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I woke up with a slightly foggy head. I could feel my semi hard cock resting between my twin sister Traci’s firm ass cheeks. We had spent the night fucking (as usual) but had fallen asleep. This is something we dare not do since we lived with our mother. It would be a disaster if she walked in and found us.

“Traci,” I whispered, shaking her shoulder. “Wake, up, we fell asleep and mom will be up soon.”

“Wha. . . what time is it?” Traci said, sleep still making her groggy.

“Get up, it’s almost seven and. . .” my bedroom door swung open at that point. “MOM!” I shouted.

“WHAT HAVE YOU TWO DONE?” Mom cried, her eyes as wide as saucers and her face a mask of shock.

“M m mom,” I stammered, “I can explain,” I lied in desperation.

“Incest can never be explained away,” she spat. “You two have finally crossed the line.” She turned on her heel and walked down the hall to her room. I heard her bedroom door slam.

“Well, Todd,” Traci said quietly, snuggling up to me. “We have been talking about getting our own place.”

From the time my sister and I began our sexual relationship we had planned to move out of our mother’s house and get a place of our own. We both worked after school jobs and had saved enough money to cover the deposits on an apartment. We weren’t sure we could handle the monthly bills though, not with minimum wage jobs. And, just starting college, that’s about all we could expect.

“We can’t afford to,” I said. “We need to convince Mom to ignore this and let us stay.”

Traci though for a moment. “Okay, big brother (I’m 2 minutes older) do you have a plan to do that?”

I smiled as I got out of bed, “as a matter of fact, I do. Let’s talk about it in the shower.”

With hot water spraying down on us and Traci sucking my cock, I briefed her on my plan. While I was fucking her in the ass, she asked questions. By the time we were rinsing off she had agreed that it stood a good chance of working.

Slowly, we dried each other off, then spruced up. Traci slipped on her robe, while I wrapped a large towel around my waist. Hand in hand, we walked down the hall to Mom’s bedroom.

Outside her door I had expected to hear the sound of sobbing, instead I heard the soft moans of sexual gratification. “Mom’s jerking off,” I whispered to Traci.

Without knocking, I entered our mother’s room. “Mom, I need. . . MOM!” I cried in a in what I thought was a fair semblance of shock and surprise.

Mom gasped and pulled the covers over her naked body, but not before I got a good look at her. Let me describe Mom. She’s about 5’6″ tall, long dark hair, blue eyes and a pair off 40DD tits. Her waist is about 28 and her hips about 38, maybe 40. Her flaring hips taper into strong, smooth thighs that I figure could break your neck if she wrapped them around you. To say she’s built like a brick shit house would be a gross understatement. She has a body that would make a statue cum. I have wanted to fuck her since I was a high school freshman.

“GET OUT OF MY ROOM!” she shouted, holding the covers over her heaving tits.

“Bullshit!” I retorted. “You’re in here fucking yourself with a plastic cock, but you curse Traci and I for falling asleep in the same bed.” I caught my breath, “you’re nothing but a fucking hypocrite.” I could see tears welling up in Mom’s eyes, but I had to press my advantage. “How long have you been jerking off like that? Since Pop died? Or was it before that?”

“Todd, son, you don’t understand,” she tried to respond.

“I understand all too well,” I hurled the words at her as cruelly as I could, “you’re nothing but a slut! A slut who will do anything to cum.” “Tell me, mommy,” I pressed on, “have we been eating cucumbers that have been up your ass, carrots that have been in your twat?”

Mom’s body began shaking as her sobbing became more and more intense. For an instant I want to go to her and comfort her. I wanted to apologize to her, but I needed to be firm. This was a matter of survival, as well as seduction.

“Get up and get dressed. We’ll be waiting for you in Traci’s room,” I said, firmly. “We need to talk.”

Traci and I left the room and went down the hall. I could hear Mom weeping in her bedroom.

“Well,” I said to my sister, “step one went better than I expected.”

“Mom fucking herself with that vibe didn’t hurt any,” Traci answered, her hand inside her robe, caressing her luscious tits. “God, she looked hot.”

“Did that turn you on?” I asked.

Traci nodded and continued playing with her breasts.

“Then the next hour or so should make you hotter than you’ve ever been.”

Traci and I looked up at Mom standing in the doorway. Even though she’d been crying her eyes out, she still looked beautiful. She was dressed in a man style shirt and a knee length skirt. Nothing fancy, nothing that could be remotely though of as sexy.

I stood up, dropped the towel from my body and pulled Mom into the room.

“Get down on your knees,” I ordered in my sternest voice.

Mom’s eyes flashed, her nostrils flared, she was angry. “Just who the FUCK do you think you are young man?” Her eyes went to my growing cock.

Her face changed to a mask of shock and fear as my open palm struck her cheek. “I’m your new lord and fucking MASTER, that’s who the fuck I am. Now get on your knees.”

“No, I won’t let you do this,” Mom protested, what was happening now dawning on her. She backed away from me, toward the bedroom wall.

“Okay,” I said, “we’ll do it the hard way.” I pressed her to the wall. “Take off your clothes,” I put as much menace in my voice as I could.

“No! I’m not going to let you do this, it’s wrong! It’s as wrong as what you and your sister have been doing!”

Without a word, I reached up and grabbed Mom’s shirt in both hands. “What Traci and I have been doing turned you on though.” I hissed. “Now are you going to undress, or do I do it for you?”

“I’m not. . .” she began, but didn’t finish. I ripped her shirt open and pulled it from her body.

I admired her magnificent tits, only partly concealed in a black satin demi bra. “Mighty sexy bra you have there Mom.” I smiled, “take it off.”

She understood that I was not joking and would not hesitate to rip all of her clothes off. She reached up and unfastened the front clasp, letting the bra fall away. As the small garment fell to the floor, Mom brought her hands up to conceal her quivering tits.

“How long have you and Traci been. . .?” she began.

“Fucking? Long enough,” I answered.

I smiled, “now the skirt, and be quick about it.”

“Todd, please,” she begged, “don’t do this to me. I’m your mother, this is wrong, it’s evil.”

“The skirt,” I said calmly.

As Mom reached down to unzip her skirt, I saw that her nipples had become slightly erect. This was beginning to turn her on.

She pushed her skirt down her sleek thighs and let it fall to the floor. Mom was standing there wearing only a pair of black silk bikini panties.

“How long have you felt this way about me?” Mom asked, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since I started high school,” I responded.

Mom’s face showed her surprise, but it showed something else too, if I didn’t know better, I’d have thought it was a look of pride.

I looked at Mom’s panties and grinned, “mighty sexy in deed,” I said hooking my thumbs in the waistband and pulling her panties down. “Well I’ll be damned. Look here Traci, Mom shaves her pussy.” Mom’s pussy lips were slightly swollen and definitely showing the preliminary signs of stimulation.

“That’s enough, Todd,” Mom gasped in a last ditch attempt to avoid what she knew was inevitable. “This has gone too far, but if you stop now, we can forget it ever happened.”

“I’m afraid not, Mom, once I’m done, you won’t WANT to forget today. You’ll want to repeat it over and over again.”

“NEVER! That will never happen, you won’t go through with this,” Mom protested. I had to admire her resolve.

I signaled Traci. She came over and pushed Mom face down on the bed, then tied her hands with the belt from the robe.

I turned Mom over onto her back and pulled her body so her ass was on the edge of the bed and her feet flat on the floor. With her hands beneath her, her hips were slightly elevated, her bald pussy open and available.

Traci shed her robe, then she and I climbed onto the bed on either side of Mom.

“I can understand why kids like to breast feed,” I said, admiring Mom’s tits, the nipples now fully erect. “Say, it looks like you’re getting turned on by this,” I flicked a nipple.

“I can’t control my body completely,” Mom pleaded. “Stop this, Todd. Traci, make him stop.”

Traci smiled as she began to suck on Mom’s nipple, “I’m part of this too, Mom.” She drew Mom’s right nipple between her teeth and bit down.

Mom’s gasp was a combination of fear, pain and pleasure. I compounded things when I began to suck on her left nipple.

Traci and I exchanged looks, Mom was ready for the next step.

I left Traci sucking our mother’s tits while I moved to kneel on the floor between Mom’s legs. Her legs are just about perfect. Long, smooth and sexy. I began licking and kissing my way up Mom’s leg, starting with her left foot. I sucked each toe, then licked and kissed the top of her foot. My lips and tongue caressed her ankle, then slid up her calf. I could feel Mom’s muscles quivering as my mouth passed over her calf and moved to the back of her knee.

I kissed the silky flesh of Mom’s inner thigh, then moved to the top of her leg and the crease where thigh joins Venus Mound.

When I licked that crease, Mom screamed.

I inhaled the scent of Mom’s cunt. A heady, musky aroma rich and hot with desire and lust. Yes she was getting there all right.

I kissed my way across her belly, avoiding her cunt, and moving down her right leg.

By the time I reached her toes, Mom was thrashing around, struggling to free her hands so she could jerk herself off. She wanted, no, she NEEDED to cum.

“DAMN YOU, you little bastard! Let me have a release at least,” she begged.

“She wants to cum, Todd,” Traci gloated, rubbing her hands over Mom’s heaving tits.

“She can want all she wants, but until she begs me to fuck her, she’s not going to cum,” I said, looking into Mom’s lust glazed eyes.

I straddled Mom’s chest and laid my rigid cock between her warm tits. “Now I’m going to tit fuck you, Mom.” I grabbed her breasts and pressed them together around my cock. They formed a warm, inviting tunnel. I started to move, sliding my cock back and forth within the tight fleshy tunnel.

“Lift her head, Traci.”

My sister raised Mom’s head so my cock hit her lips at the top of every stroke.

“Open your mouth,” I ordered.

Mom shook her head, her lips pressed tightly together. I speeded up the motion of my hips.

“Come on, you know you want this as much as I do,” I said. “Now open your mouth.”

She still refused.

“Okay, we’ll do it the hard way then,” I said, releasing her tits and moving higher on her chest. I grabbed her nose and pinched the nostrils closed. Mom would either open her mouth, or suffocate.

With a gasp, Mom’s mouth opened and I thrust my cock into it.

“I don’t want to feel any teeth either,” I threatened. “Now suck my cock.”

It took her a couple of minutes, but she finally closed her lips around my cock. She wasn’t sucking it, but her lips were around it.

“I know you can suck a cock, I saw you sucking Dad’s. Now SUCK damn it.”

Mom’s tongue moved slightly, sliding over the big vein, then I felt her cheeks hollow as she gave my cock a tentative suck.

“Yes, that’s it, Mom, suck it, and use your tongue,” I encouraged her.

I looked over at my sister and saw her hand thrust into her pussy, finger fucking herself for all she was worth.

I felt my balls filling. I knew this first one would be quick, I’d been wanting it for more than four years. “I’m almost there,” I groaned, speeding up my motion and fucking Mom’s mouth.

To my surprise, she increased the energy of her sucking and the movement of her tongue. She was getting into sucking my cock.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said through clenched teeth, “swallow it.”

Mom must have misunderstood, I was amazed when she swallowed the head of my cock. My mother was deep throating me. Shit, I wasn’t going to stop her.

My balls spasmed as my cock erupted sending my thick semen pouring down Mom’s throat. As my cock pulsed, Mom’s throat convulsed as she swallowed every drop, without releasing the head of my cock from her throat.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and let the remaining cum drip onto her face and neck. “I figured you were a good cocksucker. I was right.”

Traci bent over and licked up the drops of cum that I let fall outside of Mom’s talented mouth.

“Your father liked me to do that for him,” Mom said in a voice that was hardly more than a whisper.

“My father was a jerk, but at least he liked a good blow job.” I said, my hand slowly stroking my cock to keep it hard. “And now, I’m going to fuck you.”

“Please, Todd, no,” she sobbed. “Haven’t you degraded me enough? Haven’t you?”

Ignoring her pleading, I moved down and guided my cock head to the vestibule of Mom’s cunt. I slid the head up and down her slit and found it soaking wet.

“You’re wanting this,” I announced, “your cunt is dripping wet.”

I sat back, moving my cock away from her cunt.

“You’re gonna have to ask for this now.” I waved my cock at her.

“You made me suck your cock, and swallow your sperm,” Mom pleaded, “let me go now, and we’ll forget about this. Please, Todd, don’t do this to me, it’s so wrong. Traci, reason with him, baby, please.”

“I’m as turned on to this as he is, Mom,” Traci answered. “I get to eat your pussy and let you eat mine. I’ve been wanting this for a long time, just like Todd.” Traci bent to sucking on Mom’s tits again. This made Mom squirm in an effort to bring about an orgasm. With her legs spread as wide as they were, this wasn’t going to happen.

“All you need to do is ask me to fuck you, Mom,” I said softly, “then you can cum all you want.”

Mom’s face was flushed, her eyes were burning with lust and desire. “All right, please, fuck me.”

I laughed, “you can do better than that.” I continued to stroke my cock while Traci sucked Mom’s tits.

“Todd, please, I need it, PLEASE FUCK ME!” It was almost a shout.

I moved up and once again rested my cock head in her vestibule. I waited for long moments, just to torment my Mother. Then I drove my cock into her in one strong, hard thrust.

“OH GOD!” she gasped as my cock slammed into her so hard it drove the air from her lungs.

I felt the head of my cock bump the mouth of Mom’s cervix as I began to fuck her steaming cunt with long, slow strokes.

“HARDER, FUCK ME HARDER!” Mom screamed.

Being a good son, I obliged her. I started pounding my cock in and out of her as hard and fast as I could.

It didn’t take too long for this intensity of fucking to bring Mom to the brink of orgasm. I felt her muscles tensing as she responded to my every thrust. Her legs wrapped around my waist as I drove my cock into her. I could feel her heels beating a tattoo on my ass.

“Traci,” I called out, “untie her hands.”

With her hands freed, Mom’s fingernails raked my back and shoulders, her teeth dug into my chest as she surrendered completely to her climax. Every muscle in her body spasmed as Mom’s orgasm tore through her.

I pulled my cock from Mom’s spasming cunt and rolled her over onto her stomach. “Traci,” I called, lifting Mom’s hips, “let Mom eat your pussy for you.”

I rammed my cock back into my mother’s dripping cunt, as Traci scrambled around to sit, spread legged, in front of Mom’s face.

“Come on, Mom, lick Traci’s little pussy,” I urged, “see how pretty it is, all shaved and pink just like yours.”

“I’m. . . not. . . a. . . lesbian. . .” Mom protested, her words carried on gasps of breath, “I. . . won’t.” Her protests were cut off when Traci grabbed Mom’s hair and pulled her into her dripping young cunt.

I could see Mom’s jaw moving as her mouth pressed to Traci’s wet pussy. It looked like she was doing as she was told. She was ready to begin the next step.

I began slapping Mom’s firm ass cheeks.

She lifted her head in protest. “Todd, that hurts,” she cried, “please don’t hurt me any more.”

I ignored her pleas and spanked her beautiful ass until both cheeks were hot and red from the spanking. “That was just to show you that you’re my slut now,” I said.

Mom only sobbed in response, then returned to Traci’s pussy.

I put my hands on Mom’s asscheeks and spread them. Her tight puckered rosebud looked like it needed to be teased, so I pressed the tip of my finger against it.

“OH GOD!” Mom gasped, “not there, I wouldn’t even let your father in there.”

“My father was a wimp and a fool,” I said, “you were always too good for him, too much woman.” I screwed my finger deeper into Mom’s ass as I continued to fuck her clutching pussy.

“Stop, please, Todd, I’ll do anything you want, but please stop this madness,” Mom begged.

“You need to cum again, Mommy,” I said, moving my free hand around to fondle Mom’s throbbing clitoris

In a few seconds, Mom’s body was trembling as another, intense orgasm surged through her. She moaned and cried in sweet sexual torment but I could feel her swollen cunt lips as the clutched my pounding cock in a velvet vice. I was amazed, and pleased, by Mom’s response.

“You love this, don’t you Mom?” I said, thrusting my cock into her cunt as my finger moved in and out of her ass.

“Yes, oh yes,” she sobbed, “I love your cock in my pussy.” She was even starting to talk dirty, excellent. “Love the way you make me cum,” she said softly.

I pulled my finger from her ass and my cock from her soaking cunt. I placed the swollen head in her slightly dilated asshole.

“No, Todd, please,” she continued her protests, which I of course continued to ignore.

“Yes, Mom, I told you I was going to fuck every hole you had today, remember. Well this is the last hole, when you cum with my cock up your ass, you will understand what it means to be MY slut.”

With Mom’s pussy juices as my only lubricant, I began pushing my cock into her tight ass.

She cried out in pain as her sphincter began to stretch. The head of my cock started to slip into her as her asshole relaxed.

Mom’s cries of pain began then to be mixed with cries of pleasure as my cock finally drilled into her virgin asshole.

“You’re the first,” Mom gasped, “I’ve never. . .” she paused as a shiver of excitement passed through her body. “Oh God, I’ve never been fucked there,” she ground her ass back, taking more of my cock into her hot, tight ass.

I reached around and resumed the torment of her clitoris as Traci repositioned herself to offer her wet pussy to Mom’s mouth.

“Are you my slut now?” I demanded, thrusting my cock deep into Mom’s ass.

Mom gasped, “yes, yes,” she was moaning now, pleasure engulfing her.

“Say it then, tell me what you are,” I ordered, my cock harder than it has ever been.

“I’M YOUR SLUT!” she cried. “God forgive me, I’m my own son’s slut.”

Her words, and her surrender, combined with the incredible tightness of her ass, brought me quickly to the brink. My balls were full and tight, aching for release. I pulled out of Mom’s ass and rolled her over onto her back, “I’m gonna CUM!” I shouted, grabbing my cock and pointing it at Mom’s heaving tits.

My cock erupted, sending my semen pouring out in long, thick strings, to fall on my mother’s tits, then higher, onto her chin and parted lips.

“Yes, Baby, let me have your cum,” she begged, her fingers spreading my seed all over her breasts.

I aimed my cock a little higher, sending the next load onto her face.

She gathered my semen and licked it from her fingers, “so good, it tastes so good, Baby,” she sighed as she licked up every drop.

“You did well for a new slut,” I complimented her as I moved from between her legs, “you did very well.”

“Thank you, thank you both,” she said, taking Traci’s hand. “It’s true, I’ve wanted you ever since your father left. I’ve always fought down the feelings though, because I knew they were wrong.” She caressed my deflating cock, “but I never felt anything like this before. I guess I’ve never really been fucked before, not by a cock like this, or a person like you.”

She leaned over and kissed me. It wasn’t a mother/son kiss, this was a searing, lingering lovers kiss, full of passion and desire. When the kiss ended, Mom whispered, “does being your slut mean we’ll do this again?”

I fondled Mom’s tits, “it means we’ll be doing this again and again. But now, Traci needs you.” I rolled off the bed and sat in a chair to watch Traci and Mom embrace each other in a passionate 69.

I watched the two women in my life pleasure each other for a few minutes. My cock, deflated from it’s earlier work out, remained semi erect as I watched the show being put on before me.

Deciding to let the two women enjoy themselves with some privacy, I took a shower.

When I came out of the bathroom, the bed was empty. I was curious so I went looking for my lovers. I found them downstairs, in the kitchen.

I found it a hoot that they were both fixing lunch, and they were both nude, except for the aprons they wore.

“I think I saw this scene in a porno tape,” I commented, entering the room.

Mom poured me a cup of coffee, “here, Baby, you probably need this.”

Setting the cup on the kitchen counter, I stood up and gathered my mother into my arms, “what I need is right here.” I slipped my hand between Mom’s firm thighs.

I felt her knees weaken as I bent her over the table and spread her ass cheeks. My rejuvenated cock was ready and able, and my slut was more than willing.

My cock slid into Mom’s eager cunt as I drove it into her hard and fast.

“Oh, Baby, yes,” she gasped as I began to fuck her with long, hard strokes. “Fuck your slut mother, use me, fuck me hard.” Her fingers crept beneath her and she began playing with her clit.

As I fucked Mom, I felt Traci’s hands on my ass. She pulled my cheeks apart and began rimming my asshole with her talented tongue. “Oh, yeah,” I groaned, “that’s the way, little sister,” as Traci’s skilled tongue probed my sphincter.

I felt Traci’s small hand reach beneath me, and fondle my balls. They were filling quickly.

Mom moaned as I pounded my cock into her with an ever increasing frenzy. Deep, animal like sounds escaped her throat as I drove her closer and closer to orgasm. “Harder, Baby, harder,” she urged, pumping her hips back to capture every inch of my ramrod cock.

Mom and I reached climax together. Her cunt spasming around my throbbing cock as I erupted inside her, filling her hungry pussy with my semen until it overflowed and dripped down her trembling thighs. Mom’s beautiful body twitched and she tossed her head from side to side as she completely gave herself over to total sexual completion.

I pulled my cock out and offered it to Mom, “lick it clean, slut,” I demanded.

Without protest, Mom eagerly licked my cock and balls clean of our mixed juices, while Traci, eagerly licked my semen from Mom’s flooded cunt. With Traci licking her pussy, Mom experienced another intense orgasm.

Spent, I pretty much collapsed on a kitchen chair. My, now deflated, cock hung limp between my legs. As I sipped coffee, Traci and Mom sat on the floor on either side of me, their heads resting on my thighs.

“I guess I need to go back on the pill,” Mom said softly. “My being knocked up would be a little hard to explain.”

“Good idea,” I agreed, “’cause I want you to be ready, willing and able to fuck or suck me, or Traci, whenever and where ever we want.”

“I know, Baby, that’s what a slut does, isn’t it?” Mom asked, gently kissing my thigh. “And I want to be the best slut you’ve ever had.”

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