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It all started on a November evening on a Bus. We were a party of four going to a town about 100 miles from our city to attend a family function. We were – I , my wife’s sister Sujatha, my mother-in-law and sujatha’s daughter Swetha. My wife Aarti had to drop out in the last minute due to some urgent work at office.

The Bus left around 6pm and took considerable time to clear the city traffic and get on to the highway. Let me explain the layout of the Bus. It had a central aisle and two seats on either side of the aisle. We were seated somewhere in the mid section, Sujatha and her mother together in one row and I and swetha in the row immediately behind them. Swetha loved to sit next to the window and I sat next to her on the aisle seat.

I was a 28 year old Engineer running my own business and my niece ‘Swetha’ who just turned 18 is a college going girl. She was about 5’3″, very fair and beautiful girl. She had a nice laugh , a great figure and a bubbly character. She had known me from her childhood because our families had known each other for long , and she was fond of me. I was also quite fond of her in a genuine uncle- niece way and there were never any other thoughts. I would swear to that.

Soon it was dark and the lights in the Bus were switched off and people started dozing. Swetha was very fond of thrillers and asked me to tell her a story. So I started telling her a Ghost story . As the story got more and more scary, she moved closer to me and held my hand. Even as the story finished she wouldn’t let go of my hand and continued to hold it. In that position, her left hand holding my right hand, we dozed off.

After a while, I woke up with a start when the bus braked sharply. I became conscious of the fact that swetha’s hand was covered by my palm. Her skin was very smooth and warm and her long, slim fingers tender to the touch. Without meaning to, I just started running my finger tips on the smooth back of her hand and it felt good.

As my fingers caressed her hand very gently from the wrist to the tips of her fingers, she gave a little shiver and moved closer. She was still asleep and now her left thigh was touching my right thigh. I became aware of It’s warmth through the thin material of her clothing and it was very erotic. I knew it was wrong to entertain such thoughts but the feeling was over powering and I had no control on that.

She was wearing a red langa ( petticoat), blouse and voni ( something like a half saree / dupatta ) a typical dress of teenage girls those days in south india. Her belly and mid riff was bare between the petticoat and blouse and was only covered by the thin voni through which I could see her flat, white and smooth belly.

I slightly turned in my seat towards my right and put my left hand across my right hand. I started moving my fingers slowly in the air till my forefinger brushed lightly against her waist. As my finger tip touched her smooth , warm waist, an electric current ran through me and I felt her shiver a little. I looked at her face and her eyes were still closed, breathing even and she continued to sleep.

I let my fore finger remain in that position of contact for a few minutes and then, slowly allowed my middle finger to join it. My two fingers were now lightly touching her silken smooth waist. I now lifted my fingers from there, moved them forward a little in the air and then brought them down very slowly till the tips lightly brushed against her smooth belly.

I allowed them to rest there lightly and the movement of the bus caused them to make the contact with ever changing pressure — now lightest touch, now with a bit of pressure. I was enjoying it so well that I allowed all my fingers to touch her silken smooth belly and exerted a very light pressure.

Eliciting no adverse reaction, I now allowed my left palm to come into total contact with her tummy and rested it there. I looked at her face to make sure that she was sleeping and also looked around to ensure that I was not being watched by anyone. Any case, it was totally dark in the bus.

After a few minutes, I slowly started rubbing her tummy with my palm and using my finger tips to caress her smooth skin. The feeling was exhilarating. By shifting my self ever so slightly, I was able to cover the entire surface area of her bare tummy with my loving caress. My thoughts now moved to those lovely, full, rich, young globes that were just a few inches away in her tight blouse. Suddenly, I had qualms about what I was doing and felt guilty.

Here was a girl who was my niece. I had known her even as a five year old kid and she sat in my lap and played then. Now she is an 18 year old young girl and I was touching her with erotic thoughts. The good guy in me started howling that I was being a bloody lecher. That was when I started to rationalize. I said all that I was doing was a very gentle harmless ,tender touching.

She doesn’t even know about it and is sound asleep. If she suddenly wakes up and finds my hand on her, she would assume that it was accidental and not deliberate. At any point if she shows even a slight negative reaction I would just stop the whole thing immediately.

Having thus decided to proceed, I slowly lifted my palm from her tummy and let my two fingers go vertical and moved them north. They came into the lightest contact with her blouse ensconced full left breast in the lower half of the globe. I allowed my two fingers to touch her breast in complete harmony with the movements caused by the motion of the bus.

There was no reaction from her. I then pressed her breast ever so lightly with my fingers. It was an incredible feeling, touching the young , rich, full breast which was like a soft rubber ball. I let my fingers move ever so lightly on her left breast , slowly covering the entire surface area. As my fingers moved to the top half of the globe the feeling got even more incredible.

I let my two fingers continue the north bound journey along her globe till they reached the top edge of the blouse. Bracing my self, I let my fingers move over the edge and brush the bare swell of the of her full left breast lightly. I heard her take a sharp breath and I froze.

After almost a minute, I let my finger tips move and roam on the swell of her young , full left breast. The feeling was heavenly. I made a little haste now. I let all my fingers come into contact with her breast top and allowed my palm to cup her breast lightly. Swetha turned ever so lightly to her left, and this movement ensured that more of her breast now moved into the possible grasp of my palm.

I knew that I now reached a point of no return. What I was going to do can never be justified as accidental brush. It would be a deliberate sexual move and I would be guilty without doubt, if caught at it. But, I was so lost in my erotic adventure that I thought no more. I cupped her full left breast in my left palm and pressed it once, slowly and waited for a reaction. There was none. I pressed it a second time, slightly increasing the pressure. Still, no reaction.

I now allowed my palm to take full possession of her young , full, rich ,breast in my hand and started pressing continuously with light pressure. Squeeze- release, squeeze-release. I kept doing this for a few minutes. I also let my fingers try and reach more of bare flesh by inserting them inside her blouse top. My finger tips were now moving south seeking the center point of her magnificent breast.

It was during this crucial phase that the bus started slowing and the lights came on. I was lightening quick in removing my hand and everyone woke up as the bus stopped at a town . We all got down along with everyone else to use the rest rooms and have a cup of tea. During the entire break , I was desperately looking for any signs / reactions from Swetha .

But there were none. She told her mother that she had a good nap and was fine. After a fifteen minute break, we were back on the bus. As we reached our seats, Swetha asked me if I could sit by the window as it was getting cold there and I said that was fine.

So I took the window seat and Swetha took the aisle seat. She took a shawl from her mother and covered her self using the shawl like a blanket. After a few minutes of harmless chit chat she again dozed off leaving me wide awake. I now took stock of the situation. I was sitting by the window. She was sitting to my left and covered herself with a shawl , so nothing underneath was visible. She was obviously asleep again.

The Bus was back on it’s journey and the lights were off. I thought I should get started too. First I turned slightly to my left away from the window. I then put my right hand on the seat and located the edge of the shawl. Fortunately ( for me), she did not wrap it around her tight but threw it over her front like a blanket.

So my hand could easily lift the shawl a little and go under that , now completely invisible to anyone. I thought that was a big plus now. My hand slowly reached her flat , smooth belly , rested there a little and then started rubbing it’s softness again.

Her belly was flat , smooth and warm to my feverish touch. It suddenly occurred to me that I now have access to her right breast, where as before the break I fondled her left breast. This was another big plus I thought. As my fingers advanced and found the bottom edge of her blouse, I had a very pleasant surprise.

Her blouse was partly open at the bottom. My exploring fingers found that the last two hooks of her blouse were off. As a result of which my probing fingers went easily under her blouse at the bottom edge and came into contact with her bra. I was literally in heaven.

Even as my fingers started moving up northwards over the bra , I had another surprise, even more pleasant . The bra was loose and started going up along with my moving fingers .

How was this possible when the job of the bra was to hold her young, full breasts tight? Flash came the answer — the bra was unhooked.

With a shock I realized that Swetha’s blouse was open at the bottom with two hooks off and her bra was also unhooked. It meant that my hand could now access and fondle both her bare breasts — if I wanted to . And at that point of time, nothing else in the world was more important than taking possession of those glorious globes and fondle them.

My mind also told me that this was no accident. The two blouse hooks and the bra hook have not come off on their own. Someone took them off. That someone can only be Swetha and she did it during the break. That meant she wanted to make them accessible for my fondling.

It also meant that she was not asleep earlier and was aware that I fondled her before the break. Finally, it all boiled down to one thing. Swetha enjoyed what I did and wanted more of it. As these thoughts coursed through my mind , It was a quantum jump and it’s immediate reaction was I had a big hard on.

I knew that she had now become willing partner in this erotic game. I realized that, perhaps, I was the first man who had access to those glorious virgin breasts and the rest of her glorious young body, if handled with tender care. And I had her unstated permission to fondle them and play with them. These thoughts filled my heart with tender love for her.

I slowly put my right palm inside her blouse, under her bra and gently squeezed her full, naked breast.

Swetha reacted with a shudder and sharp intake of breath, her eyes still closed. As I continued to gently squeeze her tit , my forefinger roamed and zeroed in on her small virgin nipple. At the touch of my tender, caring finger tip, it hardened. I gently rolled it between my thumb and forefinger and it kept getting bigger and harder. I let my finger tips gently massage he aureole and squeeze the base of her nipple. She gave a light gasp.

She was breathing quicker now and my hand was squeezing her young breast with some pressure while playing with her proud and stiff nipple. She turned a little more towards me and my right hand now moved to her left breast. I worked on her blouse and bra and pushed them up thus releasing both her boobs from their constraints.

Under the shawl my right hand was squeezing and fondling those magnificent breasts alternately and her breathing was getting quicker and quicker. I took one final look around to ensure that all is well and no one is watching and put my left hand too under the shawl.

Now both my hands were busy and my left hand had the full possession of her right breast and the left breast was in my right hand. I was now squeezing both her boobs vigorously and her hard nipples were pressed to the center of my palms. She turned around so much that she was now virtually facing me. I had a big raging hard on.

Swetha put her right hand over my left hand that was fondling her right breast and pressed her tender palm on my hand, as if asking me to squeeze her breast even more. I was in heaven with this act which symbolized her direct participation.

I removed my hand from her breast for a second and holding her right hand put it back on her breast such that her right palm was cupping her right breast. I now applied pressure such that both our hands together were squeezing her right breast. Our entwined fingers were rolling her nipple together. It was as if, she and I together were doing it to someone else. I really got a kick out of that.

I let my right hand leave her left breast for a few seconds and took hold of her left hand. Palm in palm I entwined her fingers with mine and they were long, smooth and tender to my touch. I took her left hand and let it rest squarely in my lap , palm facing down , such that it was in contact with the big bulge in my pants. I did not want to rush her, so my hand left hers there and went back to her left breast and nipple.

Swetha’s eyes were still closed, but ,I could guess that she was wide awake but was pretending to sleep. It was perfectly understandable for a young girl getting fondled for the first time, that too by her dear uncle. She let her palm rest for a few minutes and did not make any move. I suddenly realized that she needed a bit of coaxing to take the next step.

So I put my right hand over her left hand again and pressed it down a little more on my bulge and then slowly curled her fingers around my stiff cock ,still fully clothed. I left her hand like that and went back to more breast fondling, nipple teasing and belly rubbing. Her fingers curled around my cock and gently squeezed it. Even with all the clothing there, this was such a delectable move that it sent me into raptures.

We kept on doing this for a while. I was now as much full of love as with lust, if you know what I mean. Here was this beautiful young maiden letting me do things to her beautiful, youthful body. Wanting to show my appreciation, I let go her breasts, took both my hands out of the shawl and tenderly touched and caressed her face, her cheeks , her forehead and her chin. It was a gesture so full of love and my finger tips lightly brushed her rosy lips.

It was then, for the first time, she opened her eyes and looked into mine. In spite of the darkness, due to our proximity, I could see in her eyes, a little shyness and embarrassment, a lot of tender love, and , yes, a desire and passion too.

It was one of the most erotic moments of my life and it was imprinted on my memory. I would never forget its tenderness. All I wanted at that moment was to give her a very light and tende kiss.

Alas ,the bus started slowing down and suddenly the lights were on. We quickly moved apart and resumed our normal positions . We arrived at our destination.

The family function went off quite well and then it was time for the return journey. During those two days I tried to observe Swetha closely and detect any change in her behavior or attitude.

She was her normal self and did not give any indication that something had changed between the two of us. I had no clue to her thought process. We made the return trip the same way we had gone there — by an evening bus.

When we got into the bus, we followed the same seating pattern, Sujatha and her mother in the row ahead of us , I took the window seat and Swetha took the aisle seat. This bus was a deluxe bus and the seats better.

I noticed that the arm rest between the seats is the flexible type. You could use it or just push it back totally, so that the two seats become one. I made sure that she noticed it.

As the Bus started it’s journey , it was twilight and we made small talk.

” It was a good trip” I said.

She replied ” I enjoyed the gathering and function.”

I had this strong urge to make her say something about what had transpired between the two of us on the onward journey. Though she was a party to it at the later stages, she never uttered one word or acknowledged what had happened.

Also, I did not know whether she really liked it or merely accepted my advances out of curiosity. Both my conscience and my ego wanted a firm and positive confirmation.

So, I said ” I really enjoyed the journey. It was good.”

” yes. ”

” Just good or very good?” I had to ask.

She smiled shyly ,lowered her head slightly and said in a low voice ” very good.”

I was absolutely delighted, because, I now knew that she enjoyed it as well, and that made all the difference.

Soon it was dark and the lights were switched off. I lifted the arm rest between our seats and pushed it back. Swetha moved a little closer so that our shoulders were touching and her right thigh was brushing lightly against my left thigh.

She took the shawl out and threw it over her front , partly covering me too. She then rested her head on my left shoulder and closed her eyes awaiting my next move. Though I was very eager to get started, I wanted to make this a nice and slow erotic game.

I covered her right hand with my left and started caressing her wrist and fingers. They were warm and smooth to my touch. I turned slightly to my left, away from the window, and pushed my right palm under her right palm.

I gently rubbed my palm against hers and entwined her fingers in mine and gently pressed. She responded by returning the pressure. After a few minutes, I lifted my left hand up and gently positioned my arm behind her head .

She understood and moved forward slightly so that I could lower my arm behind her to her waist level. Once my arm was in place, she eased back so that my left arm was now around and resting on her waist.

As I was in a half sleeved shirt ,my bare forearm was in contact with her silken smooth , warm waist and my left palm curling around her waist, shifted up slightly and found her left breast. My right hand went straight to her right breast.

I explored the lower edge of her blouse and found that the bottom hooks were already unhooked. The very thought that she wanted this as much as I, sent me into raptures.

As I pushed my fingers under her blouse, I realized that she did not have her bra on and my hand came into contact with her full, bare breast. As I took its fullness in my palm and gently squeezed it, I found that her nipple was already taut and hard and rubbed proudly against my palm.

What a glorious feel that was to have the full, rich young breast in my hand and squeezing it continuously!! I let my finger tip massage her areola and the base of her virgin nipple. I felt my self growing very hard.

As I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, I imagined taking that young nipple between my lips and sucking on it and biting it lightly. Alas, that was not feasible in our current position. The very thought, though, was highly stimulating and I grew further.

I now had a strong urge to explore and touch more of her young and beautiful body. I slightly bent forward and whispered in her right ear to turn her back to me completely. I then moved close to the window ,thus making more room on the seat for her.

She then turned her back to me facing the aisle , lifted her feet off the floor, bent her knees and tucked her legs under her. In that position, her buttocks and bottom were pressing against my left thigh.

She let her head drop on the backrest of the seat as if dozing. She covered her self with the shawl once again and awaited my next move.

After a few minutes, I made my move. I turned a little left , put out my right hand and let my fingers find the bottom edge of her blouse.

Inserting a couple of fingers inside the loosened blouse, I slowly started pushing it up. By this, I could push her blouse almost half way up and exposing a considerable area of her naked back .

I first ran my fingertips lightly down her exposed spine sending shivers down them. I then let my full palm rest on her exposed bare back. The moment I made the full contact, she gave a light jerk and a very soft moan.

I now let my palm roam around the exposed, naked portion of her back, my finger tips caressing it all the time. Her young skin was taught, silken smooth, warm and soft. I looked around cautiously to ensure that we were not visible to anyone and all is quite.

I then bent my head lightly and brought it close to her back and kissed her naked back lightly. It was the first contact of my lips with any part of her body. I knew i was breaking another barrier with that kiss.

She reacted by pushing back even a little more into me. All the while my left hand was cupping and squeezing her left tit.

Swetha had a bottom that always attracted looks from everyone. Her ass was wide and her buttocks were well rounded and full. I now wanted to move into the new and unconquered territories.

I let my right hand drop down and touch her still fully clothed right buttock. My hand gently explored its fullness, its tightness and roundness and then gave it a gentle squeeze.

At that point of time her left tit was in my left hand and her right buttock was in my right hand and I was fondling both. I was literally in heaven.

I let my hand drop from her hip on to the seat and let my fingers move along the seat slowly to discover new treasures. It was then my finger tips touched her ankle. I let them travel along on the seat and explore her small right foot – from toes to the ankle.

When I caressed her toes, she responded by wiggling them. I let my fingers move in between them, hold and caress them lightly. I then let my palm curl around her ankle and hold it gently for a few seconds.

Then with a light squeeze I started the slow northward journey of my fingers- from her ankle to her knee, moving my fingers under her petticoat.

Her legs were very smooth and silken to my touch and her skin taut. My fingers enjoyed rubbing and moving up along the back of her legs, knowing that would be an erotic move.

As her legs were tucked under her, my hand could reach only up to her right knee, and could not go beyond. I let my palm cup her knee cap and let it rest there.

It was at this stage that the bus started slowing down and , even as I quickly withdrew my hands, the lights went on and the bus came to a stop.

It was a virtual repeat of the onward journey- we got off, stretched our legs, visited the restrooms, had a cup of tea and Swetha chatted with her mother.

We did not speak to each other ,but, when we looked into each others eyes there was something different.

It was like I was sending my own erotic messages and she was receiving them , a bit shyly, but with some enthusiasm. May be that was my imagination. It was time to leave and we got back into the bus.

Even as I was taking my seat, I was wondering what was the best move now and how we could maximize the pleasure from the rest of this trip. I sat next to the window and swetha now sat on the aisle seat, but in a different posture.

Her back was now turned to the aisle, her front to me and her legs tucked under her as before. In this position she covered herself and part of me with the shawl. She looked into my eyes and smiled shyly, as if saying it is your move now and closed her eyes.

I felt a strong urge to tell her something explicit, erotic and sexual.I bent my head slightly and whispered to her ” I am going to play with your thighs.” She gave a light gasp, opened her eyes and whispered back “no.”

I knew she was a little apprehensive to proceed further and I did not want to rush her. I therefore whispered Ok , just took her hand in mine. I started caressing it to get her into the mood again. My feelings towards her very tender.

After a few minutes, I gently brushed the back of my right hand against her left thigh and waited for her reaction. There was none. So I let my hand rest there, its back lightly touching her thigh. The heat of her thigh came through the clothing covering it .

I moved my hand a little further up her thigh and waited again. Emboldened by the lack of any reaction, I turned my hand around slowly so that it was my palm that was now resting on her thigh. I gently pressed her thigh with my hot and damp palm.

She shivered a little. I now moved my hand slightly so that it covered a larger area of her thigh and squeezed it lightly. Then, I deliberately took my hand away from her thigh.

She was obviously surprised by my move and opened her eyes for a second, looked at me with some confusion and closed them again.

After a few minutes, I put my right hand under her petticoat and moved it up and let my palm cup her smooth knee cap, a return to status quo before the break in journey.

In that position, I just tapped the area just above her knee lightly with my finger tips. The message I tried to convey to her was – I want my hand to go up her bare thigh and would she please allow that?

Nothing happened for a few seconds and then there was a small movement . She moved and shifted her legs slightly. Her petticoat, which was earlier squeezed between her thighs tightly and blocking my upward journey, came loose from that position.

When I moved up my hand a little now, I found that I could go easily under her garment and my fingers came into contact with her bare, hot, silky smooth thigh. It felt so good that my cock became very stiff and rigid and jerked a little .

For two days, I had been fantasizing this moment of touching her thigh. I now rested my hand completely on her smooth thigh and gripped it lightly with my fingers.

My hand was hot and damp as it gripped her hot thigh. In the position that she was , I was able to access both her thighs. I thought the time was now ripe for some quick action.

I turned a little more to my left and put my left hand too under the shawl and her petticoat. I now took possession of both her thighs , one in each hand. Swetha opened her eyes now and her breathing quickened, as my fingers started massaging her sensitive inner thighs.

They quickly reached the edge of her panties. In the position she was seated, this was the farthest I could reach, so I spent a little more time moving my hands up and down her smooth thighs, discovering their fullness, massaging them, pressing them and tickling them.

I then took my hands away and whispered her to sit in the normal position and I too did the same.

I now asked her to move closer to me, took the shawl and rearranged it over us, such that both our laps were covered by it. Once that done, I put my right hand on her thighs and whispered her to open them a little.

She immediately complied and I moved my hand further up and squarely rested my palm on where I expected her mound to be.

I was almost spot on and my palm rested on her damp, hot, pantie covered mound. With a slight wiggle of her hips, she made sure that I had it fully in my palm.

I was so excited that I immediately pressed my palm against her hot and wet virgin pussy. I took her hand and covered the huge bulge in my pant with her palm.

I was now highly excited and so was she. I wanted to excite her further with some talk. I moved my lips close to her ear and whispered ” I am playing with your pussy.”

She just shivered and gasped and her breath quickened further. I told her ” hold my cock.” Her fingers cupped my bulge a little more.

Pressing her cunt further, I asked ” Are you wet? Is your cunt open?” She shivered more and put her left hand on top of my right hand and pressed it further on to her cunt.

I asked her ” do you like my cock?” . For the first time she answered ” nice.”

I hurriedly unzipped my pant and pushed her hand inside so that she could hold my cock now covered only with my underwear.

I reached under her petticoat and firmly pressed my full palm against her wet and hot pussy.

In this position, even as my fingers found her nether lips and just started a finger fuck through her panties, her orgasm started.

Swetha shut her eyes tightly, gripped my cock even more tightly and had her first wonderful orgasm with a male contact.

Her pantie got very wet with her juices under my hand. I held her tightly with my left hand around her and her face buried against my shoulder.

Her fingers somehow managed to get inside my underwear and she had her lovely young fingers curled around my shaft and started jerking me.

I whispered in her ear and said ” I want to fuck your lovely virgin cunt with my cock.”

She shuddered at my words which started her on yet another orgasm.

She then whispered back saying ” fuck me good”, while stroking my cock fast. When she said those wonderful words , I shot my load into her lovely palm, even as she shook like a leaf with her second orgasm.

We were both in heaven – uncle and niece.

A few minutes later, the lights came on as we entered our city and we were back to our normal positions.

We just looked at each other lovingly and smiled, knowing that something had changed forever between us , but, not really sure where that would lead to, or what was in store for us in the future.

I am Swetha, an eighteen year old, pretty and innocent girl. My life had changed with that one bus journey. Before we left on that trip, I was an innocent girl. Now I lost all my innocence, most of it any way, due to my uncle. Oh, how I love him though! He set me on fire with his wonderful touch. He knew how to touch and where to touch. He made me aware of the eroticism of my own body.

After our return home, we hardly had a chance to meet. As I lay down on my bed every night, memories of that trip would keep flooding my mind. My breasts would ache for the fondling and my cunt would get very wet. Thinking of my uncle’s lovely hands at work on those places, I would masturbate frantically, all the time afraid of getting caught in the act. This was all too frustrating.

Soon I became a sort of nervous wreck. I was unable to concentrate on my studies and lost interest in all other things. My thoughts were now centered only on sex and nothing else. I had to something and do it soon, or I would go mad.

The opportunity came soon. My father has an elder brother who lives in a distant town. One day my father received a telegram that this gentleman had a stroke and his condition was serious. My parents wanted to leave immediately to visit him. My grandma too wanted to go along with them.

They were not keen to take me there for two reasons. Firstly, that would disturb my studies, as I would have to miss classes for a few days. Secondly, it was a small town with hardly any modern facilities and I would be very uncomfortable there. So, they talked to my uncle and aunty and decided to leave me in their care.

My aunty Aarthi is my mother’s younger sister. She is a beautiful, twenty seven year old woman who works at a big Bank. She and my mother are very close. Her husband (my uncle) Sekhar is an year older, he is a successful self employed professional. They have a sweet three year old kid. They live in a nice, modern two bed room apartment which they bought recently. As both parents work, the kid is dropped at a day care in the morning and picked up in the evening.

They were glad to have me, so my parents dropped me there and left on their trip. Aunty and uncle fussed over me to ensure that I was comfortably settled in the well furnished second bedroom. During dinner, aunty inquired about my college timings. I said I would leave by nine and be back by three in the afternoon. She told me that I could have the key normally used by uncle and she would have the other. Uncle said that was fine with him.

By ten we all said good night and retired to bed. As I was new to this place, I was unable to sleep right away. After a while, I got up to have a glass of cold water from the fridge. I found their bed room door shut but could see that the light was on. I thought of uncle and aunty in the bed and making passionate love. Suddenly, I had a strong urge to see and hear them making love. I slowly walked to their bedroom door.

It was a modern door and as I put my ear to it, I could hear light but indistinct voices. I saw that the door had a key hole. I knelt before the door, careful not to make any noise and put my eye to the key hole. I could see a part of the room.

Alongside the door was a wall that had a big window at its end. About three feet away from the wall was their big double bed, its length parallel to the wall. I could see the space between the wall and the bed, and also a small part of the bed.

Aunty came into my field of vision. She looked most beautiful in her black blouse and petticoat. She has nice, firm breasts (28 B, I thought) and a very slim waist. Uncle came into my vision and hugged her and started kissing her on the mouth. His hands went to her blouse, unhooked it and removed it. Her black bra contrasted very well with her white breasts. Even as she unhooked her bra, uncle got hold of her cute boobs.

They were perfect orbs with light brown aureole and same color nipples that were now erect. Uncle’s hands gently fondled her boobs while rolling those nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Even as I watched, my own nipples hardened, as I recalled fondly his hands doing the same to my boobs on the bus.

For a second I felt envious of my aunt. And then I had a strange thought. How would her lovely tits feel in my own hands! Oh my god! what is happening to me, with all these crazy thoughts!

Uncle now sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her close to him with his left hand around her waist in a loose embrace. He put his mouth to her right tit and started licking her aureole and her erect nipple with his tongue.

So this is what happens next, I thought, my own fingers finding and teasing my nipple. As he took more of her breast into his mouth and started sucking, his right hand fondling her left tit vigorously, aunty started moaning softly.

Her moans set me on fire like nothing else. My own nipples were now swollen, aching to be licked and sucked. I felt my pussy going very wet. I was going crazy with wild thoughts. I wanted to be with her, alongside her, my mouth on her tits and uncle’s mouth on my tits, and everyone licking, sucking and kissing. Oh god, I am going real crazy!

Uncle was in his pajamas and I could see the huge tent made by his erect cock. Aunty was now holding it in her hand, over his pajamas. They now fell together on the bed and went partly out of my vision. Her black petticoat flung to the floor came into my vision. I could see a part of her flashy thigh for a second and then I could see a flash of uncle’s bare ass, looking good and tight. Then they disappeared from my view.

Even as I tried my best, I could not see the action on the bed. I now put my ear to the keyhole and heard sounds of their lovemaking. The quick breathing, the moans and grunts, the murmurings, the sound of wet bodies smacking against each other and numerous other sounds – sounds that drove me crazy.

I ran to my bed and falling flat on it and I started making love to myself. My left hand went to the swollen and sensitive nipple of my left boob and started rubbing it. My right hand went to my cunt and finding it open and dripping with juice, I shoved in- not one, not two but three of my fingers and started fucking myself.

I visualized myself joining uncle and aunty in a threesome, uncle’s cock in my cunt and aunt and I sucking each others’ boobs. It was wild and I had a big orgasm in no time, muffling my own moans in the pillow.

I slept like a rock after that knock out. It must have been several hours later, that in my sound sleep, I felt my boobs being fondled gently and my nipples being tweaked.

It took me a few seconds to realize that this was no dream and someone was really fondling my breasts. The familiar touch told me it was uncle. He was sitting on the edge of my bed and had my bare boobs in his hand.

I continued my pretense of sleep. He put his right hand on my thigh and massaged it lightly. His warm and soft fingertips were sending sparks in their path along my smooth thighs. When he reached my very sensitive inner thighs and stroked them, I could not control the tremors. He was obviously excited by my reaction and his hand found my pussy in no time.

When he put his big, warm palm on my bare, virgin pussy, I almost shrieked with pleasure. My cunt was wet and hot and he slipped his index finger in and moved it tentatively. I just could not carry on my pretense any longer.

I put both my hands on his hand and pushed it hard against my juicy cunt, indicating that I wanted more. In response, he put his three fingers in and started finger fucking me. Even as he did that, he bent slightly and his lips found my mouth and started kissing me ever so sweetly.

I had such a mammoth orgasm that I almost swooned and went limp. He left after a tender kiss on my forehead and I heard his parting whisper, “tomorrow.” I was knocked out.

Next day I woke up late, as can be expected after the frenzy of previous night. Before I left for my college, uncle whispered to me in privacy that he would come home by three. I was kept busy by the classes at the college, but thoughts of what could be in store for the afternoon were always there exciting me.

I returned home just after three and freshened up a bit. Even as I started making a cup of tea the bell rang. When I opened the door, uncle was there and he came in with a smile that looked conspiratorial. I made tea and gave him a cup too.

As we sipped the tea, I was very tense and I could see that even he looked a little nervous. Here we are, incestuous uncle and niece, face to face in broad daylight… it was not easy to break the ice.

As soon as we finished the tea, I took the cups away to the kitchen sink to wash them. I felt uncle following behind me and next minute his arms went around as he hugged me.

He whispered in my ear, “You are a very sweet girl, Swetha.”

So saying, he slowly turned me around. We were now facing each other and slowly lifting my chin, he kissed me tenderly on my forehead. Taking my hand in his hand, he walked me down to the big sofa. I was very nervous and my pulse quickened. He got hold of my half sari and removed it, before we sat on the sofa very close to each other.

As his hands went to my blouse hooks, I closed my eyes shyly. In a trice he removed my blouse and his big but soft palms were on my boobs.

I noticed that the back of his hands and his fore arms had a lot of black hair, some of which was now touching my breast too. I loved the feeling.

As he started rolling my nipple with his thumb and forefinger, he whispered to me, “open your eyes, baby.” When I opened them, they automatically went to my tits getting fondled by his hands. Seeing them fondled by his big hands really turned me on, and I put my palms on his hairy wrists and held them.

He now maneuvered me into sitting on his lap and I shivered in anticipation as his lips came close to my right tit. I felt his bulge pressing against my bottom. His lips brushed against my erect pinkish nipple and then clamped it, with his tongue licking it.

I had dreams about getting sucked like this every night since our return, and when it actually happened, it was heavenly. Excited, I held uncle’s head to my bosom and pressed it.

I suddenly realized that his hands have been busy and without my being even aware of it, he has untied my petticoat and pushed it down my legs. His hands were now exploring my warm, smooth and lovely thighs.

Yes, I am very proud of my thighs! They are absolutely smooth, no hairs on them and they have a sort of glow to them. His hairy hands roaming over them sent me into a tizzy.

Hot with passion, his hand now sought and cupped my pussy clad in a black panties. It was hot and damp and uncle gave it a loving squeeze. We were both breathing quickly now. He got up from the sofa and quickly removed his shirt and vest.

He had a nice hairy chest, looking at which I went weak in my legs. Next minute I was in his strong arms and my young taut breasts crushed against that hairy chest and my breath coming faster and hot. I was shaking like a leaf!

He lifted me as if I were a doll and carried me to the bed, whispering in my ear ” You are a flower baby and you are my very special flower.” When I heard the word flower, my mind recalled the word ‘deflower’ used in stories to describe the first time fuck.

It made me even hotter and hornier. I was now totally naked except for the small black panties that covered my pussy. Uncle put me down gently on the bed and sat alongside of me.

He started kissing me lightly, beginning from my throat and going south – throat, breasts, tummy, navel and my underbelly just above the panties.

“You are like a marble statue, a painting, flawless…” he said, filling me with a sense of pride. His big gentle hands reached for my panties and I could literally feel my cunt lips pulsing in anticipation. He slowly pulled down my panties and I helped him by lifting my bottom slightly.

He knelt reverently before me, and bending down slowly as if in prayer, mumbled, ” yes, Angel, this is the fountain of nectar, your honey pot and I am lucky to be the first man to taste it.”

As he put his mouth to my cunt, I almost shrieked with pleasure. His lips and tongue were exquisite. As his mouth kissed my nether lips, his caring fingers gently opened them and his tongue entered the opening and darted its way into my hot, wet, tight, virgin cunt. His mouth took my pussy lips in started sucking them hungrily.

I was now moaning aloud continuously, my body quivering and my soul flying high, as his hungry sucking mouth brought me to an earth shaking orgasm.

I held on to him for my dear life, as my moans ended in a whimper and I went limp.

It was a while before I woke up with a start. I found myself cool and dry under a clean sheet, the ceiling fan circulating cool breeze and my garments lay folded neatly next to me. I realized that I was all alone in the room with the door closed. I got up and put on my panties, petticoat and blouse and went into the bathroom.

When I peed I examined myself and realized that uncle had left me alone once I had my orgasm and had not anything else while I was out.

He is such a gentleman, I thought. Any young stud would have probably fucked me while I was out, but not uncle…he really loves me, I said to myself. And, I was relieved in a way that nothing more had happened.

When I walked into the drawing room, fully dressed, uncle walked up to me and holding me lightly asked me, “are you okay, baby?” I just nodded my head and he gave me a light kiss on my lips.

“It is time to go and pick up your aunty and kid. We will be back in about an hour. I have made sure that everything is okay. You just tell your aunt that you came back from college and slept for a while,” he said. I nodded again.

“Did you like it, Swetha?” he asked me earnestly, looking into my eyes.

“It was very nice.” I was able to look into his eyes and say that.

“I am glad, baby. We will explore more tomorrow…”

After he left, I relaxed on the sofa, contented, closed my eyes and thought of the promises of tomorrow.

But, I forgot at that time, that there is a night before that tomorrow.

They were back home an hour later. I took care of the baby, while aunty cooked the dinner. We had an early dinner at eight. The food was very delicious and I complimented aunty on her culinary skills. She beamed at my compliment and said she would teach me a few tricks.

We were about to finish our dinner when she exploded the bomb shell.

“Swetha is going to sleep with me tonight and you sleep in the guest bed room,” she said to my uncle.

My first reaction was to panic. Oh my god, she knows or suspects what we did last night and is ensuring that we do not repeat it, I thought. But, when I looked at her the panic subsided. She was her normal self and there was no anger evident.

“I want to spend some time talking to my young niece,” she added smiling.

“Okay with me dear,” uncle replied.

By half past nine we were in bed, aunty and I, the baby sleeping peacefully in his cradle. We both were dressed in our nighties. We talked about a lot of things – movies, music, relatives, my college, her bank etc.etc.

It was past ten when she yawned and said, “it is a working day tomorrow, let us sleep.” She switched off the main lamp and shut the bed room door. There was a dim night lamp throwing bluish light.

“By the way, I have this habit of tossing around and doing things in my sleep. Just ignore,” she said before drifting to sleep. I wondered what she meant by ‘doing things’, but decided to ‘ignore’ as she suggested. After all the excitement of past twenty four hours, I was pretty tired and fell asleep soon.

It was several hours later that I woke up with a start. What woke me up, I wondered, still groggy with sleep. I felt my breasts being fondled by a pair of very soft hands- small, soft hands; almost like my own hands.

Am I dreaming and in my dream am I fondling myself!

I suddenly remembered that I was in bed with my aunt, and…then it struck me like a bolt from the blue.

Oh my god – it is aunt Aarthi doing the fondling, this is no dream.

I kept my eyes shut. I realized, with a shock, that I was enjoying being fondled by her. She was now tweaking my sensitive, erect nipples; sending shivers down my spine. Why is she doing this, I thought.

I heard about lesbianism vaguely, but I saw and heard her and uncle having glorious sex the previous night! May be she is doing this in her sleep without even knowing about it! That could be the answer, I thought, trying to convince myself.

Next few minutes, my assumption was proved wrong, when her hands opened a few buttons of my nightie stealthily. This was no accident, this was a planned action. It was like a game to me now. I would play along as long as I enjoyed it, I thought.

She just pushed the robe away and was now fondling my bare tits. The bareness made a lot of difference, and I was now getting very excited letting out a low moan. That seemed to turn her on even more and next minute her mouth was on my boobs.

Oh my god, this is sensational, getting my boobs sucked by another woman, my own aunt! And she was very good at it. I did not know when she managed it, but I suddenly realized that her own, wonderful, B size bare boobs were now exposed.

And they were just a touch away from my idle hands. I had this strong urge to touch them once and feel them, if only to compare them with mine.

I touched her tits lightly with my fingers first and pressed them. They were nice to touch, firm and inviting. I now cupped her right tit in my palm and gently squeezed. She stopped sucking my tit for a second and then started again; taking even more of my tit into her warm mouth.

Before I realized it, both my hands were busy with her lovely boobs, squeezing and kneading them. Her nipples were larger than mine and they swelled under my touch…Aarthi moaned aloud.

There was no pretense now. She slid up a little and pushed her tits to my mouth. When my lips locked on to her nipple and my tongue started licking, her arms went around hugging me tightly.

I loved the feel of her breast in my mouth and tried to take in as much I could. In the process, her erect nipple touched the roof of my mouth, and that sent both of us into a spasm.

Aarthi’s hands now started sliding down my back till they reached my buttocks. I have nice, firm, well rounded, ass cheeks and her hands found them now. Taking control of them, she whispered, “You have wonderful buttocks that ask to be loved, baby”.

Those were her first words to me while making love and I liked her seductive tone. Her hands slid a little further down and grabbing my nightie in her hands, she pulled it up all the way to my hips.

Her hands now got busy with my smooth, warm thighs and she was hot with passion now. She slid her own nightie up so that our thighs made mutual contact. My thighs are larger, smoother and softer and they are free from any hair. Aarthi’s thighs were a sharp contrast.

They were slimmer and they were not totally smooth; they had very light down on them. So, when she started rubbing my thighs with her thighs, it felt very erotic. This caused even more passion in me.

Aarthi was clearly the aggressor now. Her right hand went to my panties and cupped my wet, hot pussy. I moaned deeply and losing no time, she pulled my panties down and grabbed my hot, juicy pussy.

Following her lead, my hands did likewise, slightly slower in pulling down her panties. When my hand touched her bare cunt, I felt a shock. It was very hot and I could feel her vaginal lips pulsating.

She now took me into a full, head to toe, tight embrace – our boobs, our cunts, our thighs, all rubbing each other. Kissing me passionately on my lips, Aarthi sent me into heavens as I realized that my body is an object of desire; for both men and women.

I loved being made love to by both.

Breaking her kiss, she whispered in my ear, “I am your lover baby,” and gave a long moan.

It felt as if I was burning with a fever having grown very hot in the past few minutes of her embrace. So, when she broke the embrace and quickly moved her head down my body, it was a big relief.

Her hands opened my thighs wide and her mouth rushed to my hot, wet cunt and her tongue found my vaginal lips. She pushed her tongue roughly in and probing around, clamped my pussy lips in her mouth and started sucking my juices.

“Aunty, I am going crazy,” I whimpered.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me with your tongue and mouth,” she shouted.

So saying, she adjusted her body such that her legs were on either side of me, and her hot, wet, open cunt was directly against my mouth. Her pulsing pussy lips were so inviting that my hungry mouth clamped on them and my tongue darted into her hot cunt.

As I started sucking her cunt, she shouted, “oh my baby lover, fuck me, fuck the hell out of me.” We went mad at each other with a passion, like two wild cats, a passion that I never knew existed.

In a few minutes, we climaxed with such force that it literally knocked us out. Exhausted but satiated, we lay limp in our mutual embrace.

Aunty got up and brought a couple of clean towels and wiped my body dry with tender care. After she cleaned herself, we drank cold water from a bottle on the bed side table.

As we fell back on the bed, she kissed me lightly on my lips and said, “I wanted to do this for a long time, my virgin baby, hope you liked it too.”

“It was wonderful, but, I never knew I would be a lesbian,” I said earnestly.

“No baby, we are both bisexual. We are blessed. We can enjoy sex with both men and women.” she assured me.

We then fell asleep in mutual embrace – aunt and niece.

When Swetha woke up the next morning, her body felt feather light. She slowly recollected the events of the previous night. Her aunt Aarthi had made sensational love to her and she had reciprocated. They both had big orgasms and enjoyed their lesbian mating thoroughly.

She also recalled what Aarthi said about both of them being blessed and bi-sexual who can enjoy sex with both males and females. Remembering the reverence with which her uncle Sekhar ate her pussy earlier, she felt very happy and irrationally proud that her body was an object of desire for both her uncle and aunt. She was full of erotic thoughts about what was going to happen that night…the possibilities.

But life had a way of springing surprises at the most unexpected times! Just as she was leaving for her college there was a phone call. Her parents had returned from their trip and she was asked to return home that evening. So, it happened that her uncle dropped her home that evening. On the way home, they were both silent. She wondered who was more disappointed- she or uncle!!

As they neared home, he said in a hushed tone, “You should come home when there is an opportunity so that we can fuck good.” He gently squeezed her breast even as he said that making her all wet with desire.

For the next few days she was like a mad girl. She felt an irrational anger against her parents for returning on that day. If only they had returned a day later! She also felt angry with her uncle who could have fucked her on at least two occasions but did not. Next minute she felt ashamed of herself. Wasn’t she thinking irrationally and behaving like a bitch in heat? Alas, that about described her state.

A few days later when she returned home, she noted a flurry of activity. Mother was in tears and aunty was consoling her. Father was there too, doing his bit. After a few minutes she learned that another uncle (older brother of her mother) was involved in a serious car accident and was in a hospital under intensive care. They decided that mom and aunty would leave that night by bus. Dad and she would stay back for now. Uncle would go later, as he had some urgent work to complete.

Mom and aunty left that night by bus. Uncle took them to the bus station and she went along to see them off. When they got back into the car, her pulse quickened. She was horny and very badly wanted uncle to do something. On the way home, uncle took the car into a deserted side street and switched off the engine. It was totally dark there. She was sitting by his side on the front passenger seat.

He immediately pulled her to him and hugged tight. Next minute he kissed her fully on her mouth. She was already in an aroused state and her hungry mouth clamped on to his. She felt his big hands going to work on her breast, his long fingers slipping into her blouse and caressing her hardening nipple through the bra. His other hand was trying to reach and grab her mound between her legs.

They were desperately hungry for each other and would have probably done a lot more had not a car came into the lane with its headlights ablaze. Uncle quickly moved away from her, started his car and got out of the lane before the other car could stop and investigate. Reacting as if a few buckets of cold water were thrown over them, they cooled instantly.

As they neared her home uncle slowed the car.

“What time is the lunch hour at the college?” he asked her in desperation.

“One pm.”

“I will come at one pm tomorrow and pick you up.”

She simply nodded her head, all excited.

That night she hardly slept a wink. She was so excited. This had been going on for long. Ever since her uncle first fondled her on that memorable bus journey, she had been on fire. She had such wonderful fore play for so long, but, she hadn’t been fucked yet, not even once! And more than anything else, she wanted her uncle’s big cock in her young, tight, juicy cunt and fucking her to glory. Nothing short of that would quench her thirst.

By mid day next day, she was feverish with anticipation of what was in store for her young body in less than two hours. So, when she was called to the college office to receive a phone call, she wondered only vaguely who called, her mind totally preoccupied with erotic thoughts.

Her father’s voice on the phone scared her for a minute. He had never called her on phone at the college! Oh god! Did he come to know about her and uncle! He would kill her if he ever suspects it, she knew.

“Swetha, come home immediately. We have to start immediately. Mother called on phone. Your uncle’s condition is very serious,” his voice shook.

She felt relieved that his call was not about what she was afraid of. Next minute she felt very guilty. It was such sad news for the family and here she was contemplating sex and that too with her uncle. She felt disgusted with herself and her Sekhar uncle.

By the time she and her father managed to reach her uncle’s town, tragedy awaited them. Caught in that tragic event and its aftermath, all other thoughts took a back seat and her strong passions cooled off, at least for the time being.

Soon she was caught up with preparation for the final examinations. After her exams yet another even had happened over which she had no control. Her parents received a very good matrimonial alliance for Swetha. She was just nearing nineteen and they did not plan her marriage for another couple of years. However the proposal was a very good one and her parents were advised not to lose such a ‘good match’.

Swetha was confused. She had great faith in her parents and also knew she was just average in her studies. She never entertained any thoughts of being a career girl and knew she would be married off sooner than later. She knew that she could wait for another two or three years which was the norm in their family circles. She made a token protest to her parents and left it at that.

Her parents decided that the proposal was very good and decided to perform her marriage.

Things happened quickly and her wedding date was fixed too.

Her Aarthi aunty and Sekhar uncle both played a major role and helped her parents with all the wedding preparations. So when Aarthi asked Swetha’s parents to let her come and spend a couple of days with them, her parents readily agreed.

Thus Swetha was back in her uncle’s home, surely for the last time before her marriage. Once there, her thoughts naturally went back to the very exciting events of her previous visit. She recalled that her uncle and she planned to go all the way on that fateful day. But for the tragic death of her other uncle they would have fucked that day!

As she thought about that her pulse quickened and she felt the desire stir in her. Would he try to fuck her now? If so, should she allow? Now that her wedding was fast approaching, should she avoid that? On second thoughts, why not gain a little experience? All said and done, she still fancied her uncle strongly and would certainly like him to break her in than a stranger.

The thoughts sent a hot flush in her.

She spent most of the day with her aunt while her uncle was away at work. That evening they all went out and had a very nice dinner at a posh hotel. Before that, they bought a couple of very nice dresses for her. She loved the way they pampered her. Her aunt was in her element cutting jokes about the forthcoming wedding and teasing her. Her uncle appeared a little distracted, though.

When they returned home, she had settled down in their guest room and changed into her night robe. Soon after that her aunt came down and they chatted for a few minutes. Just before leaving her aunt hugged her and kissed her on her lips; a very wet kiss.

“Swetha, your uncle is a good man and a great lover. He would take good care of you tonight. No one will disturb you. Enjoy yourself thoroughly.”

Swetha turned a deep red as she blushed. But her pulse went racing as she awaited her uncle.

He walked in a few minutes later and bolted the door from inside. He was dressed in light blue pajamas and looked as if he just had a shower. He walked close to her and gently pulled her to her feet. Cupping her face in both hands, he started kissing her. At first it was a light brushing of her lips with his. But that soon gave away to locking of lips and nibbling. As he chewed her rosy lower lip, his tongue darted into her hot, wet mouth.

Swetha was equally hungry and her pent up passions came to the fore. Her tongue responded and started a dance and duel with his tongue and her mouth hungrily tasted his saliva. His hands started searching urgently for the hooks to her night robe. Swetha deftly reached out and unhooked the robe herself and let it drop to her feet. She was now clad only in a black panties and bra that looked gorgeous on her creamy white body. Sekhar quickly got out of his pajamas and only his jockey shorts remained.

Holding her by her smooth shoulders, he looked at her sexy body with lust and naked desire. Her shapely and big breasts were spilling over the cups of her bra and they were perfect globes. He could clearly see the hardening nipples through her bra. Her voluptuous buttocks were not fully contained in her panties and a substantial part of them spilled over. He couldn’t wait to get her substantial assets, both in the front and the rear, totally naked and fondle them.

Swetha looked at her uncle’s broad, hairy chest and felt her knees weakening. She alone knew how much she wanted to rub and squash her boobs against that chest and feel that rich, black hair rub her nipples to erotic eruption. As she looked down at his muscular hairy thighs, the thought of her own smooth thighs in constant friction with them, sent her into raptures. Her eyes now had a strange look, a passionate fire and naked desire.

As he hugged her tightly, she felt his big bulge rub against her panties ensconced pussy and felt a gush of pleasure in her womanhood. Her hands automatically reached for and grabbed the tent in his briefs, sighing softly. Sekhar felt his cock give a jerk and reacted quickly. He unhooked her bra, releasing her now heaving breasts with their hardened nipples. With his other hand he pulled her panties down exposing her young pussy.

Swetha was on fire and had crossed the threshold. She reacted to his acts by grabbing and pulling down his briefs, freeing his hard and erect cock. With raw desire, she grabbed his cock with both hands and ran her palms over the full length. She was equally enthralled by the sight of his thick pubic bush of jet black hair, rubbed her palm over it and grabbed a fistful.

Sekhar was further aroused by her deeds and with his big palm grabbed her young pussy and squeezed it. She moaned with pleasure and her body shivered like a leaf. With a sense of urgency, he quickly found the moist slit and the pink lips that opened like a flower to form the entrance to her hot, juicy cunt. As he slipped his two fingers into her, she shuddered and moaned.

Sekhar realized that she was more than ready for the final act.

“Swetha baby, I want to fuck your hot, juicy cunt with my cock now. Shall I?” he whispered in her ear.

“Oh yes uncle, fuck me now and fuck me good. Take me,” she whimpered.

He gently lifted her, carried her to the bed and set her there sitting next to her. He grabbed her tits with both hands and while squeezing and kneading them, tweaked her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Swetha moaned as she felt his hands scorching her wherever they touched.

She toppled on to the bed on her back and pulled him to her.

Sekhar tucked his knees under him and resting his feet on the bed sat with his hips resting on his heels (this is called vajrasan in yoga). He then put his hands under the ripe melons that were her buttock and pulled her close to his lap.

“Lift your legs and let your feet and heels rest on my shoulders, one on each shoulder,” he said.

She quickly complied.

Opening her thighs wide with both his hands, he gently pulled her closer till her open and wet pink vaginal lips were just a few millimeters away from his fully erect and jerking cock. Holding his cock in his right hand, Sekhar just moved a fraction so that his helmet touched her pink opening. At the touch, she sighed softly and shuddered.

He grabbed both her thighs and pulled her in a little, so that his cock now entered her juicy cunt. After a couple of inches penetration, he stopped and let her get the feel of him and the erect male cock in her virgin pussy for the first time in her life. She was incredibly tight and her love muscles grabbed his cock very tightly. Then they adjusted quickly to his girth.

Swetha felt the cock entering her cunt and felt herself floating. All her fantasies were coming true at last. Here was the majestic, hard as rock, cock entering her virginal cunt and her dear uncle was going to fuck her brains out. She started feeling a very pleasurable sensation in the midst of her vagina. Involuntarily, she pushed herself a little forward and ensured a little more penetration.

Sensing the urgency of her need, he pushed in, a little at a time, till his cock was deep into her, overcoming a little friction on the way that made her give a little gasp. In the fully penetrated position, he held her hips tenderly in his hands and whispered to her, “your pussy is incredible, swetha! It is so hot, juicy and tight! It is heavenly!”

“Your cock feels so good and wonderful filling me so fully, uncle,” she whispered, her eyes half open.

Having ensured full penetration, Sekhar pulled out completely, to her surprise.

He quickly pulled a condom that he kept close by, tore open the cover, pulled it out and rolled it on to the full length of his cock. Fully sheathed, he pushed back into her quickly.

Getting quickly back into her tight virginal delight, he started fucking her at a comfortable pace — several short strokes followed by a deep thrust — repeating the cycle- again and again, his hands holding her flanks. Swetha felt as if she were floating. Her young body was like putty in his hands and he was molding her to his pace and stroking.

She never imagined that fucking would be this good.

After a few minutes, the fires were blazing in her tight cunt and Swetha cried out.

“Deeper, uncle, fuck me hard and deep, tear my cunt.” Those words spurred him into a much faster pace.

He increased both the speed and the length of his strokes and she responded with an enthusiasm by pushing herself harder against him and moaning continuously. She felt as if she were hurtling down a great slope with no control whatsoever, accelerating all the while. Sekhar felt his ejaculation coming in big hot spurts and felt her body shaking in spasms under him, in perfect harmony. They exploded and he fell on top of her.

He came off her a couple of minutes later and lay on his back with her head resting on his arm and her eyes shut. After a while, he got off the bed, went to the bathroom to clean up. Returning with a couple of damp towels, he wiped her young body softly with tender love. She opened her eyes and smiled, a bit shyly.

“Swetha, my baby, you were absolutely incredible,” he said, as he finished cleaning her up.

“Uncle, it was so good for me too. You were very good,” she said, softly.

That night, they fucked twice more. Swetha felt that it got better each time as her young body adjusted to his size and technique. Each time, it was less urgent and lasted longer than the previous bout, giving them even greater pleasure. By the time she slept it was very late that night and she wasn’t even aware of Sekhar kissing her softly on her lips before going to his own bedroom to join his wife.

Swetha woke up very late next day which was a second Saturday of the month and hence a holiday for her college. She recollected the events of last night with great pleasure and her body felt strangely light. But she felt very shy to get off the bed and face her uncle and aunty. It took her almost an hour to get ready and come out of her room.

Her uncle had gone to work by then and her aunty greeted her with a big knowing smile and a hearty ‘good morning’ and a hug, setting her at ease. The day went in a jiffy.

It was night again and Swetha was excited at the prospect of another night of heavenly love making with her uncle. After dinner she helped her aunt clean up, but found it difficult to make small talk. So it was a relief when they finished the work and her aunt bid her a good night.

Back in her room, she quickly washed, changed into her night dress, brushed her hair and got into bed, leaving the door unlocked and the night lamp on. She shut her eyes and feigned sleep. Soon she heard foot fall as her uncle walked in. Her pulse quickened as she felt him sitting on the bed next to her.

“Swetha,” he called out softly to check if she was really asleep.

She opened her eyes and smiled at him.

He pulled her up gently into a sitting position next to him. Cupping her lovely face in his hands and turning her gently towards him, he kissed her full on her mouth. She responded eagerly with her own hot mouth and lips. Their tongues started dueling, as his hands found her young, excited breasts and started fondling them.

He got off the bed and standing, pulled her into a tight embrace, letting their bodies fit into each other’s contours and exchange heat. He quickly undressed her and removed his own pajamas. As her naked breasts and taut nipples squashed against his hairy chest, letting a moan escape her, she hesitantly moved her soft hands and grabbed the big bulge in his briefs.

He quickly guided her hands to inside his briefs and felt the soft, warm hands grip his hard, hot, erect cock. She moaned softly and said, “oh, so lovely and big!”

His right hand made a quick grab of her pussy and his probing finger found the lips to her cunt very wet and open. Delirious with desire, he lifted her off her feet and gently laid her on the bed. Before he could join her in the bed, the door opened quietly and his wife Aarthi walked in.

She was clad in a pale yellow night robe which was loosely draped around her. As she walked closer to the bed, her eyes took in the delightfully naked body of Swetha and lit up. Aarthi extended her right hand and cupped swetha’s right breast and its taut nipple.

Swetha moaned softly with pleasure as Aarthi said, “you have such a beautiful and sexy body!”

Sekhar grabbed his wife from behind and quickly removed her nightie baring her compact and beautiful body. Her small breasts were heaving with excitement and her light brown nipples hard and erect. As his hands grabbed them and started fondling, her hands grabbed swetha’s larger tits and started kneading them. It was all very erotic to Swetha — uncle fondling aunty’s tits and her own tits fondled by aunty!

Sekhar’s excitement mounted seeing his wife and his niece totally nude and in the grip of passion. They both need his love and manhood, he thought with great excitement. As if to confirm, he extended his right palm and cupped swetha’s young pussy, while his left hand grabbed Aarthi’s ripe and more experienced pussy. Even as he heard both of them moaning, he found that both women were already wet and open with desire.

“Your uncle wants to fuck both our cunts, Swetha! Look how he is fingering us both,” Aarthi said, her voice husky.

Taking Swetha’s hand in her own, she reached out and grabbed his hard, hot and erect cock. Feeling the hands of both women encircling his cock, he shuddered with pleasure. As swetha got bolder, she started moving her smooth palm up and down the length of her uncle’s shaft, marveling at its length and girth. Aarthi moved her palm away from the cock and caressed his balls with one hand while grabbing his pubic bush with the other.

This was too heavenly a pleasure which he never experienced before and Sekhar was afraid he would explode soon. Sensing his urgency, Aarthi whispered in his ear, “Fuck her first.

“Sekhar joined Swetha in the bed and made to mount her. Aarthi gestured him to wait and got on to the other side of Swetha. Holding Swetha’s smooth and large thighs in her hand, she opened them wide and brought her mouth down on the young pussy, licking the pink lips with her tongue. Swetha moaned and shuddered as her aunt’s tongue commenced its wonderful tour in her juicy cunt. Aarthi’s lips started sucking the juice from Swetha’s nether lips.

Seeing his wife eating Swetha’s pussy, Sekhar clamped his mouth on Swetha’s large and bouncy boobs and started chewing them. Working in tandem, they sent their niece into a delirium and raptures. Swetha felt she was floating in heavens!! When he grabbed her buttocks and fondled them, it only added fuel to the fire.

As she was floating thus, she felt her aunt murmur something and move away and felt the weight of her uncle over her. As she opened her eyes, she saw her uncle poised over her, his magnificent cock at the entrance to her cunt. Her aunt’s left hand was rested on Swetha’s pussy and her fingers widening the entrance, she guided her husband’s hard cock into her niece’s virgin cunt. Seeing the cock guided into her, Swetha gave a deep sigh of pleasure.

She was so excited by all the foreplay that she was now wide open and his cock slid in smoothly into her tight young cunt, all the way in. After a full minute, he started his strokes at a slow pace that belied the sense of urgency that preceded this act. It was a deliberate ploy to slow down a little so that it would last longer and it worked.

When he pulled out after a few strokes, she was unhappy. Then she saw him take a condom and Aarthi expertly slid it on his cock quickly and he was back in her cunt. As her husband started fucking their young niece, Aarthi got busy fondling Swetha’s breasts, buttocks and thighs. She touched her niece all over her young body erotically, occasionally fondling Sekhar’s tight ass and pushing him deeper into the young girl.

Swetha was totally lost in the pleasures that her young body was experiencing for the first time. She felt light as a feather and was floating in high skies. As her cunt was fucked to glory, she had a mammoth orgasm that made her cry out and whimper as her body shook in spasms. She lost all sense of time and nearly swooned.

She was dimly aware of her uncle getting off her and mounting Aarthi aunty who lay next to her with her legs high up and thighs wide open. His grunts and her moans were music to her ears as she continued to float in the heavenly skies.

This was Nirvana — the ultimate bliss — she thought.

Next day Swetha returned to her parents and home, her young body fully satiated by the lusty lovemaking of her uncle and aunt.

Soon after that she got married but that is another story.

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