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Amber’s husband was at work, and as always, she was bored. It was just her and her son, Jake, in the house. He was sleeping in late today, because it was the summer after his sophomore year of college and he didn’t have anything to fill his time.

Like most sunny days like this, Amber decided to go to the pool. She was excited to try on the new bikini she’d purchased the day before. So she slipped into it carefully.

A tiny white string bikini was barely enough to cover her. Standing at 5’6” and weighing 130lbs, Amber was perfectly curvy, and her skin and muscles were especially impressive for a 41-year-old woman. She admired herself in the bedroom mirror. She jumped up and down a couple of times to test the bikini top. Sure enough, after a couple of bounces, one of her enormous 34EEE popped out. She stuffed it back into the top and tried again. No luck. She’d have to be careful about that!

Once she was ready to go outside, she got mad at her son for sleeping in so late. Jake could be so lazy sometimes. So she decided to knock on his bedroom door.

“What is it?” he asked from behind the door.

“Jake, I was going to go down to the pool,” Amber said. “I thought you might want to join me for once.”

“Hold on.”

Amber waited a moment, then another, then another. She got impatient, so she opened the door halfway and peeked inside. Jake was standing there in his t-shirt and boxers, turning off his computer. She stepped inside.

Jake turned and looked. He’d seen his mom in bathing suits before, but nothing this revealing. Her time at the gym recently was paying off, because he had to admit she looked great. If she weren’t his mom, he’d definitely think of her as a cougar. Curvy, but not too curvy. And those perky and enormous tits!!!

“Hey, baby. Do you want to come down to the pool with me? It’s beautiful outside today.”

“I don’t know. It’s so hot.”

“That’s what the pool is for, silly!”

Jake wasn’t sure. If he went down to the pool, he’d get to stare at his mom some more. And suddenly, for the first time ever, this seemed like something he wanted to do—-to lust after her, to stare at her tits floating in the water. But he didn’t want to be caught.

“What do think of my new bikini, by the way?” Amber asked her son.

“It, um, looks great. Yeah, mom. It’s really cool. The white looks good against your tan.”

“Thanks, baby. I thought so, too. Your dad would just die if he saw me in this.”


“He’d think it’s way too revealing. He wouldn’t want me to wear it around anyone but him.”

“And me, right, mom?”

“Haha! Of course! I don’t think he’d get jealous of you!”

“Well, good. Because it looks great, mom. Really shows off that body you’ve been working on.”

“Aww, you’re so sweet. But there is a problem with it.”

“With the bikini?”

“Yeah. I think it might be a little too small up top.”

“Why, mom? Everything’s covered.”

“Barely! But if I move much, my breasts might pop out.”

“No way! Seriously? That wouldn’t be good!”

“Haha, nope. Not if anyone was around to see.”

“I just don’t believe those could come out. The material is straining to hold them in, as is.”

“But watch this, Jake.”

And with that, and before thinking, Amber began to hop up and down a little. Her huge titties bounced with her. Not too soft and not too firm, Jake noticed. They bounce just the right amount. But after a few seconds, on cue, one of Amber’s tits popped out the edge of the bikini. Her small pink nipple was pointing right at Jake.

“Whoa! Mom!”

She saw what happened, and she went to stuff her boob back into her top.

“See, baby? I told you these things are too big!”

“They’re not too big, mom. The bikini’s just a little small.”

“No way. I wish these were smaller,” she said, and she quickly grabbed her tits and let go.

“You do? I’m surprised. I thought you always enjoyed having such big … um … you know.”

“I do. And they get a lot of attention. But finding a good bikini or bra is tough. I mean, I’m a pretty fit, small woman, but I have these big round tits. It’s tough.”

“I guess so.”

“Oh, and my booty!”

And again, Amber turned around and showed her son the backside. Sure enough, a tiny little white bikini string ran up her ass, perfectly framing her two bubbly tan ass cheeks. Jake was staring.

“Does it show too much ass, baby?”

“No, mom. It’s, um, just right. You’ve worked hard for that ass. Show it off.”

Amber turned back around, and she went to Jake. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged tight.

“Thank you, baby. Thank you so much. You’re too sweet, really. I needed to hear all that.”

Jake was focused on her huge breasts, which were pressed hard up against his chest. His cock was responding, and growing rapidly. Any moment, she’d feel it pressed against her stomach. She squeezed tighter, and then stopped suddenly, backing away. She’d felt his erection, apparently.

“What’s wrong, mom?” Jake asked, knowing the answer.

Amber looked down, and sure enough, Jake’s hard cock was sticking out, pressing against his boxers. She didn’t think she could have that effect on her son. She thought this was all good, family fun.

“Jake, baby. I’m sorry,” she said, and gestured to his cock.

Jake didn’t need to look down to know what she was talking about.

“I’m sorry, mom. I didn’t expect this to happen. But you can’t blame me.”


“Mom, you have an amazing body. And you have those big beautiful tits. And that bubble butt. It’s hard for me not to get turned on.”

“But I’m your mommy.”

“I know, I know. And I’m sorry. But I just can’t help it.”

“Well then. I guess we should go swimming now, and forget all about it.” Amber snuck another peek at his cock, which appeared to be pretty damn long.

“I guess so. But I need something first.”

Jake was over the edge now. He was a nerdy kid, kind of. Never successful with women. And when his mom had knocked on his door, he’d been jerking off to online porn. He’d grown more frustrated everyday with his lack of “game” with women. And now, here was an understanding woman in front of him, with fat tits and a hard tummy and a perfect ass. What was he to do? How about going for it?

“What do you need, baby?” she asked.

Jake reached down into his boxers quickly, and pulled his long, thick cock over the top. It was so smooth and pink and hard. Amber couldn’t believe her eyes. She couldn’t believe he was doing this.

“I need you to get rid of this for me, mom.”

“Your erection? Really? Why?”

“Because you gave it to me. And because I can’t go swimming with one.”

Amber was stunned. Her son was asking her to help him get rid of his hard-on. It seemed surreal, this moment. But Jake was so confident. He stood there, two feet in front of her, holding his enormous dick, and not smiling. He was serious.

Without thinking much about what she was doing, Amber dropped to her knees. Jake flinched a bit, amazed she was doing this. She didn’t say a word. She looked almost like a zombie, hypnotized by his cock.

She reached out with one hand and grabbed it by the base. So warm! So hard! Her long manicured nails barely wrapped around his dick. So thick! She held it for a second and looked up at Jake, her big blue eyes shining in the sunlight through the window.

“Like this?” she asked.

“That’s, um, that’s good,” he said, trying to sound confident but shaking inside.

“Or maybe you’d like me to do this?” she said and leaned in, engulfing his cock with her lips in one quick move. Before he could blink, his mommy had his entire fat dick down her throat. She held it there, running her tongue along it inside her mouth. Then she backed off quickly, letting the cock make a smacking sound as she did. It was soaked and dripping with her saliva.

“Is that what you mean?” she asked again, looking up, batting her eyes. For some reason, she felt like being coy, like a little schoolgirl or something. She couldn’t ignore how excited the size and shape of her son’s cock made her.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Jake said.

“Or maybe you’d like to see these?” she said. And she leaned back on her knees, placing an arm under her gigantic tits and pushing them up.

“Yeah, let me see those” Jake said, smiling.

She quickly pulled both tits out and held them up for her son’s inspection.

“You don’t think they’re too big?” she asked, pouting her lips at him. She squeezed her perfect nipples in her fingers, using them to lift her tits up a bit more.

“They’re perfect. So big and so soft.”

“Then why don’t you lean down here and suck on these fat tits?” she asked. And before she knew it, Jake was down on his knees, leaning in and taking a mouthful of tit-flesh. He sucked hard, trying to get as much of them in his mouth as possible. She threw her head back and smiled. She moaned a bit as her son took one of her hard nipples in his mouth and nibbled on it. Her tits were enormous and he was suffocating himself on them, like a hungry child, soaking them with his saliva.

Eventually, he pulled away and smiled. She placed her palms under her breasts and made them jiggle and shake.

“Mommy likes it when you suck on her titties, baby boy.”

“Baby boy is obsessed with these big round tits, mommy,” Jake said, taking on a younger voice to play along.

“But now mommy wants some more of that huge cock,” she said and pulled his cock to her mouth. Once again, she dove right in, sucking it like a cock-hungry slut.

Jake placed his hands on the back of her head, grabbing a fistful of her gorgeous hair and holding her down on his dick. She gagged a little. Jake took it a step further:

“Mommy likes sucking this fat dick, doesn’t she? This dick is bigger than daddy’s, isn’t it?”

Amber pulled away for a second, kips her lips pressed to the wet, shining head of his cock.

“Oh god, yes. It’s so much bigger than daddy’s dick. Daddy has a tiny little cock compared to you, baby.”

“And mommy likes my dick more, doesn’t she?”

“Oh fuck yes,” she gasped, overcome with lust. “Oh yes, so much more. I want my baby’s dick every day.”

“You’re not going to suck daddy’s cock anymore, are you?”

“Not without your permission, baby boy. Mommy is your cock-sucker now.”

And with that, she went back to bobbing her head up and down on her son’s meaty pole. It felt amazing, and looked amazing too. Here he was, leaning back on his knees in the middle of his bedroom, while his mom was on all fours, her perfectly round and tan ass sticking up behind her as she hungrily devoured his dick, moaning and gasping like a slut the entire time.

“Who’s the dirtiest little slut?” Jake asked, still holding onto her head.

She moaned something overt his dick and she shoved it to the back of her throat.

“What’s that?” he asked. “Speak up, mommy.”

She pulled away and looked up at him.

“I’m your dirty little cum-slut, baby. I want to suck your dick all day. I love this fat cock. Mmmmmm.”

“Good mommy. That’s it. Go back to sucking it.”

And she did.

After another couple of minutes, her fat, wet lips and expert tongue pushed him to the edge of cumming. He felt the load building up in the base of his cock.

“Mommy, your little baby’s gonna cum.”

“Goodie!” she said, and dove back on.

“Does mommy want to suck her baby boy’s cum down her throat?”

“Mmmmhmmmm” she moaned.

It built, and it built, and it built. And then, just as his cock was about to twitch and spew its first load, Amber sensed it, and wanting to give him a surprise, pulled away.

And the first thick, creamy rope of cum shot out of his cock and splattered against Amber’s cheek. She held the cock and stroked it, and the next load shot onto her neck. Another spasm came and suddenly a juicy load dropped onto her giant tits. A few more smaller ropes of cum splattered out onto her thighs. She was covered in her son’s cum, from face to legs. She smiled and giggled, looking up at him.

Jake felt amazing.

She took her fingers and scooped up some of the cum from between her tits. She stuck her fingers in her mouth and savored the taste.

“I like your cum, baby. I like it when you shoot that steamy cum onto these huge bouncy tits.”

“Me too, mommy. You’re such a hot slut.”

“We’re just getting started, baby boy,” she said.

So, Jake had just finished exploding across his busty mom’s face, neck, and tits. He fell back onto the bed, weak in the knees. Amber stayed on hers, smiling at him as she licked the thick cum from her lips. She took a couple of fingers, scooped up a bit that was splashed across one of her nipples, and sucked them dry. Jake just watched her in amazement.

“God, mom, that was amazing,” he said, smiling at her.

Amber got to her feet, her 34EEEs swaying a bit as she did.

“I agree, baby boy,” she said. She wrapped her small hands under both of her tits and lifted them up. “These things do the trick everytime,” she giggled, and let them fall. They were enormous and smooth, but they didn’t shake too much. Just enough to excite Jake again. His cock twitched a bit.

“But,” Amber said, “it’s about time we went down to the pool, don’t you think?”

And with that, she strolled out of the room, giving Jake a long look at her tan legs, her muscular thighs, and an enormous bubble butt framed by her white thong.

Jake waited a moment to catch his breath, then stood up. His cock wasn’t hard, but it still hung down nicely. It was thick, smooth, and he kept his pubes shaved close.

He walked downstairs and found his mom already by the pool. She was sitting back in a lounge chair, her legs crossed at the ankles, her round tits looking bright in the midday sun.

“Come over here,” she said.

Jake, still nude, obeyed his mom. He stood at the end of the chair, looking down at her.

“Now, your father will be home soon, baby boy,” she said. “So if we’re going to play anymore, we better hurry up.”

“More?” Jake asked. He was excited, but nervous. What if he couldn’t please her the way she pleased him?

Amber leaned forward, her gorgeous blonde hair tumbling across her shoulders. Her tits dangled a bit—-so big, so soft, so round.

She wrapped her manicured nails around his flaccid cock and slapped it against her cheek a few times.

“Baby boy, let’s see if we can get this thing up again,” she said, and as she did, Jake felt himself responding. His cock began to stiffen in her hand, as she continued to squeeze it and spank her lips with it. Once it was almost fully hard, Amber let go.

She spun around so she was face down on the chair, she slowly inched her ass high in the air. It was huge compared to her tiny waist and small stature. A perfect ghetto booty.

Jake was feeling bold now. Standing naked outside with a hard cock, his gorgeous mom on her hands and knees, shaking her bubble butt at him — it was too much. He grabbed her thong bottoms and yanked them down to her knees. She spread her legs a bit. Jake pulled up behind her.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s a good boy. Mommy looooved sucking that big dick,” Amber said over her shoulder. “But now it’s time for mommy to get fucked by her baby boy’s enormous cock.”

“Yes, mommy,” Jake said, and placed the fat cockhead against her slit.

She moaned and giggled a bit.

“God, I’m such a dirty whore, aren’t I baby boy?” she asked.

Jake wasn’t sure what to say, so he responded “No, mommy. You’re not a whore.”

“Yes, I am!” she shouted back. “I’m a dirty whore for big cock. Look at me, about to get fucked by my own son in the middle of our backyard. Anyone could catch us, but I wouldn’t care. They could just sit back and watch me get fucked.”

Jake caught on. His mom was not only into his cock, she was into ANY cock. So he’d play along.

“That’s right, mommy. Your little baby boy is going to fuck you good,” and with that, he thrust forward with his hips, burying his dick into the bottom of his mom’s soaked pussy. He held it there for a moment while Amber screamed and adjusted herself.

“Goddamn, baby boy! That dick is huge! I can feel every inch of it.”

“That’s right, mommy. Your little pussy can take any cock, can’t it?”

“Any cock that it wants, baby boy. But right now, it wants your cock. Starting fucking your mommy.”

And Jake did just that. He began thrusting in small movements. A little bit out, then right back in. His cock plunged further and further, it seemed. Amber began thrusting back, trying to get more, more, more. It seemed he’d bottomed out—–all 9 inches deep inside of her.

And those tits! The 34EEEs were thrashing all over the place. Back and forth, in tiny circles. Her hard nipples pointed down as her tits were being vibrated by her son’s thrusting motions. She got turned on looking down and seeing them. Her own giant tits turned her on.

They turned Jake on, too. So he reached around and grabbed two giant handfuls of titflesh. He dug in and began fucking her faster, using her tits for balance.

“Mmmmm, hold onto mommy’s big titties, baby,” she said. “Grab mommy’s tits and keep fucking mommy until she cums. Fuck me like your daddy can’t.”

This got to Jake. Hearing “daddy” made him fuck harder.

“Yeah, mommy? You like the way I fuck you?”

“You know I do, baby. Your dick is the biggest I’ve ever had.”

“Bigger than daddy’s, mommy?” he asked through gritted teeth.

“Much bigger. Daddy’s dick is OK, but it’s nothing compared to my baby boy’s.”

“You’re my slut now, mommy. You’re going to fuck me when I say. Understand?”

“Every day and every night, baby boy. Mommy is your big-tittied slut from now on.”

And with that, they seemed to catch a rhythm. Her thrusting her giant ass back onto his cock, him mauling her tits as he angled his dick into her every which way. After another 10 minutes of steady fucking—-along with some spanking and hair-pulling and more humiliating talk about Jake’s father—-they both built up to a climax.

Amber went first. She screamed and fucked faster than before, the orgasm building up from her stomach and washing across her body. Her muscles tightened as screamed out:

“Oh my god, baby! I’m cumming! Mommy’s cumming! Make mommy cum all over your huge horse cock, baby boy. Hold onto mommy’s big tits while she cums.”

Jake couldn’t stand it either, so he let go, and suddenly they were cumming together. He shot load after load deep into her pussy. Her pussy clinched up around his cock, milking out every drop of salty cum.

“Yes mommy! Yes mommy! Take my cum, you fucking whore!”

“Give me your cum, baby boy. Make your mommy-slut pregnant with your cum!”

After a moment, Jake pulled out, making a sharp smacking sound as his cock exited her pussy. Amber quickly rolled over and smiled up at her son. Jake grinned down at her. His cock still twitching from the fuck-fest. Her tits were mesmerizing, even still.

“Damn, baby boy. I had no idea what a cock like that could do,” she said and sat up, giving it a little kiss on the head.

“This is just the beginning, mommy.”

“I hope so,” she said.

And then a third voice, from behind both of them, near the house:

“What the fuck is going on???”

They both turned to look. There was Alan, Jake’s dad and Amber’s husband, standing in his suit, dumbfounded.

Mark, who had been married to Amanda for 20 years, couldn’t believe his eyes. There was his beautiful wife, naked on the lounge chair. And there was his son, Jake, on top of her pounding away at her pussy. It took him a few seconds to realize what he was seeing. Jake was naked, and his wife’s enormous tits—-which was one of the main things that attracted Mark to her—-were bouncing wildly between them. When he finally took the scene in, he managed to yell out.

Jake and Amber turned to look at Mark at the same time. Amber’s smile faded quickly, as did Jakes’. Mark dropped his briefcase and began walking toward them.

Amber looked up at her son and didn’t know what to say. She was feeling a lot of emotions—fear and shame at being caught by her husband, along with pure lust at the amazing fuck Jake had been giving her just moments before. She didn’t want him to stop thrusting into her juicy cunt, which was nearing orgasm again, but before she could say anything, Jake pulled out and stood up. He faced his father.

As soon as Mark approached them, Jake stepped forward and grabbed his father (whom he outweighed by about 30 lbs.) by the arm and flung him to the concrete next to the pool. Amber shouted a bit, surprised by her son’s force.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Mark asked, stunned by his son’s strength.

Jake didn’t know why he had grabbed his father like that, but he felt protective, like a boyfriend would if a man approached his girlfriend in a violent manner. Jake was stunned and looked down at his dad. Mark couldn’t help but notice that Jake was enormous and still hard. His cock stuck out like a proud flagpole, and it was coated in juices. As Jake stood there, shaking in anger a bit, his cock pulsed and bobbed and shook just a couple of feet from Mark’s face.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Mark asked again. He started to get to his feet, but Jake pushed him back down with a light kick to the shoulder.

“What does it look like, dad?” Jake said sarcastically. “I was fucking mom. Until you showed up.”

“I see that! But what the fuck are you doing that for?” Mark spat back. He looked over at Amber, who had sat up and pulled a towel across her naked body.

“And you!” Mark shouted. “Fucking Jake? Fucking our own son? Right here in the middle of the day? What kind of whore are you?”

Jake wasn’t going to stand for that kind of talk. Before Amber could reply, Jake leaned down and punched his dad across the face. Mark’s head hit the ground and he blacked out.

When he awoke a few minutes later, he was still next to the pool. He could hear a soft moan coming from nearby. When he opened his eyes and his vision cleared up a bit, he sat up. He turned to see his wife still on the chair, her legs wide open, and Jake with his mouth planted firmly on her pussy. He was slurping loudly, and Amber’s eyes were shut. She was loving it, obviously. Her round, tan tits were vibrating slightly with each thrust of Jake’s tongue.

Neither Jake nor Amber were paying any attention to Mark.

Mark moved to stand up, but he quickly realized that wasn’t an option. His hands were tied together, as were his ankles. The knots weren’t very tight, but tight enough to keep him from moving. He collapsed back, grunting as he did.

At the sound, Jake pulled back from the world-class licking he was giving Amber’s pussy, and turned to his father. Amber moaned in disappointment when Jake pulled away, but when she opened her eyes, she saw why: Mark was awake again.

When he’d passed out at Jake’s punch a moment ago, Amber had shrieked in surprise. When Jake confirmed that Mark was out cold, he turned to his mother.

“Mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to knock him out, and I don’t know why I did. But I guess I just didn’t want him to ruin our fun.”

Amber looked from her son, to her passed out husband, then down to Jake’s throbbing cock, still coated in her juices. Then she smiled up at Jake.

“I love you, baby boy. You protected me. Just like a good boy should.”

“What should we do now?” Jake asked. Amber thought for a moment. Her husband would be awake soon, and they’d have to answer some serious questions. So they might as well finish up before dealing with Mark.

“Run to the garage, baby boy,” she said. “Grab that rope off the shelf and come back.”

When Jake returned with the rope, still naked and still with his hard cock flopping around, Amber instructed him to tie Mark up.

“Not too tight, but enough to keep him put,” she said.

Jake went about tying up his father. As he did, his hard cock slapped against Mark’s face a couple of times. Jake and Amber both laughed at this.

“Slap him with your cock, baby boy,” Amber said, half-jokingly. Jake obliged. He squatted over his dad, grabbed the base of his enormous dick, and slapped the wet cockhead against his dad’s lips a few times. Amber erupted into laughter, and Jake followed.

“OK, enough of that, baby boy,” she said. “Let’s get back to our fun now.”

And that’s what they did. Jake dove face-first into Amber’s open legs, and began making violent thrusts into it with his tongue. He knew by now that gentleness was not his mom’s style. He lapped like a hungry puppy at his mom’s cunt for ten minutes before Mark woke back up. When Mark spoke out, Jake pulled back to talk to him. This was going to be fun.

“Before you say anything, dad,” Jake said, “you need to understand something. Mom is mine now. Not yours. She’ll never be yours again.”

“But you can’t—” Mark began. But Jake cut him off.

“Shut up! Everything is mine. These lips are mine,” Jake said, and licked his mom’s lips. She kissed back, still unwilling to look at her conscious husband.

“These hands are mine,” Jake said, and placed one of Amber’s perfectly manicured hands around his engorged cock.

“And most of all, these tits are mine.” And with that, Jake nodded his mom. She sat forward, grabbed one of the absurdly large tits with both hands, and held it up to her son’s face, encouraging him to suck it.

Jake did. Mark watched as his own son wrapped his thick lips around his own mother’s enormous nipples. He was in shock. He couldn’t believe it.

And he couldn’t believe what was next…

“And dad?” Jake said, not tearing his eyes away from Amber’s enormous nipples.

Mark stared at Jake, seething and in total shock.

“Most of all, dad,” Jake said, “this pussy is mine.”

And with that, Jake plunged his throbbing cock deep into his mom’s pussy. Amber wasn’t expecting it, so she threw her head back in shock, followed quickly by a deep moan of pleasure, as her son’s dick found its way to the bottom of her pussy.

“It must be nice to have your pussy filled up with cock for once, huh?” Jake asked his mom.

Amber opened her eyes slowly, and a smile found its way across her lips. She looked up at the evil grin of her own son, whose dick she was becoming addcted to already. Jake winked at her.

“That’s right, baby,” she said. “This pussy hasn’t ever had a dick this big.”

Jake looked over at Mark, who had his eyes shut.

“Fine, don’t look,” Jake yelled. “But listen to what mom says, dad.”

“Yeah, baby,” Amber moaned, as Jake pulled his cock out of her, slapping it against her pussy lips a few times. “Sorry to break it to you this way, Mark, but this pussy’s been aching for some real dick for a looooong time.”

“And dad’s dick isn’t big enough, is it, mom?”

“God no! Have you seen that tiny thing?” Amber said, laughing.

Jake hopped up from the edge of the bed, and Amber moaned.

“Baby boy? What’re you doing?”

Jake stood over his dad, whose eyes were still squeezed shut.

“I want to see dad’s cock,” Jake replied over his shoulder.

He reached down and began yanking at Mark’s pants. Mark opened his eyes.

“What the fuck are you doing???” he cried.

With a quick tug, Jake broke his dad’s pants button, and had them halfway down his hips. Mark struggled, but with his hands behind his back, there wasn’t much for him to do.

“Shut the fuck up, dad,” Jake said as he pulled Mark’s boxers down.

“Stop it, son. Stop it right now. Just untie me and we can talk about—-”

But it was too late. Mark’s flaccid, unimpressive, pale cock was exposed. And Jake was laughing.

“Holy shit, mom! You weren’t lying! Look at this tiny thing!”

“Move, baby boy! Let mommy see.” Jake stepped aside, and Amber caught sight of her husband’s shriveled member. Mother and son burst into genuine laughter.

Jake reached out with his foot and nudged Mark’s cock to the side. Mark was screaming, making incomprehensible sounds. His humiliation was reaching new heights.

“Why’s it so soft, dad?” Jake asked. “Why isn’t it big and hard like mine?” And with that, Jake grabbed a handful of his meaty cock and turned to his mom, who was still giggling. “Mom, why is dad’s cock so soft?”

“Probably because he’s embarrassed by what you have there, baby boy.”

“Oh, of course! Dad? Are you humiliated that you son’s dick is so big, and yours is so small?”

Mark just stared up at his son, too shocked to reply. Jake kicked him lightly in the stomach and returned to the bed.

“Here, mom. Show dad what you do with big cocks.”

Amber crawled onto all fours, her son’s juicy cock bobbing in front of her mouth. She opened her mouth and looked up at him.

“You want dick?” he asked her.

“Uh huh.”

“Do you want THIS dick, mommy?”

Amber nodded, her eyes wide—-doing her best schoolgirl impression.

“Do you want to show daddy what a good little slut you can be?”

And Amber took the cue, moving her head forward and aiming her mouth over Jake’s cock. She wasn’t subtle or gentle this time. She immediately took to slurping up and down on it, violently. She focused on letting her spit bubble out of her lips, so in just moments Jake’s dick was coated in her saliva, dripping off his balls. She was moaning, too — a wanton, lustful moan of a woman who’s being turned on for the first time in years.

Jake giggled a bit, enjoying the moment. He turned to his dad, who had gone into some sort of catatonic state. He was on his side. He was staring at them. But his eyes seemed glazed over, dead almost. Jake screamed out at him:

“Dad! Pay attention!”

Mark blinked a few times, and he seemed to refocus on the scene before him: his wife, her enormous tits swaying beneath her, on all fours, working Jake’s cock for all it was worth, and Jake … his son … staring him in the eyes, smiling an evil smile.

After a minute of intense sucking by Amber, Jake pulled out and walked back to Mark. A thick glob of Amber’s spit dangled from the head of Jake’s engorged dick. Jake shook his hips once, and the saliva fell, landing on Mark’s forehead. Jake laughed. Amber laughed, as her hands found her way to her clit. And Mark began to cry.

This was as bad as it could get. Or so he thought…

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