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Amy tilted the drink in her hand slowly and poured it into the potted plant next to her. She had never been a drinker, partly because she was only 18 and partly because she just never felt the desire. Unfortunately that made parties like this one highly overrated. But she could never say No to Andrew who had practically dragged her here kicking and screaming. Andrew was Amy’s popular, party-loving twin brother. He had assured her that missing the huge prom after-party was a mortal sin. Amy hadn’t even wanted to go to Prom but some of her friends had talked her into letting her hair down for at least one time before leaving high school forever. And once Andrew had found out she was going to the dance he had insisted she come with him and his annoyingly perky cheerleader girlfriend to the party.

To be fair Amy wasn’t exactly unpopular. In fact she’d had a steady string of boyfriends through most of high school. Honestly, Amy was considerably more popular than most girls at school because of her model good looks and her endearing football quarterback brother. She really couldn’t complain. But all the popularity in the world wasn’t worth sitting through much more of the party. Drunk people annoyed Amy, they were weak and stupid and easily manipulated. She had never understood why Andrew liked to drink so much, but she was sure he was one of the stumbling bodies wandering around the large house. Amy tossed the empty cup into the trash can behind her and slithered through the crowd to tell her brother she was leaving.

It took considerable effort to coax her Andrew’s location from his nearly incoherent girlfriend. After divulging that he’d drifted upstairs Amy left the girl slumped on the floor in the hall. She’d never liked any of Andrew’s girlfriends and they were all the same so she felt nothing but annoyance as she gave one fleeting glance to the girl and then found her way upstairs.

The noise of the party was slightly deadened as she entered the long hall upstairs. Amy’s annoyance grew when she counted nearly a dozen doors lining the hallway. The first few doors were closets and a bathroom. The next several were bedrooms filed with grunting teenagers she didn’t recognize. Finally towards the end of the hall through an open bedroom door, she saw her brothers dark brown hair on a pillow and one of his arms thrown haphazardly onto the nightstand. After listening to make sure he was alone Amy pushed on the door and rolled her eyes as she realized he was passed out and almost entirely nude.

“You idiot.” Amy mumbled. She walked over to the bed to assess the damage and make sure he was still breathing. She should have left him right where he was for some angry parent to find in the morning but decided against it. “Hey. Andrew. Hey.” She poked his ribs and he grunted. “All right. Come on. Lets get you propped up.” She climbed onto the large bed to get better leverage and rolled him over, which was no easy feat, he had at least a hundred pounds on her. Then she tried to lift his head and shoulders up but he was dead weight and instead she trapped her arm under his back. “Ugh. Andrew wake up!” She shoved at him but he only rolled into her more forcing her to lie flat so he wouldn’t twist her pinned arm.

“Mmmegan?” Andrew slurred without opening his eyes. “Is that you?” He mumbled groping blindly towards Amy.

“No you moron I’m not Megan. She’s passed out downstairs. Now get off my arm.” Amy said as she pushed against his bare chest hopelessly.

“Mmm… Megan… you’re so warm.” Andrew muttered pulling at her hip and nuzzling his head into her shoulder. “Baby…” he moaned. “I’m so… horny… mmm.” He slurred as he pushed his pelvis against her thigh.

It wasn’t until he’d said it that Amy registered what she was feeling against her leg. Andrew had a raging hard on. “Ugh! Get off me you tool! Gross.” Amy squirmed and thrashed but Andrew evidently wasn’t aware of her struggles. ‘Clearly he was on something stronger than the liquor’ Amy thought sourly. “Andrew. Wake the hell up! I’m not Megan.” She said desperately as she jerked her body roughly trying to free herself.

Suddenly Amy stopped moving. Frozen in shock as skin met skin. Andrew’s hand was casually cupping her large exposed breast. She looked down and realized that her strapless satin dress had slipped down during her violent attempts to rid herself of Andrew’s weight. As Amy’s senses slowly returned to her, she moved her free hand to pull his away but stopped as his forefinger and thumb found her nipple. An electric jolt hit her as his fingers worked the tiny bud into a hard bead.

Amy didn’t feel Andrew’s body lift off her arm and she didn’t notice as his face slid close to her bare breast. But when his tongue darted out and flicked her hardened nipple she nearly shrieked. Her newly freed hand went to her brother’s head, pushing him into her chest. Her other arm flew behind her, her fingers grasping the cold metal of the headboard. She let out a delighted moan as he sucked and nibbled her tit.

Andrew rolled his body closer now straddling one of Amy’s legs. Most of his weight pressed down onto her but she didn’t care. It just added to the pleasure. It had been to long since her breasts had had a proper tongue-lashing. Since Andrew was just barely conscious, Amy helped him by shoving down the other side of her dress and pulling his face to her opposite breast. Then she lifted the leg that wasn’t weighed down by Andrew and let her dress bunch at her waist exposing a moist black thong.

Amy’s hand left the headboard and dove down the front of her panties. She’d lost all thought of who was touching her. It didn’t matter anymore. Her body liked being touched. She rubbed her swollen clit while Andrew continued to play with her breasts. Amy didn’t attempt to hold back her pleasured sighs and moans. But as she started feeling her first climax build Andrew’s mouth went slack as did his hands and his body became twice as heavy.

“No!” Amy cried out in frustration. She couldn’t believe he’d passed out again. Especially when she was so close to such a wonderful feeling. “Damn it Andrew.” Amy could have finished herself off but she knew it wouldn’t be as good. She let out an exasperated sigh and dropped her hand onto his. She looked down at him and bit her lip. “You won’t mind will you.” She whispered innocently. Then Amy pushed Andrew’s hand down her body towards her aching cunt. With her fingers over his she slipped their hands under the black cotton and down between her legs. Her sex was sopping wet now and she thrust two of his thick fingers into her waiting hole.

Amy moaned loudly. She’d been fingered before but this was something else entirely. She didn’t know if it was the fact that he was her brother or that he was unconscious that made it so deliciously erotic. His fingers bent and buckled against her inner flesh as she pumped them in and out of her. Amy pushed the heel of Andrew’s hand against her clit and arched against him. She roughly pushed another finger inside of her and had to bit her lip to keep from screaming as her orgasm ripped through her. Her body clenched and unclenched on Andrew’s fingers and she released his hand to fist the bed sheet.

When the last waves of her climax rolled through her Amy took a deep breath and started to push Andrew away from her. It wasn’t until she had scooted her body a little away from his that she felt his cock hardening again. She had noticed it soften slightly when he passed out and then she hadn’t felt it at all during her intense masturbation. But now… now it was definitely hardening again.

As if answering her unspoken question Andrew grunted and pushed his dick into her leg again. “Mmm, yeah.” He flexed his fingers and slid his hand out of her panties, oblivious to what had just happened. He squeezed her hip and continued humping her leg.

Amy had already gotten off but the feel of his body rubbing against her sent new tingles across her skin. Her fingers teased and tugged one of her nipples and Andrew’s mouth found the other one. It wasn’t long before her clit was again demanding attention. She didn’t get a chance to use her fingers this time. Andrew slid his body in-between her thighs and rubbed against her wet, hot sex. The fabric between them was sticky and irritating so Amy curled her legs behind Andrew’s butt and used her toes to push down his boxers, which were mysteriously the only article of clothing he was wearing.

Andrew’s hard shaft rubbed against Amy’s thong but she wanted more. She needed to feel skin against skin. Sex against sex. Brother against sister. Amy’s fingers wiggled between their two bodies and pulled her thong to the side. She had only meant to feel his cock against her clit. She hadn’t meant to put him inside her. But Andrew didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to, he didn’t know the woman he was about to fuck was his sister. Amy gasped as his penis slid down her clit to her wet hole and thrust deep inside her all in one smooth motion. She started to fight it but he ground against her and her body took over.

Amy met each of his thrusts, raising her hips off the bed to slam against him.

“OH Meg!” Andrew groaned. “Oh yeah.” He pounded Amy harder pushing himself deeper into her. “Cum for me baby!” He begged. Andrew lifted his head and smashed his mouth into Amy’s. She was only surprised for a moment then she melted into the kiss. His tongue warred with hers and she reveled in the feel of his massive cock filling her completely.

“Yes Andrew. Fuck me! I’m going to…. Oh Andrew… I’m cumming.” Amy screamed as her whole body convulsed with her climax. Wave after wave of pleasured rocketed through her body. Then Andrew let out a deep growl and she felt his hot seed shoot into her. Her body milked his squeezing every last drop before he collapsed on top of her panting fiercely.

Amy could hardly breath under all of Andrew’s weight but she didn’t care. She was completely sated. Andrew slowly rolled off of her and still breathing quickly started mumbling “So amazing… love you… perfect… oh Meg.” Andrew’s eyes were still closed. Not that it would have mattered since the room was so dark, but Amy felt safer as long as his eyes were shut and he couldn’t tell who he was really with.

Amy moved to the edge of the bed and rolled her body up to a siting position. She adjusted the top of her dress so it covered her breasts again and she took off the sticky wet panties. She thought about throwing them away but instead she slid them into her brother’s limp hand. He was drifting in and out again now. All the physical exertion had been too much. Amy leaned back over to Andrew’s ear and whispered “Sweet dreams brother dearest.”

Andrew didn’t seem to hear her so Amy scooted off the bed and flattened out her skirt. Just as she reached the door a low moan came from behind her. “Amy?” Andrew’s voice was husky with confusion.

Amy threw the door open and escaped into the hall. She knew he was too drunk to expect to remember anything tomorrow. All he’d have would be a little black thong as a souvenir and no idea who it belonged to. Amy smiled.

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