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Riiiinng! Riinnnnng!

“Hello. This is Pastor Bursman.”

When Paul Bursman, pastor of Thomasville Community Church in Thomasville, AZ, answered the phone on that fateful Friday afternoon, he had no idea that it would set off a chain of events that would change the life of his whole family forever.

On the phone was Frank Pierce, the owner of the local garage. Two business men had been traveling through the area when the water pump on their car went out. He could get the part and have them fixed up by noon the next day. But they needed a place to stay the night. Little Thomasville did not have a motel; just a small bed and breakfast, and it was already full for the night. Could the two men stay at the church?

This was not an unusual request. In fact it happened a lot in this small community. The church had even purchased several cots to be used in the fellowship hall when needed. Pastor Bursman agreed to come and get the men and set them up in the church. Then he told his wife, Mary, the situation and suggested they invite the two men for supper. She readily agreed.

It took Paul about half an hour to drive to the garage, pick up the two men, and get them set up at the church, before they all went over to the house for supper. By then Mary, with the help of their two children, Lydia and Timothy, had the table set and supper ready to be served.

Paul introduced the two men to his family. Ron Thomas and Tom Baker were from California and said they worked as salespeople for a computer company. They laughed about being stuck in Thomasville, since both of them had Thomas in their names. They seemed friendly and everyone enjoyed the table talk during the meal. After the meal was over Tom asked to use the bathroom before they went back to the church. While he was gone Ron helped Mary and the children clear the table.

Suddenly, it happened. When Tom came out of the bathroom, he was no longer the nice, friendly salesman from California. His face was stern, almost angry. He shoved the barrel of a gun in Paul’s face.

“Sit down and be quiet. Do exactly what we say and maybe you’ll all live through this.”

Ron grabbed Lydia from behind and thrust the point of a knife against her neck. As she screamed Tim made a move to help her.

“Easy, boy.” Ron said. “She’ll be dead before you ever get here. Just back off and sit down on the floor where we can keep an eye on you. Mom, you sit next to him.”

Mary, who was by now white as a sheet, quickly sank to the floor. “Please don’t hurt her.” she cried.

Just that quickly Ron and Tom had the Bursmans at their mercy. Ron stood holding Lydia and the knife. Tim and Mary were on the floor and Paul sat on a kitchen chair nearby. Tom looked around.

“Think you can control things in here while I go see what I can find?” he asked Ron.

“Sure, no problem. They aren’t going to try anything fancy as long as I’ve got the girl here.” Ron replied, pressing the knife blade into Lydia’s neck a little for emphasis. “Isn’t that right, folks?”

Tom left the room. Ron settled back, drawing Lydia with him. “Now, everybody just stay put where you are and your little girl here will remain OK. Try to get up and I’ll spray her blood all over the place.”

“What’s going on?” Paul asked, his voice a little shaky with fear. “Are you robbing us?”

Ron smiled. “You could say that. Actually we need your car. That idiot at the garage could still check on our car and find out we stole it. We need to get out of here tonight yet. But since you invited us into your house and we have the opportunity, we thought, what the hell. We might as well see what other goodies we could find to make it worth our while.”

“Then take what you want and leave us alone.” Paul begged. “Just don’t hurt anyone. Please!”

“Do what we say, when we say it, and no one has to be hurt.” Ron replied. “Now, just sit there and shut up.”

After about a half hour of waiting, Tom returned with a pillow case which was about a third full of stuff. “Didn’t find much,” he said. “Only about $200-300.00 worth.”

“Well, that’s better than nothing.” Ron replied. Then he turned to Paul. “OK, give Tom your car keys. It’s time we got out of here.”

Paul reached into his pocket and tossed his keys to Tom. Anything to get them away from his family, he thought. He could see the fear in his daughter’s eyes. And Mary looked like she might faint at any time. Even Tim looked sick with the strain of the last half hour. And Paul realized he didn’t feel too good either.

“Wait a minute,” Tom said, as he caught Paul’s keys. “We can’t just leave them here. They’ll have the cops on us in no time. We have to tie them up or something. … Hold on. I’ve got an idea. Be back in a minute.” With that he headed out the back door. A couple of minutes later he was back, carrying the clothesline from the back yard. “We can use this,” he said.

“Yeah!” Ron smiled lewdly. “And I know just how we’re going to do it to buy us even more time. Come on.”

At Ron’s direction, he and Tom herded Paul and his family into the master bedroom. He instructed Paul and Tim to bring two of the high-backed chairs from the dining room with them. Tom removed the bedside phone and threw it into hall.

Still holding the knife to Lydia’s throat, Ron said, “Now, all of you get your clothes off. Strip naked!”

“What!??” Mary said in unbelief.

She could not believe her ears. No one had ever seen her naked since her mother stopped bathing her when she was a child, not even her husband. Both she and Paul were from very strict religious homes. They had been taught that nudity led to lust which was the root of all sexual sins. Even when they were trying to have children (the only reason for any sexual contact at all) she was fully clothed in pajamas that had a special hole in them at the proper place. Her mother had provided them for her as a wedding gift. She would put lubrication on her vagina and close her eyes while Paul rubbed himself until he was ready. Then he would insert the head of his penis through the hole in her pajama bottoms and into her vagina and rub himself until he shot his sperm into her. She would stay in a prone position with her legs up to allow his sperm the chance to find her egg and make her pregnant while he went to clean up. They only did this at the height of her fertility cycle, which she kept an accurate record of. Otherwise they had no sexual contact at all. In fact, since she had “female problems” and had to have her ovaries removed several years ago, she and Paul had not had any sexual contact at all for over six years. And that included no nudity. They even slept in twin beds so they would not be tempted to sin.

“I can’t do that.” she exclaimed, fear showing in her eyes.

Ron smiled lewdly. “It’s either that or watch your daughter’s blood splatter all over this room when I slit her throat.” He pressed the knife blade tight against Lydia’s throat, causing her to cry out in pain.

“No!” Mary cried in panic, holding up her hands in an attempt to stop him from hurting her daughter. Sweat broke out all over her forehead as her trembling hands reached up to begin unbuttoning her blouse.

Tom shoved the barrel of his gun into Paul’s back. “Well, what are you waiting for?” he barked. “You heard Ron. Get naked. You too, kid.”

Knowing they had no choice, Paul and Tim bowed their heads and slowly began to remove their clothes. Paul and Mary had taught their children just what they had been taught by their parents. Nudity and sex were wrong. Their bodies were something to be ashamed of. As more and more of their bodies were exposed, tears began to fill their eyes in shame. Soon all three were down to their underwear, Paul and Tim in boxers, Mary in plain white bra and panties. They paused, hoping this would satisfy their captors.

When they stopped, Ron grew angry. “I said, get naked!” he yelled, once again pushing the point of the knife into Lydia’s throat until she cried out.

Quickly Paul, Mary, and Tim removed their last articles of clothing and stood naked before each other for the first time in their lives. Tim, at age eighteen, was in the height of his battle with his hormones. He had always thought that the female body was supposed to be some ugly, hideous thing that they had to keep covered. But as he looked at his mother’s naked body (and he couldn’t help but look) he was amazed at how beautiful she was. Her breasts stood so proud on her chest. They were capped with dainty pink nipples. Her hips flared nicely from her narrow waist, leading to wonderfully shaped legs. At their junction was a mat of dark hair that hid her vagina from his view. He forced himself to look away. It was wrong for him to look at his mother this way.

Even Paul was stunned to see his wife in all her naked glory. He had always thought she was pretty. He knew she was a wonderful woman on the inside. Now he realized she was also a beautiful woman on the outside. Could he ever look at her again without seeing her gloriously naked in his mind? He wondered.

Mary stood there, her head bowed, shaking as she felt the eyes of the others staring at her nude body. She had never felt so vulnerable in her life. Slowly she looked up and gasped. There were her husband and son naked before her. She could not take her eyes away from their penises. For some reason they fascinated her, especially her son’s. She blushed deep red and forced herself to look away, back down at the floor.

“Wow!” said Ron. “What a gorgeous body. I sure wouldn’t mind fucking her right now.”

“Come on, Ron. We haven’t got the time for that kind of thing now.” Tom said, anxiously. “That guy at the garage could already be checking on that car, or he could have done it and be contacting the police even now. Let’s get this over with and get out of here.”

“OK! OK!” Ron replied, frustrated. “Now you guys sit in those chairs. Tom, use some of that rope to tie their legs to the legs of the chairs.” Paul and Tim sat down and Tom tied their legs to the chairs.

“Now, mom, go sit on your son’s lap.” Ron commanded.

Mary’s head jerked up in surprise, her eyes wide. “You mean my husband’s lap, right?” she asked hopefully.

Ron laughed out loud. “No. I mean your son’s lap. And hurry up. I don’t have all day.”

Mary could see it in his eyes. She had no choice. Slowly she went over and sat on her son’s lap, facing away from him.

“No. Not that way. Turn around.” Ron commanded. “Face him and straddle his lap. Tom, tie her legs to the back legs of the chair. Then tie his hands together behind her back and her hands to the back of the chair. Then tie their chests to the back of the chair, too. That ought to hold them for a long while.”

Mary turned and faced her son. She blushed as her naked breast brushed his face as she spread her legs and sat on his lap. The touch of her naked body against that of her son was almost electric, sending tingling sensations up and down her body. She was especially conscious of the feel of her breasts as they pressed into his chest. “Tim, I’m so sorry.” she said, as she sat down.

Tim had to stifle a moan as his mother’s weight came down on his lap. He had almost reacted without thinking when her breast brushed against his face. He caught himself just before he kissed it, turning beet red at the thought that he could even consider such an act. And now he could feel his mother’s breasts pushing against his chest, her nipples tight against his skin. He tried to concentrate on anything other than his mother in an attempt to regain control of his emotions.

Once Tim and Mary were securely tied to their chair, Ron pushed Lydia away from himself. “Your turn, girl.” he said. “Get naked and go sit on your dad’s lap, just like your mother is doing. Tom, tie them up just like you did the others. I want to fix the bedroom door.”

Paul and Tim could not help but watch as Lydia removed her clothes. Her pert breasts, capped with large dark pink nipples looked mouth-wateringly good. And her vagina had only a light covering of hair. They could clearly see her vaginal lips beneath. With her slim waist and long shapely legs, at age nineteen she was a vision of sensual beauty.

Without realizing it, Tim licked his lips. Paul stared transfixed as his daughter shyly walked over to him and placed her beautiful naked body in his lap. Quickly Tom tied them to the chair. Now Lydia and Paul were experiencing the same kind of sensations that Tim and Mary were feeling: naked skin rubbing against naked skin, firm breasts pressed against naked flesh. All four were beginning to feel the heat of aroused bodies as they rubbed against each other.

While Tom finished tying Lydia and Paul, Ron removed the bedroom door handle from the door and turned it around so that the lock was on the outside instead of the inside. He and Tom took one last look at their handy work. “That ought to hold them for awhile.” Ron said. Then they left, taking the pile of discarded clothes with them and locking the door behind them.

The Bursmans heard them bang around in the house for a few minutes, then leave. They heard their car doors slam, the car start and leave the driveway. Suddenly they were alone and all was quiet.

After waiting a few minutes in the quiet to make sure they were really alone, Paul began to work his hands in an effort to free them from their bonds. To do this he had to rub his naked body against that of his daughter, Lydia. Lydia squirmed against her father.

“Dad, don’t move like that. It tingles.” she said as her body began to respond to the friction of naked flesh against naked flesh. Her nipples grew hard as they pressed into her father’s chest. She could feel moisture beginning to collect between her legs. She had never experienced these sensations before. The feelings coursing through her body felt oh, so good. But they also scared her.

“I have to, honey.” Paul said as he continued to struggle against his bonds. “This is Friday. Nobody will think to check on us until Sunday when I don’t show up for church services. If we don’t get free on our own we could be here all night, all day tomorrow, and all night tomorrow night. Now concentrate on getting free. Tim, you and your mom need to try and get free too.”

“Right, dad,” Tim said as he began to struggle against his bonds.

Mary and Lydia joined in the struggle to free themselves, but the ropes were securely tied. They could do little to loosen them. All their struggling did was cause them to rub against each other’s naked flesh more, sending sensual sensations tingling through their bodies.

Mary could not believe the pleasurable feelings that were racing through her body as she rubbed against her son. She had been taught that sexual feelings were horrible and bad. But what she was feeling was anything but bad. Her whole body seemed alive, hungry for the sensual feeling of intimate contact with another human being. She could feel her nipples harden as she moved against Tim’s chest. Goose bumps formed on her arms and legs. Her vagina became wet for the first time in her life. She moaned as the sexual energy flowed through her body.

Tim could feel his mother’s breasts against his chest, her hardening nipples pressing into him. As she continued to struggle against her bonds, her arms and legs rubbed against him. He seemed extra sensitive to her every touch. He could even feel her pubic hair brush against his stomach. His body seemed on fire with her contact. He couldn’t help it. His cock began to harden and rise. The harder he tried to think about something else, anything else, the more his mind focused on his naked mother’s body sitting on his lap. And his cock grew bigger and bigger.

Paul was experiencing the same problem his son was. No matter how much he tried to focus on what he was doing to free himself, he was acutely aware of his naked daughter struggling on his lap. He, too, felt hard nipples poking into his chest. The intimate touch of her naked arms and legs sent sexual feelings flowing through his body. Never in his life had he dared feel what he was feeling now for his own daughter. To his utter shame he wanted to grab her, pull her close and kiss her, deeply and passionately. He was horrified to realize that his cock was beginning to rise and harden at the thoughts that were going through his mind as Lydia rubbed against him.

As she struggled to free herself, Lydia enjoyed the feel of her naked flesh rubbing against that of her father. Her body tingled in a most pleasurable way. Her vagina began to dampen. She became more exaggerated in her movements in order to enhance the feelings flowing through her body. She couldn’t help it. It all felt so wonderful. Soon she began to feel something hard pressing against her naked butt. It took her a couple of minutes to realize what it was. When she did, a hot flush rushed through her sexually excited body and her pussy flooded with her juices. Her dad, her proper and prudish pastor-father, had an erection. He was just as turned on as she was. She blushed as she realized that her naked body was making her dad sexually excited. With a wicked smile she churned even harder against his rising penis. When he groaned aloud, she got so excited she squirmed with joy, causing him to groan again, even louder.

Mary was caught up in her own sexual world. Her parents were wrong. This felt wonderful, beautiful, loving. She looked into her son’s eyes. They were filled with wonder, lust, and confusion, all rolled into one. Now she was not even trying to free herself anymore. She was brazenly rubbing her naked flesh against her son, hungering for more and more of the powerful sensations that were setting her body on fire. When she felt his hardening penis press against her butt, her vagina seemed to erupt with moisture. She began to rotate her hips, stroking his manhood with her naked flesh.

“Oh, mom!” Tim groaned as he felt his mother churn against his naked body. “What are you doing? Mom, we have to stop for a minute. We have to get control of ourselves and get free. Mom!!!”

Mary continued to move her bottom against her son. Using a back and forth motion she managed to work his hard shaft up between them. Now it was pressed against his belly and her vagina. As she rubbed against it the head pressed on her clit.

“Oh, yeeeeessssssss.” she moaned, as new, even more intense feelings erupted in her body. Her movements became more excited. She leaned into her son’s body, stroking herself harder and faster against his hot member.

“Mary! What are you doing?” Paul was shocked, watching his wife rub her naked flesh against her son like a shameless whore. “Stop that, right this instant!”

Lydia was also shocked to see what her mother was doing. But more than that, it really made her hot. She could feel her father’s hard shaft poking up at her. He was just as turned on as she and her mom were. She began to mimic her mom’s movements, as she rubbed her hot body against that of her father.

“Come on, dad.” She scolded. “I can feel your hard penis poking me down there. Don’t yell at mom for the same things you’re thinking and feeling.”

“Lydia, stop talking like that. Don’t squirm around so much!” responded Paul. He was trying very hard not to respond to the motion of his daughter’s body. “We can’t do this. It’s wrong. We have to concentrate on getting free.”

And then he groaned, “OOOOOhhhhhhh!” as Lydia’s movements brought his shaft up between them and she pressed her hot, wet vagina against it. His mind was losing the battle as his building sexual lust grew.

When Paul groaned loudly, Mary looked over at her husband and daughter. What she saw sent new stabs of lust shooting through her body. Paul’s face showed his struggle between lust and fear. Lydia’s face was all lust and love as she openly rubbed her naked flesh against her father. Both bodies were flushed with the excitement of the moment. “Beautiful, simply beautiful,” she thought. Then she turned her attention to her son. She could see the lust and confusion on his face as he looked at his father and sister in the midst of their sexual dance.

“Oh, Tim. Your body feels so good against mine. You’re making me so hot.” she said. “Rub against mommy’s naked body, honey. Please make mommy feel good.” She continued to grind her wet vagina against his hard penis.

Seeing what his father and sister were doing and hearing his mother cry out her lust to him, Tim threw aside all restraint. “Yes, mom! This is so wild, so hot. Push your hot pussy against my hard cock! Rub your naked flesh against me, mom!” He hugged Mary’s body to himself, pushing his pelvis hard into her.

Mary paused in her movement. “What did you say, Tim? What did call your p-p-penis and my va-va-gina?” She could hardly say those forbidden words.

Tim was frustrated because his mother had stopped moving. He ground his cock into her. “Cock and pussy, mom. That’s what the kids at school call them. A guy’s penis is called a cock, or dick, or prick. A girl’s vagina is called a pussy, or cunt, or twat. There are other names, too. Right now I just can’t think of them.” He used his hands on her back in an attempt to get her moving again.

Hearing the slang, coarse names for what she had previously not dared to even think about, excited Mary. In her heightened sexual state, everything seemed to turn her on, get her hot. Mary began to thrust herself harder and faster against her son.

“Your c-cock feels so good against my p-pussy, Tim,” she cried. “Push that hard p-prick into my t-twat, my c-cunt. Make mommy feel good. Ooooohhhhh, yyyyeeessss! Sooooooo ggggooooodddddd!” as the new sensations ebbed and flowed in her.

Paul and Lydia could not believe the language pouring from Mary’s mouth. She seemed like a whole different person, a hot, sex-hungry slut. What’s more, her words were really turning them on.

Lydia looked at her father with lust-filled eyes. “Come on, daddy. They aren’t the only ones who can have fun around here. We can, too. Press your hard cock into my hot pussy. I’m going to rub my wet twat all over your big prick.” As she increased her attack on her father, his cock head rubbed against her clit. “Ooooohhhh, wow! Yyyyyeeeesssss!” she moaned as the sensations rushed through her hot body like electricity.

“Yes, Lydia!” Paul answered, finally giving in to his own lust. “Your naked body feels so good rubbing against daddy. Your wet pussy is so hot on my cock. You’re making daddy feel great, honey,” as he openly began to push his cock against his daughter’s beautiful cunt.

Mary and Lydia continued to masturbate themselves against their men’s hard cocks. Their clits vibrated as they were ground against hard cockheads. The motions of both women became wilder and more erratic with each passing moment until the inevitable happened. In her frantic effort to press Tim’s cock against her clit, Mary raised up a little extra. Tim’s cockhead shifted forward. And in an instant it entered his mother’s pussy. Mary’s pussy mouth simply opened and swallowed her son’s cockhead.

Both Tim and Mary gasped. Mary’s blood-engorged, super-sensitive, wet, hot pussy lips stretched and closed around Tim’s cock, sending blinding jolts of ecstasy through her body. Tim’s cockhead felt like it was being scalded in a hot, wet glove.

“Oooohhhh, Timmmm!” Mary moaned as she gazed into her son’s eyes. Never in her life had she felt anything as wonderful as her son’s penetration of her inner core.

As Tim realized what was happening, he made one more attempt to control their growing lust. “Mom, we can’t,” he gasped. “This is going too far.” Then, as his mother’s heat engulfed his cock, he moaned, “This is incest! We can’t actually fuck!” But even as he spoke the words, he moved his hips forward, driving more and more of his hard shaft deeper and deeper into his mother’s superheated cunt.

Mary’s response was instinctive, “Watch your mouth, young man. We don’t say dirty words like ‘fuck’ around here.” And then as Tim’s cock filled her pussy, “Oh, Tim! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Here was another new sensation for Mary. Only once in her life had she ever been fully penetrated. It was her wedding night when Paul had taken her virginity. They had used a lot of lubrication and he had driven into her hard and quick to get it over with. Paul came immediately from the tension and stress of the moment and pulled out quickly. For Mary there had only been the pain of her torn hymen. Never again had she allowed Paul to fully penetrate her for fear the pain would return. But now, as her son’s cockshaft sank down into the very depths of her vagina, there was no pain. All she could feel was the hot thrill of being fully impaled by the hot shaft that throbbed inside her. She instinctively began to rotate her hips and move up and down on her son’s cock. “Fuck me, Tim. Fuck me!” she cried.

The heat of his mother’s pussy and the way she fucked him was too much for Tim. His mother had just taken his virginity. He couldn’t handle it. His body rushed headlong into an intense orgasm. His cock swelled, jerked, and began to pump his cum into her womb. He came and came, as he yelled, “OOOoooohhhhh, Mommmmmmmmm!!!” And still he remained hard, humping his cock up into his mother’s cum filled twat.

“Mary! Stop!” Paul cried out. “That’s incest, the worst taboo there is! Stop it, Mary! Get control of yourself. Mary!!!”

Incest! The word finally penetrated Mary’s lust-filled brain. She was committing incest. She was having sex with her son. They were fucking! He had just cum inside her pussy! But instead of filling her with shame like she thought it would, the idea of incest excited her. She could feel her son’s cock, still hard and throbbing deep in her cunt. His hot sperm burned her pussy walls and was beginning to escape around his shaft to drip out of her vagina and onto his nut sack. Her clit throbbed, demanding more stimulation. Her pussy pulsed with pent-up lust. She loved the full feeling inside her that Tim’s cock caused as it stretched her cunt. Suddenly she realized she loved her son. She loved fucking. She loved fucking her son. She loved incest.

She looked deep into her son’s eyes. He could see the love and lust that filled her eyes. His love and lust shone back at her. In that moment mother and son connected in a special way. They smiled. Tim began to thrust his hips again, working his cock in and out of his mother’s pussy. Mary joined him, moving her hips in rhythm with his, as they once again took up the dance of incestuous love.

“Fuck mommy, Tim,” she said. “Pound that hard, incestuous cock deep into mommy’s pussy. Fill mommy’s incestuous cunt with your hot prick. Fuck your mother, you mother-fucker, you! Ooooohhhh, yyyyeeeeessss, Tim. Fuck me!”

His mother’s words sent chills up and down Tim’s spine. She was so hot, so wild. She was becoming a sex slut right before his eyes. This was so unlike the prim and proper mother he had known and grown up under. And he loved this new sex hungry mother sitting naked on his lap, fucking his cock for all she was worth. She was his incestuous mother-slut and he was her mother-fucking son. And he loved it.

“Fuck me, mom. Fuck me with that hot incestuous pussy of yours. Take your son’s incestuous cock deep inside your incestuous body. Make me the mother-fucker I am. Fuck me, mother. Fuck me.”

As Tim and Mary became more vocal and intense in their fucking, Paul and Lydia stared open-mouthed. Watching his wife have sex with another man should have repulsed Paul, especially since that man was his own son. The words they used to enhance their fucking should have made him sick. He was looking at incest right before his eyes. And it was his own family! He should have been filled with righteous anger. Instead, his heart was racing with the excitement of it. His eyes blazed with the lust of it. His whole body was taut with the tension of it.

Lydia’s body burned with the fire of pent-up emotion. Her brother and mother were committing incest right before her eyes. She could hear the love and lust in their voices as they urged each other on. She could see the flush of their bodies as they ground against each other. There was nothing evil here. Only the beauty of two people, mother and son, enjoying the love they had for each other in a very special, exciting way. She was filled with love and joy for them. She wished she could join them, experience what they were experiencing. And then she realized she could. She could experience what they were experiencing with her dad.

Quickly she lifted up just enough to let her father’s cock settle into the opening of her vagina. And then she pushed down, moaning as the head stretched her pussy lips and popped into her virgin cunt. Pushing harder, she felt her father’s shaft slowly fill her.

“Oooohhh, daddy! Your cock feels so big. It’s filling me sooooo good! Oh! Yeah! Fuck!”

Paul’s hips involuntarily pushed up into his daughter, sending another inch of cockmeat into her hot cunt. Never in his life had he felt anything so tight, so hot, so wonderful. It almost drove him insane.

“Honey, nooooo! We can’t! … Oh, shit! You feel so good. Oh, fuck!”

Another inch of his shaft sank into his daughter’s pussy. And then he felt the barrier. He was up against her maidenhead. The realization that he was about to take his little girl’s virginity shook him out of his lust fog. He tried to pull back.

“Lydia, I can’t. You’re a virgin! I can’t take your virginity. It’s wrong, Honey.”

“Yes you can, daddy. I want you to. Fuck me, daddy. Make me a woman.”

And with those words she thrust herself down hard on her father’s cock. Paul felt his cockhead tear through his daughter’s hymen and surge up into her hot depths. In that instant their pelvises met and he was fully buried inside Lydia’s no-longer-virgin pussy.

“Are you OK, honey? Did it hurt very much?” he asked with great concern in his voice, as his cock continued to throb inside her.

Lydia raised her face to look into her father’s eyes. “No worse than some shots I’ve had.” she answered. And then she smiled. “Now fuck me, daddy. Fuck your incestuous daughter. Fuck me really good with your big daddy cock. Fuck me like Tim is fucking mommy. Oh, fuck me, daddy, fuck me!”

Paul could see the love and lust in his daughter’s eyes. He was flooded with emotion. This was his little girl, his beautiful young daughter. He loved her so much. Looking deeply into her eyes, he begin to move, thrusting his cock in and out of his sexy daughter’s cunt. As he fucked, he marveled at the sheer pleasure of this incestuous act and realized he was hooked. He doubted that he could ever stop fucking her, now that he had started.

“Yes, Lydia. Take my daddy cock into your incestuous pussy. Daddy loves fucking your hot twat. Fuck me, honey. Fuck daddy.”

Lydia’s pussy clamped down on her father’s cock. She began moving her hips in time with his thrusting. Again and again she felt herself filled with her dad’s hot, hard cockmeat.

“Oh, daddy. You are fucking me so good. Your big, incestuous cock feels so good in my pussy. Don’t stop, daddy. Keep fucking my hot, incestuous pussy. I love you.”

The Bursman’s bedroom was filled with the sounds of sex. All thoughts of escape were gone for the moment. Mary had her head on her son’s shoulder as she worked her hips in rhythm with his thrusts. She was watching her husband and daughter as they fucked on the chair next to them. Subconsciously she matched her movements to those of her daughter. Her emotions were becoming more and more intense. She had heard of orgasms. But she never believed they were right for her. Now she knew better. She couldn’t wait to have her first. She began to move faster and faster, driving herself down on her son’s wonderful cock.

Tim was in seventh heaven. His mother’s tits burned holes in his chest. Her naked flesh felt hot against him. He loved the way she moved her pussy on his cock. Since he had already cum once he felt he could last for awhile. He wanted this fuck to last a long time, forever. As he sensed his mother speed up her movements, he began to thrust harder up into her hot wet depths.

Lydia continued to gaze up into her father’s eyes as she fucked her pussy down onto his cock. The world faded away around them. There was only her and her father, incestuous cock fucking incestuous cunt. She could feel herself build toward her first orgasm ever. She knew that it would happen and that it would be wonderful. She began to fuck faster and faster.

Paul was lost in the depths of his daughter’s eyes. He couldn’t look away. She was so beautiful, so sexy. He wanted to make this first fuck one she would remember always, not like his and Mary’s first. They had no experience then. They still didn’t. But he was beginning to know what to do. He was going with his instincts and it seemed to be working. His cock throbbed. He felt his daughter’s movements become more urgent, faster. He sensed what she needed and began to thrust harder and faster into her lovely body.

All four were building toward their orgasms. Their actions became more urgent, their thrusts harder and harder. Soon the chairs they were tied to were jumping and creaking under the force of their fucking.

“Tim, fuck me. Fuck me. Fill mommy with your big, incestuous cock. Harder, Tim. Harder. Oh, it’s going to happen. I’m going to have an orgasm. Fuck mommy, Tim. Fuck mommy’s incestuous pussy hard. Oh, Tim! I’m there. I’m therrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee.”

Mary’s body shook as her orgasm crashed over her. Never had she felt anything so powerful, so wonderful. She could not believe what she had been missing for all these years. How wrong she had been. Her pussy collapsed around her son’s cock, milking it with it’s orgasmic spasms as it flooded it with her cum.

Tim gasped as he felt his mother cum on his cock. Her pussy seemed to be eating him alive. He could feel her cream bathe his cock. Quickly he reached the point of no return. He couldn’t hold back any longer. His second orgasm of the evening surged through him.

“Oh, mom! Your pussy is so hot, mom. I can’t stand it. I going to cum, mom. I’m going to fill your incestuous pussy with my hot, incestuous seed. Take it, mom! Take my incestuous sperm.”

And with that Tim thrust one last time up into his mother’s cunt and held himself there as his cock fired glob after glob of his white, sticky seed into her throbbing depths. Mary could feel the force and heat of his sperm as he ejaculated into her.

“Oh, Tim! Yessssssss! I feel it! Fill mommy! Fill mommy’s womb with your incestuous seed. Shoot your sperm into my incestuous pussy. Cum with mommy, you mother-fucker!”

Paul and Lydia were propelled to their own orgasms as they listened to Mary and Tim cum next to them. Lydia’s whole body seemed to explode at once. Her cum juice flooded her pussy, drowning her father’s cock.

“Daddy, fuck me. Oh, daddy, I’m cumming. I cumming so hard. Fuck me with your big incestuous cock. Fill me with your incestuous sperm. Cum with me, daddy. Fill your daughter’s incestuous pussy with your daddy-cum. Oooooohhhhhh, yyyyyeeeeeesssssss!”

Paul’s emotions went into overload. Hearing his daughter beg him to shoot his sperm into her body was more than he could take. As her orgasmicing pussy milked his cock, he fulfilled her wish. He came, sending a flood of thick, sticky sperm up into his daughter’s womb.

“Here it comes, honey! Take daddy’s cum. Daddy is shooting his incestuous sperm into your hot, wet pussy. Cumming, honey! I’m filling your incestuous cunt with daddy-cum. Take it, Lydia. Take it.”

Time seemed to stand still as Paul and Tim continued to pump their sticky, white cream into Lydia’s and Mary’s pulsating pussies. And then quiet returned to the Bursman’s bedroom. The only sounds were the heavy breathing of four people as they sought to recover from the intensity of what had just happened. Paul looked over at Tim and Mary. Tim was looking at him and Lydia. Paul smiled and shook his head. Tim grinned back at him and began to caress his mother’s back with his hands. Mary raised her head, smiled at Tim, and then looked over at her husband and daughter. Gazing into her husband’s eyes, she knew everything was okay. She laid her head on Tim’s shoulder with a sigh, as she felt his cock begin to soften inside her. Lydia looked up at her dad and then over at her mom and brother. Everyone was smiling. She smiled too. Her father’s cock slid out of her well-fucked pussy. As her father’s cum began to seep down her crack, she knew life would be different now for all of them.

“Whoa! This chair sure is wobbly.”

Tim had tried to shift his position to ease his mother’s weight on his legs. Their chair wobbled under him. Paul looked at Tim and smiled. He had an idea how they might get free of their bonds.

“Tim, all that activity you and your mother did has weakened your chair. Try to bounce around in it some more. Maybe you can break it and get free. Come on, Lydia. Let’s try to break ours, too.”

Tim and Mary tried to jump in their chair in an attempt to force it to the breaking point. But that was not as easy as it looked. They could not get a rhythm going and ended up bucking against each other and counteracting each other. Paul and Lydia didn’t seem to be able to do much better. After a few minutes of trying they stopped, frustrated and breathing hard from the exertion.

“This isn’t working.” Tim said. “Maybe we need to try something different.”

Suddenly Mary got an idea and smiled. “We worked together just fine before when we were having sex,” she said. “Maybe if we try that again, only harder, we can break free.”

Tim groaned. “Mom, I’ve already cum twice. I think I’m fucked out for awhile. I don’t know if I can do it again this soon.”

“I know I can’t,” Paul said. “I’m no spring chicken anymore. It takes me longer to recover from most physical activity these days.”

Mary began to rub her naked flesh against her son. “Come on, Tim. You’re a strong young man. You can do it. Think about it. Your big hard cock fucking in and out of my hot, willing pussy. Incest, Tim. Having sex with me, your own mother. Think of sinking your cock deep in your mother’s incestuous pussy. Now you’re pulling it out, only to sink it in again, deeper. In and out, in and out, again and again. You’re a mother-fucker, Tim, pumping your hot incestuous prick in and out of your mother’s open, incestuous twat. I’m fucking you back, Tim. My pussy is wrapped around your hard cock and I’m moving my hips, forcing my cunt to meet your every thrust. I want it, Tim. It feels so good fucking my big, hard son.”

Tim groaned again. His mother’s words were really turning him on. His body tingled as her naked body sensuously moved in his lap. His cock began to respond, growing as it filled with his hot blood.

“Yes, Tim. I can feel it growing. You like the idea, don’t you. Fucking your own mother. Filling my incestuous pussy with your cock and pounding away until we both cum. I want it, too, Tim. I want you to fuck me. I want to feel my son’s incestuous cock stretching my pussy’s walls, filling me. I want to wrap my hot, incestuous cunt around your big prick and fuck you back with every ounce of energy I have. I want to fuck and fuck until I cum and cum. I want you to cum inside me, flooding my womb with your thick, incestuous seed. Don’t you want to pour all of your hot sperm into your mother’s willing incestuous cunt?”

Mary was turning herself on as much as she was her son. Her movements became stronger, more urgent. Tim’s cock was now rock hard. She lifted and shifted her hips, centering her son’s blood-engorged cock in the mouth of her pussy. As she sat down, Tim thrust up with his hips. His cock buried itself inside his mother’s open cunt, plunging to it’s full depth in one motion. Both mother and son gasped as they came together. And then they began to fuck in earnest.

“Oh, yyyyyeeeesssss, Tim. Fuck me! Fuck me hard and fast. Ram your hot cock into mommy’s hungry pussy. We’ll bust this chair yet. Fuck me, you mother-fucker. Fuck me harder!”

Mary was driving her hips hard against her son. She would pull back and then slam forward again. Her clit buzzed with the force of each thrust. Tim was responding to his mother’s wild movements. Again and again he pushed his pelvis up, forcing his cock deep inside his mother’s willing body. In no time their chair was bouncing with the force of their fucking.

“Fuck her, Tim.” Lydia called out. “Fuck mom good. Drive that incestuous cock up her son-loving pussy. She wants it, Tim. She needs it. Fuck her hard. Make her cum, Tim. Pound the shit out of her.”

Paul also encouraged his wife. “Come on, Mary. Fuck him harder. Show him what a hot, incestuous slut you are. Fuck your son harder. Make him cum. Push your incestuous pussy down on his mother-fucking cock until he fills it with his thick incestuous sperm. Fuck! Fuck! Harder!”

Their ears burning with the encouragement of their family, Mary and Tim increased the tempo of their fucking. Tim was slamming his cock up into his mother’s open pussy as hard as he could. Mary was bouncing on her son’s hard shaft for all she was worth. Their chair bounced and bounced, creaking and shaking from the force of their incestuous fucking.

Paul watched the wild, frenzied coupling of his wife and son. It was so hot. Incest! Mother and son fucking each other with wild abandon. The sheer sexual nature of it had his cock rock hard in an instant. Lydia felt her father’s hard cock poking at her bottom. She, too, was affected by what her mother and brother were doing. Quickly she shifted, centering her father’s cock in her wet pussy, and then she sat down, impaling herself once again on his thick shaft.

“Oh, yyyyeeessss! Daddy, your cock is hard again. I’m so horny. Watching mom and Tim is making me so hot. Fuck me! Your cock is stretching my pussy so good. I love fucking you, daddy. I love incest. Fuck me! Fuck your daughter’s hot pussy with your big incestuous cock. Fuck me, daddy!”

“Ride my cock, honey! Fuck me! Your pussy is so hot. It feels like it is burning my cock. You are so hot! … so wet! … so tight! Take it! Take my daddy-cock deep up into your wild, incestuous twat. Daddy is going to fuck you until you cum and cum. Ooooohhhhh, fuck!”

Father and daughter began their own frenzy of incestuous fucking. Throbbing cock filling wet, willing pussy. Hot cunt caressing hard prick. Pelvic bone crashing against pelvic bone. Paul and Lydia were soon lost in their own lust of incestuous sex as their chair bounced and groaned under the weight of their pounding bodies.

Crash!!! Tim and Mary’s chair suddenly gave way under the assault of their wild fucking. Tim and Mary were hurled to the floor in a pile of broken wood. Still they fucked on, totally caught up in their incestuous lovemaking. Mary landed on her back, her legs spread wide, her pussy wide open, with Tim on top of her. Tim’s cock never left his mother’s twat. As he came down on top of her, he drove his prick deep into her hungry cunt, as his pelvis ground against her engorged clit. Again and again he slammed his cock down into her. Both were building to a powerful orgasm and nothing was going to stop them from achieving their ultimate fulfillment.

“Do it, Tim. Fuck me! Don’t stop! I’m almost there. Keep fucking me, you mother-fucker. Make your mother cum and cum! Ooooohhhh, yeeeessss! I’m there. Tim, I’m cumming! I’m ccccuuuummmmiiiinnng!”

Tim felt his mother’s pussy walls collapse around his cock as she came! He felt the hot rush of her cream as it bathed his shaft. Her whole body trembled with the force of her orgasm. Tim’s mind went into overdrive. He buried his cock one last time into the depths of his mother’s willing body, held it there, and came. His prick throbbed again and again, sending spurt after spurt of hot, incestuous cum into his mother’s womb.

“Mmmmooooommmm! I’m cumming! Take it, mom! Take it all! Ooooohhhh, shit! I’m filling you with my hot, sticky seed!”

“Yes! I feel it, Tim. Flood mommy’s pussy with your cum. Give me all of your hot, incestuous sperm! Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh! I’m cumming again.”

Mary’s arms and legs held Tim tight against her body as she came down from her orgasmic high. She could feel his cock jerk once, twice, inside her as he sent the last of his thick seed into her overflowing cunt. Slowly they both relaxed. Tim pulled away from his mother. His cock came free of her sensitive hole. Mary groaned at the loss. Kneeling, Tim got his first real good look at his naked mother. Her body was flushed from her orgasm. Her breasts were red and blotchy from where they had rubbed against his chest. Her pink nipples were still stiff and hard with sexual excitement. Her legs were spread wide, revealing the cum-matted pubic hair that surrounded the puffy lips of her well-fucked pussy. Her cunt gaped open and Tim could see his white cum slowly leaking out to seep down her ass crack onto the floor. He thought she was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Slowly he leaned down and kissed his mother’s mouth, and then each nipple, and finally her cum-covered pussy. Mary groaned again at her son’s soft kisses.

It took them a couple of minutes to untangle themselves from the ropes and the broken chair around them. Then they turned to Paul and Lydia, who were still bouncing and fucking away on their chair. Lydia was pushing her gaping twat down onto her father’s hard cock again and again with all the force she could muster. Paul continued to thrust his hips against his daughter’s thighs as he buried his thick cock into her hot depths over and over. When Tim and Mary came over to release them, they paused long enough to be freed from their chair. Then they slid to the floor and continued their incestuous fucking.

Tim and Mary stood arm in arm watching them. They could see how much father and daughter were enjoying their newfound relationship. Remembering how Paul and Lydia had encouraged them in their fucking, Mary began to do the same for her husband.

“That’s it, Paul. Fuck her! Shove your big cock up her little pussy. Fuck your daughter’s hot, wet pussy with your incestuous cock. Remember Paul, this is incest. You are fucking your own daughter. And she is fucking you right back. Pound her hard. Let her know what a wonderful fuck she is. Fill her incestuous pussy. Fuck her, Paul! Fuck her!”

The sound of his wife urging him to fuck his daughter enflamed Paul’s mind. He went into overdrive, plunging his cock faster and faster, harder and harder, into Lydia’s willing body. She groaned as she fought to meet her father’s every move, thrust for thrust. Each time they came together her clit ground into her father’s pelvic bone.

Oh, daddy! Yeeeesssss! Harder! Fuck me harder! I’m going to cum. Your big prick is going to make me cum so good! I’m there, daddy! I’mmmmm ccccuuuuummmmmmiiiinnngggg!”
Tim joined in. “Fuck her, dad. Cum in her hot twat. Fill my sister’s incestuous pussy with your thick sperm! Cum with her, now!”

“Oh, shit!” Paul cried out in joy as his cock jumped and jerked inside Lydia’s open pussy, flooding her with his thick, sticky cum. “I’m cumming, honey! I’m filling your hot pussy! Take it, take it all, you daddy-fucker, you. Take all of my hot incestuous seed!”

Lydia groaned as she wrapped her arms and legs around her father’s back, holding him tight against her body as her orgasmic pussy milked him of every drop. When it was over they all stood together and hugged each other, enjoying the freedom and the feel of their naked flesh against one another. Eventually Paul said, “I guess we better get dressed and call the police.”

Riiiinng! Riinnnnng!

Mary Bursman paused on her son’s lap, his hard cock buried deep within her wet pussy, as he reached for the portable phone.

“Hello, Bursman’s residence. Tim speaking.”

Since Tim’s father, Paul Bursman, was pastor of Thomasville Community Church, the family never knew what a phone call might bring. So no matter what they were doing they stopped to answer.

“Oh, hi grandma.” Tim said. “What’s up?”

Mary smiled and began to move on Tim’s cock again as she realized it was Paul’s mother on the other end of the phone. Tim ought to really enjoy fucking his mother while talking to his super religious, ultra conservative grandmother, she thought.

Tim almost groaned out loud as he felt his mother’s hot, tight pussy slide up and down his sensitive cock. No matter how often he had sex with his mother (and that was almost daily these past few months) he still marveled at how wonderful it felt to be buried inside her welcoming body. He looked up at her with lust filled eyes. He knew what she was thinking and she was right. Committing incest with her while talking to his uptight grandmother was a real turn on.

“Sorry, grandma. What was that?” He had been so distracted by what his mother was doing he forgot to listen to what his grandmother was saying. “No, dad’s not home right now. He has a church meeting tonight. … What? … Yea, mom’s home. But she’s kind of busy right now.” He smiled at his mom and began to thrust with his hips, driving his boy-cock hard up into her steaming cunt, causing her to gasp in pleasure.

After listening for a minute, Tim said, “Oh, OK. Just a minute,” and held the phone out to his mother. “Grandma says it’s important and she needs to talk to you..”

Mary sighed and took the phone from her son. “Hi, Hannah. What do you need?”

As she listened to her mother-in-law talk, she continued to move on her son’s hard cock. Tim reached up and began to squeeze and caress her heaving breasts. Mary had to bite her lip to keep from moaning out loud as the sexual pleasure coursed through her body. Oh, how she loved fucking her son!

“I’m sure Paul will be able to see you tomorrow,” She managed to sound half way normal considering the circumstances. “What time do you think you will get here? … About 11 o’clock in the morning. … OK. I’ll tell Paul. … We will see you then. … OK. Bye.”

Mary tossed the phone onto the table, grabbed her son’s shoulders, bent forward to push one of her erect nipples into his mouth, and began to drive her cunt down hard on his thick cock.

“Oh, fuck, Tim! Suck mommy’s tit. Fuck my hot, incestuous pussy. That was so wild. Talking to your grandmother while you fucked me and played with my tits was driving me mad. I wanted to groan out loud and let her know I was getting fucked so good by my wonderful son. It would have really blown her mind. I’m so hot, honey. Fuck me. Fuck your mommy-slut real good, you motherfucker, you.”

As his mother increased the speed of her thrusts, Tim sucked on her soft breast for all he was worth, lashing her hard nipple with his tongue. He could feel the scalding heat of her wet pussy and knew she was really turned on. Again he began driving up into her open hole as hard as he could. Their frenzied fucking quickly brought them both to the point of climax.

“Fuck me, mom,” Tim cried out. “I’m almost there. I’m going to cum so hard in your hot, tight pussy. Take it, mom! Take my thick incestuous sperm deep in your incestuous womb. Oooohhhh, ffffuuuuccckkkk!”

Mary felt her son’s cock jerk inside her overheated pussy as he sent jet after jet of hot, sticky cum shooting into her hole. The heat of it triggered her own orgasm.

“Yyyyeeeesssss, Tim! I’mmmm cccuuuummmmmiiinngg! Fill mommy’s cunt with your hot seed. I want all of it. … Oh, shit! I’m cumming soooo gooooood!”

Tim and Mary clung to each other as their orgasms washed over them. Mary hugged her son tight, feeling his hot breath on her sensitive breasts, as her pussy squeezed and sucked on his throbbing shaft. Tim could feel his mother’s body milk him of every last drop of sperm he could produce. He shuttered as he sent one last shot into her receptive depths.

As they sat there basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking, the door opened and Lydia walked into the room.

“Hi, mom. Hi, Tim. I’m home. … Wow! It looks like I just missed out on a wonderful time.”

Mary looked over her shoulder at her daughter. “Mmmmmm,” she purred. “That’s what you get for studying at the library so late.” Then she slowly slid off of her son’s lap and stretched out on the floor with her legs spread wide.

Lydia watched as her brother’s thick sperm began to leak from her mother’s puffy, red, obviously well-fucked pussy.

“Well, at least I get to taste the results,” she said, as she knelt down between her mother’s legs.

Taking a deep whiff of the musky scent of Mary’s cum-filled hole, she lower her face and licked up the entire length of her twat, drinking in the combined flow of her mother and brother’s fluids, before sending her tongue deep into her mother’s cunt for more.

Mary raised her knees, spreading her legs wide, as she opened her bald vagina to her daughter’s hot tongue. “Oh, yyyeeesss!” she moaned. “That feels sooo goooood. Suck mommy’s pussy. Lick all of your brother’s sticky, hot seed from my incestuous twat.”

Inflamed by her mother’s words, Lydia pressed her face hard into the wet pussy as she sucked and licked the sensitive flesh. Tim watched as his sister ate out their mother. Reaching down, he began to stroke his semi-hard shaft. “Yeah! Lydia. Do it. Suck mom’s pussy. I sure pumped a load of cum into her. Suck all of my seed out of her fuck-loving hole.”

That’s how Paul found his family when he returned from his meeting at the church: his wife, Mary, laying naked on the floor, her knees up, her legs spread wide, moaning as their daughter sucked her cunt; his daughter, Lydia, fully dressed, on all fours, her face buried in her mother’s twat, her ass lifted and inviting; and his son, Tim, also naked, sitting nearby watching the action as he stroked his hard, thick cock. The sight was enough to get him hard and turned on in an instant.

“Now, this is the way a man should come home and find his family,” he said, as he quickly undressed. “All together, loving each other; not off in their own little worlds, in separate rooms someplace.”

Naked, he walked up behind his daughter, lifted up her skirt exposing her naked butt (he knew she never wore underwear anymore), and slid his hand between her legs to feel the slick wetness that leaked from her excited pussy. Pushing her legs apart, he knelt down and guided the head of his engorged cock to her pink opening.

Lydia moaned into her mother’s twat as she felt her father’s big cock fill her hot pussy. Raising her head for a moment, she said, “Oh, yes, daddy. Fuck me. Fuck your daughter-slut with your big, hard daddy-cock. I love you so much. I need you to pump your hot incestuous seed into my hungry womb. Fuck me, daddy, and make me cum.” Then she dropped her face back into her mother’s wet pussy and attacked her clit with renewed vigor.

“Ooooooo, yyyeeeesssss!” Mary cried out as her leaking cunt quivered under her daughter’s attack. “Lick me good, honey! Drink all of mommy’s hot juices. … Fuck her, Paul. Fuck your incest-loving daughter and make her cum. Show her how much you love her. Drive that big cock of yours into her hot, little twat and fill her with your love seed.”

Tim couldn’t sit on the sidelines any longer. He moved over and pushed his hard cock into his mother’s mouth. “Suck me, mom. Let’s make this a whole family incestuous fuck fest. Suck my cock and make me cum in your hot mouth.”

Soon the only sounds in the room were moans, groans, and excited little cries as the four Bursmans fucked and sucked their way to a family orgasm.

Paul came first, triggering a chain reaction. “Oh, fuck! Your pussy is so hot and tight. You feel so good on daddy’s cock. I’m going to cum, honey. I’m going to fill your cock-loving twat with daddy-cum. Here it cccuuummmss.”

Lydia could feel the force of her father’s ejaculation as he sprayed his thick cream into her willing fuck hole. The taboo of it sent her over the edge. She moaned and pushed her tongue hard against her mother’s extended clit as her vaginal muscles milked the hot seed from her father’s pulsing cock into her young womb.

The extra pressure against her sensitive clit sent Mary orbiting into orgasm. A flood of cum juice poured from her mature pussy to bathe her daughter’s face. At the same time she sucked hard on her son’s pulsating cock, wanting to taste his creamy sperm as it poured into her mouth.

Tim grabbed his mother’s head and held her tight as his cock bucked in her mouth, sending his thick, white cum shooting to the back of her throat and down into her belly. “Swallow it, mom. Suck my fucking cock and drink all of my hot seed. Oh, ssshhhiiittt!”

The Bursmans collapsed into a heap as their orgasms faded. “Wow!” said Lydia. “That was great. I just love spontaneous family fun.” Paul smiled. He knew his daughter just loved to fuck, anytime, anywhere, as long as it was with her family. But he couldn’t fault her for that. He loved it too.

“Speaking of family,” Mary said. “Your mother called a little while ago. She sounded pretty upset about something, but wouldn’t say what. She is driving up here tomorrow to talk to you about it, Paul. Says she will be here around 11 o’clock in the morning. I hope that is OK with you.”

“Sure. I wonder what would bring her this far.” Paul said, knowing that his mother would never make the trip unless something was really important.


Paul ushered his mother into his office. He could tell she was agitated and knew instinctively that something was really bothering her. He also noted that she was carrying a small plastic bag with her.

“Here, mom. Have a seat.” He said, indicating one of the chairs he used for counseling. “What’s wrong? You seem upset about something.”

“Oh, Paul,” Hannah sighed, on the verge of tears, her voice trembling. “I don’t know what to do. I’m in shock.”

“What’s happened?” Paul asked, taking her hand, trying to comfort her.

“It’s your father,” she replied, pulling her hand away. “I was doing some cleaning in his bedroom yesterday. (Paul knew his parents had slept in separate bedrooms for as long as he could remember. It was part of the sexual training his mother insisted on when he was growing up.) While working in the closet I knocked a box off of the shelf. When it fell, it opened and these fell out.” She handed him the plastic bag.

When Paul opened the bag he was stunned to find three sex magazines inside. One was a voyeur magazine with pictures of shots up women’s skirts, or down their blouses, or beach shots where the women were topless or even nude. The second one showed hardcore fucking in all kinds of different positions. And the third magazine was full of sex stories, everything from swingers to homosexual and lesbian action, to bondage and even incest.

“These are dad’s?” Paul asked, incredulously.

“Yes,” his mom replied. “I thought I knew him. Now I find these. And there are more just like them. Paul, your dad is some kind of sex pervert. What am I going to do?” She broke down and began to cry.

Paul took a deep breath. His head was swimming. His father bought and read sex magazines. Unbelievable! Then slowly he began to understand. There had been no sexual activity in their marriage for years. If his dad was a normal healthy male he needed some outlet for his desires. Since his wife would not fulfill them, he had turned to another source. If Paul could get his mother to understand his dad’s needs and see her place in helping him satisfy those needs, maybe he could help his parents find the joys of sex that he and Mary had discovered.

“Mom, when was the last time you and dad had intercourse?” he asked.

Hannah gasped at her son’s question. “Paul, how dare you ask such a question. You know sex is not a topic of discussion in our family.”

“Well, maybe it had better be now.” Paul responded, pointing to the magazines that lay on his desk.

Hannah looked at the magazines and shuttered. “You know your father and I don’t have to do that anymore. We’re done having children so there’s no need. It’s wrong, a sin.”

“No, it’s not, mom.” Paul replied. “I know that is what you taught me growing up. But it is just not true. I have had a lot of reason to study the Word on it lately. And I have discovered that it is not a sin. God made us sexual beings and encourages us to fulfill each other’s needs. It is a beautiful thing. That’s one of the reasons he established marriage.”

Hannah stared open-mouthed at her son. First her husband, and now her son. Was her whole world falling apart around her? “How can you say that? Of course it’s a sin. It’s what we believe.”

“No, mother. It may be what you believe. But that is not what God says in the Word. Here, let me show you.” And with that Paul showed his mother several passages that clearly showed sex in a positive way, even requiring husbands and wives to satisfy each other on a regular basis, even if having children was not the issue.

“All of these years, mom,” he said, “you have been refusing dad sex, and in so doing you have been sinning against the Word. Dad is a normal man, evidently with a normal man’s desires. Since you would not satisfy them, he had to find another outlet. You are partly to blame for these (he indicated the magazines).”

Hannah broke under Paul’s evidence. “Oh, Paul,” she sobbed. “What am I going to do? I am such a horrible wife and mother. I’ve ruined everything.” She buried her head in her hands and cried.

Paul felt sorry for his mother. He knelt at her chair and took her crying form into his arms. After a few minutes she began to calm down. Suddenly she pulled away from her son and sat stiff in her chair, her eyes questioning. Paul had never held her like that before.

Paul returned to his chair a little confused. One minute his mother was letting him comfort her, the next she was like a block of ice. What was going on? His pastoral instincts told him there was more to this than he knew.

“Does dad know you were coming to see me today?” he asked.

“No. He doesn’t know I found his magazines. I waited until he left for work this morning and then put a note on the table for him. He’ll find it when he comes home from work.”

“Mom, do you love dad?”

“Of course I love him. What kind of a question is that?”

“If you love him then you need to start satisfying his sexual needs. Maybe if you do he won’t need the magazines anymore.”

Hannah shuttered. “I … I can’t do that. I just can’t do it.” she cried, almost in panic.

“Mom, what’s wrong? I know there is more to it than this. What are you not telling me?”

“If your father loved me, he wouldn’t look at those magazines. It’s his fault.” she replied, almost in anger.

“Mom, quit it.” Paul said sternly. “You can’t pawn your problems off on dad. He must love you. Otherwise he wouldn’t just look at magazines. He’d be off having sex with some other woman. Something else is going on here. What is it? What are you afraid of?”

Again Hannah broke out in tears. Why was her son doing this to her. The memories came flooding back. She had tried to forget them, bury them deep in the past. But they kept coming back. And with them came the pain. Suddenly she had to tell someone or burst. She trusted her son. Surely Paul would not think her horrible.

Paul sensed her surrender. He watched as she slumped in her chair. She looked almost like a little child. He wanted to place his hand on her shoulder, comfort her. But somehow he knew she was not ready for that. He waited.

“I was raped.” She could barely get the words out.

“What? When? Where?” This was the last thing Paul expected to hear.

“When I was in high school, on my first date, actually. I thought he was such a nice guy. It was going so well. And then he started putting his hands on my … where he shouldn’t be touching. I got scared and told him to stop. Only he didn’t. He went further and further. He was too strong for me. I couldn’t stop him. When he … did it, it hurt, really bad. I cried and cried. Afterward he never spoke to me again.”

“Mom, that’s horrible. I never knew. … Does dad know?”

“No, goodness, no! What would he think of me?” Hannah sounded almost scared of the thought of her husband finding out.

“He loves you, mom. He’d probably begin to understand your fears and work with you to overcome them.” Paul tried to reassure her. After a short silence, he asked, “Why did you marry dad?”

“I love him,” was her simple reply. “I thought it would be different if we were married. But it wasn’t. The first time he tried to make love to me it hurt. All of the memories of that other time came back. I fought him. It was just horrible. … Later I read of a way to help with the hurt by using lubrication. We were able to have you. But I was always so scared. As soon as I could I insisted we stop. And now I’ve ruined our marriage!” She began to cry again.

Paul felt an overwhelming love for his mother. She had carried this burden for so many years. Now it was out in the open. Maybe he could help her; help her learn to love, help her learn to enjoy sex. He had to try.

“Mom, do you want to save your marriage?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, Paul,” she said through her tears. “But isn’t it too late?”

“No, I don’t think so. Like I said, dad must still love you. Otherwise he would have left you long ago. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to save your marriage?”

“Yes, … At least, I think so.” she answered hesitantly.

“Do you trust me?”

“Paul, I trust you more that anyone. I could never have gone to anyone else with this.”

“Good. I have an idea of how to get you over this, but you have to trust me completely and do what I say. I think I will need Mary’s help in this, maybe even Tim and Lydia.”

“Mary? Tim and Lydia? How can they help? You are not going to tell them are you?” Hannah sounded almost in a panic again.

“Mom, trust me. It’s OK. They will understand. And I think you will feel safer with them there.” Paul urgently tried to persuade his mother.

Hannah looked deep into her son’s eyes. She could trust him. She had to. If she was ever to get past this, to save her marriage, she had to trust him. She sighed. “OK, Paul. I’ll do whatever you say. Please help me.”

Paul and Hannah returned to the Bursman home. Paul took her into their bedroom. He found one of his wife’s new silk dressing gowns and told her to change into it and wait. He also suggested she remove her bra so the back strap did not get in the way of what he wanted to do. She was a little hesitant about going braless, but when he reminded her that she had agreed to do whatever he said, she finally agreed. Then he went out into the living room and brought his family up to date on what had happened and what he wanted to do.

Mary and the kids were shocked at what they heard.

“Raped! How horrible,” Mary remarked. “No wonder her ideas on sex were so strict. Do you think we can really help? Will she accept what you plan to do?”

“I don’t know,” Paul answered. “She has promised to do whatever I say. We will have to go slow. I’m hoping the experience of loving sex will change her mind and open her up sexually. We’ll just have to try and see.”

“Wow!” Tim exclaimed. “Seducing grandma. This is wild. Count me in.”

“I’m willing to help,” Lydia added. “I think it would be great if we could get grandma and grandpa to see how wonderful sex really is. Count me in, too.”

The four Bursmans entered the bedroom. They found Hannah sitting on the bed, dressed in the dressing gown, a worried look on her face. Mary went straight to her mother-in-law and hugged her. “Oh, Hannah. I am so sorry about what you’ve had to go through. Please let us help you.”

“I don’t know if I can do this,” she said, as the family gathered around her.

“Try, mom,” Paul encouraged. “For the sake of your marriage you have to try.”

She sighed. “OK, what do I have to do?”

Paul quickly took charge before she could change her mind. “Just lay on your stomach on the bed. We are all going to touch you, show you what loving caresses can be like. All you have to do is lay there and enjoy.”

Hannah laid down and closed her eyes. When she was in position Paul, Mary, Tim and Lydia formed a circle around her. They all gently placed their hands on her back and began to caress her. Every once in a while one or another of them would use their fingernails to scratch up and down her back. They all spoke encouraging words to her.

“Just relax and enjoy, mom. I love you. Trust us.”

“Gee, grandma, you feel so good. Love you.”

“You are special, Hannah. We all love you.”

Grandma, I love you. I love touching you. Enjoy.”

At first Hannah remained tense. This kind of touching was new to her. As time went on she began to relax. The feel of silk against her body was nice. The hands of her family were gentle and loving. Their words soothed her troubled mind. She began to enjoy the feelings that flowed through her body.

As Paul felt his mother relax more and more, he signaled his family to begin the next phase of their plan. Their caresses now extended out onto her arms and legs. Gently they included all of her back side. At first she tensed as hands touched her bare arms and lower legs or glided over her buttocks, but she said nothing.

Her family continued to whisper encouragement and love. She felt them change places often so each one had access to all parts of her back. Slowly she sank deeper and deeper into a sea of sensations the likes of which she had never experienced before. She did not even notice when Paul began to squeeze her ass cheeks or realize that the hem of her gown was slowly being raised to allow them to touch more of her bare skin.

She did jump a little when Tim lightly kissed the nape of her neck for the first time. It sent tingles down her spine and gave her goose bumps. But it only added to the wonderful sensations flowing through her. Still she kept her eyes closed and tried to enjoy what her family was doing to her. Soon all of them were kissing her everywhere: on the neck, arms, back, legs, and even on her panty covered ass. The sexual tension soared through her body and she felt herself begin to get wet between her legs for the first time in her life.

By this time the hem of her gown was up to her waist, fully exposing the back of her panties. Either she did not notice or she did not care. She was enjoying this “treatment” too much to think about it. And then she felt their gentle hands turning her over onto her back.

For a moment again she tensed, feeling the old apprehensions rise to the surface. But as her family continued their gentle touching, encouraging words, and light, loving kisses, she relaxed once again. Keeping her eyes closed she was determined to see this through and she sure was enjoying it. Maybe there was something to this sex stuff after all.

As his hands caressed his mother’s body, Paul became more and more excited. His mom had a nice body. He did not realize her breasts were as large as they were. Her legs were toned and shapely. When she relaxed and smiled, her face was beautiful. He found himself getting a hard on. Could he actually make love to his own mother? The way things were going he just might. He bent down and kissed his mother lightly on her lips.

Hannah was finding it harder and harder to protest against anything that was happening to her. Her body seemed to cry out for the attention it was getting. She hungered for more of the sensual feelings coursing through her. Hands touched her face, arms, legs, stomach, and chest. Lips kissed her face, lips, neck, legs. Mouths sucked on her fingers and toes. The silk rustled against her skin in such a sexual way. Soon she found herself kissing back whoever kissed her. She began to moan almost constantly, to the point it sounded like she was purring.

Carefully Mary and Lydia began to unbutton the front of Hannah’s silk dressing gown. As they did, hands began to reach inside, touching and caressing her bare skin. Hannah gave a sharp intake of breath when a hand stroked her bare breast for the first time. But she couldn’t say anything. Tim’s mouth was pressed hotly against her own and his tongue was trying to enter beyond her lips.

Mary felt her mother-in-law’s nipple harden under her touch and smiled. Paul was right. She was getting turned on. If they kept this up she just might have an orgasm. And if she felt how wonderful that was, maybe she would want more. Mary found herself envisioning her husband sliding his hard cock into his mother’s wet pussy and fucking her to an earth-shattering climax as he filled her with his incestuous seed. At the very thought of it, her pussy gushed a flood of slick juice which flowed down the inside of her leg.

Lydia undid the final button and slowly spread open the front of Hannah’s gown, exposing her grandmother’s semi-naked body for the first time. They all gazed lustfully at her naked breasts as they moved on her heaving chest. Her areola were large and very light in color, almost invisible. Her nipples stood hard and firm. Paul reached out and gently cupped his mother’s breast, rubbing the tip of his thumb over the hard nipple.

Hannah moaned out loud as her son and daughter-in-law played with her breasts. Her mind screamed for her to stop this assault on her body. It was not right. But her body cried out for more. Never had she felt such exquisite energy charging through her nerve endings. Her vagina tingled, as if electrically charged, and hot juices flowed freely from her pussy, soaking her panties.

When she moaned, her mouth opened and Tim’s tongue slipped into his grandmother’s mouth. Being french kissed by her grandson only increased Hannah’s sexual feelings. As if of it’s own accord, her tongue began to duel with his.

Lydia saw the wet patch on her grandmother’s panties and reached between her legs to stroke her inflamed pussy. She ran her finger up and down her moist slot, making sure to stroke her clit on each pass. Mary leaned down and sucked a nipple into her mouth. Quickly Paul followed suit, taking her other nipple into his mouth. His mother was squirming all over the bed as the sexual tension in her body increased.

And then she was there. For the first time in her life, her body exploded in orgasm. She felt as if she was bursting at the seams. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure shot through her overheated body. She jerked and convulsed for what seemed like several minutes before relaxing back down on the bed.

She looked at her son in amazement. “Wow!” she gasped. “That was wonderful. What happened? I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“You had an orgasm, mom,” Paul told her. “A wonderful, loving, intense orgasm, given you by your caring, loving family. Did you like it?”

“Oh, yes! I never dreamed anything could feel so good. Thank you for showing me. … I love you all.” She said, gazing around at her family gathered around her.

“We’re not done yet, mom. You really need to experience several more.” Paul told her. “One orgasm is not going to remove all of your inhibitions. We have a lot more to show you before you are ready to work on your marriage with dad.”

Hannah knew that what her son said was true. She knew almost nothing about good sex and pleasing her husband. Until today she only had her bad experiences, and they had haunted her for most of her life. Now she knew there was another side to sex, a side that could be exciting and wonderful. Suddenly she wanted to learn more. And she had a loving family right here ready and willing to help her learn. “What do I have to do?” she asked, eagerly.

“Sit up for a second,” Paul instructed her. “Let’s get rid of this gown. It’s not covering much of anything any more anyway.”

As she sat up, Hannah realized for the first time she was almost naked in front of her family. She blushed a deep red and tried to cover her large breasts.

“Wow, grandma! Don’t hide them.” Tim encouraged. “They’re beautiful. You should be proud to show them off.” He reached out and moved his grandmother’s hands down to her sides, gazing lustfully at her exposed tits.

Again Hannah blushed. She was not used to receiving compliments on her looks. But she found she liked hearing her grandson’s words, as well as the look in his eyes as he stared at her bare breasts. As she glanced around the room she noticed that everyone was enjoying looking at her. It excited her to realize she could cause such lust with her body.

She allowed Paul to slip the gown from her arms. Then she laid back down on the bed and waited expectantly for what her family would do next.

Once again Paul and his family began to caress her body from top to bottom. They would cup and squeeze her breasts, suck on her nipples, and kiss her mouth. Hannah now tried to participate. She would eagerly thrust her breasts up into the hands and mouths of those touching her. She willingly opened her mouth to the tongues that sought to invade her lips. She gazed into each of their eyes, reading the lust that was there and letting them see the lust that shone in her own eyes. She even spread her legs to the kisses they planted on her inner thighs. All the while her body began to build once again toward those glorious feelings of sexual tension and release.

As Hannah became more excited, Paul reached down and caressed her pubic mound through her panties. He marveled at how wet she was, how eagerly she pushed her mound up into his hand. When he felt another hand join his, he looked up into Tim’s smiling face and let him feel his grandmother up. Soon Mary and Lydia also had their opportunities to feel the hot, wet mound of his mother’s womanhood.

Paul signaled to his wife that he wanted to remove his mother’s panties. Mary leaned next to Hannah’s face and said, “Raise your hips a second, Hannah.”

Without thinking, Hannah raised up and felt her panties being dragged down her legs and off her feet, exposing her hairy vagina to her family’s gaze. Suddenly she realized that she was now totally naked in front of her family. Her eyes opened wide and she looked questioningly up at her daughter-in-law.

Mary put her finger over her mother-in-law’s lips. “It’s OK, Hannah. Just relax and enjoy.” With that she bent down and kissed her deeply.

Before Hannah could gather herself enough to protest, she felt a hand once again stroke down through her pubic hair and onto her swollen pussy lips. Without the barrier of her panties the sensations were much more intense. She could not help herself. As if on it’s own, her body pushed up hard against the invading hand as she broke Mary’s kiss and groaned. “Ooooooh, mmmmyyyyyyy! Oooooohhhhhh, yyyyyyeeeessss! That feels soooooo gggoooooddd!”

Slowly, Tim slid his finger up and down his grandmother’s slippery slit. He glided lightly over her clit causing her to moan even louder. And then he gently buried his finger deep into her hot depths, causing her to cry out. “Ooohhh, yyeesss! Don’t stop. That feels so wonderful!”

Hannah could not believe the intensity of the sensations racking her body. She thought her first orgasm was good. She knew that if this kept up the next one would be even greater. Instinctively she opened her legs wide to give her grandson better access to her enflamed core.

As his grandmother opened her legs, Tim gazed lustfully down at her excited, wet pussy-hole. He just had to taste it. Quickly he buried his face in her hairy twat and eagerly lapped up her abundant pussy juice, sucking and licking for all he was worth.

Hannah almost came up off of the bed. “Oooohhhh, ssshhhiiittt!! What are you doing? Oooohhh, that feels sssooo gggoooddd! Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. I can’t believe you would do such a thing.” She grabbed his head and pulled it deeper into her boiling cunt. “But don’t you dare stop, you naughty boy, you.”

Tim couldn’t breath. His grandmother was holding his face too tightly against her excited pussy. He pushed away and gasped for air, leaving Hannah moaning her protest at his leaving her. Lydia quickly took her brother’s place and eagerly licked her grandmother’s hot, musky twat. Hannah raised her knees to her chest, opening herself wide to her granddaughter. “Oh, yes! That’s it! Don’t stop. It feels so good.” At that moment she didn’t care who was licking her vagina as long as someone was. She could feel her body racing toward another intense orgasm.

Paul watched first his son and then his daughter perform cunnilingus on his mother. Finally his wife took her turn lapping at Hannah’s honey pot. He could tell she was on the verge of another strong orgasm. It was now or maybe never. He quickly removed his shirt and pants, and then dropped his briefs, freeing his engorged cock.

As his mother began to shake and shutter with her orgasm he watched Mary drink the fountain of cum juice that flowed from her hot, pink pussy. Then he gently pushed her aside and climbed between his mother’s open thighs. He centered his throbbing cock in her pulsating hole and pushed, sliding the full length of his shaft into her open cunt in one thrust. He held it there as she finished cumming.

Through the haze of her orgasm, Hannah felt the bed shift. She was vaguely aware of her son hovering over her. And then her vagina was filled with a thick, hard, hot pole. The sensation of a hard cock filling her climaxing pussy only seemed to intensify her orgasm as she bucked up and down against it’s hot length. “Ooooohhhhh! I’m cuuummmminnngg. I’m cumming so hard.” She gasped.

Slowly she came down from her orgasmic high. As she did, she became aware of her son’s naked body above her, his cock buried in her vagina. Conflicting feelings filled her mind. There was the horror of her memories from the other times she had a penis inside her and the pain it caused. There was the shock of realizing she was committing incest with her son. And then, there was the wonderful feeling of having a big cock throbbing deep inside her pussy for the first time in years.

“Paul, what are you doing?” she asked incredulously. “We can’t do this. I’m your mother, for heaven’s sake. Please get off of me. I never meant for things to go this far.” She started to squirm under him, trying to dislodge him from inside her slick twat. But he was too strong for her.

Paul used all of his strength to remain imbedded in his mother’s cunt. He quietly tried to explained. “Mom, we have to go this far. You need to know that it doesn’t have to hurt to make love. If you are properly stimulated and well lubricated, fucking can feel good. You don’t have to be afraid. … Mom, listen to me.”

Hannah continued to squirm under her son. She didn’t want to have sex; she didn’t want to get hurt again. It didn’t matter that it didn’t hurt now. It would, she knew it would. But the more she squirmed, the better it felt. All of her efforts to dislodge her son’s cock from her body only succeeded in sliding it in and out of her wet pussy in a most delicious way. She finally gave up and collapsed back onto the bed. “Oh, Paul!” she said, almost in despair.

“It’s OK, mom. Trust me.” Paul soothed his mother, gently caressing her face. “Have we done anything to hurt you so far?” He slowly began to work his cock in and out of her pussy.


“Hasn’t everything we done felt good?” He kept his strokes slow and long, in and out.

“Yes, wonderful,” she moaned, as his movement sent chills through her body.

“Haven’t you enjoyed the treatment we’ve given you and the orgasms you’ve had?” His thrusts became a little harder.

“Oh, yes,” she sighed.

“Then trust me now. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not going to rape you. I’m going to make love to you, show you how wonderful fucking can be when two people really love each other.” He started to pick up speed, just a little.

“But, Paul, you’re my son. We can’t have sex. It’s incest.” She was trying so hard to think straight, but her body was beginning to betray her. What Paul was doing was driving her wild. She could feel the heat grow between her legs, in the core of her being.

“Yes. Incest. And what better sexual love is there than when two people who really love each other, like a mother and a son, or a father and a daughter, or a brother and a sister, come together to express that special love they have for each other? Please, mom, let me show you how great incest can be.” He started to drive his thick cock into his mother’s hot hole.

Hannah couldn’t take any more. Or rather she had to have much more … much more of this wonderful, hard cock filling her needy vagina. Never had sex been like this before. There was no pain at all. Only pleasure, and what wonderful pleasure at that. Paul was right, again. If two people knew what they were doing and loved each other, sex could be so powerful, so … wonderful even if it was incest. She couldn’t hold still. She began to fuck back at her son’s pounding cock.

“Oh yes, Paul. Do it! Make love to me. Make love to your loving mother. I love you, Paul. Show me how wonderful incest can be. Give me your hard love deep in my willing hole. Looovvvee mmmeeee!”

Paul was ecstatic. They had done it! The barriers were down. His mother wanted him to fuck her, to show her the wonders of incestuous love. She was begging him to fuck her good. Thrust after thrust, he sent his hot, throbbing cock into her wet, scalding pussy again and again. He would give her the fuck of her life. She would know the joys of sex. She would be ready to do anything sexual to liven up her marriage. Even in the heat of sex with his mother, Paul never forgot that the goal of all this was to help his parents have a happy marriage.

“Take my cock, mom!” he cried out. “Take my big, fucking cock up your hot, tight, willing pussy-hole. Oh, mom! I love fucking you. This is so hot, so wild. I’m fucking you, mom. Incest! Wonderful, loving incest.”

Paul’s words inflamed Hannah’s mind. She was committing incest with her son and loving it. And her daughter-in-law and grandchildren were watching. She could see them as they all stripped naked, never taking their eyes off of what she and her son were doing.

“Do it, Paul. F-f-fuck me.” She said the word for the first time in her life. “Fuck your mother. Teach me what good incestuous fucking is like. Fuck me, Paul. Fuck me!” she cried as she pushed her vagina up to meet each thrust of her son’s cock.

Paul drove his cock-meat into his mother as hard and as fast as he could. He marveled at how hot and how tight her cunt was. He could feel her muscles ripple up and down his shaft. It felt like he was fucking a furnace. The excitement of it all had him speeding to his own orgasm. He began to grind his pelvis against his mother’s clit on each downward thrust in an attempt to bring her to orgasm with him.

“Oh fuck, mom. Your pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock. Take it deep in your wet, willing cunt. I’m going to cum, mom. I’m going to pour my hot, thick incestuous seed up into your tight twat. Cum with me. Fuck your loving son and cum on my hard cock.”

“Yes, Paul. I’m there. Your big, thick cock feels so good in mama’s pussy. I’m going to cum, Paul. Shoot your slimy sperm into my incest-fucking pussy. I’mmmm ccuuummmmmiinnnggg.”

Paul shoved his throbbing shaft balls deep into his mother’s belly. He could feel her orgasmic spasms as her vaginal muscles milked his cock. He buried his face in the nape of her neck and groaned as he sent stream after stream of molten cum pouring into her womb.

It took Paul a couple of minutes before he could lift his head from his mother’s shoulder. He felt totally drained. Slowly he lifted his head and looked down into his mother’s face. What he saw caused his heart to race. Her face shone with the after-glow of sex. There was a twinkle in her eyes he had never seen before. And she was smiling from ear to ear.

“Are you OK, mom?” he asked.

Her smile grew even wider as she ground her cum-filled pussy against his shrinking manhood. “Better than OK.” she sighed. “That was the most beautiful sex I have ever had. You were wonderful. I can’t believe what I have been missing for all these years. But no more. I want you to teach me everything I need to know to become the best lover your father could ever have. I want to try it all. No more inhibitions. If I could be so wrong about intercourse, who knows what other changes I need to make.”

“What about us?” Paul was almost afraid to ask.

“Us?” Hannah said. “Paul, after the fucking you have just given me, there is no way I could turn you away ever again. I love you. And I love incest. Anytime you want to make love to your old mom, you just say the word. My body, my pussy is yours for the taking.”

Paul moaned and kissed his mother, a deep soul-wrenching kiss that let her know just how much he loved her.

When they broke off their kiss, Hannah said, “I take it your whole family is into this incest stuff, right?”

She looked over at Mary, Tim and Lydia. The three had become so turned on watching Paul fuck his mother that they had joined together in their own incestuous threesome. Tim was laying on his back on the floor. Lydia was astride his hips, riding his cock, while Mary sat on his face holding her pussy open as his tongue squirmed in her hot slot. As Paul and Hannah watched, all three came together and collapsed in a heap of quivering flesh.

Following their “therapy session” everyone took a short nap and then had supper together. Hannah felt a little strange eating with everyone sitting around naked, but after awhile she began to enjoy the feeling of freedom it gave her. While they were eating they discussed how they would continue Hannah’s sex education. They also talked about what they would do about Sam, Hannah’s husband and Paul’s father.

After the dishes were done, Hannah was ready and eager to expand her sexual experiences. It was decided that she should learn to suck cock as this might come in handy in dealing with Sam. So, while Paul and Tim sat on the couch, Mary instructed her mother-in-law in the fine art of fellatio. Lydia would demonstrate on her father’s cock, and Hannah would practice on Tim.

“Oooooo, yes, Grandma,” Tim groaned. “Just like that. Your mouth feels so hot on my cock. Keep on sucking me, grandma. Don’t stop!”

They all jumped when the phone rang. Paul eased his daughter’s wet mouth from his hard cock and grabbed the portable phone. “Hello? Pastor Bursman. … Oh, hi, dad.”

Hannah stopped sucking Tim’s cock and looked over at her son when she realized her husband was on the line. But before she could move or say anything, Tim guided her mouth back to his throbbing dick. “Keep sucking my cock, grandma. Dad will take care of grandpa. You’ll see. Just keep on sucking.”

Mary reached down with one hand and cupped one of Hannah’s tits, giving it a loving squeeze. Her other hand found it’s way to her wet pussy where she began to finger-fuck her mother-in-law, driving two fingers up into her hot hole. “Paul will deal with Sam. All you need to do is concentrate on sucking Tim’s cock. Suck him, Hannah. Suck him good.”

Hannah looked up into her grandson’s lust-filled eyes and smiled. Then she licked the tip of his cock with her wet tongue before engulfing it in her hot mouth. At the same time she squirmed back on her daughter-in-law’s fingers, trying to drive them deeper into her demanding pussy.

As Paul watched his mother eagerly suck Tim’s cock, he listened to his dad. “Yes, mom’s here. She drove up this morning. … She was pretty upset.”

Lydia crawled over to her father, reached up to stroke his hard cock, and then resumed sucking it for all she was worth. Paul tried to push her away. It was too distracting. But she hung on and refused to be moved away from her task.

“Evidently you haven’t discovered anything missing, yet. … No?” Paul was having a hard time keeping his voice normal. His daughter’s hot mouth was driving him wild. “Mom found your magazines – the ones in the box in your closet. … Yeah, THOSE magazines.”

“Oh, shit, grandma. I’m going to cum.” Tim grabbed Hannah’s head and held it still as he began to fuck up into her sucking mouth with his big cock. “Get ready to eat my cum. Here it cccuuummmsssss! Aaaahhhhh, yes!”

Hannah felt her grandson’s cock buck in her mouth. Suddenly it was filled with the hot sticky seed that poured from his piss-hole. She swallowed again and again, marveling at the quantity of sperm Tim shot down her throat. She quickly realized that she loved the taste of his cum and continued to suck on his cock even after he was done, making sure she got every drop.

“You know how she feels about sex. What do you think her reaction was?… Just a minute, dad. I have to take care of something.” Paul quickly cupped his hand over the phone. Watching Tim cum in his grandmother’s mouth was too much. “Ooohhh, fuck! I’m cumming,” he cried, as his cock flooded his daughter’s hot mouth with thick, white spunk.

Lydia drank down every drop of her father’s cum. She loved the feel of his seed spraying into her mouth as much as she loved the taste. When he was done she raised her head, opened her mouth and showed him the thick cream that still floated there before swallowing it down.

“Dad, you still there? … Sorry about that. … Mom and I have been having a long talk. There are a lot of issues to deal with here. …”

Tim’s cock didn’t stand a chance of getting soft. As his grandmother continued to suck on it, the blood rushed in his veins and his shaft continued to stand rock hard. Hannah realized her grandson’s cock was staying hard. As she continued to squirm on Mary’s fingers she removed her mouth from it, but continued to stroke it in her fist. She looked up at Tim with lust filled eyes. “Fuck me, Tim. Shove this beautiful hard cock up grandma’s hungry pussy and give me another wonderful orgasm.”

“No, mom is not talking about getting a divorce. Yet.” Paul told his father as he listened to his mother beg for his son’s cock.

“Why don’t you fuck him, Hannah?” Mary said as she pulled her fingers from her mother-in-law’s cunt.

“How?” Hannah asked, looking at her.

“Dad, do you love mom? … I’m glad to hear that. I think you need to come here so we can all work this out together.”

“Tim, lay on your back,” Mary instructed. When Tim did as he was told, Mary guided Hannah over her grandson’s crotch, straddling his hips. “Reach down and grab his cock. … Good. … Now, rub the head against your wet pussy and get it all slick.”

“I know you have to work tomorrow. … Listen, tomorrow is Friday. Why don’t you come up after work and spend the weekend?” Paul was watching his mother rub her wet pussy on Tim’s hard rod. He could actually see her juices flow from her fuck-hole, coating his shaft.

“Just how important is your marriage to you? … Then I guess you will find a way to get free and be here.”

“Oooooo!” Hannah moaned, as Tim’s cock head came in contact with her clit. “I like that,” she sighed as she continued to churn her twat against her grandson’s cock.

“Now center it in your fuck-hole and sit down.” Mary told her mother-in-law.

Hannah slowly lowered her body, burying Tim’s thick shaft in her hot, open hole. “Oooooohhhh, yyyeeeesss!” she groaned. “Soooo gggoooddd. Your cock feels so good in grandma’s pussy. Is it good, Tim? Do you like having your big cock inside my cunt?”

“Yes, grandma. I love the feel of your tight gray-haired pussy wrapped around my cock.” Tim told his grandmother, reaching up to fondle her hanging tits. “I love incestuous fucking. Fuck me, grandma! Fuck your horny grandson with your hot, incestuous cunt. Fuck me.”

“Good. We’ll see you tomorrow evening then.” Paul was getting excited as he watched his mother begin to move, fucking her pussy up and down on Tim’s hard cock. He reached down and began to stroke himself. “Oh! And Dad? Something to think about…If you really love mom like you say you do, what are you willing to do to save your marriage?”

As Hannah abandoned herself to the lust of fucking her grandson, Mary and Lydia sat back and watched. Neither could believe how easy it had been to convert Hannah to the new life. But they had to admit she was sure enjoying herself. They reached down and began to finger-fuck themselves as they watched.

“Yes, I know mom has to do her part. Believe me. She realizes that and is already beginning to do something about it.” Paul smiled. If his dad could only see what she was doing, it would blow his mind.

“Oh, fuck, Tim! This is great. Grandma loves fucking your big, incestuous cock.” Hannah realized she liked the control being on top offered. She slammed her hungry pussy up and down on Tim’s hot fuckmeat. She ground her clit into his pelvic bone. She twisted this way and that, corkscrewing his rod in and out of her fuck-hole. “Fuck me, Tim. Fuck grandma’s incestuous twat with your boy-cock. Make grandma cum and cum. Fill me with your thick, incestuous sperm.”

“OK. See you tomorrow. Bye.” Paul turned off the phone and threw it on a nearby chair. He was almost wild with lust. Watching his mother and son fuck with such abandon was really turning him on. He grabbed Mary, hooking her legs over his arms as he drove his throbbing cock deep into her open pussy.

He sent several hard strokes into her willing body, causing her to moan ecstatically. Then he switched, pulling his cock out of his wife and driving it into his surprised daughter. After several strokes in her open fuck-hole, he returned to his wife. Back and forth he went, fucking both of his hot women with his incestuous cock.

Hannah watched her son wildly fucking two women at once. Her heart filled with pride. Her son was such a good fucking husband and father. And such a great fucking son, too. At that moment she thought she had never been happier. Returning her attention to her grandson she redoubled her efforts to fuck his incestuous cock off.

“Shit, grandma. You’re so fucking hot. … I love the new you. … Fuck me, grandma. Don’t stop! I’m almost there. … Oh, fuck! I’m going to pump my hot, incestuous seed into your wild, old pussy. … Here I ccccuuuummmm!”

Tim squeezed his grandmother’s tits hard as his cock jerked and throbbed inside her tight cunt, sending spurt after spurt of thick, hot sperm up into her womb.

Hannah groaned as she felt her grandson cum inside her overheated twat. It triggered her own orgasm. “Yyyyyeeeessss, Tim! Squeeze my breasts. Fill grandma’s cunt with your incestuous seed. Grandma loves the feel of your hot cum inside her hungry pussy. Ooooohhhhh, sssshhhhiiitttt, yyyyeeessss.” Her pussy milked him of every drop of cum he had to give.

Paul heard the cries of his mother and son as they came together. He ground his pelvis hard against his wife’s clit, determined to make her cum. It did the trick. He felt her tight pussy contract around his pounding shaft.

“Oh, Paul! I’m cumming. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

Mary’s orgasm triggered Paul’s. His cock jumped in her hot twat sending a spray of cum to coat her hot vaginal walls. Then quickly he pulled out and shoved his spurting cock into his daughter’s open hole. As he fucked the rest of his incestuous cum up into her womb, she came.

“Yyyeeesss, daddy. Cum in my incest loving pussy. I’m cuuuummmmmiiinnnngggg.”

The five of them finally collapsed, exhausted from all of the fucking they had done that day. Slowly they made their way to bed. Tomorrow Sam would be there. They needed their rest if they were to succeed in bringing him into a new life, too.

After the Bursman family settled down from their incestuous encounter, Paul found a coat hanger to use to release the bedroom door lock. Looking through the house, they found their clothes laying in a pile on the dining room table. While Paul called the police, Mary and Lydia cleaned up a little and put their clothes on. When the police arrived, everyone was dressed and looking normal. They explained what happened with Ron and Tom, leaving out the fact that they had to get naked. They told how Paul and Tim had jumped in their chair to break it. (Pastor Paul prayed their little white lie would be forgiven.) The police put out an all-points bulletin on the Bursman’s car and spent what was left of the night lifting fingerprints from areas they knew the two men had been. Then they went to Pierce’s garage and impounded the stolen vehicle. They asked Paul to come down to the station after he had gotten a little sleep and give a full account of what had happened.

Later that day, when Paul left for the station the rest of his family was still asleep. Now he was returning home. His mind was in turmoil. How would he and his family face the new day? By everything he had learned and believed what they had done was totally wrong. Incest. The word haunted him. Sure they could say it was not their fault. Anyone put in the situation they were in might have done the same thing. But they were no longer in that situation. Still, all Paul could think about was his daughter’s hot, clinging pussy and how good it felt to bury his cock in it. He now knew that sex was not the evil thing his parents had taught him. He wanted to make love to his wife and see if sex with her was as good as it was with Lydia. He could not go back to the way things had been. There was just no way he could do that now.

But what about his wife and kids? Would they be filled with remorse and guilt? Would they close off even more because of what had happened? His wife had shown a whole new side of herself, that of an incestuous fuck-slut, who loved fucking with her son. Tim and Lydia had really opened up and gotten into the spirit of sex with their parents. But was that just the heat of the moment? Paul didn’t know. This new day could bring a whole new lifestyle or it could spiral back down into the old sexless life of before. Paul hoped for the first as he feared for the second.

As he entered the house he found Mary, Tim and Lydia sitting in the living room waiting for him. Mary said, “Paul, we need to discuss what has happened and where we go from here.”

“I know,” Paul responded as he sat in his favorite chair. “We can’t undo what has happened. And I for one would not want to. But, what now?”

“What’s wrong with just going on from here?” Tim asked. “I think family sex is a lot of fun. Why stop?”

“Yeah!” added Lydia. “Now that I know how great sex is I sure can’t go back to being an innocent virgin, even if I wanted to. And I don’t. I loved fucking you, dad. And I want to do it again, often. I want to fuck Tim, too, and find out how good his big cock feels inside my pussy. Why can’t we just continue being one big happy, hot, incestuous family?”

Tim’s cock began to grow hard when he heard his sister say she wanted to fuck him. He looked over at her. He suddenly pictured her in his mind, naked, spread out beneath him, begging him to fuck her harder as he rammed his cock into her young pussy again and again. Without thinking he reached down and shifted his cock to a more comfortable position in his pants.

Mary watched her son rearrange his cock. Her son’s actions, coupled with her daughter’s words, sent a thrill through her body. She could feel her pussy begin to get wet with sexual desire. Still, this was a big step for them. Could they really, … should they really, do this?

“Kids, you have to understand. This is all new to your father and me. Ever since we were little our parents have drilled into us how wrong all sex is, let alone incest. Your father and I had never even seen each other naked until last night. And we still haven’t made love in the real, sexual sense of the word.”

“Don’t you think it’s time you did?” Tim asked. And then looking at his father, he added, “Mom is a beautiful woman, right dad? I know she is one great fuck. Don’t you want to make love to her the way you did with Lydia? Don’t you want to just shove your cock deep into her pussy and fuck her for all you’re worth?”

Paul looked at Mary. She was blushing at Tim’s words, calling her a great fuck. Tim was right. She was beautiful. And now he could see it. Not only that. She was sexy beautiful, a woman to be loved and fucked. A woman to pour yourself into. His eyes shone with the love he had for this new, hot, sexy woman who sat before him. He shifted his growing cock to a more comfortable position.

“Yes, son. She is beautiful. And I can’t wait to get her in bed and make up for all the fucking we’ve missed over the years.”

Mary blushed again at the loving lust that shone in her husband’s eyes. Her whole body was alive with the thought of what her husband wanted to do to her. It would be the way their honeymoon should have been twenty years ago. And all because they had had sex with their children. Finally she was ready to let go. She was ready for sex. And she could think of no one she would rather have fucking her than the two hot, loving men in her living room. Her pussy juice flooded her twat as she realized that she was about to become her husband’s and son’s willing, incestuous, fuck-toy.

“I agree, Paul. It’s time we really consummated this marriage. It’s time we got nasty and fucked each other’s brains out. Our parents were wrong. We were wrong. Thank goodness we found out the truth, even if it did take that horrible robbery to wake us up. What do you say we go to our bedroom and discover each other all over again, or maybe for the first time?”

Paul quickly got up from his chair and drew his wife up into his arms. “Sounds great to me,” he said. He leaned forward and kissed her, sending his tongue into her open mouth. Then looking over at their children, he asked, “What about Tim and Lydia?”

“Well, they will just have to do their own fucking, I guess. You and I are going to be too busy to worry about them right now.” And then as she took Paul’s hand and headed for the bedroom, she looked over her shoulder at Lydia and added, “Don’t wear your brother out too much, young lady. When your father and I finish, I’m going to want to feel that big mother-fucking cock of his buried deep in my hot, incestuous cunt again.”

Paul’s cock surged to full hardness as he heard what Mary told their daughter. He now knew that his family had all turned the corner into a new way of life, an incestuous life of love and sex together. As he followed his wife into their bedroom visions of Tim and himself fucking both Mary and Lydia, swapping and sharing, filled his mind. He smiled.

Tim and Lydia watched their parents disappear into their bedroom. They noticed that they did not close the door behind them. For a moment the two kids thought about going and spying on their parents. Then they looked at each other and smiled. They both rose and met in the middle of the living room. As their mouths came together and their tongues began to dance against one another, they slowly removed each other’s clothes and sank to the floor.

Tim raised up and looked down at his naked sister laying on the floor next to him. He saw the sparkle in her eyes, the smile on her lips. His gaze traveled down her slim neck to the swell of her pert breasts. He noticed that her large dark pink nipples stuck up hard in sexual lust. His eyes continued to move down over her flat stomach to her pubic mound. He marveled at the sparse covering of hair that did nothing to hide the cleft of her pussy. He could see the puffiness of her excited lips. Still his gaze traveled lower, as he took in her slim hips and long legs. His sister was just as beautiful as his mom. He wondered why he had never seen it before. But then again, he had never seen his sister or his mom naked before. His hard cock jerked in anticipation of what was to come.

Lydia broke out in goose-bumps as she watched her brother look her over. She could see the love and lust build in his eyes as he took in her naked flesh. Her excited pussy gushed with her juices at the thought of making love with her sexy brother. She had never realized it before. She had never dared look at Tim that way. But now she knew it was true. As she looked at his naked body beside her she could see it. Tim was one sexy hunk of man-flesh. Her eyes rested on his cock as it bobbed, hard and ready between his legs. Then she reached up and drew Tim’s head back down to hers as they kissed once again.

As he kissed his sister, Tim let his hands travel down over her body. He caressed her breasts, gently squeezing the extended nipples, causing Lydia to moan into his mouth. Down over the swell of her stomach and into the silky hair that covered her cunt, his right hand continued it’s journey, while his left remained to continue caressing her tits. Lydia was now arching her back, pushing her breast and her mound into his hands. Slowly he let his finger penetrate the cleft of her pussy slot. He felt the wetness of her juices as they coated his finger.

Suddenly he felt Lydia’s hand on top of his, guiding him as he fingered her hot pussy. She helped him stroke her hard clit for a moment, and then moved his finger into her wet hole and pushed, forcing it deep inside her core. Again she moaned as pleasure coursed through her overheated body. Slowly she pushed his finger in and out of her pussy several times, and then again used it to massage her sensitive clit.

For several minutes Lydia used Tim’s hand to masturbate herself, teaching him how to make a woman feel good. Eventually she used two of her own fingers to push two of his fingers deep inside her excited cunt. All four fingers were quickly covered with her free-flowing pussy cream. She brought her slick fingers up to Tim’s mouth. He quickly sucked them into his mouth and licked the juices from them. Then, looking deep into his sister’s lust-filled eyes, he brought his fingers, coated with her juices, up to her mouth and watched as she took them into her mouth, tasting herself on them. They smiled at each other and then kissed again, the taste of her pussy strong on their lips.

Slowly Tim began to kiss his way down his sister’s body. He kissed the hollow of her neck, leaving a wet trail with his tongue. From there he moved down to her pert breasts, sucking each one and licking at her hard pink nipples. As he continued down, he stopped to lick her belly button before moving down into her overheated pussy. The smell of her excited lust filled his nostrils as Lydia opened her legs wide to allow her brother full access to her hot, wet cunt.

As his tongue penetrated her pussy hole, Lydia moved around until Tim’s hard cock loomed over her face. As her brother licked and kissed at her pink cunt mound, she brought his blood-engorged cockhead to her mouth and began licking and sucking on it. Soon the two siblings were lost in the joy of oral sex as they 69’ed with each other.

They continued their oral stimulation for some time, slowly building to an intense release. Tim’s tongue pressed against Lydia’s swollen clit, sending sharp tingling sensations racing through her body. At the same time she sucked all of his hard cock deep into her mouth and throat, causing him to groan as his cock throbbed wildly in his sister’s hot mouth.

And then they were there. Lydia moaned around her brother’s cock as her pussy flooded his face with her cum. Her legs held his head tight as she came. Tim feverishly tried to lick up all of the cream his sister was pouring from her orgasmic pussy. At the same time he felt his cock swell and throb in Lydia’s mouth. Suddenly her mouth was full of cum as he pumped shot after shot of hot, sticky sperm down her throat. She swallowed, only to have her mouth filled with another shot. As she swallowed it all, trying not to lose a single drop, she marveled at the taste of her brother’s fuck-juice. It was not bad at all. She actually liked it. Even as she swallowed the last of it she began to wonder what her father’s cum tasted like. A thrill went through her as she realized that she would find out soon enough.

Lydia continued to suck on her brother’s cock, making sure it did not deflate. She wanted more. She wanted her brother to fuck her. Tim could not believe the wonderful feeling of his sister’s mouth sucking on his cock. He didn’t have a chance to go soft, not with a hot mouth like hers working him over. When she was sure that it would remain hard, she released it from her mouth and lay back on the floor. Spreading her legs, she smiled up at her brother.

“Come on, Tim,” she said. “Stick that big cock of yours in my cock-hungry pussy. I’m so hot. I need a good, hard fucking from my ‘big’ brother to fill my incest hunger. Fuck me, Tim. Fuck your sister with your big incestuous cock.”

Tim looked down at his sister. She lay there with her knees up, her legs spread wide, her fingers holding her wet pussy lips open so he could see the pink interior of her fuck hole. He knelt down between her legs, took his throbbing cock in hand and guided it to the entrance of her steaming cunt. Shifting forward, he penetrated her.

As she felt her brother’s cockhead pop inside her vagina, Lydia threw back her head and moaned, “Oh, yyyyeeeessss, Tim. Shove your big hard cock up inside me. Fill me with your incestuous prick. Fuck your horny sister, you mother-fucker! Now you’re going to be a sister-fucker, too. Fuck me, Tim. Fuck me.”

Lydia’s words really turned her brother on. Quickly, suddenly, he pushed forward, hard, and in one thrust sent his cock deep into his sister’s willing cunt, grinding his pelvis against her clit.

“Oooohhhh, ffffuuuuccckkk, Lydia! Your pussy is so hot, so tight. Take my cock, you incestuous slut, you. I’m going to fuck you and fuck you until I fill your incestuous cunt with my brother-sperm.”

Tim grabbed his sister’s legs and pushed them back into her chest, opening her hot pussy even more to his driving cock. Again and again he pounded his cock into her. The sound of their bodies slapping together filled the room.

“Do it, Tim! Fuck me hard. Fuck your sister’s hot, wet pussy with your big, incestuous cock. Make me your own little fuck slut. Fill my incestuous hole. Fuck me, brother of mine, fuck me until I cum and cum.”

Lydia began to thrust back up at her brother’s pounding cock, meeting him stroke for stroke. She twisted her ass this way and that, trying to screw her overheated pussy onto his hard cockmeat. To Tim it felt like he had a wildcat in his hands. His sister’s twat was trying to eat his cock alive. He couldn’t believe what a hot, wild fuck she was. He picked up the pace: faster and faster, harder and harder, driving his cock root-deep into her wet, open cunt again and again. At the rate they were going it didn’t take them long to reach their orgasmic heights.

“Oh, shit, Lydia. Your pussy is so hot. You are fucking me so good. Shit! I’m going to cum. I’m going to fill your hot, wet, incestuous pussy with my seed. Oh, fuck! I’m cccuuuummmmiiinnng! Take it, sis. Take my incestuous cum deep up your fucking womb.”

Lydia felt her brother’s cock swell and buck as it sent it’s load of sticky sperm spraying up inside her womb. It jerked once, twice, three times. And then again and again, as it filled her with his hot, white cream. She grabbed his butt and pulled him tight into her crotch as her own orgasm flooded over her.

“Yyyyyeeeeesssss! Yyyeeesss, Tim. Cum! Fill me with your sperm. Flood your sister’s incestuous pussy with your hot seed. Pour that incestuous cum into my womb. I’m cumming! I’m ccccuuuummmmmiiinnnggg so hard! Keep fucking me, Tim. Keep fucking my hot pussy-hole with your incestuous, creaming cock.”

Slowly brother and sister calmed down. Tim lay on top of Lydia, breathing hard, as his cock began to shrink inside her cum filled hole. He pushed his body up on his arms and smiled down at her. As he sat back his now soft cock slid from her well-fucked pussy. He gazed at her open, red hole, watching his cum slowly leak out and flow down her ass to the floor. Then he looked up at her face. She was smiling at him.

“Wow! That was great. You sure are a wonderful lover, Tim. You can fuck me any time you want.”

“You’re not so bad yourself, sis. I could get hooked on your pussy really easy.”

Then he lay down beside her and in the quiet that followed they could hear their parents as they came together in their bedroom.

When they left their children, Paul and Mary entered their bedroom. Paul thought about closing the door, but then realized he didn’t need to. If Tim and Lydia wanted to watch, they were welcome. He stood behind his wife and gazed at the broken chair that still lay on the floor. It had all begun in this room. As he relived the scene in his mind, his hands came up and he cupped Mary’s breasts through her dress. He smiled as he realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He felt her nipples hardened in response to his touch.

Mary pressed her body back into her husband, forcing her breasts deeper into his hands, feeling his hard cock press against her ass. Enjoying the feel of Paul’s hands and cock on her body, she wondered how she could have ever thought such contact was evil. She knew she would never reject the touch of her husband or son again. Her body was theirs to do with as they desired. She was ready to let Paul fuck her any way he wanted. When she looked over at their twin beds, they looked so small, so inadequate for what was about to happen.

She laughed. “We need a bigger bed.”

“Maybe we can trade these in on a larger one at the furniture store.” Paul responded.

“Better get a king size,” she said, “especially if the kids are going to join us.”

“Maybe we better get them bigger beds, too,” he suggested. “If they start sleeping together they will need them.”

Mary turned toward her husband. “OK. But not now. Later. One of these will do for now.” She began to unbutton his shirt as she gazed up into his eyes. “Right now I just want you to make love to me.”

Paul saw the love-lust shine in his wife’s eyes. This was a new Mary, a sexy, fuck-loving Mary. And he loved her. As she pulled his shirt from his body, he leaned in and kissed her. Soon their tongues were dueling in their mouths. As they kissed he reached behind her and unzipped her dress, pulling it forward, off her shoulders. He stepped back to let it fall to the floor, revealing her naked body underneath.

“No underwear?” he asked in surprise.

“No underwear,” she replied as she bent down to remove his pants. “They would only get in the way, so why bother?” And then with a smile she added, “Besides, between you and Tim, I doubt that they would stay on for very long anyway. I don’t plan to wear underwear again in the foreseeable future.”

In his mind, Paul suddenly had a picture of his prim and proper, yet sexy wife, all dressed up in her Sunday best for church, with her naked tits and pussy available underneath. The blood surged into his cock making it rock hard. He pulled his wife’s naked body against his own and kissed her hard as he felt her breasts press into his chest while his cock throbbed against her belly. He reached down to cup her ass in his hands and pull her tighter against his manhood. He moaned as she followed his lead by grabbing his ass and pulling him into herself as well.

For several seconds they continued their kiss, pressed up against each other’s naked body. Eventually they came up for air, stepped back a little, and began caressing and exploring each other for the first time in their marriage.

Paul loved the soft swell of Mary’s breasts and the way her dainty pink nipples stuck out hard from them. As he stroked his hand down her stomach and into her mat of pubic hair, he leaned forward to suck one of her nipples into his mouth, causing her to moan as she pushed her breast into his face. At the same time his fingers found her wet slot and slid into the heated depth of her cunt. He was surprised at how wet she was there. He had the distinct feeling he could drown in her juices.

As her husband nursed on one of her breasts and fingered her pussy, Mary reached down and touched his cock for the first time in their married life. She marveled at how hard and hot it was. She could feel it throb in her hand. She began to lightly stroke up and down, measuring it’s length and width. It wasn’t as long as Tim’s, she thought, although it might be a little thicker. No matter. She knew she was going to love having it shoved up inside her hungry pussy as he fucked her with it.

Paul suddenly stepped back from Mary. The excitement of having his wife’s naked body against his and the combination of sucking on her tit, feeling the slick wetness of her pussy, and her stroking his cock, had him on the verge of cumming. And he didn’t want to cum just yet, especially from a hand job. He took her by the shoulders and guided her onto his bed. Then he began to kiss her all over her body, her face, her neck, her breasts, down her torso, and over her legs, until eventually he kissed her pussy. When he did it was like turning on an electrical circuit. Mary arched her back, pushed her cunt into his face, and groaned aloud.

“OOOOOhhhhhhh, yyyyeeeessss!!!! Right there, Paul. Kiss my pussy. It feels sssssooooo ggggooooodddddd!” Mary would never have guessed a man’s mouth on her most private place could feel so wonderful. She reached down and pulled Paul’s face tighter against her hot pussy as it responded with a flood of her juices.

Paul had no choice. As his wife forced his face deep into the junction of her legs, his mouth became coated in her juices. His nostrils flared at the smell of her excitement. Almost as a reflex action his tongue snaked out and licked his lips. The taste of her cream filled his mouth. For the first time in his life he was tasting a woman’s pussy juice. The idea of it, as well as the actual taste itself, turned him on tremendously. Quickly his tongue plunged into Mary’s twat, seeking more of the intoxicating liquid. Again and again he licked and sucked at her wet pussy, trying to lap up all of her slippery juices. But the more he tried the wetter she became. Soon she was wriggling all over his face as he ate her out.

Mary’s supersensitive pussy grew hotter and hotter. It seemed to vibrate with the electric-like current that rushed through her. She knew she was building to a powerful orgasm. Never in her wildest dreams did she think anyone would want to lick and suck on her vagina. It seemed so dirty, so perverse. Until today she probably would not have allowed it. Now she knew she loved it.

“Oh, Paul!” she groaned, pushing her wet twat hard against his face. “Don’t stop. Keep licking my pussy. Suck my horny cunt. Don’t stop. I’m going to cum, Paul. You’re going to make me cum all over your face. Suck me, Paul. Suck my hot, wet pussy.”

And then in his effort to lick all over her sloppy, wet pussy-slot, Paul’s tongue made contact with the hard nub at the top of her cunt. He licked her clit.

“OOOOOOOhhhhhhhh, ssssshhhhiiiiitttt!” Mary cursed for the first time in their married life as it felt like she would suddenly explode with sexual electricity. “I’m cumming! Paul, I’m cccuuummmming!”

Her hot cream poured from her excited pussy. Paul’s face was covered in it. He tried to lap it all up but it was impossible. He could barely keep his mouth on her cunt hole as she squirmed all over the bed. His heart soared as he realized that he could give his wife such a powerful orgasm.

Slowly Mary came down from her orgasmic high. As she gasped for breath, she pulled Paul’s face up away from her sensitive pussy lips toward her face. She gazed into his eyes, seeing the sparkle and lust that shone in them. And then she kissed him, driving her tongue deep into his mouth, tasting her own juices which still lingered on his lips and tongue. “Not bad,” she thought. “I wonder if Lydia tastes as good?” Maybe she would try and find out sometime.

Paul was ready to fuck his wife. Having her cum on his face was a real turn on that had him horny as hell. His hard cock throbbed with his excitement. As they kissed he shifted his hips, bringing the head of his cock against mouth of her hairy pussy. He could feel the heat of her lust as it radiated from her body.

Mary felt her husband press his cock against her cunt. Quickly she raised her legs and opened her thighs wide, giving him full access to her horny pussy hole.

“Oh yes, Paul. Fuck me. Shove your hot dick in me. Fill my fucking pussy with your big, hard cock. I’ve been your wife for twenty years. Now make me your sex toy, your hot fuck slut. Fuck me good, fuck me hard.”

Paul was astonished at Mary’s language. She had been so prim and proper. No sex language had ever come from her mouth. And now she was acting and talking like a hot, fuck-loving slut. Ever since she had fucked her son and experienced the joys of incest her whole outlook had changed. She seemed ready for anything. His wife was a real live slut. With a surge of energy he plunged his cock balls deep into her open hole.

“Fuck you, Mary. You want it, you got it,” he said, as he began to stroke in and out of her heated depths. “You want to be a fuck-slut, that’s okay with me. Like the kids said, it’s about time you and I consummated this marriage the way it should be consummated. Take my hard cock up your fucking pussy. Wiggle that hot ass of yours for me. You were one hot fuck for our son last night. Now show me how hot a fuck you can be for your husband. Fuck my pounding prick with your nasty twat. Come on, honey. Fuck me back, you slut, you.”

“Shit, fuck,” Mary replied. Paul’s words were driving her wild. They sounded so dirty, so animalistic, so …. loving. She began thrusting her ass up to meet his every stroke. “Come on, you fucker, fuck me! Our marriage is never going to be the same again. We’ll consummate it all right. Slam that cockmeat into me. Pound my hot, wet twat with your thick prick just like you did to our daughter. Make me cum. Fill me with your thick sperm, your sticky, white seed. Shit, Paul, fuck me.”

In love and in lust with each other, their emotions flooded over. All of their suppressed sexual energy poured itself out in this first real fuck of their marriage. Paul slammed his cock into his wife repeatedly, faster and faster. Mary met him stroke for stroke. Time after time she ground her pubic bone against his, sending intense pleasure rushing through her body as her clit was smashed again and again. The bed shook. His cock throbbed. Her cunt pulsated.

“Oh, fuck, Paul. So good! I’m almost there. Keep fucking me. Don’t stop! Make me cum. Pound that fucking cock up my hungry twat. I love you so much. Fuck me, Paul. … Oh, sssshhhiiitttt, I’m cumming. Cum with me, Paul. Oh, I’m cccccuuuummmmming!”

Paul groaned as he felt Mary’s pussy collapse around his driving cock. She flooded his prick with her hot juices. He felt like he was being scalded by the lava of cum in her creamy hole. As she grabbed his ass and pulled him deep into her twat, he began to shoot. Spurt after spurt of thick sperm erupted from his piss-hole into the depths of her womb.

“Take it, honey. Take all of my hot cum. You lovely, adorable, hot, sexy fuck-slut. Take all of my seed into your cum-loving hole.”

Once and again his cock jerked inside his wife’s naked body, sending the last of his creamy sperm into her willing and open cunt. Mary marveled at volume of cum Paul pumped into her. She could feel it soak in her vagina and slowly begin to leak out onto the bed as his shrinking cock slid out. Paul sort of slid off Mary’s body to lay beside her as they both tried to catch their breath. Gazing into each other’s eyes they said “I love you” and kissed. When they finally got up, they headed into the living room to see how Tim and Lydia were getting along.

As Paul and Mary entered the living room they found Tim and Lydia laying naked together on the floor. Lydia’s legs were slightly parted and her parents could see Tim’s semen as it leaked out of her cunt.

“Looks like your brother really filled your pussy full of cum,” Mary casually remarked.

“Mmmmm, yes,” Lydia sighed as she laid back, spreading her legs to give her family an unobstructed view of her vagina. As she began to run her fingers through her cum soaked pussy lips, she continued, “He fucked me real good. He’s a wonderful lover. I told him he could fuck me anytime he wanted.” Then she looked up at her naked father and smiled. “You can, too, dad. Any time you want.” Slowly she stuck her cum-covered fingers in her mouth and began to suck on them.

Paul gazed lustfully down at his beautiful young daughter as she played with herself. He could feel the blood begin to rush back into his cock, causing it to rise as it hardened. Almost as if in a trance, he moved forward, got down on his knees, spread her legs, and slid his cock into her cum-leaking pussy. He never took his eyes off of her hole. He saw it spread open to accept his thick meat. He watched as it swallowed all he had to give. And then as he began to thrust in and out, he marveled at the way her red inner lips were pushed in and pulled out with every stroke.

“Oooooohhhhhh, yes, daddy! Fuck me! Your daddy-cock feels so good in my incestuous pussy. Oh, I love you, daddy. Don’t stop. Give me all of your wonderful incestuous cockmeat. Fuck me. Come on, daddy. Really fuck your hot little daughter-slut.” Lydia began rotating her hips and screwing her open pussy up onto her father’s cock as he drove it in and out of her willing hole.

Paul pulled his eyes up away from their joined genitals to look his daughter in the face. As his eyes met hers he felt goose bumps run up and down his spine. Her eyes mirrored his own as they shone with love and lust at this father-daughter coupling. There was nobody forcing them this time. They weren’t tied up in a chair. They weren’t trying to break free of confinement. This was just a father and daughter who loved each other and who were lovingly and willingly giving themselves to each other. This was incest at its most wonderful best.

Paul groaned. “Oh, Lydia, honey. You are so beautiful … so hot. I love fucking you … making love to you. I love the feel of your tight wet pussy around my cock. I can’t get enough. I want to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you. … Oh, yes! Daddy loves fucking his hot little daughter-slut.” He began to pound his prick in and out of her wet slot again and again, faster and faster. “Fuck daddy, honey. Slide your hot incestuous pussy onto dad’s hard prick. Take my big incestuous cock deep into your fuck-hole. Oh, shit … fuck!”

Tim and Mary watched as Paul and Lydia lost themselves in their father-daughter incestuous lust. Mary was so intently watching Paul’s cock drive in and out of her daughter’s open, red hole that she jumped when Tim ran his fingers through her pussy lips.

“I guess Lydia’s not the only one who got a pussy full of cum a little while ago,” he said, holding up a couple of cum covered fingers.

Tim’s remark reminded her that the load of cum Paul pumped into her was slowly leaking out of her cunt and running down her leg. It made her feel like such a nasty slut. And she realized that she liked the feeling. She smiled down at him and then her eyes went wide and her nostrils flared in excitement as he put his cum covered fingers in his mouth and sucked them. “Tim, that is so nasty!” she exclaimed, spreading her legs as he reached out and coated his fingers again before putting them back in his mouth.

Tim scooted forward and pressed his face into his mother’s dripping cunt. Mary gasped as she felt his mouth and tongue begin to suck his father’s cum from her overheated pussy. She grabbed his head and pulled his face tight against her vagina as she flooded his mouth with the juices that flowed from it.

“Suck mommy’s pussy. Clean all of your father’s cum out of my cunt. Lick my clit. Make mommy cum, Tim.”

Tim licked and sucked his mother’s pussy for all he was worth. The idea that he was tasting the combined juices of his parents as they were mixed in his mother’s vagina drove him wild. His ears were filled with the words of his father and sister urging each other on as they fucked beside him. His cock was hard and throbbing at the sounds and smells of sex all around him. He reached up and grabbed his mother’s ass to hold her up as her legs began to tremble with her building orgasm.

“Oh, yes, Tim. Suck my hot pussy. I’m going to cum. You’re suck me so good. I love your hot tongue in my cunt. I’m going to cum all over your wonderful face. Tim, I’m cumming! Mommy’s ccccuuummmmmiiinnnggg!”

At almost the same time Tim heard Paul and Lydia reach their own climax.

“Fuck me, daddy! Your cock is so hard … so hot! I’m going to cum. Keep fucking me, daddy. Drive that big cock deep into my incestuous pussy. Fuck me and fill me with your incestuous daddy-cum. Pump me full of your thick, sticky seed. Ooooohhhhh, dddaaaddddddyyy, I’m ccccuuuummmmmmiiinnngg!”

Paul felt his daughter’s pussy walls pulse around his cock shaft. He had been holding back, trying to make sure she would cum with him. Now he let himself go. With one last thrust he buried his cock all the way to the root in her cunt and held it there as he sent jet after jet of his sperm into her womb.

“Take it, honey. Take it all. Daddy’s cumming in your hot twat, filling your womb with his incestuous seed. Oh, fuck! Filling your incestuous daughter-cunt with daddy-sperm.”

Slowly father and daughter came down from their orgasmic rush. Lydia moaned as Paul pulled his shrinking cock from her slick red pussy and laid down beside her. Tim lowered his mother to the floor as she finished her orgasm and her legs seemed too shaky to hold her up. They all looked at each other and smiled. It was wonderful to be this open and loving toward each other.

Lydia sat up and spread her legs. “Gee, daddy. You really filled my pussy with your cum. I’m leaking all over the place.”

Mary looked at her daughter’s puffy pussy. She could see her husband’s white, sticky sperm that was now mixed with what was left of her son’s cream from the fucking they did before as it seeped out and ran down Lydia’s butt crack. “Let me help you with that,” she said. She crawled over to her daughter, spread her legs even more, and dove into her cunt to begin sucking all of the creamy mixture from her well fucked hole.

“Oh, wow! Mom, that’s wild. Do it. Suck all of the sperm out of my incestuous hole. Eat Tim and daddy’s cum. Lick my pussy.”

Paul watched dumbfounded as his wife went down on their daughter. She was continuing to amaze him with how much she had changed since yesterday. Evidently when she decided to become their family’s fuck-slut there were no taboos left for her. Husband, son, daughter … all were equal fuck partners. His cock began to rise again.

Tim was also watching his mother and sister. It was the most exciting thing he had seen so far in their new family incestuous relationship. But he needed to cum. He was the only one who hadn’t cum since they had all gotten together. With his mother on her knees, licking his sister’s cunt, he could see her open twat beckoning to him. He got on his knees behind her, took her hips in his hands, lined his cockhead up with the mouth of her pussy, and slowly shoved his cock into her pink depths.

Mary raised her head and groaned as she felt her son’s cock enter her cunt doggy-style. “Oh, yeah. Tim, your cock feels so good in mommy’s pussy. It’s so hot … so hard. Fuck me, honey. Shove your big mother-fucking cock up mommy’s incestuous fuckhole and fuck me good. Make mommy cum. Pound the shit out of your fuck-slut mother and make me cum.”

Lydia grabbed her mother’s head and pulled her face back down into her cunt. “Eat my pussy, mom. Don’t worry about Tim. He will fuck you good and hard, won’t you Paul. Come on, mom. Suck all of the cum out of my pussy while your mother-fucking son fucks your hot incestuous cunt with his lovely big cock.”

Tim pounded his cock into his mother’s vagina again and again. Each time he slammed forward he drove her face into his sister’s open twat. Mary licked and sucked at her daughter’s wet cunt as her son fucked her superheated pussy. Paul stood there slowly stroking his growing cock, watching his family’s incestuous action. Lydia pushed her excited pussy hard against her mother’s hot mouth, smearing it with her juices. When she looked up and saw her father playing with himself, she said, “Come here, dad. Let me suck your cock. I want to feel your big cock in my mouth.”

Paul quickly walked over and joined the family orgy. He placed his cock in his daughter’s open mouth and began pumping it in and out, fucking her face. “Suck my cock, honey. Show daddy what a good incestuous fuck-slut you are. Suck daddy’s cock while your mother sucks your brother’s and my cum from your sex-hungry pussy hole.” And then turning to his son, he added, “Tim, fuck your nasty slut of a mother good. She is one hot incest-loving woman. She needs to feel your boy-cock plunging into her incestuous cunt. Show her just how good a mother-fucker you are.”

After that no one spoke for a while. Paul was holding his daughter’s face in his hands as he concentrated on fucking her mouth. Tim was busy watching his mother’s tight pussy as it stretched around his cock as he thrust into her again and again. Mary and Lydia couldn’t talk with their mouths full of pussy or cock. But eventually they all began to build toward a family orgasm. Paul stroked faster into Lydia’s hot mouth. Lydia sucked harder on her dad’s cock while screwing her twat up into her mother’s hungry mouth. Tim pounded deeper and harder into Mary’s willing pussy. And Mary sucked and licked faster at her daughter’s dripping cunt, at the same time shoving her overheated pussy harder back onto her son’s throbbing cock.

Tim could feel his balls tighten and his cock swell as his orgasm overtook him. “Oh, fuck! Get ready, mom. I’m going to cum. I’m going to fill your hot mother-cunt with my incestuous sperm. Here it cccccuuuuuummmmmssssss!” Tim’s cock jerked again and again as it fired stream after stream of thick, sticky cream into his mother’s steaming pussy.

Mary could feel her son’s cock swell and then jerk as he sprayed into her fuck-crazed cunt. Her womb was quickly bathed in liquid warmth as he forcefully pumped her full of his seed. The sensation of having her son cum inside her sent her reeling into her own powerful orgasm. Her vagina pulsed, milking every last drop of her son’s sperm from his cock. She groaned into her daughter’s pussy which sent vibrations racing through Lydia’s swollen clit, triggering her orgasm as well. As Tim continued to fill his mom’s pussy, Lydia poured her cum juice all over her face. Mary thought she could happily drown in her children’s cum.

As Lydia came on her mother’s face she moaned and sucked harder on her dad’s hard cock as it slid in and out of her hot mouth. The added suction and the vibrations of her moan combined to pull Paul over the edge into his own orgasm. She gulped again and again as she tried to swallow all of the thick cream that poured from his throbbing cock.

Paul had a close-up view of his family’s joint cum. As he emptied his balls into his daughter’s face, he could see the look of pained ecstasy on his son’s face as he came inside his mother’s womb. He watched his wife’s body shake in orgasm as her children came in and on her. And he marveled at the way his daughter’s throat worked to gulp down his cum as he poured it into her mouth.

“That’s it, Tim. Fill your mother’s fuck-hole with your incestuous seed. Mary, take it all! Suck your daughter’s hot cum from her wet pussy while your son pumps his sticky sperm into your incestuous cunt. Swallow it all, Lydia. Drink all my daddy-cum and drown your mother with your cum juices. Oh, shit! What a wonderful fucking, incestuous family we are now!”

It took several minutes for the Bursman family to regain normal breathing. Paul bent down and licked his daughter’s cum from his wife’s face. And Lydia took her brother’s shrinking cock into her mouth and cleaned the combined juices of he and his mother off of it. Eventually, tired but happy, they all made their way to bed, where they slept the sleep of the well fucked.


Mary hummed happily as she stood at the kitchen sink stirring a pitcher of lemonade. She was naked and she could feel the combined cum of her husband and son running down the inside of her legs. Her face shone with the juices from her daughter’s pussy. She had just been double fucked with her husband in her cunt and her son in her ass, while her daughter had pushed her pussy into her face for her to eat.

As she looked out the kitchen window she caught sight of the clothesline in the back yard. It reminded her again of that fateful day over two months ago when Ron and Tom had tied them to the dining room chairs and robbed them. They tried to run from the police when they tracked them down in the Bursman’s car. But in their attempt to get away they crashed the car at high speed and were both killed. So now there was no one who could tell others what had happened that day.

But the events of that day had brought her and her family to a whole new way of life. Lydia was now on birth control so her father and brother could not get her pregnant from all of the potent incestuous sperm they were pumping into her always ready pussy. They were all eager to try new things and find new sexual joys, like cum bathes, anal sex, double penetration, sex toys and even light bondage. Both she and Lydia had even shaved their cunt mounds so their men had an unobstructed view of their cocks as they fucked in and out of their open holes. And since then not one day had gone by without both Paul and Tim depositing at least one load of cum each into Lydia’s and her bodies. Mary really enjoyed being her husband’s and son’s fuck-slut, and knew her daughter did too.

And there was a side benefit to their new incestuous lifestyle. The people of their congregation were saying that Paul seemed less serious, happier and more joyous in his ministry. They liked the changes and hoped he stayed around for a long time. They even helped them get a new car so he could continue with his necessary visits. If they only knew why their pastor was so much happier, Mary thought. Would they still be so eager to have him and his family around if they knew what an incest-loving family they were?

Mary put the pitcher of lemonade on a tray with four glasses and carried it into the master bedroom. She smiled as she looked on their new king-size bed and saw Lydia in the same position she had been in earlier. Only, for Lydia, her brother was fucking her incestuous cunt and squeezing her tits while her father’s cock slid in and out of her tight asshole. Lydia was moaning and groaning as they drove her toward orgasm. Mary put the tray on the dresser and climbed onto the bed. Standing in front of her daughter she forced her bald cum-filled pussy into her daughter’s face.

“Eat mommy’s pussy. Suck all of your father’s cum from my cunt. Come on, you incestuous fuck-slut. Fuck your father and brother’s incestuous cocks and eat your mother’s hot incestuous cunt. Oh, yeah! Fuck!”

Hannah stretched as she woke up. It took her a minute to recognize that she was in her granddaughter’s bedroom. She smiled. She felt great. She had slept like a log.

As she sat up in bed she realized she was naked. Memories of yesterday came flooding back. She had had sex with her son and his family. Both Paul and Tim had fucked her. She had her first orgasm ever and more after that. And, she quickly realized, she was ready for more. Just thinking about what might happen today started getting her mature pussy wet.

She quickly got up and, feeling both wicked and free at the same time, walked naked into the hall. The house was quiet. As she headed to the bathroom she went past her grandson Tim’s room. The door was open and she could see Tim and his sister, Lydia, spooning together in their sleep. Tim’s hand was draped over his sister, cupping her naked breast.

Next she peeked in on Paul and Mary. They, too, lay naked together in bed. Mary was half draped over Paul, her pink pussy, which was plainly visible, still showed signs of dried cum from the fucking she had gotten the night before.

Hannah made her way to the bathroom, took care of her morning needs, and slipped into the shower to clean up. She had just gotten started soaping herself up when the shower door opened and Paul stepped in.

“Here, mom, let me do that for you,” he said as he took the soap from her hand.

Slowly he caressed his mother’s body as he spread the lather over her. He felt her nipples harden as his hands passed over them. He cupped her breasts, lifting them in his hands, causing her to moan. He slipped a hand between her legs, cupping her mound as he pulled her butt back into his hard cock. Gently he buried a finger in her dripping pussy hole, marveling at how hot and wet she was already.

“Mmmmmm, Paul. That is so nice,” she cooed. “Your hands feel wonderful wandering all over my naked body. … I’m get so hot, honey.” Suddenly she turned and faced her son, looking up into his excited face as she reached for his thick rod. Stroking it, she continued, “Fuck me, Paul. I need your big, hard cock fucking my hot pussy. Your mother wants you to fuck her good and pump your creamy sperm deep into her incestuous cunt. Will you do that, Paul? Will you fuck me and fuck me until I cum and cum?”

Hearing his mother beg him to fuck her sent Paul’s lust soaring. He quickly turned her around and pushed her down until she was bent over, holding the wall, her ass sticking out. He shifted her legs apart a little, grabbed his cock in his hand, and guided it to the wet folds of her hairy pussy. With one shove he buried his thick shaft inside her willing cunt.

Hannah gasped as she felt her son’s cockhead bang into her cervix. “Oh yes, Paul! Fuck me,” she cried, as she pushed her ass back against his groin. “I love the feel of your big cock in my horny pussy. Fuck me hard, son. I still can’t believe what I’ve been missing for all those years. Don’t stop! Just keep on fucking me. Ooohhhh, yyyeeesss!”

Paul pounded into his mother’s hot pussy again and again. He loved the way her vaginal muscles rippled around his cock. Taking her ass cheeks in his hands, he spread them wide so he could watch his cockmeat sink into her stretched pussy hole.

Noticing the way her asshole flexed as she fucked back onto him, Paul had an idea. Using the soap lather from Hannah’s body, he began to work one of his fingers into her ass.

“Oooooo, Paul. What are you doing? That feels so weird!” she moaned, as she felt his finger push deeper and deeper into her butt. “That is nasty, Paul. … Mmmmmm! … And I think I love it nasty.” She squirmed, pushing her ass back, taking more of his finger into her bowels.

Paul smiled. His mother was becoming one hot fuck-slut. He was amazed how easily she took to this new life. It was wonderful. He continued to double fuck her with his cock and finger for several minutes. Then when she was relaxed and well lubricated, he pulled his hard cock out of her pussy, re-centered it at her asshole, and pushed.

“Oh shit, Paul.” Hannah gasped. “Are you crazy? You can’t do that. It’s too big.”

“Just relax, mom.” Paul responded, as he sank another inch into her ass. “It will be OK. It may hurt a little at first but once you get used to it you’ll love it. Mary and Lydia take it up the butt all the time.”

“Paul, please pull it out. It hurts.” Hannah cried, squirming to get away from his invading rod. “Stick it back in my hot pussy and fuck me right.”

Paul grabbed his mother’s hips tightly and worked even more of his cock into her hot ass. “Just relax, mom. Go with it. Just try.”

Hannah groaned as she realized Paul wasn’t going to stop until he had fucked her up the ass. She concentrated on relaxing her anal muscles and it did seem to help. And then he was all the way in. She felt so full, stuffed full of hard cock.

Paul paused with his cock buried in his mother’s asshole, allowing her to get used to it. Then, slowly, he began to work his shaft in and out; just short jabs at first, then longer and harder, until he was fucking her with the full length of his cock.

As Hannah adjusted to the feel of her son’s cock up her ass, the pain faded and soon pleasure took it’s place. She began to push back, helping Paul fuck her. “Oooooo, Paul. You’re right. It doesn’t hurt anymore. In fact it feels pretty good. … Oh, fuck. Do it, Paul. Fuck my ass. Oh, shit.”

Hearing his mother urge him on, Paul began to fuck her ass harder, until her butt cheeks shook with the force of his belly slapping against them. He reached around and strummed her clit with his fingers. Hannah went wild.

“Oh, yes! … Oh, shit. Fuck me! … Finger my hot pussy and fuck my nasty ass. … Oh, Paul, I love what you do to me. Everything you do makes me feel so good. … Fuck your mother, Paul. Fuck my mouth, my pussy, my ass. I don’t care where, just as long as you fuck me.”

Paul was quickly climbing to a climax. Listening to his mother tell him to fuck all of her holes was driving him wild. The heat from her ass was burning his cock.

“Fuck, mom,” he cried, as he pounded her asshole. “Your ass is so tight, so hot. I can’t hold out much longer. I’m going to cum. I’m going to shoot my hot seed right up your ass. … Oh, shit! Here it ccccuuuummmmsssss!”

Hannah felt her son’s cock buck inside her asshole as it sent a stream of thick, hot juice searing into her bowels. It triggered her own orgasm. “Yyyyyeeeessss! Cum in my ass. Fill your mother’s hot ass with your incestuous seed. … I’m ccccuuuuummmmmiiinnngggg!”

As mother and son came down from their climaxes, they slumped to floor of the shower. The warm water washed down over their bodies. They sat there for a moment gazing lovingly at each other. Slowly Hannah leaned over and gave Paul a kiss. “I love you,” she said. “I love you, too, mom.” he replied. And with that they got up, dried off, and headed for the kitchen to get some breakfast.

When they entered the kitchen, they found Mary sitting back on the kitchen table, her legs spread wide as Tim slowly pumped his thick shaft in and out of her bald pussy.

“Good morning, Hannah,” she said, in a voice thick with lust. “I hope you and Paul had a good shower together.”

“Oh, yes,” Hannah replied, as she hugged her son close and watched Tim’s slick cock disappear into his mother’s body. She was fascinated by the view of Mary’s wide-stretched pussy lips as they were pushed in and pulled out with each stroke of his big cock. It looked so hot. She decided right then and there to shave her pubic hair as well. “Paul showed me how wonderful getting fucked up the ass could be.”

“Wow, great.” Mary responded, although it was getting harder and harder to concentrate on anything other than the tingling sensations her son’s fucking was sending throughout her being. “I guess you are now a full-fledged Bursman incestuous fuck-slut: fucked in all three holes by your loving family.”

Hannah smiled. It was true. She had been fucked in all of her hot holes. She had taken her son’s incestuous sperm in her pussy and in her ass. And her grandson had filled her mouth and cunt with his hot, incestuous seed. And they could do it again, anytime they wanted, in any hole they wanted. She was a Bursman incestuous fuck-slut, just like Mary and Lydia. And damn proud of it. All that remained was to get her husband, Sam, to join the family incest circle.

“Oh shit, honey,” Mary’s voice broke into Hannah’s thoughts. “You are driving me wild. Keep fucking my pussy. Mommy’s almost there. Cum with me, Tim. Fill mommy’s hot incestuous twat with your incestuous boy-cum. Oh, fuck! I’mmmmmm ccccuuummmmmmiiiinnnnngggg!”

By now Tim was pounding his hard cock into his mother’s wet cunt as fast as he could. He was using his hands to push her legs back wide, opening her fuck-hole fully to his assault. His shaft glistened with her pussy juice as it pistoned in and out of her puffy red slot.

“Fuck, mom. Your pussy is so hot. I can feel your cunt muscles milking my cock. Shit, I’m going to cum. I’m going to fill your hungry twat with my incestuous sperm. Oooohhhh, ccccuuummmmiiinnnnggg!”

His cock expanded and jerked as he sent stream after stream of thick cock cream deep into his mother’s womb. Mary groaned and shook as she felt her son’s hot seed fill her overheated cunt. Slowly they came down from their mutual climaxes. Tim sat down in one of the kitchen chairs, while Mary let her legs dangle over the edge of the table, her well-fucked pussy visibly leaking cum onto the floor.

“That was beautiful,” Hannah said in awe, as she gently stroked Paul revived hardon. “I can’t believe I used to think this was all so horrible. No more. … Mary, will you help me shave my pussy? I loved watching Tim’s cock move in your bald cunt; the way the lips stretched around his thick shaft. I want to see the same thing in my pussy.”

“Sure, Hannah.” Mary said, getting up. “Let’s go do it right now. You’ll find that a smooth shaved pussy is much more fun eating as well.”

“Good.” Lydia said, standing in the doorway with her fingers buried in her twat.

“Oh. Good morning, honey. We didn’t know you were up.” Paul said, looking at his daughter as she masturbated in front of them.

“I got here in time to see Tim cum in mom’s cunt. It made me soooo hot. Mom, you go and help shave grandma’s hairy pussy. I’ll keep the guys busy until you get back.”

As Mary and Hannah left, they looked back in time to see Lydia bend over and take her brother’s shriveled cock in her mouth. Paul moved behind her and slid his hard cock into his daughter’s wet and open pussy. They could hear the lust-filled moans and groans all the way to the bathroom.

Paul spent the day working on his sermon for the Sunday service. He wanted to be done before his father arrived. If everything worked out according to plan he would be too busy fucking with his family on Saturday to do much of anything else.

Tim and Lydia headed to classes for the day. But they both found it hard to concentrate on their studies as they eagerly anticipated the evening’s activities.

After Mary helped Hannah shave her pubic hair off, they worked together cleaning the house and preparing for Sam’s arrival. They were all hoping and praying that Sam would be willing to join their incestuous circle.

Sam did not arrive until almost 7:30 PM. When he knocked, Mary answered the door. She greeted him, “Hi, Sam. Come on in.”

He nervously entered, half expecting to find his wife and son standing there ready to lay into him because of his pornography. He was surprised to see that Mary seemed to be home alone.

“Come in and sit down.” Mary invited. “Paul and Hannah are over at his office right now; and the kids are at the library studying. We weren’t sure what time you would be arriving so I stayed here, waiting for you.”

As Sam sat down in a chair he noticed his magazines sitting on the coffee table. He blushed a deep red, embarrassed at being caught with them.

Mary followed his gaze and smiled. She sat down on the couch and picked up the top magazine. It was a voyeur magazine that showed pictures looking up women’s skirts and down their blouses. She began to leaf through it. “Do you really get turned on by this stuff?” she asked. As she spoke she leaned back and let her legs open just a little.

Sam was confused. Mary seemed so nonchalant about the whole situation. Then he suddenly realized that he could see part way up her skirt. He had never known her to wear anything but long skirts that went well below her knees. Yet this one stopped well above them. And the way her legs were open he could see up the inside of her smooth thighs. It was almost as if she wanted him to look. His mouth suddenly became very dry.

Mary looked up at her father-in-law when he didn’t answer her question. She caught him looking at her legs, and smiled again. Leaning forward, she put the magazine back on the table. The action allowed her to open her legs a little more. She was sure he couldn’t see all the way up to her crotch yet, but he was sure getting an eyeful of her shapely legs.

“From what Hannah has said you and she haven’t had much of a sex life, have you?” Mary asked, as she sat up straight, giving Sam an even better view up her skirt.

“Uh, … No, not really.” Sam hesitantly answered. If his daughter-in-law would spread her legs just a little more, he thought, he was sure he would be able to see the crotch of her panties. Tearing his eyes away from her legs and up to her face, he said, “Hannah has always been dead set against anything of a sexual nature.”

“Do you know why?” Mary asked.

“She says it is against God’s will,” he replied, letting his eyes drop to her bare legs again for a second.

“You didn’t know she had been raped, did you?”

“What??!!” Sam almost shouted, as he jerked his head up. “When? … Where? … By Whom?”

Mary could tell that Sam was truly concerned about his wife. As she watched the conflicting emotions flow across his face she realized he really did love Hannah, in spite of their sexless marriage. She told him what Hannah had related about her first date in high school.

“Why didn’t she tell me?” he asked, incredulously.

“She was afraid,” Mary said simply. “She was afraid you wouldn’t love her … would refuse to marry her … would hate her for what happened. She also hoped sex would be better with you. But then I guess things went pretty bad on your wedding night. The memories of her rape came flooding back and it was easier for her to just shut sex and the pain she associated with it out of her life in the name of religion.”

Memories of their wedding night flashed in Sam’s head, causing him to bury his head in his hands. “Yeah, our wedding night was a real bust. I was too eager and too new at it. I was a virgin, you know. I really didn’t know what I was doing. I guess I really hurt her and used her to get my own satisfaction. But I didn’t know about the other, I swear. Maybe if I did, it would have been different.” He sighed. “I just don’t know.”

While Sam was talking Mary spread her legs farther apart. Now if he looked, he would be able to see all the way up her skirt to her crotch. He would know that she was not wearing any panties. Her bald pussy was plainly visible for him to see.

“Paul has been working with Hannah to help her get over her fear of sex.” she told Sam. “She is much more open about it now. She is learning to express herself sexually and enjoy it.”

“You’re kidding,” Sam replied, looking up in surprise. And just that quickly he got an eyeful of his daughter-in-law’s naked pussy. He could feel his cock begin to swell in his pants. “Wha … What is going on here?”

“Sam, do you love Hannah? Do you want a healthy, loving sex life with your wife?” Mary asked, knowing she would have to work fast to convince him to go ahead or they might lose their opportunity. “Or do you just want to look at magazines?” She held one up to emphasize her point.

Sam sputtered. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Mary’s naked twat. It had been years since he had seen anything but pictures. And now, suddenly, here was his daughter-in-law, with her legs spread wide, letting him see her bald pussy in all of it’s glory. It was, … well it was beautiful, he thought. His cock continued to grow and harden.

“Sam, do you want a healthy, loving sex life with your wife?” Mary asked again.

“Uh … Yes, I guess so.” Sam was obviously confused. He was having a hard time concentrating, what with Mary’s wet pussy so blatantly exposed to his gaze. “It … it’s just that I had given up hope of ever having sex again. But … but, yes! Yes, of course. I want a sex life with Hannah, if she is willing.”

“Are you willing to do whatever it takes to help her get over her past and experience an enjoyable sex life with you?”

Sam couldn’t take his eyes off of Mary’s exposed vagina. “Whatever it takes? … Yeah, I guess so.” He finally looked up. “What are you taking about … whatever it takes?”

“Sam, if you want Hannah to learn to enjoy sex, you have to learn how to help her achieve that enjoyment. You can’t just stick your cock in her and get your rocks off. That would only hurt her again and she doesn’t need any more pain.”

Sam gasped at his daughter-in-law’s words. He had never heard her use that kind of language before. “What is going on here?” he asked again, suspiciously.

“I told you,” Mary replied. “Paul is helping Hannah learn to enjoy sex. We all are: Paul, Tim, Lydia, and me. But if you and she are going to overcome this problem in your marriage, you will have to learn to give her pleasure, too. Are you willing to do that?”

Sam was even more confused. “What do you mean you have been helping Hannah learn to enjoy sex? How? What’s been going on around here?” And then as the implications of Mary’s words sank in, “I don’t believe you. Hannah couldn’t change that quickly. There is something fishy going on here.”

Mary knew she needed help. “Here, I’ll let you talk to her.” she said, getting up and getting the phone. She quickly dialed Paul’s office number. “Hi, Paul. Mary. I have Sam here and he doesn’t believe what I’ve been telling him about Hannah. Could you put her on and let her talk to him. … Ok, just a minute.” She handed the phone to Sam.

“Sam? Honey?”


“Sam, just listen for a few minutes. I was really hurt when I found your porn magazines. I didn’t know what to do. Thank goodness I turned to Paul. He helped me see how wrong I was to blame all men for what had happened to me in high school. … I’m so sorry, Sam. I should have gotten help a long time ago. … I should have told you all about it. … I was just so scared. … But now it’s different. Paul has helped me see that.” Sam could hear the strain in his wife’s voice, and his heart went out to her.

“Hannah, it’s OK. I wish I had known. Maybe we could have worked things out much sooner. I don’t know. But where do we go from here? And what is Mary talking about … Paul helping you learn to enjoy sex?”

“Oh, Sam, it’s true.” Hannah said, excitedly. “I almost can’t believe it myself. But it’s true. Sex can be so wonderful. And Paul has shown me just how wonderful it can be. My own son has taught me the true joys of sex.”

She wondered what Sam would say if he knew that while they were talking she was laying on Paul’s desk with her skirt up around her waist, her legs wrapped around her son as he slowly slid his hard cock in and out of her freshly shaved cunt.

“And, Sam. I want to experience those joys with you. I want our marriage to be what it really should be. I want to make love to you, and I want you to make love to me. … But, I’m a little afraid, Sam. I don’t want to be hurt again.”

Sam’s head was swimming as he listened to his wife talk excitedly about having sex with him. He never dreamed he would ever hear her say such things. He didn’t know what was going on here, yet. But whatever it was, his wife definitely sounded like a changed woman.

“Hannah, I would never hurt you. I’m sorry about what happened on our honeymoon. It won’t happen again, I promise you. We can work this out. I only bought those magazines because I have needs, and I needed some way to relieve them.”

“I know, dear. It’s mostly my fault you had to use them. But it can be different now. If you’re willing, I can almost guarantee you will be too busy fucking to look at those magazines again. Are you willing to try, Sam?”

Sam’s jaw dropped when he heard his wife use the “f” word. His cock jerked in his pants. One of the hottest parts of the sex stories he read was the fact that the women said all of those nasty, hot sex words like “fuck,” “pussy,” “cock,” and “cunt.” And now to hear his wife use one of them almost made him cum in his pants. “What do you want me to do?” he asked.

“Mary knows what to do. She will help you. Just do whatever Mary says. Trust me. It will all be okay.”

It was getting harder for her to concentrate. Paul’s steady fucking was getting to her. She was starting to build toward her orgasm. She was having a hard time keeping her voice normal for her conversation with her husband.

Sam turned to look at his daughter-in-law, and nearly dropped the phone. While he had been talking to his wife, Mary had quickly and quietly removed her dress. She now stood before her father-in-law naked as the day she was born. He just blurted out, “Oh, my gosh, you’re naked!”

He heard his wife laugh in the phone. “Isn’t she beautiful, dear? You are in for a real treat. Just go with it, Sam, for my sake… for our marriage sake. I know you will love it if you try it. Let Mary teach you the joys of open, loving sex. I’ll see you in a little while. Bye.” And after she hung up the phone, “Oh, yes, Paul! Fuck me. I going to cum, honey. Mommy’s going to cum on your hot, fucking cock. I’mmmm ccccuuuummmmmiiinnngggg!” Paul grunted and poured his cum into his mother’s pulsating cunt.

Sam stood transfixed, the phone dangling in one hand, as he gazed at his nude daughter-in-law. Mary slowly walked over and took the phone from him and set it down. Then she slid her naked body up against him and looked up into his face.

“See, Sam. Hannah has changed. She wants to have sex with you. She wants you to enjoy sex with her. I’m here to help make it happen. Don’t you want a hot sex life, Sam? Or do you just want to look at magazines?”

Sam just stood there with a deer-in-the-headlights sort of look, unable to speak or move.

Mary stepped back. “Don’t you think I’m beautiful, Sam? Hannah said that, didn’t she. Do you like what you see? … You can touch me, you know.”

Sam was still in a daze as Mary took his hands in hers and placed them on her breasts.

“Feel how soft and firm my breasts are, Sam. They’re all for you. Go ahead. Caress them. Squeeze them. Rub my nipples and make them hard.”

Almost like a robot, Sam began to play with his daughter-in-law’s breasts, as he gazed down at their fullness. Mary stepped closer once again, took his face in her hands and brought his lips to hers. Gently she kissed him. Moving her head back she looked into his eyes. She could see the lust begin to shine in them. It was going to be okay, she thought. They had him. His growing lust would make it easy. Again she kissed him, this time sliding her tongue into his mouth.

Sam groaned as Mary’s tongue dueled with his inside his mouth. He couldn’t remember the last time his hands had felt such soft, full tits. He ran his hands all over them. He squeezed them. He marveled at how the nipples hardened against his palms. When Mary moaned into his mouth, his lust grew. He pulled back away from their kiss, looked down at her creamy white mounds, and as if drawn by a magnet, lower his head and sucked one of her extended nipples into his mouth. She moaned even louder as she pressed his head against her breasts. “Yes, Sam. Suck my tits! … That feels sssoooo gggooooddd, Sam. Tongue my nipples. Oh shit, that feels so good!”

While Sam continued to suck on her tits, Mary quickly unbuttoned his shirt, unbuckled his belt, and pulled down the zipper of his pants. Then she pushed him away long enough to strip off his clothes. Almost before he knew it, Sam was just as naked as his daughter-in-law. As their nude bodies came together, his lust soared. He was beyond thinking. Now the pent up years of lust clouded all else. It didn’t matter that he was married, that this was his daughter-in-law, his son’s wife. All that mattered was that they were naked, touching and caressing each other, getting ready to fuck. He shivered with excitement.

Mary slowly knelt before Sam. Cupping his hairy balls in one hand, she began to gently stroke his ridged shaft with the other. Looking up at him, she said, “It’s time you learned to please a woman. But you are too excited right now. I need to help you take the edge off first.” And with those words, she lowered her mouth to the head of his stiff cock and sucked it in.

Sam threw his head back and groaned. He had read about oral sex in the magazine stories he bought and had fantasized about it. Now his daughter-in-law was actually doing it to him. Her mouth felt so hot and wet. Her tongue moved all around the head, sending tingling sensations coursing through his body. His cock was harder than he ever remembered it being.

After sucking on the head of her father-in-law’s thick cock for awhile, she licked it all over like a lollypop. Then she kissed and sucked the sides of the shaft. Finally she took as much as she could into her mouth and began to slide her lips up and down, sucking hard on his cockmeat.

As she face-fucked herself on Sam’s cock, he reached out and held her hair away from her face so he could watch the way her lips stretched around his shaft as she bobbed up and down. The sight of his cock appearing and disappearing into her mouth, combined with the feeling of her hot mouth sucking on it, while her hand squeezed his nutsack, quickly had him reaching his climax.

“Oh, shit, Mary.” Sam cried. “I’m going to cum! You better stop or you’re going to get a mouthful of sperm. … Hurry, Mary! … Ooohhhh, sssshhhhiiiitttt! I’m ccccuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Mary could feel his throbbing cock jerk as it pumped it’s load into her mouth. She quickly swallowed, only to have her mouth filled again and again. “Boy, he had a lot of pent up cum stored in there.” she thought.

Finally he relaxed and began to shrink in her mouth. She had swallowed every delicious drop. She licked his now-soft cock and cleaned all of the residue from it. Then she leaned back and, looking up at his face, smiled.

Sam had cum so hard his knees were weak. Slowly he sank down onto the floor. When he was eye level with his daughter-in-law he could see the love and lust in her eyes as well as the mischievous grin on her face.

“Enjoyed that, did you?” she asked.

“Wow, Mary!” he managed to gasp out. “That was fantastic. I thought I was going to drain my whole life out into your mouth. Wow!”

“And now you can do the same for me.” she replied, as she lay back on the floor and opened her legs, bending them at the knees. “Put your head down here and lick and suck my hot little cunt until I cum all over your face.” Reaching down, she opened her pussy lips with her fingers so he could see the pink interior of her womanhood.

Sam stared at his daughter-in-law’s bald, open vagina. Again he marveled at how beautiful it looked. “I’ve never done this before.” he said to her.

“Just do what comes natural,” she told him. “I’m sure you’ve read about it in your magazines. Just kiss it, lick it, suck on the lips. Stick your tongue in and tongue-fuck me. And don’t forget about my clit. It needs lots of loving too. … Don’t worry, Sam. I’ll show you what to do. Now get in there and suck my pussy. It wants your mouth on it so bad.”

Sam lowered his face into Mary’s twat and tentatively licked her puffy pussy lips. His nostrils filled with the musky scent of her excited cunt. His tongue quickly became coated with her juices. He tasted her slick wetness for the first time. He savored the flavor, knowing he would want to get as much of this delicious nectar as he could in the future.

Soon his mouth was pressed tightly into her mound and his tongue and lips eagerly drank from the well of her essence. Mary urged him on, guiding him to get the most pleasure out of his first experience of eating a woman.

When she directed him to her clit and he attacked it like a madman, it was her turn to throw back her head and groan. “Oh yes, Sam. Lick my clit. Just like that. You are making my twat so hot and wet. Lick my pussy until I cum. Oh shit, yes!”

It excited Sam to hear Mary urging him to suck her vagina. He loved the way she squirmed on his face. She was obviously enjoying what he was doing. He began to see how much fun it was to please a woman sexually. He felt his cock begin to stir and grow. Grabbing her legs, he pushed them up and apart, and attacked her hot slot for all he was worth.

“Oooohhhhh, yyyyyeeeessss!” she cried out, thrusting her trembling cuntlips hard into his mouth. “Suck my clit. … Oh, I’m going to cum all over your face. Eat me, Sam. Eat me! … Here I cccccuuuuummmm!”

Her juices flooded his mouth. He drank them down hungrily. When she relaxed, he lifted his cum covered face from between her legs and smiled up at her. She smiled down at him. “That was great, Sam. You do that to Hannah and she will come back for more every day.”

Sam sat back, his rock hard cock jutting out from between his legs. Mary looked at it as it bobbed in front of her. “It looks like you could use a good fuck right about now.” she said, as she laid back and spread her legs again. She reached her arms out to him. “Come on, Sam. Fuck me. Shove that big hard cock of yours up my slick little pussy and fuck me good. Fuck me the way you’ve always wanted to fuck Hannah.”

Sam didn’t hesitate. Shifting up between Mary’s open legs, he prepared to fuck a real live pussy for the first time in years. Mary reached out and guided her father-in-law’s thick cock to her dripping hole.

Sam slowly inched forward, pushing his cockhead past her pussy lips. Mary groaned as she felt his cock spread her pussy open.

“Oh yes, Sam. Shove your hard cock up my hot pussy. Fuck me. Fuck me hard and deep. I need it so bad. Fuck me and make me cum all over your big cock.”

Inflamed by Mary’s words, Sam began to fuck his cock in and out of her cunt. It felt so different from what he remembered of Hannah’s pussy. It was so hot, so wet. The way it clung to his shaft as he slid in and out added to his pleasure. Again his lust soared.

“Oh, fuck, Mary. Your pussy feels like it’s eating me alive. … I can’t believe I am actually fucking you like this. … Oh, fuck.”

“Do it, Sam. Fuck me! I love your hot cock in my hungry cunt. Drive that hard pole deep and fuck me good.”

Sam spread her legs wide. He watched in amazement as his cock sank into her open hole again and again. His thrusts became harder and harder, faster and faster. He was literally pounding his pubic bone into hers, until the slapping sound echoed in the room.

All too soon he felt his orgasm approach. He cried out, “Get ready, Mary. Your hot pussy is pushing me to the edge. I’m going to cum. … I’m going to cum in your hot little pussy.”

Mary gasped. “Yes, Sam. Do it. Cum inside me. Fill my twat with your thick cream. I’m almost there. Keep fucking me! I’m going to cum all over your fucking cock. Ooohhh, ssshhhiiitttt!”

As Mary’s cunt pulsed around his shaft, Sam groaned and buried his cock to the hilt. Then he jerked, his throbbing meat sending spurt after spurt of creamy sperm deep into his daughter-in-law’s womb.

Mary clutched her father-in-law’s butt, holding him deep inside her excited cunt as he filled her. “Yyyyeeesss!” she screamed as her orgasm peaked.

As they came down from their orgasmic high they were startled by a voice.

“Wow! That was really something. He really fucked you good, mom.”

Sam quickly rolled off of Mary and looked around to see Lydia standing behind them. His granddaughter had caught him fucking her mother.

“He sure did.” Mary laughed. She made no attempt to cover up or close her legs. Her daughter could clearly see her granddad’s cum leaking from her well-fucked slot.

Lydia watched the cum slowly slide from her mother’s cunt. “Look’s like you need someone to clean you up.” she said. Then kneeling between her mother’s legs she began to lick up the flow coming from her pussy.

Sam stared in disbelief. His granddaughter had caught him fucking her mother and she acted as if nothing was wrong. Neither did Mary. When Lydia dropped between her mother’s legs and began eating his cum from her inflamed pussy, his mouth fell open. What kind of family had his son’s family turned into?

When Lydia bent over to reach her mother’s cunt her micro-mini skirt rode high on her ass, revealing to her granddad that, like her mother, she was not wearing panties. Her bald young pussy glistened with the excitement of having watched her mother and grandfather fuck.

She looked up from between her mother’s legs and smiled at Sam. He could see the remnants of his cum on her lips. “Looks like you could use some cleaning too.” she said. Leaning over, she quickly sucked his cock into her mouth and began licking it clean.

Sam’s mind seemed paralyzed. “She sure knows how to use her mouth, doesn’t she?” Mary asked him.

“Y..y..yes.” he said, staring down at his granddaughter’s head bobbing on his cock.

“Why don’t you return the favor and suck her hot little pussy for her? I’m sure watching us got her pretty worked up. She probably needs a good tonguing.”

“Oh yes,” Lydia said, raising her head from her grandfather’s lap. “Suck my pussy, grandpa. I’m so wet and hot. … Tell you what. You suck me and I’ll suck mom, OK?”

She didn’t wait for his answer. She quickly turned, shifting her pussy to give Sam access to it, while burying her own face in her mother’s cum-coated cunt.

Sam gazed at his granddaughter’s bare pussy. It was just as beautiful as her mother’s. If Mary and Lydia wanted this, who was he to say no. He lowered his head, stuck out his tongue and tasted the musky juices that coated his granddaughter’s twat. They were just as tasty as her mother’s. In no time at all he was hungrily sucking her for all he was worth.

Mary reached over and began to stroke Sam’s deflated cock. In a short time she felt it begin to respond. Slowly it grew longer and harder, until it was once again at full mast, ready for more action.

“Mmmm. This feels like grandpa is ready for more.” she said aloud.

Lydia looked up from between her mother’s legs and saw her granddad’s thick rod. “Oooohhh yes. Grandpa, you cock looks so big. Fuck me with your big hard cock. Shove your granddaddy cock in my little pussy and fuck me.” Quickly she shifted around so she was on all fours between her mother’s legs. “Fuck your granddaughter hard. Please, Grandpa.”

Sam looked at Mary. She smiled and nodded. He rose to his knees behind his granddaughter and, taking his cock in hand, guided it to her hungry pussy lips. Then he paused. His eyes drank in the awesome view of his granddaughter’s naked ass. Her skirt rode high, exposing all of her butt. Her legs were spread to accommodate him. Her puffy pussy winked with excitement, waiting for his invading shaft. Just looking at her hot ass, knowing he was going to fuck it, sent his lust soaring.

“Hurry up, grandpa.” Lydia begged. “Shove your big cock in my pussy and fuck me. … Oooohhhh, yeeessss!”

Sam had centered his cockmeat at her open hole and pushed the full length of it into her. He groaned. This was the tightest, hottest pussy he had ever been in. He could feel it pulse around him. Slowly he began to fuck in and out of his granddaughter’s twat.

As Sam fucked her daughter, Mary leaned back to enjoy the tongue lashing Lydia was giving her. Every time Sam drove into her pussy, Lydia’s face was pressed into her wet twat. It felt great.

A movement caught her attention. Paul, Hannah and Tim had entered the room. They were behind Sam so he couldn’t see that they were there. Besides, he was so engrossed in fucking Lydia that he probably wouldn’t have noticed a herd of elephants if they had run past.

Hannah smiled as she watched her husband fuck their granddaughter. Things were working out just great. It was time to bring them all together; to get everything out into the open. Slowly she knelt behind her husband, reached out, and gently stroked his naked butt. She could feel his ass cheeks clench each time he drove his thick cock into Lydia’s open hole.

Sam was so engrossed in what he was doing that at first it did not sink in that another hand was touching him. Suddenly he realized that Lydia’s hands were busy holding her mother’s legs open and Mary’s hands were pinching her nipples as her daughter ate her cunt. So whose hand was caressing him?

He looked around and froze as he came face to face with his wife. His eyes widened in shock and he tried to dislodge his cock from his granddaughter’s pussy.

Hannah firmly pushed on his ass, forcing his cock deep into Lydia’s twat. “It’s OK, Sam. Fuck her. She enjoys a good fucking. Don’t stop now and leave her hanging. Get in there and fuck her until she cums. You owe it to her.”

Lydia looked up from between her mother’s thighs. “Come on, grandpa. Don’t stop. I need your hot cock fucking my wet little cunt. … Oh, hi grandma. When did you and the guys get here?”

For the first time Sam realized that Paul and Tim were also in the room. Again he tried to remove himself from his granddaughter’s cunt.

“Just a minute ago, honey.” Hannah replied, pushing hard on Sam’s butt, driving him back into Lydia’s twat. “You and your grandpa looked like you were having so much fun I just had to join in and touch him. … Sorry. I guess I broke his concentration.” Then turning to her husband, “Go on, Sam. Fuck her. It’s OK with me. Really it is.”

Sam couldn’t move. It was all too much for him. His uptight sex-hating wife was urging him to fuck their granddaughter. The change in her was mind-boggling. He didn’t know what to do.

“Maybe this will inspire you.” Hannah said to him, as she quickly removed her dress, revealing her naked body to him for the first time in years. “Come here boys.” she said, turning to Paul and Tim. “Let Sam see you fuck me. Let him see his hot new wife as the fuck-slut she has become. Help him see how great incestuous fucking is so he’ll get back to fucking his granddaughter the was she wants it, needs it.”

Paul and Tim removed their clothes and joining Hannah, began to run their hands all over her body, cupping her breasts, squeezing her butt, fingering her cunt. Hannah pushed Tim down onto the floor beside his mother. Facing her husband, she straddled her grandson’s hips, reached down and guided his hard cock to her dripping pussy lips.

“Watch me, Sam, honey. Watch me fuck our grandson. Watch his big, hard cock stretch my pussy lips as it sinks into my naked twat.” And then as she lowered herself down onto Tim’s rigid shaft, “Oooohhh yyeeesss, Sam. His cock feels sssooo good in my hot old pussy. I love it, Sam. I love the feel of a hard cock inside me. Yes, I have changed. I don’t hate sex any longer. I love it. I can’t get enough of it. Soon you’re going to know it first hand. I’m going to fuck you and fuck you. I’m going to try and make up for all of that lost time by fucking you until you can’t see straight. But that is for later. Right now you need to keep fucking Lydia. Go on, Sam. Show me what a great fucker you have turn into. Show me what you are going to do to me when you get the chance. Let’s fuck our grandchildren together. Oooohhhh fffuuuccckkk!”

She was so turned on by her own speech that she began bouncing up and down, fucking Tim’s cock for all she was worth. Her tits jiggled and swayed all over her chest.

“Oh shit, grandma,” Tim groaned, as he grabbed Hannah’s hips. “Your cunt is so hot, so wet. Fuck me. Fuck my hot cock with your incestuous pussy. Fffuuuccckkk mmmeee!”

Sam’s nostrils flared, his lust soared. Hearing his wife talk and watching her fuck their grandson with such open abandon, finally broke through his clouded mind. She had changed. It was all OK. A whole new life was there for the taking, a life of love and sex and sharing. And Sam was more than ready to embrace it. He grabbed his granddaughter’s hips and began to pound into her open pussy with renewed vigor.

“Ooohhhh yes, grandpa! Fuck me.” Lydia cried out, thrusting her ass back to help him fill her hungry twat again and again.

All of the time Sam watched his wife. He marveled at the way her tits danced on her chest. His mouth watered at the thought of sucking on them. He was fascinated by the view of her bald pussy and the way her lips were sucked into her body every time Tim thrust his thick shaft up inside her. He could see her juices as they glistened on his cock. He wondered if she would taste as good as Mary and Lydia had, and knew that he would soon find out for himself. Harder and harder he pounded his cock into Lydia as his orgasm built.

Paul watched his parents come to grips with their new sex life. His heart swelled. They had done it! Years of fear and frustration were coming to an end. His parents were embarking on a whole new phase of love and sex in their marriage. And he had helped bring it about. And now his mom and dad were part of their family’s incestuous circle. He walked over to his mother and offered her his throbbing cock, which she eagerly sucked into her hot mouth. He reached down and began squeezing her floppy tits.

Mary smiled as she saw Hannah suck her husband’s cock into her mouth. She knew how happy he was with what was happening. She was too. Now there were three big, hard cocks for her to fuck. She reached up and guided Lydia’s mouth back onto her excited pussy.

The sexual excitement in the room built to a fevered pitch. Everyone was fast approaching their climax. Mary squirmed on her daughter’s face. Lydia sucked and groaned at the pounding her grandfather was giving her. Sam’s thick cock throbbed as he slammed it into his granddaughter time and again. Sweat poured from Tim’s forehead as he pushed his big cock to the very depths of his grandmother’s womb. Paul grabbed his mother’s head as he fucked his cock in and out of her stretched lips. And Hannah moaned as her son and grandson ravaged her sex-hungry body. And then they were cumming.

Mary pushed her twat hard into her daughter’s face and flooded her mouth with her slick cum juice. “Yyyeeesss, Lydia. Mommy’s cumming! Drink it all. Suck all of my hot juice into your sucking mouth.”

Lydia licked and sucked for all she was worth. As her mother came in her face her grandfather’s pounding cock drove her over the edge. With a loud moan that hummed against her mother’s clit, her superheated pussy collapsed around her grandfather’s cock, milking him of his cumload.

At the same time Paul pushed his throbbing cock deep into his mother’s mouth. “Here it cums, mom. Take it, you cum-slut, you. Drink my hot cum.”

Hearing his dad’s cry as he emptied his balls into Hannah’s mouth along with the feel of his grandmother’s hot twat pulsating around his young cock sent Tim over the edge. Pulling her down tight against his groin, he fired shot after shot of thick cock cream into her mature womb. “Aaaahhh. Ccccuuuummmmmiiiinnnng, grandma! Shit! Take my hot incestuous cum up your fucking pussy. Ooooohhh, yyyeeeaaahhh!”

Hannah gulped and swallowed again and again as her son filled her mouth with his thick seed. Her pussy burned with the feel of her grandson’s hot sperm splashing her vaginal walls. The combination of two cocks shooting their loads into her at the same time sent her into a convulsing orgasm. Her whole body shook with the force of it as she groaned loudly.

Sam watched his wife’s body shake and shutter as she came. He could see her throat swallow as their son came in her mouth. He saw his grandson’s cum leak around the base of his cock as he filled her pussy to overflowing. He felt his granddaughter’s vagina suck tightly at his cock. And he heard the words Mary, Paul, and Tim cried out as they came. It all combined to create one of the greatest cums of his life. Pulling Lydia’s ass back tight against his belly, he sent a steady stream of thick white sperm pouring into her depths.

“Ccccuuummmmiiinnnngg, honey,” he cried. “Grandpa is cumming so hard in your hot little incestuous pussy. Oooohhhh, ssshhhiiitttt.”

Finally, they all collapsed in a heap of naked flesh. For several minutes they lay there panting and puffing as though they had just run a mile sprint. Then Hannah reached over and drew her husband’s head to hers. Looking into his eyes, she smiled, mouthed the words “I love you,” and gave him a deep soulful kiss.

Sam could taste the remnants of Paul’s cum on her lips, but he didn’t care. He sent his tongue into Hannah’s mouth for the first time in their marriage and marveled at how much he loved this woman.

When they broke apart, Hannah asked, “Are you ready to consummate our marriage the way it should have been done in the first place? You sure looked like quite the stud there fucking our granddaughter. And I want to experience some of that myself.”

Sam sighed. “Hannah, I’ve already cum three times tonight. That’s more than I’ve done in years. I’m about wiped out. If you want to try we can. But I don’t know. Sorry.”

“Well, I guess it can wait.” Hannah replied. “Come to think of it, I’m pretty fucked out myself right now. Why don’t we both get a good night’s sleep and then go at it hot and heavy in the morning.”

They got up and headed for Lydia’s bedroom. “I’m sure you can find someplace to sleep tonight, honey.” Hannah called back over her shoulder. “Your grandpa and I are going to spend the night together and then we’re going to fuck our brains out tomorrow. See you later.”

Paul, Mary, Lydia and Tim watched the older couple walk away with their arms around each other. They looked at each other and smiled.

“I wonder what tomorrow will bring.” Mary thought out loud.

“I think a wonderful new life for the Bursman family.” Lydia guessed.

“Then I suggest we all get a lot of sleep.” Paul replied. “Something tells me we’ll need it come morning.”

Soon the house was quiet as the Bursman family slept the sleep of the well fucked.

Sam Bursman gazed down at his sleeping wife. The sheet was down around her waist, exposing her naked breasts to his view. Always at home she wore very modest pajamas. But now, thanks to his son and his family, she was sleeping nude.

This was really the first chance he had to look at her breasts in their full naked glory. Gently, so as not to awaken her, he reached out and cupped one breast, feeling it’s weight and softness. As he caressed the melon-shaped globe and rubbed his thumb over the pale pink nipple, he relived in his mind the events of the night before. His cock quickly hardened at the thought of all of the incestuous fucking that had gone on.

Looking down at his wife’s breast, he noticed that the nipple was beginning to harden in arousal. Leaning over, he took the hard nubbin in his mouth and began sucking on it. Hannah moaned in her sleep and pushed her breast into Sam’s mouth. As he licked and pulled on one breast, he reached over to squeeze and knead the other one.

Suddenly Hannah shifted a little in bed and Sam felt a hand wrap around his hard cock. “Mmmmm! What a nice way to wake up,” she said. “I hope you’re ready to finish what you’ve started, though. You’re getting me hot and horny. And now you’re going to have to fuck me good before we get out of this bed. … But I can see you are up for the job.” She smiled as she stroked his jutting manhood.

Sam looked up into his wife’s smiling face. He still couldn’t believe how much she had changed. But here she was, holding his penis, and telling him she needed him to fuck her. He was going to have to remember to thank his son later, after he had fulfilled his wife’s need.

He raised up and kissed her. She responded by offering him her tongue. He groaned as he sucked on it, pouring his soul into the kiss. At the same time he moved one hand down over her stomach and between her thighs. She quickly spread her legs to give him access to her steaming cunt. His probing fingers found her wet hole open and ready for fucking.

He broke the kiss and said, “Oh, wow, Hannah! You’re already wet and ready for me.”

“Mmmm, yes,” she replied, pushing her mound hard against his hand. “Ever since Paul showed me how great sex is I can’t seem to get enough. I’m always hot and wet, ready to fuck. I guess I’m turning into a real fuck-slut for my family. Does that bother you, Sam?”

“Oh, goodness, no!” he replied. “You have no idea how long I have wished and dreamed for this very thing. I love you, Hannah. And I want to show you just how much by fucking your brains out.”

Hannah wrapped her arms around her husband and pulled him down into a tight bear hug. “Oh, Sam. I love you. I was so afraid I had lost you when I found those sex magazines. I was desperate. I ran to Paul for help. And he showed me how much it was my own fault for not telling you about my past, not getting help a long time ago.”

Sam pushed himself up so he could breath. “It’s okay, Hannah.” he said, gazing into her lust-filled eyes. “Those magazines only helped me relieve my sexual tensions. I never stopped loving you. I never would have left you.”

“Well now you won’t need them at all,” she smiled, poking him playfully in the ribs, “because I intend to handle all of your sexual tensions myself. Any time you feel the need, you just let me know. My mouth, my pussy, and my ass are yours to fuck anytime you want.”

“Oh, Hannah! How I love to hear you say that.” Sam kissed his wife, again squeezing her breast as he pushed two fingers into her hungry hole.

Then he broke the kiss, this time to begin kissing his way down over her neck and shoulders to her heaving breasts. There he licked and sucked each one, savoring the feel and taste of them. Hannah ran her fingers through his hair and pulled his face deeper into her fleshly tits. “Suck them, Sam. Suck my hot tits. Oooohhhh, that feels so good.” Once again she began stroking his hard cock, enjoying the feel of it in her hand.

After several minutes, Sam licked and sucked his way down over her stomach to her hairless mound, leaving a trail of kisses and saliva as he went. Hannah raised her legs and opened her thighs to give him full access to her steaming pussy. The lips were puffy and blood-filled, giving them a nice red hue. They gaped open, revealing the pink interior of her vagina. Pungent juices leaked out to flow down her crack. The smell was intoxicating.

Sam took a deep breath, drawing the musky odor deep into his nostrils. And then he dove head first into the well. Quickly his face became covered with his wife’s pussy juice. He licked and sucked everywhere he could reach as he tried to drink down as much of it as he could. She tasted even better than Mary or Lydia, he thought. He was really going to love eating his wife’s mature pussy as often as he could.

Hannah squirmed as she pushed her leaking twat into her husband’s face. “OOOOhhhhh, yyyyeeessss! Suck my hot cunt. … Eat my wet pussy. … Push your tongue in me and fuck me. … Ssshhhiiiitttt, Sam. That feels so good. …Oh fuck, why did I wait so long to do this? …You’re going to make me cum, you horny fucker. … Suck my clit, honey! Hurry! Make me cum! … Ooooohhhhh, fffuuuccckkkiiinnnggg ssshhhiiittt!”

Her words burned into Sam’s brain. Never had he heard her talk this way. But he loved it. Enflamed, he attacked her clit. He licked and sucked on it for all he was worth. He could feel the throbbing beat of his heart in his temples. The blood flowed hot in his veins as he enjoyed the feeling of power he had to drive his wife wild with sexual energy. Pushing his tongue hard against her extended clit, he suddenly drove three fingers up inside her steaming depths.

Hannah bucked her hips, arching her back. She grabbed her husband’s head in both hands and pulled him tight into her superheated cunt. And then she came, pouring her cum-juice into his waiting mouth. “Ccccuuuummmmmiiinnngggg! Oh fuck! Yyyyeeeesssss!”

Sam continued his attack on his wife’s pussy, drinking the copious flow of juices that poured from it, until she collapsed back onto the bed after her orgasm subsided. Lifting his head, he watched her heaving breasts as she tried to regain her breath. His face literally dripped with her cum.

Hannah looked at her husband and smiled. Then, suddenly, she jumped up, knocking him over onto his back. She quickly straddled his hips, grabbed his hard cock, pointed it at her bald hole and sat down hard, impaling herself on it in one swift stroke.

Taken totally by surprise, Sam groaned loudly as his cock was engulfed by the molten heat of his wife’s cunt. “I told you last night we were going to fuck our brains out this morning.” she told him. “And it starts now. You really got me going with that wonderful cunt sucking you did. And now you’re going to reap the benefits, you horny bastard, you.”

With that she began to bounce up and down on his hard cock, fucking him for all she was worth. She ground her hips this way and that, up and down, back and forth, driving her clit into his pelvic bone, as her pubic mound slapped against him again and again.

Sam grabbed her hips and drove himself up into her hot depths. He matched her, thrust for thrust. As she leaned forward to get better leverage, he caught one of her swaying tits in his mouth and sucked hard on the pointed hard nipple.

“Yyyyeeesss!” she shouted. “Suck my hot titty. Fuck my nasty cunt. Fuck your fuck-slut of a wife. Pound that hot rod up into my wet twat and make me cum. We’ve got a lot of wasted time to make up for. Fuck me, Sam. Fuck me good.” Her pussy was almost a blur as she fucked herself up and down his naked shaft.

“Shit, honey,” he groaned, as he increased his speed to keep up with her. “You sure are one hell of a hot fuck-slut. If I’d have known you’d turn out like this I’d have gotten our son to fuck you years ago. Fuck me, you incest-loving slut. Fuck me with that hungry, cum-loving cunt of yours.”

There were no more barriers between them; no more taboos to hold them back; the past was forgotten. Husband and wife reveled in the heat of the moment, seeking to satisfy the hungering of a lifetime of repressed desires. A sheen of sweat covered their bodies. Their lungs seemed to burst for want of air. And still they pounded into each other, frenzied in their lust for each other.

It couldn’t last. Their bodies soared to the pinnacle and over the edge, into the depths of pure pleasure and love … they came together.

“Oooohhhh, fffuuucckkk!” Hannah cried, as her orgasmic pussy collapsed around her husband’s cock. “I’m ccccuuummmmiiinnnngggg!”

Sam drove his throbbing cock up into his wife’s womb as deep as he could go. “Yyyyyeeeessss!” he cried out as he sent wad after wad of hot cum shooting up into her, bathing her vaginal walls with it’s liquid fire.

They lay there together, Hannah’s quivering twat milking Sam’s shrinking cock of it’s last drop of sperm. They hugged each other, kissing passionately.

Part Two: Breakfast Time

After they regained their breath, Sam and Hannah showered together and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. It was already almost mid morning and they were both hungry. At Hannah’s insistence they didn’t bother with clothes.

“I’m a Bursman family incestuous fuck-slut.” she explained to her husband. “I’m yours to fuck, anytime you want. But Paul and Tim can fuck me whenever they want, too. And you and Mary or Lydia can fuck any time you want. We are now one big happy incestuous family. So let’s forget the clothes and enjoy our new-found freedom.”

Sam didn’t argue. He loved watching the sway of Hannah’s breasts as she moved, the jiggle of her ass as she walked ahead of him into the kitchen. Besides, the thought of fucking his beautiful daughter-in-law and his gorgeous granddaughter again sent tingling sensations into his groin. He could feel his cock twitch in anticipation of what was to come.

As they entered the kitchen they discovered they weren’t the only ones who had decided not to wear clothes this morning. Paul was casually sitting at the table eating his breakfast as Lydia knelt between his legs sucking on his engorged cock. Both were naked. Mary stood at the kitchen counter fixing a pitcher of orange juice. Except for an apron, she, too, was naked.

As Sam and Hannah entered all three turned to look at them. Paul smiled as he saw his naked parents. “Good morning. Sounded like you were really enjoying yourselves when we went by your room a little while ago.”

Hannah smiled and looked lovingly at her husband. “You could say that.” she said. “Sam made me cum twice already. Looks like he’s another Bursman stud, just like his son and grandson.”

Sam blushed under his wife’s praise. “Paul, you sure have turned your mother into quite the fuck-loving slut. She just about fucked me to death already this morning.” Then stepping forward to clap his son on the shoulder, he added, “Thanks, son.”

Paul rose to hug his dad. “I’m glad everything is working out for you two.” he said. Then striding over to his mother, he continued, “Of course, the fact that I now get to fuck mom too isn’t such a bad bonus.” He took his mother into his arms and stuck his tongue in her mouth as he reached down to fondle her pussy mound.

As Sam watched his son kiss and play with his wife, he felt a warm mouth engulf his semi-hard cock. Looking down he saw Lydia looking up at him, her lustful eyes shining, as she sucked on his rapidly growing shaft.

“Come on, everyone,” Mary chided, as she set the orange juice on the table. “Let’s eat breakfast first. Then you can fuck your brains out if you wish.”

“Why can’t we do both?” Lydia asked, raising up to push her grandfather into a chair. Once he was settled, she straddled his lap, reached down to grab his hard cock, and slowly sank down on it, driving it deep into her hot depths. Then she reached over and poured herself a glass of juice. “Come on, grandpa. We can feed each other while we fuck.”

“That looks like fun,” Hannah said, watching her granddaughter bouncing on her husband’s lap. Quickly she led her son over to the table, set him in a chair, and pushed his erection into her superheated twat. As she fucked him, she reached for the plate of eggs. “One hot, fucking breakfast coming up,” she said.

Mary watched her family feed each other their food. All the while her daughter and mother-in-law slowly road up and down the hard cocks that impaled them. The scene made her pussy swell with desire. Her cunt juice began to leak down her leg. “I think I’ll go wake up Tim,” she said, as she headed out the door.

The others hardly noticed Mary’s departure. They continued their playful fucking as they ate. Hannah dribbled a little egg yoke on her tit. Paul quickly licked it off, causing his mother to moan in pleasure. Sam had a bit of food stuck at the corner of his mouth, so Lydia leaned forward and used her tongue to remove it. Then she French kissed her grandfather to make sure he got every bite.

Paul took a piece of toast, put part of it in his mouth, and then fed it to Hannah. As she took it from him their tongues danced against each other as they kissed. And Sam took some jam and smeared it on Lydia’s nipples so he could lick it off, causing her little nubs to harden immediately.

All of the sex play with their food soon had the four of them really turned on. The men’s cocks throbbed in hot, wet pussies. The women squirmed as the excitement raced through their veins.

Paul reached out to grab his mother’s waist. He began to guide her movement on his hard cock. “Oh yes, mom! Your pussy is so hot. Fuck me. Pound that incestuous cunt up and down my fucking shaft. Oh, fuck. Yeah!”

At her son’s urging, Hannah quickened her pace as she rode his thick cock. “Fuck me!” she cried. “Shove that big, incestuous cock up my fuck hole, you motherfucker, you. Fuck me good and make me cum. Pound me and fill me with your creamy sperm. Fill my hot incestuous cunt with your jizz.”

Sam smiled and shook his head as he listened to his wife beg for their son’s cum. He never dreamed he would hear her say such things. Her words really turned him on. Reaching up, he began to squeeze and pull on his granddaughter’s swaying breasts. “Come on, Lydia. Don’t let your father and grandmother get the best of us. Fuck me. Move that young incestuous pussy of yours up and down your grandfather’s hard cock.”

Lydia moaned from the tremors of pleasure that coursed through her body as her grandfather mauled her tits. She put her hands on his shoulders to steady herself and began to bounce on his stiff shaft, driving it deep into her stretched vagina. “Oh, shit, grandpa. Your hard cock feels so good in my hot little fuck-hole. Squeeze my tender tits while I fuck your big cock. Fill my incestuous twat with your granddaddy rod. … Oh shit! I love incest. I love fucking my naked grandpa. Fuck!”

The sounds of naked flesh slapping against naked flesh filled the room as the two couples climbed toward their orgasms. Faster and faster they went. Hard shafts were pounded up into open, willing cunts. Slick, wet pussies caressed throbbing cockmeat. Hardened nipples pressed into heaving chests.

Paul groaned. “Ooohhh, ssshhhiiittt, mom. I’m going to cum. I’m going to shoot my white, hot cum into your incestuous cunt. Oooohhh, yyyeeessss! Take it. I’m cccuuuummmmiiinnnnggg!”

Hannah slammed her pulsating mound hard against her son’s pelvic bone, sucking his cock balls deep into her womb, as she felt it jerk again and again, spewing his sperm into her body. “Yyyyeeeessss!” she cried. “Cum in me, you hot motherfucker. Give me all of your thick incestuous seed. Fill mother’s incestuous pussy with your hot white juice. Oooohhh, shit. You’re making me cum toooooooo!” She moaned as her orgasmic pussy collapsed around her son’s throbbing member, milking it of every drop of hot fluid.

Hearing her father and grandmother cum together drove Lydia over the edge. She slammed her mound hard against the root of her grandfather’s cock, grinding her clit into his pelvis as her orgasm consumed her whole being.

“Ccccuuummmmmiiinnnnggg! …Shit, grandpa! I’m cumming all over your hard cock. F-f-fuck me. … Fuck me, grandpa, and fill my incestuous twat with your hot seed. Ooooohhhhh, fuck!”

Sam felt his granddaughter’s tight pussy spasm around his pounding cock as she came. He couldn’t hold out any longer. It felt like Lydia’s hot pussy would burn his cock off as it bathed him in wet pussy juice. Grabbing her hips, he pinned her hard against his lap as he emptied his hot load into her willing vagina.

“Ccccuuummmiiinnnggg, honey. Grandpa is cumming in your hot little incestuous hole. … Ooooohhhh, shit! Take my incestuous seed deep into your hungry womb.”

Suddenly the room was quiet, except for some heavy breathing as the four lovers tried to catch their breath.

“I love you, grandpa.” Lydia said, kissing him as their combined cum leaked out of her well fucked pussy, down over his sweaty balls, to drip onto the kitchen floor.

“I love you, too.” Sam replied, as he pulled his naked granddaughter’s body tight against his own.

Hannah gazed lovingly into her son’s eyes. “I love you.” she mouthed silently to him.

Paul kissed his mother deeply as he felt his cum flow from her well-filled vagina onto his shrinking cock and balls.

Part Three: Mary Seeks Out Her Son

Meanwhile, Mary moved quickly to her son’s bedroom, dropping her apron on the floor as she went. The sounds of sex flowing from the kitchen enflamed her own sexual desires. Already her mature cunt was wet with anticipation for her son’s strong rod.

When she got to Tim’s room and looked in, she found him laying on his bed, slowly stroking his hard, erect cock. “Well, good morning, sleepy-head,” she said, happily, as she gazed lustfully at his big, stiff manhood. “Were you going to stay in bed all morning and jack off, when there are three hot fuck-sluts in this house just waiting for you to pound that lovely cockmeat of yours into their willing pussies?”

Tim’s cock gave an involuntary jerk as he gazed at his mother’s naked body. Her swaying breasts and glistening wet pussy never failed to excite him. He still thought she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. “Nope,” he said. “I was just waiting to see who would come get me for breakfast. I thought I could get a little alone time with one of you that way.”

“That is so sweet, honey.” she replied. “I hope you are ready for some hot sex with your horny mother.” She sat down next to him on his bed and replaced his hand with her own on his hard shaft. Lovingly she began to stroke up and down, marveling at the heat that emanated from it.

Tim groaned as his mother pumped his cock. “What’s the rest of the family up to?” he asked.

“When I left the kitchen, Lydia was sitting on her grandpa’s lap with his stiff cock buried in her hot pussy, while she fed him breakfast. Your grandmother and father were in much the same position.” she replied.

“Wow!” exclaimed Tim. “What a great way to enjoy a meal.” He reached up and began to caress his mother’s soft tits, feeling her nipples harden in his hands.

“Yes,” she said, smiling. “Watching all of that incestuous fucking really turned me on. I got so hot I had to come and find my own incestuous fuck partner.” Lustfully gazing into her son’s eyes, she added, “And you are it.”

Tim leaned forward and kissed his mother’s full lips. “I love you, mom.” he said. “And I love being your incestuous fuck partner.”

“Oh, Tim,” she cried. Throwing both of her arms around him, she hugged him close to her and kissed him with all of her soul, her tongue slithering deep into his mouth, seeking the intimate caress of his tongue.

The force of her attack knocked Tim back onto the bed with Mary sprawled out on top of him. Quickly she swung her body around to straddle his hips. As if guided by radar her hungry twat centered itself over his thick shaft and she plunged down, burying it all the way inside her hot fuck-hole in one swift motion. Both mother and son groaned loudly into each other’s mouth as the sensations of their incestuous union washed over them.

“Oh, fuck, Tim,” Mary exclaimed as she sat up and began rotating her hips, causing his embedded shaft to wiggle around inside her wet cunt. “You feel so good in mommy’s pussy.” Her eyes shone with her love-lust. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too, mom.” Tim manage to groan out as his mother worked her tight twat on his super sensitive cock. It felt like she was trying to eat him alive with it.

“Oh, Tim,” she replied. “Do you realize you are the one man in this house I can truly commit incest with. Fucking Paul or Sam isn’t the same. I’m related to them because I’m married to your dad. But I’m related to you by blood. You are flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone, blood of my blood. You grew inside my body. You suckled at my breasts. When you are inside me like this, it’s like you are returning to my womb. We are one together again in a very special way, incestuously. I love it. I need it.”

“Shit, mom, you’re driving me wild with your talk. Your pussy is so hot right now. It feels like you could burn my cock with your cunt juices.”

“I am hot, honey. I am so hot for your big, hard cock. Promise me you will always be willing to fuck my hot, incestuous cunt. It was your wonderful cock that woke me up to the wonders of sex. You have no idea how glad I am those two men tied us together when they robbed us on that fateful day (see the story “A New Life” for what happened). Your big, thick cock opened me up in more ways than one. And now I love my new life. I love being my family’s incestuous fuck-slut. I love the open, naked, incestuous fuck family we have all become. Oh, fuck me, Tim. Always fuck your fuck-loving mother.”

Mary lifted herself up until her son’s long shaft almost left her body. And then she slammed down on it again. Again and again she rode up his glistening rod, twisting this way and that, fucking him for all she was worth.

Tim reached up and grabbed his mother’s swaying breasts. He squeezed and pulled on them as he used his hips to drive his hot cockmeat up into his mother’s open fuck-hole.

“Oh, fuck, mom.” he cried, as they hammered their groins together. “I sometimes wonder what kind of a can of worms we opened on that first day. None of us can seem to get enough of each other. And now we’ve added grandma and grandpa into the mix. But don’t worry, mom. I can’t imagine what it would be like not being able to fuck you anymore. I think I would go out of my mind if I had to stop. I’ll always want to fuck you. I love you and I love being your incestuous motherfucker.”

For the next few minutes neither spoke as they concentrated on enjoying their special union. They gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes. Mary bounced up and down again and again on her son’s amazing cock. Tim thrust up to meet his mother’s descent, sending his cock deep into her vagina each time they slammed together. Her hands caressed his face and chest. His hands continued to play with her heaving breasts.

Soon their pace quickened. Their movements became more urgent, their actions more forceful. Both began to climb to the peak of fulfillment. They had done this so many times over the last few months; every day in fact. They knew what each other wanted and needed. Almost unconsciously they worked together to reach their mutual climax. And then they were there.

Mary threw back her head, arching her back. “Oh, yes, Tim, honey. I’m there. Mommy’s going to cum all over your hot incestuous, motherfucking cock. Cum with me, Tim. Cum and fill my womb with your sperm. Ooooohhhhh, ssshhhiiiitttt! I’m ccccuuuummmmmiiinnnngggg!”

Tim felt his mother’s twat suck and pulse around his pounding shaft. Her juices flooded his groin. It sent him over the edge. His ball sack contracted. His cock throbbed. With a groan he sent his burning seed splashing up into his mother’s hungry womb.

“Cccuuummmmiiinnnngggg!” he cried. “I’m filling your hot incestuous twat with my cum. Take it all, mom. Take all of my hot cream up your son-loving pussy.”

Mary collapsed down onto her son, as his cock shrank and dropped out of her. Their sweaty bodies clung to each other. It was several minutes before their breathing returned to normal. Slowly Mary slid to the side, still clinging to her son. She could feel his cum begin to leak from her open hole. As he turned to look at her, she smiled and said, “I love you.”

“I love you, too, mom.” Then they kissed and went into the bathroom for a nice relaxing shower together.

Part Four: Family Time Together

By the time everyone had breakfast and cleaned up from their morning encounters it was almost noon. They all agreed that the next natural step in their family’s incestuous development was to have one big family orgy. They decided to wait until evening, after supper, for the family fuckfest. That way they would all be rested up and ready to go.

In order to keep busy until then the men decided to get some yard work done around the house while the women went shopping. The ladies had decided that Hannah, especially, needed some new, sexier clothes to go along with her new attitude and lifestyle. When they returned, they were somewhat secretive about their purchases, saying they would model them for the guys after supper to sort of get things started for the evening.

After supper the women disappeared into the master bedroom to change. While they were gone the men quickly stripped, speculating on what they had bought. Paul thought it might be some sexy bikinis. Sam voted for lingerie. Tim hoped for some sluttish, whorish outfits. Just thinking about the possibilities had them hard with anticipation. But they were all wrong.

When the ladies appeared they were all dressed in skirts and blouses or a dress, and seemed ready to go out for the evening. The men had to admit they looked sexy as hell. Each outfit seemed to accentuate the sexual aura of the woman who wore it.

Hannah wore a white blouse with a scooped neckline that showed off her ample breasts and deep cleavage. Her erect nipples poked out visibly letting everyone know how turned on she was. Her skirt was black and down to her knees. When standing still she looked like a young grandmother. But when she walked the slit up the front of the skirt opened wide, nearly to her crotch, showing off her shapely legs almost all the up to her womanhood. You wanted to bend down and look up to see if she flashed her pussy when she walked. With her grey hair, bouncing exposed breasts, and flashing legs, she looked like one hot sexy older woman.

Mary had on a red halter top dress. The front had a keyhole opening that exposed the inner half of both breasts. It looked as if she turned too fast to one side or the other she would expose one of her nipples. The dress was low cut in the back, almost to her butt crack. The skirt reached to about mid thigh, accentuating her long legs. And you knew that if she bent over far enough she would expose what was underneath to anyone who cared to look. With her hair flowing down onto her bare shoulders, she looked fuckably hot to trot.

Lydia wore a light pink silk-like blouse that was designed to be worn pulled down off of the shoulders. She had pulled the sides down far enough to expose plenty of the swell of her young breasts. The material was just transparent enough so you could see the shadow of her dark areolas showing through. Her skirt was a denim micro-mini, fringed at the bottom, and barely covered her ass cheeks. If she bent over or reached up too high she would surely moon anyone behind her. Her long hair and flashing smile gave her a young, fresh come-fuck-me look.

All three men gazed in awe at their sexy looking women. And then all three ladies boldly raised their skirts to reveal matching lace crotchless panties. Hannah’s were white, Mary’s red, and Lydia’s light blue. Three bald pink pussies framed in lace: they looked mouth-wateringly delicious. Just that quickly three hard cocks jutted out, eager to sample the offerings before them.

Tim approached his grandmother. “Wow, grandma,” he exclaimed. “I love it. You’re beautiful. You look like one very sexy grandmother to me.”

Hannah enjoyed the way her grandson’s eyes roamed over her body, taking in the swell of her breasts before dropping down to feast on her dripping cunt. “I’m glad you like it.” she said. “This new life makes me feel like a sexy grandmother. So I guess I should dress the part. … Come here and show me just how much you like your new sexy looking grandma.”

Tim stepped into his grandmother’s open arms and kissed her, shoving his tongue deep into her mouth. His hands slid up under her blouse to squeeze her ample breasts. Hannah groaned as her tongue battled with his. She reached down to gently stroke his hard manhood.

Sam looked at his daughter-in-law. “My son is very lucky to have such a beautiful wife.” he told her. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her breasts. The way they were almost sticking out of her dress was really turning him on.

Mary smiled as she saw where her father-in-law was looking. “You can come kiss them if you want,” she told him.

Quickly he closed the gap between them and buried his face in her exposed cleavage. She slid her hand behind his head and pulled him tight against her tits. “Oh yes, dad. Suck my titties. Your tongue feels so nice.” she said as she reached down to fondle his hard cock.

Lydia looked at her father. “Well, it looks like that leaves you and me, dad. What do you think. Do you like the way your fuck-slut daughter looks?”

Paul smiled. “Honey, you look great.” His gazed rested on her lace panties. “Those panties frame your hot little pussy just like a beautiful picture.” He stepped forward and slid his hand into the opening, sliding his fingers up and down her open slit as he kissed her. She, like her mother and grandmother, began to stroke his hard cock.

For several minutes they kissed, their hot bodies pressed together as their hands roamed and caressed each other. Then Tim lifted his grandmother’s blouse off over her head so he could suck on her pale nipples as he reached into the slit of her skirt to finger her steaming twat. He loved the feel of lace next to bare skin.

Paul reached up to pull his daughter’s blouse down over her pert young breasts, leaving it bunched around her waist. He bent down and sucked on her erect nipple as he continued to play with her wet pussy.

Sam reached behind Mary, releasing the halter strap around her neck. Her dress slid quietly to the floor, leaving her naked except for the red lace panties. He, too, pulled her erect nipple into his mouth as he reached down to fondle her hot cunt.

All three women moaned as the men continued to get them hotter and hotter. Their hands pulled urgently on their throbbing cocks, causing the men to groan as well. As things heated up, the three men pulled the women down onto the floor. They were all ready for what was to come. The horny women lay back, spreading their legs, inviting the men to take them.

Tim gazed at his grandmother. She was naked from the waist up, her breasts heaving with her excitement. Her eyes sparkled with lust for her grandson. Her black skirt flowed beneath her, open at the split as her legs spread it to the sides. Her white crotchless panties stood out in contrast to the black of her skirt, drawing attention to the pink lips framed within. It was like a blazing target showing him exactly where his cock needed to go.

He knelt between her legs, took his throbbing cock in his hand, and guided it into the puffy folds of his grandmother’s mature pussy. He could see her slick juices pooled in her open cunt, waiting to engulf his invading manhood. Slowly he pushed the entire length of his hard cock into her heated depths.

“Oh yes!” Hannah cried. “Sooooo gooooood. Your big cock feels so good in my hot pussy. Fill me up with your hot meat, Tim. Shove all of your thick hard cock up grandma’s incestuous cunt. … Fuck me! Grandma need you to fuck her. … Come on, lover. Fuck me good.”

Listening to his grandmother beg him to fuck her really turned Tim on. He pulled his glistening cock back and then drove it into her again. Again and again he fucked his boy-prick up into his grandmother’s superheated body. “Oh, shit.” he cried. “Your pussy is so tight, grandma. It really grabs my cock. … I love your hot, wet, juicy cunt. … Take it all, grandma. Take all of my fat, fucking cock up your incestuous fuck-hole. Oh, yeah.”

Sam paused to watch his grandson shove his young cock up into his wife’s hungry pussy. He marveled at the words that flowed from her mouth as she begged her grandson to fuck her. And in that moment he realized how much he loved this new incest loving woman he was married to.

He looked down at Mary. “Thank you,” he said. “Thank you for helping Hannah open up. Thank you for helping us get our sex life started. I love you for what you have done for us.”

Mary smiled up at him as she spread her legs wide. “Don’t just say it. Show it. Shove that big cock of yours up my fucking pussy and show me how thankful you are. Fuck your hot thank you right up my hot little twat.”

Sam laughed as he drove his cock into the opening of her red panties, right up into her dripping fuck-hole. “You want me to show you how thankful I am? Well then, take that … and that … and that.” Soon he was pound her clingy vagina for all he was worth as she fucked back at him with everything she had to give.

Subconsciously Paul took in the sounds of sex that flowed from the rest of his family. But his attention was focused on his daughter. Lydia lay beneath him, her pink blouse bunched at her waist, along with her denim skirt. Her pale blue panties perfectly framed her red puffy pussy lips. Her erect nipples were hard nubs on top of her swelling breasts. Her eyes shined with love and lust.

As she watched her father look at her with unashamed lust, Lydia’s face broke into a mischievous little smile. She reach up to grab her knees and spread her legs back wide. “Fuck me, daddy. Fuck your daughter with your big hard daddy-cock. Fuck me and fuck me until you shoot your hot, thick cum into my incestuous womb. Fuck me good, daddy.”

Paul groaned. After all of these months of sex with his family, his daughter still knew how to drive him wild. He brushed his flared cockhead up and down her open slit, pressing it against her hard clit. Then he centered it in her willing hole and pushed into her, filling her with his throbbing meat.

“Oh yes, daddy!” she cried as she pushed her hips up to meet his thrust. “Fuck me. Your big cock feels so good in my little pussy. … I love it. I love incestuous fucking. … Fuck your incestuous daddy-cock up my incestuous daughter-cunt. Fuck me and make me cum, you naughty daughter-fucker, you.”

Paul gasped as he buried his face in the nape of his daughter’s neck. It felt like her sucking pussy was eating him alive. It all just seemed to get better and better. Every time he fucked his daughter was better than the last. Fucking his wife was better each time too. And now his mother was there for him to fuck too. Could get any better than this? He didn’t think so. Raising up on his arms, he began to pound his daughter’s willing pussy hard. He would make it her best ever too.

The sound of sweaty bodies slapping against each other filled the room. Three sets of shapely legs waved in the air. Three hairy masculine asses flashed in the light. The smell of sex permeated the air. Harder and harder, faster and faster, the Bursman family fucked their way to climax.

Tim fucked his grandmother with long, slow hard strokes, making sure to pound her clit each time he slammed into her pelvis. Hannah squirmed under her grandson’s assault. Both her husband and son had filled her womb with their thick seed. Now she wanted her grandson to do the same. She met him stroke for stroke, screwing her superheated cunt up his thick shaft with each thrust.

Sam pounded his daughter-in-law for all he was worth. He had had so little sex prior to this weekend. Now he was getting all he could handle from his wife, granddaughter and daughter-in-law. Mary used every trick she had learned over the last few months of fucking her family to please her father-in-law. She used her muscles to squeeze his invading cock. She wiggled this way and that to make sure he fucked every inch of her open vagina. Their pelvises slapped together obscenely.

Paul knew his daughter was one hot fuck-slut who loved to fuck hard and heavy. Sweat poured from his body as he drove his throbbing cock into her hot twat again and again. Lydia met her father stroke for stroke. She loved the feel of his big cock stretching her young cunt open, hitting bottom with every thrust. Wrapping her arms and legs around him, she fucked him with every ounce of energy she had.

One after another they began to cum.

“Oh shit, grandma. I’m going to cum. … Your twat is so tight, so hot. … Take my seed. I going to shoot my hot, incestuous cum up your naked pussy. Cccccuuuummmmiiiinnnnggggg!”

Hannah gasped as she felt her grandson unleash rope after rope of sperm into her open womb. “Yes, Tim. Cum in grandma’s cunt! Fill me with your cum. … Pour that boy-juice deep into my incestuous twat. I’m ccccuuuummmmiiinnnggg.”

“Oh, fuck, Sam. Your cock is driving me wild. Keep fucking me. … Pound that hard rod up my mature pussy. … I’m going to cum, Sam. … You’re making me cum, you fucker, you! Ccccuuuummmmiiinnnnggg!”

As his daughter-in-law’s pussy collapsed around his hard shaft, Sam drove himself to the very root into her. His orgasmic cock jerked and throbbed as it pumped his thick juice into her depths. “Ffffuuuccckkkk, Mary! Take it. I’m cumming in your wild cunt. … Ccccuuummmiiiinnngggg.”

“Oh yes, daddy. Fuck me. You are going to make your little girl cum so good. Don’t stop, daddy. Pound your incestuous cock up my wet fuck-hole. … Fill me with your incestuous sperm. … Oh, daddy! I’m ccccuuuummmmmiiiinnnnggg!”

Paul’s cock felt like it was on fire as his daughter bathed it in her cum juice. Thrusting himself deep into her steaming vagina, he released a flood of thick cum into her womb. “Cumming, Lydia. Daddy is pouring his hot daddy-sperm in your hot incest loving pussy. … Take it all, honey. Daddy is ccccuuuummmmiiinnnngggg!”

For almost a full minute the Bursmans moaned and groaned as they squirmed against each other. Throbbing cocks dribbled the final streams of cum into welcoming pussies. Breathing slowly returned to normal. Hot sweaty bodies slid apart. Everyone looked around, smiling.

“Wow! Now that is what I call family fun.” Tim said.

“We sure enjoyed it.” Sam replied, taking his wife’s hand. She nodded her agreement.

“Yeah, but it looks like we have some cleanup to do.” Mary remarked, looking down at the three leaking pussies as cum seeped from their well-fucked holes.

“Looks delicious.” Lydia replied, as she bent down to lick her grandfather’s seed from her mother’s cum filled pussy.

“Great idea.” Mary laughed, opening her legs to give her daughter better access to her dripping twat. She lowered her head into her mother-in-law’s lap and began sucking her son’s slimy cum from her seeping hole.

“Count me in,” Hannah announced. She had never eaten a woman’s pussy before. But if Mary and Lydia liked it, she figured she would too. Quickly she scooted around, pulled Lydia’s legs apart, and dove right in. “Mmmmm, good.” she remarked as she attacked her granddaughter’s sloppy twat hungrily.

The three men gaped in awe as the ladies formed a triangle of naked bodies, faces buried in juicy twats, tongues lapping away at cum filled holes. “Wow!” Paul’s remark summed up what all three were feeling. Watching the hot action soon had their cocks standing hard and ready for more action.

When all three women had cleaned the cum from all three twats they did not stop. Tongues continued to caress wet pussies. Throbbing clits were licked. Puffy pussy lips were sucked. Tight assholes were penetrated. Fingers found their way into open holes. In no time Mary, Lydia, and Hannah were working their way to a group orgasm, each gauging the other’s building excitement and trying to time their peaks so they came together. And then all three were shaking and moaning as they came in each other’s faces.

Hannah lifted her cum coated face from between her granddaughter’s legs. “Wow,” she gasped. “That was intense. What a great initiation to cunt lapping.”

Lydia giggled. “I think the guys liked it, too.” she said, noticing the hard cocks protruding from their laps.

Mary’s eyes twinkled. “What do you say we give them a ride? I could really use a good hard cock up my hot pussy about now.”

“Sure,” Hannah replied. “I’m ready for another good fucking. How do we pair up this time?”

“Why don’t we fuck all of them this time?” Mary suggested. Three eager cocks lurched at that idea.

“How do we do that?” Lydia asked.

Mary took charge. “Come on, guys. On your backs, feet in the center.” she commanded. Soon Paul, Tim and Sam were laying on the floor like rays coming out from the sun.

“Now, just pick a cock and sit on it.” Mary instructed. “Then after a little while we’ll switch around to the next one; and then the next one, on around the circle. We keep going until one of the guys cum. Then that couple is out and the others keep going until everyone has an orgasm.”

“Sounds like fun.” Lydia exclaimed. She straddled her brother’s hips, grabbed his hard cock, aimed it at her open pussy, and sat down, impaling herself on it.

“Oh fuck, yeah.” Tim groaned as his sister’s hot twat engulfed his thick cockmeat.

Quickly the others joined in. Mary fucked her wet cunt down onto her husband’s throbbing cock. And Hannah did the same with Sam.

After a few minutes, Mary gave a signal and the three women moved to the next man. Mary slid onto Sam’s big cock as Hannah fucked herself down onto Tim’s youthful shaft and Lydia impaled herself on Paul’s hard cockmeat. Soon they were changing partners yet again, on around the circle.

Since all three men had already cum once, they were able to last longer this time. Also the variety helped keep things going. Each pussy felt just a little different. Each woman fucked in a little different way. And the breaks between as they moved from one man to another also kept them from peaking too quickly.

The same was true for the women. Each cock was just enough different to add variety. Each man pushed his shaft up into them in a little different way. One may use his hands to squeeze and pull at their breasts. Another may pull them down to suck on their nipples. Still another would use his hands to caress their asses and finger their clits.

The result was a slow but steady build in intensity for all involved. After awhile their movements became harder, more urgent. They moved from one to another quicker, not wanting to lose the stimulation buildup. All began to breath harder. Soon all three ladies were slamming their overheated pussies down hard onto the throbbing shafts beneath them, as they ground their extended clits into their partners’ pelvises.

Suddenly Paul grabbed his wife’s hips and pulled her down hard. “Oh fuck, honey! I’m cumming! Shit … Fuck!” His cock jerked and sent a steady stream of thick, juicy cum up into her womb.

“Oh fuck, yes!” Mary cried out as she felt her husband cum inside her aching cunt. “Cum in my pussy, Paul. Fill me with your hot seed.” Her well fucked pussy quivered as she came.

Tim wasn’t far behind. As his sister bounced up and down on his hard cock, she reached behind herself to squeeze his balls. It sent him over the edge. “Shit, sis. That did it. I’m cumming! … Take my hot seed up your fucking hole. Oh shiiiiiit!”

Lydia groaned as she felt her brother’s cock squirt her full of his potent sperm. “Oh shit, yes! Cum in me, Tim. … Pour your hot incestuous seed in your fuck-slut sister’s hungry pussy. … Make me cum, you sister fucker, you. … Aaaahhhh!” Her cunt milked him of every drop as her orgasm washed over her.

That left only Sam and Hannah. Hannah suddenly lifted herself off of her husband’s throbbing cock, repositioned herself for a moment and then plunged down again, this time impaling herself up the ass.

“Fuck my ass, Sam! … I want you to fuck every hole I have. Make me your own Bursman fuck toy. … Oh, soooo gooood! Your big cock feels so good in my ass. Fuck me!”

Sam’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head as he felt his wife’s asshole engulf his stiff member. Never had he dreamed Hannah would let him do such a thing.

“Oh, so tight! … Fuck, Hannah! Your ass is so fucking tight. You’re squeezing me to death. … Fuuuck!” Grabbing her waist, he slammed his hard cock up her stretched asshole again and again.

His assault sent Hannah over the top. “Yyyyeeeesssss! Ffffuuuccckkk! … Oh shit, Sam. I’m cumming. Fuck my hot ass. … I’m cccuuummmiiinnnngggg so gggoooooddddd!”

Sam pulled her down hard on his lap. His engorged cock paused, throbbed, and then jerked, sending a steady stream of white, hot cum up her bowels. It was almost as if he was peeing in her, but he wasn’t. Never had he cum so hard or so much at one time. He pulled her down to him and kissed her with all of his soul behind it.

“Well, dad,” Paul asked as he continued to hug his wife. “Are you glad you came this weekend?”

Sam looked at his son and his wife. He smiled and pulled Hannah closer to himself. Glancing over at Tim and Lydia, who lay naked together, his sticky cock still imbedded in her cum-dripping pussy, he said, “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, Paul. Thank you for making this Bursman family one hot fuck-loving group. I think your mother and I are going to be spending a lot more time around here in the future. After all, we have to do our part to keep the Bursman incestuous traditions alive.”

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