tip managed to squirm its way in. It felt good and I moved my own hands behind me holding my self open as she continued to eat my arse, as I’d eaten her, while her hand moved to my balls juggling them while the other hand grabbed my thick cock and wanked it feverishly. She suddenly surprised me moving a hand back to my arse she slid a finger into my anal passage then quickly followed this with a second finger; this time longer it reached my prostrate making my cock jerk up. Her fingers withdraw only to come back well lubricated after being sucked. I allowed Hazel to continue until her mouth came back to my arse and she stuck your tongue further inside my anal passage, licking and sucking my pucker. The thought of her pretty mouth and tongue orally satisfying my anus excited me but I needed to fuck her tight virgin arse and moved myself forward away from her lips.

“Bend down and touch your toes Hazel, uncle is going to fuck your arse really fuck it for you so the every time you sit down you’ll remember my cock inside you. I’m going to fuck you in the arse just like I did your mums yesterday and I saw just how much you loved finger fucking your wet cunt while you watched my cock going inside your mothers arse like the dirty little slut that you are.”

As she stood up I could see the lust emblazed on her beautiful face almost begging me to violate her and take away any remaining innocence.

She bend over as instructed her legs wide apart, her hands stretching her arse cheeks and I held my cock tightly as I position it against her arse. I pushed hard almost knocking her over as she let out a stifled scream and the head of my cock disappeared inside her the rubbery well lubricated flesh of her pucker swallowing the huge head. Ignoring her discomfort I grabbed her buttocks and forced my fat cock inside her until she screamed out again but by now it was too late my cock was buried deep in her arse and I needed to fuck her, I begun thrusting in and out of her tight arse hole sending all 8” of my fat cock deep inside her young body the restrictive murky tunnel of her anal passage surrendering to a sensation she had never believed possible the violation was complete, faster and harder I rammed my cock and her restrictive colon squeezed my pulsating muscle, I was the run away train pelting through her never ending murky sodden tunnel. Her responsiveness delighted me, after the initial penetration the pain had subsided she pushed her arse back to meet my every thrust and begged for me to fuck her harder and deeper while she frigged her pussy, dipping her hand inside like it was a jam jar and sucking her fingers clean before repeating the exercise again and again.




Her cries of pleasure were like music to my ears and I could feel my spunk building up deep in my groin as it prepared for the voyage to fertilization, only this time there would be only a one way ticket deep into her bowels. The need to cum inside her was too great to stop myself, without warning all my control and resolve disappeared as my cock expanded inside her restrictive tube and the ache in my groin gave way to one of pleasurable release as my dick shuddered with the first release of my thick cream, followed by another and another as I continued to thrust in and out of her with a manic frenzy needing to empty my seed in her young luscious body.

I was surprised at how easily and willingly I had surrendered all of my virginity to Uncle Peter. Yes, I had wanted to loose my virginity. Yes, I had dreamt of someone like Uncle Peter, experienced, dominant and well endowed, but the animal even savage way he had taken my innocence was something unexpected, perhaps this was what made it so exciting for me.

My jaw ached from the assault of his cock as he rammed it in and out of my throat almost choking me, it was so thick my mouth was stretched to the limits but this was now the second time he was using my mouth for his sexual enjoyment and after a few seconds I was able to take him in. I found myself enjoying the sensation of his strong wide muscular cock with the syrupy pre-cum which added a tangy, salty flavour to the fresh smelling smooth tool as it penetrated my mouth. My tongue could now detect the swellings and ridges on the surface caused by the blood swollen veins which had become distinguishable with their bluish colour against the pinkish background of his meat.

As I sucked on his juicy cock I wondered whether he would cum in my mouth a second time, making a note that if he did I would be more prepared for the rapid jolt of his hot thick spunk this time, when he took his cock was out of my mouth. At the same time releasing my hair, which he had been using like a set of reins pulling my head to his cock as he rammed it down my throat, and demanding that I licked his arse. Had anybody told me that I would even contemplate to lick anyone down there yesterday morning, I’d have told them they were completely mad and the very thought would have repulsed me. Now in the cold light of day, I found myself willing and wanting to obey his every request.

Perhaps it was the thought of the anal foreplay I had witnessed him practise on my mother yesterday or the thought that he had already carried out the same act on me so pleasurably so how could I refuse to reciprocate or it was just my need to please him or I was just a dirty suppressed slut coming out or just wanted to experience the act but probably it was a combination of all of these.

I kneeled behind him pulling apart his strong muscular buttocks and burying my face in between them. The smell of musky dampness was not unpleasant, as I may have expected, and I tentatively pushed out my long wet tongue to the crevice between his bum cheeks letting it glide along the slit and then returning and stopping at the dark brown rubbery pucker with the tiny hole in the centre. My taste buds didn’t find the offering offensive and I begun to lick and prod with my tongue until he was wet, curling my tongue and making it as rigid as possible I managed to squeeze the tip inside as I at the same time used all my strength to pull his buttocks apart. He let out a moan and I could tell he was enjoying the attention of my mouth. I finally moved my hand to his arse and pushed a finger deep inside his arse wiggling it inside while I slipped my other hand in front of his body and grabbed hold of his prick, rubbing it firmly up and down as it pulsated in my hand. I swapped fingers this time pushing my long middle finger all the way inside his anus until I felt, what I later discovered was, his prostrate making him wince and after a short while pull away.

I heard his voice through a misty haze of sexual arousal, every orifice in my body was screaming for attention, I robotically assumed the position. I was bent over, my tits, due to their size hang down away from my body, like a pair of udders, as gravity pulled on them. Uncle peter used his foot to nudge my legs wider apart and once happy with my position rubbed his thick hot cock along the rim of my very wet cunt. God it felt good and I pushed my cunt eagerly towards his prick hoping he would thrust it deep inside me, instead he pulled his shaft back and using his hands prised open my buttocks holding them apart as he lined up his cock with my arse hole. I was unprepared for his powerful forward thrust, the abrupt move almost sent me flying across the stable and I just managed to keep my balance as the monstrous swollen head of his fat dick tore through my back passage like a red hot poker, I screamed with pain and was ready to tell him to pull it back out when he pushed his whole body towards me until all of his beautiful cock was buried deep inside me as he begun fucking me. I soon found that once the initial feeling of pain had subsided I felt full and content as I begun enjoying this new feeling so much so that I even begun pushing my arse back to meet his long hard thrusts. The violation of my body was now complete, every fuckable orifice had now been used and I loved the feel of his cock inside me, automatically my hands moved to my cunt and I begun to finger fuck myself and play with my clit adding a new dimension of pleasure to the proceedings. Uncle Peter moved his long arms until his hands were able to grasp my tits and he used them as handles to pull himself forward and at the same time pull me back skewering me on his cock. I was soon screaming with pleasure and begging for more as I neared my imminent orgasm every so often taking a hand to my mouth to suck my own abundant cum juices from. Uncle Peter was groaning and shouting about how good a fuck I was and what a nice tight fuck I had turned out to be when I felt his organ swell deep inside my anal canal it felt as if it was going to split me in two, this was followed by a stinging sensation as his spunk shot out bathing my anal bowels as his cock jerked inside me spurting out his hot seed I climaxed. My whole body seemed to tremble and my cunt begun pouring with thick cum as my muscles tightened around the hot cock in my arse and my own fingers which were embedded deep in my pussy. I was shaking with sheer wanton animal pleasure and wishing the moment would last for ever I felt so emotional I cried from the sheer ecstasy. Uncle Peter was now drained as his cock begun to shrivel until it popped out of my arse, I didn’t wait to be asked, I spun round and got down on my knees taking the whole of his cock in my mouth I sucked on it while he stroked my head.

Hazel had been exceptional for a girl so knew to sex she had proved how hot a woman can be once she relinquishes any preconceptions and inhibitions. It proved to be a very exciting time during my two week stay, for both me and Hazel but some others as well.

I’m pleased to say that my young niece is presently staying with me while at University in London and we are having a great time trying out all sorts of new things.

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